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They get their fucking tao in everything.

Christian mythology is very simple. There is an absolute good, and an absolute evil, neither of which can be fully understood or exist on this plane. But those powers can make themselves manifest here on earth, though limited in scope, in order to sway mortals into making good and evil choices.

Therefore, there are no 'good' succubus or demons, they are incapable of good and have no virtue. There are not like kami, where good and evil are in everything and everything is some wacky earthly paradise where all things fall away and nothing is as it seems.

A demon is INHERENTLY bad, its not bad because of its earthly consequence. There is a soul that is SEPARATE and DISTINCT from the material plane, rarely does it leave a mark on the physical world in any way, shape or form.

I'm not saying its the CORRECT mythos, but there are certain things about christian ideology that are set in stone. Every time you try to bastardize our culture in one of your animu's, it just pushes us round eye farther from you and your ideas.

Stoicism requires a strong foundation, and chipping away at that foundation is a sure way to irritate and annoy people who see their endurance and perseverance as strengths.

Understand, yellow man, the white man is not to be taken lightly. Do not break the seals or tempt our spirits, for they personify omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. We spent thousands of years cultivating monotheism by placing all our faith in but a handful of powers and domains, where as you have spread yours thinly about the world.

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okay pal'

now fuck off

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>I'm not saying you're wrong, but you're wrong


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>Therefore, there are no 'good' succubus or demons, they are incapable of good and have no virtue
all can be redeemed through Christ

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>in one of your animu

ah that explains it


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all mortals.

its implied.

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is that way

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Robinson Crusoe at some point talks about how the only reason the devil exists is so that he might find redemption.

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Hi /x/

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Nope. Christian/Abrahamic philosophy has a final judgment. If you fail the test to that point, it's over eternally and forever.

Asian religions have a much more fluid eternity where you can always fall from grace or redeem yourself with good or evil action. Abrahamic religions have a moment where you seal yourself finally to one set or another- either purging out all wickedness for all time and becoming immune to it, or rejecting goodness forever and wallowing in misery for all time.

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/pol/ as well

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Wasn't monotheism born in the Near East and only later forced upon polytheistic/animist western European masses by their converted rulers?

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Wow and I thought that wh40k thread was autistic

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OP here.
Personally, I think asians are more correct in their thinking. I do believe you will face judgement when you die, but i think of heaven and hell as being more of a result of limited imagination.

I'm just saying, if you want to understand the western way of thinking, if you want to understand monotheism, the key to understanding is to deal in absolutes.

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>Christian mythology is very simple.

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You're still a fucking retard.

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That's great and all but Robinson Crusoe doesn't have the last word on the devil. The Bible does.

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I get you, you care less about the finality and more about the hard line that there is absolute objective good and absute, objective evil. I read you man.

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What game is this about?

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>There is an absolute good, and an absolute evil,

Yeah, that's why it's shit.

Go get laid.

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Leftypol, no one wants you here. Take your shit, get out, and then read a fucking book.

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thanks man.
its nice that someone gets me.

One Asian down, several billion to go.

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>Go get laid
Mediocre sex will teach him about the lack of absolutes in life!

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We know that truth is absolute. This is scientifically proven. From this we can determine that good is absolute, as good is predicated on truth. Fluidity is Marxism. Moral relativism is objectively wrong.

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Nope. Your "implication" is heresy. Even the devil has the potential for forgiveness.

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How cares, there's no evidence of an afterlife or God. Why worry about it?

>inb4 fedora

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Which one, the one that predicts a kike messiah, or the one that claims to have a kike messiah

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>m-muh objective morality
Stop. Morality is a human concept created by human societies, it exists only in our minds, maybe with some help from our biology. Are you really so arrogant as to think that your way of thinking is the only right way? You're a joke.

>muh marxism
Go away /pol/, Marxism has nothing at all to do with this.

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because real life isn't like the absolutes shown in abrehamic religions. Life is a giant shade of grade, history itself is proof of this.

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What does any of this even mean? It's just word salad. What do you mean by "truth" here and how exactly does science prove it?

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Holy FUCK, learn the English language before posting here.

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interesting false flag. I am seeing this across all boards as a sort of counter raid. I wonder if i will get banned again for pointing it out. Either way, Saged and reported.

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You're the reason the Japs were scared of showing crosses in video games and Anime in the mid nineties. Your way of thinking is responsible for what you are complaining about.

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Shit like this just makes it clear that you haven't read the Bible that closely.

Here's a hint: Most of the stuff that you think you know about Hell and Satan is never mentioned in either Testament.

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> I clicked on this thread.
> I knowingly clicked on this thread.
> This thread was exactly what I thought this thread would be.
> This thread did not disappoint.
> I am disappointed by this thread.

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>good is predicated on truth
Except for those circumstances in which lying might be the greater good.

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We can hijack and tun it into some high philosophy mumbo jumbo if you are feeling up to it... Like for example what is the nature of a demon? Why did they rebel against perfection?

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Pride. Duh. Read Milton.

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For some things, there really is one right way and several wrong ways.

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Demons didn't rebel. They were made to play their role.

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which things?

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Didn't answer my question, m8.

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>. There is an absolute good, and an absolute evil
That kind of binary isn't really found in Christianity. There is an absolute good, and things that turn away from that good, but there is no absolute evil.

Most of what we associate with hell: the devil, demons, the absolute fate of sinners, is the theological equivalent of fanfiction.

But this is just a /pol/ thread, so who cares

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As a fun note: Satan itself comes from the Ahrimaic Shaitan meaning opponent or adversary. It is used biblically to reference any demon not specifically Lucifer.

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But... Tell me, just what is pride!?

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You're implying Jesus can't make them mortal.

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For some things, sure. But morality? Right and wrong? Experts in the fields of law, philosophy, etc disagree on this stuff, how could you think you have it all figured out?

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He's right though, that was entirely incoherent gibberish. Try again, buddy.

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>God is perfect
>not wanting to lick the boots of a petty tyrant is pride

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So perfection isn't what it was claimed to be!? Are you saying Demons are justified in their defiance?

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Who claimed God perfect? Himself? I don't know if demons were necessarily justified in defying God, but I will say that they're only slightly worse than God, if they are at all.

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Because I'm smarter than all of them, of course. FYI, I've also figured out how to fix climate change. bring about world peace, and get /v/ to enjoy video games.

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>get /v/ to enjoy video games.

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This. You born in 1000 a. c. Mesoamerica? you go to hell, even if you were goodier than Christ itself. If you never heard of Christ neither joined Christianity you're condemned to suffer for all eternity.

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>angels without free will
kek, they just played their part as God made them

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Demons were 100% justified, they did what God told them to do, you can't be more justified than that

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But angels fell, and even allies of heaven like death and hades will be thrown into the pit in Revelations. Jesus also said that literally anyone could be redeemed, and should be, before the end.
Christian mythology is "there is an absolute good, and everyone is different steps from it, but everyone can reach it", there is no absolute evil. Satan was god's right-hand man once, just read Job.
Plus the immortal soul is a more modern concept, according to biblical canon heaven doesn't exist yet, it's only after the end of the world will the kingdom be built, and it's not that people's souls will go there, the dead will literally rise to go there.

SO much ""christian"" mythology in pop culture is completely made up, next to none of it actually has any founding in the church's canon or the bible.
Anime fucks with everything anyway. They turned nyarlathotep into a cute uguu girl

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*when you forget to delete the name you used for shitposting yesterday

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I dunno what you're in about but have some tiddies.

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>Do not break the seals or tempt our spirits, for they personify omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience.

This is the funniest fucking thing I've seen all week dude.
Seriously OP, thanks. Made my entire evening.

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>there are no 'good' succubus or demons

Unless you feed them pancakes.

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Why don't you understand your autism?

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>christian mythology
>absolute evil
uh no, sweetie, evil in christianity is relative. It's just a lack of good.

You're thinking of manicheism

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>christianism is true because science and communism
>buddhism and other east asian religions are communism
You sounds unhinged.

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wtf, stfu fag.

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If anything isn't more a proof for rabid anti-weebs being retards?

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A thread died for this shit

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And honestly, the fuck it even has to do with /tg/ at all?

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Nice traditional game.

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Report, hide, ignore

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