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Plunder and space-booty edition
Why do these threads die so fast sub-edition

For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.
Not the wargame, not Chapter Master, not Space Hulk. Inquisitor is okay, but not many people know about it.

>Who's making the new 40k RPGs?
Ulisses-Spiel, very well known in Germany. It's set post Gathering Storm, uses a Shadowrun-esque D6 dice pool, and is a unified line with Marines, Humans, and Xenos all playable in the core book.

Book Repositories (If you're planning to download any Rogue Trader materials, read the .txt file in the RT directory)

There is a new Homebrew Megafolder option in above MEGA directory containing several things.

40K RPG tools, a site that contains stats or references for almost all weapons, armor and NPCs/adversaries. Not updated past DH2 core.

40k RPG Combined Armory (v6.48.161023), containing every piece of gear in all five lines. Now includes all DH2e books.

The Good, the Bad, and the Alpha Legion (v1.1.2) (Total Conversion Deathwatch into the Horus Heresy)

Mars Needs Women! (v1.3.7) (Mechanicus Skitarii and Taghmata for Only War)

Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Fringe (V1.6.4) (Playable Xenos for Rogue Trader)

The Fringe is Yours! (v1.8.16) (More Xenos, Knights, and Horus Heresy gear for Rogue Trader)

What's the biggest haul your characters have ever scored, /40krpg/?

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In spirit of the edition, I'll post this. Since it was a long while since I posted it last. I probably should host my shit on mediafire like Shas. Version 1.5.0 is still in WIP, will be out soon~ish. Depending on how much time my Princes of Karybdis campaign requires. Anyway.

>What is the Karybdis Abyss?
A homebrew sector for Rogue Trader, focusing on pulpy, swashbuckling high adventure in space type of play. Set in the frontier region of the Karybdis Abyss in the pimply blackened ass end of the Eastern Fringe. Filled with horrific monsters, space knights riding space dragons, Eldar Wild Hunts and unspeakable things left over from Old Night.

>What's in this pdf?
- The Karybdis Abyss, fluff for playing in this sector. Including sector history, planets and local factions
- New equipment: From Laser lances to crystal-toothed chainswords
- New ship hulls: From Void Whalers to Chaos/Old Imperial style ships
- Geneforged slave soldiers: From straight up clone troopers to knock off Thunder Warriors
- Literal space dragons

>What's planned for the next version?
- Figures of Fame and Infamy: Rules and descriptions for some of the most well known Captains sailing the Abyss. Such as the Storm Prince, Drusus Jerubaal and Boss-Kaptin Blackgob
- Karybdis Fleet Registry: Famous ships sailing the Karybdis Abyss, such as the Stormbringer or Da Fang o' Gork
- Soldiers of Fortune: Famous and infamous mercenary units in the Karybdis Abyss. Including former Haupsburg house troops, a band of Freeblade Knights and tox-warfare specialists consisting entirely of Necro-Ghouls (think Fallout ghouls).
- Legends of the Abyss: Famous legends, artifacts and similar.
- New equipment, new ship hulls, two new creatures

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I can't say I'm a fan of character creation in Black Crusade. Using it as a splatbook of advances for DH characters is one of its intended uses, right?

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It's more of a GM's guide to villains...

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Character creation never bothered me, its the stupid alignment rules and encouragement of bad interparty conflict that acts like a millstone for it.

>Using it as a splatbook of advances for DH characters is one of its intended uses, right?
Radicals Handbook is more fun though.

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Hey boys, remember servitor?

Can someone upload a mirror? Mediafire took it down.

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>What's the biggest haul your characters have ever scored, /40krpg/?
It was during a Black Crusade game. Our mixed party of 7 stumbled upon several hundred tons of gold. It was enough gold to barter an army and a decent amount of tanks.

I like the customization to it. The alignment system seems to reward hyper-focused specialists and much less so with "generalists" but having a role/niche isn't a bad thing.
But, as the other anon says, encouraging bad interparty conflict really hinders the system. (Unless your party has an ooc agreement of sorts)

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Lads, I need some suggestions on how to garner some renown quickly in Deathwatch. (We are using the Heresy homebrew) I need to hit 40 renown ASAP. Once there, I can requisition a Phospex bomb. That is my top priority.

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Always leave your helmet off, leave targets of opportunity for after all objectives have been fulfilled.

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>Marines, Humans, and Xenos all playable in the core book.
Of course they are.

Man, this sounds like total shit.

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>Our mixed party of 7 stumbled upon several hundred tons of gold.

>We'll be in shoulderpad trims for a millenium!

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Core book is for the basic options of each faction. Campaign books are for the advanced options of that campaign's highlighted faction.

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I guess our biggest hauls were in Rogue Trader, but those were things like a solar system, the subjugation of an alien race, the front half of a battleship, a pristine AI system, that sort of thing.

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Hi, is there a limit to how many times the PCs can make extended repair in one trip? I.e. can they repair 1 week, then again for 1 week, then again for 1 week, until they are done?

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No, they do it once, all the weeks are tallied and the net result determines success or failure.

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So I've been looking at Only War and it's regiment building System. What kind of shenanigans would a Armoured Regiment get up to? Escorting their tank to position to shell targets? Dueling with enemy armoured units? What are some good pointers, thing to consider when constructing an only war campaign in general?

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I mean, can they just do it again after the first time?

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No for further repairs you need to go into a dry dock, your ship can only carry so many spare parts and if you could do that infinitely why would you ever pay for repairs? You might be allowed to repair again after another lot of battle damage, that would be in GM's call territory.

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Kraut anon here, as far as i know they handle some big IPs here in germany like pathfinder, the dark eye and star wars.
But as far as i know they never wrote a system from the ground up.

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Unless if they have the Incompetent Leadership drawback, you should make sure they get assigned missions that play to their strengths or at least their not-weaknesses. For armored regiments in particular, there is no reason why they should not take the anti-armor doctrine in Hammer of the Emperor. They can also be spearheads in an assault or bastions of resistance in a siege and hold out for reinforcements.

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Am I reading this right? Deathwatch marines only need to do one mission before they're done with their service and can go back to their chapter?

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Something I was gonna ask, anyone have an upgrade or file that can be added to the program that can do Black Crusade / Only War / DH2E style rolling rather than just Dark Heresy 1E style rolling? It's rather annoying to always mentally add 1 to everything rolled when you use ,dhroll.

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I'm look for good ambiance/background music. The scenes I have in mind to come up during my campaign are a journy through an underhive during a three-way war between mutants, hive gangers, and redemptionists; a trip to a noble's hive spire that turns into an assassination/chasing Eldar, and a slaughtered mining colony near a shaft that contained a hidden cache of Chaos artifacts.

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Is good shit, especially the soundboards.

The soundtracks for the various 40k games are also pretty useful for what you've got in mind.

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Thanks mate. Unfortunately the only things I have are aliases that turn ,dhroll into ,dr -- ,roll into ,r etc.

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Excellent, thanks.

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Also have these

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I love them.

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/tg/ something just came up in our game and I'm not sure how to handle it. Only War, with a little over 5k XP. One of the players is a Commander, and has bought extra comrades and a trademark item. The problem is when he assigns them to others, and uses the Get Them order. The order says that comrades grant +4 damage to the player who uses ranged volley or close quarters. The commander has been giving all four comrades to one person. Not only does he use Back Them Up to give the person with five comrades now a +25 bonus to hit, but he also uses Get Them to give a +20 damage bonus, 4 per comrade and 5 comrades. Is this how it's supposed to work? The commander basically makes the weapon specialist a death star who can one-shot anything. I didn't see anything in the erratas that specifically disallows it too.

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The question is are the other players having fun? If yes, just keep throwing crazy shit at them (use Mark of Xenos and/or The Outer Reach from the Deathwatch RPG). If not just disallow it using your Emperor-given GM right.

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I'm pretty sure the damage doesn't stack

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How do I handle player freedom in Dark Heresy? I assume I ask the players themselves what they want from the game and have their Inquisitor assign them a mission that gives the players what they asked for, but what if the player characters decide to simply go off the reservation?

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Make sure they know, that if they try to run, the Inquisition *will* find them and torture them before killing them. If the players want more agency, just make their Inquisitor a hands-off kind of guy. In the campaign I am GMing now the party's standing orders are "Ensure the Crusade's success in the Jericho Reach" (I find it a more welcoming environment to my groups shenanigans than the Calixis Sector) and nothing more.

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What are some good urban combat oriented missions for Only War?

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Have them protect the local Burger Hive from rogue Vostroyans.

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>not playing as based Valhallans to finish off the rotting West

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I remember three urban missions: In the first we needed to find and evacuate all the civilians hidden in the caves of a ruined city where loyalist and chaotic marines were duking it out. Astartes coming though the wall you're using as cover make for good "Oh shit" moments, even when they're on your side.
In another an hoverbus bus full of cultists forced our roadblock and pulled us in a manhunt through was was basically a cyberpunk kowloon walled city during mardi-gras. Lots of collateral damage, mainly due to the fav. regimental weapon being the missile launcher, and to the squad ignoring the local etiquette and pissing off most bounty hunters, smugglers and local gangs. Except underhive mutants, those guys were cool once we got to know them.
In the last one we just bought supplies to a remote outpost, only to realize that they had already fallen prey to a disgraced tau shas'el that was the equivalent of Predator, only more armored in the end we accepted the aid from a platoon of tau pathfinders to take him out, only to trap the building their devilfishs were in after the target was dead, because fuck those guys and the CO would have had our heads if we didn't came back with at least a dozen kills anyways

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So what do you do in Rogue Trader when your RT figures our he can just arm a fuckload of the crew and take them with him to all the ground encounters?

My players figured this out quick and had a veritable army with them half the time, a bigger fight I planned with some Nids was cut short by literally 100 dudes with lasguns going full auto simultaneously on it's ass.

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Have 'em get separated, mowed down like the redshirts they are, or have the players go somewhere they can't follow for one reason or another.

>> No.55885533

>arm a fuckload of the crew
Is he aware of the fact that only, like, 10% of his crew are armsmen?

>> No.55885620

yeah but with even the smaller ships that's still around 2500 dudes

>> No.55885638

Have fun repelling boarders when most of your armed crew's away with the captain in some old ruins.

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There are encounters that you can't solve with shotguns and lasguns.

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Don't do anything? What's the problem?

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So what happened to /40krpg/? How come it was down for so long, and now that we're back, how come it's this quiet?

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Because there's no news until Wrath and Glory comes out next August, and the only homebrew left are made by the same two people, so there's literally nothing to talk about.

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Sounds like the fluff I made for /my dudes/ in tabletop. I haven't actually gotten any yet cus I'm poor, but I've put a lot of thought into them
Short version: RT delivers STC to a Forge World and asks for a personal Skitarii army as his reward, then puts some of em in his cargo hold and brings them out to kill shit
I'm also working on homebrew special rules for unique wargear/units since they work for a Rouge Trader and he can get them access to special goodies or personally join them with his party on the field as an HQ unit

As for what to do, there's lots of ways to handle it:

>don't change anything, let them have their fun
>say "no, I'm the GM and that's final"
>size up encounters to compensate
>put encounters in areas where it's difficult to have lots of people (small rooms/corridors)
>put encounters in areas where you might not want a bunch of less skilled people shooting things (large fuel tank behind enemies, if someone misses they could explode it and make the party burn fate to survive/ Valuable loot near enemies that might get damaged if the crew misses)
>have their ship be attacked/boarded while on the ground, now the ship is in danger (maybe a genestealer or two got on board somewhere and since the armed crew is planetside, it's now wreaking havoc with its crew-turned-cultists, maybe gangs are getting out of hand since you brought shipboard security down)
>have planetside crew casualties give consequences such as lowered morale, maybe they hesitate to follow orders cus the RT just got their brother killed, if they treat them as expendable pawns maybe even a mutiny or something
>reduced rewards, a Rouge Trader won't gain the same amount of renown and fame for killing a Carnifex with 100 crewman than he would if it was just him and his entourage of less than 10 people (maybe they want better hazard pay, so reduce Profit Factor gained by the endeavor by like 1 or 2)

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Did you think to apply the usual penalties on shipcrew fighting in the open on a planet?

>> No.55887872


Well, the book in the OP has all the skitarii stuff already statted out so all you'd need to do is make NPCs.

>> No.55887945

I was talking about using them in Tabletop

Speaking of, is there a generally accepted conversion rate for stats for taking characters from RT to tabletop?

>> No.55888095


Reverse the conversion tables in the fringe is yours. Those tables are meant for turning tabletop into RPG but should work in the opposite direction too.

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Quick /40krpg/, I need a good name for a Dark Eldar Hellion that's totally not a walking West Coast Surfer dude stereotype.

>> No.55890268

Du'de Br'o?

>> No.55890407

That's cheesy enough to complete the stereotype. Thanks!

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Gnarlidhe Threds'bruh.

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Friends of mine ((((might)))) start a Black Crusade campaign soon. I want to play the human. How's the Idolitrex Magos of Forge Polix archtype? Can it contend with marines?

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Only human archetypes that can contend with marines (in a sterile non-interventionist fashion) are psykers and hereteks so congratulations you found the more impressive heretek capable of warp fuckery
Your psykery is massively nerfed but nothing a good push plus child of the warp can't fix
I would suggest picking up powers without psy rating requirements since they're a huge xp dump. In particular glimpse & precognition for free bonus to skill and evasion tests (like those many lores and tech-use), telekinetic shield and mind over matter for even MORE armor on top of the AP you'll get with the machine trait plus whatever you wear, and pretty much anything in telepathy for general utility (and reason to exist) in the compact
As for heretek shit, just stack on more machine trait and mechadendrites whenever you can, which pretty much means hoard infamy and get the Excessive Wealth Talent whenever you cross 40 infamy (and can no longer spend xp to increase it) because Black Crusade has very little in mechanics for making your own stuff, best I can suggest is working on daemon engines, but that requires more lores than actual tech use and is a GIANT pain in the ass, but if you don't mind garnering excess corruption you can lead rituals as well
Do make sure it takes place in the Screaming Vortex though or at the very least the GM is okay with far off immigrants or maybe a different strain of psyker dark mechanicum, too often is it that people don't read that certain things are native and specific to the Calixis Sector and take them to any game

>> No.55891596

>Can a character that is a psyker AND heretek stand up to marines
Yes. If possible, get minion servitors to do the combat stuff for you while you focus on other stuff like making special weapons and armor for personal use or vehicles.

>> No.55894035

Something you should know about advanced archetypes is that they start with a gift of the gods (or potentially a reward if aligned) since they start past the fist hurdle.

>> No.55896615

Servoarms alone make you onpar with Space Marines in melee.

>> No.55897912

Can anyone repost the playable tzaangor document? I lost my thumb drive that had it.

>> No.55898023

surprised more people didnt "publish" their homebrew sectors/expanses/wilderness regions ect
always a good read tho

>> No.55898097

I suspect it's because most peoples homebrew sectors aren't as coherently written out and because they're afraid to get torn a new asshole by angry anons if they post it.

>> No.55898228

It's also a shitload of work

I'd love to make writeups of the worlds I've come up with, but that'd mean digging up a lot of old notes and writing them all down, and then preferrably transforming it into a nice fancy PDf format

>> No.55898351

fair enough
presentation and categorisation is a bitch
esecially if your only reward is some fa/tg/guy bitching about your pdf skills

>> No.55899028

>and then preferrably transforming it into a nice fancy PDf format
You don't really need to excessively fancy, imo. A nice cover, a few pictures to break up walls of text and a good font is all you need. Also tends to make it fairly printer-friendly if you'd rather have stuff in paper.

Surprisingly, I've not had a single autistic sperg out over my homebrew. Most of the time its one or two anons thinking its cool and complete and utter silence.

>> No.55899777


Homebrew is often specific to the homebrewer. It doesn't often work for others, how they run games, how they feel the setting is supposed to be. Why bother when all you'll get is "That's nice but it doesn't feel right" at best, malice at worst?

>> No.55902590


you only get a few unwieldy hits though, unlike space marines which keep going.

>> No.55903064

No reason that /tg/ can't make a decent stand alone adventure/module, though (apart for it being a huge amount of work, ofc).

>> No.55903088

Anybody have tips for preventing combat from devolving into a slog? The game absolutely grinds to a halt whenever we get shooty.

>> No.55903186

Can't fit an army in a small room. Bring another army to counter it. Don't rely on problems that can only be solved by violence

>> No.55903294

I don't really see what you mean.

>> No.55904851


/tg/ can't agree on anything, any module would be a mess. Although there would be ways to make it not suck, it would be near impossible.

>> No.55905124

could someone add Twilight Crusade adventure ?

>> No.55907982

What is the biggest mistake you have ever made in regards on who to shoot first?

>> No.55909396

Besides regicide/chess and cards, what other games do people in 40k play? Are computer game equivalents a thing among techpriests?

>> No.55910790

>Magi of the Adeptus Mechanicus do not play "computer games" as such would be an abuse of the Omnissiah's gifts.
They do, however, engage in some extremely complex rituals to appease certain powerful machine spirits, including the use of battle simulations for "training purposes"...

>> No.55913120

Do you have any hope for Wrath and Glory?

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I'm running Only War and the next part of the campaign will have them fighting through an agriworld that is entire bocage country. (pic related)

Any ideas for the kinds of missions I can send them on, or anything interesting that might come from cleansing an agriworld of Severan Dominate soldiers? I have some ideas ripped out of history (Going to have them fight Brecourt Manor and Carentan) but I figure I could always use more ideas.

>> No.55913313

The vietnam war?

>> No.55913602

Take an idea from the earliest special forces.
Jedburgh teams were dropped behind enemy lines to organise and support the resistance's efforts to disrupt their logistics.
This can also explain why you have support specialities embedded within the unit; they're a special ops team meant to work with pro-imperial guerrillas.

>> No.55913648

>a unified line with Marines, Humans, and Xenos all playable in the core book
Not even a tiny little bit. My gut tells me the train wreck will be glorious and will fuel this general for months.

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Also just want to see what their take on Imperial Knights will be and just how they'll expand on their lore (Freeblades, House Knights, Transport, etc).

>> No.55913993

>We have this idea that we are working on that there are these tiers of play…a Space Marine is kind of a tier 3 type character… in a tier 3 type game you would be dealing with tier 3 type character dealing with tier 3 type challenges.

>…Obviously a tier 1 guardsman would not be appropriate for that experience, so we are gonna have a system in place so that you can take that guardsman and take him up to the level where he can be at the same level as a Space Marine. He’ll be a cigar chewing, scarred veteran with like, dozens of years of experience under his belt. He’ll have a power fist and a melta gun and he’s gonna have a bad attitude and he’s gonna be an excellent addition to that group…

Hope they don't fuck that up.

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>> No.55914060


>> No.55914086

>we reinvented levels and CR.

regiment, party composition and intended feel of the campaign?

>> No.55915175

>we reinvented levels and CR.
What did you think they were going to do?

>> No.55915862


This. My group and I are leery about homebrew, but if it's official them all those worries go away.

>> No.55916126

Maybe I'm just retarded but I'm not finding the rules in DH2 for whether or not you can dodge blast weapons. Does anyone know what page it's on?

>> No.55916373

Scratch that, found it on the third pass.

>> No.55917500

The regiment is Vostroyan Void Shrikes, a void siege regiment, since they are about to complete the last part of the No Surrender campaign (Which the Void Shrikes can be found in) tonight, assuming they survive. (Probably will, things are going their way despite my efforts to murder them with daemon engines.)

The Star Fort that No Surrender takes place on orbits an agriworld known as Helena II, or Warzone Epsilon. I figure that's the most logical place for them to be assigned to next. Since their regiment was all but wiped out on the Star Fort, I'll probably second them to some kind of mechanized division, since their heroic actions (and the fact that there is only 3 specialists PC's and an incredibly badass NPC sergeant left from their platoon) qualify them as specialists who can be seconded to basically anything I like.

Party Composition is as follows: The leader of the group (3 players) is a Stormtrooper who was promoted to officer after all the other ones were brutally murdered by bolterfire. He's also the one the other PC's listen to OOC, since he knows 40k better than the others. Then we have a Ministorum Priest and a Tech Priest, and they've gotten perhaps around 5k XP all told.

As for the intended feel, I basically have plans for an incredibly long, brutal, grueling slog through bocage. Tons of mortar fire, tons of hedgerows, lots of suppression. Infantry will be fighting tanks regularly, though the tiny sight lines means this is far more dangerous for the tanks than the infantry half the time. They'll have to seize a capital city, and hold it before they'll be forced back, and have to fight through the exact same areas again, this time on the defensive.

I try not to kill my players on purpose, but I also think its not an Only War campaign done properly without at least one TPK.

>> No.55918780

Where can I find premade characters, other than in Eleventh Hour?

>> No.55918845

For which line?

>> No.55919279

Only War

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A sci-fi idea:
The capital is home to a powerful archeotech weather control system (a potent tool for an agriworld, garanteeing ideal conditions and a steady crop output), and the Severan Dominate uses that to hinder the imperial moves. Clouds to prevent orbital bombardment, fog to hide counteroffensives or have the players join an advancing collumn and only notice that the tanks bear severan marking after a couple hours, mud to slow them down, and so on... Remind them that the standard kit only comes with poor weather gear. And when they finally manage to enter the capital, the Dominate has abandonned it, but for a few snipers and a shitton of boobytraps. And then saboteurs blow the fuel depots and set fire to the entire city, with the destroyed weather control system going even crazier.

Also, the severan dominate has dark eldar allies, and skimmers or mandrakes don't give a shit about edgerows.
On the imperial side, sentinels, knights and titans (or even baneblades or crassuses) should be of tremendous help.

Btw, I think info about the french or the polish divisions in normandy might be scarce compared to the anglo ones, nonetheless, they had some very cool moments, like Leclerc's charge to Paris through german lines to relieve the pressure on the resistance, or Maczek fighting to keep the Falaise pocket closed while outnumbered one to fifty at Mt Ormel.

Ps: do you want boobytraps and psy warfare? I got a lot of that shit.
Thinking about it, I should make a mega of my /k/-related manuals.

>> No.55920765

Holy shit that's a great idea. I'm actually in love with the weather machine idea, its going to make everything suck for the IG so much.

Deldar are allied with the Severans, so I'm considering bringing them in, but I wasn't quite sure. Sometimes I like to stick to IG vs. PDF for fun.

Anything in depth you have, I'll totally read. I'm super excited for this, even more so than I was for No Surrender. The landings in Normandy is one of my favorite historical timeperiods, hence why I'm throwing my players in some kind of rough equivalent.

>> No.55921904

The Severan dominate still believe in the Imperial creed IIRC, so most churches should be intact. A side mission for the priest could be to go retrieve some before a major offensive and the intensive shelling that goes with it. Convincing the local clergy to encourage revolt would be another step.

I've toyed with plant weapons before, since 40k always had anti-plant grenades; how about the IG/AdMech/Ordos experimented with some bioweapons that backfired?
Rosaceae with razor-sharp barbs, toxic pollen, man-eating plants, strangling/bloodsucking vines, energy eating lianas that smother engine intakes... It's like normandy, except the headge tries to bite your face off.

>> No.55923082

The Priest idea seems really cool! I'm sure he'll love that, actually.

>> No.55923330


He said servo arms, not manipulators. Servo's are "punch through a Leman Russ without breaking a sweat" tier, last I remember

>> No.55923387

>Always leave your helmet off
Wait....explain. Is there an actual rule for that shit?

>> No.55923571

Rites of Battle page 152

>> No.55923656

Well holy shit.

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How can I justify Plague Marines being able to operate in the vacuum of space with all the cracks and exposed flesh?

>> No.55924231
File: 226 KB, 535x600, 02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also are there rules to represent different marks of SM power armour?

>> No.55924253

Stuff of Nightmares rule, perhaps?
Specifically the part about "the need to breathe and most environmental hazards"

Yeah, Rites of Battle pg 149 - 151

>> No.55924292


nurgle's protection

>> No.55924528


I currently make my Death Guard too OP for the players to handle, how can I tone them down?

I try to make it "realistic" but there are no psykers or holy men in the group, and any contact with Nurgle's chosen could fuck any of them up forever.

I like to say Nurgle has nothing to do with natural biology , but rather 100% warp fuckery, so no conventional medicine works to cure any Nurgle affliction.

It seems these marines are very overpowered not for what they actively do but for their potential for corruption

>> No.55924666

>for the players to handle
Probably should have started with what system.
>I like to say Nurgle has nothing to do with natural biology , but rather 100% warp fuckery, so no conventional medicine works to cure any Nurgle affliction.
An interesting thought. Definitely ups the DG's lethality if their damage can't be treated.

>> No.55924684

Why not imply your players should get help instead of toning down what is supposed to be one of the hardest-to-kill things on two legs?

>> No.55927513


why is phosphex such a meme

>> No.55927645


>> No.55927681

I prefer aluminium phosdex.

>> No.55927914

Because I want the ability to murder something with grim efficiency. Plus I'm playing as a Death Guard so fairly fluffy.

>> No.55928641

What does /40krpg/ have against Shas?

>> No.55929313

What is the best homebrew you have seen for dark crusade?

>> No.55929484

>I like to say Nurgle has nothing to do with natural biology , but rather 100% warp fuckery, so no conventional medicine works to cure any Nurgle affliction.
Then have it wither and fade in reality absent the active presence of Warp fuckery to sustain it (ie. a rift or nearby Plague Marine). Not hard.

>> No.55929762
File: 43 KB, 506x498, the mystical and proud eldar race.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need stats for Eldar in Dark Heresy 1st edition. The bestiary at 40krpgtools seems to have been gutted.

My plan is to have a low experience party walk into an Eldar assassination of members of a noble house dealing in stolen Eldar goods, and later an Eldar raiding party sealing a mineshaft containing Chaos artifacts. I thought of having a Fire Dragon leading this party but the stats for that thing I found online mean it alone could probably murder the entire party of five or six PCs without much trouble.

>> No.55929849

Kronus bestiary

>> No.55929912


>> No.55929922

I found what book had them using the 40k tools site too. Did you disable scripts or something?

>> No.55929923



I know it might be hard to tell under all that paint, but that mini is actually Mephiston of the Blood Angels.

>> No.55929943

I found the books, but I was hoping to be able to find it all online without having to spend even more cash on stuff.

>> No.55930875

A thought just occurred to me. Loyal or traitor, in the grimdarkness of the far future, hair stylists will always have a job.

>> No.55931105

I'm always against nerfing things for 40k, it's a scary setting, let it be
This, of course, requires responsibility like showing how deadly elite enemies are before unleashing them

Otherwise what bravery and thrill is there to charging headlong into combat?

>> No.55932391

Look in the various links in first post of this thread...

>> No.55934338

Idolatrizes the tt rules, with a pinch of I follow the true way and you don't. But since he's a hardworking and competent member of the community, it's hard to hate him completely. And that's even more annoying.

Back to topic, do you guys have ideas for non-combat oriented non-starship archeotech?

>> No.55936368


check stars of inequity, it has some

>> No.55936750
File: 540 KB, 1284x682, dw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody have experience with maptool? Is it worth setting up?

>> No.55936804

it's really good, but it's clunky, slow (java), pain in the ass, terrible interface, difficult to set up, suffers from network problems and requires external modules for things.

Not worth it unless you're kind of a person who likes linux.

The only thing which would make me switch is a 3D map allowing for realistic space battles, but I don't think that's going to happen.

>> No.55938580

Getting the network thing set up can be a pain which is why Roll20 is a good alternative since you don't have to bother with that.

>> No.55939067

I feel like when it comes to tabletop apparatuses, it's either all or nothing. I don't like the idea of switching to and fro different applications because some programs do certain things better than others, so I tend to just use voice and servitor for dice

>> No.55939517

My first couple of 40k game were done in maptools. As the good anon said here >>55936804
he is spot on. I think the only thing that maptools has going for it is a long list of free library assets that can be used to build maps/worlds/npcs/etc.
Roll20 is a good alternative. (I've played a few games in it, ran a few games in it) but assets are normally behind a paywall so you have to get creative with your implementation of world building.

>> No.55940646

How is a psycker generally feel the shadow in the warp? Is it like a million buzzing cicadas or like an enormous oppresive hunger ?

>> No.55942572


Depends on a psyker, but most feel it as an overwhelming emptiness

>> No.55942701

Both and more. The shadow in the warp is caused by the hivemind generated by every one of the nids. If a psyker is ripple in an ocean of psychic energy, the nids are a hurricane.

That would be a blanks/nulls/whatever they're called now.

>> No.55943006

are there really no unraped versions of the koronus bestiary out there?

>> No.55943593

Is the one in the OP still the one that is a worshiper of chaos?

>> No.55943764

Actually, here. If anybody knows how to contact the guy in charge of the OP mega, tell him to update it with this.

>> No.55944590

How is Dark Heresy 2e's combat compared to 1e? Is it similar and does it support limb loss and stuff like WFRP's critical chart? That's the only book I've read in any sort of detail.

I want to convince my group to play so if I can should we try 1e or 2e or rogue trader to start off?
I ask because I hear a lot of mixed opinions on 2e, at least from a couple of years ago.

>> No.55945182

It's almost identical aside from a few smart changes, like not making full auto the only choice worth taking and nerfing the accurate quality

>> No.55945187

Based on my knowledge of the fluff, that's accurate. However, what that disregards is travel time and the Chapter's wishes. From what I remember, Chapters send Marines to the Deathwatch, they're not conscripted. Then, when the chapter feels the Marine is ready, they call him back and have him teach the rest of the chapter what he's learned.

>> No.55945294

That's neat to hear. Not that anon, but I'd like to do this for my DW game. Is it a minor change you could summarize or should I just read through DH2?

>> No.55945312

Absolutely based

>> No.55945533

Read though BC, OW, or 2e, they all use the same combat system changes.

>> No.55946458

2e has more mechanical refinement and more backwards comparability with other systems. It also has the advantage of not having Ascension.

>> No.55949618
File: 60 KB, 454x604, 1473176227405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.55951170
File: 86 KB, 564x893, 1473214441904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.55952609


who thought ascension was a good thing

>> No.55953905

How's the security on Black Ships supposed to be?
I think it would make for a good BC adventure to burst out an entire psyker cargo; what should be the main obstacles to such an endeavour?
Any suggestion about Black Ships in general?

>> No.55954190
File: 353 KB, 2047x929, 1507687984224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Psykers escapeing a blackship without help would be neigh impossible. Since layers upon layers of security are in place to keep psykers unable to do shit. However perhaps a thousand sons sorcerer wishes to plunder it. Since they often hunt down psyker talent personally. Your characters could be his targets or consolation prize. The CSM players (if any) could start by planning the escape while the human players sit tight untill the inevitable rescue attempt.

The psykers, and CSM may want to stay in the employ of the sorcerer. The psykers themselves might not even be heretics yet. So they made need some time to properly convert.

>> No.55954204

Note this is just my suggestion for starting on a blackship plundering one would have the same risks as raiding most inquisitoral vessels.

>> No.55954245


good luck getting through all the sisters of silence aboard them

>> No.55954453


>> No.55954540

It is a fuckton of psykers, who knows what sort of mutation and insanity would happen if they go released.

>> No.55954653

They're still using SoS? I thought they weren't part of the Imperium anymore, and that the Adeptus Astra Telepathica was tasked with the ship's security.
Anyways, wouldn't blanks (and only females ones, to boot) be too rare to form up the entire security detail?

>> No.55954686

>they call him back and have him teach the rest of the chapter what he's learned.
Everything that happens in the Deathwatch stays in the Deathwatch.

>> No.55955196

Could someone provide Only War core rulebook pdf please? Lost all of my files recently.

>> No.55955204

Check the OP once again, friendo, and rejoice.

>> No.55955472

Thanks. Somehow thought OP messed stuff up and forgot to post the mega.

>> No.55955510
File: 209 KB, 1218x618, listen here you little shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>know the rules
>know the rules
>make sure the players know the rules
>make sure you know the rules
>remember gear, item and situational modifiers

>if you're a player, have the action you want to take prepared so as soon as it's your turn you are immediately ready to declare and roll without the need to double check modifiers, hit location and spend an extra minute calculating damage

>if you're a GM, have actions of your NPCs prepared ahead of your turn, so you only need to declare the action and roll WITHOUT RECALCULATING EVERYTHING BECAUSE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER THE MODIFIERS

>Don't let your players slog - if you see someone is stalling, a good tactics is to say they have 5 or 10 seconds to decide or their turn is forfeit. Works wonders if your players know you mean it

>If you're a player, remember you're not alone: roleplay, situational jokes and occasional memery is okay, but you must remember there are few other people in the queue waiting for their turn. Keep it snappy.

Combat in my games works like a clockwork and we're becoming increasingly efficient.

>> No.55955549

Interesting, the timer seems very useful. It's a good idea for keeping the players involved even in a relatively not high-risk scenario.

>> No.55955581


Nope. According to Watchers of the throne there are plenty. GW pulled another "they were always there :^)". The terrain SoS even think the black ship SoS are weird.

>> No.55955689
File: 149 KB, 1692x1202, autism v2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So my autism compels me to make stat consultation for npcs as quick as possible. To this end, I've made quick-reference stat blocks for enemies, and embedded them as comments into little excel sheets with currently fighting npcs on them.
Any ideas what I'm missing?
Any ideas on how to improve it?

>> No.55956344

I'd write armor like (for example meganob) 14/6/10/10 (body/head/arms/legs). You can even regroup arms and legs, it's pretty rare to have different values for the left and the right, you can always write exceptions like 14/6/10 (12 RA)

>> No.55956713
File: 4 KB, 341x239, revised.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good idea, anon. Which layout do you think works better?

> 4 4 4 4

>HD 4 AR 4
>BD 4 LG 4

>HD 4 BD 4
>AR 4 LG 4

>> No.55956972

I prefer the first one.

>> No.55956986
File: 8 KB, 161x290, REVISED 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's pretty nice looking, i admit.

>> No.55958795

Gonna be playing an Astropath Transcendent this weekend, any advice for a first time psyker? It's the only part of the rules I've never looked at in all the years I've played these

>> No.55958998

Just make sure you understand the rules for your powers and try not to spam Push level powers too much unless you want to explode into Daemons.

>> No.55959316

>tfw am rules and situational modifier lawyer for my group.
>tfw not even GM
(Note: This does not mean I am always 100% correct situational modifiers. The GM giveth and he taketh away. I just do my best)

>> No.55960860

Could use how long it takes to reload a ranged weapon assuming they're using a weapon that can be reloaded.

>> No.55960918

Maybe find something to differenciate skills and talents. Put one in bold or italics, or put a separation between the two.
I also tend to directly write the score for my reference sheets, so I don't have to look back at characteristics.

>> No.55961146

Ignore this, I just noticed it.

>> No.55961464

Is this a mw2 refrence?
"Gaius, take out the Valkyrie with a powershield!"

>> No.55961958

No can do on both counts, unfortunately. I don't have enough space for dividers, nor can I selectively italicize or embolden in excel.

>> No.55962465

Hey Shas, gotta question about the Havoc Launcher in the GBAL. Is it space marine portable or is it vehicle mounted only?
I know it doesn't say mounted but I need some clarification.

>> No.55963439
File: 133 KB, 913x410, Ultramarines Rhino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Should be vehicle mounted only. I can't think of any situation where infantry wielded one.

>> No.55963588

Damn, well I guess I can be wrong sometimes.

>> No.55963765

Addendum, after my butthurt has subsided, the mounted quality should be added to the Havoc Launcher weapon.

>> No.55963825


I'll put a note down to make it Vehicle-class, since Mounted weaponry can still be rigged onto Terminator armor.

>> No.55965500

They've got access to the full resources of the Inquisition, and they carry the most dangerous possible cargo across the galaxy all the way to Terra. Take whatever you think is too much, and increase it by like 50 percent. Also, any psykers in the party are going to have a real bad time. You may need to set it up so they'll have something else to do, rather than contrive a reason for them to not get raped by the anti warp weapons and technology that will be literally everywhere. If the players manage to figure out a way to make it work, major kudos to them.

>> No.55965711

You're confusing the black ships of the Inquisition with the black ships of the telepathica. They'll still be ludicrously armed and armored, just no exotic inquisitorial stuff.

Though they might even have Grey Knights on board if their divinations foretell of an attack on one.

>> No.55965792

It didn't end badly, but we were in a confrontation with the big villain of that part of the campaign. We caught up to him at the landing pad of his personal aircraft, just as he was preparing to make his escape. He was a rogue bishop, and he had a chaos-y super assassin dude as well as some gun servitors with missile launchers mounted on them... and a man wearing a plane black jump suit.
Immediately, we concluded that the man in the black jump suit was clearly some sort of psyker/daemonhost/untouchable/super assassin, and proceeded to spend our first few turns blazing away at this guy, reducing him to a fine mist.
He was, of course, the pilot, and had no real combat skills to speak of.

>> No.55967995

Post-Heresy termies got Cyclones, that are very similar to Havoks, so I don't see any issue with that.

>> No.55969687

Semi related, do you guys know of any good easy to use architect software to make buildings?

>> No.55969699

Would you be mad if I suggested Source's hammer editor or Doom Builder if z-level isnt an issue?

>> No.55970360


havoc launchers were their predecessors. havocs were too bulky and were vehicle restricted. in the heresy only a few legions had cyclones

>> No.55971452
File: 106 KB, 680x680, kabandha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, /40krpg/ I have a question: How much thinking can a Bloodthirster do, generally? I know they're supposed to be fairly smart, able to plan battles and such, and now-a-days they can even lead combined hosts with daemons of the other gods, but I'm wondering how a Bloodthirster behaves when not in combat. Right now I've got a Bloodthirster possessing the body of a human psyker. It's slowly warping his body to fit it more suitably, and trying to gather an army to support it when it can fully manifest in the world. Would it be capable of intriguing and planning? Would it see other's plots coming, or just use brute strength and intimidation to bring everyone in line? I'm still ultimately going to have it behave in a way that fits the campaign, but your opinions are appreciated.

>> No.55971532

If Tzeentch is a politician, Khorne is a general. I'm not sure how else to put it.

>> No.55971820

Plaguebearers are sad accountants, so a demon's personality doesn't necessarily match his actions.
I suppose there would be variation depending on the individual demon.
One possessed might become a /fit/izen, another may obsess about swords; or try to become the alpha of the group.
With the stats it's got, it ain't gonna be a smooth talker or a great orator, but its intelligence is peak human and it has more than enough willpower to be able to show restraint.

Not at all. Thanks.

>> No.55972044

Source would definitely be nice if you want to give perspective pictures, but DB would definitely be better for blueprint style work.

>> No.55974513

Servitors are gonna do that stuff, I'm afraid.

>> No.55974755

What's the most extravagant character you've played in a 40k game?

Mine was a pirate prince on vacations posing as an inquisitorial acolyte he had killed for DH.
I didn't even backstab the party, just used sorcery to kill the final boss and laughed at their faces while I was escaping in a valkyrie full of forbidden tomes coming from the manor we'd just purged.

>> No.55974828

Right now playing a chaos reaver psyker who chops people with a two-handed pole hook, likes to make survivors scared and has a list of powers with the main theme of noises and voices.
In the void, no one will hear you scream but him, and everyone will hear HIM scream.

>> No.55977979

>Being so impoverished that you can't afford a person to style your hair
I bet you don't even have a power sword.

>> No.55978049

I had an entire team of tailors custom making suits every day so I never wore the same one twice

>> No.55978233

OK so I've wanted to play a 40k RPG for ages and i'm even willing to run it but i'm the only guy in my group who'd into 40k is there a good way to introduce the lore with out overwhelming them, and is there a game that's easier to get people into the setting with then the others?

>> No.55978260

Only War. No subtlety, no in depth lore, jsut shooty.

>> No.55978595

You think a party of Operators could work in Only War? Maybe a Leman Russ squadron. How are the vehicle rules?

>> No.55978669

Vehicle crew is definitely a common trope, yet to be entirely honest with you anon, I don't play only war for precisely the style I listed. You could always be tempestus scions or kasrkins, though.

>> No.55978721
File: 319 KB, 1600x897, sister slaughtering orks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only War is pretty good.
>You are space soldiers fighting for a totalitarian theocracy!
>Go take the hill from those monsters! If you retreat, you'll get shot!

Then, you can slowly introduce little pieces of the lore. Fighting over a chapel lets you go more in depth about Imperial religion. Meeting with an Engineseer explains the Machine Cult. Maybe have them seconded to an Inquisitor for the final battle, or, if you want to reverse lore a little bit, have *them* sent in as part of a force to help break out a group of Space Marines who have gotten surrounded by the enemy.

Other than that, Dark Heresy is neat because it has very diverse characters while still giving you a lot of control on how missions are organized. Rogue Trader probably has the most interesting concept, but I'd only recommend that for experienced roleplayers. Knowledge of the setting isn't *super* necessary, as Rogue Trader is mostly about living beyond the edges of the Imperium anyways, but starting characters have a lot of authority and power so I wouldn't recommend it to total noobs. The only ones I wouldn't recommend are Black Crusade and Deathwatch, as I think they both only work when you have good knowledge of the FFG system *and* the 40k setting.

>> No.55978738

On the topic of deathwatch, if you're GMing, i personally find it hard to balance. Even post errata, space marines are retarded OP.

>> No.55978740

Look into the heavy recon or rapid recon regiments.

>> No.55978954

thanks guys my group is experienced in terms of TTRPG's they just don't have the right flavor of autism to jump neck deep into 40k's lore

>> No.55979172

we don't use the b-word in Deathwatch

>> No.55979423
File: 378 KB, 407x600, psyker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can a Psyker (Black Crusade) be a "Fallen Sanctioned Psyker" ? Aren't the only sanctioned psykers soulbound to the Emperor? I thought these guys would never turn on the Emperor. Furthermore, I don't see how mechanically you can pass yourself off as a former astropath.

>> No.55979496

Sanctioned psykers commonly function on the battlefield in service of inquisitors and guard regiments. I'm not sure how BC words it, but I don't think they're astropaths.

>> No.55979566
File: 70 KB, 722x575, psyker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"fallen Sanctioned Psyker of the Imperium: Almost any sanctioned Imperial psyker, from Astropaths to the Primaris Psykers of the Imperial Guard, is constantly tempted by the power offered through the warp.
Sometimes, that temptation proves too hard to resist and they tap into powers they should not. Though they started life as a Sanctioned Psyker, the Imperium still regards them as gone rogue and hunts them as vigorously as they would any other. Sometimes more
so, infact—often an Imperial Psyker knows full well the peril of what he’s done, and done so willingly anyway.

>> No.55981904

Astropaths are Sanctioned Psykers but not all sanctioned Psykers are Astropaths. Also, no human is above falling to Chaos. Fucking Primarchs and legions of Space Marines have fallen so I don't see why so many believe that humans, no matter the circumstances, would be above it.

>> No.55981923

Falling to chaos doesn't even have to be a voluntary thing. They could be tricked into it or forced into it too and got corrupted/insane that way.

>> No.55983276

Dark Heresy 2e, are there rules for astropathic communication?

Otherwise, what are the general limits on Scrier's Gaze, could you view a ship that you don't specifically know the location of but know say, the name?

>> No.55983307

How compatible are Dark Heresy 2e and Only War? Like, if I had an Only War character in a Dark Heresy game or vice versa, how much would that fuck with things?

>> No.55983503

Comrades, some talents, and chargen are different.

>> No.55983561

Besides the Felinid stats posted on 1d4chan, are there any other Felinid PC homebrews? I remember a couple that made them straight catgirls instead of the furries.

>> No.55983603

Enemies Beyond


>> No.55983949

Dammit, only available to actual Astropaths... Thanks anyway though.

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