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Pathfinder General /pfg/

How well do your party members get along with each other?

/pfg/ Link Repository: https://pastebin.com/fr9piFCi
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/vK9njh31

Old Thread: >>55757289

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Pretty good, except there's usually that one guy who's confrontational for the sake of being confrontational and demands that you read his mind until the GM steps in.

You know, there's one in every group.

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Pretty good. They don't screw each other over in combat, and they stay out of each other's territory during downtime by keeping a river between them.

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Being the only good person in a majority evil party puts a damper.

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>look at nature fang druid

What possessed Paizo to give an Archetype exactly 1d6 of sneak attack and no more?

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the same thing that possessed them to give Druid motherfucking Studied Target and almost full Slayer Talents?

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But why exactly 1d6 of sneak attack.

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shit nigga I dunno? You can always take one of the domains to boost it up to 5-6d6 total?

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I want to know about intrigue! Someone tell me about it now!

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Oh yeah with the Crocodile domain! Though the grapple seems a little wasted there.

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Maybe they tried to copy-paste the ability descriptions from Slayer, and copied the wrong paragraph.

Editorial error?

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Can't you also take a feat for sneak attack boosts too? 1d6 sneak attack isn't huge but nature fang seems solid outside of that abberation

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Wonderfully. It's a stellar conglomeration of personality

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Bump from old thread. Thanks.

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Really not well. Get along swimmingly with one, fine with another, and I basically ignore the last one completely.

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Extra Blessings or Fervor or whatever so you can buff yourself up even more than normally.

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No such thing as Extra Fervor and I find I'm not using all my blessings each day. Thanks for the response though.

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There was an Undine girl, she was anime and nobody liked her so naturally Godefroy invited her to come guide the group through a mountain pass. There were some Goblins who got destroyed.

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How do I stop using synth summoners when designing NPCs? The class is just so customizable, they look normal when not synthed up, and they can be challenge in battle without being monstrous races, or dumping excessive amounts of loot on them

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Aegis. It's a Synth Summoner, but more balanced and interesting.

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They're not similar at all, but I don't really feel like going super autistic into why Aegis and Synth Summoner are not alike aside from point based customization.

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I want to hear your autism!

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How high of a UMD is "too high"? Any level.

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If your bonus equals or exceeds the DC of the hardest check you'd ever want to make, you went too far.

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Above 40 because you always succeed at that point. Above 20 at lower levels one implies that somebody has been tinkering with the idea of breaking the game with it somehow.

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Well, the lowest DC for the skill is 20.
The highest is 40.

So... yeah.

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Can't you craft scrolls with a CL higher than 20?

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How do you handle extra spells learnt during character creation? For wizards and alchemists and anyone else that needs a book to prepare stuff

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Technically, perhaps. But in practice I rather doubt you're going to find such a thing.
You will almost never craft such a thing, because how many campaigns even get to the late teens? Then we have reluctance by GMs to craft rules for going over 20. haven't read it fully, but PF Mythic isn't 20+, its an alternate progression.

3.5 has Epic level stuff, but really.

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I think you still automatically fail on a 1, so a 38 is ideal.

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No, you don't automatically fail on a 1 with skills

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Aegis is playing Psi-powered Ironman, or newest incarnation of spiderman if you chose the skin suit

Synth you are becoming a figment of your imagination, though typically focused on an aberrant number natural attacks making them look like things out of nightmares

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So Synth is going full Digital Devil Saga?

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Yes, but that would require you to dip right into mythic CL bullshittery.

UMd is a special exception. With a nat 1 when using activation items you are not able to retry for 24 hours with that item.

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>You will almost never craft such a thing, because how many campaigns even get to the late teens? Then we have reluctance by GMs to craft rules for going over 20.

Where's the rule that says scrolls are capped by your CL?

I'm pretty sure you can craft beyond your CL by adding +5 to the DC. It's in the FAQ.

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You can craft a CL 30 scroll at level 1 if you hit the Spellcraft DC somehow.

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>Yes, but if you ever roll a natural 1 while attempting to activate an item and you fail, then you can’t try to activate that item again for 24 hours.
>if you ever roll a natural 1... and you fail
>and you fail

If you would not fail the skill and you roll a nat 1, then you do not fail and lose the ability to use the item.

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Close, but not quite. If you roll a natural 1 and fail, you can't retry for 4 hours. If you roll a natural 1 and your bonuses still allow you to succeed, you don't have to wait 24 hours.

No skill automatically fails on a natural 1. One skill (UMD) does have an added effect, but doesn't automatically fail.

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Well, I would have said common sense....
But it seems that this doesn't apply to Paizo >55770478
Even though that link doesn't go where it says it will.

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24, not 4. My bad.

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haven't played but based on the screen shots yes.
>want to play a drider or any monstrous race and GM won't let you, take synth and still be able to walk around in town when not suited up.

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Does creating a magic item require the creator to be of the same or higher caster level of the item itself? This doesn’t seem to square with the CLs listed for specific magic items; for instance, a Belt of Giant Strength +2 has CL 8th, but the only spell required in its creation, bull’s strength, has a minimum caster level of 3.

Am I missing anything here?

Though the listed Caster Level for a pearl of power is 17th, that caster level is not part of the Requirements listing for that item. Therefore, the only caster level requirement for a pearl of power is the character has to be able to cast spells of the desired level. However, it makes sense that the minimum caster level of the pearl is the minimum caster level necessary to cast spells of that level–it would be strange for a 2nd-level pearl to be CL 1st. For example, a 3rd-level wizard with Craft Wondrous Item can create a 1st-level pearl, with a minimum caster level of 1. He can set the caster level to whatever he wants (assuming he can meet the crafting DC), though the pearl’s caster level has no effect on its powers (other than its ability to resist dispel magic). If he wants to make a 2nd-level pearl, the caster level has to be at least 3, as wizards can’t cast 2nd-level spells until they reach character level 3. He can even try to make a 3rd-level pearl, though the minimum caster level is 5, and he adds +5 to the DC because he doesn’t meet the “able to cast 3rd-level spells” requirement.

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Yes, excepting that RAW, everyone but elves take forever to suit up, and Elves take until level 9 to be able to do it in a combat time-frame. Even then, it's a full round action.

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Thank you both for clarifying that. That must have been a hold-over from my original GM who taught me to play. Odd.

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A lot of groups are strangely in love with autofail on 1/Autosuccess on 20 on skills...

And slapstick comedy on Attack rolls of 1.

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He had crit cards. My throat was destroyed on a crit fail at level 1, destroying my ability to cast completely.

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really good besides the one edgy kid who min maxed a bloodrager and tries to prove he is better than the unoptimized feral gnasher. He has lost both fights due to being a retard.

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>level 1 Monk has a 9.75% chance of manhandling himself more than being a monk has already done to him
>level 20 hasted Monk spending a ki point has a 37% chance of manhandling himself
Fumble rules are pure shit

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I was in a game where somebody rolled a 1 and was knocked uncon for 1d6 minutes.

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Was this game in upstate NY? If so, that was funny as hell KT. I regret nothing as your DM.

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>autofails and critfails ever being things

I hate this meme.

I remember the first time I tried to play an unarmed character in any rpg, I tried to deck a fishman that attacked our boat and "critfailed", falling flat on my face. I attempted to use my remaining actions to keep punching from the ground, and rolled a bunch of crits. The DM said "you critfailed you lose all your actions"

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>PC rolls to shoot
>le ebin critfail
>"You crit yourself with your gun, your gun breaks, and you lose the rest of your actions."

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In my group's case they're that special subtype of That Guy who uses "roleplaying" as an excuse to be an asshole.

>Undercuts everyone's attempts to talk
>Steals the spotlight at every opportunity
>Snarks constantly when people are trying to be sincere
>Goes out of their way to talk about how stupid they think the plot and other characters are
>As soon as they're called on it, they say they're only talking IC and didn't mean it

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If you're going to do crit fails at least relegate it to dice pools or games with strong bell curves. Crit fails are nowhere near as retarded when you have to roll 14 1s on d6s or have to roll for that half-percent 3 on a 3d6.

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>you critfail you lose all your action


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Because they don't understand math.

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>Start First session of a game that was in progress
>Have been made aware of every character, most of them have their own little quirks
>Made mine a drow rogue, allowed to munchkin my little heart out since most of the partty can't for shit, they're grossly under-prepared in anything rogue related
>One player started the game (now at level 3) with a Vorpal Shortsword
>No bonus to anything, just vorpal, but is also too much for the character, is actively killing them in game
>"cool" Thinks I

>First couple of Minutes
>Vorpal dude rolls to hit
>Rolls to "confirm" a negative experience
>Low enough it makes him swing at someone adjacent instead
>Rolls for that, 4/6
>Rolls to hit
>He cuts off my characters head before I literally take my first non-speaking action as that character
>Other player uses a janky rod of Resurrection to rez my character, breaking the rod (again, rolling for the chance of both res and breaking)
>I literally offered to make a new character
>Nobody suggested just rolling it back
>People actually got mildly annoyed that a RoR was "wasted" at level 3
By far the strangest experience of any game I've had.
Critfails and their effect on groups should be purged, they make people turn into brainless zombies insisting on dice rolls.

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Tell me about your paladin, or the coolest paladin you've seen in one of your games.

Also, any tips on avoiding ending up like pic related?

>> No.55771244

>avoiding ending up like pic related
Don't play with a GM who has a corruption fetish.

>> No.55771249

Don't masturbate.

>> No.55771256

because the motherfucker was retarded, and hated how I picked unarmed in his fallout game, with rules for guns degrading on nat1's

>> No.55771259 [SPOILER] 

I want to play a paladin of betrayal~

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Someone run a new game

Hard Mode: Not an AP

Dante Must Die Mode: Not shit

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>Does creating a magic item require the creator to be of the same or higher caster level of the item itself?

No, the caster level is not a requirement. Even if it was, it could be ignored like any other requirement aside from the mandatory feat by raising the DC by 5.

>> No.55771329

How do you build it?

How do you play it?

>> No.55771331

Godefroy is DHB right? Does Godefroy like her? He has like 8 bastards right?

>> No.55771332

Those are the three options, you can only pick two.
Which two do you pick?

>> No.55771339

with gestalt

You gestalt a bard and a paladin

you obliterate

>> No.55771362

New game and not shit

APs are lame but salvageable

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So I am in fact playing a LG necromancer, but hear me out. This is the character and the reasoning:
>Dirge Bard
>adherent to one of the Psychopomp Ushers, Mrtyu, Death's Consort
>is tasked with the irradiation of undead who violate the normal cycle
>uses Dance of the Dead to create undead to help with this, Dance of the Dead is not evil because it only creates temporary undead
>a fanatical religious zealot bent on the destruction of undead and violators of death's natural order

>> No.55771432

Cool, but I think you mean eradication, not irradiation. Though, if you did mean irradiation, that's cool too. Nuclear skeletons sound neat.

>> No.55771451

Got two.

A friend and I ended up both playing Paladins of Sarenrae, but trying to be as different as possible.

I was a Wisdom 5 Ifrit Swash/Paladin. all Dex, major show off, would never take the first swing, and always open with diplomacy, but if the enemies refused he showed no mercy. He was the exemplar Paladin leading by faith and example, leaping off cliffs to catch falling allies (one time I saw a GM roll 22 damage on 15d6 against him, when 26 would have killed.), riding giant summoned turtles into battle, and never hesitating to throw himself into harm's way

My friend had a Half-Orc redeemer paladin with an Earthbreaker. He never dealt lethal damage, was always a bit taciturn and pragmatic, rarely speaking unless spoken to. However, he refused to slay even the most wicked enemies, even if they were long past redeeming. He was the councilor paladin, always providing a quiet word when it was needed most, promoting peace, healing, and understanding in all circumstances.

The pair died last May, fighting side by side against a demonic army. The half-orc died after using Paladin's Sacrifice to stop a nat 20 from a Balor's Vorpal sword. The Ifrit died to the same Balor's death throes, after leading it away from the paralyzed and wounded party.

The group hasn't met since then due to scheduling and personal issues. I doubt we ever will again. I'd like to imagine the two of them standing side by side in Nirvana, looking down on their victory, and for the first time, saying nothing.

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2 levels of Paladin, the rest of Bard or Skald.

Works great!

>> No.55771467

Too lewd

>> No.55771662

Does someone have the Kaidan pdf's? I looked the links in the OP, the archives, google, but I couldn't find them.
I would really appreciate if someone posts them since I'm looking to make a Japanese themed campaign.

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Which skills would you consider to be the most useful? Which ones do you think the most worthless?

>> No.55771718

Perception, Diplomacy, Spellcraft.

Appraise, Knowledge(Nobility), Fly

>> No.55771854

perception, spellcraft, UMD, fly, stealth for useful

appraise, knowledge (nobility), lore for useless

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>GM talking about a potential sequel campaign when we wrap up the one we're in, get hype because finally a chance to man it up and play a big bulky frontliner instead of pussying it out with dexfags and casty-types
>GM proceeds talk about how cool it would be if I took over the blank-slate sorceress NPC my currant character is watching over for it, since her existence was directly because of decisions I made, in and out of character
>other players start to agree, citing how much effort I had already put into the NPC
>mfw realizing my jokes about connecting all my characters to the same family are probably to blame for this as well

When have you had past decisions come back to haunt you, /pfg/? When have you had to look for the words to help you put your foot down about something?

>> No.55772186

Not same anon, but you had me at the name. Regardless of the mechanics:
How does one roleplay it? Ideas for character personalities are just blanking on me.

>> No.55772265

No, synth is just you overlapping with your eiidolan.

>> No.55772303

Just say "I don't want to play that, sorry." I know it might seem like a killjoy thing to do but ultimately you're doing it for your enjoyment and if you would rather do something else then do it

>> No.55772382


>> No.55772416

You can't tell me that worship of one (or two) specific gods is enough to roleplay a character or something, right?
I don't understand.

>> No.55772429

Completely depends, Bards/Skalds are super versatile.

I'm playing the character as a revolutionary, focused on inspiring people to follow righteous causes, and to rise up against the injustices perpetrated by the decadent and the corrupt.

>> No.55772441

I deal poorly with peer pressure, especially from people I enjoy playing with. Right now, given how a sequel is still a ways away, I've left it at "I don't think I really want to play that, but I'll have to see how I feel when the time comes".

>> No.55772549

>I deal poorly with peer pressure

Then what the fuck do you expect us to do about it? Either you nut up and say something, or continue to be a whinging mimsy in silence.

Your choice.

>> No.55772633

I mean, I hadn't really come to the thread for advice, it was merely a situation that felt amusing thinking back on it and I was curious whether anyone would have similar situations worth sharing. I had just said how I left it with the group in the post you're quoting.

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>> No.55772684

where are her pants.

>> No.55772701

How do I make a kineticist monk that doesn't loose the main point of being a kineticist (overload). The archetype is crap

>> No.55772747

Stolen by the BBEG, this is her quest.

>> No.55772792

Can't she just buy new ones? Pants aren't that expensive

Has a curse been placed upon her that she can't wear pants?

>> No.55772847

They were really comfy AND made her ass look good.

>> No.55772854

thats no reason to go pantsless! Yes, losing the primary pants is sad, thats fair, but personal protection comes first!

>> No.55772895


There's a fiend stealing all the pants. There's not to be found.

>> No.55772923

Can you damage or destroy a wizard's spellbook during a fight or be stolen while they sleep? Can wizards cast any spell without it?

>> No.55772925

skirts exist too, i get it, not the same as pants, but they work!

>> No.55772927

It doesn't matter.

There is no "pants" slot for magic items.

>> No.55772934


They can cast any spell they still have prepared, but without a spellbook they cannot prepare new spells.

>> No.55773046


>Expecting girls to wear skirts in the current year
Don't be oppressive, anon.

>> No.55773090

>> No.55773095

There is no pants in Pathfinder.

>> No.55773157

Trousers? Pantaloons? What are you actually looking for?

>> No.55773212

paizo made a worse feather fall just for skirts


>> No.55773297

What games are currently recruiting? Any gestalt? I have a particular build I want to try out.

>> No.55773299

Eh, I wouldn't call that worse.

It's minutes/level, so it can potentially help out more than once, and the ability to float in place is nice.

It'd be nice as a permanent magic item.

>> No.55773327

Not immediate cast though

as a magic item it'd be slick as fuck tho no lie

>> No.55773411

True, but it's not so much Billowing Skirt being bad as much as it is Feather Fall being REALLY REALLY DAMN GOOD LIKE WOW

>> No.55773447

Yeah feather fall is god tier

>> No.55773520

Only Duke's Coin round 2, and no it isn't gestalt.

>> No.55773557

Billowing Skirt is great, but what high heel related spells are there?

>> No.55773575

Oh god I have so many applications that are really good

why must this nightmare happen

>> No.55773603

>tfw you live in a time where this image exists

>> No.55773611

Stab that fuckin' secesh in the belly!

>> No.55773619


Actually, anon, that image was stolen from an alternate timeline, and we'd appreciate it if we could have it back now.

>> No.55773653

some claim my collection of little girls with bayonets is limited

they are wrong


Also, fair warning for group 2; So far it's looking like we're going to be on saturday afternoon. Scheduling is going to be a deciding factor, again.

>> No.55773675

Damn it man, do you want to cause a resonance cascade?

>> No.55773714

>Applications to /pfg/ games
Nah, kys

You too faggot

>> No.55773875


>> No.55773891

I have a game in real life in Eastern PA.

>> No.55774063

Hey guys, does anybody have the Swordmaster from Dreadfox games? I've searched around a lot but haven't seen download links for it anywhere. Thanks in advance!

>> No.55774237

Question, somebody suggested to me the idea of a character who tends to blunder their way into stuff but otherwise has a distinctive trait of being very lucky.

How would one model that in RP? The blundering part is mainly RP or having a flaw in Wisdom score or some other relevant score, what about the luck part though?

>> No.55774261

there's literally luck abilities for halflings and catfolk and humans

>> No.55774310

>d8 HD
>2+Int skills
>Dex-based frontliner that requires multiple turns to set up for it's basic shit
Don't bother

>> No.55774341

So I was asking about my DM's homebrew take on 3.5's Dragonborn race for pathfinder.

I think he's made it even more powerful. I'm a minmaxin bitch, but this shit ain't right. He's asking me for constructive criticism.

>+2 to any two abilities of your choice, -2 to one ability of your choice
>Humonid; Dragonblooded: Dragonborn are humonids with dragon subtype
>Age: 20 young adult; 150 adult; 400 middle aged; 600 old; 700 venerable; 800 ancient
+2 Insight bonus to Natural Armor
>Immunity to Fearful Presence of Dragons: Dragonborn are treated as Dragons for any dragons Fearful Presence Aura
>Intimidating Stature: +1 to Intimidate
>Immune to Sleep

I have not even gotten to the trait you can choose

>> No.55774356

Are you by any chance retarded?

>> No.55774359

Hold the phone, my friend

Breath weapon
>Once every 1d4 rounds you can use a ranged line attack
>Range: 10ft plus 10ft per HD (min 20ft, max of 120ft)
>Saving throw: DC = 10+1/2 level + CON MOD vs reflex
>Damage: 1d8 per 2 HD of your chosen element.
>Elemental Types: Chose one of the following Acid, Cold, Electricity or fire.
>+1 to Intimidate per 2HD, your scales and horns become more prominent

Heightened Senses
>1HD: 60ft Darkvision; low-light vision, +1 on Appraise, Perception, Sense Motive per 4 HD
>6HD: 10ft Blindsense; Detect Magic at will
>9HD: 90ft Darkvision; See Invisibility 10ft
>12HD: 20ft Blindsense; Detect Secret Doors
>18 HD:120ft Darkvision; See Invisibility 15ft
>20 HD: 30ft Blindsense; True Seeing

>1HD: +10 on Jump checks; Poor maneuverability (-4 fly); Glide as free action; Fly speed 15ft
>4HD: Average maneuverability (no penalty); Flying for extended periods: Fort DC 14 every hour; Fly Speed 30ft
>At 6HD: Hover as Free Action; Fly Speed 60ft
>10HD: Good Maneuverability (+4 Fly)
>12 HD: Fly for extended periods: Con Mod x Str Mod in hours after wards make a DC 15 or become fatigued and must land; Fly Speed 90ft
>15HD: Turn Greater than 45 degrees without spending Movement
>18HD: Turn 180 degrees without spending movement; Fly speed 120ft
>20HD: Perfect Maneuverability (+8Fly); you do not become fatigued while flying for extended periods, you can even fly while asleep.

He's asking for constructive criticism. I have some ideas.

>> No.55774380

>Really shitty AoE attack, only real benefit is the Intimidate, which is mostly pointless because you can already auto-win all intimidate

>Meh bonuses to perception, scales to be decent but honestly doesn't break anything

>Really shitty flight that scales poorly

Just take the breath weapon feat from Bloodforge.

>> No.55774420

Really? I mean, as a player character race It should be at least comparable with humans. I agree that the breath attack is lackluster, but MEH perceptions?

He's handing out all the senses! Thematically it makes sense, darkvision and low light who gives a fuck, but see invisible/blindsense/detect magic is pretty fuckin good.

Flight is good. 60foot fly at level 6, that is pretty fast, and it eventually doubles at the end, but that's pretty much the capstone

seems way too fuckin good to me. This is all couples with the first post's bonuses.

>> No.55774443

It's +1 Perception per 4HD. That's +5 at level 20.

Like, sure, it's strong, but who gives a fuck, honestly.

>> No.55774457

You're being meh'd at by /pfg/, who is incapable of telling the difference between overpowered and its own blown-out asshole.

>> No.55774460

Well, it's not really comparable at all with any other race, is it? It's like, twice as good as any other, even if you took the worst aspect, the breath weapon.

>> No.55774473

Aasimar, Fetchling, Human, Elf, Tiefling, pretty much any Bloodforge races...

>> No.55774480

why are traits so boring

>> No.55774487

>meh breath weapon ok
>senses is solid as fuck

Yeah its called 'delete it and start over this is beyond broken for a PC'

>> No.55774491

its all the broken shit at the higher hd

>> No.55774492

Human gets +2 to an ability score and a feat

This thing gets +2 to one ability score, +2 to another ability score, -2 to an ability score (probably a dump stat), Immunities to sleep, +2 insight to AC, and their choice between a breath weapon, seeing fucking everything, and a flight that will exceed any other speed you're going to get

Am I taking crazy pills?

>> No.55774499

You're not its fucking insanely busted

>> No.55774524

Dude, as a race this thing is literally better than TRUE DRAGONS.

>> No.55774529

Thank you.

What should I suggest? I think that you could get a choice between Detect magic, and see invisible, and just get rid of true seeing.

For the wings, just hitting 30 and average maneuverability would be fine.

As far as the general portions go
>+2 to two abilities of choice
>-4 to ability of choice
>no insight bonus to AC

>> No.55774534

how about 'just directly port over 3.5 dragonborn it'd be less broken'

>> No.55774559

That's true, but the breath weapon in the 3.5 version was still the worst of the three by a wide margin, and no one would ever pick it

>> No.55774575


>> No.55774590

Well, if you're going to give three choices, one of them shouldn't be tiers worse than the other two. Either elevate the one or reduce the other two.

>> No.55774608

your friend clearly can't homebrew, just don't allow the problem

>> No.55774653

Well, that may be true, but he asked me for constructive criticism, so I may as well give it.

I'd say leave the breath weapon, and keep the bonus to intimidate

For senses, Darkvision and detect magic. Detect magic is interesting

For flight, have it glide only until HD 3 or 4, then make it shit flight, gradually working up to 30 or 40 if you have fast movement with the ability to hover and maneuver better.

I still think it far outstrips the other races, but it isn't bahamut shitting on everyone else's doorstep

>> No.55774661

So just replace it with the fucking breath weapon feat from Bloodforge

>> No.55774685

I looked it up, that seems like a good idea

>> No.55775801

Is there any downloafable pdf of anti-heroes handbook?

>> No.55775848

I actually laughed. Thanks.

>> No.55775901


yeah, that post was pretty based :)

>> No.55776413


Even so, I'd like to see its mechanics for myself. If somebody has a download link for it, it'd be very much appreciated.

>> No.55776422

As part of a large dungeon, I need some monster reccomendation to fight a party of level 7s able to do like 400 damage a turn.

Got any good harpy like things? I kind of want to refluff a wyrmling as well, make it warded by the other things in the fight. Suggestions?

>> No.55776477

I've heard people say that it's only 1d6 so you can trigger studied target as an immediate action. You can always pick up crocodile domain to up those sneak dice though.

>> No.55776488

It's in the trove, anon.

>> No.55776530

Really? I can't find it

>> No.55776558

Look in the companions folder of the hiveDOTam trove.

>> No.55776623

That's just bullshit justification. It's obviously editorial oversight missing an error. There's even some merit to the RAWtistic argument that since it says you gain it as the rogue ability, without any exception about how the progression changes, it should get the rogue progression.

>> No.55776756

What event or reason could compell a mercenary to become a bounty hunter?

>> No.55776787

Dead company.

>> No.55776878

Lucrative job offer, such that it'd be worth more than the mercenary life. Disillusionment with mercenary work (didn't like what he was ordered to do, etc) meant bounty hunting seemed somehow more desirable.

>> No.55776945

I want to make an Infiltrator Inqisitor with the Conversion Inquisition. Being that though, there's no real chance that my GM would agree to the dodgy justification for mixing those two together.

Being that, which divine caster is the most fun? Aside from non-archytped Cleric

>> No.55777031

i think its only 1d6 because what it trades out is only worth that desu.

>> No.55777095

why wouldn't they let you mix them?

You are a smarmy cunt you two talks your way into empowering your faith and accomplishing your holy goal. Am I missing something?

>> No.55777166

One adds your WIS as a bonus to diplomacy and bluff checks and the other let's you use WIS instead of charm on those, effectively giving double WIS bonus on them, but I am pretty sure that something somewhere says that you can't add your attribute bonus twice to a check, save for very special things like two-handed fighter getting STR*2 to his attacks.

>> No.55777179

Shitton of restatted oozes, you can make them out of fucking anything to justify the buffed stats

>> No.55777180

If I was the DM I would agree that you can't add your attribute twice to a check, and you would choose the higher bonus, otherwise it'd be fine

>> No.55777209


I tried to do the same with the Heretic archetype and Heresy inquisition, it's funny how easy it is to stack those bonuses as an inquisitor

>> No.55777232

Technically the only thing that says you cannot do this is in a FAQ on the website which is literally the most rules lawyering thing possible
If it's that egregious to you too, maybe I could make a case for it after all. "Smarmy cunt" actually works for someone who uses Wis for social skills with low Cha really well

>> No.55777245

What other classes besides the classic ones in core would you recommend?

>> No.55777367

I would recommend banning the core classes to be honest.

>> No.55777380

You could always make the sorceress either lose her powers or give her a reasons to never use them and turn her into a martial obsessed with becoming physically stronger. But a simple "No, thanks" seems easier.

>> No.55777461

Reminder that Charisma is fucking worthless and there is no point in playing a character with it.

>> No.55777524

^ Nice bait

>> No.55777544

So, that dragonborn thing I was talking about?

I'm trying to make him gimp it
This is what he gave me

1. Heart: The Power of Dragons courses through your blood granting you a breath weapon and resistances
>Once every 1d4 rounds you can use a ranged line attack
>Range: 10ft plus 10ft per HD (min 20ft, max of 120ft)
>Saving throw: DC = 10+1/2 level + CON MOD
>Damage: 1d6/ level (max of 20d6) of your chosen element.
>Elemental Types: Chose one of the following Acid, Cold, Electricity or fire.
>Elemental Immunity: You are immune to your chosen type of Element.
>+1 to Intimidate per 2HD, your scales and horns become more prominent
>+2 Natural Armor Bonus; your scales become comparable to that of true Dragons. This bonus increase by 1 for every 6 HD acquired. (+3 at lvl 6; +4 at level 12; +5 at level 18 and so on)
>Gain natural attacks: two claw and a bite attack; Claws deal 1d4; bite deals 1d6

2. Heightened Senses: The Acuity of Dragons grants sharper, improved senses.
>At 1HD: 60ft Darkvision; low-light vision you can see twice as far as a human in lowlight
+1 on Appraise, Perception, Sense Motive per 4 HD
>At 6HD: 5ft Blindsense; Detect Magic at will within 15ft;
>At 9 HD: 90ft Darkvision; See Invisibility within 5ft
>At 12HD: 10ft Blindsens; Detect Secret Doors within 10ft;
>At 18 HD:120ft Darkvision; See Invisibility within 10ft;
>At 20 HD: 15ft Blindsense; True Seeing within 10ft;

one more to come

>> No.55777559

3. Wings: You gain the Wings of a Dragon granting you natural flight as follows
>At 1 HD: +10 on Jump checks; Poor maneuverability (-4 fly); Glide as free action; Fly speed 15ft
>At 4 HD: Average maneuverability (no penalty); Flying for extended periods: Fort DC 14 every hour; Fly Speed 30ft
>At 6 HD: Hover as Free Action;
>At 10 HD: Good Maneuverability (+4 Fly)
>At 12 HD: Fly for extended periods: Con Mod x Str Mod in hours after wards make a DC 15 or become fatigued and must land; Fly Speed 60ft
>At 15 HD: Turn Greater than 45 degrees without spending Movement
>At 18 HD: Turn 180 degrees without spending movement;
>At 20 HD: You do not become fatigued while flying for extended periods, you can even fly while asleep; Fly speed 90ft

He says its balanced for play, now. Of these BALANCED and NOT OVERPOWERED options, which would you choose?

>> No.55777561

its still broken as fuck.

>> No.55777573

Sorry, he confirmed that it is now balanced

which would you choose?

>> No.55777582

Having an argument on /a/ and need an answer:
In PF/3.5, does immunity to ability damage imply immunity to ability DRAIN?

>> No.55777590

all of them are broken, but breath weapon seems especially broken, 3 nat attacks, free natural armor, a huge nuke that I get to use every couple rounds, and initimidate bonuses to boot? Hells yeah.

Wings is also fucking excellent, senses is easily the worst now but its stilll fucking broken.

>> No.55777598

Overlord is bad and you should feel bad for liking it

>> No.55777603

The same could be said for Touhou, but here we are.

>> No.55777617

Touhou is bad and you should feel bad for liking it

>> No.55777624

Sadly, being judgemental about image choice does not answer the mechanics question.

>> No.55777644

I think it varies based on the source of the drain and whether it's permanent or not

>> No.55777668

No, they're entirely different effects.
Ability Damage is natural damage and can be healed naturally over time, like poison that damages con or something
Ability Drain is a magical effect that can only be healed through magic

>> No.55777669

No, they are different and stuff will usually say they are different.

Granted there's a lot of overlap between stuff that's immune to both anyway.

>> No.55777673

No, they are technically separate things, though most creatures that are immune to damage are also immune to drain.

>> No.55777691

Most people here don't like 2hu. It's just one really prolific spammer/shit poster.

>> No.55777759

Given this immunity list, then (Terrasque):
Immune ability damage, acid, bleed, disease, energy drain, fire, mind-affecting effects, paralysis, permanent wounds, petrification, poison, polymorph
There's no explicit immunity to ability drain. Would that be covered by energy drain? Maybe permanent wounds? Or is the Terrasque actually weak to ability drain due to an oversight?

>> No.55777823

Disliking 2hu the person does not equate to disliking Touhou.

>> No.55777840

it's also not immune to death effects, meaning you can parasitic soul it and become a wizard kaiju

>> No.55777844

Factually wrong.

Charisma by default is lackluster compared to many other stats, yes. You solve this, however, by taking abilities that make other things scale off it - which there are an absolute fuckton of, far more than any other stat. This is what makes CHA the best stat for SADmemes.

>> No.55777868

Give things arbitrarily large amounts of DR, force fields, buff them up before battle, etc. Especially the latter if your players can be fooled into forgetting stuff.

>> No.55777945

I suggested he nerf everything into the ground, but he just sort of rebalanced them around each other. He seems set on it.

I think I'm tired of telling the devil on my shoulder to fuck off, and just take the fuckin shit he's handing me. I've been telling him to nerf it for like 2 hours now in discord. I'm a 2 handed barbarian, so I think I could get some benefit from the NUKE BREATH with the bite attack, but the flight is good too.

It seems like whatever breath you take is the same kind of FULL FUCKING IMMUNITY you get, so while acid is resisted by nobody, nobody throws acid at you. While fire is resisted by everybody, they all throw fire at you. I feel like maybe cold or electricity would be the correct choice.

>> No.55778024

Yo bro how much 3pp you on

>> No.55778222

You can charisma SAD 100% in 1pp as well. Specifically, Lunar or Nature Oracle with a two level dip into paladin, with the "Desna's Shooting Star" DFT, since it has no aligament restriction. You can even tack on a whone bunch of other bullshit as well, such as One of the two charisma monks and arshea's deific obedience.

>> No.55778253

>Lunar or Nature Oracle with a two level dip into paladin, with the "Desna's Shooting Star" DFT, since it has no aligament restriction
>no alignment restriction
>the DFT feat literally says "same alignment as deity"
>Chaotic Good

I want to play with your GM

>> No.55778886

Incorrect! Divine Anthology has a different wording than Weapon Master's Handbook, and DA merely states that you must "primarily worship the deity". Ergo, anyone (even of the wrong alignment) can select THOSE Divine Fighting Technique feats.

>> No.55778956

Let me go a bit deeper and explain how to optimally CHA-SAD in 1pp.

There's a few specific vital resources you need to be aware of. One is of course the DFT Starknife, which is extremely useful for any build that isn't a paladin. Now technically there IS a way to be paladin and have DFT:Starknife, assuming your GM isn't an ass - it involves starting off as CG and taking the DFT, and then alignment shifting into LG and going paladin from there. Still, we should assume that any DFT:S build is not taking paladin levels as well.

Second, we have levels in Skald (or POSSIBLY primalist bloodrager/barbarian, but those are extremely inferior options). Any of these give us access to the coveted Spirit Totem line of rage powers, giving us a large amount of CHA-to-attack/damage. Moreover, both Skald and bloodrager allow us access to the great (both fluffwise and mechanically) spell Biting Words, which inflicts PHYSICALLY PAINFUL BANTER on our enemy that scales with Charisma - multiple shots, as a touch attack on a 1st level spell! Nothing wrong with this at all.

Thirdly, of course, is the various oracle memes. Lunar, Lore and Nature all have their own little versions of it - the difference being that while LL replace Reflex and AC, N replace CMD and AC. Your mileage may vary.

Fourth is the feat Noble Scion. Taking the War option lets you use CHA for initiative instead of DEX, so if you're using one of the oracle options to be able to dump it you should investigate taking that.

Lastly, there's two niche archetype options that fill largely the same space: Scalefist Monk/UMonk and Iroran Paladin, who both get CHA-to-AC in various ways.

Divine Grace from paladin, and to an extent that Mesmerist ability - as well as that feat, nerfed as though it might be - provide save bonuses.

I believe these are the primary tools we have - if I've missed something, tell me before we move on.

>> No.55779033

Oh, there IS technically one more way to get your CHA-to-AC. It's very niche and especially in 1pp-only land suboptimal, but still, for the sake of completeness: stacking the magus archs Eldritch Scion with Kapenia Dancer converts the normal INT-to-AC that KD gives us into CHA-to-AC. Moreover, because it is a Dodge bonus, it's stackable with other types of CHA-to-AC in case of gestalt or multiclassing (with Monk or Iroran Paladin, for example).

>> No.55779203

What's a good name for a +1 Flaming Longsword that only appears to servants of Pharasma when they're most in need?

>> No.55779227

Anyway, from here on I'll give a few sample build setups, looking purely at class differences since those are what mainly matter here.

The main issue we face is that out of the class options, only 2 are reasonable for dipping - the UMonk and the Oracle. While Umonk/Magus or Iroradin isn't a shabby combination by any means, to get optimal mileage out of our Oradin we are actually forced to make it explicitly a Nature oracle and a non-Iroradin. This is due to "can't x to y twice" mechanics. Of course, if you don't mind wasting a little for the sake of getting a better mystery, by all means stay Lunar - because that's the best option by a vast amount here.

The first setup is the classic "Mr. Reroll" build I've shown you guys a few times before. It involves Dual-Cursed and Iroran Paladin memes, and it's horrible against your GM in a way not even Summoners can hope to achieve. Maximum cockblock tier. Either way, it doesn't exactly require you to use all the normal tools on the oracle side. It all depends on how deep you go into either tree. I'm not gonna go into details on it - you hopefully know how it works by now.

Next, we have the max SADness Skald build. While we can take a dip into Oracle for our CHA-to-AC/Reflex needs, it generally is pretty detrimental to a skald to dip out. Thus, we just go into battle with our best suit of armor and a nice comfy shield instead. Add to that CHA-to-Initiative (and Level to Initiative with Fated Champion) and a vast number of tools for CHA-to-Damage, and the SADness skald is good to go. Not overly defensive, but very strong offensively if you just bump his stuff properly. There is also that one option that increases your CHA during Raging Song instead of physical stats, but that risks to fuck over your other martials. I don't recommend it, unless the rest of your party is literally made up of only oracles or something.

>> No.55779248

The Cremator

>> No.55779291

Funeral Pyre

>> No.55779324


Thank you guys. Still open to suggestions though if someone thinks they have a really good one

>> No.55779491

Next up is the very potent SAD Lunar SGOracle build. Lunar Oracle and SGOracle are already the by far most versatile options for any oracle to take - it should come as no surprise that the combination of them can indeed be built into literally fucking anything in the game, and do the job pristinely. You don't need any help here.

The slightly niche Magus build deserves some mention here. If you do take it, there's some advice I suggest you follow. First - Ki Arrow is an amazing spell for an Unarmed Striker, and you can add it to your spellist with Spell Access arcana. Do it and punch faces from across the map. It's good times. Second - you might want to branch out a bit more. The combo of 1pp-only (no fixes) EldSci/KapDan is not overly impressive as far as memes go, and you'll probably find yourself wanting rather fast. If you intend to stay the course, dipping at all is best avoided; either 1 level into SF Umonk, or nothing at all. Both builds do well with DFT. If you mean to branch off, note that like Iroradin your CHA-to-AC is capped by your class level; however, you do have the advantage of this dodge bonus stacking with literally everything else, unlike most other options out there. Iroradin would be great if it wasn't for the double level cap on your CHA-to-AC - it remains an okay option, though.

Finally there's the vast myriad of various punch builds using Iroradin and SF Umonk, possibly even splicing in a bit of Ascetic Oracle if you're so inclined. Singleclass Iroradin isn't too shabby honestly, and neither is it with a dipped level or two into other options for versatility. Mix and match with the other recommendations if you intend to dip - DCIroradin is of course the poster boy of dips here, but there are many other ways to roll about it. You just have to find yours.

Good luck with your 1pp SADmemes, anons. And with some luck you may be able to convince your GMs to let you use sensible options for easy expanded SAD access, too.

>> No.55779524

>Good luck with your 1pp SADmemes, anons. And with some luck you may be able to convince your GMs to let you use sensible options for easy expanded SAD access, too.
fuck off 3pp shill

>> No.55779545


>> No.55779577

A footnote that I should mention. If you're a good enough UMD'er, and have levels in Oracle, there's a very useful hack that'll let you turn any mystery into a SAD one. Load yourself up with either a Lesser Ring of Revelation (may be disputed by your GM due to the wording) or a Soothsayer's Raiment (faces no such danger, but you should probably remodel the armor into something less shitty). By UMD telling the item you've got the required class feature (that is, the required mystery for that revelation), you can easily fool your stupid gear into giving you that coveted SADness without speccing into it. This allows you to go for other mysteries while being able to still use SADness power - particularly potent would be some of the other powerhouse mysteries such as Time, Waves or Shadow, or perhaps Ascetic.
And may your anus be savaged by angry camels too, faggot.

>> No.55779601

I was thinking more Digimon Frontier

>> No.55779772

>Getting pissy about 3pp
>On /pfg/
Fuck off Paidrone

>> No.55779864

So, King's Gambit ended yesterday.

Should I write a long greentext of how it all played out? Are people interested?

>> No.55779876

Eh, sure, why not. An actually-completed game is a rarity.

>> No.55779905

I'll take a while pretyping it all before pasting it, so don't be on your toes for it, but I should get it done eventually.

>> No.55779950

Yeah, go for it. Honestly I think we should have a fixed day every month (maybe the first of the month) where every game can dump their greentexts. That way if you don't like it you can ignore the thread that day and if you do like it you know when and where to keep your posts confined.

>> No.55780046

why is her rskirt so short

>> No.55780078

Ded game ded thred


>> No.55780101

A ghost made her do it in exchange for power.

No, really.

>> No.55780108

Tell us. Ruse us.

>> No.55780289

La Pucelle.

>> No.55780572

>Getting back into Pathfinder with my first actual fully in person group
I feel like I'm getting addicted to this
Is this what happiness feels like?

>> No.55780606



>> No.55781059

Another good one would be "Prominence."

>> No.55781242

R.I.P. n Tear?

>> No.55781296


who are those grills?

>> No.55781423

Thier from some Nasu fateshit game. Thier supposed to be Jean de Arc and Tamamo no mae

>> No.55781898

Jeanne Alter and Tamamo cat

>> No.55782002

In spirit of the latest application to the new Duke's Coin, what's the edgiest edgelord you've ever played with?

>> No.55782244

I once played a tiefling harbinger that used a keen nodachi, cursed enemies, teleported behind enemies, and shouted a bunch of edgy bullshit.

Playing that caricature was the most fun I had playing a martial in god knows how long.

>> No.55782355

Holy shit that's hilarious.

>> No.55782427


Samurai/Gunslinger/Cleric multiclass, on a mission to take revenge against the nobleman who killed his entire family and scarred his face. He wanted to channel negative energy while using a sword in one hand and a gun in the other. He was terrible at fighting, and always went on about how we were just tools for his revenge, but we loved him anyway.

>> No.55782610

They played an Anti-Oradin Dhampir, what mattered was that even out of character they believed that any option that wasn't evil aligned wasn't worth taking. Real pain in the ass to play with. Got salty when any of the good aligned characters actually got shit done (which was VERY often. Spite fueld teamwork can be very effective at times. ), as it directly opposed everything the idiot believed in. and finally, they constantly tried to undermine the party. When said antioradin died because they tried to corrupt a Solar, with the Solar having absolutely NONE of their shit, the salt was so real, they just up and left. The first words spoken right after the ordain died, said by the mild mannered super polite cleric of shelyn? "Goodbye, you little shit." After that, the edgelord's player left, and the game ended up being a lot more fun.

>> No.55782620

Somebody applied to this game with Char Azanable and you're worried about someone being too edgy?

>> No.55782691

Samurai/Barbarian katana wielding LE aasimar cannibal who had killed an entire village at the age of 10, ate the people and drank their blood raw, and somehow didn't contract any diseases from them, because they tried to rape him (apparently the entire village since he never specified beyond that) and now he travels dealing out "true justice to those who would defy the laws of the land (a very loose interpretation of the laws of any given land as per viewed by him)".

>> No.55783125

Actually putting together a Nature Fang Crocodile Domain druid is pretty neat

Slap on Martial training feats and Steel Serpent and you have a shockingly deadly 3/4th BAB with big sneak attacks and spells to back it up

Plus you get an adorable tiny crocodile familiar, make it a mauler and you have a flanking buddy just in case

>> No.55783158

I can't wait to defile that druid with a hulking, abyssal tiefling bloodrager.

>> No.55783338

Read the Mythweavers profile, it's a half-meme-app half-serious-app.

>> No.55783380

I want to hurt you.

>> No.55784037

Somebody I. My group wants to play an Ungermaw...

Anyone ever play one or play with one?

>> No.55784194

What the fuck

>> No.55784431

Welcome to /pfg/, where everything is our magical realm.

>> No.55784478

I never asked for this

>> No.55784541

Neither did I, but it's here and probably to stay.

>> No.55784703

So I need opinions on if my level 8 Insinuator Anti-paladin's attack cycle is up to par. It looks roughly around this:


This is expending his stored spell. However this is without buffs besides smite impudence. Including the buffs it jumps again to:


>> No.55784736

yeah thats plenty

>> No.55784802

Yeap, that's more than enough to kill almost any CR 11 and below creature in a round or two.


>> No.55784862

Congratulations, you've fucked up and over-optimized, trivializing combat and removing any sense of threat to the game! Your trophy will soon grow from somewhere on you, you cancerous nigger.

>> No.55784910

>any sense of threat to the game
Squad o Archer Paladins with holy longbows and smite evil.

>> No.55784952

Congratulations, you've entirely missed the point of what I said, and once again posted another example of over-optimization, thereby removing any fun from the game! Your trophy will soon grow from somewhere on you, you cancerous nigger.

>> No.55784983

Would you rather he took damnation feats and just spooked everything, including things that are normally unspookable, into submission?

>> No.55785005

Have you considered not purposely breaking the game in one way or another, and just making a character that performs decent enough without auto-winning?

>> No.55785041


>> No.55785085

>not min-maxing

>> No.55785098

I had a party member do that in my last campaign. Dude went a little too into the intimidate because he wouldn't fail on a 1, but did shit all after they were intimidated. Couldn't damage for shit, or support buff or anything. Just round 1 "I intimidate everything" and then sat on his ass for the rest of combat.

>> No.55785105

>decent enough without auto-winning?
This doesn't exist in d20 systems. You're either crushing something or being crushed. Doing too much damage or too little.

>> No.55785110

The real top level transcendent brain meme isn't not min-maxing or min-maxing

Its min-maxing something that would normally be an awful option to the point that its good and cool

>> No.55785124

People will still bitch if you do that.

>> No.55785131

That's objectively wrong, though.

You look at what you want, you figure out how to do it really well, and then you dial it back to the point where it's reasonable.

No they don't?

>> No.55785132

And then getting dunked on by plain old barbarians, initiatards, and full casters. Nice expanded brain.

>> No.55785133

Okay squad of Paladins throwing water balloons with smite evil.

>> No.55785137

but at least i'm having more fun tho

>> No.55785167

Well that is lame of him. You have so much follow up to that it is not even funny.

>> No.55785171

How the fuck to people even define reasonable? In terms of mechanics. This general seems so fucking bi-polar. One day, you're a useless piece of shit if you can't one round everything without spending resources. The next, you're a min-maxer.

>> No.55785180

I doubt they'd be doing it if they didn't think it was fun, so I don't really think you can say that.

>> No.55785185

Says you. Enjoyment is subjective. Maybe I'm having more fun with my big dick dps. How are you measuring "fun"?

>> No.55785197

learn how to GM you cancerous faggot

>> No.55785216

Surprise surprise, the general is made up of different people with different opinions, and the majority opinion shifts as the people currently in the thread shifts.

>> No.55785242

Yeah, he basically just made enemies panicked, and then did shit all.

He also took lethal grace and elven curved blade, but left his str at 10, and despite being a "frontliner", took stalker spec and only had 10 cha.

>> No.55785264

It's not even something against minmaxing. It's about minmaxing to the point where you can feel like you're contributing, and that your group doesn't feel overshadowed/the GM doesn't get frustrated with you.

It's a somewhat nebulous line, but generally speaking, the ability to just instagib something that's 3 CRs higher than you by yourself? That's just not going to be fun.

The REASON that's not going to be fun? Your GM designed what is presumably a boss encounter. It likely has multiple rounds worth of interesting stuff, story, plot, or whatever the fuck else.

You walk into the room, it instantly explodes. It's like playing an RPG, except you just editing your weapon's damage to be 999,999,999 and now it just oneshots everything. There's no longer gameplay, there's just you slogging through wasted time.

>> No.55785285

So that's why Skyrim was ass, I see.

>> No.55785319

Skyrim was ass because it was a dumbed down version of the dumbed down version of Morrowind, with all difficulty and choice for the player removed. Your actions had no consequence, the gameplay was the same thing repeated ad-infinitum, and there wasn't even much diversity in builds. Also stealth archers.

>> No.55785343

>not the 135x stealth dual daggers using your looped to hell and back enchantment and smithing bonuses.
Fucking low-op pleb.

>> No.55785356

Recommend me a class for a new character.

>> No.55785361

Welcome to a /pfg/ where a dozen people scream at each other from across the room to prove a point, mainly because nobody sits down and decides to come to a common consensus and if they do so it would be shouted down as circle jerking.

For some reasonable is an average build with a few defining quirks, others it's the ability to survive and shine at one or many things and for yet another bundle defined as "Others" it's being so powerful that you could deal with any given situation alone. And the common thing to do here, and all of 4chan in general, is to call the other guy a fag for thinking as they do without ever giving a reason other than because it's wrong (from their point of view). Some call for the Stormwind fallacy while others might say that the game is designed so much against the player and is so poorly balanced (admittedly it is the latter at least) that anything other than a shining god is unable to survive anything. Then there's just the people who want to see how silly they can get with a build and make massive synergies and elaborate builds to make normally unbelievably poor build choices stand out.

tl:dr: Read the other replies and the first part of this one.

>> No.55785371

How did you last session go?

>> No.55785373

Barbarian with beast totem

>> No.55785374


>> No.55785379

Tell us what you want to play you lazy cunt.

>> No.55785392


>> No.55785393

Make an effective monk without archetypes or Umonk
Your monk levels have to be at least double your multiclass levels

>> No.55785397

>and that your group doesn't feel overshadowed/the GM doesn't get frustrated with you.
This is heinously subjective. People will get frustrated by everything. There are GMs that get frustrated by fucking Monks and sorcerer's using non dazing fireballs.
>It's a somewhat nebulous line, but generally speaking, the ability to just instagib something that's 3 CRs higher than you by yourself? That's just not going to be fun.
Says who?
>Your GM designed what is presumably a boss encounter. It likely has multiple rounds worth of interesting stuff, story, plot, or whatever the fuck else.
I mean most of the plot in a boss fight happens before and after. Not during.

>> No.55785410


We already have played rogue-charlatan, fighter, cleric, paladin. I need something new.

>> No.55785417


>> No.55785424

What do you do when you're just out of ideas for characters? Nothing comes to me anymore.

>> No.55785431

Watch anime or something

>> No.55785434



>> No.55785442

hey i'm just giving your character ideas

>> No.55785454



>> No.55785458

No, nigger.

What sort of character do YOU want to play? Not what have you played, not what your group is playing.

What do YOU want to fucking do?

>> No.55785476


>> No.55785487

Never had a writer's block like that, but I'd just try out the random background generator over at Archives of Nethys and see if something good comes around after a few tries.

>> No.55785490


I just want to know which classes are the most interesting to play.

>> No.55785498

But then my characters are just sorta-whiny, socially dense, bland male MCs. Or stock waifu tropes. That feels like phoning it in.

>> No.55785507

Phoning it in is still better than your usual garbage

>> No.55785513

Visit the character art threads. Usually I walk away from each one with three or four new ideas for characters.

>> No.55785518

Its spooky month! Play anti-paladin for ultimate spookums!

>> No.55785523


Play as Guts.

>> No.55785544

How was your weekend, /pfg/? Do anything fun or exciting, game-related or otherwise?

>> No.55785547

Not sure what you mean by this.

That's a good idea actually. Would save me the trouble of trying to fit art to a character that's nearly done.

>> No.55785558

Kinetic Chirugeon

>> No.55785571

Went out to B-Dubs with the fellas on Friday and fucked around in 5e for the rest of the weekend.

>> No.55785572

Pretty good! We leveled up a little sooner than I was expecting in my Saturday game and then I had a great feast with the family yesterday since it was thanksgiving for us leafaggots

>> No.55785576

What classes work better in a group of mercs?

>> No.55785584


What sort of 5e game are you playing?

>> No.55785589

unqiue idea

>> No.55785611


Do you have a specific character plan in mind that you're working towards? Was the new level a big step towards it?

>> No.55785625

In addition to a whole campaign in the Underdark, I also get involved in some one-shots and other silly things with 5e.

>> No.55785626

Every troop needs a skinwalker (bat) admixture wizard

>> No.55785632

Game was canceled again, at at this point I'm considering quitting.

>> No.55785635

Armor made of Mithral has its ACP reduced by 3 (which probably counts the masterwork reduction to ACP since all Mithral armor is masterwork). You can add the Nimble modification to any armor for 1,000 GP to decrease its ACP by one (also decreasing its armor bonus by one but increasing max DEX bonus by 2, so your AC might stay the same or even increase). The Armor Master trait decreases ACP of armor you wear by 1.

With all of these together, the ACP on full plate is reduced to 1. Is there anything else you can easily get or add so that the ACP penalty is reduced all the way to zero for full plate that's so comfy and easy to wear that anybody can use it?

>> No.55785665

It brought on board one of the two major pieces of the puzzle I have been waiting on, but the next level is where everything comes together as I had planned.

>> No.55785673


Never pleasant when that happens. Has this been going on for a while, or is it a more recent development?

>> No.55785787

This has been pretty consistent.for almost the past year. To the point where it feels like nothing is getting done. And half the time it's not even for a good reason beyond, "Man I'm tired." or "Nah, decided to go see a movie". Like I can handle emergencies and shit fine, that's normal. Hell, I can even understand dipping out of a session for a party when announced in advanced. But a clear pattern is emerging, and the only reason I haven't quit thus far is because it's not like I have anything better to do during that time.

>> No.55785790

Mithril fullplate still needs heavy armor proficiency to use effectively
Look for ways to get fighters' armor training

>> No.55785838


>> No.55785888

We were on page 4, shithole.

>> No.55785898

Wow you managed to wait all the way to page 5! Good for you sweetie

>> No.55785917

Where does Bioweapon and Curse use against evil races fits in the alignment spectrum?

>> No.55785924

I want to say on the bright side its not an anime OP but he probably posted it on page 4 just to stop that autistically

>> No.55785938

We had our fourth session of Hell's Vengeance and TPK'd in the boss fight of the first book. It was rough. The whole session was like a roller coaster ride; the dice were against us pretty much the whole time. One fight killed an NPC that we enlisted (Cimri) and brought another so close to death that I don't think they're going to come adventuring with us again. Another fight later (in the dungeon leading up to the boss I mentioned) get us so badly we were forced to fall back, regroup, and come at the fight again with a more tactical approach (probably the highlight of the session, the fight basically turned into a cover-based FPS game and SOMEHOW it was great). After that fight, we explored the dungeon some more and had another fight that almost killed one PC (we had to tap out on all of our healing supplies to keep him alive and even then he stayed KO'd because the enemies tossed a Magic Missile his while I was stuffing potions down his throat. We pulled back entirely after that, and when we came back a couple days later the whole place was empty. We were able to track the boss and her remaining minions to another location, but they KO'd our frontline martials and my character surrendered when it was down to just him (a wizard) and a half-health Rogue.

We're trying to decide OOC now how we move on from this point, whether we contrive a Deus ex machina to continue this AP or switch to a different AP with the same characters.

I've never seen dice rolls that bad. I mean, one player had pretty bad luck the session before, but this was on a whole other level. I'm glad that the two Pathfinder newbies in our group weren't entirely turned off from the game by the experience.

But the only penalty for not being proficient with your armor is applying the ACP to attack rolls and all STR or DEX based skill checks, so if you reduce the ACP to 0 you can pretty much ignore the lack of proficiency, right?

>> No.55785950

Evil leaning neutral at best, most likely flat evil. Curses less so as they are just dicky rather than pure evil, but bioweapons fall flat under the category of evil since it has a greater chance to go out of control and spread to victims outside of the intended targets and usually is rather painful a way to die.

>> No.55785986

This and there aren't really "evil races". Even Orcs and Goblins have lots of CN TN among them. Not to mention slaves/prisoners they might have.

>> No.55785999


That must have been some truly awful luck. Would you prefer to continue or play a different AP, personally?

>> No.55786074

Both of the games I had were 5-hour set-ups for the big blowout of the next session, kickstarting the second book in both cases. The other one was a Scooby-Doo styled chase after a derro necromancer who nobody could hit and the other one was kingdom building, so it was playing Settlers of Catan without anybody to compete against.

>> No.55786132


Are you excited for the forthcoming developments? Any memorable moments from the chase, or particular choices made for the kingdom?

>> No.55786240

I'm on the fence. Everybody wants to keep their characters even if we change APs, so I get to keep playing a PC I'm enjoying either way. The DM is offering that if we decide to start a new AP we can either lose all our gear and take a couple permanent negative levels (bringing us back to level 1) and start the AP from the beginning, or keep our gear and levels but start the new AP from where the PCs would have reached level 3 in that AP. Between those options I would definitely prefer to lose everything, and our characters having to start over like that would make for an interesting situation. The first four sessions would basically become one big session 0 explaining how our PCs met and became friends.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the DM won't allow an evil party on an AP other than Hell's Vengeance or a non-evil party in Hell's Vengeance. So if we change APs, our PCs will have learned their lesson and start mending their ways, whereas if we keep going on Hell's Vengeance we're going to betray the boss after they spare us and get revenge. Revenge would be pretty sweet, but playing out that kind of alignment change and getting a fresh start has its own appeal. It's character development, even if wasn't something we wanted to happen.

On the whole I think I lean slightly towards continuing the AP, though. The terms my PC offered for our surrender was accepting exile from Cheliax and in hindsight there's no way he would be willing to do that. His family and lineage are too important to him. It would also be really satisfying to kill the bitch in a rematch, but I am slightly nervous about fighting her again after the first time.

>> No.55786349

Use of minor image against giants is under-rated.

>> No.55786350

Well I have no idea what the developments would be other than hazarding a guess or two, but, forgive my language, fuck the hell yeah I am excited for the upcoming developments.

>> No.55786761

It was a failure.

>> No.55786845

Starfinder game went alright. We might have diplo'd out of the first fight of the campaign, but one player wouldn't stop bitching, so we fought so he'd shut up.

I played a new Pathfinder game, which was... alright. I don't know how it'll go in the future, but I'm worried.

My normal session was cancelled, which annoyed the fuck out of me, but I went out for karaoke, so it was okay.

What about you?

>> No.55787078

No sessions, but I did some IRL adventuring.

Then I came home, and now I'm stuck in bed with chronic vertigo.

So, a mixed bag really

>> No.55787079


Fairly well. Mostly helped my grandmother with some repairs around her property. My group hasn't started the next game yet, but the new GM has promised to get in touch with everyone about it, if not this weekend, then the next.

What worries you about the new game?

>> No.55787123


What sort of adventuring did you do?

>> No.55787262

Your character ends up in a dark room full of shoes, a mountain of them. There are so many of them that you cant see the ground. What do you do?

>> No.55787401

Traveled across the state doing morphological surveys and collecting gauges and cameras from various ponds and lakes for one of the PhD students. Good fun, honest work, and a great chance to travel around to different ranches and wilderness in different locations.

I'll tell you, if you wanna live an adventurer's life, pursue some sort of ecological/scientific field, and do lots of technician work

>> No.55787719

I fear the GM has no clue what they're doing. He seems uncommitted, and I'm tired of games dying.

>> No.55787920

Enflamed Glory

>> No.55788017

Swashbuckler, specifically Picaroon

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