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Lizard Gizzard edition

Previously: >>56013031

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
Who's your favorite tribal commander?

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May as well move the greivance to here.

Oh, and >Thread Question:
Sakashima - Copycat Tribal.

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Build Sidisi, go fast and nuke him

>> No.56034737

>copycat tribal
>consecrated sphinx


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I literally built Tasigur just to fuck with him.

I'm cool with having pre-game knowledge dictating people's plays, but they need to chill out, it's a fucking game.

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Does anybody live in west LA and want to play?

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Outside of the eggs what are the other artifacts needed to do that wonky breya combo?

>> No.56034792

Literally one of three cards that are not in tribe.

I lie when I say "just to fuck with him." But there are some things in there that are purely there to annoy him.

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im in fullerton area sadly, but there is a pretty active community in the local LGSs around here.

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Why do people like this? She's overcosted garbage.

>> No.56034817

Sharuum + Sculpting Steel.

Tezzeret + Chain Veil + Mana Rocks.

Isochron Scepter + Paradox Engine.

>> No.56034862

playing doubles advocate, it's possible he was saving the other 5 mana for something else and didn't want to overextend. Also there is no such thing as a bad move when it results in stopping an opponent's Consecrated Sphinx from hitting the table. Fuck that card. Spitebellows in aptly placed in my Boros deck just for that bitch.

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Clock of omens + Paradox engine + anything

>> No.56034888

edh players will play anything that they think is "unique" just to be different even if it just ends up being 4 color goodstuff

>> No.56034902

Because I like 4c artifacts you fucking faggot

I knew of these but thanks, gonna search around on my own

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I don't know what he could be saving up for that wasn't going to get rid of a game ending board of Vampire tokens.

I'm not salty about it being ConSphinx, I totally understand that it's cancer as fuck. I'm more annoyed that I was so far behind, it was my only play and he was like "Nup, too good." while Markov over there was fucking dicing his mate.

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How do you guys feel about wishes? I've been running burning and cunning in my competitive Narset list and they've been great.

>> No.56035034

in case this isn't an epic bait:

well EDH has no sideboard and the format has too many tutors as it is, so if i saw someone running one i'd probably tell them that they don't do anything

>> No.56035069

nice toolbox cards but they could just be tutors in the first place desu, if the cards in your sideboard are so useful why arent they in the deck in the first place?

>> No.56035084

I personally don't give a shit but that doesn't mean is exactly legal. No sideboards and all that but if your meta allows it then by all means do so pretty much what>>56035069 is saying

>> No.56035110

EDH is a casual format. Any playgroup that doesn't allow this glorious bastard + 200 Kozileks + battle of wits sounds truly awful.

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Turns out I have more space in Gonti than I thought. But I want to make sure I have some solid goodstuff there too (along the lines of carddraw, ramp, removal and wraths) before I fill the rest of the deck with jank.

So, Silence the Believers? Go for the Throat? Oblivion Stone? Phyrexian Arena? I’m all ears.

>> No.56035138

i'd be more inclined to let something like that pass instead of someone running burning wish to tutor up a protean hulk to win instantly

>> No.56035151

you'll probably want a lot of board wipes. with gonti, you shouldn't really care about your board that much

>> No.56035259

all is dust if its not already in. Perilous vault can be a budget option

>> No.56035287

>Burning Wish for a Protean Hulk
Friend I have good news for you, that wouldn't work anyway.

>> No.56035375

Thinking about building Marath.
I realy like his artwork and using his counters to do janky shit seems fun.
Does anyone here play him ?
What can I expact ?

>> No.56035399

To the anons talking about building Grenzo in the last thread, here's my Grenzo deck. It works pretty well for me.


>> No.56035419

or you could play dino tribal and use Marath as an enrage enabler,
or play naya +1/+1 counters or tokens

>> No.56035524

Is Star of Extinction any good as a board clear or does nit leave anything to be desired?
I know in theory it can't clear indestructible creatures or ones of a certain toughness and can fizzle if the land it targets is removed but how often does that actually end up being the case in your experience

>> No.56035584

Mizzium mortars is a better option I find, more flexible and I don't wanna blow up my board, depends on colours and local meta though

>> No.56035616

Personally I like using it as a finisher with no creatures and Repercussion out.

>> No.56035787

>Ixalan cards finally dropping steadily in price

>> No.56035915

How could I forget about the fucking dinos.
Thanks anon

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>> No.56036129

Yea Hardened Skales would be a must have for me. Doubling Season would also be nice but it's over 50$.
What else could I run that has a similar effect and is not over 20$ ?

>> No.56036290

primal vigor is around $15 but it's symmetrical

>> No.56036295

Eh I'm probably too far, 805

>> No.56036303

Artifact equip or draw? Which ones does well against Timmy faggots

>> No.56036357

I put a bunch of flavorful cards in my version.

Eliminate the Competition.
Underworld Connections.
Undying Evil.
Gonti's Aether Heart.
Increasing Ambition.
Ambition's Cost.
Ancient Craving.
Succumb to Temptation.
Drain Life.
Inspiring Statuary.

Don't forget to put Cabal Coffers / Urborg in the deck, he's super reliant on those to make lots of mana.

Also, Liliana of the Dark Realms is the closest thing Black has to actual ramp.

>> No.56036373

She combos with any infinite mana setup.

>> No.56036415

>Which ones does well against Timmy faggots
Counterspell tribal.

>> No.56036476

Post "I win" cards

>> No.56036492


Alright so I went and spent about $12 and bought a ton of morph creatures to throw into an Ezuri deck, anyone have suggestions? Currently planning on adding Champion of Lambholdt but if there's any ultra jank I missed feel free to throw some my way.

>> No.56036497

I'd like some serious advice for my Mina and Denn deck:

I know I am going to be taking out the two Embodiments, as I feel they pull my deck's focus away (Mostly landfall into tokens). I'm also taking out Grove Rumbler and Zendikar Incarnate as the former just doesn't do enough most of the time (7/7 trampled usually) while the latter is usually just a big dumb creature.

Any other advice or suggested replacements? Horn of Greed is the obvious choice, even if opponents get to draw off of it as well. Maybe some other card draw as well, as I seem to run out of gas when I'm not already way ahead.

>> No.56036517

Storm Cauldron

>> No.56036671

Why the fuck would you ever play this when Scion exists?

>> No.56036732

Sundial maybe.

>> No.56036875

More like 'you die' but close enough

>> No.56036949

holy shit why didn't I know about this version

>> No.56037213

>Why would anyone build a janky, casual deck in my 100% competitive format?
Back ye heathen

>> No.56037230

Yeah man that version is the best. I do like the other one ties in with the animate dead version, but man the Kopinski one is so badass.

>> No.56037334

Even in a casual game, Scion is just better. Build dragon tribal, Scion is best dragon. And dragon tribal isn't competitive - for that you go Scion ramp/combo/control. If you're playing dragons, there's no reason not to play Scion unless you're going for Door to Nothingness shenanigans.

This would be the only reason.

>> No.56037436

hour of devastation, chain reaction, mizzium mortars, and blasphemous act do its job better

>> No.56037517

What to imprint in mono blue that let's me go infini-win? I thought about Boomerang, but it doesn't actually win me a game and one of my friends in the battlegroup would keep playing until I chipped all of his life away with my measly creatures, making it a miserable experience for every one involved I also thought about Oona's Grace for a mill win but's a one mana to much to imprint.

>> No.56037528

forgot the pic

>> No.56037613

Dramatic or Reversal with mana rocks that produce 3 works and you don't even need Engine

>> No.56037666

didn't think about that card desu I'll pick it up, but I already bought the Engine ( I went blind into it figuring there would always be some use, eve in other decks) and now I want to put up one janky infinite combo. I mean I wasplay mono-red I would just imprint shock, as silly as it sounds, and it would be gg.

>> No.56037833

It's worth having the Engine. It allows you to stumble into combos every game. You don't even need to go infinite, just have enough nonland mana producers and you can take over a game.

>> No.56037856

Mizzium Mortars is a better option in my opinion. If you're really concerned about fat board states blasphemous act is a good one as well. However start of extinction is great flavor in a dino-deck!

>> No.56037909

Star has a bad problem where someone can destroy the land in response and ruin the whole thing.

>> No.56037949

and star costs fucking 7, if youre mono-red then maybe its an option but with any other color there are MUCH better cards that have the same effect

>> No.56038115

Blasphemous Act is the best. Rolling Earthquake and Starstorm are also great.

>> No.56038209

All is Dust > Oblivion Stone > Blasphemous Act > Chain Reaction >>> Starstorm > Rolling Earthquake >>> Star of "Ghost Quarter is out so I can't wipe the board" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> trash that deals fixed damage below 10

>> No.56038271

I forgot about star storm!

>> No.56038307

I remember seeing some Anon talking about their Yisan deck. I looked up a primer and HOLY SHIT this actually makes me want to play mono green. It plays so blue it looks ridiculously fun!

Anybody have any tips or experience playing Yisan?

>> No.56038315

Help me edh general.
I've spent the past month trying not to blow all my cash on cardboard.
Then I spend 20 bucks on nothing but mana.
It hurts so good

>> No.56038355

>Then I spend 20 bucks on nothing but mana.
So you bought two lands?

>> No.56038384

Counterspell. Negate everything everyone tries to do until your whole table stops playing with you.

>> No.56038465

nykthos, caged sun, and a few sol rings

Being a poor fag sucks unsurprisingly

>> No.56038710

Last night I just cast villainous wealthy where x = 30 and I fucking love that shit. What are the other good play your opponents shit on sultai?

I want to pick up hedonists trove, Gonti lord of luxury, oblivion sower, but I couldn't think of anything else that quite does what villainous wealth does.

>> No.56038722

i cant believe how cheap this card is for how many games it wins.

>> No.56038772

Rare from a recent and popular set, unplayable in other formats, can only be played in 4 out of 32 color combinations in commander.

>> No.56038796

But anon. Gold buys death... And death earns gold.

>> No.56038820

But that's no fun!

>> No.56038914


You should be running the basic bitch:
>Torment of Hailfire
>From Under the Floorboards
>Dread Summons

Too if you don't already.

>> No.56038935


>> No.56039105

If they have a creature out to begin with, you can use Reality Shift to exile their entire library. Plus it's good on its own.

>> No.56039144

Exsanguinate and Torment of Hailfire are by far the best when it comes to actually winning, but they're also really boring.

>> No.56039149

Most things in that category are

>> No.56039198

Thanks that will do

>> No.56039288

>Why the fuck would anyone build X in EDH?
You're in the wrong thread if you really need to ask that.

I'll never stop singing praise to Shift, it's a great sleeper and more people in Ux should play it.

>> No.56039458

Does Fist of the Suns work on Chromanticore's Bestow cost?

>> No.56039472

Chain Reaction blows most of the time.

>> No.56039488

12/1/2004: You can't pay more than one alternative cost for a spell. For example, you can't cast a spell using its flashback ability by paying {W}{U}{B}{R}{G}. Likewise, you can't pay {W}{U}{B}{R}{G} to cast a creature with morph face down.

>> No.56039550

>villainous wealth

Never heard of that card

>Looks it up


>> No.56039676

And? If there are at least 3 dudes on the board then it is still better than all of the earthquake variants, and if there aren't AT LEAST 3 guys out you shouldn't be trying to wrath anyways.

>> No.56039700

I play Oust, Vandalblast, Akromas Vengence, Ravages of 2ar, and Time Stretch for burning and pongify, dismantling blow, evacuation, sunder, and misdirection for cunning. Also Sheldon has stated that sideboards are a by group basis. Not explicitly stated that sideboards aren't allowed.

>> No.56039737

Not true about the Earthquake variants. Starstorm trumps Chain Reaction most of the time, because instant speed, if you are killing tokens it will be cheap anyway and finally, it can deal with big stuff if it comes down to it.

Wraths in this format aren’t just about answering swarms. They also are about clearing out hexproof creatures. Sigarda, Gitrog with Greaves, etc. You frequently need wraths to answer just a couple of creatures.

>> No.56039757

All that being said, Sheldon is a cuck so I guess that argument doesn't really work.

>> No.56039846

They are absurdly powerful if your group let's them work as printed. That being said, I don't like the idea of letting them work, even with a sideboard. Tutors don't need to be any stronger than they already are, and it also adds an extra dimension of hassle when using them, whether that's everyone now needing to assemble a sideboard (even if they don't run wishes themselves, thanks copy effects) or dealing with some guy sifting through his whole collection to find the perfect silver bullet answer to something.

>> No.56039930

I wish Sheldon didn’t feel the need to clarify that they don’t work without sideboards. MTG already has rules for how they work outside of tournament magic.

But then again, I don’t think “super-tutors” would be good for the format. I just want “Research” to do something. Basically, they aren’t janky enough.

>> No.56040517

>tfw I love my EDH deck but have no playgroup and hate League games since its 99% tryhards
What should I do? Its about $1000 deck but it just gathers dust since ive got no one to play with. Im really thinking about selling it but its such a nice deck and I like the flavor so much.

>> No.56040558

>Hates tryhards
>Has a $1000 deck

Unless its a foiled/expedition/masterpiece out janky deck then you have no say when it comes to tryharding.

>> No.56040586

How hard have you looked for a playgroup? Are there any LGSs near you that just have casual congregations of EDH players? If not, what about other venues? A university near my house has a burgeoning EDH scene, for example, and it's mostly populated by people who are skilled without feeling too Spiky.

>> No.56040593

>money = power

>> No.56040734

Post the list. That'll settle things better than any snide insinuations.

>> No.56040893

post your dick

>> No.56040904

What cards would benefit the most if Hybrid were considered "Or" instead of "And" for Color Identity?

>> No.56040905

Not the same Anon. I just thought that the idea that cost equals power is so stupid that it couldn't have been anything other than bait.

>> No.56040919

That'll be $200. I got HRT bills to pay, this is premium grade girlcock my man.

>> No.56040977

Ah yes, my guildgate and forest are way stronger than a ABUR Dually and Gaea's Cradle.
Don't be a retard, anon.

>> No.56041043

>run ABUR duals in becket brass pirate tribal or some such

>> No.56041075

I've been playing a 5 color good stuff/rite of replication deck and I want to try out the hostage taker.
Has anyone had any success with it in casual multiplayer games?

>> No.56041077


>> No.56041112

Steel of the Godhead/Shield of the Oversoul/Runes of the Deus for voltron
Privileged Position/Vexing Shusher for a lot of decks
Memory Plunder for spellslingers
Unmake for anything UBR/UB/BR/monoB
Tasigur for UB/BG graveyard decks

There's a lot more, but I really disagree with the concept. The effects are clearly designed in the color pie of both colors. Spitting Image, Biomantic Mastery and Biomass Mutation should not be available in decks without blue, Waves of Aggression should not be in decks without red etc.

>> No.56041128

That's not what I retorted, bruv. Powerful cards are relatively expensive in 95% of MtG cases so saying an expensive deck is most likely powerful is just using the commutative property. So yes, Money = Power in MtG and saying otherwise is being a bit of a contrarian.

>> No.56041145

Pretty new to EDH (only have the 2017 Commander cat deck with some additions) and I want to build a spellslinging deck with this guy since monks are dope.

I also want to use Primal Amulet for double the fun.

I know spell slinging decks are generally U/R, so does anyone know of any unique/cool white spells that would be fun to copy?

>> No.56041189

extra turn spells

>> No.56041194

I'm not sure I would play it in a deck that isn't designed to abuse it. I play it in grixis marchesa, and there it is fucking fantastic, you play it, snatch a sol ring, play sol ring, sac hostage taker, take something else, or even just use it to abuse your other etbs faster with more saccing.

In a normal deck? Meh. I would go so far as to say it would be detrimental when paired with Rite of rep, since you tap out to hit five creatures, then your opponents wrath. You get nothing, they get all their creatures back plus the EtBs. Its a strong card, but only in the right environment.

>> No.56041199

Righteous Confluence and Sram's Expertise. :^)


pic related.

>> No.56041213

Clearly you Taker + Rite of Rep your own creatures, then on your next turn you cast Obliterate.

>> No.56041215

It's absolutely The Ur-Dragon. They created perfection with this big ass mofo. Summoning him feels great, generating all sorts of advantage off of him is sick, and it also happens to be a titanic 10/10. The fact that the cost reduction works at virtually all times is just gravy. It's everything I could ever want.

>> No.56041226 [SPOILER] 

Breya is probably their waifu or something, even though the one true artifact waifu has been around for years now.

>> No.56041235

>Spitting Image, Biomantic Mastery and Biomass Mutation should not be available in decks without blue, Waves of Aggression should not be in decks without red etc.

Except they are anywhere other than EDH.

>> No.56041253

It's jank, but I feel like it's pretty viable with enough experience counters on Mizzix.

>> No.56041284

And my point is that running expensive cards neither makes you a tryhard nor makes a deck good.

>> No.56041322

Its really not though. Money=rarity/scarcity. A cheap Yisan deck will handily smash most 1k lists or more.

Lightning bolt is absurdly powerful and is run everywhere its legal, its also a dirt cheap common. Riding the dilu horse has almost no real uses and is $100.

Power doesn't equal price. Fuck man, even ABUR duals are worse than command tower.

>> No.56041337

>Fuck man, even ABUR duals are worse than command tower.

Can't get a Command Tower with a fetchland or Nature's Lore.

>> No.56041338

Hey, kinda new to the format, I was thinking about building a Kambal deck since i like the lifegain mechanic and his colors, working on a budget, but feel like it's missing something, open to suggestions.

>> No.56041350

A Command Tower also won't sort out your checklands for you.

>> No.56041382

Sorry to break it for you, but most white instants/sorceries are either wipes, protection, denial like Orim's Chant, or useless. You could copy Storm Herd, I guess.

>> No.56041398

I would rather be running Command tower over fetches or checks too. I run a deck with 9 fetches +Shocks and ABUR duals, and I gotta tell you, if I could replace all of those with command towers I would.

Also, if you are going to use natures lore as an argument, then somehow Underground Sea is worse than Savanah, price makes no difference yet again.

>> No.56041405


20 bucks and you are crying like that?
If you need advice, make a list of what you need, prioritize, key cards and combos, then mana base (shocks, fetchs, a good mana base), then the other stuff.

>> No.56041420

>lands = power
>a $2000 5 color deck with duals, fetches, and shocks is stronger than a $2000 2 color deck


>> No.56041437

Maro admittedly also argued that a lot of the hybrid cards as being poorly designed.

>> No.56041458

Color identity matters a lot less outside of EDH too. You could play a deck that's 90% one color and easily splash 1-2 others for a few specific cards and all you need is a greedy manabase.

>> No.56041511


Ever go to dice house on wednesdays?

>> No.56041778


I posted my first casual EDH in the last thread and got a few suggestions.
I'm trying to keep it relatively budget for the moment. I should get more 1 drops and am thinking of putting in the 2 rits, ghoulcaller's chant, and innocent blood to help fix the curve. Any other ideas?

>> No.56041861

Does anybody live in Southern NH and want to play?

>> No.56041917

Hey guys how do you even win in a multiplayer match if everyone else is using commander commanders? Like Derevi, Oloro, Ur Dragon, Prossh, etc.

I use less powerful but more fun commanders like Queen Marchesa or Maelstrom Wanderer, and I never seem to get as powerful as fast as they do, it's like you can only play commanders made for commander now or you don't stand a chance, it's annoying.

>> No.56041927

Can we just talk about how freaking insane this card is?
For real?! Aaaaand no additional cost over a regular clone

>> No.56041970


the art is ugly so I don't play it

>> No.56041994

It would be a better card if it had haste

>> No.56042008

What about haste and dethrone?

>> No.56042014

>flash, haste and dethrone
too much for that cost

>> No.56042024

>Implying haste > instant speed alara trigger/ copying a mystic snek

>> No.56042029

You can always try the age old solution that solves every conundrum in the game of magic, that is to say: git gud.

>> No.56042039

>play maelstrom wanderer
>weaker than ur dragon
Fucking hell man, do you just play craw wurms or something? I took apart wanderer because of how ridiculous he was and how easily he could dominate a game from bouncing him and casting a few times.

>> No.56042041

No he's saying daks duplicate is already a card

>> No.56042063

Flash clone can't copy steel beams.

>> No.56042077


Derevi and prossh are really strong but maelstrom wanderer is actually pretty close to their level

if you're getting outclassed every game then your 99 is the issue here, relative to your opponents 99

>> No.56042088

>Metamorph +flash
Better yet
>Clever impersonator+flash

>> No.56042143

i know senpai

>> No.56042198


Infinite mana combos in EDH were an inside job

>> No.56042199

He is a cool card but sadly the most powerful stuff he does is done better by Narset. If you want to run Monk/Spell slinger tribal Id throw him in the 99 of a Shu Yun / Narset deck.

He does have a Cool Interaction with Dove Scape though.

>> No.56042242

Anyone use The Scarab god?

I was thinking about making one, but got scared off by the sticker price.

Might just stick to gisa/gerlaf or Lazav.

>> No.56042260

Lazav Steal Yo Shit is good times. Though you miss out on the glory of Villainous Wealth.

>> No.56042270

wait until it gets banned from standard to get one.

>> No.56042304

>Villainous Wealth.
I have had this cast on me so many times. HATE IT.

What exactly is lazav's end game? How do you win with him

>> No.56042332

Scarab God is amazing. I've really come to value commanders like him that have more than one strong line of play open to them, over the potentially really powerful but one-trick-pony commanders like Meren.

That said I traded for Scarab God at the prerelease when he was at 8 bucks. Current price is kinda bonkers. You could run G&G or Lazav and retool to Scarab when he's banned or rotates if it's too much for you.

>> No.56042355


Is it actually going to be banned, didn't we just pass the normal ban announcement?

>> No.56042378

Mill out their good stuff and appropriate it for yourself. Also snatching up the best shit on the board. You basically play their deck against them with all of the control effects that come with Dimir. Or something like that.

>> No.56042508


>more than one strong line of play
>compared to one trick pony meren

How does the scarab God have more "tricks" and lines of play than meren? I thought maybe you were thinking zombie tribal vs regular reanimator, but that's not what "lines of play" are, those are deck builds

>> No.56042798

Basically, Meren is shut off by Rest In Peace, Scarab God isn't: you can just resolve fucking zombies and scry your way to an answer. Similarly, he bounces a little better from Tribal hate than most Tribal commanders since he can play the GY rather than relying on zombies. And both his tribe package and setup-for-reanimation package are unobtrusive enough that it's fairly easy to fit in either a lot of goodstuff or a solid control shell. He's probably not as strong at any one element than a specialist commander but the resilience of a good Scarab build is really valuable to me.

>> No.56042824

Current strategy is get format staples that can go in multiple decks instead of one truck pony cards

>> No.56042856

One trick*

>> No.56042932

I noticed one of these at Target.
It has the Mark Poole cycle of basics from C17 in foil, which otherwise can't be gotten in foil, so that might be appealing to some. Really wish they'd gone with the Guay lands though.

>> No.56042957

>tfw no foil Kev Walker lands
That swamp makes a really nice foil though.

>> No.56042971

They're putting the foil Guay lands in buy-a-box though, they probably want to keep it distinct. What was the pack priced at?

>> No.56042994

My LGS was selling them for $19

>> No.56042996


What's the buy-a-box thing with the Guay lands exactly?

>> No.56043070

How the fuck did I not think of Sram's expertise? I play a fucking W/B servo deck in standard for fuck sake. Thanks for the suggestion. Righteous Command seems pretty deece as well desu


Dovescape. See that's the type of shit I'm after! I'm not really worried about having good edh decks (Isn't Narset considered a S tier or top tier edh commander/deck?) and being the best, winning every game, I just want to play with shitty combos and stupid cards that others overlook and just have fun while I play edh

>> No.56043095

How good are you at making friends tg?

>Enter casual group for the first time
>Everyone is so friendly
>Turn 3 Gideon's Intervention naming one of their commanders
>Play Jokulhaups a few turns after that

>> No.56043097

That was the promotional buy a box of ixalan. Had a promo burning suns avatar and a pack which had 2 guay foil lands and some other guarantees.

>> No.56043137

Buy a box at a LGS and you are supposed to be given both a promo and a pack that contains another copy of the promo, another couple rares/mythics, another few foils, and a couple of foil Guay lands. This started with Ixalan. I bought a box and got both a single promo Burning Sun's Avatar and a pack with another Burning Sun's Avatar promo, Glorious End, Toolcraft Exemplar, Boneyard Parley, Foil Secret Salvage, foil Shefet Dunes, and a Foil Guay Forest & Island. Not great pulls but fuck it, it's free stuff for making the big purchase.

>> No.56043402

Worldslayer+Zurgo my dude.

>> No.56043431


>> No.56043521

Terrible value but I still got one and lucked into a Fetid Pools from a pack.

>> No.56043668

Baral or Zada for some oops all instants/sorceries fun?

>> No.56043702


>> No.56043709

Red instants and sorceries are more fun than blue instants and sorceries only slightly biased

>> No.56043736

>It's not a 6/6 for 6 with trample, it's a bad card

>> No.56043771

What is a cheap but powerful as fuck deck?

I'm guessing monocolor is cheaper because of no dual lands.

>> No.56043788


>overcosted garbage
>one of the most disgusting and powerful decks in the format

sure m8

>> No.56043813

azami can be built for pennies, save for mind over matter

>> No.56043850

Zada. Combos off turn 5-7 normally.

>> No.56043901

Instead do shu yun

>> No.56043926

you can use partners in tiny leaders if they're both 3 or less CMC right?

>> No.56043984

Red Deck Wins

>> No.56044034


>> No.56044044

What is the best commander for a random chaos deck that fucks up all competitive decks?

Blue/Red is my guess, but what commander works good with that?

>> No.56044069


>> No.56044106

Nobody will want to play with you.

Im tired of fucks like you giving U/R a bad name

>> No.56044116

Random Chaos deck?

Ramos. 5 colors gives you access to everything you want, colorless cost means you can get him out asap, and his "ramp" basically allows you to play cards freely.

>> No.56044136


Hey, never thought of that! Ramos is fucking amazing

>> No.56044160

Go ask in the tiny leaders thread.

Oh wait, the format died. Guess you will never get a definitive answer from the creator then.

>> No.56044217


But what happens if you want to include artifact chaos cards like omen machine? they have 0 synergy with him

>> No.56044273

>omen machine

Not everything will have 100% synergy with any commander. Ramos would still a great pick. You can still use ramos "ramp" to cast omen machine and the cards omen machine forces you to cast still gain you counters.

>> No.56044283


Meet Ramos cascade/voltron/infect/storm. This deck actually works somehow.

>> No.56044356

how to play esper without breaking my wallet to get the best artifact ramp

>> No.56044404

I have a fetish for shitty executions of otherwise fairly decent commanders. What do I build /tg/?

>Mazirek (treasure, gold and clues)
>Atraxa (binary tribal (0/0', 0/1's and 1/1's))
>Roon (populating clone tokens)
>Marchesa (grixis infect)
>Daxos (orzhov reanimator + auras)
>Shu Yun (Jor Kadeen + blue)

>> No.56044482

Build a noose and hang yourself

>> No.56044497

Ramos makes most decks work that dont rely strictly on their commander.

if you untap with Ramos on the field. it only takes 1-2 cards to blow up.

>bring to light
pick literally any three color card right after that, then remove your 5 counters for 10 more mana.

>> No.56044551

I am so damn sick of those full art new zendikar lands
I cant really find basics I want to run for this 5c deck that runs 24 basics
idk maybe ill just use snow-covered basics...

>> No.56044603

My weird ideas that I may do one day.
Alesha - Infect
Ezuri, Claw of Progress - Elf tribal
Animar - Eldrazi
Narset - Pillowfort
Keranos - Stax and Mass LD

Also, I have a Meriek Flicker/Reanimator.

>> No.56044657

Purphorros + Tokens. Purphorros itself is pretty expense thought.

>> No.56044743

Shu Yun sounds the most jank. Go with that.

>> No.56044748

Elfball Newzri wouldn't even be bad because almost every elf triggers his experience counter growth. He'd be nowhere near as good as Oldzuri because team pump, but that doesn't make it a shitty execution.

>> No.56044777

There's no point in putting on kiddy gloves in pickup games, I've had a player call me out for donking his face through his pillowfort with Spawn of Thraxes

>> No.56044799

Excellent budget option

>> No.56045149

Is white gearhulk good? I never hear any talk about the gearhulk cycle. Not as good as titans but a few of them gets hit with treasure mage

>> No.56045206

He's decent

>> No.56045235

>everyone taps out turn three
>free cast Teferi
>slam stasis
Feels good man.

>> No.56045241


>> No.56045247

Gearhulks are mostly fine, but they are those cards that you will probably cut off later.

>> No.56045301

Even fatcaster mage?

>> No.56045328

>fatcaster mage
hearty chuckle

>> No.56045332

>tfw foil noose is almost $300

>> No.56045421

anyone happen to have that [chortles in non-euclidean] image?

>> No.56045462

I play Noxious in Karlov and it does a decent job.

>> No.56045588

What noose?

>> No.56045659

Has literally any human being lived after resolving this spell?

>> No.56045697

>Pull a Vraska Relic Seeker
>Literally have no decks to run her in
>Decide to build Golgari deck

What's a fun Golgari Commander that isn't as expensive as Gitrog?

>> No.56045706

I have never seen it work for the person who casts this.

No one likes having their turn taken.

>> No.56045718

Holy shit, now I'm really craving for a good Grixis or BRx Chaos/GroupFuck deck. Which general should I use?

>> No.56045765

>Friend plays this choosing two other players
>Instead of trying to figure out a way to use the new cards they simply say they won't attack eachother for their turn and tell the other what to do
I mean it's not illegal but we where having one of those "dicking around" kind of games
Useless to say that my friend cutted it afterwards.

>> No.56045810


Combustible is a bunch of fun in Feldon. Especially when you have Panharmonicon, Illusionist Bracers, Thousand Year Elixir, and Magewright's Stone out.

You get 6 Gearhulks from between the Initial Activation and Immortal Elixir and Magewright stone, plus Double Triggers from Panharmonicon. It's amazing.

>> No.56045910

In my experience that spell typically results in each player doing their best to waste the others resources... on you.

>> No.56046064


I have. Four person game, used it on the player with the best board state and myself. I managed to kill the other two players, which included a bunch of his creatures dying, plus using artifact destruction on his stuff like Coat of Arms. He couldn't do anything on my turn that wouldn't result in his death other than tapping out all my mana, and I was able to overwhelm him with a bunch of zombie tokens during my next turn.

It was pretty sweet.

>> No.56046172

Yes, I even won that game. The players were more terrified of disrupting the other player's board than hetting revenge on me. So they basically drew a card and passed.

>> No.56046188

so the kraj deck i'm testing feels more durdly than i'm happy with. i'm always an open target when i need another turn to do anything, then kraj is a mana sink itself. i'm thinking pic related would give me one or two time walk effects to keep up with faster decks. harvest season looks like another necessary include. my only fast mana is sol ring due to budget reasons. what else other than the standard ramp creatures?

jarad, glissa, and sapling are probably the most interesting choices. i'll leave it to other peeps to suggest budget options

>> No.56046290

Amulet of Vigor turns your taplands into semifunctional ABUR Duals and provides a way to come out on top of effects like Kismet/Blind Obedience. Just 1 mana

>> No.56046302

Your friends are lil bitches

>> No.56046336

But Kermit is very budget friendly. You don't need to build it as a combo deck and even if you do, it doesn't require bazaar, cradle or anything terribly expensive.

>> No.56046368

Spooky Shrubbery!

>> No.56046395


>> No.56046417

Peronally I'm surprised an effect like Emminence took so long to become a thing, it seems like such a no brainer in this format. I hope to see it again some time.

>> No.56046508

>I hope to see it again some time.

>> No.56046548

I have a soft spot for Mr. Bramblebones.

>> No.56046601

>people request and save the image I made
Oh gosh I made that I didn't realize how happy I would be about this.

>> No.56046626

Do you still stick wyrmcoil into every deck or is that day and age over?

>> No.56046789

jhoira of the githu or vial smasher for a slightly chaotic spellslinger deck?

>> No.56046791

Nope, not impactful enough.

>> No.56046832

That's spicy, but a Mindslaver, Emrakul or Worst Fears would be better in most situations

>> No.56046872

>Just 1 mana
And a card.

>> No.56046887

nils hamm is 10/10

>> No.56046939

Vial smasher + anyone else is pretty hilarious, would recommend.

>> No.56047029

It's only tolerable in its current design because it severely limits deckbuilding to utilize. Even then it spawned some cancer such as Wandervine Prophets one-card infinite or people building Mardu Purphoros with Edgar just for a couple of vampire tokens.

>> No.56047114


How do you build a chaos deck properly? I have a bunch of chaos enchantments and creatures and sorceries, but I don't have many ways of defending myself, so I could easily get annihilated by an Uril attack or something.

Is there even a point in trying to defend yourself in a chaos deck or just go full yolo mode?

>> No.56047116

lads am I retarded, how are you supposed to cheat this out

>> No.56047149


>> No.56047150

Thief of Blood I guess.

>> No.56047162

Thespian stage
Vampire hexmage

>> No.56047173

Vampire hexmage, thespian stage, anything that prevents counters being placed on permanents.

>> No.56047175


Most of the ways to cheat it out involve making a copy of the land, which has no counters on it, saccing the original to the legendary rule, and since the copy has no counters it triggers. Stuff like Mirage Mirror or Thespian's Stage work. There's also some Vampire that has an activated ability to sac it and remove all counters from one permanent which works too.

>> No.56047191

I dont think that works, state based effects makes you sacrifice it without triggering or am i wrong?

>> No.56047197

Vampire Hexmage, Aether Snap, copying it with something that's already on the battlefield like Thespian's Stage or Mirage Mirror...

>> No.56047221

how does this work? in the counter sense, wouldn't it copy that too?

>> No.56047225

You go full retard. A dedicated chaos deck has no intention or chance of winning so just give in and realize that every experienced player will take you out first.

>> No.56047232

Mirage mirror

>> No.56047264

it only copies the permanent, not the counters.

>> No.56047271

Sac the one with counters and then resolve the the copies effect.

>> No.56047329

I'm about to start building my first EDH deck, and I'm torn between four possible commanders: Mairsil, Inalla, Jhoira or Niv Mizzet. Which one can get a good budget deck more easily and which one is easier for a edh beginner?

>> No.56047385

Niv Mizzet. Keeping your colors to a minimum will ease your land requirements and make deck building a little easier. UR is a piss easy color combo to build with and has a high power ceiling too. Plus building for Niv will net you a lot of cards that have applications in other decks.

>> No.56047491

I was talking about Dracogenius, since I have it, but I might as well use Firemind since it's not that expensive either.

Can I trust the EDHRec staples or should I research better? I really haven't got the logic of deckbuilding for EDH yet - should I worry about wincons or good commander synergy, for example? I barely even have any experience with Standard, only playing when I was a kid with my cousins.

>> No.56047564

Another guy. You have sold me with the spooky shrubbery. This is my next deck. Also my 2nd golgari

>> No.56047628

EDHrec can probably inform a good 80% of what you'll want in your deck.

>> No.56047766

Honestly, if it's a 5c deck, then it's going to be expensive, assuming it has a non-shit mana base. Gotta run them classic duels.

>> No.56047855

The fuck you talking about? The best spellslinger decks are R/G.

>> No.56048037

You wish, planeswalker.

>> No.56048146


Teferi Fag

>Turn 1 hand:
>Mana Crypt
>Sol Ring
>Grim Monolith
>Chain Veil
>Mox Opal
>Time Warp

>Get the play

>T1 win

Why is life so cruel yet so beautiful?

>> No.56048152

Wort looks super fun to play. I'm sure she can be abused with combos and whatnot, but what are some fun janky spells that work well with her?

>> No.56048175

Yep. Pretty much any wednesday I can make it.

>> No.56048180

I tried making wort, but she feels like an inferior riku.
Why run Wort over Riku?

>> No.56048301

This. I have a (near) perfect chaos list. Lots of fun to play. It has two wincons: The first is to play Teferi, Mage of Zhafir and then slam down a Knowledge Pool. The other is to make the game bog down to such an implayable state due to interactions between cards that everyone else scoops.


>> No.56048351

Kind of thinking about making a janky mono-white EDH with just oddball, unexpected cards. Any suggestions?

>> No.56048367

This springs to mind

>> No.56048401

Every Fireball ever printed

I run a Scapeshift package too

>> No.56048408

Tbh, they both run pretty similar. The advantage to Wort, I find, is the conspire just needs creatures on the board, while Riku needs mana open. Either way works, and Riku gets access to blue, but I find Wort to just be more fun to play. For example, I would be surprised to see a Riku deck toss down a X=15 Genesis Wave copied 3 times, but that's definitely something I've done on the regular in Wort. It really comes down to how you want to play your deck. Wort has a different feel than Riku.

>> No.56048428

I really like stuff like Abeyance, Silence, and Orim's Chant. They're even better if you have Isochron Scepter in the deck.

>> No.56048488

Boundless Realms.
Wort Turn 4 or 5. Boundless Realms copied next turn.
Fork. Genesis Wave. X=15 genesis wave, Forked, both fork and wave conspired. = 60 cards to field.

Here's my old deck. It could certainly be refined, but it's tons of fun to play. There's a lot I could do to make it much faster, but it's this is the deck I made after coming back to MtG after 10+ years. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/10-03-15-frog-in-a-blender/

>> No.56048498

>thread question
Derevi birbs if i knew how to make it

>> No.56048581

The same works for Tooth and Nail and Reap and Sow. There's really any number of game closers.

>> No.56048701


>> No.56048741

Meld Gisela in graveyard into tooth and nail Meld Bruna and Gaddock Teeg bringing back Gisela and melding. What can get out of this after end step?

>> No.56048899

So, based on EDHREC, a lot of people have the same sort of idea for Gonti, ie. Monoblack-monobrown pseudo Flicker.

Makes sense, but why are Blood Clock and Umbilicus so unrepresented? Surely, if you want to recast Oblivion Sower every turn, you want some redundant effects instead of just relying on Erratic Portal. Is the chance of it backfiring too great?

>> No.56048960

Becacuse creatures with ETB are too common in EDH. Also, there's a good chance that at least some on in your table or group is playing a flicker general or a flicker themed deck.

>> No.56049009

Most of the time, people would love to repeat an effect of any permanent with an ETB, and even if they absolutely need not to, 2 life is a small price to pay.

>> No.56049067

Well, the 2 life part obviously isn't relevant. It is more for you reusing ETBs and cast triggers, but I guess it is very well likely that you'd give another deck too much value.

I'd just think that if you are going full ETB commit, you'd get more than enough value to justify the possibility of giving it to opponents.

>> No.56049141

You can still cast anything but noncreature spells with cmc>4.
Your opponents can only cast creature spells with cmc>4.

>> No.56049162

Plow Under

>> No.56049188

I don't think there is a single deck that doesn't benefit from it.

>> No.56049200

>gruul spellslinger
>not Angry Bobo

>> No.56049215

It isn't a matter of the entire deck not having any ETBs, I meant it being a matter of those decks ALWAYS having one in play. After all, a Gonti deck is gonna run a lot of wipes. Plus, if they do end up playing a strong ETB with the Blood Clock on the field, you can always just bounce the Blood Clock during your upkeep.

I dunno. Maybe it works out very poorly in practice. I'll fuck around with it.

>> No.56049288

What about pic related instead?

>> No.56049322

A deck doesn't need several ETBs in play to benefit from it, just one. And as someone who have seen Mardu boardwipes in action, you can't stop 3 other players from having their good shit on the table.

I guess it will depend on your meta, but on metas with a decent amount of boardwipes, ETB's becomes even more valuable.

>> No.56049331

Run that with Warped Devotion/Oppression/Painful Quandry/Bottomless Pit/Necrogen Mists/Geth's Grimoire+Words of Waste

>> No.56049404

Interesting, but my deck would need a rework to get consistent value off of it.

Certainly. If I find the thing rots in my hand because someone ALWAYS has an ETB in play, I'll certainly cut both.

>> No.56049437

>my only fast mana is sol ring due to budget reasons.
Simic Signet.

>> No.56049527

By fast mana i think anon meant rocks that produce net gains the turn they come down: moxen/crypt/vault

>> No.56049625

Here's your super secret, booty blasting tech.

>> No.56049696

Which is the most fun mono green commander?

>> No.56049772

How much draw do you FUCKS put into your permission decks? Small meta, usually 3 people.

>> No.56049935

Reki, History of Kamigawa.

>> No.56049954


>> No.56050020


>> No.56050098

Yeva. The feeling of draw go gives to mono green creatures is incredible, no one expects you to flash in an Acidic Slime, or a Reclamation Sage.

>> No.56050193


>> No.56050205

Run Karma and similar effects to punish people when Urborg comes out.

Then run Urborg yourself in case they don't.

>> No.56050224

For an equip deck how many artifactst o creature ratio should i have? how many little guys do i want and how many big guys that can swing for the win?

>> No.56050372

Play mizzix

>> No.56050377

Multani, Maro Sorcerer
He's Group Hug that can actually win without trying to deck out opponents or just cause scoops because you made it so Timmy got his 10/10 to turn sideways on Turn 5

>> No.56050398


You want all your creatures to enable equip shenanigans or otherwise buff the equipped creature. My Ruhan of the Fomori deck for example probably has a little more than 10 creatures in the whole deck.

>> No.56050443

Seton, Krosan Protector

>> No.56050571


Masumaro. You get obscure general cred right off the bat for using him. But, god damn is he easy to murder someone with.

>Soul's Majesty
>Triple your current hand size

>> No.56051211

That EdhRec suggested is spicy, and looks pretty cheap.

>> No.56051312

I have 19-20 cards devoted to draw and filtering.

>> No.56051395


Verdeloth the Ancient, thalid/sapoling tribal

>> No.56051399

Wish spells have a range of "Whatever the playgroup agrees on" according to the official commander website.

If you want to get technical, the comprehensive rules calls it a casual format and errata on wish cards on gatherer say that casual format games give wishes a range of "your collection".

>> No.56051425


depends, if your commander can reliably draw cards you can get away with fewer sources of draw, but generally i like 10-15, with a mix of cantrips, one-time big draws like sphinx's rev or even something like windfall, and continuous draw effects like consecrated sphinx or staff of nin

>> No.56051471

That's why you cast it on the turn before yours.

>> No.56051492


This man is your best friend.

>> No.56051547

How does this enable spellslinging?

>> No.56051584

so would it be ok to run an oloro wish card deck even though I only use 3 wishes for uniqueness

>> No.56051633

It turns every land you have into a lightning bolt.

>> No.56051654

did you not see pic related?

>> No.56051691

Who cares about bolts in EDH? In order for that to be an effective strategy, you would need to run 50-60 land.

>> No.56051694

Seconding Reki. Tons of great green legends, legendary artifacts, planeswalkers, legendary enchantments (growing rites is absurd value) that all cantrip while he's on the board. Absolute insanity and he get's out of control fast

>> No.56051703

one of my favorite blue staples

if the decks blue this shits in

>> No.56051705

solemnity does not work dark depths enters with the counters not added afterwords

>> No.56051752


you are incorrect sir. dark depths does enter with counters but that still counts as them being placed on it, and solemnity still prevents it

>> No.56051779

I didn't think G/W control was possible and I also didn't think consistent Green draw was possible but somehow Sisay makes it work.

>> No.56051785

or just a single damage doubler

>> No.56051879

hmm alright I heard different but seeing the rulings I see what your saying

>> No.56052079

Bolts are real nice in higher-power metas, since a lot of the good creatures that get run in those types of decks are 3 toughness or less

>> No.56052146

Second for Yeva, flashing in Pathbreaker Ibex EoT ends games pretty often, and Seedborn Muse reminds people why Prophet of Kruphix deserved to be banned.

>> No.56052308

Seedborn doesn't have "You get 3 extra turns before your next turn" attached to it like Prophet does. That was the breaking point.

>> No.56052333

>not running 50-60 lands

>> No.56052342


of course, he's saying you get to approximate that with yeva + seedborn

>> No.56052349

If Mirage Mirror becomes Monstrous, it stays Monstrous even when it stops being a creature, right?

>> No.56052455

Next thread question, how to balance cards from the ban list? Should prime titan onlt be able to hit basics or is that still too strong?

>> No.56052518

Around 42 lands seems to be enough, in my experience, especially when you start throwing the same lands multiple times.

>> No.56052523

That'd still be somewhat strong, as it'd put you 2 mana ahead of everyone else. Not nearly as busted though.

4 mana if he had haste tho, god damn

>> No.56052532

Yes. Being monstrous is not part of an object's copiable values, so it isn't related to the Mirror's copy effect.

>> No.56052743

>thread question
Ulamog, The Ceaseless Hunger

yeah he isn't really tribal effect wise, but he is my favorite commander for my colorless Eldrazi commander deck.

Also, I fucking hate players who get salty during commander games. It makes building a good deck feel like shit because if you miss-play they get upset for you holding back, but if you play optimally they get upset for you winning.

Like, I won way faster than I thought I would tonight because I played expecting my opponents to have answers so I played accordingly, and they ended up just durdling while I took over the game. Then I feel like an ass because I expected the group power level to be higher.

I guess I need to make a shitty commander deck. Maybe I'll do skeleton tribal for halloween or something.

>> No.56052787

new thread

>> No.56052967

Lots of people at my LGS have high powered decks so I dont worry about "kiddy gloves" in pickup games. My friends who I play with regularly though are at a lower power level then I am so I have to find a Balance between being competitive enough to hold out vs Decks that are super fine tuned and have money behind them, and Trying to not Blow out the guy who built a Deck with only the newest cards he could find and never bought a Precon. Sadly My Favorite Deck has been ousted from my friends because its "not fun to play against", but is too fragile for the big kids table.

>> No.56053332

I died to that spell, from my own deck.

Someone was borrowing my Gonti bouncehouse commander deck, and I had that meme in it. I was playing a grixis vial smasher / kraum deck.

I killed the other two players and passed the turn with ~20 or so card in my library. She takes her turn and casts Cruel entertainment, then makes me draw my deck on my turn.

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