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Meanwhile, on pixel /tg/.

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>tracked Taurox


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That's how it comes you dingus.

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>trusting non-tracked vehicles
it's space gulag for you

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Taurox is gross for more than tracks. It's a vehicle that makes little to no sense in multiple designs point both practically and aesthetically.

It's also not the traditional, awesome-but-impractical of 40k.

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>every barrel of the gatling cannon firing

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Yeah but check out the tits on the commander.

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What an idiot, banesword has a casemate hull not a turning turret.

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it's simply a 40k design of a more modern vehicle, rather than a great war tank

the problem is the MRAP is fairly goofy looking even before the GW filter gets put on it

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>More modern
>based on 38.000 years older tank

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a vehicle that's 38,000 years old is technically more modern than on that's 38,100 years old

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Does it have a demolisher cannon and a twin HB turret as well?

Also, the Russes have the hull gun on the wrong side.

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actually he's mounted them in the centre, from the looks of it

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An MRAP is more modern than a mark 1 tank.

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So....he put a Heavy Bolter on the top of the Taurox when there is clearly a perfectly fine set of Autocannons on the turret right there?

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To emulate the effect of movement the single tnaks move relatively to each other. Was this effect done "all in one" or did the artist make each pixel tank by itself and then put them together with some other program?

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As much as I want to love this, there are things that just makes me REEEE

>Guardsman actually set up a Heavy Bolter on a tripod on the side of the Tauro, instead of just using the twin autocannons that would actually be more powerful
>The Banesword is using a turret for its primary weapon...somehow
>Said Banesword is also kind of squished
>What's that guy doing with a vox castor inside a tank and staring at medical gauze?

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The more I look at this the more I get triggered about weird little things nagging at me, while simultaneously being impressed by how good it looks if I would just stop sperging over the damn thing.

I feel... conflicted

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Why is the most heavily armored vehicle at the back of the formation?

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I want to make a card game, or even a board/miniature game, that relies on using pixel-art lenticular prints.
That way you can have a little animation, and cool lenticular collector's items.

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The thing that got me was the rotary cannon firing from random barrels. That's not how those things work.

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Clearly being manned by a secret heretic who's warp tainted the gun.

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Use a comma, you fucking 3rd world degenerate.

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