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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What kinds of magical items do you like to include in your campaigns?

/pfg/ Link Repository: https://pastebin.com/fr9piFCi
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/vK9njh31

Old Thread: >>55890342

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Items that avoid numerical bonuses but have other interesting effects. Flying carpets, goggles of true sight, puzzle boxes of summoning.

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Why are we making threads on page 2-4 nowadays?
Even the Starfinder guys made their thread BEFORE the bump limit.

Is it okay to make page 1-4 threads now?

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No, we've just given up fighting the tards that do it

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I'm still kinda new to tabletop and getting used to juggling papers, and i've picked up a Half Elf Brawler for a Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign, which I know is a premade adventure but so far looks kinda interesting.

I'm sadly not face material, but it can be a bit hard trying to urge the party forward since I got 0 diplomacy, but a lot of intimidate and sense motive potential.

Currently level 7, thinking of picking up Pumelling style and building into a trip/dirty trick/Intimidation build, which I think can work with the whole Martial Flexibility

Anyone have any tips regarding how to be useful to the party (who's unfortunately really passive) during low combat sections? I don't really wanna be op or munchkin or anything, but I want to be as effective as can be

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One of my players made a homebrew fey race. He set up his character as owner of a tavern (deep in debt, hence his need to adventure), with said tavern built on a ley line. Now, as my current arc wraps up, I've begun to introduce a "corruption" that is seeping along the ley lines. I want to have this manifest as powerful fey creatures that once guarded sites at the intersection of these lines, being corrupted by the negative energy. But the thing is, I can't find any templates that quite fit that. Would the corrupted template from 3.5 book of vile darkness work? Any ideas for how I should handle this? Should I use heroes of horror corruption rules? Is there something simialr in the Horror Adventures guide? Any ideas for how to make this cool, would be great.

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pummeling style is an excellent style to have, but remember with the Brawler your martial flexibility can potentially let you jump into ANY of the style feats at any time!

You should focus on your CMB flexibility and remember to utilize lots of styles, a particular style like wolf style might be more effective for a situation than pummeling style's generalist damage would be!

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Well, if your party is passive, sounds like you have the perfect opportunity to deliver some rousing speeches to drive them to action.

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My favorite item I ever gave my players was an intelligent bone lute named Trejo. It had powerful necromantic abilities and was extremely loyal to whoever wielded it, but it had no sense of right or wrong besides "help master" and "hurt not-master." The bard kept it until the end despite the amount of trouble it got them into.

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Why are we in a gameless abyss
Where have all the GMs gone

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We ran off everyone who was willing to GM.

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He's a single father who's more used to RIP AND TEAR than anything. He's also paranoid, and investigates any weird clues available.

If the party's being passive, and nobody is willing to do politicking, he's usually the one to speak up and go 'I know for a fact that's bullshit'.

I will say though, it's hype as hell to do a MF into Greater trip into a roll of 41, followed by the Greater trip AoO for a curb stomp

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There were also bamboozles a plenty.

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The constant hatred and salt has driven off anyone who could run a game.

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What are the most fun pathfinder classes, considering the ratio of Fun compared to the amount of paperwork needing to be managed?

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Path of war stuff basically, its simple compared to spells but a lot of fun to use

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What difference does it make?

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I'm still not sure whether that was part of a concerted effort to end the app circuses, or just one prank that went too far.

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Nah, they've all just made their games and got their players and we've had no fresh blood.

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I'm fairly certain it was one person pranking us repeatedly

Which I mean, well played

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I run games but don't want to recruit from here because I get the impression /pfg/ is full of munchkins and people who jack off under the table.

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its actually not shockingly

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The prevalence of both is overstated, mostly because they're very vocal compared to the rest. You can always just not pick those assholes you know.

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Path of War Discipline Errata WHEN?

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That and word is most of the NEETs have become gainfully employed, while the students are going through exams.

So nobody really has free time anymore.

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Magical instruments with stories behind them.

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Never. We got SoM sooner than that shit!

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It was so obvious, though.

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it got pretty obvious after the 1st.

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it will come out concurrently with half life 3

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All the people who were any good at making characters all got into games and now have their own networks of decent playres, so they don't need to draft from here anymore.

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Just got out of the Emergency Room because of yellowjacket stings.

Anyone come up with fun SoM builds yet?

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DOn't forget about vicious stomp if you want to sneak in an extra AoO

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>All the people who were any good at making characters all got into games and now have their own networks of decent players
Yeah right. Are you gonna claim TSS wasn't a bamboozle too?

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Rory dindu nuffin

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Sunday I ran my first session, and the party accumulated several strange items. I wanna make them interesting and magical without making them just stat things. Any wacky for...
A small bright blue potion
A large three eyed skull of an unrecognized creature
A small jade idol of a wolf with the head of a beetle (the head is separate from the body on account of PC tomfoolery)
A blue hat plundered from a murdered merchant
Pic semi related, it's the party and environs at present.

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*any wacky ideas for

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>Trip into Attack of Opportunity into AoO from Vicious stomp into stomping them when they try to get up
>Throw in a flurry of blows when it comes back to my turn to trip them again

I think my DM will soon get sick of such abuse, but the idea is too tempting to pass up.

Any way to use trip on larger enemies?

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Take a half caster, give it a martial tradition, trade feats for Adept Progression, you're now in high tier 3


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If the best choices for my game looked anything like NotR I'd give up on running games, too.

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Ignoring this build, because only villains choose this build

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be larger

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Have you tried not being Tuvarkz and literally shitting up the thread with 'I WANT LADYKNIGHTS'

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When people say "half caster", do they mean 2/3 or 4/9?

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Only villains, you say?

Will this build help me catch a good guy, like a real superhero?

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To be fair, most of the best choices for NotR turned the game down because Tuv was running it.

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Like who?

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Leofrick, Frederick, Seraphina and Cyrielle

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Slow pls go.

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>Nearly all of them are at least solid T4 already, which is fine with me. Striker and Blacksmith break into T3 easy. Not sure on the status of Conscript though, since it far too modular to decide. Both Scholar and Technician can break into T3 if you abuse thier action economy abilities

From last thread, but what makes a Striker Tier 3?

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Reposting from last thread:

Hypothetically, how would you play a non-gestalt character that uses as many of the following as possible while still being reasonably effective:
Psionics, Path of War, Spheres of Might, Spheres of Power

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Exchange feats for Martial Praction.
Initiator Souls
Power Stone Repository
Psionics, Initiation, SoM.

You can take SoP feats to get SoP casting.

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It triggers people's autism when it's not started on the last post of page 10, when in all honesty a thread should be started at bump limit.

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For those who are curious about how adept progression is going now:

>According to our errata document that would be-

Pg. 10 (9): Change the Adept progression exchanged feats to 1, 3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 17, 19.

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I'm the type who likes to do a funny voice. I basically ripped off minsc for a barbarian for years, and managed a lowborn cockney accent for a goblin rogue for a few more.

Now I'm doing a selfish, chaotic neutral barbarian with draconic flavor and a breath weapon. I have no idea what to do for a voice. I do a mean russian impression, which would be appropriate for an ice spewing dragon type, but it's played out now.

Any ideas?

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Sound flamboyantly gay.

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Don't forget Akasha with the customizations.

>> No.55909107

that would take a lot of fuckin study. But I could.

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>TFW he thinks that lewdsters like Slow and Sappy are good choices

>> No.55909127

Who were the good choices then?

>> No.55909143

well on the bright side this means there's still hope for anybody trying to start a game! Players are probably still looking for GMs! You can do it!

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Most of the Sphere classes fall into the Tier 4 to 3 bracket. Striker doesn't seem very Tier 3 to me. Apart from having Expert progression (Sentinel, Blacksmith, and Conscript both have this as well) and making Unarmed fairly competent, there's nothing (apart from Dill Knuckle allowing for DR/Hardness ignoring shenanigans) in the class itself that makes me say "this is Tier 3."

Contrast with the Scholar and Technician, which while not as combatively-gifted still have relatively good out-of-combat and in-combat utility with Material Impositions and Knacks + Inventions and Insights, respectively.

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Spheres of Might Errata when?

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Is there any class that I could play, pretending I was another class such that I could theoretically fool my party members? I'm thinking something like a PoW class that I just say is a fighter.

Ideally, I'd be witholding some ability or class feature until the dramatic moment for a "power up"

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Kineticist posing as Evocation or elemental school wizard

>> No.55909375

That isn't even the problem. The problem is that they're the most incorrigible shitposters to emerge from this whole mess of namefags and Roll20 circuses.

They're in the same boat as Rory and Vult.

>> No.55909394

Scholar is low tier 3 at best.

>> No.55909448

And if I wanted to be stabbing people (demons) with a sword?

>> No.55909464

Look in a god damn mirror

>> No.55909536


Occultist posing as a scholarly Paladin. Your implements are the holy relics of your order. Your psychic magic is honed from your rigorous recitation of hymns. You've got encyclopedic knowledge of demons and spooky stuff.

>> No.55909583

Could I be a Paladin posing as an occultist?

>> No.55909611

A Paladin that studies artifacts. Divine Grace is your training kicking in and ensuring you aren't gibbed. Smite is identifying how an enemy uses their equipment and abusing that to get good shots in. Lay On Hands and Mercies are special medkits.

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You fuck up the moment you use kinetic blast because no verbal/somatics and inability to detect magic.

>> No.55909692

>No verbal/somatics
>gather power

do the DBZ thing and just YELL AND POSE while gathering power so you can blast.

>inability to detect magic

Congenital birth defect.

>> No.55909694

I mean Occultists as a class don't exist as a an In Universe concept like Wizard, Cleric, or Paladin does.

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File: 55 KB, 625x262, 79518715538b9fb1b0ec7b9bfb475dc7539afda69c6c9c912515d6ea9cf67b2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The problem is that they're the most incorrigible shitposters to emerge from this whole mess of namefags and Roll20 circuses.
As somebody who has actually played and interacted with Slow I can only assume you're a witch hunter trying to stir the pot or retarded.

>> No.55909742

Protip: When your group tells you they're not in the thread, and everyone says no, someone's lying.

>> No.55909765

Verbal Componets/Somatic components aren't just yelling/posing. Somatic components are super articulate/complex movements and hand signs. Not just straighting your muscles. Verbal components is super articulate chanting. That's why barbarians can't cast while raging.
>Congenital birth defect.
Good thing being a Wizard has shit all to do with your genetics.

>> No.55909776

Protip: you might want to do a little editing before shitposting

>> No.55909783

Fine, Kineticist posing as Blaster Sorcerer.

>> No.55909809

>Backing up wild speculation with more wild speculation
Fuck off witch hunter-kun. Nobody cares that you hate celebs.

>> No.55909817

Not to mention inability to read magic. Cast cantrips. Learn from a spellbook. Attract a familiar Use Magical devices made for wizards. All pretty much mean only the stupidest fucking peasants would think you're a wizard.

>> No.55909848

Sorcerer runs into just as many problems as Wizard in the Verbal Somatic department, but people do canonically confuse Kineticists for sorcerers in the (poorly written) fiction.

>> No.55909913

>I can only get hard by hating on people more popular and successful than me

Witch Hunter-kun, please drink bleach. I know dying is scary, but it's like ripping off a bandaid. Just get it over with quickly, and everything will be better.

>> No.55909918

This is stupid for loads of a fucking reasons. Very few classes in the game exist as in Universe Concepts. A fighter and Warder could both be knights, mercenaries, or soldiers.

The closest you can get is False Priest Sorcerer.

>> No.55909954

t. butthurt anon who never got the daddy dickies he wanted so bad

>> No.55910078


They're not wrong.

Slow's part of both Rory and Vult's branch cabals.

>> No.55910127

>tfw no daddy dickies in your cummy tummy

>> No.55910134

>He thinks samefagging with more outlandish claims will work

>> No.55910147

Off yourselves, please. Witch hunter is a huge fag that needs to join you, but for very different reasons.

>> No.55910177

Okay this is just getting sad now, witch hunter-kun.

>> No.55910187


Those in the know can confirm.

>> No.55910195

Why am I not surprised.

>> No.55910240

So weird question.

If summoners had the ability to turn willing creatures into new eidolons, how would that affect them? Only one eidolon active at a time of course.

>> No.55910312 [DELETED] 
File: 20 KB, 220x743, proof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55910315

What kind of willing creatures? Outsiders only?

>> No.55910337


Anything within reason.

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>He thinks his shitty photoshops will convince anybody

>> No.55910354

So outsiders only, given what an Eiodolan is.

>> No.55910394

post more, fag.

>> No.55910401

You really are jealous of the fact that Slow doesn't want to typefuck you, aren't you?

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Nice, new bait image. Here, have one in exchange.

>> No.55910463

Give it a rest, Rory. We get it, you don't like anybody who gets more attention that you, and it really grinds your gears that Slow does it without making a spectacle of himself. Move on.

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>> No.55910489

I just wanna fuck off for some peace and quiet. I'm gonna ban the fuck outta my server's leak-anon, mark my goddamn words.

>> No.55910508

can you please stop biting

>> No.55910532

We all know you're the one leaking for attention Rory.

You've done it plenty of times before.

>> No.55910542

>Rory gets called out
>Rory on tap to shout about how it's not him immediately
Never gets old

>> No.55910549

Are you fucking retarded

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Where were you when Dreamscarred Press failed to live up to its promises for years?

>Path of War discipline errata
>Ultimate Psionics errata

>a dozen December 2015 commissions for archetypes/disciplines that cost $75 EACH


Is DSP a corpse now?

>> No.55910582

Rajah is good. Highlord is actually pretty fun as well. Errata is coming whenever.

Dunno anything about the commisions

Tzocatl was a fucking trainwreck and I'm glad it got scrapped

>> No.55910583

Where are you getting this?
>feats at only 7 and 15
Uhhhhhhhhhhh, that's shit.

>> No.55910602

Reminder that Rory is known to try and cover his ass with the lamest lie possible only to admit his actions 2 minutes later once called-out.

>> No.55910623

Remember the time he tried to claim that he had just got to the conversation on account of getting hit in the head by a cord of wood?

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File: 106 KB, 683x470, 1481612522246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does the Guardian sphere still give enemies a BONUS TO HIT YOU?

Why couldn't they just copy 4e for this shit?

>> No.55910632

>Anyone come up with fun SoM builds yet?
Technician can get 3d Manuever Gear

>> No.55910635

>a dozen December 2015 commissions for archetypes/disciplines that cost $75 EACH
Last I checked the people who got those made didn't have to share them or anything, and I think one guy got his money back because it turns out no one wanted to do his project.

>> No.55910656

Because tanking anon.
That sounds needless cumbersome to mangae in a TRPG and not that useful in most PF scenarios.

>> No.55910681

TO BE FAIR, he actually proved that in the discord upon that particular call-out; nasty looking branch had fallen and almost crushed him.

>> No.55910697

>almost crushed him
If only it had this thread would have been much more bearable.

>> No.55910701

>Because tanking anon.

What fucking video games make you tank by making you squishier?

>> No.55910710

Jesus, man. That's dark, Rory's not that bad of a guy.

>> No.55910743

Because most people who play Pathfinder have an irrational kneejerk reaction towards anything 4E related

>> No.55910756

buddy I use the dark theme, I'm not degenerate enough to use the light theme.

Why the fuck would I leak the first dozen names from the server list I have? Why would I do that when at this point there's nothing I can gain from it. I want my leak-anon gone.

On the bright side, if I get rid of mine, I get rid of Broodie's, since they seem to be the same people and they're in the same server. So you have that to look forward to.

Same desu.

>> No.55910768

Pokemon. The moves Swagger/Flatter

>> No.55910772

Rory for fucks sake can you just not talk.

>> No.55910784

>buddy I use the dark theme, I'm not degenerate enough to use the light theme.
This is the world's most insurmountable obstacle when taking a screenshot to stir shit in the general.

>> No.55910791

TO BE FAIR, Rory isn't really that smart. You're giving him a lot of credit.

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Is your character Cute, Cool, or Passion?

>> No.55910811

All three

>> No.55910814

stop biting

>> No.55910823


>> No.55910828

Passion with a side of cool.

>> No.55910844

I don't believe you, what makes them so cute they deserve an exclamation mark?

>> No.55910890

Because my entire party says so!

>> No.55910891

Seriously Rory, you need to lose that trip forever. Every time you use it it does more harm than good.

>> No.55910909

Rory should just not talk

>> No.55910916

Taunt in Shin Megami Tensei also raises enemy attack power for aggro.

>> No.55910919

My character is socially inept outside of when she's doing research... so either cute or passion?

>> No.55910928

That would also be an acceptable situation.

>> No.55910963


>> No.55910974


>> No.55910984

This shitposting is getting really meta

>> No.55910994
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If she's sedate, then she's Cool.

>> No.55911001

How long does it takes for a lvl 3 party to reach lvl 6?

>> No.55911007


>> No.55911010

Most of my characters are Passion

>> No.55911012

Who wants to do a level 16 campaign about escaping a megastructure the size of the Solar System?

>> No.55911017

>Adam ERPs
>It's not even good ERP
Fuck, son. At least try.

>> No.55911021

>checks calendar
More than 9 months

>> No.55911027

You do realize it's a find-and-replace of Aurora and Rory, right?

>> No.55911038

Nope, I don't keep up with the memeshit namefags.

>> No.55911043

What's the deal with pure girls who are slightly erotic, ramping up the eroticism to like 5000%?

>> No.55911060

What is this a reference to?

>> No.55911066

Either Idolmaster, or Granblue.

>> No.55911068

Cute and Passion!
Cute and Cool
Cute and Passion
Cute and Cool

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Strange question:
what do you guys consider to be "caps" when making characters?
Like, have thought that if certain ability rolls/damage number(s) go above a predefined point at any given point in time, you'll realize that you're min maxing way too hard and tone it down a bit?
For example:
What would be the maximum amount in any of stealth, bluff, perception any rogue/roguelike archetype in addition to maximum damage said rogue would do in one turn at say level 5 or 10 before you personally go "Alright, this is just too much munchkin"

>> No.55911124

If your enemies are hitting you, they aren't hitting your friends

>> No.55911145

No such thing as too much Stealth or Perception, but for damage if you're doing more than (3xlvl)d6 in damage for a single attack you're doing too much, in my opinion. Mind you, that's a single attack per target, so a Fireball or other AoE is still fine.

>> No.55911256
File: 401 KB, 900x907, 2955257a607604cddc414cf72d49f07e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You mean Herdspace from Spelljammer.

>> No.55911693

What's the best way to make some undead? Wizard? Cleric? Spheres of Power?

>> No.55911700

What level are you at?

>> No.55911713

Voodoo Oracles are the superior necromancers. They get the most hit dice controlled.

>> No.55911738

Spheres of Power, definitely.

>> No.55911752

Which ones are the best piercing weapons, particularly as backup ones?

>> No.55911791

Juju Oracle makes a very interesting Necromancer

>> No.55911793

I just want a general idea. Let's say 6th level.

Right, I forgot about that.

Can you elaborate?

>> No.55911833

Any amount of stealth is too much. Don't take a skill that requires splitting the party to use.

>> No.55911847

Words of Power.

>> No.55911865


It's fine so long they can run away or be quickly reinforced by the party.

>> No.55911915

Reanimate doesn't cost money.
You can start making undead at level 1, although they can't be permanent until you reach level 5 (4 with an incanter dip).
You can give everything you reanimate +4 Str/Dex.
You can have up to five times your caster level in HD. More if you're a thaumaturge.
You can share senses with any undead you control.

There are probably more things I'm forgetting.

>> No.55911936

I used to GM.
I created elaborate settings, and had a constantly updated journal for players set up as a Google Doc, and created VERY large and elaborate settings with all the details saved in documents, so they could reference them, build characters off the setting, and have rich, indepth stories.Families, Houses, Clans, Nations, Empires, how they interacted, down to each city with national imports, exports, and how their finances worked- I created living,breathing worlds that made sense.

I've never had one of my games end.Players start out inspired and we have a lot of fun, and things just start crashing down. They start making dumb desicions, or stop roleplaying and hate the fact they have to deal with the consequences of their actions. I once had to deal with players actively insulting a Lord in his own manor.Not just a subtle jest, but a horrible insult.No one tried to stop the character who was in this tangent, and then a fight started, and they all nearly died, and started getting angry at me about "WHY DOES A LORD HAVE SO MANY SOLDIERS!" as they ran away.Derailing the storyline they were on, because instead of heroes, now they were murderers and traitors and outlaws.

"He's a Lord of a major town. He has hundreds of soldiers in his keep."

They just keep ignoring consequences to their actions, and then complaining that too many NPCs actually 'act', and 'react'.

I stopped GM'ing after a while.

>> No.55911976

If you believe in order, but you act chaotic aor follows cowardly tactics and tricks at times are you lawful or chaotic?

>> No.55912013

You're probably ethically Neutral, or at least close to sliding from Lawful into Neutral.

>> No.55912039

sounds like you had shitty players famalam

pfg people are better :^)

>> No.55912047

Fuck, sounds rad

>> No.55912071

It depends on the setting.

I'm of the belief that Actions speak MUCH more loudly than Beliefs.The problem with DnD is that it's a pretty static alignment system.

You might believe in Law and Order being paramount to society and civilization, but you can also be a conniving, backstabbing coward that uses tricks and tactics to keep the Law and Order of a nation.

One of the stories I wrote had the Emperor's long-lived Magister of Secrets secretly foment insurrection and criminal acts againts the empire.Why? Because by occasionally fomenting and secretly controlling/being behind the insurrections, the Empire would manage to keep a long-term control over the stability of the government; and avoid corruption and decadence by constantly keeping the Empire under threat, albeit minor and secretly controlled. The Emperor controlled both the Empire, and the threats to the Empire.

Our heroes were simply part of the system.
Was the Emperor chaotic, or lawful?

>> No.55912211

chaotic gay

>> No.55912244

>I created elaborate settings, and had a constantly updated journal for players set up as a Google Doc, and created VERY large and elaborate settings with all the details saved in documents, so they could reference them, build characters off the setting, and have rich, indepth stories.Families, Houses, Clans, Nations, Empires, how they interacted, down to each city with national imports, exports, and how their finances worked- I created living,breathing worlds that made sense.
Dammit I'd kill to play in a game like this.

>> No.55912308

everyone would

>> No.55912498

Newfag here, I looked on the archive and apparently it's just a screenshot of a Discord server?

>> No.55912517

leave while you still can. please.

>> No.55912521

No, it seems. You'd think so, but not really.
I created a bunch of documents. One for worldly lore, another for governments, another for the economy, and one very important one- the social standings of the world.

It was a very political setting- peasants were mostly serfs, and serfs served under some level of Lord, be it the lowliest Knight's village, to some Baron's town, ect. I created even tables for them to understand that in cities and in political scenarios, they'd receive negatives or bonuses in social challenges based on their political standing relative to the town and country they were in. I had different lords, and ladies, and houses and families, different countries vying for power and manipulating each other. I had a real 'timer' keep track of days. I actually made them make survival checks to travel the land and how fast they got to places.

But players eventually started complaining that they felt they had no 'real power' over the setting, that the world didnt revolve around them, and that there were too many consequences, that they felt they couldnt roleplay whatever they wanted without consequences ruining everything.

These were the players of mine that never bowed to Lords and Ladies, always insulted them, once had to run away from a town after killing dozens of guards because they insulted a Baron. They just refused to 'play the game', and didnt want actions to have consequences.

They once robbed a caravan, and then they hated the fact that eventually, a Sherrif from a nearby town went hunting them down with a posse of clerics and bounty hunters.

They complained about that , too.

Different games, different campaigns, same groups. Always players either just not accepting responsabilities for their actions, or complaining that they felt they had no control over the plot itself, and didnt want to put the effort.

>> No.55912557


>> No.55912558

I don't really get the Deadshot ability from Gunslingers.

It says:

At 7th level, as a full-round action, the gunslinger can take careful aim and pool all of her attack potential into a single, deadly shot. When she does this, she shoots the firearm at a single target, but makes as many attack rolls as she can, based on her base attack bonus. She makes the attack rolls in order from highest bonus to lowest, as if she were making a full attack. If any of the attack rolls hit the target, the gunslinger’s single attack is considered to have hit. For each additional successful attack roll beyond the first, the gunslinger increases the damage of the shot by the base damage dice of the firearm. For instance, if a 7th-level gunslinger firing a musket hits with both attacks, she does 2d12 points of damage with the shot, instead of 1d12 points of damage, before adding any damage modifiers. Precision damage and extra damage from weapon special abilities (such as flaming) are added with damage modifiers and are not increased by this deed. If one or more rolls are critical threats, she confirms the critical once using her highest base attack bonus –5. For each critical threat beyond the first, she reduces this penalty by 1 (to a maximum of 0). The gunslinger only misfires on a dead shot if all the attack rolls are misfires. She cannot perform this deed with a blunderbuss or other scatter weapon when attacking creatures in a cone. The gunslinger must spend 1 grit point to perform this deed.

So, not sure if I'm using this correctly. Basically, what you do is you full attack with your g un. All the attacks that you can. You basically do the base damage (does feat increased stuff like Deadly aim or other enhancements factor in?) of all of your attacks, and that's that, right? The only reason I can see someone wasting grit on this is to avoid misfires more and the nice part about it is to basically just have damage reduction be trivial to your attacks. About right?

>> No.55912582

People in thread don't like the people in the discord who are also in the thread and thus people who hate the people in the discord post things from the discord into here to harass them.

>> No.55912594

That is correct. It can also result in a supercrit if even one of the Dead Shot attacks crits.

Ask your GM if you can't apply your attack bonuses to the different attacks as well. And if you want to use it, look into the Called Shot feats.

>> No.55912681

Oh. That doesn't make any sense, though?

>> No.55912684

Explain this super crit. Let's say you crit with the second attack (out of four). You add the damage of all your attacks then into the crit? So basically, it's a 1d6,1d8 or what have you damage with no extra modifiers thrown in and only for your basic attacks? Hmmm...outside the said crit chance it doesn't seem that useful and even with DR only counting against the first shot, if no modifiers are allowed, it seems like you can make more damage by applying DR to every attack then with it going only against the first.

>> No.55912693

Welcome to /pfg/. Leave now and retain your sanity.

>> No.55912726

Exactly. Maybe I'm biased but the discord is nice as long as the thread baggage is left at the door.

>> No.55912732

Just saying the only ways to make it usable, not how you make it good. Still, the called shot rules should help a lot if you ever actually want to use a dead shot, since one of the feats lets you make a called shot as part of an attack routine, which as near as I can tell, Dead Shot is.

>> No.55912882

Monks fists are considered both natural and manufactured weapons. Is that inherent to the monk or part of improved unarmed strike?

>> No.55912892

Inherent to the monk (and brawler)

>> No.55912982

So a monk polymorphed into a 4 armed gargoyle using a wand of sense vitals and a wand of vinestrike would on his now 6 natural attacks get both sneak attack dice and +d6 and entangling vines to his attacks and maybe even a flurry?

>> No.55913003

Only if you had a claw attack in your normal form that you could get both Weapon Focus and Feral Combat Training with.

>> No.55913021

Alright, who was drunk enough to actually allow and thing that Pageant of the peacock was a good thing for anyone to have in any game, ever? What the hell.

>> No.55913055

Those additional requirements are for flurry of blows?

>> No.55913109

Yes, that's the only way you can use flurry of blows with a claw attack.

>> No.55913126

Nice, thanks for the info.

>> No.55913128

Best choice is probably an oni-spawn tiefling that trades out their spell-like for claws.

>> No.55913167

Can someone give me a quick rundown of what Pathfinder is about? I'm having a bit of a hard time grasping it.

>> No.55913182

Figured it would be best as brawler 2, Vivisectionist, just regular tiefling, get weapon finesse, crippling strike and bleeding attack.

>> No.55913201
File: 7.44 MB, 3859x2136, 63110629_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So for Cavalier what would be some good options for the free teamwork feats?

>> No.55913264

Escape Route, Outflank, and, if you can convince your party's Wizard or Cleric to take it as well, Bonded Mind into Share Spells.

>> No.55913292


I want to play a halfling serial killer character.

We're at level 10, please help me optimize the shit outta the concept?

>> No.55913314

Make them Like Dexter. A serial Killer who only targets other serial Killers. This is the only way I can see a Serial Killer actually fit in most parties.

>> No.55913375

He's joining a band of murder-hobos.

What is the optimal halfling build for my concept?

>> No.55913399

Slayer, I suppose. Probably ranged.

>> No.55913587
File: 1.03 MB, 1082x1092, Rath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is mostly a rhetorical question but cavalier is a pretty full kit for a mounted character starting out, would starting as a cavalier for a mounted archer build be bad?

>> No.55913616

No, there's actually one or two dedicated cavalry archer archetypes. Look at the Luring Cavalier for what I'm talking about.

>> No.55914447

Not at all. Go Human to get level one precise shot if you can

>> No.55914639

Cool, probably?

>> No.55914997

>Slowcuck is anything but shit
Remember that time when he tried to make an Elderly Wizard in fullplate and then got angry at the GM when he wasn't able to contribute?

>> No.55915037

works totally fine, but I'd advise taking a look at druid anyway (especially the 'nature fang' archtype)

druids can perform almost as good as some martial classes, while also having much more options for their mounts (flying roc at level one) and also being full spellcasters

>> No.55915505

What's the coolest mount?

>> No.55915512


>> No.55915597

Dinosaurs are gay though.

>> No.55915616

i personally am a big fan of a Horse covered completely in a set of Heavy Armor, much like the Rider on top. Nothing Screams "You're Fucked" like two tons of raw PAIN charging your way. and what can i say? i'm kind of a sucker for classics.

>> No.55915617

So that's why they died out?

>> No.55915639

>one more day before I get to be disappointed by Blood of the Coven

Oh boy oh boy

>> No.55915671

Hey now, let's not forget you get to be disappointed by the Shifter too! Even if you had less than zero hopes for it!

>> No.55915700

You mean I can get disappointed by two whole things this month? I don't know if I can handle that much excitement!

>> No.55915772

Who knows? I might not be that ba- Pft. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I can't even type that with a straight face, let alone SAY that!

>> No.55915787

Do you prefer generic horses, or a horse with some unique pedigree?

>> No.55915806

Horses covered in Armor, if it's rider is a Knight, or otherwise, almost no armor whatsoever because the Mongols were also pretty cool.

>> No.55915889

What's wrong, anon?

>> No.55915918

Yeah, they were real homosexuals.

>> No.55916146

>Be Alchemist
>Cannot Brew Potions
Literally why

>> No.55916167

Did you miss the part where they can brew potions? Because that's absolutely a thing they have always been able to do.

>> No.55916175

The fuck you mean? Did you trade Brew Potion out or something?

>> No.55916334

I only want one thing man, maybe two, but I mainly just want to finally have a race with Str/Int and a Cha penalty. Stop fucking holding back paizo, STOP HOLDING BACK. I hear changelings are getting a d% mutation chart.

>> No.55916369

to be fair, i'm actually kinda Hyped for Blood of the Coven, against my better judgement. Changelings are one of my Favorite races, and Witches are one of my Favorite 1PP Classes.....god help me, i'm going to be so disappointed tomorrow....

>> No.55916382

>Book about witches
>Supposedly there are no new hexes in it

Sausage, pazuzu

>> No.55916667

Hermaphroditism confirmed.

>> No.55917295

wtf I ___e changelings now

>> No.55917325

>I mainly just want to finally have a race with Str/Int and a Cha penalty.
If you want +Str/Int you can play a human with Dual Talented and not have any penalty.

>> No.55917434

And then I can have a cool nothing else to my name because the dual talent meme is shit

>> No.55917606

Most of the shit that other races get is pretty minor anyway though.

>> No.55917809

Given the option between "literally nothing" and a sprinkling of random minor things, I know what I'd rather have. Plus, I would rather see something with little support actually get some than see yet another motherfucking +Dex/Cha or +Dex/Int race.

>> No.55917883


>> No.55918159

So there is a good chance I will be pitching a goblinoids book soon. One of the major things in the book is the relationship between barghest and goblinoids (there are several specific racial archetypes for goblinoids and barghest). One of the other things are extraplanar goblinoids. Goblinoids that are half breeds between Barghest and their mortal cousins. This is something that already happens in setting. Now what I am struggling with is the names for these half breeds. What I have so far is:
Become Gremlins
Become Boogeymen
Become Koblak

The Bugbear name is the one I am struggling with the most. As well the book is likely going to contain the following for races:
>halfbreed Bugbear/Hobgoblin
>halfbreed Goblin/Hobgoblin
>Gubbins (water dwelling goblins)
>Meretroll (even larger variety of goblinoids often mistaken for a troll)

For classes the full list of what I want to include are the following:
>goblinoid Sorcerer/Bloodrager bloodline
>goblinoids Oracle mystery
>Barghest Summoner archetype
>Barghest Speaker Witch archetype
>Anti-paladin Champion of the Hero-gods archetype
>Druid/Ranger Goblindog archetypes
>Hobgoblin Fighter focused around warleading archetype

Do you all have anything else on a goblinoid theme'd wishlist?

>> No.55918183

>No Slayer archetype

For shame

>> No.55918228

I will think on what to add as part of a Slayer archetype. I agree with you completely that Slayer as a class just for of FEELS right for goblinoids. Goblinoids across the board are fantastic at stealth. Perhaps a sort of ambush/scout sort of archetype. I have not played a lot of Slayers so I am a little wary of delving into it, but I will give it a look.

>> No.55918532

I've seen a few times where people talked about how they wish there was a slayer archetype that traded the offensive buffs of studied target (e.g. boosts to AC and saves instead of attack, damage and DCs). Seems like a prime niche for a shrewd/cowardly goblinoid.

>> No.55918587

I can see that. Especially giving up parts of studied combat for stuff like:
>Evasion, but only against effects from that studied target
>Uncanny Dodge, but only against attacks from that studied target
>Energy Resistance, but again only against attacks from that studied target

I like it conceptually. I'll see what I can do.

>> No.55918608

This is me.

>> No.55918636

Gremlins and Boogeymen are already words that mean a different thing in Pathfinder.

>> No.55918894

>TFW DHB actually delivers while others talk a big game
>TFW people constantly try to put him down and chase him off
You are better than we deserve, friend.

>> No.55919169

The only time DHB's actually been objectively-wrong is when he tried running a game and ended up with the minor antimeme of "bomb collars"

>> No.55919282

I thought that was 2hu.

>> No.55919322

And even then he apologized for it and said he was wrong about it. Also the fact the bomb collars got hugely exaggerated over time and apparently someone identified one and kept holding onto the guy while they knew it was gonna detonate.

2hu played in the game.

>> No.55919380

I can see this as an issue. I may have to move away from it entirely to more obscure fey creatures. The problem is pathfinder covers most mythological spirits and what not somewhere in the system. Unless I head into the very obscure it'll likely be already done, and if I go that obscure I may as well have made up my own name, so I am torn.

>> No.55919610

2hu was the one whose PC got blown up by the bomb collars and badmouthed DHB with new exaggerations every time.

>> No.55919681


>> No.55919718

Anyone have any tips to help encourage myself to rp?

I'm still new, and my character is the fighting sort of guy, and sort of a sour, stick up his ass sort. It's a bit hard to play since i'm doing my best to urge the party on since they're pretty passive. Is it worth it to have him be more willing to start a fight? It might draw ire, but at least it's better than sit around having an awkward silence

>> No.55919872

That was my read on it as well, which is why it surprised me to have someone call them Tier 3. Most of the SoM stuff seems pretty T4.

>> No.55919924

If the group is passive, take charge, but don't be a shit about it.
When it comes to decisions, suggest to the group to do something, then go and start doing it. If they don't follow or make any suggestions, tell them to get a move on.

>> No.55920000

Does the tiefling over sized limbs heritage allow you to use large two handed weapons without penalty?

>> No.55920062

What I do is I make a suggestion for action, then say "Any arguments?"

It leaves it open for everyone to tell me my plan sucks, but allows me to take charge at the same time. If nobody objects, I can freely say "Alright, we do [thing] then", and if somebody DOES object suddenly they're no longer being passive.

>> No.55920173

DHB's response.


>> No.55920316

If you REALLY want Tier 3, I'd place Scholar, Technician, and Blacksmith in the low area of that bracket. A Conscript with Inspiration can comfortably spend like half their talents on Alchemy/Athletics/Trap/Scout or any of the various non-combat talents available in other spheres while still having their main shtick due to having Expert Progression, 10 bonus talents, then a comfortable number of bonus feats (11, if you don't get want to get specialization points, 8 if you just want Inspiration, and then going down from there if you end up deciding you want more and more conscript specialization things.) If you spend ALL bonus feats and bonus talents on combat talents, you'll gain a solid 41 before a martial tradition or drawbacks. That's not counting deciding to spend your actual feats on extra combat talents, for 51, which could allow you to just... do a very wide spread of everything.

>> No.55920385

forgot to say, a properly optimized Conscript could be Tier 3, same as Scholar/Tech/Blacksmith. The rest of the classes are VERY solid Tier 4 from the looks of things

>> No.55920477

I'd put scholar at high tier 4 at best.

If you're doing a utility scholar, you're fucking dogshit in a fight.

>> No.55920486

Too cheap to get, and basically turns you into an uber sage for it. Fluff doesn't match the crunch what so ever because if it did shit like the fluff said, and that is that it works in social conversations and situations where you basically pull things out of your ass, great. Not an actual unbeatable knowledge check (like 40 on an average roll from level 8 upwards) on identifying everything and everyone.

>> No.55920491


no new hexes ?!
what the fuck paizo?

>> No.55920516

Scholar could do with something like Studied Strike, if we're being honest.

>> No.55920558

Sleep and cackle are all you'll ever need
Sausage Paizuri

>> No.55920579
File: 476 KB, 579x800, 59741081_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't the SoM investigator archetype a better scholar than the actual scholar?

>> No.55920674

Unless an investigator can also get Hobbes as an animal companion, I don't think the Scholar is entirely invalidated just yet.

>> No.55920840


>SoM Scholar is d6, .5 BaB, Proficient progression
>SoM Scholar begins with 8+Int skillpoints and generally gets more mileage out of Intelligence
>SoM Scholar can recover martial focus as a standard action at level 2 via INFINITE use flashbangs that can be altered via impositions

For Scholar Knacks...
>SoM Scholar gets the Alchemy AND Scout spheres as bonus spheres at level 1.
>SoM Scholar can modify their Scout sphere ability to grant them: the ability to use their Int in place of attack rolls against who they studied (with a scaling bonus)
>SoM Scholar can get a very, very beefy animal companion that can possess familiar abilities and intelligence, which they can then add Evolution points onto to create a very terrifying beatstick
>Can get a masterwork quarterstaff for free, which also enables them to shoot lightning and can negate 5 x Class Level electricity damage via it, and can create a storm as an FRA, maintain it as a Standard, and every round drop a lightning bolt on it while still using their Move and Swift actions
>The upgrade enables the lightning rod to control weather
>Can spend one knack to get full BaB with one sphere
>Can make alchemical items costing less than 150 gp in half an hour
>Can trade one knack (which is worth one feat) for three martial talents w/o selecting any drawbacks.

Scholar Material Impositions...
>Can boost fire resistance by the Scholar's class level AND freeze an enemy in a block of ice for one minute, and can add 1d6 cold damage and a staggering effect to their flashbangs
>Can summon a scaling elemental, which allows her to deal 1d6 damage PER Scholar level so long as it remains by her side.


>> No.55920854

Get a poppet familiar and just imagine that it's Hobbes.

>> No.55920932

Don't they already have one as an Insight?

>> No.55921050

Material Impositions con't
>Can grant immunity to lycanthropy, can grant Int to AC vs Natural Attacks, and can grant immunity to poison while healing a creature, and they also gain the ability to deal 1d6 (2d6 at 8th, 3d6 at 16th) Strength damage with their flashbangs
>Can grant a scaling fortitude save bonus and flashbangs can get an AoE sickening effect
>can grant INT to saves vs all spells, SLAs, and Supernatural abilities for all adjacent allies for INT mod rounds, which ALSO functions as a limited Protection from X effect vs summoned creatures and incorporeal undead, and also grants flashbangs the ability to dispel magic
>A dowsing rod which enables for easier searches, and the ability to find objects more easily while out navigating
>Can create an area via spending 50 gp that grants a good bonus vs Death effects and acts as a Protection from Undead spell, and grants their flashbangs 1d6 Positive Energy damage PER Scholar level vs Undead creatures and most Dhampirs
>Can get a self-centered Sonic AoE, and grants their flashbangs higher save DCs and a rarely resisted damage type (Sonic), that deals full damage to objects and undead
>Can get a magnet that allows them to pull objects from a distance, and disarm metallic stuff an enemy is wearing or using OR Repel all metallic objects or creatures, and flashbangs with this imposition now grant any attacks made with metal weapons a +1/3rd bonus to hit vs the target for 1d4 rounds, massively boosting accuracy
>Can get an Ex. torch that bypasses and dispels darkness spells of a spell level lower than half the Scholar's level, and grants their flashbangs the ability to cause an enemy to burn bright like the sun and be blinded
>Can make oozes, and flashbangs can deal 1d4 PER scholar level acid damage (rarely resisted).


>> No.55921212

All of the material impositions are still bad except the Aspect Infusion one.

>> No.55921375

Literally Cunning Attacker and the Scout Sphere (which is free), which the scholar can also use more efficiently with Martial Study

Also, the fact that you can also get Bardic Knowledge is pretty solid as can help you compete with Inspiration

>> No.55921390

But you have to blow your class talents on that shit.

>> No.55921396

>Can grant 10+Scholar Level spell resistance against INT mod effects. Their flashbangs can also send out a Dispel magic effect, which stacks with that of the Salt imposition so that their flashbangs instead have a Greater Dispel Magic effect

In addition, their Medical Training line of abilities enables them to use up healer's kits (relatively cheap items at later levels) to heal fairly large amounts of hitpoints, remove conditions and restore ability damage, and later on, even deal with confusion effects, curses, and diseases (including magical diseases). They also get an Ex. Breath of Life effect usable INT mod times a day.


Now, for SoM Investigator...

SoM Investigator
d8 HD, 3/4ths BaB, 6+INT Skillpoints
>Loses Proficiencies, Keen Recollection, and Alchemy for Adept, INT-based SoM progression
>Retains Studied Strike and Combat
>Retains Investigator Talents (most of which are bad apart from Quick Study, Mutagen, Combat Inspiration + Greater CI)
>Retains Inspiration
>Is compatible with Empiricist

My take on it? An SoM Battered Detective Investigator is better at straight combat than a Scholar, but without Alchemy they lose a lot of utility. SoM Scholar has some more neat class features and utility, and is obligated to spend more on.

Do keep in mind that SoM classes and talents were seemingly designed around the paradigm that you'd be using SoM and SoP together with no vancian or psionic magic. As well, Investigator has been out since 2014. Scholar has been in playtest since the start of 2016. The content gap between them is fairly wide.

>> No.55921432

an Investigator has to blow his talents on having shit keep up too, though

>> No.55921472

They do, in fact. It actually seems to keep up decently well with Studied Strike, and actually surpasses it (because you have Intelligence to hit, and are encouraged to be INT-sad and use ranged attacks)

>Investigator has 3/4ths BaB and Studied Strike is +1/2 level to attack
>With nothing else, caps out at a +25 bonus to attack at level 20.
>Scholar has 1/2 BaB, and via Cunning Attacker (INT+1, +1 per 5 Scholar levels, capping out at +5) and Martial Study (grants actual Full BaB)
>With nothing else, caps out at +25 to attack
I wouldn't say bad. Needing errata to be a bit beefier? Yes. Go to the Drop Dead Studios forums and voice your complaints and a reason you want to see them buffed. There's still time before the final printing!

>> No.55921505
File: 2.39 MB, 1200x1448, b5b78a287c51b950cc9454dde04727c9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pathfinder logic makes undead-related necromancy because blah blah blah negative energy, blah blah blah undead evil alignments, blah blah blah Pharasma, blah blah blah TIDAL WAVE!, etc.


How is this Call Spirit not [evil] and not a necromancy? How does it not temporarily create an undead creature? It forcefully tears a soul from their rightful afterlife for interrogation.

Did they backpedal here just to accommodate the concept of séances?

For that matter, how is Soul Bind not [evil] if it traps a soul?


Surely, tampering directly with rightful afterlives is more evil than raising skeletons?

>> No.55921655

>Paizo being shot at internal fluff consistency
News as 11.
Also, personally, I miss how in 3.5 healing spells were also Necromancy

>> No.55921704

After my group is done our current campaign, I think my next character is going to be a Harbinger, focusing on the Cursed Razor discipline. I'm going to carry around a scythe, two sickles, a black robe, and be the biggest fucking chuuni I can possibly be.

The question I pose to you, /pfg/, is how can I be even MORE chuuni?

>> No.55921747

One of the authors had an AWESOME idea for their PERFECT character but didn't want to imply their waifu was anything less than a paragon of virtue by casting "icky" necromancy spells?

>> No.55921751

You gotta have some sort of power sealed away in your arm/eye (left one to make it more special). Past lives/reincarnation, anti-magic, some balance of good and evil forces within you, familiars and the like are all good too.

>> No.55921824

>waaaah I want overPOWered content!

>> No.55921831

The word you're looking for is Edgelord, and I'm sorry. You like chuuni characters, I like chuuni characters, we both like chuuni characters, it's a fun character idea, but your party is not going to appreciate the humor as much as you want them to. In-character they're going to see Edgeward McTwoscythes and not want to deal with that biz.

>> No.55921833

Which member of the Cabal should we laugh at next?

>> No.55921857

How about (you)?

>> No.55921923

Our group's been together for about a decade, I'm at least 90% sure they'll either A) pick up on it and get in on the joke, B) have their characters take the edgemaster 100% serious at face value, or C) convert him to the butt of all jokes.

Solid gold. I'm starting a character file already.

>> No.55921993

>I miss how in 3.5 healing spells were also Necromancy
That was a 3.0 thing.

>> No.55922005

So when are we getting SoM handbooks?

>> No.55922102
File: 25 KB, 394x350, Best idea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've talked about this elsewhere, but it probably won't be sphere based handbooks, but rather thematic handbooks.

>> No.55922198

Leofrick had scheduling issues, Frederick didn't line up with any possible gametime, Cyrielle's player brought up not being able to make the schedule, and Seraphina's player had a schedule change.

>> No.55922204

Bitchass Luca, maybe?

>> No.55922243
File: 67 KB, 359x561, C6GeymUU8AAuWUq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, Giorno already took care of him, better find someone else.

>> No.55922452

Whatcha mean, Thematic Handbooks?

Also, will the errata include some buffs for the Scholar?

>> No.55922464

Hecate is a faggot.

>> No.55922639

Don't they make NPCs?

>> No.55922655

I don't think they've GM'd

>> No.55922683

By thematic handbooks, maybe books that revolve around Martial Traditions, including archetypes and other class options such as combat talents and feats revolving around such.

For example: A handbook revolving around the Canny Hunter martial tradition might include a couple of new talents for the Scout and Sniper spheres, and a couple of archetypes that expand upon such.

>> No.55922746

Seems a bit... limited in scope.

>> No.55923324

Let's laugh at DHB again.

>> No.55923374

DHB isn't in the cabal, dumbass.

>> No.55923378

Why not?

>> No.55923414
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So maybe something along the lines of "Punch handbook", which'll have content for all the unarmed supporting spheres.

>> No.55923433

Because he didn't join it? I have no idea.

>> No.55923576
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Tell whoever worked on the Runic Knight he's still an idiot for some of his design choices (keeping vancian and dropping cantrips), but that I'm still interested enough in what he'll do with a dedicated SoM+SoP combo archetype that I'm rooting for him.

>> No.55924267


>> No.55928308

Honestly it sounds like your players didn't feel rewarded. It's great to have an in depth setting and story but if you restrain your players so much and never give them a reward what's the point in continuing from the players standpoint? These are escapism fantasies, people want to be able to act beyond what they could get away with in the real world and have fun. It might be your cup of tea to create these elaborate sheets and world rules but playing a character and having to keep track of all that on top of your character stats, back stories, personalities, intercharacter relationships, etc can be a bit much if you are just looking to have some fun as a knight or a thief or whatever in a fantasy world.

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