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Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
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For your eternal comfort.

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You suddenly go to the setting in the last cyoa you posted, with your choices from it.

How screwed/well-off are you?

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>Urban Unease

Better get a good mental health professional but other than that I think I'll be alright.

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Traveller. I'm good.

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lazy losers baka

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I was going to say Eldritch Bloodline and I was happy because dollfu, but I remembered I posted a build for a weather/sun demigod. I have 49 people trying to kill me who are all demigods as well, so I guess I'm kind of fucked.

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>The last CYOA you posted
>Universal War
My build allowed for infinite scaling even after I kill all the other Incarnates via Full Release, but I think it's outdated.

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How will you defeat the globalists?

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by keeping polshit in /pol/

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I choose wizard

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Uh it doesn't actually have a setting, but I'm glad I posted this after I posted Time of Troubles.

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I get microcosmic omnipotence and create a shrunken down universe in my little bubble. Then I convince people that it's totally a great idea to let my bubble suck them in.

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>Royal revival 2

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I dont think I posted one after the one I made. SO I guess I have a(nother) terrarium now.

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Any word on the Dark Lord update? What about the WIP where you have an origin and a first legendary feat? I forgot what it was called if anyone saved it.

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... Well.
Time to fuck shit up.

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>Dark Lord
Do you have that?

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Death and Strength OP

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i last posted traveller
judging by the way things are going in cannon, id probably learn as much as i can in a short amount of time and then hide myself away in a secluded dimension
i dont even want to be around when the next time war kicks off
fuck that shit

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Reincarnation cyoa.
I'm an immortal sex squid, so I think I'm alright.

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Check the pastebin

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>The Mage Multi verse one from last thread
>Become a god
Yeah I can dig it

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Can't view drive or Dropbox, on mobile, do you mind posting it?

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>Gilded cage

I get to be a true immortal god in total control of my own universe, nice.

The only danger is the yandere goddess with the ability to seal my powers if I get captured, no big deal.

Worm would also be a cool setting to go, being a villain actually pays off there.

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I went to a computer, and I can't find it in either the pastebin or the drive. Can you please post it?

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>no be the hobo cyoa

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I made some orange juice because you're an idiot.

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There's a space hobo CYOA.

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I don't understand what you're trying to say
I can't find a Dark Lord cyoa in the archives

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>I don't understand what you're trying to say
Wow, what a surprise.

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Calm down anon. Acting stupid won't help anything.

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There is not a single CYOA in the pastebin titled "Dark Lord", unless you were retarded and meant "Dark God", in which case you are the idiot.

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Which do you prefer, "dim lord" or "dork lord"?

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Where the fuck is it anon? I checked the Dropbox, the drive and the SFW archive. It's in none of those.

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Come on, just pick one.

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Where the hell is the Dark Lord cyoa? I can't even find it on the fucking reddit, which I've stooped down to searching

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That's really strange, why wouldn't it be anywhere if I have it on my hard drive? You should try harder, mister dork lord.

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I found it on the reddit you cunt
I'll post it here in a second and thrn someone should add it to the pastebin

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>Your CYOA
>Options: Your House (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Dovahgolt)), Your Item (Overlord Vol.03 – The Bloody Valkyrie (Ouroboros)), Your Option (Your Item (Your Universe))
The latter of the two I posted. If a ring that basically makes me God isn't enough, the house has rings that increase certain things like magic and crafting anywhere from 1,000, to if I recall correctly, literally a 1,000,000%. Amongst other things. I think I might have some trouble here, guys.

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You people are all cunts and deserve all the bad things that will happen to you

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This general doesn't even belong on /tg/, in no way are CYOAs a traditional game. It should have been moved to /qst/.

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Kek. You're being trolled by a completely different anon. I'm too lazy to post it but here


Took me like 5 secs in a search engine. try that next time

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Oh don't start that shit.

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You provide nothing of value to this board. You take up space that could havr been better used by literally ANYTHING related to board content.
You are all shitposters, and you create nothing of value in anyone else's life. I bet most of you work shitty jobs like janitors, retail workers, security guards or teachers.

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I'm in heaven

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most of the content is more /d/ related

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>on the reddit

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Are you alright m8? You worry me...

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Every single person in this thread is sad and alone, wishing for someone who really loves them or something to make their life exciting. But they'll never have it, and they'll die on a hospital bed wishing they had done something with their life instead of living escapist fantasies.

It's literally nowhere else except fucking funnyjunk

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Of course it is, it's just that an idiot like you can't find it at all, so you think it's only on the first option presented to you.

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Oops, forgot image

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Name one besides imgur, reddit or fucking pinterest

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>Every single person in this thread is sad and alone, wishing for someone who really loves them or something to make their life exciting. But they'll never have it, and they'll die on a hospital bed wishing they had done something with their life instead of living escapist fantasies.
There there, anon.

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I'm not autistic enough to care about where a cyoa is posted. I was just trying to help out >>56013427

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Sorry, I'm out of orange juice now, so I'm done helping idiots. You're welcome.

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>Every single person in this thread is sad and alone, wishing for someone who really loves them or something to make their life exciting. But they'll never have it, and they'll die on a hospital bed wishing they had done something with their life instead of living escapist fantasies.
Man. I'm actually quite happy, have a stable relationship and have a decent line of work.
Maybe I autisticly flagellate myself into continually making cyoa's but no one's perfect.

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It depends on what the definition of "Posted" means, and whether linking to the r/makeyourchoice imgur album in the Discord counts.

If so:
Being a shapeshifting dickgirl monster ain't bad.

>pic related
Healing sorcery is very underrated.

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What would you call playing CYOAs? And can you really say you're "successful" when other people make millions and live happily with perfect waifus you only dream of?

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>Perfect waifus
That is some wishful thinking if i ever saw one.

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You'll be alright anon, there's still hope for you to do anything reasonable that you put your mind to.

>> No.56014237

There aren't any that would date you.

I'm making ~200k USD working in Thailand. I think I'm doing alright

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thats less than 1 percent of the population.

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Then why are you so down on yourself?

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The fuck happened to this thread

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Most people are failures.

Because no matter how rich I am and how many bullshit gurus I talk to magic still alludes me.

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Lots of things I'd wager. None of them good.

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I've often thought the words 'success' and 'happiness' to be interchangeable. If you are happy, you have succeeded.

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Fuck you!

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one anon asked somebody to post a cyoa and another anon decided to troll the shit out of him instead. now the whole thread has devolved into bitching

>> No.56014314

That's more than most people. You should be happy you have its attention at least.

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He developed a talent for self-sucking during his more curious years as a youth.

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True happiness is a myth. Man's life is nothing but doubt and suffering.

>> No.56014356

What is the difference between being happy and "true happiness"?

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Even when you feel content, all the horribleness bubbles beneath the surface. The black claws of death are still reaching for you, and you can't take back all the awful things you've done.

>> No.56014414

>Even when you feel content, all the horribleness bubbles beneath the surface.
That's not content in that case.

>> No.56014415

For the uncertain, the worriers, and those without confidence, perhaps. But for someone who lives without regret, who puts his heart and soul into whatever he does, and always seeks the optimism even when his best plans go awry, happiness is never out of reach.

Some make the best of what they have and are all the richer for it.

>> No.56014426

sounds like you're depressed, anon.

you want to talk about it?

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So if your'e not a millionaire and/or have a "perfect" waifu you are a failure?

>> No.56014444

Ha! No one but the stupid lives like that.

>> No.56014454

I dunno but that stupid seems pretty smart to me

>> No.56014464

I have a qt girlfriend who shares my values, and I'm certainly on my way. If I died right now I'd be a failure, but right now I'm just working for success.

>> No.56014482

>No one but the stupid lives like that
Well then i'm stupid then.
Who care if you're naive or something? wisdom is overrated. Live in the moment.

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Nice quads

>> No.56014493

What are the three most important or sought out choices do you guys have for these? I'll start

>Regeneration / Healing
I'm a very reckless guy, and I'm tired of people worrying about me (implying people care about me). Plus, I get to do a lot more dangerous and painful stuff and no one can tell me not to do them. Also, I could be a God of miracle healing among men
I wanna watch the world evolve
>Flight or Wings
Viewing things in different ways and feeling free from my human restrictions

I've always wanted these, but sometimes I don't want the first 2 because life might lose its value to me and I'll have nothing to fear or feel worried about. If I had to swap them, I'd say Healing and Fire Magic for edginess.

>> No.56014515

Regeneration/healing/immortality is something that often comes in combinations together.

But my primary is always shapeshifting.

>> No.56014524

The best part about /tg/ is that I hardly visit any other boards.

>> No.56014540

You'll never amount to anything if you think like that.

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>> No.56014559

Sometimes I like shapeshifting if it meant that I'd get to be a dragonborn that can alternate specific parts to be a more hybrid type.

>> No.56014567

Do you enjoy being a failure at everything but being held in illusion by your own inflated sense of self worth?

>> No.56014575

Well i consider myself pretty competent so i guess?

>> No.56014586

I always go with Immortality/Regen and necromancy if I can get it.

>> No.56014598

For me two things are important with shapeshifting. I want it to be permanent until I change it again - there is no "real you" that you revert to. And I want the ability to go into any human form I can think of. I don't really care that much if animal forms and hybrid forms and other fantasy things are possible, those are a bonus but not why I'd take that pick.

>> No.56014611

Why are we all always arguing?


>> No.56014615

The choices i usually choose are to leave this world, magic, and to be an unaging cute little girl

>> No.56014628

You don't even need the other boards. You get a bit of everything here.

>> No.56014639

I still remember that one good times

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Have to wonder if this includes the setting or not. It was the Sexbot CYOA and I made myself into one. I'll either be the only one around or one of many in the future. At least I made myself fairly interesting in my opinion. A staunch supporter of Robots being Robots and Happiness in servitude.

>> No.56014646

Not >>56014547
I do feel the need to say that both sides have a point. We shouldn't let any pain or worries be ignored, but we shouldn't let it hinder us in our lives as well. I suppose the best possible compromise would be to try to let these burdens be vented and / or solved whilst being optimistic and accepting of all possible outcomes of it. Sure, it's hard or may seem impossible at times, but that's what makes the journey hard and the reward of inner peace worth it.

>> No.56014658

At what? Shitposting? Retail Work? Are you a mechanic or a clerk?

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>> No.56014668

This might be one of the worst cyoag threads I've been in, ever.

>> No.56014679

Anon, there's a difference between being unwise and unintelligent.

Elon Musk believes we're living in a simulation, for example. And look at his life!

>> No.56014687

Welcome to /tg/
I suppose those are good for most, if not all settings, for many different reasons. However, don't you want to have a base form to at least remember who you are or what your friends and family and affiliations would remember you as? I always see the choice of no base form as a potential way to lose yourself to many different personalities depending on the character you play.

>> No.56014689

Don't worry anon, Im sure we will make an even worse one later on.

>> No.56014710

What do you think he's really doing? Because it's certainly not just spaceships and selfdriving cars.

Let me know when you get the courage to tell us.

>> No.56014726

Well, when you are actually in the 1% of intelligentsia (like Elon Musk) and are literally surrounded by idiots I imagine that the idea of one's perceived reality being simulated is rather reasonable.

>> No.56014736

I've been in a far worse one where a mentally ill transexual got mad at me for saying transsexuals without a legitimate mental illness were just as valid in being transsexual.

>> No.56014738

No, not having a base form is sort of the point. I mean, if you slap a big drawback like "you can't remember how to go back to the way you were", it might become a problem, but otherwise you just choose to look like someone familiar and there is no problem. Meanwhile you can also become anyone else whenever you want, and you can stay that way permanently if you want.

There is nothing forcing you to change, but also nothing anchoring you to a past you want to leave behind.

I don't think the issue with playing characters is really that much of a problem, because ultimately each character YOU play is just a different facet of YOU. The potential for those characters was there and completely yours from the start.

>> No.56014747

Why do you care what job he or anyone here have?

>> No.56014762

It passes the time quite well.

>> No.56014764

There is nothing wrong with blue collar work

>> No.56014772

been too long since ive seen one like this

Thank you

>> No.56014777

He's an insecure, delusion self-sucker who needs to validate his existence by shit-talking on an anonymous board because he's too much of a chickenshit to do so anywhere else since he doesn't want his identity being affiliated with his closeted faggotry.

>> No.56014779

He can't properly form an ad hominem otherwise, so it's harder to ignore their arguments.

>> No.56014780


>> No.56014787

Most of the potential things he will say are pretty pathetic, so I am almost guaranteed to get a good laugh.

>> No.56014801

Pretty sure some anon is posting their last manifesto before becoming an hero.

>> No.56014812

In fact, if I ever did become a shapeshifter as per my fantasies, taking acting lessons as several completely different people would be one of the first things I'd do.

>> No.56014817

>doing work people value less than someone with a fucking BBA

>> No.56014850

Interesting. Good point. I suppose that would be a desirable choice, considering no drawbacks and unlimited choices.

>> No.56014890

>where posting cyoas, about cyoas, discussing cyoas, replying to cyoas, and brainstorming cyoas is typically frowned upon

Everything is fine. Just DANDY.

>> No.56014915

Who cares what other people value? I like working with my hands, get a decent wage, and its honest work.

>> No.56014921

It's surprisingly been mostly related until one guy decided not to post something, which caused this whole "thing".

>> No.56014926

sometimes I wish I had the funding to be a landlord. But building/buying a small complex is expensive even if you go with the pour cement into a mold kind.

>> No.56014973

Oh wow, "honest work", get a lot of pride from that one?
What can you do with that decent wage? Eat at a mediocre restaurant once a week? Get a financing plan on a car? Maybe you can rent a house?
lol, have fun with that

It's not too hard. If you are low on funds right now, I'd honestly suggest making a few bucks off crypto.

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>> No.56015061

>MORE pdfs

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>> No.56015098

>> No.56015107

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>> No.56015130

As much as I dislike pdfs this one is okay.

>> No.56015168

>Shadow Manipulation
>Blood Magic
>Monster Breeding

Army: Monsters

>King’s Councilor
>Band of Assassins
>Battalion of Golems
>Monster Hybrids x2
>Dark Knight
>Great Werewolf
>Pack of Alpha Werewolves

Great Beast: Dragon

>Corrupted Wizard
>Spirit Sealed in a Gem

Essentially, my goal is to scare people into submission. I'd use great public displays of power, creating massive monsters of shadow and illusion to terrify small crowds while their leader gets beheaded by an undead axman while a golem holds him down.

Dark Knight rides the dragon into battle like my Witch-King. I'd be towards the back of the army while he leads the front, using the werewolves as his personal wardogs.

The goal would always be to keep the leaders alive unil after the city has been taken. I'd display my power over them publicly by having golems drag them on a stage and then by using the leader as a puppet via blood magic. Then I'd make him tear himself apart.

I'd send the Knight after any artifacts the Old Wizard or the Lich knew of. Even if they weren't magic, they'd be symbols to the common folk, and thats what matters. The common people need to be more afraid to oppose me than they are to submit to me.

I would be merciful if they submitted, though. I'd read the minds of those who truly oppose me and put an end to them, after making them confess.

>> No.56015264

>> No.56015322

>So much good shit that I've always wanted
>10 points or risk getting points between 1-20

Oh no, it's a fiend

Ah well, I'm feelig lucky today anyway

>> No.56015342

Crap. Forgot that I can't roll whilst phoneposting

>> No.56015347

Why is there fanfiction in my avatar?

>> No.56015391

Rolled 18 (1d20)


>> No.56015456

Cool. Thanks.

>> No.56015477

>Psionics(Psychokinesis, Mind reading and control), Medicine, Softwarex2
>Garb(free/formal wear), Education(free/Medicine, second Software), Housing, Friendly Noble, Medical Equipment, Computers, Money
>Erica Renolds, Rika Vörös, Amarachi Beake
I'm just a Mashangshi super doctor, that can fix your body, your mind, and your code, but not your hardware, not yet anyway. I've collected some money fixing up people quietly, and have made friends and become the personal doctor to a local bigshot. Erica's a friend from school where we studied software, though where she sought to learn how people speak, I learned how people think. I ended up close with Rika through her ending up in Mashangshi and her client at the time urgently needing a doctor. I don't know where I met Amarachi, I think I found her in someone else's memories and her then contacting me through the net as though we were already friends. I'm sure I'll get the hang of being a mechanic as well as doctor at some point, but my plans are pretty much to stay in Mashangshi only going out if Rika has got need for my skills, or it'll help out Erica. I'm strangely for Mashangshi not going to try and move up, I'm just going to work on learning more and maybe figuring out Erica's hard light thing.

>> No.56015487


Regeneration and immortality are always my first choices if they are available, there always new things to see and do, multiple lifetimes are not enough to experience what our own world can offer, it would take even longer to experience a world full of magic.

Flight, with wings or no, is always a good second choice, there is something truly majestic about beings who can fly high and free, and now I am one of them.

Slow mo or time stop is something I really like too, must be because of all the replays of F.E.A.R I did, but being able to blitz multiple enemies while they can barely react is always cool.

>> No.56015520

Great. Now I'm in the mood to contribute at the very least


>> No.56015549


>> No.56015572

>Immortal and regenerates
>Can stay in the air for no apparent reason because no wings
>Time Freeze (or at least slowed to near freezingg point)
Who are you, Dio?


>> No.56015602

Rolled 20 (1d20)


>> No.56015618


Last one I remember posting was Artifax, so I think I'll be alright for the most part. Especially since I usually maximize comfy.

>> No.56015621

If I click that my phone will download it.

What is it?

>> No.56015624


>> No.56015628


I only post cyoas with waifus, I'll probably enjoy my choices save losing my only friend and family :(

>> No.56015631

254 pages of perfection.

>> No.56015661

Go to Safari and load it there (or copy link and go there). Then, at the bottom of the searchbar, press view in iBooks. You should be able to clealy view it there offline

>> No.56015662

Rolled 11 (1d20)

Fuck you, God. Give me something nice.

>> No.56015685


>> No.56015724

Immortality, Be-the-girl and Waifu option in that order.

I do typically look for the most reliable immortality options, so regeneration is sort of implied or else made obsolete. The ability to heal others, along with the ability to fly are often "nice extras" that I end up doing without.

Shapeshifting is the ultimate be the girl option, it also implies a bit of immortality in most cases as well, so depending on the CYOA it's either my first or second priority whenever it appears.

Time magic is really powerful, but it's rather low on my list. However, time magic does help support several of my main priorities. Depending on the implementation it can be a good way to avoid death as well a good way to avoid heat-death. Dimension hopping and teleportation are other good options.

Bottom line is I don't really care about POWER, I just want to exist and live a comfortable life, forever.

>> No.56015755

Rolled 9 (1d20)

Oh, fuck you. I can do that too.

>> No.56015777

You get >>56015755's missing point. Isn't that nice?

>> No.56015789

Unless I'm posting a CYOA by request, I only make choices that I would want to live with and therefor only from CYOAs I would want to select from. That makes this kind of a silly question honestly.

>> No.56015807

Rolled 17 (1d20)

Good things come to those who languish.

>> No.56015819

>Be the girl, Immortality, and Waifu options are top-tier priority

I never truly understood why people would want to be a little girl besides immortality

>> No.56015835

Welp last thing I posted was reposting Star Dust for some one a couple weeks ago. I've made several builds for it so I'm not sure which one to use but I usually take Demigod and Fatebreaker but try to build in a way that I can handle it so I maybe to totally screw or I might come out smelling like roses depending on how much Lady Luck blesses me.

>> No.56015843

God's a cunt and a cuck. He shoulda gave me all the extra points. 1 is worthless.

>> No.56015854

I did not say LITTLE girl. It always bothers me when the options are something like "you are stuck as an 8 year old girl forever". I'd want to be at least 16.

>> No.56015862

Exception: growing up again is fine too, in which case I'll put the start age as young as possible even if I already get immortality at the ending age.

>> No.56015875

>Not wanting to be cute.

>> No.56015889

I want to be just the right mix of cute AND sexy.

>> No.56015901

So not cute. A 16 year old is basically an adult, they're past cute.

>> No.56015904

>Immortality or a way to live a ridiculously long time
I want to experience everything whatever world I'm on has to offer. Multiverses are always preferable strange and/or magical worlds will do.
>Intelligence (peak level or super)
More than just experience, I want to understand the hopefully weird and messed up rules and things that call wherever I happen to be, home.
>Charisma (peak level or super)
I also wanna be able to interact/communicate with whatever intelligent beings are around in as smooth a manner possible. Being able to slut around is a bonus, honest.
I'm gonna get tired of the same face sooner rather than later so being able to change it up is a must.

Freedom is usually the theme I go for. Being able to go where I please, understand the subtle rules that govern the place so as to make use of them, communicate/manipulate as the situation requires all the while being capable of passing as anyone. Everything added on top is gravy.

>> No.56015907

Well that's interesting. However, the question was not really specifically meant for you and more to /tg/ in general, but your input is also kinda helpful, knowing that other people wish to just be a girl and not necessarily little (sorry for the miscommunication). However, why do you want to be a girl?

>> No.56015918

Could you post the weapon making and player character DLCs

>> No.56015935

Sounds to me you'd rather have a one man-run empire in the uni/multiverse without actually having an empire (like some sort of god). I suppose that's respectable in its own way.
Don't have that, sorry m8.

>> No.56015946

Fuck this thing. 200 isn't nearly enough for both ship AND crew.

>> No.56015958


>> No.56015988


>> No.56016001

Rolled 5 (1d20)


>> No.56016016

Those two are important, but you forgot the third axis

>> No.56016025

I gotchu anon.

>> No.56016030

Autogynephilia. The conversation's been done and I don't really think anyone wants to get into it right now, it could easily derail the thread (more).

I have no idea what you are talking about.

>> No.56016031

I've honestly always disliked it when CYOAs make you a ruler and foist responsibility on the reader from the word go. I view a throne more like a prison or shackles and I honestly don't care to have my way be made the law for anyone else.

I'm fine being a wandering bard/healer/conman/whatever that simply gets to interact with all the strange and interesting things a world/multiverse has to offer, maybe occasionally helping out. There's a lot of influence from the Doctor there, but with way, way less self-righteousness or perceived moral-superiority.

>> No.56016049


>> No.56016050


>Superior Durability, Strength, Reflexes, and Endurance (8)
>Undead Physiology (9)
>Immortality (13)
>Mass Necromancy (17)
>Major Power Generation (21)
>Physical Defect: Eyes glow, with colour changing based on power.

I am now an undead wizard. I raise an army and use them mostly as cannon fodder, while bombarding my enemy from afar with various secondary manipulation abilities. Anyone who gets close will find out I'm a surprisingly good close combat fighter for a Skeleton Wizard.

My overall goal is to enjoy a comfy life of contemplation, with the distractions of sex removed by the rotting of my genitals and the troubles of the world solved by being able to make valuable materials with super powers.

>> No.56016052

Cute, sexy, beautiful. The three axis. These are the basics of the basics, anon.

>> No.56016065

I think beauty is more of an amalgam of the other two than an axis on its own.

>> No.56016077

I disagree. Someone can be one of those three things while not at all the other two. Or any other combination.

>> No.56016089

Thank you very much!

>> No.56016128

I knew it. Wanted to mention Time-Lord rather than God because it made more sense based on what you said but was afraid of getting either le ebin posters in the thread or getting kinkshamed (don't ask)

>> No.56016129


The choices for race in this one are shit tier. You barely have 3 choices.

>> No.56016179

Take out constantly having to save the world/universe/time itself, add in unlimited regenerations and let me pick and choose what I want from each (including the mental changes I would choose to omit) and that's more or less perfect.

>> No.56016324

Alright, time to work with 5 points.
>Object Kinesis
-2 Points
>Superior Multitasking
-2 Points
>Hammer Space
-1 Point

The general idea is to create a dozen small metal spheres weighing about 150kg, and store them in hammer space. I can propel these bad boys up to 100kmh when I need to.

I'll probably use hammer space to carry around a bunch of fun stuff. Maybe I'll make one big sphere that weighs 2000kg because that sounds hilarious.

>> No.56016435

Didnt go for immortality huh. I mean what are you even going to use that firepower for? Why not just use your hammerspace to carry guns? You're not really strong enough to be a villain or a superhero so I dont know why you'd need such an obvious offensive move.

>> No.56016626

Eeeeeeh, I didn't feel like going for immortality this time around. Also you have to realize that even though there are a few super powerful maniacs running around, most are C-Class like me. I can also help against regular people committing crimes, and as it turns out, being able to manipulate metal this well is good for rescue.

I chose not to carry guns because of the lack of firepower. The balls I can manipulate from a range even while hiding. I almost went with invisibility, but I had too few points. I would manipulate guns from a distance, but the balls pack about 250x the punch.

>> No.56016675

>The Unhinged
>Get hard
>Fucking Run
>Bestial Roar
>High Voltage
>Brutal Presence

This one needs more options. I can almost get everything by default.

>> No.56016766

Okay! This took me a lot longer than I thought it would be, and I only managed it tonight due to help, luck, and panic over my productivity once Super Mario Odyssey comes out.

I made a complaint one day about not being in any author CYOAs, and someone told me to make one myself, SO I DID!

Authors who are in the CYOA, you can pick yourself, but if you do, pick your second favorite too. We all want to feel appreciated as fictional waifus.

Which sounds a lot more odd now that I've said it out loud. Whatever, I'm tired. I hope everyone enjoys this cyoa, goodnight!

>> No.56016778

>my RWBY cyoa
more or less fine DESU, unless they keep making the setting progressively darker i should be set

>> No.56016794


>> No.56016796


>> No.56016800

>Self Cleaning, gender swapping Butt Plug 2.5
>Self Cleaning, heated, auto lubing, squirting, slow starting, yucky dildo 3.
>Self Cleaning, lingering, omnipleasant wand 6.5
>Automatic, Autonomous, Yucky, Alive, Needy penetrable (vagina) 0

>> No.56016814

Well, anon?
What letter and by that I mean CYOA will you write?

>> No.56016833

Question. when are you going to quit being a slut and work on a fresh new CYOA?

>> No.56016857 [SPOILER] 

>when will you quit being a slut?

>when will you work on a fresh new CYOA
some time last week, ETA sometime next month methinks

>> No.56016869

Aw yiss. Thank you for finally finishing Textanon.

Sorry for riding you like a racehorse to get it done

Well, it's no surprise Symbiobro is the perfect girl for me, considering it's just a busty anime girl version of me, but if I had to choose someone else, it'd be Textanon.

>> No.56016902

This looks neato

>> No.56016929

your picture confuses me

is the setting obvious?

>> No.56016948

No. I'd just like to know more.

>> No.56016960

I've already made a small CYOA more than a year ago.
No I won't tell you, it's embarrassing.

>> No.56016976

Is this going to be another wizard cyoa?

>> No.56016978

Anon, it can't be any smaller than mine.

>> No.56016991

kinda yes, you dont have to be a mage but you can

>> No.56017077

Who are John, Monster, and SDG?

>> No.56017087

John is a discord native shitposter, hes also black

Monster made the monster CYOA i believe

SDG is some drunk guy

>> No.56017091

>Giant Planet 140
>Normal, Earthlike Gravity
>20 Biomes
2 moons 70
>Life, Macrofauna 68
>Civilization 100,000 43
>Modern 33
>Forest, Great Lakex 4 Grasslandx4, Swamp x 3, Jungle x3, Mountains x4, Sea x 4 Moor x 3, Tundra x2, Jungle x2, and a bunch of wastes x17

Moon 1: Dwarf, Other (Torus) (35)
>Basic Life
>Chimaerism [combining tyrannosaurus, some kind of pterodactyl, and bombardier beetles for dragons. How original.]
>Intelligence (said dragons)
>Jungle, Great Lake, Moor, Desert, Mountains, and a bunch of wastes, I guess
A funny warp in space with dragons on it. Dagon's a bit of a charismatic loon. He gives rousing speeches, can deliver an incredible deadpan comedy show, and has some ancient radio transceivers that pick up all kinds of broadcasts from other planets.
Allegedly, Dagon is the wreckage from a doomsday prophecy that destroyed a world, and served as the final map the hero was supposed to trek across, but he doesn't like talking about his past.

Moon 2 Dwarf, Ring
>Basic Life
>Macro Fauna (43)
>Devourer (8)
>A bunch of Moors, and a bit of flesh and biomechanical. Fuck you, I'm going over.
Kind, qt, and funny ringworld girl. Occasionally spits out massive tentacles and pulls in other celestial bodies to process them. Has shared some of her finds with me and Dagon.
She's a bit more open about her past. She is an ancient weapon created by a precursor race whose slated purpose was to create bioweapons. They never finished, and now she's just happy to have someone to talk to, after I caught her. She's working on a large-scale warp drive at the moment, and we three are going to go see the universe.
She really wants to generate her own atmosphere so she can hold complex life outside of stasis pods.

>> No.56017101

Speak for yourself, lad. The shit from these threads has played a role in creating three different settings of mine.

>> No.56017115

>Eternals Rising
I'd like to think being a royal means being well-off but the royal me would probably be pissed if they heard me say that.

>> No.56017120

SDG is Some Drunk Guy, he made the cyoa about alcohol giving various powers and being various waifus I believe.

Monster made that cyoa about the mother of monsters and her firstborn who was slain which started a war with the gods.

I think John made a cyoa about dogs?

There are probably other cyoas made by them, but admittedly I focused more on enthusiasm to be in an author cyoa than cyoas made so I didn't do much research on that.

>> No.56017123

Everything with text on it was banned from /d/ tho.

>> No.56017148

good cyoa.
i pick john
i like this cyoa

>> No.56017169

John is that you?

>> No.56017197

what is a john

>> No.56017228


A male solicitor of prostitutes.

>> No.56017246

A whore who sells himself for cheap because noone would buy him otherwise

>> No.56017264

>Mortal Progeny, two quests
>One man Army
>Commander 35
>Spearman, Shield Bearer 28
>The Oliphunt 19
>Miracle 9
Shieldmage 4
>Wolf's Run
>Saorna, Rhiannon, Nizek, Lady Asha

How does an unremarkable, mortal-born guy compete with the children of gods?
By being the best damn cheerleader in the world is how.
Boss Monster and The Kyphean Mines

>> No.56017270

Is a reverse harem worse or better than a normal harem?

>> No.56017278

Gil-kun best girl!

>> No.56017284

Depends on the setting and characters.

>> No.56017304

>reverse harem
a what now?

>> No.56017323

Think of a harem of girls but guys

>> No.56017365

>Swim team
>While dragging those massive buoys around
still best girl

>> No.56017389

As multiple men cannot impregnate one woman, it is objectively inferior unless it's a trap's harem of reverse traps.

>> No.56017394

so a harem for gays?

>> No.56017407

Or girls.

>> No.56017443

>Wild Beasts, Winter, Stormy Seas
>Compass, Book/Pencil

We adventure on, I guess.
Carriage and Explore?

>> No.56017474

>Butt Plug'
Very Normal
Gender Swapper


Permanent transformation mode. Lingering so that the transformation remains when the plug is removed, clingy so the plug can't be permanently lost or stolen, and dulling so that I can forget I'm even wearing it. I choose a small plug with as little showing as possible. The only real downside is that if I ever wanted to anally masturbate I would be kind of stuck, easy enough with a partner though.

The dildo I'm assuming the Voodoo effect still works even without an actual dick. Using the strap on/extension path I'd only be able to feel it using it to fuck someone else. I'd take that too if I had the points, allowing someone else to wear it while we both feel it.

>> No.56017568

Why would you want to be something you already are?

>> No.56017612

It's a good question even if you didn't mean it that way. Why would you want to STAY something you are when there are other (not unpleasant) things you could experience.

>> No.56017645

Where's Tok,though?

>> No.56017683

>Oh wow, "honest work", get a lot of pride from that one?
>What can you do with that decent wage? Eat at a mediocre restaurant once a week? Get a financing plan on a car? Maybe you can rent a house?
What a disgusting display of narcissism. When the hubris of paper-pushers and desk jockeys such as yourself buckles and comes crashing down on civilization as we know it, it will be you lying bleeding in the streets while the working man protects and rebuilds the last bastions. Enjoy your superfluous existence and inflated sense of self-worth while you can, cog. Your kind's time draws ever-closer to a hideous end. I can only hope that whatever successors you might bear learn from your mistakes and survive the coming trials.

And speaking of dildos, look what I found in my CYOAs folder!

>> No.56017767

Eternally having new, surprising adventures in my Gilded Cage. Let's go already! !!

>> No.56017777

No goddamn biologist?

>> No.56017823

Huh, I like the amount of B-List authors on this list.

It's a nice breath of fresh air.

>> No.56018015

Symbiobro <33

>> No.56018023

I posted Depression CYOA. Looks like CYOAs CAN become reality, on occasion.

>> No.56018276

this made me remember how much i love you guys

>> No.56018310

A bit gay, but alright.

>> No.56018317

>like Elon Musk
>1% of intelligentsia
I doubt it, but maybe, you can't be too stupid to fool all the other idiots so well.

>> No.56018458

>3 Tankista isn't on it

what's the point? He's the Best Author here by far and not even on the list...

>> No.56018559

It's Time

>> No.56018609

Makes sense. However, if given the choice to have something else such as being a mage or gaining artifacts that are able to bend the laws of nature, I'd rather that than being a (or at least a "cute little") girl.

>> No.56018641

>> No.56018658


>> No.56018668


>> No.56018678


>> No.56018688

2.0 when?

>> No.56018695


>> No.56018709

Being a mage and gaining artifacts that are able to bend the laws of nature is not contradictory with being a little girl.

Role-Play in general is about being someone you're not, or rather, it's about imagining you are someone you're not. You might as well go all the way and aim for the relative opposite of what you are. You will have a hard time finding anything that is more opposed to maleness than a cute little girl.

>> No.56018727

Also, imagining what it's like to be of the opposite sex is actually a normal thing. It's not an obscure thing at all. It's also one of the things that push you to seek a partner of the opposite gender. Alter-egos and stuff.

>> No.56018740

I like changing form and with enough percision can used for medical purposes.
>Body becomes a weapon
Let's me live out my Prototype fantasies.
I just like the extra edge.

>> No.56018760




>> No.56018784

Besides, at one point you could imagine being a mage, then imagine being a robot, then a little girl, then a robot mage, then a little alien exterminator girl. Anything and any combination of things that are not you.

And RP systems as well as CYOAs give structure to this, they give a kind of objectivity by using similar rules as others around you. Like Society.

>> No.56018811

Which, by the way, is why this >>56013917 anon is wrong. CYOAs do belong in /tg/

>> No.56018825

Anyone eyeballing this one in particular should read Sven Hassel's novels. But leave the first one for last since it covers the whole war, he clearly wasn't expecting to write more books after that.

>> No.56018830

Although I would call them CYOCs (Create Your Own Character) instead of CYOAs, but whatever.

>> No.56019063

>zombie apocalypse
Welp time to kill myself

>> No.56019118 [DELETED] 

I can't remember... Monster Girl Survival Island, maybe? The last post I recall posting is a dump of monster girl CYOAs at an anon's request, so it's related at the very least.

>> No.56019139

Beri a cute!

>> No.56019194

I can't find the Urban Unease and Nightmare Cyoas, do you guys have it?
(when I say nightmare cyoa I mean the one where you're stuck inside a nightmare, but in it, there's a waifu that wants to help. I remember one of them involved the depths and anothe one had to do with empty buildings)

I need them, they're awesome. Pls help

>> No.56019274


>> No.56019380

You think this system will ever be allowed to crash? The elite will always hold on.
Besides, you're just a raging wageslave. You work some shitty job like barista, chef or postman.
You are only worth how much people are willing to pay you. And if you're making $30 an hour... lol

>> No.56019484

Did you even check the drive?

>> No.56019492

Realitybending, changing the past and then being a cute girl.

>> No.56019919

Mom? Is that you?

>> No.56019990


I'm running a very dangerous gamble that, if succeeds, ensure the survival of the mutliverse even if that leaves me widely unpopular and opens some very nasty cans of worms. But either way I'm an Exalted-tier archmage, so I'll have my fun.

>> No.56020021


Thank God and DSA anon

>> No.56020037

Reminder: Dido did nothing wrong.

>> No.56020077

Child of heroes

Giant's brawn (52)
Mantle of steel (43)
Marlin’s quickness (38)
Grace of the deer (31)
One against many (23)
Duelist (21)
Brawler (19)
Healer (15)
Third eye (12)
Fire mage (8)
Lightning seer (4)
Water adept (1)

Adventures: boss monster and door to door

>> No.56020093


As if you're going to let us forget.

>> No.56020123


>> No.56020222


Acheld is still the best author.

>> No.56020272

Acheld is nice but not the best

>> No.56020332

I didn't remember the name for the nightmare one, so I was already going to ask for it. Figured it wouldn't be a problem if I got Urban Unease with it.

>> No.56020351

bless your kind soul, anon

>> No.56020366

what did acheld make

>> No.56020411

altering history and that one mentor, friend, lover thing, i believe

>> No.56020437

It's either this or one of these small ass CYOAs I made in paint
The problem is that I pretty much never actually choose anything in mine
But at least I am not in Warhammer or something

>> No.56020461

can someone post that cyoa that had to do with being a space refugee or something like that. I also seem to remember it being connected to stardust cyoa and communism.

>> No.56020540

I don't.
Who the fuck are these?

>> No.56020642

There are authors here other than SDA, toiling quietly in the cyoa mines

>> No.56020661

The best author is probably some nameless rando that doesn't comment all that much.

>> No.56020671

>only two girls with big titties
>one is the guy who wrote this
Do you want me to fuck you this badly?

>> No.56020673


Vaatu is from Legend of Korra.

>> No.56020690

>Legend of whatnow
I don't know anything else than the last airbender.

>> No.56020731

>I'm not in it

>> No.56020741

Man I asked authors to give me a picture and a description of what they wanted me to try and write for them, it's not my fault only Symbiobro and myself went for well endowed characters.

>> No.56020743

That's a sequel series, dipshit. Educate yourself and stop being so dumb.

>> No.56020766

There is no sequel. If you're talking about trash then there's a board for that.

>> No.56020787

There was a sequel, and if there is a board for trash why did you crawl out of it?

>> No.56020801

>celts picture
little do they know its actually the owl

>> No.56020802

It's okay, you can fantasy about fucking my dick. No need to get defensive, it's totally normal for this thread.

>> No.56020859

oh, those are quite good I guess

>> No.56020871

Can't think of your own insult? You would've fit right in with the Legend of Korra writing team.

>> No.56020897

I'll repost this forever!

>> No.56020977

Which one are you? I need to know who to bully

>> No.56020985

my guess is hes the one using the image used in the CYOA

>> No.56020988

>ArchDemon Roommate with Lynneth
Extremely well-off. It's my dream come true.

>> No.56021007

legend of whorra is 100% fanfiction and you know it

>> No.56021010

>not Aezueah

>> No.56021014

>> No.56021035

Okay now who's lime?

>> No.56021046

A fruit.

>> No.56021055


I only know who some of those are because of discord, I only know who I am because its me

>> No.56021060

>Ghost pirate captain with reality jumping ship
Could be worse, tho I wish I hadn't decided to go full undead mode. Oh well.

>> No.56021072

I was unironically going to make this really fast and really pretty when I saw it on the Discord but then you went ahead and posted it here

>> No.56021095

do it anyway

>> No.56021099

I wouldn't say best, but he's pretty damn high tier

>> No.56021136

>hating on discord
where else can someone come up with a CYOA where (your) waifu cucks you?

>> No.56021168

This is the happiest day of my cyoa life
the best part is that my picture originally had smaller tits than textanon's pic, but I was determined to be the biggest

>> No.56021190

> Lavender CYOA
On the one hand it's a creepy as fuck setting.
On the other hand, my build would leave me extremely well off.
All in all, I think I could deal with it. Though I would be screwed. Cause, you know, that's the whole premise of the thing.

>> No.56021191

I am your future wife, don't you see?

>> No.56021246

Not on here thankfully
lime is a new author. He made 3 good cyoas recently, the recent zombie barricade, choices make the man, and I little short experience wanted poster one. They're all pretty great.

>> No.56021267

ideally nowhere, desu

>> No.56021275

SDA cucks us all anyway

>> No.56021278

But you can see more of TextAnon's titties than yours.

>> No.56021336

that one CYOA with the powers for helping people (calming them down, knowing what to say to help them, etc.)
eh, pretty nice

>> No.56021441

how can he cuck me if were not married?

>> No.56021515

because my tits were too big to fit in the frame

>> No.56021521

Cuck is a state of mind, anon. And if there’s anything I’ve learned from this wonderful site, it’s that you can be a cuck and not even know it! We’ll be sure to let you know if you are.

>> No.56021541

>Cuck is a state of mind
no it isnt you retard, cuckoldry is having your significant other fuck other people- SDA isnt my significant other, he cant cuck me

>> No.56021561

You poor fool

Cucked and doesn’t even know it baka

>> No.56021596

I have no clue what you're talking about fellow human.
Would you like a mouse?

>> No.56021614


>> No.56021623 [DELETED] 

>Cucked and doesn’t even know it baka
Cucked up if true

>> No.56021648


>> No.56021650

Shut up mongrel. You got killed by an angsty teenager with tissue paper swords.

>> No.56021655

Reading that caused me physical pain. I’ll never understand

>> No.56021668


>> No.56021674

>tissue paper swords
funny way of saying "noble phantasms"

>> No.56021727

Stoned Celt is the best

>> No.56021747

There truly is no god

>> No.56021779

Room Type: Other - Virtual meets the Hanging Gardens of Babylon from Seven Wonders.

Entrance Method: Power Gem

Items: Auto-/ck/ (14), Gaymen Piisii (13), The Rest (12), /diy/ Zone (11), Fucking Nerds (10), /lit/ as heck (9), Thrill Ride (8), Aesthetics (7), Silent Zone (6)

Special Offers: /out/ (4), /friends (1), /comfytown/ (0)

Extras: Be the Girl, Lesbify (16), Redesign (14), Lasting Effects (12), All Along (10), Last Resort (8), Spooky Action (6), HQ HQ (5), Charm Cognition (4), Machine Learning (2), Stylish (1), Size Up, Size Down (0)

>> No.56021781

This is proof that god exists and that he is really fucking bored

>> No.56021782

but hes not Gil-kun?

>> No.56021816

Attempting to normalize degeneracy is, in and of itself, quite degenerate.

>> No.56021839

>nobody picked Maid of Charts
Well, more for me. Best girl is best.

>> No.56021918

In the special ed class where she belongs.

>> No.56022201


>Kau, Shuria, Gumi, Anya.

This maximizes group cohesion, Kau and Shuria explicitly are open and willing to be a harem/group sex, Anya is as well, given the 'up for anything if drunk' clause. Gumi seems like she won't mind and isn't overly bound my human jealousy.

This also does much to ensure survival since both Kau and Anya find food easily and Gumi solves water issues. Shuria is the least helpful, but morale, entertainment and group cohesion are super valuable.

>Weather, Wild Beasts, Separation
>Knife, Rope

Knife and rope seem the hardest to emulate from the island... first aid kit is too temporary to have great value.

Cabin by itself significantly mitigates all the challenges since it prevents separation, shelters from weather and has walls to keep beasts out. If Kau can help slowly train a beast, this challenge even turns into a boon.

If I had foreknowledge Chest is by far the superior choice, Chest would also mean thinking of different challenges and pushing hard to build a house/hut ASAP. I can't even stay with ghostly girl thanks to no Estelar. Bad(ish) end.

>Venture on, Explore or Quests

For sure the preference of the girls and suits me fine. Time to live out an adventurer fantasy. We'll return to the island when we can to visit our friend the ghost and maybe get a spiritualist to unbind her.

Airship/answers would be sweet, Anya would love it. But with no chest, I just have to hope that in time we can afford these luxuries or learn the truth!

>> No.56022328

go hog wild

>> No.56022751

Yeah, cat girl? Cat girl with multiple personalities? If that wasn't enough, Kara is basically Hanekawa Tsubasa with none of the downsides. Yup. She's my pick.

>> No.56023300

WTF is that? Was that CYOA written in that weird witch language from Madoka?

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