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What would a class focused on probability manuipulation (rerolls or other such advantages) be like?

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>Maid of Luck
Powerful class option, but with a high-risk early game starting point. The Maid is at the mercy of her element until she goes through a series of trials (facing challenges and leveling up) to wrest control of it back to her own hands. The baseline start of the class demonstrates a lack of luck by actually giving the DM/GM rerolls to use against the party while instead granting the Maid high-value standard character options (building points, base stat boosts, skill points, dots, etc) to represent the hard-luck lifesyle she's had to lead. As she advances though, she starts getting abilities directly related to dice-rolls; reroll options, increasing values, double-or nothing rolls where Odd rolls are doubled and Evens are halved, and even altering the dice being used by one or two steps. At higher levels, or capstone levels, the Maid chooses her own roll results, finally taking her luck and fate into her own hands, but cannot critically succeed or fail unless the dice are actually rolled.

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4e bard, basically.

Please don't make this a meme.

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Halfling divination wizard with the Lucky feat.

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This sounds cool.

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I've always disliked luck mechanics which don't actually rely on luck. Giving yourself extra rerolls, and later outright choosing results, doesn't seem like it involves much actual luck as much as circumventing luck.

I like the double or nothing, though. Mechanics to make gambles seem very in-theme.

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4e avenger
if they're forced to reroll on their oath then they reroll both die, meaning an elf gets to reroll both when they do their racial
also if you hybrid with a seeker and take the feat that lets your oath reroll effect RBAs you can both skirt the 'hybrids class features only apply to that class' powers' thing, and get your seeker RBAs to get avenger rerolls, and redirect misses to other enemies once or twice per encounter
Wilder theme for increased crit range 1/enc and you're even more set

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In these cases the mechanics of the character don't so much rely on having good luck, they simulate your character having good luck.

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"Young" flaw gives you extra benny for limitting your starting skill and attribute points for allocation
"Luck" plus "Great Luck" advantages grant you two extra bennies
You end up with SIX bennies you can use to reroll almost anything beside damage rolls, and even soak wounds.

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Acanthus from Mage: the Awakening. Stereotyped as the Fool and being carefree and impulsive because they can just make things go their way without having to plan around circumstances.

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corsair in ffxi

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There's a homebrew class with Fate Dice that fights with sharpened playing cards. You can manipulate friendly or enemy rolls using the fate dice.

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I don't particularly like the details of this class, but it's got an interesting take on it.

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There's a 3rd party class for 13th Age that specializes in this. Akin to the Occultist class it's probably based on, the Fateweaver uses interrupt actions to fuck enemy rolls or improve those of it's allies, potentially. The difference is that that the Fateweaver is exclusively a support class but is more powerful in that area of expertise.

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