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>> No.56162126

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Location: Austin, Texas
Background: Marine (Free)
Operator (100)

SAPs: Press "F" to Pay Respects (Free) - Eh, fuckit. It's free.
Down and Dirty (Free) - Again, free. Also, yay for teamwork?
Atlas Zero One (200) - As long as they're friends
Oorah! (Free) - Free and also provides basic compentancy. Yeah, I can get behind this.
Regeneration (300) - Do I need to explain this?
E&E Mode (100) - Eh, why not?
That Was Awesome (100) - Exoskeletons are part and parcel for this setting, so knowing how to get the most out of them is vital
Fucking Laser Sights (200) - I mean, I gotta.

Print-a-Gun: Assault Rifle
Ballistic Weapon
Select Fire (100)
Low Power Scope
Advanced Rifling
Dual Magazine
Adjustable Stock
Bayonet Lug

Build-an-Exo: Mag Gloves (50)
Slim Profile (50)

Gear: Nigerian Clothing Simulator (100)
Variable Grenade (Free)
Breaching Charge (Free)
The Squad (200)
Randall Higgins, Killcamera Man (100)

Drawbacks: Limp Noodle (+200) - GOOD THING I HAVE FRIENDS, NO?
One Wing (+200) - Eh, I can deal. Just hope it's not turbo-Hitler who gave me my arm
You Rely Too Much on Those A Things (+200) - Eh, I'm a low-tech kind of guy anyway, exo excluded.

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>Most aliens are fucking ugly and disgusting

Anyway, I tend to think of Vegeta like the Hulk. He's done a ton of shit in the past and doesn't particularly care about collateral damage, but if you leave him alone and/or point him at things to fight, he's mostly a net positive now.

>> No.56162143

>Edition Without an Edition Edition
>Not Edition Within an Edition Edition
>Not Edition Without Addition Edition

>> No.56162153

Those can be the next too, we need setup first.

>> No.56162162

>Most aliens are fucking ugly and disgusting

Anyway, I tend to think of Vegeta like the Hulk. He's done a ton of shit in the past and doesn't particularly care about collateral damage, but if you leave him alone and/or point him at things to fight, he's mostly a net positive now.

>> No.56162181

Digimon question, do we have a Digimon jump where I can get the X-Antibody?

>> No.56162211

Ugh, I hated that she died. She could have been like 18 and ended up with the Z-Fighters. Mainly because 18 needs more female friends. Plus we need more waifu options.

>> No.56162252

Are you talking about getting a sample? There is Digimon Cyber Sleuth.

>> No.56162289

Just buy the option to evolve into him, then hook yourself up to a computer and isolate your code where the x antibody is linked in and copy paste it out.

>> No.56162314

Will /jc/ ever stop wanting more waifus?

>> No.56162334

That's like asking if humans will ever stop needing air or food or water. Waifus for /jc/ aren't a want, but a need.

>> No.56162380

Why hasn't Red come back?

>> No.56162401

Give the demon a break. She will come back if and when she wants too. I hope she comes back soon though, I rather like her.

>> No.56162404

Probably for the same reason your dad hasn't come back after walking out on you and your mom.

>> No.56162412

She was ran over by a car?

>> No.56162413

>Will /jc/ ever stop wanting more waifus?
>Medaka Box
>Abnormal Growth+Ladies and Gentlemen
>Your gender-bending continues to grow in scope, range and instability until you turn entire species into waifus with your mere presence
Can no one stop Val's madness?

>> No.56162415

Give it another year

>> No.56162418

Because, unfortunately, Timmy chased her off. She might come back when she feels like it. Even demons need a break every once in a while.

>> No.56162436

Val Haremhein, is her new name now isn't it?

>> No.56162459

Because of people like you.

>> No.56162466

>Val Haremhein

>> No.56162479

Timmy is my mother and she fucked over Red, my father, in a divorce court and had Red shot when she tried to come back?

>> No.56162488

>not creating your own race ex nihilo to be your worshipers and waifus

>> No.56162503

She was taken by Candlejack just like my da

>> No.56162572

I am pretty inoffensive as far as shitposters/undesirables go

>> No.56162574

So alucard from hellsing vs buu, who wins this fight?

>> No.56162613

She's in jail?

>> No.56162619

Just because my neighbor is rolling barrels of sewage into my back yard doesn't mean that I'm cool with randos pissing on my lawn. All things equal, I'd rather you both be gone and I have a clean lawn.

>> No.56162621

Buu, Dbz Powerscaling is a bitch and while Buu can regenerate infinitely Alucard only has 2 million lives to burn.

>> No.56162626

How do I fix the Worm setting?

Would it be a good idea to give the Entities the means to combat entropy?t

>> No.56162633


If you take Avatar of Green, White Oak Tree and the Tree form from Evil Dead you can have an entire forest of molesting trees. Would it be wholesome to build an elf settlement inside?

>> No.56162638

You've made me gain an irrational hatred of Arc so it's pretty offensive

>> No.56162652

I know where Avatar of the Green is from, but where's White Oak Tree?

>> No.56162665

Well I mean, I guess if you make it a rehab center for molesting trees? Give them all big tree uniforms, set up a support group, do some elf on tree trust falls as a team building exercise, maybe keep a few dakimuras on hand as the rape version of nicotine strips.

>> No.56162668

>but where's White Oak Tree?
The Gamer

Its a forest perfect for rape trees, fuuck I meant white ash tree

>> No.56162682

Unfortunately I like /jc/ so I dont think I will go anytime soon, but I do shut up from time to time as unlike senpai I am not a NEET
Why do you hate second best girl?

>> No.56162684

>Give them all big tree uniforms, set up a support group, do some elf on tree trust falls as a team building exercise, maybe keep a few dakimuras on hand as the rape version of nicotine strips.

A rape anonymous, this is wholesome anon

>> No.56162695

They are just looking for their own salvation. With unlimited energy and resources they would just keep expanding and destroy everything else.

>> No.56162696

Thank you.

As for your idea... I mean. If the elves are okay with it, I'd say it'd be okay.

>> No.56162698

Well, I'd say Buu in terms of power, because he's got crazy Dragon Ball hax and can blow up cities with a wave of his hand, which is pretty far above what anyone can do in Hellsing. If Alucard summoned up all his souls and shit, Buu could wipe them all out in an instant.
... except that Buu explicitly tends to piss the fuck around and tank hits just to show he can, whereas Alucard will jump straight the fuck to eating people as soon as he feels like it, and eating Buu is about one of the few things that could kill him straight up.

So, I'd say Alucard, just on account of being more intelligent, one of the few times where that actually makes a difference in DBZ.

>> No.56162707

Hasn't It been less than a week? She usually stays away for a few weeks or months when this happens.

>> No.56162714

You sit back, wait for everything to come crashing down, and pick up the pieces. Alternatively you kill Jack Slash and give Scion a reason to live so he doesn't go ballistic in a couple of decades.

No, because entities don't have any life goals other than eating and growing bigger.

>> No.56162717

>the elves are okay with it, I'd say it'd be okay.

Thought lewd elves populate /tg/

>> No.56162739

Afaik, entities don't want to necessarily combat entropy, but rather find a way to survive the heat death of the universe. The reason they're doing the Cycles is to get as much information as possible until the multiverse starts dying, and then they'll enact a grand simulation to find ways to survive or prevent it, maybe even resetting the universe.
Anyway, if you gave them the means to survive the heat death of the universe, they would theorethically not need to probe other species for their knowledge/creativity anyway. Practically the way they evolved has left them pretty dumb in many ways, and they are basically parasites, so I don't think they'd change their MO unless you can convince them to do otherwise. Iirc Wildbow wrote an interlude in which the third entity ate/absorbed/subsumed Scion and Eden without resistance, because they knew it was stronger than both of them and resisting would hurt their species. So if you can show that you are stronger than them, you can probably just order them to change their ways.

>> No.56162745 [DELETED] 

She let herself get bullied, dropped a claim she held hostage for a year and a half, and made a huge drama festival in a thread that hit 1300 posts.

Frankly, she should fucking neck herself for being such a worthless cunt.

>> No.56162769

Samus versus Behemoth, Leviathan, and Simurgh? I put my money on _____Samus_____

>> No.56162770

Nonny-kun, your grades would be better if you studied instead of shitposting. If you grades improve you might even feel better about yourself. Give it a try; I believe in you!

>> No.56162772

>How do I fix the Worm setting?

Everything can be solved with Gourmet cells, its like butter on toast!

>> No.56162782

No, because the Entities are only kept as comparatively small as they are by the need to optimize for a limited-resource environment. Remove their limits, and they'll expand to consume the multiverse. You'll have doomed everyone.

>> No.56162854

How does your Jumper's morality differ from humanity?

>> No.56162915


Somehow acting like a Skyfather becomes the norms, haters take the L from above the clouds which may or may not fry them inside out. Its also the best argument to use in arguments, soon you can stockholm them into servitude. Currently seeking therapy to become more humble. It gets crazy when you reflexively zap them , sometimes achievements or their merits don't matter in the face of this L

>> No.56162916

Combine it with My Hero Academia.
Jump 20 is going to be nuuuuuts.

>> No.56162919

>How does your Jumper's morality differ from humanity?
The only people who matter are those I know and care about personally.

Unless I feel like caring about the masses at a given moment. It really depends on the mood I'm in, when you get down to it.

>> No.56162928

Does skyfather allow you to hit god of high school levels or is that too wanky?

>> No.56162929

Humanity writ large has no codified moral system. My jumpers ethics are Aristotelian agent-based on the micro level combined with a macro level deontological system revolving around life, liberty, and culture.

>> No.56162930

>Samus vs Endbringers
One of those beings has destroyed multiple planets while the others haven't.

>> No.56162954

>god of high school levels or is that too wanky?

A bit higher by Classic Marvel Standards, at higher levels its pretty bullshit

>> No.56162995

This is the best Jump.

>> No.56163018

Dis gon be a gud thread

>> No.56163020

If you're going to shitpost, at least post one of the better QQ lewd jumps.

>inb4 hurr durr better
Relative term, cockswallows.

>> No.56163031

>the best Jump.
But that's not the Suggsverse jump

>> No.56163049

Thanks for the Halloween arc

>> No.56163051


Planets are indeed excellent advisors on morality.

>> No.56163069

Crucify the bitch!

>> No.56163114

Bro, do you even eudaimonia?

>> No.56163116

Not him but damn I have been thinking way too small.

>> No.56163123

Are there any perks aside from the FGO Summoning perk that can summon spirits from a world’s history, mythology, or fiction?

>> No.56163132

>Not him

Which other Skyfather are you referring to? There are like bucket loads of old bearded men in the sky with amusing powers who smell like oak

>> No.56163162

I meant the other anon. I didnt know skyfathers got that powerful, damn I wknder how long it takes you to become that big cosmologically speaking.

>> No.56163168

Sounds like a good waifu

>> No.56163173

>1 of 187

Am I reading that page count right?

>> No.56163180

>wknder how long it takes you

Could be centuries/millenniums or even less depending on your exp gain perks

>> No.56163192


What is Ladies & Gentlemen? I don’t see it in Medaka Box.

>> No.56163193

>waifuing eudaimonia
Honestly, anon. . . that might be the smartest idea I've heard in the 3 to 4 years of posting in these threads.

>> No.56163201

It's pointless autism.

>> No.56163203

It's mostly that every one of dozens of factions gets a drawback and perkline.

>> No.56163217

Has anyone seen Quake recently?

>> No.56163233


>> No.56163242

Can creatures you acquire or create be brought to other jumps, or do they need to be companions?

>> No.56163254

You are most welcome.

>> No.56163258

So long as they aren't sapient, sure.

>> No.56163260

Depends, do you consider them your children?

>> No.56163268


>> No.56163272

Creations, maybe. Adoptions need to be companions.

>> No.56163274

Semi-recently he was posting his new Donkey Kong jumps pretty frequently on the thread as he went through updates and revisions. That's about the last I saw of him, though.

Quack really doesn't tend to post a lot under his name unless he's posting a jump, and then he'll go through about thirty revisions, and then disappear again for awhile.

He might still be scanning the threads, though, if you want to talk to him about something.


>> No.56163275

Then no.

>> No.56163329

Well, if you purchase the 'Clan' option in Kubera you can bring them along. So presumably that's pretty much anyone you sire as a Nastika/Sura and their kids, etc.

But they don't get treated as companions, so if one dies....it's on you to bring them back unless you fanwank it differently.

>> No.56163340

Yeah, only sapient beings need to be made companions to be taken along.

>> No.56163343

Bigger is Better is the only perk worth anything.

>> No.56163349

Creatures you create count as companions no matter what their level of sapience. Creatures you acquire can be brought along for free so long as they're non-sapient.

>> No.56163410

I am Brutus and I give my seal of approval to this jump

>> No.56163449

You were discharged, and no longer a captain.

>> No.56163453

No, I am Brutus. And fuck off

>> No.56163481

Can I be Brutus too?

>> No.56163510

I am Bruticus!

>> No.56163538

Silence you fakers! I am the one true Brutus.

>> No.56163544

We're all Brutus now

>> No.56163582

I am indeed a faker, but as a fake I'll create a Drive that surpasses the genuine article in every single way.

>> No.56163597

I am not Brutus.

But I would like a Route.

>> No.56163600

But when everyone is Brutus, nobody will be!
How will we decide who gets to curate the drive?
I suggest a democratic process by which a Brutus may be elected to watch over our precious jumps, for a term of no more than three months.

>> No.56163607

Isn't it sad?

>> No.56163639

>We're all Brutus now
Bruteses? Brutesee? What would you call a flock of Brutus?

>> No.56163646

A WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. Or a haunting, either works.

>> No.56163652

Never! The Drive belongs to the people, and we must seize the means of entertainment!

>> No.56163654

Maybe in the tsukuhime remake, if Nasu still remembers

>> No.56163659

A Brute Squad

>> No.56163666

>Isn't it sad?
Yes, yes it is.

Bruti is my Latin's not too rusty.

>> No.56163673

I like you.

>> No.56163700

Wht 15
20 yo male
Hellsing organization
Feared free
Dark binding 800
Alucards embrace 200

Uniforms free x100000, 0cp item? SCORE!! (Ok not really Im only taking one, if I needed that much weaponry I would have a supcom factory going for about ten minutes.)
Holy bayonetts 0

It all started on a midnight stroll in the woods

I seriously only eant to pal around with and prank alucard. Like seriously this guy is the shit and has a wonderful sense of humor... in abridged.

Maybe we can go for moonlit strolls and see how many vampire brats can fit inside a cow?

Also I have a wonderful little shop filled with all manner of toys that maim, kill, eviscerate, or destroy stuff so yeah. Gonna have a good time.

>> No.56163709

Typical. You'd steal the Drive from its rightful owner, and then proceed to ruin it with the entitled, lazy proletarians you'd put in his place.

>> No.56163729


>tfw the olog you were liking since they first previewed him gets shat on by the devs
>and you can't even choose to remain with him vs fucking Ratbag.

CCDT, if you're out there preparing a Shadow of Mordor update - I need justice. THE PEOPLE... NEED JUSTICE.

>> No.56163748

But justice had nothing to do with mordor. Cat did. Justice has forsaken you.

>> No.56163753

Not if the people took the Imperium approach to LotR and it's associated properties. Then it's just exterminatus all the way down.

>> No.56163765

Hellsing Jump (Son of a Protestant Whore Edition)

I don't have any dice
Unwavering - 100CP
Dark Binding and Alucard's blessing

Ah, screw it. I can't be bothered to finish the build...

I'll go bang Seras' mom or something, seeing how every other faceless character has

>> No.56163784

But her mom's dead.

>> No.56163790

Magic in Nasuverse has two sources: internal Od and external, environmental mana. Most mages use Od for everything except large rituals, and this is doubly true for a Jumper who is often in magicless worlds. Thus, the pathway Od takes should be of great interest to us.

Using the analogy of a car, there are three parameters of note. A: How quickly the gas tank (Od pool) fills up (regenerates). B: How large the gas tank (Od pool) actually is, what its maximum is. C: How quickly the gas can be used, the power of the engine.

Which parameters does a purchase of Magic Circuits improve? Taking a Servant rank in mana? Taking the Mana Core perk?

>> No.56163796

Doesnt that put you at like -1500 cp?

>> No.56163798

So am I

>> No.56163800

>I don't have any dice

>> No.56163810


>> No.56163821

I know who the characters are cosplaying into (namely PMMM characters like Madoka, Homura, etc) but who are the persons themselves meant to be? I think I may recognize Shiki Tohno and Arcueid from Fate but the others I haven't got a clue.

>> No.56163837

So she's vampire Batwoman?

>> No.56163847


>> No.56163854

My sense of ethics is whatever would be funniest for me to believe in at the time.

>> No.56163887

Just how powerful would the combination of Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan 5 be?
If SSG was enough to go up to 70% of Beerus' power, would that combo be enough to match him at full strength, or even surpass him?
What about if I threw in the Kaio-Ken, the Eight Gates, and Lightning Release Chakra Mode?

>> No.56163897

For a game about a self-insert ranger who kills avatars of Sauron's will and doesn't afraid of anything, the Shadow of X series sure does overcompensate by making everyone he meets be utterly, utterly shitty compared to the Fellowship of the Ring.

>history nerd hothead soldier girl
>idiot who decided cutting a deal with the Witch-King of Angmar was a good idea
>one of Feanor's kids, now evil
>elf who spends the whole game telling you to stay above the influence, then teams up with said Feanor's kids because muh greater good
>I guess adopted haradrim guy was OK
>Shelob the Dindu and her plucky sidekick Gollum

Boromir went out in a blaze of glory to protect Frodo, Theoden led saved Gondor's ass and they're the ones who got corrupted at all.

Meanwhile Talian ends his game with no friends. None at all. I don't care what the devs said, Shelob did this so she wouldn't have any competition.

>> No.56163909

It would be magnificent.

>> No.56163915

>that one in the far back
...is that Space Marine from Strange Journey? His outfit looks similar.

>> No.56163916

According to the wiki ss4 is the third most powerful transformation directly after ssblue (as determined from the games so take with a grain of salt) how much more powerful is ss5 over ss4?

Then add blue on top of that I guess.

>> No.56163930

>Headpats the vampire before shoving her off screen to rape more maids.
Tsukihime's a hell of a game

>> No.56163947

I'm pretty sure it's primarily B, but effectively there's a bit of C simply because as seen in the case of Shirou honing your magic circuits makes you better at using them whereas ignoring them makes them atrophy, like a muscle.

Mana Core would be A, though. There are some other examples of people with really weird, really ridiculous magic circuits like the Lorelei family and Manaka aka the Antichrist.

>> No.56163951

The black guy was cool out of the entire fucking bunch.

>> No.56164009

While I greatly enjoy thinking about how mixing Od with other magical energies would work, as well as general substitution of external magical sources, you are literally the only person I've ever seen actually post about this stuff.

Anyway, people generally seen to assume you can continue drawing in Mana from the environment to combine your Od with to make Prana because of fiat, so unless you're speccing into Fate's supernatural martial arts, there's no real reason for you to worry too much.

But to answer your actual questions: Magic Circuits and Mana Ranks should improve B and C, while Mana Cores should improve all of those equally. However, actual training and physical resilience should improve C most of all, since the physical strain of running your circuits is also a big concern. Zelretch crippled himself channeling enough juice through his body to push back the moon, after all.

>> No.56164014

And I don't even remember anyone from the first game, which doesn't bode well. Talian's like the EMIYA of Middle Earth: Everyone he ever met in his justice crusade was either useless or used him for their own agenda, he was betrayed by a close ally, he became what he hated because his goal was fundamentally impossible and nobody who matters even remembered him as anything other than a criminal at best.

>> No.56164024

Be careful, the Greek Gods tried that with Amazons and they turned into rapists and child murderers.

>> No.56164058

I need some giant wolves for my norsemen and women to hunt with/ride what are some good places to get them? Bigger than these though, Im looking for at least horse size.

>> No.56164064

Why are they even in such a hurry to fight entropy? The universe is still in its fucking infancy. There are trillions of years to go before entropy really becomes a concern. Especially for beings who can tap howeverthefuck many different universes for energy at once.

>> No.56164071

Check Waltraute

>> No.56164074

Stop appropriating black culture. You people always steal the culture of other races. Vikings were black! Just like egyptions!

>> No.56164085

Wonderful mustache sir. I will.

>> No.56164089

>Combine it with My Hero Academia.

>> No.56164106

next ya'll gonna say the Japanese are secretly black people.

>> No.56164123

Just to clarify, pretty sure they're not actually dwarfing planets in that pic. That's Odin's mind showing Thor an illusion or something.

Though Odin could definitely grow to that size.

>> No.56164146

Princess Mononoke has them, you can buy quite a few and they grow I think to around the size of a full grown man.

>> No.56164165

>70% of Beerus'
Pretty sure that was retconned. Now Beerus is still way stronger than everyone except the angels and Zen-Oh.

>> No.56164171

According to Wildbow they're so big they took up all the space on countless versions of the same planet they lived on. The entire species was starving, suffocating and cannibalising itself out of desperation until one of them came up with an original thought (and was eaten for it's trouble): Going into space. Which they think was a temporary measure, they're concerned that either they'll take up all the different versions of the UNIVERSE like they did their planet, or (like some unlucky Entities) they'll run out of energy one day and starve.

The species is basically what happens when you give tapeworms phenomenal cosmic power and clarketech.

>> No.56164179

One of the Dark Souls jumps has a pack of wolves that can grow very big. I think it was in DS3.

>> No.56164182

Isn't Champa supposed to be on par with him, just really out of shape?

>> No.56164194

So I should feel absolutely zero remorse for killing as many of them as I can manage?

>> No.56164220

>rapists and child murderers.
Is it really that bad?

>> No.56164225

I'm pretty sure that that was Odin temporarily releasing the restrictions he placed on Thor accessing the Odin Force for like a minute or two show him exactly what kind of potential he had.

>> No.56164227

>Manaka aka the Antichrist
Fate has an antich-

Fuck, nevermind. Of course it does. And I'm sure it's a sexualized teen girl too, right?

>> No.56164259

And when they have boys, they just kill them.

Or they used to. Then Hephaestus saw them doing that and was "What the fucking fuck. Don't do that you cunts. Look, I'll buy them from you with magic weapons. Just stop killing babies you retards."

>> No.56164267

That's what happens when you make a bunch of waifus and starve them of the D. They sort to glitch out. The solution to the waifu problem is, as always, the application of the D.

>> No.56164268

You catch on fast.

>> No.56164285

>And when they have boys, they just kill them.

Now I know the perfect place to set up the Rape Forest

>> No.56164311

I suppose not.

It's got a couple antichrist-like people running around, yeah. There was Kiara. If you squint, Goetia's a dead ringer for Lucifer what with his whole thing being he thought he knew better than God on how to fix humanity. And in Extra while trying to power up enough to save Hakuno, the dumbass Sakura AI somehow hacked the Moon Cell in order to give herself a Root-based power associated with both mother goddesses and the concept of Rome as a city of sin.

Manaka's just the most antichrist-like in the classical sense, because her Beast-pair apparently looks like a seven headed dragon if it was allowed to be properly born. Also Nero has a Skill called 7 Crowns in one of the summer events, during which one of her friends says she tends to space out when having one of her headaches. Also recently Fate/Labyrinth showed Manaka can send her soul across worlds to puppet host bodies. I'm sure you can see where Nasu's going with this.

The Roman singularity wasn't enough, Nasu's out to make Nero a DINDU NUTHIN

>> No.56164317

A healthy dose of fankwank and borrowing from the Universal Drawback Supplement, of course. At least, that's how I'm doing it.

>> No.56164323

Here's Freddy vs Jason vs Ash for the new thread.

If you have Waking Nightmare, you can go between both at will.

>> No.56164330

Oh right, and Nasu's probably going to do a thing about Merlin originally being the Antichrist in some legends too. On valentine's day he goes "I'ma Beast, spoilers!" at you. And in the Babylonia singularity he shits a brick when he thinks Gorgon's about to kill him; the Beast of the End perk is based on him saying bad, bad things would happen if he were to die.

>> No.56164346

Mononoke wolves also have the side benefit of generating spiritual energy in fairly large amounts once they're full grown. They get to be as large as the real deal, if given a few decades or so.

>> No.56164364

>Universal Drawback Supplement
Why not Alt-Chain Builder?

>> No.56164372

>no sexy Jason and Freddy companion options
I haz sad

>> No.56164380

methinks Yoro was trying for that, but forgot the name of the document.

>> No.56164384

>On valentine's day he goes "I'ma Beast, spoilers!" at you
Well I mean I guess that can be a romantic line

>> No.56164386

Can you spam those building busting explosions around your target? Like not inside them (shifting others clause) but like between their legs or something?

>> No.56164399

Dragon Ball Z has plenty of waifu options

Bulma if you get to her after she dumps Yamaha for good but before she fucks Vegeta.

There’s 18, but I don’t think many of us want to steal Krillin’s waifu. They’re the best canon DB ship.

Zangya if you can prevent her death and reform her. Doesn’t have a known personality though.

Launch because Tien sure as hell ain’t gonna hit that. If you don’t like the split personality thing you can use that perk from Austin Powers to retroactively make the personalities into twins instead. Pick the one you want and you’re set.

Mai, because fuck pairing her with Kid Trunks. That’s pedophilia even with her being physically de-aged.

Filler chicks give us pic related, Maron. Krillin’s ex-girlfriend. She’s an idiot but she’s really hot and some people like bimbos. There’s also Piiza, Mr. Satan’s promotional agent.

There’s Videl and her friend Erasa for those who don’t fear the wrath of Chris Hansen.

Ch-Chi is loyal to Goku despite his failings as a husband and father, but if you want her without NTR then you have to go to Dragon Ball and make her younger self fall in love with you instead of Goku. Again, beware Chris Hansen.

Bulma’s sister, Tights, isn’t with anyone IIRC.

Dragon Ball Super has tons more waifubait. We just gotta way for Val to finish it.

>> No.56164415

That's what Ladies and Gentlemen is for!

>> No.56164417

Yep, that's it. I forgot the name.

>> No.56164422

Make your own; your imports/created companions get enough CP for it.


>> No.56164433


What’s that from?

>> No.56164435

New 52 Amazons were so fucking stupid.

>> No.56164439


Sweet, gonna go Interactive Buddy on their asses

Don't forget Bulma's mom

>> No.56164465

Is anyone else extremely wary of going into space before getting serious space based protections? I don't really feel comfortable flying on spaceships that can blow up with me inside until I get a lantern ring. Needless to say, some heavy precautions need to be taken before going and getting a ring.

>> No.56164469

Val's Medaka Box. It was posted a few threads ago.

>> No.56164473

>Don't forget Bulma's mom

Doctor Briefs is cool, don’t cuck him. Just go to DBZ Abridged and ask to buy a clone of his wife.

>> No.56164483

What is the "power" of the Necronomicon we should go off of for the perk that lets you absorb things? Is it the implied magical power it hasn't outright demonstrated, the power of the rituals/spells it contains within, or something else? Like would you be unable to absorb an item that can cover a city in endless winter, as the Necronomicon hasn't been shown to operate at that scale? Or are there reasons you couldn't absorb it, like it being sapient or you not being strong enough to contain it?

>> No.56164485


>> No.56164489


I’m looking at it now in the Drive and I don’t see it. Or would it only be in the update?

>> No.56164491

>That’s pedophilia even with her being physically de-aged.
Oh the irony.

>> No.56164507

>Doctor Briefs is cool, don’t cuck him

No need to cuck the man, just hop to an alternate timeline and nab the mom for milkies


All that meat

>> No.56164519

Begone THOTS

>> No.56164523

Good lord. You'd be doing Goku a favor, but that dick really isn't worth putting yourself through that.

>> No.56164527

MOMMIES are for hugging

>> No.56164545

Nah, they were fighting for energy across all versions of their home planet, eating each other and reproducing in countless cycles, which used up pretty much all of the planet's resources. Then one entity spent all of its energy to send a signal across all realities: they should just all fight to death and eat the losers until only one or two are left, as that's the best for the species. Having no energy left and having broadcast its location, it was the first to be eaten. They also aren't concerned about using up all the space in the multiverse, but rather about how they'll survive the heat death of the multiverse. So until that happens, they gather as much information as possible, until they'll spend all of their gathered energy to find a solution and enact it, maybe even restarting the multiverse.

>> No.56164552


>> No.56164559

It's the power that it has shown, actually; Freddy uses it to become a living god who can warp reality in the physical world and only loses because he had a death grip on the idiot ball. And even after six months of absorbing its power non-stop, it still wasn't drained of juice and could be used against him.

Also, it's just that you won't be able to absorb the Necronomicon completely to make it permanent- you can absorb it's power as much as you want, it's just that if you lose it or something you'll need to do it again.

>> No.56164563

If i take waking nightmare can i switch between the normal and the dreamworld or am i bound to the normal world? Do the dream demons think i've cheated on them?

>> No.56164577

Eh, given enough dick, she'll mellow out.

>> No.56164589

Did anybody else help Goku and ChiChi actually get to know each other BEFORE they jumped the gun and got married? I threw out the idea that she should join the three of us with Master Roshi's training, and she and her dad were all for it, so Roshi agreed. Goku and ChiChi were really close by the time she decided to call in the marriage, and they didn't have too many problems. Goku actually ended up as a better husband and father, surprisingly.

>> No.56164594

A few examples you could maybe give a time frame on absorbing?

Celestriad - FF6 - Reduce MP costs to 1
Godkiller Weapon - Skullduggery Plesant - Kills things up to gods
Master Blade - The Witcher - Magic channeled through it doubles in power
Mirror Shield - Legend of Zelda Wind Walker - Reflects Magic

Just to give an idea how the absorption would work on those type of items?

>> No.56164596

What is your jumper's spirit animal?

Whether they're just one of those thematic types, or just have these weird tendencies that your jumper has taken over the course of their journey, what single animal does you jumper take after more so than any other member of the animal kingdom?

>> No.56164608


Personally I think she and Goku are just terrible for each other.

Chi-Chi would probably be a lot chiller with a normal dude as a husband. She’d probably still be something of a Tiger Mom, but it’d be justified because her kid wouldn’t be half-alien with the potential to blow up galaxies.

Goku’s the type of person who is an alright friend but makes a terrible partner in a romantic relationship. If Chi-Chi hadn’t basically forced him to marry her then he probably would have stayed happily single his entire life.

>> No.56164610

Look if she puts up with goku can you blame her for being a bit bitchy?

>> No.56164613

>Goku actually ended up as a better husband and father, surprisingly.

I call complete bollocks on this.

>> No.56164628

So it took me exactly one year and one month to actually pull off, but I finally have a freaking job. Which means I need to be stressing out over settling in and stabilizing my RL situation. I won't be answering jump questions or posting writefaggotry for a lil bit. Not dropping my claims again because I AM CLEARLY BAD AT THIS RETIREMENT THING. I'll be working on Imperial Guard this weekend and the ones that follow, see if I can't get it done or at least outlined before Burgerland Thanksgiving.

>> No.56164629

Wait if it wasn't drained of juice, why couldn't you just finish the draining process? And that's only in a 300 ft radius, so anything that produces larger effects shouldn't be possible to absorb, right?

>> No.56164639

Sleeps a lot, somewhat prideful, enjoys stalking.

>> No.56164640

He never said good, just better

>> No.56164644

This, except that extends to Goku being in any position of responsibility of any kind. The problem is that in his universe might makes right, and enables his behavior.

Also this.

>> No.56164648

Happy for you Heavens. Still gonna be looking forward to Azula X Jumper whenever you start it up again.

Burning Heavens.

>> No.56164654

Why doesn't she just divorce him? Goku wouldn't even give a shit.

>> No.56164666

And this is why Kohaku built her robot army to destroy mankind. :V

>> No.56164668

I'll second this. I'm pretty sure that she'd turn out a lot more stable married to somebody who isn't an autist who can only communicate by punching things and who dies every couple of years. I'm pretty sure the whole reason that she was so strict with Gohan was mostly so that he wouldn't turn out like Goku.

>> No.56164669

>Master Blade - The Witcher - Magic channeled through it doubles in power
>Mirror Shield - Legend of Zelda Wind Walker - Reflects Magic
Actually, you couldn't permanently absorb those. They're scaling/absolute and thus potentially more powerful than the Necronomicon.

>> No.56164676

She loves her kids and later on she basically is divorced, he gives her 100 million zenny and she says basically leave and stay gone all you want but visit once in a while.

>> No.56164688

Probably some sort of burd, as that's what I generally take for familiars/non-humanoid altforms.
Yes, even in Jurassic Park.
ESPECIALLY in Jurassic Park.

>> No.56164691

Damn it! Don't make last second edits to your posts kids.

>> No.56164693

Is that in Super or before? Knowing Goku and how the story focuses on him, I doubt either he or I noticed the transition.

>> No.56164694

Basically, I convinced him that a great warrior trains both his body and his mind, so he didn't really object to the schooling because convincing him of that made him think Gohan would be the best fighter ever if he was really smart as well as really strong. I also convinced ChiChi to let Gohan have some downtime because his saiyan nature would make him like being active too much for him to be a total bookworm.

>> No.56164698

Goku's literally an autistic savant. He's not a functional person outside of training because he's both and alien and has literal brain damage. He wouldn't even be able to live on his own as an adult in the real world.

>> No.56164716

Well, birds are dinosaurs, so that makes perfect sense. I don't know why you'd think this would be some transgressive thing.

>> No.56164723

Its from that video linked earlier today where mr satan gives him all the prize reward money for saving the world.


>> No.56164735

You can switch, and no, they don't.

You could absorb all of those. It's less about absolute effects vs non-absolute or how much it can affect, but how much power it has; the Necronomicon has reality warping powers, including time travel, which makes "cover a city with snow" or "doubles magical power" look tame in comparison.

>> No.56164756

Was the reality warping "god" Freddy was limited like the Waking Nightmare perk?

>> No.56164757

Rats a cute.

>> No.56164759

Good to hear.

>> No.56164773

Suddenly this setting seems a lot more dangerous.

>> No.56164789

The feathered serpent. Not a real animal (though some snakes do have elongated scales that kind of look like feathers, like the spiny bush viper), but it fits me pretty well. Symbolic of the union of earth and sky, very good for my themes of duality and opposites.

>> No.56164812

Well, yeah. But when you think of "dinosaurs=birds" you think of shit like raptors, things that looked bird like and had feathers.
Not a seven ton fatass with no feathers that lazes around all day.

>> No.56164822


The Lion gets the blame, while this feller gets to chill on his river and even crocodiles keep a distance. Besides the toughness they are bros with birds.

>> No.56164823

>feathered serpent
My coatl brethren!

>> No.56164831

His powers grow in Nightmare Warriors, the next miniseries. The abilities I outlined in Waking Nightmare are what he has in Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. In Nightmare Warriors, his powers are strong enough to cover Washington DC

>> No.56164840

The majestic unicorn.

>> No.56164858

Well yes, if we're being specific birds are theropod dinosaurs. Sauropods and ceratopsids are from entirely different lineages. But there are plenty of theropods in Jurassic Park, so I'm still not seeing why you wouldn't fit in, there.

>> No.56164859

So Magecraft is basically the ability to do anything accomplished through scientific methods but as a shortcut that doesn't require the same resources, right? Have any mages tried replicating some of the more advanced stuff we can technically do via technology but that is too expensive, time consuming, or difficult to be practical yet? Quantum computing, nuclear fusion, nanomachines? Hell, they could probably even achieve immortality through gene therapy or telomere repair.

>> No.56164874


Thanks for the input! And now that I think about it, I think I do remember something about using Od to sort of activate the spell and environmental Mana to power it. Which neatly explains why the only time Od ever comes up is when it's used to help refill a Servant's reserves. Once it's outside the body, you have to use it before it dissipates. It also makes sense now why Waver went in a sleeping bag and blanket- it was all Od being spiritually transferred. If he had been running his circuits, he would have overheated. Circuits are for sucking up mana and immdiately using it for a mystery. And Zel fried because he tried to handle too much at once! Rin can comfortably use something like one thousand units at a time with the gem sword. Zel spamming 2nd Magic must have been an absolute beast.

Thanks a billion, you guys' explanations just made a lot fall into place for me.

>> No.56164878


>> No.56164904

Which kind of magecraft?

>> No.56164912

No, that's not how it works. They do plenty of things that aren't possible to achieve through existing in-setting technology. It's more about effects being "possible" than it is them being "replicable".

>> No.56164914

Nope. Magecraft can't do anything that science and technology can't, so just knowing that something is theoretically possible doesn't allow it to work. To use one of your examples, we can't yet do quantum computing outside of a very limited set of problems, so no quantum computing for mages unless they're trying to solve those specific problems, too.

>> No.56164933

Early in this rebooted chain, a lot of the animal thematics seem to be either Black Cat or Wolf. In general a lot of canines this early - for one, the team of Pokémon from Pokémon Conquest are nearly all dogs except for the Galvantula and Drampa. (Lucario, Midday Lycanroc, Arcanine, and Mightyena)

Then there's the Gundabad Warg from LoTR and Shadowcat pet from ASOIAF.

So yeah. Cats & Dogs for now.

>> No.56164951

Does Disney have anything (cannon) worthwhile for wishes besides magic and Hercules strength?

>> No.56164957

You cant build a robot army if the one person who ever showed you care during a hideously abusive childhood is being possessed by an evil vampire channeled through his dead half brothers soul and barely restraining himself from raping you to death and crying as he feels sexually aroused from choking you to death.

That's why the home routes of Melty Blood are non-canon.

>> No.56164958

good luck buddy

>> No.56164961

He's fox themed, but functionally more raven except corvids don't have fluffy tails or ears.

>> No.56164963

They can't just do whatever they want, anon. Unless they actually know how to do something, it's impossible for them. Theoretical knowledge is insufficient, they have to develop that theoretical knowledge into a finished product. They just get to develop it along different paths than science and technology would use. So yeah, they could do any of those things you're saying, but it's just as hard for them as it would be for us.

>> No.56164975

There's plenty of cannons in The Little Mermaid, but nothing really noteworthy.

>> No.56164978

Beetle. That being said apparently I have an addiction to chasing rabbit tail

>> No.56164994


That seems backwards from what the others are saying?

Then what's the point? Magecraft is apparently getting shittier and shittier over time whereas technology is improving exponentially. Why bother being a mage at all?

>> No.56165009

Elsa's ice magic, so you can take another element in the Frozen jump.

>> No.56165040

Potentially reaching the Root and attaining True Magic and/or omnipotence. Personal power. Cultural inertia. Immortality (turning yourself into a Dead Apostle via Magecraft is a classic).

>> No.56165041

>Then what's the point? Magecraft is apparently getting shittier and shittier over time whereas technology is improving exponentially. Why bother being a mage at all?
Well, a mage's tools are often easier to carry around, being magical constructs formed on the fly rather than dedicated objects. Though that's not all of them, of course, a lot of spells require ritual paraphernalia. And technology is ever progressing towards that point of not needing dedicated tools, and going by Angel Notes will overtake magecraft in that regard fairly soon. So yeah, there's not really much point in being a mage. Wizards just do it out of cultural inertia and the ego boost they get from knowing they're part of a secret fraternity that's "better" than normal humans.

>> No.56165051

>Why bother being a mage at all?
Because eventually mages learn to make magic tech and create the moon cell. Which is completely broken.

>> No.56165052

I can't project swords with science

>> No.56165073

Yet. Give it a few years, utility fog and quantum dots are on their way.

>> No.56165075

I thought when he decided to stop messing around and basically owned Goku when he said he was going “100%” he actually meant 70%. Goku probably is no where close to Beerus. Seeing how Jiren is suppose to be on an average GoD’s level, Beerus is shown to at least be an above average GoD. Maybe even the strongest GoD.

>> No.56165092


>> No.56165108

So I can be a seigi no mikata without having my body become swords?

>> No.56165121

I have no idea what your moon language meme means. But probably?

>> No.56165125

You're clearly just not trying hard enough. Go back to school and learn how to science.

>> No.56165140

You can be a kamen rider.

>> No.56165148

>True Magic
Which gets busted down to shitty magecraft as soon as the muggles make a machine that does it.

>> No.56165160

>And technology is ever progressing towards that point of not needing dedicated tools, and going by Angel Notes will overtake magecraft in that regard fairly soon

>> No.56165167

Honestly, I don't understand why anyone wants to jump the Fate series. The underlying principle seems to be "anything cool here is transitory and will be beaten down soon enough". Is it just the waifus? Is that the point of going to Fate?

>> No.56165173

Good thing no one has invented a Create o matic or dimensional travel or soul transfer or a machine capable of destroying concepts or time travel

>> No.56165174

Wait, so they have memory rewriting and object reinforcement tech in the Nasuverse?

>> No.56165178

They genetically engineered energy manipulation powers into people. Well, into neogenic life forms that closely resemble people, but whatever. Point is, they've made science that does what magic does, and integrated it right into the bodies of the populace.

>> No.56165191

Yes. They've got it here in the real world, too. It's been around since the fifties. We just don't use the first one because it's unethical and the second one because it's expensive and impractical.

>> No.56165196

Of course they do. Don't you know that Nasu only does everything? You silly goose.

Fucking fatefags

>> No.56165198

Goku's parenting skills.


>> No.56165205

You don't have many chances to be in a battle Royale using historical figures besides I like the magic system.

>> No.56165207

You cant be rendered obsolete if your magic specifically is based off of impossible technology. Like the steam engine

>> No.56165241

Mages a few hundred years ago:
>"Good thing no one has invented flying machines yet."

>> No.56165261

Huh. That actually sounds pretty awesome.

Genetic engineering isn't really my style, though. Do they have any more traditional style magitech?

>> No.56165273

Go to Katanagatari, get Soothsayer, see centuries or millennia of tech, understand it, skip lengthy fabrication and create with magic.

>> No.56165274

The quick and easy mage method does seem more viable. So, I guess some things are just more practical as magic.

>> No.56165284

Well do they have any of those things? Humanity either becomes apathetic or dies to the TYPES before they do anything like that

>> No.56165298

Reminder that humans used technology to ride a series of explosions outside of Gaia's Grand Reality Marble and plant a flag in the body of another planetary being.

Neil Armstrong should be Grand Rider.

>> No.56165303

Well, the others seem pretty wrong given that Time Alter, Thought Acceleration, Memory Partition, Spiritual Surgery, Reincarnation, Consciousness Transferral, which aren't widely-replicable by even magi, let alone by the scientific community. And Sealing Designations, which again are pushing a field far past something magi can achieve. At the very least, technology and science is still catching up to Magecraft; as Magecraft became less versatile as science evolved, not more. Science just became capable of producing what was already achievable by Magecraft, not the other way around.

>> No.56165319

They’re not divorced. She just wants money because her father’s wealth was melted by a volcano. Goku just wants to train, but ChiChi forces him to work. When he got the prize money, that’s when she allowed him to leave to train. So long he keeps in contact every now & then.

Later when she blows through the prize money, she forces him to work again. However he sneaks off to do training, which she reveals that the entire thing has been a game for her & Goku.

>> No.56165351

What? Steam engines are pretty possible, anon. It's just an isentropic thermal system. Is this another example of Nasu thinking that thermodynamics is black magic?

>> No.56165354

>That’s pedophilia even with her being physically de-aged.
Isn't Future Trunks in at least late 20s by that point?

>> No.56165372

>another example of Nasu thinking that thermodynamics is black magic?
There are other examples?

>> No.56165377

Yeah. Some people try to downplay that as "oh, well humans carry their Mystery-negating effect with them, so it wasn't like they were really dealing with the moon spirit when they got there". But doesn't that make humans more awesome? We've got an antimagic field so powerful that it negated the presence of a god and made it just a big chunk of orbital rock.

>> No.56165386

>which she reveals that the entire thing has been a game for her & Goku.


>> No.56165390

Isn't the vast majority of our society powered by steam engines?

>> No.56165392

Ancient 1800s computers are black magic enough to be a Reality Marble type Noble Phantasm

>> No.56165398

You blow it up since it's completely worthless that's how.

>> No.56165401

I think he's talking about Babbage getting kindasorta magitech based on what his Steam technology could have become if it had stayed as mankind's dominant power source? It explicitly breaks down permanently if he ever opens his Reality Marble, since it runs on principles separate from the current world.

>> No.56165417

... Isn't steam still our dominant power source? We just got better at harnessing and storing it.

>> No.56165428

Pretty much yes. Fate is stupid.

>> No.56165447

Yeah, that's fair. Powersource isn't the right thing to call it, since it's meant to be more like what coulda been if everything ever was steam technology.

>> No.56165461

You're right about the magitech; Atlas accidentally made 7 things that can destroy the world while trying to save it too advanced to exist in modern earth physics, one of which is the Black Barrel, and according to Nasu they're more technology than magecraft which means they might circumnavigate the older=better rule for most magecraft.

Gonna need a citation for the Moon Cell though, pretty sure it's an alien construct given that it recognises Velber as an enemy and it has multiple networks at different ends of the galaxy; Gil helps Hakuno escape to one in his true ending.

>> No.56165488

Steam engine powered mechanical computers and steampunk. It runs off different laws of physics then the ones that humanity ended up with from the atomic age and electronics.

>> No.56165489

Oh so literally steampunk then?

So the dude has a Reality Marble that makes sci-fi steampunk tech work? That's actually pretty cool.

>> No.56165517

The 5th Magic, Goetia's plan (which lots of people think riffs on the 5th's operation because his NP's special attack has the same name as one of Arc's super moves in Melty Blood; even though she didn't use the 5th there speculation is that it's a shoutout), dangers of travelling to parallel worlds using pure clarktech instead of the Second Magic in Extella and sun deity supremacy.

>> No.56165520

It's our power source. It's not what we run our logic machines off.

>> No.56165527

WHILE we're on the topic of Fate/, what rank do you think a Noble Phantasm based off of LoL's Black Mist (the roiling fog from The Shadow Isles that kills and reanimates even plants as undead and necromantic versions of themselves) would be at a minimum level. I got no idea how much The Harrowing / Reaping would cost until I can build it off of The Black Mist.

>> No.56165528

Servants can come from as late as the 40s and 50s right? Wonder if there are any that could do something similar for nuclear/radioactive stuff? Like we used to think radiation was magic and sold radioactive water as medicine and shit.

>> No.56165530

In JLD, if we have a different perk similar to Primordial, like the Greatest Being perk from Angel notes, can we get the Primordial boosted effects?

>> No.56165536

add in Reinforcement Martial Arts from Nasuverse Magecraft and Overclock from Iji.

>> No.56165546

Are you SURE about that?
Have you ever actually SEEN a computer chip working? How can you be sure that they aren't made out of teeny tiny steam engines?

>> No.56165559

No. They're different effects and powers that aren't "merely" a result of just being better than what you were. Also, perks tend not to affect jump documents they're not from.

>> No.56165561

Yeah I am. Chip bus lines are six atoms wide, steam engines are a bit bigger.

>> No.56165567

Not him but I already think engineers and scientists are wizards anon. They just hide their wizardry behind boring technical terms.

>> No.56165582

Unless they are really small steam engines! Super efficient! Made by ants!

>> No.56165623

Well, sort of? I refuse to go into space without a perk to survive in the vacuum of space, and even with that I'd usually grab the Teen Titans thing to fly around in space... but otherwise I trust my usual ridiculous durability, since my paranoia's nowhere near restricted to space.

>> No.56165649

Does anyone know if this Kajiri Kamui Kagura thing is something I can buy and play on my PS Vita?

I have my own Vita buried under a bunch of shit right now, so I can't dig it up to check myself, but would I be able to get my hands on a translated version of that visual novel with it? Or at least play it if I got a cartridge for the game?

Real talk, I only bought a vita for Persona 4, and I still haven't played it, so I have no clue how game purchases actually work for this thing.

I fucking love what little I've seen online of it, but I can't find any extensive info on it, let alone some kind of walkthrough/longplay.

>> No.56165674

>kills and reanimates even plants as undead and necromantic versions of themselves

Sounds like it could be anywhere between B++ and A++, depending on how extreme the damage it does and how much control you want over it. For the record Prelati's Spellbook is A+ and it's a magical energy reactor core that automates dozens of advanced spells to perpetually summon tentacle monsters from another dimension the Servant can vaguely direct as attack gods. It can also be used to combine the things into one gigantic not-Cthulhu the size of a building that gains magical energy to keep growing, regenerates so fast it almost all the F/Z Servants except Gil teaming up to beat it down and so buff it takes an Excaliblast to kill it. The downside is that in the process it assimilates it's caster into itself, who loses any pretense at control over the thing.

>> No.56165675

Pretty much. Science understands what a lot of the universe does, but doesn't really know WHY anything happens.

You can describe how mass causes curvature in space and how that is what we experience as gravity. But why the fuck does mass warp space in the first place?

You can measure that c is the ultimate speed limit of the universe and nothing can move through space faster than that. But as far as we know there's no particular reason for c being the speed it is.

Electromagnetic fields are made up of virtual particles? What are those? Particles that pop into existence just long enough to not violate conservation of energy.

Hell, we don't even know why there's anything. Why the fuck should there be anything? Logically nothing should exist because something should have to exist for anything to exist, but then something should have to exist for that thing to exist and so on and so forth.

Nothing makes sense.

>> No.56165690

Thanks for the headache, anon.

>> No.56165709

An article I read earlier today that according to the latest findings from the Large Hadron Collider, the universe shouldn't exist because apparently there's too much antimatter out there. They looked at all the fundamental forces and decided none of them should be strong enough to sustain the universe as it is.

Researchers declined to comment on how close we are to conducting an Enantiomorph, or how the Daedra fit into the standard model.

>> No.56165710


I mean Kid Trunks, not Future Trunks. The one that didn’t grow up in a timeline ravaged by Androids

>> No.56165749

>too much antimatter out there
Wait what the fuck? Got a link?

>> No.56165756

It's not translated, but it's on VITA, so if you speak the moon runes...

>> No.56165778

Shit... Does that mean that whoever it is that's making a jump of it can indeed read Japanese, or is there just enough visual storytelling that you can more or less figure everything out?

>> No.56165790


Granted the Express is being a little overdramatic about the whole thing.

>> No.56165854

>Researchers declined to comment on how close we are to conducting an Enantiomorph, or how the Daedra fit into the standard model.

I understood most of this post, but can someone catch me up to speed with what the Hell a Daedra or an Enantiomorph is in this context?

>> No.56165864


Elder scrolls reference.

>> No.56165879

What's a perk in a low power jump that can let me ignore any amount of pain, while still feeling it? I know there are ones in Worm and Hellsing, but I'd like to go even lower, powerlevel wise.

>> No.56165881


>‘It should NOT EXIST’ Hadron Collider scientists fear universe could DIE at any moment
Why do journalists think sensationalizing everything makes for more interesting news?

Or DOES it make for more interesting news for normies?

Don't worry about it, that's not a problem in this context. Rather this has implications on when the Godhead could wake up.

>> No.56165895

When they were gonna throw a baby shower, Goku left with Whis. ChiChi wasn’t angry at all. Despite the heated words, stating she wanted Goku to be a better Grandpa & not train as much. However instead of getting mad about him leaving, she brushed it off like it was nothing. She even said, she’ll try again next time & went back to planning the shower.

>> No.56165913

Some would argue that one of the a.i. perks in the Portal jump that let's you delete the parts of yourself that care about things, would allow you to delete the parts that care about sensations of pain.

>> No.56165919

Say, Val, what happens to the End-of-Series Medaka and other people in the FRESH drawback after you defeat them? Have you derailed the normal plot of the series?

>> No.56165936

>DOES it make for more interesting news for normies

Judging by the History and Discovery Channels' usual shows, yes.

>> No.56165983

>Year 2017
>Not knowing how to read Moonrunes to watch your Japanese cartoons

>> No.56166007

They keep saying American, but I heard all of that in an Aussie accent.

>> No.56166024

Australians are just Diet Americans.
Same great taste, none of the calories.

>> No.56166041

Muppets treasure island, untorturable

>> No.56166045

I thought Australia was just if Florida was a whole continent.

>> No.56166119

That isn't true at all, the nasty things in Australia are way more diverse. In Florida it's all the same large hungry reptiles and poison swamp critters.

>> No.56166123

What's a good alternative to the Dimensional Breach Controller and Doormaker from Worm, in regards to doing shit with portals and travelling to mirror worlds and alternate realities.

>> No.56166155

Motherbox from Injustice.

>> No.56166177

Motherbox from Injustice and the 2nd True Magic.

>> No.56166247

Portal Gun from Rick and Morty.
Portal Gun from Portal, if you science that shit up right. The Portal 2 DLC had them portaling to parallel dimensions to use the testing centers there and Cave Johnson mentioned they ran into a few testers from alternate realities who could put their portals on any surface. Apparently those guys are assholes about it too, rubbing it in everyone's face.

>> No.56166254

There's no translation, no, It's supposedly very difficult to translate, though I'm not clear on why that is.

>> No.56166309

Oh, that's nothing new. Physicists have known about the matter/antimatter assymetry since the 40s. It's not that there's too much antimatter, it's that there's not enough. The universe is almost entirely matter, there should be an even mix, something must have happened weirdly way back when. Yeah, this website is just taking a new paper published on a decades-old physics conundrum and presenting it as some shocking new discovery to get clicks.

>> No.56166383

>It's not that there's too much antimatter, it's that there's not enough.
Yeah, that's what threw me off. I he said there was too much and I was like "wtf, that's counter to everything I've ever heard".

>> No.56166385

Tatari is a hell of a drug.

I stand corrected.

*Bows before Superior Latin Nerd*

>> No.56166495

So now I'm thinking I beat a few of them, and force them/convince them to play nice and not take up all the space ever. In exchange I give them infinite energy so they don't have to eat everything.

Does that sound doable?

>> No.56166522

If you're unquestionably stronger than them, it'd probably work. From what Wildbow has shown, they very much respect force. You'd need a way to send your message through the whole multiverse though, as there's a whole fuckton of entities.

>> No.56166579

>If you're unquestionably stronger than them, it'd probably work.
Right. That might be a problem. What's their power level?
Are they all as strong or stronger than Scion?

>> No.56166607

>Ended up creating around 30 drawbacks which visually appear to be more than the amount of abilities and gear combined

>> No.56166609

Scion is a retarded, mopey child compared to the rest.

>> No.56166624

No, since the fact that they're not eating everything to fuel their reproduction means that they'll be far outnumbered by the strains that are. You need to either convince all of them to stop or kill all of them. You can't just do it for a few.

Yes, they're all much stronger than Scion. Scion is an Entity from a line that evolved to work in pairs, working all on his own, so he's already crippled. Then you factor in that he's given away most of his shards so they can evolve further, that his energy supply is limited and constantly dwindling, and that he's let his human emotion emulation program overtake his mental gestalt and lead him into irrational behavior. He's about as weak as an Entity can be.

>> No.56166639

Scion as shown in canon is a little bitch, because he has cast off pretty much all of his Shards (aka powers) except for his Stilling power, PtV, and utility stuff. Besides that, he's also an emotional wreck. Expect entities at their best to outclass him immensely. They'll have pretty much every power ever, without the limits that are put on them when they get handed out to other races, and scaled up to Entity strength.

>> No.56166653

>We've got an antimagic field so powerful that it negated the presence of a god and made it just a big chunk of orbital rock

Well...I guess I'm going to have to move ahead with my plan to disable Alaya and destroy humanity then.

Can't eyesores like that staining my vacation-plane.

>> No.56166663

Ouch. Then I'm out of my depth.

Maybe I'll make a deal only with Scion and the few who come to Earth. I mean infinite energy plus whatever else a Jumper can provide will give them an edge in whatever Darwinian death tournament they have going on.

>> No.56166670

What are some good sources of free-standing hardlight tech? I know the Forerunners had it, that the Federation will eventually have mobile holo-emitters and Lanterns feel solid feels. Are those the best the chain's got, or are there passable alternatives I've overlooked?

>> No.56166685

>all this Worm talk
Shards are essentially just giant biotech computers stored in another dimension that beam energy to parahumans via wifi tumors, right?

Would it be theoretically possible to create wholely mechanical versions and shove cybernetics in people's brains that connects them to my artificial shards to give them powers?

>> No.56166700

Yeah, of course. No reason that wouldn't work, if you had transdimensional technology.

>> No.56166704

>Maybe I'll make a deal only with Scion and the few who come to Earth.
Other entities won't come to earth, because entities, and Scion and Eden, basically seed their locations with signals that say "an entity is already at work here, don't waste your time".

>> No.56166726

Are Scion and Eden on parallel Earths too? Because I plan on being active in a few universes.

>> No.56166727

Sure, grab some Tinker powers and go nuts.

Try Halo, GUNNM, and Fallout: NV. Though the last isn't freestanding yet and dangerous to get to.

>> No.56166728

Generic Cyberpunk when?

>> No.56166739

Well, if you're just interested in not being restrained to a stationary projector, something small and portable, then that sort of technology is all over the place. I mean, forcefield projectors aren't exactly rare tech. Most soft sci-fi, superhero, or space opera settings have them.

>> No.56166748

>in whatever Darwinian death tournament they have going on.
Also, that's not true. The entities as a species basically gather information and energy to survive the heat death of the universe, and are unlikely to waste their time with fighting others of their species.

>> No.56166775

There's only one Scion and one Eden in any of the parallel earths accessible from Earth Bet. They're able to project avatars to any of the worlds they can reach, but they appear to only do one at a time. You don't have to worry about alternate-timeline duplicates of them.

>> No.56166808

The Entitie's real bodies are spread out through a vast number of realities though (maybe even all of them? it's not really clear) because they are just that damn huge. So even though you might not see Scion-projection when you go to alternate realities, chances are that part of Scion-entity is still there.

>> No.56166835

>grab some Tinker powers and go nuts
>Have Reverse Engineering
>Start building your own Shards
How does Scion react?

>> No.56166843


>> No.56166847

Even if he isn't, he can probably see into that dimension.
Ducking smug know-it-all hyperdimensional beings.

>> No.56166880

I tried to read Partially Kissed Hero, my eyes are bleeding.

What is the danger level here compared to standard Harry Potter?

>> No.56166881

Overwatch has some degree of hard light constructs.

>> No.56166888

Watch your fucking mouth, anon.

>> No.56166889

>(maybe even all of them? it's not really clear)
Scion's shards are sequestered in reality-interdiction-fields. You aren't going to just stumble across his bits- you'll probably notice the resistance long before he notices you pushing on the barriers.

>> No.56166899

>The Entitie's real bodies are spread out through a vast number of realities though (maybe even all of them? it's not really clear) because they are just that damn huge.
No, they're all in one reality. Individual shards move to their own realities once they detach, for redundancy, but the main organism dwells in a single world.

>> No.56166907

That is, he blocks off a whole alternate reality around each component.

>> No.56166936

>Entities are unlikely to waste their time with fighting others of their species.
Uh. So what about this:
>they should just all fight to death and eat the losers until only one or two are left, as that's the best for the specie
Is this wrong?

>> No.56166942

Go far enough out from the planet and then switch dimensions. His influence is limited to near earth.

>> No.56166996

Lawrence kansas
Pagan God
No dogs go to heaven 900
I can change 700
Alpha 100
Angel radio 0
In my name you pray free
Virgin sacrifice free
Restoration -100
High stakes -400 weakness misltoe
Force of nature ice/snow -600

Scarecrow free
Busty asian beauties free

Enemy of hell -300
Demon blood addiction -100
Busty asian beauties 0

Plan is to be god of the mountains with powers over snow and ice. Though thanks to my other jumps I have a lot of other godly domains and powers. I can use my hells wanted list problem to help fuel my addiction to demon blood. Since I am already having problems with people trying to kill me I think I might migrate to a place where I have worshippers from my other jumps.

Also now that Im an alpha pagan god I think I might make myself a small pantheon of minor gods of the mountain.

The nord people shall flourish in this hellish world gone mad! Thry already have experience fighting demons and I can have them offer demons up as tribute which kills more birds with one prayer!

>> No.56167012

Insanely higher. Dumbledore revives Voldemort as a distraction. He has twelve Horcrux's with different setups to ensure he'll be revived quickly, all using the Fidelius and many more protections. At one point, after being killed multiple times a day for a few weeks while constantly dosed with Malaclaw venom he ends up being revived three different ways. If pushed he can make an almost indestructible army, and can at will take over the ministry and send them to do his dirty work, like obliviating the entire countries wizarding population. He has an incredible amount of resources, including countless powerful artifacts to draw on, has enslaved a Phoenix to provide teleportation through wards, and knows spells that make canon magic seem like parlour tricks.

That aside, Jumpers can get to a level far beyond him, but compared to canon at least, this is a far more dangerous setting.

And this is all before getting to the hero who only heals the people in hospital when he needs loyal servants, so goes through healing then and instilling loyalty imprints into their minds and is part of a fucking stupid time loop.

>> No.56167047

They had a death game on their home world to see who the first astronaut would be, but apparently barely ever see each other these days.

>> No.56167069

Man it's a bummer when a family grows apart like that. I mean Scion could at least CALL once in a while. Jeez.

>> No.56167118

It's a pretty damn dysfunctional family, can't blame them for being so distant they leave trails to avoid walking into each other outside an emergency. Cousin Abaddon probably sabotaged S&E with an intellectual time bomb.

>> No.56167129

I can see this happening now.

>Mountain god is a pervert
>Crops failing, hard winter coming

Welp time to either send up my daughter or kill a demon.

>> No.56167134

Why is the nuke defense in SupCom not included in the Defense Structures?

>> No.56167192

>No, they're all in one reality. Individual shards move to their own realities once they detach, for redundancy, but the main organism dwells in a single world.
Nah, it's repeatedly stated that Entities exist in many dimensions at once.

>Is this wrong?
They fought because it best suited their species at the time to concentrate all of their strength onto 1-2 individuals, who would then go on to explode all versions of their planet to spread their shards (mini-entities, basically). 2 of those shards landed on the same planet, decided to cooperate, and invented Cycles. Scion and Eden come from that "line" of entities, and might even be the original two, though that's never stated anywhere.
But anyway, the only reason they did that was because it was the best course of action for them. By the time Worm happens, they are content to gather data and energy, and will presumably do so until they have used up all resources or the heat death happens. After that, yeah, they might just decide to concentrate all of their power onto 1-2 individuals, who'll then try to create a new multiverse, reset entropy, or whatever else works.

>> No.56167204

I don't really know the mechanics behind Fidelius or Horacruxes.

If I have a mental fortress perk and a magical immunity(resistance) perk, would that let me remember things I saw/heard? Are fidelius things in pocket dimensions or just mind magic?

Would his dead body stick around long enough for me to eat his brain prototype-style to absorb his memories/skills?

Can you ride out canon while attending the school, learn your fill, and avoid the bullshit?

>> No.56167205

Anyone from Dr. Slump (assuming they actually do share a universe)?

>> No.56167237

And I shall accept either one. Heres a woman with a boat.

>> No.56167238

Better question, why do Drop-Ins need to pay 2350 CP to get a full set of blueprints when the other origins will get them for free over the course of their time there?

>> No.56167259

Get a conversion ray and steal the bluepritns. It is discounted for drop ins for a reason. Also, nothing stops you from joining a faction and getting blueprints that way.

>> No.56167266

No one would blame you for saying "jackrabbit." I have three different jackrabbit-based forms right now.

But actually, a closer fit would be a kookaburra. I just don't stop laughing.

>> No.56167304

>Nah, it's repeatedly stated that Entities exist in many dimensions at once.
Yeah, but it's in the sense that your limbs can exist in many bowls of water at once. The Entities can extend out into parallel timelines, but the main body has its own distinct world it's hunkered up in.

>> No.56167420

The Fidelius hides something so it can't be found by those who don't know the secret, to the point you could walk down a street taking photos of every house and you would miss one without noticing anything.

A Horcrux tethers you to the living world so you don't pass over when you die, except possibly by old age which he avoids by hiding them in time stopped containers.

Hogwarts students try to escape and most get captured, some are hurt badly in the process. Snape and Dumbledore regularly torture people for fun and wipe their memories. Being able to stop them mind reading you, which they do to pretty much everyone, would just get their attention.

If you can't beat Dumbledore yourself I advise playing sick for the first few days and then when the students evacuate suggest flying to Hogsmeade and using the floo from their, something that didn't occur to them until too late to put into motion. Once you are out of the country use every bit of Out Of Context power you have to hide yourself.

>> No.56167437

What jump is this?

>> No.56167454

And don't risk Prototype absorption of his memories. Given how stupid things get he's probably set something up to take over anyone who does something like that. If you're immune to such things, and are immune to the Malaclaw venom (bad luck venom) he gets doused with I'm sure you can find a suitable body one of the dozens of times he gets murdered.

>> No.56167474

Pretty sure I need a source for that. For example, in the first entity interlude there's that:
>The gray planet makes several revolutions around its star before things reach a climax. Many of the creatures are so large they cannot subsist in one world alone. They weave into one world and worm out into another.

>> No.56167507

>What is the danger level here compared to standard Harry Potter?

>> No.56167535

This right here? This is one of the things demons of astlan magic is basically made for. If someone has a magic item linked to them in some way like a phylactery or soul jar or similar, or even normal magic enchanted items they creates and fuel with their own power, you can use link mastery to follow the link from the main body or any of the smaller connections and burn them out destroying them remotely.

Mc does it to a bunch of liches.

>> No.56167538


I'm pretty sure Scion and Eden changed themselves a whole bunch since their ancestors first got off their planet, there was a lot of evolution in the Shards and they altered the Cycle process enough they became codependent on each other to perform it. Plus they shrank and reallocated resources to conserve energy on arriving to Earth, so who knows how different they are from the big wrigglers on their home planet by now?

>> No.56167547

Everyone from Dr. Slump is a gag character, and gag characters make horrible waifus.

>> No.56167569

What if you're also a gag character?

>> No.56167594

Then you're a horrible waifu.

>> No.56167600

Just don't waifu yourself in that case?

>> No.56167601

Rowling's inconsistent about it but by canon a fidelius charm is a hard block on your ability to perceive things under the fidelius charm.

>> No.56167603

Yeah, the original generation. Scion and Eden are slimmed down for travel. As for source, the entire fight against Scion. That was the point, remember? Get to his body, kill it? At the very least, there's a central hub that connects any extensions of his being across dimensions all together, and by destroying that the remains can't keep in contact and die. Kind of like an octopus, I think.

>> No.56167610

Odd question, but I just noticed NieR: Automata is a Valeria jump. Was this from when she had restraint?

>> No.56167626

That should work on most of his Horcruxes, but you'll have to go after the one in a Fidelius protected home under a centuries worth of other wards in Godric's Hollow yourself, since it is somehow separated from the others in order to protect it from aging like the others might if they get used.

Certainly something I'll be looking into since it sounds very useful, so thanks for the reccomendation.

>> No.56167631


>> No.56167635

I'd restrain you, anon. I'd restrain the fuck out of you.

>> No.56167671

Yeah I am unsure how to get around the fidelius charm, that thing is pretty damn good.

>> No.56167682

Just build your own.
Two good intelligence perks and a common sense perk alone will put you ahead of Doctor Brackman, and he’s said to be the smartest person ever.

>> No.56167683

Just use the Eye of Agamotto fampaii

>> No.56167692

So, not an early jump then. I just wanted the Hero's wandless perk to save CP for the regular Harry Potter jump.

>> No.56167693

Val does settings of all power levels. IIRC, Medaka Box dropped at around the same time she dropped Hellstar, Blade Runner, and Kickboxer.

>> No.56167703

>crossposting from SB this hard

holy kek

>> No.56167708

Medaka Box also just lets you buy the stronger powers.

>> No.56167716

Do you even need to get around the charm? Just vacuum him up with ghostbusters and drop him in the containment vault in the warehouse.

>> No.56167726

Would that work? Which version are you thinking btw?

>> No.56167756

I was thinking of the Marvel Magic one, and considering it's worked on cosmic beings that can destroy the world with a voodoo doll I should think it would work. It's whole deal is being an incredibly powerful focus for preception magic forged by an Elder God.

>> No.56167831

We have a Kickboxer jump? If true, that's fucking awesome!

>> No.56167837

Apparently Fae can get through it, if you pick that up in PKH, but this particular house has an anti-faerie ward that means you still wouldn't see it.

>> No.56167845

What grounds do the more... vocal SBers have to complain about a "double standard", anyway? Do they not realize we accepted Mondaiji despite the jumpmaker being from SB? Or Desolate Era? Or Overlord? Or Partially Kissed Hero? Or Anima or Kubera? Or that SB's Bastard!! jump wasn't rejected because of powerlevels, but because someone from here made a claim? Or that CD was initially posted before the powercreep, when pretty much any jump at that level would have been rejected regardless of origin, and that the maker pulled some shady shit besides? Seems like they just constantly ignore the facts so they can trigger their victim complex.

>> No.56167859

What's a good, somewhat unique weapon for a Crazed Slasher?
Instrument of Murder from Freddy vs Jason vs Ash lets you pick your weapon and I don't want to fallback on the machete

>> No.56167885

Icepick. Probably not "good" but likely unique.

>> No.56167905

The double standard argument makes themselves feel better for their less than stellar content.

It's easier for SJ-chan to say we just all love Val and thats why her stuff gets into the jump than face the fact that she just can't internally balance something to save a life and that generally her jumps are not all that good content-wise. Same for Blackshadow.

>> No.56167907

I like the aesthetics of the sickle. Hooks are also nice. No chance there aren't slashers already using either, but I don't think they're that popular.

>> No.56167910

Triangular bayonet, you cant stitch up these holes motherfucker.

>> No.56167914

Go to battle with a titanium keytar, and truly become a Keyboard Warrior.

>> No.56167932


>somewhat unique
Hedge trimmer?

>> No.56167958

Bear traps.

>> No.56167960

An ass' jawbone

>> No.56168013

whaling harpoon! Failing that pick up the crossover special.

>> No.56168028

I thought it was because she stole someone else’s claim.

>> No.56168037

This isn't a bad idea, actually, especially if you're a maritime serial killer.
Plus, you can go to My Hero Academia and get a Quirk that lets you shoot even more harpoons out of your body!

>> No.56168043


Awww what a cute shitposter. I may have something in the works to make you feel better.

>> No.56168047


>> No.56168070

Couple of questions pertaining to the Cosmic Warehouse.

1. Why is getting internet cost three times as much as anti-grav?

And 2. If I open a door with my Warehouse key, what does that mean for the people on the other side? Is the door on their end stuck? Or can they enter through the portal as well?

>> No.56168080

How is that shitposting?

>> No.56168093

Yeah but that works best if You are a practitioner of the Hercules method

>> No.56168098

1. Anti-grav just helps you move stuff you already have. It's also an old supplement.

2. They can enter through the portal unless you have Forcewall.

>> No.56168115

What is the setting with the best multiverse/parallel worlds to use with the Second Magic?

>> No.56168122

Nasuverse and DC/Marvel? Maybe Doctor Who?

>> No.56168125

1. Fucking Google and their bullshit pyramid schemes

2. That's a new one, I was always under the impression the door existed for you personallity only. Not sure if they'd be faced with the "conceptual nothing" I remember Quicksilver once said the Warehouse was made of, or be able to pass through with you. Barring the force wall they'd definitely be able to follow you into the portal though.

>> No.56168127

Because reasons
Nobody knows. Feel free to come up with how it works in your chain.

>> No.56168136

Those are all the worst ones actually, because they're full of terrible cosmic forces yearning for some sucker with access to portals that can let them in to invade reality.

>> No.56168142

I'm partial to blades with a tooth or hook at the end. Nose hatchets are most popular.

>> No.56168152

Because internet access means you can contact the outside world from behind the forcewall.

>> No.56168195

I don't know. Maybe Re:Creators when it comes out, because its guaranteed to have every fictional setting published in the 'real world' as part of it's multiverse.

>> No.56168209

Eh, there are people who travel between them all the time. Just gotta use the "safe" worlds. And I'm pretty sure the Second Magic is more teleportation than portals, anyway.

But anything with an established multiverse is probably going to have dangers that make use of that fact, sooooo...

>> No.56168247

The SB'ers haters are mostly shitposters, answering to them is shitposting.
Also, I'm shitposting too.

>> No.56168258

Report and hide those who insult SB

>> No.56168267

>Medaka Box build
>Ok, so I REALLY want this, but ok, can live without
>Managed to cut it down
>To around 10k

>> No.56168290

You need to learn some self-control, anon.

>> No.56168292

That post wasn't really SB hating, though, it just observing and questioning a common SB behavior. Unless speaking the truth about SB is shitposting?

>> No.56168310

Am I the only person who only builds for synergy and combos these days? It feels lie all people do anymore is take max drawbacks and stack all the perks without really thinking about maximizing what they all ready have.

>> No.56168314

This is why you use Creative Mode. :^)

>> No.56168322

...You need some fucking self-control, homeslice. None of my "let's splurge as much as possible" builds have even gone past 2k.

>> No.56168346

What are some of your combos, anon?

>> No.56168348

I have a few tight themes that I stick with. If something fits into those themes, then I grab it. If it just seems like a random shiny, I avoid it. I'm less concerned with combos than I am building a character who makes sense in terms of narrative.

>> No.56168360

It's not that. The way I build, I convert the entire pdf to doc, and take out the scissors, so self-control doesn't usually play into this.

...But there's just so much! And those 1200s don't ever get discounted, and the stipend is already gone towards Lip Service!

>> No.56168361

Sheesh. I thought my 2900cp list was too big.

>> No.56168367

Did you buy literally everything?

>> No.56168377

Including literally all the waifus, by the sound of it.

>> No.56168384

Lip Service isn't worth it, so you can cut that one out.

>> No.56168392

>It's not that. The way I build, I convert the entire pdf to doc, and take out the scissors, so self-control doesn't usually play into this.
Nigga, if you saw a dude that dragged the whole buffet line over to his table, then returned a few platters he didn't want, would you consider him a paragon of self-control?

Look in a mirror, anon. You have a problem.

>> No.56168394

Meat cleaver, sledgehammer, ball and chain, lawnmower.

>> No.56168411

It's so goood.

Just Medaka and Kumagawa. Maybe Anshin'in. Still not sure if she'd agree or punt me out of the room.

I have IDEAS, anon!

Hey now, the jump is not a buffet. It's a menu!~

>> No.56168419

st of the powers can either be copied or made with Flask Plan, Doctor Stylish, or The End. So remove any powers from your build if you have a method of power-copying. Then list out your priorities. If you're an SBer, use your companions as perk batteries.

>> No.56168423

I build more for theme than synergy/power/combos. Jumper doesn't pick their purchases in my chain, it's just what they had in that life.

>> No.56168427

>If you're an SBer, use your companions as perk batteries.
Oi. What's that supposed to mean?

>> No.56168432

Can someone who knows a decent amount about ToAru give me their opinion on whether Devil Style from MB would nullify the bad luck effects of Imagine Breaker?

I figured this would bypass the whole "good luck perks are nerfed" clause, since it's not adding any good luck, just nullifying luck as a whole.

>> No.56168466

Imagine Breaker doesn't really give bad luck so much as destroy all supernatural forces whatsoever, which include things like like or fate.

>> No.56168468

Multiply your effective CP with companion imports/creation, and then farm out the perks you can't buy to your companions, later sharing them with power sharing perks. It's a common practice among SBers.

>> No.56168477

Its hard to build for thuum, I now build for nords and angel powers.

Unless there is something to help my thuum.

Anything to help thuum?

>> No.56168487

No, I get what you meant. Fuck you for shaming the tactic.

>> No.56168500

Maybe you should, uh, focus your efforts on some real tonal architecture? Not that there's anything wrong with Thu'um, of course.

>> No.56168501

>Shitty wannabe weeaboo katana knockoff

And you call yourself a nord.

>> No.56168506

It's pretty common here too desu. I remember that the first time I saw it was with a guy using sacrificial bestowal to give himself and his 30+ companions all the worm powers.

>> No.56168509

Imagine Breaker doesn't actually give bad luck. It just removes all of the user's good luck, which everyone has some amount of. Devil Style'll stop others from getting one over you by virtue of actually having any luck at all, which is gonna cut down on a lot of the shit being heaped on ya, but it ain't fixing the problem.

>> No.56168538

Not sure how tongo about making the jump honestly, and until we get daggefall I wont have a chance to study it in person.

Any ideas/tips?

I hate you the most.

>> No.56168564

I use Ghost Rider to transfer all the powers to me, Empower Heralds to hand back half to my companions, and Power Amplification from X-men to restore everything to full strength. Everyone wins.

>> No.56168584

There were single edged norse swords, I love the design myself.

>> No.56168594

My Jumper doesn't have a choice in what he gets, but he's getting specced for Song Magic, Friendship, and Therapy Perks. Which are all pretty much in the same theme if you think about it.

And my Restarted!Jumper was all about Soul Magic in all its various forms.

The fascination with Kamen Rider belts is honestly just an interesting hobby.

>> No.56168607

>ball and chain
You shouldn't hit people with your wife.
That's marital violence.

>> No.56168664

Go to the Musician jump, take the B Flat perk, now your thuum is powered by ROCK.

>> No.56168667

At this point I don't even know if I'd be able to build for combos unless they were only from a single jump (although the AF update is mostly perks that synergize with their counterparts). I've jumped over 400 jumps and have thousands of perks, some of which are redundant. The combos exist, I'm just not sure what they are.

>> No.56168670

>Song Magic, Friendship, and Therapy Perks
Weak. Song magic is incredibly rare and specialized; don't need perks for friendship, and the people you'd really need to befriend probably can't be even through those perks; therapy is good, but doesn't actually help when someone doesn't want to be. Seriously, "friendship" perks are disgusting. When they're not outright mind-rape, they're something you should be able to and should try to do on your own.

>> No.56168681

Ugh, my heart. Falchions don't get near the love they deserve.

>> No.56168713

I'd highly recommend checking out Ragnarok Online. The Bard tree has a couple of really neat trinkets. Like the ability to be heard clearly up to a mile away by burning some mana or the ability to sing electrical storms down onto your foes.

>> No.56168735

What if she likes it?

>> No.56168746

Hey man, I don't shit all over your builds because it's something you don't like. How about you dial it back a notch?

>> No.56168749

Ugh. Thanks for reminding me of yet another IP for Val to defile.

>> No.56168753


Who's that cutie?

>> No.56168761

Neat thanks.

Such a wonderful weapon.

>> No.56168766

Jack-O, from Guilty Gear.

>> No.56168770

Ricrod is that you?

>> No.56168786

>Guilty Gear

Do we have a jump of that?


>> No.56168814

Valeria bullied OAA into giving up that claim, so she's going to be making it "eventually."

>> No.56168823

Has anyone picked up Black Crusade yet?

>> No.56168836

No, and nobody ever will.

>> No.56168838

>You shouldn't hit people with your wife.

Says you

>> No.56168845

Not yet, though I think Valeria has an outstanding claim on it. In any case, if you like Jack-O, there's plenty more where that came from. Waifus everywhere.

>> No.56168967

So what's the best way to survive in the Medaka Box setting? Do power-cancelling powers help out against all the god-tier opponents, or can I not cheese my way through it?

>> No.56168968


Eh, still too much OC. Stops being MGE and more like the author's own version of MGE in that jump. Still, length is impressive.

Oh totally. Even if the plot happened, end of series Medaka would effortlessly take care of every foe prior to lihiko.

Only the redos so far my friend.

>> No.56168980

>You shouldn't hit people with your wife.
And just like that, anon made all the intelligent weapons cry.

>> No.56168987


>> No.56168988

Be a charisma jumper. Seriously.

>> No.56168994

There's a different between hitting people with your wife and stabbing people with your wife.
You wouldn't use a sword as a blunt weapon, right anon?

>> No.56169010


You're making my deredachis sad, baka-ass anon.

>> No.56169020

Not all intelligent weapon waifus are swords, you racist.
Maces need love too.

>> No.56169034

>and just like that, anon made all the intelligent hammers, maces, and quarterstaves cry

>> No.56169038

I've got a sapient chain waifu, myself. Mostly to mess with Gilgamesh.

>> No.56169044

Ricrod has apparently quit jumpchain due to losing sleep during an argument with an anon over a perk.

>> No.56169057

Depends on her upgrades.

>> No.56169067

>citation needed

>> No.56169089

I am Ricord, and I approve this message. Also give all of my claims to Val.

>> No.56169090


Can confirm. He's now a normal anon, and went back to /a/

will still shitpost from time to time

>> No.56169093

Pretty sure that was an impostor anon.

>> No.56169105

How long does it take evil Dumbles to create a Horcrux?
Does it damage the soul like it does in canon Harry Potter?

>> No.56169121

It does damage the soul, but since he's already world-scarringly evil that isn't exactly a problem.
The biggest obstacle for him to create a Horcrux is that the object has to be valuable and have great magical importance.

>> No.56169137

Help me, comrades.

The little heathens are at my door, knocking and clawing. Screaming their annual battlecry.



>> No.56169144

His Italian lawyer ways and predilection for big titty waifus will be missed.

>/a/ as a home board
Such self-destructive behavior warrants professional attention. I hope he gets the help he needs.

>> No.56169156

Give them the candy.

>> No.56169158

Question, can 800 lies be used for Shadow clone style training and espionage?

If memories can be regained from the clones st all, would it likely only occur upon dispelling them, because all 800 "you"s are compressed into the single "you" or would it be a hivemind type deal from the start?

>> No.56169161

Do you have any firearms?
Now is the time to use them.

>> No.56169164

Post signage:
"Out of candy, only raisins left."

>> No.56169173

>tfw Power of Dominance and You Will Never Die Jumper are both too expensive to be purchased by companions
What's a good place to get all of your Companions soul protection? Or will I need to resort to something like Sacrificial Bestowment?

>> No.56169174

>not having candy

neck yourself

>> No.56169176


Give them fruits and toothpaste or open up the door without any pants

>> No.56169184


Give it to them, or make a good joke, they will accept it.

>I hope he gets the help he needs.

Yeah, sleep is important

>> No.56169188

Give them candy or continue to hide. They are numerous but they have neither the attention span nor the stamina for a long siege.

>> No.56169203

If God didn't want you to kill those children he wouldn't have sent them knocking to your door.

>> No.56169204

>decide to start a new chain with hero bbs
>get the harem stuff
>marathon the fire emblems
>want literally all the waifus

How does one deal with 20 women?

>> No.56169208

Give them apples, that'll teach 'em. One way or another.

>> No.56169213

EX rank Endurance and Riding

>> No.56169215

Well, I don't see why they couldn't be used for it. I'd...man I always have trouble visualising this stuff. I guess it'd be a hivemind, given how they're all simultaneously you?

>> No.56169221

Medaka box has a lot of touch based powers. Where can I find some perk to be able to use touch based powers without having to touch someone?

>> No.56169223

I'm not sure how, but my spirit animal seems to have accidentally become a self-aware grenade.

I'm not sure what that says about me.

>> No.56169228


Would this be a good setting for Generic Isekai?

>> No.56169233

Get dogs; small, numerous, and poorly behaved dogs. Kids don't knock at houses that scream bloody murder at every kid, squirrel, mailman, and wind blown piece of trash that comes near it.

>> No.56169238

This gif pops up like every other thread and I still have no clue what it's from.

>> No.56169246

Please don’t go, you make great jumps.

>> No.56169247

DC Superman TAS has Anti-Life Immunity for 600cp, discounted to 300cp for Drop-Ins, and a bunch of Companion import options.

>> No.56169250

Go take a bath or something, or put on headphones and listen to music.

>> No.56169255

Can I get context on why the Medic apparently has nine souls like a cat?

>> No.56169259

Stamina perks, regen perks, time perks, group management perks, ambidexterity, and kinesthetic awareness.

>> No.56169263

He grafted them on.

>> No.56169269

How the fuck do we not have an Escaflowne jump

>> No.56169270

Amagi Brilliant Park.

>> No.56169272

Another one of Val's jumps, Noblesse. The perk Windows to the Soul lets you convey supernatural abilities through your eyes, shooting out invisible eye-beams that convey their effect rather than whatever their original vector was. They only travel "near instantly", so they can theoretically be dodged, but it's still probably better than trying to close to melee. The beams can only be sensed by those with supernatural awareness, though, so only magical enemies will be able to dodge in the first place.

>> No.56169277


>> No.56169279

New fuel for my nightmares... just... great. Thanks so much. /s

>> No.56169286


Um, most of the cheats of generic isekai would make you extremely powerful, even as a first-jump.

...I have 'till the 3 vol, maybe I could make a jump of it.

>Please don’t go


>> No.56169288

1.Clone yourself or gain the ability to make duplicates so that you can spend time with all of them. This will help manage your time and let the girls feel like they aren't getting snubbed for another one in the group.

2.Have enough Charisma/Harem perks that your able to help the girls with any reservations they may have and any problems that could come from this. Do your best so that the girls have a positive or loving relationship with eachother so that its not just them fighting over you.

3.Have it be a casual sex/good friendship instead of a full time relationship.

4.Get Less Waifus you greedy Jumper. Something something ruin your laifu.

>> No.56169289

Something that lets you edit your mind, so that you're properly able to express care and affection for twenty people at once without it tiring you out.

>> No.56169296

Good enough for me.

>> No.56169307

Aww, I will miss him and his lewdposting. The place just won't be the same.

>> No.56169308

Windows from the Soul from Noblesse allows you to transmit them through soul lasers, Infinite Jumper Works from Fate GO through weapons. And there's an upgrade Charm to Mind-Hand Manipulation from Infernals that allows you to count that specific telekinesis as if you were physically touching things through it.

>> No.56169317

Please only make a jump if you have all the books read.

Also apologise for acting like a gigantic cunt to that anon last night.

>> No.56169328

You are acting like the person Mr. Rogers knew you could be.

>> No.56169330

>Um, most of the cheats of generic isekai would make you extremely powerful, even as a first-jump.

Yeah it would destroy the isekei of Grimgar. Even the top people aren't that strong. Also catgirls are best.

>> No.56169331

How about you apologise for being a massive twat first, hmm?

>> No.56169334

Sexual tyrannosaus from action hero.

>> No.56169344

But anon, now you're being a gigantic cunt.

>> No.56169354

Put the following sign on door:


>> No.56169360

Does she get a response?

>> No.56169361

Any cloning perk or similar that gives you 20+ clones. Val's Medaka Box, Teen Titans, God of Highschool, Naruto and so on would be good sources of clones.

>> No.56169368

Please leave. Animetits are more important than some anon's feelings.

>> No.56169372

Jumpers, tell me about situations you couldn't just fight your way out of. What feats of fast-talk have saved your hide?
charisma jumpers need not apply

>> No.56169374

So Val, have you decided on what your Atziluth/Law will be? I am curious.

>> No.56169375

>Please only make a jump if you have all the books read.

Alright, will wait until the series end and get completely translated...

>Also apologise for acting like a gigantic cunt to that anon last night.

Sorry anon, I should have handled our discussion better, I let my sleepiness take the better of me.
I still won't change that perk thou.

>> No.56169385

How about you stop jumping wrong.

>> No.56169400

Some settings are completely about song magic like Aquaria or Ars Tonelico.

>> No.56169411

That's Amagi? When was that?

>> No.56169412

Haha, good lord no. I haven't even started a new chain yet, though I'd love to. If we're talking about real life, I don't think I really have any desire strong enough to count for a Law since I'm generally be pretty happy and have everything I want. In a chain I might find something but...well, like I said, no chain.

>> No.56169414

Speaking of Dies Irae, is there any example of what happens if someone realizes their desire or lessens/replaces their existing one?

>> No.56169420

>Jumping wrong
>In a single player imagination game/writing prompt

Anon, do you know how to breathe?

>> No.56169432

IIRC you shouldn't ask too many questions, like "Why does the Medic have so many souls?" or "Why don't his teammates have any souls?"

It's bad for your soul health.

>> No.56169444

Can Jumper System combine perks?

>> No.56169447

when the fuck is quicksilver going to nerf worm, it throws off PvP balance completely

>> No.56169457

Did you take best girl?

>> No.56169466

Ah, I thought with how your working on DI you would have atleast drawn some outlines on what your Atziluth as a Hadou God would be.

>> No.56169469

So long as they're powers, sure.

>> No.56169476


You know it.

>> No.56169480

Just daydreams really. Most much too embarrassing to share hahaha

>> No.56169494

...Isn't that where you'd normally get most of your powers?

>> No.56169509

Episode 6, just after the opening.

>> No.56169518

He wasn't a cunt anon.

>Sorry anon, I should have handled our discussion better, I let my sleepiness take the better of me.
It's fine, I really shouldn't have gotten worked up and argued the point for so damned long either.
>I still won't change that perk thou.
REEEEEEEEEEEE. . . . yeah no done with that argument, it really isn't that big a deal.

>> No.56169520

Are there any ballistic weapons like the 40K lasgun?

At this point, I'm tempted to just spawn a bunch of AK-47s for my minions and call it a day.

>> No.56169525

No, fourth wall breakers ruin the fun of Jumpchain, since it makes my actual self part of the narrative and raises the question of why don't I just edit the text to be whatever I want instead of abiding by the rules. Real me isn't limited like that unless he chooses to be, and Monika would pick up on that. "James, why are you insisting that we have to endure ten years in this setting you hate? This is a story that you're writing, just write out that you got the perk without having to come here." I'm sorry, Monika, I can't do it. I can't be that solipsistic.

>> No.56169526

Remember when you used to have restraint?

>> No.56169538

In what way do you want them to be like a lasgun?

>> No.56169541

>Are there any ballistic weapons like the 40K lasgun?
I have no idea what you mean by this.

>> No.56169554

Just something dirt cheap that I can throw at someone and tell them to hold the line.

>> No.56169555

I just realized I didn't pick up any breathing perks in my first Jump. Guess I died then. Man, this game is hard.

>> No.56169556

Watching the usual SB hypocrisy train is satisfying, isn't it?

>> No.56169558

I think she means that you couldn't combine your powers with perks that were narrative conventions applying to you. So you couldn't combine your tendency for law enforcement to ignore you with your immunity to falling damage to make the laws of gravity not be enforced for you, or something like that.

>> No.56169571

He stole them from the old mercenary team while he was working under them.

>> No.56169572

An autogun.


>> No.56169573

It's not hypocrisy unless they're doing the same thing you are, and you're nowhere near being a powerwanker.

>> No.56169577

I didn't even go there.

>> No.56169579

Are you going to to offer the non-God levels of Die Ewigkeit?

>> No.56169588


I think the most powerful thing around is the Lich, while some other isekais end up with the MC battling gods.

>yeah no done with that argument, it really isn't that big a deal.

I'm happy we reach a conclusion for this. I'll tell you what. Will put a Cornucopia item to get things for rituals and 3 general perks (one for making allies get along, one to make substitute rituals and one for Echidna's Heart)
Not now, but eventually, I want to work in another jump right now.

>> No.56169596

Then yeah, there's tons of cheap and reliable guns. They're all over the place, we've got plenty of sci-fi settings. Like, uh, Eclipse Phase. Just print out a hundred mass driver rifles from your nearest fabber, easy.

>> No.56169598

I...don't understand why I would not offer it. Yes, I am offering them. Everyone gets it for free, in fact.

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