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First for Chaos!

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What are you guys working on? What's the last thing you finished?
I converted up some trueborn. Gotta prime em now.

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Xth for diversity is the Imperial Fists' strength so long as no girls allowed

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Is 8th ed a good time to get back into 40K as Deldar?
I looked through my stuff and realized I have quite a bit of nicely painted stuff. Wouldnt have to mortgage my house to get back in.

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what are those helmets from

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Thoughts on the Craftworld rules so far?

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>mispronounces pseudo-latin bullshit language

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sure thing, because there's nothing that let you spot an eldar player who spams scatbikes and wraithknights easier than the quest if you should but the autarch to the banshees...

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>manletitis suffers

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Sisters of Slaughter

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And a raider
Sisters of slaughter

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Wheres this from?

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DEldar are good crunch-wise. Especially for a non-codex race, and will likely be even better once their codex drops.

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i LOVE the avatar stratagem

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I'm still hunting for a good black primer. Is the basic Krylon stuff any good?

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It's like Christmas come early. Every day we get to see yet another wave of mental gymnastics as Eldarfags try to convince everyone that their codex is some sort of unparalleled travesty.

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How to use Vanquishers without being a Nazi?

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The codex. It's full of shit like that. Lucius possessed a Necron once.

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>Craftworld Din'du

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thanks anons

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In this case, the gw product is actually worth it. Their black primer is the best I've ever used

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I use the P3 spray which is smooth and cheap for me.

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Get cucked Gym Rats.

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Good to know. Wanted to make sure they didnt get screwed by rulings this edition.
How is GW doing points now? I took a look at the mega and didnt see point values anymore, just power?

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While it certainly isnt as weak as they claim its still not insanely strong

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>Craftworld An-Shaet

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Bants, dont collect csm but def going to give it a read

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>Young Kang

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>Lucius possessed a Necron once.

jesus christ why write that he's going to be killed by a necron in the first place

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Who's the most /fit/ faction?

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nth for whiny eldar waacfags

>Guard is fluffy

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Catachan obviously

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A unit of kabalite warriors. They're strangely satisfying to paint. Putting off having a crack at the newest ravager, because they aren't. They look so nice once painted, but they've got a lot of annoying nooks and crannies.

I really haven't seen that from players of our starch-assed cousins. There's been some mild disappointment, but it seems most people are keeping their powder dry until the codex leaks.

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>powersword 4
>MC powersword 17

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When will primarchs get their asses out of the Warp to fuck shit up? Morty not giving a shit about Abaddon is hilarious but I want more.

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Tyranids. Because the only thing that matters are your numbers being higher than everyone else's.

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PL is on their datasheet which basically includes the cost of the unit and any upgrade you may want to take with them while their point levels can be used alternatively (which most people use) which is shown in the appendix but weapons (even default ones) have to be accounted into the points price.

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>When will primarchs get their asses out of the Warp to fuck shit up?

They're trying but Guilliman and friends keeps fucking them up.

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Well, obviously. They recruit from Earth, which we know to be diverse.

No girls allowed though

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Khorne easily gives his followers the most gains with or without grain consumption

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Orks because the biggest iz da best.

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Are you proud that you got the joke?

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So I'm that guy from the other thread. I just kinda want some sort of advice before I start throwing money around.

I really like the Inquisition. Fluff wise and game wise. I like Stormtroopers, Sisters, and Grey Knights. Deathwatch can go home.

The issue is making a list that uses up all these, somehow. I think that I'm better running a soup with two ingredients, rather than three or so. I enjoy the melta spam of dominion sisters and I love the aesthetics of seraphim. Paladins are the way to go for grey knights. You can't go wrong with Plasma Scions. And they all mesh well together, too. And to top it all off, I really wanna run some Crusaders.

Is there some feasible way to do what I want and still do a good 2000pts list?

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Hello fellow guardfags, coming through after reading the new codex for the first time, can we all agree that catachan Hellhounds are one of the best units up there with catachan Russes and Harker?
They are basically the guard version of ass cannon razorbacks except they don't care about hitting things and you can't stop them from hitting you by wounding them, hell with track guards they just don't care about being wounded! I played catachans since 5th so i'm really happy about that,
How is the new codex treating you?

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Khorne's the god of roid rage not oats induced gains.

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>Morty not giving a shit about Abaddon is hilarious but I want more.

Morty is riding on Abaddon's successes and grudgingly acknowledges him. Also Abaddon and he made a pact.

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Leviathan dreadnoughts are S16 with a melee weapon
So most fit leagion is probably iron hands since they have such a hard on for dreads and are first founding so they probably have the most Levi's

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Been priming my DG last weekend, just haven't' had any energy to work on them.

Last i finished was the prototype for the scheme (and the first to go beyond priming in 6 years)

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sounds more like chubby chaser

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Twice /fit/ if it's during the War of the Beast

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Hey anons I'm thinking of making a mono track/tread bike conversion for my CSM, how autistic does that sound? Anyone got a pic that kinda looks like my project by any chance?

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Which faction has the most traps and trannies?

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Last midterm is today and after that I'm gonna split a gallon of beer with my roommate and play super smash bros melee before launching into a legendary painting marathon on my alpha legion for the rest of the week

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You realize it only works for avatars slain in the fight phase right?

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Slaanesh or Ynnari/Drukhari

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Chaos and Daemons

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That's just a different kind of gains anon

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I'm thinking Drukhari too. Something about rape seems fitting for traps and trannies.

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Not him but they're 8 Wound characters, good luck shooting them, or killing a T6 3+/5++/5+++ model with snipers.

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New player here.
I've been slowly building up my DG list and want to know if I wasted my money or not. So far I have:
32x Poxwalkers
20x Plague Marines
5x Blightlords
1x Bloatdrone
1x Helbrute (Twin LC+Missiles)
1x Plagueburst Crawler

I did my maths and I should be able to reach 2000pts with what I have.
Haven't played a game yet and just got what looked cool to me.

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Based Night Lord. I wish we could torture low IQ retards that can't write

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Imperial guard just by sheer numbers
Even if 50% of slaanesh are traps or trans and .1% of guard are girls (boy) they would still win out because there's billions if not trillions of guardsmen

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>I enjoy the melta spam of dominion sisters
Too enjoy consider how OP a unit is to be crucial to enjoying it.

I like the lack of actual Inquisition units.

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Finishing my Dominus so I can round off my 2k AM list. Gonna start my Genestealer Cult next. Anyone have a good color scheme for them?

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>Finally think I decide on starting with Necrons
>Over half the entries on the warhammer store are sold out
That's... not a good sign, is it?

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Last thing I "finished". I'm a pretty bad painter.

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Trans? Slaanesh.
Traps? In the lore it’s actually craft world eldar.

The whole thing about aspects is that they’re pretending to be their founder, basically. Banshees identify as their female founder but eldar of any gender can join, so you’ve got a lot of elf guys running around in boobplate pretending to be women.

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Just don't read their index and you'll be fine, eBay is a thing

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Paint work is neat, it's the scheme that's the bad one.

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>pic related

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Now that is silly. how the fuck is an avatar hiding amongst troops?

>> No.55939214

>it's another "I'm so bad at painting" yet the person paints extremely neatly episode

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Yup, space elfs are confirmed to be traps and cause humans to go gay in canon

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>Primaris Space Marines have grenade launcher attachments for their rifles
>Tacti-cool Tempestus Scions do not.

It isn't fair.

>> No.55939225

Well thanks, also couldn't think of a good scheme for that one. It's been roughly fully painted for a few days and every time I look at it I want to start over though.

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same way bobby G is I assume. they're about the same size.

>> No.55939241

Shouldn’t be so hard. I heard guard tables peaple on turn 3 now?

>> No.55939244

It's largely hidden by the subpar photography, but there's little-to-no shading and the yellow is poorly done.

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Wait, don't read the index? Don't I have to do that in order to build an army?

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I mean it looks fine. That's a lot of Plague marines also not a huge fan of LoC unless I'm deepstriking him in with some Deathshroud He looks great tho
Holy shit that's the dumbest and greatest thing I've seen come out of chaos in a long time. Base Night Lords.

>> No.55939269

You still have no concept of what bad actually means.

>> No.55939272

There is to much going on behind the model to really see it properly. All I can see from that is that everything appears to be in the lines, and that you really need something to dull down the yellow.

Try putting it in your fridge when you take a picture so we can see it more clearly.

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Same way gorillaman does.

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the joke is that their rules are bad and you should spare yourself the pain of reading through them

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Sounds like that guy got trapped by an Eldar seductress (male) one too many times

>> No.55939299

Tempestus Scions are basically SWAT teams while Primarines are basically Navy Seals so it makes sense for Primarines to be that tacticool. Scions get a grenade lanucher too just not the underbarrel ones, a proper one.

>> No.55939315

None of them seem worth picking over Ynnari so far.

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Why hide among your troops when you can just be one of your troops?

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Is your IG stationed on a Agri-World?

>> No.55939336

It's the camera. Old as fuck phone, still using a blackberry from like 07 or 08.

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>> No.55939345

But they're neat looking and I like the whole reanimation protocols thing.

>> No.55939349

Yeah I kinda realized LoC might ve useless, but have him there from the DI set. Thinking about stickibg his rack on a Plague Champion and have that one count as a regular Chaos Lord for rerolls.
Lots of Plague Marines because I live them.

>> No.55939357

>Why hide among your troops when you can just hide among enemy troops?
fixed that for you

>> No.55939358

Scions are navy seals, arbites are SWAT
We have nothing in the modern military that is equivilant to what space marines do since they are so far gone from what we have in the modern day

>> No.55939359

Wait in actual lore or in table top standards. becuase i do not trust table top scale

>> No.55939380

You've got the basics down pretty well, you should play a few games and see how you'd like to specialize the list.

I for one have never found any reason to take less than two crawlers, but there are a lot of good death guard strategies from melee to mortal wound spam that you can explore.

>> No.55939383

light armoured vehicles
*other anon*

>> No.55939395

I take what I can get.

>> No.55939399

Go away genestealer. No one likes you.

>> No.55939409

IG, if you believe Sir Terry Pratchett(Monstrous Regiment)

>> No.55939411

i like her

>> No.55939412

>played friends ultramarines with my alpha legion
>when we was taking a leak I swapped one of his dudes with mine
>didn't notice until he piled him into combat and I said I was gonna roll for his attacks

>> No.55939436

Sounds like something a genestealer would say. If I didn't know better, I'd say this thread is filled with filthy xenophiles.

>> No.55939439

Top tier post.

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>This thread

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Not bad alpharius
Not bad at all

>> No.55939470

>No ignore option
It's the small things

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both, the avatar tops out at nine to ten feet. he's pretty big but he's definitely infantry scale.

the forgeworld variant is a special circumstances monster made from six shards of khaine fused together.

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>> No.55939519

Is he trying to pick his nose?

>> No.55939532

Is there any info on pre curze night lords colour schemes?

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File: 3.03 MB, 3482x1604, Eldar Have Long Memories.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55939551

Dark blue with clouds and raindrops.

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Biggest issue i have is that the hazard stripes don't line up.
The green is too strong, and the yellow is too bright

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>he doesn't have an alpha legionare painted like every legion that he carries around just in case

>> No.55939579

Can a Tempestor Prime give orders while embarked on a transport?

>> No.55939594

What yellow is that, holy fuck

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Let me charge up the WAAAGH! Bomb

I've got some three Meganobz to assemble (plus one to convert)

And some buildings to assemble as well.

Models to fix.

Basically non-painting.


Was the last things I painted along with Gorku.

Didn't Lorgar basically lock himself in a box for ten thousand years? To meditate or whatever reason.

But last I've heard Angron is somewhat sparsely active.

That's hilarious.

>> No.55939601

Yes, but nobody can hear them.

>> No.55939605

No one can anon, unless you use that stratagem
GW hates chimeras now

>> No.55939615

Layer overlay effect yellow.

>> No.55939619

It's Alpha Legion Yellow.

>> No.55939620

in the grim darkness of 40k there are no voxes

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Counts as Ragnar Blackmane.

>> No.55939635

Well now i know some things.

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File: 3.17 MB, 5312x2988, 20170202_175203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drybrush it. A soft grey will bring everything together and draw out all the details.

Pic related, but different colors.

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File: 6.37 MB, 2256x2848, Nurgle Lord.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i finished my lord today and still have two dozen plague marines to finish

>> No.55939654

I have a mark 4 marine I'm gonna paint as imperial fists that I'm going to slip into my buddies army when I play him this Saturday
Gonna stick an alpha legion transfer to the bottom of the base and see how long it takes for him to notice, hoping it makes it home with him

>> No.55939656

How do you make your shit so smooth?

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First time doing a multi-box kitbash, only been painting for 2 weeks, please go easy on me.

>> No.55939667

It's not mine, i just shoopped it to toe down thee green for less of a John Deere look.

>> No.55939684
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Is it wrong to use coffee as a shade?

I'm out of Agrax and really wanna finish my Guardsmen, I've got a tournament in 2 days.

>> No.55939687

use the GW rules, not the FW ones, duh

>> No.55939688

>implying people will turn down free miniatures
>implying ravaged chapters will turn down free reinforcements

Alpha Legion discovers perfect infiltration method

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I take the time to clean it up. And of course, pic related.

>> No.55939723

Use a medium and a color of dark brown. Really thin it out and it can be used like a wash.

>> No.55939728

Thin your paints.

>> No.55939736

Have any medium? Mix that with brown paint.

>> No.55939744

What's a general consensus on eldar codex preview? I think they suck compared to guard.

>> No.55939746

Wait how else would you hold a brush?

>> No.55939749

>tfw I do all of this
>hand still shaky as fuck and I can't paint for shit

some people are just retarded mate

>> No.55939750

That from the PM Box?

>> No.55939753
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>painting tabu
>all in the same post, without any sort of obviously sarcastic/retarded undertone
High Quality Bait, anon.
I'm very impressed

>> No.55939757

>implying pathetic natty Catachanlet gains can be compared to juiced up Swolestartes

>> No.55939763


>> No.55939764

thats pretty awesome

>> No.55939777

Angron, without a doubt, will attack Armageddon again because he's as stubborn as Khorne himself.

>> No.55939789

yes all parts are from the PM Box
just grabbed them from different marines to make him (the marines are quasi monopose)

>> No.55939794

I don't know, but I tried to cover every possible mistake.

Try relaxing your shoulders, or altering the table height. You want as few muscles involved as possible, the more tension you have the worse the shaking gets.

>> No.55939802
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>Play my CSM against someone in an LGS tourney
>win handily
>opponent is pretty upset by the end
>next day he's posted on Facebook calling for a store wide ban on forge world
>mfw I used a leviathan that died turn one to wulfin
Is this how it begins?

>> No.55939813

>It's not mine, i just shoopped it to toe down thee green for less of a John Deere look.
not wanting the holy green and yellow of St. Johne the Deare, mechanicus saint of food production.

Whats your malfunction, heretek?

>> No.55939815

How should I use him then? I wanted to take some Militarum Tempestus for my Ad Mech/GSC but if I'm deepstriking in my scions should I just have him deepstrike with them?

>> No.55939822

things that never happened.post

>> No.55939835

Some use the full-fisted tardgrip they also hold their utensils with.

>> No.55939843

Yeah. People who get butthurt because they lose and start shit are the worst. Never play with that man again. If you're ever against him in a tourney, request replacement. If denied, drop the game. You'll feel better.

>> No.55939847

I'm able to completely lean back relaxed in my chair and still have things right in front of my face with the right light and no need to stress my muscles, my father has the shakes so bad he can't even hold a cup of tea properly and I've pretty much inherited that.

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Wait, are people having FUN ? In MY /40kg/ ?!
What glorious heresy is this ?

>> No.55939857

Whatever it is I'm sure no one on the internet would lie about such a thing

>> No.55939859

Lol this was precisely what I was thinking.

>> No.55939878

The butthurt is real.

>> No.55939881

She needs some reikland flesh shade

>> No.55939887
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Why? I don't understand how they could think that was a good idea.

>> No.55939896

Poor people hate the rich (FW buyers)
Idiot people hate the creative (scratch builders)
Lazy people hate the resourceful (buys recast)

Plebs and scum hate all the above for no reason other than they don't have it

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More like some 'ardcoat! Har har har!

>> No.55939920
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That's what you get for posting worst girl

>> No.55939927

Well one thing I've seen as a hardcore solution is tying weights to your hands and/or fingers.

It makes painting exhausting but allows incredibly precise work. In a related vein I heard that someone once used this trick to carve the Lord's Prayer on the head of a pin.

>> No.55939930

>be inarticulate
>get flayed

>> No.55939931

Anything does compared to Guard.

>> No.55939933

GW contacted (You) to design the new auxiliaries race joining the T'au Empire
they want
- the name of the race
-their appearance
-their strong point
-and the circomstance they joined the Empire

>> No.55939944
File: 192 KB, 547x516, horrified scream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its amazing some people actually paint that way.
>walk into LGS
>see one of my friends painting, first time he's painted in the shop
>walk over to greet him and ask what he's painting
>is basecoating a primaris Inceptor
>holding his brush with his fist
>brush bristles are all fucked up
>paint is THICC as fuck, no water to be seen anywhere, is literally putting globs of paint directly from the brush onto the mini
>shows me the figure
>"pretty cool, huh?"

>> No.55939946

They were never taught how to hold shit properly and so now when people tell them to sold stuff like a pencil or a fork...

>> No.55939950

At this point I'm willing to try it.

>> No.55939958

Post on facebook calling for a store wide ban on furries.

>> No.55939966

>- the name of the race
>-their appearance
>-their strong point
>-and the circomstance they joined the Empire

traitor leftover former imperial guard
gue'lla or what they are called.

>> No.55939976

>...There is one that they fear!
>In their tongue, he is Vlka Fenryka...

>> No.55939998

Gue'la *

and they're not new
they specified a brand new species

>> No.55940001

The anime method. For when you want to dramatically remove them and paint the most daunting models in minutes.

>> No.55940010

If they were resourceful they wouldn't have to resort to buying fakes, and stop trying to pretend 99% of recast beggars on /tg/ aren't doing it because they're poor, when they even admit they can't afford FW.

The real reason people hate recasts is because you faggots act like vapers.

>> No.55940018

Any of the Battle Fleet Gothic races would work

Failing that make Hrud, they Zerg rush the Tau Empire. Since Hrud are inmune to the Stupidity field that is protecting Tau space.
Tau get anihilated within a week by a effectively warp-bending-reality pest.
Later we discover the Hrud inversión was just a small size migration and the only thing keeping Tau safe all this time was bad writing

Nothing of value was lost and now we have a race that interacts with terrain like the old wood elves, but are cooler since they are like skaven but not retarded

>> No.55940034
File: 470 KB, 2912x1024, 1508105876080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll take a stab at it.

>> No.55940038


Where there's a will, there's a way.

>> No.55940055

Anon I think there is some chip on your shoulder.
I did mention recasterfags, scratchbuitfags and FWfags. You seem to hate one in particular for no reason

>> No.55940061

did you read the post ?

>> No.55940065

>The Skro
>Muscular hunchbacked beings which hide their appearance behind crude masks and purple bodypaint
>Very skilled at close combat and jury-rigging equipment
>Peacefully joined the Tau empire after consulting their "Peace Boss"

>> No.55940066


>> No.55940076

N-no. I cannot believe you. I don't want to.

>> No.55940079

>the cu'kold
>tall and strong looking humanoids with dark skin, bigger than even the largest fire warriors
Strong points
>much more mentally flexible than the caste tau, they are able to perform the jobs of an earth caste, water caste, or fire caste with equal focus and are able to adapt much more than the ridged tau
How they joined
>they were actually one race to ask to join the empire near the end of M41, by the current year they've become more and more relied on by the ethereals of planets that have a large population, some tau are unhappy about being replaced while most enjoy watching the newcoming lend more than they could to the greater good

>> No.55940080

Fuck that, they have several mercenary races that need fleshing out first.

The Galg
The Tarellian
The Morralian
The Hrenian
The Demiurg

>> No.55940093

No need. It is about the Tau, so what we post would be correct

>> No.55940094

That is a awesome story.

>> No.55940097

Or shake so badly you paint like a 5 year old because you're used to the weight.

>> No.55940104
File: 76 KB, 600x390, regstdoct18-harlequinv2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the only howling the “Howling Banshees” will be doing is crying lamentations at the mighty stopping power of the lasgun.

>> No.55940118

I liked the reference to C.S Goto's shit. Eldar stealing Imperial tanks because they are better.

>> No.55940127
File: 101 KB, 736x1201, 292f57aff9472c296256884f2ff4828b--skitarii-adeptus-mechanicus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And thats why I took 3 Rifles.

>> No.55940128

take your fetish elsewhere
fun idea

>> No.55940129

is that a euphemism?

>> No.55940151

then how about fleshing them ?

who are the Galg

>> No.55940161

I'm still trying to decide on an army. I really like things like the tyranid death leaper and Mawloc, chaos summoning, and Tau's stealth suits. Is an army with a heavy deep strike/infiltration/harrassment focus any good, and which army offers the best/most fun options for that?

>> No.55940171

>the only howling the “Howling Banshees” will be doing is crying lamentations at the mighty stopping power of the lasgun.
Hilariously that's actually pretty accurate this edition

>> No.55940188
File: 131 KB, 600x872, Emperor's_Children_on_Murder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does it have to be OC steel donut, or can it be something already in the setting? If the latter's allowed, then:
>the name of the race
>their appearance
Pic related. 8 limbs: 4 legs and 4 sword-claws. Entire body covered in a metallic coating that acts as armour, sword-claws can cut through marine ceremite.
>their strong point
Melee shock troops, but for realsies this time, none of that half-assed kroot nonsense.
>and the circomstance they joined the Empire
Tau found Murder, which was never fully cleansed once the Interex distracted Horus, followed by the Heresy. They managed to control the megarachnid using an offshoot of the technology they use on the Vespid. The Tau employ them as specialised melee units, having seen from encounters with astartes that there is a benefit to utilising fast, choppy motherfuckers. I mean, if the whole "Tau don't use giant robots" thing can be retconned, I figure this is acceptable too.

>> No.55940195

How many units would you normally expect to see in a 500 point game?

>> No.55940202

Storm Troopers are a completely broken all deepstrike army this edition

>> No.55940204

both i don't mind

was encouraging OC but existing is fine too

>> No.55940211

Thanks for proving my point.

>> No.55940213

4 with Reroll 1s = 2.18 wounds per turn, which isn't half bad.

>> No.55940215

>all deepstrike

Good job failing half deployment.

>> No.55940223

Fill the other half with conscripts then.

>> No.55940226

Illegal to do that, Anon.

>> No.55940227

>states an explicit reason, right there in the post
>for no reason

So resourceful.

>> No.55940228

>this meme again

>> No.55940231

>I liked the reference to C.S Goto's shit. Eldar stealing Imperial tanks because they are better.
that pic, the image of the landraider etc is from rogue trader

back in the early days, eldar and humans *had* the same tanks (because there were like 3models total: land raider, pred and rhino)

>> No.55940237

Thing is, I never really realized that he was so terribad at painting. He had both nids and guard, both were pretty badly painted, but his nids had been an ebay buy, and his guard were pretty much the remains of his collection when he was still just a kid.

I sat down next to him, grabbed a cup of water, politely showed him how to hold the brush correctly and enlightened him to look up our lord and saviour Duncan. All the while, that poor inceptor stares up at my screaming "KILL ME NOW".
He's given up his primaris idea in favor of a Crimson Slaughter CSM army, I can only hope he thinns his paints....

I'd say about 4 to 5 on average, units that you'll take at that level will usually cost between 50 to 150 points, which should even out to that number.

>> No.55940243

>all deep strike
Anything broken if you cheat enough

>> No.55940253

If you can find black primer just make sure it isn't max coverage stuff or it will go on to thick.

>> No.55940258

I didn't actually know that. I play spess muhreens and deldar. My only decent methods of deepstriking got overcosted to fuck or completely removed this edition

>> No.55940259

>Worry not, Guardsmen! When you die, your remains will be treated with the utmost respect. You may find yourself interred within a Wall of Martyrs, transformed into a Servo Skull, or, for Chapter Serfs, reborn as a righteous weapon entombed in a Skyspear warhead.
My sides.

>> No.55940260

As is, they are space Slaan, that is the classic skinny and tall frogman type slaan.

>> No.55940270

Eh, I don't want to go completely broken with it. Any mid-tier mostly DS armies?

>> No.55940275

Honestly that's a good exchange.

>avg 2 hits,
>avg 1.667 wounds
>avg 2.5 damage (with 5++)/3.67 damage (without)
>Bodyguard divides this by 3

My commissar would be straight up dead otherwise. 60 points for the big meathead and he only lasts 3 turns at that rate.

>> No.55940281

>megarachnids on the Tau side

welp look like we got the unstopable force of melle combined with a race that shoot anything that move

the galaxy is shuddering in fear

>> No.55940284

Fill half the list with conscripts then

>> No.55940299

You said all deep strike army anon
Don't pretend you weren't trying to be a cheater

>> No.55940300

>feelings are now an argument

It's not like you can't make your own recast.

>> No.55940301

I was mostly joking, but Grey Knights aren't too bad. Pretty low model count though.

>> No.55940313

Grey Knights
Although according to the peeps at my LGS, my GKs are OP BROKEN BULLSHIT.

>> No.55940316

you might want some rhinos for mobility and maybe something more in the antitank department (depends on what your plague marines are equipped with)
other than that, i say get some games.

>> No.55940319

Space marine heads for my DG bases. Got Ultramarines, White Scars, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Imperial Fists, and, of course, Space Wolves.

>> No.55940339

So far this has been the most unintentionally accurate post on the site!

>> No.55940342

Thanks, I'll look into them. But yeesh, that dreadknight looks terrible.

>> No.55940366

Maybe these if I'm understanding what you want. https://bitsofwar.com/home/489-legionary-breacher-bike.html
I think they'd look good since the difference is subtle enough.

>> No.55940397
File: 2.23 MB, 817x537, 1335665393985.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bumping for myself. I've made a list of all of the units I think are cool or otherwise I'd like to use. Interestingly enough, smashing all of my theoryhammmer lists together is about 2500pts. And that's min/maxed to fuck and back again.

It's got
>Scions with plasma out the whazoo
>2 crusader squads with a psyker and a priest in a gryphonne chimera
>a paladin squad with voldus, an apothecary and an ancient
>2 melta dominion squads in repressors
>2 seraphim squads with inferno pistols

What the hell do I cut out? I suppose I'd be perfectly fine without the paladins, if I have crusaders. What do you guys think?

>> No.55940417
File: 246 KB, 1191x670, concept_by_hammk-db8qd0t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont play Dreadknights. Only faggots and pussies play Dreadknights.
Real men need nothing but their bolter, their steel and faith in the Emperor to purge the degenerate legions of hell.

>> No.55940432
File: 65 KB, 864x408, DSCN9970-13214122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Genestealer Cults can Ambush(DSing with possibly some extra goodies) half their army

>> No.55940448

>Extorted the Defiler plans out of him
>Literally did nothing to help as Abby floundered on Cadia's rubble for 112 years

>> No.55940464


Coffee likely has various properties that make it unsuitable as a shade. You'll likely do nothing but fuck up your model.

>> No.55940468

It won't crush all before it, but it will be fun to play. If you like the models and you enjoyed painting then then you already won anon.

>> No.55940485

Where are you finding naked Grey Knight figures? Your little spiel there didn't include armor.

>> No.55940525

>DS style GSC
please man.
I mean, dont get me wrong, GSC can be really good with the proper list and game plan.
But playing them pure Deepstrike is literally asking your opponent to fuck your ass when all your units appear sporadically and randomly over the table so your opponent can pick them off one by one. I feel bad for the GSC player I tabled the other day, guy had twice the CP my army did and I still managed to table him on turn 3 because all his units were seperated from eachother and unsupported.

>> No.55940571

YES. You win

>> No.55940574

I mean it's basically just bean water. The beans are pigmented brown. I'd still advise against it, but I see the logic

>> No.55940581

Long story short
Don't use coffee
Short story long
I have a khorne friend who's a bit eccentric, and he says that he cut his hand while cleaning his gun and let the blood drip into his red paint pot, leadbealcher, and blood for the blood god technical and used it to paint his Khorne daemonkin army
To this day he still holds that story as true

>> No.55940584

Why doesn't GW release tactical squads with different armor?

I want beakies back...

>> No.55940598
File: 124 KB, 440x627, 1502081281767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Real men need nothing but their bolter, their steel and faith in the Emperor to purge the degenerate legions of hell.
Also, you will need your artificer tier Terminator armor along with psychicly warded runes and trinkets and the standard issue Tesseract Labyrinth

But you know what I mean, man.
Only bandwagoning faggots and WAACfags use Dreadknights. The real GK players were taking on scatterbikespam and gravspam with nothing but Terminators, Dreadnoughts and Landraiders

>> No.55940599

> Lord
> still T 5, no disgustingly resilient
Fuck you GW.

>> No.55940601
File: 108 KB, 490x525, tzeentch-cultists-convert-or-die-8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he's obviously re sanctifying kairic acolyte models. with grey knight parts

>> No.55940603

So use blood instead?

>> No.55940613

The tac squad gives you enough to make 2 full suits of corvus I'm pretty sure, plus a few more beakie helmets to spare. Aquila pattern is the most common but these are marines in the 42nd millenium so it makes sense they've only got scraps of older stuff. I think you could easily buy some 30k suits if you wanted.

>> No.55940623

Most people at my LGS dont like the look of the beakie helmet, so I can trade them some of my marine helmets for their spares.

>> No.55940625

> space Yiff
Found the problem

>> No.55940629

We're probably never getting another tactical kit. It's going to be marine sues from here on

>> No.55940647

I mean it "can" work, but yes you're right. I just suggested it because I'd like to see more GSC players I've never meet one, and most people have no idea what GSC can do when I bring them into the shop I only ambush Genestealers with a Patriarch or some Acolytes with a magus.

>> No.55940662
File: 75 KB, 400x225, GOA implying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>marines weren't already sues

>> No.55940675
File: 2.67 MB, 400x225, GOA Implying.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.55940681

I doubt this.

>> No.55940684

They're a relatively rare army because they are pretty new, and "lovecraftian brainwashed cultists who will be devoured by their alien gods" taste is pretty uncommon (Even though it is patrician taste)

>> No.55940686

Man, these are awesome. I wonder how hard would it be to convert catachans from these. I was planning on using Blood Reavers, but these look even better.

>> No.55940693
File: 143 KB, 1280x720, 1508133612142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how exactly did those two stories relate?

>> No.55940708

I want to get some Arlequin, what am I in for ? (More precisely, how are solo models and troupe ?)

>> No.55940715

just buy some from Forge World you poorfag

>> No.55940719

>CSM haven't gotten an update in decades

>> No.55940731

Because Forgeworld already has you covered? And GW knows stuffing the walls with tons of different Tac marines is stupid for retail and a surefire way to stuff your stores with unsaleable stock?

I mean, they did start working towards that with the conersion of the MK 3/4 to plastic for the boxed games, but last I heard GW has put their HH plans on the back burner, what with catching up with 8th ed. and now Primaris marines.

>> No.55940737

Bring other spess elves. Harlequins are fun as fuck, but on their own are pretty limited by how few units they have

>> No.55940738

They have a LOT of Tzeench stuff on them and their armour is a pain to remove - carve the greaves and bracers off and you have to add some bulk back to the limb with greenstuff, and that basically removes the muscles. Shoulderpads leave you with one Frankenstein's Monster-style flat-planed shoulder because it covers a few natural dips in the skin that are hard to recreate, which was fine for my servitors but would probably be a pain for Catachans. You might be able to greenstuff shirts on some of them to fix that, though.

>> No.55940749
File: 106 KB, 490x531, tzeentch-cultists-convert-or-die-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would take some effort I image as they are made to have sword and board.

>> No.55940756

Whats up with all the recent influx of niggers in 40k art?

>> No.55940767

Moonman Moonman can't you see

>> No.55940777

Butt-naked crusaders, maybe?

>> No.55940783
File: 275 KB, 734x950, 1354518425870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mk, could you guys rate my list for a Scions/Sisters megamash? Turns out deleting the paladins is just enough to cover the issue. How's the list look?

Astra Militarum - Battalion Detachment - 2000pts

(2x) Tempestus Prime
-- Command Rod
(3x) Scion Squad
-- Tempestor - Plasma Pistol
-- 2x Plasmaguns
(2x) Scion Command Squad
-- 4x Plasmaguns

Sisters Batallion Detachment

-- 2x Geminae Superior
(2x) Seraphim
-- 3x Bolt Pistol Sisters
-- 2x Inferno Pistol Sisters
(2x) Dominion Squad
-- 4x Meltaguns
-- Superior with Combi-Melta
(2x) Repressor
-- Heavy Flamer

Astra Militarum - Vanguard Detachment

(2x) Primaris Psyker
-- Barrier, Shroud
(2x) Crusader Squad
-- 10x Crusaders
(2x) Ministorum Priest
-- Chainsword, Las-pistol, Autogun
(2x) Gryphonne Pattern Chimera
-- Turret Twin Heavy Bolter, Hull Heavy Bolter

>> No.55940784

That's fanart. For some reason 40k got onto the tumblrites radar recently and there's been a push for "diversity" in a game where you can paint your models any color you want.

>> No.55940789
File: 312 KB, 494x538, unknown (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ovecraftian brainwashed cultists who will be devoured by their alien gods
It's so good tho. Plus they can take some pretty dope allies. I mean who dosnt want to have an army that is dino bugs supported by heavy artillery. Plus the GSC models themselves are dope and you can get away with a lot with conversions.

>> No.55940799

And bad photographer by the looks of it.

>> No.55940807

I'm pretty interested in them, but feel they're a bit lacking. I'd like more chestburster types or head crabs like things or something. I also think the cthulhu aesthetic clashes with the tanks and such so I'd like different vehicle options. I have high hopes for them in the future, though. The fact that the new Tyranid SC! box is genestealer focused is a good sign. I honestly thought the GSC were just a Tyranid sub faction until just a few days ago

>> No.55940811

Oops that's an Outrider for the Sisters, not a Battalion.

>> No.55940819

Battlesuit-heavy Tau.

>> No.55940833

GSC came out around the same time Magnus and the TSons dropped with better rules, and the only people who could start a new army at the drop of a hat at the time were WAAC fags.

>> No.55940844
File: 74 KB, 736x981, f8305e44b5acee3c2843304d417461bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not even the original version of the fanart.

>> No.55940859
File: 20 KB, 342x316, 1503470434723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55940876

The rich also hate anyone not them.

>> No.55940883


>> No.55940893

>Whitewashing is racist
>It's ok when we do it though

>> No.55940896

People go look for it and post it to trigger people like you.

>> No.55940909 [SPOILER] 
File: 22 KB, 217x269, 1508362339868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>Any faction in the game that isn't the adeptus astartes and the baddy of the year


>> No.55940914

What's this? And where is the rest of the imperial wargear?

Is this the original rules for primaris before the SM codex came out?

>> No.55940916

>being this poor and ignorant to think rich even acknowledge your existence

>> No.55940923
File: 262 KB, 826x667, 1406256152454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55940938

Except marines have been discarded in favor of primaris. Mark my words, there will never be an updated CSM sprue, Chaos Primaris

>> No.55940944

Then you're an idiot, Primaris are the only new models that will come out for Marines. In future editions the non-Primaris ones will be left out of the Codexes, just like Rough Riders and things of that nature.

>> No.55940958
File: 222 KB, 493x412, unknown (4).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>feel they're a bit lacking
They are. Our HQ choices are good, our psyker powers are unique and powerful, and genestealer and neophyte spam is fine, but the rest of the army is pretty meh. However since they can ally with both IG and Nids they can end up being decent by virture of haveing strong friends.
>cthulhu aesthetic clashes with the tanks
I guess. I have all my IG stuff sprinkled in cult icons.
Yea I know, but their fun and unique army.

>> No.55940970
File: 672 KB, 730x1000, Let Me Sing You The Song Of My People.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


One of the best T3 melee units in the game.

decent CC jetbikes.

interesting characters.

useless skimmers.

A solitaire.

>> No.55940974
File: 99 KB, 1250x1080, 1502676392247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So they are going to dump, the rhino the predator all the manlet vehicles? Realistically they will drop them about 2 editions from now. Also grey knights aren't even primaris yet.

>> No.55940982

It's just some idiot with photoshop. Literally nothing.

>> No.55940998

Which is all weird because every time I've played against Primaris they've been overwhelmed because of their low model count. If you're gunna replace the Marines, wouldn't you want a replacement that isn't so...rigid?

>> No.55940999

>I guess. I have all my IG stuff sprinkled in cult icons.
Got any you can post? I'd love to be converted.

>> No.55941005
File: 1.14 MB, 480x270, 1398422958875.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Regimental Guardsman and duncan are the only things good that came with nu-gw.

>> No.55941011


yes, they are going to dump the entire adeptus astartes range including the Iconic land raider for primarines, tomorrow.

>> No.55941016

have you considered that rigidity makes what is the beginner army simpler?

>> No.55941017
File: 359 KB, 827x1096, IMG_2107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is exactly why I do it

>> No.55941018

There are like 3 more waves of new Primaris releases planned for 8th edition. I'm sure they'll shore up the gaps.

>> No.55941019

Because GW wants to move to monopose kits with very limited weapon choices.

>> No.55941020

My armour is contempt made manifest

>> No.55941023

When the day comes that this happens i will say that you are right. But normal Non-primaris are too ingrained into the lore for GW to just alienate a chunk of their players because new models

>> No.55941029

If Primaris had a larger model line they would be as rigid as normal marines.

>> No.55941030
File: 294 KB, 1000x800, tyson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55941039

That's ok though. Black people exist, black eldar don't. Although I can't say I've ever seen a black woman with freckles. I think that's restricted to whites

>> No.55941041

Please paint the moonman as soon as you can.

>> No.55941047

Im not really sure they could do it at all. The teeth gnashing would be immense. maybe in like 10 years. But thats a long time from now.

>> No.55941068

its not mine anon. https://convertordie.wordpress.com/tag/tzeentch-cultist/

>> No.55941073

>they are going to dump the entire adeptus astartes range including the Iconic land raider for primarines
Without question.

Absolutely not retard. It's going to take at least 3-5 years and another edition or 2.

>> No.55941083
File: 127 KB, 1000x1070, cc9d7b5849745daff691a0b7c4bb9d23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55941086
File: 77 KB, 640x776, IMG_2173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>never met a black woman with freckles
Have you ever met a black woman anon?

>> No.55941092

How are deathguard since their codex release?
Are they at least not shit now?

>> No.55941094

>Indeed, the Aeldari will, where possible, attempt to steal our tanks for their own ends. We asked an illustrator-adept to sketch just what this might look like.
>A horrific assault on both good taste and the sanctity of the machine, is it not? If you ever find yourself in need of a short burst of hatred, simply recall this image.

>A horrific assault on both good taste and
The image might be old, but that paragraph is definitely a reference.

>> No.55941100

They got a lot of gaps to shore up. A Primaris army is practically devoid of practical AT weaponry! And no, hellblasters don't count; they have to overcharge those things just to be a credible threat and my Gaming buddies have learned the follies of overcharging a high-cost 2 wound plasma-wielder.

>> No.55941110
File: 334 KB, 1242x1600, Morgan-Freeman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Black men do, too.

>> No.55941113

>GW didn't put out models for sisters for a decade
>still gave them rules and sold their models
>GW phases out and squats their most popular army in a couple years
Sure kid

>> No.55941121

Kinda middling. Not terrible, not amazing. A lot of it comes down to how well the enemy can deal with Mortarion.

>> No.55941122

Those are moles and skin tags.

>> No.55941130

>A Primaris army is practically devoid of practical AT weaponry

What are hellblasters, repulsors, and redemptors?

Hellblasters DO count, all you need to do is throw a cheap captain OR apothecary with them.

>> No.55941142

How do you pick your purchases at the start, before you get to fine tuning units etc?

>> No.55941147

That's either mulatto or semitic.

>> No.55941150

>GW phases out and squats their most popular army in a couple years because the market for them is oversaturated and to help sell their new NuMarine line.

There you go son.

>> No.55941155
File: 229 KB, 800x617, khorne-berserker-khornevert-or-die-9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you think grey knights will get primaris'd?

>> No.55941166

By what looks coolest, meaning later I often have stuff that's best left on the shelf and/or armed with a suboptimal loadout.

I never said it was a good system.

>> No.55941190

its the best system

>> No.55941192

>By what looks coolest, meaning later I often have stuff that's best left on the shelf and/or armed with a suboptimal loadout.
This is the reason i have a Sergeant with a Powerfist and a Combi-Flamer.

>> No.55941212

Hope not, though I don't buy into "muhreens will be squatted in two years time guys believe me fuck primarshits REEEEEEEEE"
Like GW may act dumb, but they aren't dumb enough to stop giving rules to the literal poster boy and mainstay faction just because there's another new flavor. Grey Knights same deal, too much established stuff to them to effectively transition, and that's without collective GK REEEing at chad's being allowed in. So no, hopefully

>> No.55941214
File: 26 KB, 600x620, 99070117001_GenestealerUpgrade01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm at work so I don't have any pics. It's mostly just pic related and some free hand work.

>> No.55941223

I usually pick up some staple troops, via start collecting or otherwise. But I always make sure to pick up a few of my favorite models in the faction too. After all, that's what drew me to play them in the first place. If they're only something I take out for occasional friendly games, that's fine.

>> No.55941242

Since we seem to be approaching an "end times 40k" my guess is that draigo/Crowe is going to open the terminus decree.

And whatever the decree says results in GK getting a new line of models. And they become like Warpcast Eternals or some bullshit.

Similar enough to primaris that you'll want to own some to swap bits, but not enough so that you could simply run primaris as nu-GK

>> No.55941258
File: 92 KB, 490x446, truescale-assault-marine-convert-or-die-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it would even hurt marines to do it. Aggressor the primaris jet pack dudes look shit. They should make shit like pic related instead.

The reason I wonder about grey knights is terminators have become gravidus fatbelly armor for primaris. Which would be terrible as fuck.

>> No.55941264

This seems highly likely. My guess is the Terminus Decree basically shuts off the throne and shoves the Emperor into the Warp wholesale. Which then in turn fucks EVERYTHING up.

>> No.55941274

>stop giving rules
You mean like what happened to:
wood elves
tomb kings
and vampire counts?

All of those fantasy facions have been reborn with new models(or simply discontinued) and new rules. Just like primaris marines.

>> No.55941276

1 HQ 2 Troops

If the game weren't a clusterfuck starting mid 6E it would be obvious to new players where to start since the game was built on a minimum set back then

>> No.55941286
File: 167 KB, 960x960, Its Happening.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related, scatbikes are coming back

>> No.55941309


This is my guess as well. Emperor is taken off life support, and the Grey Knights chapter in its entirety marches through the warp tear beneath the throne.

Returning a short time later totally different, and "reforged" by the emperor. Basically stormcast treatment.

>> No.55941310

Oh no, Jetbikes can ignore the -1 to heavy and re roll charges?

>> No.55941320

I assumed it was the contingency speculated by the Emprasque stories; in the event that emps cant manage the Imperium without doing so in person the Terminus decree calls for the execution of his body, starting up the Star Child thing.

Problem, of course, he has to be reborn as a human and turning off the Atronomican for however many years it takes for him to return to his full strength is kind of unacceptable.

Which is why they haven't already done it.

>> No.55941336


Unless there are some units i absolutely wont use start collecting boxes are generally good deal.
Other than that i pick what looks cool.
It is not like i am playing the game, i just collect and paint.

>> No.55941340

holy shit, that sounds plausible.

>> No.55941345

Is that Raven Guard tactic going to be in every codex or something?

>> No.55941348
File: 115 KB, 509x435, 1316778512304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What other humanoid race can hit strength 6 without drugs and/or augmentation? None.
Even Girlyman himself can only just match the bench-pressing prowess of your run-of-the-mill warboss, and girlyman is so far from natty he wasn't even assigned a natty card to hand in.

Orks is the biggest and the strongest,

>> No.55941354

Dont give them ideas !

>> No.55941373

>mfw Lamenters are such failures they even fail at being Sues while every other chapter is a Sue by default

They have to be trying super hard to manage to be this shit

>> No.55941383

Eh. Even with that it's three points more over cannons for an extra shot but no rending. Nice if you wanted to play Saim Hann in the first place, but doesn't seem super competitive to me compared to other options.

>> No.55941390

>The Aeldari covet the might of our tanks!
Where were you when GW openly mocked C.S Goto

>> No.55941397

That doesn't look like any pure black woman I've ever met. Has to be at least half white.

>> No.55941404

It's not in guard.

>> No.55941407

Slaanesh Daemons still exist in AoS, therefor Slaanesh still exists.
The Horned Rat eclipsing Slaanesh in power was stupid as fuck though. Just not as stupid as Slaanesh being captured.

>> No.55941408

I still think it'll be quite a while. Think about how many brand new plastic kits marines were issued in 6E. Basically all infantry but terminators, centurions, and all those flyers and as tanks.

>> No.55941419

How many new models has the slaanesh faction gotten since AoS released?

>> No.55941426

Fucking a, that chart was right. Eldar codex confirmed for boring as shit.

>> No.55941437

A couple years sure. I don't think gk is ever going to say "you can't use these models anymore, this faction doesn't exist"

They're just going to let them wither on the vine.

>> No.55941447

Sure sure, but you can still use the models for something (except slannesh right? Don't play AoS but I've heard it's coming down the pipe or something, idk). All I'm saying is virtually every player has a marine army or three lying around, and making those armies unplayable is nothing but a great way to kill your company

The only definitive news I've heard from people that I know of is that GW is upset everyone isn't buying primaris and wants to remedy that, and apparently it's starting to dawn on them people are sick of buying ugly resin casts for their armies. GW also wants more mono-pose kits because (cheaper? Easier? Nobody explained why.), and if they do redo old resin stuff expect customization to be pretty damn limited, like the death Guard kits are.

I'm just vomiting tidbits ive heard from old store owners that have UK buddies, but as I gather GW wants to go full Jew but can't, and so they won't. Take from that what you will

>> No.55941452

Templars can get S6 by having a 4 pt power axe and standing near helbrecht

>> No.55941458

Quick rundown? I state red reading like 1 of Goto's book and got annoyed by the weird constant expository style

>> No.55941459

How many new models has anyone ever gotten?
GW don't just print out a shit load of new models every edition, AoS got Sigmarines, 40k recently got Primarines and Primarchs, Death Guard got a focus in 40k, I honestly don't know what's going on in AoS besides the Nurgle Daemons and Sigmarines.
Abaddon didn't get a new model yet either and he's old enough to drink.

>> No.55941473

One of Goto's books has the Eldar steal Imperial Guard tanks because apparently theirs are "inferior".

>> No.55941476

Except Horde armies, yeah pretty much.

Guard didn't get it because that would be ridiculous, and Nids won't get it for same reasons plus because that would effectively make their entire army -2 to be hit.

>> No.55941488

Oh well this is useful to math retards like myself

>> No.55941489


>> No.55941500

Yeah I never said unplayable. Unplayable in 5 or 6 years maybe.

What I'm saying is that I don't expect to see any new regular marine units to be produced ever again.

And in an edition or two when primaris are fully fleshed out, regular marines won't be in the codex anymore. GW will just say, if you want to use regular marines look at the imperial index 2.0. Another edition or two after that when the core rules require new codicis/indexes the regular marine rules will simply be absent making them unplayable.

>> No.55941515

so what was the epilogue of the battle for konor?
just a bland "imperium wins"?

>> No.55941548

I'm pretty sure it's in every codex that was written near the start, except for subfaction codices like death guard.

I suspect that the reason it wasn't written in guard is because guard was actually written after eldar, but was pushed up because of complaints related to guard balance.

I sincerely hope GW stops making derivative faction bonuses, and follows the guard example of making unique ones.

>> No.55941554

Is it worth buying a start collecting orks box?

>> No.55941565

>but was pushed up because of complaints related to guard balance
Which is fucking hilarious considering it just did nothing but buff them across the board.

>> No.55941569

>but was pushed up because of complaints related to guard balance.
But Guard didn't fix any of the issues with it's balance.

>> No.55941571

Let's take Dwarves for example. All your existing dwarf units like the iconic heavily armored Ironbreakers? They're now "dispossessed" faction.

The 2 new dwarf factions that have come out have a completely different style and look to them, and no synergy whatsoever with "dispossessed". In the fluff, the "dispossessed" no longer exist as a coherent faction.

They're dispossessed because the original dwarves as we knew them have been scattered and slain. Basically think Thorin's company in the Hobbit. They don't have a home anymore, they don't have an army anymore, they're broken refugees now.

Fyreslayers and Kharadran or whatever are what dwarves will be for the future.

>> No.55941606

GW isn't competent. I bet they thought the conscript fix was enough.

>> No.55941607

Personally I find it more likely that once they have their own full range Chad Marines will be their own, separate army and no longer part of regular marines.
Specially because there are very recent, entirely new SM kits that are barely a year old. There's no way GW is going to flush money down the drain by retiring those molds early, rather than running those puppies at least as long as the Rhino and Land Raider kits.

>> No.55941617

>guys Slaanesh is totally squatted in AoS I swear
>Host of Slaanesh? That's not a REAL army guys come on
you disgust me with your lies

>> No.55941618

Full BS scatter bikes on the move is fun.

>> No.55941619

I've got that from my SW team and SC box.
I just torn on where to go next.

>> No.55941627

>real army
>hasn't got any spotlight and updates

>> No.55941628

Is it worth it to run anything but plasma in a scions detachment? Are hotshot volleyguns useful at all aside from being on a Taurox Prime?

>> No.55941633

See, here's the issue:
>They DO roll with a Captain, and they STILL lose troops!

Sure, 1/36 chance seems great! But you got 5 guys, and if they rapid fire that's 10 shots. 10/36 chances to lose a 2 wound model ain't good.
Expensive. Stupidly so. A barebones Repulser costs as much as a fully kitted Predator, and the predator has neat tricks like killshot which make even the autocannon a threat to superheavies and LR's.
I lost all respect for these things a long time ago. Unovercharged, they're okay, but you're doing, like 3 wounds to me. Big whoop. Overcharged is okay-ish. But I still laugh when the enemy does more wounds to himself than he does to me.

>> No.55941635

There's that reading comprehension problem again.

>> No.55941652

"Okay so conscrips are OP, how do we fix this"
"gently nerf conscripts, buff everything else sky fucking high"
"but Reese wouldn't that be insanely imbalanced?"
"fuck off you taudar loving shithead, I'm in charge now."

>> No.55941653

I mean, I suppose they are inferior if the eldar had to lay seige to something. But when have the Eldar ever resorted to a seige?

>> No.55941667

Are you me?
Just put my admech on hold to work on genestealer cults. Painted my cult as "the Cult of the Rusted Claw"

>> No.55941672

>10/36 chances to lose a 2 wound model ain't good.
That's not how fractions work but let's go with it anyway.

10/36 is about 0.3%.

You have a 0.3% chance to lose a hellblaster per turn.
Times 7 turns
You lose on average 2 hellblasters per game. Fuck it, let's round 2.1 up to 3 anway.

3 hellblasters per game out of 5. There's nothing wrong with those odds given the kind of firepower they lay down.

>> No.55941678

I would assume that they would just direct the nearest hive fleet at the planet or go find a magical mcguffin like their Talismans of Vaul to fuck it up.

>> No.55941687

They got a Start Collecting box fairly recently actually.
Which is funny because right at the end of 7th my store did a weird tournament where you bought a Start Collecting at discount, painted all the models and had all your games against the other players within a one month period, I wanted to start Daemons of Slaanesh and the Start Collecting wasn't out at the time so we made one up and that ended up being exactly what is in the Start Collecting box, store owner is quite proud of himself for that one.
Comparing Slaanesh to Dwarves is neither an argument nor a valid point since there aren't any similarities to draw from.

>> No.55941696

If you like the models sure.
It's 37% off singles price.

>> No.55941699

How many detachments can/should I take in a 2000pt army?

>> No.55941700

Hellblasters can easily make back the points you spent on them in one shooting phase so that seems like a good deal.

>> No.55941703

>10/36 is about 0.3%.

>> No.55941711

Is there fluff reasons why random low level priests get rosariuses which are better at shielding than the refractor field that cawl uses?

>> No.55941712

Thank you m8.

>> No.55941718

Did everybody already forget how fucking trash Russes were, and how long we memed about that fact?

>> No.55941726

GW reccomends a max of three for tourneys.

>> No.55941734

Nigga that's 30% are you fucking retarded? You're statistically guaranteed to lose a few.

>> No.55941735

Nice attempt at moving the goalpost, but do tell, what new slaanesh models are there?

And you're also denying that the great horned rat has taken slaanesh's position amongst the 4 great chaos gods?

>> No.55941736
File: 247 KB, 1224x1445, Are you being stupid on purpose..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>10/36 is about 0.3%.
10/36 = (100/36)x10% = 27.78%

>> No.55941745

And the Deff dredd is a fun kit to build.

>> No.55941754

>10/36 is about 0.3%.
No it's 0.3 which equals 30% you fucking retard.

>> No.55941756

So Brigade is pretty much necesary for IG?

>> No.55941766

ITC tournament rules follow GW's suggest of three. That's basically standard at this point.

>> No.55941774

10/36 = 0.2777777777777778
You see all those 7's? That means it repeats infinitely hence the round up to 8 on the end.

0.2777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 being rounded up to simply 0.3 for the sake of being easier to work with, and erring on the side of more hellblasters dying is fine.

>> No.55941776

With math like that even grot shooting would be OP

>> No.55941779

AFAIK people were just bitching about the random numbers of shots. Guess they bitched enough though. Now they got 2x shots on all their tanks AND reroll the random number of shots so instead of 3.5 shots it's 9. Leman russes may not have been stellar but they didn't need 3x their average firepower and a points reduction to be playable.

>> No.55941784

If you want to spam tons of infantry squads. That's not really necessary though.

>> No.55941789

I already commented that the Horned Rat eclipsing Slaanesh is stupid. It happened but it was stupid, but my thinking it's stupid does not equate to me denying it happened.
How about you tell me what new Blood Angels models there are? Oh there aren't any? Guess Blood Angels are being squatted too by your logic.

>> No.55941792

No, it's relatively easy to make a Guard list without using the Brigade.

Guard can only fit one brigade detachment in 2000 points.

Oh my god you are fucking retarded. 0.3 = 30%

>> No.55941794

.3 and .3% mean very different things, is the real issue.

>> No.55941795

>Failing to understand it's the % behind it that's the big issue

He just keeps digging!

>> No.55941803

At 2000pts. IG could run 3 and then some. If you took the cheapest options in every slot, that is.

>> No.55941804

Hey Eldarfags, I fixed your subfaction traits.

Taking requests from other factions who got screwed over by GW.

>> No.55941816

Non-primaris blood angels, absolutely yes.

Name me a single chapter specific primaris unit.

>> No.55941822

>Guess Blood Angels are being squatted too by your logic.
Well according to logic apperantly all Marines are being squatted so

>> No.55941828

Primaris Apothecary

>> No.55941832

Do Grey Knights

>> No.55941834

gib deldar webway portals

>> No.55941842

So you're saying that all chapter specific stuff will be gone soon, and all that remains will be Primaris that all look the same and are just painted in different colours.

>> No.55941848

One, that's AoS. Two, the other chaos gods don't accept the Horned Rat. Three Slaanesh is far more important to 40k than she ever was to WHFB or AoS. And 40k just had a big event centered around a Slaaneshi Daemon incursion.

>> No.55941855

Are you equating Primaris release to a single subfaction getting models? Talk about straw grabbing.
That was my point, I just felt bringing up a subfaction of marines would be more relevant.

>> No.55941868

>he thinks marines are getting squatted for Primaris
this is the people who think Slaanesh doesn't exist in AoS, the retards

>> No.55941878
File: 23 KB, 300x400, I seriously hope you neber do this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>has to use wargear
>equipped lifting

>> No.55941889

Why not fix the other two, as well? It's pretty clear the leak was mostly accurate.

>> No.55941890
File: 232 KB, 620x877, fec47b82997af2dc1e25b8059b146f5d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Librarian. Specifically not BT.

>> No.55941893

Except nearly all non-primaris blood angels got literally squatted (Eaten by tyranids).

>> No.55941897

That probably doesn't matter. People are also always shouting that SoB will be squatted at any moment now, despite how often they show up in new stories and campaigns.

>> No.55941904
File: 74 KB, 700x329, khorne misses slaanesh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that the other Chaos Gods hate the Horned Rat more than each other and even Khorne wants Slaanesh back.
Next campaign in AoS will be Chaos attacking Elves to get their little brother/sister back.

>> No.55941914

Me wana shitpost but haven't know how to god shitpost andy advices?
And me think tau is gay.

>> No.55941915

Grey Knights subfaction trait is actually pretty good, +1 on all Psychic tests and Deny the Witch tests? I know the overall faction is in a bad place but I need to know specifically where they lack and what needs to be fixed.

Describe what crunch problems you have as a GK player.

I'm not doing index races, it's easier and cleaner for me to work within the rough guidelines of what GW puts out in the full Codex rules.

>> No.55941921

Carcharodons Centurions can reach S6 if they're near Tyberus

>> No.55941928

Who said anything about humanoid?

A Tyranid organism is as strong and as tough as the Hive Mind sees fit to make it. The only reason they don't plunk down an S10 T10 hunk with rippling abs is the inefficient use of biomass on something that pretty.

>> No.55941931

That biel tan buff may actually be a little gross. I'd have just gone with making aspect warriors reroll 1s to wound or hit (pick one when writing the rule, don't give players that kind of option) and possibly axed the ld ability to balance it since CWE tactics seem pretty weak overall.

Thanks for giving a fuck Azazel. It took you 10seconds to write better CWE tactics than GW.

>> No.55941940

no retard. I'm saying that each chapter will get primaris stuff. Primaris special characters, primaris variants of vehicles etc.

>> No.55941947


>> No.55941961

none of this changes the fact that slaneesh is in the process of being squatted in age of sigmar.

>> No.55941964

Can a Tank Commander order himself? In the index they were restricted to non-character units, but in the codex I can't see that restriction.

>> No.55941965

Nobody is complaining about the Alaitoc CT because it makes sense and doesn't suck dick.

Saim-Hann CT is meh but works well with them. If it applies to Vypers it's perfect.

>> No.55941971


>> No.55941978

Alaitoc doesn't need fixing and I'll wait to see the exact wording on Saim-Hann (which also might not need fixing).

Beyond that I'll need to wait for the full book to really tweak things.

I'm considering just starting with the Space Marines Codex and going down the line in release order, fixing everything that's obviously too bad or too good.

>> No.55941982

Now, let's look at Slaanesh
>still lives
>daemons still around
>got a Start Collecting box
>fluff still references him and hints that the other gods want her back
yeah totally a squatted faction, retard

>> No.55941984

They can.

>> No.55941994

Oooooh shiet these look nice, thanks my dude

>> No.55941996

librarian isn't specific to any one chapter.

Primaris librarians specifically cannot be taken by tau or tyranids either. That means dick all.

>Primaris Apothecary
What single chapter are primaris apothecaries limited to?

>> No.55942001

I agree, I think Alaitoc is baller and appropriate.

Saim-Hann is frankly weird because it seems to emphasize taking stuff Saim-Hann should hate, like War Walkers.

>> No.55942003

Seen no real evidence of that. If they'd wanted to squat something they would have done so at the start as per Brets and TK.

>> No.55942009

see >>55941982

>> No.55942014

Black Templar and Imperial Fist chapter tactics. The sons of Dorn got fucked

>> No.55942028

>What single chapter are primaris apothecaries limited to?
No allowed to be taken by Space Wolves.

Stop chickening out and moving the goalposts, faggot.

>> No.55942046

Fix yourself by dropping the trip

>> No.55942047
File: 171 KB, 676x3561, roster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How viable does this list look? Is the lack of dedicated transport gonna fuck me?

>> No.55942051

I thought the Saim-hann one only specified jetbikes, that makes it a lot better if it's all vehicles. I wouldn't say it encourages war walkers since even with that buff they aren't the best. It buffs all the fast stuff in the book if it does that though which makes a lot of sense and really fits their whole 'gotta go fast' schtick.

>> No.55942062

That's not limited to a single chapter that's restricted from a chapter you daft cunt.
The only one moving goalposts is you.

>> No.55942070

ITT Faggot Marine players cant handle that their Model line is being Squatted by Superior Marines.

>> No.55942076

You don't understand what squatted means.

Being retarded, you apparently think that GW issued a press release one morning telling their players that squats are not allowed to be used anymore.

Let me educate your dumb ass. Squats had rules and models.
The core rules changed.
Squats got some quick and dirty hold over rules like everyone else.
The core rules changed again.
Squats got nothing, meaning they could no long be played under these rules.

It happened over time retard.

>> No.55942077

Is it bad that I wish the actual biel tan trait was the IF chapter tactic?

>> No.55942081


Orks literally get gains every time they fight.

>> No.55942089

>Squads of 7 Guardsmen
You have to take 10 Guardsman in a Squad, you WAACfag.

>> No.55942101

>No allowed to be taken by Space Wolves.
So what? Daemons and orks can't take primaris apothecaries either.

>> No.55942110

The leaks have been subtly inaccurate so far, so I'm assuming the Relentless buff applies to everything, not just jetbikes, particularly since I don't think CWE can even field jetbikes with heavy weapons.

War Walkers were just an example; iirc, that would also make Saim-Hann better at Wraithlords than Iyanden.

>> No.55942115



No way to tell which ones of them are female.

>> No.55942119

Exactly, why did Salamanders and Imperial Fists lose re-rolls with flamers and bolters but Biel'tan gets the same affect but with Shruikens?

>Lol, I'm still right, I just have to move the goal-posts

>> No.55942130

This is false.

>> No.55942143

Yes, the Tank Commander finally remembered what the IC-channel is for.

>> No.55942148

>I'm retarded and don't know what chapter specific means.

The phrase you're thinking of is "chapter excluded" you mongloid.

Librarians are chapter excluded to black templar.
Emperor's champion is chapter specific to black templar.

Do you need me to draw you a picture?

>> No.55942161
File: 138 KB, 2127x2127, C1sTMkZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fat belly armor replacing terminator armor
Aggressor who are just centurions mk 2
Inceptors who look shit
New dread is passable

The only bit that looks good are the basic primaris infantry.

>> No.55942162

By that logic ALL Daemons are being Squatted in 40k have you seen their rules lately?
We're shit at the moment, we don't have anything, we're like a secondary melee/psychic detachment you take with your Chaos Marines or summon if you can.
At the moment the only use of Daemons is to summon them or use the Horrors as cheap bubblewrap.
Or hey, maybe they're squatting Knights, they're just a backup thing in the back of the Ad Mech codex and not a real army, when was the last time Knights got a release?
Fucking retard.

>> No.55942173

No it's not. You must have 10 Guardsmen per squad, or 8 plus a Weapon Team

>> No.55942177

I completely forgot that IF were all about bolter drills. Wow now i'm double confused why Biel-Tan gets shuriken drill because it makes 0 sense for them to have it and 0 sense for IF not to.

>> No.55942189

>not noticing the special weapon, vox caster and sergeant
Nice observation skills, you mong.

>> No.55942193
File: 66 KB, 600x620, CodexDaemonkin01[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could totally see knights being rolled into admech and losing their standalone status.

Same with daemons. I could easily see GW rolling daemon and chaos space marines into Forces of Chaos codexes split by each god.

Oh hey what's this codex?

>> No.55942196

>I'm retarded and don't know what chapter specific means.

Librarians are Chapter Specific to non-Black Templars
Emperor's Champion is Chapter Excluded from non-Black Templars

Do you need me to draw you a picture?

>> No.55942199

It is.

First of all, you must have 9 and a Sergeant, or 7, a Sergeant, and an HWT.

That aside, if you read anon's list, you'd see that the squads aren't 7 Guardsmen and stop - the Sergeant, Vox-caster dude, and Special Weapons Dude are all listed separately, and he keeps taking squads like that, hence the 7.

>> No.55942214

>not understanding that 7 still doesn't equal 10
It may be hard for a pre-schooler to understand, but 7 and 10 are different numbers.

>> No.55942215

Yes draw a picture. I want to see how badly you represent your inability to know the definition of the simple word specific.

>> No.55942217

Are you literally retarded? 7+special+vox+sarge=10.

>> No.55942224

Salamanders got their rerolls in the form of every single unit getting to reroll one hit and one wound per phase. Sure it isn't all flamers rerolling hit counts and all flamers rerolling to wound but it works. Besides you have he'stan for flamer buffs kicking around. Despite there being a phoenix lord for every aspect except one they somehow managed to make them all garbage 4 editions in a row. I guess I can't complain about SCs though so I;ll shut up about that.

>> No.55942231

I wouldn't mind Daemonkin codex, but I'd still like Daemons to get their own codex.
I feel like GW could make the most money if they did both, but that's just because I know that I'll buy both.

>> No.55942236

>Chapter Specific to non
That's not how english works.
That's now how english works at all.

What is your native language?

>> No.55942244

7 is the total, you fucking retard.

>> No.55942249

>That biel tan buff may actually be a little gross.
Yeah I might have overdone it a bit but I thought it should encourage taking large units of Aspect Warriors and rewarding you more for having Autarchs, while still needing to have some general benefit for other units. If Biel-Tan ended up with a stronger attribute but slightly weaker Relic and/or WL trait and/or Stratagem than other Craftworlds it should balance out. Of course I'll need to see the whole Codex before I can mess with that stuff.

>axe the ld benefit
I think it fits the fluff though. I was tempted to put one for Guardians in the Ulthwe attribute but it felt too out of place with everything else, the Biel-Tan aspect one fits nicely into the same sentence as the hit buff.

>Thanks for giving a fuck Azazel. It took you 10seconds to write better CWE tactics than GW.
It's good to be appreciated, took me a bit more than ten seconds though I'll admit.

Coming up next, I've been thinking about Fists a lot lately in fact.

It's helpful when I'm working on homebrew projects like this. I don't post with it normally.

>> No.55942260

Literally too stupid to live.

>> No.55942264

While 7 and 10 are both number, 7 is not the same number as 10.

I hope you understand this, most primary school students do.

>> No.55942265

No, 10 is the total model count. Learn to count. There are 7 "Guardsmen" and 3 "non-Guardsmen", due to the software anon is using.

>> No.55942266

This is not how the Battlescribe works and you know it. Look at the points, you fuckknuckle.

>> No.55942268

Is this thing of any real use? The best possible scenario is it murders the crap out of sniper/scout units. Maybe a unit of troops behind an aegis? Otherwise everyone is taking +1 to cover saves so a battle cannon would work just as well.

>> No.55942284

I heard it's a good counter to Tau units who love to use cover.

>> No.55942288

There are

7 Guardsmen
-1 is a Sergeant
-1 has a Vox
-1 has a Special Weapon

You should learn to count

Using third-party illegal software doesn't let you ignore rules, you WAACfag.

>> No.55942289

Executioner Plasma is actually the most reliably superior, in terms of competing with the battle cannon.

>> No.55942294

Fuck battlescribe! Embrace your inner nerd! use Excel!

This is not my list, just what I whipped up real quick as an example

>> No.55942305

This is some really low-tier bait, yet people are still biting.

>> No.55942307
File: 73 KB, 700x460, Look at this Bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55942308

There are 7 Guardsmen, plus:
1 Sergeant
1 Vox
1 Special Weapon
Total: 10 models in unit/squad.

I'm sorry you are illiterate.

>> No.55942316

Yeah, you're right, I'm going to sleep.

>> No.55942328

>muh bait
So when someone shows you you're wrong, you just immediately cry "bait". You're one of those people who can't deal with losing an argument, aren't you?

That's not what the lists says, retard. Learn to read.

>> No.55942346

He's not wrong though.

Just how like Space Marine and Space Marine Sargent are 2 entirely different types of model.

When the rules say any space marine may replace their blah blah blah, that doesn't include the sarge. Because he's not a [space marine] he's a [space marine sarge].

>> No.55942351

I've literally seen these exact same replies before in other threads. Your bait is really weak.

>> No.55942364

That's probably because most people who aren't 2 react this way to retards, sweetie.

>> No.55942408

Doesnt change the fact that they are superior in almost every way. only thing they lack is flexibility in their base weapons and they are just getting more squads to fix that

>> No.55942429

Is google Docs allowed?


>> No.55942433

Still waiting on that picture.

Although, we're not too far into the school year.

Have they not taught you how to draw yet in kindergarten?

>> No.55942449

>he's still baiting
People stopped responding to you for a reason, anon.

>> No.55942463

Today I learned the /tg/ is either easily baited, or can't count to 10.

>> No.55942465
File: 48 KB, 975x805, sheets.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You alls excel/sheets-fu is fucking weaksauce.

>> No.55942470

>I'm the most experianced man in the squad. Perhaps I should wield the Plasma?
NOOOOOO! It would upset the Machine Spirit for ANYONE with more than 2 chevrons to so much as TOUCH the holy plasma gun!

>> No.55942475

Because they know I'm right and all they offer in response was bait. Thanks for confirming.

>> No.55942484

Wait, you get CP for being a Battleforged army?

>> No.55942500

I bow down to you master. I just recently started using Docs

>> No.55942501

Yes. like page 254 or something. 3cp for being battleforged.

>> No.55942533


>> No.55942534
File: 131 KB, 821x667, 1491117727578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's more fun if we all act dumb

>> No.55942537

Can I embark after disembarkng?

>> No.55942543

Thats why he gets the artificer Combiplasmagun, anon-kun

>> No.55942559
File: 65 KB, 1332x573, Simple spreadsheet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well your sheets seem rather simple and unpolish

This is the List Builder I made when Index dropped.

>> No.55942562

>People stopped responding to you for a reason, anon.
But they didn't stop. You literally just responded to him.

>> No.55942563


I shat out another thread, move along move along.

>> No.55942630

Chaos Terminator Lord of Slaanesh. How should I kit it out?

>> No.55942634

No. A unit cannot both embark and disembark in the same turn.

>> No.55942659
File: 516 KB, 1777x794, flashy bits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can make a shitty paint meme for you, pal.
Kindergarden level just for you. <3

>> No.55942700

It's battlescribe you fucking mong. Look at the points costs. It counts the special weapon, vox caster and sergeant as different models from the plain guardsmen. There are 7 regular guardsmen, a special weapons guy and a vox caster. Do you need me to explain slower or do you finally get it?

>> No.55942916
File: 28 KB, 530x360, ss+(2017-10-18+at+07.32.16).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use notepad.

>> No.55942939


>> No.55943097

I had thought it was specifically designed around allowing marine players to feel less pigeonholed. Like as a fist you don't HAVE to only use bolters. You can get more from them via the stratagem, but not forced.

Biel tan is now" you must use these weapons or you get zero advantage by being a detachment" Not as limiting and terrible as black legion, but a similar issue.

>> No.55943218
File: 174 KB, 499x417, 1462342957327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that dudes who posted the huge AdMech advise for lists as a newbie last thread
>mfw after reading some and screencapping all

I missed to reply you, but have my gratitude for this. I screencapped the whole thing for later reading purposes. Thanks so much man! Really hyped to play with AdMech now even though we got some small model count. Also love me some Dragoons, thanks for pointing them out over all and not got all over Cawl, Crawlers and the usual stuff you see.

Praise the Omnissiah, Brother.

>> No.55945712

Even in the Path of the Eldar/Dark Eldar books there have been dark-skinned Eldar, anon.

It's a galaxy spanning civ that has existed for millions of years, there's gonna be some phenotypical differences here and there.

>> No.55945755

How many times the Alpha Legion trolled the tau when they were fresh out their system telling they are loyalists?
There is something in canon?

>> No.55945788

Why would they care about the Tau?

>> No.55946043

I mean shoot them and say it was the empire to have the tau attack in retaliation

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