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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Kicking and punching edition

Do you like playing unarmed characters? If not, how would you change them to make them more palatable for you? Tell about your characters who liked to go for a good old fashioned fisty cuffs fight over metal poking competition.

/pfg/ Link Repository: https://pastebin.com/fr9piFCi
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/vK9njh31

Old Thread: >>56036718

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Just make fool's errand default for all unarmed characters.

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> If not, how would you change them to make them more palatable for you?
A way to be effective at it and also Strength based.

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Yes, but not in D&D/PF

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I'm gonna hit them DDS designers with the cold hard truth that their Mystic archetype doesn't actually work. Wish me luck

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Post a link so we can watch

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The problem with them is that they ARE strength based though. Literally in classes focused for being unarmed they have other focus stats they need and then just Strength for fucking damage- unless you give a shit about your Athletics/Climbing/Swimming scores, as if you aren't going to put Ranks into those.

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>Someone asks in paizoblog if he can, as certain class, do something
>Tell him he can't
>Dude replies to me saying he can if he muticlasses
>Tell him, ok, but he isn't asking for muticlass, he's asking if certain class can do the thing, and he can't
>Get banned
The fuck?

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Use path of war

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>Sslarn misses the point of every complaint


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I very much enjoy unarmed characters. I'd like to play more of them, and possibly with not broken disciplines someday!

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>Spent most of his time counting arcana instead of reading the post
Sslarn. Sslarn never changes.

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>tfw Initiative 10+ and still go the last in every combat which means I get uberfucked because all my armor comes from Dex and dodge

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>bitched at someone for doubleposting their feedback in the GitP thread and the document itself
>didn't even check to see if it was the same person
>didn't even actually respond to the actual contents of either sets of feedback, both of which were saying different (albeit similar) things

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Time to dip 2 levels into Barb.

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Can't, won't be able to keep leveling in monk

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Learn to roll better scrub.

Hit the gym. No excuses.

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Well, nigga, you shit outta luck, unless you have 4 levels you can spare into rogue.

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>literally over 80% of the "females" in the discord are trans
What is it exactly about this hobby that attracts the mentally disabled? I'm tired of being surrounded by losers.

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I don't know, but maybe you can offer some first hand insight?

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If you're tired then leave.

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Real women don't want to deal with the autism, and since the people who act popular within a community are attention whores, they fake having a mental illness so people will orbit them.

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Does lelsorandom count as a mental illness? Because I think one of the "women" might actually have that.

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Yes, everyone knows about Luna.

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>mentally disabled

that's some low quality bait anon

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looks like Magus mystic discussion is heating up

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Just become non-lawful for those two levels and go back to being lawful when you want to level Monk again. You lose out on rage, but eh... it's ok.

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I'm going to need to start drinking if I'm going to try to talk to Sslarn anymore.

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I'll handle this anon.

Mystic is very close to being very good, it just needs a push and an alteration

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>Mystic is very close to being very good, it just needs a push and an alteration

It already fucked up by completely replacing/removing Spell Combat, though

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I know. Which is why I'm trying to get them to add it back in via Talent Blending /which is the same fucking thing but for Mageknight/.

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Brief question as I’ve been out of the loop on PF for about nine months or more now. Did Paizo ever release a book with a feat in it that allowed clerics to turn/rebuke outsiders (e.g. demons, angels, etc.). I have a memory of seeing a feat that allowed it somewhere, but I cannot for the life of me remember where, and I’m half wondering if I made it up without knowing.

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Keeping the option to full attack on the table is something it should still have, desu

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No, but Luna probably does have depression, anxiety, histrionics, and maybe a dash of BPD.

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Why not that one feat in the War handbook? Mystic Assault I think it was called?

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Yep. It allows you to spend a spell point to replace the first attack in your iteratives with a sphere ability or supernatural. A second feat removes the spell point cost. It's generally not popular, as it's not as good as the primary class feature of the magus, though it is a lot more flexible.

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>Serious deviation from the average person that has detrimental effects on their lives and those around them, often accompanied by other mental problems such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, body image problems, and a variety of other disorders

Anon, I'm not even saying that trans people aren't real, but it is literally a mental disorder.

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Do special abilities (extraordinary, spell-like, and supernatural) take up spell slots?
For example, if I was playing a sorcerer, and I had 2 spell slots, if I were to take something like elemental ray, would that take up a spell slot?
Sorry if it's a really stupid question, I'm really new to this and I didn't want to be wasting a spell slot when I didn't need to

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This is a SoM/SoP hybrid archetype, which means by definition it's going to interact with the attack action, not full-attacks. There's no point arguing for that shit.

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New comer,

How do I keep track of monsters feats ? Do I ignore them, are most of them already implemented, do I have to go check for each one of them every time ? Im lost and confused...

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Well it should still have fucking options open, if every other class is going to have options open.

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No, please learn to read. Seriously.

Why on earth would you even think that?

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Tell me about an obscure item that you like.

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Fuck you, man.

If you yell at people for asking questions then they 'll just never figure things out.

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No, but can be tied to them, such as skald's Spell Kenning.

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Infinite Scroll Case. It's 3.5 technically, but it's so good!

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Hey guys, I am making an Elf Sorcerer that is a huge fucking snob that always brags about his noble blood and thinks he is the absolute shit. but he actually really cares about his team and party but is afraid to show it because he thinks that's a bit weak what should his name be? I want something ridiculously long and grandiose

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But they don't. SoM Monk loses full-attack flurry for extra attack on attack action flurry for example.

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Toothpick of Pyrotechnics. Shit's good even in midgame, man.

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>Need to ask questions to figure anything out
Maybe they could exercise a bit of critical thinking on the subject and then realize it's retarded without needing to ask another person.

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Jeorge Remulos, pronounced with a French accent.

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Sounds like a shit character right out of an anime...

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I just wanna play a really fucking snobby sorcerer so I can look down upon the peasants senpai

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I am totally good with Unchained Monks and Witches of Strength who are Changelings (Witchborn 4lyfe) or Catfolk.

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well then it's a damn good question as to why they're bothering with the SoM magus if they're going to remove that, given other classes do its new gimmick way better

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Still dude it sounds like you gonna be "that guy" with this character.

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Stikup His'Ars

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There is a difference between a snob and someone that is actively difficult to work with.

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Anybody ?

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Go to d20pfsrd or just download the Bestiary if you really need to.

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Bonfire bead

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In stat blocks they usually have already added static buffs from feats and whatnot, but some that need to be activated somehow (Power Attack and Arcane Strike) or are situational (Mobility, Endurance) they tend to not include or how a side note in saves or skills how much they are in those situations.

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Advanced Player's Guide, Planar Channel.

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It's easier to just answer a question than yell at someone on the internet.

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Feats for monsters are generally added into the statblock if they have a static effect (dodge, iron will, quicken spell like ability, etc), but they are not if they require a choice to activate them (power attack, selective channel, quicken spell [not spell like ability]). So you should read through them. If the players are having too much of an easy time, you could optimize the monster's feats a little, since some make little sense.

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This seems way too overpowered, they already have SQ, Special Abilities and Special Attacks, is it bad if I completely ditch their feats ?

>> No.56051199

Wrong, you fucking cum-guzzling faggot.

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You're retarded.

>> No.56051216

Hi, you made /tg/ shit. Just so you know.

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Yes, it is incredibly bad if you remove their feats. Their feats make a difference, and are generally not overpowered. If anything, monster feats are usually sub-par and could be optimized better.

>> No.56051252

Yes i'm retarded because I have to keep track of feats for every single monster, we're in the middle of the game, oh wait let me check my laptop for this feat since I don't have it's description in the stat block...

>> No.56051268

Feats are generally part of the balance as they are most of the time tied to the number of Hit Dice the monster has, much like players with class levels. You can make a monster weaker by removing feats or simply have them not use them (Such as a frost giant simply never using his power attack) or replace some feats (invoking the variant rule of monsters), but generally monsters are not designed to be that powerful if they are not meant to be boss monsters (Such as a yah-thelgaad who has spell-focuses on his most powerful spells which all come from the necromancy school being an example of a boss monster and a beast with high dex not having weapon finesse).

>> No.56051276

>Yes i'm retarded because I have to keep track of feats for every single monster

If you can't do that, then yes, you're retarded and shouldn't be GMing this game.

>> No.56051311

>Easy to use statblocks readily available online
>Every feat in them has a link directly to what the feat does
>Not doing any prepwork before the game at all
Yeah, pretty much confirmed as retarded. You're a shit Gm and a shit person, don't bother continuing.

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Wew so edgy dude, d-d-dont dm my g-g-game !!

>> No.56051333

Oh so now you need Internet and a laptop to play a game of pen and paper, fuck off dude ! In case you cant fkn read I stated that I use the PHYSICAL BOOK.

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Pathfinder fags are indeed the worse.

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So I'm interested in playing a ugly frog monster called a neraphim in 3.5, what kinda class would be good for playing this frog man.

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>Giving Paizo your money
>When there is a completely free and easily accessible resource available at all times
Wew there gramps

>> No.56051367

>Posting on a website during the game
>Has the physical book infront of them, so can easily look things up as needed
>If this isn't enough, literally has internet access RIGHT NOW and access to the SRD with updated, easy to use statblocks
m8, c'mon now. Not only are you retarded, you cucked yourself by giving Paizo money? Just end it now, guy.

>> No.56051372

I said I used the physical book, didn't say anything about buying it, I could've had it as a gift or else.
Holy shit you furry fucks are so edgy it hurts.

>> No.56051375

Bard. Looks like a real people person.

>> No.56051397

>Posting on a website during the game

Who said I was in a game right now? You're an idiot.

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Frogs are incapable of singing with their stupid wide mouths.

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>Holy shit you furry fucks are so edgy it hurts.
You keep using these words, but I don't think they mean what you think they mean.

You appear to just be stringing insults together without any reason, context, segue, or understanding

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>Am I retarded?

>> No.56051459

Then he shall croak like Pavarotti.

>> No.56051462

Sick hip-hop beats, however, are something many are fond of.

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Calm your tits Bertha. This is the most immature and butthurt General I've ever seen on tg to date.

Fat fucks trying so hard to be edgy.

>> No.56051475

One day I shall be thin.
But you will always be stupid.

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What happens as ork brawler if you went all out on their FCB?
What's the unarmed damage progression at lvl 25?

>> No.56051495

>trying so hard to be edgy
I would like you to actually provide your definition for "edgy" as you apparently seem to be operating under one that is not the standard and commonly accepted definition

And please, define as something other than "a thing I don't like or that has hurt my feefees"

>> No.56051496

Sure buddy.

>> No.56051498

I both hate you and love you for that gloriously stupid pun.

>> No.56051512

>Pshhh, nothing personel...kid
This is what you sound like when you post. Who's being edgy now?

>> No.56051535

What do you do when the big, dumb regenerator monster that the party has "killed" a half dozen times on as many different occasions finally says he's tired of fighting?

>> No.56051549

>Results to calling people fat and slinging other unrelated insults
Look out everyone, we got ourselves an internet badass over here.

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Thanks for the constructive answer


You should learn from the above fatties.

>> No.56051570

Become best friends and go on jolly adventures with him and get into silly shenanigans that leads to his heroic sacrifice and tearful goodbyes as he finally can die having protected his friends and gained new insight into the nature of love.

>> No.56051575

Wish, they gave you constructive advice on feats, and your calling them fatties? Either you don't know how commas work, or you're a real edgelord tough guy

>> No.56051623

There isn't any. You max out at level 20, thus making your FCB worthless after 15-ish.

If you're gonna try to look smart by asking hard questions, you need to know how the game works.

>> No.56051650

If you're too stupid to play the game, and too think skinned to handle the bantz, I'd like to kindly ask you to fuck off back to the Paizo forums where you belong.

>> No.56051657

What's an interesting Magus character concept? I want to play one but I'm drawing a blank

>> No.56051680

I'm asking questions because I don't know how the game works.

>> No.56051696

Clever tribal warrior who decided to approach magic in the same way he approached weapon training and drills. Prefers to fight with a klar

>> No.56051706

Transmutation and natural attacks.

>> No.56051726

>>C-c-can't handle the bantz dude lol
>>D..dude u asked a question, you must be too stupid to play the game r-right g-g-guys ?

If you could get your head out of your ass for a second it would be good for you.

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File: 1.94 MB, 360x202, agito burning punch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unarmed is fun. But I also wanna play a character whose entire fighting style is based around hitting people with anything around them. Pretty much Jackie Chan style

>> No.56051768

Good answer, that's how you play the long-haul to kill off regenerators. Be sure to dance on his grave afterward.

>> No.56051784

>Calling people fatties
>s-s-s-stutter talking
>screaming about edge
>literally incapable of reading

Middle schooler pls go. You're a retard and no one wants you here.

>> No.56051849

Ribbiting, aren't they?

>> No.56051860

If you don't know, off the top of your head, what Arcane Strike, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, and Deadly Aim do without any references, you don't deserve to GM.

>> No.56051908

>>Muuuuuh gaaaaaaaaame !! How can you be new to muuuuh gaaaaaaame !! You should know everything about muuuuuuuh gaaaaaaame.

It's true what they say in the other threads about you, it really is.

>> No.56051969

If you are using progress beyond 20th level, then at 24th level would be 3d8, then 4d8 after 28th level; so you would just work upwards from there using the natural attack progression for d8 damage attacks.. Monk and brawler have a weird skip form 2d8 to 2d10 instead of 3d8, so just treat the 2d10 as an intermediate for 20-24th level.

>> No.56051980

Please don't lump in shitposters with everyone.

They're actively trying to ruin PF as a game because they don't like PF.

>> No.56052002

>Imma ignore a fundamental part of the game because I can't be arsed to read.
>Go read.
>What!? How d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dare t-t-t-t-t-t-t-these e-e-e-e-edgy f-f-f-f-f-fatties tell me to r-r-r-r-r-r-r-read REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Please, leave. No one gives a fuck about the rantings of a salty middleschooler.

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They get a neato ability where when they charge someone or use a ranged weapon on each enemy once per combat they can deny dex to AC so that's pretty dope

>> No.56052070

Hey now, fur is so last year.

It's all about scales nowadays, grandpa.

>> No.56052227

There are feats/spells that let you have "improved improvised weapons" which is amazing

>> No.56052314

Has anyone by chance still got a copy of the legendary gunslinger playtest laying around I could use some stuff off of? I had a legendary slinger but the playtest ended and now I have no idea how to level it up anymore.

>> No.56052369

3 levels in unchained rogue or simply an agile enchantment on your amulet

>> No.56052440


>> No.56052443

I dream of one day playing a character who can rip buildings off the ground and use them as weapons in battle.

>> No.56052499

>Improved improvised weapon
>Feat that lets you use weapons 1 size category larger
>Enlarge person on yourself
>Party member casts enlarge person again

>> No.56052501

>Improvised Weapon Mastery
>Catch Off-Guard
>Throw Anything
What are some other ways to make a character who can shred through enemies with anything he can get his hands on?

>> No.56052526

You need the Bracers of Improvised Might. Lets you apply enhancement bonus to improvised weapons.

>> No.56052560

Does throwing melee weapons count as improvised ranged weapons?

>> No.56052563

enlarge person doesn't stack.

>> No.56052574

AAAAA I want to be an Awoo that uses AoOs!

>> No.56052591

How about an Avowed Awoo that uses AoOs?

>> No.56052617

Will they be named Aozaki?

>> No.56052644

You probably should have focused on that instead of burying it under a giant wall of whiny bitching then.

>> No.56052645


>> No.56052669


>> No.56052926

Is there any ability that takes a prone enemy and makes them "stand up" or something like that?

>> No.56053079

which is better? Dawnflower dervish or mobile fighter?

>> No.56053103

Why am I imagining Bracers of Improved Might enchanted with Flaming, thus leading to the user throwing around burning chairs?

>> No.56053107
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>mobile fighter
Is it even a question?

>> No.56053148

I forgot why I gave up on SoM, then I looked at Sslarn's posts

>> No.56053199

Ssalarn is only a fraction of SoM, but the fraction that IS him has his fucking retard fingers all over it.

>> No.56053204

Dawnflower Dervish, because that minor movement bonus is not worth losing out on Weapon Training and AWTs. So you get essentially the same stuff, but with losing less important features

>> No.56053297

So my party is going up the levels of a wizard's tower giant dungeon filled with wacky contraptions and ancient enemies. Quick rundown
>Ancient arcane tower
>Looks as if carved from a single massive crystal
>No one knows who built it but it's definitely magical in nature
>It's been around so long they must be dead
>Doors open roughly once a year, close after a minute, and open again 5 days later
>Adventurers gather every year to take it on, grab what loot they can, and survive with as much as possible
>No one has ever reached the top (and lived to tell about it anyway)
>It's basically a giant soul gem and anyone who dies inside it has their soul siphoned to the top room
>Space is warped on the inside and very rarely do adventurers climb the same floors

By now the players suspect it's a Lich but I really want to throw a curveball their way. They're about halfway through. What else could I make it be that would be a good surprise?

>> No.56053397

"The Rantings of a Salty Middle-Schooler"
would be a great way to reference Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

>> No.56053425

A Worms that Walk? A Daemon? A Soulbound Shell Wizard? Some powerful Earth Elemental? An Aeon? Some ancient entity using the souls to create a giant cannon to destroy some plane or entity? A Cleric/Cultist trying to use all the accumulated souls to summon a Demon Lord a la Sindri Myr?

And those are just the non-undead options

>> No.56053429

It's a wizard who isn't a lich and has found another way to be immortal.

When souls get siphoned to the top, the magic rebuilds their bodies, and he congratulates them for putting on a good show, before sending them on their way. Magic causes them/reality to 'forget' that they ever entered the dungeon, so the tower's secret remains a secret.

The entire thing is basically a giant TV show for outsiders to watch. Turns out the party has been here before, and are favorites of some outsiders.

>> No.56053491
File: 409 KB, 498x366, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When souls get siphoned to the top, the magic rebuilds their bodies, and he congratulates them for putting on a good show, before sending them on their way.

>> No.56053577

The tower itself is alive and is fueling itself with adventurer souls, and the Gem in the top room is its heart. It lures in people by creating the items in its floors, and keeps them there with the promise of more valuable loot the further "in" they travel as well as with creating powerful monsters that kill the adventurers outright.

>> No.56053795

Christ, now that's a name I haven't heard in years.

>> No.56053870

So I'm looking at the tier list and I'm a bit confused

Why is Urban Bloodrager listed as being so good? The features it offers don't really seem that much stronger than what other Bloodragers get, what spells do bards and maguses have that are so useful to bloodragers?

>> No.56053874

>Soulbound Shell
These are pretty good

Wow this is actually very awesome

>> No.56054231

I was just theory crafting one the other day using the SoM Striker class. I couldn't tell if the Striker's AC bonus stacks with the Unarmored Talent's AC bonus. Anyone know?

>> No.56054337

I just want everyone here to know that I hate you all.

>> No.56054372

If you've been paying attention to the project that fraction is like 50%. Most of the classes, a third of the spheres, most of the archetypes. People just salty because he doesn't bow down and suck dick just because they can write a paragraph.

>> No.56054373
File: 1.29 MB, 1239x1746, jD7x5JA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you need some TLC, anon?

>> No.56054518

What's the best way to cause havoc in a city?

>> No.56054673


>> No.56054695

Dire Housecat swarms, got it.

>> No.56054730

Well there's some stuff like Good Hope which is one of the best buff spells in the game, Cacophonous Call is a majorly sick debuff. Really though, it's probably about having a Dexterity based rage.

>> No.56054898

>Most of the classes
>a third of the spheres
Yeah okay that's about right
>most of the archetypes
This part isn't actually clear.

Overall though, I'd say he's more like 40%. Which is still a very large part, probably the biggest part, but if we avoided a product because of one of the writers being a fuckhead we wouldn't be playing Pathfinder at all.

>> No.56054935

Can there be a frontal sneak attack?

>> No.56054953

If the enemy is denied his dexterity modifier to armor class yes

>> No.56054993

There's no facing in Pathfinder, so technically every sneak attack both is and isn't a frontal sneak attack!

>> No.56054999



>> No.56055162

This, personally, is one of my biggest issues with a lot of tabletop games. The stupidest part is that it's not even that hard to work in some mechanics to incorporate things like directional line-of-sight, but I can't think of a single one that incorporates it.

>> No.56055186

because you then have to add in shit about turning

>> No.56055556

Is Fiend Sight worth it? It increases a tiefling's Darkvision from 60 to 120 and gets Low-Light Vision for colors.

If you pick it twice, you get See in Darkness.

>> No.56055599

Depends on whether your build is starved for feats. Going for a demonblood sorcerer to make use of the mixed fiendish sorcery and charisma bonus? chances are you don't have much in the way of feat requirements at early levels, even if you need to go out of your way to pick up some important metamagic later. Cleric is the same for some builds. On the other hand, an archer needs a lot of feats to even be competent.

If your build has room for Fiend Sight, though, See in Darkness is a hilariously useful creature trait to have as part of your character, especially if you or an ally are capable of casting Darkness and Deeper Darkness. The number of enemies you'll encounter capable of seeing through that shit is downright minimal, and half of those you can fully blind with a thunderstone to kill their blindsight.

>> No.56055640

Not really. Movement is movement, and if you're doing a 180 or something similar you're not going to see everything in the direction you're turning because you're too busy, you know, turning around.

>> No.56055720

Worth noting here is that Deeper Darkness is a level 3 spell, and has a duration of 10 minutes per level, and it radiates from an item like a torch. If your team doesn't have some way around the problem, it can be an issue if you bring it up in the middle of a fight. On the other hand, it'll last you all the way through a dungeon right from the get-go if your team is ready for it. This is an idea that takes planning, and more often than not is better for NPC groups.

On the other other hand, Faerie Fire is a level 1 spell, and shines through Deeper Darkness just fine. It's a little bit of a trick and two feats to get it working, but I could see it being exceedingly effective in several scenarios.

>> No.56055735

AD&D had facing. GURPS has it too.

>> No.56055767
File: 381 KB, 1021x420, LEZvtxz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going to be playing a Kineticist in an upcoming game. Going to be using Aether and Flurry of Blasts to throw a ton of swords.

Not trying to make the build super optimised or anything but what are some recommendations so that I don't end up completely gimped?

So far the only things I have done with it is bastard sword proficiency and Elemental Purist archetype so that I can use Energise Weapon to add force damage and do some weird stuff with AOE blasts.

Will so be working towards taking Greater Eldritch Heritage at level 17 for the Harrowed Bloodline lvl 15 ability to carry my swords around in. Don't even know if the other players will get the reference

>> No.56056207

Evil Earth Elemental?

>> No.56056393
File: 595 KB, 1829x2557, 1500816387350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which are the most important, or just good ones, feats for an archer?
Which are the most important, or just good ones, feats for a two-handed weapon wielder?

>> No.56056438

For two hander:


>> No.56056595
File: 1023 KB, 1791x1280, Behind_archer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For an archer, Point blank shot, Precise Shot, and Rapid Shot are all super important. Especially as they all lead into one another.

>> No.56057102


What about deadly aim? Also, is Point Blanck Shot worth it if you can bypass it?

>> No.56057110


Besides Power Attack, what would you pick?

>> No.56057115

Point Blank shot is good if you have nothing else to spend your feat space on; the biggest reason you want it is prereqs. If you have a way to work without it, do so.

I forgot about Deadly Aim in my earlier rundown, but it's the power attack of ranged combat, so yeah it's really important.

>> No.56057446

I'm guessing the "shield" arcane spell (lvl 1) should not be made permanent, right?

>> No.56057461

I mean, it's almost the same thing as mage armor, which has a 1 hour per caster level timer. Level 1 spells, in general, are not that big a deal, so if you have some way of managing to get it permanent, who cares? It won't protect a squishy wizard from getting eaten by a dragon determined enough to matter anyways, and Warrior types in full plate can just use a normal shield instead if they really care that much, and for much cheaper of a cost.

Seriously, not that big a deal.

>> No.56057484

Oh sure, but mage armor has a duration of hours, so at this point, we're level 8, it's pretty much on for the entire dungeon equivalent.
Shield would ADDITIONAL +4AC and normally only works for minutes.
It would also be a pretty easy way out for our "must do epicccc damage with two handed sword" Paladin.

>> No.56057518

Okay, so who is this shield being put on?

Full caster? They don't have the AC to keep up in terms of defenses.

Martial? after having your CR +13, you're pretty much immune to 75% of attack rolls that come at you anyways, and at level 8 that's doable with full plate and an armor enchantment bonus. The truly dangerous shit is the things that don't target AC, or at least not full AC. Paladin's already got saves up the wazoo, so this isn't really a big deal for him.

Archer type or blaster? They're largely safe from melee anyways, and the ranged attacks that hit them will hit them anyways due to poorer AC scaling.

Skillmonkey? +4 AC will rarely save someone like that from getting hit.

Really, an extra 20% chance to avoid attack rolls isn't that big of a deal. If the GM decides a character is too hard to hit, he'll drop a fireball or a hold person or a glitterdust or what the fuck ever on that guy.

>> No.56057532

Which Rogue Talents would you recommend?

>> No.56057553

Alright. Cool. I might just do it then. Thanks!

>> No.56057597

Are Books of Harm fair or unsurprised? 1/day free maximize for 900 GP seems stupid good, plus it does come with several spells in it.

>> No.56057995
File: 191 KB, 600x776, b5ec5a337b6bbe144cc5cfb73d5b892b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Gender Identity Disorder is a mental illness. Being trans, wanting to change gender etc, that isn't. That's just things you want, and who you are.

Essentially, if you head over to /d/ there are countless people of all genders that would enjoy being a different one, want to try it, or even live it. But they don't have GID, why? Cause they don't have any of the symptoms.

It's like how wanting to be thinner, and exercising, isn't anorexia. Anorexia is so much more.

When someone wants to be a woman, but feels they cannot, the horrible feelings that result is the GID. If someone wants to be a woman, and feels they CAN, there is no GID, just someone being themselves. You can be any kind of gender and feel you don't match the gender you want to be, even non-binary genders.

The nail in the coffin to the "trans people are mentally ill" is looking at an almost definite future where transitioning your body into something more pleasing will be no more difficult than getting a haircut. Be a woman for a day, be a man during the week, once in awhile try something with extra vaginas.. none of it mental illness, and all safe, reversible, and considered healthy by most.

The issue people have today is the accuracy of the results, not the authenticity. As our ability to change bodies improves, the likelihood someone will give even a little fuck that the person who is anatomically indistinguishable from a born-female was born male will drop dramatically.

You're essentially arguing that thin people are mentally ill, because look at anorexia.

>> No.56058141

>Gender Identity Disorder is a mental illness. Being trans, wanting to change gender etc, that isn't. That's just things you want, and who you are.
I'd like to point out that, being trans myself, I've identified several key things that point to me having a feminine brain structure, which would contribute to a lot of the problem. Things like spatial awareness, grasp of math, certain concepts, and a matter of focus. There's a biological reason why there's a lot more men playing first person shooters than women.

I believe that being transgender is a form of neurological structure disorder, like a limb that grew wrong. It's more that it's like genetics slotted the wrong kind of processor to the OS; the body isn't quite sure what do do with the differences when the brain is saying "no, these shouldn't be like this. Error." which is what leads to the dysphoria.

That's not really a mental health problem - those are generally created by chemical imbalances that can be fixed with shit like drug supplements, but thus far we know that's not really the case with being transgender. It's not a brain chemical problem. Rather, recent studies show it's a brain structure problem, and that's a whole other fucking ball game, and one that doesn't have any sort of easy fix.

Just something to think about. When a trans person says they were born with the wrong body, it's fairly accurate; it may also be accurate to say their body was born with the wrong brain.

>> No.56058228


Also your example sounds more like some men with confidence issues always playing cute girls in games, video or tabletop, not actually transgender disorder people.

this seems accurate.

Also keep in mind, that saying something is a mental disorder does not equal saying someone is a shit person.

It's like physically handicapped. They ARE disabled, sick, damaged, etc. but they can still contribute greatly to society and have the potential to be the most worthy human on earth, whatever that means.

>> No.56058267

Is it worth it to spent 1 point on Crafting to be able to make your own arrows and repair your bow?

>> No.56058293

>The issue people have today is the accuracy of the results, not the authenticity.

This is a really good point actually.

>> No.56058304

Just a single skill point doesn't cost you much in the long run so that you can maintain your gear. I also recommend putting a rank into Swim for the class bonus; Swim rarely comes up, but when you need it, you don't generally have the time to wait for your next level so you can make sure you're ab

>> No.56058312

What games are recruiting?

>> No.56058453
File: 784 KB, 1067x986, 8699e0e728e72995f338e42a4854dfc8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>an "urban fantasy"-themed game set in Egorian, capital of Cheliax
>a highly magical bastardization of Egorian where magic is ubiquitous, conjured planar servitors and necromantic creations are a dime a dozen, and there are many Sigil-style planar portals spread throughout the city
>a chuunibyou-fied version of Egorian where even the average person is a Ranko-tier chuuni or a Koume-tier goth, with an interest in devils and diabolism, even though they may be a legitimately good person
>gothic lolita dresses everywhere
>while technology is not modern, there are plenty of modern-day-isms, like department stores, idol concerts, and illusory advertisements

>the PCs are a motley group of slaves, commoners, nobles, and Hellknights who are part of a government agency
>the PCs are charged with investigating and neutralizing heavily occult disturbances in such a highly magical city
>restless ghosts, unbound outsiders coming in from portals, urban fey causing mischief and mayhem, predators in dreamscapes and mindscapes, manifestations of people's negative emotions, aberrations from the Darklands, cults to dark gods other than devils
>think Ghostbusters, the Dresden Files, magical girls, or just about any one of those "spirit hunters" manga and anime

>discretion is important, as the public dislikes having their activities ceased just for an investigation
>many of the threats are masters of disguise and/or shapeshifters who infiltrate society, up to and including the gilded halls of the noble houses

>heavy emphasis on psychic magic and the psychic bonds binding together communities
>plenty of peering into the Ethereal Plane to view clusters of emotional energies, which, incidentally, give rise to spiritualists' phantoms
>the medium (empath) from Psionics Augmented: Occult is a perfect archetype thematically for this, even under the rune seer variant

How much potential would such a campaign premise have? How can it be polished? Who would have an interest in it?

>> No.56058583

Just remove the Chuunibyou

Also, include something involving interaction with other similar organizations, like the Order of the Scourge or what have you. There are plenty of ghost-buster organizations present in Golarion, so it might be good to involve one or some of them

>> No.56058653
File: 6.96 MB, 4000x5800, 5886af3e23a42a20d42f28e7cec7a5cc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Additional details: most likely an episodic game, with combat infrequent but also very difficult and high-stakes.


I considered the Order of the Gate, and figured that the agency would be heavily linked to it, but I wanted to avoid having every PC be a Hellknight outright.

>Just remove the Chuunibyou

Chuunibyou is half of the fun of being in Cheliax.

>> No.56058657

A good idea, that's soiled in its conception because you're inserting weeb shit where it doesn't belong.

>> No.56058750

Gender Dysphoria is a recognized mental dissease.
It's not like gay people who decide to take it up their ass.
It's idiots chopping of their dicks because they want to wear a skirt.... Most of these idiots commit suicide in their 20s.

>> No.56058756

>I considered the Order of the Gate
Nah, those guys would probably be the ones behind most of the shit. Out of all the Hellknight Orders, they have the highest concentration and percentage of diabolists and devil binders, have the shadiest origin, are the least trusted by their fellow Orders, and have the endgoal of eventually making their own magical Skynet

>> No.56058891
File: 656 KB, 880x592, Disapproving Thrune Stare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Abrogail acts so spoiled because she just wants someone to love her and thus needs to be noticed first, and she doesn't know any other way
>tfw Druvalia became an admiral because she thought she wasn't as beautiful as her sister, she was lied to her entire life

What would be the best way for a dashing Lawful Good human hero of Cheliax to get in their panties?

Possibly at the same time. Would they be up for a threesome?

>> No.56058996

>What would be the best way for a dashing Lawful Good human hero of Cheliax to get in their panties?
Falling and becoming a Tyrant anti-Paladin for one.

>> No.56059059

>I'm bad at math, therefore a woman.

Anon, please.

mostly agree tho

>> No.56059270

The literature associated with this idea has extremely poor reproducibility, limited control, and questionable statistical analysis

As a graduate student in a neurological field I remain unconvinced

>> No.56059297

Conversely, be a complete and utter goof ball of a dork. Talking from experience, LE Women seem to have a sort of "Weakness" for the earnest dork. All that honesty would really be a breath of fresh air for two powerful women in cheliax, who are used to seeing people lie their assessment off all the time.

>> No.56059325

>e, LE Women seem to have a sort of "Weakness" for the earnest dork.
In my experience, no they don't. Any perceived sense of attraction they give off is most likely a plot to get you to do something stupid that will get you killed, fallen, arrested and executed, or some combination of the above.

>> No.56059439

Your experience is much different than mine, then. Oh well.

>> No.56059614

Only if they have no range increment.

>> No.56059762 [DELETED] 

What is the most fun custom faction for ES2 you have played?

Are larger ships worth it now that fighters and bombers are a thing?

>> No.56059776

you seem lost pal

>> No.56059881

I have a philosophical question for other DMs:

How much do big numbers scare you?

For example: I can't teleport, scry, bluff, or whatever, but I deal 1000 damage with a punch.

How does that make you feel?

>> No.56059940

oh boy, you made combat trivial without adjustment. I can fix this with relatively little effort.

Oh, you bypassed hours of set-up, puzzles, narrative issues, ect with a single standard action? Now i have to re-write everything to accommodate the story-ruining power you've brought to the table.

>> No.56060020

What's a good one shot I can do to introduce a group of new players and a new DM to the system?
What would be a good level for people who have never touched PF before but have played other D20 games?

>> No.56060049

1. we be goblins
2. 3 or 5 if you're doing homebrew.

>> No.56060059

Dealing with a character optimized for combat, and ONLY combat, is easy. Just throw out situations where their standard strategy is less viable than usual and see how they adjust.

Basically this: >>56059940


>> No.56060081

we be goblins is great

If they are new then level 1.

>> No.56060148


>> No.56060150

Go for it, dude. One of the characters in the last (5E) campaign I was in was a prince, intentionally played as an absolute prat. Some of the funniest party interactions involved my own character constantly belittling and undermining his status. Especially after his dad disinherited him for being a constant screw-up.

Just be ready and willing to be the butt of a lot of jokes. Snobs only work if they suffer for it.

>> No.56060198

Animal Fury gives you a free bite attack when you roll to maintain a grapple. Constriction is applied whenever you start or maintain a grapple. If you have both, do they stack, with you getting a bite and constriction when you roll to maintain, and then another constriction with whatever you use when you succeed and deal damage?

>> No.56060328
File: 187 KB, 1200x676, 1507545013800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pathfinder has official audio dramas


What the fuck is this? Is Pathfinder some shitty anime franchise or normie TV show now?

And why does Ezren sound like such a pussy?

>> No.56060390

Because he's a generalist wizard. Real manly wizard are specialists.

>> No.56060449

We'll, he is a NEET who doesn't know how to wizard right. His spell selection is terrible

Yet he's more ripped than some martials

>> No.56060474

But he's a muscle wizard. Muscle wizards are the manliest.

>> No.56060859

Some characters are just really really good at all combat though.

Fighter archers need...line of sight. Some monk builds don't even need that.

>> No.56060967

>His archer needs to be able to see his target to hit them

>> No.56061102


>> No.56061417
File: 6 KB, 150x282, UvLLojW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The War handbook and any options it may have was not a consideration in the making of this book. Several Magus abilities already received significant buffs, like Advanced Spellstrike which works with a variety of combat styles now and integrates directly with the attack action, which Internal Casting is also compatible with. We have a responsibility to keep all of these options balanced with each other, not just the items they're replacing.
>We're discussing exactly whether or not we want a more traditional version of Spell Combat to be viable within our system, or whether it remains against our design goals.
>Finally, please do not imply that the design team is unintelligent. Every member of the team has worked on multiple, highly reviewed, best-sellers. Just because you disagree with our design goals doesn't mean that any member of the team is lacking in intelligence, and extensive discussion goes into each major item we release.
>I'll be closing this comment after posting my response. Thank you.

Holy shit. I know I heard the memes, but I didn't want to believe them. Ssalarn is such a shit, I mean seriously, who the fuck uses an appeal to authority to justify content outside of Paizo

>> No.56061711

I like my unarmed characters to be untrained slugger types. No martial arts just raw strength, using the environment, and slug fests. Kinda like a drunken brawler I guess.

>> No.56061785
File: 992 KB, 250x250, Sensible Chuckle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's going to end up either getting deleted, or cover 5x as much space as it needs to when all they have to print is make "Greater Energy Blade" to let people do what they would have been getting from it anyway. Internal Casting is trash, Advanced Spellstrike made the "people only spam Destruction" problem be a different flavor of the same shit, forcing people to take armor training whether they want to or not is asinine, and the Fighter Training thing was used as a diversionary tactic to avoid any and all complaints.

Business as usual.

>> No.56062256

What do we need to do to make the Dueling Sword not shit?

>> No.56062277

Make it identical to a rapier

>> No.56062283

>18-20 finesse weapon
>make the feats for it notshit

>> No.56062352


Merge most of its feats

>> No.56062467


It's majorly overpowered.

>> No.56062478

Reminder that he's also either Middle-Aged or Old, which means that his 8 in STR? That's *after* racial adjustments. Dude wasn't no pansy-ass STR-dumper. Although this actually makes sense, because he only started being a wizard in his 40s; before then, he probably was just an Expert or Aristocrat.

>> No.56062567

Someone in my game group just made the following statement. "Bards are OP." and when I tried to explain to them why they are not even the most op class they simply said I was under selling the bard. How do I educate people?

>> No.56062585

what reasons did he give

>> No.56062615

My bet is that the knowledge checks, bardic performance, and skillmonkeying warp the story of a campaign.

Hit him with that CoDzilla

>> No.56062631

>Sounds like you havent seen many well built Bards. They are the anti-gm class. They just stop all the cool stuff gms try to do.
>If you set them up right being the trick.
>I once built a Bard that at level 16 he dealt 7000 damage to a boss creature. Now mind you, it was highly circunstantial, but still.

>> No.56062658
File: 54 KB, 216x356, daddy-cares.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56062678

CoDzilla really doesn't work in PF any longer, you know. You have to specialize too hard to make it matter.

>> No.56062719

>Now mind you, it was highly circunstantial, but still.
This is most of the arguments in 3.x, I realize. Both from normies and from us.

>> No.56062730

>knowledge checks
>skill monkeying
>warping the campaign
>warping the campaign

I want what this guy was smoking god damn, is he gonna tell me an Investigator is busted shit too?

>> No.56062736

Fuck off, Slow.

>> No.56062744

Investigator is busted, just in the wrong way.

>> No.56062749

Weren't Bards practically a joke class in 3.5 though? That's the impression I got from back when I used to play one back in the day.

>> No.56062770

Core Bards were, but by the end of 3.5 they were arguably the most wide-ranging and competent T3s in the game.

>> No.56062775

I'm saying that's the stance most arguments people take here, whether that's bards or god wizards.

>> No.56062783

Even if it was something he could do normally 7k damage to a single target is not that great even, congrats you have done what a wizard can do with a standard action.

>> No.56062821

What? No. Bards in 3.5 were fucking godly

>> No.56062836

I will say that a lot of the wizard shenanigans are only enabled by a weak willed GM who lets his players go full retard with downtime, spell access, divination.

However, 7k to a single target is basically just full round casting "delete target" which a lot of things can do, usually more often and less circumstantially, so it's not really impressive.

>> No.56062876

Are we counting 3pp 3.5 in that then? Otherwise I'm not entirely sure what was so good about them.

>> No.56062898

No, just all of the splat books that added 2 or 3 extra Bard-specific things eventually add up, and much like how Rangers at the end of 3.5 were fantastic, Bards were just as much if not better (assuming you were CHA-based).

>> No.56062965

Yeah dude the fact that they could be blasters or 9th level casters while losing basically nothing was just nothing at all

>> No.56062967

Were they just fantastic compared to other martials? Did they actually have means to contribute meaningfully to the level of full casters?

>> No.56062990

Gotcha gotcha. Guess since it was my first time playing tabletop when I was making that bard (and then, funnily enough, a Ranger when the Bard died that I felt equally gimped on compared to my allies due to a lack of ranged PA) back in the day that I just didn't see it, though the support for online 3.5 content was also really hit or miss at the time so I got in trouble a lot with my party for accidentally having 3pp content when 1pp was all that was allowed.

>> No.56063004

They could BE full casters

>> No.56063008

Then why does all his art have him completely ripped back and arms?

>> No.56063017
File: 796 KB, 500x281, 1478477670363.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God damn it that character is cute.

>> No.56063067

Are there any ways to make Unarmed attacks use your Constitution instead of Str for damage/attack?

>> No.56063220
File: 252 KB, 456x1749, 1506470990910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Show up to session with character ready for session 1
>Its actually a session 0 where everyone else finishes their characters with no gameplay
I'm disappointed as hell about that, am I justified in that or am I just being a bitch?

Pic semi-related

>> No.56063308

It's frustrating, and you're justified for feeling peeved, but you should also understand that sometimes these things happen. It sucks, but that's how it be at times

>> No.56063315

What are the perfect spells for a "utility" arcane caster?

Things like scry, fly, teleport, etc...

>> No.56063374

.....why are you asking this question when yo clearly know the answer?

>> No.56063435

Because there are ones I'm probably missing. I haven't played pathfinder in 3 years.

For all I know pazio made scry not work with teleport any more.

>> No.56063503

Better than it being the other way around, right?

>> No.56063582

>DM's son makes a summoner
>He has 3 Con and 17 Hp
>At level 5
How do I kill this character as quickly as possible to force him to reroll a sensible character

>> No.56063627

sounds adorable

>> No.56063658

This is the witchhunt-fag and even I think you're an awful person. What the fuck, dude.

>> No.56063666

>3 con
>level 5 summoner
>4+1+1+1+1 = 8hp.

I'm seeing 13HP even with FCB.

>> No.56063691

How can you have 3 con? I don't find a way from char-gen you could possibly get below 5.

>> No.56063712


Rolled HP?

>> No.56063724

Probably roll for stats.

>> No.56063736

putting the 3 in con is ballsy

>> No.56063789

Or something a kid that does not understand the game would do.

>> No.56063831

Rolled stats are cancer in PF, so I'm not super familiar but isn't it set up in such a way that your stat can't go to sub 7 anyway?

>> No.56063865

Did you know that Time Stop only stops attacks and spells? That means you can use non-attack roll Supernatural abilities just fine! But not SLAs, because those are spells.

>> No.56063935

Yes. It's blatantly told in the spell.

>> No.56063942

No because, I don't play at levels where Time Stop is a thing nor do I have any desire to.

That also seems like an oversight.

>> No.56064006
File: 13 KB, 164x276, Marceline Worried.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yo anon everyone else is making pretty weird characters with exotic races, you're usually being the straight man right? You good for that?
>oh, anon, everyone is also focusing charisma and face skills, since they assumed you'd also play another alchemist or investigator
>anon? why do you look so confused?

>> No.56064007

Depends on how you do it. 3d6 for instance the range is 3-18 with an average of 10.5

>> No.56064096 [DELETED] 
File: 18 KB, 838x258, 1479731901045.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56064106

Leakanon, you're still a shit.
But that one's kind of funny.

>> No.56064117

Is that Kawase or something

>> No.56064148
File: 44 KB, 398x370, 1480494591577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"yo keep it in the discord"
>2 seconds later it gets posted

>> No.56064172

Unless you actually are a fullcaster (which Rangers could get to with some fiddling), nothing can do shit against fullcasters in 3.5e, and even with fiddling you'd rather be an Incantatrix or something.

>> No.56064181

Yes, it's Kawase. He's never really made a point of covering up the fact that he's full of himself.

>> No.56064184

do tell us

>> No.56064187

Yeah but in this case, he's actually right.

>> No.56064201

Literally who does something this fucking stupid
It's some asshole who's always on Invisible, probably

>> No.56064230

Maybe it's Startoad with an alt.

>> No.56064288

Please, like he's that intelligent.

>> No.56064303

Apparently he lurked right after he got banned.
Ackshully maybe this new guy is star.

>> No.56064305

Kawase bringing the bantz, good job brother.

>> No.56064310

Do you have a single fact to back that up beyond hearsay?

>> No.56064322


>> No.56064334

>naked nipples
>strung up bowstring dangerously close

>> No.56064357

Yeah, now that you mention it, fuck that's going to hurt. Isn't that why the Amazons cut off a breast, so that wouldn't happen?

>> No.56064359
File: 37 KB, 600x675, 1501542866237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you become so condescending you pull the "both of you are stupid, only I'm intelligent" card on an argument you're involved in

>> No.56064362

So I'm working on an Intimidation build with the Thug archetype and Enforcer. Since I'll be doing nonlethal I plan on taking Sap Adept/Master and Shadow of Fear to consistently get Sneak Attacks. I'm not really sure where to go from here though. Feat-wise I know I'll want Hurtful and some of the Dazzling Display feats, but that becomes pretty taxing, and Rogue Talents can only cover for a few of them.

I could go Fighter, but then I miss out on Sneak Attack dice. Granted that's what Accomplished Sneak Attacker's for, but that's simply adding more feats. Any ideas? No 3pp.

And before anyone tries to dissuade me from doing Intimidation and/or nonlethal, the DM I'm playing with does some wonky homebrew stuff, so as long as I RP right I can get around the usual pitfalls Intimidation and nonlethal builds have.

>> No.56064378

No, that's almost certainly a myth, because they could've also just worn a leather pad or not used a goddamn longbow (which they wouldn't have).

>> No.56064420

I know that, but like isn't there a rule like "no stats below X" in the default?

>> No.56064462

Rolled stats and rolled HP
Its honestly more fun that way, but you also get cancer like 3 Con

I cant wait until he eats a fireball and just instagib

>> No.56064469

The only rule is you must have a positive cumulative stat modifier.

>> No.56064539 [DELETED] 

Discord is just melting down right now. Rory's going on another purge. This is hilarious.

>> No.56064549

What's happening with Rory?

>> No.56064637 [DELETED] 

Banning people blocks at a time trying to find the leaker.

>> No.56064645

Obviously Signature Skill [Intimidate].

If you're sticking with sneak attack, grab Shatter Defenses, Hurtful, and Violent Display. Thank me later.

>> No.56064646

Has he considered that there's probably more than one?

>> No.56064712

Like I said, I'm pretty much set in terms of what feats I should take, those are on there. What I'm trying to figure out is whether or not it's worth it to go Fighter to get them faster (but lose out on Sneak Attack progression) or to stay Rogue and get them at a slower pace.

>> No.56064726

So Opportunist and Mutation Warrior fighters stack for AlchemistLite.

What other fighter options should I pile on to be an alchemical martial?

>> No.56064730

then feel betrayed once you hit level 8 and everything is immune to fear or mind affecting in general and beg for retraining

>> No.56064806

If need be, take a dip in Antipaladin (Tyrant preferably) to ignore fear-immunity.

>> No.56064838

I thought this was Kawase being a bitch in the main discord?

>> No.56064854

Honestly, I'd just stick with those two, since you'll want to keep your remaining Weapon Training bonuses

>> No.56064891

> And before anyone tries to dissuade me from doing Intimidation and/or nonlethal, the DM I'm playing with does some wonky homebrew stuff, so as long as I RP right I can get around the usual pitfalls Intimidation and nonlethal builds have.

I was definitely considering it, but when I say this DM does wonky homebrew, I mean *really* wonky. If last campaign's cleric was able to channel twice the amount of dice a normal one would at his level, I'm pretty confident I could nab something akin to the Aura of Cowardice.

>> No.56064982

No, it's Kawase admitting he has his own head up his ass, but that Chara is even fucking worse, which is kind of amazing in its own terrible way.

>> No.56065021

One of my players wants to play a Warlock Vigilante with Psionic Manifesting instead of prepared casting.

Would just letting them manifest off the Psion/Wilder list up to 6th level with dread Power and PP progression unbalance things?

>> No.56065028

Just play an Elf Investigator with the Elven Curve Blade

>> No.56065033

It probably wouldn't.

>> No.56065039

What’s the best bloodline for a Daemon blooded tiefling Bloodrager?

>> No.56065100


>> No.56065145

>Be unchained monk
>Have style attacks that require unarmed attacks
>Have AoMF, monk robes and other stuff that increases my unarmed attacks a lot
>GM is mad that I don't use longswords +3 and other stuff like that we found

>> No.56065158

Always Arcane

>> No.56065212

This, arcane is pretty awesome, I'm currently playing an Arcane Primalist Spelleater with fast healer feat and is awesome. Abyssal is also ok

>> No.56065242

Destined is good too

>> No.56065252

Abyssal is good if you intend to murder everything in a turn.

>> No.56065301

Arcane is better because applying 3 types of buffs as free action

>> No.56065349

yes but you don't have to make the optimal choice to make a good choice

is anyone saying that arcane isn't good? No. Fuck off.

>> No.56065544

With Arcane you're only a +2 away from Abyssal, remember you get Transformation (+4 to Str, Dex and Con) at 16th level, while having Blur and Haste too

>> No.56065557

If he goes Unchained he won't really need that.

>> No.56065674

Enchantment bonuses, at which point you probably already have +4 to STR and possible to CON too, so it becomes just a glorified Cat's Grace. Blur I can't argue against, but chances are that you also either have boots of speed or somebody in your party that has haste, so it becomes moot again.

>> No.56065684
File: 162 KB, 1000x906, PZO1121-Tengu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DnD 3.5
>Notice I play alot of human characters cause they're such a safe starting choice for any build
>Decide I should really breach out and play something not human
>Going through the 3.5 books looking at other races
>Find Neraphim and Hadozee from the 3.5 books and they seem pretty cool, also like the idea of a gnoll but it has a level adjustment so not so interested in that one
>DM is also allowing me to play a pathfinder class so ratfolk, lizardmen and tengu are also things I'm interested in playing

What do you guys think, I know no one here plays 3.5, but the group I'm in now is playing it, though the DM seems ok with allowing pathfinder stuff with reason, so I'm looking at races that aren't human should my current character die, and I was wondering what races do you guys like to play that aren't human?

>> No.56065720

Ratfolk :^)

>> No.56066128

You can always get displacement instead of haste (which is much stronger anyways imho) and use beastshape/other polymorph spells which BTFOs abyssals

>> No.56066149

Abyssals can also use Polymorph spells. I'm not seeing your point.

>> No.56066156

free action spells that last for the entire rage > anything abyssals get

>> No.56066454

I really like the Viilderavn. Greater Entice Fey is 4 hit dice short of summoning it, though. Is there any way to get enough hit dice or through any other means to summon one?

>> No.56066533

I hear buff, older, Brevic men with tortured pasts are pretty effective bait.

>> No.56066536


New bread mateys

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