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If you were in either warhammer universe and you were corrupted which chaos god would you wind up worshiping based off of your personailty and behavior patterns??

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Papa Nurgle, the sweet embrace of his pestilence and pores would give me solace in an otherwise shitty existence

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Prolly tzeentch
Because im a pathological hipster

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Probably same, my ocd loves seeing shit spread or get filled in and i would find seeing the earth turn black and muddy very satisfiying

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None, I love humanity too much. Chaos fucking shit can fuck off.

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Slaanesh. Not for how I am, but what I want.

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If I had to pick one probably be big daddy Khorne. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

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Probably Slaanesh. If I get a boner from fighting and I'm basically tripping balls on ecstasy all the time if I continue advancing my master's position, sounds like a good time.

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Not enough Chaos "Gods" to cover everything in my opinion. Chaos Undivided exists because there isn't enough chaotic paths for different people, the Big Four leave a lot of cultists out in the cold.

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Almost certainly Nurgle.

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>tfw too smart and emotionally complex to have a chaos God

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Everyone on this board not saying Nurgle is lying to themselves.

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Tzeench because I'm a pathological liar who has gotten so good that I start to believe them sometimes.

Tip: The first step to any good lie is to convince yourself that it's true.

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Currently depressed and unable to do much, so Nurgle, sadly.
Or Malal because of self-destructive behavior. At least I wouldn't become a sack of pus.
Then it would be Tzeench > Khorne > Slaanesh. I'm not extreme nor angry.

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>done plenty of drugs
>borderline alcoholic
>never had GF or unpaid sex but fucked plenty of hookers
>ERPed a lot
>Overly concerned about my appearance
Guess where could I land.

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intelligent, nihilistic, with a wicked sense of humor

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On the surface slaanesh would sate my existence of indulgence.

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Zuvassin, everything I touch falls apart.

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If I got to pick, Khorne all the way. I'm a manlet with anger issues with a massive hard-on for polearms. I would love nothing more than to gain his favor and duel other frothing manlets in the bloodsoaked depths of The Conqueror.

Without my choice? Slaanesh. I'm a filthy furfag, and love blasting my ears out with rave music in excessive quantities.

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>Rock and/or Roll

Easy choice

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Tzeentch, I am a person consumed in my personal life with what I can do yet constantly frustrated by the limitations of life (such as other people, government, conformity, rules of life, realities of life etc.). having the power to enact these changes and unlock the potentials concerning what i want to achieve would be to tempting an offer for me to pass up.

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I have ADD so Slaanesh it is

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Everyone who posts on 4chan would be nurgle to be honest. Even that slaaneshi bitch who posts here sometimes.

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You look like a depressed nurglite

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>Slaaneshi bitch
Shit, she's (male) still around?
I thought the whole thing was a trap in drag desu.

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/v/ used to be devoted to Khorne, used to be.

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nurgle, i already enjoy his shit, and im such a lazy fuck as is

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>I love humanity too much
The chaos gods also love humanity.

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Coke and hookers. Only one option for me

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Nurgle. All about that despair, inevitability, and entropy.

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Nah, /tg/, even 4chan in general, is Undivided. Too much rage to not draw attention from Khorne, too sexually deviant not to draw Slaanesh's gaze, and Tzeentch would cackle at the plots and lies that get cooked up here.

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I think i could go tzeentch because of my ambition and my belief that all of my actions are predetermined so i would probably wind up making some pact with the lord of change

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Nurgle takes Tzeentch's ideas and things and then adds his own putrid diahrea on top of the ideas and things until it stops being tzeentch's and starts just being a big pile of diahrea. Nurgle never has any original ideas, all of them come from Tzeentch, he just uses all of them and twists them to support and justify his own depressing, disgusting, unholy and filthy existence. Reddit does the same thing. Nurgle is reddit, and all nurglefags ITT are redditors.

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slaanesh and nurgle, they are practicaly symbiotic

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>All these nurglings

Fucking disgusting. Khorne will reap and dine on your blood you apathetic cowards

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Khorne, because I'm an angry little man.

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Who else /basedHornedRat/ here

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Khorne, for at this point my rage levels are dangerously high enough for me to start collecting skulls.

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Ah, so tzeentch, but also youre a fag

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Based on personality Nurgle but if I had any say in the matter Slaanesh.

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I don't know if I'd be Tzeentchy for believing that change is important and necessary, or Nurgely for my general despair and unhappiness. I'll just say Undivided, Tzeentch if you really had to force me.

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Gotta go up on corporate ladder. Easiest way is to step on others.

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