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Proper General links edition

>Latest thingy from Community, Iyanden focus (doesn't look too OP or even that good)

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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Oh, a /40kg/? I think I'll take it.

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>another fucking thread war
Jesus Christ dude, just post the links in the other one. FUCK off

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>We get through like 4 generals a day. One not having the right links isn't going to fucking kill anyone.

I'd rather play it safe and not lose a link in the shuffle

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Thinking about bringing a vindicare with 5 scout snipers in my next 2k tournament. He regularly leaves a model on 1 or 2 wounds so I'm hoping the scouts will seal the deal. Anyone tried that yet?

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Captain, Tac Sargent, or robed vet sargent. Which of these would look best with the servo skull from the Scions box attached to its backpack?

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Nurgle is best god

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As shit. Well this thread is ruined. Migrate

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Tzeentch is best god

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So which craftworld is gonna get stuck with the -1 to hit at over 12" craftworld trait?

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Robes of course

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Mymaera or whatever the fuck it's called

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So I gotta ask what loadouts folks are putting on Ironclads.

I tried doing dual heavy flamers and all melee weapons before saving it as a counter charge unit and not having it do shit after it fired its Hunter Killers.

I'm thinking about throwing a Hurricane bolter on for extra points and for some extra fire support

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Alaitoc. The ranger one.
They get stealthy rangers who super stealth... stealthy.

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>2% of the entire chapter in that image
GW numbers are retarded

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Created my first list. Could I gets some critiques and suggestions?

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That's a FW one, it wouldn't be in the Codex even if there were going to be more than the Big 5, which there won't.

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fuck robes

tabard > robes

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> get excited to try and paint legio fuegans color scheme on mechanicus today.

After 4 thin coats of yrial over averland the yellow STILL looks like shit.

Look down and realize i had been using flash gitz yellow for over 4 months.


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You right.

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Gonna be honest, I hadn't considered tabards until I'd already bought the robe bits. I'd consider just getting them but isn' only like 2 out of 10 tabards from the BT upgrade box without their cross?

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More importantly, who is gonna get ignore cover and reroll to buildings?

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I'd look up chinese recasters, i think Z sells just the tabard bit for cheap.

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Yeah because they do that with every Codex right?

Sure sucked to be the guy who plays the AdMech Forge World that got ignore cover and re-rol- oh wait.

Yeah man I hated that my IG Regiment got ign- oh nevermind.

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Could I use these as chimeras for krieg?

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u wot

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not even kriegers would ride that thing into battle.

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probably not

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>stuck with
>implying this won't be the best one

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Wrong file

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You'd be better off with the first one

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I'll look into it

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File: 3.16 MB, 348x384, JUST.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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God, I love this unit.

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Eh, i've got one better.

Been assembling FW plague marines for a whole fucking week but for some fucking reason they just wont stop falling apart look down and i've been using plastic glue.

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Look like trash now. I could literally never go back.

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Forgot to add that i've been in this hobby for like 15 years.

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Already lost the Duncan and the > for the math-hammer

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hurricanes are awesome man, cheap as chips too

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A bit hard to top pic-related

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I welcome death lads. Atleast i know i can impove a LOT and the yellow was atleast partially to blame

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I'd suggest never using pure black and use a very dark grey, like VMC German Grey.

Also for an army that covers large portions of the model in yellow, i'd suggest priming in yellow.

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oy vey

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You should elaborate on how you would deploy that clusterfuck of mixed units. Also you've taken 6 squads of cadian guardsmen and decided to give them flamers instead of something that can benefit from their rerolls for some reason. That command squad is expensive and can easily be picked out of the crowd, take just one item per command squad, keep it low key and efficient and they won't draw fire. Whoever told you to mix your heavy weapons teams should be shot for heresy. What is your plan for those two Valkyries?

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It looks like you cracked an egg over that poor model. Just base brown and build to averland. Save yourself the trouble of trying to paint that eyesore of a color

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Probably could but I think you could use a better tank like that of the panzer IV as they have a greater guardsman feel to them and come more across as more on par with that of a chimera.
>weapon wise they have a main cannon aswell as a frontal machine gun similar to Chimera roughly minus the 6 lasguns on the side.
>the Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251 is a light armoured apc that only has a mounted mg42 and stat wise is nothing like a chimera and compares to that of an ork wartrak and will just look out of place if you call it equal to a chimera.
>the shape of the panzer IV has a short wheel base Chasis similar to that of a chimera and looks very similar in regards to how tanks are in 40k.
>you could have some easy is great fun with conversion to make it 40k kreig worthy.

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Yeah, I'll be giving them a go with Hurricane Bolters

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Starting up tyranids, getting the start collecting box next week. How will they play right out the box? What should my next purchase be?

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I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, and just went for what seemed cool. Planned on using Valks for troop transport/air support.

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Nids are getting a new codex and new SC! box in early November, you might want to wait.

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Empower/Enervate seems pretty good, tho it'll probably be 7+ to cast.

+1 to wound on Shining Spears is legit, especially combo'd with Doom, and stacking -1 to wound on T6 Wraithblades or other high toughness models to force 6+ to wound might let Eldar tarpit pretty well.

Maybe it'll make Howling Banshees actually half-decent (maybe)

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making marines competitive.

fix tac marines by letting them take 2 special or heavy weapons per 5 guys, and 3 per 10.

make drop pods 50pts, t5 5w 4+, and allow them to carry goddamn dreadnoughts again.

give them access to more mortal wounds.

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RIP I already ordered it. Any idea whats in the new box? Will probably get that too

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banshees have always been a clusterfuck of concepts.

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Marines were top 2 spots in the last tournament. Shut up. Stop posting forever.

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>I could take 3 flamers on one squad
Please gib this

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Its ok, yrial is much easier to paint and ill be getting it soon, its flashgitz right now

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Thanks Genetor anon! I'll post what I've made so far in just a bit!

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Genestealers, broodlord, and trygon

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>paint to completion half my guardsmen
>stop because I want to work on my nids
>leave guard for couple of years
>new codex
>try to finish remaining guardsmen
>can't remember what paints I used
>a few of the paints have gone bad too
>GW has changed the names again

I'm left painting a few guardmen by trial and error with different shades and hoping to get one that matches the rest. The replacement colprs aren't much good either, GW says the new colors match but anyone who has compared mechrite red to mephiston red can see they don't match. They've done this shit three times since I started 40k back in 2009 with the little bolter-casing paint points. I'm sick of it.

What's a good paint range that isn't going to replace all their colors with new shit every couple of years?

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Only because of guilliman. Marine lists without guilliman are trash at higher levels.

>> No.55905799

Good goy.

>> No.55905802

It's a 6 to cast.

>> No.55905803

not talking about guilliman garbage.

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File: 1.01 MB, 2560x1440, sP1HKXT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ah ha I see you desire the sweet release aswell

got this army off ebay awhile ago.
I've spent to long trying to fix the guys botched attempts at using shade/painting yellow on black fucking primer

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>fix tac marines by letting them take 2 special or heavy weapons per 5 guys, and 3 per 10

That doesn't change anything, all the special weapons are too weak against horde. Tacs would need to shoot twice with bolters to be decent.

>> No.55905816

I used to use them way back in 5th ed to decent effect.
With Doom up and sheer volume of attacks, they were a solid and cheap anti MEQ finisher unit

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>40k krieg worthy

Speaking of which I've been working on these German 88 flak cannons for my krieger's earthshaker carriages, and some nebelwerfers as thudd guns to make the army feel more gritty and thematic (mostly because I hate the lack of detail in GW's artillery and I'm not paying $100 per cannon).

Theres a guy in my group essentially calling me a waac tryhard bandwagoner even though I've been slowly building up my guard forces a few months before the indices even dropped in anticipation.

Its got me really discouraged and I'm having a hard time committing to assembling and painting my Kriegers.

Is he right? Should I have sold my small collection and picked up something else when the new indices dropped to not be a powergamer?

>> No.55905832

3 flamers + combi flamer would be amazing against horde

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Anyone upset by you bringing your "A" game to a battle isn't worth playing with, since they either won't bring their A game, which is boring, or they will, which is hypocritical.

>> No.55905843

what model kit is that?

>> No.55905864

I see you also drink Coke Zero and play Guard. You are my spirit animal, except I don't play space lobotomy friends.

Don't worry about what other people think, build and paint and play whatever you like the most. If people start refusing you games, ask them why or let them decide if it's op or not by actually playing first.

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File: 1.21 MB, 1306x735, Fist1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just leave it as Averland Sunset.
Unless it HAS to be bright ass yellow in order to really fit, you can work with a slightly darker shade and it doesn't seem wrong.

You just need to make the other colours a bit darker so it isn't obvious.

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The lack of cheap transports for Primaris units annoys me.

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File: 42 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tamiya 88mm gun flak 36/37

That's what I thought too, and its not like krieg can bring a wall of conscripts, or deepstriking scions, or massed rerolling doctrines. It's still discouraging to hear though.

>> No.55905883

nah, fuck that guy. as long as you actually care weather your opponent is having fun, and try to adjust at least a little, you can play what you like. its only at the toppest of the top players that shit gets really lopsided.

>> No.55905891

Thats pretty cool. Seems more like start collecting genestealers tho

>> No.55905905

I think GW is gonna push genestealers in the release. So hopefully they'll finally be useful I've collected 120 over the years :D.

>> No.55905906

It would be 2 flamers and a combi-flamer. Which is 6.3 vs geq for 93, already less efficient than standard 0 equipment assault marines.

>> No.55905911

>more fearless armies

GW why

>> No.55905924

Genestealer horde is probably the strongest tyranid list right now. Maybe edged out by tervigons and termagants.

>> No.55905929


>> No.55905931

Which Space Marine Chapter is most "Willing to do some pretty terrible stuff to get shit done"?

>> No.55905939

Battleshock is a complete waste of a mechanic to start with, they might as well just have removed it and made weapons better to compensate.

>> No.55905945

internally they are strong, but externally they are a bit blah.

>> No.55905948

Just did an audit of my Plague Marines, I have 13 Bolter Marines, 3 Plasma Marines, 4 Blight Launcher Marines and 3 Champions with Plasma Gun and Power Fist.

Can make 3, 7 man squads with 4 Blight Launchers and 5 Plasma Gun. Decent number of Plague Marines, or should I go for maybe 7 more?

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File: 74 KB, 612x367, 1501658938553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the support guys, it means a lot to me. I guess I'll get back to assembling now.

Suicidal space Germans out.

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There's a guy at my local store that regularly dominates with a list that's literally nothing but broodlords and genestealers.

>> No.55905986

Yeah, it's really weird. I was reading through the codex for the first time just the other day. Everywhere else it's "Untold millions" and "Uncountable billions" except for the very, very specific and very small numbers they give to marines. They don't say how many Eldar are on a craftworld, they don't say how many people an average hive world houses, they don't even say how many planets are in the imperium past "millions." But they give exact numbers for Space Marine chapters and they're way too small.

>> No.55905987

Replace the Special Weapons squad with a ratling squad. Better aim, same role, and they can redeploy before turn one to get the best line of site on the enemy commanders.

>> No.55905994

Remember to post how it's going in the WIP thread

>> No.55905996

They all do, but Inquisition aligned ones are most likely to perform distasteful deeds on a regular basis

>> No.55906006

That's because broodlords are one of the most efficient HQs in the game and definitely the best in the nid book.

>> No.55906028

May look ghastly to many but I'd say it is colour scheme with potential that gives off a witcher nilfgardian style (pic related) look that I'm now even tempted to try out for my marines now that you have jolted my memory as im in need of an original colour scheme.

>use mechanics standard grey washed with nuln oil built up up with acending highlights of gray for the black to turn into a slightly lighter reflective black that isn't a solid pitch black.
>aim for an end result yellow with a slightly darker tinge like that of how bad moons orks armour is done, there is even a PDF file online by citadel out there if you look hard enough.
>reduce the density of the lighter contrasting yellow on the minature to aim for smaller use of it so the dark creates a greater visual draw in effect upon the yellow.
>Be sure to tidy up that free hand the best you can when your done.
>and if your feeling brave enough maybe even trying blending the yellow with diffrent shades.

>> No.55906031

Not surprising, to counter a genestealer list, you need volume of small arms fire, which is something alot of people neglect. Its the same principle as running conscript and gaunt spam but not as powerful.

But anything i can do with my genestealer army i can do better with most of my other ones.

>> No.55906062

Isn't there a very good chance that the new codex will drive up demand and make things harder to find? Or are GW good at keeping things in stock when they should? New player here too, also thinking of nids coincidentally enough.

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File: 1.10 MB, 2560x1440, Arv07rp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My yellow actually looks pretty close to yours. My phone dulls the color apperently

>> No.55906078

Space marine numbers are fine. They're already the heroes of the entire damn setting, now imagine if they formed the rank and file as well. I think we're fine with less than a million space marines.

>> No.55906080

GW is pretty good at stocking their phyiscal stores and distributors.

The only instance where it becomes a problem is if its an old kit that they don't produce alot of, IE SoB and other old metal kits.

>> No.55906102

Cry me a river I can have my AdMech footslog across

>> No.55906126

That comment did a great job convincing me to grab the current SC box. Don't really like Genestealers, and I'd much rather have the contents of the current box. Now I'm worried that they'll push Genestealers so hard that I'll be forced to use them if I start tyranid.

Does that apply if they put the current SC box out of print? I can't decide if I should gamble and grab it now, wait and hope I can find it and the units I like aren't useless with the new codex, or just cut my losses and try a different army first.

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File: 66 KB, 508x600, painting-faces-tutorial-10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


#1 Space Marines
#2 Space Marines
#3 Chaos Daemons
#4 Chaos
#5 Imperium
#6 Astra Militarum
#7 Genestealer Cults
#8 Chaos
#9 Craftworlds
#10 Ynnari
#11 Astra Militarum
#12 Astra Militarum
#13 Imperium
#14 Astra Militarum
#15 Adeptus Ministorum

>The tournament saw a diverse range of lists.

>> No.55906150

We saw Imperium, Chaos, and Xenos!

>> No.55906179

I think this is the first time a SC! is getting a second one, so its anyones guess.

But old battleforces generally went OOP when a new one replaces an old one.

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File: 168 KB, 811x805, Cult_of_War.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't have to use something thats being shilled by GW. Hell I don't even use Genestealers in my cult unless I'm at 2k points.

>> No.55906194

>#5 Imperium
What did they mean by this?

>> No.55906203

probably imperium soup

>> No.55906208

They're like the bastard child of assault termies and jump pack marines, right?

>> No.55906231

Is the genestealer list somewhere?

>> No.55906239

High speed, good AP, passable number of attacks, low S, low D. I'm not sure what the intended target is honestly. Fire Warriors?

>> No.55906241

I have been trying to decide between picking up 5 of these or 5 assault Terminators

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File: 1.65 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_5655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you want 3 special weapons or more in a squad of 5 play SoB

Daily reminder that SoB are Top Tier.

>> No.55906262

Not that anon, but personally I find it funny. "We're the protagonists, we win everything" - proceed to lose two Marines from stray aa fire while dropping in, cost more than the entire invasion force and cannot replace for years.

Imagine if a salvo of boarding torpedoes missed? RIP a quarter of the Ultramarines.

You could drop every Marine in existence into a warzone and still be outnumbered ten to one just by the Kataphrons accompanying the Skitarii forces or the Guard special weapons guys who will proceed to butcher all the Marines with meltaguns.

>> No.55906268

If you're playing BA, id go with sang guard.

>> No.55906271

Grey Knights murder civilians on a regular basis and think no less of themselves for it.

>> No.55906277


literally how

unless that's just a fancy way of saying IG allied with nids.

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File: 92 KB, 1000x662, 40kGTHeat1Roundup-Image1krs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>winner was the guy from tabletop tactics who used Roboute Guilliman+Razorback spam


>> No.55906284

>As you’d expect, many of the top lists featured Roboute Guilliman, thanks to the universal effectiveness of the Primarch of the XIIIth Legion

These motherfuckers know exactly what they're fucking doing, fuck GW right in their fucking jew arseholes.

>> No.55906287

What other faction can take Sanguinary Guard?

>> No.55906288

My advice fuck what nu gw codex dictating sweaty arseholes think as long as:
>it's within reason and follows the codex
and doesn't use made up rules.
>looks visually attractive to the scenario and dosent stick out like a sore thumb.
>the weapons are part 40k or at least look very similar.
>it's as close to 28mm heroic scale as possible.
>its not your entire army like that and is at least mostly gw legit.
Just think jokes on them your being far more original, imaginative and getting more out of the hobby than them who are getting bent over well and truly by schlomo for paying that much on kreig minatures.

>> No.55906292

imperium soup

>> No.55906294

>They're already the heroes of the entire damn setting

Citation fucking needed

>I think we're fine with less than a million space marines.

You are aware that's such a retardedly low number that the fucking Tau could wipe them all together?

>> No.55906296

That's an imperium list anon.

>> No.55906301

More being nervous that the rest of the nids will get screwed while genestealers get buffed and focused at the expense of the rest. It'd be one thing if I already had the army and had to make do, but I don't have a single model yet and haven't even definitely settled on an army, so I might need t ogo with something more stable that won't get the entire army composition changed in a month.

>> No.55906305

I just assume Space Marine scout companies are larger than anyone's letting on.

>> No.55906323

>Citation fucking needed
They're pretty clearly the poster child for the entire 40k franchise. Not too much of a stretch to make the leap from that to 'hero.'

>> No.55906326

Well you got me there anon

>> No.55906337

Marines are too expensive when weighed against hordes.

>>Make Tac Marines 11pts a model, scouts 10, and make flamers 5 points.
>>Add 1d3 or d6 to all dice hit weapons against units with more than ten models.

>> No.55906391

Or just make Bolters better.
Give them a special rules that says:
"Bolters become AP -1 when shooting at targets with an armor value of 5+ or worse"
Bolters/Storm Bolters are now decent tools for hordeclearing.
Give flamers that shit too, why not.

>> No.55906392

gr8 b8 m8

>> No.55906415

>marines are among the most competitive tournament lists in 8th edition
>waaaaaah, buff us GW, buff us.
>being good isn't good enough, marines should be objectively the best

>> No.55906427
File: 3.02 MB, 4128x3096, 1508196901719-968097885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon from a few threads back; R8 my new Plasms Cavilier I'm converting. Could also be a plasma Bombarder or Mortar.

>> No.55906431

Fine, you tell me how to kill 120 smite spamming brimstone horrors in 6 turns while Magnus is pushing your shit in.

>> No.55906468

Guess marine list is Imperium list too?

It has 0 non Witch Hunter units. I hardly less see how that would be an Imperial soup

>> No.55906469

Imagine reading that as a necron player

>> No.55906485

>one monobuild spamming MSU and using Guiliman wins a tournament
>All marines are good
Okay then anon

>> No.55906503

>tournie player brings OP primarch bullshit list
>meanwhile, "normal" competetive SM lists are easily wiped by the real competitive armies: Guard, SOB, or any of the chaos/imperial soup

>> No.55906534

Would Guilliman still be ridiculous if he had 10 wounds instead of 9? At least that way you could blow him away from across the table.

>> No.55906546
File: 218 KB, 1200x874, IMG_5396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It warms my hurt to see SoB as a top tier army.

Now I do not want new models or rules. Because NuGW will fuck them up

>> No.55906559

No. He'd get squashed by basilisks and other arty every time if he could be picked out.

>> No.55906590

>marine player brings bullshit OP list
>it beats guard bullshit OP lists
>normal marines should be able to beat bullshit OP guard lists without being bullshit OP themselves.

Do you think about the things you post?

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File: 62 KB, 400x392, TypicalLanceGameplay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw we get Rogal Dorn
>tfw he has more than 10 wounds because he isn't a frail, sickly man who hides behind his troops
>tfw he has an aura that lets him act as cover for nearby allies

>> No.55906623

It's a bit more complicated than that, marine chapters are 1000 battle-brothers but that doesn't include all the supporting roles. The Iron Hands might have literal thousands of techmarines going by the suggested size of their motor pool from the SM codex. The SM codex says that Medusa got invaded during the 13th black crusade and the iron hand's motor pool there meant it was the largest armored battle since the horus heresy, implying they have more vehicles than imperial guard tank regiments. Techmarines, librarians, apothecaries, all those don't count against the 1000 mark, and most chapters have more than a thousand anyway because the scout company is larger than it's technically supposed to be.

>> No.55906638

I think it was literally Pete Foley who played GSC and was just memeing.

>> No.55906649
File: 73 KB, 540x440, 1500723669668 - 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that guy is a grot
only grots care about the opinions of other grots
dont be a grot
be an ORK

>> No.55906650

Not really, that's a minor benefit. It doesn't make them survive any longer, just keeps their stats up while still alive. -1 to hit means they last longer which also has the effect of making them degrade less.

>> No.55906664

could be worse and lack even a monobuild.

But desu i really think SM are bland and that's why you don't see alot of variations outside tournament builds.

There is no driving fluff to design an army to be built in a certain way.

>> No.55906671

SOB have always been a top tier army, because they have marine ballistic skill and armor, have ample access to the two most efficient weapons at dealing with their designated target (flamer vs hordes and melta vs heavies), the means to cross the table quickly to get those weapons into position, all the while being chaeper than marines because they're only S3 T3.
I mean, sure, they weren't Eldar/Ynarri/Taudar tier, and a cheesy Smashfucker gravspam list might give them trouble, but in general they were always pretty good.
8th simply amplified their strengths (fast, durable transports, lots of access to special weapons in an edition where basic guns are shit cause they lack AP) and lessened their weaknesses (T3 is alot more durable against horde guns like heavy bolters and such)

>> No.55906672
File: 196 KB, 900x1200, name list.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmm... spot the odd one out.

Spoiler: 71.

>> No.55906685

I bet you're that faggot claiming that SOB should be OP because they're OOP last thread.

>> No.55906688

You don't see a lot of variation because tactical marines without guilliman support are the worst troop choice point for point in the game.

>> No.55906700

>"normal" competetive SM lists

they aren't competitive if they get wiped off the table.

a faction can't be the best at everything, thats how we end up like WMH and bleed players.

>> No.55906711

Even if it was, I'd love to see that tournament run and those games. GSC are necron tier on their own IMO.

>> No.55906714
File: 99 KB, 414x446, 1441130484959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55906715

>a faction can't be the best at everything
Ok, so what are marines good at other than "having Guilliman"

>> No.55906719

>worst troop choice point for point in the game.
What about Chaos Space Marines? ATSKNF definitely beats out DTTFE.

>> No.55906724

having razorbacks.

>> No.55906728

currently best airforce and troop transports.

>> No.55906731
File: 8 KB, 200x146, 1434692081842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not GK Terminators

>> No.55906762

>but externally they are a bit blah
They're the best melee unit in the game point for point.

The only thing weak about them is the fact that melee is generally weaker than shooting, but if you know how to play melee and your opponent doesn't (which is highly likely) you can rape face with genestealers.

>> No.55906772

>a faction can't be the best at everything,
I am not asking for this. I am asking for my tactical squads outfited to be Anti-Horde are actually anti-horde.

>> No.55906779

Perhaps you should take something else designed explicitly to be anti-horde instead?

>> No.55906780 [SPOILER] 
File: 73 KB, 751x862, 1508198589004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They're the best melee unit in the game point for point.

This is incorrect, best melee unit in the game is pic related

>> No.55906785

You'll have to duel me for it!

>> No.55906796

The only things we know about the Tyranid Codex so far is:
>the playtesters think it's absolutely insane and the most exciting one to come out this year
>haruspexes are getting a points decrease buff
>biovores might be getting nerfed a bit

>> No.55906807

>Posting the Primarch Daemon Prince of Chaos Unwanted

>> No.55906817

I'd like to see cool and thematically varied competetive SM lists, like you can do with Guard.
>no Ravenguard gunline armies
>no white scar bike spam armies
>no black templar mass deepstrike/ crusader spam armies
>no iron hands dreadnought spam/ armored company
>Imperial fists dont even exist competetively

I aint asking for marines to autowin every game. I'm asking for the codexes to be varied and balanced internally.
I play nids, mate. Last edition everybody used to complain to me "man nids are so fucking broken with flyrant spam" and ask me to "not bring my nids" (and I dont even own a fucking flyrant) because some fucktarded WAACfag kept tabling people with boring old flying circus spam.
Monobuild =/= Balanced and Competetive army

>> No.55906830

Anon, I have a tac squad with a Flamer and a Heavy flamer. I cant get any more specialized than that.

>> No.55906831

Combis already let them get 2 per 5

>> No.55906839

Anon, you can't do cool and thematically varied any lists.

>> No.55906841

Equal points of genestealers wipe them out to a man with no buffs.

Genestealers are far, far faster and have access to tons of buffs and haven't even gotten their Hive Fleet traits, Stratagems and expanded powers yet.

Berserkers are a solid second best.

>> No.55906847

Chaos marine stratagems beat the shit out of marine stratagems though

>> No.55906852

>I'd like to see cool and thematically varied competetive SM lists

Just like in MTG, competitive lists usually aren't thematically varied. Its just the nature of the beast.

>like you can do with Guard.

you mean conscript.list

>> No.55906856

>no cool thematically varied, yet still competetive lists
>what is the IG codex

>> No.55906863

>only used for conscript and scion spam in competition

What is the ig codex anon?

>> No.55906864

Taurox primes are better than razorbacks

>> No.55906866

>ATSKNF definitely beats out DTTFE.
It doesn't honestly. Morale rarely ever matters for Marines in the first place, and though DTTFE only works against Imperium that's half the factions in the game, and exploding 6's for melee is bretty fucking good actually.

>> No.55906871

Only the earthshakers and quad launchers have German model stand ins. And both are correct to scale. The flak guns are the same size as forgeworlds, but the platforms are a bit larger, akin to the large "X" platforms they sold, so I'm not shoving 4 into a corner like in MWG's recent grey knights v AM video.

Everything else is stock plastic & resin

>> No.55906899
File: 20 KB, 629x564, 2000 points lists.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on this 2000 points list I've come up with for myself? For Death Guard.

Only thing I'm lacking at the moment from it, is the Blight Hauler which is proving quite elusive. Haven't build 1 Plagueburst yet. Rest is either complete, or needs painting.

>> No.55906901

Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament Heat 1.Any seen the 2nd place winners Raven Guard all-Primaris armys list?

>> No.55906914

>all-Primaris army
but /tg/ said Primarines were crap and you could only win games using old marines

>> No.55906916
File: 161 KB, 1008x1544, DMS1LHRX0AAWUec.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If im gonna be an IG scumbag im at least gonna have the decency to be a fully painted IG scumbag.

>> No.55906927

I'm pretty sure the guy lost at least one game. He just got a ton of Sportsmanship points.

>> No.55906931

because non gman armies suck.

>> No.55906940

Exploding sixes multiplies your attack volume by 7/6. ATSKNF makes your expected morale roll 2.75, multiplying the overall result by 11/14, which is better than multiplying it by 6/7, but not by a lot. Neither rule is remotely as good as re-rolling all failed wounds or all failed hits, for reference.

>> No.55906942
File: 24 KB, 309x337, i've seen some shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55906954

It's more varied than in 7th at least

>> No.55906960

GF want to start painting and playing an army. She likes Sisters of Silence.

There are only like 3 choices of SoS, not including their Rhino. Should we perhaps pick up some other Astra Telepathica units like the Psyker etc?

How would you go about this?

btw she didn't care for Sisters of Battle models to be honest.

>> No.55906978

>Neither rule is remotely as good as re-rolling all failed wounds or all failed hits, for reference.
What fucking army has a special rule that re-rolls all failed hits or wounds, faggot? How is that even relevant?

>> No.55906987
File: 141 KB, 1024x575, 1506958229925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she didn't care for Sisters of Battle
Cleave her head from her shoulders and get a better gf.

>> No.55906996

SoBfags are the worst, kill yourself.

Patrician gfs play xenos.

>> No.55907012

All of them. Though if you want a classic one, then the Crimson Fists are a good choice.

>> No.55907017

She may come around to other armies/models later on but right now she is really more interested in Sisters of Silence.

I'd rather she get models she actually likes so she can enjoy the hobby aspect of the game.

>> No.55907018

Why are space marines, let alone two Dreads escorting an Inquisitor?

>> No.55907028

Parade march and he's a lord inquisitor

>> No.55907029

That is exceedingly decent anon.

>> No.55907031

It's a Terran parade, IF are the honorary Chapter of Terra since the defense of the Palace during the Heresy.

>> No.55907037

That's Tac marines.

>> No.55907051

I'm still new to W40k so this is a bit of a silly question

I see people putting their models on cool little bases and shit, but it makes them taller.

Wouldn't that affect cover?

>> No.55907055

Patrician gf(male)s play Blood Angels.

>> No.55907059

Working on a 2k list for a tournament this weekend. Wanting to try out mixed AM and SM. The AM is a bit weird because I'm limited in what heavy and special weapons I own right now. I'm wanting to try the scout sniper/vindicare teamup and see how it does.

Cadian battallion
Company commander with power sword, kurov's aquila, grand strategist
Lord Commissar with power fist

Infantry squad with flamer and autocannon
Infantry squad with flamer and missile
MT squad with plasma pistol, plasmagun, volleygun

HW squad with 3 mortars
HW squad with 2 missiles and a lascannon
Leman russ with battle cannon lascannon 2 heavy bolters

Command squad with 4 GLs
Special weapon squad with demo charge and 2 flamers

Iron Hands detachment

Gravis captain with armor indomitus
Jump chaplain

5 intercessors with GL and power sword
5 intercessors with GL and power sword
5 sniper scouts

5 jump pack vanguard with a few stormshields and loads of power weapons
Contemptor with KAC

Devastator squad (2 HBs, plasma, lascannon, cherub)
Predator with autocannon and 2 lascannons

Aux detachment:

>> No.55907061

Only for vehicles

>> No.55907063

Pick one.

>> No.55907064

Is there ever a reason to take pintle mounted guns? They seem like a waste of points.

>> No.55907065

Yeah I know that. Space Marines shouldn't be the go to force of the imperium. They should only be deployed when nothing but a space marine can get the job done. If there were enough space marines to single handedly win every battle then the IG would be completely redundant.

>> No.55907067


But it’s cool so it doesn’t matter

>> No.55907069

math hammer says you are wrong

Points per wounds (geq/meq) [lower is better]
berserker (6.95/12.75)
genestealer (8.68/18)
genestealer 10+ (6.95/13.5)

This is calculated without the berserker champion, who would decrease the amount more.

>> No.55907082

Not for infantry, they are either in cover or not, they are assumed to hug walls, crouch ect.

Vehicles and large monsters ate different though.

>> No.55907085

>that's such a retardedly low number that the fucking Tau could wipe them all
and you're basing this on.. what, exactly?

>> No.55907098


>> No.55907102

It affects LOS, but only affects cover for non-infantry.

True model LOS, a mainstay of the rules for many editions now, punishes you the more creative you are with modelling/basing, since TOs respond the obvious way: they ban modelling for effect, a nebulous, impossible to define line between modelling for cool and modelling for rules.

>> No.55907103

It's okay if he is only pretending and doesn't actually think he's a girl.

>> No.55907112

So people keep saying the Plagueburst is a better AT for DG than a laspred.
Even taking into account increased surviveability, how does 2 bs 4 shots compete with 4 bs 3?

>> No.55907126
File: 23 KB, 480x480, 1506298453029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>1st Place

>>Lord of War: Roboute Guilliman

>>HQ: Tigurius

>>HQ: Space Marine Captain with Teeth of Terra (relic)

>>Troops: 5 Tactical Squads (lascannon in each squad. Sergeants carrying chainsword and bolt pistol)

>>Dedicated Transport: 6 Razorbacks (Twin assault cannons)

>>Flyer: Stormraven Gunship (lascannon, multi-meltas, hurricane bolters)

The fuck kind of list is this?

>> No.55907135

Mathhammer on a single statistic doesn't account for everything. There's more to a unit than point per wound inflicted, which you'll notice the stealers do almost completely evenly above 10 models.

Also this is not accounting for the fact that Berserkers already have Codex buffs and stealers are still index.

>> No.55907137
File: 196 KB, 432x444, 1491873990730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>those highlights

>> No.55907142

Wow, look at all those women, we really should pander to them more!

>> No.55907155

A winners list

>> No.55907159

Can you really blame her?
I got a similar reaction when a player wanted to play 40k.
She had been playing a Hospitaller and was loving the living hell of the power armoured corset wearing nuns with guns.

Saw the 2 decade old model line and well her enthusiasm died there.

>> No.55907161

But it's not as good as having a cunny. Anal sex is for disgusting low-bred savages.

>> No.55907168
File: 14 KB, 299x250, mad as heck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Vindicare wound infantry on a 2+
>mfw Guilliman isn't infantry
>mfw Magnus isn't infantry
>mfw Mortarion isn't infantry
>mfw best sniper in the galaxy can't hurt his primary targets

>> No.55907172

Someone forgot to tell this guy he doesn't get free transports anymore.

>> No.55907183

A first placing kind of list, clearly.

>> No.55907190

>most play tested edition!

>> No.55907197

Bog standard msu shooty list that wouldn't be out of place in 5e.
The funny part is that UMs do msu well in 30k, as well.

>> No.55907205

>Some homo with a scope can take a Primarch

>> No.55907215

What about cuddling, kissing and blowjobs while arguing about 40k?

>> No.55907224

Anal is the sport of kings

>> No.55907229

You can do this with real females who are softer and cuter.

>> No.55907234

Imperial Fists, as their reward for being the primary defenders of Holy Terra itself during the Horus Heresy, are allowed the sole right to have Holy Terra as a recruiting world.

They pick up space marine recruits from Terra Itself. And as a result, they also maintain a single company as a permanent garrison on Terra. These space marines are probably part of the Terran honour guard.

>> No.55907257

point for point berserkers are the better melee unit and are currently the best in the game.

>> No.55907262

To be fair Primarchs should stop getting wanked as being fantasy demi-gods in terms of survivability. Sure, Magnus and Morty are Daemons now, but Guilliman should be literally no tougher against an anti-tank caliber round blowing his skull into a million messy pieces than any random tactical marine. He's still just made of meat.

>> No.55907279

Genestealers have an easier time getting into melee and striking first. Ergo they are better at actually being melee units.

>> No.55907310

In HH, Guilliman himself said that a bolt to the head would very likely be enough to do him in, and the primarches, while not dead, have been taken out of action from battlefield wounds, even if it takes a fair bit to put them down.

>> No.55907317

What is a good loadout for a squad of 5 Sanguinary Guard?

>> No.55907321

>Primarchs should stop getting wanked as being fantasy demi-gods

But that's what they are.

>> No.55907325

>arguing about 40k
>with females

Good luck mate

>> No.55907338

While faster, berserkers can take transports which will bridge the speed gap and protect their numbers. While genestealers get FF into the ground.

T. Nid and CSM player

>> No.55907355

But that's not what they are. They're just genetically engineered dudes. They're still dudes. One bomb in the right spot, one well-aimed bullet, will kill the fuck out of them. They shouldn't be charging around at the front of armies like retards in a setting where at any moment a spaceship could launch an orbital bombard that levels the entire battlefield for several miles around them into smoking ash.

>> No.55907362

In what way?

>> No.55907365

Now how do they get into combat?
What are their deployment options?
How well do they synergize with other units in the army?
What army bonuses do they benefit from?

>> No.55907370

See exactly. The fluff needs to do more to emphasize this.

>> No.55907386

>But that's not what they are.

Yeah it is.
40k is a Fantasy setting, and they're the mostly mortal sons of a god.

>> No.55907397

The part isn't equal to the whole. And why were you tallking about codex Tryanid improvements? When were the leaks?

>> No.55907400

>They're still dudes.
That hasn't been the case since literally 2e. Hell, the battle of Sangy against Ka'banda is a 3e tale, iirc.
Primarches are the GD equivalents of the Imperium, just as inhuman, and have been for decades. Stop bitching.

>> No.55907404

Cheaper, faster, more guns, more transport capacity, all they're missing is a point of toughness.

>> No.55907417

Doesn't really matter, CSM have better options than tyranids.

>> No.55907427

>Yeah it is.
They are canonically just genetically engineered super humans. Made of the same materials humans are, which is meat and bone, which is not particularly great at not getting blown the fuck apart by even infantry-portable weaponry.

If you put a bolt pistol to G-man's head while he's out of his force-field equipped suit and pull the trigger, dead G-man. Period. End of story. He's a corpse then.

Also 40k is not and has never been a fantasy setting. It's a space opera with some fantasy elements, which all work much better when made as sci-fi as possible.

>> No.55907441

>Hell, the battle of Sangy against Ka'banda is a 3e tale, iirc.
Sanguinius is a hyper-powerful psyker.

>> No.55907442

whats the best configuration for one?

All i know is the assback is cheaper by 11 points at the cheaper config.

>> No.55907445
File: 141 KB, 521x555, demigods.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They are canonically just genetically engineered super humans.


>Also 40k is not and has never been a fantasy setting.

It always has been.

>> No.55907446

>The fluff needs to do more to emphasize this.
By Guilliman getting punk'd, made to look weak?
He already got trashed by his brothers in every battle, and barely survived a horde of daemons with the aid of his +5 Holy Avenger.
It seems you are more concerned with powerful figures being made to look like shit so you can crow than anything else.

>> No.55907449

how are word bearers in eight edition anons?

>> No.55907450
File: 46 KB, 252x143, IMG_1139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55907467

You are dodging the argument. I am asking for a comparison of the totality of what each unit can bring to the table, rather than mathhammer.

>> No.55907474

alright, they aren't the best CSM chapter but the book is pretty competitive.

>> No.55907478

It's not literal, any more than Space Marines are literally angels of death. It's a poetic term used to describe them. They're literally people with some genetic modifications. A single well-aimed boltshell to the face would murder one instantly.

>> No.55907485

and i'm telling you as a chaos and tyranid player that everything considered, berzerkers are better.

in math hammer AND experience.

>> No.55907488


>> No.55907492

>Sanguinius is a hyper-powerful psyker.
According to what?
The only primarches noted for their open use of psyker powers is Lorgar and Magnus.
>Also 40k is not and has never been a fantasy setting
The fuck, dude, I've never heard anyone actually say that.

>> No.55907497

>It's not literal

It is.

>They're literally people with some genetic modifications.

Nope, Primarchs are made with magic.

>A single well-aimed boltshell to the face would murder one instantly.

Fulgrim got shot in the head and was fine.

>> No.55907520

>It seems you are more concerned with powerful figures being made to look like shit so you can crow than anything else.
No I want them to be properly portrayed as invaluable figures who can't be out fighting in the front lines like any other super-human retard with a big sharp stick, and actually utilizing their strategic acumen and skills as commanders.

>> No.55907525

>Also 40k is not and has never been a fantasy setting. It's a space opera with some fantasy elements, which all work much better when made as sci-fi as possible.
That's just straight bullshit. 40k has been fantasy in space since the get-go. The science has never been harder than chocolate pudding.

All of the primarchs are psychically active. They're more than just flesh and blood; there's some powerful warp mojo ticking in them.

>> No.55907536

A razorback with 12 S6 ap-1 shots is 100 points

Taurox prime with 20 S4 AP0 shots and 8 S4 AP-2 shots is 101 points.

I forgot that the taurox prime went up 5 points but either way I'd pick its firepower over the razorback most of the time.

>> No.55907538

>They're literally people with some genetic modifications and a warp storm powering their supernatural abilities
Let's ignore how everything you are saying is contradicted in lore, mechanics and presentation for the last 20+ years, and cut to the quick: Yur a faggot, and need to cease your faggot ways.

>> No.55907543

>>Sanguinius is a hyper-powerful psyker.
>According to what?
Nigger how are you this out of touch, I don't even read Horus Heresy and I know Sangy was one of the top psykers amongst the Primarchs.

>> No.55907546
File: 277 KB, 396x396, 1507675409639.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heh... Guilliman... be a shame to... plague Ultramar

>> No.55907553

Everyone who is still playing from an index. What are you hoping to see in your codex?

I'd love to see the Great Unclean One go to T8 when Chaos Deamons comes out.

>> No.55907558

Basically loyalists without a chapter tactic. So extremely mediocre.

The book is mediocre as fuck. Look at all the CSM that made it into the top fifteen at the the GT.

>> No.55907566

>All of the primarchs are psychically active. They're more than just flesh and blood; there's some powerful warp mojo ticking in them.
>Nope, Primarchs are made with magic.
If that's the case then Guilliman should have the Psyker keyword and be vulnerable to stuff like psyk-out grenades.

>> No.55907572
File: 1.09 MB, 571x843, fantasy setting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also 40k is not and has never been a fantasy setting.

Fuck you.

>> No.55907575

The Tchpriest's Servo Arm says I can only make one attack with it per turn. Am I allowed to make one attack with the Ax and one with the servo arm, since the techpriest has 2 attacks? Or does using the servo arm mean losing all other attacks regardless of the weapon?

>> No.55907585

9 Spells for Tzeentch
God of magic should have more fucking magic then his cunt associates

>> No.55907587

Make him easier to kill by adding 1 more wound.

This No target character of 9 or less unless closest for him is utter, unequivocal, bullshit

>> No.55907593

>Look at all the CSM that made it into the top fifteen at the the GT.

The problem is that GW didn't balance rowboats properly and GTs are usually an indicator of whats the most broken out of all the broken shit people can put together.

>> No.55907595

>f that's the case then Guilliman should have the Psyker keyword

Why? He doesn't use psychic powers, he just made with magic. Primarchs are blends of science and sorcery. DEMIGODS.

>> No.55907597

Even fucking Solar Macharius in 2e was a fierce frontline warrior, and had the statline to take on a SM mighty hero.
No, Sangy was one of the top warriors. As a different anon said, all of them had warp power behind their superhuman abilities, but they did not actively use psyker powers on the battlefield. Lorgar and Magnus were the exceptions.

>> No.55907600
File: 91 KB, 1130x900, 1435513658469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop posting this in every thread you autist
also stay the hell away from my faction

>> No.55907608

>8 foot Demihuman standing next to a squad of 4foot Ratlings

>> No.55907611

>Even fucking Solar Macharius in 2e was a fierce frontline warrior, and had the statline to take on a SM mighty hero.
Christ, that's retarded.

>> No.55907614

i'd consider it a push and wouldn't be upset with either one. How does a taurox compare to the flying land raider?

>> No.55907628

Then make him powerful enough to survive being focus fired down like the other primarch models, and I wouldn't mind that.
Like I figured, you are just looking for a reason to tear Guilliman down, but not applying any of that to other figures. Let's see some of the other primarches get punk'd, say it took a single squad of GKs led by a master to strike down Angron.

>> No.55907631
File: 721 KB, 1555x920, IMG_1140.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ. You're so out of touch with the 40k universe, this imperial battle barge is here to take you back to Terra

>> No.55907632
File: 617 KB, 1833x1584, 40KKK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the demi humans, of course!

>> No.55907636

He had a rule that generated random WS and I think attacks
Old War Wounds or something like that

Still retarded that a grand strategist is also a duelist

>> No.55907640

>Like I figured, you are just looking for a reason to tear Guilliman down
That's not even the same poster

>> No.55907645

Sangy had prophetic dreams, like a less faggy Kurze.

>> No.55907646

Taurox Prime with that loadout is only 95 pts
Base cost 65
Gatling cannon 18
2 volley guns 12
= 95

>> No.55907648

Then I think you need to go play Infinity.
Your last (you) today, anon.

>> No.55907654

Sangunius and Kurze used their foresight in battle. Russ had his psychic howl and Corax could turn invisible.

>> No.55907662

>people earlier in this thread talking about how genestealers are soooooo OP compared to bezerkers
you suck and are dumb, berserkers are way better.
>when attacked, have 3+ and
>S6 v S4, wounding GEQ on a 2+
>at concurrent point values have 8 attacks (6 from bezerkers/WE, 2 from chainsword) to a measly 4 attacks (which drops to 3 below 10 models)
So while in a fight it's basically who hits first between the two, comparing ability at say 170 points bezerkers come out way ahead in general utility. Also people fuck off, chaos is not a bad army, I can't believe you lot are already slinking back to the boo-hoo we suck days; they're insanely OP against most armies that aremt gorillaman or guard. Fuck slannesh termies

>> No.55907666

>Then I think you need to go play Infinity.
What the fuck does that have to do with expecting 40k to have some consistency in power levels?

>> No.55907671

And Mortarion could teleport.
And Pert could always see the Eye.
And Corax could render himself imperceptible.
Those were the powers they had as a part of their creation, not drawn externally from the warp, which is what psyker powers are.

>> No.55907679 [SPOILER] 
File: 144 KB, 600x600, 1508202152162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a less faggy Kurze

But anon, he's a blood angel. The second most homosexual chapter in the game

the points cost for the volley guns are off they are 18

>> No.55907692

>can get back up
>Bodyguard units exist

True. Im just a wandering "Gman ruined 8e" poster.

>> No.55907695

I want Keeper of Secrets to be faster and have more attacks.

>> No.55907698

Yeah you're right battlescribe's points for it are still off

>> No.55907717

You'd need some massive retcons to get any consistency out of 40k.

>> No.55907730

Downside of the taurox prime, unlike the vanilla taurox it can only transport scions.

Yeah all the tauroxes are dedicated transports but if you're not running scions the prime will only ever be gun boat. In that case, why not spend the extra 50 points and instead take a punisher leman russ that throws out 40 S5 shots?

>> No.55907740

So it's just magic?

It's warp bullshit. It's always been warp bullshit.

>> No.55907741
File: 86 KB, 576x468, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55907749

>lacks the durability and offensive power that other primarch models have that justifies their status on the table

>> No.55907758

It's not like a razorback is going to be carrying much. Tac marines are garbage, devastators don't need to move around, about all I can see putting in one is a few sternguard.

>> No.55907766
File: 470 KB, 1024x768, 102_5500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I've been working on this Ork weirdboy and the last touches of this small group of Stormboyz.

Little trepidation, as now comes the hard part of painting the sphere.

Lend me your energy?

So, What have you been working on?

>> No.55907768

I'm with you on that. The Greater deamons feel lackluster next to Princes which feels pretty bad.

>> No.55907785

>has significantly more powerful buffs

>> No.55907791

>get back up
Ooh wow, tell that to a line of neutron lasers, a volcano Cannon, a twin leviathan storm Cannon, a few imperial knights gunning up, predator kill shot, a bunch of dark Reapers, etc.
I hate Bobby G coming back in the age of herohammer as much as anyone, but screwing his rules for that isn't right. Personally I like him being a smaller and team-player oriented primarch, and I hope they differentiate more than "unkillable T7/18W beast that gives a single buff to the army" if they bring more in. Angron being W8 but having like 11 attacks would be awesome.

But if we could go back and make G better? Sure, why not. Make him as big as morty and whatever, but as is the plan seems to be smaller mortal Primarchs that give buffs to the whole team

>> No.55907812

>Angron being W8 but having like 11 attacks would be awesome.

Angron is a daemon, he's going to be big.

>> No.55907816

>Angron being W8 but having like 11 attacks would be awesome.
Last I checked Angron is a fucking humongous bloodthirster that's like several stories tall, he's bigger than Magnus now.

>> No.55907819

plus the russ has objective secured if you take it in a spearhead detachment.

>> No.55907828
File: 381 KB, 1152x1728, 1508199707446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/wipg/ is dead, how do these marking look? I did this on an old raider to test it to break up the red

>> No.55907836
File: 311 KB, 673x1684, marine wip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good luck anon

got this guy prettymuch finished yesterday, just need to touch up a few little bits and glue a backpack on

>> No.55907842

In an imperial guard spearhead

Imperial soup lists are using the taurox prime as a gunboat

>> No.55907845

That isn't how that works.

>> No.55907870

Yes it is.

>> No.55907871

Rawbooty Girlyman's model is already way to large. In the lore, Primarchs are described as being about as tall as a marine in terminator armour. Guilliman's 30k model made by FW is almost twice as tall as a terminator. Guilliman's 40k model is even bigger.

>> No.55907895

ObSec is only for Troops. Spearhead doesn't make them Troops.

>> No.55907900

>If your army is Battle-forged, all Troops units in ASTRA MILITARUM Detachments and all LEMAN RUSS units in Spearhead Detachments gain this ability. Such a unit that is within range of an objective marker (as specified in the mission) controls the objective marker even if there are more enemy models within range of it.

>> No.55907907

I'd like to see some battlesuit point drops and a reworked markerlight table, some access to mortal wounds would be great too

>> No.55907915

>So, What have you been working on?

Painting my very first model, it's going as terrible as you can imagine.

>> No.55907920
File: 75 KB, 214x252, troop russ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55907922

Oh he is? Pity. I always liked in 30k that he was smaller and didn't have a 2+, but compensated by sheer destructive force in combat. Oh well, how about a W8 Lorgar that gives fearless and +1 to summoning/hit rolls? Or Lion giving +1 to wound to play up the knight-errant/Hunter thing?

I dunno, it just seems cooler than 18 flavors of 'the biggest, strongest Primarch with T7/W18/3++'

>> No.55907931

Trying to speed through painting my rank and file MKIV CSM aka my non-leaders. Do I have to paint the weird harness the MKIV armor has a different color, or did that just get colored the same as the armor? I've also seen the studded armors painted the same color, too.

>> No.55907937

The loyalist will probably be force multipliers
The traitor will probably be T7/W18/3++

>> No.55907944

>about a W8 Lorgar

He's a daemon and will be big.

>> No.55907946

Holy shit. The IG codex really is something else.

>> No.55907960

Fair enough. Fulgrim may prove interesting though, I'm expecting T6/W9/4++ but with fuckery to hit, wound, etc. Lion too, I'm curious if GW will actually do space Knights with him (in which case I'm starting a consecrators army then and there)

>> No.55907969

Whats a good Dark eldar unit for killing imperial fist devastators in ruins with a techmarine or whatever nearby giving them extra save to ruins?

>> No.55907971

>Fulgrim may prove interesting though, I'm expecting T6/W9/4++

He's a big daemon.

>> No.55907991

Daemons summoned within 9 inches of him only consume half reinforcement points.

>> No.55907992

Fulgrim is a giant snakeman

>> No.55907999

>a techmarine or whatever nearby giving them extra save to ruins?

??? Are you playing 7th edition ???

>> No.55908003

I bet your ass Fulgrim will have 4th/5th ed lash of slaanesh to pull units INTO Fulgrim and just fuck with your opponent's movement.

>> No.55908007

its okay man, it takes some time to get good. I'd recommend practicing on some other minis if your pool is small, I bought a bunch of cheap reaper minis with various poses and designs and they helped me a good bit

>> No.55908009

God fucking damnit, has GW lost all nuance with daemons then? Do they always have to be giant monsters battering down the door? What happened to the corrupting whisper in your ear and all that cool shit?

Then again you can't charge 60$ for a G-sized model, so go figure

>> No.55908015

>If you play "Losing my religion" on a hand-held device, Lorgar is removed from play once the song ends.

>> No.55908032

He's a big guy

>> No.55908043

11W, T6
Enemy units can't fall back within 6 inches of Fulgrim
Lash of Slaanesh as a 12 inch pistol that forces enemy units to move as close as possible to Fulgrim if hit by it in the shooting phase.

>> No.55908050
File: 11 KB, 214x235, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this meme again

>> No.55908061

I would love to see lash of slaanesh return, it was such a fun power and allowed for some cool tricks

>> No.55908062

I should have started with my start collecting pack of necrons I bought for no real reason but instead I decided to jump into trying to paint the a rubric marine when I only have 2 packs and that will be my actual army eventually.

>> No.55908082

the best part is that, not only are they not infantry, but maggy and morty are still astartes.

>> No.55908086

Whats the best Deldar melee unit?

>> No.55908109

Is that the same fluff that had angron get stepped on by a titan

>> No.55908119

What is Lorgar and Perturabo like now?
Are they giant ass daemons to?

Put of all the Traitor Primarchs those are the only two I can see functioning primarily as a force multiplier.

Out of the Loyalists, Leman Russ is the one I think is most likely to be a combat monster (metaphorically. Or well, maybe literally. Canis Helix and all)

>> No.55908137

>Are they giant ass daemons to?


>Out of the Loyalists, Leman Russ is the one I think is most likely to be a combat monster (metaphorically. Or well, maybe literally. Canis Helix and all)

Him and blood-ghost Sangunius.

>> No.55908160

stop that

>> No.55908169
File: 135 KB, 432x768, IMG_20171016_212935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a shame that GW didn't expand on this bit like they did last edition. In the TH book, they could take a relic that gave a penalty to enemy reserves. Obviously, there are no reserve rolls in 8th, but there are plenty of other ways to disrupt communication like messing with strategems.

>> No.55908179

Stop what?

>> No.55908197

I don't think he appreciates the fact that GW is going to Lazarus the shit out of Sangi

>> No.55908216

The only question will be if they do it before or after Horus is brought back

>> No.55908218

Only if we also get the Ghost of Ferrus Manus to remind us that we are weak.

>> No.55908219

How would you make a rule that represents that without making it OP or random though? Making your opponent's stratagems work on a 4+ instead of just happening or cost 1 CP more would be too powerful

>> No.55908229

Cawl has a robot with a AnimatatumMatrix that can hold souls

>> No.55908236

Mortal wounds on whatever is coming in maybe?

>> No.55908246

On a 4+ make the CP cost +1, make a 1CP NL Stratagem to add the effect of 6+'s make it cost +2.

>> No.55908248

I like it anon. The lines are smooth, and the look quite nice.

>> No.55908250

Reinforcements entering the field need to enter at least 12" away instead of 9"

>> No.55908266

spend CP to cancel an enemy stratagem of the same cost would be fun and pretty fair.

>> No.55908268

Not him but easy

"When an opponent would deploy a unit as Reinforcements, roll a d6. On a 4+, that unit cannot be deployed this turn. This ability cannot be used on the same unit more than once."

>> No.55908294

make it 3" more than normal, instead. That leaves open the possibility of other rules which can shorten the distance.

>> No.55908309

good point

>> No.55908351

>Night Lords outmaneuver an assassin
I think we know how that actually went

>> No.55908352
File: 59 KB, 600x620, 99020187199_DomitarClassBattleAutomataManiple01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think anyone would have a problem with me using Heresy Domitar Battle Automata for counts as 40k Kastelan robots? I hate the 40k versions.

>> No.55908373

Literally no one except for people on the spectrum, the people who are jealous and people who are cunts

>> No.55908391

I'd love to play against them, they're gorgeous models.

>> No.55908392

What happened to the Sanguinary Guards Ability to bring a chapter banner?

>> No.55908413

No, I do the same thing except I use Castellax. The Kastelan models are so fucking terrible it's a crime.

>> No.55908457


Thanks mates

Great! Yeah I considered buying the Castellax but I like the articulation/posing the Domitars have.

If only something in 8th needed representing by the Ferrum Class Automata or the big namby jamby Thantars. Those things are sex on bases.

>> No.55908469

I know you're taking the piss but there's an easy reason why no Forgeworld got that trait. It's because the only extra wargear worth taking on our troops is ignore cover. I could see a use for the data tether if it we're roll two pick lowest for moral instead of just atsknf

>> No.55908507

It would have to be Cost+1.

>> No.55908523
File: 385 KB, 1280x960, 09a36967eb41be615f7941fa5e913e78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like my dumb 1950 beep boops

>> No.55908530

This does not Answer my Sanguinary Guard question anon

>> No.55908542

Oh yes
>Night Lords allow the assassin into their fortress because Batman said so
>batman tells them to let her go
>assassin kills Batman
>night lords ignore batman's orders because they're shitty criminals
>assassin gets the shit kicked out of her
>ultimately let her go anyway
>capture another assassin year's later
>torture location of temple out of her
>infiltrate temple and secures the holovid
Night lords are a shitty legion, but they're like fucking stink bugs. They have the amazing ability to get into places they have no right being able to sneak into. That's their autistic super power. Unlike the alpha legion however, night lords are looking to ambush, not integrate. For the assassin example, they fucking drop beared the shit out of her by hiding in the ceiling arch ways.

Can you imagine that? You're just walking along your big palace area and a squad of 8ft tall armored super humans drop down, kidnap the person you were having a conversation with, and then the one you didn't see staples you to the wall and keeps your femur as a trophy.

>> No.55908630

>weapons that are designed to fell a titan
If they can't kill gman then why hasnt the imperium won?

Oh wait, they actually did.

>> No.55908642

>Mathhammer on a single statistic doesn't account for everything

It does when you're calculating which ones are better at hitting things.

You're not going to get all your ranks in melee anyway.

>> No.55908645
File: 197 KB, 332x406, YK0yyni.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

01001001 01101101 00100000 01110011 01101111 01110010 01110010 01111001 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100100 01101111 01101110 01110100 00100000 01110011 01110000 01100101 01100001 01101011 00100000 01100101 01101110 01100111 01101100 01101001 01110011 01101000

>> No.55908675

Where can we see the other army lists?

>> No.55908730

>>>Dedicated Transport: 6 Razorbacks (Twin assault cannons)

I already knew assback spam was good but seeing both this AND FW's website top seller page with their assault cannon razorback turret kit on it made me laugh.

>> No.55908780

Love it when a shithead who's never even seen the cofex trys to tell everyone the rules.

Take the knot you fuck.

>> No.55908794

>forgeworld isn't pay to win!
>all top lists spam FW units/upgrades

>> No.55908828
File: 160 KB, 500x1222, calculated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55908905

What do you guys take on your big boy knights?

>> No.55908923

Assault cannon razorbacks are a GW unit, they just don't give you the guns for it in the box.

>> No.55908975

It wouldn't bother me, but before you buy those, I'd recommend checking out some alternative heads people have made for the Kastelans.

>> No.55908993

Don't forget Quicksilver Swiftness

>> No.55909013

>I'd recommend checking out some alternative heads people have made for the Kastelans.
Those do nothing to address the fact that the entire rest of the model is shit, and even the 3rd party heads are still relatively shit, because there's nothing 3rd party that's better than a 5/10

>> No.55909023

There's some third party these days that's better than FW. FW casts are actually not spectacular.

>> No.55909044


Just buy the 30k robots. There's no reasoning with people who like the 40k robots because they have shit taste.

>> No.55909049
File: 108 KB, 800x800, IMG_0121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think this head does so much for the model. It exposes its veneer of smoothness is a facade.

>> No.55909053

>There's some third party these days that's better than FW
Hahaha, no.

Like fuck resin, but 3rd party is 95% utter pig disgusting crap and 5% passable but mediocre conversion parts.

>> No.55909063

See >>55909013
>Those do nothing to address the fact that the entire rest of the model is shit

>> No.55909072

t. recast shitters

>> No.55909088

If you say so, but I say you haven't had the right third party. I just got a Great Knarloc in the mail from Poland. It's fucking beautiful. After assembling a FW R'myr, I can safely say the third party was a better cast.

>> No.55909091


If you closed their hood and covered the head with a black or armor colored visor like the 40k ones it would be pretty good

>> No.55909117

>he doesn't know
>difference between third-party and bootlegger
>the difference between "cast" and "sculpt"
>why cast quality is irrelevant when discussing sculpts
>how to make a proper comparison, by comparing a non-Tau/suit/R'myr with a R'myr model

I want to establish a Fourth Reich dedicated to eliminating people as stupid as you.

>> No.55909159

It's crazy how you used five mines of meme arrows to say what could have been said with only one. That really made it seem like I did more than misread one word you typed. I'll bet your mom says you're smart.

>> No.55909254


Sure thing. You don't have to be jealous that others are """smart""" just because you're so pitifully stupid.

>> No.55909326

>According to what

Sanguinius wasn't a psyker in the sense that he manifested warp related powers to aid him in battle with the explicit intention of manifesting them. As other anons have said he had the gift of foresight.

Moreover, like all the primarchs, he had a psychic link to his legion . Although his was much stronger (similar to magnus) than his brothers (such as Dorn or guilliman).

As an example look at his battle with ka'Bahnda (however you spell his name). When Sanguinius had him wounded , ready to strike the final blow, the daemon cut down almost a thousand blood angels with a single swing of his blade. The psychic backlash was so great on Sanguinius that he blacked out and the daemon escaped. He wept as his sons tended to his wounds aboard their ship and claimed he could hear his fallen sons

>> No.55909367

I like it anon but the model is too warm for me. It needs a cool color to break it up and provide some contrast

>> No.55909376
File: 48 KB, 592x518, plague bearers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a gaylord

>> No.55909413

How many points would you pay for a daemon that could kill the entire blood angels chapter at once

>> No.55909419
File: 48 KB, 645x729, IMG_0122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55909461

Well remember how he can't into numbers in their fluff. Imagine 1 thousand dead ants sitting in your living room. Imagine trying to kill 1 thousand ants with a single movement, that shit is unreal

>how many points would you pay

Nome you heretical fuck. I am a loyal son of Baal

>> No.55909617

Can models from one detachment use the dedicated transports of another detachment, as long as they share the appropriate keyword?

>> No.55909630


>> No.55909769

>posting a portrait of myself will certainly show him


>> No.55909804

>I am a loyal son of Baal
Brother! What do you run in your usual list?

>> No.55909857

This conversion only pisses me off because it's half-assed. Either go full Klansman, or no Klansman. Halfway just wastes everybodies time.

>> No.55909969

Word Bearers get bonuses to summoning Daemons, they're the designated "Daemonkin" Legion.
Of course they don't get anything else.

>> No.55910013

That's a stratagem. Their Legion trait is being closet loyalists, which is a hilarious stealth-fuck-you for the legion that orchestrated the Horus Heresy.

>> No.55910156

Fair point, but the stratagem is their main selling point, I'm Emperor's Children I know all about having a useless Legion Trait.
Also Warlord Trait is okay, lets your Chaos Lord or Daemon Prince Warlord give rerolls to Helbrutes and other Vehicles without being in range of the explosion. I have no idea if the Cursed Crozius is worth taking over the other melee weapon options, but I think it makes a Dark Apostle really good against Imperium monsters because Flat 3 Damage, Strength boosted to 6 and -2AP.

>> No.55910296

Is Psyker defense NECESSARY?

Looking at an Ad Mech force and can't decide if I should take an Inquisitor or Primaris Psyker attachment just for smite protection.

Rex looks interesting.

>> No.55910307

Not really.

>> No.55910359

Smite no, but for stuff like warp time it can be useful.

>> No.55910379

You're Ad Mech, your psyker defence is to snipe the psykers before they get close enough to smite.
Unless they just deepstrike in then you have to snipe them after they smite.

>> No.55910455
File: 144 KB, 1024x768, SpaceSharkFellblade1_zps9de0aaa3_enl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was thinking of adding a Fellblade or Falchion to my marines but Baneblades and Shadow swords are so much cheaper in points and pounds while being better.

What are the odds that the next FW book makes them worth taking?

>> No.55910666


For comms being down, I'd actually fuck with initiative - like giving Night Lords +1 to going first.

>> No.55910747
File: 361 KB, 460x531, nidWarrior.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, can someone explain to me why everyone is saying warriors are so shit?
They seem pretty decent from the looks of it

>> No.55910780

Nobody has really said that since 7th

>> No.55910788

They're better than they were but still not really great. If they had BS3+ they'd be much better.

>> No.55910831

Multi wounds and a 4+ save puts them in a pretty bad place, since they've got to pay extra points for those wounds, but it makes them vulnerable to both small-arms fire and multiwound attacks

>> No.55911019

I have had no success as of late using the sons of Sanguinius so take what I say with a grain of salt

>death company
Pretty much have to run lemartes if you want to deep strike these guys. Way to squishy and they need to ran in mobs which subject them to battleshock. Bolt pistol and chainsword is the best option imo, powerswords if you can swing the points. Priests are a nice bonus for marine shredding

>sanguinary guard
Quite powerful but in a weird spot. 2+ armor and 2 wounds is great but the lack of invuln means that what's shooting st these guys anyway (read AUTOCANNONS) takes them out to pasture

>Baal pred
I run the all flamer version because I wish to purge my enemies in holy fire. This would be effective if the blamestorm cannon had the range of a hellhound flamer or if they kept it as an assault weapon. As it stands the assault cannon version is strictly better, although I prefer regular predators overall

The guardian of the lost does not fuck around. I've had this man tear apart necrons overlords, rhinos and even our spiritual liege himself when paired with a sanguinary priest (or corbulo). If you're running jump pack company take lemartes

The angel of death is in a weird spot right now. He wants to be with death company and has the right stats for it but his axe falls short and he can't hold his own in melee the way lemartes can. Mass of doom is way to swing of an ability for me to take him

Dante is great, a little pricey and not the murder machine his price tag claims him to be. But like all chapter masters he provides fantastic buffs to our chapter. Worst part about him is his model

The Lord of death is still long of melee in the blood angels army . A powerful psyker with a nasty melee weapon mephiston isn't an auto include. He has trouble getting where he wants to be and paints a big fat target on his head for enemy sniper fire (vindicare assasins are very common in my meta)


>> No.55911134

>. 2+ armor and 2 wounds is great but the lack of invuln means that what's shooting st these guys anyway (read AUTOCANNONS) takes them out to pasture
Even if they had a 3++ it would be the same as their invuln against autocannons. Even a 5++ would only be of use against Lascannon and Melta equivalents.

>> No.55911146

Kinda sucks that Lemartes is a must as i am going to try to not run him since i dont exactly want to run named characters. I am trying to get some Sanguinary in my list as well. Though i am fucking outstanded by the audacity to make the Sanguiary Guard with a banner into an 84 point elite.

>> No.55911233

At a base 24pts each, that doesnt seem too bad for T4 and 3 wounds a piece

>> No.55911257

It's not bad, but they do best in CC and aren't great at getting there. If they were BS3+ and better support weapons they'd be good.

>> No.55911265

Strictly better sanguinary priest but costs more. Take him if you have the points

>sanguinary priest
Your cheapest HQ is not a bad one. He's a generic marine apothecary aside from his +1 strength buff. He pairs nicely with our melee units and is a great support for primaris units. S5 is invaluable when going marine hunting

>Sanguinary discipline
I like it and I don't. Blood boil is a targeted smite but isn't really worth it against anything but guard. And even then having a marine within 18 inches of a guard army is asking for trouble.

Shield of Sanguinius is a great power and easy to cast. Makes sanguinary guard and death company MUCH scarier

Unleash rage is another fantastic spell, turning your death company into guardsmen shredding freaks. At 6 warp charge you can't go wrong here. Even works well on single models like mephiston or a terminator captain

>generic marine units
Having no chapter tactics blood angels don't really interact favorably or unfavorably with any codex marine unit. Take what you like

I don't know how to feel about these guys yet. The extra wound and melee attack really lends themselves to our assault playstyke, assault 2 bolters are a fun choice even I prefer the default rifle. Tac marines are more flexible at the moment but I've had greater success with the primaris

A great all around unit, -4 rend is not something sneeze at and with a captain and apothecary nearby they'll provide a healthy amount of firepower that won't be easily displaced. Unfortunately can be quite pricey for their toughness, captains are mandatory and auxiliary support like librarians (for shield), apothecary or lieutenants can be huge

Way to fucking expensive. I like them, their playable matches our fluff but I can't find space in my army for them

Haven't used these guys yet, bolter gauntlets seem effective at thinning hordes, but we do that pretty well already

>> No.55911356

I dig these guys. Deepstrike versatility solid marine shredding capability and a good amount of base attacks. Very similar to death company although the ability to negate enemy overwatch is huge.

>primaris librarian
I think is the cheapest way to get sanguinary discipline on the field. He's not great but he gets 2 powers, dropping shield and rage on death company is always a nice touch

Ultimately blood angels suffer being an index army with very expensive unique units (death company units get expensive VERY quickly) and most of our uniqueness comes from our named characters. That being said we have a solid psychic phase and can bring plenty of nasty toys to the table, we don't have the options of the ultramarines, but the marine roster is plenty fleshed out to pick what you need for the job.

Be prepared to HATE that 9 inch deep strike. I fail that charge (lemartes re roll included) constantly and watching your 200+ point squad turn to ash is depressing as fuck

>> No.55912067

New bread


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