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Did you redo the math for how much strength that is?

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Mythical Creature Perks:

Longevity (100)- Not quite immortality, but close enough for any reasonable person; you are extremely long lived. It’s quite possible that you’ve been around since the dawn of time. Though you still age, it will take an extremely long time for you to become feeble and even longer for you to actually die from your old age.

Glamour (200)- Not all of the mythical creatures are content to hide away in the darkness, even if they are content to let the humans rule the surface. Rather than striking back against them, they would join them- living together in their cities, seen, but unseen. A glamour is a combination between a magical transformation and an illusion. It guises inhuman creatures, giving them a human size and shape, while still allowing them to use the various aspects of their anatomy. This often looks weird- a large mouthed creature would appear to unhinge its jaw like a snake if it tried to open its mouth all the way, for example- meaning the being that uses the glamour must remain careful, even as they walk around freely in broad daylight.

Hidden Kingdom (400)- The Magical Races have all hidden themselves away, creating magical communities and secret enclaves all over the world, with the largest being in New York. This requires no small amount of magic; both for hiding and keeping these places hidden, secure, and safe. You are now capable of creating similar places- hidden from mundane means of detection, and all but impenetrable without the right key or phrase to get in.

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>Shameful ships
How can I be ashamed of ships with fluffy tail

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Magic Smithing (600)- The Golden Army, the Crown of Bethmora, Nuada’s Spear… such relics as these are beyond the ken of humans. But you can not only understand their construction and the magic behind them; you can create wonders of your own. Self-repairing golems, magical artifacts that control them no matter the size of the horde, spear tips that inch ever closer to the heart and cannot be removed by mortal means and much more are possible for you to create now. Though, getting all that gold might pose a problem…

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Didn't need to, it's pretty intuitive. It just raises the multiplier past normal human ability by three orders of magnitude more. So it's 1.18E19 times normal human strength instead of 1.18E16 times normal human strength. Either way, still not enough to destroy an Earth-sized planet with a punch. Planets are surprisingly durable, at least if your aim is to leave nothing behind. Damage it so heavily nothing will ever live there again? Sure, that strength boost is enough for that. Outright destroy it? Nope, needs to be a billion times stronger than this. Gravitational binding energy is a bitch.

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I think there might be a reason humans are the only half-anything.

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Hey, Jumpers.

Do you have a nemesis across the chain? Or something you despise completely and utterly? Why?

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So what is your current Jumper like anyway? Bonus points if you can explain it with a pic.

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Because Half-Elf/Half-Orc girls are super cute?

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>inb4 Tera or OAA shitty art.

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Hey, namefags and other Jumpmakers, if you were only allowed to spend your vouchers in this on Jumps you've contributed to the community or helped on, what would your build look like? Any anons who have helped out a lot, I want to see those builds too.

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>Forgetting half-dragons
Dragons are the only species to fuck other species as often as humans do.

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it'd be shit.

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Okay; wasn't complaining, just making sure.

Makes sense, in both cases...can we limit our own Apocalypse to whatever world we're currently in? Whether it's a planet, Reality Marble, pocket dimension, afterlife, whatever?

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Does anyone know any jumps that have a passive barrier similar to Doom's in this clip?

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>Far Cry

Well, it would suck. Because my jumps suck. I like the settings, especially of Avernum, but the jumps themselves are shit.

I put them up for adoption for a reason damn it.

My memory is too shoddy to say what jumps I've been a help on.

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That's probably why every human in DnD can just take sorcerer if they want.

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The Light of Destruction, which fits both categories perfectly. As for why? It's a narcissistic cosmic horror that loves mind raping and corrupting people to worship and serve it, all for the sake of its' own ego. It's like YHVH, if you removed any of the extremely few good parts he has. There is no redeeming element to the Light of Destruction. It's sadistic, arrogant, and loves to break the spirits of those it wants to enslave before robbing them of their free will and turning them into terrible people.

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You of all people should understand that all other races find human's sexiest. How many species of waifu do you have?

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Cool, good talk anon.

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I'm the black hearted snowman from Hell! Whether I'm just towering over people or towering over cities, I'm large and in charge, and I'll bring my reign of icy terror to all worlds!

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22(maybe 28) Different species.
Depends on if halfies(half demons and the like), or Vampires/Werewolves count as separate species from human.
And on if Goddesses from different universes count as separate species.

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>if you were only allowed to spend your vouchers in this on Jumps you've contributed to the community or helped on, what would your build look like?

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Was trying to do this earlier this morning and just found myself unable to choose. I only made one voucher choice over an hour, though by the end of this month I'd probably be able to decide on another two vouchers. Maybe?

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No, they definitely said ships.
Though there's nothing shameful about THIS ship.

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QUESTION: What motto does your Jumper live by?

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What if you punch it with that much force WHILE moving that fast?

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I've been trying to break this shit down all day but it's a lot harder than I was expecting it to be.

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Do Good, Have Fun.

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The Good Doctor: Always forward.
Decade: For her sake.
Me: Forcewalls are for pussies.

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Question about Entertainment Subsidized Vouchers, do we actually have to deal with the drawbacks, or do we just get the points? Because it's going to be a little hard to do the drawbacks in any of my jumps aside from Generic Children's Television in our world...

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"When in doubt, blame the elves"

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"Fall seven times, stand up eight."

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"Stand alone if you must. But you must stand."

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Every story needs a Big Bad something or other. So why not be the Biggest Bad of all?

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Also, for my Infernal.

My Right to Rule is Divine! AMMY STOP TRYING TO REDEEM ME!

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To live as I please and die a senseless death, that is who I am.

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Pick a chain and I've got a few.
Main chain has two so far - the Tiger-Faced Monk a la Wuxia, the masked martial artist waging a war against all that fate and the heavens would decree for mortal men. And Meatwhacker, an Uruk, who will soon come to rename himself The Butcher after a much-needed intelligence buff, and will eventually discover the destiny above all other destinies that Jumper has ahead of them. The Butcher is going to wage a war against this destiny and his place as a cog in it.

The Son's chain so far has slain their way through multiple of their Rogue's Gallery. Right now the only nemeses are the rival Mashiko (a voodoo thief who's willing to do anything to get ahead), Mindbird (yandere psion), Sanitorium (sanity vampire), Sticky Fingers (adhesive-manipulating burglar with the worst luck imaginable), and Katyusha (foxy Russian sniper). One of the fallen, Professor Herculaneum, is due for a reincarnation in Generic Isekai eventually. No fillers for the other slots yet.

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I believe the supplement covers that with this part.

>DRAWBACKS set initial conditions once all selections have been made, with all ongoing enforcement waived. The Benefactor will not respawn or protect returning opponents, initial attitudes can be changed, handicaps can be overcome. Scaling opponents have a fixed power determined at the time in the selection process you take the drawback. They are NOT fiat backed, but will also not be removed or fixed by the Benefactor after ten years. You are NOT the Jumper Anon; the Jump never ends.

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Ah, I see. I'll think of something, in that case. Thanks for pointing that out, anon.

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Let me get my ducks in a row here.
Redline, Changeling, Problem Sleuth, Elona, Disney Princess, and Gargoyles
1 item to Swat Kats. I suggested the drop-in's car item.

Did I miss anything?

"Do it anyway."

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Yeah, it's just me again.

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Oh, Speedforce Unity lets you do tricks like the infinite mass punches or vibrational explosions that the Flashes can do, it definitely offers immense destructive power. But that's not actually why I want planet-busting strength. I Will Surpass God from Soul Eater makes it so that any rise in your physical strength corresponds to rise in your spiritual strength, and vice versa. I want as buff a soul as I can get, and making myself physically super-strong and benefiting from that perk seems like an easier way of going about it than meditation and spiritual surgery. I was hoping that being 66 billion times faster than light would correspond to a ton of strength, but upon analysis it's not that huge an amount. Well, it is huge, just not huge enough for me.

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Hey, I remember you! You were asking for ideas for Rogues, and I ended up giving you the idea for a sanity stealing villain named Sanitorium. That was a few months ago, wasn't it?

>> No.55997013

Yep. He's been a REALLY effective villain for Wren so far, so big thanks for that one, man.

>> No.55997021

No problem anon, glad he's been a good antagonist for your Jumper. Any particular stories involving him you want to share?

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I got you man

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>"It's not about what's right or wrong. It's about what I can live with."

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"This is not gonna be my final day."

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Maybe look into copying Thor in Marvel Magic? He can hit someone hard enough to open a wormhole and crack a nearby planet accidentally just from the shockwaves.

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"As long as you can still truly smile, you're doing good."

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Alright guys. I've been thinking on something. If, and this is a HUGE if, I decide to update/redo/whatever my Avernum jump. Because I'm considering doing so.

Would you like to see four origins, with two trees each?
IE Drop-in 100, 100, 200, 200, etc.

Or would you like to see four origins, and four classes, with one tree each.
IE Drop-in 100, 200, 400, etc
Wizard 100, 200, 400, etc.

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>Fire Emblem Jumps
>Yuki Yuuna Is A Hero
>The Witches
>Oxygen Not Included Gauntlet
>Kingdom Come

Gosh, I don't know what to really choose to be honest. I'd definably choose best boy Lewyn as a companion, though!

" I am humanity's hopes and dreams. I will persist like I always have, and I will hope like I always have."

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Option 2. Origins & Classes.

>> No.55997089

Option 1, please.

>> No.55997092

Four origins, four classes. Just to be nicer to the drop-in-onlys.

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... huh. Hmm. Y'know, I can't think of any. Incredibles has a forcefield power, but it requires deliberate concentration.

Though this is Doom. He's definitely the type to pretend his active defence is a passive one.

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Oh also the more expensive Reincarnation option in God of Highschool. The character it's based on casually carries around a staff so heavy that when it's tossed to a character who can physically stop a planet from crashing into another planet, it rips both of her arms off.

>> No.55997113

Option 2, kindly. More variability.

>> No.55997115

Yeah, Reincarnation would easily get me what I want...but I'm kind of trying to avoid buying it. There are a lot of things I want in God of High School, and if I spend 2000CP on a single (admittedly awesome) perk I won't be able to afford them. Even the 1000CP version is probably too much. I only think about getting Reincarnation when I'm idly musing about having infinite CP, musings that inevitably lead to the thought of "nah, that would be boring".

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Human Perks:

Have Courage (100)- Monsters, demons, madmen and worse; all exist in this world, and yet you’re just one mortal being. It can be overwhelming, and even the toughest people can succumb to fear. But not you; while you’re not exactly fearless, your fear doesn’t get in the way of your bravery, letting you act in spite of your fear without being hampered by it.

Pure of Heart (200)- You might not think you’re pure, but it’s obvious to anyone who can see (or read minds) that you’ve got a heart of gold. You are absolutely unfettered when it comes to being yourself and your friendship brings out the very best in other people, because you inspire them to be the best they can be and to try even when it seems like they’re powerless.


What Makes A Man, A Man? (600)- It’s not his origins, or they way he came to life. It’s his choices; not how he starts things, but how he decides to end them. You know this truth; you are unbound by any prophecy, fate, or destiny that might be forced onto you. Not only are you immune to these things, but anyone else you decide to work with is, as well. They may have been born a demon and a destroyer, but with your help they can become a savior and a hero.

These are primarily based off of Myers, Hellboy's agent friend from the first movie. Any ideas for a good 400 CP perk for them?

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You Will Never Be The Jumper:
Premium Vouchers:
50 or Less: Cosmo [Saint Seiya]
100 or Less: Distant Sky [Rurouni Kenshin]
200 or Less: PSI [Mother: Cognitive Dissonance]
300 or Less: Renaissance Boy [Lyrical Nanoha]
400 or Less: Tangled Webs [Exalted: Solars]
600 or Less: Falling Down [Heaven's Lost Property]

Platinum Vouchers:
50 or Less: Game On! [Kamen Rider Ex-Aid]
100 or Less: Stopwatch [Heaven's Lost Property]
200 or Less: Cordless Computer [Kamen Rider Ex-Aid]
300 or Less: A Pocket Full of Quarters [Captain N]
400 or Less: A Very Nice House [Madoka Magica: Wraith Timeline]
600 or Less: Game Maker [Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei Part 3]

I had an awful idea but decided against it. None for me!

I have my priorities in order, I think.

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As a note, the four origins would reflect the major factions in the setting
Drop-in would be Adventurers, with perks/items based around what the actual PCs of the games do
Avernum would be...Avernum, based around the underground civilization itself. With surviving in harsh environments, building up power with few resources, and expertise at guerrilla warfare.
Empire would be the Empire. Lots of control over things, backstabby politicing, high tier magical items, etc.
The fourth I'm not sure what to call but for now let's call it "Third Party". Based primarily on the Sliths(tribal lizard people, who are surprisingly good at magic) and the Vahnatai(cave dwellers who hibernate for thousands of years at a time, and have some pretty crazy stuff going for them)

The Classes would be based on the four major archetypes of the PCs.
Warrior, Archer, Priest, Mage. But with perks and items based on characters in-universe, rather than just relying on what the PCs are capable of.
Maybe a fifth class, for being a Leader of some sort, based on the King and the Emperor respectively.

Mind you these are just ideas I'm throwing out there, and I might not even do this. I don't exactly have a lot of confidence in my ability to do it.

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>it's an actual card

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Nothing too special
I got the chronicler, who is a not too sane schoolgirl capable of making everything she writes come to life from her notebook and she really has a talent writing gory monsters, Daguva member of a previous tribe of humans who transformed into monsters and looks to prove his superiority by murderirng the strongest being in the multiverse and lastly Chacha own bad luck, which I believe it is my greatest enemy in the chain.
"If you walk down the path that you believe is right, you cannot be wrong." or "Even if my life is full of hypocrisy, I'll keep on striving to be a hero of justice!"

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And here are all the other perks that I've got so far: https://pastebin.com/siiS3cM3

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>The character it's based on casually carries around a staff so heavy that when it's tossed to a character who can physically stop a planet from crashing into another planet, it rips both of her arms off.

So, Jumpers. How did you react when you first realised the jump you were in ran on different physics?

No, not that it had magic or ki or gods or whatever - that physics itself was different. Whether it was that the constants weren't the same or absolute zero was attainable or the fundamental forces were "strong nuclear, weak nuclear, electromagnetism, gravity and awesome".

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"Ah fuck I can't believe you've done this."

>> No.55997239

Mecha settings are fun. They shouldn't work at all, even if you solve all the construction problems and keep their huge target status from getting them killed instantly, ground pressure should make it impossible for them to walk. But inn mecha settings, they work just fine in all sorts of environments, and I love that. Who doesn't dig giant robots?

>> No.55997249

"Damn Daniel"

>> No.55997257

Fun. Times.

Justice likes to discuss things like this with his friends already, the exact...repercussions of a universe running on a different set of physics, so he has ideas.

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Your options are:
1) The Pokedex is made by 10 year olds and 90% of it is wrong, or
2) Physics in the Pokemon world is a klein bottle of madness as interpreted by a drunk.
There is no middle ground.

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You think thats dumb? CHECK THIS SHIT OUT

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>Almost no clothing

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"Use your heart to tell your brain where to walk, use your brain to find the pathway there.

and when the moment finally comes that both would fail you, madness and instincts will suffice."

>> No.55997354

>Almost no clothing
Are you seeing the same pic that I am seeing?

>> No.55997372

The dude is wearing almost no clothing. Or at the very least a very skimpy top.

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Dude 90% of his body is clothed

His top is absurdly sultry but he's clothed

>> No.55997401

>Or at the very least a very skimpy top.

Seriously dude, it was a joke.

>> No.55997415

I was a second guy and it was a pretty lame joke

>> No.55997418


Look, this isn't even my problem, but don't you guys think you're splitting hairs here?

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>Metal Gear Solid
>had taken FOB scenario, and Venom had stolen something from my Warehouse-rig.
>counter-infiltrate to try and take it back
>it was the Songstone Composer, but that's not too relevant
>the first few guards I find have blockaded the central oil-rig, but the barricades are set to prevent people leaving it instead of entering
>they don't even even shoot me on sight, they're just looking exhausted
>I see why right as I pass the barricade
>Miller's just sitting against a wall, twitching and staring off into space with a dazed smile
>Ocelot's crawling around on all fours
>loads of other soldiers stumbling around the complex, alternating between different tones of mumbling or screaming
>lots of blood, yet few bodies
>one's yelling for his mother to stop yelling at him, he'll be a good boy
>start heading into the main complex
>there's Snake / Ahab, doing paperwork-
>no paper, but he's still writing plenty on the table
>ghost past him, get a very familiar scent and hear a voice
>that explains everything
>there's Sanitorium - no. He's too sane right now. It's Jim.
>the same Jim I met in Gotham who donated to a mental hospital out-of-state, for his son's schizophrenia
>got fultoned to Snake's oil rig and they were going to try and recruit him, completely unaware
>he's conflicted, happy to be lucid, yet he sees exactly what effect he's had on the Diamond Dogs.
>tfw he's ready to be locked up, to avoid hurting anyone else
>tfw I promised I'd help him and still haven't found a way.

He doesn't always show up in a jump, you know. It's a rare occasion when he does.

>> No.55997432

I just asked if he was seeing the same card as I was

>> No.55997471

Where can i get something like the Discipline Collar from Codex Alera?

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I usually don't notice it too badly.
I mean, I NOTICE IT, given that I've taken it upon myself to collect ALL sorts of knowledge. I actually have a huge list detailing differences in physics systems per dimension in my warehouse, and a bunch of different designs for toasters all across the multiverse, but other than keeping track of what physics system works where and easing transition into new areas, it doesn't REALLY effect much of what I'm doing other than some particulars in cause and effect.
Mechs work fine, you just have to reinforce the fuck out of them so they don't collapse into their own joints and can pull their own feet out of the ground. Magic helps. I mean, it doesn't do anything about the "holy fuck that is a big target" status, but you weren't driving a mech to dodge shit.

But, it did come to a head when I actually went to Gurren Lagann, because I was on the WRONG end of Spiral Energy. I was a Beastman. Beastgirl? Some kind of catfox hybrid girl. I hung out with Viral a lot. He's dreamy.
But I decided to try and stop the stupid unfluffy humans a couple times, and my calculations were PERFECT... per normal physics systems. Per normal mecha settings? No, not even that, I actually took into account the energy progression of spiral energy, and made allowances for it. And they just busted through them. I hurled... SHITLOADS of robots and rallied some of the more disorganized Beastmen into helping me, and they just busted through... ALL of them.
There'd be, like, this moment. Where it seemed like they were on the ropes. And then Kamina would just start yelling some bullshit, and the next thing I knew I'd be screaming over the intercom.
They ended up fucking STRONGER THAN CANON, because they had to surpass me. It was such fucking bullshit!

>> No.55997493

I'm gonna have a field day with all these crafting and willpower perks.

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...wow. That's...wow.

>> No.55997516

>Konata ends up finding enemies who can not only legitimately challenge her, but actually cause her to have a breakdown
Congratulations, Konata! You've graduated to Full Time Villain! Now all you need is a "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE" and "DAMN YOUUUUUU" and you'll be all set!

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Is there a geneforge jump? I want to create life and watch it spiral out of control as my creations too learn to create life, and their creations, ad infinium.

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...why would you do this to me.

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Humans are huge perverts.

>> No.55997543

We do indeed.

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Yes, it's pretty great.
Geneforge has been my "fix all" for biological problems since the day it came out.

>> No.55997567

I imagine every centaur in the vicinity of this scene just got filled with seething rage and an urge to kick an elf in the face.

>> No.55997588

"It's not stealing if I eventually return it."

>> No.55997595
File: 167 KB, 758x503, Zarus Follower.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>seething rage and an urge to kick
That's all Centaurs, all the time

>> No.55997597

Didn't we have a Call of Duty Zombies jump? Not finding it on the drive and I swear it was done.

>> No.55997601
File: 1.13 MB, 1280x970, 1508312105904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is home to you?

>> No.55997604

>those feels

>> No.55997634
File: 1.83 MB, 500x390, It's not.....completely inaccurate.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where my waifus, and later on my kids, are.
Usually that means my private island/kingdom that has a shit-ton of stuff on it.

>> No.55997641
File: 488 KB, 380x285, You've spooked me for the last time!.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The universe I really come from. I grew up here. I can't replace it, no matter what I could eventually create. It's always going to be a part of me.

>> No.55997649

Okay, I'm stupid, I can't find it in the drive.

>> No.55997680

What the hell is his condition

>> No.55997690


>> No.55997692


>> No.55997701

Yes, we did. I can't find it on the drive either.

>> No.55997711

Maybe something about...negative qualities or views being used as a means to induce positive change? Hellboy got jealous about him and Liz, even though there wasn't anything like that going on, but it helped, however slightly, in getting HB and Liz back together in movie one...and I vaguely recall him standing up to Hellboy and getting him to back down on something?

>> No.55997730
File: 47 KB, 500x700, Home Sweet Home.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My sinister ice palace, and the terrible blizzards and icy wasteland that surrounds it!

>> No.55997732


>> No.55997742

See >>55997005
He's a sanity leech / vampire. His sanity isn't stable however, and he winds up developing more neuroses and illnesses as he goes "unfed." He feeds by draining mental energy - which mends his own mental state until he's Jim again. But it comes at the cost of inflicting what he suffers from, and worse, on the people he's feeding from.

Thing his, his strength and combat ability are also inversely related to his mental state. as Jim, he's just a regular human. As Sanitorium, he's a fucking monster who has thrown a train car at me on several occasions.

And I have no, EARTHLY idea, where a cure for him possibly exists throughout the chain.


>> No.55997762
File: 38 KB, 202x376, 1506377407281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What perks make love real

>> No.55997775
File: 1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 1492376848100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't call it a home, but I felt genuinely alive when sailing on the ocean.

>> No.55997780

Hit him with Dandachi

>> No.55997785

There is a perk in 8-bit theatre that lets you use Love to make powerful blasts.

Note: Said ability permanently drains love from the universe and increases the divorce rate.

>> No.55997790

Hero BBS was my jump one, and don't have it.

>> No.55997804

eeeehh, is it a biological or spiritual problem?

>> No.55997856

I can rule out spiritual, but I got no other leads besides that. Psionic powers SEEM to be involved somehow (e.g. his feeding method), but his mental degradation, I have no idea what causes it yet. For all I know his brain's just perpetually decaying and it inadvertently unlocked his psionic potential.

>> No.55997883

Stability/control formulas can be found in (I think?) the Worm and X-Men or Marvel jumps?

>> No.55997885

Depending on how willing you are to fix him the dress of heaven (or third true magic) in fate let you move souls out of the body. Then the puppeter perk lets you create almost perfect replicas of the human body. Then move his soul into a "normal" body

>> No.55997908

My workshop/lab/operating room. The smells make it home.
Hot steel and sawdust, fire and electricity.
Plastic and silicon, oil and fuel.
Antiseptic and living things.

>> No.55997923

What was once the Spencer Mansion before I rebuilt the entire thing, on Nomanisan Island.

>> No.55997968

You could try making a PS238 power or Noble Phantasm for it? And RWBY Aura could probably do something similar if you got strong enough, but it probably wouldn't be so flashy. Besides that, there's no reason you couldn't try making it with tech or magic.

>> No.55997986

If it's the power causing the degradation, this might work. If I can get this benefactor to send me there somehow I'll give those a shot.

Hmmm. A bit out of my pay grade right now, but it's... being put in the idea folder, for the time being. Thanks.

>> No.55997998

The Galaxy-plus sized Sura form from Kubera is probably a good place to start.

>> No.55998021

One of my companions miss there family. What is a nice comphy jump for them to ease out of their slump

>> No.55998033

If they're active, they'll miss nothing.

>> No.55998039

So what's the general power level of normal mages in Fate? It seems like most of them are huge assholes in some manner or another and the Clock Tower is another secret society that needs to bite the dust.

>> No.55998045

Wait what do you mean?

>> No.55998057

Most mages suck in direct combat but our lethal with prep time in their base. I would treat it like a tinker in Worm.

>> No.55998081
File: 57 KB, 369x405, 1479389383479.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jump 8: Resident Evil
Origin: Researcher
Location: Harvardville
Age: 20
Knowledge Base
Differential Diagnosis [900]
Doctor In The House [700]
Project W [400]
Hypnos Gene [100]
Gods of the New World [0]
Easy Research Opportunities [100]
Virologist [0]

Items: [+300 items only]
Personal Kit
Hypo Gun
STI Eagle 6.0
Satellite Phone
Pharmaceutical Company [150i]
-Advanced Hospital [50i]
Specimen Bio-Tank [0i]

Cyclops [100]
Bounty [200]

My Works Are Superb - ‘Thinker’ Virus - ThV.
Infection Method - Injection
Activation Requirement - Contact with Bloodstream
Denial of Retrieval [900GP]
Painful Revelation [800GP]
Mental Clarity [600GP]
Null and Void [400GP]
Healing Factor [100GP]
Brain Case [0GP]

Hmmm. Body is adapting to the new changes very nicely. Significant increase in cognitive abilities, aging process is all but halted, and a papercut is gone in a few blinks. Sure, I lost an eye in a freak taco cart accident, but it's the little things. Like...the assassin who thinks they're clever by using the sniper-on-the-window trick. That's why I have an intern pass me Agatha* and deal with that problem adequately until they retreat to lick their wounds. Or die. I don't really care.

First order of business: Launch a satellite capable of firing a continent-sized healing ray. Have several backups, three for each major continent and four for Madagascar. Ensuring complete global saturation once things inevitably spiral out of control because of Wesker, Umbrella, or that janitor who gets curious about the broken glass vials down the hallway.

Second order of business: Personally see to it that Wesker's final days on this earth are as agonizing and humiliating as possible. I'm not even sure why. Reprehensible plans aside, his claims of godhood...absolutely -infuriate- me to the point all I can think to do is kill him. Strange.

*Agatha: Jumper's personal plasma rifle.

>> No.55998088

Anima jump has Seeker of Names perk. The Death Arcana can completely cure anything and nullify any negative or damaging effect.

>> No.55998096

I'm going to be honest, I can't be bothered to fill that out.
But I think I could still get a lot of nice stuff out of my jumps.


>> No.55998106

My warehouse. It's been a safehouse for so many years. I can't feel comfortable sleeping in any other place I have a bedroom specifically inside it and everything.

But my true home is in the arms of a lover, if you want me to go full on cheesy.

>> No.55998157


This is about as much thought as I'm willing to put into it. I'm Going Home after Dota 2. The only magic I have that isn't a pain in the ass to make new spells for is weak against mundanity, but I'm a Saint. A Bronze Saint, sure, but that's still gonna shake things up. Also, I'm an obsessive patriot with the skillset and powers of the Literal Messiah. That's not gonna have repercussions at aaaaaaaaaaaaall.

>> No.55998189

Well there's Love God in Gravity Falls that lets you make glittery powder that causes people to fall into various sorts of love.

>> No.55998194

>Saint Seiya
Wait, that was you?

>> No.55998216

I helped Heavens enough to get name dropped in the notes. That's close enough for me with the "helped on" thing.

>> No.55998231

Ah, sorry, man.

>> No.55998245

>Stolen Research
>There is one condition and one drawback to this, however.
Does the faction need to still be extant in the setting, or can you choose from dead/disbanded factions? Also, how do you gain it? Do you choose it as the jump starts, or do you activate it in-setting?

>> No.55998261

They do have to still exist. You choose it at jump start. Also, going to sleep.

>> No.55998289

Alright, thanks. And good night.

>> No.55998323
File: 92 KB, 574x960, dead men tell no tales crewmember concept art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a perk somewhere that allows you to retain full use of- and indeed, retain the body part at all, when it's fairly obviously not physically attached? Pic-related to show what I mean.

>> No.55998371

Double Cross, take a look at the Exile syndrome, I think.

Also there's a devil fruit in one piece.

Heartless customisation in Kingdom Hearts can do a little of that.

>> No.55998379

Exiles can do some pretty crazy stuff, monofilament wire, prodding the brains of others to erase memory, rearrange organs create bone swords etc.

>> No.55998403

You know the picosecond thing isn't even a cap right? The only real limit to how fast and how hard speedsters can move/hit things is that they risk getting absorbed into the speedforce. With that power you don't need to deal with that.

>> No.55998424

You can make them yourself if you can make an A.I supervisor & cybernetic implant.

>> No.55998433

Warehouse Doorplate
Utilities: Electricity, Plumbing, Heat/AC, Local Net, Force Wall
Structures: Shelving, Housing, Workshop
Miscellaneous: Free Space, Food Supply

Disney Princess
ESV Voucher 5 - Suitor
Free - Drop In, Sing a little song, Sidekick Song
Premium Voucher 5 - Très Belle
200 CP - “I Am” Song, I'll make a man out of you!
Go On

Free - Adventurer Yerles, Epithet (Friendly Lover), Circulation Magic, Ambidextrous, Knockout, Incredibly Lucky, Rations, Starting equipment, Utility Items, Platinum, Deed of Museum
Platinum Voucher 2 - Statue of Ehekatl
Go On

Platinum Voucher 3 - Nitro Gold
Platinum Voucher 4 - TRZ Airmaster
Free - Drop-In, Helpful Radio Announcer, Switch-Comb, Your Smokes, The Car (Fast, Wheels, Basic Engine)
Go On

Premium Voucher 4 - Pledgesmith
ESV Voucher 1 - Insanity (Bipolar 2)
Free - Drop-In, Beast Kith, Truefriend Seeming, Spring Court, Wyrd 1, Clarity 7, Glamour
100 CP: Oneiromancer
Go On

Problem Sleuth
Freebies: Inspector, Pose as a team because shit just got real, BATTLE TECHNIQUE: DISCONCERTING OGLE, ARMS, ASSORTED STAT BARS, 3 IMAGINARY LIVES, DESK, HAT, WINDOW
Platinum Voucher 1: Flask of Whiskey
Go On

Swat Kats
Free - I Don't Deal With Criminal Scum, Origin Outfit, Police Equipment
Premium Voucher 1 - Enforcer
Premium Voucher 2 - Fit As A Fiddle
Platinum Voucher 5 - Surge Coat
Go On

Gargoyles - Stay
Free - Human Big Business, Tech-Adapting, Pragmatism
Premium Voucher 3 - CEO
Premium Voucher 6 - Immortality Bound (Lexington)
Platinum Voucher 6 - Grimorum Arcanorum

I think this is how it works, looking at the notes and stuff.

>> No.55998434

So, weird question time, now I have found myself with a conceptual affect that lets me spec an item/object towards a tool that could be used in a hunt.

Now how would an item and its current functions be altered to fit this use?

Currently I have:
- Increased lethality (the kill)
- Increased durability
- Enhanced range, both for weapons and vehicles
- Enhanced accuracy
- Innate tracking capabilities, like say photographing an area only to have your digital camera point out signs of your prey

What other examples could you come up with /jc/? I've been refining a Noble Phantasm and I remembered that Archery was not originally used in warfare, but was instead a hunting tool.

>> No.55998444

>I have found myself with a conceptual affect that lets me spec an item/object towards a tool that could be used in a hunt.
Where can I get this?

>> No.55998445

What jumps do you take for quality of life instead of power?

>> No.55998453

Twelve Jumps, twelve vouchers. Let's do this.

Warehouse- Electricity, Plumbing, Local Net, Force Wall, Shelving, Medbay, Portal, Free Space

JUMP ONE: Young Justice
Premium Voucher (100): Superhuman Origin
Souvenir (Free)
Knows His Own Strength (Free)
Most Common Superpower (Free)
Required Secondary Powers (Free)
Cellular Regeneration (Superhuman Stipend)
Immortal (-150)
Costume (Free)
One Million Dollarydoos (-50)
JUMPCHAN!, No Killing Rule (+100, +100)

I get a lot of good shit for basically free here, thanks to the stipend Superhumans get and how drawbacks work with this. A beauty perk, regeneration, immortality, and a million dollars.

JUMP TWO: Animal Crossing
Drop In (Free)
At Peace (Free)
Platinum Voucher (50): Barrel of Fruit (Oranges)
Tier Four House+Cozy+Compact+Warehouse (-200)
Misers (+200)

Well, Tom Nook and the other merchants being greedy is going to suck if they don't mellow out, but now I get a six month vacation every so often, as well as a cozy house in my Warehouse.

JUMP THREE: Fallout 4
The Institute (Free)
Chemist (Free)
Premium Voucher (300): SCIENCE!
Mechanist (-150)
Lab Coat+Laser Pistol (Free)
Radio Stations (Free)
Pip-Boy 3000 (-150)
Scrounger, Crippled (+100, +200)

I wasn't planning on doing a lot of scrounging anyway, and thanks to how drawbacks work with this my crippled limb heals immediately. In exchange, I get the science of the Fallout universe, the ability to make robots, and a Pip-Boy.

JUMP FOUR: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Drop In (Free)
Disney's Dexterity (Free)
Premium Voucher (200): Maroon's Mind
Acme's Art (-300)
Quality Art Supplies (-50)
Cartoon Camera (-50)
Contracted, Dropped A Piano On His Head (+200, +200)

I quit my artist job immediately and develop a hatred for a species which doesn't exist, gaining artistry, amazing business skills, and the ability to create cartoon objects in exchange.

>> No.55998457

Metro 2033. I like my traveling Siege Train.

>> No.55998463

It's a noble phantasm I've been working on for a while now.

Sorry anon.

>> No.55998502

JUMP FIVE: The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Scientist (Free)
Mutant (Free)
The Adjectival Jumper (Free)
Scientist Supreme (Free)
Pym's Protege (-300)
Mutation (Free)
Degrees (Free)
Asgardian Feast (-100)
Platinum Voucher (300): Jumper Industries
Uncivil War, Superior Foes (+200, +200)

I'm now a master scientist with knowledge of the secret of Pym Particles, as well as their own tech company. Also, Asgardian Feast, which is the best item in this Jump. However, the few superheroes and vigilantes we have in our world really hate each other now, and any enemies I have are more willing to work together. Thankfully, I don't have any that I'm aware of so the drawback is pretty much nullified.

JUMP SIX: Generic Creepypasta
Cryptid (Free)
Monstrous Body (Free)
Flight (Free)
Feel No Pain (Free)
Enhanced Sense (Free)
Pocket Realm (-200)
Creepypastas (Free)
Platinum Voucher (200): Demon
Monster, The Jumper Stabbings, Jumpscares (+0, +100, +100)

A few more people get stabbed each year, in my name; in exchange I get a pocket dimension for when the sun inevitably calls it quits, the ability to fly, and a succubus.

JUMP SEVEN: Ghost Rider
Rider (Free)
Designated Rider (Free)
Premium Voucher (50): Hot Shot
Spirit of Vengeance (-300)
Prince of Lies (-100)
Nice Bike (Free)
Demonic Disturbances, Picture A Flamethrower... (+200, +200)

AWW YESS GHOST RIDER POWERS! Also, demons. Fortunately I feel no pain, so peeing fire isn't really an issue and I heal any damage anyways.

Human (Free)
Career (Free)
Bloom (-300)
Apartment (Free)
Platinum Voucher (100): Briefcase Full of Bees
Bee Allergy, Not The Bees!

Not much to say here. I have the ability to restore dead and polluted places, and now bees are my enemy. Good thing I plan to be on fire pretty much all the time when I'm outside.

>> No.55998550

Narnia, Generic Universal Monsters, Demons of Astlan, Oreimo, Infinite Stratos, Hero BBS (yes, actually), Career Model, Hollywood, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Pokemon, Redwall, Psychonauts, The Road to El Dorado, Spice and Wolf, Penny Dreadful, Persona, K-ON!, Civilization, Death Note, Kakegurui... I could go on and on and on.

>> No.55998558

Power IS quality of life.

>> No.55998589

JUMP NINE: Batman the Animated Series
Scientist (Free)
Researcher (Free)
Specialist (Free)
Hybridization (-300)
Silicon Surgeon (-300)
Brilliant Engineer (-200)
Premium Voucher (600): World's Greatest Mind
Rogue Gallery, No Killing Rule, Make Em' Laugh, The Demon's Head (+200, +100, +200, +300)

Okay, so now Ra's and the League of Shadows, the Joker, and a few other villains are on this world. But, in exchange I get a shit-ton of science knowledge and a perfect memory. Pretty worth it in my opinion.

JUMP TEN: Friday the 13th
Teenager (Free)
Sexy (Free)
Final Guy (-300)
Party Supplies (Free)
Platinum Voucher (400): Companion Import+Improved Companion (Demon- Common Sense, Lucky, Deader Than Dead, Sexy, Revenant)
Disfigured, Crazies (+100, +200)

Good thing plastic surgery is a thing. It's also a good thing that all the worst scum of humanity are attracted to me for some reason, since now my succubus companion has a thirst for blood. We'll have to work on that, but for now it's not a problem. Also I have Plot Armor now.

JUMP ELEVEN: The Evil Dead
Drop In (Free)
"I Know Your Damn Words, Alright?" (Free)
Premium Voucher (400): Hero From The Sky
Axe and Armor (Free)
Throne (-100)
A Farewell to Arms (+100)

Immunity to zombiefication and possessions, just in case a demon gets up to some shenanigans, and I'm the chosen one. Also a throne! Worst case scenario: the women it summons are fodder for my demoness waifu.

JUMP TWELVE: Nightmare on Elm Street
Drop In (Free)
Sweet Dreams (Free)
Lucid Dreamer (-100)
Merchandise (Free)
Comfy Bed (-200)
Platinum Voucher (600): Companion Import (Demon- Insomniac, Dream Power, I'm Into Survival, Sugar and Caffiene, Iconic Outfit, Dream Demon)
Phobic, Sleep Disorder, Institutionalized (+100, +100, +100)

I'm scared of something, have some sort of sleeping disorder, and I'm in a loony bin. None of these are really problems for me. In exchange, my demoness waifu is now literally the girl of my dreams.

>> No.55998591

>Generic Creepypasta
Yo, speaking of, what counts as "power" for the purposes of Avatar? Can I give any number of them stuff like Evercleansed and Unstarveable, for example?

>> No.55998604

Weird how politicians rarely seem to be the happiest people in the world.

>> No.55998622

Just realised if you take Mindful Transferance Capstoned and Moonphase Aspects (From Warframe and Exalted Lunars)

You could pilot 11 or 36 warframes depending on your interpretation of interaction (Specifically if each seperate moonphase aspect has six trains of parallel proccessing)

>> No.55998623

That's just the demons addling their brains to keep them hooked on the blood of christian children

>> No.55998624

Animal Crossing, for six months guaranteed vacation time between jumps.

Sims 3, for never needing to use the bathroom again, picking up Dirt Defiant if I skipped Evercleansed in Body Mod, and many other miscellaneous domestic benefits.

Catastrophe, for a luxury cruise boat and seafood banquets.

Marvel Cinematic Universe, for a Digital Ally to handle all the paperwork and minutiae.

Lone Wolf, for the Universal Canon that tells me the history of all the settings I visit so that I have some clues on what (not) to mess with.

>> No.55998632

I dunno, they certainly seem happy enough trying to jerk off their corporate masters.

>> No.55998643

"power and responsibility are directly proportional"

>> No.55998655

How many hereditary powers are there? I want to be have the best genes available when I'm stuck for nearly a thousand years growing a dynasty in Crusader Kings

>> No.55998656

Sounds like a good quote. They should really tell that to more heroes.

>> No.55998664

*power and responsible use thereof are inversely proportional

>> No.55998684

If you're interested Anon, here's the NP as it is currently, you may have seen it before but it felt lacking. I'm much happier with this one as it is.

> Ua Dún Scáith: The Last Lesson of the Queen of Shadows – E-A++
The embodiment of the purpose and legend of the Fortress of Shadows, in that the castle took otherwise ordinary, barring a few exceptions, but mighty warriors and turned them into legends in their own right, and so does Archer, the last warrior trained in the Castle, take otherwise ordinary equipment and transforms them into temporary Noble Phantasms, representing the Pinnacle/Ideal/Concept of their kind.

At its most basic, Archer's Noble Phantasm takes man-made objects and shapes them to an absolute ideal that it was modelled on. This effect grows with the amount of mana that is poured into the noble phantasm until at its pinnacle, the object is the very concept that inspired its base's existence, however, at this point, if Archer were to withdraw his mana, the object would vanish in a cloud of sparkling motes. The chance of this happening is always present, but it increases the more ideal and conceptual the object becomes.

There are limits on what can be affected by this effect:
1) The object must be man-made, as in deliberately crafted to fulfil a purpose.
2) The object must be completely mundane, any prana flowing through the item would disrupt Archer's NP.
3) The object must be considered an personal item, manufactured for and used by one person, he can only stretch this far enough to include a motorcycle.
4) The object's own native functions are enhanced as a whole, not its functions over a network if it's part of one.

How the transformation into a Noble Phantasm affects the physical form and changes the focus of the Noble Phantasm depends largely on the class that the Servant is summoned into, with his current class as Archer, everything that he transforms is focused on the act of hunting and killing a target.

>> No.55998689
File: 84 KB, 981x966, baby dog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The immediate changes are obvious- supervillains now exist, as do demons; not only that, but there are a few crazy people running about committing stabbings. Quickly, I emerge to do battle with them, after creating a group of superheroes to help me. With the threats defeated, I turn towards my company and help advance the science of our world; in a few years every household has a robot butler and Kemonomimi waifu in it. Mankind enters a golden age of peace and prosperity.

Or if I fuck up or if things otherwise go to hell in a hand-basket I have my own pocket dimension that I can evacuate people to. Hopefully it won't come to that, but it's always good to be prepared.

>> No.55998691

so I noticed that Bringer of Doom makes no mention of the right hand of doom, is it going to be an item?
I tell it to everybody all the time don't worry.

>> No.55998692

Exalted Dragon Blooded. Any magic that is heredetary like that of a magi family from fate (in theory). Blue Eyes stuff from Shadow Realm makes your kids handsome/sexy as fuck etc.

>> No.55998698

Cool, thanks for sharing.

>> No.55998714

Do they laugh?

>> No.55998724

sometimes yes it's a very idealistic notion

>> No.55998730

Maybe; I might use that as the 200 CP perk and add some more beef to Pure of Heart.

Well, keep in mind that it would split the power up between however many clones you have but yeah, basically. "Power" is basically any non-fiat perk, so Evercleansed might be out.

That or a feature in the Freak/Demon/Creature Customization table. I need to figure out a better name for that.

>> No.55998740

there is a Twist I didn't expect,looking forward to seeing that!

>> No.55998746

Seconding this question, actually. No jumper's kids should be scrubs.

>> No.55998761

If you don't like your kids you could have them as a vampire the requiem vampire and they'll be dhampyr whose only power is to drive members of your clan insane with their presence

>> No.55998795

PSA that if you pick up Heredity from the Discworld jump, you can have your children - biological or adopted - inherit all of your powers from one jump at one quarter strength even if they have nothing to do with DNA.

>> No.55998808

Technically that says one world, not one jump. If you wanted to play at jewish lawyering you could claim that means jumps that share a setting count as one.

>> No.55998835
File: 503 KB, 859x929, konata__sleep__by_bluemangox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably Animal Crossing, actually. Because it's got that "go back for six months at the end of every jump" option.
Coincidentally, it's also one of those jumps I've barely gone to town on with JUMPER! powers. I mean, other than some terraforming I did in the night, because no village I live in ain't gonna have scenic cliffsides. But nobody knows I'm anything but a store owning cat. Who pawns off all her work on Isabelle.
Isabelle's such a great worker.
Although she does dump all the money we earn back into the town, so I have basically nothing to spend on buying stuff for myself. I swear, you can take the dog out of the mayor's office, but you can't take the office out of the dog.

>> No.55998859

Alex Mercer was called Zeus by groups like Blackwatch. What did they call Heller?

>> No.55998924

Nothing, really. Other than "Hostile imbound!"

>> No.55998941

That's because responsibilities are attached to the power.
Power without obligations can be quite comfy.

>> No.55998962

By his name. Or >>55998924
For shame, anon. For shame.

>> No.55999164

Thought he got a codename and I'd just forgotten it. Thanks.

>> No.55999175

Anyone know how to infect someone immune to diseases with a RE virus?

>> No.55999268

How to anger /jc/:


>> No.55999269
File: 143 KB, 736x622, d82caa68441ec25331548960a9cab9c3--blame-manga-manga-anime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Inner World.

>> No.55999288

ur moms vagina

>> No.55999302
File: 123 KB, 1095x730, yog_sothoth_by_davesrightmind-d7o0c3s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A galaxy sized shoggoth

>> No.55999329
File: 166 KB, 709x960, hellstar_by_xlegendariumx-d7twtwd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, huh, Val, can you be an Aristoteles of your Hellstar body?

>> No.55999338

They should, but they're not literally omnipotent.


Not much of a topic, as far as I can remember. Might want to add:

>Exalted Charms aren't spells
>/jc/ was way better in the early days
>fanfic jumps shouldn't exist
>jumps should be updated to remove options that aren't canon-compliant
>[insert old jump] would be better if it was updated/replaced by [jumpmaker]

>> No.55999348

I...hmm. Huh. I honestly didn't think of it that way. I dooooon't see any immediate problem, aside from the weirdness with that form not really being present but that makes about as much sense as the Aristoteles of some other planet going to another jump.

Er, yeah, sure. Go for it.

>> No.55999381

Hidden Kingdom perk is my shit.

>> No.55999385

>They should, but they're not literally omnipotent.
People complain about them blocking stuff because its "NLF" whatever that means
There is also this bizarre idea floating around that perfects are going to unbalance stuff if they work on powerfull stuff from other settings.

>> No.55999408

Hey Val, how difficult will it be to secure a human waifu as a Hellstar?

>> No.55999428

Uh, as long as you just hang around Earth and don't hurt them and figure out some way to communicate your peaceful intentions (Fighting off Remina maybe?), then I imagine eventually some weirdo will get interested in you.

>> No.55999436

survive and get stronger

>> No.55999438

Even after millenias and having acquired a whole bunch of great properties, it's still Portable House from Xianxia.

>> No.55999445


>> No.55999447

It's less that they think they'll "unbalance stuff" and more that people dislike the wanking of one setting or ability over everything else in fiction, especially when applied to people far beyond anything actually shown in-setting. Like saying that Saitama could punch out Azathoth or something along those lines.

>> No.55999467

My true homeworld, where my family and friends are. The whole journey is just so that i can protect them forever.

>> No.55999489

>The whole journey is just so that i can protect them forever
That's pretty sweet, unless by protecting them you mean turning them into zombies made up of nanomachines.
How do you intend do protect them forever?

>> No.55999494

How are your "jumps" progressing?

>> No.55999500

>people dislike the wanking of one setting or ability over everything else in fiction

As an exaltedfag I sympathise with this attitude because the Exalted devs themselves waffle a shitload about the mechanics of Perfects. A while ago the whole question of "why did the Great Curse work if Exalts have PDs?" was answered by saying it acted by completing the mental PDs like an enzyme, implying prior to that point the mental PDs weren't actually perfect.

>> No.55999504

How are your (((jumps))) progressing? Oh wait, they aren't at all.

>> No.55999506

>Sims 3, for never needing to use the bathroom again
There's also the deathflower + omniplant seed hax which basically makes you completely immortal throughout your jump.

>> No.55999512

Not bad. Just finished Medaka's perks, almost done with items too. Probably get drawbacks and most of the powers done tomorrow or the next day. All in all, pretty much on track.

Woulda done more but I got stuck on that supplement thingy posted earlier and still couldn't make any choices as to what I want. Well, that and more binging of Brooklyn 99. Such a fun show.

Haven't progressed any other public jumps though since the rest of my time is taken up with study. Shame but necessary.

>> No.55999515

One Serious Punch would take out Azathoth desu.

>> No.55999540

Hands don't exist in Azathoth's reality tho

>> No.55999543

it's a rpg tabletop game, not a tv show.
the "Beyond what is actually" shown thing is dumb in that context. You have to go with whats implied by the rules.

>> No.55999545

I'm pretty sure One Punch Man doesn't have any universe busting feats.

>> No.55999546

>How do you intend do protect them forever?
1) letting them live a normal life, but watching over them and ensuring that they never fail so hard that they can't stand up again.
2) protect them from death/crippling by accident or illness.
3) inspire them to become the people they want to be.
4) stabilize the worlds economy and worldwide conflict, so they live in a time of relative peace.
5) create an afterlife (if there isn't already one in our universe), so that they may live forever in bliss

>> No.55999554

Dragonball super jump when?

i want to beat up Jiren, Hit and Goku real bad

>> No.55999561

Any chance of a Brooklyn 99 jump? Might be fun. I also love that series.

>> No.55999563

Would a weaker version of Greed that just absorbs parameters or energy pools be acceptable for one of the 600 CP divine powers from Reincarnation, or is that pretty borderline?

>> No.55999566


Perfect attacks, interestingly, are NOT really conceptual (in most cases).

Perfect defenses are "conceptual" though.

its weird

>> No.55999567

Wasn't English working on that?

>> No.55999571

Soon enough.

Haha, not for me right now. Got enough to work on. Maybe later though. It really is just so much fun.

Sure, sounds good.

>> No.55999575

I don't remember any mental defense from e xalted that could actually deal with getting the great curse.

>> No.55999581

She is? Cool.

>> No.55999587

I don't remember any mental defense from Exalted that could actually prevent getting the great curse.

It's not really a setting issue like the non "Usurpation-Ok" charms.

>> No.55999588

The half universe thing is a meme someone made up that ONE never actually said

>> No.55999590

Btw, is rape prohibited according to the tournament of powers rules?

asking for a friend

>> No.55999591

Alright, thanks.

>> No.55999595

I'm pretty sure there's at least one character that attacks by putting mini versions of himself inside other fighters

>> No.55999600

I thought Hit was pretty cool? Might just be memes tho.

>> No.55999602

As written, the PMDs would work on the Great Curse same as any mental influence. Also goddamn, fix your doubleposting habit.

>> No.55999603

Cool. I was thinking of multi-boding for that.

>> No.55999610
File: 111 KB, 568x960, lietoobig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55999623

How's that supposed to work?

>> No.55999624

He has an interesting (but nonsensical) set of powers. That's about it.

>> No.55999629

Well, the undodgeable/unblockable ones are conceptual in the sense they always hit but the actual attack itself doesn't work on anything. Judging from Dreams of the First Age, the idea of being able to charisma illnesses or the concept of Holy seems to be based around the idea of inventing new Charms rather than the low essence attack Charms being univesrally applicable.

But that's what happens when you try to make lore analogous with mechanics. It's also why despite being absurdly hypercompetant in a number of areas, Exalts are worse than low level D&D priests or Fire Emblem little sisters at healing.

>> No.55999643

which ones are you thinking of?

remember not all exalted have perfect defenses. IIRC most mental defenses permanently protected a specific intimacy rather than working on a broad range of mental stuff, I don't recall any mental ones that worked like physical ones.

>> No.55999660

>Elusive Dream Defense
>The Solar uses this Charm in response to an attempt at mental influence, be it natural or unnatural. In addition to its core effects, this Charm perfectly negates that attempt at influence
>perfectly negates

>> No.55999662

>Well, the undodgeable/unblockable ones are conceptual in the sense they always hit but the actual attack itself doesn't work on anything.
thats debateable.

Attacks that get the undodegable/unblockable tag is they tend to be AOE attacks. Like death of obsidian butterflies, Cascade of cutting terror, Total annihilation.

This implies the reason it is undodgeable is due to it being AOE.

Something that moves you outside the area of the attack usually prevents it.

>> No.55999682

Elusive Dream Defense is going to require knowing about the attack to use it. We don't know how many solars would have learned the charm as well.

>> No.55999695

That happens when power and accountability are inversely proportional.

>> No.55999698

Yeah, it is kind of ambiguous and vague at times whether the attack's doing a Gae Bolg or if it's just a really freaking big attack. But the core book asks you to accept unblockable means unblockable, so as players you're in an awkward position of being encouraged to pwoerwank by the canon guidelines. I'm pretty sure the examples Charm that moves you outside the area of attack for Solars is a perfect defense, too.

This talk does remind me, that per one of the devs as early as 2004 that Seven Shadow Evasion is nullified by Cascade of Cutting Terror, implying any attack that makes conventional dodging irrelevant can bypass it-and that therefore it's not a true PD.


You're speculating about events that will never be clearly outlined, but my point is that there is a vast inconsistancy here that shows how vast the gulf between crunch and fluff is.

>> No.55999714

>You're speculating about events that will never be clearly outlined, but my point is that there is a vast inconsistancy here that shows how vast the gulf between crunch and fluff is.

The thing is that crunch and fluff were meant to be indicative of eachother in Exalted, and closely linked.

well thats before 3e, with its initiative damage n stuff.

>> No.55999739


>Yeah, it is kind of ambiguous and vague at times whether the attack's doing a Gae Bolg or if it's just a really freaking big attack. But the core book asks you to accept unblockable means unblockable, so as players you're in an awkward position of being encouraged to pwoerwank by the canon guidelines. I'm pretty sure the examples Charm that moves you outside the area of attack for Solars is a perfect defense, too.

IIRC all it says in 2e's core is that undodgeable/unblockable means you cant use dodge/parry dv against this attack.

>This talk does remind me, that per one of the devs as early as 2004 that Seven Shadow Evasion is nullified by Cascade of Cutting Terror, implying any attack that makes conventional dodging irrelevant can bypass it-and that therefore it's not a true PD.

Note that "Seven Shadow's Evasion" doesn't work like that in 2e, they are talking about 1st edition exalted (2e wasn't out yet in 2004).
in 2nd edition, it can infact allow you to dodge the undodgeable (like being immersed in acid).

>> No.55999754

>crunch and fluff

Okay, you seem to be missing the point here: I'm saying that the mental defenses, as written, contradicted the enormity of the Great Curse until one of the devs explained the Curse completed the defences.

Though I misremembered; it was Shaping defences, not mental defences.



Oops, my mistake too.

>> No.55999757

That sounds pretty good actually. What about the sorry state of our planet's ecosystems?

>> No.55999780

Val, how does Sekai Oni magic work? From how someone tried to explain it it sounds like Madoka magic, but they said it wasn't like it at all. Is it entirely based around creating matter and energy in various forms, or does it have any conceptual/mystic/otherwise esoteric elements that aren't turning into world-wrecking monsters or ressurecting people with love?

Also, is it actually magic or a highly advanced science?

>> No.55999799

It's...what it says it is in the jump? I thought it was a fairly descriptive descriptor. Materialisation is just making stuff out of nothing whilst Manifestation can do some weird stuff but is just enhancing and transforming existing things, which can be pretty weird but you've already got a few examples.

That said, for some more detail- It's life energy, powered by the heart and willpower, so it's pretty damn magical but it is possible to do stuff with it via science. So...yeah, magic but it can be interacted with by science of a certain level.

>> No.55999817

feed death flower to omni plant--> get multiple death flowers.
Some people say, that doesn't work altough the jump doesn't prohibit it.

But you can also clone the death flower in other ways. There is a science skill that lets you analyze plants and the harvest conditions of the plant, so you can clone it and create your own death flower bush.
I think a combo of lucky, genius and green thumb should do the trick.

>> No.55999818

Just wondering if it overlooked anything weird, because the bit about the bird being ressurected and those cubes that provide perpetual magical energy that ressurect people into mindless killers made me wonder. Thanks anyway.

>> No.55999849

oh yeah, i forgot:
6) introduce advanced technology (but not too advanced; humanity still has to work and be able to improve): cold fusion, interstellar travel via antimatter propulsion, first blueprints of working yet very expensive warp drive, low-level terraforming tech, perfect and cheap biodegradable plastics...

>> No.55999882
File: 56 KB, 372x500, longinus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give me the best spears in Jumpchain

>> No.55999922

a sacred treasure in spear form from seven deadly sins

>> No.55999956

I thought people assumed you could get extra Death Flowers like that, but they might not prevent the chain from ending since they only work after you die? I'd assumed that at least.

>> No.55999984

Oh, i see. That would be reasonable. I personally prefer not using that hack, because it's just too boring to become immortal like that, so i'm fine with that interpretation. I just wanted to point out that the possibility of it exists

>> No.56000008

So if i become part of the frieza clan in Dragonball Z and just train really hard instead of being a lazy fuck, i can unlock the golden frieza form and easily be the strongest thing in the setting, right?

>> No.56000010
File: 32 KB, 151x161, zero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56000017

Fair enough. There are actually a lot of fun things in Sims 3, from the really useful Life Fruits and Young Again potions, to elixirs to turn into a fairy or witch, and even phone booth teleporters, self cleaning appliances, and magical wardrobes that lead to fantasy adventures. It's nice seeing someone else talking about them for once!

>> No.56000044

Sims 3 and harry potter are some of the beast early chain jumps to just make your daily life much much easier and more comfortable.

>> No.56000048

>Gungnir (The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute’s Marriage)
>Longinus Spear (Evangelion)
>Gungnir and Laevateinn (Touhou)
>Legendary Weapon (Viking Saga)
Fuse the four of them. You now have a weapon that always hits, can't be dodged and will always destroy the soul of the target aside from dealing massive physical damage.

>> No.56000060

Always leave your audience wanting more Strike.

>> No.56000105
File: 14 KB, 199x184, DD3_Zero_Icon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I don't wanna start nothin' but I saw the Valkyrie shit flinging the other day Val. Pinch it off.

>> No.56000106

Don't forget that one spear in Mondaji that rewrites fate, also you linked wrong post.

>> No.56000111

Add more Longinus:
>True Longinus (High School DxD)
>Spear of Longinus (Symphogear)
>Spear of Destiny (DC Occult)
>Spear of Longinus (Anima Beyond Fantasy)

>> No.56000117
File: 677 KB, 1000x1773, miku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeaaaaaaah, bit weird to be bringing this up this late if you don't wanna start nothin'

>> No.56000125

>do we actually have to deal with the drawbacks, or do we just get the points?
You do have to deal with the drawbacks.
One thing you can try if you are worried about biting off more than you can chew is try to find similar drawbacks in different jumps, so their effects overlap, like Generic Isekai and Overlord both have drawbacks relates to being embroiled in politics.

>> No.56000133

>all those longinus and gugnir spears
are those the only mythologies with cool spears?

>> No.56000151
File: 1.54 MB, 2480x3507, Appiled Magitec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm a fucking idiot Val, you're reading too much into my motivations. Just give me Drakenguard and no one gets hurt.

>> No.56000153

>Kingdom Come
What ever happened to the changes you were going to make?

>> No.56000169
File: 168 KB, 850x850, InvisiVal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hahaha. Don't woooooorry. I've been working on it over time and I just need to go through Utahime one last time to finish the last origin (Making an origin based on the normal dudes wasn't my brightest idea), then I can start fluffing it up. At my current usual speed, that shouldn't take too long. Just want to finish off my biggest current jumps (Medaka, Dies Irae) and I can celebrate my holidays with my favourite game of all time becoming a jump.

>> No.56000176

MODS! Lewdity is happening!

>> No.56000178

Actually, scratch that comment, wow I am not as far as I remember.

Forgot I did a lot more work on 1 and 2 in the time since. Oopsie.

Doesn't change what I said about it not taking long, just not quite as short.

>> No.56000258
File: 144 KB, 265x256, Cirno bane.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you are unable to deliver on your promise an anonymous faget - an unsung hero - will light the fire and burn this thread to the ground.

>> No.56000259

Val is Hastur?

>> No.56000260

There is a perk in justice league unlimited that makes you choose a source for your powers, just take inherent and your powers are biological. There you go.

>> No.56000272


>> No.56000282

even the ones with perfect shapeshifting abilities?

>> No.56000288


>> No.56000296

Those aren't traps, those are temporary girls.

By definition traps must be male and appear female, or they aren't traps, they're something else.

>> No.56000299

What is some things demons of astlan magic is good at if I ho demon?

>> No.56000307

Nah, most gay men want to be with men who look like men.

>> No.56000325
File: 188 KB, 1280x1940, 3123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not even a good photoshop
For shame Strike.

But don't you worry. You'll have your fix soon enough.


it's a secret.

>> No.56000342
File: 103 KB, 281x286, 1388462834272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not even a good photoshop

I-I'm good with modeling software! Image editing is for fagets anyway.

>> No.56000345

Just take a look at whatever Lancers they have for Fate. Good way to find spears. Celtic myths seem to have some cool ones.

>> No.56000360

Receptive Doves from Greek Myth
Sky Father from Marvel Magic

>> No.56000392

>thanks to how drawbacks work with this my crippled limb heals immediately.
Is Cellular Regeneration the only healing power you have?
Because with JUMPCHAN, supernatural abilities prior to taking that drawback (Cellular regeneration and Immortality, and possibly Most Common Superpower and Costume if you want) belong to your JUMPCHAN form, and your normal form would be crippled initially,
since it doesn't have a healing power (like how that one member of the Marvel family was in a wheelchair in his non powered form)

Granted, you could fix it with your SCIENCE knowledge, or the warehouse medbay easily enough.

You don't want to stay in any of the jump settings? There is a 'two bites at the apple' clause for a jump you decide to stay behind in. If you ended by going to Young Justice again with a entertainment subsidized voucher you could be a be a rouge you the item stipend, or even be a superhero a 2nd time to get a second stipend. And most Batmans have visited enough alternate Earths he could probably get you back here anyway..

>> No.56000418
File: 20 KB, 595x427, sadimir putin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I have two art friends who could do drawings for me for free if asked
>tfw too ashamed of my little SI fanfic to ask or even mention its existence
At least I can do recolors just fine.

>> No.56000425

Where would scenarios fit into this? If the scenarios grant CP or things equivalent to CP would they be considered drawbacks that you'd have to fulfill?

>> No.56000427
File: 118 KB, 1280x1468, 3498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes recolours are all you really need. At least until you find that one character who is just perfect for you. And then find that character has barely any art in canon or fan art god fucking daaaammit

>> No.56000453
File: 142 KB, 450x450, Cirno Sororitas Ohayo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Made by a friend
>Recolored by some anon in the thread

Didn't even have to mention my SI Mary sue crossover fanfiction. I could have though. I've seen their internet history.

>> No.56000458

I don't know who she is, but she's a good girl who needs a good home. I am willing to volunteer.

>> No.56000462

Hatsune Miku, though rather more chesty than she usually is.

>> No.56000463

I laughed, 10/10 lovecraft pun.

>> No.56000466

Yes, female dreameater Reinhard has a cool design. Why won't more VN will be fan translated? I have only found like 12 entries of her in Pixiv, sad.

>> No.56000467

Hatsune Miku but with massive tits

>> No.56000473

I would therefore request the massive tits version, pls.

>> No.56000482

Yowane Haku then
But she has a tiny drinking problem.

>> No.56000504
File: 116 KB, 1280x614, 3351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trust me, I searched through the entire cg set of the game and only found like 12 or so unique pics, though each of course had a few variations.

Alas, even if those games were translated, it'd be a long time given Kriemhild is apparently only in the second game and they're both long ass things.

Still worth it though.

>> No.56000505
File: 294 KB, 788x800, DAMrEQd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>full form
Multi-dimensionally phased shoggoth.
Physics breaking plus self-replication is fun.

>What people see
I usually just create an avatar and give it a portion of my power.
Pic related is when I actually give a damn and am about to kill something.

>> No.56000510

Who's your favourite Intoner?

>> No.56000526
File: 95 KB, 372x343, WhenHereticsAreAshes,ThenYouMayDie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56000532


>> No.56000539

I don't think it's technically against the rules, but there are enough "JUSTICE" types in the tournament that'll probably jump you if you try.

Also, there's the possibility that the grand priest will make up a rule and just smite you on the spot in order to protect Zen-O's innocent mind.

>> No.56000540
File: 953 KB, 1317x1860, Zzzero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normally it'd be Four but I did my usual replay of Drakengard 3 only a little while ago and a whole game's worth of Zero has really made me remember how great she is. So for now, Zero.

Least till I get into the DLC and experience Four's elf hate again.

>> No.56000551

It's then you have my permission to die, anon

>> No.56000553

Combining the DNA of several races within the jump as well as android tech is the best course of action btw.
Being a namecian-saiyan-frieza-android spending all his time training in the hyperbolic time chamber and only enter once strong opponents show up to fight you, will surely make your powerlevels jump to dragonball super levels in a short time.
I mean, frieza only trained for 4 fucking months to get to ssgod blue level.

>> No.56000569

>there are enough "JUSTICE" types in the tournament that'll probably jump you if you try.
Well, i'm just another "let me show you the power of LOVE" type

>> No.56000585
File: 645 KB, 1355x1061, Cirno.full.2025924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're welcome in my Baka box any time anon.

>> No.56000586
File: 72 KB, 400x298, BreadBane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that. But the file name is long enough as is.

>> No.56000602
File: 460 KB, 720x900, Susanoo 2.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Normal appearance
Thin, muscular, black hair and blue eyes in normal settings, bluish-white hair and ice-blue eyes in animu settings. Lots of ice powers, lots of ki and ki-related abilities, lots of martial arts and weapons skills. Known for not taking things too seriously, tends to noticeably hold back most of the time.
>Not so normal appearance
Pic related. When this form comes out, people know to get the fuck out of dodge. This is when the Jumper gets serious.

>> No.56000625

I'm serious. At the absolute, the ABSOLUTE, least, the entirety of 2 and 11 are going to dogpile you. You may even get Jiren to go full power on you from the start, depending on if the "he's really a hero of justice with a pure heart" theories are true.

>> No.56000667

So I have heard this zen o guy is pretty strong but is a complete child who destroys universe for no good reason, how strong do you have to be in setting to beat him?

I would prefer using the vegeta scale over the goku scale thank you please.

>> No.56000681

>You may even get Jiren to go full power on you from the start
I sure hope so. He's the one i'm going to rape[/spoiler)

>> No.56000686

You'd have to go through the Suggverse Jump first.

>> No.56000709

Not even comparable.
Zen o seems to be pretty much beyond powerlevels. He opperates at a completely different level. His power is basically ultimate erasure from existence with no limits.

You'd have to be probably a AlienX, ZeedMillenniummon, Mr. Myx level... reality warper to face him

>> No.56000715

>how strong do you have to be in setting to beat him?
There's stuff in the manga and the anime that implies he's not actually that strong, by in-setting standards at least. Beating him isn't about strength, it's about resisting his broken ability to instantly erase anything, up to and including the local multiverse, at a whim.

That said, he has guards and an attendant who do derive their strength from power levels, though we don't know how strong they actually are because they haven't really done anything yet. They'd whup Goku's ass without breaking a sweat though, for what that's worth.

A much better strategy is to either take a "good with children" perk, or just be a genuinely nice person who doesn't fear him, and just make friends with him. Goku pulled it off, do you think Goku is better than you?

>> No.56000717

>Where would scenarios fit into this?
No one asked about scenarios when I made the challenge.

SCENARIOS can be treated like drawbacks that set initial conditions, but note the clause
>DRAWBACKS set initial conditions once all selections have been made, with all ongoing enforcement waived.
Also applies to any scenario rewards. You will receive any benefit normally granted upon acceptance of the scenario as normal, but remember Anon, once all Vouchers have been used and Selections made the Benefactor's obligation to you ends, and completion of a Scenario will not see you awarded any additional CP, special perks, or CP protected items. You are not the Jumper.

Some scenarios mention rewards in allies, abilities, items, or knowledge that could logically follow from the act of fulfilling the scenario itself. If they could be obtained without Benefactor intervention, you will receive them as normal, but lacking any fiat backing and protections.

The other situation that never came up was Multi-Part Jumps, like MCU Parts 1 & 2...

In Situations where Jumps installments cannot be taken individually, using a Voucher on any part of the Jump grants access to the entirety of the Jump.

>> No.56000737

I think goku is a child in a super powerful body, thanks for the tips.


>> No.56000752

Is he really that strong?

>> No.56000754
File: 226 KB, 800x601, The kid's awesome imho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Normie
Purely human, rather thin with an okay amount of muscle, hair-type and colour changes as I wish, as does iris colour and skin tone.

Since I got companions, I've found myself staying in a form similar to Shi Woon Yi's for some reason.

> All-out Chi
Normal body, however, my body is literally steaming while I breathe out steam from my mouth, and my eyes have become draconic.

> All-out Magical
Normal body, but now suffused with a silver glow and eyes burning with a silver-blue fire.

>> No.56000757


>> No.56000766

Well damn I thought Zeedmillineummon was only a big shit in the digital world. Cool.

>> No.56000784
File: 320 KB, 680x480, Zeed_Millenniummon_Xros_Wars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on how you wank things. At the very least he can freely fuck with space and time and use time hax to destroy your ass. Multiverse busting depends on how you interpret the things said about him and the context of other Digimon characters who are on his level or weaker than him.

>> No.56000789

It's one of the strongest beings you can become in a single jump.

>> No.56000792

Stupid Sexy Nazi

Hmmmm Delicious elf hate

>> No.56000811

I suck at Digimon, spoonfeed me on how to pull this off please?

>> No.56000814

Is Marcargo really hotter than the sun?

>> No.56000837

>Multi-part Jumps
Oh... Shit. I'm going to have to kick something out of my build for Light of Terra then. Free companions and massive spaceship will be mine!

>> No.56000848

Not sure, physics in digimon is almost as wonkey as it is in dbz. That is why I always choose blue eye whte dragon as my partner.

>> No.56000862

>when applied to people far beyond anything actually shown in-setting
One of the yozi is an entire antimatter universe and they work on anything he can do.

>> No.56000903

Digimon jump

Spirit warrior -100
Digi spirit: fire –free (has dramon and greymon species as valid side evolutions)
Side evolution -400 : dramon species, blue evolution coredramon.
Evolution disk -500

Plan:side evolution dramon species+ 5 evolution discs. This is a valid evolution in Digimon Tamers/brave tamers and any game is valid in this jump according to the notes in the jump.
Dodomon->Dorimon-> Monodramon-> Coredramon (Blue)-> Cyberdramon->Zeed Millenniumon

>> No.56000907

It's bullshit. The official descriptions build ZeedMilleniumon up as invincible and able to destroy everything all at once, but the descriptions for all strong digimon just yap on about how they're the strongest thing ever. Every time ZeedMilleniumon shows up in a game, he always gets beaten in a straight up fight.

>> No.56000913

Some info for you:
> https://wikimon.net/Zeed_Millenniumon

>> No.56000917

Yeah, it turns out a lot of digimon are really high powered. Nor on just descriptions, since there's plenty of stuff in story that support the high power.

>> No.56000926

Goku pulled it off, but he was still incapable of stopping Zen-Oh from deciding to erase 7 Universes.

>> No.56000932

Much like how Arceus can be beaten and captured by a kid and his team non-legendaries, amirite?

Game Mechanics =/= Universe Lore

>> No.56000933

Name some examples that show, not tell, how digimon can be casual multiverse busters.

>> No.56000934

you can use any Canon evolution chain in jump so pay the points to Start as a Deltamon, Which then Evolves into Cyberdramon which evolves into Zeed Millenniumon,something that helps you direct your evolution Would probably help though. but Cyberdramon Is the important part Since heDoesn't need a partner Or other gimmick to evolve into Zeed Millenniumon So you can just pay for him or any of the other things He can evolve from. https://wikimon.net/Cyberdramon

>> No.56000944
File: 612 KB, 707x1000, Lucemon.full.1945696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not going Lucemon
You are going to get a pretty similar power, considering he rivaled God in power (the one who chained Zeed).

>> No.56000946

The in story parts of how most of the endgame bosses plan to destroy all of the infinite/endless worlds that exist? Cybersleuth does something just like this.

>> No.56000947


Strike Chan its good to see you again

>> No.56000959

University is a hell of a drug

>> No.56000962

Yeah. "Plan to." Not actually succeed, because they have to go through with their evil plan first, but always get killed before that.

>> No.56000982

So your argument is that all the villains had no actual chance of doing what they planned to do and everyone believed they could do and that if the heroes had just done nothing, the villains would have almost completely failed on their own.


>> No.56000993

>not going zeed and having lucemon in your harem

>> No.56000997
File: 171 KB, 1920x1080, ojbBHaF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are the Eaters, the villains from Cyber Sleuth.

>> No.56001004

Where can you get halos and what are the best ones from?

>> No.56001005

What are you studying?

>> No.56001006


I hope that you have more time to enjoy yourself and that university is more kind to you

>> No.56001009

Anon, as Digimon fan I'm not a pedo like the rest of anime fans, but a closet furry

>> No.56001012

Having a ritual or whatever that allows you to destroy a universe =/= Zen Oh destroying a whole universe in a single attack whenever he wants.

I never played Cyber Sleuth so I don't understand the context for this screenshot, but I don't think Eaters are Digimon.

>> No.56001021

When did anyone mention a ritual?

>> No.56001026
File: 553 KB, 850x1095, ksbd6rec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go Demiurge in K6BD

>> No.56001034

So you're worse.

>> No.56001035

Halo Covenant gives you the forerunner archives which can be used to make some pretty cool Halo's

>> No.56001047

Aint no proof that Arceus is actually some omnipotent god either bro, you and your pokedex aren't exactly trustworthy.

>> No.56001048

If ZeedMilleniumon were on the level of Zen Oh, the game/show would be five seconds of him yelling "Time Destroyer!" and destroying the multiverse. Since that isn't what happen, destroying a universe must be a more involved process that takes longer, because the heroes had time to stop him.

>> No.56001051

Aren't pretty much all digimon far younger than the humans in the digimon jump?
Does that make you a pedo-furry?

>> No.56001056
File: 153 KB, 1920x1080, g6p0IEn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are digital life-forms (kinda). Anyway, Yggdrasil, who is a Digimon, can access their dimension (and higher ones).

>> No.56001057

Or he's not immediately free to do so because there are other beings on a similar or higher level stopping him or similar things temporarily restricting him?

>> No.56001060
File: 49 KB, 494x640, l_97.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56001067


Uni has actually been pretty kind
Mid semester was a take home exam and I was pretty happy about it because I came up with most of the answers.

I could shanked my group members though.
>Be in charge of 3d modeling, simulation and fabrication
>All my stuff has been done for weeks
>Written part not even started the day before it was due.

We're lucky the prof is a cool guy who only wants about 2 pages.

>> No.56001068

>Zen O is the only being in the dragonball universe with that level of power
>ZeedMillenniummon isn't the only being in the digimon universe with that level of power

>> No.56001074

the best ones are in Saints Row, weakness of Beatrice,kill 6 billion demons and madness.

>> No.56001079
File: 97 KB, 736x1121, 173e6240391eecccb8793fbf1f2b588f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of my main forms. Plus aura of eyes because adds extra chuuni.

>> No.56001094

So either the heroes are pointless because some other digimon would have stopped him anyway, or we never get to see what he's really capable of.

You know this would be much easier if you would list actual specifics.

>> No.56001098

So, uh, Cell?

>> No.56001118

i also absorbed cell once he showed up

>> No.56001121
File: 1.00 MB, 1280x720, ALL IS FIRE AND SCREAMING SKELETONS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56001161

Actually zeedm- is bound by rings of a code spell. Nobody knows who put the spell there but it restricts his power. If broken he could just whipe out everything according to the lore.

>> No.56001176

>However, it is foretold that if it is released from this spell, it will rain unfathomable destruction upon the Digital World.
Lore doesn't say it will even successfully destroy a single world, just rain destruction on it.

>> No.56001183

I dunno about Zeed but I do know of a few other story feats. Megidramon was breaking apart multiple universes just by it's raw power being in the world. Beelzemon left an entire universe in ruins from the aftermath of one of his battles. MetalEtemon absorbed a black hole big enough to swallow the Milky Way.

Digimon is not weak at all dude. This isn't Pokemon. The top tiers can and do fuck around with universes and guys like ZeedMilleniumon and other bosses take all of these universe tier guys and the guys way beyond those universe tier guys on at once and are still very hard enemies to beat.

>> No.56001190

Which lore nigga? You realise that this guy has appeared in a bunch of different games and stories?

>> No.56001219

See, someone understands.

>> No.56001221

Hey Jumpers, a question, for all of you.

I just came out of FSN, having gifted my Hermitage (Rurouni Kenshin Jump) to Medea for the sake of her and Souichirou's little home that wouldn't be bothered.

Have any of you done the same? Gave away a CP Item to someone within a Jump knowing that you might never have it again?

>> No.56001225

Digimon aren't the same across universes. In Adventure megas were city busters while by the time of Frontier they're barely any stronger than ultimates. You can't use the feats of MetalEtamon from whatever story he absorbed a black hole in, then turn around and say that since Zeed was much stronger than a different, much weaker, MetalEtamon in a different story, that the Zeed from the first story really would be a universe buster.

The lore that mentioned the rings around him that the anon I was responding to brought up?

>> No.56001249

Does handing away some of the free stacks of money count? Mainly to hobos and governments as an apology for the cash flow imbalances my corporate empire causes just by existing suddenly.

>> No.56001301

If you just dismiss everything people tell you, what do you expect the answer to be? People give you pics and info on multiverse shit and you dismiss it as requiring a ritual, despite having never played/read the source in question. People give you feats of them doing universe level stuff and describing characters from the same story being remarked to be much stronger yet you ignore that completely.

Even when people point out answers to your problem you try to worm your way out of the answer. "Rain down destruction" doesn't mean he's not destroying the world yet you seem quite happy to take it as denying he can. You just want a specific answer and you're refusing anything that shows otherwise, even when you don't really know anything about what you're refusing and have admitted to such.

>> No.56001305

Why does this guy want to wank Digimon to be so strong? Does he want his waifu to fight Goku or something?

>> No.56001314

>You know this would be much easier if you would list actual specifics.
I know people here hate it when someone posts Vsbattle links, but it does have nice lists of feats and links to the sources:

>> No.56001323
File: 957 KB, 320x180, 1505510176195.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've sacrificed several items so far for the sake of my friends and allies. All of the in Jump 10, actually. There was the Alexander Magicite that I dropped down into the Black Goat's hole. It never returned but neither did the Black Goat, so I considered that a decent trade off. I also gave away my Runeblade, which I had carried with me since Jump 1, to Make after a certain dreamland incident dramatically altered it. It just didn't feel like /mine/ anymore after that. Made my palms itch when I felt it. But considering what she killed with it I'm not entirely surprised.

And while I have since made another one, I gave Poppy my original red hat before I left that world. Just because we had grown apart didn't mean I didn't care for her deeply and that was the best way I knew to manage it.

>> No.56001328

>this guy

Most people here agree that Digimon is an incredibly powerful verse. It's not just one guy wanking powerlevels.

>> No.56001335

Mae. I hate phone posting.

>> No.56001351

Way to invalidate your argument.

>> No.56001352

Take the knot!

>> No.56001383

"It's not that evil if I erase it from the timeline afterwards... Right unfailingly loyal sycophants?"

>> No.56001400


>> No.56001422

This still continues to amuse me.
Dogg sorties. Wtf captcha?

>> No.56001431

But anon, 20 minutes.

>> No.56001459

Captcha is trying to guide you to the true path. Join me, anon! And we'll conquer the knots of the multiverse!

>> No.56001467


>> No.56001470

Jesus fine I'll go through every single feat then.

>Megidramon was breaking apart multiple universes just by it's raw power being in the world.
More Pokedex bullshit that we never see in any show. And hey, if he's really destroying universes, why aren't those other Digimon, who are apparently stopping Zeed, trying to stop Megidramon too?

>Beelzemon left an entire universe in ruins from the aftermath of one of his battles.
I couldn't find a reference to this.

>MetalEtemon absorbed a black hole big enough to swallow the Milky Way.
And then got killed by a hammer strike and a bite. Besides, he was only absorbing the power of the black hole, whatever that means.

>People give you pics and info on multiverse shit and you dismiss it as requiring a ritual, despite having never played/read the source in question.
If it doesn't require any kind of set up, why doesn't he do it immediately? Why is there time for Ryo to go through an entire game to get to him?

>"Rain down destruction" doesn't mean he's not destroying the world yet you seem quite happy to take it as denying he can.
This is ridiculous. I asked for a citation that he could destroy a universe. Someone said that the lore said that without his rings he could. Then I proved that no, it never even confirmed that he could destroy even a single planet.

But now, because your own evidence DOESN'T say that he's NOT a multiverse buster, the onus is on me to prove that he's not? What sense does that make?

>Effortessely defeated the Royal Knights, all of whom transcend space and time
Of all the unsourced claims in that article, this one was the funniest. Royal Knights go down like chumps to mundane attacks all the time all over the franchise.

>> No.56001487
File: 559 KB, 1603x1920, 5741034-1471985681-50291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why aren't you an old man, /jc/?

>> No.56001496

I'm going to need way more durability perks.

>> No.56001502

I've been old plenty of times.
Because I took The Long Road from the UDS as a chain drawback.

>> No.56001504

Are you a singular flaming skeleton or are you a collective of flaming skeletons?

>> No.56001505
File: 10 KB, 650x450, 02993_retcon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aging is hard. It's hard, and no one understands.

>> No.56001517

A true lover of the craft relies on skill and training alone! Or would you prefer to just cheat your way into success? Now, I'm not saying that you start with Fenrir or anything, but working your way up is the true path! After all, even my arcanine was once a growlithe.

>> No.56001529

Because every 10 years, the clock gets reset?

>> No.56001533

>Royal Knights go down like chumps to mundane attacks all the time all over the franchise.
>And then got killed by a hammer strike and a bite

And Goku was hurt by a simple stone and heavily wounded by a lasterpistol.

>Why does this guy want to wank Dragon ball to be so strong? Does he want his waifu to fight superman or something?

>> No.56001544
File: 9 KB, 207x200, 1502150491610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56001548
File: 170 KB, 1024x1437, Lich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm older than you, meatbag

>> No.56001558
File: 462 KB, 822x600, rein laughing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He doesn't gets to choose his physical appearance
Look at this mortal pleb

>> No.56001566
File: 233 KB, 600x319, hellfire.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A collective. I take and stack almost all the multiple body perks.

>> No.56001582

I'm just saying, there's more than enough dog pokemon to get a full team in jump 1! If you're a dirty slut that won't devote yourself to one man

>> No.56001585

>why boner for ants

>> No.56001589
File: 35 KB, 300x463, 1163952-skeletor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not take the best from both worlds?
>Bony lady-killer face
>Pussy destroyer muscles
>Still has a functional dick

>> No.56001590

>lewding the doges

how dare you

>> No.56001615

>he didn't bring his beloved starter to Mystery Dungeon
>he didn't get a heartfelt confession of love after the plot wrapped up explaining that they've always cared for you
>he didn't spend the remainder of that jump (and all the next ones) being happily in love with a devoted pokedoge
>he didn't TAKE THE KNOT

>> No.56001616

No balls, no desire for my dick.

>> No.56001622

This is getting entirely too lewd.




And I approve.

>> No.56001623

What perks do you have? I'm also a fan of those.

>> No.56001632


>> No.56001635

I want pokéfurries to leave.

>> No.56001658

Yeah women should only fuck real animals.

>> No.56001666

>More Pokedex bullshit that we never see in any show. And hey, if he's really destroying universes, why aren't those other Digimon, who are apparently stopping Zeed, trying to stop Megidramon too?

Happens in tamers. Only stopped because taku talked him down.

>> No.56001686

Embrace the lewd, friend.

>> No.56001693

So do altforms age if you dont spend time in them?

>> No.56001702

It was only ever implied it was going to eventually destroy the planet with unleashed destructive energy. The idea it could destroy a universe is purely from the reference guide that has all this other bullshit wanking.

They should.

>> No.56001756

So, minor update, just fixed some grammar mistakes and added a drawback to extend your time for another ten years. I'll be dropping an updated DeSu 2 jump as well shortly.

>> No.56001777

And here's DeSu 2. Now with more Time Extension drawbacks and less typos!

>> No.56001790

You're my spirit animal

>> No.56001797


How goes Nocturne?

>> No.56001804

always ho demon

>> No.56001815
File: 46 KB, 1200x1200, Black Frost Kirby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

D'aww, thanks anon!

Not so well, unfortunately. I hit a brick wall in terms of inspiration for that, so in the meanwhile I've been looking at stuff I do have inspiration for. I'll probably get back to work on Nocturne eventually, though, just a matter of figuring out what I want to do with it and how.

>> No.56001824

I dont think so but then again that sounds like a fanwank issue.

>> No.56001840
File: 123 KB, 1200x786, li_30977gEZ_indiebazaar_laptopaccessories_BurningSkeleton_TheLycans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lemme just grab a list of those I've already got...

Hivemind, from Libriomancer (9 extra bodies, half power)
Tweedlified, from Alice Through the Looking Glass (1 extra body, full power but odd)
Personal Zerg Strain - Swarmlings, from Starcraft the Zerg (2 extra bodies, power split evenly between all bodies)
Siblings Across Spirit and Body, from Kamigawa (1 extra body, full power but spirity)
Self-Willed Presence, from Watchmen (Any number of extra bodies by being in multiple places at once, full power)

I'm probably missing a bunch, because I'm pretty sure I haven't gone to all the jumps with them yet...

Note that this doesn't include stuff like Naruto's Shadow Clones or Teen Titans' Self-Duplication, because I want them to be part of me and not an indepent clone.

>> No.56001845

Reminder that this is what happens when you try to interrupt a transformation in shounen.


>> No.56001851

why do you keep asking this?

it was like 2 threads ago, damn son

>> No.56001877
File: 92 KB, 520x600, LJqc4wT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is this bullshit.

>> No.56001888

>listening to Goku

Fuck him, there were like 4 new opportunities for cheap shots right then

>> No.56001907

And now I want to stop as many transformations as possible.

>> No.56001915

The funny thing is that Ribrianne later tries to cheap shot Goku to interrupt his attacks and transformation against Jiren. She's a hypocritical bitch.

>> No.56001922

Seriously fuck goku. The future of your entire universe is at stake and he wants to let them power up. Fuck this brain dead piece of shit.

>> No.56001929

>Frieza didn’t interrupt them again just to be a dick
Now I’m just disappointed.

>> No.56001931

Goku can't get no satisfaction, he's reached the point where he's willing to toy with opponents and let them fight him at full power.

>> No.56001941
File: 221 KB, 617x320, Everyone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Goku bitches 17 out for interrupting a transformation
>17 just fucking accepts this
>so does Vegeta
>Goku tries to transform and she attempts the same thing
I'm finding myself confused at how anyone can tolerate this series.

>> No.56001946

Frieza did just toss Cabba out because Fuck Universe 6, though. Dude is probably going to take out the two saiyan girls if he has to.

>> No.56001974

The real lesson to take from this is that Super is about Goku's descent into villainy.

>> No.56001983

Well goku used to be a hero but super is all about how stupid and selfish he is. Vegita is really the hero of the series, also cabba. Cabba is cool.

>> No.56001996

I think 17 might actually be my favorite character.

>> No.56002006

Why are the Androids even relevant in Super?

>> No.56002010

For moments like this


>> No.56002018

You should learn the Taowu 18 Bodies technique in Desolate Era. Splits you into 18 full-power bodies linked by a hive-mind, with none of them being more real than any other. So long as one's alive, you're good. What makes it really cool is that the clones can fuse together for a power boost, multiplying their strength by the number of clones in there. Provided you used enough chaos nectar in making your clones, they can split back apart, too. There's a cheaper technique that permanently fuses them. Either way, you can use Taowu 18 Bodies again after fusing, multiplying your power over and over or being able to split into hundreds of weaker (but still as powerful as you were before you started) bodies if you did it the expensive way. It takes huge amounts of chaos nectar to fuel, but chaos nectar is a liquid and we've got that Infinite Liquid Generator from Terrarria, so...

>> No.56002023

In Tomb Raider, I left behind my Kingdom Camping Gear, Satchel, and Bloodstone to Laura after our stint on Yamatai, because the Lord Almighty knows that she'll need them later.

I spent the rest of my time in that Jump as her psychologist and adventuring buddy.

>> No.56002037

You know how they Androids have unlimited energy? Apparently that helps A LOT with training. It helped 17 get up to Super Saiyan God levels of power just by training his ass off to get there.

>> No.56002038

>Vegeta has literally destroyed or conquered dozens of planets, massacring uncounted billions of innocents
>Still a more palatable hero than Goku

>> No.56002062

He's actually at around 80% of God, tied with Gohan. That's both a testament to 17's training and Gohan's laziness.

>> No.56002080

Are there any perks that prevent me from being fucked by my own powers?

>> No.56002088

Chastity belt

>> No.56002092

It's usually my spooky witch mansion from Penny Dreadful. Got other properties but I just started using that one a lot and took a shine to having a slightly different scary house every decade.

>> No.56002120
File: 1.01 MB, 1920x1080, 1499388664695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you tried being less beta?

>> No.56002132

My Warehouse. I tend to just buy or rent a property on whatever world I happen to be on and use the Warehouse key on the bedroom door. It helps keep up appearances.

>> No.56002150

How do you know when your 10 years are going to be up?

>> No.56002151
File: 33 KB, 640x360, 1508243286521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dbz is all about ki right? So if a person is a xianxia cultivator at the start of a dragonball jump before they start training does that mean it would be easier or harder to reach a level of like supersaiyan? And if they did reach super saiyan would their transformation be more powerful or equal to a normal SS?

Jumpchain is confusing.

>> No.56002152

With a combination of the Lekgolo perks in Halo: the Covenant and Self-Molecular Manipulation from X-men Movies you could have as many bodies as you wanted.

>> No.56002161

Buddy, Digimon's the justification Valeria has for pushing the power level dick as hard as she can as of late.

If you call that into question, you're basically questioning the thread waifu.

>> No.56002175

Wait, so is the implication here that if Cell ever gets out of HFIL, he'll be a little more than 160% powerful than Goku currently is?

>> No.56002176

Do you call people 'buddy' when you're shitposting so you can pretend to have friends? I can't imagine you've ever had an actual friends.

>> No.56002192

Has Cell been training?

Pretty sure that you're just a soul in Hell anyway and don't get to keep your robot implants.

>> No.56002212

Arent cells biological?

>> No.56002214

I think Frieza had his cybernetics in Hell and only got a normal body again when he got rezzed.

>> No.56002224

Do you have an actual point to try and refute what I'm doing to say or are you just going to flounder around like a half-cocked idiot.

>> No.56002227

Nothing before me.

>> No.56002234

Has anyone watched The Orville? It's way too early for a jump, but it's a fun series so far. Added bonus: Fox doesn't make you pay a monthly fee to watch it.

>> No.56002236

Has Frieza? If "thinking really hard about killing Goku" counts I'm sure a cyborg could find a way.

>> No.56002250

Eh, maybe. It doesn't sound like an interesting place to visit, and the multiplying fusion thing seems kind of... stupid? Like, that's ridiculous, why the fuck is that a thing?

Not sure what Self-Molecular Manipulation has to do with that, but Lekgolo stuff does look interesting.

>> No.56002273

Omni Self-Molecular Manipulation allows you to pull mass from nowhere, negating the need for more biomass. It also allows you to not look like a disgusting pile of worms. You're right in that it isn't strictly necessary for the hivemind though.

>> No.56002281

I don't fucks with supplement stuff. The gist of it is a shonen style demon king wizard.

>> No.56002299

A calendar.

>> No.56002306
File: 1.47 MB, 428x405, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, right. That's fair enough. But I've already got shapeshifting, and biomass isn't much of a problem.

>> No.56002351

Yes, actually.

>> No.56002366

>Eh, maybe. It doesn't sound like an interesting place to visit, and the multiplying fusion thing seems kind of... stupid? Like, that's ridiculous, why the fuck is that a thing?
Oh, it's not an interesting place to visit, at all. I've been trying to read it and it's so boring. But it does offer a lot of power, and I'm tempted to deal with the tedium as the price I'd have to pay. As for why the multiplying fusion thing, it's so that the Mary Sue protagonist can be stronger than he's supposed to be at a given level and blow peoples' minds, because everyone reacts to displays of power by having their mind blown, which you'd think would be a trait that you'd lose after hundreds of thousands of years of being a high-level cultivator, but whatever. It is somewhat balanced by the fact that he doesn't have that much chaos nectar, though. He's only done the clone fusion twice, a jumper could abuse the technique much more heavily than he has.

>> No.56002376

>thinking about the Little Prince
>realise it's too short even for a gauntlet
>also realise my Jumper would probably draw him a Mareep instead of a sheep, on the basis that a Mareep is evolutionarily superior to a sheep

Thinking about Jumpers interacting with classic children's literature characters is weird. Now I'm wondering what he'd think about the phantom tollbooth. Or how he'd help Captain Nemo upgrade the Nautilus with solar laser cannons. Or lead a horse rebellion in Black Beauty.

>> No.56002438

How's it too short? Devil Survivor last like a week or so. It might even be less.

>> No.56002439 [SPOILER] 
File: 55 KB, 500x500, 1508689367442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hah! That's nothing.

Picture a Jumper swearing up and down that they will give mermaids souls and they will kick Poseidon's ass to do it if they had to.
The Little Mermaid WILL have her happy ending damn you Hans Christian Anderson!

>> No.56002442
File: 214 KB, 500x734, Piipaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scientist 900
Monkey kid 300
10 yo male
Hidden potential free
Gear head free
Capsule calamity 100
Cyborg casualty -200

Bag of capsules free
R.R. Blueprints -500

Ki deficient -300
Is it something you eat? -200
Stop cheating! 0

I may just be the most disappointing saiyan child in history. I hope vegeta doesnt show up early, I rather want to meet him later.

>> No.56002467

Mermaids dont have souls?

>> No.56002471

Benefactor shows up occassionally to talk, or mess with me a bit. In settings where keeping track of 10 years is difficult, due to say, not being on earth, she'll let me know occasionally how far along things are.

>> No.56002488

Plus side of things you could totally make up for having no ki by making yourself the first android sayain and giving yourself ki that way.

>> No.56002500

not according to and Christian Anderson, so she just Turns into seafoam at the end.

>> No.56002503

Nope. When they die they turn into seawater or salt, I can't remember which.

>> No.56002527

Yeah but, most of the story is literally just the Prince telling his adventures to the polite on the way to getting bitten by the snake. There's a LITTLE more than that going on in Devil Survivor.

Geeze, imagine taking the Servant Hans Christian Anderson to the Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales Jump. The smug levels would be off the scale.

>> No.56002541

Alright, I'm trying to figure out the interaction between two perks, Dragon's Skin from Final Fantasy 1 and Dragon Eater from The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute's Marriage. Dragon's Skin makes your magic resistance scale to your physical durability. Dragon Eater gives you invulnerability except in a small patch that's as durable as you would be without it. So is my magic resistance checked relative to the weak point's durability, since being made invulnerable like that isn't really an increase in durability, or does it grant magic immunity to any spell that doesn't strike the weak point and only spells that do have to deal with my normal magic resistance (with the caveat that since some spells just affect the person without having to strike them, they'd count as always interacting with the weak point)?

>> No.56002590

No, not in the original fairy tale.

When a Mermaid loves someone more than Poseidon, they have to kill that person and eat their heart or they'll turn into seafoam when the sun rises in I think two weeks time.

The Little Mermaid loved the Prince so much, that heaven gave her a better deal than her Fate and turned her into a fairy with the task of collecting Children's Tears until no children cried ever again, then and only then would she make it to heaven.

Of course, that will never happen, because...children.

> Geeze, imagine taking the Servant Hans Christian Anderson to the Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales Jump. The smug levels would be off the scale.
...I honestly don't know if I want to do that to be honest. Servant Anderson seemed to hate what he had become as an Adult, hence his child form.

>> No.56002599
File: 131 KB, 1240x876, Fate.zero.full.1156870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isnt it weird having the same age of your sons/daughters when you import them into a jump?

>> No.56002605

Could someone explain the endings of the Devil Survivor games, and which ones suck the least? I've been trying to figure it out, but everything about it seems highly confusing.

>> No.56002609

>Dragon's Skin
>increased, and the more physical damage your body can sustain, the greater your resistance against magic.
Looks to me that the perk scales with HP, not defense. So the Waltraute perk wouldn't do anything for it.

>> No.56002616

>Or how he'd help Captain Nemo upgrade the Nautilus with solar laser cannons

secret of blue water jump when?

>> No.56002617

>Self-Willed Presence, from Watchmen
Where's the Watchmen jump? Can't find it in the in Imaged, Unimaged, Series or using the searchbar...

>> No.56002620

>Of course, that will never happen, because...children.
Eh, she just has to wait until life dies out. It'll be quite a while, but eventually...

>> No.56002624

I’ve been watching it. It is a fun show. Very Original Star Trek with comedy, I love how it does a better job at being Star Trek than Star Trek Discovery. I felt it was a real homage to Trek but at same time forges it’s own path.

He trained for 4 Months after getting revived. Then he trained in Hell to control Golden Frieza. Lastly he trained a little bit with Goku before the Tournie Of Power.

Apparently Frieza wants to be GoD of GoD, I hope he doesn’t get erased like Frost. Having him replace one the GoD would be perfect job for him. Maybe somewhere with a Saiyan race he can torment.

>> No.56002658
File: 42 KB, 680x680, 1500584389577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jump 9: Batman - The Animated Series
Origin: Scientist
Timm Design
Specialist - Computers
Servant [1300]
Brought To You By Jumper Enterprises [1200]
Accidental Breakthrough [1100]
Brilliant Engineer [900]
Crazed Chemistry [700]
Silicon Surgeon [400]

Lab Safety Equipment
Programmable Metal [250]
Jumper Industries [0]

Who's Afraid of The Big Black Bat? [1200]
Past Tragedy [1300]
No Killing Rule [1400]

Honestly, I try playing by your rules, and that's unacceptable to you?
>"It's not about my rules, Doctor. What you call subduing criminals is inhumane."
Well, they're still alive, aren't they?
>"Most of them were in so much pain they went catatonic after that...ray of yours was finished. Some of them won't come out of the hospital without years of treatment."
Treatment my company provides, of course.
>"Treatment YOU personally vet and select. It's no different from playing God, choosing who gets to live with themselves and who goes numb with mind-shattering pain. You're a madman, Doctor. You must know this isn't right."
It's not about what one of us thinks is right, Batman. It's from a very simple calculation: You're either part of the problem or part of the solution. And while I'd like to think a ten-step reform program, Blackgate, and Arkham could eventually shape up this town, reality tells me otherwise. So I need to...discourage criminals in this town with extreme prejudice. Petty thieves and desperate citizens? I'll give them jobs, and even pass over their records so long as they perform. That's why Victor Fries has the benefit of being on my science team, and Dent is receiving facial reconstruction surgery in addition to intensive therapy instead of a crackpot with an online degree. But serial killers, madmen, or those who enslave children in the sewers beneath Gotham? I will not kill them, Batman. I will make them beg for death before they ever think of harming another human being again.

>> No.56002669

>"...what made you like this, Doctor?"
>"You know what you're doing is wrong, don't you?"
>"You had plenty of opportunities to ‘subdue’ me if you're so bent on your crusade. I've destroyed your machines and assets more than once. Am I somehow the exception in your grand plan?"
Because as much as I disagree with your ‘hands-off’ approach, I...do not hate you, Batman. If anything, I recognize Gotham needs you more than any sort of device I could invent.
>"Is that why this death trap has about eight different flaws in it I could exploit?"
What, am I making it too easy for you?
>"Why bother with it in the first place?"
Some things in life, I just want to try for the hell of it. It's my first real act of cliche' villainy. How am I doing?
Glaring is rude, Batman.

>> No.56002701

That is fucking legit yo.

Welcome to Gotham.

>> No.56002730

I'm slightly confused about the Sura Side thing from One Last God Kubera. Is anyone capable of buying the stuff from it, like is it a race that you have to choose or something?

>> No.56002736

Wait is that actually perfect invulnerability except for that one spot? Like nothing can harm you at all, no matter how strong, except for right there?

>> No.56002750

It's not on the drive, I think? As far as I can tell it was only posted once, and the maker disappeared.

>> No.56002767

Ah, that's why. Thanks anon!

>> No.56002773
File: 952 KB, 868x1655, Actually a Loli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It means that the stuff in there is discounted to Sura sorry. Similarly, the stuff under Mortal side is discounted to beings of the Mortal faction such as Humans, Quarters, and Gods.

>> No.56002780


>> No.56002791

So you would choose Sura as a race and have a discount on options like Rakshasas?

>> No.56002805

It was rejected by the thread at the time.

>> No.56002808

It's a trap perk.

>Your external body is entirely invincible and immovable to any physical force,

Enjoy getting flung off the planet because gravity can't move you.

>> No.56002824

The rest of the perk is referring to resistances, not HP, so I'm pretty sure that's in reference to resistance to damage and not the ability to take tons of damage and still keep going. Besides, HP and durability are stats that only really make sense as separate traits in a game's abstraction, they'd be linked in reality. Like, if it takes two terrajoules of energy to destroy a cubic millimeter of my flesh, does that mean I have really high defense or really high HP per unit volume?

Any physical attack, yeah. More exotic forms of damage could probably bypass it.

>> No.56002840
File: 124 KB, 1280x720, 4 Goddess Purple Heart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure what you're asking, so I'm just going to go ahead and explain by example.

If you choose a Raksasha as your race, then the Sura Faction perks are discounted for you. For example: Sura's Hunger only costs 200 CP for you, instead of 400 CP like it'd cost for a Pureblooded Human.

>> No.56002853

Pretty sure being affected by gravity is one of those assumed secondary power perks like with superstrength, leverage and ground tension.

>> No.56002877

Ah ok. No I was trying to work out if things like Nastika were a race or something anyone could buy. But that makes sense now.

>> No.56002913
File: 1.01 MB, 546x800, Paladin Dragon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any beasts or familiars that do not count against the companion limit that are strong or have good potential?

>> No.56002929

Check out Valley of the dinosaurs

>> No.56002933

>Like, if it takes two terrajoules of energy to destroy a cubic millimeter of my flesh, does that mean I have really high defense or really high HP per unit volume?
There exist plenty of effects throughout the chain that let you directly siphon someone's life energy (HP) or ignore their physical defenses without necessarily killing them in a single hit. To test your HP/Defense ratio, start hitting it with those kind of things.

But in any case, I would personally assume that Dragon Eater doesn't do anything to your defense, but is just an unrelated invincibility effect, and therefore still doesn't interact with Dragon's Skin.

>> No.56002934

I'm pretty sure you can just take pets with you. Just don't make them sapient and they don't count as companions.

>> No.56002945
File: 583 KB, 684x700, Sura of Rindhollow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah. Yeah, Nastika, Rakshasha, etc. are all Races, yeah. They're basically different generations of Sura. Nastika are 1st generation Sura that were created at the birth of the universe, Raksasha are their children, Upani's are /their/ children, and Maras are /their/ children. Halfs are just half Sura, and half something-else (usually human), while Quarters are 1/4 Sura, and 3/4s something else (Again, usually human).

>> No.56002956

Sure, anything that's non-sapient. Only people count as companions, you don't need some special exemption from the rules to bring along dumb animals. Get as many animals as you want. Heck, make as many animals as you want. Get a bunch of biotech, cybernetics, and power-granting perks and make a big cool monster. So long as you don't accidentally give it personhood, it won't count against the companion limit.

>> No.56002960
File: 638 KB, 960x405, 20171022_190437.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In The Zone (SDS)
>A Single Greater Being (Hellstar Remina)
>Omnidextrous (Overlord)
>Any good regeneration perk

And you can have endless bodies with perfect multitasking. Or just get the Buu race in DBMultiverse.

>> No.56002994


Goddammit Heavens, why do play the type so well?

>> No.56002998

That pic will never stop being amusing. Ever.

>> No.56003012

Which type, if I may ask? The mad scientist, the Jumper, or the villainy?

>> No.56003054

If you spend 100cp on the Alchemy Machines in Sburb, do you get to take them with you in your Warehouse? Or do you have to take the Veil Ectobiology Lab to do so?

>> No.56003073

Pretty sure you can take them without it, 100CP is just for them to come fully upgraded.

>> No.56003104
File: 2.59 MB, 1920x1080, Yellow Heart - Nice To Meetcha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a very fun pic, yes.

>> No.56003107

Anyone know of any way to manually controll your jumpers age after you get to a jump?

>> No.56003113

From my understanding:

Keeping a base Alchemy Machine would necessitate moving it into your Warehouse.

Buying it means that it automatically gets stored in your Warehouse come the Jump's end. (They also gain all the upgrades obtained in canon)

The Veil Ectobiology Lab comes with free alchemy machines.

>> No.56003120

Narnia Time

>> No.56003150

Where is Hellstar Remina on the drive? I'm not seeing it.

>> No.56003164

I don't think anyone ever uploaded it, actually. Anyone got a copy they can put on there real quick?

>> No.56003184


>> No.56003187

For the drawback to remain till 10 years after canon how long would you be there if you started in The Beginning?

>> No.56003198

I'm gonna cop-out on this one and say all three. You've got his character pretty solidly down, a nice blend of mad science and "it's gonna take a few broken eggs to make that omelet" sorta feel, with the half-hearted villainy thrown in there because it's what mad scientist villains do. I like it.

8/10 needs more deathrays tho

>> No.56003208

And I've put it up. Thanks, anon.

>> No.56003227
File: 186 KB, 1024x819, MAGES. Rebirth;3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In Kubera? Call it 14 billion years. It's probably actually a lot longer, since Hindu mythology, but we don't actually get any numbers, so go with the age of our universe.

>> No.56003247

Damn. Might have to go to Narnia for that Star perk first then. Cause that's a long as fuck time. At least I have all the shit from the gamer. That stuff is gonna be so helpful.

>> No.56003321

Thanks, anon! I should be writing more featuring The Good Doctor in a bit. Just need to decide where he's going next. Also if he's going to go the way of Ahab and try to find his old benefactor.

>> No.56003386
File: 220 KB, 1280x720, 4 Goddesses Online.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, as long as you don't have any human blood within you, you should be fine. Neither Gods nor Sura have issues with age.

>> No.56003424

Who are they?

>> No.56003437

No but I'm going drop in origin as a Nastika at he Beginning. I'd like to keep some semblance of humanity when my time in that jump is up. Otherwise 10 years in every other jump just wouldn't be enough time. I'd be too used to thinking in terms of eons rather than hours and days.

>> No.56003451

I wish that body would have been someone that wasn't a freaking toddler mentally. (Granted by that point she is like 18 years old but still).

She is like the only CPU that I would consider not safe to date. (The only other one in question is Plutia but you know she is fully aware of her actions and merely puts on the guise of being clueless.)

>> No.56003456

The goddess forms of the CPU Goddesses in Hyperdimension Neptunia.

>> No.56003469
File: 213 KB, 875x1231, Bishie-pire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Living vampire bard-wizard.

>> No.56003484

In hindsight, I probably should've taken "Never A Dull Moment" and "Meet Your Match" instead of "JUMPCHAN!" since JUMPCHAN actually screws me over more than both of those, with how drawbacks work with this supplement. I'd probably pick up Shape-shifting, Animal Transformation, and Basic Magic with the extra 400 CP that gives me.

>You don't want to stay in any of the jump settings?
Nine of my choices are really dangerous for that, I go to Animal Crossing every six months anyway, one of the other Jumps is Bee Movie, and I'd prefer helping this world to staying in Roger Rabbit. They already have Toons; they don't really need catgirl waifus and robot butlers and other sci-fi shit on top of that. And I'd honestly rather not hedge my bets on being able to return home after heading to a superhero universe.

>> No.56003531
File: 242 KB, 1148x782, 4 Goddesses Online 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Goddesses from Neptunia. From left to right: Blanc/White Heart, Noire/Black Heart, Neptune/Purple Heart, and Vert/Green Heart. In Cyberdimension they're playing a video game in which they're the more stereotypical type of Goddess, so their in-game versions look like that instead of how they normally look.

Weirdly, that doesn't really seem to be an issue. Gandharva's a Nastika, and he pretty much falls in love with a quarter over the course of a few months. Teo/Gandharva OTP!

Heh, yeah. But on the other hand Peashy's whole "I'm actually functionally 8" thing is hilarious, especially once you get Vert commenting on it.

>> No.56003560

It may not be an issue for them cause they'd be mostly used to it. A human mind really isn't designed to handle timescales like that.

>> No.56003627
File: 236 KB, 1920x1080, 4 Goddesses Purple Heart and Pudding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hadn't you mentioned you were going in as a Nastika? I'd assume you'd get the same mental state they have as part of the racial package.

>> No.56003661

I'm going it as a drop in. So I'm more of a human who's been transplanted into the body of a Nastika. While I would have their body and mental faculties, I already have a personality and human sense of timescale. While the other Nastika might go around doing almost nothing for thousands of years I'd be trying to do things daily.

>> No.56003686
File: 514 KB, 917x596, Gohan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Gohan isn't lazy.

He's just not a total autist about training like his dad and Vegeta. His whole schtick is that he doesn't like fighting like they do. He's not going to train as hard as they do unless there's an imminent threat like during the three years they trained for the Androids in Z.

>> No.56003705
File: 177 KB, 690x1000, Ananta-Sempai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually I think the first few years were a giant orgy as they spawned the initial clans, but point taken. Doesn't really seem like they'd care much about day-to-day stuff when some of them are large enough that planets are like motes of dust.

>> No.56003749
File: 138 KB, 547x547, Pillar Fou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the first few years were a giant orgy

...you can get in on that if you start at the beginning of the universe right?

>> No.56003764
File: 166 KB, 500x819, goku_ssj5_dragon_ball_af.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So in dragonball AF the capstones are amazing for power boosts. If I take:

Go further beyond


Ridiculous power

How many Gokus/Vegetas do I equal at the start? Barring outside perks.

>> No.56003773
File: 41 KB, 504x287, My Body is Ready.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're a Sura, yeah. Heck, you're probably expected to, since that's how the clans initially got formed.

>> No.56003785

1.5 Majins.

>> No.56003793


Ridiculous Power alone makes you stronger than a Super Saiyan 4. So you'd outdo Goku and Vegeta until they unlock Super Saiyan 5.

>> No.56003810

Nooo! I was never taught the majin scale! Darn my low class namekian education!

>> No.56003814

>how many Gokus

Over 9,000 Gokus.
And a sprinkling of Vegetas, with a side dish of Buu and a light drizzle of Uub.

>> No.56003830

Ah don't worry. 1 Majin is 0.2 Beerus. Which in turn in is 50 shenrons.

>> No.56003854

Oh, wrll that is rather easy to understand. Thank you.

>> No.56003871

No problem, just remember you'll never get to the power level of 1 Satan.

>> No.56003892

>1 satan
>a unit of power based on 0
I suppose this unit increases in power by a factor of 10 for every satan?

Not him but now I womder what a normal human or an android is.

>> No.56003905

When you're planet is threatened every 5 years by exponentially more bullshit enemies, keeping up with training is smart, not autistic. For as ((((intelligent)))) as Gohan is supposed to be, you'd think it would occur to him that daddy won't be around forever.

>> No.56003912
File: 344 KB, 894x894, super_su_shenron_by_anabstractidea-d9hjpsa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ridiculous Power by itself puts you on par with the first villain, who was strong enough to beat around Vegeta and Gohan in their SSJ4 forms without much effort and could probably match Omega Shenron in an all out fight. With Go Further Beyond you'd have a transformation that boosts that power even further, and would put you at the very least on the same level as the new shadow dragons, although not on the same level as Super Su. With potential added in, any decent training would skyrocket your power quite a bit and you'd probably match Goku by the time he fights Super Su if you train hard enough.

>> No.56003917

1 googolplex Satan = 1 Cell.

That's mostly cause numbers will eventually win over power than anything else.

>> No.56003927

Tell that to Chichi, then.

>> No.56003937
File: 342 KB, 1087x445, Kakarot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You know, I honestly wonder what would change if you wish away the brain damage Goku received as a baby. Would he be more or less of an annoying retard?

You know what? I'm going to do that in a Dragon Ball jump and see what happens.

>> No.56003948

This really sounded like something out of BTAS. Good job, Heavens.

>> No.56003950
File: 26 KB, 332x332, ZnuaVCqi_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I watch it just so I can see more sweet moments between Bulma and Vegeta

>> No.56003955

He becomes evil, no joke his brain damage is the best part of him.

>> No.56004001

Yeah, but he's a character in Dragon Ball. After everything that's happened you'd think he would know better. So really the problem isn't that he's lazy as much as it is his unbelievably bad pattern recognition.

>> No.56004008
File: 548 KB, 800x612, DBM Kakarot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Depending on at what point in the chain you are, how much that actually matters varies.

>late chain jumper goes to Dragon Ball
>wishes away Goku's brain damage
>is easily strong enough to deal with Kid Goku
>use 'defeat equals friendship' perks and redemption perks to make him less of an asshole
>watch how that changes the rest of the series

>> No.56004041

Where can I get the ability to create portals? I can find teleportation in so many jumps, but I want specifically portals.

>> No.56004057

Rick and Morty

>> No.56004070

Meme jump of a meme show.

>> No.56004081

>Rick & Morty Portal Gun
>Portal Portal Gun
>Webway Portals
>Door Lord
>Dimensional Breach Controller

There's more, but all of those do portals.

>> No.56004085

Not saying it ain't I'm saying it's good for portals, try Dungeons & Dragons magic then the gate spell and dimension Door are handy for that kind of thing

>> No.56004112

Portamancy from Shadow ops.

>> No.56004116

This would be the route I'd take. Just avoid druids while you're there. They're intensely disloyal.

>> No.56004129

Demons of astlan magic, I think its astramastery. Make a portal as big as you have mana for.

>> No.56004131

That would require that you go to Shadow Ops, though.

>> No.56004132

Alternative become an Eliotrope and take all the druids and healsluts you want

>> No.56004134


Death literally has no consequence in Dragon Ball. Except for in Future Trunks's timeline where for some reason no one thought to contact King Kai and coordinate with the Namekains to revive the Z-Fighters using their Dragon Balls.

But I do concede that Gohan has really shitty pattern recognition.

>> No.56004143

Sadida? More like Shitdida.

>> No.56004148

Doormaker from Worm is probably the portal-making ability you can grab in the chain.

>> No.56004164

Getting Thanatos and killing every cape in Worm is by far the better option.

>> No.56004169


>> No.56004178

>take all the druids
Doesn't matter, you turn your back and they'll be on someone else.

>> No.56004182

Everyone > Sadida.

>> No.56004186

Sweet, thanks everyone!
I dont know shit about any of these settings, but google will guide the way.

>> No.56004188
File: 738 KB, 1024x731, don't.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A helpful reminder.

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