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>> No.55899115

I heard something like the JJBA jump only drops you in or something. And that it doesn't give you powers.

>> No.55899132

I'm not really sure what the case is, so I'm throwing the question out here.
I heard the writer had real life problems and couldn't finish it.

>> No.55899148


Where'd you here that from? There are backgrounds other than drop-in and Spin, Hamon, vampirism and Stands.

Are you having trouble accessing Complete With Images or something?

>> No.55899180

There are only 2 IPs (3 now) in this thread. You're one of them, meaning who you're replying to is the only other person here. That includes the OP. This means the two posts you're replying to are shitposting and the OP of this thread is baiting.

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I thought it was that bancho bitched them into leaving.

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So just a quick confirmation, Magic related stuff in Hazredous stacks with Nanoha stuff right?

>> No.55899198

Any of your Rogues Gallery time-travelers, /jc/?

>> No.55899209

That's probably some anon pushing his fanwank. I'm too fucking lazy to pull up the jump right now, but there are backgrounds like being part of the Joestar or Brando families, and it would be stupid to assume that you don't actually have a background there.
I don't think the jump explicitly mentions memories, so if you don't want to have them that's on you, but still.

Yeah that's exactly what happened.

>> No.55899224

See >>55899184, bancho latched on and accused them of being why his stand was so OP, claiming he wouldn't be so overpowered if she finished the supplement. You can imagine how well that would have gone.

>> No.55899226

How do fallen/demons compare to other world of darkness races?

>> No.55899241

Weaker due to the curses/bindings on them, but they were originally the strongest.

You're basically a soul inside a regular human vessel with some tricks.

>> No.55899255

How romantic are you?

>> No.55899279

Don't forget how he kept saying he was sorry afterward, and then when she came back two years later for about an hour he immediately leapt on her again. That's the best part! By which I mean it's more proof he's the worst.

>> No.55899286

Reminder that Hjalti was a conniving little bitch who's nothing like the Nordic ideal of Talos and was probably just borrowing the Thu'um from Ysmir on top of that.

>> No.55899308

Romantic enough to make women fall for me in my standard chosen form of a bloblike shoggoth.

>> No.55899312

I probably should have checked the drive to see if those parts of the rules were there.

On the other hand I still would end up being curious about the stuff I heard about the author.

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Aren't archmages the strongest? I always feel confused and lost when entering the WoD generals, but I distinctly remember one particular rant about how a single Archmage could destroy all of the Antediluvians, undo Cain's curse with the right arcana at 7 and then kill him permanently because God isn't in the World of Darkness anymore to maintain it.

>> No.55899316

Well yes, his master (a Collovian Warlord, aka basically a Nord in Cyrodiil) was the one who got together the whole 'let's unite and create an empire' thing, and Hjalti took his place by murdering him in secret.

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How are Werewolves in dark? Main Jumper takes whatever wolf form he can get.

>> No.55899337

Who is that? Also yeah Talos as a god parent is who I am going with in PJ, but he has so much going for him Im not sure which domains to go for.

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Better than most vampires but weaker than Methuselahs and some Elders.

>> No.55899363

So... what do you jumper think would be cool to import into Spore, once this >>55896120 is done?

I'm thinking some kind of dragons?

Also, question for SporeAnon, are the Fabric imports localized to your planet? Like, say I import a magic system. Would there only be magic on my planet? What if I import it onto a Satellite, would beings on my main planet still be able to access it?

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Hjalti is Tiber Septim's birth name.

I'm surprised you people don't shit on Tiber for knocking up Barenzia then forcing her to get an abortion and kicking her out of Cyrodiil.

Is it because she's a cat-fucking slut unworthy of respect?

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Yup. Still Shit.

>> No.55899375

Sea squirts.

>> No.55899377

In terms of shit they can potentially do, sure, but they're still a puny little meat person who has difficulty tanking bullets.

I guess it's dependent on your definition of strong.

>> No.55899382

>Who is that?
Tiber Septim. One third of Talos.

Oh yeah, that too. Tiber a shit.

Wulfharth the real Talos.

>> No.55899392

Nice. All I care is that I can rip uppity vampires apart even better. I really got to go to twilight one day.

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Unfortuantely no. It's a "Be Nanoha" drawback. If you want to be one of the others, go to the Nanoha jump, take the appropriate scenario, and take the Continuity drawback.

I suppose so? The Aura system is just a really restricted magic system in the Hazredous setting, and you can learn how to turn you Semblance into a Rare Skill, or at least a baseline affinity for your "proper" magic system IIRC.

Anyway, since there haven't been any actual issues pointed out since the last update, I'm rolling this over to v1 and posting it in the drive?

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How does Queen Atop her Mountain and The Right of the Powerful actually work? The description is understandable, but I actually can't tell how exactly it's supposed to manifest because there aren't really any examples.

>> No.55899419

>Sea squirts

>> No.55899424

>Oh yeah, that too. Tiber a shit.
Only for having bad enough taste to want to fuck Barenzia in the first place.

>> No.55899425

Mainly just want to know what kind of cosmic power crap they can actually do, because I had some real confusion between what was shitposting and what was crunch/lore.

This is all sort of reminding me of how in the Silmarillion even though Melkor's supposed to be this big dick cosmic fucker that can solo 13 Valar at even after his powers started diminishing, Tulkas just beat the shit out of him while naked.

>> No.55899428

Pleb that only played Skyrim here. What are you guys talking about?

>> No.55899437

It could evolve into anything. All of vertebrata is descended from a common ancestor with the sea squirt, which most likely lived like the sea squirt.

>> No.55899448

The founder of the third empire and one of the three people who united their souls to become Talos.

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What are some good morally neutral mythological creatures that I could use for This is, In Fact, My Final Form?

I'm usually pretty fond of dragons, not just because they're generally pretty stylish and a fantasy staple, but mainly because you can be a dragon without projecting any explicit affiliation with holy or demonic powers, outside of who they choose to support.

Draconic fellating aside, it pretty much goes without saying how overdone dragons are, so I was hoping for some suggestions of other similarly neutral beasties.

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I mean. Barenziah kind of a shit, too.

But would you really turn down that Dunmer lovin'? Dark elves best elves.

>> No.55899463


Boom. Instant win.

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Well, I was going to say Gurren Lagann humans just to see what happens when spiral life naturally evolves somewhere evolution doesn't have giant robots, but

>some kind of dragons

I think Everlasting Dragons from Dark Souls would be interesting for the exact opposite reason. You have this thing that's eternal and immortal you can use as a control group while other lifeforms try to evolve around it. Or heck, maybe one of them eventually evolves strong enough lightning to pull a Gwyn and you get to see exactly how drakes are made.

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Gryphon, maybe?

>> No.55899487

Also he was probably a Breton. Prove that to a Nord and see what their reaction is.

>> No.55899495

Qilin? Chinese thing that sort of looks like if a unicorn and a lion fucked.

>> No.55899499

Thanks. The scenario sounds like exalted level societal manipulation, and that's a little beyond me at the moment.

Are there any other anti-infestation perks that work on technology?

>> No.55899502

I'd pick one that was less of a ho desu. It wouldn't even be hard, young Dunmer of both sexes are very adventurous and lewd, all he'd have to do is take a stroll through Mournhold and he'd get a gaggle of Dunmer girls eager to be in his harem.

>> No.55899515

Uh... Griffins? That's all I got right now.

>> No.55899517 [DELETED] 

Let's see, what low-effort shitposting can I do today...

Potato Mode Is Inevitable. :^)

>> No.55899522

If you have a spine, you're basically a mutant sea squirt larva.

>> No.55899536

I guess? Spore kinda assumes the species on the planet evolve into lots of things though.

They're kind of shitty people to have on the same planet as you though, just ask the Tuffles.

>Well, I was going to say Gurren Lagann humans just to see what happens when spiral life naturally evolves somewhere evolution doesn't have giant robots, but
I think you'd need to use the Fabric import to import Spiral Energy for that?

>I think Everlasting Dragons from Dark Souls would be interesting for the exact opposite reason. You have this thing that's eternal and immortal you can use as a control group while other lifeforms try to evolve around it. Or heck, maybe one of them eventually evolves strong enough lightning to pull a Gwyn and you get to see exactly how drakes are made.
Might be fun, yeah?

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just kill me

>> No.55899548

Eh, I prefer Onion Mode.

>> No.55899550

It's up to you of course, but I would like to point out a similar cultural movement revolving around sacrifices was set up just through good old fashioned propaganda and politics by Gwyn's regime. That being the whole linking of the Flame.

But if you want something simpler, you could just go to Danny Phantam, be a ghost/half ghost and ghost your way out of being posessed.

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Exactly, they win the evolutionary race and attain planetary dominance.

>> No.55899556

Radical. I think I will jump this first before going to Nanoha so that I won't need to be an NPC again like last chain.

>> No.55899557

>Tulkas just beat the shit out of him while naked.
Well by the time Tulkas is there, Melkor especially has used up most of his greatest power. And Tulkas jumps into reality undiminished, and he never invests any of his power into the world, which means he has no stake or creativity in the world, but also that he was at his full power when he fought Melkor. If Melkor had been undiminished, Tulkas would have had his ass beat.

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>> No.55899562


They team up and kill you with big green potatoes covered in death energy. You're welcome

>> No.55899570

Pocketwatch was one of the Rogues I heard whispers about but never saw. Even then it was hard to separate the rumors from the kernels of truth. People said he never walked, just sort of teleported around in a way that made it seem like he had always been standing in that spot. No one could give an accurate description of him either. His features seemed to twist in the memory until they became just an indistinct mass.

But he was a time-traveler, a time-stopper more specifically, who preferred not to get his own hands dirty but to use his talent for manipulating things behind the scenes. He was a cleaner for the other criminals, picking up the pieces and erasing evidence for those who could afford his services. He never appeared in any major role or pulled large scale crimes despite how perfect his talents would have been for the task.

Or, at least, I don't think that he did. Considering his talent I'm not sure I could have traced anything back to him if I had tried.

Aw, that's cute. I'm pretty romantic when I want to be, but I prefer to keep the details to myself.

I'm planning to import these guys in the picture. Or maybe Nifflers. I guess it depends if Fantastic Beasts or Zootopia ends up before Spore in this Chain.

I'd suggest Hydras. Not so much for the multiple heads bit, but for the regeneration. Of course, if you're adding a breath weapon in there multiple heads could turn you into a one-man pyrotechnics show.

>> No.55899580

Onion mode best mode

Breath of Fire 2 jump when

>> No.55899587

Not until we get an actual Multiplayer Supplement.

>> No.55899594

So someone told me in TES the orcs are cursed to become as they are, is this true?

>> No.55899600



>> No.55899606

Just ask Valeria.

>> No.55899614

>Exactly, they win the evolutionary race and attain planetary dominance.
Assuming your species is the only one evolving along Saiyan lines, that could work... But considering the evolutionary bias importing species gives, I doubt that?

Also, the Saiyans destroyed their original planet, and Planet Vegeta was probably on the same course. So... not sure if making your own species Saiyans is a good idea.

>> No.55899615

Coatl? Giant winged serpents that are often worshipped as gods.

>> No.55899633

Fuck time travel.

Fuck it in it's fucking wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey asshole.

>> No.55899635

Well sure, but "greatest" is a weighted word when it comes to Melkor. He started out as introducing the concept of discord on at least a universal scale (maybe further, if that's how you explain Ungoliant and the other dark things' existence in Middle Earth ), but I'm pretty sure the other Valar were also either not as invested in Middle Earth, or better preserved because of still being in Eru's good graces. And he's still soloing all 13 of them, so that's no mean feat.

I mean, later isn't he blowing up mountains and caling darkness upon the lands and creating Ancalagon? So it seems like he still has a lot of cosmic power at this point.

>> No.55899639

>Grab Migieka
>Go to the Genesis jump when it comes out
>See God
Congratulations you are now omnipotent

>> No.55899643

I just looked this fucker up, and how can something that sounds so stupid look so unbelievably fucking cool?

Huh, given that we've got two Griffons out of three responses, I guess morally ambiguous monsters are even rarer than I thought. You'd think ancient people were really into this whole "god" thing or something.

>> No.55899655

Yes, they were a group of warrior-priests under the Altmer hero-Aedra Trinimac, but when Trinimac and his followers tried to stop Veloth and his followers the Chimer from leaving Summerset, the Daedra Boethiah ate Trinimac, used his voice to proclaim all of his religion a lie, then shat Trinimac out as the Daedra Malacath. This process also transformers his followers, who had been Altmer, into the Orsimer, or Orcs.

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>> No.55899679

You really need to tell us what Jump those Perks are from if you expect any kind of meaningful response.

>> No.55899686

Hydra are cool.

>> No.55899687

It helps if you mention what jump these are supposed to be in.

>> No.55899691

They look better animated than as statues. I've said it before, but Chinese mythological creatures are all either too thicc or lanklets, and have stupid googly eyes either way.

The heck's a Migieka, strange omnipotence obsessed person?

>> No.55899702

Not him but I know they're from Kakegurui, I just have no idea either since I've never watched the show nor am Val.

>> No.55899707

perk from one of Valeria's jumps.

>> No.55899708

> This is, In Fact, My Final Form?
I use a Kitsune -- but, like, a full feral kitsune. Basically just a huge-ass fox with nine tails, like the Kyuubi from Naruto. And then I also wear a priestess outfit overtop that, so it's literally a non-anthropomorphic feral fox wearing a japanese priestess robe.
It's kinda symbolic because I'm always pretending to be something I'm not, and kitsune mythology, and... y'know, all that.

Other than that, there's all kinds of stuff.
Griffons, Krakens, Sea Serpents, Minotaur, Chimera, there's Cerberus or even just "bigass wolf like Fenrir", Basilisk, Hydras, even the fucking Cockatrice or Jackalope if you want to get silly.

It's really easier if I just link you to this:

>> No.55899711

Uh there's sphinxes

>> No.55899718

>Grab Migieka
>Go to Suggsverse
>Look at a plant
By your logic you're now triple omnipotent

>The heck's a Migieka
It's an ability in Katanagatari that allows you to copy abilities/techniques by looking at them in action, and looking at the same ability/technique twice you become a master of it.

>> No.55899729

Well, that's dumb when God isn't a technique. Silly guy, that anon.

>> No.55899731

>Fabric imports

>> No.55899742

>implying you don't know
No. I don't need to tell you. You know what jump this is from, you're just asking to be an asshole. Same song and dance as the last thread, whether I tell you or not you're just trying to avoid answering the question.

>> No.55899765

as a third anon now coming in, I don't know what jump they're from.

Mind saying the name? I'm curious about it now.

>> No.55899767

but being omnipotent is an ability, just like how you can copy a vampire's vampirism

>> No.55899771

do not

>> No.55899790

Okay... You're some kind of paranoid idiot then. Fair enough.

>> No.55899798

It's already been mentioned, it's Kakegurui.

>> No.55899799

I literally do not know, but if you're going to be ridiculous about this I will have to ignore you.

>> No.55899803

No it isn't.

>> No.55899835

Don't try to stop me, anon.

...well, maybe do try. Strugglers are fun now and again.

>> No.55899837

why not?

>> No.55899855

Not him, but you're kinda proving him right here.

>> No.55899857

Yup, still would smash. I'm a sucker for crazy.

>> No.55899915

I realize it has been mentioned and I was, in fact, pulling up the Jump to give the perks a look before I had to leave when he posted his little tirade. I should have typed "did" instead of "do". My fingers sometimes misstep.

But now I have to go. So ta all.

>> No.55899935

I don't have the time or patience to explain Christian doctrinal theology to a grammer deficient autist who's proven to not argue in good faith while expecting others to cite every other word, but to make a long story short: Because a significant aspect of God in christianity is that his true nature is beyond comprehension yet indivisible. Which incidentally, is the same reason why he's unable to overcome iron chariots, semen and wrestling.

>> No.55899939

Ver 0.9 - Little fixes here and there, Friend To All Animals and Caloric Intake Only is clearer now about what it does.

Hopefully this is the final update and I can get finished with this.

>> No.55899964

Giant amaeboid space whales.

>> No.55899987

Question about the Neural Vacillator from last thread:

>> No.55899991

Orcs, we shall show everyone the meaning of honor.

>> No.55899999

I still don't understand why does that impedes me from using Migieka

>> No.55900001

I mean, it's no use pretending to have actually bothered even a little bit when you aren't going to answer the question. It's pretty clear you never intended to either.

>> No.55900011

What settings (doesn't need to have a jump) have good space whales?

>> No.55900052

Stellaris has space dragons that are actually space squids. Also, Tresure Planet has actual space whales.

>> No.55900062

Macross has some good ones. There, spacewhales are these weird colonial slime-mold things that travel the stars dropping off little bits of themselves as bacterial starter packages that lead to the terraforming of worlds. They also love the smooth sound of soft rock and roll.


>> No.55900064

You don't need to. You're annoying and self admittedly don't have a shit, so all you need to understand that like just about everything else you've ever argued you are wrong and nothing you can say will change that.

>> No.55900108

Since you are grammar deficient autist who's proven to not argue in good faith while expecting others to cite every other word, I'll just ask Val when she's back.

>> No.55900117

Gundam SEED has space whales, though like everything interesting in the setting it's ignored to instead focus on Kira being the most super special thing ever.

>> No.55900152

Doesn't everything canonically love the smooth sound of soft rock and roll as of Delta? Something about how the Protoculture used music as a psyops weapon. And the Vajra love it because it's the frequency they use to signal it's time to breed.

>> No.55900156

Can you buy Aura/Notable Linker Core twice from both origins that have them?

What's an MRE?

There really need to be better benchmarks for Strength/Defense/Regeneration/Speed Up. It's very unclear what you actually get when you buy those options, especially when you stack them.

Some kind of seperation between Regeneration Up and the begin of the Semblance section would be neat.

I assume you cannot take more than one Type or Effect?

There's too much space between Targets and Duration.

I kinda feel like making your Semblance costs too much for what you get, looking at the canon examples, and that focusing on the Magic side would give you more bang for the buck. But maybe that's just me.

More drawbacks would be great, imo.

>> No.55900183

Aren't they extinct?

>> No.55900187

>the Vajra love it because it's the frequency they use to signal it's time to breed.
I guess space aliens and your grandparents have something in common.

>> No.55900198

>What's an MRE?
Meal Ready to Eat. It's a kind of military ration.

>> No.55900213

Also I don't have the screenshot, but apparently if you try to live on nothing but them for a while they givse you horrifically painful shits.

>> No.55900238

I will admit, I have never watched Delta. It looked boring and I heard bad reviews, so I never got around to it. But the Protoculture had music as a big part of their culture, though, yeah. That's why the intentionally culture-less Zentraedi were so easily affected by music, it was the thing most withheld from them. The Vajra aren't into rock and roll so much as pop music, though. Macross has more idols than it does rock bands.

Yeah, the entirety of Macross Frontier is basically a bunch of super horny bug aliens getting confused and angry at this music they're hearing not being the prelude to sex, and then evil cyborgs taking advantage of their confusion to trick them into attacking mankind.

>> No.55900241

On the topic of Steallaris, can someone give me a quick rundown of what that universe's deal is? Looking at the jump, it's hard to tell and just seems like there's a little bit of everything.

>> No.55900257

I remember horror stories about them.

>> No.55900279

Not in the manga. And even if you're not taking that as canon, the implications of mankind discovering alien life are still too big to just be ignored. The Evidence 01 fossil is this big hige Chekov's Gun, and then nothing happens to it. We get a bunch of scenes with characters going "hey, look at this alien fossil, isn't it cool?" with no payoff. The winged whales have nothing to do with anything, so why is attention being drawn to them?

>> No.55900294

As someone who did watch Delta, you heard right. It started off well, but midway through the pacing went to shit. The space idols' backstory only gets played out in the last 4 episodes and it isn't anything gamechanging. It somehow manages to leave more loose ends than Frontier, and Frontier never got round to properly explaining what the fuck Grace and her "conspirators" were.

>> No.55900358

>just seems like there's a little bit of everything
Well, the things is that there /is/ a little bit of everything. Space whales, space worms, shard entities, psionic monsters from another dimension, some hive minded race that's running from another, even bigger threat that we don't get to see, ancient technologically advanced civilizations (some still around, some not), random teapots in space, giant supercomputers, etc.

>> No.55900363

Think it was posted a few threads ago, but got no answers - how do I become able to do pic related?

>> No.55900365

>On the topic of Steallaris, can someone give me a quick rundown of what that universe's deal is? Looking at the jump, it's hard to tell and just seems like there's a little bit of everything.
It's a space based 4x. Your species evolved on your home planet, you guys just mastered FTL, it's time to expand out into the universe. Has a lot of little events because of the dev's Grand Strategy experience. You customize your species and choose your biome, develop technologies, the works. What are you confused about in particular?

>> No.55900375

Well, every game is randomized, so there's not really a setting. There are certain entities that are constants, but the races are going to be different every time. The basic idea is that you're a species just having discovered FTL setting out into the galaxy, full of other young races after the last set of galactic empires have fallen by the wayside. The Fallen Empires are still there, but they've declined in power and unless you piss them off they have no plans to rebuild that power. The overall feel of the setting is sort of 40K meets Star Trek. You've got that idealistic exploration and weird space gods from Star Trek, with the horrible nightmares from beyond the stars and everything being ruined forever of 40K. Strange mashup. Things can either go really well with you founding a peaceful galactic federation, or you can trigger one of the end-game Dooms and get everyone eaten by the Tyran...er, I mean Prethoryn.

>> No.55900395

>a little bit of everything

That...is pretty accurate. There are not-Seraphs from Supreme Commander, there are not-Nids, there are some not-Chaos Gods that are not actually Chaos Gods but similarly terrible cosmic threats you can make bargains with for temporary prosperity.

It's the Star Trek of real time strategy games: You go out to space and find a bunch of weird crap every day.

>> No.55900415

The Stellaris Warp Gods are must friendlier though. They don't lie to you and except for one, they don't conspire to fuck you over either. They offer you a deal. You can take it, or deny it. You simply must keep in mind the agreed upon price.

>> No.55900431

>Can you buy Aura/Notable Linker Core twice from both origins that have them?

No, that's why I didn't give them different names. It's the same perk, just free for two different origins.

>What's an MRE?
"Meal Ready to Eat" also known as 3 lies in one.

>There really need to be better benchmarks for Strength/Defense/Regeneration/Speed Up. It's very unclear what you actually get when you buy those options, especially when you stack them.

Hm. I'll go ahead and try to figure out good benchmarks, then, but Ruby has 1 purchase of Speed Up (plus a speed semblance) while Nora has Strength Up.

>Some kind of seperation between Regeneration Up and the begin of the Semblance section would be neat.

Will add.

>I assume you cannot take more than one Type or Effect?

... Uh. Clarify this question? Nora at the very least is using like, 3 Types and their linked Effects.

>There's too much space between Targets and Duration.


>I kinda feel like making your Semblance costs too much for what you get, looking at the canon examples, and that focusing on the Magic side would give you more bang for the buck. But maybe that's just me.

Semblances are a lot less flexible than just picking up a magic system, yes, but swapping from using Aura to a Magic System is literally as simple as picking up a Device, while learning a Semblance requires significant amounts of effort. That being said, now that you mention it, Remnants do have a hard time affording both their semblance and a good Linker Core... Hm. I might need to mess around with prices, yeah. Maybe something like halve all the semblance component costs atm (not including linker core cost)? Nora would drop to 750, giving her 200 for her linker core and 50 for an SFX or something, Ruby would drop to 400 giving her 600 for her Linker Core, and Neo would drop to 550, giving her 50 for the shattering glass SFX and then 400 for her Core...

>More drawbacks would be great, imo.
I'll consider it.

>> No.55900528

And even then it's not so much a price as them giving you something for free and your puny human (or whatever species you are) nature not being able to deal with it. The Eater of Worlds is the only one that asks something in return for their gift (that being worlds, obviously). The Whispers in the Void just gives you knowledge, and if people go insane that's just because it's some really cosmic shit. The Composer of Strands mutates you to be better adapted to your environment, of course that's going to have some body horror going on. And the Instrument of Desire is literally just making people happy, and any ennui and decadence that comes from it is on your heads for not being easily satisfied.

And then there's the End of the Cycle, but if you take his bargain you get what you deserve.

>> No.55900532

Dragon Ball GT/AF

>> No.55900562

In general, it's your relatively standard hard science fiction 4X in which ten to twenty different races of various ideologies try and build empires and compete with each other in space. Oh, and you have to deal with Fallen Empires, ancient space empires that have ridiculously stronk navies and BS tech (like tachyon lasers, that hit you before their fired), but forgot how to build them. They to, have various kinds of ideologies. This continues for about 600 years, until shit hits the fan in late game.

Conventionally, things from beyond the plane of existence catch wind of your dimension and start wanting to take a bite out of it. This includes but is not limited to the Prethoryn Scourge (not!Tyranids), the Unbidden (not!Evil Energy Beings), and an AI hivemind.

Then you run into things the Worm,an atemporal entity that communicates through black holes and really wants someone to love it, but does this by adapting your race to live around said black holes. (it's not necessarily evil nor a Yandere, it just wants to talk coherently with someone)

Also, the warp is a thing. It has gods, and there are psychic powers. Main difference is that the gods are pretty chill and fair. No backstabbing, they give you exactly what you'd expect. Just don't make a deal with an entity called The End of the Cycle. Just don't.

>> No.55900566

Nah, that wouldn't work. You'd destroy the star, but you've still got as many light years of distance between you and the star worth of regular years before it starts shining. You need to either mess with causality or have some huge light-erasing field accompany the path of your blast, otherwise shooting down (just for example) Alpha Centauri would take four years before it winked out.

>> No.55900659


I mostly just couldn't get a grasp on what's going one beyond "hey, go make a space kingdom". The jump mentions Dyson spheres and magic planet sized trees and what is clearly the Warp. Just seemed kinda all over the place.

Oh, I see. So you're more or less in the same position as the Tau, but with a much better chance of actually accomplishing something?

Good to know.

This whole thing actually sounds really fun. What do you need to run it? I don't have a gaming PC.

>> No.55900683

>yandere space worms
Tell me more...

>> No.55900693


uh oh

>> No.55900711

For reference, The End of the Cycle doubles all your stats and income. It's great, your empire is going to grow huge under its blessing. But that's the point. It's actually fattening you up for the slaughter. After fifty years the End of the Cycle creates its own Eye of Terror. Every world you have is destroyed and turned into a Demon World...er, I mean Shrouded World. Your population is killed and their souls turned into a ravening army of insane ghosts. The End of the Cycle incarnates in real space and leads its army to destroy everyone else in the galaxy. You're left with just a single world called Exile for your species to live on, with the End prioritizing them for last so you have to witness the folly of your bargain. And even if by some miracle you manage to defeat the End, your species is forever hit with a massive debuff to diplomacy and reputation because you're the assholes that summoned the apocalypse and no one likes you.

To be fair, though, the game warns you of this. It never explicitly states what will happen, but the End's events are all marked with red text ominous warnings. Stuff like DO NOT DO THIS, or SOMETHING VERY BAD WILL HAPPEN. But Paradox knows their fanbase, and that marking something "do not push this button" will always get them to push the button. It catches a lot of players by surprise.

>> No.55900738

>dat Green Heart
I'd worship her, if ya know what I mean.

>> No.55900780

The Worm In Waiting is this weird atemporal entity. You can encounter it when science teams studying wormholes start finding coded messages from it. Really weird and intimate coded messages, it's sending them love poems. If you agree to work with it, it uses its atemporal powers to help you out, speed up construction and similar, because it loves you and wants you to be happy. But its end game is to mutate your species into weird monster-things so you'll be more like it and communicate with it better, so there's this cosmic horror element of being transformed into the abominable and hideous. Still, it's not actually evil, and provided you let it down easy it will respect your wishes and leave you alone (if you string it along and only deny it at the end, it'll attack your system with a Dimensional Horror, but you kind of deserve it at that point). And being turned into atemporal worm-monsters actually has some pretty nice benefits, if you can cope with everyone else in the galaxy thinking you're gross.

>> No.55900843

It runs fine on my 6ish year old computer. Paradox games aren't the most technical of games unless the Greeks are all trying to decide if they want to take your eyes out or not.

The Worm isn't really a yandere. She's just a lonely girl trapped beyond space and time trying to find a nice race to settle down with. This might lead to a fair amount of your race going a bit stir crazy, gaining a deathly palor, and living on tomb worlds around black holes, but it's all in the name of true love.

Even in space, Worm is best girl

>> No.55900844

I wonder if it is possible to let them know I do not wish to be creepy worm things. That or be robots and not need to worry about it, yandere for life.

>> No.55900871

Is the ftl in Stellaris shit since it is for such a small galaxy or would it be proper ftl that's suitable for use in a full sized galaxy?

>> No.55900899

>The Worm isn't really a yandere. She's just a lonely girl trapped beyond space and time trying to find a nice race to settle down with. This might lead to a fair amount of your race going a bit stir crazy, gaining a deathly palor, and living on tomb worlds around black holes, but it's all in the name of true love.

>> No.55900919

Well, Synthetic Dawn is coming out soon, we'll be able to test how the Worm's event path interacts with robot civilizations then.

No, it's a pretty big galaxy. The FTL is great, especially the Jump Drive (takes a while to spin up and cool down, but each jump is such a huge distance that it doesn't matter). Just don't overuse it, that's one of the things that can summon the Unbidden.

>> No.55900939

If you can find out how to communicate with the Worm without it needing to transform you, then it'll probably be fine with not doing so if you don't want.

>> No.55900956

This setting has been talked about in these threads for years and still doesn't have a jump

>> No.55900961

I wish had the quote from one of the books, but even at low game it's pretty fucking fast. Totally suitable for a whole galaxy. Might even be up there with Star Wars, actually.

... Huh. Yeah, pretty much like that.

>> No.55900975

>The Worm isn't really a yandere
Okay then. So if I pod the Worm, what jumps should I bring her to?

>> No.55900996

Nemean Lion, Chi You, Oni, Tengu, Roc, Behemoth, Leviathan, Simurgh (all 3 came from the bible, not worm. The more you know), Grendel

>> No.55900999

In game isn't the range of ftl measured in the tens of lightyears at a time? That is way too slow in a normal 100,000 lightyear wide galaxy.

>> No.55901001

Worm, of course.

>> No.55901003

They have a set number of times before you need to scan a sample today. In-Game, it only has one charge right now. But I'm assuming that's because that shit is old, so probably something more reasonable like five.

>> No.55901004

Evangelion style Angels.

It will be amazing.

>> No.55901016

A lot of shit we've talked about and wanted for years don't have jumps.

And yet we're feeling the need to scrape the bottom of the barrel for crossovers and fanfics.

>> No.55901019

I have no idea. The Worm is made of living, sapient time. Bringing it anywhere where importing it would give it a human form seems cruel. It would be so strange for it, what would that sort of drastic change be like?

>> No.55901021

No, because then Scion will try to steal my waifu as a rebound.

>> No.55901055

>Jumpers getting NTRd. Not the other way around.

>> No.55901056

But if you make Scion your waifu as well, then isn't she still technically your waifu?

>> No.55901069

Jumps where she could make some friends, preferably. It's lonely outside of space and time.

>> No.55901072

Maybe she likes to experience new things, who can say. She might consider it an adventure if she has to learn to comprehend 'when.'

>> No.55901083

Changelog: Halved most of the Aura costs, added some splits to modify distances, added AA and AAA ranks for purchase, increased explanations in the Worked Examples to talk about purchasing Linker Core strengths and dipping into Magic.

>> No.55901098

Well she must be a Friend thats good with time after all!

>> No.55901099

This would be a fantastic jump

>> No.55901102

>No, because then Scion will try to steal my waifu as a rebound.
Fuck his waifu's body

>> No.55901108

>Splits to modify distances
What the actual fuck? Mean that I added breaks to split up the Aura section a bit.

>> No.55901139

What is the Ifrit mentioned in the "Warned" drawback? Sounds like something that needs ganking.

>> No.55901141

>Scion going after a jumper's waifu.
That will end badly for him.

>> No.55901154

Senpai, the intent is that jump drives traverse a galaxy in like a month.

>> No.55901159

Anyone got any Destiny Builds?

>> No.55901184

A ship sent by the TSAB in order to make sure that the Book of Darkness isn't currently rampaging out of control and trying to eat the planet, ready to shoot it with a Arc-En-Ceil if it turns out that it is. Also there to make sure no natives get their hands on TSAB technology and then use it to take over the world.

>> No.55901204

Going by game mechanics, yes, it's a small galaxy (only about a thousand stars, as opposed to the billion in the Milky Way). In lore, though, it's the same size as our galaxy, so you have to adjust those distances the various FTL drives can go. The Psionic Jump Drive is supposed to be able to traverse a full-sized galaxy in about a month. Given that it can move 150 light-years instantly with a five day cool down in the game, in lore it should be doing around 15000 light years per jump.

>> No.55901210

Hmm... interesting. Not worthy of ganking, just fucking with then.

>> No.55901294

I didn't know there was anything for Stellaris outside of the game.

>> No.55901350

What's the plot like? If I send everyone back to their home dimension, have I solved the plot?

>> No.55901405

Basically, yeah. Once that's done, it diverges back into the canon Nanoha StrikerS plot and the Canon RWBY Season 2 plot, at which point you can hang around and solve either of those two.

>> No.55901454

If I use the continuity drawback, would my time in the Nanoha jump intersect with the start of this jump?

>> No.55901472

Well now that my interest is piqued, I'm going to actually make a build. Let me know how fucked I am.

Origin: Scientist, Leader [200]
Race: Humanoid [0]
Natural Engineers [50]
Psionic [300]

Home Planet: Continental [0]

Ethics: (3)
Individualist [1]
Materialist [1]
Militarist [1]

Genius [0]
Safe Researcher [150]
Reverse Engineering [200]
The Ever Expanding Tree [300]

AI Asssistant [300]
Fallen Blueprints [400]

(CP Spent: 1950)

ET (1000 ET -> 500 to CP):
Improved Stations [50]
Upgraded Reactors [50]
Improved Labs [100]
Genetic Manipulation [300]

(ET Spent: 1000)
(CP Spent: 1450)

Ethics Perks: (1000 EP + 100 CP)
Slave Liberation [50]
A Stand For Freedom [150]
Psionic Awakening [600]
Master Builder [300]

(EP Spent: 1000)
(CP Spent: 1550)

Advisor [100]

(CP Spent: 1650)

Extended Stay [0]
Energy? What's That? [+100]
Intergalactic Trade Problems [+250]
Pirate Woes [+300]

>> No.55901518

Posting a WIP of the Virus/Parasite Customization Table: https://pastebin.com/pqMisCJ0

>Added 'A-Virus' and 'Mold' to Customization Table
>Parasitic Fungi now count as parasite imports
>Reduced 'Universal Journey' to 50CP
>Removed one-time limitation on 'Universal Journey'

>Reduced 'Protective Cocoon' to 200GP
>Increased 200CP viruses to have 700GP in freebies, and 300CP viruses to have 900GP in freebies. 100CP viruses still have 500GP in freebies.
>Increased 200CP parasites to have 800GP in freebies, and 300CP parasites to have 1000GP in freebies. 100CP parasites still have 600GP in freebies.
>Virus Traits Added: 'Extra Limbs, 'Berserker', 'Host Bonding', 'Brain Pan', Dual Infection', 'Chimerism', 'Group Effort' and 'Blood Donor'
>Parasite Traits Added: 'Dormancy', 'Garbage Collector', 'Severed', 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle', 'Sneaky Beaky', 'Body Hive', 'Shared Skillset', 'Uplift' and 'Group Effort'
>'Spin to Win' renamed to 'Animality'
>'Camoflauge' removed; 'Sneaky Beaky' replacing it in the Parasite Section
>Removed restriction on 'Psycho-Engineering'
>Added an option for 'Delayed' choice of 'Activation Requirement'
>Added 'Body Reaction' to 'Activation Requirement'
>Shared Traits Added: 'Keyed Changes' tier to 'Multiple Symptoms, 'Fine-Tuning' tier to 'Psycho-Engineering',
>Setbacks changed around to close Progenitor/Prototype loopholes

I am looking for:
-Suggestions for the shared section

Thank you for all who reply.

>> No.55901534

Looks good so far. What's Brain Pan do?

>> No.55901544

Im completely unsold if you can just effectively sift through the fic that much and just get an effective free Return/Redo on one of the two source components

Just dont sit right

>> No.55901598

...read. Just read the perk. It lets you survive brain damage via gunshot wounds.

>> No.55901677

How broken is the Gamer Ability from settings like Isekai and The Gamer?

>> No.55901708

The fic starts about 2 years before StrikerS, while the Nanoha jump ends 1 year after it. So... yes I think?

I mean. It requires you to be able to shove the Nanoha crew back into their homeworld before they get a chance to learn about the Grimm in RWBY, because otherwise they're extremely likely to just turn around and reappear a couple months later with proper ships and offers of aid because Remnant is a goddamn death world and they're a pack of bleeding hearts.

Even if you do, it'll only follow Canon for Season 2 of RWBY, after which things start diverging because Salem and Ozpin in this universe are completely different from the Salem and Ozpin of the canon universe.

There's no real impact on the Nanohaverse beyond the fact that the planet exists though, so... yeah.

>> No.55901721

How would Uplift work with Mind Power? Is there even a benefit to taking both?

>> No.55901722

Former classifies everything you can do as skills and has complementary cheats that let you perk share and other such things. The latter paints a target on your back without the plot armor of the main character.

>> No.55901750

Fair point. I'll make a note quickly saying that mixing the two would allow you to guide any mutations the person in question has while still being able to make subordinate types.

>> No.55901783

This is somewhat strange, how are RWBY characters supposed to be relevant in their own world when blasty magical girls show up?

>> No.55901786

>This one is somewhat cruel in the sense of telling a person not to think of a pink elephant, but some people like that sort of thing. With this, instead of the person

...Is Body Reaction meant to cut off like that?

>> No.55901813

I have a question. If I kill everything in the Undertale Jump to I get Chara's kill everything in one hit ability?

>> No.55901814

FUCK, uno momento.

-Body Reaction (50GP): This one is somewhat cruel in the sense of telling a person not to think of a pink elephant, but some people like that sort of thing. With this, instead of the persons mutation will key off of hormonal levels that are within them to activate, such as the person experiencing intense fear or bliss. Essentially, any powerful emotion that you choose.

>> No.55901835

I have a question can Viruses infect other Viruses?

>> No.55901840

There's a huge AMF over the planet fucking up the more delicate spells, and Ruby becomes a Magical Girl later on. Plus TSAB first contact procedures means that they're not allowed to "go loud" for most of the first half of the story.

>> No.55901858

Free Rule [0]
Upon One's Shoulders [100]
Trustworthy Emperor [200]
God Emperor [300]

Tree of Life [400]

I'm technically I'm charge of everything... But the thought of all the bureaucracy and politics involved with running an interstellar empire makes my skin crawl. So I leave my much more qualified and better suited friend in charge of everything and instead set out to explore and advance our knowledge base. Two areas are of particular interest: cybernetics and other transhumanist technology and the mysterious Shroud.

On my journey through the galaxy, I find cryptic mentions that could relate to both of them. And finally, I reach the end of that path. Standing in the Shroud itself, I come face to... something, with an enormous and eldritch presence. And yet, I can feel it communicate with me on a level beyond words. It is the Whispers in the Void and it will show us great and terrible secrets... But it is our due to survive them. Enraptured by the entire experience, I wordlessly accept.

The Whispers had spoken a loud truth. After this, our already impressive technological growth exploded. Immortality became cheap and abundant, our bodies and minds could be altered on a whim, and we created devices that amplified our psionic abilities to godlike new levels.

Oh sure, rates of madness and mental illness grew as well... But it was more than worth it in the end. We continued to grow and expand. Other empires and federation's joined us and shared in our prosperity along the way, while some many others opposed us but we're ultimately defeated and only served to advance us further with the spoils extracted from their defeat.

>> No.55901861

Not him, but when someone asked Valeria what was preventing someone from using Migeika to copy an Omnipotent being, this was her response:


>> No.55901876

>I have a question can Viruses infect other Viruses?
...why would that be a thing.

>> No.55901898

If you take Cultivation and Host Implantation, would all implanted hosts be Patient Zeros?

>> No.55901900

Murdertale is where you'd manage to net that power. It's the ability you gain from having the Murdertale version of Determination I think.

>> No.55901927

...you... motherfucker, it seems that would be the case.

>> No.55901934

You don’t get the ability either way. You get possessed by Chara, or the timeline gets reset by someone if you don’t have Chara.

>> No.55901952

Taking a companion from MGLN into this, it's gonna be great.

>Hayate as raised by a Void Engineer ghostbuster and a psycho mech pilot during a war with neo-Belkans
>still has Rein
>TTL's Hayate's face when
>TTL's Wolks faces when
>TTL's TSAB's face when

>> No.55901977

Belkan master race?

>> No.55901998

8/10 probably won't get eaten by not!Tyranids.

Beware the AI revolt

>> No.55901999

There's still a paragraph under Regeneration Up that should be put into the Semblance section, and the various "Up" options still have no concrete benchmarks. Not sure if you missed it or if you're working on it atm.

>> No.55902048

How does this jump's continuity drawback resolve the paradox?

>> No.55902062

Ah I see, I'd just need to convince God to let me copy his powers

>> No.55902114

Well the plan is to basically go balls deep with transhumanism to the point everyone more or less ends up as magical psychic AIs anyway.

>> No.55902121

How are this setting's Salem and Ozpin different?

>> No.55902143

I honestly feel like Dormancy is way too good not to be at least a little more expensive, since a lot of these options have huge mutations innate to them.

>> No.55902147

Nah, Chara can kill stuff in one hit because monsters take more damage the more you want to kill them, and Chara is full murderhobo. Hence, they cleave through them like wet tissue paper.
If you go to Murdertale, though, there is a perk that allows you to gain LOVE, so the more you kill the stronger your attacks will get, though. So, assuming you keep murdering every world you come across, eventually you'd have such a high level of violence that you might as well be killing everything in one hit anyway.

>> No.55902162

This cannot possibly go wrong. You should totally be a Remnant student, and have your Knights out all the time, so everyone knows who they are. That way when team RWBY goes to investigate the crash, they'll be like, "Oh hey Signum! What are you doing here? Why aren't you with Jumper and Reinforce?"

Nein. Bloodlines and stuff don't show up until StrikerS, which is post-fic.

FFFF- fixed the misplaced paragraph, but not sure how to modify up the Up options with more benchmarks.

However you'd prefer. Personally, I'd go with shoving back the crash-landing a couple years until post-StrikerS, but I suppose you could ask Heavens for permission to have this take place "during" your time in Nanoha during those empty 8 years between A's and StrikerS.

Salem is a former familiar of a late Al-Hazredian scientist who died and gave her a way to sustain herself. She went down to the planet, where a bunch of crazy familiars had highjacked some sort of science project and were planning on using it to murder everyone. She then highjacked it from them by plugging herself into it's brain, and now there's Grimm because she can't fix their "murder everyone" programming. So she's trying to achieve a balance between letting it murder people but still leaving survivors. Ozpin's another person from the same time period, but his Rare Skill lets him body-hop, only at some point they betrayed each other, and she murdered him until he lost all his memories by not giving him enough time to integrate into his new hosts.

>> No.55902173

>master race

>> No.55902186

>but not sure how to modify up the Up options with more benchmarks.
Stuff like, if you buy X one time you can do Y, multiple purchases will let you do A, B, and C. Maybe limit the purchases to something like 3 or 5.

>> No.55902208

I've always kind of wondered but never remembered to ask, does Amplification just make the Viruses traits stronger?

>> No.55902222

It does.

Hrm. What would you recommend to make it more in line with a 100GP perk?

>> No.55902230

Eh. Maybe? I'll try to figure something out. Honestly, if I did need defined benchmarks, I'd probably end up setting the trait limit at, like, 2 purchases total, because otherwise I really don't want to try to figure out more than that.

>> No.55902261

>...why would that be a thing.
Not the same person but I think that's actually a thing in real life.

>> No.55902262

However you wanna do it man. But it's not really hard to set examples desu.

>> No.55902276

That's not how it works, anon. The Player is the one who choses, but at the end Chara finishes what you started. You finding Chara in Murdertale means you finish off that world and go on to the next one taking Chara as a companion. As they say, "My power.My Determination. They were yours."

In Murdertale if you move on you made the choice to Erase and the two of you are in the Chain together. That's the choice that you're given. Granted with one of the Drawbacks you may take making that world explicitly a video game world there are odd ways to decide that this is okay to the... morally questionable Jumpers out there.

The only way that you are forced into anything is if you start taking the Human line of perks. Each of these is still your choice.

>> No.55902290

Like, it can't hide anything too big to fit inside your body or anything like that? If you have a bunch of testicle arms and you want to fold them inside yourself, they can't just ignore spacial limitations.

>> No.55902309

Could I have a Semblance with an effect that converts any sources of Cold that originate from me into equivalent levels of Heat? So, if I used Nanoha Magic to throw a projectile made of Ice, I could have the projectile maintain its shape and form without melting, while generating heat instead of cold?

If so, would Animalism + Force be a reasonable combination to achieve such an effect?

>> No.55902313

Might want to rename Group Effort? There are two options with that name.

>> No.55902318

Wolks didn't make it. Jumper never actually saw MGLN, so his intel was kinda shit and things went bad at a really bad time and only Rein and Hayate made it out intact-ish.

>> No.55902324

Dont you have to comit genocide in every world you visit, if you went to murdertale? or am I reading it wrong?

>> No.55902349

I like it! I'll make the change now.

I just double checked. For whatever reason they can, but RE's viruses would rather fuck up the host than ever play nice normally. So if you wanted to do that I would insist you buy 'Accepting of Others' at minimum. Maybe 'Host Bonding' too.

FUUUUUCK. Thank you, fixing.

>> No.55902369

Drawback ideas for Nightmare on Elm Street? And any more general perk/item ideas? I'm having a hard time filling those pages out.

>> No.55902378

Nope only if you take LOAD STATE 1.

>> No.55902379

Uh, that seems like it would quickly escalate into hilarity since "cold" isn't really a thing, it's just something being comparatively less hot than something else. So you'd generate the heat ans then as that heat flow away, creating "cold", you'd them generate more heat ad infinitum.

>> No.55902381


>> No.55902397

You have no powers while you are dreaming?

>> No.55902398

yandere killer

>> No.55902412

Which jumps are edgy and gritty and full of blood and demons?

>> No.55902436

Doom is the first thing i think of

>> No.55902437

Over 3-5 levels? I mean, it's not impossible, but figuring out a way to balance that is... troublesome.

Sure. Probably a straightforward Enhancement + Force effect (Nora has a similar thing going on where she converts electricity to strength, so I feel comfortable with that). Although since as >>55902379 anon points out "Cold" isn't actually a thing, Conjuration + Force might work as well to just straightforwardly generate heat, with the Conditional modifier to make it automatically activate when the temperature is too low instead of using up Aura.

I think I'm going to cry anon.

>> No.55902445

Question for the fatefags, would the origin bullets work on Zouken or do I have to hit the main worm to work? Also what servants have fire related NP?

>> No.55902467

>If you want to be one of the others, go to the Nanoha jump, take the appropriate scenario, and take the Continuity drawback.
Figures there’s no scenario for the character.

>> No.55902502

Drawback where Freddy isn’t the only dream killer and you have to deal with a bunch of them. General soundtrack perk. General item to give all your powers a spooky theme.

>> No.55902507

Caster Cu has runes that he can use to make pillars of fire, shoot fireballs and stuff like that. His Noble Phantasm is called the Wickerman, a giant cage golem made of wood or something with an iron stomach door. Once it catches the enemy it throws them inside its stomach, immolates itself and blows up in a giant pillar of flame.

>> No.55902509

... Yuuno?

>> No.55902515

You can only use your powers in the dreamworld

>> No.55902518

Wait, reverse those last two. General spooky power perk, general soundtrack item.

>> No.55902608


>> No.55902639

Ah. Want to mess with Chrono by attending Beacon on the same team as him?

>> No.55902659

World Turtles are pretty cool. Maybe carrying a miniature Aincrad on the back of four elephants or serpents.

>> No.55902674

It was kinda a clusterfuck. Like "early Syrian civil war" level clusterfuck. The big battle had:
>the Book going bad
>TSAB there to take out Book
>TSAB that saw the crazy dimensional disturbance and were in the area and got drawn into the clusterfuck
>TSAB friendly with Hayate trying to stop this from going terribly+Jumper and companions
>neo-Belkans angry at TSAB and Jumper that showed up at the right time because HA HA TIME FOR EVERYTHING TO GO WRONG
>several of Jail's cyborgs that got drawn in because he caught wind of this ancient Belkan artifact shiny
>various earth governments that got upteched because Jumper likes Earth, that are all confused about what the fuck is going on and why all the sensors are exploding and their scouting forces running into a giant furball

It was a hell of a thing.

>> No.55902712

Ah, there's nothing quite like a jumper-caused clusterfuck. The escalation really brings out the best in people.

>> No.55902713

Technically you can take Murdertale as just a normal jump and then... not murder anybody. Or murder a bunch of people but not go full Genocide. Or do whatever you want, really. Feel free to make Papyrus king by systematically murdering all other contestants to the throne if you want.

If you buy LOAD STATE 1, however, you're locked into the Chara route and have to murder everyone in that and every new world you visit, yeah.

>> No.55902742

Oh jeez, that does sound like a mess and a half. Surprised that Reinforce took enough damage to lose the ability to resummon the Wolkenritter without permanently dying though. She's died before and resummons the 'ritter each time.

>> No.55902762

That would be fun.
Hence why I asked if I could use A White Devil to take the place of someone other then Nanoha.

>> No.55902774

Who is the best daedric prince and why is it Sanguine?

>> No.55902817

No option to have the infected become smarter like with the Progenitor virus? Can Null and Void leave those who aren't compatible as carriers instead of not affecting them at all?

>> No.55902822

Sanguine's a neat guy. Sheogorath's also pretty chill if you catch him on one of his moderately lucid days (not *too* lucid, though. We don't want Jyggy going overboard again). Hermaneous Mora is pretty rad too if you dig knowledge and have perks to prevent insanity.

>> No.55902825

Chacha´s noble phantasm is the burning castle where she died, has burning skeletons with burning lances and Chacha transforms into a fire bird. But if your plan is winning the war, Chacha is one of the worsts options to choose, you would have better look picking Toyotomi and his stats are shit unless you have a lot of time to spare.

>> No.55902826

Ah. Well, I'm afraid I'm still going to have to say no, if only because TSAB forces includes people like the Wolkenritter and Hayate, and if I allowed that for the TSAB, I'd feel like I had to do it for the RWBY side as well, and then things would just get... chaotic and difficult. So I'm afraid I'm going to have to restrict it to the protags.

>> No.55902837

>Sad King Papyrus
Oh God I want to give him a hug and make everything alright for him

>> No.55902876

Because if you're going to be the god of something, it may as well be drugs and booze.

>Hermaneous Mora is pretty rad too if you dig knowledge and have perks to prevent insanity.
Naaaah, ol' Herma Mora's kind of a dick and you'll probably get backstabbed even if you don't betray him first.

>> No.55902912

I think she already has something in there. Brain Case for viruses.

>> No.55902934

Personally I'm more a fan of putting Mettaton in charge.

>> No.55902953

Huh, I missed that. But why doesn't Progenitor get that one?

>> No.55902975

Because Progenitor usually kills anyone who doesn't have the super genes, and I don't think there's anything that shows anyone even gets that. Most times we only see zombies who can do more than shamble around.

>> No.55902977

The book, after the whole mess, was half-gone from Jumper pulling it apart to repair what looked like critical systems, then running out of stuff he could use so he started throwing in parts from his other stuff. When you're forced to use parts from a plasma cannon and your power armor to fix things you end up with what can be charitably called a kludge job.

>> No.55902980

Azura is best girl because she's relatively friendly and sponsored two races who she intended to defend the stability of the world and helped them on the path that can lead to the Walking Ways. She was one of the three that lead the Chimer to Morrowind and taught them their philosophy, and she was also the one who bound the Khajiit to the moons and taught them about the Towers, how to use Moon Sugar to reach the moons, and how they could construct their own tower to help solidify Mundus.

The only reason people hate her is because they're butthurt she hates that Mary Sue rapist Vivec.

>> No.55902982


>> No.55902984

>Expect much awkwardness if you go into the jump without the expected powers.
It looks to me as if you already solved that.

>> No.55902989

Karna. Mana burst (Flames) A means he makes any attack he has fire-based, and Brahmastra is an A+-Rank Fire-based Anti-Country NP which, at max power, equals the force of a nuclear weapon.

If you need fire, don't skimp.

>> No.55902995

Who are the strongest and weaker servants?

>> No.55903043

The skeleton is already inside our hearts.

>> No.55903044

best choice
duryodhana did nothing wrong
gas the pandavas kurukshetra war now

>> No.55903052

I meant more along the lines of going into the jump by taking the Simple Soul and not having Aura, or by taking White Devil and not having magic.

Hasn't the thing recovered from annihilation before? IIRC, that's why even though they Arc-En-Ciel it, it just comes back and tries to murder everyone again a couple decades down the line.

Well, not that it really matters, I suppose.

>> No.55903073

Strongest: The Grand Servants. Barring them, Gilgamesh, Heracles, Achilles, and probably the Indian Heroes.

Weakest: Mata Hari. An assassin with E-Rank in all stats except luck (D+, hardly an improvement) and no presence concealment. damn good waifu material though

>> No.55903103

You'd probably have to hit the main worm. Kiritsugu had to wait until Kayneth was pouring all his power through Volumen Hydragnum before he hit it so it would cut all his circuits through the connection. Zouken's going to have his connections spread out between them. You might take a couple of circuits down but it won't one shot him.

Also don't underestimate Zouken at all. He's more then dangerous enough to tangle with some servants. Dude overwhelms Kojiro with a sea of worms.

>> No.55903110

We need an Indian mythology jump. The bullshit that goes on in that mythology is nothing short of legendary.

>> No.55903128

So you can powerwank even further?

>> No.55903134

Interesting tidbit about Worm I found: https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?s=44e38c843cfe0a4d53561790daef8d20&p=7981795#post7981795
I thought Wildbow was trolling his readership again when he was being vague on Reddit about Taylor actually having died and being in a coma, but nope, apparently he meant it to be able to be interprated both ways.

>> No.55903135

>The bullshit that goes on in that mythology is nothing short of legendary.
A bit redundant, huh?

>> No.55903142

I wish you'd go have a regular wank, maybe it'd calm you down.

>> No.55903148

What would the endjump scenario even be, helping Shiva to bring the end to the current kalpa?

>> No.55903150

>Vasusena's physic radiance like bright gold or burning gold. His body reflected the brightness of fire and sun. He had lotus like beautiful big eyes. Wide forehead and gorgeous hair made him look extremely beautiful. Sun like resplendence, Moon like gentleness and Fire like luster along with tall magnificent physic, Lion like velour, large chest, broad shouldered, proud, awfully valiant Vasusena is really heroic handsome. His body was equal to Astaratni means equal to seven hands. Vasusena's feet resembled with kunti's.


Remember that time everyone pissed themselves because Karna started the chant to take out the multiverse destroying super weapon?

>> No.55903165

But the Progenitor does enhance the physical and mental abilities of the people it doesn't kill.

>> No.55903184

>Fate Edison somehow shows up in Hindu Myth India
>Everyone mistakes him for Karna

Unless that theory a while ago that since Karna was really unobtrusive in his youth, that the streets are full of fucking buff lion men

>> No.55903204

My favorite is Hermaeous Mora, with Sheogorath as a close second.
The first is the nerdiest god ever, and the second is the god of madness of every stripe. Which includes the mania of geniuses.

>> No.55903220

Where does it show that it enhances the mental effects?

>> No.55903224

Yeah, but that would apply to others just as well.
Admittedly, I am somewhat hampered by the fact that I don’t know that much about RWBY.

>> No.55903225

Varuna is pretty cool, too bad fell out of favor after the oldest vedas. Same for Chandra. Used to have a more balanced kinda elemental axis but later Hindu mythology went full SUN AND FIRE.

>> No.55903232

>Fate Edison somehow shows up in Hindu Myth India
>Everyone mistakes him for Karna

Better yet, he sues Karna for copyright infringement. That means Karna loses through no fault of his own and Edison abuses copyright laws thus fitting both of them.

>> No.55903280

Something something half dead something something parts inhibited repairs something something just make it up as you go along

>> No.55903299

I was about to point out copyright law shouldn't even exist in Mythic India, but he's a charioteer's sun and he's under like 3 fucking curses of double doom. Indra would probably be all "fuck it, I guess this is about as bad as having to give up your invincible armor. Plus I don't have to insult Surya's legacy, so it's a win-win"

>American dollars also don't exist in Ancient India, and besides Karna's dirt poor
>By Indra's decree, Karna must become Edison's retainer as compensation
>entire war is derailed

>> No.55903324

Anon, that is not how you spell Hircine.

>> No.55903336

To be fair, a lot of his stories have people being really nice to him at first, because he looks so resplendent and impressive, until they learn he's the son of a chariot driver. Though it's still kind of dumb that they assume that the shining god-king bit is the deception, and not the chariot driver part.

>> No.55903352

It doesn't, it is stated. We never once actually see the effects of the Progenitor virus, nobody ever gets infected by it. There were two people who were infected by modified versions A & B (which went as badly as you might imagine when they got all the way to version T before they got something useful) but the actual original virus was never used since there weren't any humans with strong enough genes left when they found it.

>> No.55903413

>this is the FGO India singularity
I wish.

>> No.55903418

Would an E10 composite Exalt be enough to defeat Scion?

>> No.55903424

Daily reminder that King Dead Wolf-Deer is not muh Shezzarine, he is filthy bosmer scum and possibly Anuic as well. Praise Shor

>> No.55903439

I dont know, meridia is pretty cool and she has some sexy wings.

>> No.55903444

>mfw the correct answer was "I just fanwanked it" the whole time

>> No.55903458

>Magnus' slutty daughter

>> No.55903460

Alright, then where is it stated? I'm looking at the wiki right now, and nowhere does it say that Progenitor enhances a person's mind. Point it out.

>> No.55903475

Ask Shor what he thinks.

>> No.55903485

Depends on the type of E-


Okay yeah that's fucking overkill. E5 Solars already kill things Scion physically can't defeat. And if this is bait, it's comendably low key

>> No.55903488

She's not a real Daedra and she's some insane extremist who hasn't done anything useful for anyone.

>> No.55903509

She's not even a slut, I don't think Meridia has any canonical personality traits other than PURGE THE UNDEAD and also FAITH IN ME=GOOD

>She's not a real Daedra


>> No.55903515

>In ancient human hosts, the virus harbored a truly evolutionary ability. The strong genes of these humans withstood the virus' mutations and caused it to adapt to the host. As a result, an adapted host gained superhuman strength, speed and agility with heightened intellect and biological immortality due to suppressed telomere shortening. This form of evolution was impossible in modern humans due to weak genes, so development of a weakened strain of the virus was advanced.

>> No.55903549

She's a Magne Gi, a star-god, an Aedra who fled the making of the world because they hated their creation. Because she helped create Mundus, she is not a Daedra. She only got kicked out of Aetherius because Magnus saw that she kept going into Mundus unnecessarily and trafficking with Daedra.

>> No.55903556

Huh, so it is. That's weird, nag Red next time she's on. Or just link her post to that one so she sees it.

>> No.55903568

She's racist to the living-impaired.

She was originally an Aedra, but she's such an asshole they made her leave. So now she kicks it with the Daedra. She's probably only a little bit more popular at parties than Malacath, and Malacath is NOT popular at parties.

>> No.55903584

>She's probably only a little bit more popular at parties than Malacath, and Malacath is NOT popular at parties.
muh betrayal muh ash you will weep tears of blood and all you love with be dust like what happened to me my heart is black as night

>> No.55903595

Define 'weak genes.'

>> No.55903613

Wait, didn't making Mundus make all the Aedra so weak they started to die or escape to their own planes (where they also maybe died)? Why isn't she dead? Did she just get to make fire and sunlight before everyone blacklisted her?

Also why the fuck has Akatosh stayed so buff over the aeons? The tiny bit of him that's Alduin can apparently chew up and spit out other Daedra, how the fuck does that work?

>> No.55903626

>King Dead Wolf-Deer
Literally who.

>> No.55903635

Japanese video game science fiction jargon, probably means the standard humans used to be better trope.

>> No.55903647

Akatosh is best TES deity.

>> No.55903671

I can't decide between filling my companion slots with friends or with waifus

>> No.55903684

The Magne Ge fled Mundus before they got bound to Nirn and the stars are where they broke out into Aetherius. Magnus was the greatest of them and when he busted out his hole was so big it's the sun. And then he became a mirror or something.

>> No.55903686

He is the time god, he is currently as strong as he ever was, maybe he is just using his time powers to put off his weakened state till a moment when it would be convenient.

>> No.55903701

Why not both?
Both being waifus that are friends.
Or maybe half your slots being friends, the other half being waifus.

>> No.55903708

>he's not friends with his waifus

>> No.55903710

>Wait, didn't making Mundus make all the Aedra so weak they started to die or escape to their own planes (where they also maybe died)? Why isn't she dead?
No, making Mundus effected Aedra depending on their power level. The weakest were vaporized and made into the raw stuff of Mundus. Those stronger were made into the laws of physics, the unthinking Earth Bones. Those stronger still became animals, or on the stronger end they became the first mortals, not so weak they died immediately but they lost their immortality. These became the mortal races. The strongest Aedra though, had a choice. They were able to leave, though they were still diminished, or they could stay and become the Aedra the setting knows and worships today, sort've becoming like Earth Bones only still sapient and self aware.

>> No.55903743

>Define 'weak genes.'
manlets, titlets, and the left handed

>> No.55903745

Where is this Murdertale Jump you speak of? I can't find it in the drive.

>> No.55903754

>Also why the fuck has Akatosh stayed so buff over the aeons? The tiny bit of him that's Alduin can apparently chew up and spit out other Daedra, how the fuck does that work?
Aka was the single strongest Aedra that existed, so even being diminished, he's ridiculously powerful. HOWEVER, Aka really is massively diminished from how he used to be. He used to cover tons of different spheres, he used to be 9 Dragon Gods all in one, and was called the All-Maker. Akatosh as you know him is STILL only a tiny shard of Aka, he's just the biggest 'chunk' and represents the most significant sphere, time.

>> No.55903756

Friends. One should never have more than one waifu. More than one waifu will make it really hard to split dramatic focus for your story.

>> No.55903775

Highlight the invisible text in Undertale, it has a link.

>> No.55903776

Capped the 'ups' and settled what each purchase gets you.

Fixed the Semblances section.

>> No.55903777

This will be an amusing jump for me. I'm a practitioner of Ancient Belkan magic already, with the Blood of Kings at that. I should definitely go Remnant native here, and bring my Nanoha along (also as a native)... Without continuity.
The conversations between Raising Hearts alone should be hilarious.

>> No.55903786

>Also why the fuck has Akatosh stayed so buff over the aeons?
Because he's Lorkhan

>> No.55903811

This is true too, but Magnus is also Lorkhan. Right after the making of the world, Lorkhan used another trick on Aka and Magnus and so fused them with himself so they'd all become one entity.

That dude was basically trolling incarnate.

>> No.55903812

Trolling people with alternate universe versions of themselves is ALWAYS a good plan.

>> No.55903820

>Waifu drama

>> No.55903827

Your productivity pleases me.

>> No.55903830


>> No.55903848

Always good to hear!


>> No.55903851

Jumpers, What did you name your symbiote?

>> No.55903859

>not acting like the evil mirrorverse versions to troll them
Rein with a fake goatee.

>> No.55903860


>> No.55903861

Also, why would the Wolkenritter and Hayate being on the list be a problem anyway?

>> No.55903893

is your jumper a cute anime girl? you seem to have the right personality for it

>> No.55903906


>The Virgin Magnus
>patron deity of magic
>responded to the formation of Mundus by running away from Lorkhan so hard he tore a hole in reality
>accidentally shat all over the plane he left behind, and that's where magic comes from
>completely absent from the world, doesn't even dare talk to wizards ever since they built a robot that broke reality
>has never even met a player character

>The Chadkatosh
>patron deity of eternal legitimacy, endurance, time, INVINCIBILITY and FUCKING DRAGONS
>responded to the formation of Mundus by tearing out Lorkhan's godsdamn heart, and staying there so hard he merged with him
>is regularly broken into separate deities; this isn't even his original form, and he doesn't even give a fuck
>Is an enduring force of reality around which player characters revolve: As a historical figure, as a divine patron, as an ally, and as both archnemesis as well as his own army; at this rate will probably become a player character's waifu someday

>> No.55903928

Hidden and kinda esotric

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1qb0_OLhDrDRHloQTZzcnNRNE0?tid=0B20r6rsFLOg_Zk5RdVdya3hJNnc <----Here you go.

>> No.55903929

What does it mean when the Chad and the Virgin are both the same person, along with another guy?

>> No.55903952

>shitty comics symbiote
>not the cool one from the webserial Symbiote
Shame on you anon.

>> No.55903962

I said greatest of the Magne Ge, not greatest in general. If the Magne Ge were so great they wouldn't have bet all their chips on that loser Dagon

>> No.55903982

>a player character's waifu someday
Well considering there are already female time dragons called Jills, all it'd take is for Bethesda to have one settle in with the PC.

>> No.55903988

Certainly an amusing one, at least.
I see other problems/FUN as well: Blood of Kings: Darkness (oh, hey, isn't that the Book of Azure Sky?) My own Device (Book of Dawning Sky). My own Knights (other companions.)

Given the problems I already had with the Saint Church and the TSAB, I shudder to think of how they would react to a still living Belkan bloodline on Remnant.

>> No.55903992

The webserial is more powerful, sure, but Marvel symbiotes have way more character.

>> No.55904003

Who would win in a fight, Aka in his prime or Jyggalag?

>> No.55904012

I approve of this!

Because the Wolkenritter are all life-linked to Hayate, and sustained by her existence, in the same way that Arf's linked to Fate. Being one of them would be an additional drawback, not just part of that one. Being Hayate herself would be odd, because you've got the Wolkenritter life-linked to you. This isn't really a problem if you've got continuity from the original Nanoha jump where this all gets set up, but just dropping into that situation would be... chaotic and difficult to deal with, and then I'd further have to worry that someone's trying to sneak something past me that I don't really intend/that makes the drawback not a drawback. It's just not really worth it, and the idea behind this sort of drawback tends to be protagonist anyway.

I mean. My jumper probably gender-switches into a cute girl sometimes, probably to mess with people, but I can't imagine myself defaulting to anything but male.

>> No.55904015

>Who would win in a fight, Aka in his prime or Jyggalag?

>> No.55904027

I don't really care for power in my symbiotes desu, both versions give you very little on a grand scale. I just have an unreasonable hateboner for most things related to comics.

>> No.55904031

Aka in his prime? Before he was diminished, nobody else could even hope to touch him.

>> No.55904044

Explain please.

>> No.55904049

Sin-eater, He's the team medic.

>> No.55904061

Well, good on you for being honest.

>> No.55904091

All dragons are Akatosh. Some of these dragons Akatosh split off are girls, and are called his wives, though I really doubt he does anything with them since he's an autist. Anyway, these girl dragons are called Jills and are designed to be Time Cops. They travel through time correcting errors and paradoxes, sometimes shunting things into alternate timelines, and when someone breaks Akatosh, they sit down and piece him together like a giant puzzle.

>> No.55904131


>> No.55904133

I was going to call you horrible names since I couldn't find a link after highlighting the whole doc but then I decided to search for it with the find function and found it. Fun fact if you highlight it it still doesn't show up. I had to copy it to notepad to see it.

>> No.55904138

>piece him together like a giant puzzle

But aren't the boy dragons also Akatosh? So when the dragons were fighting each other why didn't the Jills just swoop in and pull Dragonborn and Alduin apart, or maybe forcefeed one the other?

>> No.55904158

Why on earth would you make a jump for that godawful fanfic?

>> No.55904170

Those guys are their own beings now while also being Akatosh, so Akatosh doesn't force them into himself. Just like how Akatosh doesn't subsume Auri-El, Alduin, or the 6 other Dragon Gods back into himself to become Aka. They are shards but they are their own thing now, and aren't connected to the time-serpent that represents current Akatosh.

>> No.55904172

Jills exist outside linear time and only really show up to put the dragon back together when he breaks

>> No.55904178

When did Lorkhan become Magnus anyway? I thought he only got into the mess that is Alduin, and maybe the Tribunal via heart energy

>> No.55904188

>Because the Wolkenritter are all life-linked to Hayate, and sustained by her existence
Wasn’t that one of things that Reinforce Eins shut down before she was deleted?
Heck, don’t Vita and Shamal have a scene in StrikerS talking about it?

>> No.55904194

Akatosh is really nice for an almighty super-aedra. I'd be pissed if my arms and dick ran away.

>> No.55904203

Because fuck you specifically

>> No.55904233

They do other shit, like that time Numidum and the Mirror-Logicians got into a shouting match so the Jills put them all into an alternate timeline until they finished their argument.

He performed an Enatiomorph with Magnus and Aka after the formation of Mundus, at the concordant at the Adamantine Tower. When Aka ripped out Lorkhan's heart, he sealed his fate and they all became one.

He didn't have a choice. The Marukhati Elective broke him into 9 pieces and forced him into being 9 beings. Funny enough, their actions fucked him up so much that the dragon break lasted thousands of actual years, and eons more of subjective time.

>> No.55904236

>such as Penny's laser
How strong is that laser?

>> No.55904258

Oh also, the leader of the Marukhati, Murkhati himself, is an Imga. The only lore-relevant Imga.

Imga being a race of gorilla people with an Altmer fetish. They're the only real remaining candidate for a playable race that's not Akaviri or the Maomer (everything else is even more minor or the Sload,) but it probably still won't happen.

>> No.55904270

Wait, so Magnus simultaneously ran away from Mundus...and is a third of a being that defines it's linear time...even though the sun is still there marking where he broke out?

>> No.55904278

>Duryodhana can't have the on thing he actually wants despite being blessed in many other ways
>He's always jealous of those who have that one thing
Shinji Pseudo-servant when?

>> No.55904301

Why yes he is, and he is also the rebellious being that tricked himself into helping design the world and represents the planet itself. And is also the moons, because that's Lorkhan's body.

>> No.55904303

In Nanohaverse the entire Knight system is among the bits gone from the Book - Specifically the backup and restore portion - If they die, they're dead. Whether they are truly completely independent from the Book and Hayate hasn't actually been covered.

>> No.55904323

holy fuck

>remember someone on Beast's Lair pointing out that Karna would be a good replacement for Rider for Shinji

>> No.55904332


>> No.55904342

I would burn the fuck out of that card.

>> No.55904363

What if it was awesome Extra verse Shinji?

>> No.55904376

Shinji is never awesome, he's always a scumbag.

>> No.55904398

I gave Shinji some of my own Crest Worms.
By way of feeding him to the Worm Farm.
It seemed appropriate.

>> No.55904407

>Having crest worms

>> No.55904413

If the book is gone, they’d better be independent from it.

>> No.55904434

Shinji in Extra is pretty great. He's actually a little kid (one of the four children Hakuno murders in that game!) using an avatar to seem older. In CCC he mans up and tries to sacrifice himself saving Hakuno.

>> No.55904438

If I'm already SS rank from the Nanoha Jump and If take SS rank here does that mean I become a SSS rank mage?

>> No.55904448

Still a scumbag.

>> No.55904474

Uh... Hayate's actual Device is the Book. Reinforce (both versions) is a semi-independent system of the Book that also happens to be a Unison Device.

>> No.55904484

Nasuverse magecraft is shit, isn't it?

>> No.55904505

It's designed to be awful.

>> No.55904510

Yes, I meant the first book.

>> No.55904514

>while an Enhance Mobility Semblance might allow you to teleport once
Once in what timeframe? Like, once per minute or once per second?

>> No.55904519

It's better than Harry Potter wizardry, at least.

Except for Expelliarmus. A spell that reflects other spells is actually pretty damn good.

>> No.55904529

Arguable. Barely any worse than your generic urban fantasy magic, and has a few nifty tricks like Projection and Thought Partitioning.

>> No.55904532


>> No.55904555

Harry Potter magic is actually fairly good, especially for something that has no costs.

>> No.55904572

No it's really not.

Nasuverse magic is basically every kind of magic. Kabbalah, shamanism, and all sorts of other stuff are all included and all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Plus there's stuff like Reality Marbles.

>> No.55904578

It's the same Book, just after having large portions of its systems and recovery data purged. She's under constant watch by both the TSAB and the Saint Church (as of StrikerS) due to concerns that the Book could still restore itself to the previous - corrupt - state.

>> No.55904587

>Except for Expelliarmus. A spell that reflects other spells is actually pretty damn good.
One. That's movies only, Expelliarmus literally just knocks someone's wand out of their hand in the books.

Two. Harry Potter has little raw power, but it is KING of utility.

>> No.55904591

>Except for Expelliarmus. A spell that reflects other spells is actually pretty damn good.

Well that's a pretty good indicator that you have no idea what Harry Potter magic is like.

>> No.55904612

Pretty much, yeah. That's why stocking up on magic options in the Servant Supplement is something I always do.

>> No.55904626

It does kind of, some of the more powerful spells like Patronuses leave you exhausted if done over a long time.

This, the real problem is that traditional magi focus on a very abstract and destructive goal (reaching the Root) where they basically think if they do enough horrible shit they can attain ultimate power. So all the magecraft is used to make creepo dolls or worm pits or horrible incest demon children when if they just made Projection really really good they could make all kinds of neat things.

Really? I'm positive in Order of the Phoenix they were reflecting spells back at the caster a whole bunch.

>> No.55904635

Hello Record the Recording.

>> No.55904640

I don’t remember anything about that.
Where was this stated?

>> No.55904652

>horrible incest demon children

>> No.55904662

About which part?

>> No.55904670

>Really? I'm positive in Order of the Phoenix they were reflecting spells back at the caster a whole bunch.

Protego blocks most spells. Expelliarmus just knocks stuff out of people's hands.

>> No.55904675

>Really? I'm positive in Order of the Phoenix they were reflecting spells back at the caster a whole bunch.
I honestly don't remember if that happened, but there are defensive 'shield' spells that can do that.

Expelliarmus just disarms someone, that is all it does. It knocks what they are holding out of their hands.


>> No.55904695

The part about it being the same book.

>> No.55904714

Incest generates Pure Eyes apparently, that's how Tohno's line got him born with his. The Asagami line also practiced incest, but in their case it diluted theirs too much because they had MYSTIC Eyes.

Basically, check the type of eye you have before doing incest eugenics in Nasuland.

>> No.55904733

The damaged and corrupted systems split off in A's. It's what Fate, Nanoha and Hayate worked together to blast. Note the book that Hayate is using in that battle - That's the Device.

>> No.55904760

Except the weak power level and high cost.

>> No.55904770

So, what are most versalite magic systems? I know that MtAw has some good stuff (especially 2e), but all of that paradox and dissonance bullshit...

>> No.55904822

>Weak power level
>High cost
Only if you're using a material heavy magecraft. And it's not like most mages are lacking for money. Rin literally uses cut gemstones the size of her palm and lives in a mansion. She's a poor magus.

>> No.55904831

DC Occult. Basically let's you do whatever you want and scales absurdly high.

>> No.55904840

>It does kind of, some of the more powerful spells like Patronuses leave you exhausted if done over a long time.

Also not canon. Dementors can drain you of energy and make it hard to do patronuses but there's never anything about patronuses themselves being tiring after you've mastered the spell.

At least read the books if you're going to start spouting off trivia.

>> No.55904861

But if it was the same book in StrikerS, wouldn’t the defense program have come back by then?

>> No.55904869

The Elder Scrolls magic can be summed up as whatever you think you can get away with by convincing reality it is so. In game it is understandably limited to obvious ingame effects for an rpg. In lore it is rather different in feats.

>> No.55904889

> Expelliarmus just disarms someone, that is all it does. It knocks what they are holding out of their hands.
Also blows things the fuck out, although I can't remember if that was in the book as well or just the movie. I do very much remember Alan Rickman knocking Gilderoy Lockhheart across the room, however.

>> No.55904900

So when the Elder Council banned levitation and teleportation they actually enforced that law on reality itself?

>> No.55904907

... Kinda? On the one hand, it is strictly limited to repeatable scientific phenomena.

On the other hand, there are a lot of repeatable scientific phenomena. And they are all fair game if you're good enough.

>> No.55904915

Which game is that again?

>> No.55904921

That was just the movie, again.

The directors probably decided that a wand flying through the air didn't look impressive enough.

>> No.55904928

>implying I'm gonna watch 10 minutes of that shit
What happens in the vid?

>> No.55904933

Some girl spends like 10 minutes shooting a laser beam at a bolder.

>> No.55904952

Nah, Gilderoy does go down in the book as well but that's pretty much because Snape is a pretty powerful wizard and he really hates Lockheart.

He knocks his wand out of his hand so hard that his whole body gets knocked over.

But yeah it is just a disarming spell.

>> No.55904973

Mahoyo Tsukai no Yoru
Beasts Lair has been slowly translating it for a while. Abotu one chapter every six months and there at like seven of thirteen in the main game.
Other highlights are a random Japanese highschooler punching an invincible werewolf so hard its heart explodes because he made it forget it was invincible for a second.
And then everyone in the scene tells him how fucking impossible that's supposed to be.

Aoko blows up a giant meteor with magecraft and quick thinking. She specifically doesn't use magic.

>> No.55904975

Isn't that girl using a True Magic? Magecraft has jackshit to do with True Magic.

>> No.55904978

I would swear to god that Snape cast another spell after the disarm, during the second go.

Because remember he did it so fast the first time that Gilderoy did have a second round saying "this time I won't go so easy on your potions professor"

>> No.55904983

>She specifically doesn't use magic.
She has the Fifth Magic.

>> No.55904994

Also because Nasu thinks thermodynamics is black magic, the scope of "repeatable scientific phenomena" extends to shit like a hivemind of soul transfering dolls, an apartment you can merge with like a big building shoggoth with limitless subspace and and putting demons in suitcases.

Alchemy is even more bullshit, because that's where Nasu's fearboner for thermodynamics REALLY gets going, so you end up with people turning themselves into Dead Apostle Ancestors or people using mecha-Stands to turn people into philosopher's stones while also transforming the surrounding earth into the postapocalyptic future your calculations predicted

>> No.55904996

Aoko doesn't use true magic in the battle with Flat Snark. It's pure magecraft.

Which she doesn't use. And makes a point of not using in that fight.

>> No.55905001

>It's like the size of a ferris wheel

>> No.55905015

>quick thinking
>Takes ten minutes

>> No.55905028

Given that the Book of Darkness has previously disappeared for variable lengths of time after being "destroyed"? They'll probably be watching anyone selected by it for the next couple centuries, or more.
They barely understand a fraction of how the Lost Logia works. Given that the Book of Darkness linked to the life and health of its wielder, they don't even know if they can remove it from Hayate without triggering reactions (or death.) So instead they opted to keep it close, under watch, and use her as a strategic weapon.

>> No.55905029


>Both of them swung their wands above their heads and pointed them at their opponent; Snape cried: "Expelliarmus!" There was a dazzling flash of scarlet light and Lockhart was blasted off his feet: He flew backward off the stage, smashed into the wall, and slid down it to sprawl on the floor.

I mean it does hit him fairly hard but this does pretty much follow Lockhart making Snape look like a prick during his introduction and generally if wizards are angry in HP the magic gets a bit out of hand.

>> No.55905037

Does Animal Morphing from Teen Titans mean my Jumper can communicate the animals they are morphed into?
I haven't watched that series in forever and cant remember if Beast Boy ever could communicate with animals while shifted.

>> No.55905041

Ten minutes of chuuni monolouge is five seconds in real time. That's basic anime.

>> No.55905050

She must be thinking in JoJo time

>Dio spends a minute boasting about how fucked Jotaro is because he can stop time for 5 seconds, in the frozen time

>> No.55905056

Fair enough. But I do know that later uses of it are just the disarming bit, without any flying backwards.

>> No.55905057

I mean, Frizea and Dio and whatever can speak for several dozen minutes in what's supposed to be seconds. It's a pretty common trope.

>> No.55905078

>Aoko blows up a giant meteor with magecraft and quick thinking.
This, plus keep in mind that Aoko is actually a mediocre magus. Part of why her sister despises her for achieving a true magic.

>> No.55905079

Dust of Osiris is a silly girl.

>> No.55905088

Talking is a Free Action

>> No.55905102

I need perks to help escape from confinement. How can I break out of the pokey?

>> No.55905117

So are there any perks that would let me raise up a race that is like the Orks from 40K in intelligence and loyalty? No genetic manipulation or somesuch.

>> No.55905147


>> No.55905173

That was always blowing it up, not deleting it.
And I don’t remember Hayate being watched for the book reappearing.

>> No.55905177


She really, really has a point. On paper, there's this girl who doesn't give a shit about consequences and causes terrible universe-ending magical glitches every time she sees a cute boy die. That's a thousand times more villainous than being a plucky witch who just wants to learn all the mysteries in the world.

>if everybody is dead nobody can ever die

You know, in hindsight Arc comparing her plan to Goetia's was an insult to Goetia. Because at least Goetia was going to use all that heat to make something better at the dawn of time. Which is sort of like reincarnation if you squint.

It's as pointlessly missing the point as the Lion King interpreting "save Britain" as "let Goetia win and mindjack people absolutely incapable of evil into tower-Rhongomyniad, creating a shitty micro-Moon Cell in exchange for transforming the surrounding area into the end of the world because conceptually that's wherever the full Rhongo exists is"

>> No.55905205

Didn't you already get an answer last tie you asked from this >>55891132 guy?

>> No.55905230

Not him, but options are nice.

>> No.55905232

Seven Deadly Sins and Justice League Dark.

>> No.55905251

My favorite example of JoJo time was in Part 4 when Okuyasu is pulled into the electrical lines in the park by Red Hot Chilipeppers. Koichi is screaming about how fucking dead Okuyasu is, Okuyasu's severed arm is on the ground, he's screaming and crying for like a good minute or two at least. Josuke and Jotaro are just leisurely strolling over while talking this entire time before Josuke just spontaneously saves Okuyasu by restoring him back to his arm or whatever. All of this apparently happening before Chilipeppers could kill him despite being hyped up as something near the speed of lightning, and previously killing Okuyasu's brother in like half a second.

>> No.55905264

Speed Up says you can move several times faster than you normally could. Does that take into account other speed enhancing abilities or perks we might have?

>> No.55905277

>She really, really has a point.
I didn't say she didn't. That said, Touko has her own issues - her soul and body are constantly in flux due to what she does with magecraft.

>> No.55905326

If you take Duration 2 for any of your Semblance abilities, does that decrease their potency in any way?

>> No.55905339

Yes I did get that as an answer and while it is good I would prefer having more then just 1 jump as a solution.

>> No.55905372

Why does Nero have Duration 2 for her Electricity generation? Does she create it 24/7?

>> No.55905416

Okay just thought you might have missed it.

>> No.55905500

Will my Semblance scale infinitely with my soul? Say I take Powerful Soul from Anima or have that perk from Soul Eater that lets me train my soul with physical exercise. Will my Semblance be useful at those levels?

>> No.55905513

It is understandable, and thanks for bringing it up in the case I did miss it.

>> No.55905570

Does A Simple Soul/A White Devil change your background so that you've always been Ruby/Nanoha, or do you just randomly possess their body at the start of the jump?

>> No.55905605

Servants are repeatable scientific phenomena?

>> No.55905644

Samurai jack. Has line of sight teleportation, and a scrying perk for reflective surfaces which counts. Scry into your cell mate's eye the bahamas and go. Altogether it's rather cheap for both.

>> No.55905668

It's limited to "possible phenomena."

The Grail system involves one complete and one partial True Magic.

>> No.55905674

Servants and the Grail system are made manifest via the combination of several True Magics, not Magecraft.

>> No.55905682

>How strong is that laser?
She cuts a couple VTOLS in half.

... I have no idea.

Per Activation of your Semblance. Which I think is every few seconds if you can pull it off, but you still have to pay the 'cost' every teleport is what I meant to say.

It enhances your speed based on whatever speed you already have. It's not a flat "You now move 30 feet per second" or whatever.


I... think so? The wiki's implying a yes, but I don't even remember her creating electricity at all, so I just kinda went "meh, might as well trust it." I wouldn't even have used her, except she's a good example of "Power up occurs when conditions occur."

No clue! Depends on if Linker Cores are something based in the soul, or if they're a "biological" thing to whatever extent of biological you can get with such a thing. I'm inclined to think no, though. The RWBY team has a less developed science when it comes to them than the TSAB team does, so while the RWBY side thinks it's the soul, the TSAB mostly treats it like an organ?

It works however this sort of drawback normally works, which depends entirely on the meta of your personal chain.

>> No.55905710

Interlude – Jump # 228 (Fate/Grand Order) Mad Emiy: Gae Road

Ummm… wut? So it’s like a jump within a jump I guess as I wind up in the post apocalypse with Medb being queen of the raiders and me being in her army/harem?.

Things went sour almost from the word go here as Medb took a little too much interest in me whether it was she wanted me to share her bed or she was worried I would steal her Harem I don’t know I was just glad when word came down that Scathach had stolen her contingent of Cu husbandos. Honestly I suspect the term rescue might be a little more appropriate.

Speaking of Rescue somehow they had captured Emiya. Not sure what in the hell he was doing there but he was tied to the front of a muscle car. I decided to take that and make my escape. I didn’t have time to untie him just told everyone I was going after Scathach and they believed me. He shouted and cursed as I drove off without untying him.

Then I finally got far enough away to untie him. At first he tried to fight me and escape but I managed to conce him to help me. I had decided siding with anyone but Madb was good as I didn’t want to end up tied up to her bed or having to fight my way through the war boys.

He reluctantly agreed figuring anything would be better than where he was. Boy he is a Cynical grouch. Then again considering the circumstances I can’t really blame him.

My luck stat must be threw the roof because we managed to find Stathach (slightly) before the other war boys did.

Well that’s what I thought but they she and the Cu bros. wanted to fight thinking we were with Madb.

After a short battle where having Emiya probably saved me I managed to talk my way in to her good graces. She agreed that Medb was a crazy oversexed bitch and working for her would be no fun.

Well about that time the other warboys caught up.

So we were on the road again dodging noble phantasms. I had Emya take the wheel as I turned and shot a full force blast of elder audiokenesis.

>> No.55905711

Canon linker cores aren't physical organs.

>> No.55905714

>Per Activation of your Semblance. Which I think is every few seconds if you can pull it off, but you still have to pay the 'cost' every teleport is what I meant to say.
So if you took Duration 2 with a teleportation power you could teleport at will without activating your Semblance?

>> No.55905721

Glass shattered behind us cars went flying and it bought us some time. Also everyone started yelling at me to give warnings when I did that because their ears were ringing and they couldn’t really hear anything. Heroic spirits are such babies sometimes.

Anyways my little trick didn’t hold them off for long and we were under harassment from them pretty constantly, I used every trick I had from using force powers to lift and toss cars at each other, magic spells to blow up the road.

I even used Eldar bone song to start creating walls and such…

Unfortunately it seems some of their cars were faster than us and they knew the land better because we wound up meeting a roadblock.

I told Emiya to drive and hopped out and raced out at speeds faster than any car and blasted a way through… Even some of the greatest warriors of Ireland were not ready for a super Saiyan running at Mach 9.5 and ki blasting and punching their way through the cars and warriors they had set up.

After they were destroyed I caught up with Emiya who promptly asked me why I wasn’t doing that the entire time, pointing out we probably could have been to England by now. I tried to dance around the issue but wound up admitting I didn’t want to hurt anyone too badly. He called me an idiot.

Anyways we made it to England. Medb’s army was driven off by the knights of the round table in their cars.
I received a huge truck with jet engines on it and Scathach, the Cu brothers and Archer decided to come with me to another world since this one kind of sucked (I secretly suspect had I offered I could have gotten the entire round table because the world sucked). This poses and interesting quandary because this will be the second EMIYA I have as a companion. I just know they are going to get along so well (sarcasm heavily implied)

>> No.55905732

Is it possible to have a semblance that enhances all types of abilities, rather than just offense, defense, etc?

>> No.55905747

Minor stuff: you forgot to title the Perks section. Y'know, with "Perks:" or something.

>> No.55905763

Has your jumper ever wished for death?

>> No.55905778

Well, no, they're like, floaty motes of light when you rip them out of people. Not sure if they're part of the soul though, and genetic engineering can result in high level ones, so they're... something.

... I guess? It'd probably be more like your semblance is constantly active and autoteleporting your instead of your normal movement, so your 'moving' would actually be a series of minute teleports. Which would be incredibly weird but could be useful!

Not that I'm aware of.

Ah, formatting, why do you hate me so? I've added the word "Perks" to the end of each section, so it's "Student Perks" or "Mage Team Alpha Perks" or whatever now.

>> No.55905795

>Depends on if Linker Cores are something based in the soul
The Linker Core is a non-physical organ. Whether that's the soul is unknown. Even the ancient Belkans could operate on it directly (Example: Shamal.)

As an aside, I find it amusing that any one of the Wolkenritter have more time active and alive than the collective lifespan of everyone at Beacon.

>> No.55905809

So, when Ruby turns into a tornado, how exactly does that work? Like, does she turn herself entirely into wind?

>Which would be incredibly weird but could be useful!
That certainly does sound interesting. But what options do you think I'd need to take if I just wanted to rapidly teleport spam, akin to the Blink power in Worm?

>> No.55905847

>... I guess? It'd probably be more like your semblance is constantly active and autoteleporting your instead of your normal movement, so your 'moving' would actually be a series of minute teleports. Which would be incredibly weird but could be useful!
Sounds like Thanatos from Chaos Legion.

>> No.55905871

It's a universal thing that affects everything in the universe. SO CHOOSE CAREFULLY. Although just having it around doesn't necessarily guarantee every intelligent species is going to evolve use of it.

>> No.55905878

What perks let me get dosh with minimal effort involved?

>> No.55905879

If you take Defense (Forcefield) and Duration 2, would you just have a forcefield seperate from your Aura protecting you?

>> No.55905881


She goes super fast and somehow was able to turn into rose petals.

>> No.55905892

Mage the awakening has the dosh item that gives you up to 10 million a month in unmarked bills. Tropico has a bank perk that lets you use your wealth from any world. Sherlock holmes as a ledger to legalize your no effort earnings. You are done.

>> No.55905900

How fast would you be able to regenerate with Health at Magnitude 2?

>> No.55905933

The Witches has a money printing machine that's always legal no matter what.

>> No.55905949

Generic Video Game Developer has a salary option, first purchase free
One of the Batman's has Batman's Superpower, with options to make it up to like 100 million a month or something
Archer has a perk that makes you a billionaire in each jump
Kakegurui has a perk that makes it easier to get money the more you have
Weakness of Beatrice has an option to get $500 billion a year

>> No.55905958

Nothing too significant. Just a minor adjustment.

Ver 0.95 - Added number of charges to the Vacillator.

>> No.55905963

Yeah, like I said. It's /something/ but hell if I know what. If it is the soul though, that means that Jail/Precia discovered how to genetically engineer people to have stronger souls (Project Fate, among other things, boosted Fate's Linker Core compared to Alicia's IIRC), which is... an interesting thing to know.

I don't actually know! Mercury kicks her out of the air in the anime though, so probably not!

>Teleport Spam
A Teleport semblance plus a ton of aura to burn.

That's one way you could express it, sure! I imagine it'd be INCREDIBLY frustrating for anyone trying to kill you, since your Aura wouldn't really seem to go down until they finally managed to smash through it. You can express it in interesting different way if you want though! Maybe you're immune to fire! Maybe you have a perpetual windstorm protecting you! Have fun with it! Semblances are unique, after all!

Get ganked, get up a few hours later, incredibly pissed off, but overall none the worse for wear. Not combat scale healing, but attrition isn't going to do your foes much good.

>> No.55906029

Interesting, thanks. Means upgrading Satellites for more imports there my be an idea, but it pretty prohibitively expensive...

Yeah... Importing something like the Warp would a Bad Idea.

Oh, is it the same deal with the Resources Import? As in, would other planets also possibly have these resources, or is your planet unique with it?

And unrelated question, can you only choose for your starting planet to be a Gas Giant (so not any Satellites)? And how would that work, do they have T-Scores for purposes of the jump? I'd bet you'd get really strange life there...

>> No.55906043

>A Teleport semblance plus a ton of aura to burn.
Guess I'll just go with the Duration 2 version that makes you teleport all the time then. Sounds pretty fun, and looks to be the closest to what I want. What'd its range be?

Now I gotta think of two other Semblance effects that combo well with that though.

>> No.55906046

Her semblance IIRC is actually high speed aerial movement with a byproduct of petals. During the beginning parts of the series she is very limited in it's use because of a lack of creativity. Specifically she only uses it for ground travel until volume 4.

>> No.55906051

How does one go about recharging the Vacillator?

>> No.55906055

It's shit because for some reason its strongest uses pretty much always result in horrible self mutilation, cancer of the soul, or just excruciating agony.

>> No.55906056

I may be misremembering, but I could have sworn that part of the artificial mage failures (as opposed to successes like Project F) was that they came out as dolls with neither will nor linker core. This could be a sign of soul being involved, but...

This fic does point out two words that nobody should ever want to hear. "Diabolic Emission."

>> No.55906075

Just put the traits back in again.

>> No.55906095

Wait, could I add Conditional onto that for a Semblance that teleports me out of the way of danger?

>> No.55906166

Depends on Magnitude. Something like 10 meters for Mag 0, 100 for Mag 1, and 1 KM for Mag 2? Or whatever Raven's range for her whole portal ability turns out to be.

I don't remember anything about that, but if it's true, then apparently people in the Nanoha-verse are capable of engineering a bloodline to have a super-strong soul. That's kinda disturbing.

Unless something in the fic disproves me, I'm going to have to say no to that one, because otherwise that would be incredibly broken.

>> No.55906171

Does SCP-2775-1 do custom orders?

>> No.55906187

Not that Anon, but adding SFX and making it a 'cheap' Izanagi Sharin-Hax knock off came to mind. Lol

>> No.55906206

> Origin: Scientist [-100CP]
> Race: Arthropod
> Species Traits -
> + Natural Sociologists [-100CP]
> + Charismatic [-100CP]
> + Psionic [-150CP]
> Home Planet: Tropical
> Government Ethics -
> + Pacifist, Xenophile, Spiritualist
> Genius [Get a Freebie!]
> Safe Researcher [-150CP]
> Reverse Engineering [-200CP]
> The Ever Expanding Tree [-300CP]
> Ethics Technologies -
> + Improved Stations [-100ET]
> + Upgraded Reactors [-100ET]
> + Psionic Soldiers [-150ET]
> + A Station That Sees All [-500ET]
> + A Shield of the Mind [-150ET]
> Ethics Perks -
> + Anomalous Empire [-300EP]
> + In The Name of Our God [-50EP]
> + In The Name of God [-150EP]
> + Uplifting Without Issue [-50CP]
> + Kawaii Desu [-150EP]
> + Unraised Arms [-50EP]
> + Psionic Awakening [-300EP]
> Ship Formation Deficiency [+150CP]
> Victory: Standard

We are psychic, fluffy moths.
> Pacifist, Xenophile, Spiritualist
Have you ever played Star Control 2? Ur-Quan Masters?
Ever met the Pkunk...?

So, psychic fluffy moths like to philosophize, burn incense, ponder the many crystal facets, and are also SUPER HAPPY TO MEET YOU, HI HUMANS, WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF THE UNIVERSE
Some base research on moths tells me they tend to live god damn anywhere, but they subsist mostly off of liquid diets of nectar and their caterpillar babies obviously eat a lot of plants, so -- Fluffy Space Moths live most easily on tropical planets where these resources are abundant.

Space moths are extremely social and empathetic and love to be all up in your business because that's what friendship is about, probably, and they want to be friends with everyone. They are distractable and energetic.
They are also extremely powerful psychics, which they use primarily to emotionally commune with one another.
And they are kindof bad at piloting spaceships.

So, like, they're basically jedi space hippies? Except they're moths. And extremely fluffy.
They mean well.

I was their head scientist.
S'bout it.

>> No.55906229

A bit late to the conversation. How does Hazerdous Interruptions interact with the RWBY and Nanoha jump (Like for example do we get two semblances if we took both stuff like that)

>> No.55906235

>Raven's portal ability
Care to describe that one? Sounds interesting.

>Unless something in the fic disproves me, I'm going to have to say no to that one, because otherwise that would be incredibly broken.
Yeah, kinda thought so.

Also, how does creating & manipulating invisible balls of force sound for a Conjuration, Offense, Magnitude 2 sound like. Too strong or nah?

>> No.55906236

>That's kinda disturbing.
Considering Vivio and everything involved there, it wouldn't really surprise me if they could do so. Also the cybernetics involved in the other approach to artificial mages.
Let's face it, everything from Al Hazred onwards is built out of pure bullshitonium.

>> No.55906243

To be honest, Nasuverse magi just have the same problem as every other kind of wizard in every other work of fiction I've ever read; they're so stuck up their goddamn asses about using magic that they forget to educate themselves on mundane shit.

>> No.55906270

Dresdenverse comes to mind as a setting that doesn't have this problem, but ironically, due to their magic passively disabling technology, they can't use it anyway.

>> No.55906308

They're a company. Offer enough money, and they probably will.

>> No.55906309

Standard interactions. Unless one of the original jumpmakers rules otherwise, if you go to RWBY then come to Hazardous Interactions, then you've got two Semblances, two Auras, etc. I don't know how that works. Jump-fiat, I guess.

Seems fine.

Fair enough.

Ironically, Nanoha wizards are the exact opposite! They're VERY magitech!

>> No.55906320

Could Duration 2 also be used to create effects that last as long as you want them to last, or last until you disable them, rather than being active 24/7 no matter what you do?

>> No.55906338

That's not ironic.

>> No.55906345

What do space moths taste like?

>> No.55906359

Nanoha's system is very nice, except in how rules-y they are.

>> No.55906395

Yeah, sure. Neo's illusions aren't permanent or anything.

... Uh. Are you sure? Irony's when something goes against what you'd expect in an amusing way, correct? Nanoha wizards are basically complete techies, which is the opposite of his tech-hating expectation among wizards, and it's amusing, because we're currently discussing them.

... Is that not how irony works? Like, legit question.

>> No.55906423

With the wave of fanfiction jumps that are popping up, has anyone here read Yet Again With a Little Extra Help or Child of the Storm. If so do you think they would make good jumps?

>> No.55906426

Like giant moths.

I imagine if you eat a moth in real life, it'll taste much the same.

These aren't sexy moth girls or anything, arthropods can be more animal than humanoid, so they're actually more like bigass fluffy moths.

>> No.55906442

I’m seeing A Simple Soul/A White Devil as being similar to how Val described going in as a canon servant. You get them as an Origin, but you don’t get their powers for free; you have to pay for them.
If Simple Soul/White Devil works like that, it seems to me that any major character would be straightforward.

>> No.55906461

If we're just doing fanfiction jumps, which is retarded, there are plenty of good IPs that need love, why not do Victory at Ostagar? It's an obnoxiously long Dragon's Age fic where, you guessed it, Ferelden and the Wardens won at Ostagar. Also of note, all of the possible wardens from the game, the starting PCs, survive and become wardens. So it's got tons of characters, political intrigue, and all the retarded drama of a long running fanfiction.

>> No.55906492 [SPOILER] 

>These aren't sexy moth girls or anything, arthropods can be more animal than humanoid, so they're actually more like bigass fluffy moths.
Funnily enough, the game already has a model built in for this.

>> No.55906508

>So, when Ruby turns into a tornado, how exactly does that work? Like, does she turn herself entirely into wind?
Ruby's sembalance seems to let her accelerate to superspeed in any direction and ignore her own momentum to speed up and slow down instantly. In Volume 4 she gets more creative then the dashes she had been doing with it and starts using it to circle opponents, fly through the air considerable distances, and dash around things.

>> No.55906535

Not saying just doing fanfiction jumps, but now that some are happening I wanted to see who else was familiar with the settings.

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