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>Dwarf/Orc/Goblin women actually exist and are very physically attractive to other races
>Males deliberately keep them hidden or spread rumours that they don’t exist to keep them to themselves

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>Making dwarves into muslims

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>Not even short stack

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Now that's some seriously sharia shit right there.

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But anon, they're very fuckable.

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You gonna source that shit, brother?

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Boku no Pico

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Are Muslims anywhere as THICC?

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I've seen pics that indicate yes.

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>they cover themselves up to hide their THICCness
>only a select few can enjoy their bodies

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Why do you think anyone converts to their religion?

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is this porn?

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Boku no Pico

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c'mon anon you can't do this to a bro, i though we were bros

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I don't remember the name, but do you like manga where the MC gains powers by drinking breast milk?

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>tall as a human
What's the point of calling her a dwarf?

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That's a Japanese man she's with.

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It's probably porn, right?, I can get behind the breast drinking part.

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Burqa weren't widely used until the late 90s.

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You're fucking welcome

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Thanks anon. But i'm more interested in how you found it?

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>It's probably porn
I wish

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Thank you.

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I just searched for the image information in the archives and someone else identified it.

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Clever. But that search pattern isn't deterministic. It depends on someone else. @[email protected]

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>there are no Elf men or women, only extremely feminine hermaphrodites
>they reproduce like trees

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so it's another case of the japs being a bunch of fucking degenerates
and you anon, you are cool dude

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I don't understand this. What's the problem with most of japanese media? If they're going to turn every fantasy famale into boring humans with minor features bimboes then why not just make it porn straight way?

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silly anon,we all know that cockteasing sells more

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Hey man, I only wanted to help because I know a faggy thread baiting for replies when I see one.

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>every Orc, no matter how masculinity looking, is actually a female
>goblins are actually males of the species but everyone thinks they're too different to be the same species

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>humans in the setting are actually extremely different from IRL humans in non-physical attributes
>everyone still thinks they're the same as IRL humans because of name and appearance alone

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It does? I'm confused, crearly I'm a simpler man and I want my fiction and magic realms on separate midias

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Ja. I understand, and I appreciate it. Just saddened that p != np :(

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But anon, by which proof? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/08/31/pnp_proof_fails_yet_again/

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it does, when you show less you are making the readers use their imagination for more

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Why are all of these heroes such fucking asexuals?

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Because they're self-inserts for Japanese men who can't even conceive of touching a woman anywhere outside of a quick grope on a crowded train.

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>They reproduce like trees
So, they just constantly spray cum into the wind and hope it hits another elf's exposed bits?

I guess this explains why they never seem to wear much clothes.

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>Dwarves/Orcs/Goblins are all Muslim

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>Race that looks like humans but isn't humans.
>Calls them "human".
>Not even bothering to make up a name.

You can't even use the "Japan" excuse, because Final Fantasy has gotten this right multiple times!

>FFXIV: Hyur
>FFXI: Hume
>FF Crystal Chronicles: Clavats AND Selkies! The only biological difference seems to be hair color (and the ability to double-jump).

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>Humans are only special in that they're mundane
>So mundane that magic fails around them
>Humans are feared as eldritch monstrosities which cause life to wither around them by magical races
>Human magehunters make renegade wizards shit their pants

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Kek... Sexual dimprhpism of Orcs/Goblins actually makes sense.

>Half orcs are made by death through snusnu.

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Why do japs have to turn everything into some fucking kink

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The fact that you find an obvious analogue to Islamic commonlaw kinky really says more about you than Japan.

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It'd be fine if they stopped there, but they didn't

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not going for
> Dwarf females' beards are so sexy that every non-dwarf is too smitten by them to make an advance
> Only dwarf males who have some self-esteem due to having somewhat passable beards themselves can approach them without dropping pasta from their pockets

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The thing I find real dumb in this manga is that they said that dwarves hide their females behind silks and lots of clothes.

A chapter or two later the princess is seen in a battle bikini and half mask fighting and everyone is fine with it.

The worst part is I liked the current arc cos the main character was using his head to avoid getting executed by dwarves by challenging em in a smithing competition and using his knowledge of working in a shitty metal factory. (yes I read the manga, I will accept smiting for my degeneracy.)

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Pic to show what I mean.

Again, 2 chapters ago they said they hid their women behind lots of garments to not let people see them.

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>expecting anything from an isekai story
You only have yourself to blame

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I love the setting, hate the shitty excuses for fanservice.

And I know that most isekai are shite, but many of them have interesting premises just shitty execution.

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Nips have no self control

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underrated kek

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>shitty execution.
Yes, most of the time the problem is that it's an isekai. It could be a regular fantasy story about some dude, but the japanese, as >>56092403 pointed out, JUST have to masturbate to glorious nipponese educating/dominating the savages

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I think it's because ecchi can be sold through mainstream channels whereas porn cannot. This is why you often see porn artists switching to ecchi. Okayado (Monster Musume) did this, the chick behind Ane Naru Mono did this, I think the guy behind Shokugeki no Soma did this, and the guy who does Elf-san wa Yasarenai also did this. Though sometimes (especially in the case of Elf-san) the artstyle clearly betrays the author did porn before.

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Even that can be done with some restraint, like how in Risu no Heimu Seikatsu salaryman-kun teaches his queen waifu about Arabic numerals. That's a thing that kind of makes sense and doesn't require NIPPON STRONK wankery.

Or how in Youjo Senki Tanya cheeses her way through the war by applying knowledge of real world history (Napoleon, historical WW1, Vietnam, stealing the entire speech from Full Metal Jacket et cetera).

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>Youjo Senki
Well, there goes your opinion right down the garbage chute
If you even remotely think that that isn't some of the most retarded wankery there is, you might want to get your head checked

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Specifically, the writers and primary consumers for this genre have no self control (anymore). Isekai has become a byword for fapfiction, which is really sad because Japan used to make great stories about alternate worlds.

Tellingly, the only truly good isekai right now is the one that acknowledges this fundamental flaw.

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I'd tell you that you're exaggerating, but then I remembered that "In another world with my smartphone" exists. That show is a textbook example of everything wrong with isekai. I dropped it 3 episodes in because it does everything wrong that you could possible do wrong, while the premise (or rather the title) has the potential to be interesting.

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You're not very smart.

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Gate would always be the worst offender. We were already at the good shit at the very beginning, but they just had to drag it down the Stygian pit of retarded fanservice.

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That's a Dwarf you're fucking. That's bestiality.

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That's a weird thing. Why do they need to be named human? They could be Hylian or something.

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>half naked tits come to save you from your enemies
I'm sure that their erections are doing the thinking.

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>Advanced Alien species looks like humans
>It's because they investigated humans beforehand and created a subspecies for the purpose of communication with humans
>Or the Alien abductions are true and the subspecies are descended from Alien kidnapping victims

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Didn’t she dress herself offscreen? I doubt anyone was doubt for her. I doubt any Dwarf sized armour fits anyway.

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Talking about Isekai... Dungen Nursery could become fun.

It's about an asshole salaryman becoming the dad of a growing gaggle of monster preschoolers. They're all weak ass shit, so he basically starts mugging monsters to get his class a chance to level up.

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Because when you have a society that puts productivity above all else, including human reproduction, you get a bunch of lonely people, and many of them only experience any significant interaction with the opposite sex through either professional "lovers" or groping some girl on an overcrowded train. The "gross, problematic misogynist badwrongfun" is merely a symptom of an overworked culture. Germany is highly productive and they work substantially less than the Japanese and Americans because they are efficient with work, friends, family, and fun. If you reduce how much the Japanese are pressured to work and encourage them to go and do something with their lives, I predict that it will result in fiction with less fanservice that is also more tasteful and justified, although there is going to be a lag at first.
But that's just my theory.

Lustful man: animal
Prude man: smart and elegant gentleman
Prude woman: boring and cold
Lustful woman: one guy = approachable and forgiving, multiple guys = filthy slut

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Someone should make a thread about what /tg would do if friendly truck-sama sent them to a fantasy world.

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Fuck your truck

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And then what?

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So if you guys got a special ability or artifact for your isekai, what would it be?
Mine might be too overpowered: Immune to Stupidity

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Invulnerability. Let’s you get away with a lot and it’s not OP if I’m just bringing me and my noodle arms.

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Our children will be Half-truck, Half-people.

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You think that's bad? "I Was Reincarnated in a Parallel World as a Hot Spring" exists. It's not a comical one-shot or anything, and by the first chapter's end the main character is no longer a hot spring.

>> No.56094204

Can he turn back into a hot spring though?

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It's not just a Japanese thing either. The Asian work ethic is going to collapse under the sheer weight of its own inauthenticity soon enough.

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>"gross, problematic misogynist badwrongfun"
That's dumb. The real problem with most japanese media is that once you've seen one of it, you probably have seen it all in that specific genre, especially when it comes to isekai. It's all so bland and formulaic and it almost always being softporn doesn't help, because you might like the premise but have to put up with the fanservice

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Have you ever been around muslims? Their dress doesn't really hide their massive ass and hips that well.

>> No.56094547

So they're Transformers? Will they be Autobots or Decepticons?

>> No.56094622

‘I died and was sent was sent to a world where trucks transform’

>> No.56094976


Needs to end in "!?"

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>Their dress doesn't really hide their massive ass and hips that well

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>very physically attractive
>muslim women
Anon we need to talk

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Depends on how well you raise them.

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Talk about what?

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>tfw birth rate

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>Are Muslims anywhere as THICC?
Yes. This is just a deep seated fetish for concealed muslim women covered up as being fantasy 'dwarf' women that are totally not short like dwarfs, not having a beard like dwarfs, and looking like a bronze skinned Amazon instead of a dwarf.

You're attracted to brown girls anon. Just call it that

>> No.56097118

>that are totally not short like dwarfs, not having a beard like dwarfs, and looking like a bronze skinned Amazon instead of a dwarf
But anon, she’s as tall as a Japanese man, her beard is located under her panties and her body isn’t muscular enough to be an Amazon.

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>spreading pro-islam propaganda

>> No.56097619

It does hide all the brown cottage cheese that makes up that ass though.

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Well, I would have though the earlier near-rape of the elf waifu would have grabbed /teeg/'s attention, but seems it is the MC chickening out of some dwarf pussy instead.

On another note, I suppose isekai is popular amongst authors at least part because the MC can share the reader's total ignorance. That way, the author can do monologue infodumps as the lazy way to avoid "show don't tell" principle. That is to say, isekai is the path of least resistance.

>> No.56097727

That is a fucking spot on map of australia. I don't think I've ever seen one even vaguely as accurate. Also kek at NZ

>> No.56097762

>Lizardpeople don’t actually have mammalian features
>It’s just that local amazons and hunters enjoy covering themselves with lizard skins so much that outsiders mistaken them for lizard females

>> No.56097809

>posted the same pic in another thread without even knowing this thread existed
The power of muslim dwarf waifus.

>> No.56097875


An RPG system like the Gamer is actually pretty handy, plus putting numbers on everything appeals to my autism.

If the isekai already works on a system like that, then I want a guidebook and a calculator so I can make good choices and avoid traps ones.

>> No.56097930

Shapeshifting, i-it's f-for my safery, I swear.

>> No.56097944


x1 Useful Goddess.

>> No.56098263

...I should not want to read this

>> No.56098315

I read the manga. As far as the manga covers, he is still an onsen but can project an illusion of his old body or something like that.
Also the manga is 90% fantasy girls titties which makes it way better and makes me doubt why would anyone read that shit.

>> No.56098323

>In an isekai
>Sooner or later you're going to spend at least half an episode disguised as one waifu and/or sexy villainess's bra or panties because shenanigans
Good tastes anon

>> No.56098344

Name of it?

>> No.56098362

See >>56094192

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I choose a best girl.

>> No.56098393

I was seriously hoping it wasn't actually named that, at least show some creativity in the title

Thanks though

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>Best girl
>Not Aqua

>> No.56098468

All the isekai light novels have super-obvios titles like that
>I Was Reincarnated As A Demon!
>I Was Reincarnated As A Slime!
>I Was Reicarnated As A Vampire!
>I Was Reincarnated As A Magic Sword!
>I Was Reincarnated As A Vending Machine!
>I Was Reincarnated As A Dragon Except Not Because My Author Is A Hack And Turned Me Into A Human Two Chapters In!

>> No.56098508


Since isekai has apparently blown up, presumably they need to be super fucking obvious to let readers know what's in them and could be considered "different" so they buy their bullshit over everybody else's bullshit.

It's honest, at least, kinda. It's a different cliche than just meaningless cliche YA novel titles or whatever you get in the US.

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Axisposters a shit, useless goddess a shit.

Pic related is true best girl.

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I prefer best girl

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inferior blue hair, the actual best girl comes with a giant fighting robot.

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But anon, that one is immune to Truck-kun.

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>implying she will have time when she’s busy fucking Shinji and Asuka

>> No.56098908

I think it’s popular since a. Escapist as escapism gets, b. It’s a do-over that everyone wants because we all make mistakes, but in a much more interesting locale.

Also anyone else notice that the MC always gets a wolf-girl as first girl? Not that I would be any different.

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Red and Blue were made for each other,
let nobody else come between them.

>> No.56098973

Why are they headbutting each other? Their lips are nowhere near they cheeks and it's too violent to be just touching cheeks.

>> No.56098986

I would offer myself to be branded by the darksign and become the chosen undead. That way I may not be strong or smart, and I'm especially not good-looking, but I'll be damned if I can't at least try again until I finally get things right, even if I do not know what I have to do to bring that about. Maybe after the thousandth try, I'll have accrued the Wisdom to figure it all out or go hollow, but I was going hollow even without the darksign.

>> No.56098987


>> No.56099056

There is tsun-tsun and there is giving your crush brain damage.

>> No.56099091

Maybe they just have especially thick skulls

>> No.56099131

Well, they are liches so it's not like they would die from that.

>> No.56099208

>Liches expressing affection through bodily destruction

>> No.56099263

Horseface though.

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Is pic related humanface?

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like black people?

i remember i got in a fight witht his big baboon kid back in high school and the guidance counselor told me, "what the fuck is wrong with you, boy, don't you know never to punch a nigger in the face? their skulls are so thick you're liable to break every damn finger"

i won't ever forget that

>> No.56099362

Are you even trying /pol/?

>> No.56099420


Oh, I mean, I get why it's popular. It's an escapist form which has been popularized, much like you get in various waves. Like, how many stories about kids discovering they were magic, say, around puberty-ish, rolled out when HP got popular? It just happens to be what's blowing up in the Japan scene right now. 90% of it is shit, some of it is alright.

Hell, I'd run a isekai game. I'd just have to figure out if I wanted it to be serious or not, and kind of go from there. It's a solid concept, just so much of it breaks into cliche bullshit because writers are just like "oh, that's cool" or "oh, that's selling a lot" and try and cash in.

>> No.56099537

Would you run it as "you land as you" or as more of the reincarnation angle so they can still make a character?

>> No.56099732

>Dragons don't actually breathe fire
>They heard stories of firebreathing dragons and decided it'd be a good fearmongering tactic
>They hide little goblins or monsters in their mouths armed with flamethrowers

>> No.56099742


Well, I presume they'd still make a character, but honestly this would I think be one of the things I'd need to guess at what the tone should be first.

It can go both ways. Being literally transposed might make for a very punny scenario if the world is obviously cliche and the characters can comment on it, or even apply their meta-knowledge immediately if it's actually like an RPG world. Or it can get real fucking dark with the fish out of water scenario where you just don't deal with fantasy bullshit well - or worse you've spent all your life as basically a DnD NPC only class and are just not physically or mentally prepared for some kinds of adventure worlds.

Reincarnation can be much more real and nuanced. You actually grow up in the world and learn about it, and probably would act more grounded in it - especially if you go full blown "life round 2". On the other hand, the classic trope of "you're a baby again but remember everything from the previous life" can get you into a real power fantasy because you get to mesh natural learning in the new world with all the bullshit you learned in the last one.

Depends on what your players want to do, probably.

>> No.56099787

I don't know if there is actually a reason for this, like if there is an actual answer anyone would know, but I don't do the anime and I'm wondering, why are dudes in these Japanese things always so fucking terrified of women who want to have sex with them?

>> No.56099812

See >>56094029

>> No.56099814

because a significant amount of nip media is geared towards hikkiNEET otaku that are terrified of women in general

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>I Was Reincarnated As A Dragon Except Not Because My Author Is A Hack And Turned Me Into A Human Two Chapters In!

Man I hope that's the real title.

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>> No.56100726

>series occasionally has chapters of the author struggling with deadlines, running into corners or whatever

>> No.56100787

nectar of dharani

>> No.56101198

What would you do or a in another world story?

>> No.56101560

on the other hand we have drifters,

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That's your opinion. This one is mine.

I wonder if there is a post-apocalypse isekai. Maybe have a Not!Fallout setting, and the twist is the protagonist never died, he was just preserved and woke up in the future when humanity fucked itself..

>> No.56103878

>>I wonder if there is a post-apocalypse isekai. Maybe have a Not!Fallout setting, and the twist is the protagonist never died, he was just preserved and woke up in the future when humanity fucked itself..
So Fallout 4?

>> No.56103917

Unlike Fallout 4 the protagonist doesn't know at first that it's actually his world. In hindsight I'm not sure how that's supposed to work unless enough history has somehow been buried.

>> No.56104180


Stop this shit. These threads are trash.

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File: 577 KB, 1280x720, [Kira-Fansub]_Seikon_no_Qwaser_II_Katja_Room_03_(BD_720p_h264_AAC)_[26D7613B].mkv_snapshot_02.47_[2017.02.15_21.43.59].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yoshino Hiroyuki
Ah, now the nectar thing makes sense

>> No.56104382

I think the prude guys in anime are more about how it's not cool to be a player in Japanese society. Cool guys don't look at women lustfully, the kind of guys who do that are called chara-o and while they get laid more than the quiet herbivore guys, they still don't have a good image for being boyfriends or husbands so they don't get in longterm relationship.

Because of that, even just regular guys think picking up chicks is something only gross perverts do. (Even the act of hitting on girls has a culture with an insanely negative image, called Nampa.)

In this society, a woman who goes for what she wants almost seems fine just because the men are specifically forced not to, butt he woman are all betas too so no one gets laid and the birthrates decline.

>> No.56104497
File: 126 KB, 1135x1073, 15154343210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then how the hell are they supposed to get together? Most women, even those who have very high confidence in themselves, usually prefer a guy who has just enough confidence in himself to put himself out there, risk rejection, and try to win her attention. It may not even be that the woman in question is beta, but that she wants a guy that has confidence and some ambition, as she may see those traits as something she can either connect with or utilize.

What if they were pushed together by a 3rd party? They might feel less wary if they get a 3rd party opinion about the other person and don't have to do any scouting themselves.

>> No.56104544

Back in the early 1900s, marriages were set up between families by a middle man without the bride or groom having ever even met each other. Wouldn't be surprised if the way they get together is highly ritualized and/or bureaucratic.

Either that or workplace romance.

>> No.56104549

No, just ecchi, but it's got full nudity+nipples and a dude drinking super power juice from a ladies tits so it's as close to porn as you can get without PIV.

nectar of dharani
Not that anon but I had to put in a request on /r/ a few days ago

>> No.56104563

>Then how the hell are they supposed to get together?

The answer is they don't, which is why 50% of japanese women surveyed find the idea of sex disgusting and their birth rate is plummeting

They are literally prudeing themselves out of existence

>> No.56104597

Is artificial insemination too disgusting for them, too? Out of that 50%, do any of them even want kids?

>> No.56104626

by the time they want kids they're already "christmas cakes" and think no one would want them so they give up.

>> No.56104654

You try being a single mother.

>> No.56104700

That doesn't stop them from getting seed.

Ah, right.
>*me thinking "But muh stronk independant womyn"
Single parents are usually inferior at raising children compared to two parents, at least when comparing single mothers to straight couples. Now factor in Japan's "work-till-you-die" culture and you're probably going to have a poorly raised kid who is deprived of adequate attention.

>> No.56104705

Also first world countries tend to have net negative birth rates anyway, since kids are super expensive (you gotta pay their way through highschool at least, and the higher the standard of living, the higher cost associated with childrearing) and they don’t give as much back economically as in poorer nations. Most first world countries then make up this deficit through immigration, to keep a net increase in population. Japan however has never had a history of immigration, and don’t fancy the idea of starting one (it doesn’t help that they don’t get along that well with their neighbors due to their WW2 shenanigans.)

>> No.56104726

I was talking about the time and money aspect of it, you asshole.

Let me rephrase myself, do you fancy the idea of raising a child by yourself with a single income?

>> No.56104754

So what happens when more and more countries start to become developed? We're going to run out of immigrants by then.

Exactly. They don't have the time because they're working, never mind the financial implications that would already screw with things.

>> No.56104915

>WW2 Shenanigans

This shit goes back way further than WW2, WW2 was just the latest bit.

China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and the SEA have always all hated each other since the bronze age

>> No.56104982


It's okay, automation should make up the difference. It'll actually be better the sooner the labor shortages come along, because it'll put pressure on the capitalists to fund automation as well as making labor more valuable for the interim period.

>> No.56104993


It's almost like humans are assholes and if you put a river or a mountain range between them for a couple hundred years they get real pissed off at each other because they can't just pop over and see how the next valley is doing all the time.

>> No.56105084

>impossibly retarded bullshit
You’re reported that’s so fucking stupid. Not even the people paid to repeat the same lies would agree with you.

>> No.56105350

This. OP should stop making manga. He is a manga artist right?

>> No.56105415

>Submitting false or misclassified reports, or otherwise abusing the reporting system may result in a ban. Replying to a thread stating that you've reported or "saged" it, or another post, is also not allowed.

>> No.56105680

So why don't we have many fuckable dwarf women?

>> No.56105834

Because that would be magical realm, and the implication that sexuality even exists at all is a big no-no for fa/tg/uys

And shortstacks are just not that popular in general

>> No.56105852

But anon, people fuck elves all the time.

>> No.56106030

>the chick behind Ane Naru Mono did this
Didn't she also continue making porn chapters of the same story alongside the "legitimate" version?

You can't go around truckposting in random threads just because Tomo's on hiatus.

>> No.56106079

Dump the protagonist in Agrabah.

>> No.56106663

Middle Eastern women have been wearing veils (of different styles by region and time period, most of which were fairly revealing) since before Islam was a thing, but burqas are definitely from the 90s.

>> No.56106737
File: 2.19 MB, 640x360, i1cg1t.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's based on this little bit with two other characters from the same series.

>> No.56107102

This jap obsession with cuteness is warping their ideas of human behavior. They look like two cats trying to get the other to pet them.

>> No.56107151

>Because when you have a society that puts productivity above all else
Yet productivity-wise Japan is doing shit. In productivity around the world they rank 20th while France, stereotypically lazy with their infamous 36 hour work weeks, ranks 5th in the world. To paraphrase The Economist, even if all Frenchmen took their fridays off they'd still be more productive than the British.

What the Japanese suffer from is the fallacy that longer hours = more productivity, when it mostly results in exhausted salarymen pretending to be busy.

>> No.56107161

>This jap obsession with cuteness
All it proves is that cats are better to living up to our expectations of women than 3DPD women. Maybe this is why a cat is fine too?

>> No.56107180

That's what's the burka for.

>> No.56107422
File: 7 KB, 104x115, 1353313339404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>by the first chapter's end the main character is no longer a hot spring
What's the fucking point then.

>> No.56107450

That's a very common trope. Hell, even Pollacks did it in a 1983 movie. If you want something more weeb, Analogue: A Hate Story is a bit about this.

>> No.56107654

>I was reincarnated as a Pickle

>> No.56108460
File: 126 KB, 633x467, 10349874750354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56108476

>They look like two cats trying to get the other to pet them.
that's exactly what they are

>> No.56108521
File: 221 KB, 520x757, Shining_armor_1_baby_stardrive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neither, they'll be raised as civilians and maybe choose to become doctors, farmers or even Space Knights.

>> No.56108546

Stardrive has it rough....

>> No.56108722

again with the propaganda bullshit.
Islam mandates that women should cover their hair and face, it doesn't specify what type of clothes one must use. So saying that a culturally specific dress used to fulfill the universal religious mandate wasn't widely known until the 90 is a non-argument. Islamic nations have always used forms of covering for the women.

And the argument that other cultures had headgear in the form of drapes or veils for women before islam is even more ridiculous.
Especially when you limit it to teh vague definition of "middle east"

>> No.56108771


>the protagonist never died, he was just preserved and woke up in the future when humanity fucked itself.
>the protagonist doesn't know at first that it's actually his world

that's planet of the apes, literally.
Done without >apes it could actually be good.

>> No.56108850

Or Iceman.

>> No.56108938
File: 739 KB, 1538x1375, 1508344841197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Japan just can't into dwarves 99% of the time.

>> No.56109182
File: 382 KB, 636x900, 1501245592276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's because most of them are vanilla, the most exotic most go for is the naga type. Prudes don't know what they're missing

>> No.56109710

What if the protagonist actually does die and gets reincarnated with all their memories during the post or post-post apocalypse? Bonus points if the actual apocalypse happened long after he died so he doesn't actually know what all this high tech bullshit that keeps popping up actually does.

>> No.56109836

>I'm the Main Character of a Harem Manga, but I'm Gay So Every Day Is Hell for Me

>> No.56109858

>"How I stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the Zenithian Sword"

>> No.56109926

What does someone talking about mating with trucks have to do with that?

>> No.56110469

The covering up thing was a middle eastern culture thing that was canonized. Just like divorce and gay thing in Christianity. It’s just most Christians ignore the divorce thing now (and not enough people ignore the gay thing) while most Islamic countries are fundamentalist, and really harp on the burqa thing. But consider for instance most Turkish women go around uncovered.

>> No.56110487

Someone should do that. It starts out as the girls just using the guy as a beard but eventually start falling for him for real.

>> No.56110561

It's already an actual thing anon.

>> No.56110641
File: 438 KB, 808x805, 1503937925997.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yet another manga with an unlikable loser protagonist who keeps running into attractive women and ending up in lewd situations with them

For fuck's sake, someone give me some manga with a likable male protagonist for a change. I didn't even make it to the sexy dwarves.

>> No.56110661

>a middle eastern culture thing
Again with this.There was no "middle eastern culture" . There were many different cultures in what is now known as the "middle east". And some of them had a culture of covering up. And others didn't. And Islam imposed that culture on everyone. And it spread far further than the "middle east" to cultures that had nothing to do with it to begin with.
The rest of your comment is insane
>oh there are places where they don't follow the religion, so the religion isn't bad.

>> No.56110694

>Doesn't realize western culture only gave up head covering in 1955.
>Old Ladies still do it.
>Queen Elizabeth's hats are just westers veil.
>Bonnets and head scarves.

>> No.56110711

What I’m saying is that it’s fundamentalism that’s bad. I’m an Athiest, so I hate all religions equally. I’m just noting some religious people, irregardless of denomination aren’t complete idiots about it.

>> No.56111952

The west only started doing that because the Church wanted to suppress Merovingian culture.

>> No.56111996

No, the primary demographic can only relate to these blank slates they can self insert into

>> No.56112213

>Doesn't realize western culture only gave up head covering in 1955.
You mean in the "show your head and you're a whore" sense? That never was a thing in the West, and covering your head for practical reasons was a thing in all cultures.
>Inb4 quoting Paul
I. fucking. dare. you.

>> No.56112231

>Not finding modesty sexy

>> No.56112241

>That never was a thing in the West,

>> No.56112377

The real tragedy is thta our modern age has become so degenerate, that nothing is more taboo than virtue.

>> No.56112449

We've got nothing on Rome.

>> No.56112476

You think so? Question, how many genders did Rome have? Did they have seventy? No, they had two, and they used the term "third gender" as a derogatory term for catamites. We're far more degenerate than Rome ever was.
>B-But muh orgies
Are you saying we don't have swinger parties and cuckolding? It's probably even more common for us today than it was during the height of Rome's degeneracy. We just don't have the advantage of hindsight.

>> No.56112554

Have you ever seen the Secret Cabinet in Naples.

>> No.56112597

Have you seen what passes for "art" today? A woman letting strangers finger her snatch in Amsterdam comes to mind.

The worst Rome has to offer is fucking flacid to the shit we have today. The Secret Cabinet is roughly on par with what the French painted during the late 19th century, the same era during which the Moulin Rouge was deemed scandalous because it had dancers with bare legs.

>> No.56112728

>Have you seen what passes for "art" today?
I think that's more that making art realistic in any way has already peaked in terms of technique, and then we rebound to the other side and went for as abstract as possible. There's no artistic frontier left except taboos.

>> No.56112812

Indeed, sometimes less is more. Manipulating the mind to imagine & fantasize is how real provocative designs work.

>> No.56112844

Nothing like a giant robot five year old that can turn into a car

>> No.56113028

googling that name gives...a game?

>> No.56113224
File: 37 KB, 284x350, paladin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


In Warcraft, all humans are descended from giant electrified metal golem vikings who were cursed by eldritch horrors to become creatures of flesh, making them weaker but also introducing free will.

That's why all humans in the setting are unreasonably buff.

>> No.56113249
File: 98 KB, 560x650, 2763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> That never was a thing in the West,

Look at this retard and pity him.

Or laugh, it really makes no difference.

>> No.56113287

Yeah, it's apparently based on a game. Only two chapters are out and nobody has picked the manga up yet.

>> No.56113322

Prove to me these women would be deemed whores for showing their hair.

>> No.56114286

This. They would be deemed sexier, not slutier.

>> No.56114370


Way to make your setting retarded.

>> No.56114714

And? Who gives a shit.

>> No.56115589

10/10 pivot.

>> No.56115828
File: 2.87 MB, 4083x1552, 1505067317407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The big, enemy isn't actually a big enemy
>It's a small guy in advanced, humanoid bio-machinery

>> No.56115974

>That reaction
>Disappointed Geralt Of Rivia.gif

>> No.56116008

Puritan Dress Code, Quaker Dress Code, Eastern Orthodox dress code. All agreed women needed to cover their hair or be pilloried for indecency.

>> No.56116022

Even today, Christian and Jewish fundamentalists in the Middle East wear had coverings. Only the Israelis and most Egyptians abandoned it, barring the elderly.

>> No.56116046

Showing your hair was literally how you advertised yourself as a prostitute you fucking moron.
That and it was seen as a sign of youthfulness.

>> No.56116265

>Dwarven woman
>Tall and human proportioned
Fucking gay. Make her hot and everything but y'know make her a dwarf too.

>> No.56116266

[citatioon needed]
Preferably one that shows it as a general trend in Europe, not in some obscure place during a short period of time.

>> No.56116315

But anon, she's only as tall as a Japanese man.

>> No.56116385

Yes, and just about as cock hungry if you're tall and not Muslim. It's like the old catholic schoolgirl thing ramped up to 11.

>> No.56117160

What if the person is as tall as a japanese man?

>> No.56117445

>It's like the old catholic schoolgirl thing ramped up to 11.
I hate to break it to you, but there are two kinds of women: sluts, and sluts who were never told to believe in themselves. Muslim women are the second category, until they enter the West and become the first category (unless their husbands/wives/brothers beat them so hard they're too afraid to believe in themselves). This is in part why the succes of a civilization is tied to its ability to repress the sexuality of its women. Muslims take it to the extreme, but it's still more desirable than the other extreme the West is taking. And that's why Islam will do to secular progressives what they couldn't do to "backwards" catholics in centuries past. The West has beaten Islamic incursion on land, has driven back the Ottoman hordes on sea, but it cannot beat them in the womb.

>> No.56117502

>the succes of a civilization is tied to its ability to repress the sexuality of its women
If that were true, then Africa and the Middle East would already be superpowers.

>> No.56117676

Like I said, the West is cruising on its previous establishment and on a nosedive. The Middle East, or rather its culture, will take over the West from the inside precisely due to its ability to repress female sexuality where the native culture cannot.

>> No.56117722

>the succes of a civilization is tied to its ability to repress the sexuality of its women
Fuck it I'm going to going to pretend I'm /pol/ here for a second.
>People with questionable wisdom do stupid things. Women are no exception.
>One of the stupid things girls do is deliberately try to have a kid despite being a teenager. Some are dumb enough to try again.
>Society often protects people from their own stupidity either through indoctrination, pressure to conform, or social consequences.
>Society that disapproves of promiscuous women have less instances of unplanned pregnancies. Planned parenthood leads to better raised children. Women are usually more likely to follow advice, or are at least easier to pressure socially into following customs.
There might be some facts and statistics that may contradict my hypothesis. I know that Texas is pretty conservative, yet it has the highest rate of repeat teen pregnancies. Of course, Texas could be an anomaly, or the definition of a political conservative might've evolved significantly to something not so intuitive. Also I was delving into psychology at the last part, and psychology is a volatile field where half of the things in it are invalidated in 5 years (though it might be certain subsections), so be wary of psychology studies and claims.

>> No.56117728

>>Calls them "human".
>>Not even bothering to make up a name.
If we are using their perspective, then they call themselves "humans" as meaning of "people" or something. Why we call ourselves humans?

>> No.56117814

>People with questionable wisdom do stupid things. Women are no exception.
Correct, though women are more likely to make dumb decisions. Observe for example the explosion of the welfare state that correlated with female suffrage (because why WOULDN'T they vote to gain the money of men without having to subjugate themselves to men in return?). Then there's also the fact that women have little to no in-group loyalty because their survival isn't as dependent on the survival of the in-group as it is for men (see: Baumeister).

>One of the stupid things girls do is deliberately try to have a kid despite being a teenager.
What's wrong with having a child at peak fertility? Having a child at peak fertility out of wedlock is stupid, but the arbitrary idea of male-female equality has ensured that women need to be financially stable before they start reproducing, and by the time they do that (with more than a little government intervention and tokenism) they usually are past peak fertility. That and juggling a job with childrearing is nigh-impossible, leading to lower fertility rates. Ideally, as it was in most of history, a financially stable man in his late 20s/early 20s would marry a woman in her mid/late teens and have children with her.

>Society often protects people from their own stupidity either through indoctrination, pressure to conform, or social consequences.
That is correct, especially now that women hold the power of the ballot which allows them to engage in the delusion that men and women are in competition with one another rather than complementary. A competition women CANNOT win without support from the state (which is why politicians and parties benefit so much from appealing to women).

>> No.56117827


>Society that disapproves of promiscuous women have less instances of unplanned pregnancies.
That is correct. It also gives the men in such a society the security that the homefront is more or less "taken care of". Unlike modern men they do not need to worry as much about infidelity and having to financially suffer for said infidelity (see: biased divorce courts).

It's not purely about teenage pregnancy per se. It's about pregnancy outside of wedlock. And even that isn't the whole story, it's about intergender relations being utterly ruined ever since women got the vote. A vote they never fought for and never deserved mind you.

>> No.56117854

Fuck off back to /r9k/

>> No.56118165

I spent a long time typing it, so fuck it. Also I want to bump the thread so we can talk about how Japs think with their dongs too much.
>women are more likely to make dumb decisions
>Then there's also the fact that women have little to no in-group loyalty
I hear evidence that the opposite is true. Women are less likely to take risks in general, especially ones that are considered dumb. Also plenty of mothers trust other women with their children, which suggests trustworthiness and some level of loyalty, although you could make the argument that their loyalties tend to be focused on individuals rather than large groups such as a tribe.
>What's wrong with having a child at peak fertility?
There has been that question of "children vs carrer". I would never want to become dependent on someone without having them be dependent on me as well, and I do want women to be able to live independently like men, but I also believe that children are inherently high maintenance, and thus there are going to have to be compromises if one wants to raise a child. Single parents, or at least single mothers, are usually sub-par when it comes to raising children.
>the delusion that men and women are in competition with one another
I think that's based on the supposed idea that women have an unfair disadvantage when it comes to certain job markets, particularly STEM fields. I do not know if any of that is true, but the job market can be interpreted as a competition, and feminists want to change the rules with the claim that it would make competition more fair and merit-based.

>> No.56119039
File: 618 KB, 1201x884, 1442891621154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone who unironically self inserts with these loser protagonists should be strangled.

>> No.56119207

The welfare state isn't a bad decision, it makes sense in a certain ethical framework that you apparently don't share. Further, there is no evidence women are worse decision makers, and in fact tend to be more cautious. Additionally, your assertion about how financially stable men in his 20s would marry a teen for most of history is incorrect. Marrange practices and norms varied wildly from time to time and place to place. In pre modern Europe, many peasant women would marry in their early 20s. I also think your point about fertility rates is oversimplified. While women working is certainly a big part, although not so much for the reason you outlined, a larger reason for decreasing fertility is the prevalence of the nuclear family. The transition from extended to nuclear family households is always connected with a large fertility drop. It really seems like you're trying to justify your political beliefs while ignoring reality anon. Universal suffrage isn't the reason no one will fuck you sorry

>> No.56119295

good god

>> No.56119371
File: 20 KB, 326x287, 109340932476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or at least one that isn't boring. I would actually like to see a protagonist that is not-so likable, but isn't insufferable and is not a "Mary Sue" that is used as a mouthpiece of the author.
I was thinking of a protagonist that runs on the "screw the rules, I'm doing the right thing", but is also quite reasonable. The problem is that he will argue about it, and saying "because I said so" is interpreted as "don't do it when I'm around".

>fuck you sorry
I know that's a typo, but how would "fucking someone sorry" work?

>> No.56119472
File: 471 KB, 1008x1600, RCO023_w[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stardrive has it rough....
She's like a shoujo protagonist. Starscream is practically rubbing his spiky turbine nipples on her in this page.

>> No.56119604
File: 242 KB, 1000x1000, 1508997761197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not huge males/tiny females

>> No.56119649

>not wanting Orc bullying Goblins to be prerequisites to aggressive snu snu

>> No.56119690

It's interesting as to make them feel like a completely different type of creature, but it ruins my fetish about orc women.

>> No.56119729


>> No.56119737

It happens frequently in nature, though. Huge female spiders and fish with itty bitty male counterparts.

But as a humanoid race, it does feel like bizzaro world for the sake of being bizzaro world.

>> No.56119776

OP here, the point of this thread wasn't about any Japanese fetishes. It was about how we can twist, exploit, subvert & otherwise fuck with a trope or common occurrence. Stuff like the lack of Dwarf women being because the race actively hiding their women because of how physically attractive they are or any of>>56090227

Another example would be
>Sci-fi setting
>Aliens speaking English
followed something like >>56093651
I thought the example I used came from an obscure enough manga that we wouldn't get Dwarf boobies instantly. Would anyone guess by that picture that Dwarves had big tits?

>> No.56119819

>EVER recommending Analogue: A Shit Story

Come on man. That shit is not good, intricate OR weeb.

>> No.56119927
File: 119 KB, 1024x799, 1489676440130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sci-fi setting
>Aliens speak gibberish
>Protagonist needs a supercomputer AI in his ear to figure out how to speak with aliens
>This is dropped minutes later and everyone speaks english
Fucking Mass Effect: Andromeda

>> No.56119957

Because the males are short and they're the only ones that go out in public.

>> No.56120004

I dunno, the dwarf king looked pretty massive

>> No.56120149

He's the king & besides, the dwarfs there are still about a head shorter than our protagonist in many panels.

>> No.56120235

>avoid getting executed by dwarves by challenging em in a smithing competition and using his knowledge of working in a shitty metal factor
Dropped harder than the astroid did on the Dinos

>> No.56120720

Was it an asteroid, ice age or all the above?

>> No.56121987

Not just any car. A flying car.

>> No.56122031

>Past 2015
>No flying DeLorian
>No Hoverboard
>Not fashionable to wear pockets inside-out

>> No.56122215


You're wrong on that middle one, but sadly I think they only work on specific magnetic surfaces.

>> No.56122294

At least that means they don't work over water.

>> No.56122667
File: 207 KB, 870x1293, 10 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would /tg/ prefer Dwarf women who look like pic related?

>> No.56122691
File: 568 KB, 654x534, 1486202250227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No beard
What the fuck, mate?

>> No.56122731

If a random ass, strange ass woman who doesn't even know your name, you need to ask yourself two questions:
1. Are you some kind of rockstar?
2. Do you keep protection on you at all times. If that answer is no, yous in some trouble boy.
We know where you been!

>> No.56122770

Slow down there champ, Shinji's got enough parent issues as it without fucking his momma's clone. For that matter, so does Asuka.

>> No.56122826

Should Dwarf women have large pubic beards on their crouch? Should they be well groomed?

>> No.56122838

And their group therapy sessions could benefit from some sexual intercourse. That's assuming Evangelion units don't run on mental trauma.

>> No.56123498

They basically do.
The AT Field is a natural extension of individuality itself on some level, the personal force of will that keeps everyone from melting together into LCL.
The reason the only pilots chosen (who're not bred for the project, at least) are messed-up teens is that not only are they the first generation to really grow up after Second Impact, they're also all as one afraid of interpersonal relationships on some level. The Hedgehog's Dilemma gets brought up quite a lot for this purpose - on some level, the series is about the fundamentals of human free will and individuality, so it makes sense that the AT Field is basically a spiritual hugbox.

>> No.56123548

>The reason the only pilots chosen
Also because Shinji and Asuka have their moms' souls inside the Evas, which is what makes them pilot-able at all, while Rei is half-angel and that lets the Eva accept her on some level.

>> No.56123778

>So what happens when more and more countries start to become developed?
Either robot or governments will put aphrodisiac in the water.

>> No.56123872

>huge female orcs and tiny male goblins (orcs)
Alright idea.

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