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Anyone here ever wonder how much the store owners of your LGS make per year? Six figures? Seven if it's particularly popular?

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It's not a good choice of career as your primary income, if that's what you're asking.

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Seven? Try more like 5.

A store might hit seven figures of revenue, but revenue isnt profit.

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Oh god no, its a passion project if anything.
You'll be living in that store if you want to be able too bring in new stuff now and then.

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>six figures
>minimum of $100,000 per year
Not even fucking close.

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My uncle owned a shop in the 90's in the Greater La county, his revenue was over 300k a year but after everything he brought home less that 17% of that.

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Oh you're adorably wrong.

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any lgs is lucky if they can make a decent income. these shops make VERY little profit

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You know these things are just fronts for criminal activity, right

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No anon, not at all. If you're running a LGS, it's because it's a labor of love or you grossly miscalculated.

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do you have a single fact to back that up?

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>do you have a single fact to back that up?

Sure, right here:

____________________________________________It's obviously a joke, friend. Lighten up.

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>making money from an FLGS
fucking hell, even my shit min wage job in food service is losing money. I can't imagine how FLGS make shit.

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>Six figures?

How can you even think such a thing?

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Son, I don't think this is the right career choice for you. If you're not going to go to college, at least start working somewhere so you can build your experience.

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Not even. One of my FLGSes just got shut down by the government, which means he wasn't paying his taxes, whether it is sales or income of the employees.

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What do you all do for your jobs?

Just a confused 20 year old not knowing wtf to do.

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Not that much, and that's if they have business sense. FLGS owners generally seem to have less business acumen than restaurants, where many restaurants go out of business.

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I work with retarded people in a group home kinda thing for them.

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I help put bad people in jail

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If you are smart, drug free, and American, you can try the intel community.

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i work the register while methheads sell stolen car chargers and phone cords to the store

I also get to do the same for the occasional rare retro game

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Consider a trade job. Good CNC operators, plumbers, welders, and electricians are in constant demand and get paid pretty well.

If you are book smart, consider Physicians Assisstant school.

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Unemployed currently. Worked for a card shop for about a year, did IT before that, done a bunch of stuff. Have a real strange resume, actually.

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IT consultant. I make money telling people things are a bad idea and reading /tg/ on my phone.

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Don't fall for the >Everyone should go to college meme
like >>55908239 said trade school is a good option that is under utilized in the US. If I could go back in time i'd do a 1-2 year technical degree instead of getting in debt for a degree that is useless.

if you are at all fit then
are decent options in any major metropolitan area. Starting cops in my city make $65k +good benefits and early retirement at guaranteed level of pay. The firefighters have a similar gig but get paid $50k instead but don't have to deal with being a fucking cop.

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While I totally agree that these are noble jobs that serve a really important purpose in society, they also have some serious downsides. Cops in particular have a insanely hard job and deal with the worst aspects of humanity pretty much constantly. If you're not able to deal with that, look elsewhere, like the trades.

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What if I'm a dumb, drunk, Irishman?

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I was originally intending to get an engineering degree from Uni but then I realized I fucking hate engineering.

In fact, I don't even want to go to uni. I just want a comfy job making 50-60k a year and I'm happy forever.

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I tell brokers to stop trading and why their clearinghouse wants them to stop trading.

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Go to the finance industry- Futures/stock exchanges, work for a broker.

Or hell, series 3 exam, become a broker. Help farmers or energy producers manage their resources by hedging.

If you speak Spanish or Portuguese, I know a massive broker that needs a clerk really badly.

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Teacher aide

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>Six figures? Seven if it's particularly popular?

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College was fun though. I went and got a masters and paid off my loans in about 5 years. Had fun, no regrets.

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Guess how I know OP has never done:

- A tax return
- Corporate taxes
- Business taxes
- Real estate research
- Paid rent
- Run a business
- Taken a course on business
- Taken a course on accounting
- Bookkeeping
- Paying a mortgage
- Owning a home
- Acquiring a bank loan

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>comfy job making 50-60k a year
Be a plumber, and don't chase overtime.

If you chase overtime, it's not hard to make 80k.

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do I get to have sex with hot women frequently?

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You can make a small fortune running a LGS easily. Just start with a large fortune.

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Sales Manager for a tech firm

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Pipefitter/Welder. Just break into six figures with only a little overtime.

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I had to do half of those just to move into a 3 person apartment, I agree this kid might be living in that fantasy world where the guy that owns the comic store must be a millionaire.

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Registered nurse. If you aren't sure what to do you can't go wrong with a good trade like electrician. Work is good, pay is good, and you'll be doing real work with other men. Even if you decide to pursue something different later, you won't have student loans or tons of time lost, you'll just have a nice stable job that's satisfying. I would have done this if I could go back, although being an RN isn't horrible.

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Canadian military

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I don't even have a picture to convey what a joke that is and how funny it is to me.

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I bet the job is comfy as fuck though.

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I don't wanna sperg on you but I don't think you realize just how influential the Canadian Armed Forces are both in history and in modern peace keeping missions. There's a reason the Germans called us Stormtroopers.

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I build 3D models for games and television.

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ATC. Fun job some of the time but it can be frustrating and scary as fuck as you try not to kill hundreds of people.

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Believe it or not, our politians have intentionally kept our military activites out of public eye to keep the peaceful Canada meme secure. Just look at the JTF2 or Operation Medak Pocket, the PM at the time banned our news from reporting on it so he would be seen as peaceful.

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Paralegal. I get paid a lot to get people coffee.

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Boston PD!

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My nigga.
Disposable income ahoy.

Because the weather is terrible up there?

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I have a dead end tech support job. It's objectively shitty pay but it pays the bills. At least I don't own a game store, dealing with gamers for a living sounds like something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

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>I don't see any firear---oh, wrong type of LGS.

I don't know they always seem ran by a couple of dudes as part of a passion project then anything. The two that used to exist in my town got into legal battles with each other into extinction. However, even then they never seemed to make much even if they were packed with people. At times appeared to be a baby sitting job for children than anything else and not enough buying new card/games/miniatures/whatever. The more popular one of the two would eventually sell their building to one of the gun shops in town. So in a sense my Local Game Shop became my Local Gun Shop with a small selection of W40K/Magic Cards in the back for about four months.

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Software developer for a random Honda manufacturing plant.

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Yeah, mid 5's if you're lucky.

Anyone that makes more has a franchise going with multiple locations.

Consider your MSRP is double wholesale on most items, that means you have to sell half of what you buy just to break even before taxes, rent, utilities, insurance, payroll, etc.

Now look at all the books and kits on the shelves that didn't sell.

Now look at the poor shlub running the place and now you know why his wife left him.

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you know why we say "support your FLGS?"
in my state, there is a sick tendency for LGS to crop up, run out all their credit, and die, because none of these fucking MtG players buy in store, and because YGO players run off the serious paying customers.
i've not seen one last more than two years.

>OP really is a faggot. see:

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i bet the OP is melanesiac.
they tend to believe fantasies and tell lies.
ask about police sometime

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The only LGS in my area closed it doors two years ago.
The shop itself was in a 150k town, in a densly urbanised area, with good connections with neighbouring towns and cities (giving a total population of 1.2 mil) and being placed in a region with most TTRPG players in the whole country.
So I doubt he was making enough to pay the rent for a 120 square meters of shop in not exactly most representative (but still good) street.

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a store that used to be near me (before I moved) called Untouchables is still doing really well

they sell single cards in addition to packs, and have a rather respectable Yugioh and MtG collection

people come there constantly to sell their old rares to them. They buy it at like 25% of market price then resell it for 80%. People have no problems with this either. Sold one my cards years ago for $30 then saw it inside the glass container for $90.

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>i'll bite
I was an escort trucker for Civilian Contractors operating in 'East Africa"
now, i head a small team of tight-schedule delivery guys for a mid-size corp.
>all my jobs have had NDE.

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i've seen LGS die for the weirdest reasons, but it all comes down to niche purpose store

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>Six figures? Seven
Maybe if he's earning in yen or koruna

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Pharmacist with Masters, currently working as lab assistant - pays better than working in a pharmacy store. Wouldn't really advice anyone this job. I took it because of purely personal preferences and thus its fun for me, but I know how frustrating it can be to pretty much anyone in the trade.

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Local store is where I've spend good part of my teen years and I've managed to befriend the owner over past decade. The shop almost never earns for its rent and the only reason he didn't closed it is because his main source of income is a small company providing internet he started back in '99. He can't employ anyone, because he would be unable to pay them even minimal wage.
It's a purely hobby/passion type of "business". Completely unprofitable, if you are asking about that.

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>2 years of education
>$70k starting
>good job security

it's a decent gig

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>muh canuckistan pride

I'm Canadian and this chest-puffing bullshit is just dumb.

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Other librarian and if you think this job is all about sitting, reading books and sipping tea, then you are wrong.
There is also the internet surfing part. And the one when you need to do an inventarisation once per day. And keep helping each September till Christmas to all freshmen with the library itself, since apparently the most idiot-friendly catalogue imaginable combined with map on each floor, well-described books and shelves along with suprisingly efficient smartphone app are all not enough to handle those monkeys.

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I'm gonna bet a fiver one of his parents is American.

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Advisor in the city council. It's decent. And it's a government job so the benefits are nice.

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I make healthcare software.
If you're really interested in finding out your calling, then take a break and apply to some trade job internships and/or try to learn the basics using online courses, just to wet your feet and see if that's your thing. There's really nothing worse than gambling on a 3/5 years course just because you feel the need to get one and then spiraling into a career that doesn't fulfill you.

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Do you like math? Major in engineering.

Do you hate math? Major in business.

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So, assuming I want to open my own FLGS and have plenty of funds to do so, how would this sound?
>Two stories with game rooms for private games for rent on the top floor
>Large play area to one side for MtG, WH40K, etc games
>Cards and card accessories as well as most dice behind the counter
>RPGs and boardgames filling up much of the selling floor, one wall dedicated to comics/manga as well
>T-shirts, bags, plushies and other accessories for sale
>A few classic arcades games in the back near the restrooms to act as quarter-eating machines


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Start small

>private rooms
>tshirts and shit

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The most successful game store owner I know of was a disabled veteran whose primary source of income was his pension. That ought to tell you exactly how profitable game stores are.

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>Two stories with game rooms for private games for rent on the top floor
God no. Space is expensive as fuck and you're never going to be able to charge prices people are actually willing to pay for renting these.
>Large play area to one side for MtG, WH40K, etc games
Define 'large'. Again, space is expensive.
>Cards and card accessories as well as most dice behind the counter
Sure, the basics.
>RPGs and boardgames filling up much of the selling floor
These won't be your cash cows. Beware.
>one wall dedicated to comics/manga as well
Is this going to be a LGS, or a comic store? Decide. You only have so much space. Shunting in comics will be at the expense of games.
>T-shirts, bags, plushies and other accessories for sale
Only if you can get them cheaply from based Chinaman and reasonably sell them at a shameful profit.
>A few classic arcades games in the back near the restrooms to act as quarter-eating machines
There are cheaper things you can put an 'out of order' sign on.

The FLGS that gets most of my patronage does so by maintaining an online store for most of the merchandise it also sells in-store. I think it cuts into its own profits a little, but it undercuts GW on literally everything 40K-related, so that's a plus. And the customer service is just excellent. Orders are handled and questions are answered promptly.

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Corporate lawyer trainee. I love it.

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So yeah, im a parasite of society and culture.

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Floor space is actually at a premium where I am. There is a warehouse building that's been empty for 5+years now and has been reduced in price drastically to only $200k despite it's fairly good location (just off the main business thoroughfare but still visible from it) and size (15,500 sq ft).
As for the arcade games, one of my high school buddies runs an arcade machine refurbishment shop and has said he'd cut me good deals on the machines (up to half off on some, 20% on most) due to me bailing him out on a small loan a few years back.
Of course I would get the goods from based chinaman.
Again, lots of floor space, I can allocate one wall to comics/manga and merch and still have a fuckton of space.
I may forego the private rooms but that depends on what I can use the upper floor for.
As for large game space on the main floor, I was think of allocating a 50 x 100 space for the games.
And yes, the RPGs and boardgames are not cash cows (that's the card games and accessories for them) but there is a strong boardgame and RPG market here (did a poll a few months back in the area and there is a demand for a better RPG and boardgame store because the other owners only ever have a few books on hand and the players are forced to go to Walmart or B&N for them).
My roommate and fiancee are also computer and networking wonks who are offering free service to set up an inventory system and website for me as well.

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Dug any good bones?

>> No.55914678

>Over a million fucking dollars a year for selling funnybooks

How do you even become so out of touch with reality

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Accounts Manager for a small company, have a couple of people under me and I just sit here on /tg/ and pass invoices all day.

>> No.55914735

One of them over where I'm from got shut down by the government because the store was a "non profit" but they were pocketing cash left and right. They even moved locations a few times to dodge stuff but eventually got caught up in it.

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Masters of Clinical psychology:
Only thing I qualify for before my doctorate is marriage and couples council.

Pay is shit but temporary. Still wont make much money with my full degree either.

Thank Christ I don't have children and am a man, so I can wait til I'm old as balls and still have a family.

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I sell online business management/customer checkout software. Lots of cold calling companies, but the money is decent. I'll probably have made $80k by the end of this year, hoping next year to hit six figures.

>> No.55914871

My FLG in Chile, is making about USD$ 9000~ on a slow and bad week.
No idea if that is too much outside of Chile.

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Student and working my ass off to get my TRPG out (It has been delayed from past summer to somewhere around the end of year due to artist problems).

I'm almost completely burned out on fuels of the Business IT Bachelor's degree I'm working towards.

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>>Two stories with game rooms for private games for rent on the top floor
No one rents rooms, don't do this
>>Large play area to one side for MtG, WH40K, etc games
This is a given, have play areas
>>Cards and card accessories as well as most dice behind the counter
You are a store, you will have this
>>RPGs and boardgames filling up much of the selling floor, one wall dedicated to comics/manga as well
Too much of this, you aren't a bookstore or a comic store
>>T-shirts, bags, plushies and other accessories for sale
A few, not many
>>A few classic arcades games in the back near the restrooms to act as quarter-eating machines
No, absolutely not. Keep vidya out of the store

FLGS make money through online MTG new and used and normally 40k + sigmar. Everything else is secondary, but this depends on your local players. Diversify your product lines

>Student and working my ass off to get my TRPG out
Too soon for you son, and if it's just a different take on an existing system, go ahead and stop now

I've got 18+ years of GMing and playing under my belt, a good 2+ years into a RPG game system creation and it's still in an early alpha state. Haste does not make good things that last. There's already a too many RPG rulesets, homebrews and other things out there, welcome to a sea of shit. You need more than just the ruleset to make it at all.

>> No.55916624

Ehh, I have to try anyway. I'm pretty seriously depressed and otherwise messed up in the head. I can't have peace unless I make games or something of the like. I've struggled a decade trying to compose music, and to this very day I've been unsuccessful. It drives me mad.

And I will tell you right up, the game is not a different take on an existing system. The game is about as unique a tabletop game can be, and while forced uniqueness is a bad thing, I've tried to simply approach game design from a completely different perspective with this beast.

If you've gone to /gdg/ in the past year, you should know about the system. It's Misfortune.

>> No.55916810

Personified? You sound to be projecting onto the game system, be careful about that

Keep at what you want, but widen your scope. Offer music to others to use, create a module for a game (RPG or not) and include music as part of it. If you have any skill in making music tracks, merge that into what your RPG as a bonus asset.
You have lots of options, the key is to try different paths with music. There's more than you think.

Being too different from other RPGs is a problem though, it feels too alien for others to play. I've been working with action points and scaling dice results, among other things. Rewarding tactics, not straight up stats. Rewarding results, not levels. Rewarding thought, not builds.
They key is to improve upon what we know from other RPG systems, while not being a better version of said systems at the same time. You don't want to be "Like X", yet you want to be familiar enough for people to sit and play without reading a whole new ruleset.

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Code monkey at major IT corporation in random 2nd world shithole. The wage is solid by the county's standard (I make more than both my parents combined), though still shit by western standards.
But really in my county just the combination of speaking passable English and not falling into crippling alcoholism and/or teen pregnancy set you way ahead of the average citizen in terms of employment opportunity.

On topic - we have a guy in the city that runs his own LGS. As a hobby. His real job is graphic design.

I've been wondering - do all dental hygienists press their tits against the patient when drilling off dental plaque as a method of easing the pain or do I just keep getting lucky?

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>making six figures koruna a year
>not a month
might as well stay on welfare

>> No.55919402

Why are you not trying your Russian hand at various freelance gigs? $50-70k is relatively easy to achieve for the most mobile/webdev outsource people with a 60-hour workweek, especially if you've got a corporate background helping you with the business logic.

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> when your hobby shop dies and you have to order paints online and they take three months to arrive
I stopped building models because of that

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Owner of the local FLGS always said that a game store was the perfect way to make a small fortune... out of a large one.

>> No.55919618

Ah hey, looks like that's a common phrase there. Woops.

>> No.55919621

Get a trade. If you don't know what you want to do, don't fall for the college meme.

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>> No.55919694

Diesel mechanic, like >>55919621said if you don't have shit figured out by now learn a trade. Decent money, especially if you get into one that has unions and gives you time to figure out what to do.

>> No.55919714

Fucking this. I haven't played MTG in 6 months since my shop owner retired.

>> No.55919719

lgs combo for one stop shopping sounds nice

>> No.55919720

Isn't diesel getting outlawed because of the pollution scams?

>> No.55919729

>There is also the internet surfing part.
Can confirm. I'm working right now.

>> No.55919758

What type? If it's for vehicles fuck you
t. Mechanic

>> No.55919778

You're thinking of Europe, here in the states we're far off from that other than increased EPA regulations. Also diesel is hard to replace here due to what all we use it for and it being the best suited for it at this time.

>> No.55919811

I figure out how likely you are to die so the insurance company can find the optimal way to jew you.

>> No.55919817

Also iirc some countries have been looking at outlawing it for a while and the recent scam was just the tipping point for them. I could be wrong haven't kept up 100% on what all went down over there.

>> No.55919884

>You're thinking of Europe
This. It's not really an option here in the states. Diesel is pretty much the country's life blood.

>> No.55920172

>There's a reason the Germans called us Stormtroopers.
>called us Stormtroopers.

As far as modern day militaries you're about as useful as yuros, and at least they can bring beer to make up for themselves.

>> No.55920351

Vidya can make serious money if you're in a shopping center or within walking distance of a middle/high school, but classic cabs aren't the way because only autists care about those. Furnish your play space - and don't pitch that as a room rental or furnish it like a conference room, people won't pay for it directly - with power/ethernet drops and a PS4/TV per table, then charge a few bucks an hour to turn power on to it or loan out games but have it free-with-purchase for tabletop use.

Your Magic crowd is either going to have real jobs or be nocturnal NEETs. Either way, they start showing up in the evening when the kiddies drift out. Use that space, get them in the habit of coming to the store to chill, and when they inevitably run out of money and want to put an extra hour of cawadoody on their tab, get one of the NEETs who's up early to teach them Magic.

t. managed a place that cleared on the high end of this thread's estimates, in a tiny town, by having 6 or 8 xboxes set up at near 100% usage, $4 an hour and probably another $4 in dewritos, outside of "we need every square foot" tournaments

>> No.55920456

There's one near me, a small shop selling books, figures, board and card games with no gaming space and is normally pretty quiet. I was reliably informed that they pulled in 3 million pounds a year. I've got no idea how and assume it must be a facet of some money laundering scam.

>> No.55920510

I think he was quoting a bit from the first level of the original Deus Ex.

>> No.55920562

>as a method of easing the pain or do I just keep getting lucky?
No, they just like to cocktease. But if you acknowledge it, they'll say you're sexually harassing them.

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>> No.55920754

>plate mail
>and boardgames

>> No.55920822

I know the one I go to clears around 4K a weekend (Friday + Saturday). But that's far from normal from the looks of this thread.

>> No.55920834


The flgs I go to is always packed. Sells a lot of magic, has a regular 40k crowd. Great store, good tables, good events.

They have yet to make a profit. So the answer is 0.

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In revenue or in net profits? Making halfway decent margins is the real problem when it comes to it.

>> No.55921575

Revenue, no real idea what the margins are I would imagine less than good. That being said I know that they needed 1k per week to keep the lights on (that was before the expanded a bit) so 4K in two days seems pretty solid.

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>> No.55921619

Not a lot, we wated to set up a cafe/LGS with a few freinds, after figuring out how much hassle it would be, we decided that it's not worth it in the least, seeing that we would make maybe 30k a year for the first like three years

>> No.55921666

At school rn, hoping to join as a Weapons Engineering Officer in the Navy at the end of this year.

>> No.55921670

translating, teaching, food delivery on bike, construction work leeching of my parans, ill do any job i can find if i have time away from college

>> No.55921717

>Six figures? Seven if it's particularly popular?

Sounds about right.

We are talking Vietnamese Dongh here, right?

>> No.55921809


Yes. OP here, I meant in Yen. This is a weeb website, after all.

>> No.55922024

>>55914758If You can get your LCPC/ LCP and have your own counseling practice. If you have already graduated, then you might be up shit creek, but you can look into taking the required courses to qualify for the licence.

I am about to start applying for grad programs for the same thing. Hoping to get into a PhD, but I have a near guaranteed in at a master's program.

I am a chef and working towards my degree right now. I make no fucking money and I am treated like ass, thus higher education. My advice: find a job that can't be easily automated. Law firms, financial firms, and driving jobs are all dying soon. Automation is going to cut about 10-20 percent of those first two professions in the next 15 years, and automated trucks are going to kill millions of jobs. Find something that is information creating or people focused. Everything else is on the chopping block by the time you are thinking about paying for your kid's college.

>> No.55922072 [DELETED] 

Carpenter here. No formal schooling, no college just learned stuff on the job from people, asking questions and experimenting and worked my way up. Now I make almost 100K a year, get a company vehicle and a credit card. Along with thrice yearly bonuses based on the companies profits.

If you have no idea what you want to do the trades are pretty sweet. Make money, give you time to think about what you want to do and you get a skill that will always be a good fallback.

>> No.55922143 [DELETED] 

My whole family is electricians. I have a knack for getting electricuted, like some sort of shitty superpower, so I didn't do that. They make good money, but they also work in chicago and it's basically all crooked politicians and back room deals that make it work for them. You don't sound like enough of an alpha to take charge and fuck other over.

>> No.55922154

>town of 100,000
>3 game shops

Is this normal? Just seems excessive, but I don't know what most places have.

>> No.55922247

Do you make a comfy income? I've highly considered majoring in Anthropology if my CIS pursuit doesn't work.

>> No.55922284

Live in a city of 140,000. Have two game stores, two general hobby stores and a few boutique arts and crafts places and a Micheal's.
Used to have a GW store, but that closed down a few years ago.

>> No.55922291

not him, but it is fucking HARD to get into that field. Anthro degrees can be good if you are lucky and get a job with the census. Great job, great pay, awesome benefits.

>> No.55922747

Yen? Then you'll have to knock two zeroes off.

>> No.55922820


I really don't think you understand how unfunny you are

>> No.55922959

LGSes don't make much aside from those days.

>> No.55923033

>Just a confused 20 year old not knowing wtf to do.
go into IT. there was a poll regarding job satisfaction recently here in germany. the highest satisfaction? general physicians and people in IT. IT means hanging out with other nerds, general physician means tending to normies.

>> No.55923045

Just about every LGS I've been to I've been close with the owner/management and every single one has had to move the YGO shit behind the counter to curb theft.

>> No.55923101

>>RPGs and boardgames filling up much of the selling floor
>These won't be your cash cows. Beware.
this. the store will need CCGs.

>> No.55923132

Also figs, they're probably the only reason I go to mine.

>> No.55923169 [DELETED] 

I'm an administrator at a small company. I do salaries, some accounting, that sort of thing. The pay isn't great, but when I look at the 50-somethings that work for us and make substantially less than I do for what I'd consider harder work (and they technically have higher qualifications - i.e. any at all), I am reminded that life could be so much worse. This is on a whole different level from the call center jobs I thought I'd be stuck with for the rest of my life.

>> No.55923177


>> No.55923202

4k revenue = 2k or less after cost of goods, then subtract unsold product, rent and utilities ($500/wk absolute minimum), insurance for when a sperg spergs out and smashes things, wages and costs of employment (another $500 a head per part-timer), advertising, interest on any loans, etc.

Realistically if they're an efficient tax dodge with great business logic and low six digits startup funds, your location has around $100k a year before taxes to split between everyone involved.

>> No.55923270

CCGs -on the selling floor- have their own problems. In my experience it's best to have most of the merchandise layout be RPG stuff because it's comparatively hard to pocket, even though it's way way WAY less business-important than the shelves of MtG boxes behind the counter or the line of drink and snack coolers.

>> No.55923273

Oh goodness you sweet Summer child.

You're better off working a shitty customer service job for $15/hr. You'll make more money, work fewer hours, and have better benefits.

But if you have a brain, you should still find something better than that.

>> No.55923276

christ, more like I sleep behind the counter and eat ramen.
about 4-5 I'd say
It's more a labour of love

>> No.55923321

Fun fact - the average GW store clears less than £1000 a year in profit. Yes, they're only selling a single company's product, but they're also small stores with minimal staffing and a big name behind them.

>> No.55923326

23, Software engineer, self-taught, $70k/yr

Want to make money? Learn a useful skill.

>> No.55923359

I run a supermarket, It's a sack of dicks.
but It pays more then the teaching job I left and the pension is better.
morale of the story, don't go into teaching.

>> No.55923416

What he says, I went though nearly a dozens job and I liked something about each of them. Except for the teaching. Tutoring is alright though.

>> No.55923447

>Anyone here ever wonder how much the store owners of your LGS make per year? Six figures? Seven if it's particularly popular?

My friend ran a LGS. After everything was said and done, he made around 30 to 50k a year personal profit. He was still very dependent on his wife working in order to pay the mortgage, bills, and other expenses and they still skirted by. They lived in Austin.

When they had another kid, it was a choice between her staying at home or continuing to work and paying for more child care. Either one would have stretched their finances to the point where maintaining the store was not a viable option and he had to get a higher paying job.

>> No.55923504

Holy fuck

>> No.55923537

>1k per week
If we're speaking MTG only, that's roughly 25-30 booster boxes per week, or 100-120 boxes per month.
And that's only to cover the rents/overheads.

>> No.55923616

I would like to point out that the 4K is only from 2 days. The most profitable days for sure but nonetheless they probably make about the same during the rest of the week
They actually don't sell any MTG. They didn't have any card games whatsoever until last year when Star Wars:Destiny came out. Everything else is tabletop wargames and RPG's

>> No.55923670

Also, I'm not trying to dispute what you're saying, I'm well aware that the owner isn't rolling in 100's every night, but I also know that the guy isn't broke. So running a successful game store isn't impossible, it just takes a lot of knowledge/good business choices. Unfortunately most LGS owners lack that.

>> No.55923698

Finishing a degree in history and moving on to one in Public and International Affairs.

Wouldn't even consider what I'm doing if I didn't speak 2 languages though

>> No.55923748

Fuck it, I'll bare my soul and beseech /tg/ for help.

I'm 26, stuck in the UK. No student debt, but my current employer doesn't offer much in the way of advancement (It's a massive fucking circle jerk).

I work in an Opticians, and was considering Optometry, but five fucking years of study sounds like hell. My gf is a dominatrix, so money isn't an issue, and I'm pretty technically minded, so I can apply myself to any field really.

TL:Dr) need a job with cash. The shorter the study, the better, but difficulty of study isn't an issue.

>> No.55923761

5 figures probably.

>> No.55923840

Sorry bud but i'm >>55923698. My history degree specializes in Canadian political and military history and I'm going into a masters in essentially international relations and diplomacy.
Are right. Canadian military hasn't been influential on the world stage since the early 1980s if I'm being generous. Trudeau the Elder pretty much made sure of that by reducing our NATO commitment and our last major arms purchase was around then.

>> No.55923869

A bit more than minimum wage.

R&D process engineer in microelectronics

>> No.55923872

I used to work in construction, flooring and shit. Payed pretty well on this side of the pond, not bad hours it was physical though. From what I had heard electricians had it pretty well off. I'd recommend looking into a trade school or some such.

>> No.55924071

I work in one of the more successful FLGS in the US. The store has been open for over 20 years, and in the past 10 has gotten better and better each year.

A lot of these stores are run poorly. Either its some rich kid who just wants the store as a hobby, or they move a lot of product, but their profit margin is incredibly small in order to just blowout everything they get in.

Many of the smaller stores also aren't designed to bring in a more casual crowd. The design, the feel, the layout of the stores can alter a person's perceptions about the store right when they walk in. This has the potential to push away new chances at sales.

Another thing hitting these stores is that Magic is doing poorly in sales. The existence of "Masterpieces" has driven prices into the ground on the secondary market on recent sets due to bigger stores opening mass amounts of product. Ixalan comes out with no Masterpiece type cards, and what do you know, set is selling hot, more players are coming into stores, and the EV of the set is up compared to the past 3 blocks.

TL;DR, a game store can do well, but there are many bad examples out there, and one of the pillars of smaller game stores' revenue, Magic, has been at a low for the past few years.

>> No.55924228

I'm actually seeking a career in law enforcement after I get my bachelors. The department I'm looking at starts you at ~58k out of the academy. Sergeants make six figures.

>> No.55924234

>Learn a useful skill.
Start with grammar

>> No.55924268

Maybe, just maybe because teaching is a job for people who REALLY are into the sole concept of teaching as such. You know, giving shit about it and finding the idea of spending their life on betterment of society appealing for more than first week of doing this shit.

But if you put the standard for teachers so low that it reaches the point of "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach" being a widespread sentiment AND paying shit for the job, no fucking wonder it takes to be a bit off to find it worth your time and effort.

>> No.55924311

What department? I have a friend in Oklahoma who is a Sgt and makes 30k a year.

>> No.55924387

Get welder training.
You literally can't go wrong with this shit. I did a welding course during my time on the uni, considering it more of a hobby deal than anything back then. After all, I was going to be an engineer.
Today my engineering diploma is hanging on a wall and catching dust, while I'm easily making 120k a year welding and doing less than 30 hours/week, that's how fuck-huge is the demand for welders. The best part of the deal? I'm paid extra due to said engineering degree and often end up as a foreman.
Perspectives for automation engineers? Well, I could be sitting my ass in some office for 36 k/year, assuming anyone would hire me in the first place, being overqualified and underexperience in the field.

>> No.55924435

24, run a tutoring center

>> No.55924449

Denver. You can find their collective bargaining agreement online.

>> No.55924469

Software engineer for financial company. The money is really good but ultimately you're selling your soul. I can't say if that's worth it. Every day I come home feeling like a dried up husk of indifference but then in the evenings and on the weekends my friends working odd shift jobs can never do anything because they are either working bizarre hours or physically wiped out.

>> No.55924510

Investment banking. Pay is good (6 figures net income). Enough free time to run a bi-weekly session for my below-average players.

>> No.55924520

Is that true everywhere, or is it one of those "you can make bank in this field, but only by moving somewhere nobody wants to live" deals?

>> No.55924626

As long as your country has either shipyards (never-ending demand for welders) or any sorts of metal work (especially rolling mills), you can't go wrong with welding. Car industry also helps a lot here.
There is always electrician, too, but it pays less, more people in the field, smaller demand and bigger pressure on experienced workers.

>> No.55924632

What sort of welding? I worked as an electrician for a while, and the plumbing welders were making a shit ton more than we were.

>> No.55924755

That's also consistent with enthusiastic (((accounting))), though. The stores are a promotional expense and the staff get paid before, with at least all the profit being funneled to GW HQ and if they're smart it all being funneled to Empire of Man IP Holdings SARL (Luxembourg), even if at the end of the year this means selling them a single case of >muh reens for £25,000 or shipping them several pallets of product for free.

this as opposed to an indie store where the books can't be fiddled like that and the profit = the owner's wage.

>> No.55924800

join the army if you can anon. Air force might be even better. Gives your training, fitness, and a lot of financial advice to set your life up right. They'll treat you right for later even if it really, really sucks at the time.

>> No.55924827

The only welding I'm not trained and qualified to do is underwater one, anon.
But they did disqualify me in first 2 recruitments in a shipyard, on the basis of never working with ships before. Then they needed more people anyway, so I was suddenly good enough and now I've got even experience in welding factory ships.
This is probably the best part of this trade - there is such big demand, you never hit the situation when they complain about lack of experience and in the process you can easily rack-up different job experiences anyway

>> No.55924840

Don't a lot of vets (at least in America) blow all the money they made in the service after a few months of being back home? At my community college, I saw so many 20-something vets driving nice muscle/sports cars, but working shitty low paying jobs.

>> No.55924867

Joining army has few rather unpleasant elements going:
- war can errupt
- nobody gives a shit about you once you retired
- pension is REALLY bad
- it's even worse if you are veteran, since you aren't covered for anything at all
- depending on army branch and your rank, you might end up changing bases and garrisons on yearly basis

>> No.55924879
File: 30 KB, 223x310, Image (16).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>worked retail for 9 years
>finally got a M-F 1st shift job

Oh man, Anon, don't go into retail. No one will ever hire you besides another store looking for managers.

>> No.55924965
File: 474 KB, 640x740, pizza-box.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, open a gaming store and buy one of these. I've always wanted to have a draft deal with boosters, pizza and a drink for one price.

>> No.55924979

>making a million a year off of neetbux

Lol. I have a friend of a friend who owns a combo game/comic shop. It's been running since around 1996, it is extremely successful, always packed, and is something of an institution in the small city (pop. 70,000) in which it is located.

According to his taxes, he netted about $30,000 takehome last year.

This is not a business that breeds millionaires.

>> No.55924999

That looks fucking amazing, but I bet the pizza sucks ass.

>> No.55925007

To be fair, comics are for when games aren't losing enough money to scratch your inner masochism.

>> No.55925034

I did inventory for a while but recently quit to finish up my degree

>> No.55925079
File: 289 KB, 2067x1091, unicast (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am a network designer for a big company. Started as a cable guy and hoping to moving into ISP. I do HFC and FTTH design. There is a lot to learn and expand on. I love it.

>> No.55925096

various labor shit, sell some weed. I keep a taxable job just cuz

>> No.55925155

also retail is literally dying.

>> No.55925196

Fast food slave.
Me and some friends are working on an RPG podcast though. Who knows, maybe we'll make it big someday.
Probably not, but dammit I need something to hope for.

>> No.55925232

>Retail is dying
Yes, anon, shops are disappearing all around the world.

>> No.55925289

Mind if I ask where you started?

>> No.55925326

When I go in shops, I always see people buying pizza and stuff. I would imagine its just as good as Pizza Hut.

>> No.55925352

Are you at least somewhat fit? Consider construction. Pays good and the work is more fulfilling than retail. If not, work at a proper restaurant, ya git.

>> No.55925476

Right now I'm in school learning muh STEM and planning on joining the Navy as a nuclear officer once I graduate.

In the past I've been a draftsmen and a courtesy clerk/stocker at a supermarket. I found working at the grocery store nearby much better than being a cubicle drone with a long commute.

>> No.55925520

My fellow information specialists.

>> No.55925724

I think he meant being in retail increases your personal entropy.

>> No.55925796


Unemployed former machinist.

Left a job that took advantage of me for 7 years. Loved one were kind enough to me to support me while I look for other work.

Best decision I've ever made.

>> No.55925834

Operate a nuke plant. Pays 160k, and only requires a HS diploma. They train you on what you need to know to do your job. Only issues are working swings and averaging 72h/week.

>> No.55925887

Financial advisor/stockbroker. But I'm currently learning c++ and Java, as I really want to be a developer some day.

Would love to publish my own system, or even third-party books for Shadowrun or DCC.

>> No.55925902

But then you're just a shoddy pizzeria that mismanages their profits. Physical retail is fundamentally outdated and unprofitable and no gimmick is going to change that. The right way to do it is to open a cafe in a college town or trendy neighborhood. Sell locally roasted coffee and slightly (but not offensively) overpriced 6/10 paninis. Get a small library of D&D 5e books, plus chess sets and board games. Basically, use the gaming space as a selling point for a business that can actually make money.

>> No.55925932

>Law firms
Are you trying to tell me lawyers will be replaced by automation?

>> No.55925940

Oh, and Magic cards (along with holding FNM and Wargame Wednesday). That part wasn't terrible. I sort of like the idea of a neckbeard happymeal. Maybe print silly bags for them to come in.

>> No.55925962

One can only hope.

>> No.55925980


Never understood how someone can love private law, much less the corporate law. ı wouldnt touch it with a stick.

>> No.55925995

This is the worst possible advice I've ever read.

If you've got the gumption to join the army, join a Fireman's training course instead.
Congrats; in four months you're now making over twice the pay of an E-1 in a job that people actually have respect and admiration for rather than lip service and barely concealed contempt.

>> No.55926377

I've heard that some gaming bars can find success. A guy I knew in highschool said he wanted to open one, but I don't know if he was successful or even tried.

>> No.55926450

I know a place like that and it sucks. Their retail side is focused mostly on board games and comics, while also having a meager selection of RPGs, MTG cards, and wargaming miniatures. They don't even have any gaming tables. I don't know why anyone goes there.

The local HobbyTownUSA has a better MWG scene, for fucks sake.

>> No.55926460

A bar works too, but they're more expensive to run and more likely to fail. The point is to start with a workable business model and turn that into a gaming space, not try to find ways to make a gaming space profitable.

>> No.55926768

Most barely break even and rely on other things for $$$$

>> No.55926818

software developer
I develop software
mostly backend API connections for the web development company that I work for

>> No.55927572

That's what I was thinking... I've read into getting into Archaeology and people have been saying it's a waste of time since forever. Anthro sounds like a fun degree nonetheless.

>> No.55927728

I work facilities for a large grocery chain making about $20/hr and am working on my career as a writer in my spare time. Hope to be Published by the end of next year and be able to quit my day job. Not because it's bad, I get paid a lot to basically sit on my ass and not be retarded, I just fucking hate the grocery business.

>> No.55928012

Not trial lawyers, but a large part of the job is case review to prepare. That can be heavily automated or outsourced to smaller firms and lower paying jobs.

>> No.55928125

Work in a cafe atm. Would love to get back into sales and make a career out of it

>> No.55928203


They survive on paper-thin profit margins. All LGS do.
The only people making it ahead are SCG or Hasbro themselves.
There is money to be made in MTG, but it isn't at the consumer level, it isn't at the store level, and it isn't at the distributor level...it is at the manufacturer level only.

>> No.55928249

Security Camera monitoring, pays ok and I can browse /tg/ all night

>> No.55928332

Internal consultant for a fortune 100. Important people ask me to solve problems. I ask less-important people for data necessary to understand the problems. Those people get scared for their jobs and give me the runaround until I escalate it high enough for them to cave. The company will pay out the ass to train and certify me, and then I will leave for another company that will pay me much more than their paltry raise.

>burned out on fuels of the Business IT Bachelor's degree I'm working towards
People kept telling me it was hard, but I found it wasn't so bad apart from the 10am stats classes. Just go to class, pay attention, and read the business sections of some major newspapers.

OP is probably just a teenager. He doesn't know how the real world works yet. I'm sure he'll figure it out sometime.

>> No.55928449

I sell life insurance over the hpone. Hardest easy job you'll ever have.

>> No.55928540

Patent Examiner.

Its boring but pays well, or at least more than all the people I graduated with in engineering, and I work from home.

Worst part of job is any time you tell anyone you work it they either: a) ask you about their invention whether it's related to your field at all or b) complain about IP laws that may not even have relevance to you at all like you're going to lobby congress to change it.

>> No.55928583

America's Heros comics and games in Killeen Texas?

>> No.55928682

Novelist; teacher for 22 years. I would like to tell you that you are capable of doing anything you wanted to do, provided that you are both willing and wanting to do it, but I've come to appreciate that most people do not possess the work ethic to realize their dreams.

Think about what you have done that you were/are good at it, then think about how you can build upon that skill to make yourself a valuable asset to someone else, or to someone else's team.

>> No.55928996

contemplate suicide daily
does that count?

>> No.55929034

Firefighters (atleast in california) need to apply for training and basically be eagle scouts + Fire volunteer during high school, or else you're going to be waiting a couple years.

>> No.55929223

When I was in high school I got an internship where I basically just wrote some HTML and CSS for marketing emails and landing pages. No connections just looking around on Craigslist and indeed. I worked for minimum wage doing that.

Then I went to college for a but quit because I'm a horrible student and my scholarships fell through, meaning I'd have to take out big loans which I didn't want to do.

So I spent a little time at home freelancing. Did some contract work for a marketing firm that basically churned out Wordpress sites.

Got a full time job at an ecomm site doing shitty work for the marketing team but I needed full time. I talked shop enough with the actual developers that after 6 months they promoted me to be just a developer and I negotiated a 55k salary (honestly kind of low but I was 21 and it was a step up from my previous hourly rate).

I worked there for a year, learned a whole lot but knew that the company wasn't going to take me anywhere for my career, so I spent a lot of my free time learning more and doing freelance stuff, networking on LinkedIn and stuff, took a lot of interviews from recruiters that ended up going nowhere.

Then i answered a recruiter who had a great fit for me in non-tech startup that wanted to build a development team to help create web applications to support the business. I negotiated $75k (totally lied about previous salary, always bump yourself up at least like $10k for those) leveraging a pretty impressive project I had just finished with the previous employer that I had 100% responsibility for and a shit ton of data to prove that I had earned the company X dollars and increased overall site performance by X% leading to an overall growth in new customers by X%, etc. Landed in a cozy spot on a 2-man dex team. Just the CTO and I writing Node applications.

It's not like a whole lot of money, but just 2 years ago I was living at home and freelancing 15hrs at like $15/hr, so yeah, hard work.

>> No.55929327

>game stores make money
>small shops of any kind generate seven figure income

Please go learn the absolute basics of your economy before asking these kinds of questions.

>> No.55929350

>honestly recommending anyone the hell that is intel
Go back to the SCIF, Satan. I won't let you take another soul.

>> No.55929394

Sorry for the late answer, but nonetheless. The game is actually meant to be able to handle humor ingrained into the game itself. Misfortune is more about the silly misfortune rather than bleak misfortune. The thing that might write you out of the game (i.e kill your character in some cases), Misfortune itself, is a game mechanic that forces you to make your character suffer minor or major setbacks to heal.

Whoa, now that I wrote that, it sounds extremely bleak. But it isn't meant that way, I mean, the game is basically made to have fun with. The games I've run with it have been F-grade superheroes, Pensioners as Dragonslayers and a scummy trapped-in-an-MMO game where the breaking the game was part of the mechanics. I've also planned making a game that's about the zombies in a zombie apocalypse. You know, silly stuff.

The game does have a slight problem with a part of the players I've encountered with being alienated by it. The game isn't really difficult to understand, the rules are much simpler than most RPG:s, but they just approach the entire design space from the opposite end from the spectrum that most games are coming from.

The rules are honed and smooth, I've polished them like a diamond for a long while now. But that doesn't help when people struggle to understand how a game centered around failure and character growth works.

>> No.55929976

As someone who's started up an LGS, its a labor of love.

You will -rarely- see more then one LGS in a given area because its simply not worth starting up.

I was 'lucky' I guess, I simply drafted and ran events out of my school's free use community centers, and got a lot of moolah from the basic fees, when the school asked me to stop, the community helped me get a little corner shop that I expanded over 2 decades.

LGSs are primarily a community driven thing, without your community, you have nothing, the profit you make keeps your belly full, your lights on, and your hobbies running.

Trust me, you'll be making 5 figures profit at most if you're a LGS, if you're some big local chain, maybe more company wide, but not a whole lot.

>> No.55931019


>> No.55931424

Optical and Image Quality Software Engineer.
Were I in the US I would've been making at least $90k a year with my Master's and just 1 year of experience. Sadly, I'm in Russia and need a few more years on my resume to even consider moving abroad.
Oh well. 'Two things in one's life he can't choose: his parents and his Motherland', as we say.

>> No.55931470

Fun? How?

>> No.55931498

>I would imagine its just as good as Pizza Hut.
So... it's shit?

>> No.55931533

If you think archeology is fun, then good luck with that. You are going to spend most of your life sitting in a moldy office in a basement cataloging broken ceramics. If you are lucky, you are going to make a field trip once per decade, but only until you are 40. Less than 1% of people do actual field work and it's just as boring and uninspired. And your best chance of doing anything during said field work is in case of come massive construction site finding any form of burial grounds and the foreman of the construction not just covering it with dirt again to avoid the hassle it brings.
And all of this after 5 years of really tough studies.

Tl;dr Archeology is so bad it makes regular History degree appealing and worthwhile.

>> No.55931542

You meet tons of people in college, its the best place to meet people and form friendships with people who you may be able to lean on to get a position in a field you like because the people you meet tend to have the same interests and classes as you.

Also all your free time is spent hanging out drinking and playing games, or partying if you're into that.

>> No.55931557

As long as you are any good (in the case of Russia, no lower than SPbSTU in university rankings and a good history of OSS contribution), remote consulting in the field for AUS or US companies can easily net about $5-7k per month with minimal negotiations and some serious sleep schedule fuckery. That's how I went about it a few years ago, times might have changed quite a bit with all the "data science" hype making rounds across the industry.

>> No.55931563

Guess I should find a job that is related with taking notes from movies and comparing them.
Oh, wait a minute, there is a job like that! A movie critic! And it pays so bad you can't make not just decent, but any living on this.
That's why I'm a chemist. Cost me a fuckload of effort to get into this (chemistry never was "my" thing), but it pays well, doesn't require too much from me and has stable time table. Most of my day boils down to reading books between another batch of samples to check.
I still write reviews for local newspaper, mostly for the kicks, since they don't pay me at all for this, but just provide newspaper pass on premieres and such.

I'm living with this for past two decades, making that almost half of my life. The only reason I didn't pop my cap is the fact is my mother never getting up from this. Kept me at bay when I was a teen and keeps me at bay ever since.

>> No.55931573

Self-employed freelance translator. I make about 35k before tax.

The work gets a little repetitive, but that's probably because I get most of my projects from a small group of agencies. Some projects are fun. I spent two full working days writing a list of swear words once.

>> No.55931583

I work in delivery. It's not bad work.

Thought if you're having trouble getting hired, work in Inventory. It's fucking horrible, but as long as you have working fingers and eyes, they'll hire you.

>> No.55931611

Local, offical GW shop closed after 6 years of constant struggle and now there is a shop selling domestic detergents. The chemical shop is doing pretty well, having twice as many people employed.
So go figure how bad the profit is for your average, small-ass LGS not backed by anyone or anything.

>> No.55931635

I'll be a psychologist in a few months

>> No.55931670

I remember people from my institute bac in the uni. Part of them were learning hindi out of all fucking languages for our major, so they had the bright idea of making student internship in a steel mill owned by ArcelorMittal.
They've ended up with production-specific translations and were actually surprised about that, because apparently they were expecting high literature in a steel works.
But then again, hindi was catching up idiots in general, so go figure.

>> No.55931743

I think my town is anomaly, we have 2 flourishing LGS within 5 miles of each other and a GW store as well.

>> No.55931759

Well, yeah. There is a massive difference between sector-specific terminology and general vocabulary.

>> No.55931763

In my city, there's 2 LGS (one purely minis, the other more generalist) and the GW store, but this one is always empty and in a shitty part of town.

>> No.55931797

I live in a city of 120.000 in France. We have around 4 or 5 LGS with play areas. In total there must be somewhere around 10 to 15 if you take those without PAs into account

(Guess we're pretty lucky)

>> No.55931801

I didn't 'major in' a language in the traditional sense.

I followed a 4-year course that specialized in translation, focusing on English as the primary non-native language, and German as a secondary non-native language.

I now have a bachelor's degree in either translation or international communications, I keep forgetting.

>> No.55931821

C'est où ça copain ?

>> No.55931855

Seven figures? In rubles maybe.

>> No.55931863

Dijon !

>> No.55931883

>a city of 120.000 in France
Zut alors.

I live in a village of some 5.5k. If you're generous and count all of the neighbouring villages and towns as some sort of single agglomerate, we still don't reach 90k.

A single city of more than 100k people just automatically sounds unpleasant to me.

We don't have any FLGSs, by the way. Just some comic book stores that cash in by also selling CCGs. I would need to travel to the nearest proper city to find one. It has 120k inhabitants and is proportionally unpleasant.

>> No.55931917

Ah putain joli. Il y en a vraiment plein dans la région.

>> No.55931933

for the first five years FLGS owners aren't typically paid (as in everything they sell needs to be reinvested back into the business)

then they go out of business

>> No.55931962

What kind of job is suitable for a reflexive and analytical personality?

>> No.55931972

Is programming worth it nowadays?

>> No.55931989

Do you like competing with cheap-as-fuck Indians?

>> No.55932004

Only if you go for project managing or expert in something, basic programming isn't really worth it.

>> No.55932006

How does one become a cool book boy?

>> No.55932009

What is your age/degree? MS in Applied Math & Stats/Computer Science (your pick) is more or less a foolprof choice for smart people, especially so if spiced up with CFA Level I - II.

>> No.55932020

What if I am an Indian who does not want to be cheap as fuck?

>> No.55932024

You're still competing with other Indians. Who are cheap as fuck.

>> No.55932057

Would you recommend audovisuals or 3D animation?

>> No.55932069

I've noticed that well enough already. Is there a way to differentiate myself from the rest of $20/hour Android development crowd?

>> No.55932072

Is it bad I find the idea of sitting in a basement cataloguing ceramics exciting? My breathing sped up reading this.

>> No.55932087

>Anyone here ever wonder how much the store owners of your LGS make per year? Six figures? Seven if it's particularly popular?
enough to open two more stores in the next towns over to the west and southeast. the secret is to move a fuckton of magic cards by undercutting scg on buys and sells and matching or beating ebay lowest-average BIN for high-dollar singles (eg. duals, power, etc.).
this way you're doing a butt-ton of (slightly) smaller transactions constantly rather than a couple high-dollar sales every so often. nobody's buying hazoret at $23, but they sure fuckin' move at $18.

>> No.55932097

I'm working as a junior industrial PLC programmer. Would you recommend any complementary or alternative studies?

>> No.55932146

You could always follow the trail of the notorious talent-eater known only as the c o m p u t e r v i s i o n,

>> No.55932169


What do you mean by "talent-eater"?

>> No.55932196

No shit! It's almost as if it was my original point...

If you like being unable to pay your rent (not to mention other bills and buying food) and being stuck with a literal dead-end job - go for it. If you don't mind health issues related with mold (archeology department is almost always in basement/sub-basement, since that's the only place with enough storage capacity) and being unable to pay for treatment - sign up already. If you want to be completely burned out before you hit 40 and regret your life choices - not even smoking crack will give you this.
If you just want to dabble with cataloging, why not majoring in History of Art? Pays three times as much (not kidding), comes with very similar line of work without shit-tier conditions of it, numerous benefits and ability to switch (within rather narrow specialisation, but still) if you decide academic career is not for you after all.
Archeology is an ungrateful field for at least three generations, since as a field of science it reached the point where all the ground breaking elements, compilations, catalogues and studies were already performed, achieved, written and commented. It's like trying to be a great explorer of new, unknown continents in current year. Which translates into being extremely underfunded and treated like the dirt you scrap from broken relicts.
Got friend of mine who was too idealistic about this shit for his own good and he first picked History, then went for Archeology, expecting God knows why. He's currently contemplating dropping the "job" at the university and go for fast food, because being a fucking food service slave pays better than his job, despite having a PhD

>> No.55932206

*knows what

>> No.55932239

It is both very tempting and very challenging to become proficient in this field, and most give up after commiting a great deal of effort that could have been better spent gaining management experience.

>> No.55932259

I studied lithography and etching, got myself a nice government job in records. In the interview I sold my retail experience as relevant. You're 20. Stress less about school, but still learn what you can. Be ready for trial and error, branching out.

>> No.55932284

Considering suicide because I'm 23, jobless and still living with parents. Don't even know why I haven't killed myself, I'm just a waste of space that doesn't deserve to live.

>> No.55932292

Just get fit and work at McDonald's. Baby steps

>> No.55932294

I guess. It's probably the only thing I can do

>> No.55932302


Work as a mailman.

>> No.55932304
File: 450 KB, 449x642, free shrugs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So... find a lowest wage job and move out? I mean it doesn't take rocket science to figure this one out.
And if you want to just bitch for attention, then be my guest, neck yourself already.

>mfw he was born in 90s

>> No.55932309

Which Computer Science jobs/studies would you recommend?

>> No.55932311

Also, this. One of best entry-tier jobs imaginable, all it takes is ability to read and a pair of legs

>> No.55932315

Do that thing I stole from punpun. You have 2 years from right now to be in a better position than you are right now. If you are renew the deal good, if not kill yourself. It's turned me from a virgin neet to a moderately fit wages leave working on an engineering degree.

>> No.55932323

If you have a clean arrest record and can pass a drug test, apply for at a food manufacturer like General Mills.

I've worked at a plant for 8 years now, and they'll hire just about anyone who can pass those two criteria. My plant offers $14 an hour starting and $22 an hour after 3 years, excellent, cheap medical benefits.

The work is pretty damn easy, I run a couple pieces of stationary packaging equipment and talk TTRPG to my buddy across from me who plays in my campaign.

>> No.55932324

None. If you need to study any of computer-related stuff, you will never be of any use in this field and your best bet will be abusing old people and their lack of any familiarity with IT business. Either you are already self-taught, or there is no point entering IT.

>> No.55932371

Something similar, but I remember working in a factory, making pistons for diesel engines during my student years. If not the hours (I have a strong resentment toward night shifts during weekend and working at all on Sundays), I would probably still been working there, as it was easy, fail-safe and provided all sorts of benefits with decent wage. And the only requirement was not being disabled and with clean police record. Anyone who was unfit for the job quit on their own in initial four month of "trial" time, everyone who sticked through that got a rise by 2.5 multiplier and extra-paid overtime.
I ended up finishing my Masters with minimal debt and a hefty pile of money on the side, while at work I was free to read each time I had to wait for things to get out of the furnace (which contributed greatly to being well-prepared for exams and finals)

>> No.55932406

>making pistons for diesel engines during my student years
What does factory work like that actually involve these days, though?

Do you stand at an assembly line and pull a lever repeatedly? Do you load semi-finished goods into containers and roll them from station to station?

>> No.55932413

Barman at a top end establishment. It's quiet and I get to experiment and enjoy myself. I spend most of my time talking to wealthy and interesting people who tip well.

>> No.55932419

Got a nice LGS in Lyon, there is always everything I need for rulebook, it's just a tad to small to navigate in. They also have three room in the street to host various game, figurines, card or roleplay, I love going there
Don't know how they do financially though but I think they are the most popular in the city at the moment. Another LGS had to close a few years ago because there was earth flax in the ceiling

>> No.55932433

Also my job title is mixologist which is pretty cool.

>> No.55932442

What city do you work in? What are the requirements for your position and how long did it take you to meet them?

>> No.55932447

>earth flax
Do you mean asbestos? Do the French call asbestos 'flax of the earth'?

>> No.55932460
File: 301 KB, 245x191, awks.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also my job title is mixologist which is pretty cool.
It sure is, anon. It sure is.

>> No.55932465

i work in a shop selling suitcases. i sold a bag to my prime ministers wife (monogrammed to him) (australia). im at uni in a bridging course trying to get into a bachelor of business degree. fuck you cunts sound overqualified

>> No.55932467

I wasn't sure how to translate it, we call it "amiante" I just went with google translate and there was either earth flax or asbestos, I just picked one randomly

>> No.55932470

Reporter for a small town newspaper.

Before anyone makes fun of me, it's literally the first job I got right out of college. Definitely going to try moving to something more serious in a year or so.

>> No.55932481

We're the generation following a generation that was absolutely convinced their kids needed to get a degree in order to succeed.

Now we're saddled with degrees we don't really need. The unlucky ones have debts to match.

>> No.55932489

You sound like a PC.

>> No.55932500

I genuinely prefer wikipedia for translating the names of physical objects or substances. It offers much more context.

>> No.55932518

No joke, I could honestly be a main character in a Call of Cthulhu game with all the corruption I encounter in a fucking farming village.

Especially since I lived in the suburbs of a big city all my life, and get really weirded out over how religious everyone is here.

>> No.55932539
File: 2.38 MB, 3264x2448, 20171013_203012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it's Trollune then it's the biggest in the city. Sadly Uchronium had to close after a fire too. I was near Hotel de Ville last weekend and the GW Store was empty as fuck. I remember it was packed full when I was a kid.

Here in Grenoble we have 3 LGS with tables and pic related.

>> No.55932540

I'm pretty sure most LGS owners make barely enough to eat. There is one LGS near me that does well and has a few different stores all over the state now, but each other one is run by people who are basically retired with savings who like board games more than their children or work from "home", aka they do computer work while sitting in their store.

i'm a pharmacist that works in a hospital.
what country are you from where being a lab assistant pays more than working as a pharmacist?

>> No.55932557

I work in Manchester in the UK. I spent my late teens working in Wetherspoons around the city so I knew my way around pouring pints and mixing very simple cocktails. I was a semi-manager there, and I knew how to present my experience positively alongside my personal passion for mixing good drinks, which I brought samples of to my interview.

It was a big leap and I was honestly surprised I got the job, but it's something I'd always wanted to do and I was passionate enough that my future boss wanted to take me on. I help him figure out our more unique cocktails now, and I'm pretty secure where I am making 3 times the money for a 5th of the effort.

>> No.55932593

Chicago barman here, I took a class, am an 8/10 with decent charisma. That's all you have to do. I get paid minimum but make about 300 in tips during weekdays and around 3k over the weekends, all while working 5-8 hours a day.

If you're attractive, can memorize about twenty mixes, and know a shitload of dad jokes then I would go for it.

>> No.55932708

Would you recommend electronics?

>> No.55932721
File: 3.00 MB, 2717x2612, 1457896720957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im currently working on a early medieval cemetary, you wont believe how many fucking horses the lombards have buried down there (all of them beheaded without cutting tools... fug).
Im making a slightly lower than average income (this being 700 euro per month), but thats mostly because im from a shitty european nation.

>> No.55932724


I'm also formed at programming Industrial Robots. Which one do you think is best of the two?

>> No.55932730

Repair, technician, design? What level are you aiming for?

>> No.55932746

>beheaded without cutting tools
u wot m8

>> No.55932814


I don't know. What level of studies do you need for each of them? Is it worth it?

>> No.55932842

I'm a dentist. Which for some reason make everyone think I go around in a Porsche or things like that. Still I earn well enough by doing payed work only two days a week on average as the other days are spent in courses and a lot of shit that it's going to have huge returns in a few years, so I'm not complaining.

>> No.55932859

Ever had a really fearful patient?

>> No.55932868

Design would be a master, specialized technician or repair would be a trade school. There's always demand on the market for electronics, at every level.

>> No.55932904

I work mainly with kids. So yes.

>> No.55932965

You inspect quality of forged half-product (rought edges, visible air bubbles that were trapped in the mold, things like that), then assemble them together by hand to make 3/4 finished product, which is then machined few stations later until it's an actual piston. Idiot-friendly job requiring pair of hands and at least one working eye, but it's a shift-schelude and it's pretty hot (30 degrees Celcius is in the "cold" areas of the assembly), so most people either flake out due to the hours or because they can't stand the heat.
Meanwhile what you are describing with levars is a job in a car plant around pressing machines. That shit is awful, pays the worst, actively destroys your hearing and barely anyone stays there willingly more than few weeks, 2 months tops.

>> No.55932982

>Now we're saddled with degrees we don't really need
>Actually believing in this crap
Why anti-intellectualism is so strong nowdays? Is it because Anglosaxons are jelly about having to pay up the nose for their education?

>> No.55933002

>I earn well enough by doing payed work only two days a week
>Which for some reason make everyone think I go around in a Porsche or things like that
Gee, I wonder why people could draw such conclusions...

>> No.55933006

>Now we're saddled with degrees we don't really need. The unlucky ones have debts to match.
I got two masters useful in my current job and no debt at all. The simple thing to do was to choose a field where there's jobs in the end.

>> No.55933028

It's not anti-intellectualism.

Intellectual pursuits are fine. Our parents just overhyped the real-life value of academic degrees to us while at the same time completely underselling how productive and useful a trade skill can end up being.

>> No.55933041

>The simple thing to do was to choose a field where there's jobs in the end.
Why are you not marketing this crystal ball of yours yet, Amazo the Future-seer?

>> No.55933063

>go to your national statistics institute website
>check the fields of employement where the employement is the lowest
>enroll in that
The market won't shift entirely in 5 years.

>> No.55933073

You don't need a crystal ball to know that a degree in philosophy or communication sciences doesn't have real job opportunities

>> No.55933086

the unemployement*

>> No.55933123
File: 296 KB, 529x720, Confusion.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Our parents just overhyped the real-life value of academic degrees to us while at the same time completely underselling how productive and useful a trade skill can end up being.
Literally wut

The fuck you are even talking about

>> No.55933138

Be actually good at your job and join an innovative company rather than a code sweatshop. Most companies pull out of India nowadays anyway, be a use you don't really need that many people anymore.

If you're any good it's really easy to get paid a lot, at least in Europe. I make enough to own a place, a new car and have plenty of savings.

>> No.55933158

>country of 19 mil people
>one game shop
At least they do deliveries from their online store.

>> No.55933160

Where's that chart from? Interesting stuff.

>> No.55933168

Just adding to >>55933063 , since he's spot-on:
If you want to seriously get a job based on your degree, the choices are relatively limited and pretty static at that. If you want a degree that helps you finding a specific job, you need to simply do a research if there even exists any demand for given set of skills and knowledge.

But sure, it's better to bitch it's unpredictable to know a degree in Animal Behaviouristic is going to be a niche things and universities in just your country shitting out another 5k people with that degree a year aren't helping at all. After all, common sense and statistical research are some sort of magic, unaccessable to common people.

t. sinologist living off translations

>> No.55933283

>Degrees for being a thespian
>Degrees for jobs that should only require an apprenticeship
>No push for people to persue trades
>A push for people to get degrees when they can neither afford it nor have the passion to truely persue it either
In Canada you need a degree for almost any job. The university system is just a string of businesses first and learning institutions last.

>> No.55933554

Pet care industry

>> No.55933760

Work part time as a cook at an elementary school making mac & cheese and dishing out applesauce, work part time at the LGS, tutor privately in languages, and sell pot. But the IRS doesn't know about the last two.

>> No.55933775

So... you have a fucked up national education, but act like that's a world trend?
Not sure if I should be sorry for you due to shitty education system or because you are retarded (probably because of said system)

>> No.55933957

The same issue in canada is an issue all across europe as well.

You need degrees and qualification cards for every single little thing, and those cost quite a bit of time and money to acquire.

>> No.55934006

It's wrong. Of course if you are going for a master in sociology, history or most of the humanities minus law you know you will spend 5 years in uni and end up unemployed. It's not being overqualified or something, it's being qualified in a shit field where you have to compete with better people than you.

>> No.55934080

For the record I got an engineering degree so I'm fine but I saw it in school and in the workplace. My relatives in Europe tell me the problem is there also.

The problem is that, for example, when you've got a bachelor's degree in sociology and you're applying for an HR position, you're going to be up against people with Master's degrees due to the shitty system driving up the qualification requirements. The same is true for lab positions for science majors. Hell, I had to compete with people who got masters degrees in engineering just for this entry level position. It's fucking stupid.

>> No.55934101

>The same issue in canada is an issue all across europe as well.
And that would made you American to even consider posting this.
Also, you always needed this shit. Always. Part of what makes your credibility as a worker, regardless of trade, is your qualifications being backed by something. So if you want to hire Juan, because he tells you he's great electrician - your choice. Just don't cry when your entire house short-circuts once per month.

>> No.55934116

Europe is not a country, you know

>you're going to be up against people with Master's degrees due to the shitty system driving up the qualification requirements
How is that shit? Someone has literally better qualifications than you and you consider it wrong. What are you smoking?

>> No.55934130

>Missing the point
I'd rather hire Juan if he had valid job references, experience and a 3 year apprenticeship than someone who spent 5 years in university and has no hands on experience.

>> No.55934136

>when you've got a bachelor's degree in sociology and you're applying for an HR position, you're going to be up against people with Master's degrees due to the shitty system driving up the qualification requirements.
Yes, you are in competition with people with better qualifications because you are a fucking retard who choose a field with way too much workforce in it.
>It's fucking stupid.
It is, but it's not the system's fault, it's the students' and the parents' fault.

>abloblooo my sociology master is worthless in the labour market
>meanwhile trades are looking for apprentices and don't find them

>> No.55934163

And you will know that Juan is electrician, because...
Aside the fact he told you so, along with telling about his experience.

But sure, let's hire him, he's cheaper. Who needs professionals, right? It's not like you MUST spend 2 years on training and then another 2 years of mandatory apprenticeship to even call yourself an electrician, but please, continue amusing us all with your inability to grasp trade jobs and putting them in the same bag as degree-backed jobs.

>Sociology meme
It's no longer valid, anon. For almost a decade, for fucks sake.

>> No.55934175

>It's no longer valid, anon. For almost a decade, for fucks sake.
If I'm looking at my country statistics, over 15% of sociology masters are unemployed.

>> No.55934181

Overqualifications cost money that the shrinking middle class lacks. It's excessive and unnecessary.

Also, I know Europe isn't a country. Its just faster than listing the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

>> No.55934205

You missed the point where I said Juan did an apprenticeship you illiterate fuck. I don't mean just jerking off some dude for years, I meant an actual apprenticeship.
I was saying that I'd rather someone with trade experience doing a trade job than people with degrees winding up doing something that shouldnt be.

>> No.55934258

You know, maybe, just maybe because someone studied for additional few years and made a specialisation, they are more valuable for the employer than someone who barely has a degree at all and thus are hired first.
I mean a fucking child understands that.
Also, if you need to compete with people with higher education than you, you need to ask yourself two important questions:
- why you only have bachelor, while everyone in that field has masters
- what are you doing on the oversaturated marked with being yet another disposable post-graduate of an oversaturated degree?

>> No.55934276

12% in my country. And in 2007 that was 44%. And that was BEFORE financial crysis stuck, adding another few percents.
That's why sociology is a really stale and dead meme nowdays.

>> No.55934291

Oh, and overal unemployment is at 8%, so sociology majors aren't standing out that much.

>> No.55934326

>It's completely acceptable to have a workforce where you need 8+ years in university to get a $20 an hour lab position that should only require a bachelor's
I understand that as an employer you would want to hire the person who went the extra mile. The issue is that the job market is so flooded with people going into university and there not being enough jobs for it. That extra mile is now over 100 miles and It's costing more and more for something that doesn't really require that much education to do. The ratrace has pushed standards higher than they should be. It's nice if you're hiring but shit if you're trying to get hired.
This applies to science, humanities and more.

>> No.55934356

Oh well I fucked up with the history masters. Socio masters have a 20% unemployement. Engineers have 4%, most trades sit at 5% and have better salaries than the socio masters.

Statistically anyone choosing to get into socio is pretty retarded it would seem.

>> No.55934394
File: 88 KB, 252x304, 1359601675819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>store that does only MTG and pokemon TCG
>only opens at night
>shop owner does some other shit on the side, a corporate event organizer or some shit
>somehow they're the most populated store in the whole state
>packed 40+ people events every FNM, other stores would be more than lucky to consistently have 20 people
>booster packs just fly off their shelves
>their sales and event attendance is so good they're given the rights to organize Nationals this year

>owner is just a 28 year old skinny nerd, and his store only existed recently (2 years ago)

I bet guy is rolling in cash from how successful the store is.

>> No.55934407

>a masters degree holder who did 5 years in uni has a lower chance getting a job than the average dude on the streets
>"guise my master is good"

>> No.55934501
File: 6 KB, 235x206, miss the point.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A decade ago, sociology was a dead-end, a literal "I don't want to find job" degree.
This is no longer the case.
The fact I have to state it "aloud" (and do so for the 3rd time) speaks about your reading comprehension, anon

>> No.55934567

About 7 years ago a massive reform of healtcare insurance and coverage from it happend and it pretty much destroyed everyone in the pharmacy business - unless it was a big chain that could use the bulk trading, everyone else was unable to turn profit, closing one after another.
Nowdays the market is so oversaturated with highly-qualified workers with decades of experience, it's pointless to even bother, while wages aren't that great either.

>in a hospital
Literally worst job imaginable, at least in Poland - always using old, decalibrated equipment and always making everything for entire wing, rather than single patient. If I had to make 20 kilo of ointment by hand on daily basis, while being paid minimal wage, I would rather go work in McDonalds.

>> No.55934652

It's still exactly the case.

>> No.55934745

>I don't understand statistics: The Post
Yes, anon, over 40% is the same as 12%.

Or should I mention the unempoyment between people with - wait for it - engineering degrees is at 17% as we speak and doesn't decrease at all, since said 17% of people are those idiots who didn't work during study in their field, leaving them with no contacts and zero practice.
But sure, let's bullshit some more about sociology. At least fucking TRY and check the data of truly unemployed post-graduates, like for example people after pretty much any philology degree (whooping 52%) or psychologists with pedagogical speciality (61% and rising on yearly basis, since there are more and more graduates of a dead-end degree).

tl;dr update your meme

>> No.55934803

The fact that there are even worse subjects doesn't change the fact that if you have a lesser employment than an average dude on the street your degree is literally worse than doing nothing.

>> No.55934889

Wait one second. If unemployment as a whole is 8%, what degrees are even worth pursuing? If engineering is 17%, I can't imagine what is beneath 8%. Or is that just the high-school diploma labour force helping to lower it down?

>> No.55934918

We don't even know what country we are talking about

>> No.55934936

A new crisis is about to hit. Crisis happen every ten years or so. It's just a matter of how soon.

>> No.55934996

Middle class is disintegrating and will break the system within a few years as the number of consumers will drop leading to less sales and therefore less jobs and thus a cycle. Wealth needs redistribution as it's pooling at the top and economic maneuverability is devastatingly low. Could be expedited by nuclear war.

>> No.55935078

Not him, but literally the only job that is for taking up here (Czech Republic) is flipping burgers and construction jobs for minimal wage. Anything else assumes you have degree (doable), job experience of few years (still doable if you run string of internships during student times) and are connected with someone in the decision making (and this one is more important than degree and job experience).
Meanwhile we reached the point of saturation where not even having IT-related degree guarantees job.

>> No.55935092

I know this thread is past bump limit, but still fucking behave yourselves.

>> No.55935115

>Believing in the shrinking middle class is /pol/
What? I thought they were just a bunch of racists over there.

>> No.55935168

>Cherry picking the less bullshit part of utter bullshit to pretend rest of the post didn't happen
Like I've said, >>>/pol/
Also, depends on the country. Last time I've checked, middle class was doing fine up here. Not my fault Americans can't run functional society.

>> No.55935241


No /pol/ here, anon. It is a well observed pattern.

>> No.55935253

I work for a few years. Save up all my money and do investments. Stop working for a few years to do whatever I feel like for a while. Then go back to work for 2-3 years in a different field.

>> No.55935278

I assume you mean Canada? This generation is making less than the previous. Our housing prices are becoming insane. Most young adults still live at home. More and more companies are moving to Mexico or China because our regulations are getting too restrictive. Etc. We're not doing great.

>> No.55935288

What crisis I missed in 1998?

>> No.55935323


Asian financial crisis.

>> No.55935330


wikipedia org/wiki/Early_1990s_recession

>> No.55935573

Guy I know worked it for 8 years, after costs he has what amounted to welfare left for himself.

>> No.55935614

Cycles of expansion and contraction have historically occurred in the U.S. about every eight years at most. If the current expansion continues unabated for two more years, it will be the longest period since the end of World War II. Over time, the likelihood of a contraction grows.

>> No.55935648

Currently I stock shelves and try to stem the mess in a small supermarket.

>> No.55935674

It's always a good time to make money as well. My advice for most people is to be afraid when things are looking good. Avoid investing money keep all your cash.

When things start to contract then look for places to place your money and opportunities for jobs. The most money is gained after a crash.

>> No.55935735

It's a very wargaming oriented career "How can I fuck over people while still technically working in good faith."

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