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More Generals
I Demand

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Reposting cause I still have no input on this list.
Please tell me why it sucks.
Forge World Stygies

Dominus w/ Macro and E-ray, Chorister Technis, Raiment
Dominus w/ same, non warlord

Destroyer squad of 4 w/ Culverins and Flamers
2x min Vanguard with all Carbines
Max Vanguard w/ Cavaliers and Blast pistol/sword for Alpha
2x min Rangers w/ Arquibii

Min Electropriests
2x min Infiltrators w/ Stub and Sword

Fast Attack:
3x Dragoons w/ Lance and Phosphor

Crawler w/ Neutron
2x Crawler w/ E-beemer

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He went down on your mum last night

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For once you could format your list a bit better so we can at least see point costs on this stuff.

At first glance you should drop the dragoons and a Dominus for some Kastelans.

Also, "Arquebus" isn't a latin word and its plural is "Arquebuses" and not "Arquibii"

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Is there any easy way to paint Grey Knights? I'm a pretty shitty painter, so my usual methods of basecoat>drybrush>wash>drybrush don't really work on GKs.

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Which regiment rules would you run for a feudal world ?

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Prime silver, basecoat, wash.

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Feudal people are stronger, and they shoot artillery better
Or Cadian.
Or Mordian.
Or Valhallan.

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Catachan is the only one that benefits melee.

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Not sure why you wanna paint em fast, they are a low model count army so you should probably spend a bit of time on them.

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Wash with what, though? I was thinking any wash might look too "dirty".

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Nuln Oil, just don't put too much of it and your good

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Top down costs:

2x 54
2x 97

2x 120

3x 74

2x 125

Dropping Dragoons breaks the brigade. Gotta have Fast Attack for those 9 CP

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I personally wash silver with drakenhof nightshade, then use fenrision gray to highlight and it looks pretty good, but it's give the impression of a matte or old metal, not a shiny one.

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The one good thing about people banning forgeworld: The primaris toy won't get table time

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>Heresy era marines were better
They were mass produced SHIT. You do realize they weren't veterans either, right? At the time of the Heresy, Guilliman wasn't even 200 years old. And the heresy lasted whole 8 fucking years.
Nowadaws in 40k there are even mortals older than that.

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Still working on my parking lot list, this is build 2.1, removed the multi meltas on those command tanks to fit in one more Russ. Thoughts ?

IG Armageddon Brigade detachment - 2000pts

Tank Commander - Lascannon, Battlecannon - 209pts
Tank Commander - Lascannon, Battlecannon - 209pts

Platoon Commander – 20pts
Platoon Commander – 20pts

Infantry Squad – 40pts
Infantry Squad – 40pts
x10 Tempestus Scions – x3 Plasma Guns – 136pts
x10 Tempestus Scions – x3 Plasma Guns – 136pts

Taurox – x2 Autocannons – 70pts
Taurox – x2 Autocannons – 70pts
Chimera – Multilaser, Heavy Bolter – 93pts
Chimera – Multilaser, Heavy Bolter – 93pts

x2 Basilisk – Heavy Bolter - 216pts
x2 Wyvern – Heavy Bolter - 186pts
x3 Leman Russ Battle Tank – Battlecannon, Heavy Bolter - 456pts

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>Let's ban a whole sister company's models because of the new toy from the new sub-faction

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Is anyone actually going to buy it?
It's gonna be at least 400 quid when it comes out

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Something something chinese caster

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That isn't close to a brigade.

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>Missing 2 troops
>0 Fast Attack
The fuck?

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r8 my list

3 vindicators
-storm bolters

3x 10 man tactical squad
-plasma gun
-power sword
-plasma pistol

-force axe

pedro kantor

contemptor dreadnought
-Kheres pattern assault cannon

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I meant Bataillon sorry. The original build was brigade but I dropped the idea pretty quick seeing how unpractical it was with this type of list and forget to change the name.

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these are Steel Legion brigades, anon

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>cool thematic shit
>suddenly FW shit

Fuck off with this meme.

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Heavy bolter chimeras are cheaper than multilasers, better vs the vast majority of targets, and what steel legion use in fluff.

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3x mix of Devil Dogs and Hell Hounds
2x scout sentinels w/ lascannons
2x scout sentinels w/ lascannons

There, now you don't have to worry about khorne berserkers, Celestine, or mortarion.

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where in the fluff does it say they use heavy bolter chimeras?

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Could anyone share with me the heraldry guide for dreadnoughts?

Left my book and wanna put down some transfers this evening.

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>3x mix of Devil Dogs and Hell Hounds

I don't see how they are so good here.

What would you cut for them ? Russes I believe ?

Also, 55pts for a BS4 lascannon feels expensive.

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>They were mass produced SHIT.

Khyber Pass guns are all hand made and fitted, but they're still shit compared to ones mass produced in a factory.

>You do realize they weren't veterans either, right?

Define "veteran".

>At the time of the Heresy, Guilliman wasn't even 200 years old. And the heresy lasted whole 8 fucking years.

Yeah, 200+ years of constant expansion and the biggest conflict the galaxy has seen. Total n00bs compared to some dudes patrolling space and engaging in random planetary wars for hundreds of years. I mean, fuck the "Greatest Generation," many of them didn't even put in good 2 years in the field from Normandy to Berlin. Try doing several years patrolling some desert outpost in Iraq. That'll put hair on your chest.

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in 8th contemptors cant take regular assault cannons, only kheres pattern, but still come with regular, so i was just gonna use the rules for the kheres

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+ Cadian Spearhead +

Command Punisher [3x Heavy Bolters] Warlord [Master of Command]
Primaris Psyker

Leman Russ Battle Tank [Heavy Bolter]
Leman Russ Battle Tank [Heavy Bolter]
Leman Russ Exterminator [3x Heavy Bolters]
Leman Russ Executioner [Lascannon, 2x Plasma Cannon]
Leman Russ Executioner [Lascannon, 2x Plasma Cannon]

Manticore [Heavy Bolter]

+ Black Templar Vanguard +

Chaplain Dreadnought [Twin Lascannon, Power Fist]

Venerable Dreadnought [Twin Lascannon, Power Fist]
Redemptor Dreadnought [Macro Plasma, Power Fist & Onslaught cannon, 2x Stormbolters]
Redemptor Dreadnought [Macro Plasma, Power Fist & Onslaught cannon, 2x Stormbolters]

I think it should be 2kpts but if Im off then I could switch the Venerable for an Ironclad and that will put me at 2kpts. Thoughts?.

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>tfw three drop pods attempt to deepstrike your anchored stormsurge, and you obliterate all three drop pods and still get to fire at the survivors in the opponent's movement phase

>> No.55852555

You're missing the math hammer chart.

Fucking delete this thread and move to the other.

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Führer Wills it.

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You can summon after disembarking.

Also, it would be cool if in the sisters codex, they did get daemon tags, and GW ran with the daemons of the emperor idea.

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The judges cannon seems kinda shafted in 8th. Only better than a regular asscan against t6 infantry.

>> No.55852587

aight, bet

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>Also, it would be cool if in the sisters codex, they did get daemon tags, and GW ran with the daemons of the emperor idea.
>Useless tag except for Grey Knights
>Grey knights get bonuses vs sisters

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I have literally not seen a single drop pod in 8th

>> No.55852619

>>when you realize they axed grenadiers, the coolest looking death corps infantry, because no one was allowed to have hot shots but tempestus

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>Tfw my list has 2 103 point pods.
kill me

>> No.55852632

why are tacs in front when you have tons of literal melee juggernauts immune to the poxwalkers. Truly IF are just like his father...

>> No.55852639

Fuck off, Waaaard

>> No.55852645

Imagine though if imperial characters could summon Sisters of Battle units though.

And the plastic models we get for them are super angelic.

>> No.55852659

Fuck off 1d4chan.

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You spend more on drop pods than I do on troops
8th is weird

>> No.55852695

Our BAngles faggot runs a couple, I have no real idea why all his good choppy shit gets jump packs anyway, only some tacitcal chumps go in them.

>> No.55852701

The drop pod costs more than the squad they are carrying.

>> No.55852714

Fucking Space Marines, inhuman brutes reeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.55852727

It’s double insulting when inceptors, while not aesthetically pleasing to everyone, are dramatically more points efficient plasma/bolter deep strikers than vets in a drop pod

And they don’t even have to land in rapid fire range

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I LITERALLY just posted the fluff that explicitly confirms "Yes, we tolerated deviances in SM production for the sake of speed and quantity".
40k marines emphasize the individual much more than what it was in 30k, simply because 40k chapters NEED to, they don't have the same support they had back when they were legions.
They can't afford it, but back in the day they could.
Not to mention those dudes fighting in one planet in the crusade weren't the same dudes fighting in the next planet, because casualties could be in the tens of thousands per campaign.
You see the named HQs?
Morturg was inducted after the DG lost so many people in one place that Morty himself had to temporarily suspend the Barbarus-only restriction.
Dantioch's all Grand Comany died. Twice: the first time he was the only survivor.
Gate 42 was not even a war. It was a SINGLE BATTLE against mortals that were holding off more than 4 legions and required Horus, Corax, Russ and Perturabo, and even then 30 000 Raven Guard died that day.
The mortals of Gaardinal held off an expeditionary fleet and killed half the Ultramarines in it.

Marines in 30k did face more terrible enemies than what there are today...it's just that they didn't live through it, which is why quality and training were compromised for the sake of greater numbers.

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Your ideas are terrible. Never post again.

>> No.55852738

U mad?

>> No.55852744

don't lewd the dragon loli

>> No.55852755

Did the holocaust really happen?

>> No.55852756

>Wake up from a coma
>the spiritual liege is now the actual liege

???? what the fuck who allowed this to happen

>> No.55852757

nah, now that I know it annoys you, I've got something to live for.

>> No.55852767

What doors do your rhinos have?

>> No.55852772

Too jealous of xeno ladies who receive the geneseed, bolter bitch?

>> No.55852788

I don't think so.

>> No.55852802

I kinda feel like gw is trying to remove drop pods from being something seen on a table to something done off the table as part of the lore. It's not like they made primaris pods.

Primaries in general seem to have diverted from the original space marine purpose of "orbitally dropped elites who are best at boarding actions"

No teleportarium based insertion, no terminator assaults, no strike force sized flyer dropship.

>> No.55852803

Half plastic half Forgeworld

>> No.55852806

Calgar was the spiritual liege you dipshit, go back to your coma.

>> No.55852809

Also, he looks a bit like Hank Hill.

>> No.55852829

Modded auschwitz doors.

>> No.55852833

are you trying to imply they're not basically the same person

damage control

anyway for real though what the fuck happened and why is roboute actually jesus

>> No.55852836

>orbitally dropped elites

>> No.55852839

So I have 20 tactical Marines in my large (6500-7000 points) of Dark Angels, tempted to get some more even though I tend to focus on Deathwing/Ravenwing for games.

Only reason is, I love the knight style heads from Forgeworld and was going to buy them with the bodies you get too, is it worth doing this to tactical with the way the game is going, or just get the helmets and stick them onto some intercessors (I already have 15, 10 from the Dark Imperium set and 5 from the know no fear set where I went halves on both with a friend - and boosted with the free painting models you get for newbies).

Obviously this would be my main tactical squad, maybe greenstuff some robes on them and fluff them as some vets but used as a tactical squad.

Sorry for the blog but anyone have any ideas, since we have no idea how GW will deal with Dark Angels in the future with possibility of new models, but I really do like the knight asthetic I can give them but just wondering if anyone had ideas basically.

>> No.55852852

>It's not like they made primaris pods
I wish I was good at editing, since if I was, I would get a drop pod, and edit a repulsor plate on the bottom, and lascannons/rocket launchers on every flat surface.

That would be a Primaris pod.

>> No.55852864

Weirdly enough primaris in dark imperium are actually even more orbital drop focused than normal marines, to the point that they have a new class of escort that is purely designed to make orbit and drop a demi company within minutes.

Normal primaris+dreads drop in Overlords or thunderhawks, inceptors atreus and repulsors just drop from orbit by themselves.

>> No.55852894

What's this Rhino Doors + Forgeworld + Holocaust thing thats going on?

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>> No.55852909

How do GKs rank up in terms of how people view them as an army?

>> No.55852916

Sorry, I usually forget these exist.

But still, the other infantry can only be deployed via >>55852864 fuck huge dropships. No individual squad deployments.

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>> No.55852928

It's just part of a long, ongoing shitpost that's been going on for a week or so now.

>> No.55852932

>Marines of the Ravenwing, wearing Corvus armour and Corvus hammers
Aaaaaaay not even Corvus Corax' Raven Guard.
Sometimes I wonder what GW considers to be "too much".
Then I remember Primaris are getting a superheavy...

>> No.55852936

Woud Bile and a small noise marine detachment be an odd thing fluff-wise for a DG army?

>> No.55852945

>I would get a drop pod, and edit a repulsor plate on the bottom, and lascannons/rocket launchers on every flat surface.
Heroic anon, please help us.

>> No.55852959

a meme that including anything fw related makes you a literal nazi and waacfag.

>> No.55852964

That would suck. I have 3 drop pods i used last edition

>> No.55852976

Eh fluff it as Bile is helping the DG for something in return, or is there to study nurgle's rot.

>> No.55853040

I suppose with Bile it really is that easy, huh.

>> No.55853069

He's a free agent, technically not part of the Emperor's Children anymore. For the right price he'll work with anyone, even xenos.

>> No.55853103

Eldar twats were made for Primaris dick.

>> No.55853128

And Bile tends to end the partnership by betrayal.

>> No.55853205

>Marines in 30k did face more terrible enemies than what there are today...it's just that they didn't live through it, which is why quality and training were compromised for the sake of greater numbers
Hell, the World Eaters alone during the Grand Crusade-Heresy probably had more casualties than all the Black Crusades put together.

>> No.55853225

>Mfw I own 90 of them

>> No.55853239

New thread, new shit. Some anon posted this towards the end of the last thread, I think its a pretty interesting question, so lets have a go at it 40kg.

Try to honestly rate your main army's powerlevel based on your local game scene

>Top Tier
>High Tier
>Mid Tier
>Low Tier
>Bottom Tier

>Grey Knights
>High Tier/Top Tier
Am really kind of confused by this atm. With just the index, I had a pretty much 50/50 win rate.
Then the codex came out. I played a list with a shitton of Paladins and, for whatever reason, never lost a single game with that list.
Then, since people started complaining "Arrrrgh, your GKs are so OP, you should stop playing them so strongly!!", I changed the list up, dropped some Paladins, grabbed a Land Raider and some Dreadnoughts and stuff, but am still doing very well in my local meta.

I "lost" one game with my new "toned down" list (I nearly tabled by opponent, but he had more Maelstrom points, so kudos to him for finally beating me)
And today, while playing a couple games, once again people started throwing around
>"Gosh GKs are so OP"
>"They were WAYYYY too good in 7th, and didnt even nerf them in 8th? Way to strong"
>"Psychic powers on every squad is way to good"
>"Dreadnoughts are too good, your BS/WS is too good, your Paladins are too hard to kill, Apothecaries healing stuff is SO OP, etcetc"
I mean, I get that they complain. I stomped another two players today.
But goddammit, I thought GKs were one of the weaker armies. What the fuck is going on, 40kg? Are GKs OP after all?

>> No.55853268

>Are GKs OP after all?
If fighting demons, yes.

>> No.55853283

Tried for a Mortarion tier Autistic Nurgle list
All threes and sevens, even my CP count, complete with a deployment scheme to appease Grandfather

+++ New Roster (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [105 PL, 1969pts] +++

++ Outrider Detachment +1CP (Chaos - Death Guard) ++

+ HQ +

Daemon Prince of Nurgle: Daemonic axe, The Suppurating Plate, Wings

+ Fast Attack +

Myphitic Blight-hauler

Myphitic Blight-hauler

Myphitic Blight-hauler

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) ++

+ HQ +

Malignant Plaguecaster


+ Troops +

Plague Marines: Icon of Despair
. . Plague Champion: Plague knife, Plasma gun, Power fist
. . 3x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. . Plague Marine w/ melee weapons: Flail of Corruption
. . Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun
. . Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Plague Marines: Icon of Despair
. . Plague Champion: Plague knife, Plasma gun, Power fist
. . 3x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. . Plague Marine w/ melee weapons: Flail of Corruption
. . Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun
. . Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Plague Marines: Icon of Despair
. . Plague Champion: Plague knife, Plasma gun, Power fist
. . 3x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. . Plague Marine w/ melee weapons: Flail of Corruption
. . Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun
. . Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Poxwalkers: 14x Poxwalker

Poxwalkers: 14x Poxwalker

Poxwalkers: 14x Poxwalker

+ Elites +

Foul Blightspawn

Noxious Blightbringer: Plasma pistol

Tallyman: Plasma pistol

>> No.55853291

Who do you play and what lists do they run?

I play GKs and I find them Mid/High
Very strong, but also very limited.

Most opponents in my meta love their bubblewrap, so I can't get to something more valuable.

>> No.55853303

>Marines in 30k did face more terrible enemies than what there are today

Bullshit. Everyhting they faced was pissweak compared to Chaos, Necrons and Tyranids. None of the Orks were as powerful as the Beast and the Eldar had just fallen.

>> No.55853311

/tg/ should I continue to build my Necrons, or should I start Grey Knights instead?

>> No.55853319

Well how many Necrons do you have Aniki?

>> No.55853321

Play what you want.

>> No.55853326

TSons Top
I used to bring 3+ DPs in a Supreme Command escorted by the Changeling and Rubrics and Scarab Occ
People got mad, so I brought Sorcerers
People still lose and complain that I have so much Smite and want me to limit my HQs

Mother fuckers, I play Space Wizards. I am bringing my god damn Wizards

>> No.55853362


Around 900pts so far.

>24 warriors
>5 gauss immortals
>5 shield Lychguard
>3 tomb blades
>6 scarab bases

>> No.55853370

Play Necrons.
Fucking Imperium is everywhere and some spice in the stale meta soup is appreciated by all

>> No.55853383

Id say continue to grow necrons. You barely have enough to play an average game.

>> No.55853384

>"Yes, we tolerated deviances in SM production for the sake of speed and quantity".

That's true of 40k Marines. Production is sped up during times of need, and this results in poorer quality troops. At least in 30k they had primarch genes to stabilize the process, in 40k they didn't. Not to forget all the 40k chapters that promote deviance in their ranks.

>40k marines emphasize the individual much more than what it was in 30k, simply because 40k chapters NEED to, they don't have the same support they had back when they were legions.

So do those Khyber Pass gunsmiths. But are you saying their best gun is miles better than a second quality factory guns?

>> No.55853385

>appeasing nurgle
>plasma instead of blight launchers

>> No.55853393

They destroyed entire Titan legions and expedition fleets.
Entrie star systems were lost, Dark Angels alone lost 50 000 marines against them.
End Emperor fought against them personally.

>> No.55853398

Brand new player here. Just got my chaos codex after reading over my chaos index a lot. Am I over looking it or are there nothing for Flesh Hounds of Khorne in my codex? are they going to make another book specifically for daemons later?

>> No.55853402

You can only have 2

>> No.55853408


Got wiped out. The numerous 40k enemies cannot be wiped out given their power.

>> No.55853411


>> No.55853429

Because mariens legions with hundreds of thousands mairnes, full titan legions, mechanicum armies, Imperial army, Primarchs and Emperor himself fought against them.

>> No.55853431

...but the only daemons I've played against in 8th are the maulerfiends of the khorne SM player

>Admech: Tons of infantry with plasma backed up by dunecrawlers and robots, usually has one big blob of dedicated CC (infiltrators, electrodudes or chickenwalkers)

>CSM: Lots of berserkers, Land raider, a couple Daemon engines, blob of cultists to bubblewrap and lots of raptors and some Terminators

>Necrons: 40 Warriors, Nightbringer shard, HUGE blob of lychguard and shittons of buffing characters. Does surprisingly well in my store despite the "Necrons are shit"meme here on 40kg

>Tyranids: Ran a list with like 15 or so carnifexes. Enough said.

>Tau: 3 Commanders, 3 Riptides, lots of crisis suits

>Ynnari: Yvraine, lots of Dark Reapers, 2 Wave Serpents, a couple of Trueborn, some Scatterbikes and a DE flyer

Those are my more regular opponents, since I've also taken my GKs against some random dudes I meet here and there.

>> No.55853439

Yes, and its in the same slot as plasma, what are you trying to say here?

>> No.55853446

You can have three plasma guns with the champion

>> No.55853451

They were weaker on a mental point, on everything else they were just as good, also since there's like 2 million marines in circulation there's a lot more of great heroes, nonwithstanding the fact that they saw conflicts which could anihilate an entire legion (ragdan xenocide)

>> No.55853453


>Low/Bottom Tier

Among codex-factions, AdMech are merely low tier. In my experience, having a codex puts you ahead of everyone who doesn't. Compared to other Codex factions, AdMech don't really have a lot to bring to the table- their Kataphron servitors are overcosted and require absurd amounts of command points or support units to actually do anything on the tabletop. The other servitors are one of the worst units in the game- a shitty BS5+ or 4+ if near an HQ unit that is forced to take absurdly expensive powerfists before they can even consider any of the ranged weapons that would make them worthwhile, and they can only take 2 per squad.The Ironstrider Ballistari are mostly useless compared to Onagers, and Sicarian Ruststalkers might as well not exist- they don't really serve much of a purpose in the faction. Infiltrators bring their mobility, and Fulgurites bring their lethality. Rangers are really only useful when you take them in squads of 5 with Transauranic Arquebuses.

Having a few obsolete/bad units is normally not the worst thing in the world, but when you already have one of the smallest pools of units to choose from, your faction is 1.5 troops choices, 2 heavy supports, 1 fast attack, 3 elites, and 3 HQs- one of which is a unique character that can only be taken with a specific forge world.

Also, it's hard to be anything but bad when you are the only faction in all of 40k without access to transports.

TL;DR- I'm not happy about AdMech in 8th edition. They're bad, but not unplayable, and their lack of options coupled with the codex adding nothing of value (in terms of new units) means they will likely start to feel stale soon.

>> No.55853477

And you think that could wipe out any of the 40k galactic threats? No. Not even to mention Ullanor was considered the crowning achievement, and a few thousand years later an even bigger Ork came knocking.

The Legions' enemies were weaklings, which was why so many traitors were excited at fighting loyalists, because they at last had an equal opposition.

>> No.55853496

I'm trying to make a squad of possessed for my EC army, but I want them to look the least amount of daemon-y as possible.

This is because I am trying to stick with a HH theme, and any corruption the units face will be more toward the "perfection" side of slaanesh rather than the dildo side.

I have quite a few assmarines that I will probably never use, anyone have any ideas on how I can posses these up?

>> No.55853517

>The Rangdan has been described by FW as "more dangerous than all Tyranids and Necrons put together", threatened the whole northern Imperium, [REDACTED] a Primarch and the Emperor Himself had to use a "relic from under the Noctis Labrynth" to defeat them
>But Tau are so dangerous lol :^^^)
If Tyranids and Necrons are the only monsters left and there are no human empires that can contest the power of the Imperium, it's because 30k marines fought and died en masse to make it happen.

>> No.55853524

How am I supposed to deal with vehicles as Necrons? We don't have a huge amount of dedicated anti-tank because it used to be that all of our guns were anti-tank. Except now the game is balanced with the idea that everyone has standard weapons that can hurt tanks, so our gimmick is gone.

>> No.55853538

Rolled 3, 4 = 7 (2d6)

How many months till Ork codex?

>> No.55853555

Go for Grey Knights.

>> No.55853557

Looks pretty alright Tho Morty helps make any list look good have you tried it out?

>> No.55853570

>> No.55853571

>>The Rangdan has been described by FW as "more dangerous than all Tyranids and Necrons put together"

Demonstrably not so.

>If Tyranids and Necrons are the only monsters left and there are no human empires that can contest the power of the Imperium, it's because 30k marines fought and died en masse to make it happen.

They fought and killed minnows, the 40k Marines have to deal with the actual monsters.

>> No.55853572


>Outrider Detachment[1059pts]

Celestine [150pts]: Celestine, 2x Geminae Superia

Seraphim Squad [114pts] Superior : Power Sword, Plasma pistol; 2x Seraphim Inferno Pistols; 2x Seraphim
Seraphim Squad [110pts] Superior : Plasma pistol; 2x Seraphim Inferno Pistols; 2x Seraphim

Dominion Squad [137pts] Superior: Combi-melta; 4x Dominion Meltagun
Sororitas Repressor [107pts] Heavy flamer X2

Dominion Squad [137pts] Superior: Combi-melta; 4x Dominion Meltagun
Dominion Squad [97pts] Superior: Combi-flamer; 4x Dominion Flamer
Sororitas Repressor [107pts] Heavy flamer X2

>Vanguard Detachment [222pts]

Elysian Company Commander [45pts]: Plasma pistol

Elysian Command Squad [56pts] 4x Veteran Plasma gun
Elysian Veteran Squad [96pts] Sergeant: Plasma pistol; 9x Veteran, 3x Plasma gun
Officer of the Fleet [25pts]

> Battalion Detachment [717pts]

Canoness [64pts]: Combi-plasma, power maul
Canoness [64pts]: Combi-plasma, power maul

Battle Sister Squad [4 PL, 51pts] : 5x Sister, 3x Storm bolter
Battle Sister Squad [4 PL, 51pts] : 5x Sister, 3x Storm bolter
Battle Sister Squad [4 PL, 51pts] : 5x Sister, 3x Storm bolter

Imagifier [40pts]

Retributor Squad [87pts] : Superior : Storm bolter; 4x Retributor Heavy bolter

Immolator [103pts]: Immolation Flamer
Immolator [103pts]: Immolation Flamer
Immolator [103pts]: Immolation Flamer

>Total: [1998pts]; 8CP; 9-11 Deployed units; 5 tracked vehicles, 66 infantry models.

Does any one see any further improvement I could make ?

>> No.55853577

>Able to possess his enemies bodies
>disguise nearly any living thing
>capable of replicating living animals
>sneaky as fuck

Is Chuck Testa Alpharius?

>> No.55853590

I'm still in the purchace and painting stage.

I'd like to bring morty but he'd bump me into the 2500 bracket.

>> No.55853598


>> No.55853604

I just paid $3 for a metal Urien Rakarth from a garage sale

How many Grotesques should I buy to make a proper 1500 points list assuming I already have enough vehicles, wracks, and warriors to fill out the rest of a list?

>> No.55853606


>Dark Eldar

Top tier in my meta currently 14-1 and the one loss was to codex SM raven guard, much forgeworld, storm raven. He got first turn and storm raven slaughtered my ravagers settin me right back.

>> No.55853612

Khorne is bathsalts
Tzeentch is acid
Nurgle is Krokodil
What is Slannesh?

>> No.55853615


High Tier, although I haven't played for a good while (since before the DG dex). Looking forward to bringing my Codex troops out and giving them a try, although that'll either be next weekend or all the way over at Christmas.
I've found Admech work extremely well against anything that doesn't pack mobility buffs or lots of heavy vehicles and folds quickly against those who do.

Won against Dred Mob Orks feat. 60 Boyz, a couple Marine lists and CSM, lost to Death Guard with a pack of deepstriking Termies who tanked for the two Leviathans who crossed the board behind cover and basically rolled up my entire army.
Me and DGbro have both got new toys since then, so I'm looking forward to the rematch.

>> No.55853623

>What is Slannesh?
Meth and viagra i guess.

>> No.55853625


>> No.55853628

No joke, these guys are strong, and are just a boring index army.

Not sure their own unique bonus is that great though, might be best to run them as Ynarri just because lol which is a shame.

Lawrence from TT really makes them work well. Can't really get mad at them either...

>> No.55853632

Use Sslyth parts, and make their idea of perfection to be like their Primarch.

>> No.55853634

Everything in increasing dosages, varying combination for a higher intenser kick every time.

>> No.55853647

>What is Slannesh?

Florida Man

>> No.55853649


The sentinels and hellhound chasses are there because your opponent is going to be scared of the lascannons and pour shots into them. They will screen for your big troops and Russes and prevent deep striking. These are the guys protecting your parking lot when you don't get turn 1. If they are ignored, laugh as you throw swingy d6 damage at priority targets.

You also need three fast attack for a brigade.

>> No.55853661



Firmly low-tier. We have one gimmick build in silver tide, but even that lacks any kind of offense, it's purely "How many wounds can you do to us before the game is over". We've just been nerfed all round, we don't do anything particularly well other than not dying, and there's even other armies that do that better.

>> No.55853663

All of them, they are all expressions of excess and Slaanesh will rise and claim his spot as top god.

>> No.55853664

Why does everyone get the scale wrong in 40k fan art/smut. It's not like Astartes dimensions are an obscure fact.

>> No.55853671

What car does each god drive? What color?

>> No.55853672

Konstantin Brayko


>> No.55853673

I miss having a 4+ feel no pain, now my units just die because of all the AP.

>> No.55853675

Was thinking about Slaanesh and I'm wondering why he isn't more 'alien' and weird. He was birthed by the Eldar, and they are aliens. I'm sure humanity contributed and is contributing but the Eldar did a lot of the dirty work. I guess Tzeentch already owns the 'weird' stuff, but maybe take Slaanesh in that direction too?

>> No.55853677

It looks fine.

You could hunt Imperium armies to replace one Canoness for a cheaper HQ.
Also power sword in superior are not very good. Not a bad idea but is something you can remove no problem if you need the points.

>> No.55853686

All of them melted in a dirty bathtub and then injected straight into the heart.

>> No.55853688

>tfw warhammer night and no more weed
what's the point of playing 40k if you aren't intoxicated

>> No.55853691

My first ForgeWorld model arrived today and it cost me around $70. I don't mind though, because now my Blood Ravens will be going to battle alongside their Chapter Master. All Hail Gabriel Angelos.

>> No.55853693

Confirmed by the usual sources: Plastic Aspect Warriors, each kit builds both an old Aspect type and a new one with a similar role.

>> No.55853704

>being degenerate enough to smoke weed
Fuck off outta here Tau fag

>> No.55853721

Your ass?

>> No.55853722


>tfw forgotten about again

It's happened before, it's happening again. We ride peaks and troughs. We're the worst army in the game for 90% of the time, then GW remembers us and makes us OP.

>> No.55853727


They are quite boring to play, mainly because each unit just does what its supposed to really. Theres no combos, no cheeki breeki stratagy, its just poison and dark lances. The HQs being the most boring part of the index is sad.

I run pure deldar usually but have a Ynarri force of Harlequins and Deldar which is so much more fun to play but everyone i play with it says never again.

>> No.55853730

I'm sorry that reality doesn't fit with your personal headcanon but that's life amigo.

>> No.55853755


That is literally what "confirmed by the usual sources" means, yes. We had a big wave of that phrase about... I wanna say roughly around the last tau codex?

>> No.55853763

I do like that quite a lot really.

Is pic related a full model? That with a HH helmet might be perfect

>> No.55853767

drop blight haulers
drop flail of corruption
drop blightspawn

then spend points on anti-tank so you don't get rocked in the ass by tanks.

>> No.55853781


Looks solid. Though if your opponent weathers your initial attack, they'll simply mop you up, taking your body count into consideration.

>> No.55853804

>drop blightspawn
What should the third elite be then?

And I dont think I've room for three predators.

>> No.55853822

Don't think dual kits are that much in fashion anymore. I'm expecting flashy monopose units with limited swapping of bits.

>> No.55853838

Wait holy shit I know the Tzeentch dude

>> No.55853855

I'm not him; but fuck you, you giant turd-chugging, mosquito-dicked, judgemental, hobby-ruining, moron.
Do not come back.

>> No.55853856

So are we saying he's too short or that's a big Eldar?

>> No.55853858

Yea there 16 USD a pop model, but they work great for what you'd want. On an interesting note they do actually hail from a Slaanesh claimed world. I really just want to say that they are Laer but who knows.

>> No.55853867

If you take daemonettes in an EC army, do you lose your bonuses?

>> No.55853872

Love you too anon

>> No.55853887

So, really bummed about the cost for those but the fact that they are so close to the laer is amazing and might counteract it.

The entire inspiration for me to get into the actual game was the Fulgrim novel, so I am stoked to see these

>> No.55853891

Missile+lascannon Dreadnought
plague crawler
quad las predator

These are great ranged AT options

>> No.55853895


Flail isn't that bad. Not great but whatever. I'd drop Icon if anything.

And for anti-tank 3 blight haulers seems decent enough. Could get a hellbrute maybe. Blightspawn is a good anti-tank though.

I've rolled quite well on his str table and melted vehicles with him. Plus smite melts vehicles too.

If you insist on the banners though, might be worth spending a command point to give your bell boy the bell boy relic for morale shenanagins.

>> No.55853907

>Mortarion raised on world run by sadistic Dark Eldar
>Builds unique tank called Plagueburst Crawler which has 'Entropy Cannon' weapon.
>Exact same stats as dark lance

Omg, thief.

>> No.55853908

Or just realise it doesn't work; that playing chaos is a mistake and throw all your chaos models in the trash where they, and all chaos models belong.

>> No.55853914

Second this Slannesh is Florida

>> No.55853918

This is the EC army I am using, I want fabulous bill to go with the posessed to "enhance" them as needed.

Lucius, Champ, and Apostle go in the rhino with the chosen, blow smoke and hope not to die on turn 2.

Deep strikers come in and hope for a good warp time roll and see what kind of damage I can do.

Aside from that? Noise. Lots of noise.

>> No.55853920

I hope Chapter Approved gives Inquisition more options.

>> No.55853929


>Yet more people suggesting ever taking missiles on a Helbrute

>> No.55853933

Check around the web you might find something
cheap as the model has been around for awhile.
>Dark Eldar
What? Wasn't it always suppose to be vague what exactly Morty father was?

>> No.55853934

I did consider turning the DP into a lesser HQ as I'm not that big of a fan, I just have the model lying about, that'd free the relic slot.

>> No.55853951


>> No.55853959

The problem with flail is that you need to be in melee to use it and if your in melee you can't shoot your three plasma guns.

But yea, he should drop the icons.

The problem with the blight haulers and blightspawn is that they need to be in close range to be effective.

They have almost no hope of getting into close combat.

>> No.55853973

Haulers get multi-meltas and missile launchers.

I think you're really under-estimating an effective range of 34" on a multi-melta.

>> No.55853985

New Eldar god of the dead got born and started a new faction, high priestess has power over death and helped revive Guilliman, he's super awesome at everything because the writers like sucking Smurf dick

>> No.55853994

>Also power sword in superior are not very good. Not a bad idea but is something you can remove no problem if you need the points.

I had a few point to drop at the end. It's that or peashooters on Immolators that will always advance. Both are more fashion statement than anything else.

>You could hunt Imperium armies to replace one Canoness for a cheaper HQ.
If you have a more cost effective HQ than the cannonnes for cheaper, i'm all ear. But they start at 45pts, which is very low by HQ standard.
As it stand, one canoness tay with the Retributor/Imagifer, the other embark with one of the SSB.

Replacement I considered :
-Anything spess marine : Too expensive
-Primaris Psyker :
Pro : Cheap, Good value per point, psyker defense
Cons : Can't embark.
-Company commanders :
Trash value per point, only 15pts less than a canonness, can't embark, 0 synergy.
-Inquisitors : Strongest contenders. Bring psyker power, can embark in your vehicle. Sadly more expensive than a cannonnes when kitted out. As a bonus, fluffy.
-Greyfax. Even Fluffier. Even better psyker defense. A bit less punch. I had it in my list, then I realized I forgot to put germinae on seraphims. Had to switch point around.

Really, right now what I got is :
Current list
if a remove : A canonness, a heavy flmaer on repressor and the power sword on seraphims

Inquisitor with incinerator and power maul

All in all I feel like the Inquisitor with incinerator is not worth it over the mobility of a heavy flamer on the repressor and the rapid fire rerollable 2+ plasma goodness.
Greyfax is more special as she really shut down ennemy psy powers, but simply lack in fire power.

>> No.55853996


>They have almost no hope of getting into close combat.

They have an eight inch fucking move.

>> No.55854010

What, like on a scale from Ork to Tau with Guard moving up several places this editions? I don't think anyone really cares about them much. Elite army with clear strengths and weaknesses.

>> No.55854014

What is the Necron gameplay USP? What is their style?

>> No.55854020

getter emperor is omnissiah and you can't say shit about it

>> No.55854023

Are there any stories involving leviathan dreadnoughts?
I wanna get a feel for how they fight
Also I'm using a smashed up aegis line for my alpha legion leviathan, what faction should I paint the battlements?

>> No.55854024

Are there still people here who actually think smoking weed makes you a degenerate, or is this a meme

>> No.55854028

Because if you like normal porn and not those niche fetishes that a properly sized Marine would fit into then you've got to make some compromises.

I mean I do it with smut either make the woman an abhuman or well smaller pillar.

>> No.55854030

Khorne: Khorne Red Mad Max Frankenstein monster truck muscle car
Tzeentch: Blue Porsche 911
Nurgle: Rusted out 1,000 HP VW Beetle sleeper build
Slaanesh: Purple shag interior van with no windows
Malal: White Tesla Roadster with black vinyl accents

>> No.55854031

Walk forward, make opponents models fall down, sometimes you get to stand models up that fall over back up again.

>> No.55854033

Multimelta needs to be within 12 inches to make the hauler worth its points vs a quadlas predator.

outside that range it is only 72% as effective for the points.

They also only have 8 wounds, t7 and a 3+ save.

Not very resilient as it tries to close that gap out in the open.

>> No.55854044


They don't have one anymore.

>> No.55854046

Why not a nondescript white van?

>> No.55854057

I don't know man. My Helbrutes always get blown off the table real quick if I try to move them too forward for melee. Plus as DG they'd get Inexorable Advance when makes a dakka helbrute pretty solid.

>> No.55854077

50PL 1000~ Point list. Why PL? Because we are just dicking around hecen my list.

Vanguard Detachment +1CP
Celestine [14 PL, 250pts]: Celestine, 2x Geminae Superia

>Fast Attack
Dominion Squad [5 PL, 153pts]
Dominion Superior: Combi-melta, Inferno pistol, Power maul
Dominion w/ 4xMeltagun
Sororitas Repressor [5 PL, 113pts]: 2x Heavy flamer, Hunter-killer missile, Storm bolter

Seraphim Squad [4 PL, 114pts]
Seraphim Superior: Plasma pistol, Power sword
Seraphim w/ 4x Bolt Pistol
Seraphim w/ 4x Inferno Pistols

Astropath [1 PL, 15pts]: 3) Psychic Barrier, Telepathica Stave

Crusaders [8 PL, 120pts]
8x Crusader: 8x Power Sword

Ministorum Priest [2 PL, 35pts]: Autogun, Chainsword

Valkyries [8 PL, 158pts]
2x Multiple Rocket Pods, Multi-laser, 2x Heavy Bolters

>> No.55854081

That isn't very impressive.

>> No.55854082


>> No.55854084

Quad Las predator is good anti-tank, but it shouldn't be your benchmark.

Even a Bloat Drone is quite a bit tougher than a predator. If your anti-tank is very limited in its role, expensive relative to other options and squishy, it might not be best even if it has the most output.

>> No.55854095

If you're just dicking around what advice are you asking for?

>> No.55854117

Anything that would fit the crazy Nun and Priest theme.
And to see if I made a broken list that wont work or stupidly good list for just shit and giggles.

>> No.55854119

Razorback with a strong turret upgrade scaled up to wounds per equivalent points is a good benchmark IMO since the RB is so points efficient

>> No.55854124 [SPOILER] 


>> No.55854137

Razorback is very strong and a space marine thing, so not really worth comparing it for Death Guard IMO.

>> No.55854145

Cow tits/10

>> No.55854149

good shit

>> No.55854153

The problem with being short range, is that a unit can just charge your AA and lock it out of shooting things.

Which is why range is valued on anti-tank.

But if you're looking at soak values, plague crawler is one of the tankiest tanks you can get at 17.5 lascannons to take it down on average vs 7 of the predator

>> No.55854158

If I take that mask off, will you die?

>> No.55854179


Yes how else am I going to write my heresy riddled Primarch on SOB smut?!

>> No.55854188

That filename.

>> No.55854195

Is there a right loadout for land speeders this edition? Especially for use with the whirlwind stratagem?

Tried dual heavy flamers but was underwhelmed. Dual multi melta seems promising and the right range for spotting, but too expensive to be expendable.

>> No.55854202

Custodes x SoB might be canon in the near future if we're lucky.

>> No.55854203

Marines are 7 feet tall in canon, 7.5 at best.

>> No.55854211

Annihilators or Vanquishers?

>> No.55854220

What rule says you can take daemons as a troop choice for CSM? I don't see it in the codex, yet the option is in battlescribe

>> No.55854221

How did you get that math?

Just curious, no hate.

>> No.55854224 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

some art gets the demensions better

>> No.55854226

Which reminds me I need to get watchers of the Emperor's throne as it might be Custodes x SoS

>> No.55854233


Predators my man

>3 damage wounding intensifies

>> No.55854237

an excel sheet, but you could use something like http://mathhammer8thed.com/

>> No.55854238

Greyfax is a good choice assuming you can trim something off. Honestly Non-named Inquisitor are trash for what they do.

Part of me was thinking about a AdMech priest, but they can't repair SoB cars so there isn't really anything to replace Canoness tax.
I really dislike the rules for that bitch. All her stats and gear are suited for melee, but her bonus do not help SoB or Church melee units.
PE? Already re-roll, DCA, Arco, Crusader? same problem.
Repentias? Even if you ignore the fact that they suck ass Mistress is much better at buffing them.
For shooty squads outside of long range Retribution or a blob of MSU SB BSS getting vomited out of a transport just rain Rapid fire shots into whatever you want dead.

In other words Fat Cows are just a tax that may help your only shooty squad.

>> No.55854250

On that note which faction do you think has the highest level of cow tits?
Aeldari seem to only range from B-D cup

>> No.55854251

*Takes this and puts it in a folder*

Thank you my good man

>> No.55854255

Talking about Russes.

>> No.55854259

So I'vee been thinking about explosions. What would you think about this house-rule for a friendly game?

>When dealing with random-shot weapons with damage less than that of the model it's firing at (i.e. a battle cannon that rolled ones and twos against obliteraters) the damage is applied in order of closest to furthest and must be spread to different models until every model is damaged. This only applies to individual random-shot weapons; A second battle cannon would start with the closest model again.

It's supposed to be another way to simulate explosion damage. So if you hit with some random shots, and then rolled a 1, 3, 2 for unsaved wound damage, then the Oblits would suffer 1, 3, and 2 damage. A second cannon that rolled a 1 and a 2 would then wound the nearest guy, then kill the furthest oblit respectively.

I don't know, just a thought for maybe a smaller scale narrative game. Probably impractical for any competitive or large game. But I like the idea of a battle cannon damaging a group of multiwound units without killing them.

>> No.55854260

Don't use Math hammer 8th ed. It doesn't tell damage correctly if you try to calculate more than 1 weapon at the time

>> No.55854261

This girl looks like she mains ice climbers in super smash bros melee

>> No.55854262

Dude, I don't want to spoil anything but there is a huge amount of ship tease. And it is adorable.

>> No.55854266

Non-named Inquisitors are trash. I bring 1 with my Guard and some Acolytes with her to make it fluffier. I gave her a Thunder Hammer, since it does great damage, but 4+ armor and WS4+ with the Hammer is painful. I'm so tempted to use her model but use the rules for Coteaz.

>> No.55854270

>Sister of Battle
>copulating with a mutant
Is this some kind of hardcore heresy?

>> No.55854274

>Girlish squeels

I need to grab that and Valkia the bloody for heretical shipping!

>> No.55854275

What ever faction it is its the shittiest faction. Cow tits are gross. Flat is justice

>> No.55854277

Glad she managed to put a hand on the space Bible, shit was almost heresy

>> No.55854284


Inexorable advance is exactly why it's an even bigger waste than usual to give them a missile launcher. Normal Helbrutes it makes no sense to not just give them dual melee weapons, fist and flail and run straight at things. Death guard ones can get away with spending points on a heavy weapon because they won't be shooting on a 4+.

Look people, I understand taking cool looking options for the fun of it, but don't for an instant think putting a single shot missile launcher on a dread is good advice. It's a bad idea on a marine dread, and it's a worse idea on one with a half decent move.

>> No.55854285

During 7th it was said that Grayfax was a less girly and sexy version of Torquemada Coteaz.

>> No.55854289

Alpha Legion

>> No.55854295

Annihilators when they get the current grinding advance.

>> No.55854303

>Cow tits are gross. Flat is justice
I respect a persons right to an opinion, but it doesn't mean that opinion isnt shit anon

>> No.55854304

The best kind of heresy that I might just flood the 40k writefag thread with fluff now...
That's the SoB loophole it isn't heresy if you've got your Space Bible with you

>> No.55854316

Really the only answer

>> No.55854318

Somebody made Cat-O

>> No.55854324

unnamed inquisitors are fine for being smite/dominate BS3+ combi plasma caddies.

Acolytes are both better than an invul save and are extremely points efficient damage dealers with storm bolters.

>> No.55854334

Should have put his helmet on gyrinx.

>> No.55854338


>> No.55854343


That's a womb, Tyranids aren't mammals

>> No.55854345

It's a decent book overall aside from the lore inconsistencies but that's par for the course when it comes to Black Library.

Also Custodes are op as hell.

>> No.55854349

Quick question. Can I dominate Pask/Tank Commanders? And does that mean I can fire his Punisher cannon twice?

>> No.55854354


>> No.55854356


Fight me.

>> No.55854360

>custodes OP
As they should be, one of the worst parts of throne world is where one random shadowseer murders a dozen custodes in CQC and nearly gets to the emperor, seems highly unlikely

>> No.55854370


spotted the Genestealer cultist

prepare to be purged, mutant

>> No.55854371

At least you realize that your opinion is shit. acceptance is the first step anon

>> No.55854372

That's a big "when". I'm guessing right after we get an FAQ for Inferno. The price might also come down 10pts., like with other Russes. It's a shame you can't mix FW and GW tanks in squadrons. I got 1 old Vanquisher I could have used as a "command" tank with two Annihilators supporting it. Could always make a Tank Commander out of him, to have his higher BS help with the single-shot gun.

>> No.55854381

I don't personally know of any stories featuring them, but from what I gleam from the lore those interred within Leviathans live a cursed existence. The machine spirit treats its occupants with thinly-veiled malevolence, with many whispering about the chassis being cursed. Regardless of if its loyalist or not the marine within is wracked with bloody nightmares instead of the relieving sleep most dreadnoughts give their incumbents, and drives their pilot on to slaughter with ever greater ferocity, and it slowly eats away at even a space marine's sanity. The chapters that do possess Leviathans typically treat them with suspicion and almost disgust, with only a Chapter Master willing to commit them, lest the insanity of the pilot prove too much and cause him to turn on his once-brothers.

>> No.55854384

>defiling him with an alien monster

>> No.55854386

>If Manifested, select an enemy CHARACTER within 18" of the psyker. You can force the model to immediately shoot a single weapon or make a single close combat attack at an enemy unit of your choice as if it were part of your army. Models cannot attack themselves, but they can attack other members of their own unit.

>> No.55854396

Yes, no. Grinding advance states "its movement phase" "following shooting phase." You'd be shooting in the physic phase and it would be following yours, not its movement phase,

>> No.55854400

Sounds like that's a yes. Dominate is mostly a shit power though.

>> No.55854403

They are your friends by will of your primarch.

>> No.55854407

Do the Citadel sprays undercoat as well as base coat?

>> No.55854409

about as cost effective as a quad predator for T7/3+ armor.

>> No.55854416

Have any of the new audiodramas been leaked?

>> No.55854427

I like how you could just use the actual meme and it still makes sense in context.

>> No.55854430

>mfw I'm building a Chem Dog force with converted special characters and relics from every regiment
Also, what would you guys use for the Death Mask on an Ogryn Bodyguard? I might just hang a Harlequin mask off his belt.

>> No.55854431

if you mean the colored ones, yes and no, Duncan tells us specifically that you can use the color sprays by themselves without needing to spray it with anything else first.

>> No.55854437

but im venerating the four armed emperor

>> No.55854440

Listen anon I understand firmness is an important aspect, the larger the cup size the higher risk you run of saggy boobs
But flat is like AA-B cup and no matter how firm it is there's nothing there
A solid and firm D-DD cup is absolutely top tier, hell I dated a girl who had DDDs and they fucking defied gravity, it's just the best in this humble anons opinion

>> No.55854454

I had an old demon prince that was mangled so I took his head off and put it on a Bullgryn.

>> No.55854458

Okay then let's change the phrasing
What faction has the best size to firmness ratio?

>> No.55854459

Fucking disgusting

>> No.55854460

There are three types of spray people use.

Primer - velljo primer
Surfacer - Chaos black and Corax White
colored Base Coat - the colored "primers" GW/AP/P3 put out

>> No.55854469

>there are currently 4 generals open
you fucking mongoloids

>> No.55854473

I use the paint on black primer from Vallejo, but it's a pain in the ass on larger models.

>> No.55854474

>colored "primers"
We call them primers of color these days anon

>> No.55854476

Fuck, that's a sick as hell idea, thanks anon!

>> No.55854479

You can hate Guardfags all you want, but you know that the truth is that they are almost always painted.

>> No.55854487

>3 Riptides, lots of crisis suits
No wonder he's losing. Probably a WAACfag who got attached to his 7th ed list.

>> No.55854489

Wanna know a secret?
I made the lolicron as well as the lewd sisters general just to watch the world burn

>> No.55854493

Thanks. It's a little wonky for me since I'm bad at this stuff. I hope you do a better job and show our idea true justice.

>> No.55854497

that stuff is great through an airbrush


>> No.55854509

In this author's humble opinion booty > booby. In a perfect world one could have both. But, if sacrifices have to be made, it is better to have a firm and generous posterior with adequate cleavage than the reverse.

>> No.55854520

you fucking monster

>> No.55854547

So if you had two armies you just could not pick between at all, how would you decide?

>> No.55854555

Flip a coin, roll a dice, Choose a tarot card. Id leave it up to chance

>> No.55854556


Stilll less efficient than SSB. for 51 pts SSB will have 8 3+ rapid fire.
For 50 pts, acolytes will have 10 4+ rapid fire.
Sister will average more hits, even before counting rerolls from canonness, act of faith, etc...
Also sisters have better LD and power armors.
Acolytes have flak armors.
SSB are troops. Acolytes are elite.

Really, you should only bring acolyte as extra HP for inquisitors. If you wanna pump dakka, sisters do it better.

(Of course, in non-sisters armies, acolyte can embark anything while sister can't).

>> No.55854557

Is the only difference between the Death Korps grenadiers and regular infantry models the metal chestplate? Forge World doesn't sell the grenadiers anymore and I was wondering if anyone would care if I proxied regular infantry models.

>> No.55854564

Anon that's respectable but the conversation was strictly about boobs, but it does add to my point that big boobs are better because that usually means they have a larger ass and thicker body in general, so basically you're getting a packaged deal for your package

>> No.55854575

Damn. I just spend 56 Pounds on sector imperialis objectives and a squad of sicarians.
For comparison minimum wage in my country is 288 pounds. So you can say i spend 1/5 of what an unskilled laborer earns in a month on 10 pieces of plastic.
Why is this plastic crack so expensive and why am i feeling so bad about it.

>> No.55854586


I've written Heresy!

>> No.55854589

>Metal Chest and Greives
>Backpack battery
>Wire running from backpack to battery
>Lasgun is a little less detailed
There you go anon

>> No.55854594

What guns are you counting? 50 points of Acolytes with Storm Bolters put out 20 shots at rapid fire range.

>> No.55854608

>For 50 pts, acolytes will have 10 4+ rapid fire.

20, they'll have 20 4+ rapid fire.

SSB have 8 BS3+ rapid fire.

Its hardly even a contest.

>> No.55854634

Today I played for the first time ever my Primaris and Marines (RG) army against a Nurgle's Demons army and I had to concede at the end of turn 3 because I was going to be tabled. Can someone with more experience than me give me some advices if I post my list?

>> No.55854638

All heresy will be confiscated, give it up

>> No.55854643

How much of a bad idea would it be for a Dark Eldar list clocking at around 1500 pts, to shove as much Dark Lances and Phantasm grenade launchers as much as I can using Raiders, Ravagers, and Kabalite Warriors?

Where the meta at my store tends to be MEQ infantry and flyers?

All the while my Archon fluffwise is more or less Micheal Bay?

>> No.55854645

I bought the FW Raven Guard shoulders for my primarines I'm working on after I finish about 400 more pts of necrons.
I wanted to paint them as Hawk Lords beacuse fluff wise they are in the same sector as my necrons but for any of the models that the mkIV shoulders won't fit on I have the transfers.
My question is can I paint over the white/silver raven guard transfers with gold? is painting over a transfer an excercise in futility? If I give up on purple marines because of the emblem and go with raven guard should I do black or white and make them rift stalkers? White would probably easier to paint than black imo black needs reaally really good highlights to not look flat.

>> No.55854662

I guess if I do them up in metal and paint the mask different nobody it'll slide. Thanks, anon.

>> No.55854664

Dammit I just got the opening out of my head anon!

>> No.55854672

Look for the thread with a picture of a SoS and Custodes

>> No.55854690

So I havent played since the start of 7th. I've recently moved into a new area and have a fair amount of time on my hands. Thought starting a new army would be a good time waster and a way to introduce myself to the flgs. I hear all psykers have a offensive spell now? What army would be the best if I just want to kill shit space wizards

>> No.55854693

/40kg/, new player again,I have a few questions:

>How many times can I use Psychic powers in a game? As in, can I use Blightful Miasma twice in a game in different turns?
>Can I cast the Blightful Miasma at guy who's casting it?
>Can the auras affect myself? As in, can a guy in Gravis Armour reroll wound rolls?

I was wondering if im getting bamboozled. Thanks in advance

>> No.55854702

That's decently heretical

>> No.55854714

40k Marines with less quality than marines done in literally less than one single year? Geneseed degeneration is one thing, meatgrinder production is another.
Hell, in Soul Drinkers they skip a single hypnoindoctrination step in the Scouts and they promptly rebel against the chapter.
>So do those Khyber Pass gunsmiths
You think counterfeit gun makers "emphasize the individual"?
"The quality of such firearms varies widely, ranging from as good as a factory-produced example to dangerously poor."
If anything, that's how 30k marines were, not the "decades of training" even mere Space Marine scouts have.
Show me ONE non-Imperial human faction that can repell the attack of even a single full chapter.
We are talking about empires with DAoT stuff killing tens of thousands of marines in a day. Meanwhile, the most of the Tyranid fleet died when a single ship was used as a warp bomb, and even Skitarii and Tau can defeat a land invasion by them.
They ain't got shit on the Imperium, and are a meme faction.
>The numerous 40k enemies cannot be wiped out given their power.
The Interex was more powerful than Tau, weapons that pierced marine plates effortlessly, a sword that could kill Horus, knowledge about chaos, and a strenght that made Horus consider on an alliance instead of killing them out of fear.
The Imperium wiped them in a year.

>> No.55854722

Last thread was full of Khornite stuff. I'm not wanting to bloat it with just my stuff so I'm waiting

>> No.55854723

My good sir /tg/ is a place of restraint and constructive criticism. By all means, do post your list, as well as the tactics you employed.

>> No.55854727

>size to firmness
Easily Eldar, their eternally young bodies mean their tits will stay as firm as a 20 year olds for hundreds of years

>> No.55854737

I’m still new, but how acceptable is fucking with the lore and making more customized models to play with? For example, I’d like to take an adeptus mechanicus ironstrider make it more like the necron destroyers so the pilot is fused with the ironstrider instead of just riding it.

>> No.55854747

So Eldar are Asian woman?

>> No.55854769


>> No.55854777

are you within 6 inches of yourself?

>> No.55854795

Eeeeh maybe in weeaboo fantasies, sure

>> No.55854805

Asian guy here.

Just gonna warn you that only happens if she can put some effort in keeping her appearance up.

If she ain't keeping fit, taking supplemental vitamins or some shit, expect her to age almost as much as a white chick.

At least until age 50 or so.

Then we all quickly start looking like yoda.

>> No.55854813


Drop a dominus for a techpriest, drop a destroyer, drop a unit of infiltrators, make all your vanguard squads min size with calivers. Make one beamer onager a neautronager and replace the other with bots, grab a datasmith to fill up elites. Add in a lascannon balistarii for some more antitank, take 2 units of 2 dragoons, they'll preform better in pairs. Drop phosphor from those dragoons. You could also lose one of the 4 dragoons and take 10 electropriests instead of 5. What do you plan to infiltrate anyway?

>> No.55854818

>You think counterfeit gun makers "emphasize the individual"?

Well, each gun is individually made, is it not? You have to hand craft, cast, grind and fit every part. They're not made on a production line in the thousands and are all interchangeable.

>40k Marines with less quality than marines done in literally less than one single year?

Doesn't say. 30k Marines could be, but that's because they had the primarchs and their genes to help stabilize the process. 40k Marines would probably suffer until complications if the same process was done to them.

>> No.55854832


>> No.55854837

I meant the whole "each of you must be an army on your own right", not hand-crafted counterfeit.

>> No.55854841

>Then we all quickly start looking like yoda

>> No.55854854


50 points of acolyte = 5 acolytes with storm will have 20 shot at RR range that will average at 10 hits.

51 points of sister = 5 sister, 2 with bolter, 3 with storm will have 16 shots at RR range and average 10,666 hits.

Sister do more dakka per points. And that's without any kind of rerolls/aof that acolytes don't have access to.

>> No.55854861

Everything pierces the Marines' armor effortlessly when the bearer needs to look good. Just like everything bounces off marine armor when marines need to look good!

It's the curse of the codex: you need to make your side look like effortless killing
Machines while everyone else plays jobber. Unless you're guard. Even the guard codex admits the guard takes a lot of casualties. Or nods, because they don't understand casualties any more than we feel loosing WBCs dying while fighting an infection.

>> No.55854866

KANA is eternal

>> No.55854872

Explains why a lot of asian guys I met in asialand were with women at least 10 years younger than themselves

>> No.55854894

New general already exist
no need to make another
Migrate when ready
please no more thread war

>> No.55854906


Okay, I have switched around some stuff, One repressor run with a storm bolter and not a heavy flamer :

>Outrider Detachment[1040pts]

Celestine [250pts]: Celestine, 2x Geminae Superia

Seraphim Squad [110pts] Superior : Plasma pistol; 2x Seraphim Inferno Pistols; 2x Seraphim
Seraphim Squad [110pts] Superior : Plasma pistol; 2x Seraphim Inferno Pistols; 2x Seraphim

Dominion Squad [137pts] Superior: Combi-melta; 4x Dominion Meltagun
Sororitas Repressor [107pts] Heavy flamer X2

Dominion Squad [137pts] Superior: Combi-melta; 4x Dominion Meltagun
Dominion Squad [97pts] Superior: Combi-flamer; 4x Dominion Flamer
Sororitas Repressor [92pts] Storm Bolter

>Vanguard Detachment [222pts]

Elysian Company Commander [45pts]: Plasma pistol

Elysian Command Squad [56pts] 4x Veteran Plasma gun
Elysian Veteran Squad [96pts] Sergeant: Plasma pistol; 9x Veteran, 3x Plasma gun
Officer of the Fleet [25pts]

> Battalion Detachment [738pts]

Inquisitor Greyfax [85pts]
Canoness [64pts]: Combi-plasma, power maul

Battle Sister Squad [4 PL, 51pts] : 5x Sister, 3x Storm bolter
Battle Sister Squad [4 PL, 51pts] : 5x Sister, 3x Storm bolter
Battle Sister Squad [4 PL, 51pts] : 5x Sister, 3x Storm bolter

Imagifier [40pts]

Retributor Squad [87pts] : Superior : Storm bolter; 4x Retributor Heavy bolter

Immolator [103pts]: Immolation Flamer
Immolator [103pts]: Immolation Flamer
Immolator [103pts]: Immolation Flamer

>Total: [2000pts]; 8CP; 9-11 Deployed units; 5 tracked vehicles, 66 infantry models.

>> No.55854916

So they are similar. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here. Sisters being comparable to Acolytes doesn't make Acolytes shit. Acolytes can take any transport in the game and can take a variety of special weapons.

>> No.55854950

WHAt the fuck is wrong with you? Delete that fucking thread so we can actually start a new thread after the previous one dies
No need to make two threads then use one at a time, it makes dumb for many reason

>> No.55854959

(1/2)Thank you, kind Sir. So, this was the list:

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [79 PL, 1514pts] ++

+ HQ +

Captain in Gravis Armor [7 PL, 137pts]: Boltstorm gauntlet, Master-crafted power sword

Primaris Lieutenants [5 PL, 74pts]
. Primaris Lieutenant: Power sword

Primaris Lieutenants [5 PL, 74pts]
. Primaris Lieutenant: Power sword

+ Troops +

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 100pts]: Bolt rifle, 4x Intercessor, Intercessor Sergeant

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 100pts]: Bolt rifle, 4x Intercessor, Intercessor Sergeant

Tactical Squad [5 PL, 85pts]
. 3x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Combi-flamer
. Space Marine w/Special Weapon: Flamer

+ Elites +

Primaris Ancient [4 PL, 69pts]

Venerable Dreadnought [8 PL, 197pts]: Twin lascannon
. Dreadnought combat weapon w/Heavy Flamer: Heavy flamer

+ Fast Attack +

Assault Squad [6 PL, 84pts]: Jump Pack
. 4x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Power sword

Inceptor Squad [10 PL, 180pts]: Assault bolter, 2x Inceptor, Inceptor Sergeant

Land Speeders [6 PL, 147pts]
. Land Speeder: Multi-melta, Typhoon missile launcher

+ Heavy Support +

Hellblaster Squad [8 PL, 165pts]: Plasma incinerator
. 4x Hellblaster
. Hellblaster Sergeant: Bolt pistol

+ Dedicated Transport +

Razorback [5 PL, 102pts]: Storm bolter, Twin assault cannon

++ Total: [79 PL, 1514pts] ++

We decided that it was fine playing at 1520, because we both wanted to try our new armies. The idea behind the army was to have enough units within the Captain's, Ancient and the Lieutanants' Auras (Especially Intercessors and Hellblasters), taking advantage of my long range and my -1 to hit. And I decided to try the Storm of Fire Warlod Trait. But it didnt work out at all, since most of his were just "bulk" demons (4 units of nurglins, 2 units of bearers, 2/3 units of beasts) , that just ignored any AP value. Even my chapter tactic was useless, since he didnt have anything to shoot me with.

>> No.55854967

sisters aren't also ablative wounds for hector rex, the tankiest SOB in the Imperium.

>> No.55854977

Follow the thread. Taking acolytes in a sororitas heavy army should only be done for the inquisitor extra HP.
SoB are by essence an army with access to a lot of special weapons in cost effective units, which is kinda the strong point of acolytes too. Except the sister have a way better statline and special rules for just 1 extra point compared to acolytes.

>> No.55854989

Well, that's a matter of training and organization. I wouldn't call primarines shittier than marinelets because they're more specialized and less tactically flexible.

>> No.55854999

Acolytes are sweet because they're directly comparable to their sister equivalent in firepower efficiency, better in melee and its not even their main job.

>> No.55855007

I haven't created this one so I can't delete it.
Last time some retard created thread when current had 100 posts.
This one >>55851903 just exist on /tg/ so I put it here because I don't want to another thread war.

>> No.55855009

>mfw realize psilencers are now better than psycannons against literally anything weaker than a land raider

>> No.55855014

What's the math of 5 Acolytes with Meltaguns vs a Sister squad with 2 and Combi-Melta?

>> No.55855017

2/2 So after a few turns and some unfortunate events (I forgot to charge my V.Dreadnought that got destroyed in one single combat by a Demon Prince) his Epidemius was staking bonuses, his Great Unclean one was eating everything, the Herald curing every wound I was doing, with Bearers and Beasts ready to assault everything in the next turn, I had to conced. I felt like I didnt have enough of anything to kill his stuff and this was the result.

>> No.55855052

psycannons are better against T7 3+ and they're equal against MEQs.

Psycannons suffer from being overpriced as fuck for being a heavy bolter against most targets.

>> No.55855068

Got two boxes of the new Plague Marines are assault versions worth anything compared to shooting? I like the look of all the knives, axes, flails, and the cleaver.

>> No.55855094


Nope. Psycannons do .667 wounds per turn. Psilencers do .880 wounds. Like I said, you literally have to be shooting at a Land Raider before Psycannons catch up.

>> No.55855139

Psycannons also suffer for being nerfed to shit by the heavy weapon -1 to hit bullshit.

>> No.55855152

Right, forgot that D3 damage. Yeah they're sick.

>> No.55855157

Speaking of GK weapons.

Is Draigowing still viable in 8th?

Draigo with a bunch of either terminators or paladins?

I'd love to field a terminator/paladin heavy list at 2k but I don't want to field any power armor GK at all.

>> No.55855180

Indeed it is a matter of training and organiztion, but I would call Primarines shittier if they had been trained for only a year
>From a junior hoplon of Edifus to legionnary in one year

>> No.55855188


It's...doable. GKs aren't particularly competitive at the best of time, and Draigowing only exacerbates the problems they have (shit mobility, short range, vulnerability to plasma etc)

>> No.55855189


5 melta acolytes = 125 pts
Average 2.5 hits
50pts per hit

5 girls 3 melta = 98 pts
Average 2 hits + some bolter
49 pts per hit.

Once again it's a near tie in point effectiveness.
Depending of the target (Double Tap, Reroll, quarry), it can go one way or an another.

>> No.55855195

Recommend flails a lot, even with shooty squads, really good point cost for high damage. Cleaver is alright, but they are very hard to use right. never make plague marines with two plague knifes, they're terrible.

>> No.55855227


I must add that you could always take a lone acolyte with a special weapon to go with those 5 man squads in immolator. Acolytes are actually better than sister when it come to flamer use.

>> No.55855236

acolytes suffer from paying BS3+ prices for BS4+ weapons

the sole exception being storm bolters which are great for 2 points everywhere.

>> No.55855240

Thanks. Was just curious because I was considering taking Acolytes with all Meltas, but it's pretty dang expensive.

>> No.55855264

What are the primaris best options for taking backfield objectives?

deepstriking reivers? deepstriking inceptors? Aggressors in a repulsor?

>> No.55855280

Thanks, your comment got to me before I glued one with knives.

>> No.55855310

axes and flails are the only options worth taking.

although i wouldn't take them over shooting plague marines

>> No.55855355

Shit is this the thread or is it the other?


anyways look at this shit

>> No.55855450


It is very alpha strike. As it stands, dominions are the best melta source in the imperium thanks to their scout move and access to the repressor.
Seraphims are not bad themselves, scoring 4 melta and a plasma shots for 110 pts.

Without the mobility of a transport/fly, plasma is always a better choice over melta, especially with the widespred "reroll 1's" bubble/orders in every imperium armies.

If your target has 1 or 2 W, plasma is always better.
If you are not in rapid fire range but in range of plasma, melta is slighly better.
If you are in rapid fire range, 2 shots of plasma at S8 2d outperform one shot of S8 1D6d on any target.
If you are in melting range, melta outperform plasma on 3+ W targets.

>> No.55855492


Elysean drop troops.

>> No.55855557


>> No.55855589

If Acolytes could run Heavy Flamers it would be a no brainer to add one to each SB BSS you have rolling in Immolators

>> No.55855616

Sounds about right. I have Melta Scions and Melta Vets in my list, but I always take an Inquisitor with some Storm Bolter Acolytes. Thought it might be nice to throw some extra Meltaguns in there, but they are indeed super expensive.

I'm still butthurt they nerfed Acolytes to 1 wound. I think 2 would have been perfect.

>> No.55855666


Melta drop is bad. As said in the post you link to, between 12" and 9" range, Plasma > Melta.

>> No.55855691

Your satan trips says you are correct, but my personal experience has been different. Plasma has let me down consistently all edition, meanwhile Melta has made quick work of everything I need it to.

>> No.55855804

Irregardless of the existence of their regiment, Elysian's aren't primaris silly buns.

>> No.55855817

So guys, are autocannons on chimeras (https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-DE/Chimera-Autocannon-Turret) worth it? I wanna get your opinion on it before I shill out the money for them.

>> No.55855831

>Plasma has let me down consistently all edition

I run 2 squads of hellblasters with Guilyman nearby for all the re-rolls and I lose at least 4 hellblasters per game.

That's rolling 1 TWICE in a row. It's absurdly frequent.

>> No.55855892

I know what you mean exactly. Even with re-rolls it still feels so easy. I don't know what it is about rolling a 1 then rolling a 1 again, but I see it happen so often in my games for both me and my opponent and in batreps.

I still like Plasma Pistols since I play Guard and Inquisition so it's still a nice pistol choice, but Plasma Guns are always like, goddammit, why are you so bad. At least when I put them on Rough Riders they are 7 points and not 13.

>> No.55855901

I don't get it>>55854266

>> No.55855909

5 more points for an Autocannon as opposed to a Multilaser is a pretty good buy if you plan on running Chimeras. The better option if you're willing to do some conversion is the double heavy bolter turret variant.

>> No.55855931

Yum yum.
Big tits>>>>>>> flat bitches.
You might as well be gay if you like them flat.

>> No.55855955

I'm not sure why you tagged my Inquisitor post. I assume it was an accident.

>> No.55855970


Dont overcharge when you don't need to. Overcharge is only better for multi wound target, or T4, T7 and T8 targets.

>> No.55855991

> humble opinion
Anon it's the non negotiable truth.
It's like saying you don't believe in gravity

>> No.55855997


Because rolling two 1 in a row happen one time in 6, which is rather frequent. If you don't roll a 1 in the first place, you don't reroll.

>> No.55856008

I see your point. those heavy bolters do look nice. and with the hull mounted one you could be pumping out 9 S5 AP -1 shots a round as opposed to 2 S7 AP -1. But I do like the idea of a hull mounted bofors. It shouldn't be too hard to convert the turret, to twin HB, right?

>> No.55856013


Is that Julia Boin ?

>> No.55856023 [SPOILER] 

List of I run out of girls and transports. Could add another Main bitch to ride one of the Immolators for those sweet SB 1's and keep Torquemada company while the money maker is flying around

Inquisitorial Battle Harem [96 PL, 1857pts]

Outrider Detachment +1CP [42 PL, 958pts]

Celestine [14 PL, 250pts]: Celestine, 2x Geminae Superia

>Fast Attack
2x Dominion Squad [5 PL, 137pts]
Dominion Superior: Bolt pistol, Combi-melta
Dominion w/ 4x Meltagun

2x Seraphim Squad [4 PL, 110pts]
Seraphim Superior: Bolt pistol, Plasma pistol
Seraphim w/ 4x Bolt Pistols
Seraphim w/ 4x Inferno Pistols

>Dedicated Transport
2x Sororitas Repressor [5 PL, 107pts]: 2x Heavy flamer, Storm bolter

Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Adeptus Ministorum) [54 PL, 899pts]

Inquisitor Coteaz [4 PL, 100pts]

Canoness [4 PL, 51pts]: Power maul, Storm bolter

4x Battle Sister Squad [4 PL, 51pts]
Battle Sister w/ 2x Storm bolter
Battle Sister w/ 2x Bolter
Sister Superior: Bolt pistol, Storm bolter

>Heavy Support
Retributor Squad [10 PL, 132pts]
Retributor Superior: Bolt pistol, Storm bolter
Retributor w/ 4x Heavy bolter
Retributor w/ 5x Bolter

>Dedicated Transport
4x Immolator [5 PL, 103pts]: Immolation Flamer

>> No.55856036

Yes I'm aware. It's let me down in the 30 games I've played. It's a master of none weapon. It does mediocre damage to vehicles and tough targets, and it it only kills a couple of infantry models when you shoot normal squads.

>> No.55856050

>not overcharging plasma
What are you some kind of Xeno lover coward?

>> No.55856116

It was

>> No.55856164

ok rate my cultist idea:

>humans kept as slaves by the Eldar empire
>when Slaanesh destroys the Eldar Empire, these humans get protected by Zuvassin whose only purpose was creating a wild card in the new Eye of Terror
>Zuvassin makes them so wretched that the Daemonettes simply ignore them most of the time
>devolves them into hunchbacked cannibal mutant freaks
>live nameless lives of intentional misery to avoid Slaanesh's gaze
>mutant ex-slaves hang out on crone world ambushing Eldar soulstone expeditions with sharpened clubs and eldar swords salvaged from ruins
>use soulstones as bait for Daemonette inhabitants so they don't get noticed
>whenever a Keeper of Secrets shows up a tribe or two gets raped to death of course, so they have to be careful

>Word Bearers discover them, be happy to see such faithful servants of a lesser god living in the Eye
>offer them guns in exchange for conquering the galaxy
>mutants follow Word Bearers into realspace, Guilliman having an Eldar gf is all they need to know to hate smurfs

conversion is WHFB Ghouls with pistols and eldar bits used as clubs

>> No.55856182

Wait, so Eldar visited Ancient Earth and kidnapped a bunch of Babylonians?

>> No.55856215


Eldar Empire fell during the Age of Strife. In its waning years, it would have been able to raid isolated human worlds for slaves.

The Word Bearers own planets in the Eye of Terror, which is what the Eldar Empire's core worlds used to be.

>> No.55856297


>1857 pts ?
>No plasma on the canonnes
>No Imagifier with the Retributors
>Only 10 metlas +4 pistols with more than S5 in the whole army
>No droppable units apart from seraphims

Basically you have no answers to :
-More than 2-3 vehicles (such as Stormspam)

Id.est : most of the tourney meta will stomp you.
It's a very competitive "fun" army though.

>> No.55856315

>deep striking seraphim
>no AoF when they deepstrike
>6" range

>> No.55856356

>live nameless lives of intentional misery to avoid Slaanesh's gaze
Slaanesh likes misery too. Why would daemonettes care what state they were in? They're human, they have a warp signature, they get raped.

There's simply no hiding from daemons as a bunch of cavemen.

>> No.55856365

No, the joke is that against 90% of what you can shoot at, it's better to overcharge plasma.

The only targets that are not multi wound or T4+ are bubble wrap infantry and not a good target even for normal plasma. (as it will perform the same as a basic bolter, minus the AP)

You have your answer right here. Plasma is THE answer to elite infantry.

>> No.55856381

You can easily drop one squad BSS and replace all SB with melta weapons.
From solved
But indeed I need 2 more Repressors and 10 more Dominios.
2 dominion squad was more than enough in 7th. And let's face it, it's not like I can buy Repressor let alone new SoB easily.

>> No.55856400

Why does the wiki say that Malal was dropped as a god "due to copyright"

Is that name from DnD or something?

>> No.55856419

That's the point. You have no units that will drop. It's a liability for competitive, as you will lack answer to the flow of battle, even with a full mechanized army. The immolators make very decent movers, thanks to their main weapon being assault, but their cargo of basic SSB squads simply lack punch to answer battlefield threats such as Monstruous Creature or elite infantry that need to be answered THIS TURN.

>> No.55856432

The guys who made it were freelancers and hold the copyright to it I believe.

>> No.55856464

Due to the person behind it was a freelancer and due to british copyright law due to how he was let go and when he was let go and all that shit GW doesn't actually own Malal/Malice instead the author retained the rights due to british law thanks to how GW hired him.

Basically GW cucked themselves.

>> No.55856466


>> No.55856496


>> No.55856540

so brave

>> No.55856589


That's the problem, it would have to be a Crone World yet one capable of having humans set foot on the surface without immediately getting jumped by futa crab daemons.

I'd have to go with Arach-Cyn as the planet they were found on, apparently it has some kind of trading post in Eldar goods according to Lexicanum, and isn't explicitly a daemon world. No human/ex-human(other than Emperor's Children and maybe Grey Knights) could last a week on a full-blown Slaaneshi pleasure planet.

>> No.55856670

I know my Z.

Have two unassembled rhinos and one beaten down Predator so a repressor kits are mandatory.
I'll keep my Exorcist bits and make the new Repressors easy to convert into Exorcist if 2018 is true. (we all know it won't be as usual)

The other thing I haven't try is Combi-plasma, melta and Heavy flamer/more melta combo as generalist unit for BSS.

Oddly enough during 6 weeks of tournaments the only games I lost was when I decided to bring stupid list like Valks with astropath in them for smite spam. Mind you it was before the guard codex but, the retardly fast SoB confused a lot of players

>> No.55856760

man it would've been cool to see a traitor space marine legion dedicated to malice....
>alpha legion

>> No.55856828

I've decided to be a holocaust denier and start krieg, what kind of list do they run atm?

>> No.55857236

They don't have any doctrines, so try and leverage what you have that no vinella IG player gets: Lots and Lots of artillery carriages.

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