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So are we seeing the beginning of a struggle over the future of 40k, female models and inclusivity?



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in b4 /pol/ and some retard who unironically believes in men's rights shit

desu anyone who gives a fuck about this shit ought to be slapped, with a choppa. Release sexy versions of male Ecclesiarch units. I like it when everyone's fucking sexy.

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fuck off

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Fuck off

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>butthurt samefag

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Fuck off

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Ya'll are the same people who started crying that Christians were going to be put in death camps because Starbucks changed their fucking cups.

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>near constant ad-hom and appeal to emotion
>unironically arguing that, because the story progresses, all lore is ultimately fluid, malleable, and should be subject to retcon
>thinking that they are somehow more worthy to change the hobby to what they want it to be, then what those "vitriolic, hateful manchildred" want it to me
Inclusivity is an unmitigated blight on everything it touches.
It's like these women WANT people to hate them.

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guys, im scared
why do politics have to affect everything these days?
i mean, im not trying to live under a rock here, im fairly interested in politics and all that stuff. but the truth is, i need some relaxation too. i just want to be able to play with my toys without ending up in a political crossfire. fucking hell.

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>some retard who unironically believes in men's rights shit
Yeah, fuck divorced fathers having almost 0 chance for custody of their children. Fucking MRA's, right?

>Release sexy versions of male Ecclesiarch units. I like it when everyone's fucking sexy.
So you're an easily pleased horndog with no sense of taste or theme.

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>Good taste


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Worse taste*
My apologies.

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>sexy sexy porn bing bing ass fuck pussy
seriously? try to keep your dick under control a litte. youre the reason why we shouldnt have porn here on the internet.

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let me guess, you freak the fuck out on SA every time someone vaguely brings up sex or pretend to be asexual on Tumblr.

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>whimmen are responsible for me being a shitty father


>titty armor and cross nipples are tasteful and thematic, but sexy monks aren't


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Changing war gaming is going to be a tough fight.

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>>whimmen are responsible for me being a shitty father
>this level of I M P L Y I N G
Holy fuck you dense, subhuman, shit-sucking troglodyte of a non-person. Can you read one single fucking thing without the ants in your snatch (figurative or literal) rousing you to spit out the most banal and emotional knee-jerk idiocy possible?
In what fucking world, in what system of unlegitimate faux-thought, does the statement "men receive custody of their children at a much reduced rate from women" translate to "fucking women took away my kids because I'm a shit dad."
Are you so petty, your thin paper skull so empty and rattling with the dessicated remains of what once might have been comparable to a rat's turd, that anything that goes against your indoctrinated koolaid causes you to lash out?
Kill yourself. Unironically and without jest, you need to kill yourself. It doesn't matter how you do it, but you have such negative-worth as a human being that your own existence drags down the HDI of whatever unfortunate country you happen you live in. Fucking kill yourself.

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To me, honestly, it a case of us who are die hard hobbyists being used as a football in a game between the authoritatian leftists (SJWs, Feminists and other associated retards) and authoritarian Right wingers (/pol/, Alt-right and other associated retards). These people aren't interested in 40k as a hobby, they see it as a battleground, and that is potentially a big problem for us.

My stance on the whole reprisentation thing, I am currently collecting and painting a Mordian Iron Guard from Victoria Minis where there are female guardsmen. It looks great and fits the fluff. I'm all for female guardsmen, desperately want plastic multi-pose battle sisters, am cool with the sisters of silence, wouldn't mind an autarch and farseer kit that has both male and female chest pieces and bare heads along with all kit options. Fuck it I wouldn't mind seeing these minis in play. As for the rare occasion I've met female gamers I don't have an issue (though they tend to fall into 2 camps those that are in the hobby due to interest and those that are in the hobby for attention, with me liking the former and disliking the latter). To be honest most hobbyist and even fa/tg/uys hold similar opinions, so probably no surprise.

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I really hope not. Everything sjw:s touch turns to shit. And do not pretend this was not started by some progressive fucks who got bored enforcing their shit in videogames, comics and other stuff.

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Now my opinion on this situation. We need to be openly hostile to both groups when they try and inject their shit into our thing. They're new comers and outsiders, only interested in our thing in order to claim it as some ground for their ideological purposes. They will ruin anything they get their hands on as they inevitably change it into the highly explosive political bullshit they're obsessed with. As a result we need to step up and tell people, from both sides of politics, to firmly fuck off and stay out when they try and bring this stuff in. If they try shaming or bullying, close ranks on them. We have our thing, and we're fortunate that our thing hasn't been that mainstream and popular, meaning we've seen this shit play out before and have learn't what works and what doesn't. Essentially shut down anyone who brings their politics in and blackball any business that tries. The culture war hipsters never spend money on the things they complain about (comics and vidya) meaning that we can, if we play the long game, starve businesses, from or LGS on up, who embrace and push this bullshit. All we need is most of us to do this and it'll all pass and we can all go back to doing what we do unbothered.

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>Talk with a friend about female models and female representation in the Imperial Guard and astartes and such
>All for it, no real reason to actively avoid having more female models (as a Dark Eldar player, mine are roughly half female anyway)
>Feminists posting their thoughts on adding more female models and such
>It's two-thirds bitching about how the fanbase are gross nerds
>'I'm not saying you're a gross nerd, but your hobby and everyone that plays it is a gross nerd'
>Very little talk about the actual hobby, just ranting about "frothing, furious" fans
>Well-reasoned arguments side-lined in favour of creating a bogeyman that they can rave at

There's no better way to make someone side with the mysoginists, than to expose them to the feminists

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>both groups are new comers
Fuck off you stupid nigger cunt. Is telling the cunts that actually are trying to force their way in to fuck off "bringing in politics" because I disagree with them for reasons, in addition to them trying to politicize my hobby?
Neck yourself.

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right wing doesn't inject shit, though. It's literally the left trying to kill your hobby with trannies and womyn while /pol/ is going 'I told you so'

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This is astroturfing and 90% of the support for it in places that actually like the game and setting is trolling. If GW has any long-term sense it wouldn't give the grievance industry the power by playing on their terms and acting like they have some kind of moral authority to call the shots above GW's own writers and the desires of the silent majority of the fanbase.

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Okay 4th wave feminism is retarded.

But would femal space mareens even have a distinctive difference to male mariens?
I mean the males are aleardy fascist-bio-cyborg super monks who can't grow beards and whose dicks don't work (besides space wolves) as far as i know.
So, would't be a fem-marien just be a regular marine with a MAYBE slightly higher voice ?.

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This is happening with every hobby and its clear to see how much they don't understand the setting and story at all. Women come in, say they love a game then state that we 'need' to address the toxic fanbass then state all the changes that they need to make to the lore and the game. They justify this with 'muh diversity' then claim anyone who disagrees with them is a manbaby whos shouted rape threats at them.

In this case she wants female space marines... Its always a clear indicator of how little these people actually know about the game and the lore whenever they start making their demands. The comments pointing this out in the article are all 'reviewing moderation'. As just chamging the lore? Why? Literally getting rid of decades of stories just because of feelings for a story that could just as easily be flushed away. Why invest in time in anything if you can just change it all on a whim? I wouldnt want to invest in a story that I know could be re written in a few years for no reason at all.

Whenever these people say they 'love' a hobby like this, its clear that they don't given by how much they want to change about it. These people should just be mocked, its all they deserve.

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If it dont touch the fluff (You know that reason that atleast 50% of the players are around for) it might make a go of it. Won't bring in much fresh blood... and will generally make more 'all my army are sex crazed female guard units, but GW makes the models and all the people out there want balance, i have to do its because Fat Jerry over there has a male sex crazed regiment.

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>who can't grow beards
Telion has a beard, Lysander has a soul patch, and there are bearded Sternguard and Librarian models. That's just off the top of my head.

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>Implying cancerous /pol/dittors are any better
Fuck off with your shitty memes

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Breasts would also be removed in place of more muscles and they'll get pumped with so much testosterone that they'll never look remotely like women again let alone the fact that peak males mostly die trying to become a space marine and peak females cant operate on that level. That wont stop them though, these people have this special thing called being downright retarded.

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If a /pol/tard wants an SS IG regiment he'll order Stahlhelms and Revell Tigers and start converting. /pol/ in general doesn't give a fuck about the content of anything, they try to protect creative freedom.

Meanwhile, SJWs don't even play the fucking game and are actively trying to kill it. You fuck off back to raddit, you human shaped piece of garbage.

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Yeah! Girl power! Lets get a marine chapter that has "Ask me about my feminist agenda" as the battlecry!

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the canon isn't really unified on that, some do, some don't.

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All I ask is for the ability to play with my custom rhodie IG regiment, I don't care what you do.

The left will make it so that you HAVE to have females in your army.

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I don't know if you've notice, but /pol/ never starts shit in the hobby.
They never start threads saying "We need to get rid of all these fucking niggers" because they have enough sense to know that they need to leave their politics out.
Whenever /pol/ "starts shit", it's purely reactionary. It's because someone else started pushing politics, or said some dumb shit, and now suddenly you've got stormfags who've been in the hobby for years speaking up and revealing their power level.

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ooga booga

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so much this
operational words here are
>been in the hobby for years
Because /pol/ actually DOES shit and hobbies, while SJWs are literally just looking for social validation by sacrificing any piece of culture upon the altar of PC

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Well, if the canon allows for marines to grow beards, it's not a case that space marines as a whole *can't* grow beards.
The prevalence of Astartes-Pattern Baldness suggests most space marines just shave their entire heads to get a snugger fit in their helmets and avoid having to do any hygiene beyond keep their suit's plumbing from getting blocked up. Given that the Imperial Fists chapter master had his taste buds surgically removed, it's not unreasonable to expect that the extremely pro-baldness space marines to have elective surgery to remove or de-activate their hair follicles, perhaps only temporarily, perhaps permanently.

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GW is a publicly traded company, if overt political moves in the IP start to tank the shareprice they will backtrack and play neutral. The moral busybodies aren't the ones making sales.

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