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When is it okay to kick out a player for their political views?

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Only if they're being a massive dick about it.

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Only if they lecture about it non-stop every session.

But if you kick him out just because you have different opinions about how many penises belong in a relationship then you're an asshole.

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Same as with any other view, if they are unwilling to extend politeness and avoid augmentative issues in an inappropriate venue.

So in truth, the politics are irrelevant, it's only irreconcilable when the people won't make an effort to make people around them conformable.

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When they support a system of oppression and fascistic sympathies. Some things cannot be tolerated, even in fantasy.

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When they're somehow making those views get in the way of the game and everyone's enjoyment of it.
Even then you shouldn't just kick people out but have an actual conversation about the problem like adults.

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Define being a massive dick, like supporting someone who wants to take other people's healthcare, arm inbred racists, go to nuclear war, and break up families?

Because "massive dick" is a very subjective term.

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le ebin false flag shitposting XD

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Really need more details here OP, it's hard to say without knowing specifics.

That said:

1) When they keep trying to bring it up in discussion when everyone else obviously doesn't want to talk about it

2) When they try and bring it into the game itself (and everyone else isn't on board)

3) If they attack other players/their characters based on their political views

Essentially, if it's hurting other people's enjoyment of the game/the group, it's not OK and it's time to have a chat. If they refuse to acknowledge the problem or refuse to stop, it's time to get rid of them.

Should go without saying, but kicking them out just because you disagree with their political opinion isn't cool though.

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Oh, fuck off. A better thread died for this shit.

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As an easy rule of thumb: If they do or say anything that indicates that they are /pol/, kick them the fuck out and block them.

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No you can't just kick people for being a Trump supporter anon.

Or rather you can, but if you do you're the asshole not them and deep down you know that or you wouldn't be asking our permission to do it.

If, IF they're preaching about it constantly and disrupting the game then yeah, that's one thing.

You got beef though? Get yourself some mustard and rye bread, make yourself a sandwich and put it in your mouth before you put your boot there.
Or better yet, discuss with them why they might support someone you don't see the appeal of. Have you ever considered you might learn something?

Not even an American, but fuck political polarization. You didn't get your way this time.
Pick up your balls, dry your tears, take a deep breath and work on listening to people for the next four years and maybe he won't get a second term, if you actually take a step back and stop thinking shit like 'Maybe I should ostracize the untermensch who voted for Trump from my sight, they cannot possibly have any valid reason for what they did'

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Insulting, harassing, assaulting or otherwise acting negatively towards someone they are meant to be playing a team game with.

Don't kick someone out because they believe white privilege is real or that immigration will be the death of the West. Kick them out only they start acting negatively towards another member of the group due to their own political views, usually through pointless name-calling and shit-stirring.

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I like the MMO rule for this. Don't attack or aggressively promote any big business, any religion, any politics, any nationality. It's basic etiquette, even if your politics are aligned it can still detract from the enjoyment if it just turns into a political circle jerk.

On the other hand I think it's perfectly fine to use politics as inspiration for characters. Especially when it comes to using the most overblown and flawed version. This is essentially where Planescape came from. Dave "zeb" Cook created the factions as if they were drunken college freshmen at 4am in a bar arguing all the worst philosophies taken to their extreme no matter how wrong they knew they were.

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I hear enough of politics everywhere literally all the time. Keep it off the table, I don't give a shit who you voted for

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"Because I'm retarded" is the only valid reason to be a trump voter. "Because I'm retarded and don't read the news" is the only valid reason to still be a trump supporter.

"Nobody understands trump supporters they have a valid reason" is a stupid idea advanced by stupid people that think 'centrist' means if one person wants to eat a baby and another person doesn't then the logical compromise is eating half the baby.

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Just fuck off, you're not subtle or clever, we're used to this shit at this point.

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You're misinterpreting me. I'm saying that by framing it a certain way you can call anyone a massive dick and claim their politics are hurting you. The inverse would be "you're trying to drive my race extinct and steal my guns, liberal dickwad."

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Either dozens of millions of people are retarded or you might be wrong.

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Say what ypu will about Trump, but if anything voting for him was the smart choice. Every politician hates him, so his hands are Fucking tied when it comes to anything meaningful. If Hillary had gotten in, she'd actually be able to push her shit through.

Fuck career politicians as a whole. Good luck with your little safe space where everyone who disagrees with you is just stupid. Clearly the people you're calling stupid should thank you for pointing it out and vote for the opposite thing instead.

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when its your damn house and your damn game. its your right to kick anyone out for any reason. whether or not its socially acceptable well... thats a different story.

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Well, there's also the chance for both. Granted, it's more likely that those millions are on both sides of the fence, but still, voting for one terrible candidate over another doesn't make you a genius

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Never is. Youre an adult, act like it. If they bring it up every session, ask them to tone it down and focus on the game. If you disagree with their views, man the fuck up and ignore it.

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is a 0/10 Trump troll.

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I'm curious, does anyone seriously think this person is a liberal?

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No, the reality of this poster is clearly clear.

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If someone is being annoying for any reason, why not kick them? I find people who endlessly connect every topic to their political beliefs, even the ones I agree with, irritating. And if we ask them to stop, and they refuse, they would probably be happier with people who engage with that shit in the first place

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Honestly, the internet has become such a malicious mire of false-flagging and concern-trolling that it's almost impossible to know whether this is a stupid liberal, a stupid /pol/ack pretending to be a stupid liberal or a stupid liberal pretending to be a stupid /pol/ack pretending to be a stupid liberal.

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It's the second. And it's OP. Don't doubt the obvious, Anon. You might be wrong sometimes but you'll be right 99% of the time.

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It's always okay to kick out a player. If this hobby can get to the point where kicking out players never requires a justification, everyone will be better off. We only struggle because we have to come up with an excuse to get rid off people we don't like, but if it was just as simple as "Don't like, kick" everyone would quickly migrate to play with people they did like.

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>nobody on my side could possibly be an asshole; it must be a falseflagger

If you don't think the Left has its share of assholes you've been living under a rock since 2001.

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Nice try OP.
>it isn't the politics you braindead /pol/lack
>it's the ham-handed delivery

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Any leftist on 4chan knows better than to talk shit like that, as it'll end up with a whole bunch of other shitposters piling in on them.

I'm saying this as a leftist myself.

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Why are you asking the internet? For your purposes, it's okay as soon as it's okay with you. Are you so insecure that you need other people to share your convictions in order to feel confident about holding them? Because you should really feel more confident about what you believe. If your group is playing in your home, then they're guests in your space. If you don't want to put up with their shit, then just get rid of them.

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>When is it okay to kick out a player for their political views?

If they're injecting it into the game when it isn't warranted or applicable to anything or if they're otherwise constantly bringing it up as a means to hen peck another player to death.

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Thats kicking someone for being an annoying shit, not kicking them for voting differently than you. Acceptable.

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Out of curiosity, has anyone here heard of the ultimatum game?

Player A gets money and can offer any amount to player B. Player B can accept the offer in which case they split the money as player B proposed, or they can reject the offer and nobody gets anything. The rational strategy for player B is to always accept, but they'll usually reject offers of less than a third of the pot. Even when they know the game isn't iterative.

People aren't rational or fair by nature. I'm fine with that until they're actually doing something disruptive.

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You can call spite irrational if you want, but no real choice happens in a vacuum. There are instances where forcing someone else to lose is worth eating the opportunity cost.

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If they're Nazis, yes. Feel free to punch them in the face, too.

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My thoughts regarding this experiment every time I've heard it exactly.
I'll sacrifice a dollar to deny you a hundred, jackass.

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You can always kick players for any reason. They are worthless scum, a dime a dozen, only there because you have the creative and mental fortitude to make their fun for them.

I frequently kick players for expressing opinions I find dumb, like thinking DnD is a good system. I've often precluded players with experience in d20 from playing in my games at all.

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Keep at it OP. Maybe a b& will believe you.

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Same time its okay to kick someone out for any views they may have.

>If they frequently interrupt the game with the stupid shit they believe in.

>If they create a tense atmosphere for everyone else.

But basically, if whatever they are doing is making other people not enjoy the game, its time for the boot.
Whether its religion, politics, an annoying habit, being disruptive, hogging the spotlight, attacking other players (verbally, physically, or in game) or some other generally obnoxious thing that makes other people not want to play with that person.

I had to kick a very good player out a while back because he constantly brought up his weird religion he believed in and tried to make it a major religion in D&D. Constantly tried to derail the campaign everyone was invested in, taking up valuable game time to try to convert commoners to his religion. Which basically boiled down to all of his NPC interactions being 20-30 minute rants about what he believed in.

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Anyone got the greentext of the guy attacking a party member that was trying bend the game into some woman-centric uptopia by using diplomancer powers to convince people to kill all men?

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Bleh. People always report the results from this study wrong.
People USUALLY will take the offer, but player B's willingness to accept the share is proportional to how much testosterone they're on right now.
People seek fairness by nature, but can only maintain a rational outlook on what is fair for extended periods of time with intense training and mental discipline.

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Not the OP.

Have killed Nazis.

How about you?

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I'm talking rational in a utility sense. It's one of a set of experiments that illustrates problems either with using money to measure utility or with the narrow assumptions people make about what utility is.

I'm with player B. There are certainly nonzero deals I wouldn't take.

The dictator game is more charitable despite the name. Player B doesn't get any choice in that one, but player A almost always still gives him something.

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Damn is there a ceiling on the age limit to post? You must be ninety.
>as if you're not actually just shitposting

>> No.55740250

Source? You're sure this wasn't a variation on the original?

>> No.55740295

There isn't, and I am old. But not 90.

No. I killed Nazis in the 1990s.

Now it's all the rage again.

>> No.55740308

Do regale us.

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When it's being disruptive. If they sideline the game continuously because they want to rant at the rest of the group, killing everybody's groove, they're getting the axe. Doesn't matter if it's about a show or book we like, it doesn't matter if it's a political opinion everyone else agrees with.

Of course, the first step is to talk to them about it. If they keep being shitty after that, out they go.

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When it gets in the way of the game. One of my players is a legitmate nazi, believes all jews should be gassed and eagerly awaits the advent of right wing death squads in the USA.

However, he is also an amazing roleplayer and doesn't bring his political side to the table so I could care less what he does in his spare time.

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He was probably fighting in eastern europe in the balkans

>> No.55740360

Do they now?
I think you'd be surprised.
I'm not really leftist but I go out of my way to post my controversial opinions on /pol/, because the reactions are worth it

>> No.55740376

>if they're right wing, block them

Leftists, everyone.

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>I can't attack Games Workshop

The fuck you say.

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When they post about it on /tg/

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I find it best to ban all non-game-related/out-of-character discussion outside of breaks. If you start randomly talking about [INSERT TOPIC HERE] during our Greyhawk campaign, you had better believe that the NPCs are going to question your character's sanity and increase the DC of your social skill checks.

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DnD-drone scum, kill yourself.

>> No.55740486

This. I value the satisfaction I get out of punishing you more than I value the dollar. So how is it irrational to take the thing I value more (my satisfaction) over the thing I value less (the dollar)?

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Political affiliations aren't uniform across platforms. I've had pretty good experiences on tg with the same sorts of leftists that might be more obnoxious elsewhere.

What happens on pol is pols business. I get enough of that bunch outside their board.

Neogeorgist. Maybe geolibertarian.

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The problem with the ultimatum game is that it's phrased as a game but lacks a set win/loss condition, which frees up players to invent their own. By the rules of the game, player B actually holds all the cards by determining whether or not anyone gets anything at all and, by extension, sets the real terms of negotiation. Any intelligent player A knows this, and knows that if they want anything at all, it's actually in their best interest to make player B the best offer they can to avoid eating the larger opportunity cost. So long as player B sets their personal win condition as getting away with at least as much money as player A, then they will win every time by rejecting any offer less than half. It only makes sense for player B to accept any offer given to them, no matter how low, if any nonzero amount of money fulfills a win condition.

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I'm the first guy you linked and I think the actual shitposter got the idea from me, I was just trying to illustrate how "being a massive dick is grounds for kicking" can be twisted to "anyone I don't like should be kicked" with a COMMON liberal argument.

>> No.55740566

It's pretty standard in its genre. What's the win condition in the prisoner's dilemma?

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If I disagree with my players' politics, I kick them, no questions asked. I also don't ask about my players' politics. Which means if I find out about them, it's because they brought it up.

>> No.55740582

>holding such an utterly insufferably soulless position and castigating people for having actual beliefs
You're disgusting and insane.

Even as an evil nazi, I'd much rather spend time in the company of the most vehement SJWs than with bottom-feeding contrarians like you.

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Only if things get awkward because of it.
t. Nazi /pol/ack.

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When they try to force their views onto other players or become unnecessarily hostile about their views.

Alternatively when they make a big deal out of their character sharing their views.

Seems like a simple enough answer to me, here's your (you) OP. As for the rest of you, don't forget to sage.

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Using Georgist tax policy to rectify common libertarian ethical/economics problems where they interface with the tragedy of commons (plus a modest basic income or citizens dividend) is disgusting and insane?

>> No.55740743

When they wake the neighbors and/or scare children/small animals in the vicinity with their autistic screeching.

Alternatively, when they refuse to drop conversations that are obviously frictional. This is game night, not debate club, get your shit outta here.

It essentially comes down to the person in question not being a massive twat.

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I always flip with PD because I don't know what the other player's thinking. Part of the prisoner's dilemma is that the player's can't talk to each other. If I can't exchange information with the other player then there's no reason to even consider their benefit.

>> No.55740756

I'm actually a little insulted

>> No.55740769

In a non iterative version, you've made the rational choice

>> No.55740786

Your utter lack of engagement with the zeitgeist of the era you're fucking living in is disgusting and insane. To arrive at such a base, mundane, anti-revolutionary opinions in the midst of an intense, global, and ideological conflict is evidence of your wretchedness. Wriggle in filth like the worm you are.

>> No.55740799

If Kirbo's okay with Hitler, that's good enough for me!

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>> No.55740835

I know that feel.
>A guy in my regular D&D group is a borderline Neo Nazi.
>Hates gay people.
>I only know about this because my other friends have told me about the rants he goes on about.
>He's never said anything mean to me because he respects me too much.

>> No.55740866

Warn them first. Not in the "keep it up and I'll kick you" way, but in a "I'm finding your views personally offensive brah, if you can't shut up about Crooked Hilary for the game I am going ot have to kick you."

>> No.55740910


I wish I could get access to how tos on therapudic D&D that Wheelhouse does so we can deprogram these people.

I mean, like, I knew a girl who GM'd and she told this guy to stfu because dude, you're talking about me.

And then it just kinda clicked in my head

It's easy to let bygones be bygones if they're not talking about you. But if I was a Jew and there was a Nazi at my table I'd probably start concealed carry.

>> No.55740913

If it doesn't affect the table or make its way into the game then never. Even that isn't really work for all cases. Best is if it starts making others uncomfortable then is when you step in. I play with a member of the DSA and a Republican and there was no issues cause we were all friends first and foremost.

If you don't like playing with people whose political opinions you don't like then instead found a group based on a shared political outlook and you won't have that problem.

>> No.55740956

My political ideology is only 40 years older than yours. It's also less contrarian and has a better charismatic figurehead.

>> No.55741008

But is it your place, as a player in a game of pretend, to scrutinise their political beliefs? No offense man but tabletop is not and never has been a nuanced forum for political discussion. It's about having fun and playing pretend with a group of people.

If you don't want to play with someone then by all means just leave the group, nobody should be forced to do anything regarding tabletop. 99% of these types of scenarios or problems with "that guy" can be solved by just leaving your group and starting or finding another one.

Here's a serious question for you: What do you propose as an alternative? We interview people about their politics and forbid people from joining? (Ignoring that 99% of people don't actually have any coherent political outlook)

>> No.55741014

>tfw firmly center
>tfw just want all these /pol/ and /leftypol/ people to leave
>tfw half of these people shitting /tg/ with the bullshit probably don't even play tabletop
The election was a mistake. I blame both parties for allowing use to have to choose between sociopathic/megalomaniacal pathological liar and a spastic manchild shadowrun Megacorp CEO.

The 2-party system was a mistake, as was the game of hot potato the parties played with the Dixiecrats.

Also, this>>55740913 seriously people, it's okay to learn and practice towards having tolerance towards opinions and view points that disagree with you, this isn't 1690s Salem, Massachusetts people.

>> No.55741041

as a nazi, I can say a lot of us are fine with individuals that are gay, bi, etc, it's just the idea of indoctrination we hate. But I'm sure that you, like most gay people, are a totally decent person.

>> No.55741060

sorry bro, I do play tabletop quite a bit if that helps.

>> No.55741095

I think you're a decent person too Anon.

>> No.55741098

No unless they bring them to the game itself

>> No.55741162

aww, thanks man!

>> No.55741318

Communists should be shot.

>> No.55741390

real story; I'm one of those nazi fucks, who plays in a game run by a self-described turbojew.
The terrible part is that we actually agree on a lot, and point each other to stuff we think the other might appreciate or find percolating our peanuts.

>> No.55741497

When they ignore the lich in favor of forcing gay marriage on a fictional kingdom.

>> No.55741518

When they start bringing them to the game/never shutting up about them moments before and after the game. If they start quoting politicians currently "serving" it's an insta-kick. Quoting french royalty is fine. Quoting stalin is fine. Quoting hitler, macarthur, ahnuld, shakespeare, or other relatively old politicians is fine. History provides us with some really cool or funny one-liners to borrow from these guys for game sessions. But out of game? Modern politicians? I would just call you a retard and tell you to get out.
Watch that edge.
Kirby is worse than hitler by a factor of millions.
>gets cake stolen
>goes on a world-wide rampage to get cake back
>eats alive anyone who crosses his path
>punches planet in half for a strength contest
>throws entire kingdoms into chaos by killing their monarchies and scattering their food storage to the winds
>dooms uncountable amounts of innocent peasants to starvation because he eats literally everything edible he comes across
I mean, yeah, he protects the people of popstar from having nightmares every time they go to sleep. But it only makes it all the more cruel once they wake up and realize their family is starving and they might have to eat ol' fido. They live the nightmare. Kirby is the third horsepuff of the apocalypse, famine.

>> No.55741577

Are the Kirby games any fun? I've never played them. Where would I even start?

>> No.55741593


>> No.55741757

Sure, Kirby games are plenty fun if you don't inherently hate cutesy stuff. The gameplay between various games ranges from baby's-first-platformer to actually challenging, the powers are fun to discover and use, and the soundtrack is consistently easy to listen to.

Personal recommendation to start with is Kirby Superstar Ultra for the Nintendo DS (or an emulator), since it contains multiple shorter games leading up from the older era that you beat to unlock the newer ones, which does a good job of introducing new players to all of the mechanics before throwing real challenges at them.

>> No.55741780

I reccomend starting with the older ones first, then superstar, before moving on to the newer ones on gameboy sp and crystal shards. I've never played the wii ones, but the kirby style of gameplay hasn't really changed in 25 years, I can't imagine it's too different. New features have been added over time, but it's always retained that same kirby feel to it. Seriously, pick any kirby game, they're all fun, and the dreamland series is pretty quick to finish. I'm partial to crystal shards myself, you can combine powers in that one. I don't think they ever implemented that feature in another kirby game. A shame too, I would spend hours just trying to combine different powers in that game. Sometimes you'd become a walking fridge, sometimes you'd turn into a volcano. Fun times.

>> No.55741876

They sort of reimplemented power combinations in Squeak Squad? It's nowhere near Crystal Shards, though. Mostly "you can mix Fire or Ice with various powers to give them Fire or Ice effects", and even then I think the only combinations were with Sword, Bomb, and Wheel.

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>> No.55741916

>it's only irreconcilable when the people won't make an effort to make people around them conformable.
To quote the poet vin diesel, "don't be a dick, Dick"

>> No.55741918

That's because the Jewish conspiracy nonsense is a distraction from the fact that the wealthiest of the bankers and global financial managers (hedge funds, etc.) truly are doing evil things.

Turning it into a race issue was just the German bankers throwing the Jewish ones under the bus to avoid suspicion. It was an easy scapegoat to get the heat off of them. Not all Jews are in finance, and there are legions of corrupt financiers who aren't Jewish, but focusing on Jews lets them escape notice.

t. middle class Jew

>> No.55741931

There is literally nothing wrong with conquered lands staying conquered. People always throw that fact to the wind because they're not interested in if they weren't conquered they'd be literal hut dwelling (if they're lucky) literal savages rather than some poncy little shit who is able to bitch about their relatively unrelevant feelings or think their literally inferior culture is anything worth a damn. There are literal uncontacted people that exist because they were not conquered. Can you even fucking imagine? These are people so far gone off the evolutionary track that you literally cannot integrate them into society because they are literally that far gone mentally. The term "subhuman" gets thrown around a lot but they are as literally close to it as any people has gotten.

The parallels exist because most things are commentary on something in some form or fashion whether intentional or not because given the time one will be made. It is a game, and what's more than that, it is roleplaying. Stick yourself into a role and have some good old creativity and objective brainstorming on how to play it. Being out of your element or learning how others think is a surefire way to learn how to better carry yourself in a game. How would X respond to Y in order to Z, what are the consequence, is this alignment in line with their actions...

>> No.55741933

Shush you, this could evolve into a great discussion of implementing Kirby-esque power absorption mechanics into tabletop games for all you know.

>> No.55741941

friends who wish to stay friends don't talk about religion or politics.

>> No.55742014

/pol/ isn't political right, it's a containment board for retards. You should go back there.

>> No.55742269


If you don't like their views.

>> No.55742438

Wait, is it edgy to hate nazis now?
I don't understand.

>> No.55742473

More like
>Few people are autistic enough to post >>55739615 seriously

>> No.55742477

Fuck all of the nazis in this thread. Please drink bleach honestly.

Also, the same to all of the milquetoast liberals engaging with them politely. You people are the reason these assholes are able to spread their garbage ideology.

>> No.55742488

>as a nazi it's just the idea of indoctrination we hate


>> No.55742526

I know this shit is late, but you ain't a Nazi man. You just believe in loving your race.

>> No.55742541

>Actually calling yourself a Nazi

If you didn't fight in WWII, you are legitimately Autistic.

>> No.55742635

Kill yourself.

>> No.55742689

Well, seeing that nowadays the term 'Nazi' has degraded to the point of meaning 'Person whose political opinion is opposite of mine' - yeah, anyone who says they're 'hating Nazis' or advocating violence against them is being pretty damn edgy.

>> No.55742725

False. Republicans disagree with me. So do libertarians and Democrats. None of those groups are Nazis.

Nazis are Nazis are Nazis even if they try to rebrand every other year "alt right" "race realist" "ethno nationalist" we all fucking know a Nazi when they open their fucking mouth and they deserve the wall.

>> No.55742749

Thank you for proving my point.

>> No.55742808

Lie down on the road fash sympathizer.

>> No.55742819

Well, it doesn't exactly help the jewish peoples' case where /almost/ every single article I've seen that gets all gleeful about whites getting shit on were written by one of (((them))). I've come to accept that observant jews are just people like me trying to get along and get ahead and be decent people, but there's a cadre, as with any other people, that make everybody in the group look bad.

>> No.55742857

>quoting an eloquent nihilist cuck

Why do liberals think comedians know a damned thing? Because they mistake amusement for truth?

>> No.55742862

>You people are the reason these assholes are able to spread their garbage ideology.
You are literally the reason that people are turning into nazis
You have made the public dialog "Either you agree with me on every single point or you're a fucking nazi" I wouldn't even want to defend nazis except that you've labeled everyone right of Stalin a fucking nazi.
You quote the fucking "First they came for the Jews poem" and don't realize you're not the Jews they're coming for, and now it's "First they came for the Nazis, then they came for the conservatives, then the centrists, then they came for me."

>You people are the reason these assholes are able to spread their garbage ideology.
You know nothing about the rise of Nazism you fucking imbecile.
Literally the biggest reason the Nazis gained control of Germany is because they had fucking communist rioters in the streets and Hitler's platform was basically "Fuck commies"

Look at this fucking video.
This is a free speech rally.
This is a man who was called a neo nazi, despite being a left-wing Indian. Look at the thousands of your little Antifa cucks having to be kept by police from assaulting a group of about five people, holding signs that say "Black Lives Matter". These are the "Neo Nazis."

Please sage.

>> No.55742866

>why can people get away with not pleasing me?!

Spotted the Berniebutt.

>> No.55742870 [DELETED] 

This is 4chan, not Reddit. We legitimately don't care about you being asshurt and calling everyone you don't like a Nazi

>> No.55742876

Given that 50% of people are sub 100 IQ, millions is undershooting it.

>> No.55742890

That's just *most* of the developed world, m8.
Outside of China/Koreas/Japan, and Europe/US/Canada, most IQ averages are below 98.

>> No.55742892

So, yeah.
We have quantifiably proven the majority of people are fucking mongoloid idiots.

>> No.55742909

Go back to r/ChapoTrapHouse

Nobody cares that you're woke

>> No.55742916

Man, cuck has quickly become the codeword for "I am impotent, angry, and worthy of no respect."
I've never seen anybody use it non-ironically while still maintaining their dignity.

I miss when we used to call it by its' proper name, NTR, before all these newfags showed up.

I also am sad that these newfags don't know the solution to NTR, as /tg/ has discovered years ago.

>> No.55742925

Why don't you go back to /r/ the donald with them?
Fuck anyone that isn't a technocrat.

>> No.55742963

So you're like a libertarian?

>> No.55742968

>Man, cuck has quickly become the codeword for "I am impotent, angry, and worthy of no respect."
So just like "newfag"?

>> No.55742969

Probably not. Unless all the ruling scientists get drunk.

>> No.55742981

>Newfags get upset that newfag is still going strong and has been since 4chan was young
All I ask is you use the terms the board has been using for years before your meme started.

>> No.55743000

So you're some retard who watches Rick and Morty?

>> No.55743007


No true Scotsman, leftists blame the right as a way of life. They might SERIOUSLY claim the Midwest deserves to rot and die one moment and then whine that any intolerance comes from the right the next.

>> No.55743013

Stop being obsessed over rick and morty, reddit man.

>> No.55743028

Well, to be fair, the right claims to be intolerant of sex crimes, and then rapes countries for allah.
And they've instituted rape camps as a prison system in america.
Basically, everyone is a hypocrite and that is why we must rebel against all global powers and form the new flesh.

>> No.55743030

>Bumping the thread like a fucking moron
Nice reading comprehension retard.
>Pointing out that throwing newfag around as a catchall for a group of people who you dislike makes you sound impotent, angry, and worthy of no respect makes me a newfag
The point is that you're a fucking self-righteous hypocrite.

>> No.55743036

The actual point is that you are kind of embarrassed that you are using the incorrect terms, but cannot bring yourself to admit it because of your own stubbornness and meme lust.

>> No.55743056

>He bumped the thread again.
>He's still calling people newfags.

>> No.55743065

Yes. These are both true.

>> No.55743070

Yeah I guess I'm just too smart to understand it or you

>> No.55743087

That's another problem, you people have extreme luddite outlooks against anyone who's smarter than you, while relying on their excrement to survive.
Like, shit, they get so terrified of technology that even centuries old and proven techniques like vaccination cause scares among them.

>> No.55743099


>> No.55743141

>hears about drunken scientists
>thinks of rick and morty
>doesn't think of those wacky russians and their russian fun gun
I am disappointed.

>> No.55743163

The midwest doesn't deserve to rot and die. They do deserve the milquetoast irrelevance their insular backwards voting blocs have enshrined, and while they don't deserve the corresponding poverty and drug problems, I'm not going to beat myself up for feeling smugly amused at their problems.

>> No.55743176

they aren't entirely irrelevant.
They have, in fact, spent their entire political capital ensuring corn is produced to absurd degrees.

>> No.55743196

Kek. That's what I mean though. Both the "liberal" and "conservative" arms are fighting last generation's political battles and not even trying to keep up with today's issues, much less trying to anticipate tomorrow's issues.

>> No.55743198 [DELETED] 

Ebin :DD :D :D

>> No.55743199

>I've had pretty good experiences on tg with the same sorts of leftists
that's because while we may hate those goddamned knife-ears, we tend to come from a fairly diverse bunch ourselves and gaming tends to be one of the hobbies that forces a bit of self-reflection every now and then.

>> No.55743208

Why in the 9 hells are you idiots still feeding the troll in here. Report the OP and move on so this thread can die. Sage.

>> No.55743214

When you're a little shit who can't handle differing opinions.

>> No.55743224

When you don't feel like putting up with his shit. Life is too short to play games with people who piss you off.


>> No.55743232

It's not about being able to handle different views, it's about whether you actually want to do that in your free time.
That and ironic power. Nothing like using my position of authority to kick a pro-fascist out of a GM group.
Like, the irony gives me boners it's so good. And I'm not even against petty despotism!

>> No.55743241

As a leftish atheist, I love roleplaying kind-hearted folk of faith and tradition with a straight face, especially in comfy fantasy. If you can't even put your own politics aside at a gaming table, you're going to have a hard time getting in character.

>> No.55743247


>> No.55743307

I'm pretty atheistic too, but goddamn do I love playing a Paladin like any one of the Swords of The Cross from The Dresden Files. despite a lot of the terribleness that is in those books all <strike>three</strike> four of them are paladins done fucking right.

>> No.55743338

Yeah, how narrow minded of them for not investing in a dipshit Brooklyn twitter personality like you to make jokes at the expense of poor people in the Midwest. Truly these are the issues facing tomorrow

>> No.55743359

I will continue giving the fly-over states shit until they can produce more in taxes than they cost in subsidies.
Why can't you be like your brothers, the coasts? They're so profitable.

>> No.55743383

Genuinely curious, what do you mean by indoctrination? Like the push for more gay characters in media, that sort of thing?

>> No.55743389

>ironic power
Ironically guillotine yourself

>> No.55743401

>wanting to be like NY, NJ, or anywhere on the pacific
I'd rather live in Detroit.

>> No.55743405

They cost that much because the American agricultural industry is significantly subsidised. Where do you think American exports come from? It's not from retards like you running start ups and finding out hip ways to bust unions

>> No.55743407


Half of our working population are drug addicts living on welfare, if we could discontinue the current welfare system and stop subsidizing laziness, we'd be better off as a nation, but that's not going to happen as long as the Democrat Party needs the inner-city African American vote.

>> No.55743436

Maybe you should consider not supping on the teat of the government to make more and more corn.
maybe you should consider not making that your number 1 lobbied subject.

Fucking corn-states.
Man, druggies are small potatoes next to us subsidizing the entire world with our obscene corn production.

>> No.55743440

I have to side with the guys who actually know how to make money without supping on the government's teat.
So basically exclusively coastal areas.

>> No.55743442

>It's not from retards like you running start ups and finding out hip ways to bust unions
I've run into far more conservatives that act like unions are the devil than I have liberals.

>> No.55743448

It is my god given right as a GM to kick people out for being pro-fascist because exerting fascist power structures on fascists in unpleasant ways gives me a boner.
If you dislike that, feel free to become a GM to make me less desired and thus less able to run power freak over my players.

>> No.55743462

>It is my god given right

>> No.55743468

>I have to side with the guys who actually know how to make money without supping on the government's teat.
So you mean exactly none of the population of a coastal area

>> No.55743478

I mean, it would seem those hippies can't produce anything of value, but they keep making money and paying taxes on it.
So I have to come to the conclusion that they are actually good with their money, as they keep somehow making and taxing money.

>> No.55743480


>> No.55743492

That's a given of the American right but liberals (using the world definition, not the American definition) despise trade unions. It's why "progressives" in your country are obsessed with turning the workforce into private contractors so they can't develop labour representation.

All of America's most wealthy exports come from manufacturing (exclusively in the Midwest) and Oil (in the South). I wholeheartedly encourage you retards in California and New York to secede and watch as your GDPs tank because you no longer have the massive American infrastructure to rely on for trade. New York is a swamp, there is literally nothing of value there.

>> No.55743509

Why would they secede? It's the south who wants to do that.
They just want the fly-over states to stop being such money wasting shits.

>> No.55743519

Isn't california having an economic boom because of their recently legalized drug trade?

>> No.55743540


Nah, Texas is over that. Now it's you coastal retards' turn to be stupid.


>> No.55743543

>It's the south who wants to do that.
And California.

>> No.55743546

It also has the most productive agriculture of any state.

>> No.55743571

The single state with the greatest chance at survival post-succession is Texas (pre Harvey). No other state has the (especially energy) infrastructure to do it. California will wither and die without federal assistance.

It won't as soon as they try to implement single-payer healthcare. It'll cost annually more than the state's entire income by a few 100B.

>> No.55743585


Personally, I don't suggest making close friends with anyone with radically different political views or views on human rights (which is what most political discussions actually come down to). If I'm doing a pug at a con, I just kick them out if they're being open about their dickishness or outwardly hateful, but I wouldn't really involve anyone in a home game that doesn't meet standards of public decency.

>> No.55743599


Only as long as they have access to out of state water.

>> No.55743604

guys, texas is on the coast.
They are coastal.
They are included in the profitable coastal states.

>> No.55743618

Ah yes, I remember that time they tried to pipe water from the Great Lakes so they could irrigate. Nebraska shot them down hard before it could even get to a lake bordering state.

>> No.55743619

>it's okay to learn and practice towards having tolerance towards opinions and view points that disagree with you
Not in every case. Not when the opinion you disagree with is "we should gas the kikes, lynch the niggers, and kick out the wetbacks."

>> No.55743625

>California will wither and die without federal assistance.
>a world economy that contributes more than it takes from the fed
>would collapse without federal assistance

everything's bigger in Texas, even retards

>> No.55743626


It's rational to turn down unfair deals because all games over the course of your life are iterative. This exact, condensed situation may not present itself, but numerous others will that simplify down into a similar ruleset. If you make a social deal with a lot of other people, and over the course of your life, to reject unfair deals, you can influence the decisions of future deals.

Developing a proper attitude isn't irrational, even if the immediate loss is obvious.

>> No.55743630

why not? By using those terms you're obviously describing undesirable people

>> No.55743640


How many people do you know personally have those views? Just ignore them, fascists thrive on attention and without it they can't do anything. It's best not to waste a thought on them.

>> No.55743643

Politics explained.

>> No.55743645

If they support Trump?

>> No.55743648

What is your criteria for "undesirable?" What makes your criteria for "undesirable" the criteria that should be followed? How can you make sure some one else's less strict criteria for "undesirable" isn't what gets followed instead of yours?

>> No.55743657


> what is trade with conservative-leaning states, what are tariffs levied by the aforementioned states, and what is Mexican Reconquista, the post

>> No.55743660

So which ideologies are categorized as "Leftist"?

>> No.55743664

If you feel the need to call other people by slurs or names, you probably don't desire their company.

>> No.55743665

whatever the individual who brands himself as "leftist" believes in

it's a lot like christianity

>> No.55743670

>don't know the solution to NTR
what is the solution to NTR? Since this is /tg/ I assume its magical. Brain switching with the bull and fucking your wife as he is forced to watch from his new nerd body?

>> No.55743680

You fuck the bull up the ass and dominate him. Then he is your wife as well as your original wife, and thus he cannot cuck you.

>> No.55743694

As an actual fascist, I don't kick leftist players from my games because the chance to change their mind for an extended period of time gives me joy.

12 jewslayers created and counting.

>> No.55743696

You still haven't founded your opinion on anything substantial. You're just saying "I don't like them so they deserve to die."

>> No.55743699

you know the midwest isn't necessarily conservative right? we were called the blue wall for a reason. "were" being the operative word there. When ever a coastie feels smugly amused at our plight I just laugh to myself that they spited them self into political irrelevance by exporting all the wealth of this country to concentrate in small population centers.

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