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Please post fanmade /tg/ crossover stuff.

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new fav as of yesterday

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is that a 40k kancolle crossover? awesome! I'd play the fuck out of that game.

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what an embarrassing post in every detail

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man i can't believe how old this shit is

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40k/Juge Dredd crossover

> A young latent psyker discovers his powers when he invokes a space marine hero to save his life. But something went very wrong in the process.
I ask you, are you my spiritual liege?

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Looks like Jack, might be Utonium in that suit.

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Took me a while to get it, now I'm definitely saving it.

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I think you're underestimating how long it will take him to go completely nuts.

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I need to got to bed.

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Isn't he already nuts, though? Jon is basically a high-functioning lunatic.

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Yeah, but right now he's only at the "saying idiotic things on the internet" phase.
Sleeveless outfits and assault rifles are at least two steps further.

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A crossover between 40k and 40k is not a crossover at all. It's just bad 40k humour.

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you don't understand how much i like this picture

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Where does that leave Franku, though?

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I mean... considering the Aduptus Arbites is based on Judge Dredd, up to an including the first Arbites minis being left over Dredd minis...

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better res

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>It's just bad 40k humour.
Just like the rest of this thread!

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He's adorable. That tongue looks so comfy

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That ultraqueer is so fucking dead. It's cute that he even thinks his peashooter is threatening to Doomguy.

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Great art. Doomguy's not nearly that tall, though.

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>on one side
>a man who singlehandedly saved not one, not two, but THREE planets from demon invasion
> a man who singlehandedly cleared out Hell and is regarded by demons as some sort of boogeyman
> a man who did all of the above while being mostly an ordinary human and who transcended his human nature purely by RIP AND TEAR-ing and ascended as some sort of fucking saint or something, I dunno

>on another side
>some fucking jock in ultramarine armor who had to take genemod steroids and was sleeping the whole time in a tube
>can't even fucking take on Warp Princes

kek, it's not even a fucking contest

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He's standing on the mutilated corpses of other ultrafags

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Marine fires first.

*cue pathetic Doom pistol sound effect*

Doomguy loses a grand total of 2 health because he's wearing mega armor and also has a Soulsphere.

Super shotgun is much less forgiving on the Marine's head.

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Marine has Artificer armour and an Iron Halo.

shotgun does nothing.

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Who else would make good inquisitorial groups?

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I dunno, it's taking the shipgirls concept from Kancolle, so the 40k shipgirls'd be more stylistically consistent with 40k.

I also think it'd be kind of cool.

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What a crossover.

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that's the joke

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What am I suposed to get?

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He doesn't have an iron halo, idk where you see one in the picture

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Why would the smurf even think doomguy is a threat?

If cookie monster here has heard of doomguy then he wouldn't be pointing that pea-shooter at him, and if he hasn't he should just assume that doomguy is some sort of imperial guardsman

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>implying Doomguy and the Space Marine wouldn't team up to rip and tear Daemons

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Y'all are retarded.
Obviously Doomguy and Space marine team up to stomp some daemons like bros.

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>teaming up with a pompous, monologuing faggot
Doomguy would just punch his face in through his shitty blue armor for wasting his time and get back to ripping and tearing. He doesn't have time for sanctimonious faggots.

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>Boss, I'z got a kunnin' plan

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Ever heard about Infinite Worlds? The multiverse setting for GURPS, where literally anything goes? And here you've got Johnny Bravo in Mad Max's jacket, driving a fucking Batmobile, while Samurai Jack in a gangster suit is sitting next to him.
If you know IW and all the references crammed here, then it's an instant chucke.

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Franku works on a chromosomal scale, not a sanity meter

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> He been alive for 3 weeks and engineering for 2.

Kek, the one about the 10,000 year old chaos marine being swarmed by 2 day old retards also make me laugh.

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Doomguy can be be quite verbose on the subject of demons, and the ripping and tearing thereof.

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>giving Cheryl psyker powers

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That's actually pretty neat.

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Does kind of explain the batshit insanity, though, you have to admit.

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