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>System Preferred
>Times Available (with timezone!)
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
>Contact Info
>Any Additional Notes

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Looking for 2 more to roleplay through Divinity Original Sin 2 as a group. The guy who posted in the last thread never reached out to the interested players, so we're just trying to organize something ourselves.

Specifics can be worked out once we have players assembled.

Possible lewd is still on the table, I dunno, I wouldn't be opposed
Alabaster#1698 on Discord

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I would but ive started so many games with my friends and i cant take being in that island one more time.

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I know this is intended for online games, but hey, why not IRL too?

>I GM for 3 people already, though 1 is a little flaky.
>We play a loose 5e, no rules-lawyers
>Saturdays (on occasion, Sunday), starting at 4 or 5pm until whenever we feel tired
>hmu on steam: ccmatt
>Located in West Georgia, USA

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Are we talking "next to Alabama" west Georgia or "close to six flags near ATL" west Georgia?

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We have a discord, for pairing you whiny fag..... I mean wonderful players with power-tripping.... I mean elegant DMs


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I don't know why you dipshits keep posting your utterly useless discord circlejerk in here when all you do is talk /pol/ shit and send each other Hentai rather than actually running and joining games.

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>System Preferred
Adventures Dark and Deep
>Times available
Mondays, or fridays,
>Method of Play
>Contact info
Hog Rider#0018
>Additional Notes
The discovery of a dungeon on the outskirts of town has caused a spark in hero traffic. Come delve into this dungeon for riches and a name for yourself. Play style will be drop in drop out, as getting a dungeon group could change weekly. Players are encourged to map out where they go

New players welcome

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As much as that sounds appealing I really never understood how you go about that in a video game. Never could take the leap either separating or integrating game mechanics into a narrative.
Divinity esp has some real "crunch" to it that makes zero sense in character and really just can't be justified well. Having played a online coop of it I literally can't even fathom playing it with people who aren't going to be spending the majority of their communication simply coordinating gameplay. Only feasible way I can see it working out is if everyone has already beaten the game and understand gameplay mechanics well so you can put all that aside and work on roleplaying.

That and the general Larian setting is kinda ass and they keep changing game to game so I have no idea how to even immerse myself into that world

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It's a high magic setting, all the character abilities are totally justifiable in character.
Also, like with literally any tabletop game, the party is able to communicate OOC as well as IC.

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>System Preferred
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Saturdays from 6:30 PM onward. (CST)
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Roll 20
>Contact Info
>Any Additional Notes
The world is entering a steampunk age, the population having nearly been wiped out and forced to adapt and evolve quickly. Massive arcane wells around the land have spilled open and caused catastrophe, down to the colossi that wander the land and cause mayhem.

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>ZM for . . .

4PM-8PM GMT weekly, either Mon, Tue, Fri or Sun.

Text on Roll20. Ideally voice for OOC, but not necessary if it's too scary.

Brothermanhyll#5147, room will be created at a later date.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a roleplaying game about discovering what truly matters on the inside in an ongoing struggle to outrun your problems. These problems include self-doubt, figuring how to get through the daily grind and most importantly hideous monsters from beyond nightmares who wish to feast upon your very flesh.

In other words, survival horror.

This particular tale is set in a remote research facility in the year 1972.
The players, who are part of the facility staff, are thrown into a cascading nightmare when an insidious experiment is let loose inside the underground complex.

They must combine their skills in an attempt to escape this elusive threat, and on the way they will discover what truly lies beneath the skin of their fellow workers and the facility as a whole.

Get a bit of Half-Life, throw in some System Shock and a bit of Xtro and you're pretty close to what i'm going for. Exactly how badass you want to be will be discussed with the players.


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>everything in my strike zone except for time
Shame. Good luck on your game.

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It's all good, man

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I'm up for that.

Steam is DrGrip

Online most evenings.

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Discord: drgrip#7710

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GM, very new, started as a player on roll20 but the GM just didn't turn up so I took over. GM'd a dozen sessions, went quite well but the group fell apart due to real life stuff.

>System Preferred

>Times Available (with timezone!)
Friday or saturday, starting at any time from 1PM-9PM BST. Back to GMT on October 29th.

>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Discord and roll20, voice required.

>Contact Info

>Any Additional Notes
Playing Kingmaker, session 0 will be on the 20th or 21st of October. Sessions will be around 4-6 hours long depending on start time. I'm not sure how many of the original group will be playing with us, possibly 1-2. Looking for 4 players total. Hit me up!

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We're still looking for a #4

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Bit confused, is this a video game?
How's this supposed to work?

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Buddy I get that, I just mean in a normal run I have my hands so fucking full just coordinating the game bits I can't even fathom being good enough at multi tasking to also have a coherent role-play on top of it

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This going to be an american time zone thing?

>is this a video game?
Yes. One designed to be played with multiple people.

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We have 4 now but add if you like, who knows what'll happen

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>System Preferred
Dark Heresy 2e

>Times Available (with timezone!)
Pretty open for now, but we're looking at EST evenings other than Monday or Thursday.

>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Discord and Roll20

>Contact Info
The Stay-at-Home Ghost#4784

>Any Additional Notes
Looking to give a second try to an older campaign concept that never really got off the ground because life happened. The gimmick is that the party is a team comprised of two, smaller teams that worked for two Inquisitors who have a sort of complicated relationship with one another. Now, as one team with sort of split methodologies, the group will have to manage their internal tensions and compromise on their approaches... and, of course, try to keep two masters happy. Good luck with that.

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Voice or text?

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Ah, sorry.
Small side actions and conversations may be in text, maybe.

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>7 GMs
>0 Players

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Players don't post when they have games to apply for.

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>System Preferred
Cyberpunk 2020
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Thursdays, anytime between 1PM and 12AM pacific
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Roll20 text
>Contact Info
>Any Additional Notes
Come on it's a free game for you! Edgerunner campaign, similar style to Shadowrun in mission structure, fun is mandatory.

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I've always hated that there seems to be a shortage of GMs and an excess of players when I'm looking to be a player... and now that I'm looking for players, I can't find any.

Fucking tragedy.

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Give up on being a Gm, join the other gms. YOu can do it.

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But... I tried that...
When I'm a player, the games die on the vine.
When I'm a GM, all my players flake before we even start.

Why this
Why is everything so bad

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Fuck. Well good luck to you.

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Carrollton, next to Alabama. Near UWG

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player in this game here, just needs one or two more. should be fun, cyka blyat

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As a potential player with a possible day open, none of the current games listed seem very interesting to me. Not counting the fact one or two have possible red flags that stand out to me.

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Whats the common factor here?

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meant for >>55846040

not quite as spicy now though.

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Players for what?

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Is that the 5eg discord?

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You type like a fag and your shit sounds all retarded. You're probably a bad GM and have a bunch of red flags that people instantly notice and flake on for. You're probably a bad player too, because you should have been making at least one or two friends throughout those failed games and keeping in touch with them to form your actual gaming group. You're probably just a shitty person in general.

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Even if he is a shitter, flaking is unacceptable. You tell people when you bow out or you're a faggot. Doesn't matter what the game is like.

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Oh definitely, flakes are pure cancer in every way. But there's still a massive failure on the GM's part if every single player flaked every single time. Unless you have the worst possible luck, you should be able to connect with at least one of them and keep them around as you form the next group together and eventually get a stable group of non-flakes that you get along with. If you repeatedly fail to do even this, you're likely as much of a problem GM as the flake players are.

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Anyone actually tried LANCER yet?

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Start your own shitposting thread, don't bring that shit in here.

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>Times Available (with timezone!)
Friday 4 pst
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Roll20 for combat, Discord for everything else
NoEyesZalgo#1547 - Discord
>Additional Notes
Looking for one player, will accept pairs.
Though the Elves and Dwarves claim godhoood they are false deities who waste away from disease in their spires and thrones. Their vast Empires are not manned by their kin but by the Humans and Androids they rule over like tyrants, using them to take what they want from the younger races either by violence or thievery. There is hope for freedom though, in the Infinite world there is always a new horizon and always a place to live free of chains. So there you have your choice. Serve for power and money or risk death for freedom?
The Infinite is a science fantasy game that takes as much from 70s and 80s psychedelic fantasy as it does Spelljammer and Destiny. You play mercenaries who ride the sky between heaven and earth in massive ships looking for something to fight for, live for, or just a paycheck to survive.

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Isn't hentai the real meaning of tg tho?

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God damn it. Mississippifag here. Finding a live game is tough in these parts. If only I were a state or two over.

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>System Preferred
Dungeons the Dragoning, RT, DH1, DH2
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Schedule can work around game. Preferably later in the day, sometime after 6 est.
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Discord, roll20, Skype
>Contact Info
(Discord) Grandpa Dreadnought#4904 / (Steam) Calignore, Knight of Driftwood
>Any Additional Notes
Typically prefer typing to actual talking. Skype isn't installed right now, so if you want me there you'll have to message me on something else. Strongly prefer playing D:tD, but will really play anything as long as you don't mind my having to learn whatever system you use.

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You're the only one shit posting ya shit.

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>and keep them around as you form the next group together
That doesn't happen nearly as much as you seem to think.

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>not a dedicated shitposting topic
Have you ever seen the Lancer threads?

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>System Preferred
Any, interested in learning the 40k RPGs
>Times Available
EST evenings are good across the board
>Method of Play
roll20 works for me, discord can also work
>Contact Info
>Any Additional Notes
I have some irl experience with tabletop games, but I'm a relative novice and completely new to roleplaying online. I have a mic. Interested in 5E D&D or Pathfinder, but I'll try anything out, mostly just want to actually play a game.

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But what do you want to GM?

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Warhammer fantasy, Mutants and masterminds
Gmt +3, free at 20:00 or holidays.
I would prefer any text-based method of playing.
Discord is Denion#5848

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Tried to run D&D 5e, because I figured it'd be easy to get players for the old standard.
9 out of 10 people flaked, which was... frustrating.

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The discord literally has tons of players, they have an entire channel of nothing but lfg posts

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Hey man this looks exactly like my jam. Sent you a discord friend request

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So far I've had multiple people decide it wasn't for them because it's a voice game--not just anon who asked me here, but others in private as well, and nobody seems to be down with voiced games.
Surprising to me, but...

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I posted there when I was running, and had everyone flake. Tried to start a game three times and got nowhere.
It's really frustrating, y'know?

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Its online games man, you go through lots of pcs until you find a nice steady group. I'm sorry that happened but just keep trying. The problem is lots of people on there have ended up in their own games so we don't have tons of applicants right now.

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I think it's partly my own fault for having a fairly low threshold for frustration.
Still, 9 out of 10 seems extreme to me. If that rate were to continue, I'd need to try to run the game about 12 more times, having a false start each time, to get a group of 5 together.

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>To receive permissions to post in channels, post in #welcome_you_dorks stating whether you're a player or GM or pm @Admin or @Moderator. This will grant you the player or GM tag. You cannot post in anything or read anything but #welcome_you_dorks unless you do the above.
If I were social enough to post in welcome board, I'd be social enough to find real people to play with.

Also I fucking hate any kind of "you are required to register/clap your hand before you can do X

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>don't post lfg ad
>complains he can't find players
how could this happen friend?

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While I agree with the sentiment because the discord is a pile a of feces, at least you can actually cut the /pol/ out using the search function to profile people, so there's that.

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It's just a quick thing of saying player, gm or both just so you get server roles and can be identified, if there was an automated way I'm sure they'd use that.

>> No.55866213

Wow it's almost like you can just look through just the player and gm channels to find people/games and just ignore the other social channels.

>> No.55866763

There are automated ways, like role-assigning bots

>> No.55866792

Doesn't really excuse how the social channels are full of so much filth. The fact that they explicitly had to ban torture porn says it all

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>System Preferred
>Times Available (with timezone!)
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Discord voice
>Contact Info
Discord: Roonel#0951
>Any Additional Notes
First time running Kamigakari, beginners to the system are welcome.

>> No.55867530

Additional info on time: usually weekdays, between 7pm and 1am

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It's retarded but it sounds like it'd be a pretty good pleb filter if I actually used the discord. Anyone who isn't both a player and a GM is 100% guarenteed to be cancer.

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IRL Las Vegas D&D (any e) Pathfinder Savage Worlds oWoD

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>Any(night howl over here) 1:30 gmt+3
>Jinksa K.(in Roll20)
>Its a fantasy setting with Darksouls ideas and plot.

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>An actual person that also lives in las vegas
>Has shit taste

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Voice works for large parties with more than 4 players because it becomes hard to communicate and do something when 4+ palyers are typing at the same time, trying to talk to each other, advancing the plot etc.

At smaller numbers text works better because there wont be awkward silence moments and players sitting around and saying okay what should we do next.

Text Rp makes for a better experience overall but things will take longer with more players. The ideal number is 3 i think.

Oh and most people are uncomfortable with dolls trying to sound like girls or hearing man acting as girls.
Add the fact that on average most people who play RP games live with their parents text becomes the ideal medium for internet games.

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Are you asking someone to GM it for you?

>> No.55870686


The rulebook is 420 pages, what the hell?

In comparison Dark Heresy is 402 pages.
How do japs find time to read through that from the time remaining off their corporate slavery?

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Hey if we can sort time zone issues out I'd be interested.

You can message me on discord at Zebra #0489.

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>System Preferred
Homebrew system I'm playtesting, medieval historical fantasy
>Times Available (with timezone!)
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Probably maptool or roll20
>Contact Info

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Personally I disagree, but I can respect your perspective.

Personally, I don't care about the voices thing--if it's not working or it's a voice you can't reasonably do, you can just speak normally and everyone can use their imagination. No biggie.

As for awkward silences, that's a matter of GM pacing and players being able to stay on-task or interact naturally during pauses. If there are awkward silences at the table, it's a game pacing problem that can be fixed.

I also can't agree that text is overall a better experience universally. That sounds like just a personal preference of yours, my man.

>> No.55871302


Can you give us any info on the homebrew system?

>> No.55871392

It's set on the British Isles, with some historical magic and witchcraft mixed in. You play as low-power commoners and gradually become more important and powerful. Feel free to ask questions.

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>System Preferred
D&D 5e, Pathfinder. Willing to learn something else if necessary
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Sat/Sun (GMT-7)
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Roll20 or Discord, I prefer text-based games
>Contact Info
lightbulb#3787 on discord
>Any Additional Notes
I'm pretty new to RPGs in general, but I've got some experience with RP

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>System Preferred

>Times Available (with timezone!)
I am available 9am-5pm Mon-Fri EST (-5)

>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
I will learn to use whatever but know that i havent used anything online

>Contact Info
prefer email for initial contact [email protected]

>Any Additional Notes
I can possibly make other times work but my schedule changes week to week.

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>System Preferred
Through the Breach
>Times Available (with timezone!)
PST: Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays all work for me
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Roll20, Discord is fine
>Contact Info
>Any Additional Notes
Take me through the breach, please

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>System Preferred
I will play pretty much any system as long as you're willing to teach. I know dnd 5e, I'm very interested in Exalted and Burning Wheel though. But if you got a cool game in a system I didn't mention and are willing to point me towards the books and answer questions I'm game.
>Times Available (with timezone!)
EST Evening/night. No Saturdays or Tuesdays.
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
I really prefer roll20 but if you've got a better place to have the game I'll listen. I'd prefer voice but I'm open to trying out a text game.
>Contact Info
Discord FreshDrinkingWater#6110
>Any Additional Notes
I'm really just looking to get another game going, I'm running one currently and want to play more.

>> No.55878976


This game is on Saturday, starting at 7PM BST.

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>System Preferred

>Times Available (with timezone)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, anytime after 12pm; Allday weekends

>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
whatever works, as long as there are maps

>Contact Info
LeotheHuntsman#2763 on discord

>Any Additional Notes
Absolutely new to actually playing. Have only played one session before

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>System Preferred
The game is a political game centered around courtly intrigue in a VERY low-fantasy world on the cusp of Industrial Revolution. Everyone will be major political player in the decaying, decadent Haasenplatz Empire as it fractures from within and without. They'll also have to deal with the Haasenplatz's allies, enemies, and this revolutionary warlord to the west who's trying to reinstate an ancient Empire...

I originally thought Hillfolk might be the solution, but the rules are a little too weird for my taste. I may just run it in a highly modified 5e. If actual battles on the field are going to be fought, they'll be done through a historical wargame.
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Any time after 5pm EST, usually. Things will get tight around December, if we make it that far, though.
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Either Roll20 or Discord. I'll drop the Discord if anyone's interested.
>Contact Info
See above
>Any Additional Notes
I tried to run this game once before, but I got hospitalized and wasn't able to actually run it. This is attempt no.2.

>> No.55888684

>Modified 5e
Fucking why?

>> No.55888710

Because I don't play a whole lot of rpgs and I don't know anything else that would be well-suited for a game with almost no actual combat, where most of the action is political maneuvering.

>> No.55888783

Don't worry about the setting just read the part about resolving conflicts.

Or something, man. D&D is a very narrow system that can accomplish a very narrow things. It's good at them, but it's not good at anything else.

>> No.55888808

I recommend Song of Swords for your game.

>> No.55888820

Thanks, guys. I tried running it with Hillfolk, but no one really got the rules down, and even before I had to stop, it was hard to get anyone to really do anything.

>> No.55889846


>System Preferred
Normally PF or nWoD, though I'd like to branch out into new territory.

>Times Available
Take this past weekend as your starting point. Every other weekend from that point. This is negotiable.

>Method of Play
roll20, Discord, whatever. Text based or voice is cool by me.

>Contact Info
classymasher#1448 on Discord

>Additional Notes
I've got a kid on the way, so in a month or so I'll be a bit strapped for time. That said, I'm the type to let my GM know ahead of time whenever possible if something messes with the scheduling.

>> No.55889897

Disadvantages are always advantageous to posses. It is never harmful. I don't understand how this game is supposed to function. It is never, ever, harmful to have more dice than fewer.

Take two gunslingers in Dogs who are exactly, 100% equal in every possible way. Now cut off the hand of one of them. That one gets an extra d4. The gunslinger who is equal to the other becomes better than him by getting his hand cut off.

How am I wrong?

>> No.55889949

It's... complicated.
Basically you use up dice, so small dice are not necessarily a benefit and may fuck you if you're not careful.
Go on the jewtubes and find a video where some people play it. You'll see how it works in short order.

>> No.55889977

See you just totally avoided answering.

It's not complicated. It can be a disadvantageous if the other guy is already more powerful than you anyhow. Not if you are equals.

I have a d8, a d6, a d6, and a d6. You have a d8, a d6, a d6, and a d6. Now we cut your hand off, and you also get a d4.

You have an advantage that we are pretending is disadvantageous.

It is not complicated. It is fundamentally bad design.

>> No.55890040 [DELETED] 

The system is fundamentally bad and very deterministic. People who like it will claim it's all about how you use your dice. But at the end of the day, it's really just about who rolled the highest.

Also, I've seen people almost die attempting to break open a window in the system.

>> No.55890073

The system is fundamentally bad and very deterministic. People who like it will claim it's all about how you use your dice. But at the end of the day, it's really just about who rolled the most amount of dice. Unless one party rolled really high that is.

Also, I've seen people almost die attempting to break open a window in the system.

>> No.55890132

>System Preferred
Ironclaw 2nd Edition
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Monday, Tuesday, or Thurday 11 am - 7pm EST
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Roll20, text only
>Contact Info
[email protected]
>Any Additional
Its going to be a short halloween themed one shot game. You'll be exploring an abandoned mansion haunted by the ghosts of two tragic lovers.

>> No.55890168

>I have a d8, a d6, a d6, and a d6. You have a d8, a d6, a d6, and a d6. Now we cut your hand off, and you also get a d4. You have an advantage that we are pretending is disadvantageous.
Except that d4 is a liability. You wager it on its own and it's easily countered by your opponent's d6. You wager it alongside a d6 and you're spending two dice which can be countered handily (hah) by your opponent's one, forcing you into a consequence. At best, if you godroll and spend it well, you're only creating a swing of one or two, which isn't going to win you any fights, only slow your opponent down.

I haven't played Dogs for a few years, but that's how it always went down. Rolling more smaller dice was never advantageous to rolling fewer large dice.

>> No.55890199

Could try FATE as well. Diaspora especially had decent rules for wide-ranging political conflicts, although it is abstract.

>> No.55890237

>All of this shit.

Senpai, you can preach about consequences all you want. But most of that, unless serious escalation was involved, you're likely only looking at needing to be stabilized after you just power through all of your opponent's dice with your larger dice pool.

That's how every time I played dogs went down, it's a pure brute force numbers game.

>> No.55890270

Because a small dice, especially in this example, is going to very rarely make a difference and will potentially be a detriment. I could explain it, but I suspect you just want a (you) so here you are.

Why would you bother making a conflict to break open the window? Just let the player do it and move on. Fucking D&D makes people think they need to do a skill check for everything.

>> No.55890313

You totally sidestepped the question. Also I can't control if you had a shit GM that made every conflict escalate through every tier every time.

>> No.55890333

>I could explain it, but I suspect you just want a (you) so here you are.
The thing is? You can't explain it. You and me have exactly-equal dice pools. Now I get a "disadvantage." So I get your dice pool, and an extra d4. So I win if we both roll exact averages. I have an advantage. It is a statistical fact that my "disadvantage" makes me better than you.

>Except that d4 is a liability. You wager it on its own and it's easily countered by your opponent's d6.
Sure: if we aren't equals. But if we ARE equals, and then I have a disadvantage on top of it? My d4 is a die that you cannot counter. So I win.

Which is why this system, regardless of how fucking awesome "RPG but Mormon" is as a setting? Is fucking trash.I read it. I loved the idea. The setting was cool-as-shit, considering that it's literally mormon propaganda. The system is butt-ugly, awful trash.

>> No.55890354

Except that d4 is a liability. You wager it on its own and it's easily countered by your opponent's d6
Why would I do that? I wager my highest dice and you wager yours. You run out of dice before me. I win.

>> No.55890581

Why are you filling the game finder thread with this autistic nonsense nobody but you cares about?
An occasional quick question is nice because it bumps, but we don't need a full-scale argument making it hard to see the on-topic posts at a glance.
C'mon dude.

>> No.55890648
File: 37 KB, 307x305, internet award.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, in these incredibly specific circumstances that disadvantage would be an advantage. Congratulations, here's you found a flaw in a fluffy narrative system. Here's your award.

>> No.55890773

>Sure: if we aren't equals. But if we ARE equals, and then I have a disadvantage on top of it? My d4 is a die that you cannot counter.
In this hypothetical world of yours do two pools of dice always roll the exact the same results, or only when it's convenient?
>I read it. I loved the idea.
Oh, only read it? Right.

I don't know what to tell you guys. You might need to actually play the system before commenting further. All your examples appear valid in a vacuum, but the gaming table isn't a vacuum, your theorycrafting will not survive first contact with it.

>> No.55890845

you could potentially try the Game of Thrones RPG. The rules would probably work better for you

>> No.55893364

Looking for a Champions game (or literally any super hero system, they're rare enough that I'll absolutely learn a new system). Any out there?

>> No.55896846
File: 18 KB, 176x158, 1464278011962.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>System Preferred
5E, Pathfinder, Fantasycraft
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Every day except for Fridays and Saturdays, from 7 PM till 1 AM GMT+2.
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
I'm not picky, Skype/Discord/Roll20 all work for me.
>Contact Info
>Any Additional Notes
I've never actually played a game with 5E, but I've been hoping to find one to give the system a try. I've played a lot of Fantasycraft and various homebrews as well as a bit of Pathfinder though, so I doubt I'll have any trouble getting into 5E.

>> No.55898535


>> No.55900193
File: 20 KB, 400x247, 1436040459073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one's for you.

>> No.55903151

>System Preferred
Pathfinder primarily, but I'm trying to get into Starfinder and I'm really interested in trying some other systems like Violence!, WoD, Shadowrun, Godbound, and FATE.
>Times Available (with timezone!)
1PM EST to 12 AM EST during weekdays and Sundays are my big window.
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
IRC, Discord, and Roll20, text only. I have a couple of speech impediments that make regular talking nigh-impossible, throw in any reasonably fast pace such as a serious encounter and I'm a stammering mess.
>Contact Info
Scriniarii#8915 on Discord

>> No.55904481

> System
City of Mist (PbtA)
> Time
Saturdays 4 PST / 11 GMT
> Method
Discord, text only
> Contact
> Notes
Will be my first time running anything PbtA. The game is superhero noir.

>> No.55905577

>superhero noir
What kind of system is PbtA? I've never even heard of it. Crunchy?

>> No.55906077


SJWey with a dash of mandatory LGBT issues and ERP.

It is a system where someone can -force you to be gay against your will- and you discover you were gay all along.

>> No.55906344

Powered by the Apocalypse is a rules-lite and narrative focused skeleton/-approach to game design popularized by the game Apocalypse World. Apocalypse World doesn't mention SJW shit at all, other than the fact that 'transgressing' is a listed example for your character's look. Each 'class' has a special ability that triggers when they have sex with someone, usually a PC but sometimes NPCs too. This is typically a fade to black but it could be ERP.

Tons of other developers have made use of the Powered by the Apocalypse system for their own games. A lot of them are extremely influenced by SJWs and third wave feminism kind of stuff. You can easily ignore it and just play the game, but some people don't like their games getting politicized, especially if it's an opinion they disagree with, and that's also a fair point of view.

>> No.55906354

I... okay. That sounds like a GM thing more than a system thing but sure

>> No.55906447

>superpowers that run on sex
Why is this such a popular trope?
Worse still, why is it that nobody ever does anything interesting with it? It's a really cool concept but it never goes anywhere.

>> No.55906518

They're not usually 'superpowers' in that sense but rather narrative things that trigger. Exchanging secrets. Getting a gift. Taking +1 forward to your next roll. The exception to this might be the Brainer, who can do a deep brain scan on someone when they fuck.

>> No.55906635

Then why does that mechanic even exist if it doesn't serve the setting?
Is it literally just an excuse for people to fap under the table?
Weak and lame.

>> No.55907468

>Each 'class' has a special ability that triggers when they have sex with someone, usually a PC but sometimes NPCs too.
Seriously? That's a terrible idea. Why do people think that neckbeards having pretend sex with each other is something to encourage?

>> No.55907498

For your typical degenerate moderntard, everyone trying to get sex all the time is realism.

>> No.55907797


>if it doesn't serve the setting
Birth rates go up after disasters. AW is set post-apocalyptic, the greatest disaster. The mechanic is SUPPOSED to represent the mixture of feels, panic, claustrophobia,

>> No.55907846

>The mechanic is SUPPOSED to represent the mixture of feels, panic, claustrophobia,
Neediness, etc., that is going to be pervasive when all of society collapses. Anyway I dunno if dude's superpower hack incorporates the mechanic (few hacks do) but in proper seething angry /tg/ style, this board is fond of sperging out about the detail because 'muh degeneracy'.

>> No.55908113


So, as the GM, is this going to be an ERP game? Don't get me wrong, I like a good ERP game especially when supers are involved, but I'm not really looking for one right now.

>> No.55909457

I haven't had a chance to play any of the 40k RPGs, but I've been running Tyranids and Space Marines since 3rd edition so I'm pretty familiar with universe and fluff. What are the chances of taking on newbies for Friday night games?

>> No.55909996


Because the Powered By The Apocalypse system was created by people who wanted games to explore gay relationships.

>> No.55910015



This is PbtA. It's not neckbeards, this is a hipster system.

>> No.55910064
File: 789 KB, 557x551, trash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What a needlessly stupid post

>> No.55910554

City of Mist GM here, no there's no ERP in my game, and we're actually full. /tg/ scared me into thinking I would have to recruit for weeks to play something not-D&D, now I have to deal with a bunch of players asking questions when I haven't read the rules yet.

>> No.55911279

>none* see below
>Fridays or Sundays, 12am > 6am MST on friday, any time Sunday
>roll20 preferred
>reply here or email my throwaway [email protected]

* looking for a star trek rpg. never played one before and i would really like to try

>> No.55911288

>System Preferred
5e or Pathfinder, I'm absolutely new to RPGs, most I've done is a one-shot.
>Times Available (with timezone!)
GMT-7 4pm-2am
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Roll20, Discord
>Contact Info
>Any Additional Notes
I'm fine with voice or text, I might need some help with character creation.

>> No.55911527

Newbies are fine, hit me up on Discord and we can talk details.

>> No.55911543

You're offering to GM something you haven't even read through?
Brave soul.

>> No.55911978

I probably wouldn't trust a GM like that desu

>> No.55912165

Remember the stupid advise that gets thrown around in these threads.
>best way to learn a new system is to run it

>> No.55912200

yeah, I might do something like that with friends who I already play games with with the precedent that it's new and bumpy. Not with randoms from /tg/ who are expecting a good game

>> No.55912218

>Night (flexible date)
> Roll20
> https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/92215/interest-check-myfarog

This is an interest check for trying out MYFAROG. You don't need to buy anything. I will walk you through chargen and send you anything you need to play.

Looking for a short campaign. 1-3 play sessions with at least 2 players.

>> No.55912403

What >>55912200 said.
With people who are already my friends, I'd be down to run a oneshot after a quick skim just for funsies.
Never with randoms, though. I have a reputation I want to keep up.

>> No.55915336
File: 145 KB, 996x560, 1478883163133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Song of Swords

9am - 1pm US east, no day set.

Discord with roll20 for dice and maps

Game is low/mid fantasy set in a secluded frontier county.
Players will all start as members of the same village limiting their birth to Freemen and below. With one family of high freemen in the village.
Party Saga arc will be focused on seeking out and dealing with a common foe.

>> No.55915353

I don't believe you.

>> No.55915378

Can I play a somalian kang?

>> No.55915391

What part of the state do you live in?

>> No.55915667


>> No.55915752


>> No.55915972

joined the discord

>> No.55917059

Tried adding on be discord, does not work

>> No.55917124

Have any of you ever found a fulfilling fun group by using these threads?

>> No.55917220

I have

>> No.55917665

First group I ever found on here I’m still friends with 9 years later.

>> No.55917748

we're actually and really playing myfarog

you can be a somali king if you want but you should look up the 'sunlight vitamins' mechanic

>> No.55917837

I found a game in these threads which lead me to finding two of the best people I know, and whom I love deeply.

>> No.55917874


>> No.55917938

Yes? They're cute as fuck, dude.

>> No.55918011

I love you too.

>> No.55918193

Fairly sure it's not you.

>> No.55918452

Sorry, changed discord name to КЖ#6787 and forgot to update here.

>> No.55918612

Question to keep the discord alive, do any of you keep blacklists/whitelists and why are those people on them.

>> No.55918739

I don't, but I should start.
People found on that stupid gamefinder Discord, who I can easily find again, ghosting me before the first session of a game.
Like, nigga if you don't want to play you shouldn't sign up

>> No.55919197
File: 51 KB, 540x513, 1478724549305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone here use Fantasy Grounds?

>> No.55919237

I played through an entire Degenesis campaign once. It was a magical time.

>> No.55919375

I keep a blacklist of all the aliases a serial flake uses to keep flaking and making fake games alongside a pair of cronies that are in on his shit.
>White Blacklight
>Beck Near
>Nobody Important
>Hideo Kojima
>el meme enchilado
>blonald rumpf
>spice e. memes
>Korekiyo Shinguuji
and more. the guy is a real piece of shit and i've been chasing him and ruining his games for years

>> No.55919450

>i've been chasing him and ruining his games for years
lmao seething

>> No.55919467

Don't give yourself that much credit, he ruins his games all by himself.

>> No.55919483


>> No.55919490


>> No.55919510

dont need to be the guy to laugh at how mad you are lmao

>> No.55919524


>> No.55919558

Stop talking to yourself.

>> No.55919676 [DELETED] 

I've found a few people [spoilers]to erp with[/spoilers] that's gone pretty well. Wish I could find a full time game where we actually get to play and not just [spoilers]lewd.[/spoilers]

>> No.55919773

Yeah. Almost a year later in still with the same group; I found the DM 2 years ago here and he carried me over to the new one

>> No.55919776

I've found a few people [spoilers]to erp with[/spoiler] that's gone pretty well. Wish I could find a full time game where we actually get to play and not just lewd.

>> No.55920003


>> No.55920048

Stay mad

>> No.55920490

Don't fucking talk to me, degenerate. Stop pretending you're a human being.

>> No.55923493 [DELETED] 

Well you can't be in my game about a healslut[/spoiler] that is stuck in an abusive bullying relationship with her brother who often finds herself being bred by monsters while he loots and fucks monstergirls. We're having a grand old time without you.

>> No.55923505


Not the guy you were responding to,

I don't normally say this, but go back to /pol/
Tabletop gaming is degenerate too you spergy manchild.

>> No.55923559

Well you can't be in my game about a healslut[/spoiler] that is stuck in an abusive bullying relationship with her brother who often finds herself being bred by monsters while he loots and fucks monstergirls. We're having a grand old time without you.

>> No.55923660
File: 813 KB, 1024x807, 6e_régiment_de_cuirassiers_1887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually posting the discord for this one. https://discord.gg/4KnMfjc

>> No.55924662
File: 346 KB, 540x714, (Cureless) Jeeper Creepers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>System Preferred
Masks: A New Generation (A superhero-focused PbtA system) So expect a narrative, story-focused game with little rules.
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Fridays @ 6PM to 9PM EST
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Roll20 for actual play & Discord for communication. Voice for OOC; Text for IC.
>Contact Info
>Any Additional Notes
This is my first time trying out the PbtA system as a newish GM. The game concept is heavily influenced by BnHA (Boku no Hero Academia for non-weebs), where the PCs play as youthful vigilantes seeking to transform their godawful hometown into better place by fighting against corrupt cops, violent street gangs, and each other. There will be noir influences and a touch of fictional politics at some point.

Last reminder: Avoid this game if you dislike anime/manga stuff.

>> No.55924735


Every fucking time.

Most of these are correct, tho. I think GC and Nobodyimportant are just cuckolds he played with.

>> No.55924767
File: 110 KB, 614x491, amusednep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dont understand what you gain from this.

>> No.55924791

Found a few cute people a couple of years ago, we still play regularly.

>> No.55924802

Das some racis as cracka rules

>> No.55925496

Some niggas crazy.

>> No.55926840

Divinity Original Sin 2 is built from the ground up to be roleplayed to a fair degree. Like, the players are encouraged to not cooperate their players in the narrative. The combat is cooperative and the story competitive (this is obviously a huge generalization, but that's a part of the idea).

While you wouldn't necessarily be acting out your characters' decisions and dialog, there's a ton of cool non-combat roleplay you could get into. I would definitely go into it with a lot of different but parallel personality ideas for your character, because it is a video game and you might get screwed in terms of options that support your plan.

>> No.55927747
File: 264 KB, 788x400, DtDoomsday.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doing some homebrew playtesting for DUNGEONS: THE DRAGONING: 40,000: 7TH EDITION with at least one other GM. Currently looking for players for a some pink mohawk oneshots set in Sigil, the City of Doors.

Link below has some more information and a When is Good. Game will be played over R20, but we'd be using a Discord server for voice chat if there's interest.


Strap in and join the fun.

>> No.55928490

>link to another forum that requires you to sign in
Fuck yourself.

>> No.55928585

Why does Dungeons the Dragoning seem to be so popular lately?
I thought that was just a gag system made for april 1st once upon a time--what's going on with this?

>> No.55930069

>System Preferred
Pathfinder, Hero System 6E, nWoD (any sub-splat), willing to try anything though
>Times Available (with timezone!)
GMT-7, 7PM-1AM every day but Wednesday and Friday, will inform group of oddball times that do/don't work
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Discord, Roll20, again willing to try more, or at least see if they're theoretically possible
>Contact Info
A Blindfolded Monkey#9495
>Any Additional Notes
Currently between headsets, so text chat only at the moment.

>> No.55930549

I'm an aspiring player that has never played a tabletop rpg before. What should I do/how versed should I be in rules before trying to find a game here? Should I just download d&d 5e books and read them over or what

>> No.55930666

1. Find a fun-seeming group.
2. Read the book and try to learn the rules as best you can.
3. Tell your group that you're a rookie and may need some help. (Accept help when it's offered and try to suit the group without being disruptive. Be flexible--Don't be overly serious in a light-hearted game, or disruptively silly in a serious game.)

Also, don't be afraid to try new things as you go.

>> No.55933393

Hot cum

>> No.55933562


Lucky you.

I can't even get people to typefuck me in an explicitly porny game I'm in.

Kill me.

>> No.55934027

Yep, joined a group at the beginning of the summer and we're still going strong

>> No.55934949

>that requires you to sign in
All you need is to post as a guest to post your character and put your name on a When is Good. That's not asking for much, is it?

>> No.55936262

Are you actually familiar with Hero System? I find reading it to be a slog.

>> No.55936467

>What should I do/how versed should I be in rules before trying to find a game here?
Here is what you should do. Don't.
These threads are a fucking dumpster fire.

>> No.55937008

GM for me and I'll typefuck you any day of the week

>> No.55937578

Player Preferred (Can GM)
>System Preferred
5e, Pathfinder, Dark Hersey (want to learn)
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Free any weekday after 1700 Central
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Roll 20, Skype, whatever works really
>Contact Info
skype is Jage71 or I can give out an email if needed
>Any Additional Notes
I'm very open to whatever game someone is running. I've had my fill of Forever DM and want to get back in the ring, so to speak.

>> No.55937660

>System Preferred
>Times Available (with timezone!)
Anytime after 7pm EST
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Discord, roll20 if the players want
>Contact Info Killgarth 1413
>Any Additional Notes
Players will be playing as pokemon, assemballing a larger gang of pokemon to fight evil pokemon equivalant of PETA, fairly light hearted game, was originally running for friends, but only one ended being able to play, looking for two players

>> No.55937663

I almost did a while ago, then the game I joined died and they went on to exclusively play shitty anime games. I'm still mad.

>> No.55938819

Very few people use skype anymore friendo

Also bump

>> No.55940770

I'm familiar enough that I can comfortably throw a character together and have them fight some standardized mooks.There's a lot I don't know off the top of my head, but I know where to look for it at least.

>> No.55943489

Anyone else interested in joining the playtests? We can take a few more players.

>> No.55943506

Which playtest?

>> No.55943616

We have two GMs willing to run short-run/oneshot games to test out homebrew. The games will be on Roll20. If you're interested, make a character and put your availability on the When is Good.



>> No.55943664

As a reminder, you do not need an account on the forum to post as a guest. If you bother making an account, it only takes ten seconds.

>> No.55943716

To clear things up (because I posted this in the wrong thread), it's DtD40K7E and we'd like some more players. I made a post on here earlier anyway, so I hope people looking for games join up.

>> No.55944734

>System Preferred
Any non D&D/d20
>Times Available (with timezone!)
EST, any day or time, late night and mornings are better, weekdays preferable.
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Ideally roll20 and VC, but I am open to the idea of text games.
>Contact Info

>> No.55944893
File: 384 KB, 1632x1224, sex wizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where the L E W D at?

>> No.55945003

My favorite, thanks.

>> No.55945446
File: 78 KB, 505x477, 1329376211475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When you think about it cereal is just kibble for dudes

>> No.55948231

>System Preferred
>Times Available (with timezone
Fridays. I'm MDT
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
Prefer discord and Roll20
>Contact Info

>> No.55948946


still looking for a few more thuleans

>> No.55949098


Divinity OS2 shipped with a robust GM mode and online play. You can make your own campaigns, type dialogue on the fly and make dice rolls etc. Combat would presumable just be done through the game system.

>> No.55949199

Sounds pretty awesome.
Turns out I have the first one, probably from a humble bundle or something. I've installed it and I'm gonna give it a go, since /tg/ makes it sound pretty cool.

>> No.55949534

If it makes you feel any better, much prefer the voice. Just not reaching out for timezone reasons (uk)

>> No.55949905

I'm not actually sure what the time offset for the UK is off the top of my head, but it's not impossible that it'd work out depending on the exact time of the game, which hasn't been decided and will not be for a bit yet, still.
Might as well shoot me a message anyway, honestly. Worst case scenario, whatever time ends up being picked won't work.

>> No.55951427

Eh, it was the first contact info I could rattle off that I could recall since I'm at work.

Oh Also, Bump

>> No.55952954

oh my discord is Rage Jage#9058

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