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1st 4 guard!

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Delete or save for later, go to first

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Too slow


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Asked this in a previous thread and didn't get an answer. Let's see if I have better luck on the ground floor.

What's the anthem of the Imperium?

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How stupid it is to get 12 of those in 2 valkyries and drop them in the face of hordes ?

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I demand this thread live.

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Just did a 900pt battle to help my friend try out his new IG with my CSM. I got my booty slapped by Pask, he practically carried the entire army. Turn 1 IG saw my Rhino and my embarked berzerkers die and turn 2 offed my obliterators. He also got a lucky overwatch battlecannon shot that killed my Exalted Champion.

I thought the game was over on turn 1 but then I got into combat and folded most of his army with barebones troops, but my Khorne DP rolled extra poorly. turned from a Turn 1 massive loss to me to a turn 4 close victory for him.

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I wonder how long I have to wait for the Necron codex.

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Are Eldar OP again?

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>the virgin tyranid player, buys a tyrannofex kit and lazily glues it together like a wimp
>the chad tyranid master, ransacks his bitz box, literally sculpts his tyrannofex out of a mountain of unused parts, some plastic junk and some green stuff, and potently jizzes his manly superglue all over it, all of it while burning it with a lighter

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that's pretty wicked

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Gas the xenos whores, race war now

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It looks nice but i looks nothing like a tyrannofex

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my friend wants to start 40k by getting into slaanesh

how good are their daemons? ive heard a lot of people say 8th ed daemons suck and i havent played enough or seen enough to determine that so i was wondering if it was true

also are noise marines scary

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Anyone picking up the MTO stuff? I just ordered the Farseer and nothing else. How can you possibly resist Rogue Trader minis?

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My lgs is streaming a 40k tournament right now.
I check it out on twitch and I see 7 FW Dreads vs a FW Spartan tank.
Makes me want to find a new LGS.

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modeling for advantage

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I want to get the Warlocks.

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>140 usd
>9 models.

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I don't even play eldar and I want that shit

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So I really wanted to make a 1k List with Scions and an Inquisitor to be fluffy but since I only own one Taurox Prime I figure I'm slaking in Dakka.

I'm hoping with deploying the Acolytes and the Psyker in transports to still allow me to get in a good alpha strike. Any advice? Most of my friends play some variety of Chaos

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Noise marines are scary, slaanesh daemon princes out of the Chaos Space Marine codex are good. Some of the daemons might be good as fast assault units or chaff, but daemons as a standalone force are total garbage.

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But deldar are good tho

I don't get it

It depends on how much of a douche the dude is. If he drops like 3 commanders at 700pts, you're going to have a bad time because that's what a bunch of BS 2 melta does to people.
Anyway here's 700pts based on what you want:

Archon w/Blaster and Agonizer
Kabalites x5
Trueborn x5 w/Blasters x4
Scourges x5 w/Dark Lance x2
Ravager w/Lance x3 and Shock Prow
Raider w/Lance and Shock Prow
Venom w/Splinter Cannon x2

Probably stick the blasterborn in the venom and the Archon with kabalites in the raider. You can either Deepstrike the scourges, or park then up somewhere. Depends on what you're against.

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What are your confessions?

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>CSM, Space Fags, Eldar, and Ad Mech all have a supposedly unique faction with the exact same strategic doctrine as every other faction in this list
>8th edition isn't bland.

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Since old thread is dying, I'll re-do...
Anyone got an ebook link for Ruinstorm? Not sure I wanna spend anything yet considering how Damnation of Pythos made me want to reread Abyss and Descent Of Angels to get the bad taste out of my mouth.
Also because I want to find out how Sanguinius got a wasting disease

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Fuck off if you don't like it. Go make an Oler Edition thread.

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I want Slaanesh to be squatted just for the tears.

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Is there a bigger proof that America = Imperium?

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What is this a reference to?

Is it just a meme? Is that a word bearer and his waifu?

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When are we going to have the 7th edition threads just like AoS has the WHFB threads?

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That's Argal Tal and his waifu, a Custodian kills her so he rips his head off.

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Couldn't answer that one, but shit, it might be.
Though the biggest question on my mind right now is how the Lions neck got as wide as his head.

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>Is that a word bearer and his waifu?

Argel Tal and Cyrene Valantion, courtesy of ADB, so you are entirely correct.

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>3 bright lance Vypers with a Farseer casting Guide on them and Doom on their target cannot kill a Predator

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Superior gain genes?

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The lion looks like a faggot

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Not him but an epub of Rise of Ynnari: Ghost warrior would be nice

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And a fucking mullet. I don't even understand how the art is this bad.

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Very considering that would be literally cheating you waacfag

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>if you don't like the direction GW is going with blandhammer, you shouldn't mention it at all. Only positive things are allowed in my hugbox.

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You won't believe what happened in the novel.

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That isn't a tyrannofex.

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i picked up the bonesinger and the kneeling ranger
don't play eldar but i'm tempted to start when /if we get a macha model

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Medicae HATE it.

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Can Psykers cast out of Firepoints?

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The Emperor dieded???

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Says shoot doesn’t it?

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the ynnari get a bigger payroll

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The emperor has been dead for 10000 years anon. Why do you think they don't let anyone not in the know visit him?

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Posted in other thread.

So how do you guys pick an army that you enjoy playing without spending thousands of dollars as you cycle through what you don't like?

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I hope we dont get any spammer CWC attentionwhores posting in this thread. I take my life's hobby seriously and seeing people that support that kind of shit is not only offensive, it os straight heretical.
If you want someone to draw you some shitty ass anime knockoff just hire someone with actual talent or do it yourself. We, Warhammer players, are painters and sculptors at heart, so if you are an actual player and not just some shitposter who doesnt even play the game or gets someone else to paint your armies for you, drawing should come by easy enough. I mean, I bet I could give any drawfag a run for his money, if I had a few weeks practice. Easy.
Now, some fag come here and people actually compliment him. Ia he too dumb to notice that all those requests and "cute" comments are ironic? That he is the laughing stock of this place? But even we get tired of buffons, chibifag. You are not welcome here any longer.
I dont care If you get to be OP sometimes, leave. Warhammer 40k is not for you or your kin. I am not alone in this and you know it. You are pretty much an authist If you think anyone would have a taste shitty enough to like those abortions.
Just leave these threads and never return.

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Read their rules.

Watch some battle reports.

>> No.55988315

>thousands of dollars
how do you even manage that?

>> No.55988334

Any advice at all?

>> No.55988341

Is he going to be OK?

Yeah, a good army needs at least $3k

>> No.55988350

......does it?

>> No.55988352

Obviously an exaggeration, but not a crazy one. Picking up starter packs for three different races could potentially run up to about $350 if someone didn't like the first two armies they tried.

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well then the advice is don't be a fucking retard

>> No.55988364

No, he's dead anon. The emperor will never be okay again.

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Most art we get will be shit.
Its our curse, anon.

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Take a look mate

>> No.55988385

D-dont say that

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He's dead. The only thing we can do now is accomplish what he really wanted. An enlightened society not burdened by dogma. I have a brochure if you're interested in reading more about why the Imperium must fall.

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I dont see it does but you implied it did. Am I missing something?

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DKOK and Elysians get to pick their doctrine.
Definitely Tallarn for Elysians.

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What happened anon? Guilliman kissed Yvraine?

>> No.55988419

Eh, why not

>> No.55988424

Be less poor.

>> No.55988432

I think that was addressed in a facebook post. With FW this is the best we'll get for a few years until they actually bother to write an FAQ. No doctrines for you.

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>Hmm, this hobby seems cool, but it looks like the price for entry is pretty high
>I don't mind paying as long as I enjoy it.
>All the armies play differently too, so I need to pick the army I'd enjoy most first.
>How am I to know what I'd like doing the the most? I'll ask /tg/, they should have some advice.
>"Don't be retarded"

Thanks a ton, so helpful.

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Why Tallarn?

>> No.55988449

they already countermanded that
you don't get doctrines

>> No.55988456

when i was a kid whose weekly allowance was 0 moneys i proxied units i wanted to try

how does it feel like being more retarded than 14-year-old?

>> No.55988460

The other person gave good ideas, I know you want to complain about people being mean on 4chan but you shouldn't be a faggot.

>> No.55988461

The first thing you have to know is that the Imperium's policy on Xenos and Mutants is completely counter to the Emperor's original goals. To be sure, some mutants and xenos, most even, are vile. But, for example, the Emperor was quite in favor of certain mutations like extra arms, and purplish tints to the skin. As far as Xenos go, the Emperor was always willing to ally with xenos when it was in Humanity's best interest, and even taught us to await the coming of a great benevolent xenos force that would eat away our impurities.

>> No.55988462

Is this new pasta?
Whats CWC?

>> No.55988468

No FAQ yet and the AM Codex clearly states they do.

>> No.55988475

Or just tell us? I'm curious is there's rule interaction here.

>> No.55988482

Outflanking vendettas and valkyries.
No -1 hit penalty for moving fliers with Tallarn.

>> No.55988509

Doctrines don't work on fliers.

>> No.55988515

>DKOK and Elysians get to pick their doctrine.
They don't. They don't get one until FW puts out their book.

>> No.55988518

Is it just me or are Slaanesh players always socially awkward, even by 40k standards?

>> No.55988520

he's baiting

>> No.55988525

They aren't in the AM Codex.

>> No.55988540

>No FAQ yet
We were already told it's coming, why must you be one of those sour WAACfags who insists on cheating just because the ruling isn't in print yet when you know you won't be able to get away with it for more than a week or two. It's just fucking pathetic.

>> No.55988541

>Goes to 4chan for advice
You'll never guess what happens next

>> No.55988550

This is the face of the Harbinger that's come to tell you the doom you'll be facing by Eldar WAACFAGS

>> No.55988551

one of the OPs is a drawfag.
Some other OP hates his shit.
Things got spammy for 2-3 threads, but the drawfag seems like a cool dude, taking requests and all. The anon you are replying to is just retarded.

>> No.55988573

First for eldar are fags

>> No.55988575

has there been new warhammer weapons in MET AT ARMS: REFORGED

>> No.55988594

>Can Psykers cast out of Firepoints?
On what transport?

>I dont see it does but you implied it did. Am I missing something?
Stormlord: can shoot in their shooting phase
Repressor: can shoot in their shooting phase

>> No.55988598

Not for regular AM. But Elysians do. From the Index:
"Models that have the AERONAUTICA IMPERIALIS keywords on their datasheets replace them in all instances with ELYSIAN DROP TROOPS."

>> No.55988608

I get enjoyment out of building, painting models and reading/discussing lore.

When I play, making a good Army is mostly using whatever I already own that’s good rather than buy whatever the new meta is.

I have no problem “benching” units since just putting them on my shelf is about 85% of the fun for me anyway

>> No.55988611

>My 2k army is fully deplyed in 6 units
>Get first turn advantage everytime
psst nothing personal

>> No.55988617

I still can't believe get ever thought that alaitoc stacking with flier's hard to hit was a good idea. A -2 to hit at all times on fliers is gross.

>> No.55988621

Root Gullman?

>> No.55988625

Screenshot or you can sod off.
My space barbies > your space barbies, tau player.

>> No.55988626

Elysian flyers replace the aeronautica keyword with edt
fun fact up untill the codex you could give all elysians reroll to hits of 1. since the ai keyword on the datasheet of the naval officer was replaced in all instances by edt

>> No.55988636

It's on the Facebook page, faggot.

>> No.55988638

What's your army?

Grey Knights in Stormravens?

>> No.55988640

Okay but does that count for psychic powers now in 8th?

>> No.55988642

You gon' get tabled. You've got a handful of T3 4+ guys, one transport with mediocre defenses, and a really pricey flyer that doesn't count for objectives or table presence.

Drop the insanely expensive plasma guns and get more bodies. Your strength is in numbers and you haven't got numbers. Scions are more elite than guardsmen but they still aren't space marines, a couple squads of 5 won't cut it.

>> No.55988646

>get seized because it's a 1/3 chance
heh nice try kid

>> No.55988654

Really ? I thought I got the models height pretty much right.

Tyranids can look however you want them to be, anons. Pic related is a cool Hive Tyrant, for exemple.

>> No.55988657

GW's Facebook page is not a reliable source of rules info. Especially on anything that concerns FW.

>> No.55988660

>only +1 to the roll off to go first now
>can still get seized even if you win

>> No.55988664

Oh shit, it's on FACEBOOK. Then it must be true.
You honestly think you can beat my Style?

>> No.55988681

Its not that bad anon.

>> No.55988682

Keep being smug when the FAQ drops and takes your Doctrines away.

>> No.55988684

If Eldars are Europe, what are Orks?
Old ones?

>> No.55988691

I mean I know plasma got expensive, but is it no longer the optimal choice for scions?

Unfortunately this is pretty much all scion models I have beside another 5 man squad

>> No.55988694


>> No.55988701

Sure is a good thing we know the only hard counter to aircraft :/

>> No.55988714

Imperium are Americhads, thats a given

>> No.55988718

Dark Eldar

Still have the advantage, after all +1 can make or break games

>> No.55988719

I have to admit you are making some good points

>> No.55988720

Last edition it was "can only hit flyers on 6's", this edition it's "-2 to hit them, only if you can't get 12" or closer".

I'm not really concerned. I'll just charge them with Flyrants and rip their faces off after Smiting them.

>> No.55988723

Yeah, here's my swarmlord. I use custom rules with it to reflect it's unique nature.

>> No.55988725

>On what transport
Aquilla Strongpoint...

>> No.55988730

Oh... Good to know.

>> No.55988733

I have to say i was tempted heavily by the bonesinger model but i dont play eldar and i didnt want to wait for 32 bloody days for my order to get shipped.
I ordered an aquila strongpoint and i cant risk it going out of stock for some reason and gw refunding me even though i ordered when it was in stock.

>> No.55988738

I'm not even a guard player. I'm an eldar player and I'm gonna fucking tell you that the FB page is not run by the rules committee. Remember when the fb page said krieg could take any doctrine? They fucking can't. Wait till it gets faqed.

>> No.55988739

Volleyguns are so much cheaper now it's not even funny. Unless you have an actual specific use for plasma, don't take it on 3+ models. At least add whatever bodies you can to your existing squads.

>> No.55988755

Why don't you come on down to the local Young Man's Citizen Association next sunday? We've rented out the gym to do some outreach efforts with disenfranchised youth in the hive. There's going to be some home made food from some of the local women, and we'd all love to let you know more in person.

>> No.55988761

No you can't. Unless I'm remembering wrong it only talks about shooting. There is nothing regarding psykers or the psychic phase

>> No.55988769

The problem isn't so much the conversion but the fact that you can't tell what it' seven supposed to be because the entire body structure is different. If anything, that looks more like a tyrannofex and the other one looks like it'd be a hive tyrant.

>> No.55988773

That's a stretch. No way that shit would fly at any tournament.

>> No.55988778

>Remember when the fb page said krieg could take any doctrine?
Yes, that was when they were wrong. Then the rules guys told them otherwise, and then they corrected themselves and said "We were wrong, the rules guys told us FW don't get Doctrines until the FW books come out, it will be in the FAQ"

So faggots still trying to use Doctrines with their FW armies are literally just being sour grapes assholes going "NANANANANANA I CANT HEAR YOU THE FAQ ISNT OUT YET EVEN THOUGH WE ALREADY KNOW WHATS IN IT" and fuck those manchild retards.

>> No.55988793

>Guardfag: Hello my fine opponent! My DKoK army doesn't have doctrines, so I'll be using the Cadian one instead.
>Marinefag: Sure thing broskii, my space Marines are my own OC chapter, so I'll choose Raven Guard for this game.
>Guardfag: Awesome, let's play!

>> No.55988797

That's like DG placing newly spawned zombies half-table away on all the objectives because"it doesn't say I have to place them in coherency!" before the FAQ fixed it. The hobby is full of people like that. Filter who you play with.

>> No.55988811

It's like you've never played against Tyranid players who do conversions before.

They tell you what it is at the start of the game and that's all that matters.

Tyranid fluff is that they all adapt and grow new strains so rapidly that it's hard to identify what a creature is between each battle. Some people just pay homage to that by making really gribby custom models.

>> No.55988813

Orks = sub Saharan Africans

>their means of technological development and upwards mobility is fighting and reproduction

It's like a dream come true

>> No.55988814

Sounds great! What's the address? And what time, Hive Standard?

>> No.55988827


Don't Krieg have Special Rules as opposed to Doctrines?

>> No.55988836


>> No.55988837

>Based Titus gets a model
>This fucker is probably cleaning the latrines on Macragge these days

>> No.55988838

They'll get Doctrines too in their eventual book.

>> No.55988840

A) /tg/ and all of 4chan is cancerous. You're gonna get some of that everywhere you go nowadays, but it's the whole point and mission statement of 4chan, and there are other communities which actually like the game.

B) Armies change playstyle every new edition. Unless you want to play like a competitive faggot and replace your army every few years for the sake of winning, pick an army who's fluff and aesthetics you like.

Do you think that the religious atrocities of history and the people who performed them are a hilarious backdrop for adventure, and every time you played X-men vs Brotherhood at school you thought, "Gee, I wish I could be the Sentinels"? If so, it's the Imperium for you.
If above, but you like nuns and fire: SoB
If above, but you like Halo and wish Master Chief would shout "For America! while stabbing those silly Covenant bastards with the star spangled flag? Spess Mareens!
If above, but you have a collection of WWII and Vietnam memorabilia, and you really liked Full Metal Jacket? Imperial Guard!
As above, but work in Tech support and want to play as if the idots who call you had your job instead? AdMech!

If any of the above, but you wanted to be the Brotherhood and you wanted Master Chief to shout, "For Satan!" instead, Chaos Space Marines!

Maybe you're a huge fan of tolkien, and want to show off your superior knowledge Sindarin while you batter down primitives and act mysterious and aloof while trying to atone for your past? Eldar!

If Eldar, but like space pirates and hellraiser and want a little more edge with less guilt? Dark Eldar!

Maybe you saw the Terminator films and thought "Man, what a cool fucking movie, but I really wish they were alien robot skeletons instead of being commentary on how humanity fucked up." Necrons!

>> No.55988843

I want to play some casual 1000pts with Eldar.
I thought that old start collecting and the new one might work as a good core for my army (nearly 1000pts of spearhead detachment). I'm aware it might be too elite so the question is - what should I buy next to add more bodies - Dire Avengers or Guardian Squad?
There is a single Dire Avengers Skyblade box in my LGS still waiting for someone to buy it so maybe I should get this one? I'm just not sure if I need another Fire Prism/Night Spinner

>> No.55988848

I'm a chaosfag, so I wouldn't know. But I'm pretty sure what you're thinking of is an upgrade you can take on squads, like Chaos Icons.

>> No.55988849

Yeah, the outreach is at hive standard, though if you stay two cycles after that, you'll get to see some of our other charity events. We're running some dating events to help boost morale in the hive! It's the YMCA next to the munitions Factorium.

>> No.55988855

So given that Eldar will be either too fast to chase around the board, impossible to hit, able to melt 250 point tanks in one turn, or all of the above, what's a Guard army to do? Taking tanks against Eldar seems like pretty bad idea, but infantry spam will probably just get munched by scatterlasers, right?

I guess you could try to go melee, but IG don't really have the speed to make it across the board like nids or Orks can for the same points.

>> No.55988867

Eat shit and die

>> No.55988878


Why are you upset, exactly? I am asking for science, since it makes no sense to me.

>> No.55988879

>but IG don't really have the speed to make it across the board like nids or Orks can for the same points.

>> No.55988883

Artillery? I mean, when has movement ever been an issue with a 36"+ range?

>> No.55988885

Drop plasma scions on their face, continue business as usual

>> No.55988895

If you jumped out a window one time on a dare, and survived because of sheer confidence, you like being rowdy, and you like corny jokes and puns: Orks!

If none of the above appeal to you but you kinda like gundam and star trek and 1989: Tau!

If you like pretending that you're a cool nerd when you're just kind of obnoxious, or are a super hipster: Squats!

>> No.55988901

Nice boobplate!

>> No.55988904


Valkyries aren't cheap, friend. They are fast, yes, but not really cost effective for moving lots of infantry across the board.

Move move move is a good point, though, but with orders only working on 10 guys at a time you need a ton of officers to move lots of infantry. It adds up to a pretty hefty tax.

>> No.55988906

WAACfags are everywhere

>> No.55988910


Won't they just miss with that -2 or -3 to hit?

>> No.55988919

Wait, do you play regular games with people like that? Why? I've never played against a WAACfag not at a tournament.

>> No.55988929

You would be within 12” since you, you know, deep striked 9” away. So -1 from flyers and -1 from Rangers, who cares

>> No.55988932


Given how lenient LOS works, I wouldn't expect artillery vehicles to be around long enough to drop a wave serpent or fireprism before it's melted. Range isn't the issue, it's survivability.

>> No.55988939

Why did you post a picture of breasts to talk about eldar?

>> No.55988950

Nice model anon. But what is that blue turd in front of it ?

>> No.55988952

imperium is the western reich, ultramar is the 4th/american reich within that.

>> No.55988957


>10 scions drop in 9.01 inches away
>8 plasma shots at -2
>1,2,3,4,5,6,3,4 becomes 1,1,1,2,3,4,1,2
>2 hits from plasma, maybe 4 from hotshots

doesn't seem like it works to me

>> No.55988958

We'll he's not got it quite right. OP from last thread just said 'please no more chibi spamming' when the last thread was posted, so obviously people spent last thread talking about it, namely accusing OP of hating or being the chibiposter.

However while I'm not gonna go full retard like >>55988311, the drawfag should stop. The art isn't good or cute, it belongs somewhere else. (not to discourage an artist but I mean c'mon dudes)

I also know talking more makes the problem worse not better, so I'll leave it there. Don't give (You)s to me or anyone else and it'll go away

>> No.55988966

Would people get pissy over Catachan rules with non-Catachan models? My specific idea was for the Guard I would ally with my Tyranids through GSC, the plus strength and leadership and increased effectiveness with shit like bombs and flamers seems to fit well with them being hybrids, but the fact that it's tied to the Jungle Fighters makes me a bit less enthused about trying it.

>> No.55988974

Culexus or Vindicares to Deny/Snipe their Warlocks.

Deep Striking Scions to within 12" to ignore the hit penalties.

Basilisks raining hell on their JSJ guys hiding out of LoS. Use Aerial Spotters if necessary.

Catachan Flamer units with Burn Them Out!

Tallarn Tanks moving 10" and still firing twice with no hit penalties.

You've got options.

>> No.55988978

Total false equivalence, DKoK units have additional rules that normal IG do not have. It's like using Thunderwolf Cavalry with a codex marine chapter tactic on top.

>> No.55988983

No one will care as long as its consistent.

>> No.55989002

What the hell is giving you a -2? It's literally just -1 from Rangers and Flyers. MAYBE -2 if they already went and cast Conceal, and that can only be one 6" bubble on the whole board.

Why do people keep acting like the entire Eldar army will be -3 to hit at all times when it'll only be a couple very specific units that are bad to spam and only if they get off a certain psychic power.

>> No.55989005

I posted a pic of Eldar models mate. You should reframe your priorities

>> No.55989014


I don't play Catachan or Tallarn, and don't really intend to mix regiments. The Tallarn tanks might be firing twice while moving, but they'll still miss almost everything, anyway.

The scions and assassins might be a good idea, though, especially if you reroll the charge range to try to lock up shooty units with them in melee or something. I don't really want to play scions, either, but they're a better fit than other regiments at least. Basilisks might also be a good idea, though I'm unsure with LOS working as it does if you will ever be able to hide them anywhere safe. Thanks for the advice.

>> No.55989015

nice titters

>> No.55989019

The only thing with a -2 at 9” would be rangers with conceal and they’re a pretty pathetic unit outside of that

>> No.55989021

>oh no, someone is posting something 40k related that I don't like in a 40k thread !
>I will proceed to write a long shitpost about it, that will show him !

>> No.55989022

I worry about this too, but I have enough Chimeras with heavy flamers, scout sentinels with heavy flamers, psykers, a few pieces of artillery, some Scions and quite a bit of infantry to make up for it.

Chimeras, Celestine, Terminator Inquisitor, Assassins, Scions, Rough Riders, Tallarn rules, Dagger of Tu'Sakh are all nice options for chasing Eldar or corralling them to where you want.

>> No.55989023

When the IG FAQ drops Brood Brothers are losing Doctrines anyways. They'll get their own unique Doctrine in the GSC Codex.

>> No.55989027

Those additional rules of theirs are paid for in the points increase of the models.

>> No.55989032


I was assuming conceal, but you are right - it's only a 6" bubble so it can't be everywhere at once. I'm probably making the same mistake assuming that just because fire prisms exist and they can melt anything pretty easily that I will be up against them in numbers all the time.

>> No.55989033

Plasma Scions are kind of shit. Expensive, and tons of things have a -1 modify so they blow up on 1 and 2 if they overcharge.

>> No.55989040


>> No.55989044

Depends. Some shit that takes stock Cadians, paints them some generic color, and claims he's some other regiment is douchey to me. Won't turn down a game or anything, it's just like of someone bought regular marine terminators and said they were deathwing, grey Knights, wolf guard, etc.

But if you go some distance converting or even doing a very dedicated paint job, totally cool with me and generally anyone I've played with. Just buying some 3rd party helmets (viet nam ones would work) and sticking them on Cadians, plus adding leaves and camo stuff would work great.

>> No.55989055

Just like Twolf Cav, but you don't see many Black Templar Space Wolf Thunderwolf Cavalry running around.

>> No.55989057

People keep confusing psychic powers with orders due to the fact that ig orders do a lot of the same things and can be used infinitely per turn

Examples include move move move, the rerolls hits order, and bring it down.

Ig can cast a single order 30x in a turn. Eldar can only ATTEMPT one of ever power per turn and psychic powers can fail whereas orders are perfect.

>> No.55989065

>That's Argal Tal and his waifu, a Custodian kills her so he rips his head off
ADB should really reconsider pulling this kind of shit

>> No.55989067

Imagine being this triggered over some cute drawings.

>> No.55989075

Conceal is a 3" bubble. So is the +1 to hit in melee spell.

>> No.55989079

Elysians still get the reroll of 1 on all units. The codex still has AI as a keyword for the OotF

>> No.55989083


3" radius, 6" diameter

>> No.55989092

Anon i think my priorities are straight i dont know about yours

>> No.55989093

How do I deal with marines as tau?

>> No.55989110


Shoot blue light at them until they go away

>> No.55989118

Give it up anons, you don't stand a chance with the -1 penalty to hit on eldar girls.

>> No.55989130

Oh well if you want it that way it's a 6.92" diameter bubble because you didn't include the base size of a warlock. Or of course it could be like 11x9" if it's out of a hemlock. Is that better?

>> No.55989138


I found this funnier than I should have

>> No.55989149

>my priorities are straight
Oh you. More to the point - are 5 Dire Avengers enough to expand my low-count army or should I go with guardian squad? I prefer Avengers models but I'm willing to buy the more useful stuff this time

>> No.55989153


Fair enough, fair enough.

>> No.55989155

I can’t even begin to describe how wrong you are in every single word of that sentence from both a moral and a numerical analysis standpoint

Even paying 13 per gun scions still best every single other plasma unit in the game for efficiency and you’re dramatically overstating the amount of negative hit modifiers that exist within 9”.

>> No.55989157 [DELETED] 

Death Guard aren't bro-

>> No.55989170

so when does said codex come out again?

>> No.55989180

I've used them every game of 8th and they are shit. Plasma is shit this edition.

>> No.55989188

Death Guard aren't bro-

>> No.55989201

But my blue light doesn't make them go away fast enough

>> No.55989234

try shooting more blue light?

>> No.55989247

use MORE blue light, dumbass

>> No.55989276

What the fuck am I looking at?

>> No.55989286


Part of your problem might be where you choose to engage them. If the point of contact when you start rapid firing into them happens to be a piece of terrain, conferring 2+ saves on marines, the number of models you kill will be cut in half. You have to try to get them to move into open terrain when you shoot them.

You might also need some kind of unit screen so that their assault doesn't kill anything too valuable. Drones can eat a charge and die either die or fall back, allowing you a second turn of rapid fire with FW behind them. Stuff like that.

>> No.55989291

Cant fucking read the dice

>> No.55989351

Are you retarded? There are 5x six and 1x one

>> No.55989358

1 1 and 5 6s.

>> No.55989395

>Depends. Some shit that takes stock Cadians, paints them some generic color, and claims he's some other regiment is douchey to me.
You realise the codex specifically calls out other regiments that would use other doctrines but who use cadian pattern equipment?

>> No.55989403

>Actual advice
Did not expect that to be honest.
I field 16 drones (12 gun, 4 shield, 2 stealth) in 1000pts but they usually just die to fire before the assaultmarines eat my firewarriors.
I def need to become better at baiting them into bad positions.

>> No.55989406

Admech have a rather slim margin for unit choice. Would it be frowned upon to make Admech versions of other units or kitbash up something with the same or similar weapons and ally in other factions stuff or do I have to use the actual models? Same bases and such, same rules so I'm not asking for Canticles or anything.

>> No.55989430

>Aquilla Strongpoint...
And what part of this do you think is ambiguous?

Fire Points: 15 models embarked in this model can shoot in their Shooting phase

>> No.55989438

When you start making them. /40kg7e/

>> No.55989440


>> No.55989445

>Frowning upon kitbashes
As long as you are within the realm of whats to be expected in terms of general apperance, size and weaponry the only people that wont allow them are fags who you dont need to play against anyway

>> No.55989453

Conceal was changed in the Codex
Source - miniwargaming review on YouTube

>> No.55989454

Sure why not

>> No.55989459

I want Marines to win the next tournament with the Eldar Codex implemented just so we can all see that Eldar ain't shit but hoes and tricks.

>> No.55989463

I was meming. Not even op. Calm your tits

>> No.55989468

>When are we going to have the 7th edition threads just like AoS has the WHFB threads?
Never because there are literally 2 or 3 muh 7 edition shitposters at best but give it a try

>> No.55989471

>I was just pretending to be retarded

>> No.55989472

I dont want them. I am having fun with 8th

>> No.55989492

Am I a WAAC Fag if I ask you not to fast roll your D3 damage attacks against my 2 wound infantry? Or if you fast roll, am I supposed to assign the damage dice in the order I see fit?

If you fastroll 1, 3, 3, 2, 1 damage vs a unit of 2 wound infantry.
Player A says, "10 damage, 2 wound Inf, means 5 guys die."
Player B says, "3 fatal attacks, three dead, and two 1 damage attacks means 4 guys die."
Player C says, "1 damage allocated, then the 3 is spent on that first guy, wasting the extra 2 damage. 1 troop dead. Repeat for the other 1&3, 1 more dead troop. Allocated the 2 damage to third model, results: 3 models dead, no wounded."

Player D insists on slow rolling, though, which results in: 1 = 1 wounded; 3, so the wounded guy dies; 3, so another guy dies; 2, so another guy dies; 1, so one guy wounded.

So which player should I be? Does your answer change depending on if you are the attacker or the defender?

>> No.55989517

player D is cheating as per the brb

>> No.55989531

Thoughts on my Mandrake and Wrack schemes?

>> No.55989535

> : ^ )

>> No.55989536

they have to resolve them 1 at a time if some faggot fastrolls make him reroll them, if he refuses call him a cheat and shoot him

>> No.55989551


Space Marines won't be broken until the next codex.

They're being used as the measuring stick right now.

>> No.55989558

> shoot people over disagreements over toy game
Found the Amerifat

>> No.55989570

the hemlock can't use conceal anymore

>> No.55989573

Conceal was changed to be an 18" targeted WC 6, -1 to hit on targeted infantry or biker unit

>> No.55989579

B as both attacker and defender

>> No.55989589

Shut the fuck up Lorgar.

>> No.55989593

Interesting to find my own model and cat here. The model really isn't painted that great, 11/10 cat though, would fatten her again.

>> No.55989597

B, sorta.

Unless it's a mortal wound, damage doesn't spill over. You can also allocate damage however you please, in whatever order you want.
>1+1 to one guy.
>3 to the next
>3 to the next
>2 to the next
>4 guys dead
You can't kill more dudes than you have attacks.

>> No.55989598

player D is literally doing it correctly

wounds can spill over and attackes in 8e occur one after the other, but the rulebook suggests rolling all at once when it doesnt matter what you roll for damage/the unit isnt mixed toughness/save

>> No.55989630

As long as it is consistent with the ad-mech aesthethics , why not?

>> No.55989635

*spits chew in ur eye*
*pulls colt navy*
*shoots 5 times, blowing your nigger head off and maiming 8 prostitutes*

>> No.55989637

You can't fastroll damage. Choose who's being hit, roll t wound, roll to save, roll damage if he doesn't save. Repeat for each hit.

Anything else lets people manipulate the distribution for their own benefit. Slowrolling sucks but them's the breaks.

>> No.55989644

can't* spill over, fug

>> No.55989652

$15 each for metal character models is right about what I expected. They were $10-15 from GW a decade ago.

>> No.55989665


goddamn I love freedom

>> No.55989708

Things are so much more cultured on that side of the pond

>> No.55989713

Goddamn, those need a wash so you can at least tell how many fucking bumps there are.

>> No.55989717

Typhus General: Best way to use Typhus?

Teleport him in or have him support poxwalkers?

What powers would you give him in either scenario?

Would you make him your warlord?

>> No.55989724

>This is a metal kit in 2 components which makes a Bonesinger, armed with a psytronome shaper. Supplied with a booklet containing a datasheet with rules for fielding this model in games of Warhammer 40,000 and a 25mm Round base.
Fuck yes, Bonesinger rules. My Iyanden army is happy.

>> No.55989735

Id let them Sing on my bone if you get what i am saying

>> No.55989743


Did you renew your hobby knife license this month?

>> No.55989754

oy vey his hands very problematic goy

>> No.55989761

It will just be a farseer/warlock rules.

Weren't they non canon anyway? I thought they were only in Dawn of War?

>> No.55989781


>> No.55989789

Does the imam know your first wife is uncovered in that picture?

>> No.55989805

No, because that's a photo of U.K. chavs dipshit, and I'm living comfy in the American Countryside.

But, maybe things aren't so different after all if you can't tell

>> No.55989806

Do you have first turn or not?

>> No.55989826


>> No.55989837

That whole post would have been perfectly fine with throwing nigger in there for literally zero reason. Just... why?

>> No.55989845


>> No.55989862

americlaps in charge of getting insulted

>> No.55989867

Are Aeldari getting custom dice too?

>> No.55989871

Its not perfect, and it might not work for you, but have you tried tabletop simulator? There's a not too bad community online, and you can try out different races and lists to figure out what you like most before buying in.

But YMMV. Might even be on sale for less than its original $20 asking price, which isn't bad

>> No.55989874


>> No.55989882

I only complain about bad writing when it jerks factions I don't like.

>> No.55989896

to trigger you, now go get your fucking shinebox.

>> No.55989897

>Ripping the head of a literally strictly superior Chadstodes

God, ADB is tiresome.

>> No.55989913

So it's perfectly fluffy art then?

>> No.55989929

Argal tal was also a gal vorbak by that point, a superior possessed. In game they have matching S/T/W as custodes

>> No.55989977

Why did ADB become more and more shitty with each novel he wrote?
Some of his works like First heretic and Helsreach was praised a lot.
He probably is one of the rare writers that gets worse more he writes.

>> No.55989992

Depends on the opponent and whether you have termies to DS with him, and if shoving your blightlord cock balls deep in his army is more important than delivering poxies. I usually footslog unless its a gunline that I know won't come forward.

For powers I go Miasma and Vitality if footslogging, Miasma and blades if deepstriking most of the time, maybe plague wind or lepers curse against IG.

He's a bad warlord above 1k pts because his fixed trait is bad and you will want to throw him into combat where he's at risk.

>> No.55989994

Not really, no.

Old ass eldar codices made references to bonesingers as crafters, architects, and builders in the fluff bits, but there weren't any rules for actually playing them.

>> No.55989996

the wording on the datasheet has changed
it now allows all IA units that can FLY to reroll 1's

>> No.55990004 [SPOILER] 


>> No.55990009

Should I play Grey Knights or AdMech?

>> No.55990022

No it's not, it's from a sketch show. The one in pink is a guy.

>> No.55990037

Grey knights

>> No.55990040

So last tournament had a list with 3 baneblade and one with 3 lord of skulls.

THe only reason the 3BB lost was necron quantum shielding.

But the 3LoS won it.

The rest of my meta is AL Cultist spam, UM gunslines, and random orks.

How the hell am I supposed to make a TAC list with this meta!?

>> No.55990050


>> No.55990069

Stop that. Dont feed that artist.

No, its a legit critique. Grow up.

>Full reatard.
And I thought we were on the same page. Take a stand.

>> No.55990089

>my meta

>> No.55990090

Isnt competitive 40k just a bunch of bullshit lists that are not actually fun to play?

>> No.55990092

Grey Knights, Anon.

>> No.55990113


>> No.55990117

Yeah, its the meta for my local torunament scene.

Even if I had the models to out bullshit 3 LoWs I dont know what i'd do against almost 100 cultists.

>> No.55990139

just walk away nigga

>> No.55990149

why not both

>> No.55990153

Admech. Much better aesthetic, couple neat tricks and actually have room for Your Dudes. Leave the Marine factions at home if you want to actually convert or fluff something interesting.

>> No.55990159

Drawfag here, I am sorry my drawings caused this much problems. I was just having fun doing some quick drawings.

In my defende I havent posted anything drawn related here after OP asked me to.

>> No.55990165

What's the final verdict on the Eldar codex? We going back to 7th edition levels of "balanced"?

>> No.55990180

>final verdict before everything is seen
hold your horses, kid

>> No.55990186


>> No.55990191

When is Tyranid Codex coming, and should i wait till it drops before trying to build a list to start playing?

>> No.55990192

>recognised they would need their own Forge World

Why the fuck do they need that? Every single member of the Legiones Astartes were equipped from two Martian forges, and those were two of hundreds even if they were fairly large. You could supply the Grey Knights five times over with one Forge City somewhere.

>> No.55990214

>Based Titus gets a model

>> No.55990238

Specialised equipment is much harder to make + inquisition boner for security/secrecy + they're probably also providing for the Malleus directly, which means exponential potential growth of industry.

Maybe even the Custodes in their war in the throne room, given that they need anti daemon stuff just as much as GK and INQ Malleus

>> No.55990243

I'm a newbie and want to clarify... When making saves against say, a lascannon. Do you make a save for each damage inflicted on the D6 or one save then you take D6 wounds?

>> No.55990249

Just use magnets for the weapons then build away.
You only need to complete whatever you're going to field but once the codex hits you can easily swap

>> No.55990264

You save once against the hit and then roll the damage afterwards.

>> No.55990267


One save. If you fail it, you take d6 damage.

>> No.55990269

alright, thanks :)

>> No.55990275

Have any of you played any nice games today?

I played a really nice game of guard vs admech, it was really close. It was that mission where everyone had a -1 to hit penalty from over 18", my gunline became useless but luckily I had lots of veterans in chimeras and hellhounds as an assault force.
He advanced up blowing away most of my infantry and heavy weapons teams only for my double heavy flamer chimera and bane wolf to advance up and melt two squads of skitarii, I dont think he expected them to do so much damage.

At the end of the game we managed to blow away pretty much everything but each others characters so it was just an empty board with ogryn bodyguards, psykers, commissars and tech priest dominuseses bopping each other over the head.

>> No.55990278

There is no hadouken problem when everyone can hadouken

>> No.55990312


That's a startlingly close description of my game against AdMech a few days ago.

>> No.55990316

I've picked the Hawk Lords as mydudes for 8th the issue is I've seen source material that has the UM and the RG claiming them as a successor. Is there a definitive answer or should I just pick one?

>> No.55990321

Ad mech. Grey knights are fucking lame-o's

>> No.55990324

I love the lictor-like look of the thing with the scything talons and huge, three digit rending claws. Care to post some more angles of the thing?

>> No.55990341

One of the Sternguard Vet heads is clearly modeled after him, another is the old Marine from his squad who's name I forget.

>> No.55990380

What's the best way to build a (Word Bearers) Daemon Prince? I'm going to assume double Malefic Talons is the best melee loadout, seems taking a giant power weapon is too situational. And wings are good, is the warp bolter worth the points?

Khorne with Talisman, Tzeentch with Eye or Slaanesh with Elixir?

Diabolic Strength or Death Hex?

>> No.55990382

>Yeah, this is my hive tyrant equipped with five devourers, a heavy venom cannon and a dildo.

>> No.55990388

And blow themselves up with the plasma lol

>> No.55990406

Tonight basically turned into a Zombie Apocalypse in the 41st Millennium.

>> No.55990411

His name was Sidonus

>> No.55990413


>supercharging plasma against eldar rangers

>> No.55990424

>Ig can cast a single order 30x in a turn. Eldar can only ATTEMPT one of ever power per turn and psychic powers can fail whereas orders are perfect.
And Eldar have the best buffing powers currently.

Guard was a mistake.

>> No.55990425

>> No.55990438

> Normal charge against rangers
> Hit on 5s, Wound on 2s, instant-kill with no saves.
> Supercharging against rangers
> Hit on 5s, Wound on 2s, instant-kill with no saves.
> Except now you die instantly with no saves on a 1-3.

>> No.55990441

Thank you

>> No.55990445


>Cool thematic game
>Painted minis
>Actual terrain
>not ONE base completed


>> No.55990448


>Iron Warriors primaris marines

they upgraded the Daemonculaba?

>> No.55990457

I assume that's 5 6s and one 1? How is a TH dealing 6 damage anyway?

>> No.55990468

Are you ready for the glorious necron overlords?
With leman russes and fire prisms firing twice prepare your anus when the doomsday ark shoots twice

>> No.55990469

Slaanesh with elixir and D.Strength, or warptime if you dont have another caster using it for something more important.

>> No.55990470

>not ONE base completed
Simply because they aren't completed. All good things in due time.

>Iron Warriors
I just love me some danger stripes!

>> No.55990475


>> No.55990483


>> No.55990494

>Hey I have made these awesome jungle-based bases
>Play in urban environment
I'm indifferent towards the bases. You can do whatever since they more often than not do not match the ground they are standing on

>> No.55990506

It doesn't matter if Eldar is 7th power level, if everyone is Eldar 7th edition power level.

If everyone can be as cheesy as each other, there isn't a cheese problem

Not OP, but I think I translated it

>> No.55990520

What is everyones opinion on dragon forge

>> No.55990523

Get some spells up in that shit friend.

>> No.55990538

That's why you do cream-brown bases that match almost any terrain, including urban. The GW webstore does all of their new bases in the pictures like this.

>> No.55990543

Aren't Farseer and Farseer Skyrunner enough?

>> No.55990572

Any idea what color that is specifically? I'd like to do a sand base with it for my Rubrics.

>> No.55990578

That's cool. From the New codex?

>> No.55990583

How are wraith units looking?

>> No.55990586

I like it that my bases match the paintjob on my jungle tyranids.
But if anyone else don't want to do theirs then I can't complain because I feel sad everytime we're not in the jungle fighting.

>> No.55990594


Guard have orders because their infantry are trash, even for their points cost. Since there is no way to lower their cost in the current system, they have buffs and officer taxes instead.

>> No.55990597

post pics of jungle tyranids pls?

>> No.55990607

See anon how do you feel about me who has only about half my army based?

>> No.55990654


You could make it more creamy and/or greyish if you want it to fit urban settings as well. But even the way he did it looks fine on urban.

>> No.55990674

Excellent. My thanks!

>> No.55990686

>one of the heavily industrialised moons of mars was stolen from it's orbit and secretly placed above titan
How do you secretly steal a moon? Blood Ravens?

>> No.55990704

How do you even place something above Titan if Titan is in the warp?

>> No.55990707

This is what I'm working on at the moment.

>> No.55990730


Even if you had a desert base on an asphalt street it would look better than unpainted black with some stray paint streaks on it.

>> No.55990736

thanks <3

>> No.55990742


I just wonder why you value the aesthetic aspect of the game so little you can't be bothered to glue sand to a mini and wash/drybrush it

>> No.55990750

Don't use a wash on sand.

>> No.55990766


>> No.55990772

I mean i have some of them based but others are not because i usually base in huge batches and i havent gotten around to it anon. I spend like weeks painting one squad so.

>> No.55990780

So how is Chaos fairing in this edition? i used to like Nurgle, but i really don't like they're new aesthetic. i think they went overboard, so im looking at other Legions.
My main ones are BL, IW, EC and WE. Usually i play it safe by staying in cover and using a lot of firepower, which is why i like the IW a lot. plus their lore and look is pretty cool. but i'm afraid of fucking up the hazard stripes. i think the BL look cool too and i could have an excuse to field Abaddon.
But im also eyeing EC and WE because i think it could be fun to get up close and personal and they look pretty strong in CQC. I'd paint them pre-heresy colors too because those schemes look dope imo.

which one should i go with? pros and cons to them?

>> No.55990790

>complaining about a bit of thiccness
>Not those blatant moldlines

Cmon m8

>> No.55990797

cool design but too thicc on the paint. thin it a lil more and it'll look a lot better

>> No.55990817


I believe in you, anon. I believe you can push that extra little bit to base those minis. I believe you can resist the urge to start that new unit before the bases are done on the last one.

>> No.55990818

EC seems to fit well, sonic dreads are really good for shootying and they let you run a balanced list if you want to run melee

I love world eaters because I fucking love berserkers now but EC are pretty damn good

>> No.55990822

How do I survive against IG when they bring a shitload of basilisks, wyverns, lemon rices, special weapons out the ass in vet squads and a metric shitton of heavy bolters and autocannon teams for dirt cheap?

>> No.55990832


what army do you play?

>> No.55990843


Git gud

hwts die to a stiff breeze and wyverns and vet squads are inefficient.

>> No.55990851

But the death company call to me

>> No.55990866

Yeah I know, but I just don't have enough time to paint 10 layers of paint for every unit in my swarm. I wish I had, but I don't and I just want to play.

Sorry /wh40kg/

>> No.55990870

thanks. how does one go about fielding EC? ive been out for a while now
and for the sake of conversation, what does your army look like?

>> No.55990879

CSM, TS and Tau

They do but fuck me they get the first turn and it's bye bye half your army. In fact, I'm kinda noticing that more and more with 8th. Who goes first on Turn 1 gets a massive advantage, often to the point of deciding the game.

>> No.55990903

i guess it's really about placing your army deep deep in cover as much as possible.

>> No.55990912

My army is a prince, kharn, two lords, then heavy bolter havocs, autolas predators, and three nine-man zerker squds in rhinos.

Autolas predators are for killshotting big things, heavy bolters are for thinning out tarpits before the payload gets there, the demon prince ties important things up in first turn charges, and then the zerkers show up and wipe things up

>> No.55990914

1st person should have -2 to hit (still hits on 6s for the bs5/6 dudes) 2nd should have -1 to hit. It just makes sense

>> No.55990932

Then it's a good thing Guard is less likely to go first than any other army, isn't it?

First turn advantage is way too bullshit good though.

>> No.55990937

Might as well shit up this thread rather than the fresh one. Has this been brought up yet?

He makes a much better argument than I ever could and I hope BoLS gives him an equal platform. I'd love to see Fem40k's reaction to that.

>> No.55990944

It helps for infantry but vehicles are pretty much fucked.

I don't see how that makes sense. that just penalizes shooty armies to hell and back. A melee army will be up your nose and you wouldn't have been able to defend yourself.

>> No.55990969

With the point decreases I've seen almost every unit went from weak to around the sweet spot of dealing 1 wound per 30 points of cost. If all their shit is super efficient at the baseline now they'll be insane with their Psychic dominance and Strategems added in.

Just take Fire Prisms for instance, went from the worst unit in the game to dealing 6.3 average vs t7 3+ with Focused Prism and Linked while being 20+ cheaper than Predators.

3 twin lance War Walkers shooting at a Predator with doom deals around 12 damage for only 270 points.

Even a Falcon now is so efficient as anti vehicle you could bring them just as tanks.

If Alatoic is universal for every unit they'll just be disgusting. Crimson Hunters for 160 points with -2 to be hit that deal about 6 damage per turn.

>> No.55990991

that looks pretty fun tbqh.
i'll do a bit more research on EC. i kinda like the idea of fast close combat units, but the play-style and look of IW is very endearing. i can add a bunch of mud and war damage effects on them. plus i like vehicles a lot.
but EC also gives me the chance of fielding some demons, which would make a nicer looking army... fuggg

>> No.55990993


>CSM, TS, Tau

CSM/TS: melee. Rhinos, anything that deep strikes, daemons, flying primarchs, spells that inflict -1 to hit.

Tau: Tau is still waiting for their book, so they are at a disadvantage. Until then, as annoying as it is, drones soak an insane amount of damage for their points and screen your units from assault.

>> No.55990999

Why are they?

And yes I agree. I wonder though, how to fix it? Would a chess-like "I move 1 unit, you move 1 unit" system work with 40k?

>> No.55991009

>Fire Prisms
>worst unit in the game


>> No.55991013


The army that completes deployment first goes first. Guard usually have very large armies, so they take longer to set up. That means they almost always go second.

>> No.55991038

Kill yourself faggot

>> No.55991039

Thank you. Some of those can't be used on enemy's turn 1 and I refuse to field Magnus in regular games. I don't like armies thatare carried by a single unit. I didn't spend all this time and money on an army just to have a single big dude show them all up.

But still, yeah. Need to wait for those Tau/TS Codexes. Might get more oblits for deep strike. Or Warp Talons.

>> No.55991069

So how do the Soul Grinders look in 8th?

>> No.55991080

>Would a chess-like "I move 1 unit, you move 1 unit" system work with 40k?

I've been thinking and experimenting a bit with that, but the issue I've run into is that armies can have such a enormous difference in number of units. So you either have to make some arbitrary restrictions for how many units armies can have, or you still end up with situations where one of the players is sitting there with his thumb up his arse waiting for his opponent to stop pummeling his troops.

>> No.55991086

So for someone who has 0 experience with Eldar but wants to start playing them, what should be my first purchases?

>> No.55991102


New thread.

>> No.55991108

We had enough of your stupid Soul Grinder memes during the Konor campaign, please go and stay go.

>> No.55991109

That's still a vast improvement over the current system. You could bring back things like Platoons as ways to clump horde units together for activations.

>> No.55991119

I played on Friday. Lord, Sorc, two squads of noise marines of 5, with a blastmaster each. Sonic dread with a missile, rhino, cultists, plasma and melta raptors.

>> No.55991131

A rope.

>> No.55991132

Shit. The Defiler is now significantly cheaper with some nice Stratagems and it's still crappy.

>> No.55991195

Pre Codex Fire Prisms averaged less than 2 damage per turn man. Theres a reason they increased their output by nearly 4x. They still wont be used btw, since they are only good by using the strategem, and even then only because you have the option of using Dispersed on your 3 prisms to melt a whole unit of Genestealers. Crimson Hunters and Wraith Fighters are still a lot better, Falcons are more versatile.

>> No.55991226

Nothing different than now where my entire army shoots yours, then yours shoots mine. At least with chess-style you can have some dynamic stuff, like you move a marine squad behind cover, I send biker squad to outflank you, then you deepstrike an assault squad to intercept them.

How about you're given the choice to activate 1-3 units when it's your go? That might cover bigger armies but balances it with the fact that you might get countered a bit more easily.

>> No.55991265


Rhinos are fairly cheap investments that soak a lot of shooting and make your troops move faster to boot. Even an IG gunline will waste a lot of dakka trying to peel 10 wounds off a 3+ toughness 7 vehicle. Even if they get it, all that shooting went after a transport instead of your killy troops.

The worst thing you can do is take a lot of footsloggers that are all mad expensive with tons of wargear.

>> No.55991306

Funny actually, today my barebones rhino full of kitted out zerkers blew up turn 1, exploded, killed 3 of them and the rest got picked off by lasguns. 263 points down the drain, not a single model killed.

>> No.55991330

So if they really do make female marines, will they get Black Rage for 5 days every month?

>> No.55991347

Looks like shit.

>> No.55991463

Making explosions into Mortal Wounds was a mistake.

>> No.55991484

This includes their ships, assumably.

Also most marines are contracted to a Forge world. Mars was only the sole supplier of the legions for a while, once other forgeworlds were found they started to supply the closest legions during the crusade.

One of which made nothing but land raiders for the entire Imperium, they were quite ubiquitous back then until the world was destroyed during the heresy

>> No.55991725

Ah, the Valve philosophy of balancing.

Only problem is that Icefrog balancing is to GW balancing as the Sistine Chapel is to a hundred lemurs shooting paintball guns at a wall.

>> No.55991757

>Guard have orders because their infantry are trash, even for their points cost.
Bull fucking shit. T3 5+ at 4ppm is enough to cover the cost of killing them alone, never mind everything else they can do.

>> No.55991806



>> No.55991817

I was playing a game where the most damage my opponent did to me was when their knight exploded in the middle of my lines and dished out something like 30 mortal wounds to my army, killing 1 hq, 2 5 man squads, half a 10-man squad, and crippling 2 tanks as well as injuring my other hq.

>> No.55991892

The answer to mech-dar is always mech-guard.

My friend and I have played guard v dar against eachother since 5th. Its basically always been a 50/50 split on who will win because he out ranges my mobility and I can ram the shit out of him for massive damage. (with fire dragons or whatever)

>> No.55992131


Hazard stripes ain't shit, just get 1.5mm masking tape, £2 on eBay. Iron Warriors are the absolute boys. Drybrush metal, wash with nuln oil, light drybrush more metal and then a lighter one, boom, done.

Iron Within, Iron Without anon

>> No.55992303



>> No.55994070

Those dice are a war crime.

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