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Is berserk Sword & Sorcery?

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Seems likely, OP.

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berserk seems like it could have been a low magic ad&d 2e campaign
since there's barely any magic I would say no

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Heroic Fantasy.

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Berserk is Swords & Boats

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>barely any magic
Confirmed to have only watched the anime
Schierke is a cleric/elementalist and is the only party member who can somewhat match gut's destructiveness.

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It is now.

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More of a druid than anything.

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Ever read the manga bud???

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>a witch
>100% a witch
>Witch's hat, witch's dress
>Called a witch in the setting

Geez, I wonder what she is.

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Will Rickert invent matchlocks?

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Berserk Witch magic is still some of the coolest shit ever.

>Summon spirits to wreck shit
>including spirits of human industry that take the form of giant burning wheels

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>implying witches aren't druids

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It's dark fantasy. Sword & sorcery generally strives to portray the setting almost, if not literally, as something from antiquity but with latent supernatural elements that loom in each narrative arc.
Berserk is about a horrifying and trying world and how it twists those who live there, which are classic dark fantasy themes.

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>Implying he won't just use designated magic street sorcery to become the world's first true artificer

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>Apostles begin to fall on mass in the face of matchlocks formations.

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What if the next generation of apostles begin to spawn with in-built matchlocks themselves?

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Wait when did this happen?

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Beneath the aesthetic, I actually think Gatts is a greek hero in the old fashioned tragedy play. He's trying to defy his Fate, suffering through and likely to fail as a lesson for others.

But he has a small chance and powerful entities backing him, so the plot retains enough hope to engage the public.

If you think the themes, rape and violence are too heavy for that, go read greek mythology.

>Greek Fantasy Tips and Resources

>Fantasy smut should read the ancient classics

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It's actually implied that griffith is the real Messiah and is only doing what he is doing now to toss the world into even greater despair
Which would make Guts the literal Anti-christ

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Apostles are pretty fucking tough man

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He invented a fucking rocket launcher which clearly had a flintlock mechanism. He's skipping straight over to flintlocks.

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>low magic
Not to go into spoiler territory but hooooo no it's high.

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Berserk has lost all it's gritty horror, now it's an edgy gorefest.

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Unlike works of high fantasy, the tales, though dramatic, focus mainly on personal battles rather than world-endangering matters.

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Berserk is Swords & Clang
It was always pretty edgy 2bh

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How the fuck is any of the current stuff more pointlessly edgy and gory than anything in the Black Swordsman or Golden Age arcs?

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>edgy gorefest
It's actually at the most optimistic its been in years

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I wouldn't call it that. To me, "sword and sorcery" brings to mind "sword and sandal" and implies a setting closer to antiquity.

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It's the exact opposite, dude.

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It starts fairly low though, it's not until a pivotal moment that shit goes whack and magic becomes a massive deal.

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Sword and Sorcery refers to things like Conan. Magic doesn't have to be omnipresent, just part of the setting. Some people even consider science-fantasy like Gor to be Sword and Sorcery.

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You know, I’d heard that Berserk had lost all its unique attributes and become a generic fantasy series, and when I finally got to reading the more recent volumes I discovered that this description was completely, utterly wrong. Berserk handled the introduction of more fantastic elements, and the shift to a moderately more realistic tone, incredibly well; I don’t think it’s lost anything at all, and overall it holds together as a single story better than any manga of comparable length that I’ve read.

I doubt it qualifies as “sword and sorcery,” though. My understanding is that stories of that ilk featured more heroic protagonists, in terms of their ability to affect the world around them, whereas Guts’ influence is minuscule relative to that of Griffith and the God Hand, despite all his strength and skill.

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>now it's an edgy gorefest
reread the black swordsman arc anon
it's at it's least edgy now since golden age

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