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>> No.56067105

Giant companions and giant alt-forms: yea or nay?

Tell me your tales, troubles, adventures, and woes of living the hueg life, jumpers.

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How the fuck does King Crimson works

>> No.56067125

Ant Man is the most necessary perk.

>> No.56067140

Dont tell Tzeench that the meta is about using 15 hand traps in a deck

>> No.56067145

I want to preface this by saying I'm not attached to the 100 CP perk and will replace it in a heartbeat if you guys think it's a bad idea.

Drop In Perks:

Expy-dition (100 CP)- Causing crossovers isn’t exactly possible all the time- not without a pod or some spending points, at least- but you might be able to set up the next best thing. You have a tendency to meet some unusual people- who might even resemble people you’ve met in the past- for better or worse. This tends to happen way more often in worlds where people like them would fit in better, or in worlds where such things might’ve happened before. For example, you might happen to meet a bat-themed superhero in a city that’s also home to red and blue clad wall-crawler, or you might meet futuristic knights or a kid in green tights in a world where sword play is the name of the game. These people might look similar to the people you’ve known, but make no mistake- they are very different people.

Set Piece (200 CP)- Setting the stage is important for a fight- you don’t want to just duke it out anywhere, do you? Luckily, you have the unusual ability to make fights happen in interesting, varied locations- often with lots of opportunities for improvised weapons, or the ability to use the environment in some way. This won’t delay the fight; circumstances will just make it happen somewhere cooler.

Lets You and Him Fight (400 CP)- Why fight your enemies, when you can get someone else to fight them for you? You’re a master at getting people to fight each other at various degrees of seriousness, in the spirit of all great comic book crossovers. You could get two best friends to fist fight with a few choice words, get two super-hero teams riled up against each other to the point they start brawling it out in about a day, and you could make three horror icons start killing each other by- well, you could probably just stick them in a room.

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>Ant Man
List perk and jump, pls.

>> No.56067154

Sim Ant nigga

>> No.56067159

Call in the Calvary (600 CP)- See, the problem with fighting an army of dead-heads who’ve taken over the nation’s capital is this- even if you’re a big badass with a chainsaw and a shotgun, it’s still a freaking army. Luckily, you have some odd luck; whenever you decide to fight someone, all their enemies just happen to come around at the same time to help you out. This might be an “enemy of my enemy” situation, or it could just mean that you get some unexpected help- not that the military mobilizing against someone who took over Washington DC and killed the president is that surprising.

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Damn it. I wish I had a .gif of Tzeench going "Flip flip flip flip" to go here.

>> No.56067192

>plus Kubera Nastika levels of hueg

>> No.56067202

I love Snake's face here.

>where am I
>what is happening
>who is this
>why is he dressed kinda like a bat
>is that a tree fighting a black belt
>that's not a metal gear
>is that a fucking dinosaur

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It's from Sim Ant (or maybe SimAnt, I can't remember how it's listed) and it makes it so that your power remains consistent even if you shrink. If you can punch with the strength of a thousand Newtons, you're still going to be punching that hard at ant size. Or if you're a giant with the proportionate strength one would expect, shrinking down to human size leaves you with all that strength, still.

>> No.56067219

It just works, anon.

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(Peter Pan) #38
-Background: Lost Boy (Free) -I suppose I've been here.
-Flying (Free) -Huh, this could go well with my wings!
-Fairy Fluent (Free) -At least I understand it while here?
-Advanced Flyer (900CP) -FLYYYYYYY.
-Mother Knows Best (800CP) -Multitasking, stuff I do has that personal touch, and domestic skills.
-Wild Boys (Free) -Wilderness survival and sharpened senses.
-Pretend Eating (500CP) (Discount) -This could be helpful if I need to give hope.
-They'll Sweetly Drown You (400CP) -Oh look, another appearance upgrade.
-Siren's Song (100CP) -And an absurdly good voice to go with it.
-Book Collection (50CP) -Some stories to pass the time.
-Bear Suit (Free) -The... bear necessities?
Dice Rolls: Home Under The Ground, 4 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

The pretending eating is very weird. I'm also not sure why a 4 year old would have an amazing voice or a motherly instinct. Shit's weird, yo. Like, really weird. How is this even justified. By what point does logic even have a hand to play? Did logic just throw itself out the window? On that note. why is a 4 year old flying.

What even happened.

What is my life.

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Beastly. I imagine it'd also make you weight a shit ton in human form if you did that though.

>> No.56067259

Yea. The HUEG is great.

Size-shifting is a must, because being able to go indoors is still nice. But aside from that, the hueg is love, the hueg is life.

Having waifus riding on your shoulders while you're huge yourself, or just using huge stonking tits as a exceptionally comfy bed, it's all great.

...Kinda hard to find clothing in the right sizes though.

It just does.

>> No.56067284

It does not. You're not compacting down, you're just as strong in shrunken form as you normally would be. Unless being immovable because of weight is a power of yours, then you'd keep it because you keep your powers. Maybe you'd be able to toggle it, in that case, only use it when you want to have full weight immovability? I don't know.

>> No.56067305

Does the perk let you shrink or add an effect for when you do via other means?

>> No.56067309

It makes it so that for the next 10 seconds after activation that pretty much any action the user doesn't want to have happen don't, it also prevents people from being harmed during this time, and makes it so that only the user retains memories and can act properly during this time.

>> No.56067323

>Did logic just throw itself out the window?
Yes. Then it grew wings and sprinkled pixie dust over reason and sanity so they could escape with it.

>> No.56067332

>...Kinda hard to find clothing in the right sizes though.
Seven Deadly Sins has a perk for that. Even Giants Are Girls, 400CP discounted to the Giant racial option. Makes it so that your enormous size doesn't offer any complications towards living life like anyone else. You somehow always find yourself in circumstances where you could get enough food, clothing or shelter as your size would need, and smaller people treat you like just another person that happens to be really tall instead of a colossus striding over the land.

>> No.56067347

Post-jump it lets you shrink as far down as ant sized, in-jump you're stuck as ant-sized by default.

>> No.56067370

So do Psykers get a boost from magic buffing perks or is that considered something different?

>> No.56067377

I've always thought that lag in online gaming is a good metaphor to explain it. The way you can shoot at someone only for the attacks to not connect because they were moving in a bit of time that you didn't have access to is exactly like how King Crimson works.

>> No.56067390

This anon >>56067125 speaks the truth.
Having a giant waifu is a pain, shrinking yourself provides basically the same end result with less hassle.

>> No.56067409

Psykers and sorcery both draw on the Warp, in 40K, but they're not exactly the same thing. I'd say that if you take the time to make a formalized ritual to amplify your psychic powers for a specific purpose it would count, but otherwise magic boosters wouldn't apply.

>> No.56067436

>and smaller people treat you like just another person that happens to be really tall instead of a colossus striding over the land.
That kinda defeats the point of being big for me, but the rest sounds useful.

>> No.56067465

Toggle or something like it is your friend. Have people freak out except when you're shopping, suddenly everyone is cool then because you're going to buy shit.

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>> No.56067470

Psykers are more psionics than magic. Sorcery is kinda sorta different IIRC, and probably would fall under magic buffing perks?

>> No.56067531


>Batman: You have a gun Snake, that automatically makes you a criminal and my enemy. BAT-ROPE GO!

>Ryu: Don't worry Groot I kicked the fly that was buzzing around your ear. By the way do you see the giant robot to.

>Groot: I am Groot (many thanks Ryu, however I am more worried about the giant dinosaur looking in our direction while its mouth is glowing. Also the ground is on fucking fire which is a slightly bigger problem then a fly.)

Pacific Rim Mecha: We have to fight Godzilla this was a battle meant to be. CHAINSWORD ARM GO!

Godzilla: RAAAAAAGHHHHHH! (Damn I wish this mecha would stop fighting me, I need to torch that Japanese person fighting that tree person. That'll teach those weebs to stop dumping nuclear waste in my ocean.

>Snake: WTF is going on.

>> No.56067597

This is for Freddy vs Jason vs Ash by the way. Is the 100 CP perk fine, or should I axe it and replace it with something else?

>> No.56067616 [SPOILER] 

Smol waifus are the best

>> No.56067637

See >>56067616

>> No.56067655

>should I axe it and replace it
>axe it
I see what you did there.
I don't see anything wrong with it. Maybe give it a toggle for when it'd be more trouble than it's worth?

>> No.56067663

Pic related.

>> No.56067687

Aww I love the embarassed tears.

>> No.56067694

Nah, I think it's fine. You're not causing actual crossovers sadly so I don't feel there's any real problem.

>> No.56067724

Do we even have any?

>> No.56067751

Anyone know a way to convert ki/chi into mana?

>> No.56067766

Dragon's Crown as adorable, slightly boozy, fairies.

>> No.56067767

Disappointing, but I guess you don't want to risk a shitstorm.

>> No.56067790

I don't really like meta perks, but that's just my personal opinion. The perk's fine.

However, I kind of want to, as a gag, somehow get conceptual lawyers powers and sue the expys.

>> No.56067791

Good idea.

Yeah. I think that would be a degree too far, in my mind; there are varying levels of meta that you can have, and that would be pushing it I feel. I think I'm going to make a Warehouse attachment or an item that lets you simulate crossovers, though, so hopefully that will help you get your fix?

>> No.56067845

I cannot seem to see the option for that. What is the name of it?

>> No.56067850


(Full Metal Alchemist) #39
-Background: Foreigner (900CP) -Don't mind me!
-Advanced Formulae (800CP) -Understand the advanced stuff...
-Simplified Formulae (700CP) -And understand the basics!
-Alkahestry (550CP) (Discount) -Transmutation from a distance and healing!
-Truth (-250CP) -OOOOOH HELL.
-Throwing Knives (Free) -Chuck 'em around!
-Alternate Clothing (-300CP) -LET ME GET OUT OF HERE.
-Charlatan (-200CP)
-Unoriginal (0CP)
Dice Rolls: South, 28 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure


That's pretty much my interaction for the majority of the time. I can't talk, people think I'm a no-good filthy foreigner... yeah. It's gonna really suck. But at least I can do some nice alchemy? Without a circle, too! Just need to properly apply it, do the math and... oh. The fight's over already, isn't it. Shit.


...I can help by analyzing the scene afterwards? I mean that's gotta count for something, right? Right? Surely that can do enough to help some of you out? ...oh, right. You can't hear me. FUCK.

>> No.56067861

Someone previously mentioned a jump that could let you make machines that do specific energy conversions (e.g. chi to mana), but I'm not familiar with it.
Symphogear has Memory Combustion, which can convert memories into energy. The jumpmaker said that you could eventually convert energy into memories to do energy conversions, but also that you can only ever convert energy into stuff along the same lines as memories. The perk can't convert energy to energy or energy to tangible materials.
Aside from that, I don't think there are any general energy conversion perks. There might be some that can do specific conversions (e.g. chi to mana), but I wouldn't be familiar with them.

>> No.56067866

Speaking of smol waifus...

Hellboy customization. If you go with a form of a few inches tall, but then pick up Enhanced Strength, do you get the full 'hellhound-punching' strength and 'get hit by a subway car and be fine' durability?

And conversely, does it scale up with being bigger/getting Behemoth?

>> No.56067896

The 100 cp perk is cool.
What jump is this for?

>> No.56067900

Ah, no- you'd be unusually strong for something your size, but you wouldn't have the same strength as a normal sized being. But you would be stronger if you were taller/had Behemoth, yes.

>> No.56067913

>Giant companions

Usually I don't take Giant alt forms / powers or at the very least hate using them, But I did pick up the blonde bunny eared bridge bunny and make her a zendatri

>> No.56067915

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, an official crossover comic between Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Evil Dead.

>> No.56067933

>tfw both you and your wife have freeform size-shifting

It's pretty great.

>> No.56067934

>You will never be the Chad Fairy who breaks men like matchsticks and gets all the bitches
What's the point then?
Said in jest

>> No.56067939

Using his ability, Epitaph, the Diavlo sees 10 sec into the future. Then using King Crimson everyone but Diavlo blindly acts out the scene that was predicted in the Epitaph. They're unable to react to any change in the Epitaph that Diavlo has enacted until the scene is finished. Diavlo can't interact or effect anyone whilst their Epitaph is being enacted by King Crimson, so he adapts to this by using it to dodge and set up counteattacks. >>56067377 has a decent idea of a good example.

>> No.56067951

Peter Pan has one also.

>> No.56067960

You could probably break bones and knock people off their feet; you just won't be able to lift them up or anything crazy like that.

>> No.56067969

Ant Man.

>> No.56067977

I say it without jest, I think it's really stupid to make perk-based enhancements scale with size rather than being consistent with their own text.

>> No.56068001

Hyperdimension Neptunia has little fairies.

>> No.56068015

Incredibles and B-Movie

>> No.56068042

what are some good street level jumps?

>> No.56068057

You can just buy them like they're companions if I remember right.

>> No.56068063


>> No.56068088

Sherlock Holmes
Golden Sky Stories
Goat Simulator
Thing Thing
Generic Zombie Apocalypse
PS238 technically

>> No.56068098


He said street level you dummy, Spiderman crawls around on the walls and swings through the air

>> No.56068123

Anyone know of any perks that increase the rate at which I regen my mana? My pool is pretty big lately but I want to blast some stuff.

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(Otoyomegatari: Bride Stories) #40
-Culture: Nomad (Free) -Just wandering, don't mind me!
-Background: Traveler (Free) -I walk alone.
-Eye for Detail (Free) -I know the finer things in life.
-Warrior Blood (Free) -Do not fuck with me.
-Archery (800CP) (Discount) -Make bows, and damn well use them.
-Journeyman (Free) -The stars themselves are my guide.
-Calculator (500CP) (Discount) -BITCH I AM A LIVING CALCULATOR.
-Embroidery (300CP) -Really good with embroidery and can weave magic into clothing!
-Window to the Soul (100CP) -I have amazing eyes.
-Beauty Shines Through (0CP) -My appearance is not hampered by clothing.
-Period Wear (Free) -And I look the part.
-Recurve Bow (-300CP) (Discount) -A bow that scales with my strength? Oh fuck yes.
-Eagle-Fletched Arrows (-500CP) (Discount) -Arrows that retain improvements are a godsend.
-An Abacus (Free) -I guess we're done here?
-Unladylike (-400CP)
-Culture Shock (-300CP)
-Marriage Proposals (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Khiva, 20 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

S-so what if I like doing archery and being strong? I can be feminine too! ...whatdoyoumeanyouwanttomar-UH LOOK THERE'S SOME BANDITS OVER THERE I BETTER TAKE CARE OF THEM RIGHT NOW.

This is horrible. It's slightly funny, but it's mostly horrible. Why did I do this to myself. I have to hide everything. I have to pretend I'm another nomad while people keep pressuring me to marry I DON'T NEED TO MARRY I'M... S-SAVING MYSELF. YES THAT'S THE REASON I WON'T SAY WHO. Now excuse me it's time for my daily embroidery session and I want to finish this amazing quilt.

...what do you mean "you've made fifteen blankets already"?

One can NEVER have too many blankets.

>> No.56068198

>Someone previously mentioned a jump that could let you make machines that do specific energy conversions (e.g. chi to mana), but I'm not familiar with it.
Storm Hawks probably.

>> No.56068210

>Diavlo can't interact or effect anyone whilst their Epitaph is being enacted by King Crimson
Explain the Polnareff stairs scene then.

>> No.56068220

Street Fighter, obviously, oh, and Street Sharks.

>> No.56068235

>Explain the Polnareff stairs scene then
Isn't that when Dio uses his time stop to troll Polnareff?
Dio isn't Diavlo, tho'.

>> No.56068244

Darling when are you going to settle down and find a nice demon boy?

>> No.56068254

Polnareff gets another "fucking STAIRS, man" scene in the Vento Aureo. It's essentially the same.

>> No.56068289


>> No.56068313

Poor guy. What is up with his luck when it comes to stairs and villains wanting to troll him on them?

>> No.56068339


>> No.56068400

I like it. I think more than a few people want something along those lines.

>> No.56068457

We really do need to find you a nice husbando Red.

>> No.56068491

How many origins is Dies Irae going to have?

>> No.56068507

Maybe Red doesn't want any romance, weirdo.

>> No.56068525


>> No.56068537

Now that I think about it jumpers are like the ultimate Christmas cake if they go several jumps without waifus or husbandos.

>> No.56068540

Where can I find a sexy scientific/engineering aide?

>> No.56068548

Three. Student, LDO and Outsider. Each one, now that I've finalised the outline, has 8 full perklines though, so the low number of origins shouldn't be a worry.

>> No.56068571

>dragon reaction image

>> No.56068579

It is gonna have alot of drawbacks right? My Jumper senses are tingling and telling me it will be a CP vamp.

>> No.56068586

7 drawbacks for each of the three tiers of drawback prices, so 21 in total.

>> No.56068587

Mind elaborating on those companion options in your notes, if it's not too much trouble? I'm curious about pretty much every single one other than the Asshole Best Friend, since I've got a thing for Jumper clones, but I barely even know what a cancer cell is.

>> No.56068589



>> No.56068597

How do I waifu Him/Her ?

>> No.56068600

>freeform size-shifting
Nice. Where from?

>> No.56068604

I'm sure your blankets just want what's best for you too dear. Come on out and we could introduce you to some nice men.

>> No.56068606

Sekirei has Matsu and Kocho

>> No.56068614

Hey Val you probably still dont know but what will come first, the Fate/Stay Night Justice jacket update or the Fate/Extra one? Also same as the above, but did you decided in the end if you where going to add servant arm grafting?

>> No.56068624

This makes me realize for a jumper mothers day is very very exciting day. All your mothers want to see you.

>> No.56068641

Cool, thanks Val.

>> No.56068645

Generic Isekai has a perk that gives you more mana than "1000 master mages"

>> No.56068649

Not if you don't talk to any of them after jump start.

>> No.56068650

Jumpers, have you adopted a name you acquired through your travels to become the name by which you should be known henceforth?

For myself, I adopted Dovahsebrom - Both for its meaning,
and because the scene in which you are crowned was pretty cool in game.

OT: You were actually crowned. There should have been another choice in the civil war to claim Skyrim for the new High King (that would be you.)

>> No.56068655

>tfw my mom's Shub-Niggurath


>> No.56068658

How far along are your different jumps?

>> No.56068673

He's dead, jim.

>> No.56068680

That makes me think we need a perk somewhere to be an orphan. At least I don't think we have one for that.

>> No.56068681

And how much is that?

>> No.56068690

Fankwank it, it's a generic jump it's not specific about that sort of thing.

>> No.56068691


A few threads back, I mentioned a thought I had to turn the Island CYOA into a jumpchain gauntlet. So I did.

I'm...not sure if it really works? I've never written a gauntlet before and I had most of this already typed out, since I wanted to try using it as a setting for FATE or something. All I had to do was add CP costs and perk rewards.

Still have to add ending blurbs and such.

>> No.56068693

Jumpers, when taking a jump like Skyrim or Fallout do you become the protagonist or waifu the protagonist?

>> No.56068694

The Black Goat loves you though.
Now go join your siblings in throwing her a proper mothers' day org...err... party.

>> No.56068699

It's a Generic jump. Figure it out.

>> No.56068700

nope. He is sealed.

>> No.56068706

Engage in epic battles to obtain all the unique items with the protagonist.

>> No.56068710

It's SoftAnon's generic isekai, literally no detail unfortunately.

>The Island CYOA

there are like, fifty of those. Which one specifically?

>> No.56068716

Dragon of the north?

Im getting deep into the thuum anon. My Dovazhul is great. I have taken the name he who speaks, Rok wo tinvaak.

>> No.56068722

Mm, removed the first one because it was an early note that didn't pan out. The Cain one is just giving you an undead guard like Tubalcain, big beefy and super strong guy that's totally loyal. Machina style companion is probably getting removed, since that was a note made during an earlier route that got proved to be something else. May change it into a friend from a past life instead. Cancer Cell is an Apoptosis of your own, like Reinhard is to Mercurius, and is basically someone that will always grow alongside you and continue to challenge you but won't result in your death like normal.

The Isaac one is basically making a child of yourself and making them your 'heart'. Basically, this makes a separate being inside you that can control your powers independently of you to give you an extra mind and can massively boost your own powers when working in concert with you. Pretty much an Isaak to Reinhard situation.

Mmmm, not sure. Haven't had too much time to think on them between study and other jump writing. Prooobably Extra first, since just looking at that shitpile motivates me to make it better.

Most are pretty good. At the moment, I have 4 that are ready for fluffing. Dies Irae, Monogatari, Twintail and Saint Seiya Episode G. I've got a couple more that are closish to being ready, in that I'd only need a day or so's work to get them to stage 2 (Guilty Gear, Re Creators, Dark Empire) and the rest still need a fair bit more work than that. Don't think anything would take more than a week of work at most and that's just the biggest thing I have on claim, Dragonball Super.

>> No.56068729

What thuum would you recommend to deal with lihiko in Medaka?

>> No.56068745

I adopted the surname Emiya in the Kara no Kyoukai jump since I had previously learned how to use time alter previously in the Fate/Jumpchain jump.In the next fate jumps I would fanwank to be a relative of Kiritsugu and I use sometimes the name when I am in jumps taking place in japan or somewhere similar.

>> No.56068746

Shit, I don't think I've seen this CYOA before. I'll give you some more concrete critique when I find it.

>> No.56068750

>but won't result in your death like normal.
Are there any actual Cancer Cells that tried to kill their origin? Reinhard was only playing with Merc it seemed.

>> No.56068752

I waifu'd Courier Six. I'm also thinking of companioning the Dragonborn when I get to Skyrim.

>> No.56068758

I can't tell what makes this a jump, since it seems to be just a wordier version of the island CYOAs.

>> No.56068760

is there a konosuba jump

>> No.56068765

I have no idea who or what that is. Im partial to time control shouts, dragons seem pretty good with this kind of thing. Timestop shout is awesome.

>> No.56068766

We don't take Gauntlets.

>> No.56068768

Nah, Reinhard never does anything by halves. He was definitely having fun but I've got little doubt he wasn't going for the kill with Merc.

Dunno about KKK, if it has any of this stuff.

>> No.56068770


>> No.56068778

He is the character in Medaka Box jump that is immune to pretty much anything but word based attacks. His durability without the immunity seems high too.

>> No.56068794

Fallout, I let the Protagonist do protagonist things while I do Jumper things. Sometimes we get into conflict, and there's one less Protagonist.

Elder Scrolls it depends on the Prophecy I choose to deal with - Skyrim I outright replaced the protagonist in. Morroblivion I went with the King of Worms.

>> No.56068801


A little bit from each of them.


Taking a nemesis gives CP to spend. Costs and details are at the beginning of each section.

>> No.56068810

Emiya... Do you happen to have a proper Crest?
If so, meeting Kiritsugu should be interesting.

>> No.56068811

In Skyrim Be the Protagonist, in New Vegas Be the Protagonist, in the other Fallout/Elder Scrolls Games Waifu the Protagonist.

>> No.56068840

Silmarillion Jump when ?

>> No.56068843

Mind control him with Gol Hah Dov? Suck his life and other eneegies out with Gaan Lah Haas? Freeze him solid with Liz Slen Nus? Directly sap his life with Krii Lun Aus, Stop time and do a lot of these with Tiid Klo Ul or rip out his soul with Riid Vaaz Zol (or the super powerful 4 word thuum Ziil los dii du which rips out and eats the targets soul)

These are just the canon ones too!

>> No.56068845

"Word based attacks"

What about spells with verbal components?

>> No.56068846

Seems to me like the Artifacts could be a bit more expensive - I know you want them to be available in exchange for taking a Nemesis, but The Clockwork Spider is just fucking ridiculous as an example.

As well, for formating? Try adding page breaks between your sections - I got a few selections into Shelters before I realized I'd transitioned to another section entirely.

>> No.56068857

If they are just a crutch then no, was the answer. Something like Eragon and the Ancient Language would work though.

>> No.56068860


>> No.56068866

I took on the name Black Frost a long time ago, and have since made it into a name that is feared by all!

>> No.56068868

Honestly, some of those artefacts are way too good for just 100cp.

>> No.56068870

What if the spell needs the verbal component, like High Speed Divine Words?

>> No.56068878

999 Master Mages Mana < Jumper Mana < 1001 Master Mages Mana

>> No.56068881


>> No.56068898 [DELETED] 

When Red admits that she's actually a dragon.

>> No.56068905

Where are the Infinity Gems usually located in the Marvel comic settings? Trying to gauge how difficult it would be to nab them. (Yes, "they don't work outside that universe.")

>> No.56068923

Eh, the jokes stale now.

>> No.56068930

Depends on what Marvel and what time.

>> No.56068938

Depends on when it is, they move about a lot depending on the plot.

>> No.56068941

Meh, fair enough. I just enjoy Red's over the top reactions.

>> No.56068946

>have since made it into a name that is feared by all!

>> No.56068964

I'm using the Marvel Magic setting, so I guess Earth-616(?). The jump doesn't specify a start time.

>> No.56068975

I had two, one from the fate/jumpchain and the other from Kara no Kyokai. Kiritsugu never really trusted or liked me since he thought I alonside of the other villagers and on the day of the fourth grail war starts, I appear to be alive somehow possessing two Magic Crests from the family, killed the head of one of the three great families (Zouken) and summoned Berserker

>> No.56068984

Is there a certain time when they'd be easier to nab? Also, is there a certain stone that would make getting the other ones easier? I've got a way to control the power.

>> No.56068988

i cant find it on the drive

>> No.56068997

AFTER THE UPDATES DUDE. I'm updating Ace Combat and MCU right now.

Eh. It's very not-funny considering where the name is from now. Sorry about that.

>> No.56069016


As well, bold the Prices listed at the start of each section. And for the Factions section? I'd advise making these changes to make it easier on figuring out how to build for the Gauntlet:

>Allies cost 200cp.
>Covenants cost 300cp.

>You MUST CHOOSE at least ONE full-strength Nemesis, which grants you +500cp to spend.
>You MAY CHOOSE a SECOND full-strength Nemesis for an extra +500cp.
>Alternately, you MAY TAKE a weakened version of a Nemesis for +100cp. Slaying these weaker, but
still dangerous versions does not require for you to locate their Bane. Defeating these lesser
enemies does not grant you their respective victory perk.

I don't care if you capitalize, bold, underline, italicize, whatever. Make them stand out and noticeable. Pretend you're organizing something for a bunch of idiots.

And a bit more of an enunciation on what exactly each Faction Perception entails. Are they how other Factions view your Ally / Covenant / Nemesis? Are those how that Faction views the others? (TERRIFIED SCREAMING) tells me nothing.

And for Rewards, a question:
>Should you survive, Artifacts can be kept and Allies may be taken on as Companions.
>Allies may be taken on as Companions.

How many does this entail? Eight-total members of said Faction? All-in-one slot? Do we have to convince them?

And again. Please look into possibly increasing the prices on Artifacts. 100 CP for some... most... all of these things... WAY too cheap.

I like what you've got so far, now it's just a case of needing sprucing up and clarification.

>> No.56069026

Without it specifying a time there's no real good answer, then.

Not particularly and not particularly. It's going to be a pain to hunt them down, regardless, and each of the stones has its own ability so which to grab first is a matter of how you roll.

>> No.56069032

Hush you.

>> No.56069034

>updating Ace Combat and MCU right now.

Nice, but also boo I just made a build for that. Thanks red your a peach.

>> No.56069035

Yo, sorry if I'm bringing up old news, but is Medaka Box done? I've been too swamped with schoolwork to check the thread for the past few days, but I was really looking forward to jumping it.

I'm aware that there's a document for it in the drive, but that's not a guarantee that it's the final version, so I was hoping to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. I'm pretty sure that's how the saying goes. If not, sorry for calling you a horse Val.

>> No.56069043

>my name's not there
That's...weird. I know I put it in there.

>> No.56069055

Biggest problem so far is that you haven't really changed things to fit the jumpchain format. Sure you slapped prices on things but it's effectively what points or choices would have been in the origin, but with two 0s on the end instead.

You need to adjust the stuff to cost different amounts depending on how good they are, you need to make it clearer how certain things work in a jumpchain format and so on. That stuff seems to be the most common complaint so far.

>> No.56069059

did you tho

>> No.56069068

I like horses, so I don't mind. Anyway the jump still has some potential changes so I wouldn't call it done yet. Give it a bit for now.

>> No.56069073

Yeah, I did. Then again, it wasn't letting me post at first, so maybe something's just acting funny.

>> No.56069082

Grabbing any of them makes getting the others easier, and getting more makes getting the others even easier, they seem to be guided to one another when someone that holds one wants them. The worst to start with is Time, because it's just not really possible to use without the others, while mind seems to be the easiest to control on its own. However time could be the most troublesome to get if someone that has it doesn't want you to have it.

>> No.56069109

Its just shit, okay? It's lazy, it doesn't really do anything other than lift whole sections of generic CYOAs and slap prices on them, there's no theme or world or IP to reference. . . It's just a text version of a imaged CYOA. It's not good fodder for a jump or gauntlet.

>> No.56069140



>> No.56069166

check uploads

>> No.56069180

Quiet CYOA jump when? Oh wait

>> No.56069185

>no theme
>or world
>not good fodder for a jump or gauntlet

I want you to go take a look at the Dead Rising Gauntlet. Or the Inukami jump. Or the Deadman Wonderland jump. or Buso Renkin.

Justify your accusations of "lift whole sections of generic CYOAs" with proof, and instead of just spitting out bile because you had a rough night of drinking, actually offer some ways to help this fucker made it better.

>> No.56069194

No how about we just make the CYOA-fag leave.

>> No.56069195

What counts as teaching for the Da Vinci perk? I did a quick trawl through the archive because I thought you'd mentioned it before, and found this:

>They have to be actively teaching you. They don't need to be willingly teaching you but they do need to take part, it can't just be observation or study without their input.

Does that mean that as long as information is coming directly from them to you, that's good enough? I'm picturing using various psychic/magical abilities to pull all the lessons straight out of their head at once, probably unwillingly.

>> No.56069201

Those things are all universally hated for being bland and low quality, but at least they have source material you could hypothetically watch.

Hell, he could have at least chosen a CYOA with a plot and established world like Stardust or Pokemon Personified.

>> No.56069214

If it makes you feel better, Ace Combat will have a LOT of extra shit. While MCU is only going to be stuff like adding items and price slashes.

(Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones) #41
-Background: Recruit (900CP) -Don't mind me, just waltzing through.
-Oath (Free) -You will not harm those I care for.
-Second Skin (750CP) (Discount) -Even if my armor's damaged, it won't impede me.
-Great Shield (550CP) (Discount) -10% of the time, attacks do nothing.
-Energy Ring (450CP) -Improve physical and magical strength!
-Nidhogg (150CP) -A bow that increases probability to hit its mark. NICE.
-Vidofnir (0CP) (Discount) -A lance that blocks incoming attacks. ...I'll try to make this a sword.
Dice Rolls: Kingdom of Renais, 28 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

...I won't lie. This kind of feels like I went through a loot drive. Like I just walked into a medieval magical place, saw a bunch of shit in a shop, and just... grabbed them all to walk off. I mean I'm not complaining, I love me some epic weapons. I just need to figure them out. Sotre the lance and find a way to study its enchantments for later. For now I'm gonna fuck off and enjoy my time wi-


What do you mean "there's two more timelines to travel." WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING.

>> No.56069215

What perks are there that make you good at screwing with someone, pranking them, et cetera?

>> No.56069224

>updating MCU

I'mean, that's nice, but, uhm, doesn't Ragnarok comes out, like, tomorrow or something?

>> No.56069225

No. In that example, it'd be doing something like blackmailing or threatening them into teaching you, not just mind reading them.

Teaching is teaching. They have to be specifically educating you on the use of their powers.

>> No.56069232

...how much extra shit are we talking about now?

>> No.56069234

Or Travelers tale or Quiet

>> No.56069237

>Using mib and bancho jumps as justification, all from years ago
Look at this fool and laugh. Laugh at him.

>> No.56069244

hand the Gauntlet off to Valeria. We aren't taking any new content creators that don't go by that name.

>> No.56069245


>> No.56069260

How does this jump look?

>> No.56069269

November 2. I'm updating other things in the meantime. Get started, per say.

>> No.56069271

Yeah, no.

>> No.56069273

Nah, trash-tier CYOAs aren't jump material. You can take your bullshit and schlep it elsewhere, fucklekins. This was discussed at length a long while ago: CYOAs aren't good source material for jumps. I'm sorry you weren't here for those arguments, no I'm not going to spoonfeed you with archive links. At the end of the day, there's nothing to draw on in random CYOAs.

Even something robust like Stardust, which is arguably one of the more fleshed out CYOAs, wouldn't make a good jump. Artie and I kicked that around in thread more than once and it just doesn't work.

But hey, thanks for playing. Cherry picking never really works, but at least you threw out some different titles than the usual twats.

>> No.56069287

Americans get it later than Aussies and maybe some other parts of the world.

>> No.56069290

You must be mistaken. We don't want this.

>> No.56069303

Again, no. Take it back to CYOA.

>> No.56069305

Irredeemable Jump When ?

>> No.56069315

We have a bunch of generics but no Generic Space Opera.

>> No.56069316

Is that Canadian Superman vs Canadian Batman?

>> No.56069319

That image is a sign of bad times to come. What's it about?

>> No.56069326

No fuck you Generics don't count.

>> No.56069332

You do know that I was pretending to be retarded right? That is the original CYOA

>> No.56069348

>November 2
>google check
Double huh. For once, some tangible benefit for us South Americans.

Suck it, first-world citizens!

>> No.56069351


These people can't take a joke. How else did you think they'd react.

>> No.56069374

>can't take a joke
I can take jokes. I stole a whole book of them last week.

>> No.56069376

Ace Combat is becoming a whole new jump.

>> No.56069388

A lot of Tearjerkers

>> No.56069395

We plenty of SO jumps. If you want another one, find an IP that hasn't been done and do that. Generics are really hit and miss. You're not going to make either a generic or a specific IP jump, but the point remains.

>> No.56069413

Is the demon companion in Hellboy supposed to have the first two perks of their allegiance, or the jumper's?

>> No.56069414

Do they have to be specifically teaching you? Or could you, say, spy on someone teaching a lesson and still benefit from it?

>> No.56069416

Here's the finished Fossil Fighters jump, for your viewing pleasure. This is essentially version 1.0, I just don't like labeling the jump as such until its on the drive.

>> No.56069418

>Ace Combat is becoming a whole new jump.
Is the new one about burlesque dancing and gaslamp fantasy?

>> No.56069426


hey, do you think you could maybe give the new jumpmaker / gauntletmaker further up a bit of support or critique, that way we can maybe avoid The Asshole Squadron driving off another maker?

Or is that too good a deed for namefags?

>> No.56069431

The Plutonian is the origin of DC superman. DC Superman is an Idea of what was left of him.

>> No.56069433


>> No.56069441

I want to embody the Void, do we have a list of perks/races that would let me do so?

>> No.56069443


...i posted the wrong jump. Eternal shame on me.

>> No.56069453


>> No.56069460


THIS is the Fossil Fighters Jump. Let this be a lesson to all namefags out there to check the name of the jump before posting, not just the version number.

>> No.56069462

Fossil Fighter Idols!

>> No.56069466


>> No.56069472

>asking Valeria to support anybody

>> No.56069478

>Artie and I kicked that around in thread more than once and it just doesn't work.
Who the fuck are you? When the actual SDA was here most of us were fine with him making one if he wanted.

>> No.56069491

They need to be teaching you.

Hm? Seems like a lot of what I'd say has already been suggested. He needs to do more to make it into a jump and not a lift of the CYOA. While most people so far have just said to make things have different prices, I'd say that he needs to expand on the idea a lot more. Add in more stuff or make it into more of the usual jumpchain format to facilitate making more stuff that's original but fitting to the concept, make it clearly more than just a CYOA with the Jumpchain points slapped on the side.

Not terribly interesting as a concept to me either way, never liked the island CYOA things. Just seemed so depressing.

>> No.56069497

Does the Luger from Blades & Luger come with unlimited ammo? Seeing how its not anything special about it other than it gets more accurate when facing stronger opponents. Yet it doesn’t increase penetration/lethality.

>> No.56069499

Reminder that SDA claimed it just so nobody could make a jump about it

>> No.56069502

He's a lying idiot, anon. Just put your attention elsewhere.

>> No.56069512

Anti matter breath seems just a tooouch beyond the other capstones.

>> No.56069516

Yeah, SDA is a retard. That's known. That's beside my point though.

>> No.56069533

Thanks for the help.

>> No.56069537

Argh! It's the dreaded d7!
I have no d3's, d5's, d7's, d9's or any other unholy abominations in my dice bag!

>> No.56069545

Cool, thanks for the clarification. I guess it's time to dump CP into charisma perks then.

>> No.56069563

thank you

>> No.56069566

You mean the supernatural partner? The first two perks of your Allegiance.

It comes with replenishing ammo, and it gets more accurate when facing weaker opponents, not stronger.

>> No.56069571

Well that's...huh. Weird.

>> No.56069634


>> No.56069642

>Your allegiance.
Thanks, I suppose that makes sense.

>> No.56069650

Question for the Fallout buffs in the crowd. Is there anywhere in the states that managed to escape the worse of the radiation beside New Vegas? Anywhere that life is at least kind of like it was before the bombs?

>> No.56069671

What abilities could let me completely delete someone across every single timeline? Just completely eradicate them from existence?

>> No.56069681


California didn't escape the blast but it has been rebuilt the best by the ncr

>> No.56069689

Depends on when you are in the timeline.

Though which Gem are you looking for, exactly?

Power Gem (800 CP):
Long, long ago there existed a great and powerful cosmic entity. This primordial being dwelled alone in an empty reality devoid of life beyond itself. In its loneliness it created beings to fulfill its desire for companionship, but these creations warped in ways that displeased the being and were destroyed. This first being eventually found the loneliness unbearable and decided it no longer wished to go on. It sealed itself and its power away in a number of small gems which would remain as such for all this time. When united together, these gems grant the wielder most of the vast power that this ancient beings possessed, making them effectively all powerful and all knowing. But even alone, one of these stones is a mighty thing…

And you have come into the possession of one such stone. Taking the form of a small red gem, it does not appear particularly impressive at a glance. But nothing could be farther from the truth. This is the Power Gem, a physical manifestation of all the energy that has ever and will ever exist. And with this, you can tap into this limitless power. On its own, the actual effects the Gem can manifest are somewhat limited, only allowing for augmentation physical strength and durability as well as projection of large amounts of energy. However, within those areas it is effectively unmatched. A normal man wielding the Power Gem could trade blows with the strongest beings in the universe and if those beings themselves were to wield the Gem, their power would be unimaginable. Beyond that, however, the Gem can serve as an unlimited source of energy for machinery or even for your own powers.

Beware, however, that a great many seek these stones and if it is known that you possess one, you will face numerous terrible foes.

>> No.56069700

Dino Master jump when?

>> No.56069711

(Fire Emblem: Geanology of the Holy War) #42
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -FUCK OFF.
-Bargain (Free) -I know the art of the deal.
-Magic Weapon Skill (900CP) (Discount) -Magic items I use are more effective!
-Forger of Magic (750CP) (Discount) -I can make magic items, and my items are high quality!
-Major Holy Blood (450CP) (Discount) -OH SHIT YEAH. I'm gonna get Fala Blood and the Valflame book.
-Minor Holy Blood (350CP) -And a second bloodline of Naga Blood. Combine both magic blood boosts, fire magic, light magic, and resistance!
-Filled Coffers (250CP) -And lots of dosh!
-Sol (150CP) -Damage I do heals me? SHIT YEAH.
-Repair Weapon (50CP) (Discount) -I can repair my own shit!
-Luna Sword (0CP) -A sword to half an opponent's defense!
-Earth Sword (-100CP) -And attacks resistance while healing me for damage done!
-Fatigue (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Verdane, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

...on one hand. I've got a lot of magic. I mean a LOT of magical ability. And fire. Lots of fire.

On the other hand, I've got swords. A sword that halves defense, and a sword that lowers resistance while healing me for damage done on TOP of a perk that does the same thing. ...I think I'm gonna Armsfusion them both and mix their abilities together for the fucking lulz. Because why the hell not. That's bound to scare some people. Plus I really don't know just how MUCH magic Fala and Naga blood mixed together gives me. But I'm a better crafter at least!

Chances are high I'm going to just wander around and help out whatever side is not being a dick.

>> No.56069714

No, basically everywhere outside of a few people that managed to hole up and survive was destroyed.

>> No.56069720

I'm anon, can't you see? QS and I talked about the idea in thread more than once because we were both part of the SD thread. He and I both agreed that it wouldn't really work as there's no real canon, nothing to bounce it off of. You want to archive dig for those conversations, have at it.

>When the actual SDA was here most of us were fine with him making one if he wanted.
Yeah, and there are anons that want Quiet jumps, and jumps for all kinds of other weird bits of /tg/. Doesn't mean its a good idea.

Nah, no real reason to lie about this. I do agree that it doesn't serve any real point in going over this again.

>> No.56069725

And like that, every other Marvel jumpmaker was told to get fucked.


>> No.56069740

Not really, there was a of nuclear power at the time none of which were safely maintained after the war. The NCR is in fairly good shape though, by wasteland standards anyway.

>> No.56069743

Uh, I think the Power Gem is yellow. The red gem is the Mind Gem.

>> No.56069744

Not really, there should be some desert areas that aren't too poorly off. However the entire world is kind of fucked from the radiation because after the bombs dropped rather than a nuclear winter there was black rain, where all of the fallout rained down on the world. Basically anywhere that wouldn't have had much rain or snow for the year, and would have been so poorly populated that it wouldn't have been targeted directly. Vegas got off light because of laser defenses and the fact that Vegas doesn't get much rain. Also the number of bombs used was just absurd, it wasn't so much mutually assured destruction as it was a dedicated attempt to wipe the map clean.

>> No.56069748

Eeeh. That's gonna start all kinds of fights and shit flinging

>> No.56069753

>Nah, no real reason to lie about this

When you want to chase out a potential creator that isn't making this place even more shite to be in, there's every reason to lie.

>> No.56069759

>six gems in picture

>> No.56069767

Even if that wasn't a really sketchy thing to offer, it's way too good for 800CP. Not for all it gives.

>> No.56069772

>virgin marvel jumpmaker: restricts the infinity stones

>chad cracker_jack: makes them purchasable and full-power

>> No.56069775

Really I'd be happy with somewhere that I don't have to carry a gieger counter around and everything doesn't taste like radiation. These giant mantis taste horrible.

>> No.56069778

Well Quiet works as a proto jump anyways and if you wanted, you could make one with all the hidden pieces of lore Quiet made, and invent some ones since she dissapeared from /cyoag/

>> No.56069785

Could tutoring work? Like, they tell you what they know about their abilities, and you help them get better at using them?

>> No.56069786


Then Shady Sands is defiantly your speed

>> No.56069790

I won't say anything about the other situation but I will say if you do offer it, you need to seriously increase the price. Putting you at the power level of the strongest guys in Marvel (Which I don't think is true as Thanos isn't top dog) and providing limitless energy for all your other powers as well is completely insane.

>> No.56069797


>> No.56069800

If they don't know how their powers work, they're not going to be able to teach you.

>> No.56069806

In the wild there isn't such a thing, you want civilization, head to the NCR or to whatever vault cities you can find, though I don't know if any more than one vault city was actually created.

>> No.56069807


>> No.56069808

Oh fuck off. It's perfectly fine as is.

>> No.56069818

Nowhere, most of the land isn't dangerously radioactive since it happened a long time ago but there are pockets of dangerous radiation EVERYWHERE. Even the Mojave where there was only one target which was almost completely protected from the bombs.

Anywhere there is a stable settlement of humans should be relatively safe but unless you want to stay inside a dinky wasteland town the entire time you'll need a gieger counter.

>> No.56069827

No, it's not. It's not even fine from an internal balance perspective from what he's already shown off given how much more power this grants.

>> No.56069839

>you want civilization, head to
Badly dubbed voiceover: PARADISE HILLS

>> No.56069841

Seems awwright relative to the way Herald and those perks you posted were priced. Rooking forward to jump.

>> No.56069842

Reno is very much intact and is still a major settlement by the time of New Vegas.

>> No.56069847

I will go before the thread explodes in a shitflinging session to grab popcorn and return

>> No.56069854

Eh. I don't remember the Power Gem being that powerful by itself. I mean, yeah, raw power is its gimmick, but "strongest beings in the universe" when you're talking Marvel is a bit of a loaded term.

>> No.56069859

>Relative to Herald
>Gives power millions of times greater than Herald and infinite energy for every other power you have too
If you just want power, at least be honest about it

>> No.56069860

Shady Sands looks just like what I'm looking for. It's better than this hellhole. I'm just going to put a bullet in that asshole Benny first, then me and that chip are heading west.

I'll bet I'll be able to head House scream from there.

>> No.56069861

Now I want an Eternal's Rising cyoa

>> No.56069868

At least now it won't be just Val who gets attacked for power wanking.

>> No.56069876

You guys are full of shit... I love it.

>> No.56069877

It's not even the canon gem. It's buffed far beyond the canon one.

>> No.56069882

(Fire Emblem: Archanea) #42
-Background: Mage (Free) -I can cast the spells.
-A Noble Warrior (900CP) -APPEARANCE UPGRADE.
-Blessed with Blades (500CP) -Finding legendary blades! Aw yiss.
-Magical Gift of Dragons (400CP) -Awesome magical talent, and able to make spells!
-I Cannot Fight, But I Can Heal Your Wounded (Free) -Beneficial acts to help the world are way better!
-Tick Tock, Move that Frock (Free) -MOVE FAST WHEN RUNNING.
-The Favored Student (300CP) (Discount) -I learn magic so very well.
-Taken from the Starsphere (0CP) (Discount) -Study items and make spells based off of it!
-Rainbow Growth Tonic (-200CP) -Small boost to my growth rate in abilities!
-Pure Water (Free) -Huh.
-Glower (-400CP) (Discount) -FUCK YOUR SPELL RESISTANCE.
-Echoes of the Past, Present, and Future (-400CP)
-Helping the Hero King (-200CP)
-Marked by Eremiah (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Dolhr, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Speaking of loot, GUESS WHAT I'M GONNA BE HUNTING. Hint: It's loot. Loooooots of loot. Mainly because with Starsphere I can start studying other magical artifacts and studying them to replicate their effects and enchantments to make spells... which then I'll be able to place on other items as enchantments. Oh what a wonderful time. Plus a bunch of additional boosts to my growth rate and magic learning. This is going to be pretty nice as someone who loves magic. I may or may not be pretending to be a demon in this jump just because of how much magic and potential I have. Because WHY NOT.

While it sucks badly to be hunted like that, it's a small price to pay. I just need to keep on the lookout for rare items and keep collecting them.

>> No.56069884

Indeed. Man up, strap on your pip boy, and carry some rad-away.

>> No.56069888

Fuck off Ricrod. No one wants or likes people who actively egg on shitstorms just for the fun of it. You are not being funny. You've been told this many times.

>> No.56069889

Yer a saint Jack
A bloody saint

>> No.56069890

It kind of is. Remember, it's only raw power. Other beings weaker than you with the stone can still do shit like throw you forward to the end of time. Or teleport you to a dimension antithetical to existence. It isn't nearly as good as the Herald power he posted yesterday.

>> No.56069905

You? Can fuck off.

>> No.56069909

Well, there goes the rest of this weeks and weekends threads. Love ya CJ, and I'm looking forward to the jump, but that was a mistake

>> No.56069912

I guess I'll juts have to resist with my now infinitely strong other powers because the gem makes no note that you can only use as much energy as your normal max. Or just destroy the universe out of spite because it makes me as strong as the strongest people in Marvel despite the gem not actually being that good.

>> No.56069918

Herald has way more than just sheer power to offer. The Power Gem doesn't offer time control, psychic powers, dimensional travel, or generally even a fraction of what the Power Cosmic does.

>> No.56069920

Honestly, high-powered jumps in general are usually pretty "sketchy". Especially when we already have a jump for the property.

>> No.56069922

Hey. Bitch. See this? >>56069689

Take a hint for your MCU "update."

>> No.56069929

But it does offer millions of times more raw power and make every other ability you have just as if not outright limitlessly powerful.

>> No.56069931

There'll be a note about how the Gems don't work outside of their home universe and this one is an exception if you buy it. Just having the Power Gem makes you stronk but it doesn't do the craxy stuff unless you have another Gem for it to power.

...Fuck. Thanks for pointing that out.

Is there something that doesn't?

Literally just Googled it and saved the first thing that popped up.

The Power Gem alone isn't that great, though? It makes you super buff and gives unlimited stamina, but if that's all you have you'd still get punked by more versatile people with similar levels of strength. Surfer and Thanos could shit on you. Thor would at least be able to match you even without his hammer.

And it's 800 CP undiscounted, which is slightly less than the 1000 CP Herald option for a similar level of strength and drastically less versatility.

It gives you vague high-end super strength. By "strongest beings in the universe" I meant as the physical powerhouses like Thor and Hulk.

Maybe I should try to be more clear in the descriptions. I try to kind of keep that ridiculous hammy description thing going. Like how every this character in comics in described as "OMNIPOTENT!".

>> No.56069932

Ah, here's him samefagging up a storm.

>> No.56069933

Not my problem.

>> No.56069939

It's all right to say that when you're not sucking down a warm sarsaparilla because you can't trust the water and your arm already looks like you're some kind of heroin junkie from the number of needles you've shoved into your arm over the first few months. But living in it? On the ground? Nothing about this place is pleasant.

>> No.56069952

Do you have the stupid looking boss fight one?

>> No.56069953

Oh, yeah, like how Greatest Magician of the Age just makes you Mediocre Magician of the Age.

>> No.56069955

I wonder if I should just make myself a nick now for this run, since every one of my jumps has been random from /jc/....

What jump should I go on next?

>> No.56069960

Can you quote the text from the Power Gem that says it let's you no sell things like that? Your post implies that you could use it to no sell things like being thrown through a portal, but nothing in the text I'm reading supports that.

>just blow up the universe
Only the fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet could do something like that. Maybe the Reality Gem too, though I doubt it.

>> No.56069966

You... definitely should do that. That description, especially when the rest of the jump seems to be giving the most attention to the big dumb cosmic fuckers out of the Marvel ones we've got, does not bring bricks like Hulk or Thor to mind.

>> No.56069967

Or maybe just recognize that it might be a bad idea?

But I dunno. I'm not anyone relevant. I couldn't possibly know what a bad idea is.

>> No.56069968

You really fucking want to be more clear on this dude. "Strongest being in the universe" brings to mind the ACTUAL strongest beings in the universe, not guys that are mid tier in the grand scheme of all of Marvel. No one thinks of Hulk or Thor when you say that. They think of things like the Living Tribunal.

You need to note how the infinite energy for powers works too. Is this only as much as you can draw at a time or are you given as much as you desire whenever?

Also just to reiterate that idea of keeping your in jump descriptions as bad as the marvel comic descriptions is the shittiest idea I have ever heard. Why would you purposefully try to keep one of the most complained about aspects of the comics when you're making something that clarity is much preferred?

>> No.56069970

Dog Days.

>> No.56069975

>especially when the rest of the jump seems to be giving the most attention to the big dumb cosmic fuckers
Probably because it's a cosmic jump.

>> No.56069981

Out of what we've seen in the games...? I mean, yeah, there's New Vegas for sure.
Somewhat nearby that is the Zion National Park, which is basically pristine countryside with plants and everything.

California is mostly fucking desert and dilapidated buildings, but it's not particularly irradiated other than some hotspots.

Over near the Capital Wasteland, Port Lookout is mostly radiation free -- but it's also swampy and filled with mutated rednecks and there is basically zero civilization.

But... yeah, if you're looking for "I just want to live all normal", you're basically stuck with New Vegas and Zion.

>> No.56069984

Here you go, anon.

>> No.56069986

Thor and Hulk are jokes on the cosmic scale. Cosmic high end has people destroying universes or multiverses.

>> No.56069997

Thank you Red. I like this,

>> No.56070000

Yeah? It's not a complaint.

>> No.56070001

Which is itself a disgustingly pathetic concept. The SBer couldn't even find an uncovered setting to make a jump out of.

>> No.56070002


>> No.56070013

The more high-power jumps we get, the more I think we need a Bobobo jump. As soon as we find someone who can write the damn thing while keeping the tone right, and get past how a ton of the manga still isn't translated.

>> No.56070016

Persona games famously have stupid looking bosses. It's practically tradition.

>> No.56070018

>I try to kind of keep that ridiculous hammy description thing going. Like how every this character in comics in described as "OMNIPOTENT!".
Why? I can't understand why you would have a idea as retarded as this. Why purposefully make things unclear? Why when it has already caused trouble when you did it in the past?

>> No.56070030

Can you please give your true thoughts on Valeria? If only to give a different topic for shitposting? I mean, do you really think he can shitposter more or harder than he already does?

>> No.56070034

Green text is for healing! You use white for damage! REEEEEEEEEEEE!

>> No.56070035

>Is there something that doesn't?

Just because every shitface here enjoys using every topic they can to start a fuckfest, doesn't mean you should just haul off and do whatever. Learn from that perk in Marvel Magic.

>> No.56070037

>Depends on when you are in the timeline.
I don't think Marvel Magic specifies, does it? So I guess whatever the default is, or whatever would give me the best chance at nabbing them.

>Though which Gem are you looking for, exactly?
All of them. Then I can use them to achieve a Hyperdeath form. I just figured it would give me an advantage for the later high-power settings, so I worked out a multi-jump combo to get them to work in other settings. (Doesn't work on the MCU stones though.) Looks like the biggest problem is going to be finding them in-setting.

>> No.56070050


>> No.56070060

>Thor a joke on cosmic scale

No? Thor is one the strongest dudes out there. He’s not as powerful as Odin with the Odinforce, but as son of an Elder God & Skyfather he’s easily match for the likes of Silver Surfer. SS is galaxy level threat if he put his mind to it. However he’s a good guy & an pacifist.

>> No.56070061

>I mean, do you really think I can shitposter more or harder than I already does?
Considering how you are asking for a leg-up to shitpost harder, then yeah you kinda can't.

>> No.56070062 [DELETED] 

Why dont we go to another round of this?

>> No.56070080

Ah, thanks.

>> No.56070081

Hey Val just a quick question but how would the copy perks(I.e Ultimate Lifeform, The End, Mind Reading, however you spell the eye perk) interact with each other? Is it worth taking a few of them together or would more than one of the perks be kinda redundant.

>> No.56070086

Obligatory reference is obligatory.

>> No.56070089

Oh God, it's lokoing inside me!
>There is no God, only Sonic.
Blergh! La la Sonic fatghn

>> No.56070091

Will the shitposter decide it's time to end it on Christmas?

>> No.56070092

Neither of them are galaxy level threats, unless you count it as going around and destroying solar systems one by one, in all but their very strongest and not at all common portrayals.

Odin is a galaxy level threat because he can destroy them. There are beings on his level and many above him too. That is the cosmic high end that makes Thor look like a joke.

>> No.56070094

Should i do a Skulduggery Pleasant build instead of a Ghost Rider build?

>> No.56070097

Rolled 2 (1d10)

does this chamber have the bullet in it?

>> No.56070105

Sonic totem- will I ever gain the fame and power I so richly deserve?

>> No.56070112

What's more suspicious is your hesitance to post them. If they weren't inherently controversial, then no one would be able to shitpost about them, right?

>> No.56070115

Why is it that Mages seem to lack perks/items in Morroblivion compared to Thieves and Warriors.

>> No.56070117

They're separate powers so unless you combine them in some way yourself, they won't interact directly.

>> No.56070119

Please Sonic, please.

>> No.56070125


>> No.56070126

Creepy Sonic Totem of Doom, will we ever get a villain as awesome as Aku again?

>> No.56070130


>> No.56070133


>> No.56070137

>Implying mages need items like bitch warriors and thieves

>> No.56070141

>Ask Again.
Should i do a Skulduggery Pleasant build instead of a Ghost Rider build?

>> No.56070144


Will I become a jumper?

>> No.56070145


>> No.56070150

Harem mode engage?

>> No.56070151

Will I ever escape the harem protagonist typecasting

>> No.56070153

Should I keep playing Kakutora?

>> No.56070163

Sonic Totem should I go to the Sonichu jump?

>> No.56070164

Sonic Totem- will I ever find true love?

>> No.56070169

Will jumper die if he waifus Chacha?

>> No.56070170


>Ask again

...Well, will I become a jumper?

>> No.56070171

Proof that the Totem lies.

>> No.56070175

Yo. Beloved mentions that other planets can potentially give you power, but just says your home planet will protect you and stuff. Is that just an oversight since you're presumably not gonna be able to get backup from your home planet, what with the road trip to Gaia's corpse, or a deliberate limitation?

What I'm getting at here is, if my planet is Earth and I go to a Nasuverse setting where Gaia is alive, am I gonna get access to Marble Phantasm until I move on?

>> No.56070180


>> No.56070181

Looks like he's taking you for his harem

>> No.56070185


>> No.56070191

>For all of eternity
An eternity filled with Aku-tier villains is a good one.


Actually Ricrod, you got dubs. So the answer is "Yes...at a great price."

>> No.56070192

You will be missed.

>> No.56070193


>> No.56070194

Should I ask the thread for input on this combined merge setting?

>> No.56070198

Rolled 9 (1d10)

Oh Sonic Totem, are Taco Tuesdays the correct choice?

>> No.56070201

Don't spam the thread.

>> No.56070202


>> No.56070207


>> No.56070218

Damn, what did you do to piss the Sonic Totem of Doom off, YJ_Anon?

Sonic Totem of Doom, will you ever forgive YJ_Anon for whatever transgression he committed against you?

>> No.56070219

Would asking the thread for merge setting details be conducive to creating a useful finished product?

>> No.56070222

No, no I will not do so.

>> No.56070223

Sonic Totem- will I ever become a Jumper?

>> No.56070232

Oh Sonic Totem, will I win the lottery tonight?

>> No.56070236

I´ll ask again just in case

>> No.56070238

>just jerk off
Fair enough.

>> No.56070240

>Suffering awaits



>> No.56070241

Is it inevitable?

>> No.56070242

Are you enjoying yourself Sonic totem?

>> No.56070251

Oh? What about Saturday then?

>> No.56070252

Most of that jump is garbage even by my standards, honestly. TopHat's ideas were good but my own were mostly shit. I knew it wasnt great when I finished it but I was so tired of working on it that I just didn't have the energy to mess with it anymore.

Fair enough.

In what way?

Where did I say "strongest being in the universe"? The closest I said was "A normal man wielding the Power Gem could trade blows with the strongest beings in the universe" which I realize now was too vague. My bad.

>Is this only as much as you can draw at a time or are you given as much as you desire whenever?
Like sticking a water hose in an ocean. More than you'll ever use, but you can only use so much at once.

>Why would you purposefully try to keep one of the most complained about aspects of the comics when you're making something that clarity is much preferred?
I like to write things in grandiose and melodramatic ways. It's a personal flaw.

Because when I wrote strongest, I was thinking literally dudes punching stuff hard. Not living universes and cosmic megagods.

I was trying to strike a balance between clarity and overly pomp-ridden descriptions. Clearly I failed.

>Learn from that perk in Marvel Magic.

>I don't think Marvel Magic specifies, does it?
No, there's supposed to be a not about how you can start whenever. Did I forget that?

Don't forget to cackle.

>> No.56070257

I wouldn't trust your benefactor if I were you.

>> No.56070258

Sonic totem- are these visions a sign of what will be, or what may be?

>> No.56070263


>> No.56070269


> Lawyer
> Trusting anyone

>> No.56070271

>For all eternity

>> No.56070273

Sonic Totem, will I ever become a Jumper?

>> No.56070279

...hmm. Not looking good.

Sonic Totem of Doom, will you forgive YJ_Anon if I offer you this cool Protomen image I found?

>> No.56070283

Will a jumper ever take me as a companion?

>> No.56070284

Oh Dark Lord Sonic, will I ever be the Jumper?

>> No.56070291

Oh... oh my.

>> No.56070301

Will there ever be a Bobobo jump?

>> No.56070304

Will Senpai release his jump soon?

>> No.56070306

Hey Val, Maximum Wellness from Konosuba mentions it has a limit. If I've got the boosted version and something like Heaven's Feel for instant mana regen, how big of a change could I make if what I was doing wasn't impossible?

>> No.56070308

Oh Sonic Totem, should I post builds and writefag, no matter how shitty it is?

>> No.56070309

Okay. Oh Dark Lord Sonic Totem of Doom, will I ever be the Jumper?

>> No.56070310

Sonic Totem, should I get shitfaced tonight?

>> No.56070317

What is "it"?

>> No.56070319

>Suffering awaits


...buddy, you know what you gotta do. I'm dying here.

>> No.56070327

Let us know how Sonic Totem is as a benefactor Ricrod

>> No.56070329

Oh Sonic Totem, will we ever excise the toxin named Valeria from the thread?

>> No.56070331

Oh...Okay. *Unzips dick*

>> No.56070333

>Suffering Awaits
Yeah, fuck that.

>> No.56070334

Mm, it's deliberate. I think. A planet can give you power like Earth does to Arc but it doesn't necessarily automatically do so. It'll act to help you but you'll likely need to convince it that you need that power while helping it, which might be hard given how strong you already are.

>> No.56070335

It's it.

>> No.56070341

Rolled 10 (1d10)

Sonic Totem, will I be the Jumper and attain unlimited powah and waifus?

>> No.56070343

You think chaos warp entities from 40k would b damaged by positive energy healing spells? Y/N

>> No.56070344

Should Jumper companion his servant?

>> No.56070352

Warrior: 1 free, 2 discounted
Thief: 1 free, 3 discounted
Mage: 5 discounted
Drop-In: 2 discounted, 1 banned

Warrior: 3 free, 8 discounted
Thief: 2 free, 7 discounted
Mage: 3 discounted
Drop-In: 4 discounted

>> No.56070355

>No, there's supposed to be a not about how you can start whenever. Did I forget that?
Maybe I missed it? The location section says that you can start anywhere, but it doesn't specify a time.
Since I can start whenever, got any suggestions on a good time to steal the Gems?

>> No.56070356

You son of a bitch

>> No.56070358

>*Unzips dick*
wut, I mean how does that...never mind I do not want to know.

>> No.56070360

Honestly I would clarify it to being “In the weight class of Thor & Hulk in pure strength & endurance” when a normal person holds it.

>> No.56070366

Sonic totem- will I become the Benefactor?

>> No.56070368

You heard him Timmy. Go jerk off, you fucking faggot.

>> No.56070370

Anywhere REASONABLE on EARTH I meant.

>> No.56070377

Wait, I thought that meant I was going to hell with the totem?

>> No.56070380

>For all eternity

>> No.56070382

>Don't forget to cackle
Cackling maniacally is my natural state of being!

...this is quite possibly the weirdest way to appease a cosmic horror that I've ever seen.

>> No.56070383

Of these people, which can you defeat?

>> No.56070389


>> No.56070394

Yes, but what is an "it"? A miserable little pile of letters? A metiphysical construct refering to an abstract object? The end of the world (as we know it)?

>> No.56070397

Depends on how much energy you have. Heavens Feel doesn't matter because that just refills you, it doesn't give you more base amount. If you've got enough to equal a Demon General like Max, you'd be capable of warping luck and people's attitudes over a whole town. Wouldn't be irresistable, the main characters of Konosuba weren't affected, but it does generally make things go to your way on that scale.

>> No.56070404

It's dubs, anon, which means "Yes...but at a great cost".

>> No.56070406 [SPOILER] 

When will the nightmare end.

>> No.56070407

Is it wrong to do as the rabbits do with Judy, as a human?

>> No.56070414

No. You don't roll dice, it's the last numbers of the post number. You got one, which is yes, so you're gonna be the Jumper with UNLIMITED POWAH and waifus. You asshole.
Take me as a companion, please?

>> No.56070416

So that's why you would never be a jumper!

>> No.56070423

Or maybe I know what you're doing and there's no point to playing your game.

(Fire Emblem: Valentia) #42
-Land: Zofia (Free) -A nice lifestyle.
-Background: Villager (Free) -Let's take it easy this time.
-Our Spells Will Find Their Mark! (800CP) -Time for spells to curve and navigate terrain!
-Healing Tile Paint Creation (600CP) -Mixing potions is awesome. Also, HEALING TILES YES.
-In Rain or Shine (Free) -I WILL DELIVER THIS SHIT.
-If Someone Were To Do Something About Those Pirates... (Free) -Every little bit helps.
-Master of the Forge (300CP) (Discount) -Swordcrafting and armorcrafting. Even then, I know flaws and can improve shit intensely!
-Far Shot (100CP) -Bitch, I can hit you with arrows from a distance.
-Mila's Bounty (Free) -Bounty for farming is amazing, delicious, and good!
-The Earth Mother's Cooking (0CP) (Discount) -My cooking is amazing, hastens growth in training!
-Wonderous Blacksmithing (-200CP) -Absurdly good crafting and far more powerful than normal variants!
-Crate of Ram's Wine (Free) -Some whine I guess?
-Farm (-300CP) (Discount) -Growing plants sounds like it'd be useful.
-Blacksmith's Forge (Item Stipend) -Tools never break, and resources last longer.
-Pegasus Cheese (Free) -Cheese that makes me fast. Whut.
-Golden Apple Tree (-500CP) (Discount) -Apple trees that give a permanent power boost? Yiss.
-Well of Power (-700CP) -Water that can imbue boosts in something four times a month permanently? Oh jeez.
-Echoes of the Past and Future (-700CP)
-No Alcohol (-600CP)
-Cheese Eater (-500CP)
-Curse of the Necrodragons (-300CP)
-Wanted by Rigel (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Shrine of Mila, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

No booze. I can only eat various cheeses. FUCKING ZOMBIE DRAGONS ARE AFTER ME, AND SOME SELF-CENTERED ASSHOLE WANTS TO KILL ME. Why must they be so mean. What did I ever do to th-

Oh. Right. I had to afford all that other stuff. Fuck me.


>> No.56070425


>> No.56070428

Sonic Totem, will I be the waifu?

>> No.56070431

How about on a personal level? Could it make something unlikely become likely?

>> No.56070440

Oh, then yes you shall be a companion and also obtain unlimited powah, so long as you do not usurp me.

>> No.56070441


>> No.56070446

Oh god. Guess I better get ready then...

>> No.56070447

>Yes... at a great price

...I'm okay with that. Who's up first?

>> No.56070456

Sonic Totem, will I succeed in wiping out reality next time I throw a fit?

>> No.56070461

Whatever floats your boat. I don't tell people how to enjoy themselves and their imaginations.

It is the one thing you can give away freely, but always have more of than you started with.

>> No.56070467

Just grab some random japanese teenager the moment they get hit by a truck.

>> No.56070472

I don't want unlimited powah. Just a little powah is fine by me. Lead the way, oh captain my captain!

>> No.56070475


I'll go to Smartphone Isekai first.

>> No.56070477


>> No.56070479

I did just try and save you from the Sonic Totem of Doom's wrath. Does that count for anything, Benefactor YJ_Anon?

>> No.56070481

>It is the one thing you can give away freely, but always have more of than you started with.
Ah. Despair!

>> No.56070490

Is Jumpchan hot?

>> No.56070499

You're about to find out, anon.

>> No.56070506


>> No.56070512

They're not negative energy, but rather emotional energy.

>> No.56070515

I'm just asking for your honest opinion on a fellow jumpmaker. I don't see what's so wrong with that, unless you feel the opinion itself is particularly spicy. I'm definitely not "doing" anything.

>> No.56070544

Sounds good to me. You a Japanese teenager Ric? I've got a truck, so I think we can make this work out.

I think Ric might be up first, but if you're a Japanese teenager I'll swing by your place soon enough.

>> No.56070547

Maybe right before Thanos goes around collecting them? Though that's if you can manage to get them away from the Elders.

Yeah, something like that.

>Cackling maniacally is my natural state of being!
There are worse ways to live.

>> No.56070553

Sure, why not. What is the price you (you, not the jumper) must pay?
As an aside, that would make a good writeup. "Local Jumper saves Benefactor from nebulous 'great price'"

>> No.56070560


I'm neither japanese nor a teenager. But I will go if you're fine with me.

>> No.56070589

I'm neither Japanese nor a teenager, though there are lots of trucks in my area. I see a dozen at least every day.

It's very cleansing, very therapeutic.

>> No.56070605

Was more thinking if positive energy would damage their negative bits since they're like big walking emotional nerves of primarily negative emotions. Sort of like some settings or systems positive energy hurts things like demons or undead based on negative energy. Fair enough though.

>> No.56070608

Will I be a jumper? I must know before I tread this path longer than necessary.

>> No.56070614

Alright, next time you see a truck dart out in front of it and I'll whisk you away on your own chains.

I don't know, but hopefully it doesn't involve souls or anything like that.

Sonic Totem- do I have to sell my soul to become the Benefactor?

>> No.56070615

...I get Light of Terra as my first, don't I?

>> No.56070621

Is WW serious here?
If some dude is telling the truth via Lasso, then it's the fucking truth.
In this case it seems like WW just can't handle the truth.

>> No.56070627

Uh, okay. Do I need to sell my soul to become the Benefactor?

>> No.56070635

Future me, am I satisfied with my life?

>> No.56070637

Sounds good to me!

Sonic Totem of Doom, does YJ_Anon have to sell his soul to become the Benefactor?

>> No.56070644

Hey Val, what's the power level of Noblesse? Does it ever get above city-level?

>> No.56070647

>It's possible

>> No.56070650

>It's possible
What a vague and ominous answer.

>> No.56070659

Am I in jump right now, with power-locking and memory drawbacks?

>> No.56070662

sorry bitchboy

>> No.56070668


Cool, I'll see you soon.

>> No.56070674


>> No.56070677

So, uh, we talking about a deal with the devil type of thing or what?

>> No.56070678

Marvel Comics has umironically destroyed the comics industry (I know that's DC, but it started at Marvel). It is literally a SJW handout where they do nothing but make shitty comics, threaten and berate their would-be buyers. They have literally destroyed the mainstream comics industry.

>> No.56070680

Think the highest it gets is destroying cities/mountains. Not caught up though so dunno if it's jumped in power.

>> No.56070682

Perhaps its just one of many ways? Think positive, I don't want a soulless benefactor.

Totem of doom, is YJ_Anon selling his soul the only way to pay his price?

>> No.56070690

Should I metaphorically sell my soul to the planet and become Phantas-Moon?

>> No.56070699

Will I ever be happy?

(Fire Emblem: Awakening) #42
-Background: Tactician (Free) -I am skilled!
-Tactics (Free) Onward!
-Ignis (700CP) (Discount) -1/5th chance to apply half my physical to magic, and vice versa? SHIT.
-Discipline (600CP) -Use weapons quickly!
-Armsthrift (200CP) -Much less maintenance, and I can care for it!
-Rightful King (0CP) -Screw it, they're 1/4th of the time now.
-Naga's Tear (-300CP) -And just a little bit better in everything.
-Forgettable (-200CP)
-Stunted (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 20 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Oh, this is kind of nice. I mean, the whole "Sometimes my magical power is channeled into my physical attack and vice versa" bit. Along with the extra defenses! The additional growth rate is good to-no. NO STAHP. I'M NOT A KID. STOP TREATING ME LIKE A KID. I'M NOT THAT LITTLE. DON'T TREAT ME LIKE THAT I'M AN ADULT!


>> No.56070700

Oh dear.

Sonic Totem of Doom, will NikaMoth be satisfied with their life in the future?

Well that's good.

>> No.56070708

Hey buddy!

>> No.56070713

Will I ever get a Yandere after me?

>> No.56070719

In any case the Lasso of Truth should be called the Lasso of Honesty, if someone's testimony can be considered null under it's effects.
Truth is objective.
Honesty is subjective.

>> No.56070723

Well, people have been calling me Game Master a lot more often lately.

>> No.56070730

>Just jerk off

>> No.56070734

.....something, something peasant master race.

How good are you at growing crops?

>> No.56070735

>"Yes...but at a great price."
...sorry Nika and Red.

Sonic Totem of Doom, will you accept this ritual sacrifice of a DIO and ZA WARUDO Carl in exchange for whatever great price Nika and Red would have to pay?

>> No.56070749

Sonic Totem did Jumper Carl ever find happiness?

>> No.56070752

Welp, I tried.

>> No.56070760

Is DiSu the correct way to call him?

>> No.56070767

Heir or Maid of Void in SBURB, being a Nobody in Kingdom Hearts, and there's nothing else I can think of.

>> No.56070772

Let me try for you DiSu
Will you accept my waifu as a sacrifice for the above?

>> No.56070779

>I'll see you soon
I'm guessing that's a no, anon. Ahem.


It was a good attempt, anon.

>> No.56070780

enjoy the ban, kid

>> No.56070784

Oh Sonic Totem, is now a good time to release a new Jump?

>> No.56070787

What about me? Can I be happy?

>> No.56070788

I feel like everyone Bukkaked me with (you)s

>> No.56070795

Pleeeeease can I release a new Jump?

>> No.56070797

Do It Anyway
Reroll Above.

>> No.56070800

Are ya sure? I will try again

>> No.56070808


Question regarding Contradictory conjunction. When it says something along the lines of "will make the most unlikely possibility possible, but that may not be something you want" is that implying that, other than manipulating the circumstances themselves, there's no way to control what specific effect the power will have?

>> No.56070811

Should I make a harem?

>> No.56070814

Just do it anyway yer wacky bee. Let not the false god bind yer soul.

>> No.56070817

>It's possible
Good for you, Tamerai!

Sonic Totem of Doom, I beseech thee! Let NuBee's jump go!

>> No.56070821


>> No.56070825

I'll take it.

Will I have a good nights rest?

>> No.56070828

How about now? Is now a good time for NuBee to release a new jump?

>> No.56070853

He said never though! I don't want to piss off the Sonic Totem. We're friends, but he scares me!

He said it's possible, so I'm taking that as a yes!

He also said suffering awaits. . .fuck it! Cuphead!

>> No.56070861

Okay, I think we're making progress. Do I need to sell my soul at all?

Are you Japanese and/or a teenager? We're making a waiting list now.

>> No.56070871


Ah, shit, is it the fucking Fae then?

>> No.56070874

Should Jumper companion Shinji or Overhaul?

>> No.56070888

Unfortunately not. I'm prepared to wait a little while if that's what it takes.

>> No.56070892



>> No.56070896

Well that's not good.

Sonic Totem of Doom, will you accept this gif for your future use in exchange for YJ's soul?

>> No.56070902

Sonic Totem am I a Japanese Teenager?

>> No.56070903

Asking again, should I?

>> No.56070909

Oh yes NuBee.

Oh yes.

>> No.56070913

So what effect does that have?
Totem of Doom, will the Fae have an effect on jumpers chained by YJ_Anon?

>> No.56070914

Good news, YJ_Anon! I have bargained your soul away from the Fae!

Bad news, the Fae now have a Chara gif for all eternity.

>> No.56070922


Was good to know you...

>> No.56070941

Well, I still need to find out who wants my soul.

Sonic- will you make me the Benefactor in exchange for my soul?

>> No.56070954

Chain please.

>> No.56070956


>> No.56070971

>Save YJ_Anon's soul from the Fae
>Sonic Totem of Doom takes it instead

>> No.56070981

>Still being rollcancer when we just got a new jump

>> No.56070983

>Paradiso and Purgatorio may hold 999 * 999 *999 * 999 souls inside
Does this let you hold that amount in each part or total?

>> No.56070988

Will you accept this waifu instead of YJ_Anon's soul?

>> No.56070999

It's alright dude, people are having fun. I can just post again next thread.

>> No.56071002

Remember, that's just one of the possible prices.
Totem of Doom, will you make YJ_Anon the benefactor with his soul intact? And not stolen or anything.

>> No.56071003


Question about DBM I've been wondering about for a while.

Why are the descriptions for some of the 20 universes different from how they're portrayed in the actual webcomic?

>> No.56071015

>Suffering awaits




>> No.56071024

They shouldn't be. If they are, it's probably from being months old.

>> No.56071032

I really wish I could appreciate this more, but cuphead has just become one of those games, y'know, the ones that just get you completely sick of everything to do with it through the fanbase alone, before even having a chance to play it for yourself.

It should say something that, even thought this is being made by a jumpmaker with a good track record, and the game is reportedly pretty good, my immediate response to seeing the file name was a brief sensation of physical sickness.

>> No.56071038


Sonic Totem of Doom, I offer up to you Pillarman Black Frost! TAKE IT, AND SPARE YJ_ANON!

>> No.56071041

This was all apart of Sonic Totems keikaku, did you really think you could escape?

>> No.56071043

Fuck off already man. You've done this a bunch. The joke is dead.

>> No.56071055

Start making jumpers, groom them into soldiers to reclaim your soul. If even one is powerful and grateful enough you'll be able to reclaim your soul. Eventually.

>> No.56071058

>Suffering Awaits

...You made it worse.

>> No.56071063

Awesome work.
Can I use multiple Swingin' With Style themes at the same time to combine them?

>> No.56071065

I'm sorry to hear dude. I kinda get the sentiment, been there with some things in the past. Here's hoping you'll be able to have fun with it in the future when the hype dies down and you can forget about things.

>> No.56071074

>cuphead has just become one of those games, y'know, the ones that just get you completely sick of everything to do with it through the fanbase alone, before even having a chance to play it for yourself
Doesn't exist for me, it's a really childish view on your part.

>> No.56071076

...well shit. That's not good.

How about you chill out?

>> No.56071079

What, you hate the fanbase for mocking shitty game journalists?

>> No.56071080

Make jumpers, and send them to kingdom hearts for that one perk that allows jumpers to give souls to things. Then have the jumpers be as close to you as possible.

Try not to antagonize them too much beforehand, please?

>> No.56071082

How about you stop spamming the thread?

>> No.56071084

Your Jump looks great man; it seems to fit the theme of the world well. I don't know a whole lot about Cuphead- haven't seen any videos on it even- so I can't really comment on the perks or anything. But you did a good job.

>> No.56071086

Yep! That's definitely a thing you can do. Pick a few more general themes, only combining them at certain times for something more specific and signature to you. Feel free to mix and match if you're feeling like it.

>> No.56071094

If I change my outfit with Swingin' With Style, could I turn off the theme while keeping the outfit changes?

>> No.56071098

Am I the most replied anon on /jc/?

>> No.56071099


Hey, stop bulling DeSu

>> No.56071100

You have kind of done the same joke 5 or 6 times in a row now.

>> No.56071105

Cool thanks friend.

>> No.56071109

Ric, what did people tell you about fucking off?

>> No.56071111


Well let me just spell some of them out.

The description Universe 14 says that it diverged when Androids 17 and 18 killed Trunks before he could travel back in time.

In actuality, Universe 14 Trunks DID travel back in time. Except he ended up in Universe 17 where things went mostly as canon until the Z-Fighters all got killed by Perfect Cell.

Universe 12 is supposed to be the "canon" Future Trunks timeline. However he description in jump says he managed to kill 17,18, and Cell on his own without traveling back in time and training with Vegeta in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

I think that's it.

>> No.56071116

Dog Days was relatively boring, after doing Angel Notes, and previously Light of Terra. I could have gone for the Spark in Angel Notes, but decided against it. So, Dog Days was a nice 10 year vacation? Didnt even do any drawbacks, because I didnt want much of it.

Benefactor-Chan needs some amusement now. Hit me with another random jump. Preferably one that Sanic-Totem hasn't dumped suffering upon.

>> No.56071119

Digimon Adventure.

>> No.56071123


>> No.56071126

I'll probably correct them when I get around to updating the jump then.

>> No.56071132

Thank you dude, I'd recommend it even if it's only watching the videos on youtube or something. If nothing else the game looks really gorgeous and the bosses are fun.

With Swingin' With Style, you can micromanage what actually gets effected with the toggle. If all you want it on for is your clothes, that's an option.

>> No.56071135


Log Horizon, go play games with your friends!


Ok, but first give me some ideas for items in Magico... I kind of lost my latest progress and can't remember what I put in there

>> No.56071145

Look dude, I'm just having fun here. Chill.

I mean, fair enough? Pointing out someone's made the same joke a few times and telling them to fuck off.

>> No.56071147

Please stop helping me!

No one can escape Sonic. He's too fast.

No problem man. Any recommendations?

>> No.56071151

Thanks, and you did a good job.

>> No.56071159

Cool. Thanks for replying.

>> No.56071163

Jump 16: Stellaris
Origin: Wanderer-Leader
Race: Human(oid)
Species Traits: Natural Engineers [2100]
Home Planet: Continental
Government Ethics: Militant, Xenophobe, Materialist
Free Rule
The Ever Expanding Tree [1500]
Reverse Engineering [1100]
Upon One's Shoulders [1000]
Trustworthy Emperor [800]
God Emperor [500]
The Art of War [150]

Alcohol [100]
Comfortable Throne [0]

Ethics Technologies:
Improved Stations [950et]
Upgraded Reactors [900et]
Improved Mines [800et]
Ethics Perks:
Exterminatus [750et]
Common Ground [600et]
Galactic Force Projection [300et]
Master Builders [0et]

Civilizations From Jumps Past - Arcadia
Energy Deficiency [1100]
Dedication? What's That? [1350]
Pirate Woes [1650]
Warmonger [2150]
Intergalactic Trade Problems [750]

...I see. So all the stars in the sky are truly my enemy, then. Fair Arcadia is no longer a simple nation. It now extends from the Pacific to round the Atlantic again. We prepare to the scour the rest of space, factories already dedicated to churning out and upgrading warships according to specification and parameters I have personally accounted for.

As I glance outside the windows of my personal battleship, The Victorious, I am given a moment of contemplation and silence. Doom is managing administration and science, as she is wont to do, while Dr. Mobius raises some objections to the massive amount of warheads and weapons we are producing. He'll come around when he sees what we're up again. I certainly have, already.

>> No.56071167

Shit. Meant to say there's a difference between pointing out that someone's made the same joke a few times and telling them to fuck off.

Well, it could be worse.

I don't know how, but it could be.

>> No.56071178

BaerTaffy is fun and relatively good at the game, nice voice for most people. He even goes back to try and get perfect scores on things if you want more.

Thank you anon.

>> No.56071179

Questions regarding legendary hero, does it somehow defend against attacks aimed at the surroundings, or that function solely through exclusion of the target? Like teleporting the planet away, sans the jumper, to leave them to suffocate. This is actually something that someone said in the thread like, months ago, and it suddenly came to mind.

Secondly, for more personal reasons, would the "supernatural immunity" be able to smash through non-harmful defensive abilities? I'm just fishing for loopholes in the ability to help write a future character arc where my jumper has a mental breakdown because they can't understand their defenses failing them. Baring that being a valid loophole, I'll just settle on the homerule that cybernetic enhancements don't count as superhuman, as the technology does most of the work. Hm, maybe I could even work out something where my jumper develops a genuine phobia of cyborgs.

>> No.56071180

Strange. No one is in this room with me, yet I feel a presence over my shoulder. As though someone is observing me with bated breath. More than that, this nameless force...it feels familiar. Like something I've experienced before.

I spit on the floor, perhaps a symbol of how much I approve of such ethereal voyuers. Well. No time to worry about that. It is time to go greet our...neighbors. Pacifists and traders will get warnings and embargos. Warmongers, slavers, and all who threaten our interests...well.

We can start and finish wars. We're what killed the dinosaurs~. Dear god that last post stretched the page way too far I am sincerely sorry

>> No.56071197

Additional purchases of Swingin' With Style are discounted if you're a Debtor, right? Also, can Parry Parlay work on things other than projectiles? It only mentions those getting pinkified so I wanna be safe.

Also could you maybe use a darker shade of red? This took a minute or two of adjustment to stop being eye-searing, ya know.

>> No.56071202


Is there a specific Digimon Adventure? I found Digimon, Digimon Cyber Sleuth, Digimon Tamers, Digimon World 1 and 2....

>> No.56071206

It wouldn't defend against those.

It would.

>> No.56071209

Could Swingin' With Style modify other types of items too, or is it just outfits?
Also, could I change the material my outfit's made of to better fit the theme?

>> No.56071215


Yep there is.

>> No.56071227

Anyway, probably should comment on the jump, huh?

So, really liking Spooky Scary Slasher and Hand Drawn Passion, but I've got a question on the latter. How good at drawing other kinds of cartoons does it make you? Like, could I draw something like Disney's later works (Aladdin, Little Mermaid, etc.) and have it still look really good? I mean, I'll take whatever I can get, since I suck at art.

Also, Gamest In The Land lets us pull off the same kind of stuff King Dice could, right? Because that was cool.

>> No.56071256

Is there any way you could throw in the option to have the universe you went to for the mainline DB jumps added to the tournament?

>> No.56071265


>> No.56071291

Isn't there a 0cp drawback for that?

>> No.56071297

>Additional purchases of Swingin' With Style are discounted if you're a Debtor, right?

>Also, can Parry Parlay work on things other than projectiles? It only mentions those getting pinkified so I wanna be safe.
Mmmm, thinking on it and the stuff that appeared in the game, I think it could, but you're less likely to smack aside or destroy stuff.

How dark exactly? I was trying to match the tone of the background on the title screen and already went pretty dark by comparison I think. I don't want the document to hurt people's eyes though.

>Could Swingin' With Style modify other types of items too, or is it just outfits?
Yeah, all your stuff is on the table, don't see why not. The less personal the item, the more you may need 'Run n' Gun' to spread the style to it though, mostly when you're getting into big things like vehicles and junk.

>Also, could I change the material my outfit's made of to better fit the theme?
What did you have in mind?

>> No.56071301


Thanks Anon

>> No.56071314

Look at the Dubs bit.

I'm going to be fucking awesome at growing crops. So awesome you don't even know.

>Yes... but at a great cost.

(Fire Emblem: Fates) #42
-Path: Hoshido/Birthright (Free) -Fight the good fight!
-Background: Villager (Free) -I'm a simple farmer, I am.
-Gentilhomme/Demoiselle (800CP) -APPEARANCE UPGRADE, YISS.
-Aptitude (Free) -Fuck yeeaaaaah, learning ability is increased!
-Harvester (Free) -I could make a desert grow wonderful veggies!
-Underdog (Free) -I made you think you were doing good!
-Apothecary (500CP) (Discount) -Potions are 50% again as effective! Yiss!
-Resonating Rhythm (Free) -SUPER ANGELIC VOICE.
-Inhairitance (300CP) -And my hair is amazing even in combat.
-Mixed Blood (-100CP) -To justify the Singer automatics.
-Cherry Blossom Grove (-250CP) (Discount) -Oh. OH dang. Oh dang I really like this. A nice place to relax.
-Black Rose Garden (-500CP) -Lots of flowers for me to reflect upon.
-Light Meal (Free) -Lots of rice!
-Heirloom Necklace (Free) -Doubles the potency of magic through song, huh? ...hrm.
-Continuity (-500CP)
-Poached (-400CP)
-Alienation (-300CP)
-All Alone (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Valla, 13 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Look the fuck out, everyone. PEASANT coming through with an amazing look, absolutely gorgeous hair, and my own private places to reflect upon what I should be doing. All things considered I'm pretty happy with this. Especially with potion brewing and farming, and a KICKASS voice. Can you tell I'm vain yet? Because I DON'T THINK YOU CAN TELL YET. I AM VERY VERY VAIN.

...also there's a lot of people who seem to be angry at me. Maybe it's because a peasant is way more pretty than them. Maybe. Possibly. Or maybe it's the EPIC FUCKING LOOT I'VE GOT.

>> No.56071316

Say. I swore there was a jump that had hitler’s pistol as a purchasable item. Yet I can’t remember which jump.

>> No.56071319

hey, does the perk Crazy World which allows there to always be a chance to win or lose in any circumstances, could "winning" be something as vague as succeeding in a given task or just doing something well, or does it only apply to games and competitions?

>> No.56071322

Welcome, have fun on your adventure.

>> No.56071330

>What did you have in mind?
Like changing the type of fabric or metal. Nothing that would increase performance.

>> No.56071345


>> No.56071350

>So, really liking Spooky Scary Slasher and Hand Drawn Passion, but I've got a question on the latter. How good at drawing other kinds of cartoons does it make you?
You're still really good in whatever other styles you choose to pursue, you get a lot of artistic talent from the perk, Fleischer style is natural and comfortable and the most notable is all by nature of the Jump.

>Also, Gamest In The Land lets us pull off the same kind of stuff King Dice could, right? Because that was cool.
Yeah, King Dice is where the majority of the inspiration for that perk came from. It also references the Devil jumping out of his skin and into a hole straight to hell, but it's mostly King Dice.

Yeah, that's cool, go right ahead.

>> No.56071384

What is the most awkward moment in your chain?

>> No.56071394

Posting this because we're still just on Page 7, it's been a while since the last update, and my cynicism's screaming at me to try and make sure the asshole brigade doesn't try and toss the jump to someone else.

>> No.56071397

Nah, honestly, I can just ignore whatever people do specifically to show their love for the game, it's just the sheer oversaturation of it. I feel like I just have it jammed in my face no matter where I go. I kinda kills all interest to even bother seeing what all the hype is about, since there's no way it would meet the expectation.

>> No.56071399

Sweet. Also, man, I can't seem to decide between the Debtor and Croupier perk trees, both are perfect for my chain. The other perk trees are awesome as well, and that's not even mentioning the general perks and the various items as well.

You did a good job NuBee, I'm genuinely having a hard time picking and choosing what I want and what I can go without.

>> No.56071407

...Ugh, using these names makes me feel like a pompous cunt, but I think Chocolate Cosmos, Rosewood, and good ol' Wine Red would look fine. Admittedly, it's not like the jump is unreadable as-is.

>> No.56071418

Can I order human flesh in this restaurant?

>> No.56071425

Oh, so you're experiencing the hipster effect.

>> No.56071430

No, but he can likely substitute it pretty well.

>> No.56071431

>Chocolate Cosmos
...those don't sound like colors at all.

>> No.56071436

>it's been a while since the last update
buddy we have people who have taken a year to make their claim, not all of us are Val speed.

>> No.56071441

Yes. Yes. Yessssssssssssssssss.

This series was super cute and I want to see this completed so badly.

>> No.56071442

I can't wait to fuck King Dice.

>> No.56071443

Thanks for the update.

>> No.56071452



>> No.56071467

Call it whatever you want, but too much of anything over a short period can become irritating real fast.

>> No.56071471

Thanks a bunch man, I tried to make all the perks real good. Glad to see Debtor perks being well received actually since I tried to make them general enough to pull off the things of all the different bosses and was worried they'd be seen as without flavor. Good luck with writing up your build.

I'll see what I can do anon. No shame in using color names either when you're trying to relay exactly what you have in mind.

You have no idea what world of color awaits you when you start looking.

What, why do you want to fuck King Dice? Blowing him for luck?

>> No.56071474


>> No.56071482

I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but does natural genies from Petals of Reincarnation let you use all purchased reincarnations simultaneously, or do you need to switch between them, as if they were transformations?

>> No.56071488

You have them all.

>> No.56071494

In case you missed it, we gave your jump claim to Valeria. You're dismissed.

>> No.56071495

Are there any perks that make it so that the enemies body stays intact while we combo them? I'm not sure if Killer Instinct's Ultra Combo prevents Gibbing

>> No.56071499

Thanks for the update.

>Fairy race
>Be a Chef
Yes, I shall be the tiniest and bestest chef in the whole...uhhh worlds.

>> No.56071505

Are you going to blow him for luck-


Oh yeah, you did a great job man. Debtor actually has a flavor to it, kind of like...uh, you know those crooks in old time cartoons? The ones that have all those exaggerated "I'm a bad guy" aspects? It reads like that.

Better start looking, then.

But anon, his love is God.

Don't you want to say hi to God?

>> No.56071509


I like it. Is there any waifus in the setting?

>> No.56071517

Any anime of this season you would like to see a jump of?

>> No.56071525

No. For the sake of brevity, let's just say Big G and I aren't on speaking terms. I don't blame him.

>> No.56071541


>> No.56071553

Even if you don't like it, its true.

>> No.56071559

Kingdom Hearts eh? I volunteer as tribute!

>> No.56071574

Fair enough, anon.

Oh hey, I've been looking for this. Thanks Red.

>> No.56071576

>he says, in reference to lying about doing something illegal

>> No.56071579

I see no proof, and no claims. Plus anon has fully captured the feeling of the setting. So unless you bring up some kind of proof, which you don't, fuck off.

>> No.56071590


Ah, the shitposter. Tell me, when (You) will make the Pandora Hearts jump?

>> No.56071593

Well I guess here we finaly see Red's opinion on Valeria come out.

>> No.56071596

Eeee I think it was a "joke"/shitpost based on the fact that anon said "my cynicism's screaming at me to try and make sure the asshole brigade doesn't try and toss the jump to someone else."

>> No.56071608

Man, I give you points for persistence, but I have to take off points for unoriginality and being so ridiculously, incredibly obvious. I mean, my God man, are you incapable of even the slightest amount of subtlety?

>> No.56071617

Is there going to be a Restaurant Item that follows you like Nekoya?

>> No.56071619

I've got 100 points left over in my Crash Bandicoot build, went drop-in, any advice?

>> No.56071620

Looks good. Is there going to be some sort of option in the items similar to how the restaurants door works? I like the idea of running my own cross world restaurant in other settings.

>> No.56071633

You have good taste my friend, great minds think alike after all.

>> No.56071641




>> No.56071650

How much do canon companions in that cost again? Was it 200 or 100? 'Cause I'd suggest picking up Nina. Evil cyborg schoolgirls are always a plus, and she's got that mad scientist blood in her!

>> No.56071653

Rolled 7 (1d8)

You forget; this is Soulless YJ_Anon now!

1. Commorragh
2. The Room
3. Johnny Test
4. Food Fight
5. 1984
6. Horror Movies
7. Platoon
8. Ravenloft

>> No.56071661

Everything is a shitpost nowadays anon shhhhh

>> No.56071665

For Want Of A Hammer. Bash stuff with your head! Reflect plasma bolts with your head! Open locked doors...WITH YOUR HEAD!

What other 100cp perk makes your head so useful for so many things?

>> No.56071676

>didn't roll 1984

>> No.56071679

>start your Chain
>brain immediately refuses to believe that what's happening to you is real
>when confronted with unmistakable proof, suffer crippling mental breakdown

This happen to anyone?

>> No.56071702

What the hell is that thing.

It looks like some kind of demented Candyland character.

>> No.56071706

There's going to be two items - a personal door to Nekoya itself that teleports around whatever world you're in, after making a direct pitstop in your Warehouse, discounted to Locals. And there's going to be a "Restaurant you own directly" with an enchantment on the door that plinks and plonks its way through The Other World and past worlds, discounted to Chef.

If you take the Restaurant, you're going to have a sort've friendly rivalry with Nekoya.

Thank you.


... no I'm not going to show you them. Do ya research.

>> No.56071712

Is that you Digger?

>> No.56071722

That, DeSu, is Trickster Mode. The fabled peachbirth trance of the jokebollocks. It's a Hamsteak thing.

>> No.56071730


Thanks for the jump anon, I'm enjoying it.

>> No.56071735

Hahaha, I wish. At least then I'd be smug about things sometimes.

>> No.56071740

I'll be honest anon, I have no idea what this setting is beyond what I've seen in the jump. But from what I've seen in the jump, you're doing a really good job so far. Don't let Timmy mess with you, he's nothing but hot air and vitriol. And keep up the good work, I know you'll do just fine.

Oh, okay then. That's...a thing, I guess.

>> No.56071765

Are the 100cp perks and items free or just discounted?

>> No.56071773

Ah, sorry, they're free, I'll adjust that when I post an update next thread. Thanks for catching that anon.

>> No.56071789

See, it all started when two lollipop Jujus combined into a single swirled sucker. Cherub magic being what it is, this immediately turned the character holding it into a hyperactive, manic, nigh-invincible spirit of whimsy who was maybe a little too all about having babies.

So the first thing she did was confess to her crush, then crotch-kick him off a cliff... which caused him to change the same way she had. They continued infecting everyone they knew and alchemizing Zilly weapons (don't ask) and getting drunk and making Santa statues until somehow they all snapped out of it offscreen.

>> No.56071797

Thanks and no problem. I just wanted to double check since some jumps don't always have them free.

>> No.56071808

...see, the more I hear about this setting, the more confused I become.

>> No.56071829

Would you believe me if I told you that specific arc stands out in terms of being seen as utter nonsense by the dedicated fanbase?

Because it is. Well, okay, except for the ones who think it's another Gnosticism reference, it makes perfect sense to them.

>> No.56071838

How much drugs would one need to consume to make that?

>> No.56071847

Totally going to use that restaurant to cook Shokugeki style.

>> No.56071850

less than you think

>> No.56071888


Every episode features two different meals, and two different character's stories. Either in the here-and-now or in the restaurant's past dealing with his father.

>> No.56071889

Less than "all of them" isn't really saying much.

>> No.56071892

(Fire Emblem: Elibe) #43
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -BITCH YOU DON'T KNOW ME.
-Calculating Glance (Free) -I tend to notice things a lot more.
-Master of Tactics (700CP) (Discount) -Take advantage of things, and make the most of stuff tactically.
-Quintessence Well (500CP) -Taking this just for the magical potential.
-PrePromote (300CP) -I want to be strong.
-Affinity Boost (200CP) (Discount) -Fire affinity to make my attacks, magical or physical, hit harder.
-Legendary Weapon Creation (-300CP) -THE WORKS I SHALL MAKE.
-Endless Bandits (-200CP)
-Rival (-100CP)
-Embarrassing Name (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Time of Peace, Sacae, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Not... terribly much to say about this. It's a new timeline! A new place where nobody knows me! So that's really good, means I can start off where nobody knows me. I can hunt for relics again! Explore my various magics, cleanse the world of bandits, and push the limits of magical potentia-

Who the fuck are you.

No, I'm not going to be your rival. There's other people out there for that. You don't need to be my rival, I don't need a rival, you can go somewhere el-

Call me "Reddy Teddy" one more time and I'm going to make your ass eat your face.

>> No.56071902

I would believe you, yes, though I have no idea what any of that could even remotely have to do with Gnosticism.

Oh, that actually sounds really nice. I'll have to check it out when I get some free time. Thanks for telling me about it, anon!

>> No.56071904

You don't need drugs to feel alive, anon! I should know! I feel positively PEACHY right now!

>> No.56071922


You're high, aren't you?

>> No.56071938

Anon. Anon please calm down.

Anon please.

>> No.56071957

Of course not! I'm just absolutely tickled pink right now!

What? There's no reason to be scared!

>> No.56071969 [DELETED] 


Anon stop doing drugs. Do I need to remind you that I work for the government now?

>> No.56071974

>just remembered we already have a Xiaolin Showdown jump

Jumps you forgot we had, /jc/?

>> No.56071989

Why do dwarves like seafood?

>> No.56072016

How smart or dumb would it be to import a BFG in Dredd and give it the lawgiver upgrades?

>> No.56072020

Have you TRIED getting decent seafood shipped inland?

It is VERY difficult to get it and have it still stay quality.

>> No.56072023

>What? There's no reason to be scared!

I forgot we had a Danny Phantom jump, then I noticed it today when going through the drive.

>> No.56072037


>> No.56072043

not "you" necessarily, but certainly someone

>> No.56072067

Angels are fucking terrifying, man. People talk about demons being frightening, but I'd be far more worried about an angry angel.

>> No.56072069

My goal is a more flexible BFG so I can use it in more situations instead of just killing everything with a pulse.

>> No.56072072

Why wouldn't you do that?

>> No.56072075

>I allow my likes and dislikes to be determined by the masses.
t. Untermensch

>> No.56072096

(Fire Emblem: Tellius) #43
-Background: Bird Laguz (Free) -CAW CAW.
-Subtle Flavors and Spices (900CP) -Awwww yiss, awesome cooking skills.
-Gentle Beauty (Free) -APPEARANCE UPGRADE.
-Charming Rogue (Free) -More appearance! Body shape and know how to speak.
-Galdrar (600CP) (Discount) -I can sing wounds away and sing things to grow and heal? FUCK.
-White Dragon Blood (500CP) -Magical growth and potential are pretty high!
-Paragon (400CP) -And even more potential!
-Blossoming (300CP) -Natural talent to learn and growth rate increased? Awesome.
-Grand, Rolling Fields (-300CP) -Nice sunny place, and any plant grows in here despite exotic conditions? Yiss.
-Magic-Enhancing Altar (-400CP) (Discount) -Enhances all magic I do. Yiss.
-Verdant Forest (Item Stipend) (Discount) -My magic of singing Galdr is WAY more effective now!
-Echoes of History (-400CP)
-Blast! (-300CP)
-That Makes Jumper Rather Sad (-200CP)
-Iambic Pentameter Speech (-100CP)
-Embarrassing Transformation (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Crimea, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

A foolish quest, for magic and beauty
To journey this long, she's rather foolhearty
With problems abound, looking bit feathery
Red is dismayed that people like her misery
Why must Red talk and speak so wordy?

But magic's in her voice, soft and lovely,
This makes Red happy, and sometimes bubbly
Through forests she runs, and dances so deftly,
Just please don't ask her to go all birdy
Please stop asking, Red will get mopey.

There's other fields, where plants will be happy
Get big and strong, and fruits will be yummy!
Do birds like fruits? Or do they like veggy?
All of these thoughts makes Red rather moody
Why can't she got back to just talking normally?

>> No.56072098

well yes, but just because one shows up doesn't mean they're angry at YOU

>> No.56072131

On a scale of "fun times" to "you thought it was real life, BUT IT WAS I, 40K" how dangerous is Metal Slug?

>> No.56072133

Somewhere in the realm of "Independence Day."

>> No.56072141

It's lighthearted in tone, but it's basically a constant war with terrorists, aliens, and whatever monsters and supernatural nonsense those two wake up.

>> No.56072142

Cardcaptor Sakura's Magician Perk for the fucking win.

That's all I have to say on this.

>> No.56072149

What did you do.


>> No.56072156

Big Jumper, big companions...what can I say, bigger is better!

>> No.56072174

That reminds me. I asked a while back which demon of SMT and derivatives you would most like to waifu.

>> No.56072183

Wait wha-



>> No.56072191

Sounds pretty spooky, yeah.

>> No.56072195

How is Val?

>> No.56072218

Ah, you didn't see my response then? I said that it was a hard choice, but I'd pick Asherah, with Amaterasu and Gabriel as close seconds. Joan of Arc would make it a threeway tie for second place, but I think her being a demon, even as a 'Hero', is ridiculous, so I'm not counting her.

>> No.56072223

Wonderful and sweet as always, what's up?

>> No.56072246

My bad I must have missed it originally.

>> No.56072279

No worries, I miss plenty of stuff myself. If you don't mind me asking, was there a particular reason for the question, or were you just curious?

>> No.56072300

Also as an addendum I think she is listed as a demon because people accused her of being a witch hence making her a supernatural being.

The latter, I occasionally get bouts of curiosity about random things whether that be educational stuff or just fun facts.

>> No.56072305

Good. Gooooooood.

>> No.56072308

>what's up?

Have you seen Thor Ragnarok yet?

>> No.56072316

What are some things you have learned or done without relying on perks?

>> No.56072319

Nope, why?

>> No.56072329

Got a Dragon Race perk?

>> No.56072347

Yea. Bigger is better, in Texas and everywhere else in the Multiverse.

>> No.56072349

Played a children's card game

>> No.56072368

Well, I suppose that makes sense. Still seems a little odd, though.

Gotcha, I get those same bouts of curiosity myself sometimes. So I ask questions to the thread like "What's the angriest you've ever been during your chain?". Stuff like that.

>> No.56072386

On motorcycles?

>> No.56072388

Not for the foreseeable future, for multiple reasons. Most of those reasons being I don't want the jump to suddenly become about power levels, and unfortunately there are apparently huge and horrifically vaguely-defined power levels in regards to the Dragons.

They fought and killed the local not!Nyarlathotep to establish The Other World as their territory, and are the strongest beings in existence. And there's no scale as to what that could possibly mean, as we only see the world's magic through a few low-level demonstrations (e.g. making iced coffee in Not!Arabia) or involving Nekoya's Door being subject to a trans-dimensional-spontaneous-casted-summoning-ritual. The black dragon who becomes an elf meido apparently emanates death magic that can kill absolutely anything unless they suppress it, but that's all we really have to go off of.

Sorry, Dragon-Jumpers. I can't make it work.

>> No.56072397

I never needed the perks to know how to boil eggs, bake cake, or make cranberry sauce, or be mediocre at art, or be able to vaguely order a meal in Japanese.

Why would I buy the knowledge... WHEN IT IS ALREADY THERE?

>> No.56072404

What DIDN'T I do is the better question, after all, spells based on either The Big and The Little are both options.
> http://ccsakura.wikia.com/wiki/The_Big
> http://ccsakura.wikia.com/wiki/The_Little

You're welcome boss.

>> No.56072408

Its pretty nice

> unfortunately there are apparently huge and horrifically vaguely-defined power levels in regards to the Dragons.

makes sense

>> No.56072435

No you primitive, the future of card games is done on hoverboards.
Yes I know 5ds has those too, shut up

>> No.56072439

What's the most petty, unethical thing you did to modify the human race?

Personally, I bundled all my beneficial gene mods with a protocol that removes body hair. So if you don't want to ever deal with genetic illness or want to lessen the effects of illnesses with a genetic component (which is more than you'd think,) you also need to give up any hair that's not on your face or head.

>> No.56072456

I spent thousands of years learning how to be a great cook. The perks were just to make it even better. I love food. Being able to make amazing food myself is only natural.

I also love pizza, so I spent a lot of time in particular learning to make really good pizza.

>> No.56072472

Which canon companion if any did you take in Fallout: New Vegas?

>> No.56072475

Hopefully you awoke to the wisdom that the pepperoni is the ultimate pizza topping.

>> No.56072480

How will you jumpers deal with the Dark Nights?

>I also love pizza

Even with Pineapple?

>> No.56072502

I can see it now: "Pay no attention to the large knives the tiny waitress is carrying." This is going to be great.

>> No.56072509

>awoke to it
>implying I didn't already know that

I legitimately have never had pizza with pineapple on it. It sounds gross, but I've been told on here before to give it a try, so I'm not going to say anything either way until I actually try it.

>> No.56072512

Will I ever recover from my hatred for Dishonored 2's UI style?

>> No.56072517

With moonlight.

>> No.56072525

Courier Six, who I also waifu'd. I rolled a dice to see which one of the ones I had played was canon, and ended up with a black haired scientist diplomancer.

Above her was Dynamite Devan, a cannibal who killed with explosives, and below her was Ring A Ding Daniel, who had 10 Luck and Charisma but no combat skills whatsoever.

I also took ED-E and Yes-Man.

>> No.56072543

I recommend it. Not on its own, but with others. It's gotten a bad rap because it was funny and then morons jumped on the bandwagon, sort of how people think Family Guy is funny and you just kind of smile at them beacuse they're unable to live normal lives.

>> No.56072558

Personally, I love the burst of sweetness it gives to pizza with either salty or spicy meats.

The problem is that it needs to be a little sprinkling, enough so that each time you get a bite of the pineapple, it's a little surprise. Not the bullshit that is a pineapple covered pizza. That shit is gross, much like any other non-cheese, non sauce topping.

>> No.56072566

It's gotten a bad rap because sweet fruit with cheese is fucking repulsive. Don't try to dismiss people's opinions by claiming there's a bandwagon when there's an obvious and logical explanation for why people hate your disgusting combination.

>> No.56072645

Marvel Magic?

>> No.56072662

(Fire Emblem: Heroes) #43
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -Screw it, no one knows me.
-You're a Natural! (Free) -Additional magical intuition is good.
-Summoning Specialization (850CP) (Discount) -...I guess I'm doing demon summoning.
-Gate Opener (250CP) -Open gateways to HELL if need be.
-Title (Free) -Uh... fuck. I guess my title is "Chief Executive Officer"
-Surprisingly Ripped (100CP) -Hell yeah, appearance perks for the win.
-Fire Emblem Games (Free) -Some stuff to play, I guess.
-Summoning Orbs (0CP) (Discount) -OH LOOK, material to stand in for summon requirements!
-Pavise Armor (-200CP) -Import the Ultimate Blade into this. Oh look, at times it halfs damage.
-Echoes of History (-200CP)
-Gatcha Summons (0CP)
Dice Rolls: World of Binding, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So... more magic stuff. And apparently I can SUMMON DEMONS. This will in no way come back to haunt me or influence my decisions whatsoever. Nope. Totally not going to go to my head to be able to summon actual fucking demons. Also the title bit is weird? I admittedly don't like titles. But the perk was going to give it to me anyway. So that was all "bluh" and just sucked it up to pick something. 'Chief Executive Officer' is as good a title as anything. Down to earth, nothing too fancy. But what really sucks is that I'm going to have to rely on a ton of mooks. Because all my summons are FUCKING RANDOM, WHY IS GATCHA EVEN A THING FUCK YOU GATCHA.


>> No.56072674

Yep, so I've been told. I'll have to try it for myself though. Everyone's got different tastes, you know? But hey, who knows. There have been a lot of foods I was iffy about before trying that I ended up liking. Maybe this will be one of them.

>> No.56072679


>> No.56072698




>> No.56072709

>bacon is the ultimate pizza topping

>> No.56072710

No problem dude, if you like it, you like it, and if you don't, you don't.

At least you're giving it a shot.

>> No.56072729

I did not have enough for it when i went to bloodborne, so i learned to make my own weapons the hard way.

>> No.56072847

Did you look inside your brain to see new plans though?

Incidentally, I think any form of nightvision that works in absolute darkness would be incredibly disturbing if you've got Insight.

>> No.56072854


>> No.56072867

Yo. Red.
> pic related.

>> No.56072872

The Gatcha demands blood, Red. You must feed it blood.

>> No.56072907

I have a companion specifically dedicated to Gacha (it sadly isn't a companion from the Kakegurui jump sadly). It is just an OC called the Ring of Alex(andria) whose personality depends on the body they inhabit.

>> No.56072930

>it sadly isn't a companion from the Kakegurui jump
Why would you be sad that you didn't use an option from one of Val's disgusting powergrabs? If anything, that's just more reason to rejoice.

>> No.56072965

How is it a power grab?

>> No.56072969

With Rise of Your Army in Fire Emblem Heroes does the size of the force you can summon depend on your skill/experience with the power? Like you start out spawning a small squad at a time with larger groups requiring more magic and skill?

Why does Rise of Your Army have a restriction on summoning grunts with gear beyond the local setting? Isn't it already limited to local gear or stuff you are familiar with anyway?

>> No.56073033

Gambling makes people have huge tits, encouraging people to engage in power grabbing, if you catch my drift

>> No.56073066

>tfw just took fucking Pottermore quiz
>wand is
>Hawthorn wood with a unicorn hair core, 14 ½" and slightly springy flexibility

help I think Rowling's having a laugh at me expense.

>> No.56073079

>using Pottermore

>> No.56073096


>> No.56073102

What's a good method of generating mostly-random jumps that doesn't force you into high-power-level settings too early?

>> No.56073117

Create tiered groups to randomize and roll randomly on the specific power tier you want.

>> No.56073119


>> No.56073120

Set up separate lists based on power-level and roll from those, maybe adding a result that makes you roll from a higher power list, so it's still possible to get higher power jumps for randomness, just not particularly likely.

>> No.56073145




>> No.56073147


>> No.56073159

DeSu is Disu desu.

>> No.56073161

The Potter wiki has an entire page of info on how woods affect wands. Looking up 'real' myths wouldn't help since Rowling makes stuff up.

>> No.56073169



>> No.56073173


That would be me. I tried to make a joke last year using a backwards name, and accidentally spelled DivelSurvivorAnon backwords instead.

>> No.56073175 [SPOILER] 

Why would DeSu go by DiSu when DeSu is clearly DeSu, not DiSu.

>> No.56073206


As I have just barely discovered.

And somehow, I find none of these fits Jumper.
Son of a fig.

>> No.56073213

Related question, how are logistics supposed to work when the soldier's weapons disappear if they are taken away? Won't they need to have their weapons maintained? If a soldier dies and another loses their sword can't the one who lost their sword pick up their fallen ally's weapon?

This seems like a limit meant to keep jumper from summoning them as a source of weapons but that isn't really that big of a problem and seems like it creates issues of it's own.

>> No.56073215

I amused that the origin of that running joke is so normal.

>> No.56073226


>that spoilered image
...why are you chortling in non-euclidean?

See, that's why I go Wandless. None of the wands really work for me.

That's how a lot of jokes start, as something mundane that becomes something more.

>> No.56073327

>Why does Rise of Your Army have a restriction on summoning grunts with gear beyond the local setting? Isn't it already limited to local gear or stuff you are familiar with anyway?
"While they appear with regular medieval weaponry, plus spellbooks and staves, if you know how to create and use a weapon you can summon them with said weapon. Otherwise, they will be carrying a standard weapon for the setting that the average member of an army has."

It doesn't say location restricted.
Most soldiers tend to maintain weapons themselves in war. Realistically I would imagine that the phantom soldiers wouldn't tend to lose their swords in the first place.

But these are just my thoughts on the matter so they don't really hold much weight only reasoning. Wait for NikaMoth

>> No.56073387

In the notes it says
>You cannot spawn an army with weapons beyond tech that would be found in the setting you’re in. No spamming humans with ray guns in generic fantasy settings, for example.

>phantom soldiers
I was under the impression they were humans, just normal humans instead of heroes but actual humans who will need food, supplies, weapon maintenance, etc. An actual army not a spectral hoard that can fight without logistical support.

>> No.56073467

Kilanon is correct. They're phantom human soldiers with the capabilities of humans, is what I meant. I was thinking of updating Heroes again recently to add a scenario involving the Tempest Trials, so I'll probably also reword the perk.

They do not need any of the logistical stuff involving an actual army, they're a spectral hoard.

>> No.56073509

Damn, was hoping to be able to summon a real army. I mean this might actually be better since they won't need logistical support but still a little disappointing. Thanks for the answer though.

Oh but could you also answer
>With Rise of Your Army in Fire Emblem Heroes does the size of the force you can summon depend on your skill/experience with the power? Like you start out spawning a small squad at a time with larger groups requiring more magic and skill?

>> No.56073513

Seeing as NikaMoth already answered that covers that.

On the tech limitation I personally don't see it as to big a deal. Most jumpers are familiar with everything from High Tech Guns to Swords. >>56073467 (Does this cover high tech armor as well I assume it does just checking)

Furthermore the reason I assumed it was a Phantom Army is because if it wasn't the dialogue would have been to surreal

"Thank you sure for summoning us from the Aether now we will fight for you until we die by the way we have no marketable skills other than fighting"

>> No.56073535

>to -> too* and sure -> sir*

I am tired

>> No.56073552

The size of your force starts out with a small army, but in time the size can grow.

>> No.56073567

Could we summon mounted soldiers or would the horse prevent that due to being non human?

Also the tech limitation question again. If we really can't summon high tech soldiers could we at least summon them with the skills to use the tech and then give it to them?

>> No.56073631

>being scared of the Lord's friendly spirits
I mean, if you're a sinner sure I guess

>> No.56073649

I wonder how much army you get if you take Magnetic Destiny (Generic Isekai), Together We Ride (FE:Archanea), and The Lodestar (FE:Heroes)

I would imagine a lot of army but the exact amount of army evades me.

>> No.56073669

Yes, you can summon mounted soldiers.

Yes. you can teach them and give them tech.

>> No.56073673

>Magnetic Destiny
I don't see that perk, are you sure it's in Generic Isekai?

>> No.56073685

I am derping and being an absolute idiot it is Hero BBS (I took one right after the other and they are pretty synonymous in how they operate I.E. hero gets summoned to other world) so they blended in my mind

>> No.56073687

Sounds like Hero BBS, actually.

>> No.56073711


> Age: 23 [Rolled13]
> Location: Inkwell Isle Three [Rolled6]
> Story: Croupier
> Form: Snake
> Dose of Rubber Hose [-200CP]
> The Most Remarkable Magical Abilities!: Chaser [Get a Freebie!]
> Spooky Scary Slasher [-100CP]
> Forked Tongue Scum [-50CP]
> Gambling (Wo)Man [-100CP]
> Gamest In The Land [-300CP]
> Shifty Suit (SP) [-50CP]
> Devilish Casino [-200CP]

... because of Adam & Eve. And also I'm now literally a rubber hose. And when people lose at dice, it's SNAKE EYES! HAH HAH. GET IT?! It's... I'm explaining the joke. Okay.

I'm gonna have to go back and m̶u̶r̶d̶e̶r̶ ̶a̶n̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶K̶o̶n̶a̶t̶a retcon part of my New Vegas build, because I don't need another casino, but I like this one better. I'm sure there are hotel rooms in there somewhere, right? Although they might cost an arm and a leg. NOT THAT IT'S ANY PROBLEM FOR ME! HAH HAH. Because... snakes don't... okay.
Anyway, I'm gonna put on my shifty suit (that gives me arms and legs) and walk around town to do an honest days wHAH HAH HAH I kid, I kid, I'm gonna cheat people out of all their valuables.

I don't really need souls, but I wouldn't mind kicking a few people out of their homes.
As for the grand prize for people to gamble for, do you think it would be fitting if I made some copies of the Fruit of Knowledge from the Jack Chick Jump...?

>> No.56073763

PKH Version 1.1

Made male Dryads possible.
Clarified language on Fairy Prince regarding future jumps and magical powers
Elaborated on Fairy Hedge and protections it gives you.
Smoothed out the language on Secret Settlement.
Changed CP received by the Fairy Friend from 300 to 400.
Clarified that Heroism doesn’t mind-fuck you.
Added link to the fic in the Intro

>> No.56073782

Fate/Grand Order- So it begins, the great Waifuing of our time
Mr. Protagonist
Free Command Seals
Free Jumpako
Free Heroic Man Wanted
Discount Gacha Bitch
Discount Summoner's Guard
Discount Nasty or Nice
Discount Got That Fuyuki Fire
Discount Master of the House
Age of Jumper
Free Killer's Cloak
Discount My Room

Continuation+0- This is, in my timeline, the final Nasuverse jump. All others, even the ones I don't have builds for yet, take place before this.
Match Downs+300- Whythefucknot?
Attack of the Mini-Jumpers+200- This is hilarious
Love Hunter+200- Yandere is Best Dere
Great Seal Unlocked+300- I think I can handle this better than the other 300 one

Minamoto no Yorimitsu
NP-A+(Anti-Personnel:Tenshin Kasyou Zanmai)
Mad Enhancement:EX
Enternal Arms Mastership:A+
Magic Resistance:D
Mana Burst:A
Mystery Killer:A

What Spiritual Form?+50
Mana Muncher+100
Independant Action:A
Events....Tomorrow. Today has not been great.

>> No.56073788

Could a Fae Polyjuice into a Dryad?

Can Dryad's bonds to their trees be broken like in canon?

>> No.56073792

Haha, I like the build. I'm real sorry, someone has already corrected me about this, you have 100 extra points. 100CP Perks and Items are supposed to be free for origins, I just forgot to note it down.

>> No.56073804

No, and yes. Easily if they're willing. Fairy-queen level people can do it forcibly, but with dificulty.

>> No.56073829

Are Seers incapable of telling their own future, like in the fic?

Could a Fae turn into a Phoenix? Obviously they wouldn't get much use out of the fiery rebirth during the chain, but Fawkes teleportation is incredible, and he was able to tell they needed an Ashwinder to free him and the obtain one to give them at just the right time, and healing tears are pretty useful too.

>> No.56073843

Didn't you say something about adding more drawbacks?

>> No.56073866

Yes, and yes. Any of the powers that are 'spiritual' or some such wouldn't be replicable, based on how they couldn't copy a Unicorn's evil sense, so no singing. But the rest should be fine, I'd say.
Didn't have any ideas, desu. Will add them as soon as I come up with something.

>> No.56073897

Okay dokay. So, Medaka Box situation. Here's the rub. The tovam (The original creator of Medaka Box jump) that originally appeared, despite having some damn good evidence, was not the actual tovam. The real dude showed up a day or two ago and proved at least as strongly that he was the real guy.

Now you can all imagine how awkward this is. We talked it out a bit and how it was all a big, accidental mess. A few solutions were gone over between us over the past few days but eventually we decided to take after Metalpocalypse and have each jump be separate but both on the same drive. Tovam's Medaka Box and my Medaka Box Abnormal would both co-exist, with our mutual agreement for it to be so, rather than altering or deleting either of them.

You can use both jumps or just one or neither, up to your own tastes. Again, this is entirely consensual.

This post is just to keep all you guys updated on the situation, since we each talked it over in the IRC. Tovam will also have a post in a couple hours as he's not currently able to, which will back this up.

>> No.56073911

Do the Fae have the 'fuck the rules, technolgy is impossible near me' aura? Does the Fairy Hedge have it? There's an example in the fic of muggleborn trying to hunt in the forest with guns and they change into sticks or snakes or all sorts of things because they walked past a fairy hedge, or glade, or fairy something.

Would 'safety' be a valid choice for Seer? How broad would that be?

Does Malaclaw Venom Immunity actually make you immune to Malaclaw Venom and similar things? The text specifies curses but seems to imply other similar effects like the titular venom wouldn't work either.

Does importing a wand do anything?

For drawbacks you could do the rules/technology fucking aura I asked about above.

Or one that makes you do horrible 'vengeance' things like turning the Dursleys into inhumans, putting them in permanent sensory deprivation, and forcing them to eat each other forever while Bellatrix visits on occasion, or tricking Snape into thinking a little shit like Draco is Harry and he can do whatever he likes to him, so because he tried to murder the person who killed his dad, he gets tortured into insanity while the rest of the house is forced to watch.

A drawback that makes you as gullible as wizards are, so you think LotR is real after your first history lesson etc.

>> No.56073913

>The tovam (The original creator of Medaka Box jump) that originally appeared... was not the actual tovam.
Just as expected.

>> No.56073927

>our mutual agreement
You mean you shitposted him into submission, right?

>> No.56073942

>Do the Fae have the 'fuck the rules, technolgy is impossible near me' aura?
You do, but you can control it. No, it doesn't. You can deliberately exert it but something close to what Hermione did to London will eat a fuckton of power.

>Does the Fairy Hedge have it?

>Would 'safety' be a valid choice for Seer? How broad would that be?
Spider-sense boosted up to eleven, with a general idea of who and where, more if you focus on it.
>Does Malaclaw Venom Immunity actually make you immune to Malaclaw Venom and similar things? The text specifies curses but seems to imply other similar effects like the titular venom wouldn't work either.
>Does importing a wand do anything?
...add the effects of what you're importing to what you have here?

I like the Drawback suggestions. Will be adding them!

>> No.56073947

Conveniently, it would be almost impossible to prove that "tovam's" wasn't you, so unfortunately no reasonable person could expect you to do so. It /is/ mighty suspicious, though.

>> No.56073960

Did the "real" tovam prove that he wasn't the guy earlier, or is this like one of those rape cases where he saw your "update" and decided he didn't like it after the fact?

>> No.56073964

>The tovam (The original creator of Medaka Box jump) that originally appeared, despite having some damn good evidence,

What was the evidence in the first place

>> No.56073973

Literally nothing. Or at least nothing substantial.

>> No.56073980

The moment he proved he was himself, I offered to get my jump off the drive and keep it off. He offered this solution after a few days of discussing possible changes and I accepted. You can ask him this in a few hours yourself.

If you don't want to accept that, there's nothing I'll be able to do, since I highly doubt you'd believe anything I'd post as evidence.

If that's what you believe, that's what you believe. I doubt I could post anything that would alleviate your suspicions, as you yourself point out. You'll just have to take my word that this was all a big mistake and that in the future, I'll be much more rigorous about checking for the truth.

He did prove it, asked me a question the two of us discussed in private years ago, which is similar to what I asked the first one, but this real tovam also had other proof to make his story more believable. For what it's worth, I honestly believe the second tovam is the genuine one because of greater amount of evidence.

I asked him a few questions that we discussed years ago in semi-private. He was able to answer them to my satisfaction and i thought that while it wasn't impossible for someone to guess or figure the answers out, it was exceedingly unlikely unless someone was genuinely obsessive enough to remember a handful of conversations between us from years ago that they were not part of or knew me well enough to guess from the question the answers.

Either one is creepy and requires autism level obsession but...well, we are where we are.

>> No.56073984

So, we got both Real Eater, All Fiction and The End.


>> No.56074017

>Tovam's Medaka Box and my Medaka Box Abnormal would both co-exist, with our mutual agreement for it to be so, rather than altering or deleting either of them.

>> No.56074030

Is this going to be a norm now? We could just let SB also put their jumps in if having duplicates is no longer exceptional.

>> No.56074033

Thanks for the answers and glad to help.

Would a safety Seer be able to look into other peoples safety? Wait, they'd have to work like that since they can't see into their own future. I didn't think of that.

>> No.56074039

If you could somehow use this >>56073897 to stir up... discussion on SB, that would be much appreciated. You would probably earn serious browny points from this community, just something to keep in mind. Maybe open with something like: "Hey, Songless, it turns out you can still use Real Eater..."

>> No.56074046

It's not a norm, no more than Metalpocalypse was. This is solely because we've mutually agreed to this solution and in no way condones replacements or duplicates that are not the same situation.

>> No.56074055

Amusing. also nice to see a sane reaction from this place.

>> No.56074067

That's cool and all, but what about the nazis?

>> No.56074075

Would Greatest Magician of the Age learn or create spells faster than others, or is it purely power focused?

>> No.56074083

>this solution and in no way condones replacements or duplicates that are not the same situation.
I doubt it. You claimed that you were given permission basing yourself in some obscure private conversations just to be proven false. How can we not expect this to happen again?

>> No.56074100

I'm just finishing off the first origins perks fluff. If I can keep my current pace I MIGHT get it done before the month ends but most likely, it's going to be the start of next month.

I mean...you realise if I was doing that, I'd have to have also just made up this situation? Why would I pretend to get permission and then pretend to have that permission turn out to be fake and then pretend to have it agreed upon to pass anyway?

I'm not that crazy.

>> No.56074103

Oh, you should also talk about this >>56069689 . Something about how /tg/ is allowing individual jumps to be split up several times to indulge their hypocritical power-wanking, or something like that.

>> No.56074120

Even in the off chance you're right there is no chance of this happening again, if she actually is pulling something shady she would have to be an idiot to try to pull the same trick twice. If she isn't pulling something shady than there isn't any chance she would fall for a fake handing her permission because again, she would have to be an idiot to fall for it twice.

Either way this situation won't come up again.

>> No.56074123

Because the real tovam was going to post soon and you wanted to gather some good-will before being called out?

>> No.56074124

...wouldn't that make me look worse because of how exceedingly obvious it would be that I was doing that?

>> No.56074133

Not saying that you have fabricated everything, but the whole situation is fishy enough to open the door to others trying to exploit in the future. One duplicate is anecdotic, two...
Just try to remember how fun were the results of opening the door to fanfic jumps the other day.

>> No.56074135

I wouldn't put it past you.

>> No.56074140

Is it a double, triple or quadruple bluff?

>> No.56074156

Thank you for trying to help us cure our cancer. Your efforts won't be forgotten.

>> No.56074158

Or it's fishy enough to put people on guard to it happening, now that they know it has happened.

Your faith is ever encouraging anon.

You overestimate my ability to keep track of myself.

>> No.56074175

>Blackshadow actually went and posted the thing the shitposters asked him to on SB
As if we needed more confirmation that he actively tries to fuck with this community.

>> No.56074196

Meh, they would've found out sooner or later. And he just posted the quote, not "interpreted" it or anything, so the people who read it can make their own decisions as to what it means.

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