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Boogeyman edition

Previously: >>56143975

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
Do you have any decks in your group that are "THAT" deck?

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Fuck Magic.

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>Do you have any decks in your group that are "THAT" deck?
Kruphix. My usual playgroup is sort of in that middle ground were nobody is playing anything super casual, but no one is running anything super grossly tuned for turn 4 kills either. My Kruphix deck is really just ramp, all the fun fatties I don't get to play in other formats (like the Praetors, Stormtide, Archetype of Endurance, etc) backed up with lots of counter magic. It usually gets to a point were if I wasn't dealt with in the first 7 or so turns of the game I just snowball into overwhelming fatties and stop my opponents from playing relevant spells.

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What a shame that card never got a foil.

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Oh damn, that would have been gorgeous. That is a shame.

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>>Thread question
Alesha. Between shredding everyone's hands and boardstates and one-shotting them with Master of Cruelties or the Anafenza//Redcap combo, it draws some ire

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My friend's Zurgo deck is pretty bonkers

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> Do you have any decks in your group that are "THAT" deck?
if anybody plays krenko or daretti they get targeted down

and then they complain about being targeted down

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On my way home today I stopped in my store and on a whim I went through the $5 and under binder at my LGS and threw this pile together for Xenagos with some things I already had lying around. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/aint-no-party-like-a-xenagod-party/
Now I'm looking for what other things I need to include. Any must-have fatties I'm missing? Is my ramp sufficient for what I'm trying to do?

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Kessig Wolf Run is a Source of Trample in Land-form. So I would highly reccomend that.
Temur Battle Rage, Fatal Frenzy,Beserk, Rush of Blood are all finishers to consider. Note: Beserk can be used as targeted creature removal as well.

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Who is this guy?

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>Kessig Wolf Run is a Source of Trample in Land-form

By the same token, redundancy won't hurt too much.

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Seems good, thanks for the suggestions!

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Who's the baddest to the bone undead creature in all of Magic? My bet is on Mikaeus. Come on guys, let's make this place look spooky!

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god damn why is damnation so expensive? I don't have any interest in putting 1/5 of my decks value into a single card. Any alternatives for U/R/B besides cyclonic rift?

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Dude, they're $20 now, with further reprints finally an actual possibility. Be happy we're at where we are right now. Is Mutilate really not good enough for you?

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not when I'm playing a 3 color deck. How good is fade away in practice?

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Not very

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Urborg too good for you?

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Never had the displeasure of playing against a Narset, and I'm thankful for it.

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Anyone have any luck with a jhoira deck? Seems like fun but I'm trying to figure out what the best way to play it is to avoid all of the table aggro or at least be able to defend myself

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If you play with randoms, that's inevitable no matter how much you explain yourself before the game. If you have a dedicated playgroup, then it's possible if you don't build her as full on combo.

I have a fun Jhoira deck without MLD and without any eldrazi that have annihilator, instead focusing on value beaters and a lot of card draw and board wipes. Instead of "anon is gonna win in 4 turns, we all have to kill him" it's instead "anon's getting value over there, he's probably gonna win in the long run if we leave him alone but there are bigger threats on the table at the moment".

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I run a Jhoira chaos deck. Most people see jhoira and expect hasted eldrazi out the ass, but when its just lolrandumb board flips, shuffles etc. they ignore it.
By the time Eye of the Storm hits the table...

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He's such a poorfag that he's complaining about not being able to afford Damnation, I doubt he'd spring for an Urborg.

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Is carnage tyrant likely to keep dropping or stop at 20 fuggin dollars?

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Any chance you've got a link for that?
I'd be down for some shenanigans

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>look at various "stax" or "prison" decks
>they all play under 35 lands
so it seems nobody knows how to play correctly?

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I feel you. I have a daxos prison deck and I tried running <37 lands and the deck doesn't function well.

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Norin the Wary. Stay with me here. Someone at my old playgroup ran the most cancerous version of the deck I've ever seen. This vile mono-R artifact control deck that would shit out Purphoros as fast as possible and set up an ensnaring Bridge, Winter Orb, and any other degenerate artifacts he could pack in to keep people from playing the game and keeping him from checking his phone for 12 turns while Norin would bounce up and down, pinging us all to death.

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It'll drop when people realize it's shit.

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Holy fuck, am I excited about this. Building Monogreen Ferocious for it right now, but I have a question. Can that cost reducer lower commander tax as well?

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look at this motherfucker
30 lands for a stax deck

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I'm pretty sure it should, you are casting then afterall

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First time building an EDH deck, and chose pic related because dinosaur.
Going with 38 lands, 32 creatures, 8 artifacts, then filling in with the instants/sorceries/enchantments.
My questions are just basic ones
How many mana dorks?
How many ramp spells? (And which are better then others?)
What are some naya staples I should include?
Also, just experiences and tips would be appreciated

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Lord of Tresserhorn

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A regular at my LGS has an Omnath, Locus of Mana deck that must have cost him at least $4,000. I have never seen it lose.
Anecdote from a few days ago:
>Five player game
>He has infinite mana by turn four or so, all his creatures are arbitrarily large thanks to Kamahl
>Only my Constant Mists stops him from winning on the spot
>He coolly Genesis Waves his deck and finds a way to cast Scour from Existence on everything he doesn't control
I groan internally whenever he brings it out, but I can't deny the deck is a beautiful piece of machinery.

Play the three Signets available in your colors, at the very least. Since you're in green, consider Cultivate and Kodama's Reach. If you have nonbasics with basic land types (Amonkhet duals are quite affordable), Krosan Verge is a solid inclusion that still only takes up a land slot. Chromatic Lantern and Gilded Lotus are fabulous, if a little pricey; Darksteel Ingot is also perfectly acceptable. All in all aim for like 8-10 ramp sources, maybe even more since your commander is so expensive.

A mistake I see all the time is that people don't run enough answers in their EDH decks. Since you're in white, Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares are no-brainers, but you should also think about noncreature removal in the form of e.g. Krosan Grip, Beast Within, Decimate, and Hull Breach.

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>big fat commander and only 38 lands
come on

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Play your signets plus Sol Ring in Rocks. You can cover the rest of your necessary land in ramp spells. (get about 6 to go with your 4 rocks). If you want, Mana Vault is great and not too hard on your budget

Green gives you Eternal Witness and Krosan Grip as staples. You can use a lot of wrath effects: Wrath of God itself is good while Austere Command would let you clear shit out while leaving big dinos untouched. Tempest of Light, Tranquility, Creeping Corrosion, and Shatterstorm (particularly the latter two) will utterly disrespect certain decks while leaving you untouched so maybe consider them? And if it's just one troublesome artifact/enchantment there's no shame in swatting a fly with a nuke.

Since you're doing dinos, you probably want to look into red wipes: Pyroclasm (nice because instant), Anger of the Gods, Chain Reaction, Blasphemous Act, and Star of Extinction. Some will kill your dinos but you'll still get Enrage triggers while messing up everyone else. Pyrohemia has a similar function but it's so much better at triggering enrage that while not an EDH staple, it should be a Gisharth staple.

Lastly, you will want some card draw. Collective Unconcious and Harmonize are good, but consider Mind's Eye?

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I'm trying to make a jeleva thievery/clone deck and I'm looking for more proactive cards I can play without relying on my opponents having a graveyard or big cards on the board, similar to pic related. Any ideas?

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forgot pic

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>literally autistic

Chris-chan is enlightened too, I guess.

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Decimate is a little risky.
Wear//Tear is good for anything with RW in it.

>> No.56160082

Death's Presence + Vizier of the Menagerie + Ashnod's Altar

>> No.56160101

I need a mana rock to replace fractured powerstone because xmage is a bitch

>> No.56160363

Ghalta needs to go to the graveyard for Death's Presence to trigger, if he goes to the command zone it doesn't.

>> No.56160366

Sol ring :^]
What colours

>> No.56160442

Mind stone, fellwar stone, thought vessel, prismatic lens, or any talisman in your colors.

>> No.56160456

Mind Stone
Prismatic Lens
Talisman of Dominance
Talisman of Impulse
Talisman of Indulgence
Talisman of Progress
Talisman of Unity
Thought Vessel
Guardian Idol, if none of the others are an option.

>> No.56160461

Do you not understand how those decks play? You run dorks and fast mana to break the parity of your effects, and frequently you abuse draw effects heavily to stock your hand, so you draw a land every 3-4 cards instead of 2-3. You never want an opener with more than 2 lands, and that lower amount is how you do it. Don't talk shit if you don't understand how the deck functions.

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I play Damia hand control, Tomorrow spirits/U devotion, and Alesha value bullshit
I want to build Ghave for cheap and not get hated off the table while I do nothing but make saprolings and fungus
Besides the essential thallids and enchantments what do I do

>> No.56160488

Telemin Performance
Talent of the Telepath
Thada Adel

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Honestly, is there anything more obnoxious than a standard player that dislikes EDH players? Why are all Magic players so fucking butthurt and intrusive.

>Have a deck I made
>Flat-mate looks through every single card I have trying to make my deck better or take my cards and pretend to trade me for them
>Tell him he's an autistic retard and to stop rifling through my stuff
>Keeps doing it anyway
Literally know ten people like this. Is it just the area?

>> No.56160601

Perplexing Chimera comes to mind. Muse Vessel can be fun. And anything that steals directly from a library if you haven't already got those (Bribery, Acquire, Grinning Totem, Praetor's Grasp, etc.)

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>order some gruul cards via tcgplayer
>10 days and nothing ever came
>contact seller and find out they never properly shipped off the package/lost in transit
>order is refunded
Guess I will never be able to play gruul

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You're enabling tribalism just as much as they are by compartmentalizing them as "standard players" and yourself as an "EDH player", you faghole

>> No.56160861

>Do you have any decks in your group that are "THAT" deck?
yidris storm, group hates it

>> No.56160864

That's weird as fuck.

The most annoying people I've ever played with was a) a super autistic literal mouth breather girl who was well intentioned but fundamentally couldn't find an optimal play if it were beating her in the face and b) a whiny guy who complained so much while losing in draft that it wasn't fun to beat him. Annoyances, but I didn't actually hate either of them.

People trying to steal your stuff, criticize your deck building constantly, and shit talks your whole format as bad wrong fun...that's weird as fuck and I've never dealt with that. West coast colleges and FLGs as my basis of experience.

>> No.56160882

i used to have a jhoira deck that was the typical MLD eldrazi stuff and i ended up taking it apart because EDH night literally became arch enemy when i played it

>> No.56160941

Balefire Dragon
Deus of Calamity
Inferno Titan
Kalonian Hydra
Mordant Dragon
Oran-Rief Hydra
Pathbreaker Ibex
Scourge of the Throne
Ulvenwald Hydra
Chaos Warp
Wave of Vitriol
Defense of the Heart
Selvala's Stampede
Tooth and Nail
Aggravated Assault
Savage Beating
World at War
Blighted Woodland

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I quitted EDH a while ago, what can I do with this?

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Send them to my PO box

>> No.56161133

Build Rafiq Voltron

>> No.56161203

Thanks anon. My biggest concern as far as ramp is knowing what dorks to run over others, and if the cost reducers are worth it. But I'll definitely run a good amount of interaction.
Is that too few? I didn't want to go to 40
Thanks for all the suggestions anon. If I'm ramping hard enough minds eye seems pretty good

>> No.56161366

Give me all of that shit god damn

>> No.56161383

I meant what deck? Besides a puny Rafiq.
I already bought
Doubling Season, As Foretold, Mystic Confluence, and some other spells I missed

>> No.56161449

Glissa the Traitor can be fun

>> No.56161475

fucking frogs

>> No.56161601

I want to build a mono white stax deck that can still win

What do

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File: 122 KB, 223x311, thaliahereticcathar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Start here

>> No.56161645

Land tax

>> No.56161724

Good luck. Ghave will always draw hate because he goes infinite with everything. You have two options. Intentionally try to build him so he never goes infinite or do what I did and embrace the combo god ghave

>> No.56161748

Do they reprint older EDH editions?

Simply, I just want to know if 2016's Breed Lethality will ever go down in price

>> No.56161770


>> No.56161771

WotC never reprinted Commanders decks

>> No.56161793


>> No.56161802

They might do something like commander anthology again, but it's not very likely

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Need help building a budget Nath dek, don't know about cheap cards for him

>> No.56161884

>Have a few too many last night
>Wake up having pre-ordered a box of Iconic Masters and about $60 worth of other cards
>Stuff for Feldon, Gishath, and Wort the Raidmother

Damn it drunk me.

>> No.56161899

What do you want out of Iconic?

>> No.56161907

Slyvan Library isnt buget but it works really well with Words of Waste

>> No.56161909

got a decklist for it friendo

>> No.56161924

>order some cards friday morning
>some still haven't shipped

>> No.56161927

I got beat by the (unaltered) cat precon three times in a row yesterday, using my much stronger decks. Someone hold me.

>> No.56161989


Plenty of things. But I am going to do a Phantom Draft of it with friends anyways, so even if it's not an amazing box I should have a good time and get my money's worth anyways.

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File: 26 KB, 223x310, naturesruin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Use this...

>> No.56162022
File: 133 KB, 223x310, virtuesruin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...and this.

>> No.56162027

thanks, it's not cheap but i could afford it in the future

>> No.56162080

Is there a website I can import a .dck into a txt file?

>> No.56162166

That deck is pretty strong in 1v1

>> No.56162199

Are you the same guy that ended up with an Obliterator after getting hammered?

>> No.56162239

>Order some cards using shopping wizard for some wanted cards
>Accidentally order an iconic masters version of a card

>> No.56162263

In 1v1 it's actually surprisingly aggressive due to the sheer volume of the 2-drops and the Eminence trigger.

>> No.56162292

Is there really anything worth getting in Iconic Masters? Seems like all these masters sets are is like 10 cards worth a damn and everything else is trash

>> No.56162337


Nah. If I was going to spend that much money on a single card I'd just go all out and finally get Doubling Season.

>> No.56162396

Jesus, when did Obliterator get up to 34 dollars?

>> No.56162407


Honestly unless you are planning on doing a Phantom Draft with friends or something else like that with it, it's not worth it to get a box. You will hardly ever get your value back, and you'll end up with a bunch of draft chart that you'll never even look at again. I was looking at the box for rafting while sober, drunk me just pulled the trigger I guess.

>> No.56162496

Right around when Theros came out. People were probably trying to force some devotion deck with Whip and recurring Obliterator, but I'm not sure.

Were Theros and Scars block ever in Standard together?

>> No.56162519

God no. Two entire blocks between them (original Innistrad and Return to Ravnica)

>> No.56162590

Didn't think so, but I don't play Standard so I don't know rotations. Maybe some weird Modern deck had a strong showing around then

>> No.56162615

Nah, price memory wouldn't have kept them that high for long if they weren't still being played. It's gotta be casual play alone.

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They need to bring back Textless Foil Full Art Cards

>> No.56162891

With how much hassle they seem to cause at events (what fucking moron decided a four-modes modal spell needed to be textless) I doubt it.

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File: 71 KB, 312x445, 99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I see people talking about Stax but I dunno how well that would fly in my group

>> No.56162966

Generally Stax is gonna fight competitive decks pretty well and they'll either adapt or lose, and it'll make casual people really pissed because it's locking them out of the game and they find it unfun. It's a valid strategy, but it's not a very fun one to play against.

I recommend just building it with tons of dudes. Maybe throw a couple things like Barbed Exoskeleton in there for grins.

>> No.56162971

Sorry, I meant Grafted Exoskeleton.

>> No.56162974

I'm building ephera, because brago is bullshit.
I was going to build Leovold, until i realised what that meant. I originally just wanted a conspiracy flavoured deck built around playing politically.
When i told someone 'i might build Leovold' i was shamed. Then i remembered wheel effects and teferi's puzzle box.
My friend builds nothing but THOSE decks. He's currently playing a nearly optimised Breya deck. Owns a krenko deck. And only plays THOSE decks when we play online.

>> No.56162998

Honestly, if someone sat down with a Leovold and said "It's themed around the Conspiracy sets and playing politically, it's not just Windfalls and unfun shit", I'd be happy to allow it. You might build the deck anyway with a different 'backup' commander in case people are butts.

>> No.56163026

>Do you have any decks in your group that are "THAT" deck?
zergo LD
though when he comes out i bring my selvala combo deck, my friend plays prossh and thats usually a short game one way or the other

>> No.56163071

Blue ruins everything

>> No.56163072

Easy fix, just make it so it's never Standard legal stuff that gets Textless promos.

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File: 979 KB, 1200x851, Rex Gitrog (file photo).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(Associated Press) Local Frog Elected Mayor of Valuetown, Massachusetts

In this archetypal New England community, once a thriving self-mill town, residents rejected the establishment most unexpectedly in yesterday’s vote. Many are excited about the change amphibious victor Rex Gitrog may bring. Staunchly anti-regulation, Gitrog insists he will "unban Braids and Prime Time."
However, the election results have also been met with dismay by some. Much has been made of his controversial statements, even regarding members of his party: "Meren (incoherent ribbiting) a shit", he said at a rally earlier this year. Detractors draw attention to his environmental record, as he is an outspoken advocate of strip mining.
"His nepotistic relationship with those frackers at Squandered Resources, LLC are well documented," says Valuetown resident Nissa R. "We've all seen the footage of what they're doing in Appalachia. Just look at Dredgeville (WV); they turned that place into a wasteland."
Nissa continues: "We have so many beautiful forests, and an ecologically vital swamp. If Mr. Gitrog follows through on his campaign promise to drain the swamp, I don't know what we'll do."
The incumbent, Mr. Melek, has declined to comment on the situation beyond expressing his distaste for Gitrog's derogatory comments on the Izzet. Melek has said of his opposition,
"He's a monster. End of story."

>> No.56163179

It's even better if you swap in Mirri as your general, by turn four you're flying at them with some weapon and hitting them in the face

>> No.56163213
File: 15 KB, 394x271, hhh1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56163264
File: 8 KB, 235x211, 1507997148072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56163321

I use her to play chaos.

>> No.56163347
File: 1.24 MB, 750x1046, Massachusetts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Valuetown, Massachusetts

>> No.56163451

Funny when your deck is so shit that you can't handle being the archenemy and have to beg people to not attack you.

>> No.56163552

Get better early game instead of relying on your opponents having 2 other targets and/or being too busying ramping/durdling.

>> No.56163604

Don't run dorks, do run cheap red sweepers.
Stick to green sorceries that ramp like farseek and explosive vegetation.

>> No.56163616
File: 31 KB, 223x310, cage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In recent news: After the sudden disappearance of former Mayor Gitrog, The most recent in a strange string of disappearances. Mr. Mairsil "Lord of the Jank" will be taking up the position in his absence. Mairsil has publicly stated he believes he can do "everything Gitrog Could, and more". He as already started moving around staff to have a cabinet seeking a staff containing more "active abilities".

>> No.56163682

>thread question

i have a kess storm deck. but i dont have all of the good mana rocks - yet.

>> No.56163760

I have a kess storm deck and kess reanimator/twin deck that are very much "that" decks

>> No.56163872

>two decks with the same commander
Is this the true power of autism?

>> No.56164110

>want to build titania but 3 cards that are absolutely needed total up to 130 dollars on top of fetches
>on top of a bunch of 5-20 dollar cards

>> No.56164132

>Kess reanimator
>not Sedris

Jesus what's wrong with you

>> No.56164158

Sadistic Hypnotist

>> No.56164204

does it work the way i think it does?

>> No.56164254

Being able to cast exhume, shallow grave, or reanimate twice in the same turn after a buried alive is pretty strong

>> No.56164261

Is it possible to mill yourself down to almost nothing, go infinite with mana, and than cast your entire deck with Yawgmoth's Will?

>> No.56164304

And the /tg/ is bad at Magic meme appears again.

>> No.56164305

Why wouldn't it be?

>> No.56164314


Not sure why you'd want to but go for it

>> No.56164361

>make an elf each time an opponent discards a card
>sacrifice a creature: target player discards two cards
If you're thinking properly it does

>> No.56164376

can somebody post the comic? you know the one

>> No.56164425

hermit druid typically is used for such plays

>> No.56164455

Picked up the cat deck earlier today on a whim, was wondering who /tg/ has found to be the best of the 3 commanders. I bought if planning to run Mirri but after opening I'm leaning toward Nahzan.

>> No.56164477

build blue-hate tribal

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File: 200 KB, 400x1446, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56164502

Anyone have some insufferable people in their play group? Mine has a dude who almost always trades anything good he pulls from packs for store credit to buy new packs so he has almost nothing good after years of pissing away cards. He then gets mad at everyone else for having nice things while I shit you not traded in a set of Thoughtseize's he somehow pulled during Theros and all the pulls he got with packs were hot steaming garbage. That's just one of his many blunders but there's more I can't remember.

>> No.56164520

Mirri is a hatebear, Nazahn is equipment. It's hard to actually say which is better because they're two completely different strategies. They're both miles above Arahbo though, because Arahbo requires you to play a very weak tribe.

Don't worry about which of the two are "better", think about which strategy you'd rather play.

>> No.56164592

>traded in a set of Thoughtseizes for garbage
Fuck. I'd have to physically restrain the guy if I ever saw him trying to do that.

>> No.56164621

Yeah. We had one guy in our group who was a notorious cheater (almost every game with his W/R Land destruction deck started with T1 Plains, Land Tax, and almost every game with his mono-black deck was T1 Swamp, Vampiric Tutor). We kinda let it slide because he was terrible at the game so he'd lose anyway.

We also caught him just drawing multiple cards during someone else's turn when he thought nobody was looking, more than once. And any time you interfered with his plans (which was easy, because his decks were all super linear) he'd just lay his head on the table and put his arms around it and act like he was going to cry.

>> No.56164642

Like sweltering suns and anger of the gods?
Why tho? To give me longer to set up?

>> No.56164677

>trading cards for packs

I wish people would learn that packs are for drafting and prizes. You will almost always pay more looking for what you want out of packs than buying the singles online no matter how much the single costs.

Yeah I could buy a set of Eternal Masters for $140 but I want Mana Crypt so I'll pay the $70 to get what I want.

>> No.56164679

Nazahn. Equipment synergy is broken if you have a lot of money for Stoneforge Mystic, Stonehewer Giant, Puresteel Paladin, good equipment like all the Swords of X and Y, Batterskull etc. and a bunch of tutors.

>> No.56164687

because of the 40life format, direct damage spells are often overlooked
many utility creatures and even commanders are vulnerable to cards like Slagstorm, Fiery Confluence, or Breath of Darigaaz

>> No.56164717
File: 65 KB, 312x445, 152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need good card draw in colors that normally don't have good card draw. Any ideas?

>> No.56164718

I'd much rather play Blasphemous Act, Chain Reaction and Starstorm before those

>> No.56164753

I think the only acceptable creature-burn spells are like Mizzium Mortars.

>> No.56164763

none of those can hit walkers

>> No.56164769

Blue and black are THE card draw colors
Green has lots of creature based draw
Red has wheels
White can suck my dick
Colorless exists but rarely relevant beyond Skullclamp and Mind's Eye

>> No.56164782

>Ghalta commander
>ashnod's altar
>vizier of the menagerie
>words of Wilding
>elemental bond
>rhonas's monument
>concordance crossroads
Best 6 card combo ever?

>> No.56164786

If I want a Loyal Retainers for my Sisay deck would it be dumb to buy the Invocations over the Commander Arsenal printing? They're both cheaper than the original release but I don't know how the foiling is on the Commander Arsenal cards and I've had good experiences with Invocations as long as their sleeved asap.

>> No.56164807

Good thing they die to everything else then

>> No.56164816

Fuck that guy. I'd bully him to the moon and back if he were in my group

>> No.56164832

To be honest, most everyone just kinda tolerated him because he was... just pathetic. To this day I avoid him.

>> No.56164843

>Colorless exists but rarely relevant beyond Skullclamp and Mind's Eye
I really don't like how easy it is to destroy artifacts. I noticed that relying on instant/sorcery is way better (or creatures if your deck is prepared to bring it back).

Just last game we nuked the battlefield out of artifacts twice (and 3 times for creatures). I kind of hate my play group right now for dragging the game so much instead of putting their game on the battlefield.

>> No.56164851

>Power 3 or greater

>> No.56164856

Commander Arsenal printings are as bad as From the Vault imo.

>> No.56164868

Brown is the strongest color in Magic and that's never changing.

>> No.56164894
File: 75 KB, 312x445, 170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and that's never changing
It already did.

>> No.56164919

Oh, you poor child. Haven't you realized that an artifact deck is only improved by having an artifact boardwipe that doesn't affect its own artifacts?

>> No.56164946
File: 117 KB, 223x311, Image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over my overwhelming superiority.

>> No.56164952
File: 64 KB, 312x445, 91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But what if your opponent has it?

>> No.56164973

Anon, you're acting like Shatterstorm hasn't been a card since fucking Antiquities.

>> No.56164984


>> No.56165044

Would you use Shatterstorm in another format?

things are just too different with Commander, when you're supposed to deal with more than one player, and to deal with them reliably. Relying on artifacts in your deck is suicide. I barely even put gilded lotus now. Unless your deck wants those artifacts in the graveyard, you don't use them.

>> No.56165078
File: 75 KB, 312x445, 38[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Artifacts are easier than ever to recur. With many, it's even profitable for them to be destroyed and returned.

>> No.56165104

Draw off Ghalta every time, then sac and replay?

>> No.56165145

Anyone else have a Meta where everyone has a "competitive deck" and than a more casual deck for when others without good stuff want to play?

"competitive" is fun when everyone is on the same level. It's like Vintage-Lite.

>> No.56165163

It is pretty autistic but I don't have enough money to build 2 separate decks and the differences in the deck are literally like 20 cards, I can just slot out the storm package for the reanimator package and keep all of the counterspells, removal, and lands, and card draw as they are

>> No.56165177

I'm not seeing the combo.

So you cast Ghalta, trigger Bond, sac it for 2, pay for Words, get a 2/2... and then what? The combo just stops right there, unless I'm missing something.

Replace Monument with Gaea's Anthem and it goes infinite. Play literally any 2-or-more-power guy, trigger Bond, sac it for 2, pay 1 into Words, make a 3/3, trigger Bond, sac it for 2, pay 1 into Words, repeat, repeat, repeat, eventually have infinite colorless mana.

>> No.56165188

I wish. My friends all have horrible decks and I never get to bust out Doomtide for those blazing fast crazy games. On the bright side, I get to build whatever the hell else I want

>> No.56165264

Building Zur Stax because I've given up hope of finding anything more reliable. Hit me with your best Epser color Stax cards, I think I have quite a few that Zur can do well with, but I want to see if I'm missing anything obvious.

>> No.56165265
File: 62 KB, 312x445, 1107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using scrap mastery in your deck just to recur that one artifact you need
might as well put another good artifact. I'm not talking about a deck specifically made around artifacts, i'm talking about decks that may need them for some side functions (mana/card draw). A gilded lotus in a 5 color deck is good, but why the hell would i put a card specifically put just to get it back? might as well go for pic related to try and make it slightly better, or just straight put another card.

But in the end, my issue is that you will have to wait to get that card, while if you go for an Explosive vegetation or Kodama's reach someone will hardly decide to blow up your lands. Instant/sorcery stick more than permanents, ironically.

>> No.56165324

>tappedout shitting the bed again

>> No.56165405

>using tappedout

>> No.56165448

Why the fuck would you not? It's super convenient for editing decks and sharing them with people on top of the fact that it shows you stuff like average cmc of the deck and color distribution

>> No.56165456

Gotta plan them decks somehow my g

>> No.56165462

>Do you have any decks in your group that are "THAT" deck?
Azusa. Between the massive amount of mana acceleration, eldrazi, and land destruction, as well as general money cards (foil Mana Crypt, expedition Wasteland, etc) my friends don't like seeing it comes out.

Rule 1: Always blow up their lands first.

>> No.56165607

But what about the empty Legacy frame?!

>> No.56165711

Legacy is deader than Vintage

>> No.56165782

>three shit options

>> No.56165816

I think the point was that it counters vandalblast

>> No.56165858

Much like Scour from Existence, a colourless counterspell can be quite useful.

>> No.56165874

Crucible, scapeshift, and what?

>> No.56165968

Google. The Stax Primer will help you in this, nobody here knows how to do stax (maybe a few do, but they don't post because stax needs to be learned, not spoon-fed). If you learn stax yourself, you'll be happier for it.

>> No.56165990

>play Ghalta for GG
>Draw a card
>make it a bear
>sac big G
>spend 2 colourless to cast Ghalta
>sac the bear
>play big G for two colourless
>Draw a card
>make a bear
>sac and play Ghalta
>make a bear
>sac Ghalta and one of the two bears
>continue for infinite bears and mana
>monument makes an infinitely large trampler

>> No.56166073

when will we get the Propagate ability?

>> No.56166078

Where are you getting all this green mana for Ghalta?

>> No.56166103

Azusa. I actually forgot scapeshift, the 3rd I was thinking of was Oracle of Mul Daya.

>> No.56166143

Joined a random EDH lobby on cockatrice using a moderately competitive deck. A few turns in I realize that one of the players is literally playing nothing but counterspells so I turn on my TV and start just drawing a card and passing the turn over and over again and letting him hit me with his Glen Elendra, it took that fucking retard 10 turns of me discarding lands for him to realize that I was fucking with him.

He goes "Oh wow." I'm like "What?" and he says "Why aren't you playing your cards?" and I said "Because this win was more important to you than it was to me, does it feel good?" and he left.

What a sad state of life, to lack self awareness so much to the point where you're completely oblivious to obvious social queues.

>> No.56166179

Vizier lets me use colourless.

>> No.56166194

This is bait, right?

>> No.56166195

You should know that this reads like you're the loser in this. So what if he plays draw-go control?

>> No.56166221

He didn't want us playing magic with him, so I just didn't play magic with him. Pretty simple if you ask me.

>> No.56166284
File: 47 KB, 178x188, 1436925420112.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting this bitchy because of a draw-go control
>using a """moderately competitive""" deck

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Draw-Go Control Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Play Faster Than They Can Counter Like Nigga Play Uncounterable Shit Haha

>> No.56166302

>being this autistic about counter spells
>not knowing how to play against control

You are already autistic

>> No.56166318

If your deck loses to counterspells, run shit that says you can't be countered, or run ghetto counterspells too. Fuck it why not? You right you right

>> No.56166339

What do you do when you're having a run of bad luck on game night and you just can't seem to make any deck you play with work? Keep trudging along and enjoy the camaraderie?

>> No.56166365

>What do you do when you're having a run of bad luck on game night and you just can't seem to make any deck you play with work?
> Keep trudging along and enjoy the camaraderie?

You answered your own question. I just keep on going and hoping for more games.

>> No.56166544
File: 41 KB, 671x605, machoman1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...are you MasterOfEtherium from the barren wasteland that the Gatherer comments has become?

>> No.56166549

1v1 i find mirri wins by miles but nazahn has so much more going for him in a normal setting

>> No.56166684
File: 72 KB, 537x399, qJFr0qe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56166948

>Scapeshift is currently 55 dollars

>> No.56166963

>Play Ghalta for GG
>Draw a card
>Make it a bear
So this requires you to already have 12 power worth of creatures and 1 extra mana before you start.

>> No.56166984

>What a sad state of life, to lack self awareness
The irony is delicious.

>> No.56166988 [DELETED] 

Any secret tech for pic related that I should know? I need to get that extra turn merfolk, but otherwise I'm mostly going a bit of value until I go infinite mana. I usually do this by using the new Minds Desire dude a bunch of times.

>> No.56167000
File: 42 KB, 258x359, 636378866695819527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take 2:
Any secret tech for pic related that I should know? I need to get that extra turn merfolk, but otherwise I'm mostly going a bit of value until I go infinite mana. I usually do this by using the new Minds Desire dude a bunch of times.

>> No.56167055

Minion reflector for the original effect? The eminence commanders dont allow for a ton of variation

>> No.56167163

Since various Scapeshift-based decks became popular in Modern

>> No.56167185

Christ, I'm glad I managed to get one for Gitrog back when it was 'only' like 35

>> No.56167257

Here's ACTUAL SECRET TECH, only in 12 decks on EDHREC: Changeling Berserker.
Let's say you have some dorky ETB wizard out like Merchant of Secrets.
>cast Changeling Berserker
>Inalla triggers, champion triggers
>resolve champion by exiling Merchant of Secrets
>resolve Inalla, pay 1, get a copy of Changeling Berserker
>the copy's champion triggers
>resolve it by exiling the real Changeling Berserker
>this causes Merchant of Secrets to return, letting you draw a card and copy it with Inalla
>next end step, Changeling Berserker token gets exiled, causing the original Changeling Berserker to return
>Inalla triggers, champion triggers, go back to step #3
>keep doing this during your opponent's end steps for as many extra ETBs as you have mana, plus a completely expendable 5/3 token to block with every combat

>> No.56167276

Protip: its not actually good in gitrog

>> No.56167305

>tfw I got a playset at $5 each because it seemed like a fun deck when Valakut got unbanned

My brother uses one of them in his Borborygmos deck and I've died to it several times. Pretty sweet deal.

>> No.56167334

Nah, it works fairly well. Usually for something like "I have Ob Nixilis and 10 lands. Specific person, you are dead as fuck".

It doesn't interact super great with Gitrog himself, but it goes well with many cards in the deck.

>> No.56167353

Is this actually secret tech? Everyone that looked at wanderwine should realize how op they are for inalla even without the extra turns, right? Same with mistbind

>> No.56167377

This looks like just an objectively shittier version of Wanderwine Prophets.

>> No.56167386

Its a massive etb enabler which is all inalla cares about. Also, thalakos deciever

>> No.56167391

There is room for some less efficient redundancy in a single-card format.

>> No.56167392

That's Interrupt.

>> No.56167400

That's a stretch.

>> No.56167493

You'd be surprised at how many people only know about cards because they're being talked about and are on EDHREC. Wanderwine Prophets and Mistbind Clique combo with themselves so they're easy to understand once you learn the interaction. Changeling Berserker works differently enough that someone who only knows about champion through the former two cards and sees Changeling Berserker might assume that it doesn't do anything except give you a 5/3 with haste.

EDH is a singleton format, anon.

>> No.56167552

Sheesh, Sidisi Storm is insane. Been trying it on xmage and it goes off on T3 at the latest

>> No.56167717

I wish I had secret tech but, I really want to see someone build a deck using conspiracy, xenograft, arcane adapation to make fun double etb effect deck.

>> No.56167841

If I took Entropic Uprising and made some adjustments to facilitate storm I'd have a decent deck right?

>> No.56168040

Probably. I'd drop those huge cost spells and tighten up the mana cost, and maybe look into improving the mana base

>> No.56168747
File: 380 KB, 600x600, layers of storm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56168890
File: 12 KB, 190x265, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post a commander that you think nobody itt has built

>> No.56169069

How would this even work? Big Dinos don't seem very conducive to storm

>> No.56169082

Recur Ghalta infinite times and kill with Aetherflux Reservoir and Bontu's Monument.

>> No.56169092

I think he meant some kind of infinite combo with it.

>> No.56169112

>not using hunting pack to make a trillion 4/4s

>> No.56169380

My Reki deck seems to generate more storm than my spellslinger Jori En. I’ve been considering Hunting Pack.

>> No.56169719
File: 101 KB, 201x216, 1323018978376.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friend built a turbo jank Sydri Vehicles deck
>it's actually awesome

>> No.56170122

Is Azusa used in any Modern decks? I'm hoping she gets reprinted one day in Modern Masters and crashes the price.

>> No.56170129

Yeah. But how are you getting infinite bears? You need a creature that's power 3 or greater to draw a card and bears are 2/2. Ontop of having 10+ power on board. Seems like an unusual amount of work for this combo.

>> No.56170163

She saw some play in Bloom Titan as an extra way to get shit online (basically extra copies of Summer Bloom), and for a little while I think the deck tried to lean more heavily on her than on Summer Bloom but it kinda fizzled out.

Maybe Scapeshift/Valakut decks?

>> No.56170231
File: 1017 KB, 665x663, 1405235983004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well fuck me right in the asshole. Guess I'm gonna have to save for her.

Not like it'd help if they reprinted her as mythic though. Mythic reprints don't do shit for price.

>> No.56170262

Cast Ghalta, trigger Bond, sac for CC. (CC floating)
Spend C on Words, get a bear (C floating, +1 dude)
Sac bear to Altar (CCC floating)

I think they're thinking of it like that- saccing Ghalta and the bear you get from replacing his trigger with Words gets you a net gain of C each time, assuming you're casting him for GG each time. The problem is, that leaves you 1 mana *short* of breaking even once you factor in the Command Tax, unless you already had an insane amount of creatures to keep reducing his cost all the way down to GG. If you add in a Parallel Lives it works though, because the 'extra' bear hangs around reducing his cost by 2 (negating the increase in the tax), so you DO net one mana each loop. And then you can pop your extra bears for a few billion mana, on top of that.

Or, you know, you could just go infinite with Words + Bond + Gaea's Anthem + Altar. Go to draw, pay 1 to make a 3/3, trigger Bond, sac 3/3 for 2 mana, use 1 to replace the draw, get a 3/3, sac for 2, use 1 to replace the draw... repeat.

>> No.56170276
File: 216 KB, 920x1214, 1x-azusa-lost-but-seeking-foil-judge-rewards-promo-mtg-card-835d390d625cbec97d5d877c3f8f4735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like it's not super likely to see her reprinted soon if she wasn't in any of the Masters sets so far.

You could always spring for this one!

>> No.56170333

Right but with parallel lives or doubling season it's just increasing the card cost for the combo. I feel like that original combo posted isn't going as far as he originally intended.
On the other hand the one you bring up is a lot better. In regards to the original large combos like that are fun to get off once or twice, but I feel like the effort ruins the experience after that.

>> No.56170380

Yeah, his version only really works with extra pieces not mentioned, or if the Command Tax didn't exist.

>> No.56170428

Oh well better to bring it up here then buy all the pieces and go into a game finding out it doesn't work. God knows that's happened to me before.

>> No.56170498

So how do you guys feel about the Guildgates or other lands that come into play tapped but at least give you two different types of mana?

>> No.56170522

Also, what the fuck is wrong with Tappedout?

>> No.56170541

The purest of ass. If you're on a budget get Scry lands, the ones printed in Ixalan, and battle lands.

>> No.56170563

I kinda like pure ass but I see what you're saying.

>> No.56170567

Non-ideal. There's plenty of perfectly useful budget options like the Temples, the checklands, the tangos.

When there's 3 and 4 dollar alternatives that have even a chance of coming in untapped, there's not really much good reason to use the shittiest version possible besides "the real ones are in the mail".

>> No.56170587

Usually mediocre, but helpful.
Tri-colours, temples and the Ravnica Karoos are useful.

Guildgates, and the 'life gain' ones are suitable for extreme budget brews only... Or Maze's End decks.

>> No.56170588

i try not to run tap lands unless i have a specific reason for doing so. there are enough other options that you shouldn't really need them.

>> No.56170613

You guys are right, I know it, and I'm not sure why I bother with these kinds of questions. I really do think the answer is that eventually, no matter how good you are at brewing, you're limited by your cards. There's an end to creativity and thinking outside the box and you need to throw some cash at it.

>> No.56170629

>stuck home on Halloween due to work bullshit
>a sexy girl dressed like a skeleton just walked by me
>that empty feeling when I'll never get to fuck a sexy skeleton
Alright, what do i build tomorrow to slake my sexy skeleton lust? I'm thinking lord of tresserhorn horror tribal?

>> No.56170661

To an extent. You can absolutely make inexpensive cards do good work, it's just that when it comes to some, there's strictly better things that just... don't cost much more.

It's not that you can't make inexpensive cards work, it's that a lot of inexpensive cards are shitty. using Golgari Guildgate is pretty much strictly worse than Bayou, sure, but that doesn't mean you can't get by without one. Temple of Malady, Blossoming Marsh, Gilt-Leaf Palace, Hissing Quagmire, Llanowar Wastes, Woodland Cemetery, all are options that are also worse than Bayou, but still servicably useful on a budget.

Trying to use Guildgates instead of those cards is like trying to use Squire instead of Mirran Crusader. yeah, it's "cheaper", but Crusader's a really solid card, and it's only 2 bucks.

>> No.56170669

My friend built a Meren deck that can win turn 4 and it's so annoying. It's a $1000 deck thats all proxies. I constantly have to target him otherwise he'll win. He gets mad that we complain all the time but most of our decks aren't built to be extremely competitive. It wouldn't be that bad if he just toned it down a little bit he refuses to.

>> No.56170688

>1000 dollar Meren deck
>Consistently wins on turn 4
>Notably more powerful than everything else
>100% proxies
Next time he sits at the table, completely fucking ignore him. I know some groups are fine with proxying a full deck, but if you're gonna proxy some thousand dollar pile of goodstuff and use it to pubstomp your friends, you're just a dick. Play the game like he's not even at the table, and if he raises a fuss, just say "Bring an actual deck and we'll let you play".

>> No.56170714

you could make a deck that wins through mazes end

that would be worth it

>> No.56170779

>It's a $1000 deck thats all proxies
Get everyone to refuse to play against him when he uses it.
It's ruining your group and game, and he doesn't even have the decency to try and play a deck he can afford.

I wouldn't mind a few proxies of moderate strength cards, or even a majority proxy deck if it isn't that powerful.

But that shit just wouldn't fly.

>> No.56170793

Definitely true. Proud to say that my sub $100 decks have fared very well over the years but eventually I do lost to people who have thrown more money at this. Granted, it's a sweet feeling beating them after they bring in a freshly paid for netdeck. I shouldn't enjoy the salt but I do.

>> No.56170868

Same. My personal rules for proxies are "If you're trying cards out before you buy them", "if the cards are bought and in the mail but you really wanted to play this deck right away", or "you own this card but it's in another deck and swapping it around is a huge pain". I might even be more lenient, but no way am I gonna be okay with you proxying an entire deck that you don't ever plan to obtain, AND it being a shitty pubstomp asshole deck.

>> No.56170890

Honestly, the biggest place that money matters is in the landbase for 3, 4, and 5 color decks, and for specific cards that are just hard to replace.

Doubling Season can be replaced by budget options if you're mostly using it for +1/+1 counters or tokens, but if you're using obscure counters or Planeswalkers, there's really no way to use a 'budget' version, for example.

And while you can make a 3 color deck work with budget lands, it will absolutely be more consistent with 'proper' fetches, duals, and shocks.

>> No.56170928

Bounce, counter, tap opponents creatures and draw a card isnt hard to remember.

>> No.56170948

It's not hard to remember, but the frustrating thing is when it gets played against someone that doesn't know what Cryptic Command *does*.

I used to run Cryptic in one of my decks, but I stopped because the only copy I have is the MPR one, and more than once I had people literally accuse me of making up what modes there were to suit my needs.

>> No.56170953

Get an Amulet of Vigor and they become semifunctional ABUR Duals

>> No.56170964

Except without arguably the most important part of the duals: the ability to be fetched.

>> No.56170978

This is why I much prefer two coloured decks. I realize I'm losing out on versatility, but god damn do I enjoy never worrying about my landbase.

I might remake my Esper control into GAAVI just because of it.

>> No.56171026

The gatherer is free and is already needed for oracle text in edh. If you cannot get somebody to use the gatherer, they cant play magic. Its as simple as that.

>> No.56171051

The point is, not putting the text on the cards looks neat, but it creates frustrating moments like that.

That's why they haven't done textless promos since then (other than already-textless cards); all the full-art promos still have the text.

>> No.56171068

>there's still no gatherer app

Why is WotC so incompetent?

>> No.56171083

Fully functional website on mobile devices bruh

>> No.56171087

WotC's lazy and smart.

Why spend money developing something when your fanbase does it for you at no cost? There's plenty of apps that store Gatherer's info offline (like MTG Familiar)

Same reason Judge Center is still an "under construction" shitheap: because judges built JudgeApps and it didn't cost WotC a dime.

>> No.56171111

>wanting to use your phone's browser over an app


Makes sense

>> No.56171117
File: 118 KB, 202x290, picture_new.php.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do you have any decks in your group that are "THAT" deck?

Derevi. It's always fucking Derevi.What else would it be but Derevi? Fuck Derevi.

>> No.56171189

Went full sperg lord and built Sisay still need a Gaea's Cradle though but I'm gonna use Christmas money but I'm wanting to build something weaker since my meta is people running tier 1/1.5 and than weaker decks for more casual games. Would Ruric Thar be a good pick? I've got a bunch of R/G duals including a Revised Taiga I got in a trade long ago.

>> No.56171195

That mindset is too close minded and I hate to use the phrase but its toxic to the game. The same arguement can be shifted over to cards that are printed in a language you arent fluent in which limits magic needlesly.

>> No.56171243

I think it was just at peak terrible with Cryptic and no text, because most people don't mention Cryptic's other modes. So I can see someone casting it in one game and saying "Counter that spell, and I draw a card", then in another game casting it with the modes of "tap your dudes, bounce that enchantment" and it seeming like they're just making shit up because there's no text on the card.

I do agree that the people calling bullshit should just look up the Oracle, and that similar problems exist with foreign cards, though.

>> No.56171296

>current cards from Europe and Asia use better cardstock than Murrican cards

Finally it's no longer weeb to buy Japanese cards

>> No.56171333

Didn't they accidentally use inferior cardstock for Japanese Ixalan?

>> No.56171346

>there's no text on the card
How... cryptic...

>> No.56171357
File: 14 KB, 600x468, BInUM1E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56171393


the pretender

>> No.56171424

What are some good "I win" cards for rafiq besides Medomai and Finest Hour?

>> No.56171446

I'm not seeing how Medomai is "I win" other than giving you an extra turn to swing in, and in that vein, any Time Warp effect does the trick.

>> No.56171488

Medomnai isn't really a wincon...

Aqueos form and aqueos form is usually fine, but Path breaker ibex is also pure value. I don't understand your question you just shit out equipment and buff Rafiq until you win.

>> No.56171495

why is tappedout fucked?

>> No.56171528

Sorry aqueos form and grafted exoskeleton.

I guess you could always lock down the board with some stax and ping your way to commander victory. I like tapping my opponents down with something like Brago+tangle wire+winter orb, or Stormtide Leviathan and archetype of imagination.

>> No.56171538

Does medomai not give two extra turns with double strike?
Specifically I'm looking for cards that let me kill people in one turn instead of the usual two.

>> No.56171577

I can list a bunch of magical Christmas land combos, or you could just play Jitte, sword of x and y, and/or worldslayer + indestructible, then smash your way to victory.

>> No.56171655

Worldslayer looks fun.

>> No.56171660

Why not just run Primeval Bounty? Then you get a 3/3 just for casting him, so if you sac off Ashnod's and have a Vizier out you can just recur him unlimited times. Seems way easier than worrying about Words of Wilding and Elemental Bond. Throw in Garruk's Packleader and you can draw your deck, then play Bontu's Monument or Aetherflux Reservoir for the win?

>> No.56171665

It can give two extra turns with double strike, but only if Rafiq doesn't attack in that turn.

That's not hugely different than just attacking with Rafiq and Medomai in one turn, and just Rafiq on the extra turn. You get in one more total hit, but with 3 hits vs 4, it's a question of pumping him to 7 power rather than 6. Basically equivalent.

Don't think in terms of "kill in one hit", think in terms of "Beef Rafiq up with Auras and Equipment, protect him, and win in 2 or 3 attacks".

>> No.56171797

Regular ixalan DFCs had the issue

>> No.56171810

>Do you have any decks in your group that are "that" deck?

As you post it, Narset's been getting there lately. There are two of us that have built her in different ways, but she generates so much value that she's widely disliked in 1v1 matchups as a matter of course. She hasn't seen much play in free for all yet.

>> No.56171816

Control deck. How much do you devote to being able to recur your spells? I'm not sure if it makes more sense to pack more counters/wipes/removal or if a few cards meant to get those that you've already used back is a better idea.

Also, is Fact or Faction something you'd consider in a combo deck? I'm thinking if I get unlucky and a piece I need ends up in my GY it could really slow me down.

>> No.56171832

I'm surprised it took time. Narset is pretty universally recognized as one of "THOSE" decks, because usually you swing with her and whip into extra turn/extra combat spells and just win on the spot.

>> No.56171938
File: 139 KB, 223x311, hanna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Building an Hanna self-mill deck with some Artifact/Enchantress sub-themes.

The engine of plopping my deck into my grave is pretty smooth, but I'm having a hard time finding viable wincons in UW that synergize with what I'm doing.

Right now it's just getting some reanimated value from shit like Starfield and GPG, or going with the ol' Lab Man, but that's not really worth all the work.

Any ideas for finishers?

>> No.56171961

Worldslayer is better in archangel avacyn. Her guiding moonlight hardens your resolve and her evasive body allows you to penetrate the tightest defenses for you to drive that worldslayer hilt deep.

>> No.56172281

Can't you just use rhonas's monument to giant growth a creature an arbitrary amount of times while also discounting Ghalta?

>> No.56172292

Honest to god forgot about that. So that takes care of the commander tax each time.

>> No.56172517

That actually sounds really cool

>> No.56172617

I will. I will blow up your lands. I spent tens of dollars building a Kamahl Fist of Krosa deck with every pinger I could find. Those lands will suffer.

>> No.56172691
File: 1020 KB, 400x229, 1326518537142.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in green

>> No.56172812

I use MTG familiar, which gets its info from (i believe) magiccards.info, pic and all, works pretty well.

>> No.56172833

There's stuff like staff of nin, rod of ruin, and other artifact based ping

>> No.56173058

>that one fucking guy in every group

Ours plays with cards he claims are at his dad's house so the proxy is in the sleeve. Cards we know he does not own. Brand new decks with hundreds worth of cards there's no chance he has. I think he recently had a proxy of an Ixalan card before they were fucking released.

>"why are you always attacking me/countering my shit?"

I fucking wonder why man!

>> No.56173119
File: 64 KB, 529x470, 1484710886200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that playing something like Meren naturally makes me a target because value over time and the chance of just Jarad for game, but god damn if it doesn't get annoying to be the default punching bag until a greater threat shows up. I'm just running the precon, man.

>> No.56173130

Sorry m8, you're the tastiest target for my Rakdos Signet and Bojuka Bog 9 times out of 10.

>> No.56173159
File: 9 KB, 205x246, Nekusar_meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You wouldn't keep playing the deck if you didn't like being bulled. Meren players are perverts to the last of 'em.

>> No.56173176

>tfw Meren player gets an artifact/enchantment removal creature in his yard
>will keep on recurring it every turn if necessary, most likely multiple times
>basically forced to focus the shit out of him in order to ever stick my threats

>> No.56173231

Is there any way to build a decently competitive deck for under $200?

>> No.56173256

Mizzix bullshit can be built for around that.

>> No.56173266

How do I know when I'm ready to go to my first FNM?

I'm very new and currently only play very casual edh with friends. I'd like to try limited with strangers; I just don't think I'm ready in either a game knowledge sense or an emotional sense. How do I know when I should just go for it?

>> No.56173295
File: 61 KB, 312x445, 107b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So after looking for an interesting Enchantress Commander, I came across Ertai 2.0

Has anyone had any experience building or playing him?

I kinda really want to try and see if I can pull off Solemnity + Decree of Silence, and Aura Thief + Enchanted Evening.

>> No.56173374

Mizzix is my waifu stfu not bullshit she is pure and budget

>> No.56173387

When you can talk to strangers and say "hey, I'm new around here, and to the game, do you mind if I try join in? If I get anything wrong, sorry, but please point it out so I can improve"

>> No.56173389

Motherfucking Zada.
She's mildly to moderately competitive, and can be built on a shoestring budget.

>> No.56173402

I've played against a guy on xmage who runs him and it's a really cool deck. Tons of enchantment graveyard recursion

>> No.56173443

I was thinking of building it zombie tribal. Because it's the only esper commander I can find that has great synergy with zombie tokens & can run the new white zombies from Amonkhet + Anointed Procession.

>> No.56173471

That does seem like fun.
Esper Zombie Enchantress with a strong control focus.

>> No.56173563

I could say that, but I know as of now I'm still going to lose every game and tilt off the planet, and I don't really want to establish that kind of first impression if I'm going to be playing at this place in the coming years.

I want to make sure I at least kind of know what I'm doing first, and also work on not getting so overwhelmingly frustrated when things don't go in my favor.

>> No.56173670

I'm assuming you may be of a younger sort, if you aren't ready emotionally, then you aren't ready. Basically, the call is up to you, just focus on others view of you, say, should I do x if I lose? Will other people at the store think I am an aspie/autist/mong? If the answer is yes, and you can control yourself, you should be fine. (The autism tolerance at lgs is usually pretty high anyways)

>> No.56173685

Maybe it's because I got my ass handed to me a multitude of times across different kinds of games and physically by my relentless older brother, but I've come to view beatings as just another learning experience.
As long as you can take something away from each loss you're still a winner, anon!

>> No.56173742

>every Tuesday a commander group plays at a local bar
>since it's Halloween, only one other guy showed up
>decide to hang out for a bit anyway to cool off after work
>me and the other guy shoot the shit, we eventually manage to form a pick-up group and play a 3 way commander game with a random who came in
>he compliments my deck building """"""""""skills"""""""""""
>he wants to build a deck who wins by having a ton of life, and wants my advice on how to build it
>it appeals to my inner brew meister, now I can't stop trying to think of cards for his deck

I fucking love brewing. I literally can spend hours thinking about a single deck and it's interactions. I spend more time building than actually playing magic.

I actually considered creating a diagram to give a basic rundown of brewing 101. I love thinking about this shit. This is also why I play modern, standard, and commander. There are so many different factors and weights in every format.

tell me of your brews EDH general, the spicier the better

>> No.56173757

I can philosophize all day about how losing is just a "learning experience", but as it stands I just feel so overwhelmingly horrible when I lose (especially due to my own misplays) that against my will I end up doing and saying a whole bunch of salty shit that I later regret ("maybe if I could actually draw any of my fucking creatures I could have won", "that card is really retarded", generally just storming off without a word to anyone).

I'm hoping maybe that if I just lose more in my casual group I'll get desensitized to it eventually. I have very little experience with competitive games in general, so I think I'm just very not used to the stress.

That, and yes, I'm an aspie.

>> No.56173801

Well mate, I think you need to either bitch out, or just jump in, see how it goes, try not to make an ass out of yourself and whatnot.
Could you maybe bring along a friend who can shoulder tap you if you are getting out of hand, who also makes it abit less awkward for ya?

>> No.56173808

Summit seeing nekusar reminds me my buddy is making a purely group hug no win con deck. I need to make nekusar so he learns that group hug is bad.

>> No.56173827

I have friends who go already, but they don't let you choose your seats in the drafts, so I couldn't sit next to them

Maybe I'll just talk to my therapist about how to deal with getting mad at games, lol

>> No.56174333

Brewing in a vacuum is boring to me since I can't include any suboptimal cards knowing that there's a shit load of staples that could take it's place.

Counter-brewing decks specifically for a playgroup is where it's at.
Nothing like using RW(B)reflection spells to kill a dude who's known for swinging with hundreds of damage at a time.

>> No.56174538

the point of the comic was never to make fun of any format, it was to make fun of edh spikes. i think the empty legacy table detracts from the message of the comic

t. artist

>> No.56174575

I used to be somewhat like that when I was starting out. Eventually you just numb to that kind of stuff. Although for me, that came easily after I mashed out a billion horrible, horrible Xmage games with pubs. The slightly annoying losses I had in real life were nothing compared to the utter shitshows you tend to have with random people. I've had people unironically cast turn 1 Thoughtseizes to remove my ramp spell, or a turn 2 counterspell to counter my Read the Bones.

also I learned how to make decks real good. Nowadays my decks are so synergistic that I typically just goof around while everyone is trying to win, and then I still win a decent amount due to the sheer value my decks churn out

>> No.56174652

Art is open to interpretation
t. retard

>> No.56174668
File: 33 KB, 223x310, Varchild%27s+War-Riders+%5BALL%5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really want to use this card. I was thinking rakdos colors for Rakdos Charm. Maybe running the Scorpion God as my commander, and getting a bunch of draws off of a Black Sun's Zenith for 1.
Any suggestions what Varchild's friends works with?

>> No.56174847
File: 138 KB, 223x311, Image.ashx?name=Neheb,%20the%20Eternal&type=card&.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone here tried making Neheb Eldrazi with all the mana the deck creates? Does it work?

>> No.56174919
File: 73 KB, 312x445, 187 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a dude at my shop with a Neheb deck and often if you let him get a single attack in, he can end the game that turn. Extra combat spells work absurdly well with Neheb. Would Eldrazi work? Yes, but not as well, since it's going to be a lot slower to build up the mana you're gaining with only one attack step per turn.

If you want to cast a bunch of Eldrazi, Rakdos is a lot easier since its cost reduction applies to each thing you cast instead of just a one-time mana injection/

>> No.56175734

Aside from Benevolent Offering, Swords to Plowshares, Wall of Shards, Luminate Primordial, Collapsing Borders, Grove of the Burnwillows (and
Soldevi Steam Beast and that old black creature which does a bunch of bad stuff to you when cast), are there any other cards which have opponents gaining life as a drawback? I'd like to make a themedeck of those combined with e.g. Leyline of Punishment but there doesn't seem to be that many

>> No.56175764

Because you touch yourself at night, Richard.

>> No.56175828

Oh and Armistice, but the activation cost seems prohibitive

>> No.56176051

Works with charity goat

>> No.56176093

more like milf

>> No.56176100


>> No.56176116

Like to

>> No.56176307




>> No.56176503
File: 70 KB, 312x445, 254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gaea's Cradle
Why spent tons of money if this thing is under 1 $ ? You can also play the most janky infinite ETB trigger combi with this + the Kaldra artifacts

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