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Saint Hamm ignores heavy weapons penalties, scattlasers for everyone and it costs 5 points per scattlaser edition

>Codex Eldar next. Some crappy metal minis can be bought again, no one cares though.

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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First for Sisters of Battle!

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How are mono Coven anons?
Lost interest in the hobby for a few months and popped back on a whim and some anon inspired me.

DE are the only faction i find cool in fluff/models

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What's best Dire Avenger Exarch loadout?

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If they're going to be removing Boob-plate then they better remove Ab-plate from the Blood Angels as well.

Although, knowing modern feminism, they'll just be hypocrites and ignore it.

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>Removing pillar men plate
What are you? Gay?

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So we can track the codexes releases by the accompanying BL novels so lets check it out.


October has "Ghost Warrior". An Eldar novel. (Eldar codex).
November has Devastation of Baal. A Tyranid invasion novel. (Tyranids codex).
December has "Fabius Bile: Clonelord". A Fabius novel that features him invading Trazyn's tomb world. (Necron codex?).

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Re-asking from last thread at recommendation of another anon.

So how does this sound for a list?

1x Celestine and her sister

2x Astropath with the bonus cover and -1 to hit respectively - to use on the crusader squad

3x Custodes with sword and board, one squad with Vexella

4x Inquisitor, all with storm bolters and as psykers.

1x Greyfax

1x Crusader squad at max strength

Leaves me with 45 points at the 1500 point level, thinking of adding a priest to further buff the crusaders

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Two shooties. Ideally they'll never get in combat and the Shimmershield only helps if they're hit by something -2 or better

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Does anyone have ruinstorm?
an audiobook version perhaps?

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I'm not advocating for it, I like the Boob and Ab-plate, it fits the asthetics of the Imperium.

But if feminism is going to go "muh soggy knees" and rip out the boob-plate, then they better rip out the ab-plate, because that's literally just Rule 63ed Boob-plate

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>December has "Fabius Bile: Clonelord". A Fabius novel that features him invading Trazyn's tomb world. (Necron codex?).

That would be bullshit. Necrons are finally capable of being main characters and "their" book is just more Chaos wank? Best not happen.

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Maybe it's an Emperor's Children Codex?

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Villains cannot be main characters.

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Can you guys recommend me some of the books you like?

I've been reading the Gaunt's Ghost series but I want to find something else that isn't Guard for a while.

Also, which is your favorite Texture paint? I only have Armageddon Dust and it kinda looks like baby diarrhea.

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Warhammer 40kuck

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>implying Slaanesh isn't being squatted.
Keep kidding yourselves, Slaaneshfags.

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fuck yes, primogenitor was tight

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>More villainous than Chaos
Oh look, Carnac is back.

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Chaos is objectively more villainous than necrons. The latter just wants to rebuild their fallen star-spanning empire.

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wow that sis an very amazings super originalous jokeing hahahah super funny lole!

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Excuse me, who the fuck designed this website?

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But Necrons are the Lizardmen of 40K.

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Trazyn's is a selfish character who wants to put the whole galaxy in a bottle.

Fabius wants to save mankind and uphold the Imperial truth. He is altruistic and will to do anything to ensure the survival of the human species.

Between the two, Fabius is the hero.

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What's wrong with it?

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Necrons are tragic heroes, though.

Besides, Chaos gets main character status all the time, and they're the most evil faction there is.

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It doesn't do it to me, what browser are you using?

Fuck off Carnac.

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Except that Trazyn is fucking cool and Fabius is a chaosnigger. Chaosfags BTFO once again.

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>they're the most evil faction there is.

Actually, the ancient ranger Illic Nightspear says that the evil of Chaos pales before the soulless evil of the Necrons. Necrons are evil incarnate while Chaos is simple is. A force of nature.

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Fabius doesn't serve Chaos though. He is the only atheist left in the galaxy.

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That's because >aeldari are fucking biased as fuck and also they're gay

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Ahriman and Abbadon would like a word

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Yeah, but he's an Eldar. When it was the last time Eldar were right about something?

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>the ancient ranger Illic Nightspear
Biased source, he's the spawn of the Old Ones so obviously he'd have a grudge against the belligerents on the other side of the War of Heaven.

Meanwhile Chaos is the literal embodiment of evil, not merely a force of nature (that's the Warp, which is not the same as Chaos).

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Yep, it's Carnac alright.

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Sisters of Battle Omnibus is pretty great. The Eisenhorn trilogy, Night Lords trilogy, Path of the Eldar or Dark Eldar, Deff Skwadron if you don't mind a graphic novel, Ahriman Omnibus, Carrion Throne, the Farsight series, take your pick.

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Firefox, i can't select my country because the list doesn't scroll.

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what about the tau

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>But Necrons are the Lizardmen of 40K.
>Necrons have space rocks that fucks over chaos
That's bullshit but I believe it

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You can just pick one and then manually fix the country code in the URL.

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Fuck off, Namefag.

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>that's the Warp, which is not the same as Chaos

They are one and the same. Picture related. You cannot claim Chaos is evil without accusing sentient life of being evil as well because Chaos is simply a byproduct of sentience.

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Ah, I'm using Chrome. Maybe GW doesn't support Firefox anymore.

Yep, definitely Carnac.

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There's your problem

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Ahriman and Abaddon are not atheists. They believe that daemons and gods truly exist.

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Not him but the site works fine when I use waterfox so the current version of firefox has probably fucked something up.

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Rolled 5, 3 + 2 = 10 (2d6 + 2)

Right, rolling to Smite Carnac.

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Got some questions that I would like cleared up since some people at my LFGS has been feeding me questionable bullshit.

Just bought Berzerkers and played about 3 games with them.

1. How do you resolve a unit of 20's attacks in the fight phase? As long as a single model is touching base with the charged unit, the entire unit fights?

2. Can you consolidate into an enemy and immediately fight again with your second fight phase / stratagem?

3. If I consolidate 1" within an enemy, during my opponent's turn, he / she is unable to shoot me unless they're using pistols?

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>cannot claim Chaos is evil without accusing sentient life of being evil as well
That's an obvious fact, though. Evil can only come from sentient beings. However not all sentients are 100% evil, while all Chaos is 100% evil. There are good and neutral Warp entities, such as the Eldar gods, who are not of Chaos- Chaos is explicitly the Big Four Bastards and their shards.

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Rolled 4, 6 = 10 (2d6)

Success, time for 2d6 Mortal Wounds.

And Fabius Bile doesn't believe that Daemons and Gods exist? Well he's dumb.

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10 Mortal Wounds. Get fucked Carnac.

1. I'm pretty sure it is only units with 1'' of an enemy.
2. I assume so
3. Yes.

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is there any timeframe known yet for the IG codex FAQ?

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Not really. According to Fab, There is no proof that daemons or gods actually exist. These "daemons" are just our imagination going out of control. We give intent and purpose to something that has none.

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Do people have issues with Death Guard mortal wounds?
Most of them happen in the sub 7" range which combined with how slow they are should put a dampener on its strength.

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So he's like the Tau then?

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Fluffy Imperial fist lists sport mostly dev teams correct?

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What Brit-Time can you usually expect the Warhammer Community updates?

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its pretty strong once you get in range but the only remotely cheesy version is mortarion, but he's nothing like magnus/big bird

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>such as the Eldar gods, who are not of Chaos

That's where you are wrong.

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And lots of Bolter Tactical Squads.

And Breacher Squads, but there are no 40k Rules for them in 8th Edition

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1. Every model within 1" of an enemy model and then every model that is within 1" of one of those models.
2. On the turn you charge you can only attack units you declare a charge against, subsequent fight phases the answer would be yes

C'mon man, the rules for the fight phase are literally 1 page long.

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Fabius knows about the Warp and its science. The Tau know nothing.

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Farsight does.

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>These "daemons" are just our imagination going out of control.
I didn't know imagination could literally rip people in half.

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We have decided to update the ethos of Slaanesh and sxhi is now the Chaos Godd(ess)((male))(((queer))) of excessive moderatism.
The new model for a Keeper of Secrets is not completely desexualised.
Fear not, for people who already have an extensive range of Daeomins(tm) of Slaanesh can buy a kit that allows you to continue to be allowed to use your existing models in Games Workshop and Warhammer stores.

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Man what is this guy's beef with the Eldar anyway?

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That's the out of control part.

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Yes but how is "imagination" affecting the physical world.

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Never been a huge fan of tacticals whenever I use them they don't do much and whenever they are used against me they don't do much.

>> No.55894985

Not very much.

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Just clearing these up with some unbias opinions. I've got guys at my shop telling me that only the models surrounding the charged unit can attack and half the shop is going "You can consolidate into a second fight phase if you have it" and "No, that's illegal"

Just got into the game too.

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The Warp, of course.

>> No.55895001

He still knows it exists.

>> No.55895007

You can consolidate into attacking the same unit, just not units you didn't charge.

>> No.55895008

Next time insist they show you the rules correlating to their claims. The rules explicitly state who can attack in assault and explicitly state a unit that charged can only attack a unit it declared a charge against.

>> No.55895012

> I've got guys at my shop telling me that only the models surrounding the charged unit can attack

this is correct, you need to be within 1" of the enemy or be in base contact of an allied model who is within 1"

>"You can consolidate into a second fight phase if you have it" and "No, that's illegal"

if by phase they mean the next turn, or if they use a stratagem to attack again

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But doesn't know what it is.

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>or be in base contact of an allied model who is within 1"
False, it's within 1" of an allied model within 1"

>or if they use a stratagem to attack again
No, if you charged that turn you can only attack a unit you charged in the charge phase

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He can attack twice each fight phase.

Imperial Fist tacticals are better than normal ones, given they get the Bolter Drill stratagem.

Yes he does, he got told about it and that's why he rebelled.

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I don't think it's carnac. Carnac is the quintesential chaos fanboy. Chaos fanboys would never admit that warp creatures are just facets of our imagination out of control and not real. Chaos fanboys are full on BL "muh chaos is an undefeatable primordial law of the universe"

>> No.55895046

Why is this place so insufferable? This. 'Carnac' bogeyman of yours posts politely, with facts and furthers the discussion even if you disagree.

So what's the issue? Why turn 40kg into a boring hive mind?

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Yeah, he didn't even contest the "Warp != Chaos" thing super hard, Carnac would never let that go without a 300 post fight.

>> No.55895052

ah cool, close enough but thanks for the correction

>He can attack twice each fight phase.


>> No.55895054

>'Carnac' bogeyman of yours posts politely, with facts and furthers the discussion even if you disagree.
Clearly you haven't seen the real Carnac.

>> No.55895057

>Yes he does, he got told about it and that's why he rebelled.

He rebelled for many reasons. One of them being what happened in Arthas Molech. Farsight realised that a great evil exists in the universe and it desires to consume all, and that the Ethereals knew about it and hid it but he does not know all the details. Where, the hows, the whens, it's all a mystery to him.

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I completely agree. Finally another anon that agrees the only main characters of the 40k universe are, in fact, the Tau. The Imperiumfags may deny this objective fact, but that's only because all of their women are beginning to realize the incredible appeal of the Greater Good. Rumor has it that even some Imperial men are rapidly developing a cuck fetish as the blue skinned stallions of the Septs take their rightful place over the Human species.

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Does anyone here own the "at ease" krieg?
How do they look mixed in with the advancing and firing version?

>> No.55895064

Yeah, he said that in his first post.

>> No.55895068

I would imagine using the bolster stratagem would be better out to use on something a bit better then the basic bolter oh well.

Would 30 tacticals suit me or should I go for 40?

>> No.55895069

i am blind

>> No.55895070

>"Warp != Chaos"

Because nobody made any counter arguments and just sperged. The codex says Warp and Chaos are one and the same. And that's it.

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I found myself on imgur for some reason and came across this.

It has the following posted under it
"Fighting gits by moonlight
Stealing teef by daylight
Nevah runnin' from a gud fight
I am da boy called Saila Moon"

>> No.55895075

nobody really gets featured anymore besides Imperials and CSM. It's a byproduct of the success of the HH series.

Still get some Eldar books at least. But I can't remember I read a novel where Tyranids were antagonists, for instance

>> No.55895077

Bolter stratagem*

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File: 3.09 MB, 1781x1845, Book Ranks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Mortarian is way worse, in fact he's just too hard to kill.

Oh, then the Guard codex came out and he's actually alright.

I can't keep track of what to know anymore.

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>They shall have to see to themselves, as best they can. I did not breed sheep, Bile said, dismissively. He spread his hands. This is nothing. A natural phenomenon given meaning by small minds. What you hear, what you see, it is all from within you. We impart shape and purpose on that which has neither, and suffer for it. He turned, one hand raised, the other behind his back as if he were a lecturer at a scholarium. Purge your minds of all such thoughts, and this will cease. Control yourselves, and you will control this.

-Fabius during a daemon incursion

You heard the expert, people. If you want to survive a warp outbreak you gotta learn to curb your imagination. You got to rule your thoughts, not let them rule you. Logic and reason are your weapons.

>> No.55895089


Okay, pretty much clears up all my questions. But just to clarify one last time.

My berzerkers charges a unit.
I wipe that unit using a single fight phase out of two.
I cannot consolidate and fight again with my second fight phase because I didn't declare charge on the consolidated unit.
Unless I use the stratagem "Fury of Khorne" which allows me to fight again.


>> No.55895090


To be completely fair, Orks are the one race that would canonically do that.

>> No.55895097

>whole bunch of discount harlequin stuff turns up on auction site

Pls my wallet can't take this.

>> No.55895098

he's a solid primarch but he is no big bird though

>> No.55895106

What the fuck I love Fabius now

>> No.55895107

>Because nobody made any counterarguments I could actually deal with so I chose to ignore them

Honest of you to admit that.

>> No.55895108

>Forgetting that the Tau aren't allowed to have inter-caste relations, let alone inter-species
Do I need to submit you to the Ethereal for re-education, anon?

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>Dan "IG are basically unstoppable" & "Perpetuals are a good idea" Abnett

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Whens the blight hauler going up for pre-order

>> No.55895115

Correct, except the strat won't allow you to target something you didn't charge.

>> No.55895119

What? What a deluded little bitch you are. Please here is my post >>55894890. Check the chain. Where are counter arguments?

>> No.55895122

That's not even all of them. There four or so other boys, and Tuxedo Mask is the nob.

>> No.55895124

Graia is decent proof that actually does work. Steel of body, steel of mind steel of body steel of mind steelofbodysteelofmind... X500.

>> No.55895127

If you consolidate into another unit you can fight them with the second fight phase as long as you're within 1".
You don't need to charge to fight. just be withing the required distance.

>> No.55895129


One last question. sorry. If I consolidate 1" within an enemy unit, we cannot fire or be fired upon unless we use pistols.

So this can be used tactically to effective lock out other units from shooting, right?

>> No.55895139

Correct, unless they can fly or have some other ability that lets them fall back and shoot.

>> No.55895143

False, the rules explicitly state that on a turn you charge you can only target units that you declared a charge against.
>Models that charged this turn can only target enemy units that they charged in the previous phase.

>> No.55895144

The best target for the Bolter Drill stratagem is a squad of Heavy Bolter and Hurricane Bolter Centurions. 7 Heavy Bolter shots and 14 Bolter shots per model are pretty nice.

I'm surprised there isn't more Goto shit down the bottom.

>implying Guard aren't unstoppable


>Steal of Body, Steal of Mind
Is this a Blood Ravens chant?

You can't fight a unit you didn't charge in the turn you charged anon, the rules are clear on that.


>> No.55895156

It's not a second fight phase, they can just fight twice in the same one.

>> No.55895159

>>implying Guard aren't unstoppable
quick, someone post the virgin guardsman and chad marine meme

>> No.55895165

Ruinstorm in EPUB anyone?

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File: 54 KB, 960x390, Chad Guard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55895180


At last we realize the true reason Farsight broke away from the Ethereals.

>> No.55895188

Aaahh, its good to have you back carnac.
Always happy to see some on-topic shitposting after all those /pol/ discussions and female space marine crap

>> No.55895190

Where does Warden of the Blade fit into this?
>2 aaron dumbass butthole books in god emperor tier

>> No.55895192

Same as running them in 7th, without the coll fluffy formations to make them partway competitive. Ally some Harlies so you have some decent infantry, cause Wracks are not too great.... Also, try to play on cover heavy boards.

>> No.55895195

>"planet broke before the guard did"
what did he mean by this?

>> No.55895200

>"Why are you leaving, Commander?"
>"I wish to fuck something weird."

>> No.55895205

Ok I swear to god I seen that exact face in a nightmare

>> No.55895215

>cover heavy
They all have a 5++ and no armour save, cover doesnt help.

>> No.55895231

I liked both Baneblade & Shadowsword even if Shadowsword's ending sucks a bit.

It was comfy as hell to read about a tank crew's adventures on rainy days, especially Shadowsword because the planet where it takes place is a rainy shithole

>> No.55895240

If I'm taking a Chaos Lord for rerolls in DG, is it worth it gearing him out with anything or is it better to keep him barebones?

>> No.55895242

He means cover heavy to abuse LoS blocking

>> No.55895253

>still not understanding how this meme works

>> No.55895267

Yeah i already have the feeling that my list wouldn't be top tier, but at least it's fluffy
Haemonculus: Whip - 84
Haemonculus: Scissorhand - 84

5x Wracks: Ossefactor - 68
[Venom: 2x Splintercannon - 95]
5x Wracks: Ossefactor - 68
[Venom: 2x Splintercannon - 95]
5x Wracks: Ossefactor - 68
[Venom: 2x Splintercannon - 95]

4x Grotesques - 160
[Raider: Dark Lance, Shock Prow - 116]
4x Grotesques - 160
[Raider: Dark Lance, Shock Prow - 116]
9x Mandrakes - 171

>Fast Attack
5x Scourges: 4x Dark Lances - 150

>Heavy Support
3x Talos: 6x Scapels, 3x Stinger Pod - 366
Cronos - 102
1998/2000 points

>> No.55895276

New to the hobby, started with Death Guard a few months ago, what books do you recommend?

I've just finished the Night Lords omnibus and read nothing else.

>> No.55895280


It's obvious that with the massive integration of the Humans into the Tau empire they will soon be assigned into castes fully so they can better serve the Greater Good. Why fight it? If you read the fluff it's obvious that Humans prefer the seed of Xenos if ever given the option to upgrade over their own stock.

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File: 245 KB, 769x437, 1486262323628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55895298

>Bastion Wars
The first 40k novel I read was the last one from that series, lent by a friend (CSM - apparently it also features Traitor Guard). I thought it was fine (I loved the Daemon Rhinos) but that the end was lacking. Thinking about it again, it seems like yet another slog through a series of encounters until the final boss fight, not to mention the weird Dark Eldar camaraderie.

>> No.55895321


Is that a picture of the Commissar and Guardsman staring in awe at the great Tau BBC? Must be. There's no reason to only watch over the monitor, you can see it live if you just accept the Greater Good.

>> No.55895324

Dark imperium is a good introduction to the current state of the fluff timeline

>> No.55895328

The First Heretic was pretty good imo

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Hey doods, Inquisition homebrew anon here, through on this ? (it will be in a retinue unit, so it'll get meatshield)

>> No.55895392

Also what's the point of making every model in the unit suffer D3 mortal wounds when they all only have 1 wound anyways?

>> No.55895408

Ideas for Necron dynasty traits?

Sautekh: Ancient hatred- reroll wound rolls of 1 vs enemy buildings

>> No.55895414

Well I forgot to change that.

>> No.55895422

someone's going to get rerolls on reanimation
crons are going to be rerolls on random shit and maybe some dynasty who gets no penalties for moving and shooting heavy/macro weapons
also trazyn better get a fucking buff, I want trazyn to be able to fuck up bobby g
>trazyn allow you to take an astra militarum detachment lead by creed, which can include greyfax

>> No.55895429

There'll be a stealthy dynasty no doubt.

Reroll of 1s on reanimation seems decent.

>> No.55895472

I want to buy an artillery vehicle for my guard, something heavy, so I was considering the merits of the basilisk vs the manticore.

Manticore is pretty much the same but has an extra d6 shots so it seems flat out superior but wait, the ear shaker is ap-3.
With 3+ being one of the most common saves in the game, not only on marines but on seemingly most vehicles, is the Earth shaker better?

>> No.55895479

Basilisk all day every day

>> No.55895489

What are the books in the Watchers on the Throne series?

I know Carrion Throne is related, but are there any others? Is there an order I should read them in?

>> No.55895491
File: 44 KB, 960x542, psyker2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Revised version.

>> No.55895519

Are the shock prows worth taking? Their only advantage is multiple damage right? So they're only useful against vehicles/monsters/characters, which you're very unlikely to hurt due to high toughess and armour/invulnerable saves combined with only getting the one attack with it. Most of the time the raider will be charging squares of single wound infantry anyway to absorb their overwatch.

>> No.55895537

Just a note, AP -3 gives a 6+ save when used on units with a 3+ Save.

>> No.55895548
File: 303 KB, 598x714, 1506997336001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw pretty sure GW forgot the Blight Hauler exists

>> No.55895554

what is the rest of your list?

>> No.55895560

Why not squat the rest of Chaos while we're at it? In fact, retcon the Chaos gods and the warp from ever having existed. Get that puerile, obvious, and just plain retarded aspect of 40k out. People and Primarchs shouldn't need space-hell with space demons to be tempted to betray big-E. In fact it's a much better story that way.

>> No.55895562

I can't tell if this would be useless or broken as shit. It kills the entire unit whenever you roll doubles but can do a minimum of 6 mortal wounds whenever you cast perils, which you have a decent chance of doing even with -3 to a psychic test.

>> No.55895582


Not always. Invuln saves can make AP-2 really efficient, and S10 can make a difference on wounding T5 targets (and I guess T9 and 10 as well)

>> No.55895584

Infantry squads, ratlings, ogryns, melta vets, plasma leman, a banewolf and lascannon teams.
Tons of heavy flamers and stuff.

>> No.55895592

What do you advise ? Reduce to 1D3/2 Psyker ?

>> No.55895602

But isnt toughness 5, 9 and 10 really rare when compared to toughness 4, 7 and 8?

>> No.55895606

It's 1 point so really, why not?
It's 1 d3 damage attack when you charge, so i guess it's useful for possibly denting a TEQ squad you assualt

>> No.55895631

both are good, the question you have to ask yourself is which one will fit into your current list.
If your current list has a couple of infantry squads screening the bane wolf and leman russ with some ogryns mixed in there, lascannon teams and ratlings at the back the choice if yours, though the basilisk is alot cheaper and can be added without a large change to your list.
it's your choice, both are good though the basilisk is slightly better
also I'd suggest picking up a transport for the melta vets and ogryns, a chimera/valk will do since footslogging vets is painful and ogryns are toasty in melee

>> No.55895636

For sure; no doubt. I just threw in 9 and 10 because it was true, even though not especially useful. The extra shots make a difference though; since you will miss a lot of them, due to BS 4+.

>> No.55895639

tau commanders, centurions, tarantulas are T5, there is some stuff though you'll want to kill that with other things
T9 is LOW upwards

>> No.55895643

They should run about equal against standard marines at approx 3 kills per turn. Against most vehicles it'll be the same. The earthshaker will do better against T4 or below units with 2+ saves, the manticore will do better against T5 or anyone with a tshirt save. I'd say they're even and it depends what you fight.

Limited shots on the manticore could be annoying in a longer game if it spends the fifth turn firing just a heavy bolter. Also, if the basilisk is killed early you won't feel like you 'wasted' any missiles. So from a butthurt point of view I'd say the basilisk is the safer choice.

Ah, I remembered them as 10 points for some reason, so skipping a few could actually buy you something useful. Carry on as you were.

>> No.55895653

Do they really even need some super special smite mechanic? The whole point of bound psykers is just soaking psychic attacks, they'd probably be fine just being wyrdvanes with a 2d6 deny roll. 1d3 mortal wounds per model is way to many for a unit that can take 6 models but the perils on all doubles killing the unit doesn't really make it seem like it would be worth ever using in the first place.

>> No.55895658

Ignore my calculations, I had them autohitting for some reason. In fact, I'm signing out in general, I don't know what the fuck I'm on about today.

>> No.55895663

Oh yeah if they were 10 points, i'd drop them in a heartbeat and get a 10th Mandrake

>> No.55895673

> The whole point of bound psykers is just soaking psychic attacks
Nah, not there. I want them to be some kind of unreliable heavy hitter (like 5ed Psyker or DoW).

>> No.55895691

Heavy hitting with mortal wounds is like d6 though. 6d3 literally hits harder than Magnus with his super smite.

>> No.55895699

Since 3rd to 7th
A lasgun had trouble killing a traitor human with S3 and No AP
A holy boltgun didn't even allowed a save to bad saves. S4 AP5 was a respectable weapon for dealing with poor armours
The trusty flamer could delete hordes of hunkering down in ruins and ignoring the save of those inside it.
The plasmagun was a weapon to deal with heavy armored infantry and light vehicles.

In 8th?
Lauguns and Boltgun are marginally different and both struggle to deal with a poor 5+ save
The flamer no longer ignore covers throwing away decades of functional traditions
Oh and the plasmagun? Best weapon to deal with stuff like Conscripts since it can ignore their 5+

Any one else feels AP system in 8th is totally trash

>> No.55895715

> 6D3 smite
This is why homebrew is fucking retarded. When (You) are invested in making something for yourself, (You) just can't help but make it super snowflake/ grossly OP.

>> No.55895719


>> No.55895720
File: 1.23 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20171015_210846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In case anyone missed the build shaming last night here's a PSA on how NOT to convert Crusaders. Just fucking buy the official models you shits. Nothing you make them out of will ever look good.

>> No.55895722

No. I like that 6+s and 5+s actually get to use them frequently instead of rare situational occasions, and glad to say goodbye to the worthless/effective dichotomy you had where a Krak missile's AP3 might as well have been AP- against a 2+ save

>> No.55895739

I wouldn't mind seeing flamers getting ignores cover back.

>> No.55895743

I think the bolt pistol, bolter, storm bolter, along with the shuriken catapult, and pulse rifle/ carbine, deserved AP -1.

>> No.55895744

Calm your tits, why do you think I am asking for advice ?

>> No.55895752

Exactly the AP system when from all or nothing to, "who can force more shitty saves" the system

>> No.55895754

B BUT im poor but must also run the most recent OP interwebs list!!!

>> No.55895755

Galvanic Rifles, too. Seriously, were Rangers exactly overpowered in 7e?

>> No.55895762

I don't think that's what female players want. I think what female players want is a bit more variance in the kinds of boobs present in the universe. At this moment in time the only female in the game not underlined as being female by her appearance is Shadowsun. I think it's fair to say that's a steep margin below the number of dudes there are for people to play in all shapes and sizes. Even the Necrons are characterized by male pronouns.

>> No.55895763

My advice: just stop.

>> No.55895769

lol why do you retards keep using chaos warriors for conversions?

>Shiny blue chaos warrior space marine
>hooded chaos warrior crusader

>> No.55895775

That doesn't look bad.
Also why the fuck would you want 2 model variation for your 10 model squad. Specially when those two poses look like resting or guarding the entrance of a palace.
Maybe if they had more variety than just two static model. We would be fine.

Side note anon this is a fucking wargame with a heavy need of modeling, if you wanted to play a no variation wargame go and play MageKnight or Xwing.

>> No.55895776

Ap-1 when targeting infantry/non-vehicles
they could make it slightly more detailed with the simplified toughness systems

>> No.55895780

Okay, thanks for your advice.

Yes you're right. But do you think that 1D3/pair is still too much ? Let's not forget they are quite pricey and even when meatshielded, they're going to draw a lot of fire

>> No.55895787

>stormbolter deserves ap-1

that would be hideously powerful on grey knights, they already doubled the fire power from assault 2 to rapid fire 2, giving GK 40 s5 ap-2 on the deepstrike would be silly

>> No.55895789

Sure why not.
My biggest issue is that there is zero difference between the pleb flash light and the 'holy bolter' in AP. That's bullshit.

>> No.55895792
File: 44 KB, 600x620, 99120102065_MagnustheRed02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminder that Magnus with his invuln buff requires an average of:
41 bs3 lascannons or
32 bs3 melta in melta range or
97 bs3 heavy bolters or
97 bs3 autocannons or
4 shadowswords

to kill in 1 turn, while only costing 430 pts, and being able to kill a knight per turn.

>> No.55895794

It would at least be more reasonable and keep in line with the penalties for each pair.

>> No.55895800

reminder that bigbird is magnus with 27 wounds

>> No.55895803

That's fine since you actually admit you only like them because they're OP and not pretend that you've been looking at them since IA you fucking liars.

>> No.55895804
File: 29 KB, 353x308, 1483153848520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, I'm looking to magnetize a ton of my models. What magnet sizes should I get that will cover most typical magnetizing work?

>> No.55895811

Interestingly enough he was nowhere to be seen in the top players during the last (yesterday) tournament.

Not like rawbooty...

>> No.55895816

Guessing because they already come with shields and swords and it's $30 for 16 opposed to $30 for fucking 4 with only two sculpts.

>> No.55895823

Wait a second there anon. Let's not get too hasty.
Remember the bombshell Winters dripped about what Jarvis Johnson said was the GUIDING PRINCIPLE of 8th ed rules design.
If a rule was too complicated for a 8 year old to remember/understand, it was either dropped or simplified.
Does GW realize their audience is way, way, fucking older?

>> No.55895825

>That doesn't look bad
Do you honestly believe this?

>> No.55895827

What're the most efficient sources of mortal wounds?

>> No.55895842

That is the issue the Sv 5+ got too good AP-1 dicks over 3+ 4+ and 6+ way too much, but doesn't change much for 5+ since their save was already shit but can still try to save

>> No.55895845

Reminder that the Aquila Strongpoint is only 480 points and requires 1080 lasguns to kill ; ^ )
(Oh look you can make anything sound impressive!)

>> No.55895851

Grey Knights fight daemons, who with a 5+ invul don't give a shit about AP anyway. All other infantry should be parked in cover or a transport. All that would do is fuck over hordes/blobs, like boys and conshits. Who just so happen to be grossly over powered this edition.

>> No.55895854


Jesus fuck no, do you know how effective Ap-1 is against vehicles? My Orks already barely bother bringing transports; fucking Ap-1 on stormbolters would be an absolute nightmare.

My absolute worst nightmare to face as Orks is Heavy fucking Bolters. They're like the most efficient weapons I can possibly face.

>> No.55895861

I think I will stick to that for now. I made some dice test and I got an average of 5.5 wounds (without counting psychic test)

>> No.55895865

Did you start playing after 3rd?
If so then you have little to compare those with a bad conversion. Making your opinion is just overreacting.

In other words yes it is not a bad conversion. In my decades of playing those crap this is not bad not even close to being bad

>> No.55895867

>Mfw Speed Kult gets identical bonuses to Steel Legion

>> No.55895870


That's a fucking stupid comparison because no-one uses lasguns to take down a fortification. On the other hand, high damage weapons are exactly what you'd use to take down a model like Magnus, except even against them he's stupidly survivable.

>> No.55895876

And is like 700pts vs Magnus' 415. Also he can't cast Weaver of Fates.

>> No.55895890

Then tell me anything they did besides put a different head of a chaos warrior. You fucking can't. It's being a lazy fuck and it's born from pure WAACfaggotry at it's finest.

>> No.55895893

>each time you make a hit roll of 6+ you can shoot again with the same weapon at the same target
Does this mean that if they're shooting a rapid fire/heavy2/assault 2 weapon they get 2 more shots for each hit of a 6+ or is it just one more shot? If the former it seems pretty broken on heavy bolter squads and the like.

>> No.55895894

Yes, too much. Look at zoanthropes for what sort of output a unit of bound psykers smiting should be able to put out. And zoanthropes are literally bred to throw out psychic dakka, whereas I don't understand why you think bound psykers should be so good at smite specifically.

>they're going to draw a lot of fire
Doesn't matter if they can leap out of a transport and nuke something.

5.5. mortal wounds is a lot, dude. If you think that's fair & reasonable for such a cheap unit then you're seriously delusional.

>> No.55895899


Maelific Lords from FW.


Well then, the only issue I'd have to deal with is ork vehicles not being worth taking.

>> No.55895900

>That doesn't look bad.
have you seen the bib guy?

>> No.55895910

Shows what you know. I read on the internet that Conscripts are the most effective counter to any unit INCLUDING VEHICLES. Fortifications are VEHICLES. Checkmate faggots

>> No.55895919

What should I expect from a 1000 pt tournament?

I'm assuming a lot of horde armies?

>> No.55895925

The scions doctrine? It says "can make an extra shot" not "can shoot again". Also you can only use it on MT units anyways so no heavy bolters.

>> No.55895929

>Rapid range extended to 18"
>Ignore AP -1
Oh no did we just fix mech Orks?

>> No.55895932

Yep just I thought you are just a triggered little kid that needs to return to his safe space of hugs and cuddles

>> No.55895933

40 bolters with AP-1 causes 5 wounds to a normal vehicle statline. It's hardly broken. Just because it makes shit ork vehicles slightly more shit isn't my problem. What this does do is make a lot of weapons that are, in fluff, more powerful/advanced than the fucking flash light actually ACT like it.

>> No.55895943

Mordian strat.

>> No.55895945

Alternatively, I can charge him with 20 Fulgurites after firing my Prime Hermeticon into his smug face and one-turn-kill him with a torrent of mortal wounds. If he screens with things like Brimstones I just have to add a few inches to my charge after the Kastelans demolish them.

>> No.55895946

How to not suck with Necrons?

>> No.55895949

https://www.games-workshop.com/en-AU/Empire-Greatswords These with hoods and maybe some appropiate bits could work well.

>> No.55895952

their basic troops are what like 8 points?

Just turn it into a horde army with whatever boosts your reanimation

>> No.55895961

I guess I missed that one, where was this? I suppose it explains some of the completely idiotic losses of customisation and every wargear option of any significance being an entire unit.

>> No.55895967

play another race

>> No.55895974

4 fucking shadowswords

>> No.55895982

In which case yes, HBs and shit would get to shoot again. Though it's just one extra attack per model per 6 so you might get one or two extra shooting attacks.

>> No.55895983


Is that really it? Just bring a bunch of bodies with basic guns and hope you survive the enemy shooting? That sounds horrible.

>> No.55896001

yet he's the one being banned in tournaments and not magnus

funny that

>> No.55896004

So "shoot again" means "one extra shot" rather than "shoot the whole weapon again and get 3 extra shots"?

>> No.55896015

No you bring wraiths and hope to survive enemy shooting. T4 4+ ain't living.

>> No.55896018

>All that would do is fuck over hordes/blobs

and TEQs and small vehicles, because now thats 40 shots hitting on 3+ rerolling 1s, wounding on 3+ and they nerf a terminators save to 4+

if anything it grants even more power to the blobs, because their loss rate isnt nearly as adversely affected when compared to the expensive shit

>> No.55896022

>Laughing IG Veterans

>> No.55896032

Mordian stratagem says "can immediately shoot again" so I would assume 3 extra shots.

>> No.55896035

>tournament organisers
>not retarded
pick one

you know they usually just go by power level, right?

I'm guessing you play chaos soup with Magnus and don't want your invincible monster taken away.

>> No.55896047

Do Orks even have any rapid fire weapons?

>> No.55896049

Actually did something.
Did you play during the days of Guardsmen painted as Black Templars Neophytes just because they came in squad of 20 and were cheaper than the old metal scouts?

Razorbacks with lasscanon and twin linked plasma guns just be a plastic tube an plasma pistol hands glue to it?
No. Because you are just a whining little young cunt

Those crap are good compared the "conversion" I grew with

>> No.55896058

Not a single one

>> No.55896063

You've got to go full combo. Use the insane guy and his buddy guard. Use the deciever shard. Use all three of these to get a pretty nice positional advantage until somebody gets turn 1 and deepstrike half their army on you.

Use night scythes with melee units in invasion beams.

Use warriors and ghost arcs (1 ghost arc per 2 warrior squads).

>> No.55896071

then why didn't you learn from these occasions?

>> No.55896088

40k novels:

I highly recommend Deathwatch by Steve Parker and the associated short stories, Headhunted and Exhumed.

Baneblade, Shadowsword, and the 2 short stories, Stormlord and Iron Harvest (Read this one before Shadowsword, it will make the crew much more likeable, in a Brothers in Arms sort of way) by Based Guy Haley (generally speaking Haley is a good pick).

Dead Men Walking for one of the most grimdark book about 40k, featuring the KDK, by Steve Lyons. Fantastic but super depressing. The short story Down Amongst the Dead Men by the same author deals with "training" on Krieg is equally good and depressing.
15 Hours is also one of the best IG book there is around.

Red Tithe by Robbie McNiven and Eye of Medusa by David Guymer are two excellent books giving loads of background information about, respectively, the Carcharodons and the Iron Hands (I have to say, I'm a Carcharodons player but hot diddly damn Eye of Medusa was good, IH are scary and brutal as fuck in this book)

Death of Antagonis and Warden of the Blade by David Annandale are solid books as well, one fluhes out the Black Dragon nicely (very different interpretation than Kyme's savage view on them) and the 2nd is about Castellan Crowe, and a fantastic insight on the perils of the GK and the bearer of the blade of Ant'wyr in particular. Manages to make him non Mary-Sue.

Pdf related is also a great book, it's everything a book about an unknown chapter should be. I like to share it around since it was take from the BL site 2 weeks before release because of legal problems, so poor Kearney wrote a whole damn novel for nothing, and I suspect he is the one that put up his novel on torrents so that it's not forgotten.

>> No.55896095

Yeah man I love my new Emperor's Children codex that came with these two EC novels just now
And my SoB codex that came with the omnibus
How about this here Custodes & SoS codex that just came out with its accompanying BL model?
Fuck off you dumb faggot

>> No.55896101

>4 shadowswords

So less than 2 Falchions.

>> No.55896106

Wut? What the fuck do you even mean by that?

>> No.55896110

Okay. I just tested average wounds of Psykers vs Zoanthropes (full squad), based on a 50 attempt test.

Zoanthropes = 3.42 wounds
Psykers = 2.3 wounds

Is this still too much ?

>> No.55896132

>800+pt unit takes 2 turns to kill a 415pt unit
>this is balanced

>> No.55896135

>you know they usually just go by power level, right?

yep, however there are alot of calls in the ITC community to specifically ban big bird at least until the december update comes out which will change FW model prices

>I'm guessing you play chaos soup with Magnus and don't want your invincible monster taken away.

I play scions and bullgryns

>> No.55896139

is the average toughness of tanks and other vehicles 8-10?

>> No.55896159

Those are Smite mortal wounds

>> No.55896190


>Idiot definition of atheism

If you've met the supernatural in a direct, face to face context and chose not to worship anyhow, you're an atheist.

>But I feel like being an absurdly semantic dick over the distinction between being aware of something and having faith in it!

Fuck off.

>> No.55896191

I'm just trying to figure out whether or not I should use smash guns or kustom mega kannons in my list.

Going through the xeno 2 index though it looks like the average toughness is 6-7 for heavies. Just saw one 8 so far.

>> No.55896195

Possibly stupid question but I can't find anything specifically addressing it in the rules:
If a unit has a +1 strength modifier on it does that apply to weapons that have a specific strength characteristic? For example a plague drone prehensile proboscis is strength 4. If the drone is under a herald's +1 strength aura are their proboscis attacks strength 4 or 5? The aura refers to increasing the strength characteristic of the unit.

>> No.55896204

>If a unit has a +1 strength modifier on it does that apply to weapons that have a specific strength characteristic?

the +1 applies to the model, not the weapon

so no it wouldnt affect the plague drone for example

>> No.55896216

>disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.

Ok, so what's the "real" definition of atheism then?

>> No.55896232

>guard player
ah, that explains the inability to recognize op shit.

>> No.55896233

Nah this is dumb mate. If you know a god exists but don't think it's worth worshipping it you are not an atheist.

>> No.55896245

OK thanks.

>> No.55896247

He was on another channel. Moarhammer or some shit. It's like half way through the first one, talking about how Lawrance from Table top tactics and Winters asks Jarvis about the (shit) cover mechanic on launch night. They designed this fucking game for 8 year olds. Jesus.

>> No.55896256

>bought scions in 7th edition because i wanted an imperium version of dark eldar

>used bullgryns before the codex made them kinda insane

>no conscripts, psyker spam, earthshaker platforms

>still get lumped in with guard players

careful that chip on your shoulder doesn't weigh you down anon

>> No.55896265

At least give him a plasma pistol and power sword/axe.

>> No.55896281


A direct meeting with a god, or in this case daemons, doesn't require belief in anything other than the accuracy of your own senses. There's no element of faith unless you fall your knees and start worshipping.

>> No.55896293
File: 65 KB, 877x620, Fuck I Actually Miss The War In Heaven.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55896314


zoans are shit at their job senpai

here's to hoping the codex makes them crazy

>> No.55896315

>iron within, iron without

>> No.55896325

What are you even trying to argue? You can believe/know something exists without having faith in it or worshipping it. Atheism does not revolve around whether you worship something or not, it's about belief/knowledge of existence.

>> No.55896344

Fuck off, Anon. Yes he was wanked Chaos a bit much in MoM, but he's a good writer. Stop the meme.

>> No.55896351
File: 163 KB, 520x680, malal-needs-to-believe-in-himself.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you interact with something daily without believing in their existence?

>> No.55896353

No, he's a garbage writer. Kill yourself Carnac.

>> No.55896358
File: 38 KB, 499x338, 1507529316365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55896370

>decades old model
>play the same list for decades
>suddenly a waacfag
Anon unless you have proof the somone jumping on guard this edition just because they are op. You can't really call them a waacfag.
Maybe a waac.

You are like a internet feminist bitching about people having different opinions about things

Calm your tits for fuck sake

>> No.55896372

There's a reason that he was held in high regard around here before Master of Mankind.

>> No.55896396

Because he was seen as /ourguy/.

>> No.55896406

You understand that it can be explained by a set of rules within a system of reference that takes into account the warp being a different kind of reality that does not obey the usual laws of nature from your own universe.

>> No.55896422

believing something exists =/= believing it is a god.

>> No.55896424

But Greyfax has boobplate?

>> No.55896429

When he writes Chaos stuff with minimal interaction with the Imperium, he's TOLERABLE.

As soon as big daddy Imperium gets involved, it descends into shittery. Constantly making the Imperial adversaries bigger dicks than the Chaos characters. As if it's possible to have even the slightest shard of the high ground when you suck massive daemon dong. Or worse, when, "I totally don't suck massive daemon dong, I do things my own cooler way, we're the goodies and you're the baddies"

>> No.55896446

So atheists are perfectly fine with believing God exists, just not that he's an actual god?

>> No.55896468

Yep. They would just class it as something that isn't a god, so no gods exist.

>> No.55896475


You're conflating mundane "belief" with religion. I "believe" in the table I'm leaning on, but it would be completely vacuous to suggest that's anything other than a general assumption my senses aren't lying for the purpose of day to day function. I could chose to be table-agnostic, but that would be a really stupid waste of my time.


There's no term for being without gods in the face of gods if you try to semantics away the use of atheism. It's a retarded excercise in philosophical navel-gazing to go "uh actually TECHNICALLY if you know a god exists you believe in that god"

A man who assumes Zeus exists and doesn't worship him is not an atheist, he has invested faith in the concept of Zeus's reality.

A man who has met Zeus and doesn't worship him is no different from a man who has met Joe the fishmonger and doesn't worship him.

>> No.55896483

That's more like agnosticism, believing that something created the world, but the idea of that being being all pally with the mortals to the point where he gave us the entire story of how it went down is stupid.

Bile knows there are strong beings that exist, but also that they are only the result of mankind's lack of control.

This is of course ignoring the more recent fluff saying that Chaos always was and always will be, even if everyone is dead, which is fucking stupid.

>> No.55896502

It's also noticeable how much ADB will keep offscreen in an effort to keep his darlings look good. For example, in the night lords trilogy it'll sometimes be said that Talos has been torturing people, but he pretty much never does it onscreen (closest is when navigator-waifu walks in just as he's finished, as I recall) so he can still seem like a nice chap to the reader. In the same series we're told the blood angels inflicted massive casualties on the night lords when they boarded, but all we actually see is them getting BTFO and failing to kill a single night lord. It's like ADB knows he needs to suggest that his favourites aren't all nice/don't succeed all the time, but can't bring himself to actually write it most of the time.

>> No.55896508

>You're conflating mundane "belief" with religion.

So >>55896446?

>> No.55896513

>The flamer no longer ignore covers throwing away decades of functional traditions
It still boggles my mind that cover is +1 to Save instead of -1 to Hit. That oversight leads to so much retardation

>> No.55896530


Kinda, but it comes down to the simple fact that a lot of people who don't think "Things I should be worshipping" exist are going to use the term god in casual conversation anyhow to refer to the things everyone else is calling gods.

An Iron Warrior would be more likely to say "Worshipping the dark powers is retarded." Than "The dark powers aren't gods".

>> No.55896532


You could give all Ork vehicle weapons +1 shot and +12 range and they'd still not be worth shooting outside of Skorchas. What mech Orks need is the same thing shooting Orks needs: massive points reductions across the board or a drastic increase in the number of shots fired. 28 points for a twin-linked Rokkit Launcher that statistically misses both shots is a fucking joke.

>> No.55896539

But you can punch through cover and hit the target.

>> No.55896548

Either a very elaborate troll or a super retard SJW

>> No.55896550
File: 101 KB, 204x965, 1507751220334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55896558

He never was, m8.

>> No.55896567

Dubs decide what unit my Deldar army will be based around. Will work it into army fluff.

>> No.55896568


Always KMK. They're Str 8 base so against just about everything at worst you're wounding on 4's. And you get D6 shots instead of 1 shot.

Smashas do have 1 more AP and D6 dmg instead of D3, so they can go full lascannon mode if you get lucky. But you have to get very lucky, since it's a 4+ to hit then around a 44% chance to wound against T8, then on average you do 3.5 wounds. They're more swingy, so if you feel like you're lucky, go with them. But KMK are just all round most consistent.

Most effective is just spamming kannons since you get keep crew sizes small and there isn't a massive difference between AP-2 and AP-3 against a lot of targets because of invul saves and D6 dmg kannons can be quite threatening and they're realy damn cheap at 27 ppm vs 41 for a Smasha. Always remember when pricing Mek Gunz/Big Guns that you need to pay for the crew as well, 4 points for Big Gunz, 10 points for Mek Gunz. It adds up.

>> No.55896572

It was acceptable.
Characters were not OP comic book tier.

>> No.55896579

Most cover in 40k can't stand up against even basic weapons. The point of cover is that your enemy can't fucking see you. Which is why it should be -1 to Hit.

That immediately fixes flamers as well.

>> No.55896592

Clearly, because he's rated highly on that picture from before MoM because of how much we thought he was shit.

>> No.55896604

You mean the shitty meme image that has the afterbirth that is Souldrinkers in second best tier? Because that's obviously the authority on the matter.

>> No.55896610

How does this look for a 750 point army? Haven't decided on a Legion yet, but leaning towards Iron Warriors. I just wanted a lot of obliterators, thought about using cultists, but I already have 30 diazmonettes and I wanne actually use some of them.
Spearhead Detachment
Warpsmith with combi-melta and mark of slaanesh
3x3 Obliterators with mark of slaanesh
10 Daemonnettes

750 points and 4 command points

>> No.55896625

Which is best Forge World, Stygies 8 or Mars? Cawl is powerful, yes, but does the -1 and mobility make up the loss of reliable Shroudpsalm and rerollable?

>> No.55896630

WHAT? The Grey Knights went all Shadow of Colossus on a possessed cathedral that grew legs and used its pillars as arms to try to punch them to death.

>> No.55896654

>lizardmen: soldiers fighting for the old ones
>necrons: arch enemies of the old ones

they are the exact opposite of lizardmen

>> No.55896667

There's a link on either dakka, miniwargaming or something like that. Just Google 40k magnet sizes.

>> No.55896671

big Bird at least has the excuse of being forgeworld, so broken rules are expected. the fact that GW, who claimed balance and playtesting, allowed this shit to pass is pretty telling of where 40k is headed.

>> No.55896684

warp time? that spell isnt in the nurgle spells so how can morty cast it?

>> No.55896691

>he is no big bird though
Which one?
Big Red Bird or Mega Ultra Chicken?

>> No.55896707

Mars and Crawl are good together. Good enough that most lazy people will just play them. Stygies is good too, but any faction can pick up the not-having-Crawl slack a little with Chorister Technis to reroll those canticles that aren't immediately useful and hope for better. The question is do you like canticles spam, or hit and run?

>> No.55896710

Do an incubi "royal guard" type army of a bunch of Dark Eldar who are the closest one can get to honorable in that they don't backstabbing each other. Ruthless mercenaries, they are loyal as long as you pay them. Once the contract is up, they may suddenly be at your throats, but not for any gain other than monetary. You just got outbid, homes.

>> No.55896722

>Also, which is your favorite Texture paint?
Astrogranite. It's been with me through the thick and thin and matches with most things 40k.

>> No.55896726

Well i dont see daemons as chars so a possessed cathedral while far fetched was not that big of a wtf for me.

GK's climbing it was not that far fetched compared to the shit BL and GW is churning out nowadays.

It is not a brilliant novel like GK omnibus and it wasnt very memorable so that is why i said acceptable.

>> No.55896728

>warp time? that spell isnt in the nurgle spells so how can morty cast it?
He cannot, but if you take a Chaos Space Marine detachment (or Thousand Sons or Be'lakor) you get access to a Psyker that can take the Hereticus Discipline.

Luckily the only requirement for Warp Time is to target a HERETICAL ASTARTES... and Morty is one.

>> No.55896729

alphabet soup mega ultra chicken

>> No.55896741

What is the most broken and OP list you can make at 1k points, with just SoB units

>> No.55896765

celestine + seraphim, then 1 or 2 repressors with melta dominions

season with retributor squads

>> No.55896785

Why Sm battles are heresy tier?
Most of them are about not important battles and are not bad written.

>> No.55896814

Well, someone did shine the twat signal during the middle of the shit posting last night, so we can't say we didn't ask for it.

>> No.55896828

>not bad written.
You lost your arm
No i havent it is right there (points to the ground)
Epic writing.

>> No.55896835

Because the guy who made the image didn't like them.

Here's it's earliest appearence in the archives

And here's all appearences

It has never once been posted without someone disagreeing with the rankings.

>> No.55896865

i refuse to field repressors

>> No.55896882

>ask for OP list
>refuses to use the vehicle that makes sisters amazing

>> No.55896886

>zoanthropes get magnus' d6 base and 2d6 on 10+
>also drop to 90 points for 3

>> No.55896888

Get a load of captain antifa.

>> No.55896899

not her

fw really did a poor job pricing them

>> No.55896908


>> No.55896925
File: 164 KB, 416x416, HC430S.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you guys transport your larger models?
Considering purchasing a hardcase on sale for around $50, thoughts?

>> No.55896932

I present to you - The Hot-shot Volley Gun©!
With a Strength value of 4, and a AP value of -2, it wounds pesky humans with ease, and their armour poses no resistance!

What's that? There's more?
That's right. Unlike the typical, bog standard flashlight or bolt gun, the Hot-shot Volley Gun© can fire a massive 4 times per turn!
That is twice as much!

Want to be twice as valuable as the flashlight wielding plebs around you? Contact your Ryza liaison to order today!

>> No.55896934

>Tyranid codex announced as tag-on to the Eldar announcement
NPCs eternally BTFO

>> No.55896937

4 rhinos/chimeras/similar fit nicely into a GW vehicle boxing

>> No.55896950

a whopping 2 units in the game can field this cool weapon. that should cover the whole of 8th edition

>> No.55896953

Not me. He is a random butt hurt.

>> No.55896956

What's the quality like?

>> No.55896960

>Speed Kult: All Assault Weapons can make one extra shot when within half range. All Vehicles ignore AP-1

>> No.55896968
File: 57 KB, 600x620, 99120117002_Goliath09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i mean a box like this. stuff it with paper and bubble wrap inside

>> No.55897000

In taller plastic boxes that I'm careful with when carrying

>> No.55897010

I want to start a GSC just for that tank.
Also USSR or People's Army themed GSC sounds too good to pass

>> No.55897019

i think they would more likely have something like red paint job where you get an automatic 6" when advancing

>> No.55897044
File: 91 KB, 820x396, nod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mfw want to make a C&C themed GSC or IG army but don't have the time, money or patience for the foreseeable future
Feels bad man.

>> No.55897063

red/black scions with hoods and tau pulse blasters

>> No.55897074

Khymerae and Razorwing flocks

>> No.55897083

tantalus party bus

>> No.55897084

Don't forget your Hot-shot Volley Gun© Taurox Prime adaptor (sold separately).

>> No.55897094

Hellion spam

>> No.55897101

Wyches on foot.

>> No.55897104


>> No.55897165

Buy three boxes of Gangs of Commaragh.
Your army is two rival gangs competing/ against/ outdoing each other on a raid.

>> No.55897188

Mad scientist assholes who field mass Grotesques using captured prisoners as test subjects.

>> No.55897194

>comrade chairman i am the future.

>> No.55897215

Kanes Lives!!!!

>> No.55897226

>Archon forces two gangs to works together
>Fully knows they hate each other, but makes them anyways
>both gangs try to out do the other gang instead of impress the archon
>Best raid in recent history of the kabal

>> No.55897297

So Im confused, are the old Eldar and Nids start collectings going out of print?

>> No.55897324

Could be just a different variation.
As both armies have unique playstyles and what their boxes offer (Horde/Fast) may not be what a player wants so they made a variation (Elite/Tough)

>> No.55897328

Rev up those spearheads!

>> No.55897340

What good are Yarrick, with no Warlord trait, or Creed, with no Wargear?
How did GW still fuck over IG while at the same time make them WAACfag bait?

>> No.55897354


>Eldar with commissars, but ALL THE TIME

Move over IG, it's the Aeldaririririririr's turn.

>> No.55897360

Creed is pretty much a free relic though. Plus a bajillion orders.

>> No.55897380
File: 47 KB, 500x326, 40kCraftworldFocus-Iyanden-Boxout2kf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55897390

Yarrick gets a warlord trait, it's just that he HAS to take the one that gives him the ability to use orders.

>> No.55897394

It looks good. Gives me hope for the remaining codexes

>> No.55897403

Yarrick gives the Cadian trait as a 6" aura. I assumed that's what you took him for.

The point is though that the way the Orders rule is written, he can't use it

>> No.55897411

Um, what <Regiment> is Yarrick?
Oh yeah, he doesn't have one, so he can't order anyone. Also, he, as the warlord, CAN NOT get any Regiment ability of the detachment he is leading.

>> No.55897424

>T6 and T8
That's quite a big change, twice as resilient to S3 and S4 respectively.

>> No.55897426

Creed never had any wargear worth talking about, he's currently fairly pointless though as he can't take the Grand Strategist trait so the 2CP you gain from him are lost over the course of the game. Give him 5th ed Tactical Genius back GW.

Yarrick similarly has a trait you could replicate for 20pts (or will after they FAQ it to actually work as intended), you'd be better off taking a platoon commander and giving him Grand Strategist, he's there to be a Lord Comm++ and reroll ones buble.

>> No.55897436
File: 57 KB, 750x725, IMG_8588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this mean DE are after? They really need a nerf to lances. That assault weapon if on vehicle rule is bullshit.

>> No.55897439

>Buff Guard
>Then buff other races resilience against lasguns
Laughing designers.jpg

>> No.55897440

>Write new morale rules because morale became irrelevant
>Promptly start handing out ways to ignore them

>> No.55897443

Reminder, don't play <your dudes> because <our dudes> get the tricks

>> No.55897449

Next is Nids.

>> No.55897451

You just use Iyanden tactics Anon, shut up.

>> No.55897463
File: 138 KB, 500x500, IMG_9009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep crying mon'keigh

>> No.55897465

>these are the hypermarines from hypermar.
>this is their Primarch, Robert Mulligan.
>they use Ultramarine tactics
Do you see how silly that sounds?

>> No.55897469

>this eldar craftworld lost most of its 'men' to nids, so can't field large armies and has to make use of many wraith constructs
>lets give them a chapter tactic that encourages the use of 20 man guardian blobs and is utterly pointless on l9 things that come in squards of 5 or 1?
Why the hell was this not Biel-tan's thing?

>> No.55897477

>Morale was scrapped because too many armies ignored it.
>Makes Ld30 Orks, Ld8-9 Guardsmen that only lose 1 model, Morale immune Tyranids, Space Marines can still reroll and have such a high Ld they only can lose models if they take max squads.

Is it easier to list armies that still are affected by morale?
>Necrons, Daemons, and Tau?

>> No.55897480

Is it possible to make a unit impossible to wound a unit by turning a 6 to wound into a 7 by something like "Enervate"? I know you can't get worse than a 6 to wound by normal means but do these powers change that? Because I can see people turning Wraithlords into unkillable reapers wading through everything.

>> No.55897481

You don't have to say it's a different Primarch. He can just be fighting alongside an Ultramarines successor chapter.

>> No.55897483

Anyone that read the index knew NuGW didn't learn a bloody thing.
Codex drop and it was confirmed they didn't learn anything

>> No.55897492

>Is it easier to list armies that still are affected by morale?
AdM is pretty dogshit for morale

>> No.55897494


>> No.55897497
File: 78 KB, 544x517, IMG_4250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is bait

>> No.55897514

Ignoring morale isn't reason enough to run Guardian blobs. At least Conscripts can shoot beyond 12"

>> No.55897518

>Ultramarines successor chapter.
Fuck that. That's just diet <Their Dudes> ing.
>Here are my Hylermarines from Hypermar.
>Bobby G sometimes hangs out with them and wears Orange armor instead of Blue.
Named characters are killing the lore

>> No.55897523

These are my Blood Ravens
>Gabriel Angelos / Calgar
>Cyphus / Sergeant Tellion
>Martellus / Sergeant Chronus
>Jonah / Tigarius
>And since they're Codex Compliant I'm using the Ultramarines Chapter Tactic

Forge the narrative

>> No.55897541

Named characters have been a part of the game since the beginning, if they're killing it they've been doing it slowly

>> No.55897545

I was already using Wraithblades to good effect, and now they become more resilient to S5 stuff? Excellent.

>> No.55897547

No one is forcing you to play Guilliman, Anon.

>> No.55897572

Necrons are Ld 10. You basically only risk to fail morale with a 20 warrior blob and you can always use command points for that.

>> No.55897578

>Named characters have been a part of the game since the beginning, if they're killing it they've been doing it slowly

And you used to need your opponent's permission to play them / needed a certain point level (used to be 2000pts for some of the "big names")

Guilliman would be a lot more easier to stomach if there was a
>Primarch: an army can only include him in an army of 2500+ pts

>> No.55897579

As an Eldar player who made blades instead of Guard (Unless you made them after guard got nerfed) I'll trust you when I ask if the blades were good enough as they were?

Did they need this major buff?

>> No.55897593

>Both gangs end up weakening themselves so they have less claims for power

>> No.55897594

Not really, 10 warriors losing 5 in a phase plus a 6 on the die means 1 lost warrior that can't be revived.

>> No.55897602
File: 510 KB, 1152x2048, 89DA9D5F-0030-4150-BA89-6283E1F3F478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How sue is it to have an inquisitor be the disenfranchised brother of a high king of a Knight household?

>> No.55897632

As long as he isn't super-mega powerful and everyone loves him then he isn't very sue.

Maybe make him just a relative instead of a brother of a high king to avoid the special snowflakiness and you'll be grand. What are you thinking of running with your Inquisitor anon?

>> No.55897642

If the disenfranchisement was thorough, not sue at all. Could make for an entertaining story of trying to investigate the world despite everyone knowing the Inquisitor's face and considering him to a laughingstock/villain/what-have-you.

>> No.55897645

>conscripts can shoot

>> No.55897653


all of those have workarounds except the guard. orks krump eachother pretty good when they take casualties and require you to babysit your heavy weapon squads like lootas with mobs to make sure they don't scarper, nids have the lowest moral in the game without synapse and synapse range shrank 4" on everything but the tyrant, also everything but a prime and a broodlord can be shot with heavy weapons and unlike the commissars those models actually cost points and want to fight tihngs. nids and orks are good because of these moral saving abilities but guard are OP because sniper weapons are shit at their job unless you're admech

>> No.55897658

what chapter

>> No.55897663

Abaddon, Gazhgkull and Company were basically HQ with a certain load out and maybe one or two minor unique rules.

Guilliman completely defines Ultramarines and therefore vanilla marines at large. They are balanced around the fact that they could potentially be rerolling everything.

New names characters like Gmail, Celestine, Magnus are ridiculously better than old named characters.

>> No.55897681

You still need your opponent's permission really. We're all free to choose wether or not to play someone.

>> No.55897683

are you one of those faggots who think paint scheme matters?

>> No.55897684

>How sue is it to have an inquisitor be the disenfranchised brother of a high king of a Knight household?
it isnt. /tg/ lost the meaning of mary sue long ago

>> No.55897691



>> No.55897695

>all of those have workarounds except the guard.
Guess I'm just bitter as I'm a horde army with only two ways of "ignoring" morale
>Pay 2 CP for Insane Bravery
>Roll Morale and pray to the Dark Gods to get a 1

>> No.55897699

Has anyone used Guilliman's rule on Vulcan's model yet? Seems fitting.

>> No.55897710

Finally decided to come up with a backstory for my inquisitor Ive had since I first started, he shows up in any of my imperial armies (I try to imagine my different armies as players in some to-be-written historical account of some war, like Imperial armor)

So hes shown up with marines and guard but I do have an inquisitorial stormtrooper list from back in the day thats suddenly viable again.

Yeah I was thinking disenfranchised as in his fathers new wife convinced him to give up his son to the schola progenium so there was no competition for the throne and his brother absolutely does not want anything to do with him years later.

Even that backstory could do with some more grim dark.

Red Hunters

I think he meant my picture (featuring my left hand and grandpas hand-me-down Watch)

>> No.55897713

Iron Warriors completely ignore it.

>> No.55897715
File: 1.00 MB, 1672x938, more bullshit than a commissar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55897719
File: 50 KB, 600x604, 38d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55897739

people didn't start calling it herohammer until gman and Magnus showed up.

>> No.55897741

>I'm just bitter
>Iron Warriors completely ignore it.
Daemons (of Khorne) here. Not quite an Iron Warrior

>> No.55897744
File: 16 KB, 328x266, 5ba1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55897748

I don't think they did. I never play at a top tier level, but I have played them to good effect in local tournaments in 8th. They always felt like they pulled their weight when delivered in a Wave Serpent and a Warlock tossing Enhance on them. Not overpowered, but definitely scary, something any opponent had to consider.

>> No.55897762
File: 78 KB, 470x595, Devilish_4a1cb5_6238404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>9 wounds

>> No.55897766


Before her remake she was T3 no Eternal Warrior (so she could get instant Deathed super easy) S5 and no Gemini Body Guards.

She was significantly less powerful prior to her new model.

>> No.55897781
File: 1018 KB, 233x199, 1491902214805.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mfw i fought 2 of these (90pts each) and 240 bugs

>> No.55897784

before her remake's remake's remake she was a fucking beast

>> No.55897788

She's not fucking new like Magnus and Cawl, she just got new rules. Like every named character got.

>> No.55897795

>iyandens craftworld attribute


That's pretty fucking strong

That seems so strong that they have to make wraiths kind of suck for other factions

>> No.55897809

Eldar OP?

>> No.55897816

I mean it's Imperial Guard level. If they make everything roughly that level it'll be okay.

>> No.55897848

The morale-ignoring should only make a big difference if you take mass-casualties and field large blobs, and the penalty-resisting can be rendered useless if you focus their big shit one at a time, as you should anyway

>> No.55897849

Magnus isn't new either by that logic, he had a model and rules in the old apoclyse games and he's been in the law forever.

>> No.55897853

We 2013-8e dropping again.

>> No.55897865

>before her remake's remake's remake she was a fucking beast
In the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle update she was still the best Sister's unit.

Too bad that wasn't saying much.

Don't be a fucktard. Celestine got over the top rules with her new model, while Cypher had his 2014-2015 Chrismas rules 100% recycled.

>> No.55897867

He had never had a main game model and rules, which is what I'm counting.

>> No.55897868

Good luck fitting them all inside the aura, check the wording

>> No.55897872

That was just a fart of 6th
She was a beast before. Mind you that during the best edition no one had the retarded shit we saw in 5th onwards

>> No.55897875

Speaking as an Admech player, go fuck yourself. One damn codex behind the 7e Necron-tier power bump and they didn't even fix the problems with the Index power levels.

>> No.55897884

From this point on, fucktard. You'll get an update.

>> No.55897889

Celestine had a model and rules in 40k, the game we are currently talking about. Magnus was in background fluff and had rules and a model in epic (not Apocalypse), a different game with a different scale.

>> No.55897891
File: 673 KB, 878x1267, IMG_9007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking to get into 40k since AOS feels like its going nowhere. How are dark eldar? I like the whole space pirate thing they've got going for themselves.

>> No.55897894

Magnus didn't had a model or rules for 40k till 7th

The tiny Magnus was for epic, stop trying to pretend being old when you know shit

>> No.55897904

It seems okay, but Eldar just don't have the numbers for it to actually matter. Unless they significantly reduce the cost of Guardians, that is. If you kill enough dudes from an Aspect Warrior squad for morale to matter, you've already crippled them anyways.

>> No.55897921

>AdMech are bad
t. man who fields massed skitarii without kastellan and neutron lased back-up led by someone who is not Cawl

>> No.55897926

I don't think it is that bad. I could see a King of a Knight household pulling favours with the Inquisition to take his brother into the order to avoid any potential throne grabs later in life.

>> No.55897962

>How sue is it to have an inquisitor be the disenfranchised brother of a high king of a Knight household?
Not really. You have to remember that to be an Inquisitor an existing Inquisitor will have to take you on.

Being a powerful individual with powerful connections *IS* an advantage. Especially if you are a noble and had the advantage of good education / training.

>> No.55897994

Someone needs to crunch the numbers on the difference between -1 to hit and +1 to save through various BS and AP ranges vs. various Toughness and Save characteristics, including Inv. saves and various re-rolls.

>> No.55898024

Not the guy you quoted, but we could use some variety in AdMech. Spaming Dakka bots and lasers is a little boring

>> No.55898026

*Someone* should do it themselves.

>> No.55898035



>> No.55898060

Maybe I can finally sell my wraithlords now.

>> No.55898071

Fuck off, jackass.

>> No.55898086

I barely managed the mandatory excel sheet courses, I don't know fuck about shit.

Point is that we can argue about -1 vs. +1 till we're blue in the face, but unless we have any solid data to argue on, it's just bitching about nothing.

>> No.55898090

So I keep reading the white scars chapter tactics and I still don't get the advantage. Can someone explain this to me because my brain refuses to comply.

>> No.55898106

>Making Ad-Mech list
>See the stats on Icarus Array

BS 2+ against flying enemies with all of that firepower sounds hilarious.

I am tempted to bring that with 2 5-man units of Rangers, each with 2 Arquebus just so I can have a happy little force chilling far away that has been programmed to annoy the shit out of the enemy.

>> No.55898128


>> No.55898133

The effects of modifiers are distributive, so the effect of -1 To Hit versus +1 To Save matters more depending on the firer's BS and target's save. Low BS suffers more from -1 To Hit, High BS suffers more from +1 to Save. Low Armor Save gains more from -1 to Hit, High Armor Save gains more from +1 to Save.

>> No.55898174

My bad, I forgot I shouldn't talk about 40k in the shitposting general

>> No.55898180

I see two issues with the Eldar morale thing. A, is that GW is pretty rapidly trivializing the effects of the new morale mechanics, and some of the more elite armies (AdM, CSM) suffer from morale markedly more than others but don't really gain anything for that weakness.

The other side is that it massively weakens enemy anti-morale rules. I feel bad for Night Lords.

>> No.55898188

-1 to hit effects weapon special rules as well. Some weapons get some form of bonus effect if they roll 6s, if you have -1 to hit, then it isn't possible to roll a 6.

>> No.55898212

I recently started a drukhari army and they are certainly an army that is miss judged by a quick glance, however I genuinely think they are my favourite and I've played and collected orks, guard, Space marines, nids and eldari.
>Lord wise there isnt a lot however what there is it's really interesting and gives off enough wow factor to really immerse and interest you into the faction.
>colour schemes tend to vary within kabals indvidual diffrent units so wave good bye to boring generic batch painting.
>They are great at improving your edge highlighting skill as every minature is a great means to Improve and get better.
>there is plenty of variation in colour schemes out there for fluff friendly kabals.
>There are great non gw minatures out there to choose for your HQ choices that are still viable in a game.
>table top wise I would say they arent the best but they sure as hell have a great few tricks up their sleeve and will always win the battle for visual astecticics.
>their terrain is really fun and unique to make and sure brings some variety to the table.

>> No.55898220

>SM get to ignore morale because Space Marines don't break
>CSM get Morale 10 and certain troops like some cult troops don't break
>IG gets execute to reroll
>Orks stay as is
>Nids stay as is
>Necrons don't break
>Wraith Constructs don't break
>Demons don't break
>Tau don't break when close to Ethereal

>> No.55898223

How many of those are there? Don't most proc on To Wound rolls?

>> No.55898230

>AOS feels like its going nowhere.
Oooooo weeee do I have news for you.
Dark eldar is probably the coolest faction, but 40k is a hot mess right now. Dark Eldar is based all on maneuverability, line of sight and positioning but those got nerfed pretty hard.

>> No.55898246
File: 71 KB, 564x768, 4818f717e200b9f7a17dc568a53a7270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Orks are better Space Pirates

>> No.55898247

>great non gw minatures out there to choose for your HQ choices
Got a link kind anon?

>> No.55898266

I think its more that you missed. You quoted the guy talking about selling Wraithlords.

>> No.55898267

>CSM get Morale 10 and certain troops like some cult troops don't break
Mostly morale 8 for non-characters, and none of the Cult Troops are immune to morale. We've already got our codex, so our being one of the armies susceptible to morale is set in (admittedly weak) stone.

Yes, there are ways to bolster is (Word Bearers are super original and turn into loyalists with their legion trait, and Black Legion turn themselves into an inferior version of the Ultramarines mono-list).

>> No.55898286

There certainly are not many, but there are more than there are models who get a buff if they roll a save for 6, thats for sure.

There are abilities that proc on 6s to hit as well, such as the Militarum Tempestus regimental doctrine.

Now that I think of it, wouldn't this also make overcharged plasma explode on rolls of 2 as well?

>> No.55898290

regardless of the outcome, -1 to hit is the one capable of making things overheat on 1s and 2s instead of just 1s, so its more useful

>> No.55898313

Thing is, -1 To Hit will pretty much always be better than +1Sv unless rerolls are involved. Against a target with BS2+ rerolling ones including modified misses (physically impossible to be better than that, only available on Cawl) a -1Hit will remove 8.33% of the enemy damage, or half what +1Sv would if you're not already pushed past your Save Gap.
In ANY OTHER SITUATION it's equal or better as far as I can tell.

>> No.55898323

>Demons don't break
What are you smoking? They're Ld7 with:
>Ld10 if near their Greater Daemon that can be targeted because >10 Wounds
>Ignore Morale 1/6 of the time for 15pts

>> No.55898359

Oh yea, so I did. well that was silly of me.

>> No.55898366
File: 46 KB, 393x481, 1485572165631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I suffer so much from -1 especially on my tarux primes due to it completely negating my army doctrine
And yes plasmas die on 2s at a -1

>> No.55898409

It's a "what should be" and not "what is" list

>> No.55898420
File: 81 KB, 399x632, 1493134515213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So did something happen with Forge World?

They were on a roll last year with constant new releases and updates. Now they just half assed the new indexes and updates/releases are super far between.

They just rereleased a bunch of the Krieg stuff, but they just increased the cost with no real changes.

>> No.55898422

Wait, so firing an overcharged plasma cannon on the move is a really bad idea?

>> No.55898428


>> No.55898441

If you think that's a bad idea, doing it at night against a target who is far away is even worse.

>> No.55898446

FW has always been a shitshow, now it has just caught up with them, especially after Blight died.

>> No.55898463

8th happens.

>> No.55898472

Modifiers to hit always have a bigger impact than modifiers to save because there are more of them. Basic math.

>> No.55898476

I thought they were on a natural 1, but I guess not. That must mean having a way to give a unit a +1 to hit makes overcharging plasma almost mandatory, because you're in no risk of dying.

>> No.55898511



>> No.55898548

Well, Bligh died, and was probably not at the top of his game before that. As a Mechanicum player I'm doubly sad, because he was the only one who gave a fuck about them in the studio.

>> No.55898617

But anon, modifiers are multiplicative.
3/6 to hit (4+) 3/6 to wound (4+) and a 3/6 to damage(4+ save)
Doesn't matter if it's - 1 to hit or +1 to save. You just change one of the 3/6 to 2/6

>> No.55898725

>Captain, I have moved into range. I can just about make out the target in that building through the darkness, I am taking the shot

>> No.55898784

>There are great non gw minatures out there to choose for your HQ choices that are still viable in a game.
Post some? Im curious

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