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Isn't that the quote of the lizard girl Yoro always posts?

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Hey, so, I just finished watching Re: Creators and would like to ask a couple of questions since I heard you had claimed it. How do you plan on dealing with the whole 'world's restorative power taking everyone's powers' or the great destruction thing?

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Son do you not have culture

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Glad you like them YJ_Anon!

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Who /hamon/ here?

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This is the theme of my second chain. The guy never met Jumpchan and has no idea what is happening. It is his quest for answers.

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Are there any swords in the chain on a similar tier/level as a sword of the cross from Dresden Files? Or any way to wield those without the strict restrictions on personality and behavior?

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>Not /Spin/

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So, does this mean angels are now the level of power they should be / are depicted in the show, or did you still fuck up on that front?

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What'd you do to her, /jc/?

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Sorry anon, we are all vampires.

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You're not wrong, but honestly everyone should know the song it's from.


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Nothing she never came and if she did I have better things to do
>Not killing Voldemort at year 1

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In the show their level of power is all over the place.

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Can't kill vampires and Pillar Men by spinning.

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Yes you can, either destroy their brain with a well placed shot or trap them in an eternal spin

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What should I put in my Jump for the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon? So far for Races I have: Human

Each Race will have a couple Perks to itself.

Drop-In was going to be themed after patrons of the Battle Nexus, considering how varied they all are. Ninja origin, of course. Probably a general Scientist origin.

Planning on including stuff from Fast Forward and Back to the Sewers (although I never did finish the last one. I'll have to watch it again).

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I want to take Mae&Bea on a beach vacation just so I can see what kind of swimsuits they'd wear.

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You aren't spinning fast enough then.

>> No.56156047

spin to win!

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...That's an oddly specific vulnerability, there.

Also makes me think of super sentai finishing moves.

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>TMNT 2003 jump
Robot? Demon/Magical Creature?

Will we be able to choose whether we arrive in the future or the present?

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>Who /hamon/ here?

Ah, hamon, that quaint little parlor trick that gave my father so much trouble before he ascended.

I use it on occasion, as I've found the expression on a hamon master's face when the power of the sun boils the flesh from their bones to be quite amusing.

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Those are good ideas for Races.

Was going to include Drawbacks to put you in different timelines/continuities within the show. +0 to go to future, something more expensive for that one timeline when the Shredder takes over the Earth and the Turtles have split up.

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I remember one dude taught Azula how to Hamon...

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Well, at least during my time there...
Mae prefered simple, conservative one-piece swimsuits because they require little thought or fashion sense and hide her roundness better. Once she got in shape due to the adventuring lessons she started flaunting it in rather skimpy bikinis.

Bea, once she started eating better, looked great in whatever she put on. But I'm a little biased. That first picture was what I was eventually able to convince her to wear, but she was flustered the whole time. She seemed to prefer two pieces though.

I highly suggest taking both of them on a roadtrip to Bright Harbor during the summer. The drive is lovely and the town really is quite charming. Modern with descending into hipster town.

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Question in regards to the perk 'High Stakes'.

Does your 'One Weakness' bypass any inherent defenses, redundancies, or simple durability you might have from out-of-jump perks, or is it just cutting through the defense offered by the perk?

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I'm not really sure about a couple of perks and the images, I put them because they looked cute, but I will take them away if people don't like it.

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>man vs tech

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>The moment when you realize that Kars isn't dead as long as even one of those feathers or fish managed to get to the ocean.

So how did your Jumper's deal with Kars, or whatever villian of Jojo you had to fight?

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Pretty sure a Hamon Master would know that it can boil the skin off flesh, even if it's happening to him.

>> No.56156234

I /hamon/. I only bought Mastery and Solar Meditation, but it's a pretty nice way to restore energy reserves.
That, and I've probably done research to infuse hamon into stuff, so that'd make for really cool anti-undead stuff. Hamon always kindof struck me as really cool.

> not getting both


Not that I was being merciful or even lazy or anything. It's just, I entered the Triwizard Tournament, and got to the finish line first (people said it was the most fantastical display of wizard parkour they'd ever seen), and got teleported, whereupon I arrived to meet baby!Mort, and promptly went completely Jumper on him. It was the most gross display of overkill that world had ever seen. That mansion in the background of that scene where he'd been hanging out is just gone now.

Anyway, that meant that Voldemort never made a comeback, which means Umbridge never got called to Hogwarts, which means we never met.
Other ripple effects: Neither Sirius, Snape, or Dumbledore died, Fudge is still Minister, and Neville never got to turn into a badass. Those weren't things I tried to make happen or anything, they just did because I crushed Voldemort like a bug right in his rise to power.
I still have some of his soul fragments in a test tube in my warehouse.

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No Echidna orign/perk? Well I dont really remember what it could do, but many people where looking for it
>Throwing mini-suns with the spin

>> No.56156258

Did someone say /hamon/?!

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My Heart Wont Waver seems too strong, unless the emotion you use is used up in the spell.

Ceremony of Bonds is much too good as it is. A permanent, massive boost for every close relationship you have with no limit about needing to be near each other. You need to reduce the boost or limit it so it only applies when you're together.

Ritualist is a lot weaker than the other capstones, it feels more like a 400 perk.

>> No.56156282


I considered a perk, since is basically hax levels of magic. But after re-reading I'm not exactly sure what it does apart from that.


Yeah, the emotion is literally extra fuel for the spell.

Will do.

You think so? Maybe I will buff is a little

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High Stakes won't reduce your defensive ability provided by perks from other jumps in any way. The material only cuts through the defense offered by the perk, so out-of-jump perks can still make even that pretty ineffective at hurting you.

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I havent really read it since a long time ago, but maybe you could add it as a general perk 300/500 cp?

>> No.56156329


Well, I don't mind. I'm just unsure of what would do. The only thing we get of Echidna's heart is that she will use it to reincarnate and that grants a fuckton of magic that also harms the user.

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Hey gang, I need some suggestions for a Digimon Partner of Io. She's from Devil Survivor 2, and in the animation, she summons Ogre, Pixie, Kikuri-hime, and Lugh.

I'm building her up to be the Summoner all other summoners bend knee to. So an eventual Bio-merge to a summoning-type Digimon would be an awesome bonus, but I won't be too broken up about it if that's not doable.

Any ideas?

>> No.56156350

>Captain, preliminary scans show high concentrations of adorable.

>> No.56156359

..Is it just me or are a bunch of Val's jumps in the imaged folder?

>> No.56156363

So, jumpers, on Halloween's eve, I pose you a question: What is the scariest or creepiest experience you've had in your chain? It doesn't even have had to be inherently dangerous, just... Weird.

>> No.56156370

It's less the shock of seeing their skin boil off their flesh, and more the shock of seeing a self-professed Pillar (Wo)Man using hamon strong enough to melt and then vaporize their flesh.

I mean, Joseph certainly wasn't expecting it.

>So how did your Jumper's deal with Kars, or whatever villian of Jojo you had to fight?

Well, even though I have no actual blood ties to the Kars of canon JoJo....I tossed him into an alternate time-line using Ultimate D4C before he could become the Ultimate Lifeform.

A bit sentimental, but no one ever said I had to kill him.

Great to hear.
Thank you for the clarification.

>> No.56156371

Nightmare Warriors Items:

Boomstick (100 CP)- You really only need two things in life; a chainsaw, and a boomstick. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be a shotgun, you have some sort of commonly available firearm that gets a lot of bang for its buckshot. It doesn’t ever seem to need reloading, for one, and is powerful enough to put a hole in someone as tough as Jason Voorhees. Groovy.

Chain Lightning (200 CP)- S-Mart’s top of the line chainsaw; this baby can cut through a steel beam or undead flesh like a hot knife through butter. Despite being over half the size of an adult male’s body, it’s also surprisingly light, enough that you can comfortably wield it in one hand.

Tank (300 CP)- Yeah, that’s right, you’ve got your own tank. You can drive it and use its weapons pretty easily, even if it’s just you. It also has a strange property; it’s somehow able to get to places you wouldn’t expect it to be able to get to. You could drive it right up to the White House and crash through to the second floor, somehow, if nobody was there to stop you despite how impossible that should be.

>> No.56156410

I "forgot" to take water-breathing perks before going to Spongebob. A single glass bubble was all that stood between me and drowning. The nagging thought was always there. "If this thing comes off, I don't even have a Forcewall. My benefactor's hatred of that thing might have sealed my fate."

At least Sandy appreciated the company.

>> No.56156427


Oh, I'm glad you liked the images.

>> No.56156470

Scientist Items:

Translation Machine (100 CP)- A special machine, designed by the U.S. Government for the purposes of translating the Necronomicon. It is capable of translating any written language into English.

Snake Bite (200 CP)- This is a weapon designed to tranquilize freaks like Jason Voorhees, who can’t be taken out with plain old firepower. It looks like a hand held missile launcher, and has room for six rounds of extremely high-power tranquilizers- enough to knock someone like Jason out cold. It fires with enough force to send him through a wall, too, and the ammunition will replenish as you use it ensuring that you always have enough for reloads.

Deadite Containment Facility (300 CP)- Built in secret underneath Washington DC is a massive prison complex, meant for containing the undead creatures known as Deadites. Top of the line security and containment measures ensures that even the undead Deadites can’t get out. You have a similar containment facility, and while it doesn’t have any inmates yet I’m sure you’ll figure something out. It follows you, and is staffed by equivalents to whatever military forces exist in the worlds you visit.

>> No.56156501

Does the NG+7 Drawback in Demons Souls actually increase the strength of the demons or just move you further along the timeline?

>> No.56156502

Um. Would you mind posting a changelog? If not, no big deal. I'm reading it now.

>> No.56156512

Well, I like the pictures too, but I was referring to the feeling I was getting of the source material.
Really, just look at the New Face perk tree.

>> No.56156571

I remember this manga! It was adorable and the magic was neat. Thanks for making this treat for us, Ricrod.

>> No.56156582

What are you going to work on next Ric?

>> No.56156598

Alright now. Take this as my contribution for Halloween.


Buffed Ritualist
Balanced Ceremony of Bonds a little
Clarified My Heart won't Waver
Finished the perks in Research Assistant background


Oda Nobuna is finished too, I just lost the file (cries).
I don't know, I'm open to suggestions.

>> No.56156602

I think he was working on that one anime where Oda was a girl (The harem one not the yuri one). I remember that in the WIP he showed us the perks looked pretty good.

>> No.56156636

What definition of Demon does Fairy Tail use for Take Over: Satan Soul to work?

>> No.56156652

>I just lost the file (cries).

Was it deleted? Where did you store it at?

>> No.56156663

>I don't know, I'm open to suggestions.
Sengoku Otome.
Basically, a young girl winds up in another world’s all female feudal Japan.

>> No.56156664

>I just lost the file (cries).
That was the one I was looking forward to myself (cries elegantly).

>> No.56156672

Kohime Musou is a nice setting, I like the kingdom building aspect plus it is set in The Romance of The Three Kingdoms.

>> No.56156676


It's probably around there with my music files, I suppose I can search for it and finish the items section. That was what I needed to complete.

>> No.56156695

Carry on? Nah, Everything is Dust in the Wind.

>> No.56156709

Nagasarete Airantou, witch hunter Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku, Hinamatsuri,Yumekui Merry. Yozakura Quartet, Conan/Case Closed. Shit I should finish my stuff and do some of those

>> No.56156717

Not everything son. If you where to look down there in the valley, you could see Where the Red Fern Grows.

>> No.56156731

Don't you have any Sympathy for the Devil?

>> No.56156745

About Carry On Wayward Son(s)... when it says you can give Companions the bonuses of the group imports if they have the matching origin, does that specifically mean the origin given by the group import, or the one it's discounted to?

Can I import companions as demons and hunters or whatever and then make them part of my Special Family, is what I'm getting at.

>> No.56156752

Since when did stupid_dog do wordy non-imaged jumps?

>> No.56156766

Thank you.
Does anybody have proof this is actually Stupid_dog? Especially given the recent bullshit with Me-dork-a Box?

>> No.56156772

Serial Killer Perks:

Instrument of Murder (100 CP)- A wickedly dangerous melee weapon, be it a machete, chainsaw, clawed gloves or even just a kitchen knife. It’s surprisingly tough; no matter how strong you get, it will always be durable enough for you to swing it around without worrying about breaking it. It also doesn’t need any maintenace, so don’t worry about clogging it up with the blood of your victims or anything like that. Free Import.

Closet of Clawed Hands (200 CP)- You ever hear about the blades and the bees? You have a closet stocked with right hands with sharp blades growing through the fingernails. They seem to follow your directions when you order them around. They’re very protective of you, but when they’re at rest they like to play card games, tic-tac-toe, and other simple games that can be played easily with one hand.

Hunting Grounds (300 CP)- Sure, seeing the sights and taking trips around the US is all fun and good, but there’s always that one spot that you can’t keep your mind off of. Maybe it’s a forest, a neighborhood, or even a summer camp, but in any case it’s near and dear to your heart. You’ve got one of those places, and luckily enough it’s got you, too, and will follow you around on your journey. No matter what you choose, it seems that it’ll always have a fresh supply of victims for you, no matter how many rampages or killing sprees you go on.

Any ideas for general perks/items to help round things out?

>> No.56156778

It's Dog, he's one of my close friends and I've been talking to him about it on Skype for the last week or two. (Well, listened mostly, I can't say I was terribly helpful.)

>> No.56156798

Alright. Thank you.

>> No.56156799

A dog and a bee. What a strange friendship, as I can only imagine a dog biting at a bee.

>> No.56156822

>Kohime Musou

Sorry, but I stopped playing midway. So you will need another jumpmaker for this one.

>Nagasarete Airantou
>Yumekui Merry

I remember the animes of these ones. Is the source material too different?

>> No.56156828

>I can only imagine a dog biting at a bee.
Or... Eating it, if you know what I mean.

>> No.56156831

No problem.

My Dog ate a bee once, it wasn't pretty let me tell you what. Dog was like my first friend here, really glad to have met him. I doubt I would have stuck around if he hadn't been around since early /jc/ was really stressful and early Bee was extremely stress prone.

>> No.56156855

Nagasarete Airantou is still going and there is no men only island, the men have started to appear in the story, though some things are still not explained.
Yumekui Merry is almost at the end, and I think the main villian in the anime was just a pawn to the real villian in the manga. Yumekui just got its 100 chapter and I dont give it more than 10 chapter till its finished

>> No.56156862

>Detective Conan
Its too long for someone bothering to read and make a jump of, just like Gintama

>> No.56156876


Thanks anon.
Airantou is no then. Unless is a anime-only jump.
I will wait for Yumekui Merry to finish and then read the whole thing.
Well.. I suppose I won't be working on anything right now.

>> No.56156892

Detective Conan is a very weird place to want a Jump for. It's basically nonstop mysteries and locked room murders everywhere you go, with a secret organization that does. . .stuff? Gintama is just one of those places that needs someone good with fluff to make. I'd totally Jump on it, but I don't think fluff is really one of my strong suits.

>> No.56156906

Fuck it. I hit the wiki, Mashima did no exposition on what the fuck demon particles or a Demon Factor is: http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Demon

I'm running with "“Humanoids of obviously inhuman / monstrous appearance, and magical origin and biology."

>> No.56156924

>It's basically nonstop mysteries and locked room murders everywhere you go, with a secret organization that does. . .stuff?
In later chapters many characters have begun to think Conan is cursed due to how death follows him everywhere. Also everyone should watch Taste closed at least once https://youtu.be/Fh2u8gXX24U

>> No.56156926

Except that definition includes a bunch of things that are not demons in Fairy Tail. Exceed and Celestial Spirits both fit that.

Why not just use Demon as in demons?

>> No.56156943

It's kinda hilarious how like, everyone in Japan is secretly a conniving murder genius that plans things out far in advance using random ass shit on hand for their plots and there's always at least three motherfuckers who are real suspicious.

>> No.56156963

Fuck, you're right.

Because there's like a dozen different definitions of Demons. Have you fucking seen SMT, they've got Norse Gods as demons.

>> No.56156964

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro?

>> No.56156967

It reminds me of Kamen Rider. If you just assume every Rider happens in the same universe, it means Japan is a hell in which differently-themed kaijin routinely go on a killing spree before being kicked to death by local vigilantes.

...what if every work of fiction set in Japan was all happening at the exact same time as each other, in the same world?

>> No.56156978

I am still surprised the author is still finding new ways to murder someone after all this time, I remember someone killing their loved one because they misheard "I love you" with "Kill yourself" or something like that.

>> No.56156987

00.0001% chance that fanfic hasn't been written.

Only question is how terrible it was.

>> No.56157003

You reminded me in the Kamen Rider Drive movie where the riders are getting beat up by a shocker giant robot, when out of nowhere the Super Sentai come up to help. The worst part is that this is the second time they pull this off

>> No.56157022

Godzilla, Ashikabi of a dozen Sekirei, teams up with the Riders to fight in the Grail War...
Meanwhile, Metallia and the Dark Kingdom are fighting with the Sailor Scouts with the help of a few Contractors and Dolls they've come across.

>> No.56157041

Tokyo alone is constantly being destroyed, but those martial artists in Nerima and the gangs in Ikebukuro are facing staunch opposition from a strange new school on an artificial that's sprung up in Tokyo Bay.

>> No.56157045

Bruh I stepped on a bee when I was five. That piss yellow carpet and that bee's determination to fuck someone up after getting grounded? I never stood a chance. Hurt like a bitch. Why do bees even exist? Are they simply here for us ningens to suffer?

>> No.56157052

Just as Aizen planned.

>> No.56157057

You're thinking of wasps, bees are our friends and make agriculture of flowering plants possible.

>> No.56157066

I still marvel over the whole "guy gets turned into a kid because criminals forcefed him a pill so he couldn't talk" thing. Like, wow. That's some kinda weirdness.

If someone made a Case Closed jump I would go there only to learn what the fuck was up with that formula.

>> No.56157067

I'm absolutely certain coming up with new ways to murder people is just his idea of fun. You can clearly tell he's constantly reading or looking for inspiration from the world around him, one of the cases involved the murderer using a trick involving four tablets, an elevator and spray paint. He's not just relying on old knowledge, he's finding new shit to make up murder plots with.

I'm more surprised that there's still some semblance of a plot and how much of a dumbass Shinichi is outside of solving crimes. This is like the slowest fucking series I've ever seen that has a plot. It's taken over a thousand chapters to kinda, maybe, sorta, perhaps get a hint about the secret organization's second in command.

>> No.56157070

No worries, the masters of Ryozanpaku are sending their Disciple to check things out.

>> No.56157073

you're thinking of wasps.
you stepped on the bee, you deserved to get stung.
wasps, hornets, and other non-fuzzy stinging fuckers will fuck you up for being nearby.

>> No.56157076

Paying for a specific location is now only 50CP instead of 100CP. Changing gender costs 50CP instead of 100CP.

Origins are all now free, new origin of Witch added.
All origins can be treated as Drop-In, with the former Drop-In origin retitled to Special Child and containing perks related to those same characters.
Dragon and Phoenix races cost is now 100CP.
Leviathan Monster Type added.
Possession is an inborn ability of Angels and Demons in their true form, not necessary to be taken as a perk. Possessive is a new 100CP perk that makes them better at it.
New perk in Picasso with a Razor reflecting previous background description of demons being good at torture.
Weapon Training is a default skill from having a hunter origin, and does not need to be purchased as a perk.
Clairsentience perk is now free to Special Child.
I Can Change now discounted to Monsters.
Sanguine Cellular has become an item instead of a perk, because it makes slightly more sense to be there.
Added further description and functionality to some old perks: In My Name You Pray, Spooky Eyes, Telekinesis, Exorcism, Jefferson Starship, Enochian Sigils, Deadly Sinners, Trickster, Immortality
New Perks: Hollywood Babylon, Electrokinesis, Blood Drinker, Clap Your Hands If You Believe, Bullshit Ballistics, Saving People, Remarkably Unremarkable, No Dogs Go To Heaven, Alpha, Unfavoured Soul, No Equals, Angel Radio, Localization, High Stakes, Amanita bisporigera , Nephilim, Borrower, Groveling, Tongues, Witch's Wager, Natural, Hexpiration, Wicked Witch, and Servitude Spells.
Monstrous Durability reduced in price from 300CP to 200CP.
300CP Monster Strength and 300CP Predatory Speed combined into the 400CP Specialist Predator perk.

>> No.56157091

>>56156502 >>56157076
Poker Face and Crime Pays combined into 200CP Hunter x Hustler perk.
Smite renamed to Touched By An Angel, given further features.
Succubus perk remaned to Scary Just Got Sexy.
Virgin Detector renamed to Virgin Sacrifice, given added features.
Restoration reduced in price by 200CP.
Demon Command renamed to Demon General, given added features.
Hunting renamed to Hunting Things and given some of the features from the 300CP Exorcism perk. Exorcism has been given new usage and turned into a 400CP perk.
Soul Channeling now just named Channeling and reduced in price by 200CP and given new functions.

The item section specific to hunters now gives them a 300CP stipend to purchase whatever they like. Descriptions for the items have been rewritten with each becoming more useful.
Holy Beads, Trusty Shovel, Laptop, and Bible reduced in price to 50CP. Classic Musclecar reduced in price to 200CP.
Reloading Bench item removed as it is completely mundane and overshadowed by Bullshit Ballistics.
Definitely Not Fraud removed.
Fake I.D. remains a free item as the Family Business in the main item section.
Fan Fiction free to Special Child instead of discounted. Meta Fiction reduced in price to 100CP or free to Special Child.
Don't Have The Heart For It renamed to Vital Nutrients and now free to Monsters. Borax now free to Monsters.
Cherubim Sigil and Angel Blade both reduced in price to 300CP from 400CP.
Mjonir reduced in price to 200CP.
New items: Croatoan Virus, Cold Oak, Sizzling Grill & Bar, The Colt, Vamptonite, Canyon Valley Wellness Spa, Purgatory, Human Remains, New and Improved Hell, Holy Oil, Angelic Grace, 66 Seals, Scarecrow, Busty Asian Beautities, The Elysian Field, Tulpa, Hex Bag, Curse Box, Angel-Proofing, Resurrection Seal, and Book of the Damned.

>> No.56157097

Bees have their uses. Helping plantlife thrive, producing honey, writing Jumps, dropping puns that no one wants. Those filthy wasps are the real problem in the world.

>> No.56157115

THE YOUTH DRUG IS LIKE THE CRAZIEST FUCKING THING IN THE ENTIRE SERIES!!! It's fucking crazy that the secret organization not only hasn't figured out what the fuck their drug actually does, but that the author has never decided to come up with some other form of bullshit pseudo-science for a plotline.

>> No.56157126

>>56156502 >>56157091
50CP generic companion import for individuals.
Added a canon companion buy.
100CP/free companion for each origin, which can be used as an import. New companions are Special Parent, Call Center Idjit, Ghostfacer, Meatsuit, Vessel, Familiar, and Worshipper.
200CP group companion imports for each faction with various minor benefits to the group, some sharing the same name as previous companion buys.
Hunter Connections renamed to Roadhouse Connections and now gives 3 companions instead of 1 with far greater personal budgets. Pack Leader now gives 3 companions instead of 1 with personal budgets. Friends Below is called Unequal Partners and gives 2 additional demon companions with a greater budget. Friends Upstairs is named Heavenly Choir, dropped in price to 200CP and provides the angels with a 600CP budget instead of specific abilities.

Four new drawbacks: Renewed By Popular Demand, Inconceivable Eldritch Horror, Power Decay, and Jumper Tablet. Old drawbacks rewritten but can be treated as having the same function since they're pretty much the exact same.

Only those you bring in with the Special Child origin will be able to share your Special Parent and provide that parent with the abilities, but they can share other benefits not explicitly linked to being a Special Child.

>> No.56157165

Okay, whew. that's a relief.

>> No.56157289

Ok, I found it. Happy Holidays.

>> No.56157291

There is a sword in Hyperdimension Neptunia

>> No.56157299

What happens if you take the Angel Background/Species and the Alpha perk from the Monster Perk Line?

>> No.56157369

You'd be one of the first and strongest angels with physical strength letting you hold your own against the likes of archangels like Raphael and Gabriel, as well able to turn humans into regular angels. How well that would work without Heaven around to provide energy for their angelic powers might suck but with all the other jumps out there I'm sure you could find a workaround. You'd definitely be able to put a stop to the idiocy of regular angels in the setting with your authority over them though.

>> No.56157401

>It's fucking crazy that the secret organization not only hasn't figured out what the fuck their drug actually does, but that the author has never decided to come up with some other form of bullshit pseudo-science for a plotline



>> No.56157416

They thought and still think that it's a drug that kills them and gets rid of the body.

>> No.56157419

They are pretty efficient at everything else besides that, we know very little about what they do or who are their members

>> No.56157426

>There is a sword in Hyperdimension Neptunia
Neptunia has sword on the level of the sword of the cross? Huh. Definitely will check that out then. Thank you.

>> No.56157436

Anons, have you ever tried to power up characters, not with some goal in mind, but just to see what happens?

>> No.56157440

If Ritual Of Permanence requires a much harder ritual to only get a weaker version of the magic wouldn't it just be easier to just do the ritual every so often? Even with this you would want to do the rituals to avoid being weakened or just forgo the magic system entirely to avoid the hassle.

Also since the rituals for the settings magic often include items and places exclusive to this world having the only way to keep your magic be an origin's capstone is a bad idea. Something like this needs to be more readily available instead of being a capstone.

>> No.56157441

About Angel Radio, does this mean we can not only hear but communicate via radio? Because that has some potential for spooking people...

>be sea monster
>humans above are just going about their business
>start making noises over the radio to freak them out
>they think they're just hearing things until suddenly other ships start reporting hearing the sound as well
>soon every ship in the ocean is hearing these strange noises being broadcasted through their radio
>and then it just goes silent

The spooking would be incredible.

>> No.56157444

Okay, so here's the deal. If I'm remembering the details for this hazy background plot that's been taking place over the course of hundreds of chapters, I'll break this down. The evil organization basically set a couple of their scientists to the task of "make this super poison for us yo" and one of them was like "fuck that, I'll make something else, poison is wack." before coming up with this fucking miracle drug. So, instead of killing people, the ones they drug get deaged into kids. Because there is no body (because the victims go into hiding because what the fuck is anything right now), they don't actually know what this is what's happening. So, the evil organization still thinks it's dosing up their targets with hyper poison and not flagrantly cooking up and dosing people with the fountain of youth in pill form.

>> No.56157447

>As a special offer, those who become angels here will only need to keep their divine grace to maintain any purchased abilities.
Wait, so if a non-Angel takes perks from the Angel tree, do they need to buy the Grace item to use them?

>> No.56157473

I'm going to make Seto Kaiba a Device Meister.

I mean his Dark Side of Dimensions Duel Disk practically borders on being Midchildan wizardry, what happens when you apply wizardry to holograms and card games?

Shadow Games aside, obviously

>> No.56157480

Oh, many times. I decided to teach Shikako sealing in Naruto just to see what kind of crazy shit she would make.

I was not disappointed when she created a fucking anti-gravity seal that sent a massive number of White Zetsu hurtling through the air. They just seemed so shocked as they floated, right before they were incinerated, that is. Absolutely hilarious.

>> No.56157485


>> No.56157504


Probably bad wording on my part, the ritual gets harder and the result a little weaker, but it's a lot more useful than having to redo the ritual a lot for some. I mean, its good if you're constantly travelling, but if you are always neat the place for the ritual then is pretty much useless.

Uhm, I will put a note saying that you can use the ritual system with other worlds equivalents of items/ monsters after your stay there.

>> No.56157505

Do we even know what this organization's goal is?
I tried looking it up once and found bupkis.

>> No.56157528

Go for it, that sounds excellent.

No. Many of the angel perks can be treated as being provided by something other than Grace. Many demons teleport without needing Grace, witches can pull of feats like the perks through various spells. While most angel perks are written with an emphasis on how angels might use the ability there are certainly other ways they might work.

>> No.56157537

The actual background plot of Conan is so stupid it's funny. Recently the protagonist convinced/bribed his fellow Youth Drugged scientist friend to whip up a temporary cure using vodka(?) so he could go on a class trip with his not!girlfriend. Do note that he's supposed to be dead and this is an otherwise hyper competent organization that will sound the alarms if he isn't.

So, he goes on the class trip, and there's a mysterious murder like always. Bold as always, he goes about his teenage detective thing and solves that shit hard. He's confident that everything goes smoothly and in fact finally becomes an item with his childhood friend after over a decade or two of relationship teasing. Got people to promise they'd stay quiet about seeing him, asked the police to stay hush about his involvement.

It's not like we're living in an age of information and like dozens of people saw him dramatically solve this fucking ghost murder case in a tourist hotspot. Oh wait, it is, people fucking took his picture and started blogging and stuff. Whoops.

Odds are everything will blow over because stuff like this kinda happens off and on. "Wait, what the fuck, he's still alive?" then one convenient plot later "Nope, lookalike coasting on fame/some guy with the same face/mistaken identity/etc." usually with outside help and REALLY convincing props or makeup.

>> No.56157548

Wow. That's a much better response than I was expecting. Very cool.
Next question: could I get some clarification on the Angelic Grace Item?
Is it a personal-scale supply, or something else? Does it grow, or regenerate? Would it be similarly enhanced by Alpha? Is it protected against thievery, and/or respawn if destroyed or expended, like some CP-bought items? Can I farm or share it to Angels I create? Can I combine it with Pugatory to create a realm-grade Grace that multiple Angels can rely upon?
Is there anything else you can think to mention that I haven't thought to ask?
Oh, and thanks for the updated Supernatural Jump in the first place, it's really neat! Sorry I didn't mention that earlier.

>> No.56157550

Okay, I'm trying to do some math on how massive being an Ananta-sized Nastika in Kubera makes you. At minimum he's much, much more massive than the entire real-world universe. The observable universe in our reality masses around 1E55 grams, and that's about as massive as a sphere of solid aluminum a light year in radius. Ananta is larger than galaxies, which if they're anything like galaxies in our universe are a hundred thousand light years across and a thousand light years thick. Even if he's made of something with much lower density than aluminum, he's still going to outmass the universe by several orders of magnitude. I'm trying to figure out how many orders. So, would anyone want to wager a guess on how many times larger than a galaxy Ananta is, going by this picture?

>> No.56157551

Nope, nothing, they're a shadowy organization that plans to do. . .stuff. They've apparently been around for a long time, have ass loads of resources and money, loads of power and have been involved in political assassination, replacing important representatives with body doubles in their pocket and tangled with the FBI more than a few times. Their actual goal though I don't think has ever been revealed. Even the characters who have LITERALLY BEEN IN THE ORGANIZATION AND GOT OUT seemingly have no fucking clue.

>> No.56157556

>Odds are everything will blow over because stuff like this kinda happens off and on. "Wait, what the fuck, he's still alive?" then one convenient plot later "Nope, lookalike coasting on fame/some guy with the same face/mistaken identity/etc." usually with outside help and REALLY convincing props or makeup.

Ah, the old status quo cliffhanger and fakeout, my mortal enemy

>> No.56157574

>finally became an item
Weren't they already an item before he got turned into a child?

Also, five bucks says that they'll go back to the previous relationship status quo fairly soon.

>> No.56157575

Shikako? Did you use Fan-verse to Jump Dreaming of Sunshine?
...is there a Build/Write-up of how it went that you'd be willing to share?

>> No.56157616

I did indeed! It was fun, though I have to admit Jashin was a pain to deal with. Worth it, though!

Oh yeah, I made a build, the write up was fairly basic though. I can still post it if you want, though.

>> No.56157620

Yes please!

>> No.56157623

The Grace you have as an angel is your personal grace, so it would probably be much stronger as an Alpha Angel. As an item it is something that can be taken from you if not protected (though admittedly I don't know how out-of-jump characters might go about learning they can steal it) but will definitely respawn with you the next jump if lost or used up in experiments or something.
I have no idea how to farm it, but I wouldn't say it's impossible with all the stuff available in the chain. You can definitely donate it to other angels (or possibly take their's, if you're into that). Just bear in mind removing an angel's grace is pretty much the most taboo thing an angel can do in setting and will probably get you in a heap of trouble if you get caught here. Taking out your own Grace is basically blasphemy while taking another's is treated worse than murder.
As for combining it with Purgatory, you could do that, sure. Angelic Grace doesn't seem very picky about where it's stored or what it gives the added life energy to.

>> No.56157636

Oh, okay. Give me a second to find it...

>> No.56157665

Maybe? They made a big deal out of "Boyfriend" "Girlfriend" titles in the recent plotline.

>> No.56157671

Wait, like only physical strength? Would we lose to a straight up fight against those two? Angels are a fair bit more than straight up physical power.

>> No.56157680

Define Harder, Define Weaker. The problem with this is that it is a convenience perk that is expensive and not particularly convenient. Rituals don't seem to be something that need to be done constantly to retain your magic so this would only be useful with difficult or costly rituals and making them even more difficult/costly for what is at the end of the day an inferior magic is extremely unappealing.

>you can use the ritual system with other worlds equivalents of items/ monsters after your stay there.
That doesn't at all solve the problem, unless you can find the exact same (or close enough) sites, items, and monsters as used in this world you'll need to create entirely new rituals each time. Any magic you learn in this world will be useless after you leave, any you create in the next world will be useless after you leave there, and so on so forth. Unless you intend to insure that the resources for every ritual will be present in every future jump the problem remains.

Insurance that your magic won't go away once the rituals become impossible is essential to this setting, and it shouldn't be unreasonably difficult or weaken you just to be able to keep using the magic.

Also why isn't there a perk for dealing with unfortunate costs to using magic, such as Shion's Broom Magic that costs memories to use? Shouldn't you make not of how dangerous that magic is in the perk that gives you access to it?

>> No.56157707

Shouldn't the Angel Blade be free to Angels, considering it's basic equipment given to most if not all of them?

>> No.56157726


I put a note about rituals, magic here is not constant, you do the ritual, access the spell for a unfixed amount of uses, lose the access to the spell after that, and have to redo the ritual.
That's how it works, I won't ignore it just because.

The reason for ritual of permanence is just that, give the jumper a permanent access to the ritual magic.

Sion loses memories because he was using unstable new magic, just like his comet sword (but in bigger scale) Unless you go around looking for it, it's not something you can easily encounter.

>> No.56157742

Cool, cool; thanks for the prompt and detailed response.
So during the Jump it'd be best to keep it personal, and hold off on really experimenting with and/or transplanting it until later Jumps, unless I want to really get the other Angels pissed at me.
As for reproducing it. or 'farming it' to supply others...at the moment the easiest method I can think of is the Crest Worms from Valeria's Fate/Zero Jump. Convert 'em to produce it, hatch more, temporarily drain them into a storage container, or converted Angels, or a personal dimension, and I'd have a good quantity to mess with soon enough.

>> No.56157747

Why are Angel perks tied to an item? They don't seem particularly noteworthy or strong compared to the other ones that they need such a weakness as a balancing factor. Also pretty weird to tie perks to an item anyway.

>> No.56157755

>not doing both
>not having a Stand that both amplifies and intertwines their effects

>> No.56157798

>Define Harder, Define Weaker

Fanwank with responsibility, or just go with 50% harder with only 90% of the original strength if you aren't happy with that answer.
In any case, most of the negative effects of magic in the manga are direct products of badly modified rituals.

>> No.56157802

I said you'd be able to hold your own against them so no, you would not be guaranteed to lose. As I've already said an Alpha Angel's grace, their personal spiritual power, would also be much stronger.
Angels aren't special or powerful in the show now, occasionally being beat up by humans even while they retain their angelic powers.

Many angels aren't equipped with the blades. Only the soldiers Heaven sends for the purpose of killing something are give blades. Even among those soldiers there's nothing preventing you from losing the blade.

As per notes on angels you'll retain the powers bought with CP. The Grace can be used for providing life energy to something else and you just miss out on whatever angel powers you're only getting from the connection to Heaven.

>> No.56157812

Forgot to ask: any specific limits on the Tulpa Item/Companion?
Both what can be done to it, and the possibility of making some in later Jumps or without buying one with CP? For that matter, can the one bought with CP be...re-Crowdsourced in later Jumps?

>> No.56157821

We need to allow lewd jumps.

>> No.56157835

>I put a note about rituals
It doesn't matter, yes the rituals still work in other settings. Obviously they would. But unless you stuff your warehouse full of an infinite supply of everything you need for the rituals you won't have the very specific items and monsters you need to preform them.

>That's how it works, I won't ignore it just because.
Ok but then why be a mage when you won't be able to keep the magic when you leave? I know that this is the way it works in the setting but jumpers need a way to keep their magic after they leave, as it is the only method is the Great Magician capstone which is an origin specific capstone, requires a more difficult ritual, and gives you a weaker version of the magic.

It is essentially a mandatory perk and its 600 CP for anyone not taking that origin.

>Sion loses memories because he was using unstable new magic
No, his magic quite literally has his memories, specifically the happy ones, as a price he needs to pay to use any of his better magic. It isn't because it is new or unstable it is just the price he has to pay to use it.

>> No.56157839

Alright, found it. It's going to be a bit before we get to meeting Shikako, though, since I took Enduring Whirlpool.


>Orphan (100cp)


>Fine Control (100cp)
>Elemental Chakra Affinity (Free): Lightning
>Ninjutsu Specialisation (Free)
>Sensor Ninja Training (150cp)
>Genius of Hard Work (300cp)
>Fuinjutsu Prodigy (300cp)
>Uzumaki (200cp)

>Dosh (50cp)

>Stuffed (0cp)
>Boruto! (0cp)
>There's How Many Movies? (0cp)
>Fan-Verse: Dreaming of Sunshine (0cp)
>Hunted (Iwa) (100cp)
>Before My Eyes... (100cp)

>Enduring Whirlpool

I just want to make one thing clear: life as a shinobi fucking sucks. It may seem cool to be a magical ninja, up until you're forced to fight in a war against far more experienced and powerful magical ninja at the age of 13. The truth of the matter is, we were both outnumbered and outgunned. The village of Uzushiogakure was facing two Great Villages, Kiri and Iwa, and our ally, Konoha, was unable to send us any aid. Under normal circumstances, we would have been crushed.

Fortunately, I'm a Jumper, and that means these aren't normal circumstances already. Especially when I'm also a master of both tactics and seals. The former I possessed before the jump, while the latter I gained thanks to the use of various training perks. So, when the ninja of Rock and Mist came, expecting a great battle, they were instead met by something far more terrible: traps. Unending numbers of traps. Explosions, pitfalls, poisons, seals, all sorts of lovely, terrible traps that wreaked death and misery among the invading forces. While many had questioned trusting the advice of a child, a Genin, in matters of war, the fact that the war was turning in their favour quickly convinced many of the Uzumaki clan to embrace the situation.

>> No.56157843

>...That's an oddly specific vulnerability, there.
A lot of the older supernatural beings are like that.
The Alpha Shapeshifter was immune to silver, but iridium hurt him just fine. Crowley spent a pretty penny figuring that out.

>> No.56157879

Jump #429: Hellstar Remina
>Four of Cups (Luxury), reversed: The path of excess leading to spiritual rejuvenation and the appearance of novel ambitions.
Path of Excess? You mean like EATING ENTIRE PLANETS, MAYBE?
>Location: Solar Orbit
>Identity: Hellstar (-1000)
>Drawbacks: (+600) Remina Rival, Red Meat Diet, The Hunted Lay A Trap, Dead World
If I'm going to make a temporary return to being a monster, there's no reason to make it easy on myself.
>Hell Has Come To Earth (Free, Hellstar)
This is definitely a reason to have Toggle. Make everyone go mad with the revelation! Or don't. That's cool too.
>A Single Greater Being (500, Hellstar)
I may not have much of a biosphere, but I assume this would apply to other aspects of myself. Like the civilization that basically lives inside of my soul. Wait, had I basically turned myself into an inside-out planet already?
>Playing With The Food (300, Hellstar)
Man, I could have made use of this in the past. I'll be using it in the future, certainly. Retaliate against what attacks me with equal strength, as long as I survive it! Oh yes.
>Mad World (0, Hellstar)
Physics are for amateurs, apparently. Starting with: I'm bigger on the inside. My soul, I mean. Because my inner cosmos has a good reason to grow quite a lot, abruptly.

>> No.56157887

The maker of a tulpa in Supernatural is almost invariably killed by whatever they create once it gains a life of it's own, only not killing the creator if they get rid of it before it has the chance. Using the same ritual available in jump will probably be problematic. You could probably create other tulpas or trick people into making them for you but it would be a chore.
As for it being changes further in subsequent jumps... tentative no. It's in a different dimension than the symbol people need to be focused on to create change in the tulpa which seems like it would cause interference.

>> No.56157888

"Mina-chan, hey, Mina-chan!"
"Are there any moons left?"
"What'cha dooooing?"
"But you ate the last moon, the one with the blue planet! And I'm so hungry. What'cha gonna do with that planet?"
"Awww, Mina-chaaan, did you just lick the planet so I wouldn't take it?"
"Hmph. And here everyone told me not to play with my food."
"Fine! Don't come griping at me when you get shark with legs stuck in your teeth."

At which point I run like hell while Remina is distracted and eating Earth, tearing a path across the cosmos and eating on the run. Sure, I'm hungry and Remina is definitely ticked off at me after I took a big bite out of Earth when it wasn't looking, but this is definitely a comedy-horror.

"Haha, Mina-chan can't catch me~"
"That was close, Mina-chan~"

Mostly it took the form of me seeming like a sort of herald for Remina, coming in, spooking folks, nomming what I could before Remina came in to exterminate civilizations. Once in a while I'd get a few good bites in, but staying a step ahead of Remina kept life... very interesting. Though largely it also meant that I wasn't given as much attention as Remina was, since it was basically chasing me. There were a few times where I got hurt, but nothing too severe. Surprisingly.

It might also have been the fact that I had fear-amplifying abilities running full tilt along with appearing to the more psychically-inclined natives of each population, and telling them that they're mean and my big brother Remina-chan will be coming soon so they'd better be nice.

>"U WOT M8."
"Awww, but Mina-chan, don't you love me~?"
>"WAT. NO."
"Wait. Really?"
"Oh. Hey, Mina-chan~"
"Ninja vanish!"

I'm a little worried about the end effects that being a goddamn planet will have on my final form, however...

>> No.56157903

To me, it seems to be that you can only access the perks purchased from the Angel tree while you have the Grace; and those perks are the only abilities from being an Angel that you'll have moving on, but they're tied to the Grace. I understand why the non-perk abilities would be removed post-jump, but tying the perks themselves to the Grace makes it seem like it'd be better to just buy a few personally-appealing ones out-of-origin. None of the other origins seem to suffer from a similarly-crippling weakness despite their perks being generally on par.

>> No.56157906

>It is essentially a mandatory perk and its 600 CP for anyone not taking that origin.

Other origins have perks that give you more rituals, just look at the Research Assistant perk tree. And like I said before, you can still use the ritual magic system in other places by default, even if the rituals are not exactly the same. Also, don't take the magico rituals as a reference, since it's explicitly said that they are extremely specific.

Shion has to pay with his happy memories to access his advanced new broom spells as the ritual itself, he himself says that is because the spell is both new and devolved by him.
His brother later passes him a Orihalcom Ring that let him bypass that (he says it was made with his own memories, but I doubt he had any good ones considering his background)

...Yeah I could put that ring in the items section, but I'm unsure of how price it.

>> No.56157943

Over the next few years, the invading forces suffered terribly, met with not only a seemingly endless series of traps but also devastating defeats at the hands of an Uzumaki clan, who's mastery of seals were already legendary, guided by some brilliant tactical mind. However, it quickly became clear that it was Iwa that was suffering heavier losses. While such a thing might seem strange at first, the answer was made clear when spies brought back information on the one responsible for their defeats: an Uzumaki orphan who had lost his family to Iwa assassins many years ago. He had given the spies a message to carry to the Jonin in charge of operations in the area, the same Jonin who had once been assassinated a pair of Uzumaki during the peacetime: "Payback's a bitch, ain't it?"

The messengers promptly exploded, having had seals attached to them that would detonate once the message had been delivered. The resulting fireball incinerated everyone in the area, including the Jonin, whose eyes had been filled with horror and shock right before the fire consumed him. His death set off a chain of events that, combined with their losses, caused Iwa to pull back. This front simply cost too many lives, it was no longer worth it. Though Kiri hung on for a little while longer, Konoha's forces eventually arrived, and the Mist ninja fled while they could. When the war ended, Uzushiogakure still stood, and many reparations were made by the vastly weakened Iwa and Kiri. And all the while, one particular Genin, though now on the fast track to promotion, stood smiling and smug, content at having finally gotten payback. That Genin was me, if you couldn't tell.

Anywho, years passed, and a great deal happened during those years. The Third Shinobi World War came, though this time Leaf had their old ally Whirlpool on their side, and one Minato Namikaze and his beloved Kushina Uzumaki had a far larger support base.

>> No.56157952

Looking at the pics that were posted when the jump came it seems like Hellstar Remina is my kind of spooky.
But is actually any good? Does it deliver on the spoop?

>> No.56157957

It's from the same man who made Gyo. I referenced sharks with legs on purpose there! So... kind of?

>> No.56157959

I don't know much about Magico but might I suggest putting in a magic section, one that lets us buy magic to keep with no fuss about rituals or weird costs? This all sounds like a huge pain in the ass.

>> No.56157967

Why was the Archangel Blade removed?

>> No.56157970

Jump #430: Friday the 13th
>Knight of Swords: A merciless and skillful warrior, unfettered by emotion or conscience.
>Age: 20
>Location: Camp Crystal Lake, 1979
Why, this looks like a fine place to pitch a tent- are those twins? Yes? I now wish to double my entendre.
>Identity: Drop-In
>Drawbacks: (+200) He's Back
Argh, I hate slasher flicks. No matter what happens, somehow the villain reappears.
>Common Sense (Free, Drop-In)
Common sense is anything but.
>Lucky (1000, Drop-In)
I'd rather be lucky than good. You could be good but not good enough, but if you're lucky enough...
>Deader Than Dead (700, Drop-In)
Except for external forces, at least lightning won't strike Jason's grave.
>PTSD Proof (600)
Pretty sure I already have my bases covered here, but it never hurts to have this after ten years as a murderous giant planet.
>Trapper (500)
Eh, knowledge of the sorts of traps that prove effective in this world would be helpful, certainly.
>Research Facility (300, Drop-In)
Well, this makes for a nice R&D facility for the folks from CruxCorp to occupy.
>Companion Import (0)
"Who feels like going camping?!" "oh fuck he's got the axe-crazy grin." "You ARE allowed to say no, guys."

>> No.56157982

>Ch-ch-ch, ah-ah-ah...
>Ch-ch-ch, ah-ah-ah...
"No. No no no."
"A machete in my spleen, apparently."
>"Wait. What?" "Ohmygod, how are you so calm?!"
"Excuse me a moment, ladies. Jason, right?"
"Here, this is yours."
>"Oh Jesus!" "Ohmigawd, I think you need a hospital."
>"Let's get out of here-" "But he just totally-"
"Now you sit down and think about what you did, young man."
>"Did that really just happen?"
"No, regretfully, we never got past second base and the stabbing ruined the mood. Obliviate!"

Every time. EVERY time I let down my guard. For TEN YEARS. A goddamn machete in my spleen. And no matter what I did to Jason - freeze him solid, throw him into the sun, exile him to a pocket dimension, transfigure him into a five dimensional object that tied itself in knots - he'd keep showing up, and announce his presence by shoving a machete in my spleen.

Mother fucker.

>> No.56157990

It hasn't been removed, it's just listed in the jump as Angel Blade now. It's the exact same item it ever was, 100CP cheaper.

>> No.56158000

Jump #431: A Nightmare on Elm Street
>Six of Cups (Pleasure): Engaging in acts of gentle kindness. Harmony of natural forces without effort or strain.
On Elm Street? REALLY?
>Location: Springwood, Ohio, 1981
>Identity: Drop-In
>Drawbacks: (+300) Night Terrors
Man, Freddy's success sure inspired the dream demons to empower a lot of others.
>Sweet Dreams (Free, Drop-In)
At least I get to make sure there aren't going to be nightmares, except when these empowered jerks are playing around anyway.
>Dreamless Sleep (1000, Drop-In)
Actually, I don't have to worry about them at all, unless I want to deal with them that is.
>You're In My World Now (400)
And in the event that I DO decide to deal with them, I can no-sell their demonic bullshit and deal with them.
>Sugar and Caffeine (300)
More food for the Infinite Buffet! Delicious snacks and drinks.
>Companion Import (0)
"Who feels like taking a nap?!" "oh fuck he's grinning again." "Three words, friends: Duncan Hills Coffee."

>> No.56158014

>"One, two, Freddy's coming for you."
"Three, four, Freddy's such a bore."
>"That's not how it goes, kid."
"Five, six, I know his tricks."
>"Ah, we've got a wise guy, eh?"
"Seven, eight, gonna fuck his face."
>"Ooh, that's going to raise the rating. Bad language makes for bad feelings."
"Nine, ten, your head a splode."
>"Wait that doesn't rhyyyyyAAAAA-" Pop.
"Breaking the fourth wall is for Deadpool, you asshat."
>"Oh. Oh you little bastard."
"Your head a splode, that's what."
>"AaaaaAAAAA-" Pop. "God. Damn. It. That REALLY HURTS."
"Huh. That's funny, it's like I can actually hurt you because you decided to poke around in my head and it turns out I'm some kind of eldritch horror from beyond space and time that's fucking around with you because I'm bored and I want your head to explode into confetti because this way you come back for more and keep entertaining me instead of being an asshat by killing people who can barely defend themselves and thus derailing the way things would have gone your way despite your seeming defeats."
"Sorry, Charlie. This ain't that kind of movie anymore."

I mean, at least I didn't spend ten years getting a machete in my spleen? But yeah, this wasn't the most fun I've had in a jump either, even if I kept making Freddy's head explode every time he starts screwing with peoples' dreams. Pavlovian conditioning doesn't so much work for him, but that's okay, because exploding his head works for long enough. If nobody dies because of him, nobody will remember him, and in five years he's basically not able to do anything to anyone because no one knows anything about him and he doesn't have a way in anymore. What a shame.

Also, the obliviate spell works wonders as well.

Everyone who wasn't Freddy, on the other hand? They got dragged into the real world before they got the exploding head treatment, so that they would NOT come back.

>> No.56158017

For Meta-Fiction, can you choose for certain books to be published, or is it all or nothing? Do you gain books for past jumps? How much does a given "book" cover, and how quickly will they update (like, can you watch new pages being filled in as you partake in such adventures, or do you only gain completed copies and if the latter when do you receive them)?

>> No.56158021


The problem is that there are few spells that haven't been covered by the perks. Like, a flame user one, a healing one, and the one of the dude that could summon swords from his scars. The rest are either too vague, strange or glossed over.
I could throw OC ones, but I would really prefer to not go there.

Can't I simply put a note saying that you're still able to use the ritual magic system?

>> No.56158033

Nice builds Crux. Have you done The Evil Dead yet?

>> No.56158041

...Damn. I'm such a baka.

>> No.56158042

Don't know why that 'been' is there before assassinated.

However, despite all this, certain events proceeded like they had before. In Rain, a group known as Akatsuki came to power, led by a man who claimed to be God. In Konoha, the Kyuubi was released from Kushina, despite aid from several Uzumaki sealers (who were killed by a man wielding strange abilities), and was ultimately sealed within Naruto Uzumaki. Though the boy was looked after by Uzumaki that had moved to Konoha over the years, he was still bereft of his family. And...well, that was something I could relate to.

I had wanted to change events, truly, I did, but Madara knew that and kept me off guard via provoking a near-war between Kiri and Uzushiogakure, which I had come to rule over, so by the time I turned my attention towards Leaf it was too late. The damage was already done. Despite this, I tried my best to help Naruto while still leading my own village, and eventually the boy came to see me as an uncle figure, something that touched me deeply.

Now, I happened to be visiting the village one day when I heard a conversation about sealing. As it turns out, Naruto and one of his little friends were discussing sealing, since the boy had become more aware of the art thanks to being raised by his clan (sadly though, he wasn't exactly...good, at it), and was able to talk to her about it. Imagine my surprise to find that it was a Nara, of all people, who was curious to learn more about sealing! Oh, but I knew this Nara. She seemed quite shocked to see me, almost starstruck, and I knew right then and there that this was an opportunity that could NOT be passed up.

>> No.56158062

So we retain the Grace. We retain our Wings. And we can do stuff so long as it doesn't depend on Heaven? (Which is actually an awful lot of stuff).

>> No.56158074

To be fair if we're scaling archangels by what the absolute two most powerful ones are capable of-recently I get the impression the showrunners are trying to pretend Lucifer's always been a scrub.

Not only is fistfighting him nowadays somehow portrayed as RELEVANT instead of a prelude to being obliterated with a wave of a hand, but he ended up stranded on an alternate Earth, where an alternate Michael showed up. When they fought, there was no 1/2 planet explosion, just a bunch of shitty SFX followed by Michael putting Lucifer in an armlock

>> No.56158081

Why don't you tell the thread what you REALLY think of Val's recent jumps?

>> No.56158092

...because if you haven't, it might be worth doing before heading to Freddy vs Jason vs Ash.

Hail to the ch-ch-ch, ah-ah-ah, bitch, it's here in time for the witching hour!

>> No.56158117

Fuck off, your jumps aren't wanted nor needed here. And besides, you guys have your own drive. Seriously, is there a reason besides internet fame that you guys keep trying to get your jumps accepted here?

>> No.56158147

Neat. Think you'll get the Spoops update in for Generic Creepypasta? I can come up with some more spoopy combos if you want.

>> No.56158150

Shouldn't you be in bed? How are you going to have the energy to trick-or-treat if you shitpost all night?

>> No.56158151

Are there any discounts on perks or items, or just freebies for 100 CP options?

>> No.56158152

Looks good. How noticeable is the King's plot armor? Are we talking about ancient amulets falling out of the sky, or just not being hit by the Predator if you're fighting something somewhere convenient magical artifacts don't exist?

>> No.56158158

Okay, so, here's the thing about teaching Shikako sealing: the kid's really, REALLY good at it. She's not quite on the level that a prodigy from the Uzumaki clan would be, but god damn is she close. Part of this comes from her being a reincarnation, and part of that comes from her just being naturally talented by it. That being said, however, she does have a flaw: she has a lack of confidence in herself. This could make teaching her difficult, sometimes, since I had to encourage her to trust her instincts and pursue her own path. Eventually, however, she began to grasp the concept, and from there went on to do great things.

As time went on, Shikako's sealing abilities became crucial to our efforts to battle Akatsuki, as well as the war against Kumo and Iwa, thought the latter had taken a beating in both previous wars and was thus not too much of a threat. Even Kumo wasn't much of a threat to the alliance, as their greatest weapons (Killer Bee and Yugito) were vulnerable to the Uzumaki clan and their incredible sealing abilities. Of course, it was in the middle of all this that Tailed Beast hosts began disappearing. I admit, much to my shame I did not prepare for the Akatsuki to strike out of order, but they did. I was also not prepared for the White Zetsu army to appear so early.

The war turned towards fighting the White Zetsu army, as all the villages were weakened at this point. It was up to Naruto to unite them, as I was in no position to argue for peace after fighting in three Great Wars. Shikako once again proved her worth, using her abilities to create incredible seals that even I had not thought of, like the anti-gravity seal. Despite our efforts, Madara gathered enough Tailed Beasts to start the Juubi's revival, though it was not enough to fully resurrect it. Unlike in canon, we managed to stop it from reviving, and through an epic battle, defeated Madara. Finally, the war was over.

>> No.56158176

You gain books for past jumps. The books are released as complete stories, so you'll only get a book once a particular episode or storyline can be wrapped up semi-neatly into a narrative. Since the books are published as a series if you were to omit certain stories it would probably leave big plot holes in the stories to follow. At the same time, I don't really see a problem if you want to keep certain books out of circulation.
I was thinking it'd be one book for each jump, provided when you complete a jump. But it's not really explicit on when you get the completed book so I'll just say they are available as soon as any of your story-worthy adventures comes to an end. Obviously you can get a lot more than one book of adventures out of a given jump though, so I'll just say it's one book at minimum perk jump, with many more possible depending on how much interesting activity you do while out in the world.

>> No.56158179

I'll do it later tonight, but that would be good anon, thanks!

Yeah, there are discounts.

Pretty noticeable; Ash gets hits hard several times, and survives shit that would definitely kill lesser mortals. I don't think it'll be quite on the level of amulets falling out of the sky, but not being lethally hit by the Predator is a definite possibility.

For instance, this page...

>> No.56158180

Excellent, Glad I did not miss it.

>> No.56158181

>Other origins have perks that give you more rituals,
Two, one origin has the Combo magic and another has a perk that turns your daily life into a ritual that provides a random bit of magic relevant to what you were doing. Also Broom Magic but that is Great Magician.

>Also, don't take the Magico rituals as a reference, since it's explicitly said that they are extremely specific.
All the rituals we are shown have similarly complicated rituals, Broom Magic can only be obtained by defeating 1000 of a specific monster that only appears in one place. Sure some minor rituals mentioned off hand might be doable in just about any setting with generic ingredients like the just needing a snake for the fire magic ritual or just with actions like the fasting ritual but most of the fun magic is going to use specific monsters/items that while likely not as rare or dangerous as those used for the Broom and Magico Rituals will still be impossible to find in other settings.

Question on Broom Magic, does that give us Reverse Broom Magic

>> No.56158189

Neat. You forgot the conclusion thing, tho.

>> No.56158200

The fire ritual needs you to hunt down the horns of a fire dragon though. . .

>> No.56158204

Are there any limits on Crossover: the Crossovering? Do you, for example, have to have copies of the relevant media on hand, or can you just choose some things regardless? What kind of quality can you expect? Does it take the highest of the combined series? Lowest? Somewhere in between? Its own? Can you crossover different types of media, like films with books, for example?

>> No.56158205

...happens a few pages after this one. >>56156772

>> No.56158216

No, you can just choose. Whatever quality you want. Yes, you can crossover different types of media.

>> No.56158220

I have only one question:

How much pie DOES the Elysian Fields have?

>> No.56158227

Man, Ash looks like a fucking wimp in this. Does he actually do anything worth mentioning, or is he just constantly punked?

>> No.56158238

Thanks. If you crossover different types of media, can you choose the format?

>> No.56158239

LOVE it man
Been waiting for it since you announced it

>> No.56158247

Yes to both

>> No.56158251

>I'll do it later tonight, but that would be good anon, thanks!
Anon? Oh, I didn't have my name on. Huh. I'll come up with a few more then. Might try for more variety than just Spook+X though.

>> No.56158257

There doesn't seem to be a reason to buy anything other than Zombie and its upgrade.

>> No.56158261 [SPOILER] 

Enough to sate even Dean Winchester's appetite.

>> No.56158281



What >>56158247 said; they all job to each other at various points. I almost included a jobbing drawback because of that, but couldn't decide how to balance it.

Oh hai TopHat! That would be nice, thanks man!

What makes you say that?

>> No.56158282

>so many things to buy
>so little CP to spend them on

Uncap pls?

>> No.56158289

Quick question on 'A Taste Of Your Own Medicine.' Does it count those who wanted to die, those you later resurrected, and/or those you sent to a form of Heaven?
Or can they be exceptions?

>> No.56158293

No to the first two, and the last one would depend on if they're happy or not.

>> No.56158296

So we should just assume we'll be able to find what we need in future settings? I mean you could also make sure we'll be able to find the stuff in other worlds or let us fudge the rituals with substitutes but that seems rather dicey.

>> No.56158298

Any suggesion then ? If I throw some OV ones then I could make a ritual/spell section, or maybe just a Couple Tournament scenario with the reward being the ability to summon what you need for your rituals

You can self-inmolate yourself to gain fire control too.

>> No.56158312

Do angels have any innate ability to heal others? Or do I need to whip my Grace out and slap people with it for that?

>> No.56158314

I companioned her. I have a pretty big theme on redemption in my current chain. It did not end well.

>> No.56158320

Hmmm. I'll have to review my plans for squaring the temporary expediency of killing with my various ways of countering and modifying the process for my (temporary) victims.
Busy busy busy.

>> No.56158322

What's that one perk where I can instill souls into my creations, e.g. robots?

Alternatively, does anyone know if soul-shit exists in Overwatch, and if Omnics count as having them?

>> No.56158338

Unless it's something really specifc you should be able to find the necesary things

>> No.56158340

I think they have souls? vaguely recall that the stuff zen does is actually some kinda weird spiritual magic.

>> No.56158356

I would suggest putting in some things that would let you get around it; such as a perk that let you do your rituals with substitutes, an item that provides you with a replenishing supply of the materials needed for a wide variety of magic, and a version of the Great Magician capstone that just lets you keep the magic from your rituals without the increased cost and weakened magic.

>> No.56158358

>High Stakes
So... Is this just really great durability or what? What does it actually do? Does it let you tank nukes and such as long as they don't incorporate your specific weakness...?

Because I'm having a hard time imagining any character from Supernatural being able to do that, let alone one of the Pagan "gods".

>> No.56158369

Demon: the Fallen and/or Alterworld D. Rus.

>> No.56158379

True sage can do that

I think I can do the scenario and put that as a reward

No , just take True Sage , you will be able to increase the ritual a little more and hae the full spell

>> No.56158382

So about the Broom Magic question though?
>does that perk give us Reverse Broom Magic?

>> No.56158391

I have, actually. Ended up getting sucked into the past too.

>> No.56158400


If you take Archmage with Broom Magic, you gain the full broom collection without the memory loss.

>> No.56158407

It'll have to work for now, till I can get my Companion slotted in as All-Spark Chosen in Transformers.

Thank ye thank ye.

>> No.56158419

Is any hobby more or at least as pathetic?

>> No.56158442

Yeah. Mocking people who're on 4chan to begin with, much less their preferred choice of wasting-time-until-death-creeps-close.

Stop being a suburban white mother and keep your arse with your own business.

>> No.56158448

From just looking at the hobby nothing really, but looking at the people who are part of it plenty of other hobbies come to mind, mostly because of the size of the hobby and the amount of autists it attracts.

>> No.56158456

>and the amount of autists it attracts.

Let's be honest, it's mostly this qualifier above all the others.

>> No.56158457

The small horse show

>> No.56158459

>So we should just assume we'll be able to find what we need in future settings?

Yes, for most part, some things would need a replacement (like the Agnis, that are man-sized scorpions) in some settings, but you should be able to do the ritual still.


Stamp collector and shitposting


True Sage takes care of that
I will consider making the scenario with that item as a reward... or simply a 600cp non discounted one.
No, I won't do that, take True Sage and Ritual of Permanence for a special ritual if you want the full magic being permanent.

>> No.56158469

Does serial killing count?

>> No.56158471

How would we increase the ritual anyway? The rituals seem like they're rather specific and wouldn't the "power" of the magic be more dependent on the one using it that the magic itself? Also Reading true sage it doesn't seem like that is true, altering a ritual to serve a different purpose isn't the same as making it just more powerful.

That doesn't really make a lot of sense, reading that perk I can't understand why it would have that kind of effect. If the Broom Magic is the full broom magic what is the reason for needing another unrelated perk?

If we buy a magic as a perk will we need to repeat the ritual?

>> No.56158488

Which jumpmakers are good at fluff?

>> No.56158493

Why isn't Auralnauts in the Star Wars folder?

>> No.56158503

Probably because it's technically not part of any Stars Wars canon. Also, Stannis

>> No.56158504

There's no need to be butthurt about it

>> No.56158512

Definitely something I considered doing during the update. The existing drawbacks really favour late-chain Jumpers and uncapping would just make it easier for them to take a lot of things with no real threat. Meanwhile early Jumpers would have trouble still with drawbacks. If I were to change drawbacks to treat different stages of the chain a bit more equally it would have been one thing but I was hoping to let people preserve builds from before if desired. Still, I'm open to listen on reasons why I should change the drawback limit.

Healing is one of those things most angels explicitly need the connection to Heaven for, except for certain higher orders of angels.

There are some hurdles in making perks for a setting that consistently betrays its own established rules and lore. You could consider nukes and the like to be "deadliest weapon" in more than name like the other absolute examples and still present a very real threat. Alternatively, I can just change the description to only apply to conventional weapons which seems like the best solution.

>> No.56158517

If you want to see butthurt, time-travel back a few years ago to my college days.

>> No.56158522

The Hollow Quest jump is pretty full of fluff, who made that?

>> No.56158524

>drops in to check on jumpchain
On one hand, that does look like a nice update to Supernatural, and in general I just like stupid_dog and the work he puts out.

On the other, I dislike that it is apparently now completely standard to make >10 page jumps, let alone >20 or >30. The longer jumps offer specificity, but I admit to preferring simpler perks and items that fit setting archetypes and themes instead.

There are advantages to the new style -- depending on execution it can give me a better idea of an unfamiliar setting, or make me nod appreciatively at someone demonstrating an understanding of a setting that I'm familiar with, but I've also found it can be confusing and make the jump more of a slog to read through, and the combinatoric hell of coming up with a build gets a bit nuts.

Something like, say, Light of Terra, is difficult to consume by the sheer amount of text, and I think the author had difficulty as well because the pricing seems inconsistent. Entries also could have often benefited from summation and the removal of setting/faction specific jargon or propaganda.

I also can't help but feel like Chaos is mishandled and should have been where the dice tables were -- instead of autokilling your Companion, at some point sacrificing your Companion got you [their original cost]*(1d5-2) points as an example -- and Chaos might giveth (double or even triple refund!), taketh (pay their cost again but they're dead anyways, haha), or ignoreth (companion is dead and nothing to show for it, or just straight refund). Basically, constantly offer Chaos/Warp Events that you can roll for if you're a gambling Jumper which will greatly benefit you... but could also get you stuck with more and more Chaos cult trappings.

I also acknowledge that this is a whole bunch of work and the author was pushing a setting backed narrative of the perils of the Warp. Don't know that I agree, but hey, I didn't put the work in to make a >100 page Jump.

Happy Halloween, Jumpchain!

>> No.56158529

Just felt the need to preach at 2 in the morning?

>> No.56158534

>muh too long autism

>> No.56158536


Shit, I'm too sleepy. I meant Archmage for the increase.

>How would we increase the ritual anyway?
Fanwank, I would say that a little less than the double of the original cost for a full powered, permanent magic.

>The rituals seem like they're rather specific and wouldn't the "power" of the magic be more dependent on the one using it that the magic itself?

Depends a lot, Luu's ritual for her kickass combo magic was to hit a rock a million times (or a thousand-? I'm sleepy) and is basically the only thing in her repertoire. I meant Archamage, blame my lack of coffee.

>Broom Magic is the full broom magic what is the reason for needing another unrelated perk?

Yeah, is the full broom magic, I thought you were talking about Comet, that sword shion makes out of the broom.

No, since you purchased it with cp it won't disappear, nor you will need to repeat the ritual ever again.

>> No.56158541

I dunno, I haven't actually read most of the Jumps on the drive because I like them to be left as surprises when I Jump them, and my memory is shit. Val's stuff usually leaves me really hyped, but there's a clear bias there since I was her admirer even before our current relationship.

Happy Halloween, anon.

>> No.56158542

I know you're basically an idiot preaching but using LoT as your example jump is really bad when it follows few to none of the conventions that any other jump does before or after it was made.

>> No.56158549

Adventure Time probably can do the trick, since if you consider your robots to be soulless, they should count.

>> No.56158560

That's a fair point! I used it because it was an example that jumped to mind after a long absence from /jc/. I've only read about ten jumps since coming back -- in part due to length -- but are there any you'd hold up as an example of current 'standard' or one that excels?

>> No.56158564

Read Nigga, also I'm disappointed in not finding a Halloween Arcueid pic so have a Santa Arcueid.

>> No.56158566

What do you mean by You Can Never Die's " sped along if you already have access to other methods of revival"? Does that mean healing factors will help, and/or that one-up perks increase the speed?

>> No.56158568

Happy Halloween, anon, and everyone else, too!

>> No.56158571

I mean the Reverse Broom Magic which can make a bunch of different brooms with various effects. The Star Sword is one of them yes.

>> No.56158576

I mean that if your companions have resurrection magic they can use it on you, too.

>> No.56158578

Okay, so who are you and why should we care.

>> No.56158581

Right, thanks. Incidentally, WOULD a healing factor help speed the process along? Thanks for the spooky jump, btw.

>> No.56158587

No, it wouldn't, not unless returning from death (NOT survive as a drop of blood or whatever) is part of it's thing.

>> No.56158588

I don't really care to since I believe you'd just mindlessly attack it because it's long.

>> No.56158589


Nope,you do need True Sage for that one. Since it's not the original Broom Magic (the one offered in the perk) but a new spell taking Broom Magic as a base.

>> No.56158601

>but some such as the Necronomicon may be too powerful to do so.
Is this a hard limit inherent to the perk, or can it be mitigated with your own personal power/perks from elsewhere?

>> No.56158604


It's thematic to have a lot of weird, inexplicable calamities plaguing you during your stay? Angels lost all their top brass and got depowered, gods are almost wiped out, witches have a terrible track record as team players. When I think about it everyone in the setting seems to be operating under like 3-4 drawbacks and even more in the case of the Winchesters, including most of the 300 CPs.

It's not just the more powerful beings though; humans like...every significant woman in the Winchesters' life now that I think about it goes through hell and back without having any kind of unique abilities. If they can manage to survive, surely someone with actual perks and such has an even better chance.

>> No.56158612


Okay that was a poor choice of words, I was mainly thinking of Mary and that one Dean dated that got away. But still, the fact that some DID survive speaks volumes.

>> No.56158613

It's a hard limit.

>> No.56158617

Why does the Ritual Of Permanence weaken the magic anyway? It is an entirely OC perk and since you say the weakening is only slight it really seems to there just to irritate people.

Why would True Sage have that effect on an entirely different perk and why wouldn't the Broom Magic perk give us Shion's Broom Magic?

>> No.56158618

Yeah, you're really overestimating that comparison. The winchesters do not in the slightest have the 300s. If anything, they have both sides help them plenty of times because both sides have plans that require the boys to be alive and willing.

>> No.56158624

Dude, when none of the main characters have not died at least once, you've got a bad argument.

>> No.56158632

Couple more Spooky combos.
A simple one to start with; you could add Spook to the giant list of traits you can give your mutations/spawn.
Spook+Biome- Allows you to add a desired level of terror to your biomes, from mild unease right the way up to heart pounding terror. As this is in addition to the effects such an appearance would normally invoke you could create a cutesy terror dome or a slightly unnerving haunted locale. You may also set up specific instances of Spook’s atmospheric abilities to trigger as people approach.
Spook+Blighted- Rather than pure fear, you can choose for the sight of you to invoke a response akin to mysophobia or germaphobia.
Spook+ESP- You can choose to have the fear or atmospheric effects of Spook only visible to specific people you could already target with ESP, either those in your range or that your ESP can reach through another combo.
Spook+Elemental- The sight of your element can induce a response akin to a phobia of your chosen material.
Spook+Glitch- Your chain emails will be dreadfully convincing since you can now send a ‘data packet’ of fear, or a specific set of atmospheric effects.
Spook+Shapeshifting- By focusing on someone you can shift into the appearance of the person or creature they fear most.

Non-spook combos in next post.

>> No.56158635

Mmm, why exactly? Wouldn't it just be a matter of absorbing more energy? Or bypassing their defenses if they had any?

>> No.56158636

Anon they were at the literal epicenter of the Apocalypse, "help" is a very odd word when the endgame is still being used to wipe out half the earth. And that's the better archangel's endgame.

>when none of the main characters have not died at least once

How is that relevant. I was making the point that unempowered humans can and have stuck it out for a long, long time in order to give a few examples of some making it through intact.

>> No.56158643

And now some that don’t involve Spook.
Demograph+Glitch- The information gathered through any use of Demograph also includes some information about the targets online or digital activities and presence. You may learn of their social media accounts or the sorts of digital recreation they partake of, such as which console they play.
Glitch+Mark/Malediction- You may give those you mark or curse good or bad luck with computers, as your Glitch abilities either act to benefit them, or to hinder them.
Rotter+Malediction- A particularly terrible rotting curse, horrible to those unlucky enough to fall under its sway.
Stranger+Mark/Possessive/Malediction/Toxin/Rotter/Blighted- Those under your dread influence will find it incredibly hard to find support, as they become imperceivable as suits your desires. If you have cursed someone thusly, for instance, people will notice them trying to rob a bank, but if they call for help no-one will hear them.
Shadow Person+Spawn/Biome/Mutate- You can create living shadows, entities weakened in light but extremely swift in the dark.

>> No.56158644

It's still very different from what you claimed it was. They are a far cry from having all of heaven or hell after your head and were in fact constantly allowed to get away with their lives or into positions they could make change in because of it.

>> No.56158647


I think is only one person irritated with it. It weakens it sightly because otherwise would be a total game breaker in jump.

Because that's not the original broom magic. The original and normal one is the one he constantly uses, while Reverse Broom magic and Comet are new spells using the original broom magic as a base. True Sage let's you do exactly that with your magic.

>> No.56158650

Most of your examples of unempowered humans aren't dealing with near the level of shit the drawbacks offer and all the ones that do have died at least once if not multiple times.

It seems like you're just reaching for any straw to justify having more drawback CP, not having an actually solid argument for it.

>> No.56158683

>It weakens it sightly because otherwise would be a total game breaker in jump.
How? How could a convenience perk that only affects something which would never come up in a fight unless you are dumb enough to get in a fight in between using up your magic and preforming a ritual?

>> No.56158689

Two in the head,granted it with a shotgun and there wasn't much of a head left over for the second time.

>> No.56158692


...Jumpers can be that dumb. You know it.

>> No.56158694

Fuck off, the idea that more than ten pages is too much is asinine.

Happy Halloween!

>> No.56158695

Valeria, can a pre-existing weapon be imported or applied the effect of a NP purchased from the Supplement?

>> No.56158708

People have asked this a lot and the answer is no.

>> No.56158713

Probably the lowest at E rank, since it's just a personality change

Well, you could do the mental work but it's not really going to help the one in control of the body and magic.

You could, yes. I think it's fine, given that the only other thing at that price is All Fiction.

No translation

No, sorry.

>> No.56158715

I see them. Well, that's a shame.

>> No.56158719

Thanks, TopHat!

Internal balance purposes.

>> No.56158721

Have a build.
Fossil Fighters

Age: 16
Starting Location: Rolled 1: Vivosaur Town

Drop In (Free)

Fossil Sense (Free)
Jumper Richmond (100)
Dinoglot (200)
The Firehose of Knowledge, Straight Into Your Brain! (300)
The Silent Romancer (200)
Hands Off Guidance (400)
Professor of Vivosaurs (100)

Pickaxe, Fossil Case and Sonar (Free)
Cleaning Tools (Free)
Box of Masks (Free)
Fossil Point Card (100)
Revival Setup (200)
Fossil Shop (300)
Tools For Crime (200)

Plotbound (+300)
The Ancient Apocalypse (+800)

I have no idea what's going except it's Jurassic Park crossed with Pokemon, and that sounds way too radical to pass up.

>> No.56158725

>Healing is one of those things most angels explicitly need the connection to Heaven for, except for certain higher orders of angels.
So no healing mojo without workin' towards Capital G's last will an testament? Or would being an alpha suffice? Might end up going leviathan if the former is true.

>> No.56158726

You're welcome. I'm glad you like them. It's fun to come up with them, but I'm finding it harder to come up with ones for some of them than others. Like Memetic. That's a tough one to come up with good ideas for.

>> No.56158738

It's "internal balance" to impose limits on perks and abilities from other jumps for a single perk from yours?

>> No.56158775

That is why the perk would be good! You have been going over how there should be no reason why you can't replicate the rituals in other settings (which still doesn't make sense) but if that is the case this is only good for laziness and stupidity proofing which should not have some weird negatives attached to it when you are paying 600/300 CP to get rid of that problem!

If it is weakened and made more difficult by a margin that actually matters then there is no reason to not just do the ritual every few months instead of buying the perk. If it isn't that big a difference then the problem is just there to be annoying and there should not be weird annoyances in perks meant for convenience!

Also really? The way it would be game breaking is that a capstone removes a potential problem that might possibly come up if jumper is stupid?

>> No.56158783

Being an Alpha Angel wouldn't necessarily give healing even though I think it would be harmless to fanwank some measure of it in that case since Alphas often have weird differences from the typical members of their species. Touched By An Angel also gives great supernatural healing abilities associated with the angels and, as a perk, those will be inborn to you and not needing that constant connection to Heaven.

>> No.56158805


I keep telling you, I will put the other changes because they make sense, but I won't change this one and I already explained my reasons.

That's all.

>> No.56158807


So...anyone going to make that Batman the brave and the bold jump? Because I think the series might be coming back.

>> No.56158822

Yeah, I found that out myself a while ago. Some of them just mesh well with others, you know? But don't sweat it; I really appreciate you coming up with all of these.

What types of perks are you thinking of?

>> No.56158850

Post the best characters from your chain to go trick-or-treating with, and/or their costumes.

>> No.56158891

the Jumper tablet +300 okay this is legitimately bad but it will probably wind up butter flying a lot of crap I was planning on doing
scum of the earth+300 usually winds up happening anyway

Angel free

Roll(1d8)+20: 2,+20 Total:22 years old in body
Roll(2d8)+0:5,6,+0 Total:11 11 centuries of extra experience
the cure -600
Angel radio free
localization free
Guardian Angel -100 discounted for Angel morally obligated to take this
on the wings of prayer -200 discounted for Angel this is useful
touched by an Angel -300 nice trick
holy oil free for Angel
angelic grace free for Angel hundred point items are usually free for the origin right?
Cherubim Sigil-150 a heavy burden
Angel blade -150 yep have to take this
Busty Asian Beauties: you know damn well what-100
#Well out of the frying pan and into the fryer , there is a lot of stuff I have to fix here,
the powers that be here know I am a threat to their plans, they know I am an
unknown element, and I am doing my very best, after all, I'm bringing strange new
powers, and giving away Archangel blades to hunters like candy, plans include:
chilling out with Bobby Singer, and being sure to let him know “rumors “ about the
leviathans including their weakness, and give him a copy of my coat, after adding
Enochin sigils to every scale. Killing every named leviathan and blowing up their
various research plants and food additive production facilities. Basically, stay on the
run hunting monsters and Showing up as a deus ex machina When things get too
rough for our heroes.#

>> No.56158895



>> No.56158901

>I already explained my reasons.
No you didn't! Your answer was literally just because jumpers can be dumb the perk without the downside would be gamebreaking when literally all it does is get rid of one annoying issue. Paying CP is supposed to be the downside.

>> No.56158913

>Touched By An Angel
Missed that detail on my read through. Thanks for answering! Operation crazy prototype angel is go!

>> No.56158918


>> No.56158942

>Is any hobby more or at least as pathetic?
Making passive-aggressive shitposts/critiques of tiny niche communities on the internet is pretty far up there.
Might even surpass JumpChain.

>> No.56158972

Are DBS or DI going to have any +1000 CP perks?

>> No.56158996

Mmmm, not sure. Dies Irae likely won't, I don't have any currently planned and I can't think of anything that would qualify and that I would offer.

DBS? Not sure, honestly. Nothing comes to mind as worth the price right now but I might find something as I go through or something might appear as the series progresses.

>> No.56159003

Because being able to continously use your spells is really broken in the setting. But have your way and wank that your spells aren't weakened at all. Just drop this shot and let me sleep. Like , really , the question of the materials has some basis , but this is just stupid

>> No.56159015

Eh. You almost make a point here.
Personally it doesn't matter to me how much autism a jumpmaker pours into a jump if I like the setting.
However if I don't like the setting to begin with, I just ignore the jump, because why fucking bother.
But using LoT as a justification of disliking longer jumps is like using lutefisk as justification for disliking all fish-based meals.

Happy Day of the Bone to you to, anon. May your spoops bring great terror and candy.

>> No.56159026


>> No.56159030

…Didn't it get made already? Is that not the same Batman: The Animated Series?

>> No.56159035

Nobody in setting ever has any issues with repeatedly using their spells, the only time that comes up is when the MC runs low on Broom Magic after heavily using as his main magic for god knows how long. In every fight, including that one, everyone is using their magic quite freely.

>> No.56159040


>> No.56159041

What are some good perks to prevent your creations from going skynet (not due to mistreatment but merely from an unlikely code interaction)

>> No.56159052

Good for you then. Don't take the perk and be on your merry way.

I'm not changing it and that is final

>> No.56159059

Yeah this is going way too long and I need sleep too. Staying up till 6 am on 4chan isn't smart.

>> No.56159081

Not him but if he is telling the truth, you are handling this really badly. He's apparently pointed out serious problems with your justifications and you are flat out refusing them for reasons that don't seem to hold up. It just seems to be a really shitty attitude to take, unless he's making stuff up but from your reactions he doesn't seem to be?

>> No.56159082 [DELETED] 

None specifically, though it seems none would work. E.g. stuff that allows you to improve past your limits.

The bbok is probably just a poor example, though. As well as being arguably sapient, it likely has a variety of wards to protect itself, either factor which could make it hard to absorb. It's a spellbook which is itself fairly powerful, contains spells/rituals (unclear to what extent it powers them). K, ignoring that there are actually reasons why you wouldn't be able to absorb the Necronomicon- in-line with the perk description, which seems to be more about power of objects than any innate limit of the ability- it's not really a good measure for "power" 'cuz its versatility, function, variation in scale (time-travel, reality-warping, revival), and implied power that isn't demonstrated. Like, is a city-destroying staff limited solely to one attack more "powerful" than the book because it operates on a generally higher scale?

But it's supposed to be an in-setting thing. You're not visiting a game world/playing with conceptual absolutes where stuff either works or doesn't. There are ranges and reasons for why things work, like not being able to contain the energy or not being able to breach wards, stuff doesn't just completely stop doing what it's been doing at an arbitrary level. It does what it does anyway and is ineffective for reasons. Hard limits are unfitting for options based on a fluid aspects of living settings. It's saying something like you have an arbitrary "pool" that can only be filled to an arbitrary capacity and can't go any further, but some things which are less than it still count as full for some reason.

And how is it unbalancing, when you already must have the item and can use it anyway? It merely can be stolen, but you could already just toss it in your warehouse.

MEh. Just rambling now. Good night. happy H-day.

It prolly didn't come across but my point is that it doesn't come across in the text but needs to.

>> No.56159101

Holy shit, it's Jack with pants on.

>> No.56159104

Okay, so finally done with my Caster's (Rin's) Main NP for our fun in Fate Zero. How does this look /JC/?

> Tohsaka Crest: Excellence and Elegance Flows With Each Generation - A++
The Magic Crest of a family that prides itself on achieving no less than excellence in all its endeavours, the very fact that this is Caster's Noble Phantasm means that the Family had managed to achieve something long thought impossible by modern magi, further proving the Family's own Will to surpass all expectations with nothing less than excellence and elegance.

As a Crest, it holds the combined knowledge and power of the Tohsaka, and thanks to Caster's place on the Throne of Heroes, this means all those who have and will have inherited the Crest until the end of the Family from across the Kaleidoscope. Which, oddly enough, was indeed how Caster managed to gain enough renown to enter the Throne.

Due to all this knowledge and power, the Crest effectively grants her the Skills Magecraft (Flow and Transferance of Power) and Mana Burst (Jewels) at its rank. Along with enhancing Item Creation if Jewels are the focus of the crafting process. As a Crest though, its other task is to keep its holder alive until the last of their prana runs out, due to this, it can also be said that Caster would possess a form of Battle Continuation heavily reliant on the Crest.

When invoked however, the Tohsaka Crest effectively adds its own Rank's worth of mana to Caster's own mana pool for her purposes.

>> No.56159106

There's a perk for giving stuff souls in kingdom hearts, I believe.

>> No.56159109

The only thing I have refused is to change the capstone , because it's balanced as it is. All the other things thst have been pointed up had a reasonable response.

>> No.56159137

Pretty sure you can't have an NP grant skills, much less two skills and a stat at A++ levels.

>> No.56159146

Would the boosted version of Abnormal Growth allow you to eventually use a Reality Marble without being warped by it? I realize it'd probably take a long-ass time if so, but is it possible?

>> No.56159156

Skill: Golden Rule, Rank C-
Caster Rin has no trouble when it comes to acquiring the extensive funding she needs for her jewel based magecraft, so long as she is willing to please faceless old men in exchange for the fortunes they happen to hold.

>> No.56159160


/co/ is storytiming Freddy vs Jason vs Ash if you guys want to check it out.

>> No.56159162

No, that's the sort of thing that just needs the base ability to be flat out changed. It also makes little sense given your personality should be warped by it long before it even could potentially change that.

>> No.56159165

>literal epicenter of the Apocalypse
Which netted them dozens of resurrections free of charge, because the Angels needed them alive. They only lost that protection at the very end. At which point, God himself intervened in their favour.

>> No.56159177

Pfft, I have First Magic, she'll be fine!

Hey Val? Does >>56159137 have a point about the NP I made for Rin?

>> No.56159207

I forget... does Aoki Aozaki's Close Quarters Magic Brawling rely on her fifth magic or is that just her innate thaumaterugy ability?

>> No.56159208

Ah, well for the latter part I have a perk that makes it so powers I use don't affect my mentality, but I prefer for the power itself to not have that problem. I was just thinking it'd cease to be enforced or not worsen it if I "recovered", but yeah that makes sense why it wouldn't. Thanks anyway.

>> No.56159220

NES pack jumpchain
large hit box +200
Metal Storm
just punch it -100 no more worrying about hurting myself with my own strength!
Giant robot pilot free for Metal Storm
Gravity flip -100 discounted for metal storm fun trick!
personal Shield -200 discounted for metal storm this is legitimately one of the better defense perks I've seen both in terms of ability, balance and phrasing . Just gotta wonder if this applies before or after damage reduction
immortal defender -300 discount for metal storm morally obligated to take this
Chips-200 well here is a technology I need to replicate.
Satellite -300 why yes I do have plenty of things for this robot to use.
The plan: fight cyborgs, fight computer viruses, secretly conquer the master computer and guide people to an ideal society, conquer Pluto!

>> No.56159227

Do you guy's jumpers have a political philosophy?

>> No.56159230

Generally? Yeah, giving yourself two A++ skills, a big boost to another skill and an A++ stat stacked on top of all you already have directly is pretty bullshit. Especially when it's only an A++ NP itself.

>> No.56159237

Her default outfit will always piss me off.
>makes tragic little girl who really only wants a family.
>what do we dress her in?
>A thong!

>> No.56159245

Shit I can't sleep now.
You win anon. I give up

I'm leaving this place

Hope you can be happy now

I will probably onlu miss Fuanon anyway

>> No.56159252

Holy shit you're acting like an asshole. The guy did nothing but point out how your perk didn't fit canon and the holes in your own reasoning. Why are you being such a salty bitch about it to him? If you're that upset, at least don't put all this shit on him.

>> No.56159259


>> No.56159264

Okay, understood.

Now if say I worded it as not giving those Skills but allowing for the affects, much like how one of Gilgamesh's own NPs gives him what is basically Clairvoyance but not quite, would that fly?

I only used the names of the Skills to give an idea of what its effects on Caster are.

>> No.56159268

>Implying anyone can truly escape

>> No.56159275

It'd be a pretty dirty move but I can't say no to it since there are examples of other things doing the same.

That said, the NP as is, even getting around the issues above, is way too strong and you'd need to either boost it to EX or severely drop the effect of what you're getting to have it be balanced.

>> No.56159276

>I will probably onlu miss Fuanon anyway
You don't need to miss me, you can come back anytime! Just get some of that sleep you haven't found, and come back to this at a later time. Whatever 'this' is

>> No.56159278

And thus jc loses another good jumpmaker to shitposters. Hope you come back eventually. I like your jumps.

>> No.56159292

Why is it a "dirty move" for not perfectly following the rules of your long-ass headcanon table?

>> No.56159299

Sorry about that Val, but it's pretty much the only thing that I figured Rin would have as a Noble Phantasm given her pride in her Family.

The thing is, Magic Crests themselves pretty much have the capabilities that I listed in her Noble Phantasm, I just boosted them because NP.

I'll increase its Rank to EX though.

>> No.56159305

Empty Nest from Metal Slug

>> No.56159312

Are you being silly on purpose?

Because BTAS is part of the DCAU verse. Batman the Brave and the bold is it's own multiverse.

>> No.56159315

>good jumpmaker
I mean, I haven't watched the series, but Ric didn't actually refute the argument of that anon, and he acted like a dick.

>> No.56159318

Why not have it be the Kaleidosword that Rin gets in certain timelines?

>> No.56159338

That's connected to the Kaleidoscope, and thus falls under the True Magics aren't allowed as NPs Rule.

>> No.56159356

That seems rather silly. Considering the Jewel Sword that Rin uses while it does use the fifth magic is a severely watered down version of the actual Jewel Sword.

Not to mention that Avalon an EX rank Noble Phantasm is remarkably close to True Magic.

You would think a watered down True Magic and Avalon something close to but not quite as strong as a True Magic would be rather synonymous in availability

>> No.56159362

Hey, that's the answer I got, so I had to come up with something else. Hence the Supercharged Magic Crest.

>> No.56159369

They're not allowed?

>> No.56159373

Yes. The politics of a world must fit the dynamics of a world, must be benevolent to the people who have to live in that society, and has to be actually functional. Everything else very heavily varies based on the setting in question.

>> No.56159377

None of the True Magics are allowed as an NP.

>> No.56159388

Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare V1.0

First version so there's no changelog. Also, I think I finally figured out what was making all my pdfs fucking lag to the hills, so we'll see if it actually fixes it for most people.

>> No.56159396

First of all cool format.

Second of all that cool format is a headache to read in practice.

>> No.56159401

Hey, didn't you leave because of Val? What are you still doing here? Unless you're just someone posting Ancilla's WIP without her permission.

>> No.56159406

Tbh, the styling is overdone. Descriptions are a bit hard to read and the perk names are just too cumbersome the way that they are.

>> No.56159416

Yeah, echoing the general thought that the format/style goes too far. It's hard to parse what a lot of the stuff actually does and the format makes it a bit of a pain to read in the first place too.

>> No.56159425

I half concur with the above Anons, in that I think this is very pretty. Unlike them, I'm not having a problem with the formatting. Thank you for this.

Why would someone leave because of Valeria? You're silly, Shitpost-kun.

>> No.56159430

I think you could make this better if you had the perk names in larger font above the quotes, instead of just hilighted text inside the quotes.

>> No.56159431

Really? I showed it to five or so people and none of them mentioned it being hard to read. What is it specifically? It'd be easy enough for me to tweak it.

...Was it the perk descriptions for the above one? I bet it was the perk descriptions.

I thought "Wow this is experimental as FUCK and it could be terrible" but then I figured "oh, it's CoD and I'm obscure, it'll be fiiiine to experiment." Fuck me.


...Nope? I'm her. Only person who got me close to leaving anywhere was Manyfist and he just got me to leave the IRC.

>> No.56159448

>Manyfist and he just got me to leave the IRC.

Him? Really? How did that happen?

>> No.56159454

Well, for me the main problems are the unwieldiness of the titles make things blend a bit together, the way the perks are separate into short sentences and that a few of them are written in too conversational a tone so it's hard to get what they do, like the last perk of the first origin.

Outside of the perks, a lot of the rest of the jump is fine. The gun and suit customisation is a bit squished but it's not unmanageable and the other stuff after is just fine. It's just the perks I think need to be scaled back a bit with the styling.

>> No.56159461

Well, Valeria made a few decisions that caused several jumpmakers to leave/drop their claims. Events just happened to coincide such that you seemed like one of them. Nice to hear some of us are made of sterner stuff.

>> No.56159462


This would be one of my main complaints. That and making what each perk does mechanically clearer would fix all the issues I have and it seems to be what others have too.

>> No.56159465

The parts that made it kind of un-jumper friendly to read is the following.

The Speakers make it annoying to copy paste into a doc (Petty I know but it adds up)

It took me a bit to figure out the Yellow Text is the Perk Name.

As cool as the speakers are, when you are trying to read the perk and understand what it does it hurts the eyes to blur out the red text. Not to mention that it indents the content making me have to shift my eyes far to the right.

>> No.56159479

>implying it's not A rank for anal

It's a bit of both apparently, but mostly her own style. She practices kabbalah magic, but IIRC having the 5th gives her an affinity towards explosion laser beam-type magic so she mostly uses it as a magical railgun.

>> No.56159480

To further clarify only the perk section is a problem. The item section, Exo, drawbacks, etc, are fine.

>> No.56159497

Well that's easy enough to tweak. I was starting to get some doubts towards the end but nobody I showed it to mentioned it, so I figured it was dandy.

...Then again, it's a possibility that nobody gives a flying FUCK about Call of Duty jumps.

...Yeah, that's probably it. I'll streamline it.

Eh. He kept reporting me to the mods for some reason, claiming I was 'harassing' people, even on days where I hadn't even spoken. It was incredibly confusing, and it ended up being easier to just not bother with IRC in the end. Never got a reason as to WHY, though.

>> No.56159510

>Eh. He kept reporting me to the mods for some reason, claiming I was 'harassing' people, even on days where I hadn't even spoken. It was incredibly confusing, and it ended up being easier to just not bother with IRC in the end. Never got a reason as to WHY, though.
If true, what a dickhead.

>> No.56159512

How’s Dies Irae going?

>> No.56159520

It's not that I don't give a fuck about Call of Duty jumps. It's more that I don't care about Advance War.

Modern Warfare 1 & 2 would have a lot more of my attention.

>> No.56159521

It's a cool formatting. I'm trying to decide how i feel about it on balance, but it's pretty awesome soles for how unique it is. Kudos. There are definitely a few perks (like What They Want), where there's not actually a clear cut explanation of what the perk does.

But most of the perks seem to have a sentence or two in the middle which clearly say what the perk does. Maybe highlight those fragments? Put them in bold, a different colour, whatever. Draw attention to the core stuff.

>> No.56159532

Had a pretty nasty headache last night and a lot of today and then just spent the rest of it with Bee, so I only managed to get 4 more perklines done today. Hopefully I'll get back to proper speed tomorrow.

>> No.56159549

>only managed to get 4 more perklines
>only managed to get 4
That's... bretty gud desu

>> No.56159582

I kinda just go with "Everyone just do what I say, and also I'm probably gonna make some lieutenants or something and make them do all the hard shit while I sit on my ass."

I think that's closest to feudalism?
Except my title is literally "Overlord".
That's in jumps where I actually make some kind of army or something, at any rate.
In practice it's not dissimilar to the Lordgenome style of governing.

However, in jumps where I'm just blending in or taking a lesser role, I tend not to pay attention to that kind of thing very much.

>> No.56159600

Any plans to add some OC Styles?

>> No.56159602

>Everyone just do what I say, and also I'm probably gonna make some lieutenants or something and make them do all the hard shit while I sit on my ass.

I'm pretty sure that's literally the British government, especially since it sounds like you don't make that much a big a deal about fomalising nobs but there's a bunch of underqualified idjits sitting around passing judgement on all the important decisions while you get to have tea and crumpets

>> No.56159605

Needs a line in the notes section giving Val permission to make her own version.

>> No.56159609

Probably not. I might be able to be talked into some more Minus ones since I can just draw ideas from Ajimu's big list of maybe Minuses but making up a bunch of entirely new ideas for Styles seems pretty unappealing.

>> No.56159610

Okay, just went through page 3. Does this make eyes bleed less or should I go further?

Kek. That's fair enough. I actually have a lot of ideas for Modern Warfare, although I'm undecided on whether I want to do that or the absolute acid trip that is Black Ops next.

>> No.56159615

That is so much better and clearer. Thanks Ancilla.

>> No.56159632

Yup that works out perfectly

>> No.56159638


>> No.56159639

That is indeed much nicer.

>> No.56159641

That's fantastic.

>> No.56159649

Seems like we all agree on this

>> No.56159651

>only managed to get 4 more perklines
How many perklines are there?

>> No.56159654

Ah, that's understandable. Too bad, though. They're pretty neat.

>> No.56159658

Eight per origin, and there are three origins, iirc.

>> No.56159659

No problem. The whole style was very experimental in the first place, which is actually one of the reasons I've found Call of Duty so much fun to work on. The side games are a bit obscure compared to Modern Warfare, which lets me do a lot of fun stuff, like the two booster thing in Infinite Warfare, and the double origin thing, gun section, exo skeleton and so on in this one.

Trying to make the jump modern art because I thought it would be neat to try and replicate the subtitle style was a terrible idea in hindsight, though.

Aight, I'll continue with this style, then. If there are any perks that are cripplingly vague, tell me and I'll give them some extra attention.

>> No.56159662

In total? 24.

There have been a couple OC ones people have made that are cool but only 3 or so so far.

>> No.56159668

Hey >>56155902

>> No.56159678

Well, your out of setting stuff won't be affected or count towards either, I know that for sure. Otherwise, your stuff probably works as normal. Haven't quite set it down in stone yet.

>> No.56159682

Oh, there have? In this community? Huh. Cool. Guess I must have missed them, then.

>> No.56159692

I wouldn't know.

Although, I'll have you know, I make my lieutenants actually reasonably competent. They're, like, at least one the level of typical anime lieutenants like the Four Devas (from basically any anime that has ever used the term "Four Heavenly Devas/Kings/Kights/Whathaveyou").
I don't just give a Waddle Dee a fancy hat and call it a day.

Since I'm entrusting these people to run things in my stead, I tend to put some actual effort into building them, and they're actually highly deserving of the term "Boss Character".
I also have a couple perks that make my delegations unusually competent. The one from Camp Camp is particularly nice. It is... basically the entire reason I took the Founder background, for that one perk.

I mean, that doesn't mean they can't still be weird or "quirky". I've accidentally created a couple Esdeaths in my time, sure. But to say they're completely unqualified is actually kindof insulting to my credentials as a jumper AND a mad scientist.

If I truly don't give a shit, I tend to not bother even making the lieutenants, or just make one supercomputer, or some lazy shit like that.
Like, I know that I play up the whole lazy aspect a lot? It's a fun aspect, it means I don't have to try very hard. But there is such a thing as "thematics", and you can't expect to be taken seriously as a villain if your Third Heavenly King is an ogre named Bob who shits himself. It's called PRESENTATION and it's what separates supervillains from some jackass in a cape.

>> No.56159696

>Advanced Warfare.pdf
I think this is really good, but I understand why others would have a hard time reading it.

The items - print a gun, build an exo, and the rest - all seem really neat.

>Perk Prices
They feel...janky. I'm not real sure what you're going for, because I'm not sure all the Atlas perks are worth 1000cp (200cp buy in + 800cp for the discounts)
* = free for background
Marines (free) get 100*/100*/400/400 = 400cp to buy all
Insurgents (free) get 200*/200/400/400 = 500cp to buy all
Operators (100) get 100*/200/400/600 = 700cp to buy all
Infiltrators (100) get 100*/200/400/600 = 700cp to buy all
Specialists (100) get 100*/200/400/600 = 700cp to buy all
Atlas (200) get 200/400/400/600 = 1000cp to buy all

>> No.56159721

Ah, definitely better than the British government then. In hindsight that came off harsher than I meant, I'm just really down about Brexit at the moment.

>if your Third Heavenly King is an ogre named Bob who shits himself

Good ol' Boris...

>> No.56159727

Follow the laws.

>> No.56159733

What about brexit now?

>> No.56159753

The Petals of Reincarnation update is still on the table?

>> No.56159760

Yeah, but like I mentioned before, headaches really crippled my productivity. Trying to focus on getting Dies Irae out before anything else.

>> No.56159764

The concept was that each origin evened out to a 600cp 'value' of the amount of cp saved in discounts minus the cost of the origin itself.
Marines: 100(free)/100/200/200 = 600cp, so it's free
Insurgent: 100/100/200/200 = 600cp, so it's also free
Operator: 100(free)/100/200/300 = 700cp, so it costs 100cp
Infiltrator: 100(free)/100/200/300 = 700cp again, so it also costs 100cp
Specialist: 100(free)/100/200/300 = same pricing as the previous two, so also 100cp
Atlas: 100/200/200/300 = 800cp, so it costs 200cp.

And yeah, it is jank. The idea was that since you got two origins, you would mix and match the 'cheap' origins (Marine and Infiltrator) with a 'regular' origin (Operator, Infiltrator, Specialist) or the 'civilian' origin (Atlas) to create your class, as it was.

>> No.56159789

I don't want to make the thread go full /pol/ like , but let's just say that when your PM gets punked on national TV so bad she has to badly cover up crying offstage and then even more badly covers up literally begging the EU for help you tend to lose a certain amount of confidence in them.

>> No.56159804

Unless I've got the +/- on the Backgrounds the wrong way around.
But the Perks don't have the - sign, and the drawbacks have + signs...

Okay new recommendation, give everything that costs cp the same sign, because you've got backgrounds as "-100", perks as "100" and drawbacks as "+100" and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be gaining or spending cp for choosing different backgrounds.

Ah nuts, I missed that you could mix and match them.
But the prices still don't match up.
What Pressure? is 200cp/Free, not 100cp, for example.

>> No.56159810

Listen to the extra-dimensional horror

>> No.56159830

I think both?

>> No.56159832

And Down And Dirty is Free, not discounted.

>> No.56159842

>I might be able to be talked into some more Minus
Well, I'd totally be up for that. The semi-OC Not Equal powers look pretty good, and more variety can only be better.

>> No.56159874

Can legendary hero adapt to being suffocated in a vacuum if they manage to survive it once?

Sorry to hear about your head, i cant speak for everyone, but this will definitely be the last MB question I'll ask.

>> No.56159877

>In total? 24.
>24 perklines
You hear that sobbing noise? That's the sound of my CP budget crying in the corner. And the jump isn't even out yet.

You monster. /jk

>> No.56159879 [DELETED] 

My Jumper's a hippie so... free love and no boss? Except Jumper's the boss. And free love and mandatory.

>> No.56159911

Well...I'll have a look through.

Er....probaaaably not? I think it probably could for the presence of harmful things from the environment (Lava or icy water perhaps) but adapting to the absence of stuff seems a bit...out there even for this.

Don't worry about it, I had it last night as well. Probably just listening to music for too long.

Haha. Well, there's going to be plenty of discounts anyway, so don't worry too much.

>> No.56159926

What could even be added? Baring like one or two reincarnaters that we know very little about, I thought the current jump was pretty damn thorough.

>> No.56159930

My Jumper's a hippie so... free love and no boss? Except Jumper's the boss. And free love is mandatory.

>> No.56159935

>headaches really
Sorry to hear that. Maybe take a few days break? Health is more important than magical nazis and our autism.

>> No.56159949


Forgot to link my question to one of Val's post.

>> No.56159951

Yeah, Val's jumps just suck the CP right out of me.
>tfw there'll probably be several 1000+ CP perks again
>tfw I'll want all of them

>> No.56159958

Samurai Deeper Kyo. Run Guanlet out mang that person is objectively shit.

>> No.56159960

OC powers. There was a lot of brainstorming when she asked for ideas in the thread.

>> No.56159962

OC stuff, got a big list from thread a while back when I asked everyone to chip in. Might show off 5 or so in a few minutes if I can get some done.

Mmmm, might be an idea. Might just take it a bit slower for a while until i can adjust to the holidays, instead of stopping completely.

>> No.56159965


I can't help but second this. Even if it's something you enjoy doing, it's better to take give your wellbeing priority over your hobbies.

>> No.56160011


Well. It appears that I fucked up.

It really is astonishing how many more errors crop up when you don't image from a reference doc instead of directly typing thing in the program. I should have learned my lesson after Titanfall.

Okay, give me a minute to go over this again.

>> No.56160127

Anyway, just quickly wrote up some sample OC Reincarnator things. Think I might just try and stick to a couple each day to try and get through em.


Might try and post 5 a day or something, see how fast I get through them.

>> No.56160129

Im doing the final fantasy jumps now and Im up to 11. Could I get some tips or builds? I have no idea what is going on or what I should build for since I never played it. I usually go heavy into melee.

>> No.56160151

Different anon, I'm just posting my amusement that someone who can destroy the moon in a single blow and travel faster than light unaided lacks the required secondary powers to survive doing either.

>> No.56160157

To be fair, that's mostly just scaling off of Medaka destroying the moon.

Also with these people they'd literally just hold their breath for hours on end anyway

>> No.56160190

Will you be adding descriptions of how they physically manifest later?

>> No.56160195

build for problem children are coming from another world aren't they?

>> No.56160200

Hmm, well, for most it probably won't matter too much but I think I'll note if there are any cool aesthetics I think of.

>> No.56160251

Did I miss a jump? Where can I find this on the drive?

>> No.56160252

Better yet, Styles are supposedly powered by vibrations. The Style inventor guy's Style makes the moon fall upon his death. Despite the fact that sound can't travel through space, and how recently he died would imply the soundwaves travelling faster than light to make the moon fall.

>> No.56160277


Just don't think too hard on it

>> No.56160278

it's on the drive as Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? or probably just Mondaiji if memory serves, but it is the literal English translation of the title. Voice dictation and wanting to get a few more jumps done Before I am probably visiting my folks for a couple days is putting me in a little bit of a hurry.

>> No.56160339

Okay, I went through again and really it just works out to Insurgent being 100cp higher than it should be. Two ways I can fix this.

First way is that I slash the first two perks of Insurgent to 100cp and make them both free so it matches the model of Marine. This also has the benefit of Insurgent fitting more into being the 'cheap' origin. Alternatively, just the first perk to 100cp.

Second way is that I change the balance to '700cp'. That is, making Marine give 100cp, Insurgent, Operator, Infiltrator and Specialist being free and Atlas being 100cp.

>> No.56160361

I gotta tho, when I finally get this frickin' F/GO build done I wanna see what happens when you use the capstone boosted perk to make a Style-equivalent of Macross' fold waves: Another example of soundwaves going where they have no business going. Or just in general, how deep this rabbit hole goes.

>make Style representing a LOTR ring of power
>vibrate people into Ringwraiths

>> No.56160407

The evil dead
a farewell to arms +100
college student cool a nice weekend getaway
"groovy" free for college student there needs to be more actual coolness perks rather than just appearance perks
"hail to the King, baby"-100 discount college student need it badly
exposition -200 quality-of-life perk definitely. Something I can use
“Necktie…Nectar…Nickel…Noodle…” -300 in case I make some mistakes with of my magic
Bloody hilarious -300 I've missed taking too many of these!
throne -200 hey I'm still married but a a good massage and some meat are not things I'm going to turn down.
The plan: I've seen the movie so I'm going to get to the tape recorder first and butterfingers! Oh no I dropped it and it shattered all over the floor, the book will be discreetly tucked in my inventory discreetly then moved somewhere safe such as the core of the moon.

>> No.56160444

>make Style representing a LOTR ring of power
>vibrate people into Ringwraiths

I like you anon, you're the best kind of crazy.

>> No.56160496


Fuck off. You're the one who isn't wanted or needed.

>> No.56160510

>Replying to a six hour old post
Fucker is probably sleeping right now

>> No.56160526


...fair enough.

>> No.56160566

I used to hate dragonballs mr satan, but then I saw how he went out of his way to personally make sure goku got all the money for saving the world. Now I kinda like him.

Anyone else ever have a moment that completely flips your veiw of a person?

>> No.56160591

You know, it occurred to me that, if Legendary Hero makes you FTL, you could probably get around your weakness to Styles by just dodging the sound.

>Legendary Hero+Auto Pilot+Killing Impulse+Octopus
>Also +Growing Pains, so you frequently lose control of your abilities
You know, 'cause the thought of having an impossibly strong body that periodically goes off on its own to kill as many people as possible, with your mind just along for the ride, is a lovely thought.

>> No.56160611

You guys have Jumps with time extensions? I want Jumper and Waifu to have a kid since they've been bouncing around a while, but I'd rather that kid reach adulthood in the same world it started its life in rather than whatever new world we end up in after they turn nine or so. Preferably nothing as extreme as Civ that lasts for hundreds or thousands of years, just an extra decade or two..

>> No.56160622

Go to Desolate Era and stay a quadrillion years.

>> No.56160625

Dragon Ball has a drawback that makes it one continuous jump with Z, but I'm not sure that's the best place to raise a child.

I also want to say that the Parenthood jump has something for that.

>> No.56160633

Oegairu had a time extention drawback I think

>> No.56160636

I can tell you this is a bad plan if you want to keep jumping you want the kid to be used to jumping as soon as possible

>> No.56160638

>cause the thought of having an impossibly strong body that periodically goes off on its own to kill as many people as possible,
I don't it the drawback would work like that. More like you go for a walk and each step accidentally destroys a neighborhood, or something like that. Trying to get still would get other powers to go wild You don't lose control of your body, just your powers.

>> No.56160655

I suggest something like 9 to 5 directly after generic parenting. That way you can visit after every jump.

>> No.56160656

>Bancho giving parenting counsel
No, thanks
Physics only mattered when we were talking about Abnormals. Minus and the others are another conceptual scale.

>> No.56160661

>I am the state. Well, that's what all of my subjects tell me.

>> No.56160676

I was thinking that losing control of Auto Pilot and Killing Impulse is what would cause you to lose control of your body, since losing control of Killing Impulse would make you go "I need to murder someone right this very second!" and Auto Pilot would make your body act reflexively without your consent.

>> No.56160686

>Having kids

>> No.56160708

Terminator has "I'm old, not obsolete" which extend it to 40 years. So long as you can prevent Judgment Day, it be pretty safe. And you could purchase a T800 companion to guard your child!

The safest option though might be True Lies. It's a generic action spy romance comedy and it has "In the van for 15 years." You cannot leave the Jump UNTIL you have spent the equivalent of 15 years of working in the van.

>> No.56160710

Mr Satan's not a bad guy, especially as he's forced to confront the fact of how weak he is in comparison to anyone who matters. He becomes a genuinely nice person.

Plus, jesus, I know Goku's supposed to be the hero and all, but he can't work a crowd to save his life. You only have to look at this thread's opinion of him to see that.
Even Chichi constantly yells at him, and Beerus only just tolerates him. He basically gets by on power levels and "he means well".

Anyway, as for your question, this is gonna sound really cheesy and it's not any super cool chunni shit, but...
When I was younger I used to really enjoy Courage the Cowardly Dog. And yet I totally bought into the idea that he was a coward. Until I saw that episode where Muriel gets possessed by the computer, and keeps doing dangerous things, and he keeps trying to protect her.
And around the third time doing this, the computer says something like, "You know, I really don't get you. You're scared of your own shadow, but you keep running into danger. It doesn't make any sense."
... and I thought back to all the other times he tried to save Muriel, and I realized that, actually, Courage is really very brave. Because real courage isn't about not being scared. It's about doing what you believe in even if you are scared.
... and I always found that kindof inspiring.

>> No.56160723

Lyrical Nanoha has a 10 year time extension, giving the kid about 20 years in that world. This will conveniently also get them used to lasering things in the face, and if they have any unusual abilities inherited from you, you can pass them off as "Rare Skills" so no one looks twice.

>> No.56160724

Harry Potter, you can stay until the kid finishes Hogwarts or something

>> No.56160740


Advanced Warfare V1.1 - Ancilla Jumps Aren't Modern Art Edition
>Changed the title formatting on all the perks
>Renamed several perks to fit into the new format better
>'It Just Turns On' to 'Why'd They Leave The Keys In?'
>'Recover' to 'Regeneraiton'
>'Fucking Laser Sights?' to 'EMP Proofing'
>'What They Want' to 'Democracy'
>Also edited the descriptions of 'Press F to Pay Respects', 'Down and Dirty', 'Atlas Zero One, 'What Pressure?', 'Bigger Than Any Of Us', 'Start Over From Zero', 'He Knows', 'E&E Mode', 'Nobody Ever Looks Up', 'We're Smarter Than This', 'That Was Awesome', 'Give It A Go', 'The Way Forward' and 'Democracy' to be clearer and less conversational.
>Removed autism Haha I'm only kidding - that's impossible

>> No.56160746

Thanks guys.

>> No.56160751

Wait, what? This happened?
I thought he was just a super ego idot, but now he might have been doing Goku's family a favor considering Gohan and Chi-Chi don't seem to want the world intruding in on their lives. At least not during DBZ.

>> No.56160765

Just going off your post

>> No.56160788

>Removed autism
If you won't remove it then, plz nerf it. It is too op.

>> No.56160795

I don't think I've ever empathized (understood? sympathized???) with something you've said more than right now in this moment. Courage was my favorite cartoon as a kid and I got that lesson too.

>> No.56160805

Call of Duty style regenerating health, yes.

Do it, anon. Be the bullet sponge.

Last time I tried to influence autism it only grew more powerful. You can't fight it, only refuse to engage, leave nothing for it to get it's hooks into.

>> No.56160811

>knows how to work a crowd and preserve a masquerade
>can befriend Majin Buu
>is the absolute peak of unaugmented humanity, the very limit of what Dragon World humans can reach without Ki
>and proving this, can pull four buses behind him
>refuses to wield ki out of respect for his late teacher, who was murdered by a ki-user

And people still doubt the Champ.

>> No.56160812

Still no outro. 0/10. Would not jump.

>> No.56160822

On one hand, you gotta respect him for respecting his teach.

On the other hand, you also gotta give him the same shit everyone gives Gohan for not training. Satan, you know there are constant threats to the world. You have people to protect. You know you have absolutely zero chance against even the infants of alien races as you are now. Train in goddamn ki for at least a little bit. There's a point it goes beyond honour and into blind obsession.

>> No.56160827

Would saving his master butterfly away the good he does as a support character?

>> No.56160837


Yeah, he tried to give it to vegeta too but that family is already rich.

>> No.56160839


>> No.56160845

To be fair, by the time the Androids and Cell show up he's already decades behind everyone else. There's no practical way for him to catch up now.

>> No.56160855

Oh no you fucking didn't.

>> No.56160867

Even if not, just basic things like leaning to fly or sense energy would help so much. He might not be able to help in a fight but he can at least get to places where he can use his charisma to everyone's advantage or know when danger is approaching.

>> No.56160872

Your post has a typo. I based my comment on your post since you might not have made that error in the jump.

>> No.56160900

>tfw moment of panic
>tfw I spelled it right in the jump

>> No.56160906

Didnt he learn to fly because videl did it? I could have swore I saw him jumping off a chair at one point tryinf to fly and eventually succeeding.

>> No.56160918

>that pic

>> No.56160929

Why do pics of characters interacting with Pokemon always feel so deeply happy and wholesome?

>> No.56160995

Because Pokemon is an inherently joyful franchise, despite the attempts of some edgelords to ruin it. Even games like Colosseum/XD which are set in Orre heavily focus on how friendship and bonds will always be more powerful than darkness - although that's probably the most literal translation of that to gameplay mechanics in the series.

When even the spookiest mons can be friends, everything can be nice.

>> No.56161002

Because Pokemon is just that kind of universe.

It's pure in the strangest of ways. Call it "glorified cockfighting" all you want, but it's a world where a wide variety of fantastic creatures serve as a rite of passage for brave young children and the backbone of society - and do so willingly. If it wanted to, Cynthia's Garchomp could slice her in half and wreak havoc all over Sinnoh. It's far stronger than her. But it doesn't, because there's a bond there stronger than any killer instinct.

It's how Ghost-type trainers can so easily live with their Pokemon, despite all the creepy things the wild ones do as a matter of course.

It's a world that gets a little scary when you look past the surface, sure, but where the fact that society still thrives, still loves, still goes on in peace should tell you everything you /really/ need to know.

>> No.56161069

Maybe you explained this elsewhere and I didn’t see it, but what’s with the prices of the Insurgent perks?

>> No.56161116

See >>56160339 and the comment chain for the explanation of the jank. I did go with the first solution in the end, thou-

...fuck I forgot to put the price change in the changelog. I really should stop releasing jumps at 5AM.

>> No.56161131

Pokemon are pretty great.

>> No.56161182

Damnit that is just too sad and adorable.

>> No.56161185

Ah, that makes sense.

>> No.56161216

It is too early in the morning to feel.

>> No.56161219

Wait, Shaggy only has the red shirt in 13 Ghosts and Ghoul School, right?

>> No.56161232

He gains it back in Super

>> No.56161257


>> No.56161279

Pretty sure the latest ep retconned it so he always had the shirt in reserve

>> No.56161311

>Shaggy was hiding his red shirt under his green one
How Toriyama comes up with this kind of plotwist?

>> No.56161326

You only get a single variable grenade? How often does it respawn?

>> No.56161328

I am so confused.

>> No.56161332

... aint gettin paid enough for this shit.

>> No.56161354

>Advanced Warfare

Will Kevin Spacey try to molest you in a Drawback Scenario?

>> No.56161362

I still can't believe Shaggy not only achieved Ultra Instinct before Goku, but did it during a filler episode. Bravo, Toriyama.


>> No.56161402

Short of making a stand for it, How can I make people function off hitboxes?That I can subsequently abuse.

>> No.56161409

>free Kevin Spacey husbando

But why tho

>> No.56161435

A single variable grenade that reappears a few seconds after detonating. I'll add a note.

The Jonathan Irons item used to have his name crossed out and Kevin Spacey written in it's place as a joke up until about an hour before I dropped it. I only found out when I mentioned it in conversation and I got linked to it. Thought it'd be in poor taste.

>> No.56161460

I'm going to take a moment to be contrarian,I like the old one better. It has a more unique flavor to it, even though I understand why people complained about it. Also, "Fucking Laser Sights" 10/10, best perk name ever.

>> No.56161506

Needs more OC companions

>> No.56161552

When i take waking nightmare can i still Go into the dreamworld or am i bound to the normal world? Do the dream demons think i Cheated on them?

>> No.56161558


But anon. You can creats them with the import already. Unless you mean Randall. In which case you need to look at:

>> No.56161602

It's a Dragon Ball Super meme to pretend that Shaggy is a DB character.

>> No.56161711

>knows how to work a crowd and preserve a masquerade
Nigga, how was there a masquerade? People had been flying around shitting out lasers in highly publicized martial arts tournaments for decades. And then aliens showed up and wrecked most of the military.

And that's not accounting for the time about 20 years prior when an old man BLEW UP THE FUCKING MOON at the previously mentioned martial arms tournament while FIGHTING GODDAMN KING KONG.

And then someone apparently used the magic dragon TO RECREATE THE MOON. And then it got BLOWN UP AGAIN.

Goddamn, Dragonball humanity doesn't deserve to live if there was still a masquerade.

>> No.56161740

>Pagan God + Alpha
We Titan nao

>> No.56161779

This is pretty neat... Have a build!

Serial Killer [Free]
Age: 23
Location: Crystal Lake, New Jersey
Set Piece [200] Cool fights are cool.
You Need Help [100] But helping people is nice too.
Hack and Slash Horror [Free] I'm a frightful fellow apparently, dealing more damage with my spear.
Go to Springwood [100] Minions are pretty useful.
He's Back! [200] Toughness for the tank build, as well as coincidences reviving me. Neat.
Zombie [400] Guess I'm a double-zombie now. And just like in the Friday the 13th jump, I'm only getting it for the upgrade.
+You Can Never Die, Jumper... [400] The respawn is pretty ridiculous, but the more important part to me is that my soul can't be destroyed or irreversibly damaged anymore with this. That's a pretty big thing, covering one of my few "weakspots".
Crossover: The Crossovering [100] Crossover madness!
Instrument of Murder [Free] Importing mah spear.
Minimum Wage [50] Free money is free money.
Cooler [50] Drinks!
I Know Your Type [+100] Bad rep, I guess.
My Name is Jumper, and I am a Slave to Barbecue [+100] I'm a retired killer, apparently.
I Had A Real Life Once [+200] Not that /that/ stop crazies from coming after me.
Movie-Chick Stupid [+200] And I don't make the best decisions. To put it mildly.

I'm like Jason 2.0, except with extra booze, BBQ, and bad decisions.

>> No.56161788

What would an Angel get if they bought Alpha? I'm guessing it won't make you an archangel, but maybe a seraphim?

>> No.56161800

Read the thread.

>> No.56161849

>I forgot about that
-Akira Toriyama

>> No.56161872

Be honest, would you really be that surprised if DB humanity was that stupid? We've seen plenty of times that they are, in fact, pretty fucking dumb.

>> No.56161897

Maybe that's why everyone looks past Vegeta's history?

>> No.56161920

Not particularly.

More surprised TFS hasn't made a joke out of it yet.

>> No.56161948

So what happens if an angel takes the hybrid perk and becomes like a dragon hybrid?

>> No.56161958


>> No.56161993

Hey vegeta may have destroyed a few planets and he may have been a monster but he fights for us now. Hes our monster.

Aldo have you seen the shit going on up there in space? Most aliens are fucking ugly and disgusting at least vegeta looks human.

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