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Welcome to the D&D 5th Ed. General Discussion Thread

>Xanathar's Guide Table of Contents

>Forge Cleric - Xanathar's Guide

Unearthed Arcana: Fiendish Options




>Previously, on /5eg/...

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Has anyone played this? An Anon made it for /5eg/ last Halloween I think.

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Does your campaign have a dog? is he a good boy?

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It has a Kobold. Does that count?

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How exactly does alchemy work?

Are there any crafting rules in place? What does an herbalism kit do?

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Same. My players just talked to a dragon, and now one of her kobolds basically worships them. They named her Dave and kept the name when they found out she wasnt a dude, and now they take her around with them everywhere.

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Wait for XGE to come out, it will have more rules for crafting and tools.

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Why are spellswords so appealing, /tg/?
What are some must-have spells for a Fighter/Wizard to approximate a 4e Swordmage?

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Does a bladelock even need eldritch blast? I know it's still useful, but can I get by without it if I'm not going to take agonizing blast or anything like that?

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How would I build this guy?

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You play Pathfinder instead.

Summoning is pretty ass in 5e, unfortunately.

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Summoning's good, just it's mostly the Druid's area of expertise and no one else can even compare to them.

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What should I play? I feel like trying something new so no Paladins, Fighters, Rangers, Warlocks, Wizards or Druids.

Right now I'm thinking Long Death Monk, Thief Rogue or Forge Cleric. Open to fun ideas though.

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Fiend Chainlock maybe?

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Wizards might catch up with xge. They are getting some new conjuration spells

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I think the best approximation is a level 7 EK mixed with 6 levels of Abjuration Wizard. That gives you a proper Ward you can use to protect allies, along with allowing easy ways to mix the various melee-oriented cantrips with weapon attacks.

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In our campaign our Warlock a pet wolf. It ate a fireball and got wasted. The Warlock tried to use a scroll of revivify on it but the rest of the party knicked it a few days ago because the bitch was hogging all the treasure. Cue gratuitous player whining after he found out.

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True, I remember seeing somewhere that Druids, Sorcerers and Wizards are all getting some new Conjurations. So we'll have to see how they turn out. Also if Chaos Bolt is a sign, maybe Sorcerer will be getting more unique spells.

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How does everybody manage int players?

Is identifying monsters (aka meta-gaming, not the magical kind) an action?

I was thinking about letting max int player half the time it take to become proficient in a tool.

Maybe even use the int mod as a multiplier, multiplying the amount of time you spend studying to become proficient in a tool, like 1 is 1, 2 is 1.2, 3 is 1.3, 4 is 1.4 and 5 is just straight doubles the amount of "studying" you can do.

Tools take a ridiculous amount of time to become proficient in.

Thoughts? Too OP?

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world of kensei monk

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Y'know, someone posted some workshopped rules for spellbook management here a long time ago that were something like wizards only being able to flip X number of pages in their spellbook at once and rolling die to try and go beyond that and still be accurate. So if you spent turn 1 casting Aganazzar's Scorcher, it was unlikely you'd be able to get to Melf's Minute Meteors. IIRC you also needed a physical spellbook at the table, spells of certain levels and casting times took up so many pages, and whatever order you scribed them in was set, so you should probably leave lots of gaps between spells so you can put all the important stuff (when you learn it) right up front and spread the rest out.

I think it also had spellbooks for every casting class and they were required to cast, not just to memorize spells at a rest.

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forgot to add kits would also apply to this rule.

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Now I want to build Demi-fiend too, but I never get to play. Foreverdm is suffering

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make him an antagonist

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Cheer up, anon. I'm sure you'll get an opportunity someday.

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Lore Bard? And also take a bunch of utility spells, like fucking Tiny Hut and Speak with Animals/Identify. Be relentlessly useful, and also steal Fireball from other class spell lists for when you need to just nuke something from orbit.
Alternatively, Shadow Monk, and be the ninja.

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Long Death Monk is fun just because you get to be a borderline unkillable crowd-controller.

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Half elf tomelock who discovered a vanta black crystal ball, that gets stars within it when used, in his Masters(who went mysteriously went missing) lab locked within the ball is a cuthulu creature of old who looks like an albino emanciated faceless void for anyone who understands that reference (dms choice on my patrons look since I know he loves Lovecraft and it's his world). So now my tome lock is getting his powers while looking for the key to his escape.

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Does anyone think this is an unreasonable request?

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Is fiend chainlock / Barbarian with tavern brawler viable?

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I have a bladelock in my campaign his sword is a made up sentient.

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Requiring an action for identifying a monster is usually the case because an ability of some classes is to use bonus action 'search'. So communicate to the INT player that they'll have to use their action to attempt to identify it.
Or do something like "Spend the next 3 consecutive bonus actions to attempt to identify it" then give them info based on their roll. Use the appropriate skill check as well.
give them monster type and visible weapons that the monster has
give them extra information such as "the monster is known to have a breath attack with 'X' type" and maybe a bit of lore
maybe allow them to pick either resistances or vulnerabilities and you give them a single piece of information based on that
>20-25 and above
upto the DM. remember that 20-25 is a very good roll with DC15 considered 'difficult' and DC25 considered 'near impossible'

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Skill checks are an action.
Use appropriate skill for monster type, sometimes with multiple options for slightly different information or DC.
Aberrations - Arcana
Beasts - Nature, Survival
Undead/Celestial/Fiends - Arcana, Religion
Humanoid - History

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When you say "made up sentient" do you mean its a homebrew sentient item or it's actually not real and in the PCs mind?

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I'm pretty new, can someone explain to me how spells known/spell slots/slot levels work?

Like, warlock for example. I know 2 cantrips, 2 spells, I have 1 spell slot, and the slot level is 1st level. What exactly does that mean? That I know two first level spells and I can cast one per day?

What about when I get to 4 spells known and 2nd spell slot level? Does that mean my spells known can be either 1st or 2nd level spells?

I'm very confused.

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>>56082890 #
Griswald. No real signifigance, it just seems like a nice name for a greatsword. "This is my most favorite sword in the whole wide world. Well balanced, ergonomic leather grip, an edge so fine you could shave with it, and made from a mixture of cold iron and silver. I call him Griswald." For a small feature maybe make it get hot when close to something specific. Vampires perhaps to tie in with the Strahd angle.

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Most spellcasting classes work differently.

For Warlock: You know the two cantrips you picked, and two spells of UP TO first level. You may cast your cantrips as much as you like, and ONE of those spells per short rest. That last part is key: Warlocks get their very limited slots back each short rest, while other classes must take a long rest.

When you get to four spells known, that's how many you know. Three of those will be first level spells, since you can only learn spells of levels which you have slots for, and you only learn one spell on the level when you gain second level spells.

When you cast these spells at Warlock level 4, they will always consume second level spell slots. You no longer have a first level spell slot; all your slots are level two. That means spells which have greater effects if you cast them using a higher level slot, like Burning Hands, will benefit more than a spell that has no up-cast effect. This is different from other casters who have discrete slots for each spell level.

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This was immensely helpful. Thank you.

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Warlock 3/Bard 1, debating between going 7 Warlock/3 Bard (Valor for medium armor and a shield), 3 Warlock/7 Bard (Lore for the additional secrets), or 5 Warlock/5 Bard (giving me 2 3rd level spell slots per short rest and 2 per long rest plus all the 1st and 2nd level spells). 7 Lore Bard seems like the best option but that would put off 3rd level spells until level 8 and Counterspell/Fireball til level 9. Really not sure which route to go and would appreciate some advice.

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You would be blind stupid to ignore an integral part of the Warlock's setup
Eldritch Blast is your bread and butter

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Do you get tired of posting this every day.

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Yes you can know 2 spells, but can only cast 1 per short rest, note that you may cast any number of cantrips. For the second question yes as well, you will be able to learn two new spells of the 1st, or 2nd level. Additionally you can start casting your first level spells at the second level, as a warlock your spell slots are basically always treated as your highest casting level.

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Posted it two, three times before without much in the way of replies. I figured worse case scenario no one replies best case I get some help.

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Would it be worth taking Agonizing Blast even as a bladelock? Currently I'm looking at Fiendish Vigor and one other invocation as my first two. My DM said UA is okay so I was thinking Improved Pact Weapon, but maybe Agonizing Blast would still be better, I don't know.

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Agonizing Blast is always worth it.

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How about not being a powergaming piece of shit and stop multiclassing

>> No.56088202

In that case, would you rather skip Fiendish Vigor or Improved Pact Weapon?

>> No.56088242

If you're already a Fiend Warlock, you don't need Fiendish Vigor.

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It will tell you under the spellcasting area for (which is detailed in every section of each class) how many spells you may know at any given time.

You use this in conjunction with the table that is laid out at the front of each class description. It will say how many slots you have at each level, which is the amount of times you can cast spells of those levels.

The warlock was already explained, but with the Sorcerer it will tell you how many spells you can know at any given time. This is because Sorcerers casting ability comes from within, not memory, or a divine presence like some other classes.

Clerics and druids have a limit on how many spells they can prepare (which is the spells that you can cast in battle) BUT, they can change out any spell any time after a long rest, thus making them able to pull from their entire spell list, and cast that spell as long as it's prepared. In some cases you with these classes you will always have spells prepared depending on what sub-class you take. These do not count against your spells known and area always aviable for you to cast.

Wizard is different. They choose from their spell list at certain times (when they level up) but they have a book that can hold ANY wizard spell, if they spend gold to copy it into their book either through training or a found spell scroll. Obviously this is dependent on the DM, or the module you are playing.

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I'm actually a Hexblade, which is why I wanted it.

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I'm not powergaming and I've never multiclassed before. I only did it here because it fit the narrative and my DM suggested it.

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What's the best way to make a Iop-like character?

>Dumb, strong knights of an order who are sworn to guard over a demon trapped in a weapon that they use

I know it's probably going to be some mix of barbarian/fighter with bladelock/paladin

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Ignore him, this place is full of spergs.

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after, like, level 5 Fiendish Vigor is going to become less worth it.

>> No.56088311

There isn't a lot to go on there, a weapon with a backstory and a strong dumb character who can wield it is about all you need.

>> No.56088324

Can't I just unlearn it once I get to level 5 and then learn a different one instead?

In any case, I guess I'll dump Fiendish Vigor. I have a druid to heal me anyway.

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There you go. You're a Warlock, giving a fuck is for lesser classes.

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Depending on how high your CHA is, Agonizing Blast can be insane. At level 13 our Warlock outputs a ton of damage each round at range and can separate them by target.

Agreed, ignore him. The resident Warlock says you're not looking at the big picture - you get feats at fourth level - a 7/3 split gives you only one feat by level 10. But before we can give advice, we need a better idea of what you're going for, what your party needs. Melee spellcaster? Ranged spellcaster?

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True enough. Thanks for the help, friend.

>> No.56088377

Explain how it fit your narrative I'll wait.

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You're right. Should've reread before posting. What I'm really looking for is "Dumb strong character whose kit focuses around having a buffed-up magic sword and causing damage with reckless abandon(similar to a barbarian's frenzy rage)

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Warlocks are a special case, if you want to know how spells work look at something like Wizard first

Spells known: you know X spells. For a wizard this is every spell in his spellbook, for a Cleric it's every cleric spell, for a sorcerer or warlock it's a short list he has to choose.

Spells Prepared: you prepare spells which means you're ready to cast them if needed. Some classes like sorcerer or warlock skip this and effectively have all their known spells prepared at all times.

Spell Slots: how many times you can cast spells per day (or per short rest for warlocks). Pick a prepared spell, use up one of your spell slots, cast the spell. Use a higher level slot to make the spell have more power (see spell description for what this actually does) or because you're a warlock and all your spell slots are max level but sometimes a level 1 spell is more useful.

So yes, a warlock might know 2 level 1 spells and 2 level 2 spell, and cast 2 spells per short rest using 2nd level spell slots.

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How do I enjoy playing a completely no spellcasting class? I really want to but whenever I sit down to make a character it feels so bland. Not even sure what I want to make between a Monk, Fighter, Rogue or Barbarian.

Maybe I should just admit defeat and play a Favoured Soul.

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I've been struggling with this since I discovered 3.5 when I was in the 7th grade. Let me know if you figure it out because I still can't.

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If it's like a barbarian, go barbarian.

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Best survival tips for Curse of Strahd?

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I'd be tempted to say Hexblade, although that doesn't quite give you a very magic sword, and also only works with one-handed weapons.

Blade Pact with a Fiend Patron is probably the better route, since while the sword isn't super magic, you can get temporary HP for killing things and summon the weapon from anywhere. At that point though, it's basically a 1 level Fluff dip for that benefit and maybe the SCAG cantrips for when you aren't Raging. Would probably work better as a Fighter in that case though, possibly Samurai to mimic the Barbarian's more reckless and resistance-heavy Fighting Style without cutting off the Warlock spellcasting options entirely.

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It's the definition of a barbarian's rage. I don't recommend Barbarian/Fighter unless the dip is very small because otherwise you're just screwing yourself out of Extra Attacks. In-game there's no mechanic for "losing yourself" to the weapon, though, and barbarian rage is definitely meant to be used a lot more often than the Iop possession is.

Battle Master Fighter. Load up on weapons so you can swap out for a hard-hitting greatsword, a higher AC with the longsword, ranged enemies with a longbow or crossbow, or extra melee range with a halberd.

>> No.56088477

Fighters can either use their maneuverability dice to spice up combat, use feats, or both. Or you can pick Eldritch Knight.
Thief Rogues can get a whole bunch of skill bonuses and sneakiness. Or you can just pick Arcane Trickster.
Monks? Fuck if I know, maybe pick a shadow monk and be a ninja.
Barbarian? Pick totem barbarian, which gives you spells 'n' shit anyway IIRC. Berserker barbarian is simple as shit.

You can always use Magic Initiate for a tiny dash of spellcasting fun. And remember, martials get all the neat magic weapons.

>> No.56088479

This is doable, sure, but also the idea is that Blackrazor, while you could indeed hold it in your hands at level one, is a soul devouring sword that has seen decades if not moreso of conflict. The Dwarven Axe, Whlem, artifact weapons in general don't have level requirements. However, it would be very easy generally to say that a player had suffered from this weapon and become changed, they've found a piece of it and agreed to serve in exchange for power, found a weapon of your own design that is unusable, a sword in a stone forever sealed, or anything like it.

>> No.56088480

Stay Warlock 3. Take the rest in whichever type of Bard you prefer; you sound more into spellcasting so probably Lore.

>> No.56088486


Either pick something with maneuvers or special abilities of some sort for combat, or focus on being interesting outside of combat.

If you're a fighter never use action surge to hit stuff; always use it to so something cool even if what you do is less effective than hitting stuff.

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Is the Medicine skill completely useless? I'd like to take it for roleplaying reasons but I'd rather avoid it if I'll never end up using it.

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It's just so, ech. Monk is so far looking the best, between subclasses getting abilities like AoE fear at-will, teleports and cool conditions impossed when Flurrying. While also having some mobility and other cool stuff.

>Battle Master Fighter
I played one once and fucking hated it. All the good maneuvers are shit you can do anyway like tripping people if you're a Shield Master and the most effective one half the time is just precision attack if you're a GWM/SS.

On top of that, it's all they get. You've got some dice, action surge and second wind. That's it. Nothing else fun to play with whats so ever.

>> No.56088528

Considering Medicine lets you stabilize a downed PC with a DC10 check, it's pretty valuable.

>> No.56088534

It's been pretty useful for me. Making antidotes for poisons, impromptu healing aids, determining cause of death, the values of certain herbs, etc. etc.
You just have to get creative with it.

>> No.56088542

It depends on how much you want to make your DM work.

I have a fighter/barbarian with a dip into rogue for expertise in both acrobatics and athletics. I avoid making basic attacks as much as possible and use anything in my environment instead

>I want to grapple the centaur and then mount it to ride it against the rest of it's tribe
>I want to grapple the thug and do a running high jump to do 1d6 fall damage
>I want to dip my sword in oil and then light it before stabbing this ghost
>I want to chain up this gargoyle before I open this door

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I wanna make a character whose main form of combat is throwing swords.

>> No.56088583

How do I make sheldon from bazinga, guys?

>> No.56088605

ok help me out here lads with CoS

>CoS, level 6-7 group mix, at bonegrinder
>ambushed by hags popping out from ethereal, kill one coven hag, the other 2 poof into ethereal again
>DM says there was nothing on the hag (this is important)
>bard and ranger start getting sick and sicker after each long rest
>eventually find out it's same sort of night hag haunt shit they can do to sleeping folk
>we literally can't find any sort of out here, like they are just going to flat out die cause we have no way of combating them or curing the HP damage drain as nobody is high enough for greater res
>afterwards we at least read the stat block
>find out the hags need a heartstone to turn ethereal, something we never found on the first hag, to top it off our leomund's tiny hut should have blocked them from coming in the first night cause it's a dome of force which can block their travel.
Also they were able to scry, which means one of them has a 1,000gp focus somewhere

What should be the course of action? We caught the DM in a fuck-up.

>> No.56088612

If you just want as many options as possible, I'd say to just go for a ton of dips. 2-3 in Rogue at the start for more skills, expertise, and bonus action options. 3 in fighter for Battlemaster maneuvers. A level or two in Barbarian for a couple of daily rages. And then everything else into open hand monk for as much Ki as possible.

I'm sure that would be a horrible fucking optimized mess, but you'd certainly have a lot of buttons to push.

>> No.56088615

Just refluff Elminster

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I think you may want to describe for me what you find fun, because to me, having all the battle maneuvers is fun. Riposting when an enemy misses, parrying to reduce their damage when they think they've hit really hard, commander's strike when the rogue is in position to give him another sneak attack. I never took GWM because my rolls are shit (Great Weapon fighting style, however, has averted more 1s and 2s than I can count.

>> No.56088621

One of my players successfully tamed a hellhound by having it eat what was basically 3 disposable wish spells

>> No.56088637

RAW it's pretty useless, since the only official use is stabilizing creatures and that can be done without a check with a Healer's kit.

Anything past that depends on how often medical analysis or diseases might show up, and what else your DM lets you do with it.

>> No.56088639

For >>56088583

>> No.56088648

Is that... ff3? The one where they pretended to add personalities to the nameless faceless foursome from the NES game?

>> No.56088649

Why couldn't they just tame it with one of the wishes?

>> No.56088653

You already are, anon, congrats, you did it, you succeeded!

>> No.56088667

So I decided to make a list of low level spells that I thought best represented the full casters

Bard - Vicious Mockery
Cleric - Bless, Spare the Dying
Druid - Entangle
Sorcerer - None
Warlock -Eldritch Blast
Wizard - Grease

I feel like if most of these characters casted one of these spells, you would absolutely say "yes, this person is that sort of magic user", but is it weird to anyone else that the Wizard is the only spell caster that knows Grease? Does throwing grease on everybody seem like a Wizardly thing to do?

>> No.56088697

I think my main issue with Battlemaster is the fact every single ability is either hitting them with your stick in a special way, or avoiding them hitting you with a stick in a special way. Monster Hunter seems more my style because it have that save bonus one and the social skills boosting option. Sadly knowing that they scraped the class for the Ranger Monster Hunter my DM probably wouldn't let me pick it.

Knight seems kinda interesting for that de-buff it gives. So maybe I might see what the XGE Cavalier looks like, for now I think I'll either go Monk or maybe Arcane Archer.

>> No.56088702

>Does throwing grease on everybody seem like a Wizardly thing to do?

Also, I like how this implies someone casting no spells at all and generally sucking at magic would be "yep, that's a sorcerer"

>> No.56088708

What sort of skills would someone who does odd jobs at a church be proficient in? Duties would include gravedigging/tending, helping out with the poor/sick, preaching occasionally, etc.

Not exactly a cleric, more like a volunteer who happens to donate 100% of his time to the church.

>> No.56088728

Probably Insight and Medicine.

>> No.56088732

Do you think your DM might let you go for the no-spells variant Ranger with the Monster Hunter subclass? That would give you something mundane with a lot of theoretical options, even if you tracked both sets of superiority die separately.

>> No.56088736

My criteria was finding the Cantrips/1st level spells that were exclusive to each class, and guess who has two thumbs and no spells of their own? The Sorcerer.

Also Bless is a Cleric and Paladin spell but I feel like it gets a bit more mileage than Spare the Dying so I threw it in anyway.

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>> No.56088746

Maybe something like
Nature, to take care of the flowers
Medicine, for the sick
Religion, duh
Perception, to hear all the juicy church gossip

>> No.56088759

>Wizard - Grease
I see your reasoning, but magic missile is more iconic

>> No.56088764

counting UA, sorcs get Chaos Bolt exclusive.

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fuk u the ff3 remake was C U T E!!

>> No.56088775


Can confirm, wizards are all greasers.

>> No.56088781

They really need to make a lot of Wizard spells less exclusive. Or rather, take away some spells from the Wizard and make them Sorcerer only.

>> No.56088792

>take away some spells from the Wizard and make them Sorcerer only.

>> No.56088793

I know this sounds dumb, but since it sounds like your DM fucked-up, maybe unknowingly? Just straight ask him.

Hey can I do a check / get a feeling for / see if my (insert skill here) can give us a lead on how to deal with this?

No? okay, I'm going to start to be obnoxious and start to ask every important NPC we have come across about it.

Maybe head back to the abby? (your level 6-7, im assuming you've met him already) Or find Ricktavio? Maybe search the windmill some more? Sounds like your DM thought he was being clever, and in doing just made this appear out of thin air. If he doesn't come up with a solution, just pool ideas and ask if they will work. Sometimes, some good DM's will say yes to an idea that you came up with because they haven't thought of it yet. You know, the "letting the players think they're right" idea.

>> No.56088794

It was cute until I lost my game cartridge halfway through

I think I had some buttfuck retarded party comp though, Rydia was a geomancer

>> No.56088795

There's actually more events and dialog left unused in the game, it seems at some point they were told to dial back the adding of personalities, probably to avoid scaring off the nostalgiafags. SE fears those mightily after having learned from DQ.

>> No.56088798

The Ranger Monster Hunter doesn't have the dice anymore, now it's focused on fighting Spellcasters for some reason if the interview was any indication.

Maybe a no Magic Ranger could be cool though. The party already has a Ranger but I'd just pick a different favored enemy, different Fighting Style and different subclass. Maybe an Archer Hunter.

>> No.56088799

I am making myself a Druid/Monk dual class.

Basically going for a very atavistic Shadow Monk with minor transformation powers and utility spells. The question is the split.

We start at level 10, going to 20. My original idea was Shadow Monk 8 / Druid of the Land (Forest) 2, going for 3 as soon as possible for the circle spells.

I am going for 18 Dex and 18 Wisdom at the start, maybe 16/20 instead. I plan on using Shillelag, but I don't know which option makes the most sense, I still have my unarmed attacks to worry about after all, and Dex saves isnt something I want to skimp too much on.

>> No.56088833
File: 23 KB, 467x700, greaser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If I told you once, I told you a thousand times, shitbag, I don't need no stinkin' material components, I got fuckin' Eschew Materials, now get outta my face, punk, for I give you a shiner.

>> No.56088837

Could be neat. Certainly wouldn't overlap any more than picking a Fighter or Barbarian would

>> No.56088838

You're right. I completely forgot about Chaos Bolt. My updated list is now:

Bard - Vicious Mockery
Cleric - Bless, Spare the Dying
Druid - Entangle
Sorcerer - Chaos Bolt, Magic Missile
Warlock -Eldritch Blast
Wizard - Grease, Magic Missile

Magic Missile's in a weird place because both the Wizard and Sorcerer knew it so they're both sharing an iconic spell. I'm gonna throw it on anyway because it's Magic Missile.

>> No.56088843

>Bard - Vicious Mockery
I have always kinda felt meh about this cantrip. Thematically, it is fucking amazing, but crunch wise, it is such a useless use of an action against most enemies.

Disadvantage is the only saving grace, and that is on ONE attack roll, making it scale like shit as soon as everything starts getting multiattack.

>> No.56088844

>Spells literally created by wizards, for wizards, taught to wizards
>Not exclusive
While i am all for additional sorcerer exclusive or at least non-wizard options, anything
>Wizard's SPELL
should be wizard exclusive.

>> No.56088866

>Druid of the Land (Forest)
Okay maybe suggestions for a different circle would be great, as I just realized Barskin sets AC to 16, which is pointless for me.

>> No.56088890
File: 190 KB, 1280x1652, 1500345417870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are intimidation and persuasion redundant if I'm playing a character that's far more intimidating than he is persuasive?

Imagine pic related as an example. Would he ever need to do any persuading or could he just intimidate his way through everything?

>> No.56088891
File: 16 KB, 415x640, Blackrazor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might I ask what would you prefer?

Do you like the idea of having a piece of the weapon and choose to serve it for more power, maybe after seeing what it could do or how powerful it was?


Have a sentient item you found at level 1 grow alongside you and that was your patron, in a similar fashion to this?

>> No.56088904

I moreso meant to pick out things that they both shared and shifting them to be sorcerer only, rather than just grabbing Wizard-only spells and moving them. Basically, draw a firmer line between the two and give Sorcerer some exclusive tricks in the process

>> No.56088918

>Have a sentient item you found at level 1 grow alongside you and that was your patron
This. Always this.

Both as a player and as a GM, I have a massive hard on for weapons that grow with you. I have never liked the "replace your old legendary super sword +1 with the new and improved even older legendary super sword +2" progression we normally have.

>> No.56088921

Persuasion can be only more effective for the contrast in that situation.

>> No.56088922

war wizard with animate weapon / telekinesis. Or bard with animate weapon / telekinesis.
Or for a mediocre build choose battlemaster fighter with some javelin throwing mechanism.

>> No.56088928

When my character was a child she was outside stargazing one night. A gleaming mote in the sky blinked in her direction for a brief moment and she saw white, then black. She woke up days later stricken with wanderlust, newfound powers, and a dark otherworldly melody flowing through her head. Naturally she began adventuring, hoping to sate her wanderlust and find a way to silence the songs in her head.

We recently entered the employ of a retired Bard who has, after learning of her unique affliction, taken a great deal of interest in her. In return for our service he's offered to help my character develop an outlet or at least a channel for the songs in her head. Between missions and during downtime my character started studying with him and learning music while working to compose what our new patron believes is a masterpiece sent to my character by the gods themselves.

We have an Arcane Trickster Rogue who is in melee combat more often than not, a greatsword wielding Battlemaster, a Life Cleric, an Oath of Ancients Paladin, and a Moon Druid who is only going to be around for a handful of games. I'm still relatively new to D&D so I'm not sure what the party needs. I've been ranged for the most part so far, I think I've only made a handful of melee attacks the entire game.

>> No.56088949

I agree, at least in concept. Personally, i'd also like to see more "primal" spell options.
Dragon's Breath spell that does a fire cone, things with less fine control and more blasty. Thunderwave seems super sorcerer-esque to me, as an example.

>> No.56088955

Depends on how you wanna play him, I guess. You could easily play a big, intimidating character as a persuasive manipulator with a silver tongue, or just brute force your way with intimidation

>> No.56088963
File: 131 KB, 629x1173, IMG_0832.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dm is being a pissbaby over me being a rogue with booming blade
>he says I can't get advantage on the attack because "It's a spell, not an attack"

>> No.56088967

Oddly enough, I think we already saw a Dragonbreath spell in the Xanathar guide under the leaked Wizard spells, which is very annoying.

I'd really like more spells like that though that are really keyed to a Sorcerer's themes

>> No.56088981

As far as persuasion/intimidation goes he's a lot like Kingpin, it depends on who he's trying to sway I think. He's more than capable of being diplomatic, but he's huge so he can be quite terrifying when he needs to.

Should I just go with both then?

>> No.56088984

A weapon that grows and evolves alongside the wielder is always a great choice, especially if it changes drastically as it grows and reveals it's true strength or changes depending on how the owner uses it or what kind of person the user is

>> No.56088998

Heya teeg, is there a good resource for creating monsters?

I want to make a piggy bank monster - think the size of a tank, shaped and looks like a giant boar, but ornate carved metals, like something from Mechanus, or something you'd see from the various artifact-themed sets in MtG.

So a big fucker full of gold, big ass tusks to gore fuckers with, and a slot on top to drop gold in. And a hatch on the bottom to open it up. I was thinking it'd spend most of its time charging around and trying to gore fuckers, but if it gets surrounded, it could shake, causing all the gold to smash around inside and create a deafening, stunning effect.

I also thought of making the stash of gold inside it a hoarder dragon. Thoughts? Tips on statting this?

>> No.56089009

Going with both fleshes out your character into someone who knows how to work people over, someone who can manipulate with words just as easily, and quickly, as grabbing a collar and hoisting someone off the ground.

>> No.56089016

Nah, you should definitely be able to use booming blade like that and get advantage/bonus dice. It's an attack roll.

>> No.56089019

Well, he might not be wrong about that. I'm not sure.

>> No.56089038
File: 235 KB, 2142x2800, the hmming man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he says I can't get advantage on the attack because "It's a spell, not an attack"
>As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must make a melee attack with a weapon against one creature

>> No.56089052

He is.

The blade cantrips use a melee weapon attack to hit. It is literally just an ordinary sword strike with additional effects.

>> No.56089075

>Both as a player and as a GM, I have a massive hard on for weapons that grow with you. I have never liked the "replace your old legendary super sword +1 with the new and improved even older legendary super sword +2" progression we normally have.

So you would prefer the Hexblade's lore to grant the level 1 Hexblade a sentient magic item that grows as you level and gain hexblade and Warlock features, instead of them getting a small shard of the sentient item and serving that for power gaining Hexblade and Warlock features through that?

Also they have an invocation that you could pick up if you go pact of the blade called Improved Pact Weapon, that makes it so your pact weapons are considered +1 items and spellcasting focuses. I hope they put the upgraded versions (Superior and Ultimate) of the Invocation in Xanathars.

See above.

>> No.56089164

He needs to understand the difference between attacks, the Attack action and weapons.

Anything with an attack roll is an attack. Scorching ray is three attacks, for example. However, they are spell attacks, but the blade cantrips make weapon attacks.
This is all true despite the action type being the Cast a Spell action, not the Attack action.
Btw, throwing a dagger is a ranged weapon attack with a melee weapon. Unarmed strikes aren't a weapon, but they are used to make weapon attacks.

>> No.56089228

If you magic missile a hexed enemy, does it take necrotic damage for each missile, for the attack as a whole, or none at all?

>> No.56089229

Your best resource is in the DMG 273-282.
Try looking into the MM for monsters that have charge (Centaur and Minotaur, for example) and go from that.

>> No.56089249

None at all, Magic Missile isn't an attack.

>> No.56089252

If it were just a spell that was a normal melee magic attack roll it'd work just as fine.

>> No.56089257


>> No.56089271

>So you would prefer the Hexblade's lore to grant the level 1 Hexblade a sentient magic item that grows as you level and gain hexblade and Warlock features, instead of them getting a small shard of the sentient item and serving that for power gaining Hexblade and Warlock features through that?
Yes. Start off as a shard attached to a weapon of the characters choice, starts non-magical, gains magic powers at level 5/3 (blade pact) and then grows in power and effect over time.

>Also they have an invocation that you could pick up if you go pact of the blade called Improved Pact Weapon,
I would never allow that.

Warlocks are already invocation starved as is. I will improve their weapon at appropriate points in the game. Don't ever waste a fucking invocation slot on it.

>> No.56089296

probably too hard. you can just fucking see the weapons they use with your eyes and you can tell if it's an Undead/Construct whatever most of the time

move all of the things down a tier, make DC20+ "show them the Manual entry"

>> No.56089300

>Accidentially replied in my post.
Anybody got some insights here?

Is that really such a weird multiclass? I had thought it would be more common, considering the shared Wisdom primary stat.

>> No.56089335

Take a look at the gorgon in the MM, it has the charge-gore-stomp combo

>> No.56089345

you can skip the check w Healers' Kits which are dirt cheap

>> No.56089350

It's a martial and a caster, the only real overlap is the wisdom focus. A few spells is nice for a monk but it's not exactly synergy.

>> No.56089352

Does anyone have a saved copy of more purple more better? Ive been away and Im just now seeing it got taken down.

>> No.56089353

it's basically useless unless the DM decides to make it useful

>> No.56089462

Your standing on regular terrain, you need to go past 5ft of difficult terrain next to you and into another 5ft of regular after that. How much does this cost?

>> No.56089469

15 ft of movement. 5 for regular terrain, 10 for difficult.

>> No.56089517
File: 25 KB, 759x551, blease resbond.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56089529
File: 176 KB, 1600x1089, tooth-wu-madking33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you had a player roll 18, 16, 14, 14, 10, and 10, would you let them keep it?

>> No.56089530

I bought a pup from a farmer randomly and then raised him at an island to look after it with my lizard guard who made a deal to keep the tower in order.

>> No.56089543

I'd respond if I knew what to say. It looks pretty fun to me.

>> No.56089544


Considering that Shadow Monks also have spells, I just thought it would be a solid addition, similar to how most ATs multiclass wizard to get a few more spells.

I was jokingly considering Swamp Circle for Melfs Acid Arrow, but maybe that isn't such a stupid idea actually. 6d4 is pretty decent damage for a long range spell, if I absolutely have to have something that can fuck up fliers. Also 2 chances of breaking concentration.

>> No.56089550

absolutely not, mostly because we use pointbuy.

>> No.56089560
File: 182 KB, 395x359, UEPwAWU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mostly because we use pointbuy

>> No.56089573

No, I'd tell him "what are you doing retard, we don't roll stats in this table, does this look like a death funnel campaign to you?

>> No.56089579
File: 136 KB, 274x203, 1414277182590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


From the spell list for wizards in UA, seems like summoning is back on the menu

>> No.56089585

If you have everyone roll stats, and they all do it together, then you keep the stats rolled or it becomes meaningless.
Personally, for our long term game we did 4d6 drop 1 drop set, but for our smaller games we've done a 6x6 array in which you can pick any horizontal, vertical or the 2 diagonals, in order, straight or reversed.

>> No.56089607

Seriously, this is exactly the type of shit why we think stat rollers are idiots. Even they don't want their rolled stats.

>> No.56089627

If I was actually making people roll, then yes I would stick by that. Obviously, if I was worried about everyone having properly balanced stats, I would just pointbuy rather than making them reroll until they got something they could pointbuy anyway.

>> No.56089628

what the fuck are you even talking about

>> No.56089634

>Let's roll stats
>no roll again
>too high, roll again
>too low, roll again
>no roll again
>Point buy is stupid, roll again.

>> No.56089646

Not saying it isn't solid, but ultimately you're just adding options not making particular things you do more effective. Adding ranged options to a monk isn't a terrible idea but that's kinda what their ridiculous mobility is for.

>> No.56089661

I am honestly baffled by how much people care about their super optimal stats, and keep talking about how point buy is the only good way of making characters.

We generally play to 20. I can't count the number of characters who had no stats naturally at 20. We have done both rolling and point buy, and settled on mixing it, point buy if you want a sure method of stats, rolling if you dont care. 4d6 drop lowest, arrange as desired.

We have had Super stat characters who barely utilized half of their shit (Loteraly 18 Strength Muscle Wizard who had 18 in Strength, Con and Int), and low budget characters with shit like 16-11-10-10-8-7 before racials, and the character was still vital to any fight and scene we were in.

It is really surprising how little it actually matters over a long campaign. Or maybe the reason for this is that we have fun without power gaming like munchkin faggots, using "muh optimal cheese builds that does xx amounts of damage per turn, so OP wow"

>> No.56089684

>but that's kinda what their ridiculous mobility is for.
Monk Mobility doesn't help much when someone is flying 60 feet above you, though.

>> No.56089698

>power gaming like munchkin faggots, using "muh optimal cheese builds that does xx amounts of damage per turn, so OP wow"

you didn't have to use that many words, you could have just said wizards

>> No.56089731

Or do like we do.

Generally 3 players, so all players roll 6+3d6 drop lowest, twice, and then we have the stat array for the group.

This means that everybody had the exact same array, but that this varies from game to game. Nobody rolled above 14? Going to be a low power campaign then, and I'll scale things to match. No one rolled LESS than 14? High power it is!

I am the main GM, and so far my players have loved this, to the point where they have started using it when they GM as well.

>> No.56089755

I'm personally baffled by people who think Pointbuy is the way to get optimal stats in 5e. It isn't. If I wanted to powergame, I would roll and cross my fingers for something higher than a 15, since that's all you need to be ahead of the curve.

Even in the example you gave, starting with a 16 before racials is still very usable for the right class. However, what if that guy had gotten another 11 instead. Do you really think he still would have been that vital? Tough to say.

Either way, it's good that you actually seem to stick with rolls, good or bad, rather than the people who try and have it both ways and have people reroll until they get pointbuy-tier stats anyway.

And obviously, if you don't care about balance at all, it matters even less. But I personally question why to even bother rolling if stats are clearly so unimportant. Just give everyone the Array to save time in that case.

>> No.56089759
File: 82 KB, 680x680, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This means that everybody had the exact same array

>> No.56089768

I was actually thinking more about Fighters and their retarded SS/GWM bullshit.

But Wizards are just as bad, that is true. I have almost considered banning Fighters and Wizards from new players to the group, just to gove people no chance of being obnoxious little shits the first tine around. Hopefully they have learned how the group generally works by the second campaign, so we don't have to worry about some asshat showing up with a class build he got from the internet.

>> No.56089781

>one guy gets to have fun trivializing everything and everyone else is shit out of luck

wow yes this is a much better option

>> No.56089784

>Even in the example you gave, starting with a 16 before racials is still very usable for the right class. However, what if that guy had gotten another 11 instead. Do you really think he still would have been that vital? Tough to say.
No, he definitely would.

It was a Paladin focused on charisma, Ancients to be exact.

>> No.56089789

Yeah i'd let him. He took the risk and he takes it.

>> No.56089795

I'm sure they do enjoy their average +2.50 per stat.

>> No.56089796

>I want to be the strongest in the group, how else is my Mary Sue snowflake supposed to show everyone how awesome he/she is???

>> No.56089799

I went a different direction. 2d6+4 for anyone who wants to roll. It has a high overall average and can get you a score above what would be possible with pointbuy, but also get a couple scores that are worse.

It satisfies my player's need to have things be 'random' without making things incredibly swingy.

>> No.56089803

Welcome to risk. Plus really all that matters is your main stat for the class is good.

>> No.56089806

>He isn't a good enough GM to handle encounters so that this doesn't happen

>> No.56089807

I like it. You get your randomness, but no discrepancies among the party members. I'm not sure what the complaint here is.

>> No.56089817
File: 10 KB, 200x211, 343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MFW I show up with GWM Barbarian instead

>> No.56089838

I don't really mind either. I find encounter building pretty easy. I have no problems draining the party of resources during a day, and adjusting it to match whatever level of power they have is easy enough.

I dont understand why some GMs have problems with it. Maybe it is because they use premade campaigns and have a mental disability, or maybe just 0 experience with the system, but it is just so damn easy, that I cant see how high stats is ever a problem, as long as the average on the PCs are equal or close to equal.

>> No.56089846

>not just rolling for a random point-buy array
Ok kid

>> No.56089856

>L.. let my character be badass, and deal with the real threat while my henchmen (other PCs) deal with the shitty pointless threat, otherwise you are totally a bad GM.

>> No.56089875

So basically he was just making Persuasion checks and being an anti-spell totem? Yeah, I'm sure that'll work out just as well when the bonus is a +1 instead

>> No.56089876

How would you balance running an official module with only 3 players? Free extra ASI?

>> No.56089879

Most people gravitate towards fighters, who are the primary offenders due to the 2 additional ASIs.

Group rules also doesn't allow SS, CBE or GWM at level 1, so a barbarian will never be as much of a problem as a Fighter, evdn if he does grab it.

So sure, go ahead.

>> No.56089891

I had my first session with my group today with my Aarakocra monk (Few days back I was here) and I kinda wasn't prepared. They were helpful and nice about my inexperience but I feel like I need to brush up alot on the rules. But the worst of it was, Roleplaying. I wasn't really expecting the in character RP stuff they did. It's fun but I felt akward

Any tips for general better RP with an experienced group? Also, specific things to Roleplay in character with a Aarakocra? I don't want to embarrass myself again

>> No.56089896

>roll20 game every week
>irl game night that happens once a month
>on the same day and time

>> No.56089898

>Yeah, I'm sure that'll work out just as well when the bonus is a +1 instead
Even with a 12, racials can bring that to 14, and with 4 ASIs you easily get to 20 later on, with room for a feat if you want to, even.

>> No.56089921

>He thinks every encounter is identical
lol have you even played an RPG ever?

>> No.56089924 [DELETED] 

so if the group rules is that SS and GWM are not allowed, and the problem with fighters is that they have extra ASI for feats such as SS and GWM, I'm not exactly understanding what your problem is.

>> No.56089928

How does one actually rp a Aarakocra?

>> No.56089970

Horde shiny objects. Scream as loud as you can at random intervals. Be a huge asshole for no goddamn reason.

>> No.56090026

I said 11, not 12. So 13 at best at level 1. Sure, you can bring that up to a 17 by level 8, but the guy with 16 Charisma would still be 2 steps ahead, and that's assuming he didn't pick a Charisma boosting race to start with an 18, letting him use his level 8 ASI to either shore up his other ability scores, or do something to let him help out in other ways like picking up some utility feats.

My point is mainly that 16 and some average to low scores isn't a bad stat spread like the guy is pretending it is, and can do some things that pointbuy never could. Similarly, the Wizard deciding to be sporting and toss one of his 18s into Strength rather than Dexterity helped narrow the gap further. It's hardly the best case example of 'you can contribute while still having bad stats' when the bad stats aren't really bad and the good stats are being intentionally put in weird places.

Every time this rolling vs. pointbuy thing is brought up people always say how Pointbuy just encourages minmaxing and caring so much about stats, and then turn around and show off their Paladin with better starting charisma but low stats elsewhere else

>> No.56090058
File: 256 KB, 658x872, 1402626510100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My group is planning on doing a planeshift zendikar campaign and my friend wanted to play a hexblade vampire
the most crazy ridiculous build we could come up with was making your pact weapon a quarterstaff and cheesing with PAM
But why on earth would a vampire's weapon of choice be a glorified stick?
Our DM chimed in and said the staff in question is actually a bloodchief who was turned into a stick by a disgruntled angel, and now our player vampire wanders zendikar in search of a way to undo the transformation.
Or at least turn him into a more vampire-y weapon

>> No.56090070

Dunno why I asked. And general tips.

The first one seems about right but I'm weary of the last two.

>> No.56090142

Plenty, you are the one that sounds lkke you haven't. You seem to think a GM should just pander to your overpowered character every fight. That's not how it works.

>> No.56090162

>My point is mainly that 16 and some average to low scores
Original poster here, 16 was after +2 racial modifier.

>> No.56090165

>You seem to think a GM should just pander to your overpowered character every fight
>he thinks every encounter is a fight
boy, you sure are a small-minded individual...

>> No.56090167

Am I being a dick-wad by not wanting my players to pick variant humans? I really dislike early feats, and it makes regular humans shit by comparison

>> No.56090185

Except anything outside of fights is
primary determined by good attributes, so if you are playing a demigod who started with 17 in all stats, you are literally great in any situation ever. You even have room to pick Skilled for more proficiencies, since you barely care about ASIs anyway. Pick regular human and Rogue, and you can have 20 in all stats.

>> No.56090192

Really? I got the opposite impression when you said

>shit like 16-11-10-10-8-7 before racials,

>> No.56090208

Has anyone ever considered 3d printed minis/ map props and tiles?
If so, are there any resource files out there with patterns? My new job gives me access to a printer so long as I buy the materials (yay home depot!)

>> No.56090217

Just looked up to check, and you're right. I messed it up, sorry. Should have been after.

I didn't have as much time as I thought, so I didn't proof read it.

>> No.56090235

>Except anything outside of fights is primary determined by good attributes,

>He thinks numbers determine everything in a tabletop RPG
w e w l a d stop I'm starting to feel pity for you... just embarrassing...

I feel sorry for the playgroups you're in. You must be one of those bricks that just rolls dice and says "I attack the goblin." "I cast magic missile at the goblin." and nothing else... heck

>> No.56090244

I've seen them on streams, and they look annoying, at least when walls are involved. Can't see shit and the players are much more confused than with a flat drawing. Same with lots of 3d trees.

Could be different if all the players were up close and could stand up. And also this doesn't apply if you only printed floor tiles/terrain, no vertical structures, which might be fine.

Bonus: you can draw a trap on the bottom of the tile, and flip it when the players activate it.

>> No.56090251

heroforge sells stupidly overpriced data files for miniatures and stuff. I think it's like 15 buck or something for the file to 3d print yourself.

>> No.56090255

Not really. Variant humans are amazing. You'll just have to deal with everyone not picking humans and going for Half-elves and stuff instead.

I would say to try and meet it halfway by giving standard humans the extra skill proficiency and maybe a tool proficiency.

Alternatively, you could do what some of the Plane Shift supplements did for MTG and have human subraces/variants all be a specific Stat/Feat/Skill combo. For example, there's one that's Int/Cha and essentially any skill plus the skilled feat for a total of four.

You could use that and either restrict players to some of the more mediocre feats like Savage Attacker or Tough, or use it to have stronger feats come with a tradeoff, like if GWM couldn't be taken with a Strength bonus

>> No.56090282

No, he's an Unaligned dog.
He's also made of slime.

>> No.56090286

I was inspired for Forgotten Realms book Darkwalker on Moonshae and make doggo and other adorable beasts often get picked up in low level starting campaigns as followers.

Nothing hooks players faster than a noble doggo sacrifice, making the difference between a TPK or not.

>> No.56090328

And you sound like the kind of faggot who dumps Charisma, and then still thinks he can get away with having a silver tongue in real life.

>> No.56090356

If numbers don't matter, then why bother rolling? Just have everyone number their attributes from best to worst and go from there.

>> No.56090380

Guys what do you do when a player casts mind effecting spells on other players? My first instinct is to tell them to pound sand but does it depend on certain factors?

>> No.56090392
File: 89 KB, 500x397, goodboyethics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



He's Chaotic Evil.

>> No.56090401

>He thinks numbers determine everything in a tabletop RPG
But they do.

Listen buddy, I am a GM, and your stats is a direct representation of what your character can do. Yeah sure, a good explanation for what you do is always good, but if you have 8 Charisma, you are not giving aa perfectly well constructed argument as to why Bandot Lord should stop all their operations in the area, no matter what you as a player might know. You roll, you fail, and your character has no idea how to formulate it anywhere close to what you were trying to accomplish.

Same with anything else. Your skills and attributes is the key point. Your explanation will at best allow you a roll you might otherwise not have been allowed to, and if you really dazzle me, advantage, if, and only if, it makes sense that your character could even think of the solution you as a player thought up.

>Inb4 s..shit GM
Fuck you. If you dont want to adhere to your character sheet, go play FATE instead you faggot.

>> No.56090403

Play Druid. They're fantastic at summoning- it's best way to play a Druid actually. Play Circle of the Shephard for real bullshit. Don't need to max wisdom for that kind of caster, can take more points in Dex and Con for better AC and saving throws. Take war caster feat, for concentration.

because oohhhh boy your summoning bullshit will catch the DMs attention and they'll try to gib the Druid in so many creative ways. Hang in the back, casting healing word and other low level support spells, taking the dodge action, hide action, or utility cantrips, and let your conjurations suffocate the fight.

You technically don't get to call out which creatures you get, just the CR on conjure animals and conjure woodland- but you can guarantee yourself Dryads basically. At 9th level, Conjure Elemental is typically a showstopper. As you progress, the spells up-level for more creatures.

You'll basically feel like a cautious high-utility summoner cleric.

>> No.56090408

shit 15+spool might as well just buy officially liscensed.
individual hexes sound like a nightmare, imagine bumping the table...
Eh I was mostly looking at minis anyhow, but that's a good note.

>> No.56090422

>Top tier:

>Middle tier:

>Bottom tier:

Who the fuck thought putting the most boring shit in top tier and the coolest shit in fucking bottom tier?

>> No.56090432

Is this a copypasta that I'm not aware of?

>> No.56090434


Necromancy's not so bad, is it? I like the idea at least.

>> No.56090469

Abjuration is boring as shit I'll give you that, same as Evocation. Somehow blending those two into War Magic like Crawford talked about sounds awesome though.

Divination just got such strong abilities because the spells are piss weak, sadly there's no reason what so ever for a Diviner to actually use the spells so it's just powerful as fuck.

Enchantment is cool and actually rarely gets spotlight. I'm pretty happy with it's abilities and feel like it's a good mix of boosting Enchantment spells and non-spell abilities. Definietly powerful.

Wizard Necromancy is boring as fuck. People who want to play a Necromancer are normally just faggots who want ma skeleton army. A person who wants to play a real Necromancer would play a Death Cleric who is an Ur-Cleric or a godless Cleric in fluff.

>> No.56090472

The idea is great but the execution is flawed heavily. It's only good spell is animate dead. Outside of that necromancy sucks

>> No.56090482
File: 106 KB, 645x968, 1509048181470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A person who wants to play a real Necromancer would play a Death Cleric who is an Ur-Cleric or a godless Cleric in fluff.
Your one of (((those))) guys. Never reply to my posts again.

>> No.56090493

What sort of AC am I looking for as a 1st level bladelock with no access to heavy armor?

>> No.56090494

>Guys what do you do when a player casts mind effecting spells on other players?
I tell them to either reconsider their current course of action, or leave.

I have only had 1 instance where I allowed it, because it made sense for a ruse they were running.
>The Warlock was witnessed killing a noble
>Party had to, he was about to begin a ritual to open a gate to let demons into the city.
>So the Wizard Mind controlled him, had him walk around until he got caught, and then when a wizard interogated him, he found out he was under mind control, removed it, and the warlock managed to feign innocence once the mind control wore off.

Literally the only instance where I have been okay with this.

>> No.56090502

>Gets BTFO'd
>T.. this is clearly copy pasta, come on guys
And the butthurt could be felt across the globe.

>> No.56090515


Ray of Sickness is a Necro spell.

>> No.56090516

>And the butthurt could be felt across the globe.
mostly, I was laughing at how ridiculous the response was, actually.

>Listen buddy, I'm a GM
>Fuck you
>go play FATE instead you faggot.

>> No.56090517

Godless Clerics are a shit idea, but what's wrong with Ur-Priests? I generally prefer them to only siphon power from dead/dying gods but they're still a good character.

>> No.56090525

Would it be bad to start every character with all armor proficiencies?

Honestly who gives a shit.

>> No.56090529

>thinking your brainless sperg attack was in any way a BTFO

>> No.56090531

>Would it be bad to start every character with all armor proficiencies?
>Honestly who gives a shit.
It's mostly a balancing issue more than anything else.

>> No.56090534
File: 44 KB, 639x479, fantasy_sword_by_Koshin_Kun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So general consensus for this thread so far is that the Hexblade's lore and flavor would be better if you actually had a new/weak sentient magic item/piece of a sentient magic item at level 1 that grows with you as you level as a Hexblade Warlock, instead of a piece of an all-powerful sentient magic item (Like Moonblade or Blackrazor) that you serve and gain power from.

>> No.56090545

>Listen buddy, I'm a GM
Required, because so many retards here always go "g... good luck convincing a GM of playing like that, f..faggot."

>go play FATE instead you faggot.
Valid suggestion to someone who wants to not give a shit about his attributes, and play as if they don't exist.

>> No.56090548

Bad phrasing my dude, you make it sound like you were mostly butthurt.

Would've been better to say "I was mostly laughing at how ridiculous the response was, actually."

>> No.56090555

Are Scout Rogues shit? I'm not sure it's worth taking even though it does fit the character, Thief seems likes a better pick. Should I just take a Scout and just hope it gets buffed in XGE?

>> No.56090557
File: 1.37 MB, 320x180, 1491911227564.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56090565

>Yeah sure we'll be there.
>No sorry something came up.
Every fucking time.

>> No.56090567
File: 4.17 MB, 960x640, there__there__one_piece__by_allydog509-d5jzsrf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just knowing how to work what I call "the special book of Martial bullshit" is all you need.
Grapple + drag + shove prone is basically a Martial save or suck, that you can perform at virtually any point of time. Pic related.

You should also be actively absorbing up action economy as much as possible. Keep only 1 reaction per round in mind for the baddies, and if you cut a path and trigger opportunity attacks, you have a good chance of clearing an easy path for the non-martials. Never forget that your ability to attack multiple times, and hard, has the best chance to break enemy caster concentration checks. Always move to position yourself as best as possible, almost all martials have mobility bonuses (Barbarians, Rangers, Rogues, Monks) that aren't just to get into the creatures range, but also to force them to chase you, possibly outpacing them and forcing them to lose an action.

I personally think Barbarian make the best martial class, they actually feel significantly tankier than the caster classes due to resistance to damage and effectively putting Con as a secondary stat with d12 hit die. Reckless Attack advantage, advantage on Strength checks (aka advantage on grapple and shoves), with potentially mega crit damage output with brutal critical really shines through. All of the Totem Barbarian options are amazing. Rogues are a very close second.

I don't like Fighters. While Action Surge and fighting style is great in the initial dip, over the long haul all too often you'll find yourself short on Battle Mastery die and just feel like dirt.

>> No.56090589

They may or may not be shit, nobody knows because anybody who cares about being the best Rogue is an Arcane Trickster.

>> No.56090601
File: 156 KB, 711x1080, IMG_20161115_203454_671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will you tell me about your paladin please? I'm really struggling with the roleplaying end of things and I could use some inspiration.

>> No.56090603

Every time someone argues that arcane trickster is best they just try to somehow make it capable of doing everything a thief can do with mage hand.

Are there DMs that are actually retarded enough to let that fly? None that I've played with.

>> No.56090605

"Listen buddy, I a GM"
>Required, because so many retards here always go...
Ah, the rare breed. A Special Snowflake GM. Godspeed! I bet all your campaigns are boring and forgettable, and you blame your players for your campaigns failing even though you never listened to any of their concerns.

Heck off. You suck.

>Bad phrasing my dude, you make it sound like you were mostly butthurt.

>> No.56090630
File: 350 KB, 1258x693, 1351451953428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Every wizard's wearing full plate and only paying for it by losing 10 feet of speed

Yeah, I think it's bad and I would give a shit.

I mean, I'm the kind of asshole whose first thought would be "what kind of retarded ass build can I make with this development" and then proceed to the worst thing I can find, but I still recognize intellectually that it's a bad idea.

>> No.56090642

it's RAW and RAI. DMs who don't want to follow the rules are a separate problem.
And that's not really the only case of AT being better than Thief anyway, AT are still the best due to things like Booming Blade being the equivalent of a free damage bonus, spells like Mirror Image, Invisibility, or self-Hasting, granting advantage for everybody against one creature as a bonus action, spell thief, invisible mage hand trap probing, thieves tooling, and sleight of hand. Oh, and having a Familiar, as a rogue, using the Help action, for advantage.

There's really no comparison. D&D is a magical world, and a magical scoundrel has a clear edge over a non-magical one.

>> No.56090643

>I can't actually refute the argument presented, so I'll just call the argument shit, that'll make me seem right!

>> No.56090644

Martyr. Died happy.

>> No.56090652


I agree at least, because I think the idea of a patron weapon that just floats around in space somewhere like a GOO or fiend is pretty flavorless, whereas a magic item that grows with you is fun. And it would be hard to justify why you're not smashing everything's shit in if you actually had Blackrazor or the like from level 1.

>> No.56090656

>implying your incoherent REEEing could be considered an argument

>> No.56090670

I will break that consensus by saying that Warlocks are intended to have a patron that actively seeks something from the wielder of their power. Blackrazor has a will and wants something, and can be played as a sentient being, just like Asmodeous could push his schemes on Fiend warlock.

The real hiccup is on the DM's part, in addition to a lack of supporting material to help flesh out patron choices.

>> No.56090671

>granting advantage for everybody against one creature as a bonus action

Also, any good DM will oneshot that familiar as soon as you try that.

>> No.56090672

>Are there DMs that are actually retarded enough to let that fly? None that I've played with.
Clearly. We have had a ton of GMs and players who thinks it is perfectly fine to make Fast Hands a core bonus action everybody has access to, so Thiefs quickly lose a lot of their mechanical benefits. And certain features of a Third (second story work is a great example) is not onlt weak as fuck, it is also easily replicated by an AT.

>> No.56090678

fucking tool kys
read level 13 AT ability

>> No.56090686

>I bet all your campaigns are boring and forgettable, and you blame your players for your campaigns failing even though you never listened to any of their concerns.
How often do you get to level 20 from level 1?

My players practically wont allow me to stol my canpaigns early if I wanted to, and always gets sad when I have to pull the plug after 20 sessions of them sitting at level 20.

So I am evidently doing *something* right, like not disregarding the character sheet entirely.

>> No.56090690
File: 77 KB, 405x405, 1507787056489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GM's, how do you handle Nat 1's or critical failures? Anything interesting? Or is it just the same ol' "You fell/failed to do the thing/tripped" kinda shit?

For example:
>Barbarian who lifts a log and throws it to a goblin,
>Cleric who tries to persuade another holy man in a religion debate
>Rouge who tries to disarm a simple spring trap
>Monk who tries to Jet Lee some creature.
>Paladin who tries to beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker.

Obviously some generic shit but I can't recall any specific Fails on my previous session

>> No.56090691

Only works for the AT, not everyone. You silly-billy

I'm not even saying AT isn't the best, but the shit people try to pull...

>> No.56090700

>any good DM will oneshot that familiar as soon as you try that.
You'll have to explain to me how you intend to one shot an invisible mage hand.

I am not even sure you can destroy the mage hand in the first place.

>> No.56090717

>is not onlt weak as fuck, it is also easily replicated by an AT.
Considering RAW there's no check to climb a wall unless it's really really slippery, being able to effectivally move up vertical surfaces is pretty amazing.

While it is true Arcane Trickster is good, the Mage Hand isn't the reason. It's the fact it has spellcasting, all in all I'd say it's slightly better then a Thief, but if you have long adventure days then they kinda even out. Also in parties with a lot of casting Arcane Trickster isn't as necessary.

The Mage Hand thing is something anyone playing an AT needs to read. Read how the fuckng spell works. It's not actually that good in the slightest but people ignore all the drawbacks and say it's awesome.

I'm with>>56090691, Arcane Trickster is the best. However people ignore the fact Mage Hand CAN'T do the stuff Fast Hands does. Thief is still great, Arcane Trickster's just a bit better.

>> No.56090721

Not the mage hand the familiar.

One of my players tried this meme shit with an owl because they don't trigger opportunity attacks. Shot it out of the sky first opportunity, made sure the player had to work to find another fucking brazier before he tried again.

>> No.56090724

RAI and RAW, "You miss"

there are many cases where a nat 1 is the only way to miss an attack in 5e, which is significant enough on its own.

there is no automatic failure or automatic success in any skill check, a 1+9 still beats a 10

>> No.56090740

I was mostly referring to their spells in general though.

>> No.56090743

Uh. If you have +9 in a skill would you not in effect have automatic skill checks on any DC10s?

>> No.56090745

Critical failures are retarded.

>> No.56090747

Natural 1's and 20's are only on Attack rolls. Do not be one of those idiots who thinks it's on Ability Checks and Saves as well.

That said, on attacks I just make it a miss. Them's the rules in the book. I do describe it as a strange event of luck rather then skill though, the player stumbles on a rock which lets the goblin get in it's lucky strike and etc.

>> No.56090752


I personally have a bit of a shit-stirrer strain and I see nat 1s as an opportunity to do something fun with the players. But the thing is, the boring option is to always just punish them immediately. The fun thing to do is use that as an excuse to put them in worse circumstances.

As a DM you don't want to kill your players, but you do want to torture them.

>> No.56090758

>I will break that consensus by saying that Warlocks are intended to have a patron that actively seeks something from the wielder of their power.
>A patron that actively seeks something from the wielder of their power.
>a new/weak sentient magic item/piece of a sentient magic item at level 1 that grows with you as you level as a Hexblade Warlock

This is what the Patron/Sentient Weapon seeks, to grow stronger via consuming the souls of the victims, or killing certain things, or what have you. It's a mutual relationship of "You scratch my back, I scratch yours." Also you can not only play this as a sentient being that watches over the Hexblade, but actively participates throughout the game as an NPC because it's always on your Hexblade.

>> No.56090763

Stop torturing your players that's illegal

>> No.56090764

Yeah. And you just don't give them the check. Instead of "Mage/Cleric/Rogue roll you see if you know anything about obvious bullshit you'd already know" you just tell them what they know.

>> No.56090780

>Someone is using their spells??
>Better take that spell away from them and work hard to ensure they cant use it properly!
Are you one of those GMs that also take away materials/focuses all the time, and regularly use anti magic zones?

Never even had an Arcane caster (and by extend never had find familiar), but basically taking away a spell, and on a class with very limited spells known with no real way of changing it, is a huge dick move.

>> No.56090781

>My players practically wont allow me to stol my canpaigns early if I wanted to, and always gets sad when I have to pull the plug after 20 sessions of them sitting at level 20.
Sounds like your campaigns are poorly written and don't have clear goals.

Bethesda RPG: The GM. Ew.

>> No.56090795
File: 52 KB, 439x439, 1469929693469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bethesda RPG: The GM. Ew.

>> No.56090796

Eh using Nat 1s and 20s on some skill checks can be fun for the players sometimes, and the goal at the end of the day is to have fun. Like one shining example in my memory is my groups paladin and monk wanted to kick a door in, so fuck it I tell them to roll and BOTH of the guys rolled a 20, and since the chances of that are so god damn low so I had their kicks take the door clean off its hinges and flatten one of the bandits behind it waiting to ambush him. It was harmless and they fucking loved it so who loses out? Secretly that bandit wasn't there until they rolled the 20s, the encounter afterwards wasn't changed in the slightest but the illusion of power and luck makes all the difference

>> No.56090804

>I see nat 1s as an opportunity to do something fun with the players.
As long as it is actually fun, and not grating and annoying as fuck (which it sounds like it is) then it is fine.

The whole "you rolled a nat1 when trying to discuss the price with the king, you are now fugitives and the king wants you dead, because you called him a cheap fatass, and said you'd plow his daughter xd" is never fun for any of the players.

>> No.56090807

Yes, obviously, but it needs to be repeated a thousandth time because people still roll to see if they get nat 1s on ability checks in 5e.

>> No.56090810

>>Never even had an Arcane caster (and by extend never had find familiar), but basically taking away a spell, and on a class with very limited spells known with no real way of changing it, is a huge dick move.
Not him, but first of all they can still use it to scout, explore, spy and other assorted tasks, they can change the spell when they level up and most importantly it comes down to when you kill the Familiar.

If it uses help on one guy who you then kill, his ally likely won't kill it. If it's a big guy and it's helped against him more then once, well if a bird kept scratching me I'd smash the fucking thing with a rock.

>> No.56090816
File: 133 KB, 847x543, bueno1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They consent to it, they consent...

>> No.56090819

Familiars have plenty of uses without that cheesy, obviously unintended shit. And it's also well withing my purview as DM to kill the little fucker if he's flying around in a fight.

Player got a replacement owl a few sessions later anyway, wasn't a permanent loss.

>> No.56090825

I keep forgetting Full Actions and Free Actions aren't a thing anymore I think some people are just caught up in old ideas.

>> No.56090840

Make it more embarrassing, but not mechanically different, than a normal fail.

1 on persuasion? You didn't realize you had spinach stuck in your beard.

1 on trying to jump over lava? Not only do you fall in it, you faceplant in it. Still take the same damage though.

1 on trying to coax a goat? It pisses on your leg.

1 on trying to lob a log on a gob? It lands just right in front of them to give them cover from attacks.

>> No.56090841

Never had a super fun campaign with so many plot hooks and goals to accomplish, that you never eant the ride to end
Never been a GM, but these are always my favourite games. Where we can go "but what about that asshole Old God we had no way of taking down when we met it level 10? We are level 20 now, we should be able to have a chance if we prepare properly for it."

I am sorry if you never had that joy.

>> No.56090857
File: 706 KB, 566x716, Sentient Item's Purpose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, note there are rules as to how you can build a sentient magic item's purpose and objectives in the DMG. Make it so that's what the item wants its wielder to accomplish and make it so it starts off weak and can only speak by transmuting emotions, then as the Hexblade grows in levels it starts to speak and grow clearer.

>> No.56090878

>Bethesda RPG: The GM. Ew.
I dont think you know what "Campaign" means.

I dont do "LeSandbox, so do whatever you want, I am not making you a story to follow" games. I do campaigns, where the characters have a meaningful role and motivation to be part of it, and makes sure to change it, if the players ever wants to stop whatever they are doing because their characters doesnt give a shit.

And in the end, I am not going to stop a campaign as long as I have ideas to keep it going, and the players still have fun. Sorry if you think we are having fun wrong.

>> No.56090884

This guy seems like a barrel of laughs.

>> No.56090898

>well if a bird kept scratching me I'd smash the fucking thing with a rock.
So you'd ignore the Fighter with a Great Weapon currently making you a new asshole in the front, while the Rogue is trying to expand your existing one?

I mean, okay, I guess. I would normally avoid having super retarded enemies with no sense of self-preservation, but you do you.

>> No.56090916

Has anyone played the Monster Slayer Ranger Subclass? What did you think of it? How does it compare with Hunter Conclave? Do you think it'll change for XGtE?

>> No.56090918

I would normally avoid having super retarded enemies without basic pattern recognition, but you do you.

>> No.56090921

>a few sessions
It is a level 1 spell, it is not intended to be a small adventure in itself to get your familiar back.

I usually have a small bronze brazier with me anyway. You can get a small one that matches the size of your familiar, which barely takes up space and can just be attached to your backpack. No reason to have to find one.

>> No.56090927

I need some really heavy boons attached to really heavy curses.

Something like:

>You gain +1 to all stats.
>Your death saving throws are replaced with a single death coin flip.
>You are immune to all conditions brought on by magical means
>You are immune to all positive magic effects.

>> No.56090928

How big is a Goodberry?

Can you feed it to an unconscious person?

>> No.56090931

If I'm something that is bad enough to survive two rounds of being laid into by the Rogue, I probably have enough attacks per round to spare one to throwing something at it.

I'm not saying you should go out the way to kill the bird, but if it gets to the point someone would be pissed off enough to target them then it's fair. The fact the familiar can die is one of the balancing factors, don't kill it all the time, but also don't let it freely keep using the same strategies without enemies adapting.

>> No.56090935

See AT rogues play all the time.
This is what happens
>awww, my familiar died

>> No.56090941

>Can you feed it to an unconscious person?

yes but you have to chew it up and spit it down their throat

>> No.56090942

I'd assume about the size of a regular blueberry, and probably?

>> No.56090943

>cheesy, obviously unintended shit
I feel bad for your players.

>> No.56090945

Anywhere from a blueberry to a watermelon.

>> No.56090960

>more worried about a bird that scratches you a bit and does no damage, than the two psychopaths who are relentlessly attacking you with very dangerous weapons.
Yes, I can totally see why it is retarded to kill the actual threats, and not the bird that barely does anything.

>> No.56090963

He just found one in the next town they stopped by. If he didn't have one on him then there's no reason he would have found one before that.

It could well be worth it to use a single attack to stop that familiar from constantly giving said fighter advantage every round.

>> No.56090965

Too big and no. But my ruling is contrary to sage advice, which says yes.

>> No.56090971

>bird that barely does anything.
You ever been attacked by an owl fuckwit? It will scratch your fucking eyes out.

>> No.56090976

>If I'm something that is bad enough to survive two rounds of being laid into by the Rogue, I probably have enough attacks per round to spare one to throwing something at it.
Except you need a pretty specific setup to have something ready to throw at the bird, without losing out on options for attacking the guy in front of you.

>> No.56090983


>> No.56090991

>You ever been attacked by an owl fuckwit? It will scratch your fucking eyes out.
You ever read the rules fuckwit? It does no damage, and can't kill anybody, even the sickly peasant child with a max of 1 HP.

>> No.56091007

Better still, the movement range of the owl means that most thrown weapons are at long range, so it needs to be a ranged weapon, which means switching out your weapon setup entirely.

>> No.56091009

If I had an owl flying at me screeching the first thought in my head would not be "Oh maybe this is a magical owl that can't actually cause me harm".

>> No.56091019

Good players recognize when the rules are working well and when they aren't.

That's why there are no good 3.pf players

>> No.56091036

Owls have 11 AC and 1 HP. Even at long range chances are better than not you'll kill it

>> No.56091055

Where in Sage does it say this? Can’t find it on the pdf.

>> No.56091074

I don't remember, 2015 timeframe. Use an action to administer a goodberry and heal a dying person for 1 hp.

If you literally meant "feed" as in, to prevent them from starving, it would also do that, as that is part of Goodberry's function.

I just hate Goodberries.

>> No.56091082

Even then, what harm can a fucking owl do, that the Rogue or GW fighter can't do times 10?

Threat assertion is a valuable ability to have in a combat scenario, and that owl should never be identified as a bigger threat than any one member of the party. You are making your case even worse, because if you assume the guy thinks it is a normal owl, then he should be a lot more worried about the guy who is attacking you with a flaming blade.

>> No.56091091

Good chance =/= sure chance. Most enemies at lower levels doesn't have a lot of good chances of hitting something with disadvantage.

At later levels, sure, but then you have a Fighter throwing several attacks at you, and the Rogue doing obscene amounts of damage with just one stab of his sword.

>> No.56091096

It's not nearly as much of a threat, but that is offset by how easy it is to kill.

And those free help actions are nothing to sneeze at.

>> No.56091120

Okay let me explain this. I'm a super magic knight boss dude, I'm versing a party that consists of a GWM Fighter charging at me, a peasant with a stick, a guy who keeps stabbing my internal organs and being sneaky and an owl that keeps diving at me.

Why the fuck would I attack the most heavily armoured one first? The best course of action is to kill the Owl and Stick peasant one turn, kill the guy who keeps backstabbing me and shit the next then 1v1 the Fighter because now I can actually focus on him without getting 3 other things hitting me.

>> No.56091140

Why are rogues such assholes?

>> No.56091151

Because nothing about their abilities screams "Mr.Nice Guy".

>> No.56091161


poor upbringing, bad environment, debilitating effects of poverty.

>> No.56091175

No, you kill what is actually a threat first. Sure, go dor the peasant with a stick if he doesn't something weird, gank the mage is a long standing tradition. But your guy better have a negative int and wis modifier if it makes more sense to target the fucking bird over the guy casting fire balls at you. Worse still, you are using your action to kill the bird, wasting your entire turn.

>> No.56091237


>> No.56091244

>but that is offset by how easy it is to kill.
So instead of swinging your sword at the guy in front of you, you would rather
>Change to a ranged weapon while someone is stabbing you in your back
>Try to hit an owl flying around you

I know It has 11AC in game terms, but consider for a moment hoe small a target an owl is, how fast it is flying, and thrn consider how likely you think it is that you hit it, when you are pretty sure it does nothing other than, at best, distract you enough to let the Rogue stab you a bit easier, maybe.

Advantage isnt a thing for anyone in the game world. It is just a representation of it being easier. For an enemy, they will likely not have the overview and insight required to know if the owl has any real effect on the current situation. For all they know, the bird is annoying. They also know they noe have a gushing wound after the fighter swung his massive "fuck you" sword at you twice.

>> No.56091289

Does the warlock pacts modify your appearance to resemble your patron/theme? I mean those minor details don't need mechanical representation at all, but it would be nice if it has a small written-in justification, the same way totem barbs have.

>> No.56091314

I don't think so, unless you count undying's ability to shuffle their limbs at will. It would be cool if Fiend pact made you like like a demon with horns and tail and red skin.

>> No.56091331


It's not specified but I'd allow that as fluff if I was DM'ing.

>> No.56091338

The bird being "annoying" wouldn't be enough to grant advantage in the first place, this thing has gotta be up in their face and a major distraction. Which makes it a target.

>> No.56091339


I often like fluffing the spells to match the theme, especially the visuals. Eldritch Blast becomes strange dark purple Eldritch tentacles of it is a GOO, fiery red beams for a Fiend, and green/blueish orbs of light for Fey. Personal preference, it is just fluff obviously, but I still like it.

I even have a tendency to take the Lance invocation for those Eldritch Lances to throw at people, like a super charged Magic Stones.

>> No.56091360

Is the Druid Flame Blade spell count as weapon?
As in... can I cast Flame Blade then Green-flame blade?

>> No.56091363

Oh, so you're using the Attack action, not the Help action?

>> No.56091372

It is a spell, not a weapon, and uses a Melee Spell Attack to do damage.
You cannot even attempt a melee weapon attack with it.

>> No.56091384

You can't throw a rock at the owl if it's behind a total cover (which is easy to find for such a tiny creature with flying speed).

>> No.56091391

Thanks. I guess Flame Blade is can't be salvage then.... such a waste of a cool thematic spell.

>> No.56091393

For very few seconds at most. It is moving 60ft AND scratching you enough to grant advantage.

And it is just annoying. It does not give you disadvantage, it only needs to do a quick flyby with a peck on your head, or grab at your hair as it flies by, in order to give the Rogue the opportunity he needs to get advantage.

>> No.56091403

is it possible to shove an enemy's dancing weapon into my bag of holding?

>> No.56091423
File: 283 KB, 1280x1387, 1452707041092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need some quick help on a bit of Homebrew. Making a Bard College of Shanties, to go with a sea-faring adventure. So far, I have this:

>3rd: Bonus Proficiencies, Martial Weapons and Water Vehicles (Pirate shit)
>3rd: Can grant as many Bardic Inspiration dice as you have with Action, one per ally max
>6th: Can take the Help Action at 60ft range so long as ally can hear you
>14th: ????????

How does it look so far? I feel like it's still really weak and needs a good ability at 14th. Any suggestions?

>> No.56091479

It is really weak. None of that shit sounds particularly helpful. Sure, giving somebody 3d6 in a single action to add to a roll is awesome, but it's mostly overkill. Sacrificing your action to give one other person advantage is neither engaging nor all that powerful. Overall why in the world would I take this over lore bard?

>> No.56091481

>Can grant as many Bardic Inspiration dice as you have with Action, one per ally max
Change to "Use an action to grant all allies that can hear you inspiration, expending only 1 use.

I barely ever see a Bard use inspiration normally. This keeps it being used as intended, but with more power, to give a good incentive of using your action to use it.

>6th: Can take the Help Action at 60ft range so long as ally can hear you
Change to:
Help action can be targeted on an enemy, granting all allies within 60ft advantage on attacks against that enemy.

As with the third feature, this makes you very much a commander like character, who can grant mass benefits to everybody in your party. You csn now grant inspiration to everybody for whatever they want to use it for, or gain advantage on a specific enemy using the help action, which only helps when you have a target you want to focus.

Honestly, wait with the last feature. See how it plays, and work together to think of a fitting feature when you get closer to 14.

>> No.56091508

>Help action can be targeted on an enemy, granting all allies within 60ft advantage on attacks against that enemy.
To ensure the usefulness of the ability, I would actually go as far as allow super advantage on this if you already have advantage.

>If an ally affected by this would have advantage normally, that advantage is now taken in 3d20, pick highest.

You are giving up your action for it. If you have a barbarian, he gets nothing from this otherwise.

>Just a Forever GM chiming in

>> No.56091513

Holy shit this is good. Yeah, this is exactly what I was aiming for, a pseudo-commander support character.

I'll take that into consideration.

>> No.56091521

I like it, but care not to make it a "spam this all the time" ability.

Maybe cap it to be useable a maximum of your Cha modifier per long (short?) rest (minimum of 1). Avoid having it become an ability you just have to use at all times.

Don't make the martial weapon proficiency pointless.

>> No.56091541

> Divination spell are weak
Because combat is everything in this game right?

>> No.56091542

>14th: ????????
Just to math the theme of a commander
>Once per short rest, you can make a Commander Strike with your weapon. When you do, any ally within 60ft can choose to move up to 10 feet towards the target without provoking AoO, and those in range to attack, can choose to do so using their reaction, making an attack action or a spell attack with a cantrip at that target.

A sort of "out of sequence full attack round for the entire group" sounds both fitting in flavour and power for a 14th level ability, and it makes the martial proficiency make sense. Only cantrips for the spell attack, but that can still be quite good (hi Warlocks)

>> No.56091550

>Honestly, wait with the last feature. See how it plays, and work together to think of a fitting feature when you get closer to 14.
Coming back to this... I feel like either a major once-per-rest damage burst effect or something to negate death once would fit well.

I'd call it: Dead Men Tell No Tales. What would work best here?

Or this, honestly.

>> No.56091557

Any table with critical fail rule should be met with a Halfling Diviner with Lucky and Bountiful Luck feat.

>> No.56091562

I think, for the level 6 feature, i'd like something like
>You learn these Battlemaster Maneuvers and can perform them by spending your Bardic Inspiration dice.
With a list of some of the support style options, Rally+Commander's Strike for sure, maybe one more. Possibly those 2 plus one of their choice.

>> No.56091568


Just let it be any of them, the list is pretty darn short anyway.

>> No.56091587

I wasn't trying to step all over Battlemaster with the idea though, giving them free reign on it cuts really deeply into the point of a fighter.

>> No.56091611
File: 17 KB, 164x163, iounScarlet-and-Blue-Sphere.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need help developing low-level appropriate 5e villains and foils. Levels 1-5, mostly.

>> No.56091637

Non-combat antagonists are always appropriate for low level stuff. Financial tycoon type people, who hire some thugs for security but can't fight themselves.

Lets you balance out combat difficulty simply by how wealth the villain is. The more muscle they can afford, the more they have.

>> No.56091638

It's more the fact that the only one I could see having use multiple times per campaign is Scry. The others are either too vague, can only be used once per rest or have pretty major issues with getting them wrong.

I guess Arcane Eye and Legend Lore are also alright, but the point remains they're mostly just bad at Divining stuff.

>> No.56091646

If you really hate wild magic, I'm sure you could not pretend it's an option.
>Shillelagh/BB will be basically as strong until you get your second attack,
You get shillelagh at level 3. You get extra attack at level 5. This is almost no use at all. This is why I hate this dumb suggestion.

>> No.56091725

arcane trickster, swashbuckler or scout? What is the benefits of them lads?

>> No.56091735

AT. They have ALL the benefits.

>> No.56091746

Mechanically Arcane Trickster or Swashbuckler depending on weather or not you want this character to be magic.

From a fluff standpoint I love Scouts though, playing a Wood Elf Scout right now and it's so much fun being able to move away whenever someone gets too close to my 10 CON Archer ass.

>> No.56091785

One thing of note if you decide to pick Scout even though it's weaker then the other two, is the offical version comes out next month. From the sounds of things it'll be roughly the same but Crawford did talk a little bit differently about some of the abilities. The way he worded it made it sound like it's spring away reaction now happens when a creature moves within 5ft, rather then ending it's turn next to you.

>> No.56091800
File: 589 KB, 1920x1160, 1492898551810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have a list of solid one shots with horror or otherwise Halloween themes? I was thinking of adapting Ashenport to 5e because thats what my players use, but I'm open to other ideas.

Have some inspiration from my collection.

>> No.56091834

In the D&D Beyond video he implied that the Scout can move as a reaction to an enemy moving next to them. But in the actual UA, it can only do that when the enemy gets its turn, i.e. has already gotten their attack. We'll have to see how the final version turns up, but if it works like he said, it might be pretty crazy.

>> No.56091843

*enemy ends its turn

>> No.56091855

>Someone moves within 5ft
>You back up 5ft
>Enemy just moves 5ft closer to you again
Honestly, the former version was better, as it got you out of AoO range. You need some seriously good positioning to take advantage of moving before the enemy gets to attack.

>> No.56091885

He say half their movement in the video dude. No one said 5ft. anywhere. Are you tripping?

Basically the Scout will be able to run back 15-20 feet if someone gets near them, which in my eyes will make an Archer Rogue that's very hard to kill between bonus action dashing behind cover and running from melee.

>> No.56091905

One thing I hope about Scout is they give it a Climb/Swim speed. It's not a major issue but I feel like it'd really fit with the master of mobility thing they seem to be going for.

If not I'm just going to take a level of Fighter for the Mariner fighting style and Heavy Crossbow proficiency.

>> No.56091925

Why are you angry about Fighters and Wizards when Druids, Bards and Clerics are objectively more powerful?

>> No.56091993

What sort of creature would guard a powerful divine relic/artifact? Would it be a Sphinx? What have you used for situations like this?

>> No.56092035

New thread:

>> No.56092121

>Why are you angry about Fighters and Wizards when Druids, Bards and Clerics are objectively more powerful?
Because I am angry at the buttmonkeys who play them, not the classes.

>> No.56092277

whatever is fun given the situation, maybe some extra shit if the PC have had a easy time that session

>> No.56092398

Depends on if it's an eastern kobold or not.
The same way a barbarian needs javelins and everyone needs a bow, and for the same reason. I actually almost didn't answer this because it already had two replies.
There are other spells that could be included, too. Like wizard's Find Familiar, or bard's Heroism except no one recognizes heroism.
>Sorcerer - None
So much this, though. It's easy to make spellcasters stand out, too. Just give them iconic spells. Except sorcerer. Fuck that guy.

>> No.56092489

Magic missile is special because if you see someone cast it they're either a low level newbie, holding their opponent in absolute contempt, or a high level evoker.

>> No.56092575

I feel like spells that give you multiple choices for how to use them would exemplify sorcerer flexibility and also be good. Like enlarge/reduce, a more interesting chromatic orb, enhance ability, maybe a lift/crush combining levitate with earthbind, that sort of thing. Reversible as a minimum.

>> No.56093097

>6d4 is pretty decent damage for a long range spell,
I direct your attention to the shortbow.

>> No.56093397

>a pseudo-commander support character
Maybe call it a "captain" instead of the college of shanties.

"College of Direction" sounds kind of cool.

>> No.56093531

>Somehow blending those two into War Magic like Crawford talked about sounds awesome though.
There should be three or so other school blends to go with it, with names like Beguiler lurking around.

>> No.56093774

I am a pretty damn kickass DM looking to go pro. How much should I charge an hour for my services?

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