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Friendship edition

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How Alpha are you, Anon?

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why are you still posting this minging cyoa?

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thanks anon, i'm so glad you support me

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You should add part where you pick where you are going to be stationed, like Normandy, Dresden or Stalingrad.

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More ghosts

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Medical Kit(4)

I'll procure an STG and a fallen Ameican's 1911 later but for now comes saving lives


B.)After a few months I'll be launching grenades so far they'll thing it was artillery

C.) I'll just walk to Moscow as everyone just turns their heads in fear of me

B) They will gladly listen to my demands and surrender

D.) She will make a loyal mother and wife that will be glad and waiting for when I return with stalin's pipe

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How many points do you get?

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you don't deserve it, but you still have all my love

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one of these things are not like the others

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Is this new?

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It's recent, yeah

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it literally says

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but that's a 10 in russian.

translate please.

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That's for equipment, how much do you get for roles/occupations?

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you are 1 person, how many roles do you think you can do?

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Does anyone remember the name of that cyoa where you enter a city with pockets full of cash to build a custom weapon out of different materials?

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I actually don't want to be huge, so gains don't matter, just fitness.

I've only got one buddy, and he weighs more than I do despite me having about five inches on the guy. Not that I weigh a lot at 184lbs, but he's a little over 200. Maybe 210, not really sure how either since I eat way more than he does. Gonna get my bro to be as fit as me and maybe get his wife in on the action too, since she's in the same boat.

Japanese, German, Russian, Korean, and fucking Spanish, here I go.

Maria was tempting since it's almost guaranteed she's never going to get fat, but I'm just as weak to bookish girls as I am tomboys, and Maria has no guarantee of being an actual tomboy.

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That's the one! Thanks mate.

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Published it Friday

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But each one costs a different amount of points

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This was posted in the last thread.
Now, can someone explain me how i'm supposed to read that?

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who cares you already know what it says anyway

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It's not the cost of role, it's just running number so that equipment list can reference that instead of role name.

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How I'm supposed to have knowledge about something that I never seen before?

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PPP+ coming out when?

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But you have. You've seen it in every single cyoa since you first the cyoag.

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I remember someone recognizing the font and someone else using the info to translate it. It ended up being some joke along the lines of "What loser would waste time trying to read this"

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October next year

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Learn Hymmnos.

Here, have a song in with translated subtitles:

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You serious, bro?

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Is that the only page? It doesn't say how many points we have, and doesn't go into detail about etching.

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Sorry, screwed up the reply.


Is that the only page? It doesn't say how many points we have, and doesn't go into detail about etching.

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Ferrean is cute

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Is that a Ar Tonelico CYOA? I recognise these images

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>The Great CYOA of absolutely nothing

Appropriate name.

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So, it is a CYOA using a original language from the game? Now I'm really interessed in playing it, even more after that music.
I gonna kill some time learning this language then, even if the actual tranlation end up beingba joke, like some Anon sair here

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bost mistery box pls

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>I gonna kill some time learning this language then, even if the actual tranlation end up beingba joke, like some Anon sair here

Let me help you a bit.


And the only bit I've found translated by another anon is this, do the rest if you really want to be autistic, then post for lazy people.

"The great CYOA of absolutely nothing"

"Also known as Hymmnos fuckhole. Be happy I am not typing in actual hymmnos."

"So since you probably aren't going to read this I am just going to post girls from first Ar Tonelico. The order will be from most to least attractive."

"The Girls"

"Young Misha"
"I still honestly believe that young misha looks better (than the) old one. Thought it's still (a) shame how she lied about the whole "Singing till death" thing."

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Anyone have that yandere psychic CYOA?

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why dont you write it first?

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What mystery box? Or did you mistake the unnamed author for a mystery box?

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Ok mr Stalin,

Engineer with a PPS 43, 70 rounds and as many anti infantry grenades as I can reasonably carry, plant tripwire mines everywhere to slow down the fascist advance.

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Daily reminder that the globalists will fail. But it is YOUR help and efforts that drive this.

Choose Your Class.

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Who are you and what kind of adventure do you go on?

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It's a part of Battlemage CYOA, it was posted 2 threads ago or so

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Traps are gay

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Is this where I may acquire the /d/cyoas?

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>My own body hair
>Raw muscular machismo (with Gun Sword as backup)
Objectively superior build.

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Here you go, have fun.

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No, those are on /trash/ now, also because of the move to /trash/ the threads are actually slower than they were on /d/, and people don't seem to care very much anymore.

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There have been a couple /trash/-released cyoas that have been good.

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E. I will wake up and realize that that was just a fantasy concocted by my own mind. With a prod of his gun, a soviet soldier shoves me back into line, and we begin to march through the ruined streets of Berlin.

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There have, but I mean that if you ask something on /trash/ there's a much lower chance of someone answering.

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And they say you get nothing if you ask, thanks anon

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>no johnson guns


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The fey path CYOA is awesome

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pretty sure it's been merely reposted from redd*t

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that one was reposted from reddit tho

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Still better than Tok's drivel.

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But I love Tok's drivel

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DAE hate tok xD

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Tok actually produces shit at a good pace. Do other authors have that benefit? No? Then shat ap.

>> No.56025280

It's like the McDonald's of CYOAs - you can get a lot of it fast and it sometimes fills a craving, but it's always the same, it looks like overhyped shit, and there's nothing to it beyond the cravings.

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It takes nothing to take a shit anon.

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haven't seen that one yet, post it?

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To be fair that Fate author servant CYOA does seem promising... Altough that is just wishful thinking you know what happened with eronomicon

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The not!Servants will all just have sex with each other, probably.

I'm predicting it now. Tok can't escape himself.

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>Tok produces shit at a good pace.
That's the problem. I'd rather have and make quality, heartfelt work that takes a while than pretend that Tok is actually a good author just because he makes really mediocre and frequently poor OC on a semi-regular basis.

Dude can't take criticism, doesn't improve, and runs off to reddit when people here don't suck his dick immediately.

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God fucking dammit.

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Oh shit, I posted my build, don't look

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I still don't understand why Soren is better than all the other Thirds. Was he supposed to be a Second?

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RIP anon.

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You are too late. I am now judging your decisions.

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I meant like, a link to an imgur album to avoid the banhammer.

RIP in peace, anon.

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this reminds me of the skill system from FFX/FFXII

>> No.56025503

I fucking saved my build in place of my copy of the CYOA god fucking damnit

This is this>>56025320 anon's fault, please aknowledge it.

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>TFW discussions about who is best author will not escalate to the point that threads about anons summoning not!Servants to fight in the grial war will be created

>> No.56025527

It's new and already one of my favorites
I love me some comfy dark.
DLC when?

>> No.56025529

I blame you, curse you anon.

>> No.56025609

It's probably the inspiration, this would be a good idea for non-lewd CYOAs

>> No.56025612

Italics produces good content at a good pace and its better than Tok.

>> No.56025652

Nobody cares about Italics.

>> No.56025659

I really want to see how he fucks up everyone's favorite authors. Particularly Highlander who remains in exile because she used her one meta discussion card on him.

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>> No.56025696

Wait, what happened between Tok and Highlander?

>> No.56025706

Everybody is always saying such or such character is the strongest but what about the classes of servants? Which is the strongest class? Berserker? Rider?

>> No.56025711

Yoi delet that post. Italics did nothing wrong to deserve this bullying.

>> No.56025741

What has italics made?

>> No.56025760

Some shit about pokemon

>> No.56025766

Tok was being particularly shitty and Highlander said he should stop but recognized a callout degrades her standing and thus left the general until Traveler 2 comes out. Which is why Celt apparently dropped her Deus Ex cyoa.

>> No.56025773

Caster is academically the strongest, but has negative plot armor.

>> No.56025787

I kind of disagree. It’s poorly balanced and a headache to get through. It certainly looks pretty, which is far more than you can say for 90% of lewd cyoas

>> No.56025804

Current Tok is so bad that even people on /trash/ tell him that his cyoas suck.
His most recent works were short lists of crudely drawn abominations.

>> No.56025813

Caster is generally thought to be the weakest class, but it also has some of the strongest individuals outclassing the others.

It's represented on both ends of the extremes.

>> No.56025848

That pp shit? Has he made anything else?

>> No.56025854

Infected remains the high point, IMO. I liked Slaver and Messed Up too, but those are one note and simply appeal to certain fetishes of mine in ways that content usually doesn’t speak to. Infected has a lot of potential for more than just lewd fetish fulfillment and actually looked noticeably different.

>> No.56025855

MaidAnon is best girl, gotta pick them.

>> No.56025880

>Tok literally drove away Highlander

This is an unforgivable sin.

>> No.56025888

True; it's more of a "low baseline, but fewest limits" thing.
For every Solomon, there's a Shakespeare.

Saber is probably strongest overall due to having high overall stats and no real weakness, while Berserker is the simplest and most straightforward class - highest physical attributes, but generally dumb as a brick.

>> No.56025911

DLC when I have enough images I'm happy with. If you want to speed that up, feel free, but I still likely won't get around to it until after another project or two.
And I can't keep writing comfydark, I have to develop myself in other ways. There's the Merc CYOA I've put on hold for now, but I don't think I'm ready for it quite yet. I'm thinking titanslaying instead?

>> No.56025929

To be fair, most Berserkers we've seen are stupidly overpowered and would win if not for being against King Plot Armor.

A lot of the other classes seem to get shafted simply because King Arthur is summoned as a Saber, and she always wins.

>> No.56025940


>> No.56025942

Saber has the highest overall stats and typically lasts to the end of the War, but usually has some issues and doesn't typically specialize much.

Berserker and Caster are the strongest min-maxers, but are cripplingly weak outside of their specialties. At least one caster in Fate can't even fucking fight properly and just buffspams his master, and that's likely not uncommon in the class. Berserkers trade in sanity/nuance to hit harder and that's about it.

Lancers and Archers are fairly middle-ground but usually have a stupid fucking drawback, like how EMIYA can't clone the REAL weapons worth cloning and how Cool Chalupa has one of the worst Luck stats but has a Luck-based Noble Phantasm.

Riders and Assassins are terrible and only good at their one thing and rarely good at much else.

>> No.56025978

>At least one caster in Fate can't even fucking fight properly and just buffspams his master,
Medea can fight by herself better than fucking Giles, the issue is that the knight classes have Magic Resistance making caster weak in combat

>> No.56025979

No, no. It was a self imposed exile. While Tok did play a part and still completely misses the point of the exile HL chose to leave. And even in Exile we still got the Deus Ex Cyoa so it's safe to say she'll eventually return.

>> No.56025992

your ass is gay and you know it

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>> No.56026005

At least the Assassins have some variety post corruption. All of them being the Hashashin leaders.

How the fuck they count but someone like Jack the Ripper didn't makes no sense. Then again you open up a can of worms where people like Hitler can be summoned as Assassins.

>> No.56026015

Calm down there upside down satan.

>> No.56026030

I know it was self-imposed, but he wouldn't have left if Tok hadn't caused them to have an outburst.

I miss being able to talk about Traveller.

>> No.56026035

That's Satan's cousin; Natas.

>> No.56026044

Shakespheare and Shota Hans both can't fight directly and have to result in psychological torture, buffing an actual combatant, and shit like Item Creation. Medea is an outlier because she's not only relatively famous, but also from the Golden Age of Magic. She's considered top tier among Casters because there's really not many people who can compete with her competence, power, and fame.

Think about that. Medea is easily in Top 5 Casters but STILL can't beat a knight because of fucking Magic Resistance.

>> No.56026048

Are you both sure it's not Santa?

>> No.56026050

It's probably for the better, that way when it returns we'll be able to return to it fresh.

>> No.56026052

Which is why Casters fight creatively, being a better alternative to begin with.

>> No.56026066

some toehoe cyoas and picking a godess waifupicker

>> No.56026078

>Medea is easily in Top 5 Casters

Oh look. A Medeafag.

>> No.56026086

Long story short, that particular clan of assassins ARE the Assassin Heroic Spirits. You can't have 'actual' Assassins outside of those specific people because of plot magic.

It's stupid, it's limiting, but it's canon.

>> No.56026101

Nigga, if I was Santa I’d make sure you kids got plenty of hos this year

>> No.56026115

>You're a Medeafag if you actually know the fucking lore.
Multiple sources say Medea's considered a fairly powerful Caster well above the norm for the class, and there's not that many known Casters, so "top 5" isn't that hard to manage. Might be high-balling it a bit, but Top 10 of the known Casters shouldn't be unreasonable.

>> No.56026130

So literally nothing good?

>> No.56026157

Calm down, Medeafag.

>> No.56026158

This is the best Author CYOA of all time

everyone else can just give up now

>> No.56026175

weebs seem to like them, maybe they're good in their niche

>> No.56026194

No Box Wine/10

>> No.56026211

Pokemon Personified, Armored Core, Picking-A-Goddess, Style of Life, Spire, Dusk City, Girls Military, Bunch of waifu (4GirlsPick1, 3GirlsPick1) cyoas, Touhou Girlfriend, Order, and New World

>> No.56026285

Celt is the best choice.
You know that faggot will always have weed.

>> No.56026291

Oh! I liked order and the armoured core one.
Rest of it is shit.

>> No.56026323

Medea isn't in the top 5 Casters. There are plenty of others who are more famous, like Solomon or even Gilgamesh. If Solomon is real then there is a chance Moses is as well, and he would likely fall under the umbrella of Caster. Even Merlin, from a less magical time, makes up for it with raw popularity. Shit, Rasputin might even outclass her if he ever appears since he's infinitely more famous, even though he is from a time where magic is nearly dead.

Not to mention all the prophets of Islam and Judaism. Or, you know, Jesus.

>> No.56026345

Would Muhammad count as a Caster or a Saber?

Imagine fighting him in Mecca.

>> No.56026370

>top 5
>caster Gil

and then in no particular order edison/nicotriss/Xuanzang

Medea would make the top 10 tho

also, Medea isnt considered "top tier" for combat prowess but for general knowledge of magic, and "top tier" is a fairly vague term, since Medusa and Cu are also considered "top tier"

rasputin has no confirmed class, neither does moses or jesus or anyone else not currently mentioned- because if you want to start bringing in "but actually they dont have myth/history X! this conversation will never end and even merlin might get outclasses "

>> No.56026381

If Zelretch had been a Servant, he'd be up there as well.

>> No.56026422

Edison is actually piss weak by himself, he just gets a boost in Grand Order because the Founding Fathers couldn't ALL be summoned at once and they wanted to ensure that America was safe.

Basically all of Edison's power is in popularity, and even then he's not well-known enough outside of America to be terribly powerful.

>> No.56026425

and if aoko had been a servant...

and if NRVNQSR had been a servant...

and if shiki had been a servant...

not to mention the fucking massive amount of mages in myth that arent in yet (can i hear morgan lefay?)

this path of reasoning is silly and pointless

>> No.56026428

What is good about Order? I would've liked a New World remake than Order. Armored Cire had some good factions and Italics said its getting remake.

>> No.56026460

his WFD acts like a Nobu NP in that hes extremely anti-magic, so theres certain matchups he just wins by default

and yes, his form without the presidential mystic code might be weak, but AFAIK we dont see that one- so we can ignore it

>> No.56026462

Where the OC at?

>> No.56026482

The Fatefags ate them all

>> No.56026493

Because, as historical figures, they can be summoned by the Grail. The best fit for Holy Men is Caster, unless they have particular physical feats. So Moses and Jesus would definitely fall under it, while Rasputin would fit that best as well since he's both a holy man and a suspected mystic.

It's one thing to wonder about what someone like George Washington would be considering class limitations, but those people clearly fall under the Caster class.

>> No.56026515

Have at you

>> No.56026522

Zelretch is already up there without being a Servant. The upper echelons of the Dead Apostles are monstrous.

>> No.56026529

moses might be a saber due to what his splitting of the red sea is described as

jesus might be a ruler / ruler (fake) if he is even a real person in nasuverse

no one knows with rasputin, but since hes going to be a demiservant hes either really strong or piss weak

>> No.56026530

>video game characters enter into legend
>in the far future, Kratos is summoned as a Berserker
>the grail just gives up and gives him the wish

>> No.56026544

>moses might be a saber due to what his splitting of the red sea is described as

That would be fucking retarded and you know it.

>> No.56026560

>Wanting that delusional megalomaniac

>> No.56026571

maybe, but he apparently can shoot excaliblasts out of his fists according to rameses

>kratos is summoned as berzerker
>but because the games lost relevance he has shit stats

>> No.56026576

>he honestly thinks Kratos is the strongest video game character in any franchise
>not Asura

>> No.56026577

>Moses with a sword that can split everything in half
Retarded but highly efficient

>> No.56026607

>34 pages of text
>literally no images

you've been posting this for days and you still have basically nothing. Why are you doing this.

>> No.56026608

People think of staves when they hear Moses, not fucking swords.

Though it's not the first time Nasu was a fucking mong.

>> No.56026623

>People think of staves when they hear Moses, not fucking swords.
who cares

hes also not going to be an old bearded man if you want another thing to sperg about

>> No.56026631

To be far, there are too many video game characters that fall under Berserker. You can't summon them all.

Plus, there's a decently high chance of servants being summoned with Divinity, and I'm willing to bet his NP would be great at killing Divine beings.

>maybe, but he apparently can shoot excaliblasts out of his fists according to rameses
what the shit is happening in Grand Order

>> No.56026639

>Dude Angra Manyu is a normal guy who got called the world's evil.
>Dude Kur the child of Angra Manyu never existed.
>Dude King Arthur is a woman in a 15 year old body and falls in love wjth an autistic japanese boy
>Medea did nothing wrong
Fate is a joke.

>> No.56026644

Why would he be old. Everyone is practically a supermodel in the Nasuverse.

>> No.56026648

>Not having a snake-designed wooden sword

>> No.56026650

>Grand Order
its from Prototype, but arthurs a man in that one

>> No.56026662

>he honestly thinks Kratos is better at killing divine beings then Asura

>> No.56026677

Because you're gifted with the attention span of a twelve year old and I'm going to mock you for it.

>> No.56026709

I eagerly await the day when Babe Ruth the Archer shows up.

>> No.56026710

>Medea did nothing wrong
so like in the original versions of the myth?

she goes to elysium in those

the whole "kills her kids" thing comes from Euripides's version, and was added as a twist to make the story "deeper"

not to mention the whole "gets saved by the gods" part

>> No.56026719

I don't think the Holy Grail summons heroes in their later years. Archer was pretty old for a Servant to begin with.

>> No.56026738

Oh my god I didn't mean to start a war, please calm yourselves.

>> No.56026757

I don't know whether or not to be sad that I've yet to be picked...
Great job either way TA

>> No.56026767

Medea literally did not much wrong, though. Jason was the one that was fucked up. Worst thing Medea did was killing her kids to get back at Jason.

>> No.56026789

What about the part where she murders the woman marrying Jason who had no about her and also killing the girl's father.

Instead of killing Jason she murdered 2 innoncent people. Medeafags are scum

>> No.56026798

>kills homewrecker
so nothing wrong?

>> No.56026801

>Worst thing Medea did was killing her kids to get back at Jason.
That's pretty fucking bad.

>> No.56026823

Theoretically it can summon them from any point in their life, or even screw with things in weird ways. Hercules in particular got summoned as he was right before he became a god, and Gilgamesh gets summoned with the personality he had before he met Enkidu but with the memories and skills from the end of his life.

>> No.56026840

The girl didn't deserve and neither did her father. Hell if she told them a goddess approved Medea union with Jason they would have fucked off.

>> No.56026842

You're right, but only in a modern sense. That's pretty tame by Greek standards. When in rome and all that.

>> No.56026846


>> No.56026848

considering that part was added as a twist by a guy who hated classical myths and that she goes to greek heaven according to earlier sources its really not

>> No.56026861

ZBG. I love me my chuunis.

>> No.56026863

Currently planning some, actually.

>> No.56026877

Gilgamesh was physically in his mid-twenties when he got summoned originally.

In F/SN he was a teenager from drinking the youth potion.

>> No.56026942

the sword and kratos can gain enough to kick Asura's ass he just needs to kill gods
plus asura needs to be angry to get strong and asura doesn't know kratos so he wouldn't be that angry

>> No.56026974

Hey man, I made the cyoa myself and I haven't gotten picked. Hang in there man.

>> No.56026987

Yea that's just the body though, the other stories make it weird. Like in extra Gil is with his personality from the end of his life, and basically the same body from the fourth grail war.

>> No.56026992

Order is literally FF Tactics the cyoa.

>> No.56027004

Too lazy to actually work on the thing I SAID I'd make fucking weeks ago. Probably months, actually.

Now I've got a huge backlog of video games and anime.

To fall back on the automatic response: When you make it, anon.

>> No.56027015

He's an adorable delusional megalomaniac.
With free drugs and cuddles.

>> No.56027067

I don't understand the hate, personally.

>> No.56027126

Cause she is a bitch and Jason is kind of an ass, historically. Now stop being a waifufag.

>> No.56027141

There are new namefags since last I was here, could someone give me a rundown?

She keeps trying to kidnap my waifu.

>> No.56027165

Medeafags ASSEMBLE

>> No.56027175

So is there an estimate time for the Magi Bloodlines?

>> No.56027195

I have no idea what that is

>> No.56027204

>Trusting Estimates

>> No.56027231

Why should anyone make you OC, you and others hardly respond when it's made and when you do respond it's usually nasty replies. Make your own OC.

>> No.56027264

After, Italics finished PPP+ whjch is suppose to come out this month. So November maybe December in Italics time, since jt won't be filled with fuck ton of companions

>> No.56027323

Try Jumpchain CYOAs if you want a warmer reception to text heavy works

Traveler Tale's is the best General CYOA

>> No.56027358

Thank you very much, Anon. I'm looking forward to it

>> No.56027359

>Trusting Italics
Fixed it for you.

>> No.56027493

>Not liking a waifu because she kidnaps your waifu
Are you afraid of getting cucked?

>> No.56027495

Imma need the full pics of Symbiobro and TextAnon, for obvious reasons. Help a brother out?

>> No.56027513

requesting a danganronpa cyoa again

>> No.56027546

Hard to judge, as a student of the goddess of magic she's pretty high up there in terms of personal prowess but Casters can get pretty fucking weird when their NP's enter the equation. Just look at Hans "Suffering breeds Omnipotence" Anderson or Semiramis's borderline True Magic shenanigans within her garden. Scheherazade is kinda terrifying when her RM is deployed. Avicebron managed to pull off some pretty ludicrous shit when given time to work with as well even if in a straight up fight Medea would wreck him. Tamamo after regaining all her tails is explicitly Goetia-tier as well.

Honestly it's probably something like:
1. 9 Tailed Tamamo
2/3. Solomon/Merlin
4. Caster Gil
5. Scheherazade
6. Hans
7. Semiramis
8. Avicebron
9. Medea?

Given the sheer amount of magical mythological figures that likely made it to the Throne its unlikely she can hold onto that spot in the top 10, though at the very least when it comes down to a fight with zero prep time she's pretty far up there. Hans, Semiramis and Avicebron all require seteup time in a HGW which you probably wouldn't be able to get unless you pulled an Einzbern and summoned your servant early.

>> No.56027548

not a fate thread, fuck off

>> No.56027564

Not by caster, that Tohsaka girl though...

JK lad. I think caster's relationship in FSN is cute.

>> No.56027602

semi and avicebron are weak- they both cant fight on their own and their NPs are unusable in an actual HGW (hanging gardens takes ages to build and so does Adam, not to mention the resource costs, they both had the backing of massive organisations is apocrypha)

Solomon >>>>>>everything, 9 tailed tamamo isnt even close its not even funny

schez isnt that strong either, neither is hans afaik

>> No.56027608

Then why do you fags keep bringing it up

>> No.56027630

why do people bring up cuckoldry or traps?

>> No.56027659

Because they're both serious topics of discussion?

>> No.56027668

so is fate

>> No.56027695

Does Fate have traps and/or cuckoids? If not, fuck off.

>> No.56027711

yes and yes

although its the girls that get cucked

>> No.56027738

I wish Fate would leave to /a/ or something and leave us in peace.

>> No.56027777

Cuckoldry, traps, and fate are all trash

>> No.56027778

Why do you care about it?

>> No.56027780

friendly reminder to filter "fate"

>> No.56027879

To be fair, the 'Vault' is probably replenished to the way it was at the end of his life when the War ends. So he probably has infinite Youth Potions.

>> No.56027920

>Hans, Semiramis and Avicebron all require seteup time in a HGW which you probably wouldn't be able to get unless you pulled an Einzbern and summoned your servant early.

The first few days are usually just scouting missions, remember Rider nearly set up her harvesting NP at Emiya's school.

>> No.56027959

While they're weak in a stand up fight they have the potential to snowball into something truly horrifying which is why I rank them so high up. Hans for example managed to bootstrap Kiara up to being a demonic bodhisattva/earth mother goddess even when he was rushed.

Solomon by himself has more or less complete control of human magecraft via his rings, though its unclear just how far that would go when not within a Grand Servant container. 9 tailed Tamamo is by Word of God a potential Beast and peer to Goetia. Given that she's Amaterasu in full by that point it isn't all that surprising. Schez meanwhile just has an incredibly versatile NP which lets her play god within it to a certain extent.

>> No.56027967

>Solomon >>>>>>everything

I think you mean Goetia

>> No.56027987

I imagine Nine-Tailed Tamamo would qualify as a Grand Caster.

>> No.56028033

Its possible for base caster Tamamo to regain her tails though, though without the weird Ascension mechanics of FGO it'd take her a long time and she limits herself to 3 to remain with her Master.

>> No.56028076


what the fuck would his noble phantasm even be? rising from the dead in three days? grats the war is over already

>> No.56028078

Well, I don't have the pic textanon used for himself, but I do have the image he used for me.
It is unedited though, so the boobs are slightly smaller.

>> No.56028130

Drowns people in fish and bread.

>> No.56028142

Is k, anon. TY for help.

>> No.56028160

Here ya go! Took me forever to find an image I liked.

>> No.56028183

she doesent, since shes summoned regularly- she can become a beast but thats different

Kiara is a weird one, since it seems like she just has a predisposition to either becoming a saint or a beast, so things will turn out so that she becomes either

>> No.56028246

Real talk, he'd probably do a support type setup with his Master. He likely has super strong healing skills and true resurrection. Plus his base stats would be insane thanks to the legend modifiers. Add on Independent Action and he can likely keep bringing you back until you wear down the other Servants.

>> No.56028250

thats just a bounded field, nothing on the scale of adam or the hanging gardens

Semis's NP requires so much of very specific resources and for you to buils a fucking castle over several days/weeks

Adam will take like a month to build and boatloads of magic circuits, and good quality ones too

if you have the resources to summon either of those you have the resources to geta better servant, just summon Gil or KoTRT

>> No.56028257

That is comfy as fuck. Thanks!

>> No.56028272

why is she so FAT?

>> No.56028274

Hard to pick...

Maidanon is really really good, but so is John. Gil-kun is good because you basically have your own person Weiss.

I think MaidAnon is best girl, though.

>> No.56028344

>Gil-kun is good because you basically have your own person Weiss.
never thought of it like that

>> No.56028348

Because she eats

>> No.56028353

Reeeee why is no one choosing me I am CLEARLY best girl!!!

>> No.56028361

hey, thats my line

>> No.56028366

don't worry about the other faggots I'll make a build for it when I get around to it

>> No.56028412

Glad you like it! That's what I was going for. Wanted to portray a warm and cheerful kind of person. Also got really competitive about Symbiobro having picked Ryotas and didn't want to be completely outclassed. I respect the author of Tit Happens but I don't like being overshadowed as a fan of large chests.

I dunno, apparently most other art of this character depicts her as being thin (or normal anime girl weight) and not particularly well endowed, though there are still plenty of art of her with sweets, she looks pretty different here, but I thought it was kind of fitting that my author waifu persona be chubby, what with me being fat myself.

>> No.56028422



>> No.56028452

I'm glad I was able to write compelling waifus! It was good practice for when I try to write the ones for Isekai'd Father, and maybe other cyoas. I'm still wanting to make waifu cyoas for some reason, but I'd like to branch out beyond simply picking a cute girl next time.

First thing's first though, I wanna finish Isekai'd Father. If people can stand the walls of text and lack of images I think they'll really like the cyoa itself!

>> No.56028456

B - 10x gains
D - 24/7 gymbro
A - Finally a jawline, I can shave this fucking beard off
D - No tards, no whiners, and I already have a gymbro

>> No.56028463

Honestly almost all the Knights are unstable as fuck. Half of them joined Lancer Arthur on a genocidal war because they had no backbone, and the other half are still unstable mentally.

The only ones worth a damn are Bedivere and Heroic Spirit Galahad, maybe Percival if he ever shows up considering his legend.

>> No.56028484

Objectively true, now and forever.

>> No.56028493

Best: MaidAnon
Worst: I don't have an opinion. Maybe Symbio because I hate large tits.

>> No.56028512

lancelot is a top tier servant if you have the mana, as is Gawain

Tristan isnt bad either

>> No.56028514

>Likes the waifu based on a gay guy
>Dislikes tits
At least you're consistent with your shit taste.

>> No.56028526

Except this is false

>> No.56028570

All of them were written really well, not just the three I mentioned. Those three were just the ones I personally had the most trouble deciding between.

>> No.56028587

Where is Italics?

>> No.56028601

Ssshhh, nobody cares.

>> No.56028622

Watch Humanity Prosper is the only correct choice

>> No.56028644

Are you real? It would be a ray of light in the shit infested sewers of /cyoag/

>> No.56028670

Too good for this CYOA

>> No.56028764

First year JR High

School Under Siege! - 1
Fantasy - 3
Athleticism - 3
Back Seat Row - 4
Cool Snow Globe - 2
Little Steel Blade - 3
Blue Safety Razor - 1
Home: Wealthy 3
Friends: Naoko, Tanaka and Kasumi - 3

I wake up in a fantasy world on the verge of industrialization, with multiple sapient races in different nations. They squabble, but the threat of demonic invasion and the need to raid the ever-reappearing dungeons that pop up means most people get along.

My wealthy family has a strange custom of dressing little boys as girls after childhood illnesses, to hide them from Death's Gaze.

I hang with the fun kids in the back, but still get respect for being smart and logical. I'm also very sneaky, having been trained by one of the family retainers and gifted a Quiet Blade, almost impossible to find or even see by others.

Naoko's really tsun, but a lot of elves are that way. Tanaka's a brawler like most minotaurs, and Kasumi's pretty laid back for a centaur, letting me ride around on her back.

When the demons slip through a nearby gate, I hope we can work together and defend the school.

>> No.56028769

By the author cucking Italics out of the CYOA they have made him stronger than they could have ever imagined.

Day of the Bone comes.

>> No.56028807

If that's the reason you don't like me, consider us enemies

>> No.56028834

I just want to point out my stats real quick...

>> No.56028856

Acheld caters to my love of older women
Lime seems like she could be fun
But MaidAnon caters to my love of tomboys and short hair

its a hard choice but im going to go with maidanon

>> No.56028878

Min-max or go home.

>> No.56028910

Well if we're posting waifu stats...
>Not picking a waifu that's 100% loyal

>> No.56028911

>walking trainwreck that can't fuck
>only loyal and cute since no one else will have you

>> No.56028921

>loved fate from the first time I played it, more than 6 years ago
>it's always been aimed at people who like chuuni action and sol/comedy/waifu stuff in equal measure
>loved all of the other shit it had
>watched the fanbase slowly degrade over time
>now it's filled with people who just jerk off to powerlevels and homebrew servant wankery and completely ignore or outright dislike everything else about it
>fully half of the modern fanbase probably haven't even played the VN (baawww it has sex and I don't like reading)
>shitloads of people who just shit on it because it's popular, or worse, the "haha I like talking about it but its SHIT, right?" self-hating "fanbase" faggotry
>had to just abandon the idea of ever discussing it again like we used to before the anime adaptions hit
>impossible to enjoy seeing it talked about anywhere
>now this place is becoming infested with it as well

Just fucking kill me please.

>> No.56028940


>> No.56028955

>> No.56028973


>> No.56028974

Note the loyalty progression.

>> No.56028993


>> No.56029006

Why are you spamming waifu stats?

>> No.56029010

I'm sure there is some deep meaning to this...

>> No.56029051

>No Tok
Fuck you /cyoag/, this is the second time I have been intentionally unincluded in a author cyoa! No longer will I be unincluded as an author. This is why I will quite as an author, then you can't uninclude me because I am no longer an author, so there is no Tok to uninclude! This is the last time I will use my trip, take my trip and melt it down with the others.

>> No.56029070

I swear I'm a better waifu than this image displays.

>> No.56029094


>> No.56029095

>I will [quit] as an author

>> No.56029096

Fucking finally.


>> No.56029106

But Tok, I thought you loved getting cucked.

>> No.56029116

Have you considered not being a wanker man?
If you admit HL was right she might come back.

>> No.56029117

Could you at least finish the goddamn CYOA you've already started on?

>> No.56029118

I barely understand what you're trying to say, but that sounds like the best idea you ever had.

>> No.56029133

A better one's in the works by a more competent author, don't worry.

>> No.56029135

>Tok wants to quit
Best thing to happen this month, heck best thing this year. Take SDA and ZBG with you why don'tcha?

>> No.56029136

Tok. Please. No. I love you.


>> No.56029149


>> No.56029152

>Tok's best CYOA idea to date
>Quits before it's released

well fug
look what you assholes did

>> No.56029165


>> No.56029170

>Implying the idea was not going to be wasted like eronomicon

>> No.56029180

Fuck the fate author CYOA!!! Do you think I will make an author CYOA and include the authors who won't even include me? No those fuckers can fuck themselves, here is my my trip, take it: TokHaar Gol#DragonDagger

>> No.56029185

Tok went through all the trouble to include authors and shitposters in his newest CYOA

I can see why he's mad. It's pretty justified.

>> No.56029188


>> No.56029196

I too was disappointing with the lack of tok in that cyoa, despite it's quality. Lot of people dislike you for some reason, but you know you still have fans here, right?

>> No.56029197


>> No.56029198

You heartless fuckbags

>> No.56029208

>Tok is quitting
About fucking time

>> No.56029228

Ding dong the witch is dead

>> No.56029243



>> No.56029245

I am a massive faggot who only ever wanted to get SDA-senpai to make me his thirsty cockslave.

>> No.56029246

You're golden meme god drove away better people Persian.

>> No.56029251


>> No.56029253


>> No.56029274

It actually works lmao

>> No.56029276

Eyupp, sounds like the true Tok.

>> No.56029286

Could you please re-type that god awful sentence.

>> No.56029292


>> No.56029298


>> No.56029299

A spaceship that flies at 200c is still incredibly slow for intragalactic exploration. It would take you weeks to reach other stars.

>> No.56029318

Holy shit he really did it.

This calls for a CYOA to comfort his few fans and let his many foes revel.

>> No.56029322


>> No.56029323

I'm really just a self loathing faggot that enjoys all matter of attention that is getting thrown my way.
I'd rather have people hate me than people not care about me at all.

>> No.56029324

It better be fucking amazing.

>> No.56029347

>It would take you weeks to reach other stars.
Yeah. Add an order of magnitude and you could at least have a Galactic Age of Sail in a broad region of galaxy.

>> No.56029360

Okay, just want to say, didn't include you because at the time I got kinda full on profiles. When I saw your entry I also got people talking to me on discord and got as much as I needed. I even failed to put Box Wine and 3_Tankista in the cyoa because of having difficulty writing them and feeling that they didn't particularly care about being in the cyoa anyway.

Also didn't include you because I didn't want to go too far into lewd stuff, I cut out some lewdness from a few of the profiles handed to me, and I wasn't really sure what else to write for your character.

Lastly, I don't think I'm in your author cyoa either? I didn't ask to be in yours since I wasn't including you in mine, and no one asked for me to be in it.

Like, I kinda just skim/skip a lot of your posts when you're shitposting but I don't have any hatred towards ya. Lewd CYOAs are kinda hit and miss with me, I'm much more a fan of isekai, but I've enjoyed some of yours quite a bit.

>> No.56029373


>> No.56029382

I think the author wanted to emphasize on less popular authors so maybe that's why you weren't included.
ples dunt leave

>> No.56029394

This is all your fault.

>> No.56029395

>Less popular
>Italics isn't included.
What did he mean by this?

>> No.56029440

Goodbye faggot.
You will not be missed.

>> No.56029451


>> No.56029458

Intentionally unincluded.
It was an author CYOA, not a shitposter CYOA.

>> No.56029461

Italics is a giant besides alice-anon and Highlander. I should behead you for this slander.

>> No.56029469

That's the point, yeah. Are there any more trap CYOA?

>> No.56029475

WHo did he drive away specifically. speak.

>> No.56029491

Italics has been memed into mainstream popularity by ESL-kun.

>> No.56029495

You are herby no longer textanon, you are TheTokSlayer

>> No.56029497

Highlander and those who hide in the darkness of discord.

>> No.56029537

You can't just put your trip back to say that. You fuck off or you stay, so what is it going to be?

>> No.56029560

You're absolutely right daddy please fuck my face until I choke and die

>> No.56029563

Guys. I'm scared. I don't want Tok to go.

>> No.56029565

Get ready for The End 2.0

>> No.56029572


And once again we lose an entertaining author who filled our days with whimsy and imagination. The odds of finding new OC on this thread diminish, leaving us with reposts and rehashed waifu and cuddle cyoas which are practically the same but with different pictures used.

>Highlander and those who hide in the darkness of discord.
I think its the majority of the thread that push authors away. Whenever finds something they don't like they act like kids throwing a hissy fit. Who wants hang around a thread where everyone is a faggot, asshole, Insert-Author-Name-Here basher, and shitposter?

>> No.56029590

>If the thread doesn't suck my dick 24/7 it's not worth my attention
Fuck off and stay gone.

>> No.56029592

>leaving us with reposts and rehashed waifu and cuddle cyoas which are practically the same but with different pictures used.
But I am gone now?

>> No.56029598

Tok posted the trip up thread a bit, and as you can see in his post>>56029180
The trip is #DragonDagger
Can't he just stay away this time? rather than just causing more drama then coming back like it didn't happen? Yea I know that would be to good to be true.

>> No.56029615

I'm quitting for real this time! Really!

>> No.56029618

>entertaining author who filled our days with whimsy and imagination.
did someone else quit? I thought we only lost tok

has been plentyful lately- and doesent seem to be stopping

besides, its not like tok left for good-
he need attention too much for that

>> No.56029622

>Italics was memed into mainstream
>Italics followers over hype them and are old skeletons
>Italics followers will behead you if you speak slander.
Is Italics the Muhammad of /cyoag/?

>> No.56029633

>Who wants hang around a thread where everyone is a faggot, asshole, Insert-Author-Name-Here basher, and shitposter?

>> No.56029644

Cyoa is a religion of peace.

>> No.56029656

You need to stop typing.

>> No.56029666

make me

>> No.56029679

Everyone please

>> No.56029691


>> No.56029697

>Italics will never save those skeletons waiting on them by delivering PPP+

>> No.56029701

That would make sense, both are SHIT!

>> No.56029720

I will gladly suck your dick Tok if you don't leave

>> No.56029734

I'd love Tokposting If it wouldn't give him the attention he doesn't deserve

>> No.56029749


>> No.56029755

This is the best day ever

>> No.56029782

Nah, it shows me the difference between a shitposter and an actual contributor - that people only ever cared about me as a meme, not me as *me*.

>> No.56029788

I've really gained maximum attention. Now no one will ever forget my name, as I live on forever, like Spartacus! Or the Dread Pirate Roberts!

>> No.56029789

Hopefully next we can get Tok permabanned

>> No.56029806

I actually enjoy my content quite a lot. Everything is a fappable masterpiece.

>> No.56029813

Now that anyone can be Tok, no one is.
But I suppose Tok has always been a nobody.

>> No.56029822

>Tok thinks he's better than Italics in any way.

>> No.56029830

You are clearly to funny to be the real Tok.

>> No.56029855

No SDa either >_<

>> No.56029873

I have updated one of my CYOA's. Is there any point in me posting it at this stage of the thread?

>> No.56029885

Tok (me)
>makes enjoyable content
>good taste in fetishes
>lighthearted and fun
>cute mascot

>shitty content
>has awful taste in fetishes (army girls?)
>doesn't even have a combined universe
>everything is either grimderp or lol so zany


>> No.56029886

>Less popular
>Missing out on anything by not being included

>> No.56029890


>> No.56029907

This is now /tokg/ so you'd better wait till the shitstorm dies down.

>> No.56029911

It is "suboptimal", but it will be a while before the next thread, and the start of a thread tends to be worse.

>> No.56029928

Screw it, I'll put it up and check tomorrow. Who knows, it might work.

>> No.56029949

What the fuck is going on in here now?

>> No.56029951

Friendly reminder that the most vitriolic of tok haters are other authors

>> No.56029957

Don't leave tok, we enjoy what you provide for the community

>> No.56029970 [DELETED] 

Very true, they are all jealous

>> No.56029972

Does anyone have space opera cyoa?

>> No.56029977

Friendly reminder that Tok fans are all underaged.

>> No.56029979

I want Tok to go.

>> No.56029997

>Shad art

>> No.56029998

Nothing much dude

>> No.56030008

Using the term fans here is such an erroneous concept. The only people who care about author recognition are the authors themselves. That’s why we keep getting so many godawful author cyoas with each of them pathetically clamoring to get mentioned

>> No.56030015 [DELETED] 

What's wrong, don't like quality art?

>> No.56030025

>Has awful taste
This is wrong as he created a top tier waifu cyoa that has faggots arguing over who is best goddessfu.

>Doesn't have a combined universe.
What is Order & New World? What is Dusk City & Spire?

>Everything is either grimdepr or lol so zany
This isn't true in the least. The worlds are balanced with bad and good sides.


>> No.56030026

The faces are disgusting

>> No.56030027

t. underaged Tok fan

>> No.56030035


>> No.56030038

Your taste in art is bad and you should feel bad.

>> No.56030056

I think he's just trying to get more people to dislike me at this point.

>> No.56030057

Good talk, anon

>> No.56030075

>Never sperged over criticism and took it in a constructive way to make a CYOA more enjoyable and they explained their reasoning behind an action in a CYOA.
>Talks about their CYOAs, answers questions, and doesn't put other authorfags down.

>Sperged out over criticism, ran to reddit, got BTFO, and then returned.
>Tries to put other authorfags down.

>> No.56030076

That's totally unnecessary when there are plenty of other good reasons to dislike you.

>> No.56030080

New Thread >>56030051

>> No.56030090

Hello again everyone, I've done another update on the Guardian CYOA I made to address a few of the issues people highlighted, and to add a final layer of content. Full log of changes below:

>Added Aura of Light “free” ability.

>Changed descriptions of Guardians to make them more equal in power.

>“The bigger they are” giant flaw changed to “Cyclops.”

>“Spray n Pray” Galleon flaw changed to “Fire at Will!”

>“Becalmed” Galleon flaw changed to “Stormy Skies.”

>“Health” reward changed.

>“Wealth” reward increased by a factor of 10.

>“Behemoth Claw” artifact changed slightly.

>New choice category: Choose a Nemesis.

Thanks again to everyone who left feedback and if anyone has more constructive criticism, it's always appreciated. Sequel and other projects in the works. Watch this space.

>> No.56030104

Fuck you, I have great taste!

His waifu cyoa devolved into arguing about the mystery box, and was SHIT
Having a few connected cyoas is worse than having a combined cyoatic universe like mine
Name 1 (one) cyoa that is neither grimdark or so ZANY FUN LOL

>> No.56030113

>doesn't put other authorfags down
Nah, I'm pretty sure he samefags a lot here.

>> No.56030117

Part 2

>> No.56030122

>page 7
Wow anon, you're as much of a faggot as I am.

>> No.56030135

>Name one
Style of Life.

>> No.56030144

Part 3

>> No.56030165

m8 I think the entire reason why you can't make a CYOA to save your life is the fact that you don't have taste

not even memeing here

>> No.56030166

Tok might. Does Italics even dislike other authorfags?

>> No.56030184

He made an author CYOA and never talks badly about anyone, so I think no.

>> No.56030222

Please tell me it wasn't this one. I never read an Italics CYOA before but if this was him, holy shit.

>> No.56030246


>> No.56030252

My Xes Magic CYOA of all things was better than that.

>> No.56030261

> never talks badly about anyone
No, he just doesn't openly do that openly. He probably badmouths his rivals constantly as an anon.

>> No.56030262

Why does Tok shitpost?

>> No.56030268

>1 hour ago
>still not deleted along with the rest of the bullshit

>> No.56030277

Yes, that was the only author CYOA he made.

>> No.56030307

Italics doesn't give two fucks about rivalries, authors, and just makes cyoas for fun. Jesus christ. What is wrong with you? The fucker doesn't even post with a name.

>> No.56030327

Is his English this bad on all of his other CYOAs? What the fuck?

>> No.56030334

That's some sweet projecting you've got there.

>> No.56030358

> Is his English this bad on all of his other CYOAs?
No, it's improved substantially since then.

>> No.56030375

He doesn't spell check. I didn't think English was his first language for a while, but nope, he lives in the US. He doesn't make as many mistakes now though.

>> No.56030377

At least I'm honest about it, unlike the rats in the discord

>> No.56030379

>since then
I recall this abomination coming out after some of his other CYOAs. Didn't this come out after PPP or whatever?

>> No.56030393

>spell check
There are a hell of a lot more problems than what spell check can solve. My god, I really wanna see how shit your guys tastes are.

>> No.56030450

I dunno anon, spellcheck is pretty good these days. It can catch grammatical and punctuation errors as well.

>> No.56030467

The Discord's open to anyone who wants to see it, and like one person (Kit) has ever actually been banned rather than contained to one slow-moving channel.

>> No.56030495

And all of them are awful people, other me.
Discussions should stay in the throgs

>> No.56030591

>And all of them are awful people
Pretty much all currently active authors are there, though.

>> No.56030614

>And all of them are awful people, other me.
If you look at the replies to >>56029051, you'll see that their opinions aren't too different from the general thread.
And if everywhere you go smells like shit... check your shoe.
>Discussions should stay in the throgs
And sometimes you want to ask for advice with a WIP from other creators without spamming the threads, or just have unrelated discussion with a small community of people that have shared interests.
It's your perogative to not like it, but it's not intended to be an active affront to you

>> No.56030626


>> No.56030647


Man grow up. This showboating only hurts authors and alienates us further.

>> No.56030683

I guess being hated so much finally got to his head. His babyish replies aren't really surprising though, seeing as he sources his League of Legends rank as some sort of life accomplishment.

>> No.56030718

Most of you deserve it desu

Mad cause bad

>> No.56030723

>one vote for john
John is shit and you know it

>> No.56030749

That was me. I didn't read the CYOA, though. I just think John is an interesting man.

>> No.56030780

I just wanted to make fun things for people to enjoy.

>> No.56030803


>> No.56030910

Hang in there man, keep at it, I'm sure there are plenty of people who will enjoy the things you make, and who enjoys the things you've made.

>> No.56031254


>> No.56031331

>Liking older women
>Liking tomboys

Shit taste

>> No.56031445

>> No.56031558


>> No.56031679

I knew I shouldn't have let myself get excited about him leaving until I scrolled all the way down.

>> No.56031701

We need more Borrower CYOAs

Someone please make a CYOA where one can be a little person surviving and maybe meeting Big Folk

anywho, here's a cyoa o similar theme

>> No.56031709

There's a new thread already guys

>> No.56031731

what, really?

>> No.56031750


>> No.56031776

Does anyone have that elemental cyoa from Beri?

>> No.56031819

Are you planning to keep your promise of quitting this time?

>> No.56031915

You say that like he hasn't just performed a great service for us. Besides tok wont really leave, we're not that lucky

>> No.56031938

The one where you get summoned and transformed by accident? I'll post it in the new thread.

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