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New thread is here once again. I was surprised last thread lasted as long as it did.

But during it, i noticed something that i should have noticed way earlier. People post more on weekends. So i'ma put up a poll to see if we should start later in the week or if people think we're fine where we are.


Baseline stuff

Expansions and errata

Google Docs Character sheet (for if you play online)

Mononoke homebrew Guide, FAQ, And quick rules cheatsheet

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On the subject of polls, The final tally for the "Race appeal" vote was quite interesting.

Human won in what was almost a landslide victory with 10 votes, nearly one quarter of the votes, followed by cyborg with 9, and then the second runner up was hanyou at a harsh 5 votes.

Everything else got between 1-4 votes, with scion and divine spirit in dead last with 1 vote each.

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So in total, People really like rooting for the underdog race.

I can respect that. I didn't expect such a landslide victory for it though.

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I know storytime anon plans to continue his story this thread, so i'll also put up the previous episodes for recap purposes

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And episode one

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And episode 2.

Todays is gonna be episode 3 and i'll SS it just the same.

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I'm planning to run a game in a few weeks... Should you be using Mononoke that are the same level as the players, or is 1 or 2 levels higher bearable?

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Depends on how many of them they are. The more there are, the closer you should keep it to their level.

Generally, its a better idea to add the aramitama template to an at-level mononoke for a larger enemy, but just throwing larger mononoke isn't a bad idea either.

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Man this is why you don't post when you just wake up.

Depending on how many mononoke there are, adjust the levels accordingly. The more there are, the lower the level. You can keep a big one in the mix, but don't go overboard with too many big ones.

I wonder if i can figure out a good average for the number/level of mononoke? I'll look into it.

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Anybody have stories of what kinda of games they've done? I've seen the Isekai.

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Yaaay, Kamigakari thread lives!

Doodenheimer is so cool.

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I've only ran the sample episodes, so haven't done anything off the wall for it.

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Ah man. The system seems cool but I've heard next to nothing about people playing it. I like hearing about other's experiences before trying my own thing.

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To be fair, I have no idea on how to run it aside from the sample episodes.

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I did a quick "episode 0" thing with a friend of mine who was also interested in the game. Dunno if mononokes were supposed to be weak but he soloed 2 level 2 corpse soldiers when he was level 1. Will prolly try to assemble a team so i can pull off a 13 episode OVA soon. Heres to hoping.

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Japanese tabletops are built around the idea of the players having limited (real) time, hence the scene format that plagues them all. Example could be double cross, or any srs game. Maybe running it in a style closer to a "western" game could help?

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Mononoke generally have very little health, as a result of both the boss and aramitama templates giving a minimum of 100 each.

Most mononoke in the lvl 1-3 range have between 30-50 HP, with 4 getting up to 60, and 5 shotting up to 70-80.

So yeah, most regular mononoke are pretty paper without adding health on

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Maybe. It's more of what I can make up as a general plot. I tend to be bad at filling the blanks between beginning and end.

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Ask for advice here. I've seen people come up with some crazy stuff based on just a single image.

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Hmm, I know my players will tend to eat up plot hooks easily, and I do want to continue with the samples.

Might have it be a short prequel to introduce the BBEG in a post-occupation Japan, I dunno. Probably have it curse the PC's grandparents or something and vow to come back later.

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>players will tend to eat up plot hooks easily

What kind of wizard ARE you?!

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Not a wizard, really.

I just know my players, since they're family. Being the oldest helps.

Lord knows I'd falter if it was random people I was GMing for.

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Is it just me or is the wight's stats missing from the pdf?

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Hello again all. Storytime Anon here, noticing that episode 3 is not listed. I went ahead and tracked down the last thread and made the screen shots for that for those who want to keep up. Last time our heroes discovered that they had real powers back in their real world and sought more training so they headed back through the portal to see what they could learn.

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Ah shit. I didn't grab that, did I?

My bad.

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It's cool man. I'm surprised anyone would go through the trouble of screen capping any of these episodes. Glad you're enjoying it.

Our heroes arrive on the other side of the portal to deafening applause. Appearing in what seems to be the city's park, a large crowd has gathered ready and waiting for the players to arrive again. The PC's are of course shocked, as they learned the hard way that time moves at a normal and matched pace to their world meaning this crowd has been gathering and waiting for a week. Several town guards are keeping the crowd from swarming the PC's and are lead by Mere Poule,(pic related) captain of the city guard and the lady who attempted to arrest them two episodes ago. The crowd calls out thanks, a few people asking Su to 'bless' their children. Each PC's reacts a bit differently, Ruth internally freaking out, Su giving polite waves, Rei confused and nervously waving at the crowd, Ryuko's inner idol comes out and Hayate keeps his cool. Annalas is also there but according to Mere, his wife, he's been out here waiting for a whole week and has now passed into what can only be described as a deep coma. Not even the cheering crowd is enough to wake him. Upon informing Mere that they are here looking to learn more about what their roles and abilities are, she reveals that she is, under Lord Sarrum's orders, to take them to Haxia's number one wizard and teacher, the same man who has trained guardians for generations. Master Merrei Vieux.

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The guards begin to escort the PC's toward the outskirts of town. They only get a few streets down when the group is stopped by a tall muscular figure with a large pair of wolf like ears coming out of his head. Mere allows him into the circle of guards begrudgingly where he introduces himself as Mali Tes'Khili (pic related) “The First Son of the House of Fire.” He informs that PC's that his house looks forward to an open relationship with the guardians though it's quite obvious he's paying more attention to Ryuko, the other person present with Hanyou animal ears. Mere is more more than happy to kick him out but not before he gifts Ryuko a large ruby necklace.

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This occurs three more times. A male Hanyou introducing themselves and their house, with a gift to the group but keeping their main focus on Ryuko. In total there is Zirda Demitsa (pic related) of the house of Earth, who brings two large baskets of food, one of which he grants to Su (the Divine Spirit), and the other to Ryuko.

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Vachroba Tisqali (pic related) of the house of water who bestows upon the group a large chest of riches for the group and for Ryuko, the deed to a ship.

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And finally, Moneta Sahero of the house of wind. Mere looks absolutely delighted to and happy to introduce the final member of the houses. Mon, has he asked to be called is far more blunt than the others and gives the player a simple looking key. With the guard captain not shoving him out of the way, the PC's take this opportunity to ask him a few questions about the houses and discover the following: The house of fire own claim to almost all the mines in Haxia, making them the richest of houses. The house of earth owns half the farmland on the continent, they attempt to have good relationships with divine spirits as it is quite common for them to have powerful sway over crop yields. The house of water controls a great deal of international trade. If they put their mind to it, they could make one of the largest navies in the world. And, to put in Mon's own words, “I own the bank.” He lastly informs them the key is to a manor which rightly belongs to them as guardians. He tells them any other questions they have about the houses, they'll probably want an unbiased opinion and leaves.

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So what i've gathered so far is that there is some "Guardian" position getting thrust upon these poor unfortunate saps, and that half of these furfags wanna fuck the hanyou player.

If i had to guess, its something like "It would be awesome for my house/position/rep if i got a guardian to join my house and one of ems even a hanyou".

That about right?

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Yeah that's pretty accurate. Guardian is a title passed on to those who unlock and enter the portal. It is believed the gate chooses a Guardian to protect the land when it is in danger. There's never been more than one before, as discussed in episode 2.
As for the Harem (because let's face it that's what it is) you are also correct, however bloodline plays a big part as well. One of my players, Ruth specifically, has always bemoaned in games how race doesn't seem to matter. You don't play a dwarven cleric because they're religions are unique or they have strange customs. You play it because they have a wisdom bonus. So I set out to make the races my players chose mean something to them. Thusly, Darkstalkers are slaves. Divine Spirits are actually worshiped in many places. Hanyous form the noble sect. Humans don't exist period. The players do not exist on equal social footing. In a later episode an NPC actually asks if Ruth is for sale.
With that knowledge, the Hanyou noble houses are stuck up prudes, as all fantasy noble houses are. So much so that they do their best to keep their marriages and family lines 'pure'. Ryuko in this case represents a potential new means to keep the house bloodline pure without marring your second cousin or some shit. There's also one more reason unique to Ryuko that I'll get to in this episode.

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Finally our adventurers arrive at a large lone tower outside of town, which Mere informs them belong to Master Merrei. When asked what he's like she responses with, “Unpleasant. Rude. Extremely Powerful.” She demonstrates this with the front and only door at the base of the tower. Pulling on the door to open it reveals a clockwise spiraling staircase, which she informs the PCs is infinite and walking up will lead to nothing. Pushing on the door reveals a counter clockwise staircase which is also infinite and leads to nothing. By pulling on the door from the bottom and having it swing up, reveals a straight stair case which is the one they actually want. Su remarks that he must make a great ally if he would create such defenses for himself, which Mere counters with by saying, “No he does stupid things because he thinks he's funny,” which is honestly the best interpretation of the character so thus far. Mere leaves the PC's with one last warning about the houses, “Trust none of them. But abuse them for everything you can get.” As she departs they are greeted by what seems to be a large man that looks like a cat (Pic related) who reveals himself to be Merrei's Darkstalker slave/butler.

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>No he does stupid things because he thinks he's funny

A man after my own heart. I like the idea for this staircase thing though. I'ma steal that.

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Feel free. Merrei has certainly been one of the more fun characters to right, riding the line of asshole and helpful mentor.
Late for me, so I'll finish up storytime later. These threads have started to last longer so I don't feel to guilty about it.

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Yeah, i'm happy we've gotten to the point where one or two people don't need to hawk the thread and bump it whenever it hits the last page.

I wouldn't call it popularity per se, but we've at least got a niche following going, and that makes me happy as fuck.

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>Arc Slayer

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Or this. This also applies.

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File: 1.22 MB, 850x1202, eJwFwVEOgyAMANC7cACgtVjwMkuHHZqoEMGvZXffe1_z3IdZzDZG64tz695zvVfbR72lqC21lkOl7d3mejoZQ_J26jW6gwSAgQLONAMCMTpE8oHRJ0zIEH0E1-Vsh770TZl1JWT2aSKOGtGDTvEDXiaJtl3F_P7UeSr-.D2tBG-hqf--t-pHdXWt8ZECMgLo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Arc Slayer/Legacy User

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Don't forget Dragon lord.

Dem titties come with dragon mana out the wazzoo.

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"Immense Dragon Mana", yes

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Huh, was driving home today and thought about Trails in the Sky, since FC's battle theme came up in the playlist.

I wonder if Kamigakari would be good that.

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Thats a good question. I've never played trails in the sky, so i couldn't really tell you.

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>Divine talker/God hand

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At what level would a bossfight with an aramitama that has 35 armor/barrier each be doable?

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my nigga

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Would Hanyou have fox ears?

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Usually, yeah

>> No.55806738

If you're going for a fox/kitsune theme, sure.

>> No.55807638

if you don't give him any abilities to increase his defenses otherwise, around level 5 would be my estimation.

Thats a very rough estimate though. your players will need to consistently beat 35 to deal any damage to this thing, and if its a boss its got at least 130 health at the barest minimum, and i'm willing to bet closer to 200 or higher is what you are looking at.

Keep an eye on the damage your players are doing. It won't be any time soon that they'll be able consistently hit that hard, so work em up to it.

>> No.55807651

Most youkai are animal based, tsukumogami, or some sorta humanoid, so a very large portion of them will have ears, yeah.

>> No.55808485

Hmmm. Considering its going to be stage 1 of the final boss, and i was planning for them to face it at level 10 i suppose i could tune it up a little then.

>> No.55808511

well, on average, how much are they doing? Damage-wise, I mean.

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Story time anon here about to continue story time when I saw this. Level 5 might be a bit too low. Mononoke as a rule usually have low armor and barrier with Boss and Aramitama templates helping them survive by granting them large amounts of HP and unique abilities (which can include even more HP bloat). For reference, you're talking about a total combined defense of 70 (35 armor and 35 barrier) and the absolute highest combined defense in the base PDF is the Machine Dragon with a total of 20 (12 armor and 8 Barrier). Not every class is going to be able to bring enough damage forward to scratch that thing reliably. But, the fun thing about Mononoke is they can have unique mechanics. If you want to throw a very high defensive enemy at your players, give them some means of by-passing the armor. A task that needs to be completed while in combat, maybe a skill check is necessary. But by base, something with that high a defense while also having an additional 200 HP by base (more if you go up one more level) is going to be a slow grind that your players will likely grow bored with after a few rounds of flailing helplessly against.

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Dritto takes the group up to see the great wizard himself who sits a room far to large to fit inside the tower they just entered. Merrei (pic related) is, in every sense of the word, a dick. He speaks highly of himself and talks down to the PC's a bit. Dritto functions as a straight man taking the wind of out Merrei's sails at every available turn as only a fictional butler can. Merrei proves himself competent and capable however when he notices that the team has a telepathic bond with each other based on how they stand and do nothing when secretly speaking with each other. He is already aware that the PC's have begun to develop powers on the other side of the gate. He also takes great interest in Ryuko's necklace as he can tell that the noble houses' court ships have already started. He goes on to explain that Ryuko is something called a Dual Manifest, meaning she, unlike any other Hanyou she's met yet, has a tail. To let Merrei explain: "There's a legend of the four houses. It's a long one but I'll give you the short notes. Each one sought the help of a divine spirit of wind. Each attained a blessing and become a Hanyou and from there their houses continue. Whether that legend is true or not they take it seriously. The mark of being a Hanyou to them is their status, as most Hanyou are nobles. But as the blood thins the manifestation of their blessing, their words not mind, becomes diluted. So as time goes on, they feel like their line is becoming less and less. What they want, is a pure blood. Someone who has dual manifestation. Ears.ANDa tail. Plus all the advantages of having a guardian aligned to your house."

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Can anyone tell me what this is about or link the previous thread?

>> No.55809173

How many rounds does a bossfight usually take normally?

>> No.55809225

What this is about in what way?

The previous threads not even in the archive anymore, so i don't think i can help you on that.

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Mostly depends on the fight makeup itself. If you've got a boss by themselves, it can be as short as 2-4 rounds. If a boss is accompanied by minions it can last even longer. The first time I ever threw a boss mononoke at the party it had a disposable mook for each of the PC's. That fight lasted about 7 rounds as it's HP was extremely high and two players dealt with it while the others took out the small fries. Even a lone boss can prolong combat with the right boss talents. Massive Spirit Emission taken a couple of time can double a fight's length.

>> No.55809497

Merrei then begins to actually go into the details of being a guardian. Specifically he mentions how he's going to have to train all of them so when the other four turn evil, one of them will be prepared to step up and take their place as the rightful sole Guardian, as there has never been more than one. This shakes the PC's but they vow that none of them would betray each other or turn evil. Merrei is unimpressed and continues. The first step he says, is giving yourself a proper guardian name, something that inspires the populace and tells those who hear of you what they might expect from you. The PC's think on it and Merrei informs them they have time. He then takes them outside and initiates combat.

>> No.55809930

Merrei was a test honestly. The Kamigakari book talks up Godhunters (NPCs using PC mechanics) a lot. The last one I ran didn't even get a chance to attack so I decided Merrei would help me test the balance. He was 2-3 levels higher than PC's and had the boss template as well. He was built to do damage and was designed as a murder machine. I wasn't surprised when he downed Rei in a single blow. That fight taught me that NPC's aren't inherently more powerful than PC's they are just more capable. At low level you have a trick or two you can pull from. Once you pass level 3 you being to get into actual builds where different skills begin to lead into each other. The problem is, you need the right dice, which Godhunters happily ignore. Rei stayed down the rest of the fight, with Su leveling mid combat to gain access to the ability to cure the downed condition, giving her self the name of Hope in the process. With Hope's mechanically leveling, Merrei called the fight and then detailed the in universe fluff of leveling which I called spirit surging. To make things as weeb as fucking possible, I gave various bonuses to a character for leveling in a fight, including healing HP, gaining overflow and a rank. This would also allow me to be a little more liberal with what I threw at my players. And with that episode 4 came to a close.

>> No.55809981

Man, you are homebrewing to shit.

So far as NPC godhunters go though, you are aware that they get fixed stats and instead of rolling spirit die they just have 4 overflow, right?

>> No.55810650

Yes, yes I am to both of those sentences. And actually Godhunters don't get 4 overflow until level 11. To start with they only have 2, but they have this neat little ability which I'll just quote from the PDF, "NPC Godhunters can always use Talents assuming that one part of the [Cost] has already been paid." Meaning any single cost abilities become free. A Dragon Carrier B godhunter can use the Guard talent on every single attack that the PC's throw out, which is why the book warns warns against them. Most classes have abilities that work very well together, but are limited by spirit dice. Godhunters get to ignore a lot of that allowing to fight at 'full power' basically all the time.

>> No.55812588


>> No.55813607

Fair enough. You've apparently read that section way better than i did.

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>God Hand

>> No.55817119

God hand for sure, but what would you use for her targeting drive attack?

>> No.55818789

>NPC Godhunters can always use Talents assuming that one part of the [Cost] has already been paid.

Actually, you've got this on wrong. Single cost abilities don't become free. You haven't paid for any of the cost. Double cost talents become 1 cost, and triple also become one cost.

But you always have to use at least one overflow.

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>Time wizard/Legion

>> No.55821950

>Single cost abilities don't become free
Actually, the very next sentence in the PDF reads: "For example, «Crystal Transform» becomes pre-paid, and abilities like «Shooting Alter» with [Doubles] or [Steps] can be used by only spending a single die. Overflow is only used on abilities that require multiple dice.

>> No.55822113

I meant under the terms of that specific sentence, they don't become free.

>> No.55823270

my nigga

okay that aside someone remind me of how to create mecha, or hell, even Jeeg

>> No.55823418

I dunno bout jeeg, but mecha are legacy user B with, i think, the titan armor. One of the legacy user armors gives +2 to size and with a common talent for them you can get it up to +3 for max size.

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Not the anon you're talking to, but what do you mean by that?

>> No.55823911

I mean i haven't read that entry in forever and the way he phrased it originally seemed to imply that single costs would be free under the stipulations of that rule.

In other words, i'm tired and stupid.

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Which jeeg? I'm not sure bout the original anime since i only watched kotetsushin, but seems like darkstalker race for the centaur form with legacy user B with legion A might be a way to go.

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No idea

>> No.55825362

Well, it'd at least be something that increases accuracy checks, i can say that much. Maybe i can find something. I'll look it over sometime.

>> No.55827579

Since we're on the subject of pointing out what styles different characters would be, what do you guys think yuuka would be?

I know at least a few of you have to be touhoufags.

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File: 4.42 MB, 4269x3022, Yuuka a cute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking. Forgot the pic.

>> No.55828896

Hanyou Elemental Adept A/Elder Mage A

>> No.55831735

Cyborgs. What do you think about them?

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What's the most tanky you can get?

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>> No.55834156

Elemental adept A?

They came second in the poll for which race people like the most, so thats a good indicator of what people think of em.

>> No.55835665

I think baiken would be Human Arc slayer/Dark hunter.

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So far, with 3 votes in the lead, people said thread should start on friday.

With 1 each, we got monday, wednesday, and saturday.

>> No.55837853

What timezone though?

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