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1st for guard.

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>apothecary pavel, I'm admech

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Thanks for all the painting tips guys. I'm going to start trying to drybrush later (will be first time). What does everyone think? Too much?

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Would you apply all of the new changes to IG units if they're in a different army, eg. Would a Leman Russ from a Renegades and Heretics list get the new Grinding Advance?

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>The madman actually did it

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Of course, yes.

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Canada Dry sucks. I'm willing to fight you on this.

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Yeah I posted a few days ago and everyone made John deere jokes, so I decided to run with it. Going to order some of those ogrym dudes (I think that's how it's spelled) and try painting them like hillbillies.

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Sweet. Just wanted to double check before I bought some Valkyries and Leman Russes.

Thanks anon.

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I personaly would apply the changes, don't know about FW though

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I wonder when the Dark Eldar dex will be out, considering that our faggy Craftworld kin just got theirs

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I half expected GW to errata all the non-guard russes, but they haven't. That being the case no, Renegade and GSC leman russes are a different unit with a different datasheet, so they get to stay bad until they either get a codex or errata.

The same applies to FW russes.

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Next year at some point.

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> check pre orders
> still no blight hauler
Fuck you GW. None of my shekels until I can buy them

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Gonna ask again if any swede is in Stockholm today, and whould be so kind and pick up an extra store anniverary/birthday model that I can buy off them if they go to the GW store today.

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>Looking over my list i was happy with
>some anon mentioned a Tantalus
>Now have to decide whether it's worth subbing out a 4 man Grot squad and 2 Raiders for it
Why can't i stop tinkering with my stuff?

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Which faction's basic troops has the highest rate of fire?

>> No.55985358

And things like the falchion being 6d3. Then maybe it might sorta be worth over 800 points

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>store anniverary/birthday model
What's that?

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this one, they are only sold in the stores when the store got it's anniversary and today the one in Stockholm is having its anniversary.

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>minis inside a fridge

can someone explain me this meme?

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Depends what does that means.

If you are looking for the shootiest troop, as far as I know it's the EC Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters.

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Are Chaos land raiders any good now?

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If the R&C index links to a data sheet outside of the index, yes. There are a whole bunch of units that don't have data sheets in the R&C index, they're just included in the army. You use the latest versions of those, which are the IG codex.

If the data sheet is in the R&C index though, then you use that.

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>new Eldar codex
>no new eldar models, or even updated old ones.


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Just as I said, rate of fire. Highest amount of shots vs the amount of bodies.

>> No.55985416

Perfect lighting conditions thanks to the built in light, all white background. The Fridge is a natural studio, essentially.

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Emperor's Children, Skitarii Vangard, or IG under Orders.

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Here's what they did with teh Death Guard and Space Marine Codex. They made them okay, but gave everyone new great models.

For the Guard and Eldar, they knew they wouldn't update shit and it's not coming anytime soon, so they made their Codex amazing.

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It makes your models look cooler.

>> No.55985439

fucking genius

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Then definitely them.

They fire 3 shots each, and can double that with a stratagem.

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Why are there two /40kg/s?

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>Talking about Eldar
>Not naming the file "Too Much Mon-Keigh Business".

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That actually makes sense so I don't believe it.

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>Asked this in a previous thread and didn't get an answer. Let's see if I have better luck on the ground floor.
>What's the anthem of the Imperium?

>> No.55985470 [DELETED] 

"Post a music video" posts are the bottom rung of (you) harvesting. Get a better method.

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Coming soon. They aren't releasing everything in one chunk anymore.

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You misunderstand. I'm legitimately asking, in-universe, does the Imperium canonically have an anthem?

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Only two? Son, we don't worry until the fourth one shows up.

>> No.55985487

Gods of the New world order?

>> No.55985491

How stupid is it to load 2 valkyries with 6 of those in each ?

>> No.55985495

And I fucking told you. https://youtu.be/x0WQOGVLLGw

But no, it doesn't have an anthem.

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Post chibis, OP
I know you are the drawfag.

>> No.55985504

Did Boba Fett fall to Nurgle? Disney vs. GW copyright infringement suit would be epic though.

>> No.55985515

Dadmarine haircut

>Answer my holobox when I call and I better not see you with that filthy xeno "friend" of yours

>> No.55985523

That's 1d6 pun damage to you.

>> No.55985524

Hm. I may have to get one.

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Yeah, that was a pretty bad one. At least it's not mortal wounds.

>> No.55985537

It's not really dumb, but a little bit of waste considering how easy they are to kill. Burn once, die right after. Loading up 2 squads of Bullgryn or a squad of Bullgryn and a squad of Crusaders, now that's going to be hard to remove right away and they get to charge after disembarking.

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> one chunk
> spread out over now 2 fucking months
Anon either you are retarded or GW is

>> No.55985568

They aren't. Aren't. Things will be much more spread out. They said so in their last shareholder meeting.

>> No.55985569

But Dad, what about Roboute and his "friend" Yvraine?

>> No.55985571

I'm surprised that no one has put models in the fridge as a pun, like putting pic related in or some space wolves.

>> No.55985591

>I can just download the codexes for free here
>still end up purchasing the CSM and Death Guard codexes with a 12 month abo for WD

Oh man

>> No.55985602

I'm on my second 12 month subscription.

>> No.55985607

They made the guard amazing in terms of balancing and fluffy bits. But I don't know why they took away our Company Commanders with shotguns and other little fluffy details.

I'd rate it a net loss in terms of "Your Dudes" and modeling opportunities and a net gain over the index in terms of raw power. Are they TRYING to make us the new Tau?

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How do the 3 flavors of dark eldar compare play style wise? I love the models I just want some opinions on the variants.

>> No.55985634

shoot little - shoot ok - shoot more

>> No.55985637

>Very Brittle but can drown enemies in weapons and flyers

>'Ard as nails, but slow

>Melee, Horde and tarpit

Whatever flavour, remember there's always the Tantalus

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You can still give them Shotguns. Just like you can still give them Power Axes and Power Mauls. If there's an option in the index that isn't in the Codex, you can still give it to them.

I don't see how it's a net loss at all. You have a ton of relics and warlord traits and doctrines to make them even more awesome and creative and now you can have your own Ogryn Bodyguard instead of needing Nork. They also made normal Tank Commanders worth it so you don't always want to take Pask. Rough Riders are still there since you can use the Index rules. They also gave great conversion ideas for your own regiments. You have a huge list to pick from to make your army unique to you.

>> No.55985696

yeah it's pretty nice, too bad the only GW store near me is the one in Stockholm and thats a 477 miles away from where I live...

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>> No.55985712

>relics are free
>therefore it would be stupid not to take one
this is STUPID

>> No.55985722

>If there's an option in the index that isn't in the Codex, you can still give it to them
Pretty sure it's if the data sheet isnt in a dex you can use the index, like for a chaplain on a bike. Not the options for something in a dex.

>> No.55985723

I run a Talons of the Emperor list and would love to build this model, besides the obvious custodes parts anyone got any idea where the parts are from?

I am guessing the body and maybe pauldrons are Age of Sigmar but I am not sure what kit the fists are from.

>> No.55985726

You're about ten thousand miles closer than I am. I'm going to call a friend and see if he can lower his standards enough to actually go to the store to buy one for me.

>> No.55985728

>can still field 50 man conscript squads without the random chance to fail orders, because that's an option in the index.

Thanks GW!

>> No.55985744

Covens look fun, just have to find a conversion base for a haemonculus because that one model is horrendous.

>> No.55985771

feels bad to live far away from a GW store

>> No.55985777

Pretty sure this is the base body. Just file off the Khorne and you should be good. Don't know about anything else though.

>> No.55985799

My GW store isn't having an anniversary.

>> No.55985805

AoS Slaughterpriest, Custodes helmet and cape, Death Company right power fist and assault squad left power fist.

>> No.55985809

My current Mono Coven list is the "last chance saloon" for this game. If i don't end up enjoying it, i'm done.
Dark Eldar really are the only faction that appeals to me

The amount of heads/weapons you get to use per kit is pretty nuts, so plenty of kitbash

>> No.55985819

cheers man

>> No.55985875

it's based on when it opened where you live.

>> No.55985897

Well, when you leave the game, don't give up on the hobby. Plenty of other games have better rules. Like Age of Sigmar!

Or consider trying Ynnari rules for your Dark Eldar list. Soulburst is more thematically appropriate as a power from pain rule than the actual power from pain rules, and it's way more fun/good.

>> No.55985914

flyers would be -2 because you cant conceal vehicles moron

>> No.55985920

My store doesn't do anniversary celebrations for GW. The store owner is a cheap bastard. >>55985897

>> No.55985934

>try to buy space marine stuff off ebay
>bullshit prices for horsecock condition models
>look at eldar stuff because now I'm flirting with the army again
>beautifully painted models for less than 30 bucks
what the fuck

>> No.55985935

>tau are a shooting race
>their troops can't even hit eldar rangers.

>> No.55985943

So why are the silent sisterhood all girls anyhow? Do they keep the blank boys tied up as breeding stock or something?

>> No.55985962

and here I'm wondering when that new codex comes online.

>> No.55985970

You really don't want to know.

>> No.55985974

Theyre psykers and conceal works on self

>> No.55985982

>why are the silent sisterhood
>all girls
I think sisterhood mean girls only so that's why no boys there.

>> No.55985995

It's a mini fridge

>> No.55986012

If i could think of a cool theme for it i'd probably give it a go, even though Ynnari have terrible fluff
Gotta give my monster mash at least until the Dex comes out

>> No.55986035

Blank boys probably get trained as Culexus.

>> No.55986046

Blankness isn't something inherent. They don't "breed true", it's a random mutation.

The silent sisterhood is a sisterhood because of reasons. Just like the custodes are a brotherhood because of reasons.

>> No.55986054

Hey guys, thinking of creating a home brew Blood Angels captain called 'Connor Steel'.

Sounds quite badass I think.

>> No.55986095

well, it needs to be an offical store but yeah I feel you, got a game/hobby store in my town and the owner is a fucking cheapass there too. He says they will order anything I wanted for Warhammer, so I said I wanted them to order the new primaris dreadnought and he said hell no because it cost more to have it ordered then to sell it for like $110 wich is bullshit.

>> No.55986104


Random mutations breed true. Do you even know what a mutation is?

>> No.55986106

Doesn't work like that, Anon.

>> No.55986118

Girls like to paint Eldar, but they don't play them.

>> No.55986121

Yes, it does.

If the codex invalidated an option, you can use that option in the index.

>> No.55986132

it's a random mutation in WARHAMMER 40,000™

does this help you understand?

>> No.55986140

Hahaha, so true

>> No.55986155

Does this list look ok for 1k? I dont know if I should try to cut some corners and bring a russ.

>> No.55986172

have we gotten any Eldar info since last night?

>> No.55986174

What is the difference between a unit's points and a unit's power? I've noticed the data sheets have a power stat for each unit (and the rulebook says the higher the power is the stronger the unit is) but the rules for matched play (the game type I'd be most interested in) references points values for units. Where are the points values?

>> No.55986188

I want to play Marines, but I want an excuse to run cool shit like this. Giant, burly dudes without armor with powerfists, powermauls and other stuff. Does anybody have an idea how to justify that?
I guess they'd work as bullgryn too, but still.

>> No.55986194

Points are in the back of the book usually.

>> No.55986212

I'm liking how this codex is shaping up, I'm dusting off some of the eldar models I've had lying about, gonna go with Siam Hann since assault is the man's way to play.
Two waver serpents and a falcon, with some vypers and maybe hornets with Wraithlords supporting is the core of the army I've got planned. One serpent gets wraithblades or cannon guard. What should the other two transports carry? I was thinking of stuffing one with all warlocks so I can hop out and smite five times. Maybe I should have something else though? How are Lynxes?
If I want to go Ynnari later I've got the visarch and some Incubi which can go in their own tank.

>> No.55986217


Power levels are rougher estimate of units strength. Points are more or less fine tuned. Matched play uses only points while power levels can be used to quickly make a list for casual play.

>> No.55986224

Points are a much more precise, official way of measuring strength vs cost. Power is "quick and dirty" and lets you get a game going quickly, without lots of number-crunching, while Points (allegedly) create armies much more closely balanced against each other, but take more time and effort to build an army using

>> No.55986234

What are the best ways to run a close combat Admech list?

I want to run a lot of Dragoons and Sicarians but would this even be viable without big guns to deal with enemy armour? Am I just fantasising here and playing the army the wrong way or can I make it work?

Help me out admech fans.

>> No.55986235

They go up for preorders today so they'll be done dropping the news. Now we wait for leaks

>> No.55986264

Thanks anon I found them. I played 40k way back and I got to say this new stuff is so baffling. So much good mixed with shit. Having all the points values for your army in one or two easy to reference, clean, easy to read sheets is very good; not also having points values on data sheets is shite.

>> No.55986282


Something like battlescribe helps with list building. Sure it has errors but you should make sure your points are right with book anyway.

>> No.55986315

A guy at my store ran a huge blob of Electro Priests using some kind of outflank rule. That seemed to do really well and looked awesome. He explained the lore that they come out of a smoke they generated or something like that. You can make it work, just make sure you have enough guns to pop tanks for your close combat units to dig in. I do the same thing with Guard, going full melee mode and bum rushing enemy lines. It's a blast and you should always play the army the way you want it to be played. It's just really frustrating to go up against really mobile and long range shooty armies if you don't have enough ranged support. My army was almost entirely close ranged shooting and melee until I played about 15 games. It got old with people running away so much and not being punished at all for it, so now I have plenty of ranged guns while still having enough melee and close combat.

>> No.55986322

Waiting for Nuln Oil to dry on two of my Dragoons at the moment for just such a thing.

Sicarian Ruststalkers are bad, Infiltrators are decent but not absurd.

What you want for CC admech is Stygies tactics, electropriests and Dragoons. 20 Fulgurites will OTK Land Raiders, Magnus, Guilliman, pretty much anything that isn't Mortarion (They'll take 12W off him, but will all die to DTTFE Silence nonsense in return) and then your enemy has 20 3++ 5+++ bodies right on top of him.

Add a Magos with the trait that makes him a Chaplain for an extra 33% damage from rerolls, Infiltrate him with 40 Fulgs for T1 slaughter and then follow up with a couple packs of 3 or 4 Dragoons, since 1CP buys them 5.5 S8 AP1 D2 hits per model. 4 kills Guilliman or a Predator, so they're for bigger stuff.

Send in Infiltrators and Corpuscarii to shock down hordes and grab a couple Neutroncrawlers and Arque rangers to soften big stuff up.

You're basically playing two armies at once in a Brigade-type list. Half deepstrikes turn 1, half firebases at the back and removes any obstacles to the melee raep.
In smaller games you can reasonably field an almost entirely melee Battalion, just grab some token Arq rangers and cheap Vanguard as troops.

Won't have many CP, though. Half deepstrikes the melee spearhead and the Dragoon teams eat another one every time they pull off the megacharge.

>> No.55986329

Add in a detachment with Celestine and convert her to look all tech priestess-y.

>> No.55986346

Finally finished a single squad nearly 3 months after starting this hobby. Still got tzaangors and termies to paint but attention to detail is a lot more noticeable in the more recently painted models. Might buy more tzaangors next. If not some exalted sorcerers or ahriman. Want to try and have 1000 points by the end ood the year

>> No.55986363

oh shit forgot that i was going to do averland sunset on the bands on their headcrests and armor. guess theyre not done

>> No.55986364

Cloudstrike and Webway Strike confirmed both Deep Strike, not pre-game infiltration. Explicitly cannot use both in the same game. Cloudstrike is 1 CP for 1 Vehicle with FLY, Webway Strike is 1 CP for 1 Infanty or Biker unit, and 3 CP for 2 Infantry or Biker units

>> No.55986379

Thanks guys, looks like I'll need to find some nice conversions for priests then because I'm not in love with the models and the price on them puts me off even more.

Looks like my combat cyborg list can be a reality though, thanks for all the advice.

>> No.55986381

Cool squad. When will you finish them?

>> No.55986382

They've always been good, but the forge world ones are very expensive now

>> No.55986395

Punchbots and electropriests. I think Ryza, Lucius, or Stygies are your best forgeworlds. Don't have my codex right now.

>> No.55986398

If you are Space Wolves, you could maybe run them as Wulfen.
Or Black Templars Swolebrethren that discarded their armor in favor of Faith and Definition

>> No.55986402

>‘I remember celebrations on Biel-tan,’ said Yvraine. A pause, just a breath, but a heartbeat of reflection before she continued. ‘Mostly such events were to laud those that had given their lives while in service to Khaine. Heroes, we thought them. The exarchs, they would be reborn. But the aspect warriors? The pilots? The guardians and the jetbike riders, the gunners and the ships’ crews? Their lives had been given up to the glory of the Biel-tani, laid upon the altar of Khaine for the restoration of our people and our empire.’

>‘The Rebirth of Ancient Days?’ said Iyanna, referring to the meaning of the craftworld’s name.

>‘I believed it then, that we might be restored,’ confessed Yvraine with an embarrassed flush to her cheeks. ‘The folly! That we could ever drag ourselves back from the abyss into which we had plunged. To think that war and death would save us, that Khaine would be our salvation.’

>‘Now you know that there is another way.’

>‘The Seventh Way,’ said Yvraine, her smile wry.

Why is Yvraine so cute?

>> No.55986407

God speed anon, I have huge respect for people who love their army and love a certain play style and go for it.

>> No.55986422

They aren't done until you've based them.

>> No.55986427

Because GW is finally understanding the appeal of waifus. That's why they made Greyfax a cute and Celestine a cute.

>> No.55986429

OP is the drawfag?

>> No.55986434

Electro-servitors, forward!

These guys were pretty cheap as things go, but they completely cleaned me out of melee weapons like Kataphron claws and suitable Admech heads.
£30 box of 20 Kairic Acolytes, some greenstuff and about a week's work.

>> No.55986437

Just did a 900pt battle to help my friend try out his new IG with my CSM. I got my booty slapped by Pask, he practically carried the entire army. Turn 1 IG saw my Rhino and my embarked berzerkers die and turn 2 offed my obliterators. He also got a lucky overwatch battlecannon shot that killed my Exalted Champion.

I thought the game was over on turn 1 but then I got into combat and folded most of his army with barebones troops, but my Khorne DP rolled extra poorly. turned from a Turn 1 massive loss to me to a turn 4 close victory for him.

>> No.55986442

Which legion has the stronger codex, Thousand Sons or Death Guard?

>> No.55986443


>> No.55986447

When do subscribers get the new White dwarf?

>> No.55986450

No, if the codex changes a unit you have to use its rules in the codex

>> No.55986451

>obliterators on the table turn 1

>> No.55986459

90% chance that he is.
You can feel him almost posting those shitty chibis on OP, but knowing that If he does, people will make a new thread

>> No.55986464

Thanks anon, you've just saved me probably £90 there and I prefer the way these guys look over the official priests, it's just the legs on the official ones are awful.

I'm stealing this idea for sure, time to go rummaging through my sprue box.

>> No.55986468


>> No.55986470

No. Codexes can't remove options, they can only add them. That's why GW explicitly said you can use the indexes still.

>> No.55986471

What's your point?

>> No.55986482

They look great.

kairic acolytes are great for conversions. Such a blank slate

>> No.55986483

I get mine around the 15th of each month

>> No.55986497

wow that sounds fucking early - do you have Septembers?

>> No.55986499

>shooting race
>BS4+ across the board

really greaters my good

>> No.55986502

>Make official art ugly as fuck so SJW are happy
>Make models cute so people who actually play and buy models are happy

>> No.55986504

Fuck that artist, he makes them all trannies. Greyfax and Yvraine look like shit with his style. There's like 2 pictures where Yvraine is cute and 2 where she is a hideous monster. The same goes for Greyfax and Celestine.

>> No.55986505 [DELETED] 

So, since we already settled that
Imperium = America
Chaos undivided= Britain
Eldars = Europe
Slanesh = Japan
Nurgle = india ir some SE asian hellhole

What are other factions RL equivalent?

>> No.55986507

Probably Monday.

>> No.55986513

the one with the posters? Yep- what do you need from it?

>> No.55986517

If an option is in the index and not the codex, you can use the index. I a unit was changed in the transition, you gotta use the codex rules.

>> No.55986518 [DELETED] 

Fuck off, Anon.

>> No.55986522

And the option for 50+ conscripts was not in the codex.

>> No.55986526

They changed the amount, they didn't remove an option.

What would be the point of a nerf in the codex if you could just use the index to ignore It?

The index thing only refers to units that are not in the codex, like lords/sorcerers on daemonic mounts

>> No.55986528

They leaked pretty much everything on the stream. You can find the info on last night's thread, or reddit, or the first article in 3plusplus.net

>> No.55986533

i dunno about the posters - i'm looking for the Necromunda stuff - Octobers only had three pages, a dual spread at the beginning then a fluff page piece later on

>> No.55986534

> everything much more spread out!!!!
This is literally the only thing they haven't released. And what do you know, it's also one of the best units. Fuck NuGW. They are still the same greedy fucks, now with hired goons to appease the more retarded with BS answers over social media

>> No.55986536

I want Chibi drawfag to draw Celestine tending to some Adeptus Custodes

>> No.55986544

>What would be the point of a nerf in the codex if you could just use the index to ignore It?
There is no way to nerf things in the codex, because you can use the index to ignore it. I don't make GW policy, but I sure as shit will take advantage of their idiocy.

>> No.55986545

>Does anybody have an idea how to justify that?

"Looks cool, no homo."

>> No.55986551 [DELETED] 

I agree, we settled that
South America is orks and arabs are Tau too.
Fuck that guy.

>> No.55986553

Text to speech was a mistake.

>> No.55986555

> that fucking kneepad rim

primaris shite/10

>> No.55986557

>What should the other two transports carry? I was thinking of stuffing one with all warlocks so I can hop out and smite five times.
Terrible idea. Warlocks are now nine points cheaper than a Spiritseer, but the SS gets a full Smite, twice the wounds, and better special rules. There is literally no reason to use Warlocks, ever.

>> No.55986559


According to what https://youtu.be/bOT-PTzfFIA said, the hemlocks can only cast the offensive version of runes of battle.

>> No.55986568

Why dont you ask OP.
Word on the street is that he is the drawfag, even if he pretends that he is not.

>> No.55986572

Where do you think they got it from?

>> No.55986578

> Khorne red
> purple
Autism speaks

>> No.55986583

I just jump from project to project never getting anything done...

pic related. it's everything I got to get done sometime this lifetime.

>> No.55986588

Even a pleb is right twice a day


When was that?

>> No.55986591

there is a reason to use warlocks and it is because I have a bunch of warlocks

>> No.55986604

>90% chance
How come?

>> No.55986606

I want to play some casual 1000pts 40k with Eldar.
I thought that old start collecting and the new one might work as a good core for my army (nearly 1000pts of spearhead detachment). I'm aware it might be too elite so the question is - what should I buy next to add more bodies? Maybe a Guardian Squad box?

>> No.55986615

A unit option, dipshit. Rough riders are not in the codex, so you can take them as they are in the index. Conscripts are in the codex, so you have to take them as they are.

>> No.55986616 [DELETED] 

Sorry, Pedro. Not everyone get to be a cool human.

>> No.55986620

>world is full of miserable and shitty people
>still holding the line all 4u

True heroes.

>> No.55986622

If you want bodies guardians are a good way to go. Alternatively dire avengers.

>> No.55986623

No. They explictly made wargear part of it too, so any option for any unit that is available in the index but not the codex is still okay.

Index conscripts are therefore legal.

>> No.55986627

/tv/ plays 40k?

>> No.55986628

TTS is legit amazing.

Oh. Knock yourself out then, but remember you're kinda shooting yourself in the foot unless you wanna make conversions. Also take them as separate units and not a conclave.

>> No.55986631

Sorry anon, September looks like it is just about Moritarian and a long battle report- I dont see any Necromunda stuff here

>> No.55986632

Guardians are craftworlders best bet for bodies. A squad of rangers can work as objective holders or deep strike deniers too.

>> No.55986636

Yeah, but as which units? Their lack of armor makes them hard to incorporate.

>> No.55986640

What does /lit/ thinks about the 40k books?

>> No.55986644

Why the exclamation points?

>> No.55986653

Farsight Enclaves' troops can put out 12 shots a model if you want.

>> No.55986654

>> No.55986655

Feel free to leave, Anon.

>> No.55986656

More work on the spoopy boys. Trying out full black and white shoulder pads since the MKIV doesn't have a lot of trim to it. So far I'm liking it a lot. I need to do some cleanup, shading, more highlights, and then of course lightning.

>> No.55986658

So which hive fleet is going to be -1 over 12?

>> No.55986660

are you sure that ain't Octobers?

>> No.55986662

I have to disagree. It's great at taking the piss out of hardcore lorefags.

>> No.55986681

That's a question I hope will never be answered.

>> No.55986696

What's the best way for marines to kill hordes?

>> No.55986702


>> No.55986709

Yea ;-;

>> No.55986715

Agreed. Great models. I still need a paint scheme for my guys that I used as Crusaders. They are bit funny being so huge. These are my Catachan shotgun vets at S4 vs their S3. Can't decide on a paint scheme for either so I've been working on Scions and tanks instead.

>> No.55986718

Playing a 1k match as necrons. I want to do batallion detach but the problem is I only have 20 warriors and 10 immortals. Do I do 20 warriors and 2 groups of 5 immortals or 10 immortals and 2 groups of 10 warriors??

>> No.55986727

You may use the Index rules for a model in your army under the SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCE that that model does not posses rules within the Codex, but IS represented in the Index. You use "the most recent rules published" for an 8th edition unit.

Rough Riders were in Index Imperium 2 but not in Codex: Astra Militarum. So you may use the Index rules for Rough Riders, giving you your horse boys. And they have all the relevant keywords to still get Doctrines and use Stratagems.

"Conscripts" appear in Index Imperium 2, and "Conscripts" appear in Codex: Astra Militarum, with different rules and abilities. They appear in the Codex, and the Codex is more recent, so you may not under any outlined circumstance continue using the Index profile.

This rule is clear and plainly written, anon. Please stop deliberately ignoring words.

Eldar, however, CAN perform the kind of bullshittery you desire if they rules lawyer hard enough. "Vaul's Wrath Support Battery" appears in the Index, but not in the Codex (replaced by "Support Weapon Battery". So if you desire you may use the rules for Vaul's Wrath Support Batteries provided in the Index. Just in cast you want to pay 50 more points for each gun, for some reason.

>> No.55986731

See anything else you might want?

>> No.55986734

oh fuck sorry anon i'm a fucking dumb ass i'm looking for the new Novmember issue

>> No.55986739

oh! no worries anon! :D

>> No.55986745

20 of my conscript models don't have rules in the codex now, so I'll use the index rules to cover them all.

>> No.55986764

Vanguard vets. Who cares about lack of armour, if they look cool? Give them power pants, shoulder pads and helmets. The rest is just pure Emperor's gift.

>> No.55986802

Of course they have rules, anon. A conscript unit may contain 20 models, so those 20 orphaned conscripts are now a second squad. I'm so happy for them, making their way out into the world. Additionally, the 8e rulebook has rules for under-strength squads, so you may even field a squad of 1 single conscript.

The actual models themselves (a conscript, wearing standard issue flak armor, with a lasgun) is fully represented in the Astra Militarum codex, and the conscripts unit does not posess a Wargear section on it's datasheet in either book, and so cannot be argued to be in the same circumstance as a Dreadnaught carrying a loadout not present in a codex. At this point you're just speaking outright falsehoods

would you really do that? come onto the internet and just tell lies?

>> No.55986812 [DELETED] 

>Imperium = America

>burger actually believe this

>> No.55986818

Why can't I have an Eldar tank commander

>> No.55986826

>Europeans are still talking like they aren't all muslim countries now

>> No.55986834

I laughed

>> No.55986845

They don't have rules though, because I have the maximum number of conscripts in a three detachment list. GW invalidated a good portion of my models, unless I use the index, which they have graciously allowed me to do.

>> No.55986848

I'm a newfag, only played a few games mostly with small and/or borrowed armies.

So my question is that Deathmarks seem super fun with their ability to intercept, but having to put them in within 12 inches obviously makes them ripe for charges. To Necron players, is that ability worth it, or is it bait and I should just have them up and sniping ASAP? And to everyone, is there an army that has units with lots of similar abilities? I love shit like that. Deathleaper's "It's After Me!" also looks super fun and a bit more useful since it's a more melee unit.

>> No.55986853

You can go back to /pol/ now.

>> No.55986860

they don't operate like normal military first and foremost

>> No.55986872

You're right, they operate more like a bunch of boy molesting Greeks.

>> No.55986879

Historical revisionism or pure (((coincidence)))?

>> No.55986891

I don't go to /pol/ I just regularly bang a tranny who spouts /pol/ stats and articles at me. Who would have guessed that captain spectrum tranny who plays Guard would be racist? Surprised me too.

>> No.55986899

Why havnt I heard any talk about Ratlings? They just shit or is character sniping not as good for Guard than AGAINST Guard?

>> No.55986907

>because I have the maximum number of conscripts in a three detachment list.

Well then anon, I can't really argue with that circumstance. You make a valid point.

I hope you and your 1,080 conscripts find a game soon, and a deployment zone that can contain them all.

>> No.55986908 [DELETED] 

>culture from all over the world survives 40,000 years and is glorified
>no """American culture""" in sight

Really activates my almonds

>> No.55986909

Becaus elysian snipers exists

>> No.55986913

They do still have a rule. The rule is that you cannot play them because you have hit the cap.

>> No.55986917

Is there a coherent thought in that sentence? Or do you have some bizarre form of Tourette's?

>> No.55986918

Doesn't answer the question, though. All eldar get are farseers, warlocks, and autarchs. They're effectively forced to go with infantry, which they can run on foot or mechanized, or they have to go with jetbikes. Don't Tau even get tank commanders? Eldar have corsairs and all that shit, you'd think they could go with full floaty-shooty-vehical lists better than they do.

>> No.55986919


>> No.55986924

Coincidentally 1080 Conscripts is exactly how many you need to take down an Aquilla Strongpoint in one turn of shooting.

>> No.55986934

Thousand Sons Codex isn't out yet.

>> No.55986941

That's actually one of the first pictures I've seen of Primaris and og marines fighting side by side without putting the little guys in the background and the tall marines front and center.
I like it.

>> No.55986945

We've talked about them before. They are good. Personally though I've gotten good enough at hiding characters that my enemies snipers rarely do anything except maybe a random wound or two.

>> No.55986949

>playing on a 4-dimensional board so that over a thousand infantrymen can get within 12"

Go to bed, Tzeentch

>> No.55986950

The only characters you need to kill are commissars and girlyman.

No other characters demand sniping.

>> No.55986956

Do you not know how to read? It's missing some commas, but it's not hard to follow.

>> No.55986958

Are there any 40k books that are actually, y'know, good? I'm under the impression 95% of them are Kindle ad/airport novel quality "AND THEN BROTHER BICEPTIUS FIXED HIS CHAINSWORD BAYONET AND DRENCHED HIMSELF ON THE PITIFUL GORE OF THE FILTHY XENOS" bolter porn.

>> No.55986962

What is it about the first image (left) that gives it so much more charm?

The grit, contrast, expressions and wacky energy blasts?

>pic unrelated

>> No.55986972 [DELETED] 

>not playing 11th dimensional 40k

In the age of trump you have to. Either you want to be a good soldier for him, or you need to get on his level to fight him. Either way, the libtard and the conservicuck need to play 11th dimensional 40k.

>> No.55986984


>> No.55986985

Is that a John Deer basilisk?

>> No.55986986

It's the good kind of parody, like the original Yu Gi Oh or DBZ abridged series. Likes and understands the source material, which makes the jabs and jokes all the better.

>> No.55986988


It's only if that units datasheet is not in the new codex.

>> No.55986993


>> No.55986994

It's wasn't made on the cheap on a computer by someone from DeviantArt.

>> No.55986995

the eldar have things more complicated. their clergy caste have to have strategic command to make use of their foresight. but seers can't operate a tank because >muh Path

autarchs don't operate tanks because, i think, they operate on a larger scale and can't be stuck in a tank

>> No.55987006

The right one is too clean. Sometimes things being a little more sloppy gives it more charm.

>> No.55987009

That guy really is a special kind of retarded. Stop giving him your (you)s.

>> No.55987010

a deliberate reference of classic 40k events, where the (((primaris))) save the crimson fists from certain destruction at the hands of the orks

It left a bad taste in my mouth. Let the fists get nearly wiped out by something other than orks for once. And leave classic shit unmolested.

>> No.55987035

how do you go from that to this?

>> No.55987057


I think pic related is a reference/homage. That's just taking the original pick and replacing some of the marines with primars. Other than that is has the same elements. The dude firing and swinging an ork's head, wounded standard bearer, dude getting shot and dropping his bolter, dude without a helmet on the ground, etc.

>> No.55987063

What the fuck is that abomination?

>> No.55987072

This picture made me wonder why oldmarines can't use primaris guns.

>> No.55987075

So why not give a tank exarch, like how Crimson Hunters get an exarch unit, or just a "Wing Commander" or something.

>> No.55987081

>So why not give a tank exarch
Tanks are crewed by guardians.

>> No.55987082

GW supplied the original cover. later:

The album was released on Earache Records: Mosh 13 in 1989. In 2005 a re-issue was released by Earache, featuring new artwork. The band advises not to buy the re-issue, as they have not been involved and will not get royalties.

>> No.55987088

Bolt Thrower was too good for this world. Too pure.

>> No.55987095

you should educate yourself on what aspect warriors are

>> No.55987122

Old art was something else.

>> No.55987124

I wouldn't put it past GW to asspull some sort of new grav-tank involving Aspect Warriors. They'd just paint it a different color and call it a day.

>> No.55987125

Anyone else get peeved when people 'homebrew' their own Tyranid fleets?

A chapter is 1000 dudes. A regiment is a few thousand troops. Drops in the ocean.

A hive fleet is a huge deal... and having 500 different homebrewed hive fleets seems unrealistic.

>> No.55987127

Are knights viable in an AM list?
(Do take note that I was unaware upon investing in the wall of guns that they were this contentious, but I can't go back on this now)
If so, which Knigit should I go for?

>> No.55987128


Ah yes, the Imperial Guard '1st regiment'.

>> No.55987130

I read that as 'realm of Chads' for a second

>> No.55987140


>> No.55987143

The double-dakka one is pretty good, the rest are shit.

>> No.55987145


Hive fleet, maybe. But a Hive fleet splinter is fine.

>> No.55987147

I wouldn't really mind a tank aspect, or some kind of funky vyper aspect.

or even having them be disciples of vaul, rather than khaine, focused on using fancy shit.

>> No.55987151

Most people just brew the colors, but whatever

>> No.55987159

None of them are ever going to be classic literature or anything like that, but there are some standouts in the field - the Eisenhorn series (both Eisenhorn and to a lesser extent Ravenor), 15 Hours, and if you don't mind a lighter tone the Ciaphas Cain novels (although they are a bit formulaic). Gaunt's Ghosts is also good.

>> No.55987160

Hey man the 53rd Regiment will knock your teeth out if you say that name near them.

>> No.55987163

I'm not a huge fan of the "weathering" fad but that tractor with a gun attached looks very flat.

>also your put a flamer on your long range artillery gun

>> No.55987167

Splinter fleets are little things

Also, it can always just be that a major hive fleet has adapted its colors to a new environment

>> No.55987172

exodites could have some kind of vyper jouster guys

>> No.55987182

a small fleet of 100 billion bugs

>> No.55987184

Hive fleets aren't really a big deal. A few chapters of marines can wipe one out. Ultramarines took out Behemoth and Leviathan was basically solo'd by one bloodthirster.

>> No.55987187

>skipping leg day

>> No.55987194

There's like 30 official hive fleets out there.

That'd be rad. Vaul dude running with a bunch of tanks and other vehicles. It'd be neat for something like a smaller Craftworld that doesn't have many shrines or aspect warriors, or fleet based eldar, so they have to lean on vehicles to do the heavy lifting.

>> No.55987197

it's not gw art

>> No.55987202


>> No.55987208

So a no, then. Is it more worth it to invest in a bane/storm/shadow blade/hammer/sword/lord

>> No.55987216


>> No.55987219

>tfw have two 3ish-k armies in progress
>about a thousand of each barely started if even primed, the other 2k are various stages of done to heavy WIP
>got another two 30k armies, about 5k and 3k respectively
>3k not even a quarter done
>5k is maybe halfway
>but I'm not painting those cause 30k is dead and one army is custodes
>and I've got a third army I picked up a while ago but just got back to working on, various units comprising 2-3k points
>whole thing is WIP, not a model done
>look back at older models and just want to redo and fix little mixed bits and baubles
>my brain is still telling me to start another army
>like I really want to start anther army
Why do I do this to myself

>> No.55987224

Leviathan is still going

>> No.55987227

So what would make a better pick - dire avengers or guardian squad? There is a single Dire Avengers Skyblade box so maybe I should buy this one? I'm just not sure if I need another Fire Prism/Night Spinner

>> No.55987228

Aw shucks.

>> No.55987230

>tfw have two 3ish-k armies in progress
stopped reading here

>> No.55987236

Why do you think the symbol of the Imperium is an Eagle? Why do you think they all speak english with faux latin here and there? THE EMPEROR IS EVEN IMPLYED TO HAVE BEEN GEORGE FUCKING WASHINGTON for Dicks sake.

>> No.55987239


>> No.55987243

here is a single Dire Avengers Skyblade box in my LGS*

>> No.55987244


Get ready for A N G R Y B O Y E

>> No.55987248

not gonna click this

>> No.55987254

>next primarch is also primarch

>> No.55987262 [DELETED] 

>All over the world
More like segregated cultures trying to adapt to the mainstream. America is só fucked on on that that you can EVEN tell a persons colour of their skin by their voice.

>> No.55987266

So do we genuinely not have any information on the Blight Hauler.

Literally every other model from the codex got released week after week. This is the only unique model left and it seems to have been forgotten. The only precedence we have is all SM releases were done in a row, and then all of the other DG releases were done in a row.

Why all of a sudden did this model just fall off the face of the earth.

>> No.55987269


>> No.55987270

Cry more tears, Pedro Ahmed

>> No.55987274

Muh dick!!

>> No.55987281

So I've been away for a bit. I see Eldar are getting their codex now. How are spirithost Eldar shaping up? Can I run a mostly wraith army like I've always wanted?

>> No.55987283

So basically the ones about regular humans and not marines or primarchs? Sounds about right.

>> No.55987286


You think America was the first nation to have an eagle as it's national symbol? Russia and the HRE were using it before the USA even existed as a political entity.

>> No.55987299

For those who don't want to click the link for whatever reason, redshirt hinted that next primarch is Angron. So yiffs and child molesters can keep on waiting I guess.

>> No.55987307

Redshirt hints are worth as much a a fart in church

>> No.55987310

Only good marine books are space sharks.

>> No.55987318

Poor HRE always forgotten. You were neither Holy nor Roman and you weren't really an empire

>> No.55987326

>Are there any 40k books that are actually, y'know, good?
enforcer is more than decent, though the quality dips a bit after the first book

>> No.55987330


>> No.55987340

But America survived the test of time.
Are you gonna say that China invented everything too? America holds on to the most mankind creations by far. Look it up. Best army. Best science. Even our red necks are superior to other Lesser countries rednecks.
Sorry, anon. America is, how you say it, numera unno.

>> No.55987341 [DELETED] 

Yeah European culture is so great.

>> No.55987343


>> No.55987350


Well the Pope kind of gave the Emperor his blessing but yeah it's a pretty shit name.


Try harder please.

>> No.55987358 [DELETED] 

>technological communist empire
Surely you mean chinks right?
I would say Arabs are closer to Kroot, with their patriarchal tribalism and shit for development

>> No.55987360 [DELETED] 

Be placid and bin that acid.

>> No.55987364 [DELETED] 


>> No.55987372

Orks are Arabs.

>> No.55987375

So I'm sick of getting crap for my guard army, no matter how fluffy the list is. I'm switching out. I've always wanted to start an eldar army, so does anyone have any advice on what to pick up?

>> No.55987378


Mmm yes, if only we had the government make these acids legal the problem would go away...

>> No.55987383 [DELETED] 

can you guys go the fuck back to /pol/ and let us play with our plastic space fuckers? Jesus Christ

>> No.55987389

>Tyrranids do not evolve based on the conditions of a planet
Having different colours should just be a sign that they got their asses kicked on a random planet for long enough to adapt some light camo.

>> No.55987397

What's the best way to counter Eldar mobility when you play a close ranged Guard list? I feel like I spend a lot of time running after them. I wanted to add in some ranged firepower, but with their -1 to hit stuff, hitting on 5+ is kind of weak.

Right now I have 3 Chimeras with dual Heavy Flamers. I also have some Scout Sentinels I could use with Heavy Flamers. I can also make some more Scions.

>> No.55987402

Publicly carrying acid will get you 6 months in jail in British land. Also they have a thing called "hate crime champions" whatever that means.

>> No.55987404 [DELETED] 

>Muh pol boogy man

kys my man

>> No.55987405 [DELETED] 

Compared to the other commies, yes.

>> No.55987410

>let us play with our plastic space fuckers
Until plastic sisters are released, the culture war continues.

>> No.55987413

Got my first game coming up. I'm going to run 700 points of DE against tau. I own 900 points of dudes, and prefer kabal themes. Whats my best way to go? I own the SC, a ravager, a blasterborn venom, and 10 scourges (I REALLY liked their models). Dunno how mean tau are, or how to play against

>> No.55987415

>every eldar army is alaitoc now
Fucks sake.

>> No.55987423

Rise of Ynnari: Ghost warrior epub when?

>> No.55987434

What the fuck do you expect anon? Every chaos army is alpha legion. Every space marine army is either raven guard or ultramarines (for compatibility with rowboat girlyman). When everything is the fucking same, codex after codex, the mathematically best trait for each army is going to be the same, codex after codex.

Welcome to the blandest wargaming experience yet.

>> No.55987436

No. Traitor, Loyalist, Traitor, Loyalist.

Magnus, Guilliman, Mortarion, LOYALIST, Angron, LOYALIST, Fulgrim

>> No.55987442

Pick my army, color scheme, name and theme for me. Dubs and I get the start collecting box right now.

>> No.55987453

Dark Eldar > Pussy craftworld bitch elves

>> No.55987454

Post your standard bearers.
(Plz no bully i got all the glue whisps off and i may still get a new flag arm because of bad drilling

>> No.55987463

orks are africans, tau are japs, genestealer cult is arabs

>> No.55987466

>shooting is directly nerfed by this
not even mad

>> No.55987478

Blood angels
>color scheme
Pale skin with pink nipples
Super-ultra-space dick-suckers
Dicks everywhere

>> No.55987481

>genestealer cult is arabs
Do genestealers rely on information? http://www.meforum.org/441/why-arabs-lose-wars

>> No.55987485

Stick to your guns and tell the faggots giving you shit to stuff it and grow up.
As to leldar, no. I've always been more of a shroom dude myself.

>> No.55987486


>> No.55987487

To be fair, GW never actually claim that state.

>> No.55987495

I know, I know. I just wish they'd tried to add a little bit more flavour with this stuff. For example, if ulthwe's 6+ save worked when the model was hit rather that on an unsaved wound (with some clause for mortal wounds). That would be the same mathammer-wise, but would feel more like a dodge due to their precognition, rather than just being another pseudo-FNP. Stuff like that.

>> No.55987496

shiet, that was so close - reroll

>> No.55987504

yeah not reading all that
I was referring more to isis's infiltration tactics in arab skirmishes

>> No.55987506

I pictured Tyranid as subsaharan Africa. Ork makes more sense as Arabs since Mohammad was essentially a warboss that banded enough tribes together for a big enough waaaagh to put him in the history books.

>> No.55987511

>Dakka Orks
>Loota Shootaz
>And the basic boyz are built from Ironjawz Brutes, anything smaller is a git or a grot

>> No.55987512

Take your shit memes elsewhere

>> No.55987515

I like it. If no one gets dubs, that's what I'll do. But I'll change the name to just super ultra dick suckers so I can abbreviate it as SUDS. Their logo will be a shockingly penis shaped bar of soap with suds coming out one end.

>> No.55987516


>> No.55987523

Pink furrfag army of space wolves. Name them raiders of love

>> No.55987531

Would be kinda amusing though
>Poor Little Loyalist Boy

>> No.55987532

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

>> No.55987534

My god I just realized it

Think about it. Space dwarfs where what? Squat. What did Squat have? Bikers. But that's just where it starts. What are dwarfs known for? The BOOK of GRUDGES. What do the White Scars have. SCROLLS of VENGENCE. What quality are White Scars known for? Their Loyalty. They live in a Fortress built in the Highest Mountain on their homeworld. White Scars are known for what physical features? FACIAL HAIR. MUSTACHES. What happens when a dwarf looses his honor and must make amends? They become a SLAYER and seek a glorious death in battle. What happens when a White Scar does something so horrible they must be exiled and seek penance? They become a SAGYAR MAZAN and seek a glorious death in battle.


>> No.55987536


>> No.55987537

>not this

>> No.55987545

That spider looks so soft and adorable.

>> No.55987548

That was quick

>> No.55987549


>> No.55987551

i sure wish i had that model. hugest flag ever flagged on a small infantry model

>> No.55987556


>> No.55987560

Take your meds anon

>> No.55987562

I do like orks.

>> No.55987576


>> No.55987581

They appear on ebay quite frequently at a decent price if you did want one. Its how I got mine.

>> No.55987583

I cant really see nids as anything human at all. orks are maybe early islamic arabs. But I think orks are much more like modern warring african tribes, led literally by warbosses

>> No.55987588


Are Dakka Orks good in 8th?

I always wanted to do a Blood Axe army.

>> No.55987591

But its not a meme. I just got my dudes in the other day, and a guy at my GW offered to play me with 700 points tau for my first game. I just dunno tactics very well :/

>> No.55987593

>skip leg day
>upper body turns into a 300lb slab of pure chad
>now every day is leg day as you haul your massive musculature around
Problem solved.

>> No.55987607

Spooders are cute.

>> No.55987612

Waaagh! Banner in red and Blood Axe Ork Nob in front.

I just field the Ork Nob with Power Klaw waving that banner cause it's cool and looks fun leading the blob of thirty.

>Primaris Space Marines of the Sons of the Phoenix.

>> No.55987616

The same way Behemoth and Kraken are still going. Just surviving splinters of them running around while the main body of the fleet is dead.

>> No.55987618

Spider race when? All we have are Necron's canoptek spiders

>> No.55987626

we need Grot Spider Riders

>> No.55987634

No idea.

>> No.55987643

I thought the same, but I don't think GW ever cconfirmed it. Plus the lore is at the point where they eould need some big plot event to bring back a loyalist, whereas traitord have been in the background all along.

>> No.55987644

>Are Dakka Orks good in 8th?
6 points for 2 S4 BS5+ shots at 18" that cannot in any way be improved.
In a world where every Space Marine gives -1 to hit, every Eldar gives -1, -2 or -3 to hit and it's only going to get worse. Any any kind of special weapon is ludicriously overpriced, still has a shitty BS and can sometimes kill the user. You fucking tell me.
I'm just bitter and want to inflict my suffering on others.

>> No.55987649

Pretty weak, squats were known for much more than that. The bigger vehicles (land trains, leviathans, etc.) were what the squats were about.

As for the rest, I'd say space wolves fit better (though it's still a stretch). Norse theme, more facial hair, sagas recording both glorious victories and times they were wronged, and lone wolves going off on quests when they lost their honour (and they still do that in 40k - weren't the sagyar mazan a one-off heresy thing?).

>> No.55987660

>every Space Marine gives -1 to hit,
>Crying Blood Angels.jpeg

>> No.55987662


So they're pretty good right?

>> No.55987663

> every Space Marine gives -1 to hit, every Eldar gives -1, -2 or -3 to hit

>> No.55987677

>I'm just bitter and want to inflict my suffering on others.

Spotted the Iron Warriors player

>> No.55987684 [SPOILER] 

>nuh-uh the post
hmmm wonder who's behind this one

>> No.55987690


>> No.55987691

The archerus is the only one worth taking.

>> No.55987699

The Eighties were unique.

>> No.55987701


>> No.55987718

>playing dark eldar
>in 8th

>> No.55987762

shadowsword calls to you

>> No.55987769

>people saying every cheesemonger will be painting their eldar red and use saim-hann rules
>I was planning to use saim-hann rules for my donut steel craftworld because I love vypers
>friday rolls around, alaitoc rules appear
>now the cheesemonger choice is alaitoc, every bullshit eldar army will use those rules
>nobody give a shit if you play saim-hann anymore
I feel the need for speed overtaking me, it is a good pain.

>> No.55987779

Mmm, shadowsword...
But 11 guns though...

>> No.55987788

Are conscripts still broken?

>> No.55987790


>> No.55987807

Memescripts are no longer borked. In fact, the AM went from hilariously gamebreaking to just insanely good after the codex.

>> No.55987823

Roboot Gorillaman?

>> No.55987824

so on the store page for the bonesinger it says it comes with a booklet with rules for 40k
i'm assuming this is a copy paste from it's old description but since i wasn't in the hobby when the mini was still for sale i can't confirm it ,and my store manager also isn't sure
can anyone confirm or deny?

>> No.55987827

Converted Castle Stormlord full of Crusaders hmmmmm

>> No.55987839

My guess is that it'll just be warlock rules.

>> No.55987865

What if I told you I only have heavy weapons on 1 in 3 jetbikes, and it's never a scatter laser?

>> No.55987873

Explain. What's the heavy weapon, and what's the jetbike

>> No.55987891

Can I post Chibi on next thread, OP?

>> No.55987892


Fulgrim fucking WHEN?

>> No.55987917

Never. Slaanesh is getting squatted.

>> No.55987936

Well, it's a shuriken cannon, on a windrider, the other windriders having twin catapults. The vypers have heavy weapons on every model, obviously.

Yes, I know the shuriken cannon isn't the Heavy type anymore, but "heavy weapon" is the term most people still use.

Don't make a new one yet, someone made another thread (>>55985045) about a minute after this one, so might as well use that up first before making another new thread.

>> No.55987940

But deldar are good tho

I don't get it

It depends on how much of a douche the dude is. If he drops like 3 commanders at 700pts, you're going to have a bad time because that's what a bunch of BS 2 melta does to people.
Anyway here's 700pts based on what you want:

Archon w/Blaster and Agonizer
Kabalites x5
Trueborn x5 w/Blasters x4
Scourges x5 w/Dark Lance x2
Ravager w/Lance x3 and Shock Prow
Raider w/Lance and Shock Prow
Venom w/Splinter Cannon x2

Probably stick the blasterborn in the venom and the Archon with kabalites in the raider. You can either Deepstrike the scourges, or park then up somewhere. Depends on what you're against.

>> No.55987945

Anyone got an ebook link for Ruinstorm? Not sure I wanna spend anything yet considering how Damnation of Pythos made me want to reread Abyss and Descent Of Angels to get the bad taste out of my mouth.
Also because I want to find out how Sanguinius got a wasting disease

>> No.55987948

Reminder that even if the nyds eat everything, Chaos still wins

>> No.55987959

now i'm imagining a literal imperial ruins ruinstorm

>> No.55987963

>Don't make a new one yet

Oh, I wont. Its just that OP asked for no chibis in this thread on the last one.

>> No.55987964

No, make a blog or something. Call it chibihammer 40k for all I care, just c'mon spamming your CWC drawings isn't great

>> No.55987980

Nice samefagging, OP.
I know you are the drawfag.

>> No.55987995

>nurgle is the chaos god of entropy
>entropy always wins

>> No.55988013

Not OP, but yes.
There is like 3 people who dont like It, 5 that like It and 70 who dont give a shit. I say go for it.

>> No.55988018


Move on to this older thread.

Make our lives easier.

>> No.55988023

I love the absolute shit out of Vypers but I can't justify most of their loadouts

I can't look at the exact numbers right now but with the codex, a bright lance Vyper is 80-90 points, and 240-270 points for three bright lances just doesn't cut it when for 320-340 I can get two Fire Prisms and melt anything I want at-will, with a model I love just as much. And Shuricannon Vypers have an obviously lesser rate of fire than Shuricannon Windriders

So I wanna use Vypers but I don't know where to put them

>> No.55988042

Can loyalists even compete?

/r/ing Harlequins

>> No.55988044

vypers kinda remind me of sentinels. they're both in the fast attack category which used to be absolute dogshit

>> No.55988096


>> No.55988131

>buying painted models

>> No.55988149

Whats CWC?

>> No.55988291

So how do you guys pick an army that you enjoy playing without spending thousands of dollars as you cycle through what you don't like?

>> No.55988327

That's a big mini

>> No.55988382

Best pic I have of him.

>> No.55988409

Cunt Winning Cucks.

>> No.55988452

I build armies I enjoy to make and paint, playing is secondary and usually amounts to picking the units in my faction that are good at the time.

I personally have no problem “benching” units as 85% of the enjoyment I get from this hobby is putting together models, painting and lore discussions.

>> No.55989072


мoй бpaт!

>> No.55989097

He never specified what detachments they were though. 3 Super Heavy detachments and zero conscripts = max.

>> No.55989100

Is that a BoxBox emote?

>> No.55989115

They're shit. Consider that tournament lists' only shooting tends to be Grots and Weirdboys. BS5+ with average dakka outpus is trash.

>> No.55989161

What happened to those guardsmen?

>> No.55989457

>tfw you will never carry your Commissar into glorious battle

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