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Carnage is the only true objective edition

>Imperial Guard Preview. Rough Riders squatted.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8-bVavjVBs [Embed]

>FAQ for Death Guard, Ad Mech and Thermal Cannon. Infinite Poxwalkers edition.

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>top 5 squigs

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Adeptus Mechanicus codex (thank you Vladimir)

Previous thread: >>55659804

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my dudes > your dudes

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1st for Guardfags are the Cheesy Eldar/Taufags of 8th.

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>phoned in C+P
Why do Khornefags even bother

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Is there really no generic chapter master anymore? That's really disappointing

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Can't waste time without killing.

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you have to pay 3 command points for the privilege of rerolling ones and twos to hit

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my models>your models

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Can anyone provide a link or a screencap of Pete Foley saying Thousand Sons are "very soon"? I've seen it multiple times here on 4chan, but I can't find any corroborating evidence elsewhere.

I want to get my hopes up, but I stopped getting hyped for 40k after Tzeentch Daemonkin never happened.

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you should swap to nurgle and use the spell Curse of the leper.
tell him since smite does d3 to every model in the unit then you roll 7 dice and how ever many beat the their toughness it does to each model in that unit.

fight fire with fire

also 7th for nurgle..

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nth for Best boy Dorn

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I'm glad I didn't get a codex yet. Looking at the Guard one and looking at the feelings coming out of the AM camp

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Wasn't Pete, but the 40k Facebook page

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Modified that admech list around a bit. I really wanted to bring the Knight even tho it isnt optimal.

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Not only is that wildly less credible, but it's still unsourced.

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Are there any sites that sell heads like the ones on Renegade enforcers? Looking for some to build my renegades now that the Guard codex is coming out.

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That is the happiest Symbol of Khorne i have ever seen

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Is it possible to have a good Tyranid build without any horde units?

Eg, all big bugs.

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>talking to a buddy at my flgs
>"I love the way my knight performs but I wish it would survive past turn two or three"
>"Well maybe if you didn't walk it in front of your opponent's entire army"
I'm sorry is there a different way I'm supposed to play this game?

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Kind of, you'll want at least some genestealers though.

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Puppets War has some stylized skulls.

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So is something like Nidzilla with a small amount genestealer troops good? Can I swap them out to warriors or something?

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no real idea what you are talking about, but haven't Thousand Sons already happened?
and shouldn't be Slaanesh next then?

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>but haven't Thousand Sons already happened? No, currently it's.
Space Marines
CSM (excluding T'Sons and Death Guard)
Grey Knights
Death Guard
Imperial Guard
CW Eldar & Nids before the end of November.

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Genestealers are better than warriors unless you need synapse.

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It was like early mid august
Not really in the mood to dig that far back for it

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Have orks ever been balanced and competitive?

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In 4th I guess.

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Depends, if that's how you're playing then you should reconsider the synergy between your Jack and Warcaster as well as your focus management.

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Would this list be considered to be WAAC when the Codex drops, /tg/?

Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [23 PL, 414pts]
----------Company Commander [3 PL, 36pts]
---------------Boltgun, Power Axe
----------Company Commander [3 PL, 36pts]
---------------Boltgun, Power Axe
----------Conscripts [4 PL, 90pts]
---------------30x Conscript
----------Conscripts [3 PL, 60pts]
---------------20x Conscript
----------Conscripts [3 PL, 60pts]
---------------20x Conscript
----------Conscripts [3 PL, 60pts]
---------------20x Conscript
----------Commissar [2 PL, 36pts]
---------------Boltgun, Power Axe
----------Commissar [2 PL, 36pts]
---------------Boltgun, Power Axe

Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [23 PL, 414pts]
----------Company Commander [3 PL, 36pts]
---------------Boltgun, Power Axe
----------Company Commander [3 PL, 36pts]
---------------Boltgun, Power Axe
----------Conscripts [4 PL, 90pts]
---------------30x Conscript
----------Conscripts [3 PL, 60pts]
---------------20x Conscript
----------Conscripts [3 PL, 60pts]
---------------20x Conscript
----------Conscripts [3 PL, 60pts]
---------------20x Conscript
----------Commissar [2 PL, 36pts]
---------------Boltgun, Power Axe
----------Commissar [2 PL, 36pts]
---------------Boltgun, Power Axe

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Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [70 PL, 1170pts]
----------Tank Commander (Demolisher) [13 PL, 243pts]
---------------Demolisher Siege Cannon, Lascannon, Heavy Bolters
----------Tank Commander (Demolisher) [13 PL, 243pts]
---------------Demolisher Siege Cannon, Lascannon, Heavy Bolters
-----Heavy Support
----------Leman Russ Exterminator [11 PL, 171pts]
---------------Exterminator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolters
----------Leman Russ Exterminator [11 PL, 171pts]
---------------Exterminator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolters
----------Leman Russ Exterminator [11 PL, 171pts]
---------------Exterminator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolters
----------Leman Russ Exterminator [11 PL, 171pts]
---------------Exterminator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolters

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oh, ok (kinda oversaw, that Sons aren't in the curent codec, didn't got them yet)
either way, has anyone any idea how long will this
be available?
not really necessary, but I would make a Slaanesh pimpwagon out of the Landraider and Sisters

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If you're asking. You're fine.
>using two posts and 50 lines for a list

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Is this the new "sixty multi-meltas?"

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How to fix 40k.
Template weapons now add 2 for every unit in the squad you're shooting. 30 man Boyz squad? That flamer is now 6+ d6 hits.

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>some autist just sits around editing dorn/alpharius reaction memes
God, Hhg brought us some funny stuff

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First of all, the wording you're looking for is "models in a unit" not "units in a squad".

Second of all, fuck you. Horde armies are supposed to be able to soak shit, that's the whole point.

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the problem is that there's no points efficient way to clear a hoard of conscripts. all answers are more expensive than the squad they're trying to kill

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Did Guard get any cost reductions/increases in their Codex? I want to know if I've going to be facing more or less units when it drops.

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all points changes were decreases

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Fuck. Any specifics? I know the Russ is now 10 points cheaper.

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Yes, because conscripts are overpowered, not everything else is too weak. The easiest way to nerf scripts- since platoon setup or no regiment or no orders or no commissar if the result is over 15 or bumping Guard bodies all a point, etc. is just to give them a damn 6+. If that actually happened they'd be a lot more manageable, while still useful

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It's almost like outnumbering your enemy makes it harder for them to kill everyone, wow

The whole reason you take blobs is to get more quantity over quality for everything. More wounds, more shots, more attacks. The difference between chewing through 20 infantry and 20 wounds on a monster or tank is that blobs take up more space and their damage output goes down with every wound instead of only at intervals

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>models in a unit
Yeah. That's what I meant.

The Actual problem with hordes is they are immune to their check, leadership. Kill 7 of a 10 man squad of tac marines and you can get like 30 points of models to run away maybe. Kill 20 of a 30 man squad of conscripts and the commissar just domes a 3 pt dude.

>> No.55662632

>196 infantry models

Paint 'em, faggot.

>> No.55662633

A big issue in that example is that AT weapons are very good at killing large things, while AH weapons aren't. Templates and blasts don't hit enough dudes. Also hordes don't care about morale because of all the ways they can mitigate it. They're supposed weaknesses aren't really weaknesses.

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That's not a hordes issue, that's a Conscripts issue.

>> No.55662653

That issue applies to orks too. Murder 20boyz? They take d3 mortals that they can FNP away.

>> No.55662659


>I killed 20 guys easily
>It's unfair because I don't get the other 10 for free

I play Orks, not guard, but I'm also immune to morale usually. Blobs simply would not work if what you're proposing was common. Why the fuck would I bother with horses at all if their numbers will only be used against them?

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If your force is entirely based, painted and ready to rumble, is it wrong to refuse to play against the gray tide?

Also, what's your stance on playing against kids or those obviously younger than you, or those very new to the game. Is mercy a thing?

>> No.55662665

That's not a Conscripts issue, it's a Commissar issue. You'd have the same problem fighting 6 squads of 10 than you would fighting 2 squads of 30.

Actually, you'd have MORE of one, since those squads are 1) higher BS and 2) divided into more units, thus increasing the chances of overkill.

>> No.55662666

To a degree, yeah. It's the same annoying thing with Ld in 7th when it was this whole big check/balance but all the armies (except a certain few wildly underpowered) that actually cared had ways of negating it entirely.

Commissars would be fine with -5 and kill one guy, or a reroll, or whatever, but when my bloodthirster just turned a dozen of farmer Ted's closest friends into a fine pink mist without a thought, I'm calling bullshit that the commissar braining some dude across the line will stop him and the other 16 inexperienced locals from turning tail

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If you were fighting 2 Squads of 30 then they would lose 2 to morale, fighting 6 Squads on 10 they would lose 6.

>> No.55662682

Thinking of an all Nob waagh

>> No.55662698


Food for thought: big Choppas are just melee Deffguns

>> No.55662699

No. Frankly pure conscripts was never good, and it's now pretty ass without reliable orders. Conscripts are still very good for screening and can be surprisingly dangerous at times but they aren't going to cut it as the core of your offense.

>> No.55662701

Super heavies got cheaper by 40 points. Russes 10. Valkyries 20. Veteran and Scions plasmas went up by 6.

>> No.55662711

depends on the reason. If it is a gray tide because he started a short time ago, is literally unable to paint or stuff like that, then no. If he has the time and ability to paint then i would still fight him, but i could understand if you would decline a game against a gray tide under this circumstances

Small games (<500 points ) against kids can be fun depending on how much like squirrels they are

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I'm cool with stuff that circumvents leadership. But there isn't an efficient way to handle hordes tight now. There is high str, high AP multi damage weaponry to handle tanks and mcdonald. The only way to handle hordes is shoot it with another horde

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Do it. Do everything. You really think you're ever going to stop?

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>But there isn't an efficient way to handle hordes tight now.

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Even pask in a punisher isn't that good at killing conscripts.

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There's only one way to handle a Mcdonald

>> No.55662768

4 more men is not that much of a difference, anon.

The point is that Commissars are the lynchpin to Guard Blob. Because their morale power is AoE they can completely ruin the morale mechanic for a very large number of units nearby, no matter what they are.

Anons screeching about conscripts need to get their shit together and realize that conscripts are NOTHING without the man in the red sash.

HE is the true power.

>> No.55662772

Only have to spend double what it cost to get the hoard squad to put a dent in it. How efficient. Also even with double shooting a punisher kills about 9 guardsmen.

>> No.55662779


>The only way to handle hordes is shoot it with another horde

Except for, you know, anything with a gatling gun mounted to it.

You've really gotta get your head out of older editions. There are no templates anymore. Thank shells don't spread into clouds and flamethrowers don't cut through entire crowds anymore.

>> No.55662782

>kills 10 at best
No, it's not. 6+ is the change I'm starting to agree with, mathematically it does make them a lot weaker. Or have like a thing where they get no save against high S weapons to simulate the weakness of civilian armor

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>5 Sternguard with stormbolters
>40 shots at 12'' for 90 points
>Decent amount of close combat attacks as well

>> No.55662794

even with firing twice the punisher Gatling cannon does 8.888... wounds to a conscript horde.

>> No.55662804

You're the one that really needs to get their head out of older editions. A 40 shot punisher cannon at BS4+ for instance only kills about 9 guardsmen, previously it would have killed around 17. The new to wound table and them getting 5+ armor saves makes the more durable then they were previously.

>> No.55662805

>Is mercy a thing?
For new players, No. But let them know what's going on in your head. Ask them what they are planning. Help them work through things that might go wrong and anticipate issues that arise.
For kids, don't try to win. Try to make an enjoyable experience. Play for big, cool moments where entire units are blown off the table or one dude makes 8 impossible saves. Have fun playing the game with them.

>> No.55662807

Meant 20 shots. I might be too tired for numbers

>> No.55662819

It's probably the best option aside from massed HB HWT's.

At full spate it's a 176 point vehicle, 178 if you spring for the storm bolter. Assuming you're not an idiot and stay out of rank fire range, you can shit out 51 S4 shots every turn, of which 9 have AP-1.

Assuming you don't move:
>42 AP- shots
>21 hits
>14 wounds
>9.333 unsaved wounds

>9 AP-1 shots
>4.5 hits
>3 wounds
>2.5 unsaved wounds

Making about 12 in total, or 36 points of conscripts. It won't kill it's points in men. Nothing in the GAME is that much of a horde muncher, and that's kinda the point. But it'll put out enough pain that a horde army can't fight it effectively.

>> No.55662828

>Horde mulchers shouldn't mulch hordes cause they are MY hordes
And I'd like meltaguns to bounce off my tanks

>> No.55662833

>Except for, you know, anything with a gatling gun mounted to it.
nigger what? dual firing punisher gatling does less than 10 wounds. The only weapon that reliably kills hordes to my knowledge is the dual grav flux, because it's the only damn weapon that acts like it should with hordes: fuck ton of dudes means fuck ton of shots.

>> No.55662840

The point of units like conscripts isn't to fight effectively though, it's to hold ground and soak fire.

>> No.55662841


Again, this sounds like a conscript problem and not a horde problem in general. I've seen my Boyz get casually swept off the board by gunlines too many times to accept the idea that hordes are inherently broken.

>> No.55662842

And a single meltagun is no longer able to one-shot any tank, so they kinda do bounce off tanks actually.

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>box of 7
>3/7 (42%) have mouthbelly

>> No.55662852

How many boyz are you bringing? Even conscripts aren't that bad when it's just one unit of them, it's once people start bringing 3 or 4 units of 30 that they start becoming a problem. Last I heard green tide is just as bad atm.

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>the only thing that kills it efficiently
Look at the edition, RIP AND TEAR is one of the best ways to do it

>> No.55662858

Yeah it's pretty much just conscripts and their ilk. Boyz are twice the cost for the same survivability.

>> No.55662861

>mouth belly
Well when you put it that way, yeah it sounds dumb.
"Have you seen the new gut maw DG?"

>> No.55662863

>Nothing in the GAME is that much of a horde muncher, and that's kinda the point
not entirely true, and that "being the point" is goddamn bullshit and everyone but horde spammers knows it. the fact that a fucking death strike missile, a god damn ICBM, or massive fucking flamers like on land raider redeemer is complete bullshit.

>> No.55662868

Punisher cannons have never had AP. At least have your facts straight.

>> No.55662881


I generally run 2 blobs of 30 (with mostly shootas because I play bad moons and like it fluffy). Perhaps it's just my local meta, but everyone seems to have some kind of ap and that just makes my guys disappear. I probably "should" run with a KFF nearby but I don't usually because it seems kind of dickish.

>> No.55662884

They'll only kill 5 dudes on average in shooting. 110 points total for power mauls, you kill an additional 6. Not great.

>> No.55662887

Trying to learn to play with three other new players who don't really know how to read rules. As the only real "reader" of the group, I'm also the "teacher/ref" for most of the friendly games.

A thing comes up today: A death company dreadnaught fired it's 1-shot melta into a group of nobz, and scores a hit, a wound, and beats the armor save to deal 6 damage.

Player 1 says that the 6 damage kills three nobs (2W each)
Player 2 says that because it was one attack, one nob took all 6 damage, and the 4 leftover are lost, only mortal wounds carry over to other models. Good rolling melta was overkill.

Again, I am also a newfag teaching newfags. I felt like player 2 was right, but had them roll off anyway. Which one was right, though?

>> No.55662898

Player 2 was right. Damage does not spill over unless it's a mortal wound.

>> No.55662906

Player 2 is right
Only spills over when it specifically states, like with mortals. Otherwise, pure overkill

>> No.55662909

Never lost against Ork green tide with GK though thanks to all the stormbolters, and those come with a melee weapon and shitty Smite tax which are useless against hordes.

>> No.55662911

For the dedicated reader you fucked up 12 pages of rules? The melta kills one nob, only mortal wounds overflow.

>> No.55662913

Player 2, rulebook states that wounds don't spill over unless they are mortal or otherwise specified

>> No.55662914

Wounds are assigned to a model
When that model fails its save, wounds are converted to damage.
6 damage all goes to one model. No spillover. Player 2 correct.

>> No.55662925

Yeah, cunt, those Putrid Gutmaw will look real impressive next to your Citadel Foetid Bloat-drones™ and Myphitic Blight-haulers™.

>> No.55662928

Does anyone know the physic power in Codex: Deathguard where you roll a d6 for every model in a unit and if it's larger than that model's strength is receives a mortal wound?

that halves conscripts, if not worse

>> No.55662929

even zerkers are only able to kill 2 to 3 conscripts per turn under normal circumstances, which means they're going to have to spend a couple turns just to wipe out the scripts, which means the scripts are doing their job anyways.

>> No.55662932

I miss my death strike missile, it made hordes go away.

>> No.55662939

Rulebook is FREE and less than 15pgs, why didnt you just look it up?

>> No.55662940

A triple HB Punisher is 166 pts. That's 3.4 points per shot.

>> No.55662943

Don't forget my Nasty Rot-Drinker Pestilence Harvesters ™

>> No.55662945

Wut, maybe mouthbelly is the equivalent of a Nurgle STD.

>> No.55662951

curse of the leper, but it's only 7 dice, no more no less.

>> No.55662958

No, I've got the rulebook, it's just my enthusiasm for the game is middling.

>> No.55662963

Did you bulldoze through his hordes or just play objectives? How well do you roll?

>> No.55662972

Fuck, dude I was playing against said a dice for each model.
Serves me right for not reading it myself

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I miss Riptidewings QQ

>> No.55663004

Average or below roll, only some straggler supporting ork characters remaining. Focus fire on closest group of units, spreading the casualties untill all units had few models remaining and morale started to count again.

>> No.55663005
File: 9 KB, 348x352, kermmmmmmrrrrrggggg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And they're good at it.

Isn't this just the growing pains of 8th edition? I mean on the one hand I get it, they're very hard to kill unless you can get out a phenomenal number of shots or attacks, which is very hard to do for elite armies like Grey Knights or Custodes.

But on the other hand, pretty much every army has access to some sort of horde unit themselves. Chaos has cultists, Nids have gaunts, Orks have boyz, Crons have scarab swarms, tau ACTUALLY HAVE THE SHOOTING TO KILL THEM (I've been fighting a tau player regularly in 8th, with proper fire coordination he can chew my 'scripts up in record time), and any imperial army has conscripts, because a patrol detachment can be just them with a lord commissar and a platoon commander and poof. Instant allied horde.

So what's the problem, really? Yes, they stick around. But it's not an unfair advantage, because everyone can do it.

>> No.55663025

Because Swarmhammer is fucking boring

>> No.55663033

>RIP AND TEAR is one of the best ways to do it
That's a problem. A Khorne Berzerker, a model whose sole strength is shredding light infantry in CQC, kills 2.85 Conscripts a turn. Even if you have a ten man unit of Berzerkers, a 30 man unit of Conscripts will probably survive your charge, especially once you factor in losses from Overwatch and their return strikes before you swing again. Then they get to step back let the heavy weapons blast your Berzerkers off the tabel.

>> No.55663045

>Nurgle STD.
Does Nurgle give out STDs or does Slannesh?

>> No.55663063

Makes sense. An army of those 5-man stormbolter units could chew threw 30-boy squads.

>> No.55663067

Nurgle creates them, Slaanesh helps spreading them.

>> No.55663071

>Chaos has cultists
Cultists actually follow morale rules, so taking a swarm of them is retarded. At most, you take a single twenty man unit to Infiltrate for Deep Strike protection.

>hey, this thing isn't broken, you all just have to ally in your own conscripts
Please go and stay go.

>> No.55663073

Disease is Nurgle's domain. Shouldn't matter how you get it.

>> No.55663076
File: 72 KB, 538x357, conSHITS B T F OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

daily reminder that conSHITS have been OFFICIALLY


>> No.55663091

The problem was literally never their efficacy as shooting units (ie with order); it's always been that they're ridiculously difficult to shift off of an objective or to get through to kill the actually dangerous units.

>> No.55663101

And if you don't want to take an allied horde you're fucked I guess? Everyone technically having access to it doesn't really mean its ok. That's like saying Scatbike spam was ok in 7th because technically everyone could ally in an Eldar detachment.

>> No.55663104

Well no, 9 WE Khorne bezerkers with chainaxes n' chainswords kills a full 30 scripts a turn and only costs 153 points. There's your answer to effective killing

>> No.55663107

not worried about it

>> No.55663108

when a condom breaks, is it Tzeentch or Slannesh that smirks?

>> No.55663118

everybody except khorne

and khorne too if the person gets angry

>> No.55663127

Scarab swarms aren't a good horde unit, they die to both volume and multi damage weapons.

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File: 19 KB, 500x500, 1506749294642.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guard-anons, thoughts on Flamers for Infantry Squads? I'm on the fence if saving the extra 7 points per squad is worth painting up some extra guns and snapping them off my squads.

>> No.55663142

Alright, for the people wanting some better anti-horde tools.
What would you add/change in your factions arsenal to give yourself horde wreckers?
Try to do something more balanced than double every gun's shots

>> No.55663152

So every time a condom breaks,
Belakor flaps his wings

>> No.55663164

Give some big tonks and artillery, like Vindicators and shit, damage spill-over. Call it something like high explosive. It'd be nice on some of the artillery pieces that don't see play.

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File: 50 KB, 289x290, 1506919245724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We lowered the squad size by about half so you can field twice as many Troops and thus have even more command points

>> No.55663170

They would just have to buff the guns that once were meant for killing hordes a little bit. A unlucky roll and that flamer will only hit a single ork - never worth the risk when you have to get that close to actually fire that flamer.

>> No.55663175

Give me a leak of Fulgrim/ Emperors Children GW

I know you fucks browse this thread

>> No.55663179

Not that guy but I have 300 infantry and 35 tanks painted. Is your only objection to playing against infantry wave that they are not painted?
Would you play against me with the same list?

>> No.55663185

>tau killing conscripts
well memed friend, clearly you don't have enough conscripts
>tau hordes exist
what are kroot hounds

also this is very likely going to become a pasta

>> No.55663188

Has a leaked copy of the new guard dex come up for dl anywhere? I know it's only a few days until it comes out but, curiosity and all that. Worst case I'll just have to wait to recalculate my lists on Saturday when I pick my hard copy up.

>> No.55663192

-Battalion Detachment-
Typhus - 175 pts
Terminator Lord: Balesword, Fugaris' Helm - 113 pts

20 Poxwalkers - 120 pts
20 Poxwalkers - 120 pts
20 Chaos Cultists - 80 pts

Plague Surgeon - 65 pts
Foul Blightspawn - 77 pts
Helbrute: Twin Lascannon, Missile Launcher - 147 pts
Helbrute: Twin Lascannon, Missile Launcher - 147 pts

Fast Attack
Myphitic Blight-Hauler - 142 pts
Foetid Bloat-Drone - 158 pts

Heavy support
Plagueburst Crawler: 2 Entropy Cannons - 156 pts

Total - 1500 pts

Should I drop the bloat-drone for a second blight-hauler? Or is 1 enough to cover 40 poxwalkers..? Someone said 1 was enough last night. Am I also shooting myself in the foot for not taking a plaguecaster with staff?

>> No.55663203

only if you have a transport to get them up close, otherwise don't bother

>> No.55663215

The minimum size is the same. What are you on about?

>> No.55663222


>> No.55663232

Lessen the randomness
Like give submunitions 3+d3 hits

>> No.55663240
File: 813 KB, 666x600, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that Khorne plays Nintendo.

>> No.55663256

Whats coming after deathguard and shadespire?

>> No.55663258
File: 280 KB, 904x510, CKSbI1506921965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55663265

Looking to get into 40k. How is Mechanicum power wise? Can I have fun with robots even if I dont use netlists?

>> No.55663271

Tbh I just think some of them are too efficient for their cost. I also would like to see some formerly template weapons be changed to be a bit more reliable against large model count units.

>> No.55663276

You're shooting yourself in the foot by taking all that fairly useless support for units that really don't do much. You can drop a unit of Pox Walkers for 40 more cultists to run ahead of your shit, and the Blight Hauler is almost never going to make his points back. Also, the Plague Surgeon is 65 points for a 5% increase in DR for units within 3", which is just not worth it. You're committing 382 points to try and make 240 points worth of M4 S4 melee fighters try and do anything, which is a giant waste.

Back up the shoot brutes with stuff to wipe out infantry, and things to get to and sit on an objective. MSU plagues might be expensive but they'll fill that role fairly well.

>> No.55663280

How do we please Malal?

>> No.55663282

Points: 1918
Command points: 13
Power level: 113

Brigade detachment
--HQ-- [90]
Company Commander [30]
Company Commander [30]
Company Commander [30]
--TROOPS-- [368]
Conscripts [60]
Conscripts [60]
Infantry squad [62]
Missile launcher
Sniper rifle
Infantry squad [62]
Missile launcher
Sniper rifle
Infantry squad [62]
Missile launcher
Sniper rifle
Infantry squad [62]
Missile launcher
Sniper rifle
--ELITES-- [132]
Command squad [44]
Command squad [44]
Command squad [44]
--FAST ATTACK-- [316]
Armoured Sentinel [59]
Heavy flamer
Sentinel chainsaw
Armoured Sentinel [59]
Heavy flamer
Sentinel chainsaw
Armoured Sentinel [66]
Hunter-killer missile
Armoured Sentinel [66]
Hunter-killer missile
Armoured Sentinel [66]
Hunter-killer missile
Heavy weapons team [57]
3 Autocannon
Heavy weapons team [27]
3 Mortars
Heavy weapons team [27]
3 Mortars

Vanguard detachment
--HQ-- [130]
Commissar Yarrick [130]
--ELITES-- [204]
Veterans [103]
3 flamers
Heavy flamer
5 shotguns
plasma pistol
Special weapons team [59]
2 melta-guns
demolition charge
Platoon commander [21]
Platoon commander [21]

Super-heavy auxilary detachment
Baneblade [567]
Heavy stubber
Set of side sponsons with heavy bolters

This is for a 2000 tournament, so what should I do with the extra points? just ore upgrades, or more units?

>> No.55663286

AdMech is fine, not amazing but not terrible. They can be a bit broken if you spam certain units though.

>> No.55663295


>> No.55663302

Primaris and Samecast.

>> No.55663304

We'll ignore the Conscripts firing Overwatch or swinging back.

Berzerkers get 4 attacks each with their Chainaxes, plus two more from the Champion, so 38 attacks. One sixth of those will generate an additional attack from "Faction Special Rule that Doesn't Actually Do that Much", for 44.33 Chainaxe attacks.

Hitting on a 3 (2/3 success), that's 29.56 hits.

Wounding on a 2 (5/6 success), that's 24.63 wounds.

With a 6+ save (5/6 success), that's 20.5 unsaved wounds.

Now, for the chainswords, we've got 18 attacks base, which translate to 21 swings after FSRTDADTM.

Hitting on a 3 (2/3 success), we get 14 hits.

Wounding on a 3 (3/3 success), we get 9.33 wounds.

Saving on a 5 (2/3 success), we get 6.22 unsaved wounds.

Total conscript casualties amount to 26.7 men. The Commissar shoots one of the three survivors, and the last two are imbued with a courage that no other servant of the Emperor can match.

tl;dr- You're a lying fucktard.

>> No.55663307

Fairly bleh units, but there's a lot of room to grow with their artifacts, tactics, and especially their stratagems. Also Cawl is just fun to play.

>> No.55663315

You have to spend 3 cp to upgrade a captain to chapter master which makes his aura of rerolling 1s to hit into rerolling all failed to hits

>> No.55663316

Nids or Eldar. And Necromunda somewhere in there.

>> No.55663326
File: 8 KB, 250x250, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>somewhere in the Warp, the followers of Malal are playing Sudoku

>> No.55663332

I dunno anon, the zerkers might not kill all 30 but with only 2 conscripts remaining you kinda proved his point actually.

>> No.55663341

>somewhere in the Warp, the followers of Malal are intentionally failing at Sudoku, sometimes 50% of the time, sometimes 51%, sometimes 49%, with the variance of that variance constantly changing
>because otherwise it'd be too much order

>> No.55663347

>What is rounding up?

>> No.55663363

Well, Khorne loves vidya according to>>55663240. Slaanesh plays with himself. Tzneech plays children's card games. What does Nurgle play?

>> No.55663365

How so? KB, who're purpose built to murderize light infantry, can't even punch through a unit of Conscripts in a turn under unrealistically ideal circumstances. Those Berzerkers spending a turn to kill a useless chaff unit is a net win for the Conscript player.

>> No.55663366

>oh no, 2 conscripts are so valuable and frightening
>conscripts, more like conscRIPs

>> No.55663379

Why the fuck would you round before the end? That's like middle school level math shit.

>> No.55663382

Nurgle plays with baking, obviously.

>> No.55663393

Also FWIW, if the Berzerkers have any of their buffing characters nearby, the math skyrockets in their favor. Just the Chaos Lord aura means you'll have something like a 63% chance to wipe out the squad. An Aspiring Champion takes it even further.

>> No.55663410

>What does Nurgle play?

Nurgle plays around with shit, obviously.

>> No.55663413

How do you guys convince your friends to play different armies? I haven't had success yet, and it's become important now. In 7th, there was a guy that I didn't like who had what he described as a "fluffy, fun" kroot based army. I wouldn't play a game with him because it was tau, and tau are waac. Now a friend of mine who has played guard forever, and probably has well over two thousand dollars put into guard wants to play 8th edition guard. I'm not going to play against the latest waac army, but I wasn't even able to convince the tau guy that I didn't like to switch, how am I supposed to get my friend to play an army that I can beat when he has two thousand dollars in guard models?

I heard renegades are pretty weak, do you think he could convert his minis into those? This guy is the only person who I get to play with besides the occasional newcomer to the store, so I need to figure out a way to have easier games against him.

>> No.55663414

>throw bullshit at the wall
>claim victory when they refute it
It's really nice to see that the Guardfag community is just as shitty as the rest once they get their turn up top.

>> No.55663416

I kinda want to get this mentality out that having just Commissars and Conscripts is "OP". It's not. They're the IG's TEQ. It's fair if they can have one if you bring some termies or a land raider. If they bring multiple Brigade Detachments, then yes that is pretty cheesy.
Also Infantry Squads are shit. They're just expendable meatshields. Having a whole army oriented around them would be incredibly boring. If the common man had the same love that Genestealers then that would be fine.
A "fun" army to play against is something that tries to bring all the neat units into the battle in a combined arms fashion. Not just spamming any one single unit. A good Guard player would know that a detachment of Commissars and Conscripts unit is a cheaper and arguably better source of anti vehicle firepower than the other units.
I'm so tired of hearing non Guard players complain about "muh Commissars or muh Conscript Hordes" They're there in the codex, they have a purpose, just like the FWs.source then any of the titans. Just because you get butthurt at the cheesemongers doesn't mean that the other Guard players have to stop using a particular unit. Quit bitching.

>> No.55663424
File: 71 KB, 455x406, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon, pic related never breaks.

>> No.55663425

I hate you because now i have to actually do this fucking puzzle
No one post answers or ill kill you

>> No.55663427

please be bait

>> No.55663432

If you paint your models then you'r better than the Grey Tide.

>> No.55663433

>Hey, conscripts are totally fine!
>As long as you bring a significantly more expensive unit designed to kill them into melee and have a couple buffing characters that cost about as much as the conscripts themselves, you can kill them.

>> No.55663440
File: 9 KB, 246x205, pg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fucking guardfags am I right?
bruh I play tau, fuck outta here

>> No.55663444
File: 41 KB, 595x444, 53793_md-Artwork, Depressed, Humor, Necrons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Unit purpose built to murderize light infantry
>Wasting one turn to kill chaff
>As in light infantry

Are you even reading what you are posting anon?

>> No.55663449

That's really dumb, just a new aura buff with no stat changes. It's killed my motivation to do an oc chapter

>> No.55663450

You need a second Blight Hauler, you can't fit more than 25-30 models into a single one's bubble.

>> No.55663451

What army do you play?

>> No.55663452

I don't know who started the "guard players are complete bros" meme. They are cancer incarnate.

>> No.55663455

Hell. Hell's coming

>> No.55663459

Not him but i play a different brand of Space Marines each week. Some times Raven Guard some times Salamanders. You know the usual and i have this exact same problem

>> No.55663462

>There's a chaos god in this general right now and it isn't carnac

>> No.55663466

Good thing we don't play a game where we put units together in a vacuum and compare points efficiency, anon.

>> No.55663470

Why is half the IG stuff on GW's site out of stock?

>> No.55663471
File: 1.31 MB, 2968x2336, GK_chaplin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Everybody providing counterarguments must be a guardfag

Next he's going to say "samefagging" anons, just watch

>> No.55663475

Plenty of people are terrible but go under the radar because taudar is a magnet for attention

>> No.55663479

I'm playing a custom tzeentch warband (alpha legion rules though) with some daemons mixed in.

>> No.55663480

I meant he rounded up 27 to 30.

>> No.55663481

Probably because the codex comes out on Saturday.

>> No.55663485

What Sept?

>> No.55663486 [SPOILER] 
File: 20 KB, 239x340, 1506922405089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, it's Hashut

>> No.55663487

If he keeps smashing you then just ask him to take more fun options rather than purely competitive Guard stuff. If you're actually trying to make him switch armies to make him easier to beat you're a shit friend.

>> No.55663488

WAACs gonna WAAC

>> No.55663489


Probably repacking or the new 'dex has people buying shit in droves. I don't understand why people buy anything from GW directly short of exclusives.

>> No.55663491
File: 1.35 MB, 1015x977, he_who_should_not_be_named.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Carefull there...

>> No.55663496
File: 54 KB, 424x318, Neat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tau in 8th
>Different rules for the different septs
>Rumored release of auxiliaries

Only thing that excites me more is orkz.

>> No.55663502

because they arent namefags

>> No.55663506

No, it's been like that for a while. I ordered a crapton of stuff for 8e at my FLGS and only a few bits have come in.

>cavalry bases for my rough riders

of those, only the demolishers have actually been filled. It's really annoying.

>> No.55663516


Just imagine being an Iron Hands player. Not only are we the only first founding chapter without a single special character, we also get the second worst tactic, a worthless relic, and our "unique" stratagem is worthless and also given for free to CSM.

>> No.55663518

Septs will get ML table stuff too probably.
But the new stuff is likely Enclaves, join Farsight not the cuckthereals

>> No.55663521

>REEEE, my units are only good if they can win back their points in 1 turn

>> No.55663523 [SPOILER] 
File: 64 KB, 738x936, 1506922604430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related would excite me more.

>> No.55663528

Well Rough Riders got the axe in the codex so I wouldn't expect those any time soon.

>> No.55663529
File: 2.03 MB, 480x270, 1498482513404.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If I can't beat something I look to handicap my friends, rather than improve myself

You're kind of a shitty person, did you know that?

>> No.55663530

Isn't he the shitty guy for playing the waac army? I'm just trying to help him enjoy the game the way it's meant to be played, and enjoy it that way myself.

He's not full waac yet. Most everyone in the store is, that's why I don't play with them anymore, but this guy's alright. Though lately he's started to get more rules lawyer-ey just like the others, so I'm worried for him.

>> No.55663536

1. Lorgar and Perty are undivided
2. Chaos is the main antagonist (for the soul of humanity and Eldar)
3. ADB sucks
4. Be'lakor seems to be hated by just about everyone
5. Why the fuck is /lgbt/ here?

>> No.55663539

Then why not, rather than refuse people games, and demanding they change, you figure out a way to counter them with your army. Try new strats, mixing up some units, or give the other players the benefit of the doubt that they arent being waacfags.
Take it as a challenge, a puzzle to solve.
Personally I like dropping Warp Talons in the backline and getting snipers for their characters.

>> No.55663546

>thought 7th "everything has rerolles" edition is finally over
>the new guard book happens

For fucks sake GW.

>> No.55663547

I thought Games Workshop is the main antagonist.

>> No.55663551

And no primarch, ever.

>> No.55663553

You're right, we play the game where Conscripts are an oppressive, meta-warping presence and Khorne Berzerkers aren't.

Most light infantry actually serves a purpose other than "get in the way."

>> No.55663555

You buy him the army.

>> No.55663559

They're completely OOP, I'm making conversions.

Which did result in a moment of severe panic, as they are quite expensive, in-depth conversions, but you can run a unit that's not in the codex if it's in the index.

>> No.55663560

/lgbt/ is always here. Waiting

>> No.55663562

I'm just curious to see if Guard is the book where they go "Oh shit we made the books too strong, dial it back" or if Nids get a chance to step up to plate.

>> No.55663566

Find a new store?

>> No.55663573

Playtester chatter is saying the bug book is even worse.

>> No.55663575

I'm trying. My army has a lot of brimstone horrors in it, so I think it's pretty optimized, but there's only so much you can do with chaos against 8th baneblade cheese this edition.

>> No.55663578

/lgbt/ is in there because Carnac says he used to frequent it before he got thrown out over a "Trap War".

>> No.55663579

>and also given for free to CSM.
Yeah, it's not like CSM using warp-shit to keep their vehicles running smoothly hasn't been a mechanical and fluff element for decades.

>> No.55663585
File: 57 KB, 682x720, crumblingmyjonathons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>keep beating flatmate's nids with my eldar
>keep telling him to try cheaper units
>refuses to build his remaining 50 gaunts
>because the 8 he fields haven't been very effective

>> No.55663594

Does anyone else get a feeling of pride when a their OC meme/copypasta takes off?

>> No.55663597

Apparently Nids is scarier.
I doubt it is "oh shit" time anytime soon. They've had most of these books wrapped up ages ago and are the first bundle out the door.

>> No.55663600

My bad. I didn't read the first post closely enough. This was bait.

>> No.55663602

It's a time saver. Why waste time with an esophagus when you can just eat it right at your tummy?

>> No.55663612


I'm rooting for a demiurge brotherhood. But could be a lot of shit for fuck sake the tau have a fuck ton of auxiliaries.

>> No.55663613

>cavalry bases for my rough riders
Uh, anon, I have some bad news.....

>> No.55663616

Not pride, just flattered.

>> No.55663617

What I don't get is by how much they seemingly overshoot the target here. SM, Chaos and AdMech all seem fine imo.

>> No.55663622

they are still in the index, so he can use them

>> No.55663623
File: 471 KB, 681x902, 1490193848210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Such is life when you play Iron Whos. Regardless, if you aren't on the cover of a codex GW will never notice you.

>> No.55663627

Nid players, are you ready to toss those Shrikes and Skyslasher Swarms (like anyone even has these...) when the new book drops?

>> No.55663628

Berzerkers get to fight twice you fucking faggot

>> No.55663630

Considering the production cycle of these things, most of the codexes were probably finished before the 8th edition was even released, meaning it is impossible GW already incorporated the feedback from the masses.

>> No.55663632

I'm hoping Ferrus comes back in a Dreadnought.[/spoiler[

>> No.55663633

Curse of the first ones out the door if anything

Despite being a 1st chapter, you're less relevant than all the Dorn knob successors running around
that is sad

>> No.55663634

Debatably: Guard are the target. SM, Chaos, and AdMech fell short.

Guard have more interesting stratagems and faction traits than any provided in the SM, Chaos, or Ad Mech books. I hope that the other codices keep getting better like this, and the more lackluster ones are revisited with chapter approved.

>> No.55663636

I think it's because they're ones GW plans on replacing sooner than Guard and some of the others. It seems as if SM and DG were just pushed out because they wanted to get people buying the models.

>> No.55663638

Who are the missing Primarchs anyway?

>> No.55663639

according to my GW source most books are printed 6 months before they drop

>> No.55663640

They don't gain benefits from any of the regimental doctrines other than Vostroyans though. It's apparently the only one that doesn't specifically only affect infantry and vehicles.

>> No.55663642

What? Almost every single army gets to re-roll 1s and the CP re-roll is universal.

>> No.55663643

everyone still has rerolls, it's just rerolls of 1 are more common now.
Space Marines have Chapter Masters, not sure about AdMech though, Magnus himself only gives rerolls of 1, though he extends those rerolls to invul saves of 1 as well, I honestly don't know what Mortarian and Girlyman do though, I haven't looked.
8th edition didn't remove the rerolls, just made them weaker and made full rerolls slightly harder to get, unless you're Imperium, then you can have whatever you want.
unless you're admech, then no vehicles for some reason

>> No.55663645

So do playtesters get access to shit not in the public eye? Are these fucks playing a new ork codex as we speak?

>> No.55663647

What is chapter approved?

>> No.55663652

What makes you say this is bait? From what I've read there's a lot of other people concerned about guard waacfags, I'm just trying to preempt it so I can keep my gaming buddy.

>> No.55663653

Yeah, but IH shouldn't have gotten a Generic Stratagem then.

>> No.55663657

>headless dreadnought
Bravo, Borrgossi.

>> No.55663658

Yearly rules update that is due out roughly every December.

>> No.55663660

Their playtesting is still shit, and they still follow the "one dude is principally responsible for all the rules in the book" model.

Guard are also unique relative to all those others in that they received a massive boost in durability with the changes to AP and templates.

>> No.55663663


Literally your dudes.

>> No.55663667

An annual release of special rules and rules updates that gw will be doing for 8th edition.

>> No.55663671

Samus and Sigmar

>> No.55663674

Some of the others affect Rough Riders, but only their Laspistols.

>> No.55663675

That sounds promising.

>> No.55663677

Eh, not entirely. While the books are mostly wrapped up quite a whiles in advance, they sure don't take 9 months to start printing. So they can probably go back and change codex details based off feedback before shipping it off. Conscripts nerfs definitely weren't added that long ago to the book

Yep, and probably.

>> No.55663678

>there was a guy that I didn't like who had what he described as a "fluffy, fun" kroot based army. I wouldn't play a game with him because it was tau, and tau are waac.

Your posts are either bait or you're retarded and don't know what WAAC actually is.

>> No.55663683
File: 175 KB, 800x800, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reason for rejection was associated with Xenos

>> No.55663684


Are brother alfabusa vids basically the worst thing to have happened to the 40K community?

>> No.55663686

Just get Bob to do it.

>> No.55663687
File: 114 KB, 434x428, 1487257052108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except if you actually use them to make your dudes then you are a snowflake.

>> No.55663690
File: 200 KB, 501x520, 1505672676377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vulkan, Lemon hypocrite, Rogal Dorn, Lion el Homo (kinda), Mongoloid Man, aaand maybe someone else
For loyalists anyway

If you mean the 2 out of the 20 that have always been secret, i dont know. Maybe they're aztec women like that one shitposter insisted

>> No.55663692

From what I've been told the others all specify that they only affect infantry and vehicles, and RRs don't have the infantry keyword.

>> No.55663694

FSE, though most of my army is painted a custom scheme with a bit of FSE, though now I'm transitioning into the kel'shan colour scheme since it's aesthetic and I like it.

>> No.55663700
File: 16 KB, 325x326, Disgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Yep, and probably.

Sons of bitches. I wanna play with new orkz.

>> No.55663702

By embracing existentialism, or at least existentialism as defined by edgy teenage fedora tippers

>> No.55663703

But anon, he didn't make DoW3

>> No.55663704

The Daemon?

>> No.55663707

Might it be possible that GW is doing those as a quicker way to fix larger balance issues? Because one book to fix things in the main rulebook as well as the codexes seem more convenient to do than re-releasing everything for minor adjustments all the time.
Sure, free FAQ would have been better, but only tournament players seem to actually read or bring those.

>> No.55663715

Saemon Daemon

>> No.55663716

But anon, I actually read philosophy before.

>> No.55663722

How good are powerfists in non termie squads?

Im a newcommer and am modeling a unit of grey hunters and am thinking of including one.

Are they worth 12 (20) points?

>> No.55663723

Yes, and? They're Rough Riders. They're COOL!

It gives me something to run as Fast Attack besides Hellhounds and Tauros Venators.

>> No.55663724


Correct. Commissars are the true cancer. Summary Execution needs to be changed from "lose 1 model, all other losses are discarded" to "lose 1 model, then roll a d6. Reduce losses from battleshock by the result".

>> No.55663726

Niiiice, me too.

People drop by to claim to be playtesters here all the time. Maybe one of them was actually legit, you never know!

>> No.55663727

But anon, what about Doomguy?

>> No.55663729

Anybody can describe their army as fun and fluffy though. If you were playing tau in 7th, you were waac. I tried to beat that guy's "fun and fluffy" kroot list, but never could because of how broken tau were.

>> No.55663730

Wait, what happened to Biel'Tan?

>> No.55663734
File: 118 KB, 662x1100, 1506815406624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I were fighting facehuggers like that I sure as shit would keep my helmet on

>> No.55663736

New chapter master of the Grey Knights.

>> No.55663741

That's accounted for, dipshit.

>> No.55663744

A Thunder Warrior that wouldn't die.

>> No.55663746

I found the solution to your troubles in this simple two step video.


>> No.55663748


>> No.55663751

No, it should be "lose 1 model for every 5"

>> No.55663752
File: 40 KB, 625x626, why not.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yea this is bait. Tau were only broken when you brought triple riptide + stormsurge. I regularly beat my local Tau player with a pure Skitarii force, an army that was supposed to be middle tier at best.

>> No.55663755

Well Damn, You arent wrong. What the fuck does one use them for then?

>> No.55663756

>4 attacks with axes
5. 3 in the first fight, 2 in the second. 61% chance to take out a Conscript squad in 1 turn if 9 connect.

>> No.55663757

Nah Commissars just need to be limited to being able to do one Summary Execution each morale phase. Right now, having 10 units near the commissar fail their morale means he instantly kills 10 dudes - which would be shooting so fast even space marine gunslingers would be impressed by it.

>> No.55663758
File: 56 KB, 387x411, 90404069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you were fighting in the 40k universe you probably would too, unless you were an awesome Space Marine character.
The even fuckier one is terminators who don't wear helmets. Lemme just armor up like a fucking tank, except my fucking face. Sure hope there aren't automatic rocket propelled grenade launchers in this setting.

>> No.55663763


Guard got neater CTs with the usual stuff.
But also additional stuff like unique orders, an hq unit addition, new ogryn builds and stuff.

I bet some of the next books will be like that, not entirely sure how though. T'au is an easy one, Markerlight table changes with <Sept>. Other ones, bit trickier.

>> No.55663764

>I tried to beat that guy's "fun and fluffy" kroot list, but never could because of how broken tau were.
>I wouldn't play a game with him because it was tau, and tau are waac.
Hmm, something doesn't add up.....

>> No.55663771

Why not? Word Bearters got ATSKNF as their Legion trait. Iron Warriors got the Iron Hands Chapter trait as their "unique" stratagem. GW re-uses rules all the time.

>> No.55663772
File: 130 KB, 1200x1200, Thank you Jurgen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When will there be more Cain? I need more 40k Flashman.

>> No.55663773

I don't really mind for Tallarn. It's fairly rare that you'd rather shoot with them rather than charge so the doctrine wouldn't help them much anyway. Interestingly the Tallarn warlord trait, although weak in general, is REALLY good for rough riders.

>> No.55663775


>> No.55663776
File: 321 KB, 480x650, FUCK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No guard scans yet

Fucking kill me

>> No.55663780


Even a single conscript squad buffed by a commissar is problematic. With their points cost, morale SHOULD be the most effective method of removing them from the table. It can never be as long as summary execution exists in its current form

>> No.55663788
File: 210 KB, 500x500, 1504403896343.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>terminators who don't wear helmets

>> No.55663789

They were meant to be for "Your Dudes". But then GW fleshed out the Heresy too much and that just made them useless.

6, the Charge Bonus applies for both fights.

>> No.55663790
File: 1.32 MB, 1500x2055, SlaaneshChampion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One less helmet is one less article of clothing to remove during rape.

>> No.55663792

Near civil war and then everyone deciding to quite literally split the craftworld up into smaller ships and go their separate ways.

>> No.55663793

Finger thumping man did a video a few days ago.

>> No.55663795

Make summary execution work on a 4+ against conscripts and give them a 6+ save. BOOM conscripts fixed

>> No.55663796

Another FSE player, haven't seen one of you since 8th dropped, what happened to everyone, were we really the cancer of 7th? I feel like I wasn't so bad since I ran mainly FW with my largest suit being a keel under 1500 points (1 riptide over 1500), though with 8th I'd had to transition into a more infantry heavy force to keep up

>> No.55663798
File: 24 KB, 303x303, what if.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of the people I know who were introduced/got into warhammer through his videos are some of the most pleasant people I've met in the hobby

>> No.55663799

Why would they three in the first round? They aren't Bloodletters.

>> No.55663800

It got very badly damaged and can't move while they are repairing it. Also a bunch of their Eldar joined the Ynnari.

>> No.55663802

Add this rule to conscript squads:

>Fragging: If the squad has lost half or more of its starting strength, the Commissar's Summary Execution ability no longer works. If there is a Commissar within 3" of the unit, that Commissar immediately suffers one autohit from a Frag Grenade (resolve damage as normal).

>> No.55663804

What about something where Commissars who abuse Summary Execution too much get shot by angry guardsmen in return? Surely watching this asshole kill your buddy pisses you off.

>> No.55663806

Why would you need to remove your helmet? Why not just your codpiece?

>> No.55663808

This is after that magical girl Yvraine went into their infinity circuit with a straw and sucked out some tasty ghost gumbo

>> No.55663810

t. waac tau player

And my dad works at nintendo.

Either you're making things up, or there was a competence difference. Me and the tau player were both pretty good at the game, about equal I'd say, maybe giving a slight edge to me if we were using the same army, so when he was using tau, and I was using my ad mech/knights, I was at a disadvantage just based on forces.

Why do you think I gave up on it and stopped playing with him?

>> No.55663817

Anon ... if you can't deal with one unit of 30 conscripts before taking too much damage from other things (or you know, just shoot past them untill they're so close you gotta deal with them) then no amount of conscript or commissar nerfs will help you.

>> No.55663818

tau had a couple of broken things
1. riptide wings
2. stormsurge
3. crisis bombs
4. darkstrider railgun tidewalls (instant death to T6 units)
5. optimised stealth cadre
everything was between shit (vespids) to pretty fucking neato (barracudas)

>> No.55663820
File: 17 KB, 460x423, Hmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Who dis.

I just want the fucking lore and conversion pics.

Oh by the way thread. What regiment tactics for blood pact? Catachans?

>> No.55663821
File: 37 KB, 250x348, 20170919_073213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking space commie

>> No.55663825

tg isn't where you go for tau-on-tau action
in anycase, probably not the cancer since you'd eschew riptide wings for HOT BLOODED CHARGING TAU

>> No.55663828

Don't you want to look them in the eye while you fuck?

>> No.55663829

Winters SEO on jewtoob

>> No.55663832

Their primary purpose is for new players to write Their Dudes using them, so we can post smug reaction images whenever someone tells a story about it.

>> No.55663833

I play Space Marines.
My damage output is kinda shit.

>> No.55663834

Summary execution should be shoot 1 guy, and half (rounding up) the casualties. Maybe even allow this is be done as many times as you like to half and half again and again.

>> No.55663835

It's in the OP.

Some guy gets the books early and smacks them round.

>> No.55663836

Because every hole is a goal anon.

>> No.55663839

12 point power fists are okay, but it's usually better to just get a nice cheap power axe. On characters you always want to go for a Thunder Hammer rather than Power Fist when you can. But if you have no choice the fist is an okay option since doing more than 1 damage with your weapon is valuable.

>> No.55663841

so how did Conscripts actually get nerfed, I wasn't paying attention

>> No.55663845

He might be referring to the helmetless person being raped.

>> No.55663854

I'd say maybe just give summary execution the "only works on a 4+" they gave to orders.

>> No.55663855

Mind you, he cant fucking read apparently because he somehow gets rules wrong when the book is right there in front of him
So read the pages instead of believing everything the guy says

>> No.55663857

30 max squad, orders only work on a 4+.

>> No.55663859

Everyone knows that the same technology that goes into protecting the riders of Nemesis Dreadknights is used for helmet-less terminators.In fact, the shielding surrounding the space marine's skull is the most formidable defense incorporated into the armor.
Checkmate, Xenos

>> No.55663860

Smaller unit size and 50/50 chance for orders to pass

>> No.55663861

max squad size is now 30 and they only listen to orders on a 4+. But GW didn't fix their biggest problem which is their near immunity to morale

>> No.55663864

Such shit models.

>> No.55663866

I remember seeing it with my own eyes, but I didn't actually save the screencap, sorry anon. It was within days of the CSM Codex release so it would take awhile to go back and find it. You might have better luck digging in the dakka thread about the CSM Codex rumours.

>> No.55663868

Smug Reaction images is the only way to interact with new people i believe

>> No.55663872

Let's see your models, champ.

>> No.55663873

FLG has a pretty comprehensive and well organized list of the new guard rules if anyone is still looking for that.


>> No.55663875

>it's another episode of Tau re gommunists
>earth caste engineering array was cancer
also I play it since I enjoy farsight as a character and pairing him up with a Y'vahra and some stealth suits/keels in 8th has proven pretty fucking neato

>> No.55663880

well that's pretty awful, I continue to be glad no one at my store spams conscripts, that's barely a nerf

>> No.55663883
File: 93 KB, 920x917, Oct1Preview-Champion3hr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55663885
File: 224 KB, 2048x1152, Boop+bigger+res+_4626317857f5793f1dd753c40a4397a9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55663890

Then why is the dude piloting the Dreadknight wearing terminator armour and not just naked if the armour doesn't add anything?

>> No.55663894

I liked that recent Phil book cause it was a bit self-aware at times with the characters taken aback that marines wouldn't wear helmets.
One guy had his missiles hit the helmetless guys head-on

>> No.55663900

just nerf commisars to only negate one battleshock/morale tests per turn, suddenly commisars need to be used en masse for effectiveness and you can remove conshits

>> No.55663905

And WB shouldn't have gotten ATSKNF, they should also have something unique.

Cain's dead, anon.

Let guard take a save against BLAMing.

You realise Fragging wasn't done during battle, don't you. They threw the grenades into their tents at night.

>> No.55663907
File: 31 KB, 222x230, our_lord_and_savior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At last.

>> No.55663909
File: 78 KB, 240x240, 1418265586340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Terminator pilot

>> No.55663910

unless I'm going up against celestine farsight will probably kick any sisters unit that is T5 or lower in the ass with an ap -4 sword with d6 damage and WS2+ with rerolls

>> No.55663915

yea but that didn't happen, I'm glad the guard meta at my store is tanks.

>> No.55663916

Why is his dick hanging out?

>> No.55663919
File: 2.00 MB, 392x260, nevermore....gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55663920

>implying his coffin isn't empty and that his naked self isn't currently tied up in Amberly's space ship, perpetually being fed viagra

>> No.55663922

This is the worst one I've seen


>> No.55663924

>Someone on ebay selling "plastic" tallarns

Nice try faggot.

>> No.55663925
File: 1.50 MB, 1363x1870, contemplative fool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$25 champion and icon bearer sold seperately
>they're mirrored bodies of grenade and plasma guy from dark imperium

>> No.55663930

true, also I think I'm one of two guard players at my store (other guy is mech/armoured) and I scared away the gsc player by violating him one too many times during 7th, not that I own a commisar or any conscripts whatsoever

>> No.55663931

Necromunda in November, according to the red shirt I was chatting to today.

>> No.55663933

But he has a nurgling!

>> No.55663937

>Implying Amberly isn't just a Administratum Clerk who decided to turn the Cain archive into her own personal fanfic.

Isn't that all Sisters units?

Wait, Wardknight pilots wear Terminator Armour?

>> No.55663939
File: 856 KB, 969x779, 1477041330552.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Break'em out boys

>> No.55663941
File: 14 KB, 194x146, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55663966
File: 33 KB, 433x334, 1368414909014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bought some Necrons from a friend that were still on the sprue
>He no longer had the instructions
>tfw trying to build a ghost ark for the first time without instructions

>> No.55663967

don't they have like special vehicles/other units?
are pentinent (is that you spell it?) engines sob units? Also has someone mathhammered celestine vs farsight? sounds like a fun/interesting battle

>> No.55663974
File: 22 KB, 309x236, 34423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bought a recast manta
>recast manta
>no instructions or base

>> No.55663976


>> No.55663980

>Want to do vostroyans
>Squads are sold out
>No mortars
>No missile launchers
>Single piece metal minis

Fucking christ.

>> No.55663987

>farsight as a character and pairing him up with a Y'vahra

>I gotta go fast and kill close, 12'' is too far away man

Be careful with that, you could "accidentally" crush someone's army with it

>> No.55663990

unironically go to reddit they literally have a place for this exact thing

>> No.55663994
File: 59 KB, 600x900, 1456821046057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a subreddit, /r/warhammerinstructions that has a bigass collection of instructions.

>> No.55663996

Is Farsight still alive? More importantly, is waifu Torchstar still alive?

>> No.55664002

Try the Chinese store.

>> No.55664009

How to fix 40k

1. Simultaneous turns, with alternating activations within phases. (Movement phase: I move, you move, I move, you move, etc until done, then move onto Psychic phase which behaves similarly, and on and on
2. flamer range increased to 10 inches.
3. deep strike happens during the movement phase as one of your movements. Units can choose to advance as part of their deep strike, and move 1d6 inches after "landing".
4. Units can disembark or embark from/to a transport as part of their movement regardless of whether the transport itself has moved or not.

>> No.55664013

Farsight is alive due to the Sword. Torchstar is probably dead, as should be most Tau characters, they can't live for 100+ years.

>Units can disembark or embark from/to a transport as part of their movement regardless of whether the transport itself has moved or not.
But can they summon?

>> No.55664014

I doubt he got killed off. Wasn't his spooky haunted sword keeping him alive somehow?

>> No.55664018

unknown, vesa+bravestorm+ob are definitely probably around

>> No.55664023

>3. deep strike happens during the movement phase as one of your movements. Units can choose to advance as part of their deep strike, and move 1d6 inches after "landing".
Yeah this would make deepstrike charge much more reliable.

>> No.55664024
File: 800 KB, 500x500, 1500591699962.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Khorne plays a Death Knight in Wow.

>> No.55664028

How important are CP? Is it worth tailoring your list towards mass CP?

>> No.55664032
File: 2.85 MB, 1182x880, IMG_2145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So is there any way to take carapace on company commanders or vets in the new codex?

Is it just a scion thing now?

>> No.55664033

Thank you for preventing me modeling a 20 pt (SW) fist

>> No.55664038
File: 46 KB, 500x418, Happy magos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


In roundabout ways... where do I go for these anon?

>> No.55664043

More specifically, a Blood Death Knight.

>> No.55664045

>single piece metal minis

Hey fuck you that's a god damn blessing in disguise

>> No.55664046

>Farsight + Y'vahra is like bread and butter, beautiful setup for fucking up basically anything while being not shit at tanking with 5++ up to 4++ under 12" and W14 with T7.
farsight is alive
all of the 8 will be alive due to "warpfuckery" or "tau nanites" or that they conveniently went into cryosleep at the end of 7th and reawaken with their codex
so sort of like Altas Reactor?

Captcha asked for "shelf" and one of the shelves had an elf on it. Time to die

>> No.55664050

Zions only, anon.

>> No.55664053

>we also get the second worst tactic

An extra save is the second worst trait?

>> No.55664058

I was going to do conversions for mortars and missile launchers, I just need mortar bits.
I too am waiting for the main squad to come back to available, but I also have the local store owner ready to grab them as soon as they're available.

>> No.55664062


Well anon lemme put it this way.

Getting in to the nooks and crannies painting them is a bitch for me.

For fuck sake why no god damn new plastic regiments GW? Do you guys not like fucking money?

>> No.55664063

Compared to the others, yes.

>> No.55664066

Didn't BRAVEUSTORMU get killed by an assassin?

>> No.55664070

A 6+ anything is so useless it might as well not be there.

>> No.55664076

If you play Krieg, Memento Mori treats all D(x) damage attacks as having rolled a 1. Watch your Marshal eat four lascannon bolts.

>> No.55664079

He is the Tau dreadnought guy. Ob got messed up but of course, he was the AI one and just got a new body

>> No.55664081

I think it was o'blatai, the ai broadside that sacrificed itself and then got a new body since it's a fucking ai

>> No.55664084

>Units can disembark or embark from/to a transport as part of their movement regardless of whether the transport itself has moved or not.

There's nothing wrong with the current disembark rules.

>Yeah this would make deepstrike charge much more reliable.
Only if you have something that lets you charge after advancing

>> No.55664090

Marshals also wear Carapace, I believe.

>> No.55664094

Alright. I've heard varying stories as to who actually got shot, but the AI makes sense from a meta perspective (can't sell the Eight if they are no longer Eight).

>> No.55664099

Pretty sure he paid the iron price during the events of the Mont'ka book. He ate a bullet for Farsight.

>> No.55664108

You are correct anon, 4+ with a Refractor Field invul.

>> No.55664109

>I've heard varying stories
Which is weird since the source is a book that isn't that old. Not exactly an old hearsay source to be muddled

>> No.55664110

Ya'll niggas keep forgetting the extra chainsword attacks.

>> No.55664111

Deepest lore

>> No.55664115

Search /tg/ archives, the answers should be there.

>> No.55664119

true, it's pretty new by gw standards, like it was the last thing before gathering storm

>> No.55664121

Lots of googlefu

>> No.55664133

Was there any changes made to Creed?

And how would running mix regiments work for the guard? Like some guys Cadian some Tallarn?

>> No.55664134
File: 64 KB, 640x640, 848586113413299_1727097757545803_1659720303_n(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clearly you haven't seen what two of these things can do

>> No.55664139

Creed got pokeballed by Trazyn.

>> No.55664143

I bet

>> No.55664144

Mixed Regiments don't grant any doctrines.

>> No.55664147

>And how would running mix regiments work for the guard? Like some guys Cadian some Tallarn?

You run different detachments. Done.

>> No.55664150

Sure they do, IF you run different detachments.

>> No.55664151

>Using FW
Fuck of Nazi, got back to >>/pol/

>> No.55664152

So that is all you have to do then?

Can you issue orders across detachments?

>> No.55664165

If they have the same <Regiment> Keyword, yes.

So CADIAN can order other CADIAN but not CATACHAN

>> No.55664178

You can't cross order across regiments, but you do get access to all the stratagems available to the regiments.

>> No.55664207

Can you cross order across regiments for something like FRFSRF?

>> No.55664217


>> No.55664219

No. Officers can only order their own regiment.

>> No.55664280
File: 77 KB, 600x620, IMG_5990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was gifted a box of centurions (pic related) but i never had any intention of having them. I've decided to keep them but I was wondering if anyone else has run then in 8th and what are some good uses for them.

My biggest concern is their miserable speed. Unless i run them exclusively as devastators, they will require a transport. I imagine they'd combo well with a chaplain and apothacary but it seems like an aweful big point sink for a land raider/ storm raven + baby sitters.


>> No.55664292

I haven't seen the point of them over a razorback. I'd guess you'd just stick them in cover in the backline as tougher devs,

>> No.55664293

GW is too busy making chad marines

>> No.55664309
File: 263 KB, 833x1200, IG_art_steel_legion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What SM chapter goes best with ASL, fluff wise?

>> No.55664326

Salamanders, who helped them in lore a great deal on their home world.

>> No.55664328

I've asked a couple players about them as I've always wondered how they are and from what I've heard centurions are used in two ways mainly

1 as long range fire support through lascannons and missile launchers, while this is expensive they put out a considerable amount of firepower while being quite tanky

2 as a slowly advancing anti infantry gunline with heavy bolters and hurricane bolters while being escorted by an apothecary to keep them healed up or bringing back dead ones

>> No.55664329

Any of the chapters that participated one of the Wars for Armageddon. So Blood Angels, Salamanders, Black Templars, Ultra Marines, to name a few.

>> No.55664338

Assault Centurions need a Land Raider to be good. Devastators are good if you play IF, just plop a squad with Heavy Bolters and Hurricane Bolters on your backline objective and dare your opponent to enter range.

Black Templars and Salamanders both fought on Armageddon. If you want a minor chapter there are th Celestial Lions or the Marines Malevolent

>> No.55664342

>That fucking moment when you wanna do a lost and the damned army
>Talk to the fine folks at anvil industries about when their heretic and renegade line is gonna drop
>Drops in November with multiple heads, torsos, and weapon options.

Fuck loyalists.

>> No.55664345

>If you want a minor chapter there are the Celestial Lions
Not anymore.

>> No.55664348
File: 265 KB, 160x136, 1496622121832.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funny shit. You earned this (You)

>> No.55664353

>it's another 3rd party garbage sculpts meme episode
Never ever

>> No.55664357

Celestial lions are alive and well, nonnyboy

>> No.55664368

IIRC there's some left working on rebuilding with the help of the Black Templars, and the new primaris shit is the perfect excuse for them to be on the upswing.

>> No.55664382

>ORK SNIPERS 0 in more ways than one

>> No.55664392

Bring Gitz too, they're Nobz with guns.

>> No.55664400

If you want to maximize your Krautness, Black Templar are the obvious choice.

>> No.55664406

Nobs are nobs with guns

>> No.55664407

All have variant heads and torso fronts.
You're getting 7 models, but it's got 10 models worth of plastic.

>> No.55664415
File: 115 KB, 800x1101, DarkImpBook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be Guilliman
>Fighting Death Guard
>Decide that the tried and tested method of just shooting anyone who comes into prolonged contact with them on the battlefield is wrong
>Make a hospital planet on a garden world
>Surprised when Nurgle uses the concentrated infected to turn every patient into a poxwalker and summon multiple plague ships.

Fucking Guilliman.

>> No.55664418


They probably also vary massively depending on what you are up against. Like trying to do the support shooty when against some Tau might end very badly from the start

>> No.55664422

Bolter/Bolter Centurions bring the dakka
Three of them up close will dish out 18 Heavy Bolt shots and 48 Bolt shots. That ignore cover if need to. Watch hordes vanish.

>> No.55664425

>Mechanized in-your-face troopers
>Sword swinging fanatics
I can dig it

>> No.55664432

So basically, they charge you for 10 models even though you can only build 7

>> No.55664453

>Three of them up close will dish out 18 Heavy Bolt shots and 48 Bolt shots.
No, they'll dish out:

>3x2x3=18 Heavy Bolter Shots
>3x1x3=9 Bolter Shots (At 12-24'')
>3x2x3=18 Bolter Shots (At <12'')

>> No.55664462

Hate krauts with a fiery passion, mostly because of their disgusting language, but I like Templars
Surely they aren't german

>> No.55664466

No, they are polish.

>> No.55664469

Hurricane bolters are rapid fire 6.

>> No.55664471

/tg/ can you help me, me and my friends play yearish long themed games, and i need to make my army for january. its set on the edge, of the imperium. so basically we will interact with imperial worlds, and non imperial human worlds. im going guard army, and i need a theme for them.
would a rogue trader have a personal army? or maybe im a human mercenary commander with my own ship, and we sell our services and got hired by an inquistor on the edge of the imperium who needs troops, and he cant just strong arm the people. i plan on having a tech marine, but am goign to rationale that it was a guy on a small outpost and in exchange for working with us, he gets first dibs on any juicy tech. we try to play fluffy, story drivin games, so i wont be having any knights or super heavy tanks.
any tips would be helpful, thanks

>> No.55664476

Hurricane bolters, anon

>> No.55664482

I thought they were Rapid Fire 3. Anyway so:

>6x1x3=18 Bolter Shots
>6x2x3=36 Bolter Shots

>> No.55664485

A rogue trader could easily have his own army, desu

>> No.55664491


We getting a follow up to this book?

>> No.55664495

I hear that, loving my assault cannon razorbacks.

I should have mentioned I play Raven Guard. Maybe backline lascannon/missiles is a good idea.

Bolter spam? I'll test that out for sure

>> No.55664499

rogue traders have personal guard regiments
inquisitors can strong arm anyone that's not a higher ranked inquisitor or is power armoured, anyone who resists is a heretic and is either blammed or exterminatused
a tech marine is fine if you chuck in a couple of servitors maybe or some other mechanicus shit

>> No.55664500

Correction, Rogue Traders almost always have some form of personal army unless they're really poor (by RT standards)

>> No.55664507

They just seem to cost too much for what they bring. 80 points base is just way too expensive even for a 2+ save and makes them lascannon bait.

>> No.55664512

Their colours are the same as Prussia and Imperial Germany, their based on the Teutonic Knights who were also German, their current Chapter Master is named Helbrecht (German Name) and their founder is Sigismund (name of legendary Germanic hero).

They're almost comically Germanic.

>> No.55664524

That just makes me physically sick, so time to pick a different group of guys to look into

>> No.55664526
File: 53 KB, 505x670, 1504254932337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not specialising in gorrila warfare

>> No.55664536

What guard regiment would work best for an armored company? We're talking Russ tanks, Hellhound variants, and Manticores, and possibly some plasma scions coming down.

Originally I was thinking Vostroyan because bonus range on everything would be awesome, but I realized it wouldn't effect hellhounds because they're under 24" already.

So.... Cadian?

>> No.55664538

Try the Red Scorpions, they're one of the least Germanic Space Marine Chapters.

Valhallan makes tanks able to operate a lot better after losing wounds.

>> No.55664541

I know, theyre crazy expensive. I'm just trying to rationalize using them so they dont collect dust till the next time their rules are revised.

>> No.55664548

thanks guys. rogue trader is what i was hoping for. i dont know too much about them, but arent they like wandering nobles who make trade deals or explore shit beyond the imperium? and yeah my techmarine will have some servitors with him, i just need to have fluffyish reasons why i have what i have in my army, thus the no knight or baneblade. i kind of would like an inquisitor who maybe is on the hunt for something and needed a ship to ferry him around in my quadrant, does that sound better?

>> No.55664559

You're probably best using them as long range fire support. Sticking them in cover makes them pretty damn hard to remove with the -1 to hit.

>> No.55664571

>Russ tanks, Hellhound variants, and Manticores
They'd all benefit directly from Catachans random hit improvement, or Valhallans resilience.

>> No.55664574

Everyone knows that the French are the diametric opposite of the Germans, and the closest there is to French Space Marines is the Ultramarines.
So go out there and paint some smurfs, make sure to add moustaches and berets where possible.

>> No.55664575

>disgusting language

German is a fantastic language.

>> No.55664585

Drones all the way instead of Blight haulers, that cover save will not help your poxwalkers get into combat. That surgeon is useless and a waste of points. Also that terminator lord is scetchy at best. Replace him with a Sorcerer to cast the +T+S spell and -1 to hits and get a bell guy with Fulgaris helm to shepard the force along. Use the poxwalkers as the anvil and the drones as the hammer zipping round. Ive faced several helbrutes before and they always seem to be a bit shit, honeslty drones with spewers will make mincemeat out of troops and be a pain in the enemys backside more than a helbrute anyday, also you can probably get them off eBay for cheap from the DI boxset now.

>> No.55664592

Rogue Traders a basically a mix of Explorers, Merchant and Nobles, they are granted a warrant from the Emperor which basically says they can go outside the Imperium and pretty much do what they want, as long as they continue to aid the Imperium and don't act against it.

A lot of warrants also include a certain task or tasks they have to do, like "bring supplies to XYZ planet every # years" for example.

>> No.55664599

It makes Devil Dogs somewhat more interesting, what with 15" melta blast. Add in the hull multimelta for some fun.

>> No.55664600

helbrutes with scourge + hb are pretty toasty for annoying infantry

>> No.55664607

This, anyone who dislikes German doesn't belong on a 40k board, they should be on facebook arguing the drumbox/autotune "band" of the week.

>> No.55664618

awsome thanks, very helpful and exactly what i was hoping they would be

>> No.55664622

>closest there is to French Space Marines is the Ultramarines.

>> No.55664651
File: 550 KB, 728x720, ummmmaboutthat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Space Marine army incorporating heaps of Roman elements
>Laurels, armours, combat doctrines, civilisation building
>Even the gay bonding excercises

I think maybe something like Iron Hands would be more fitting. Or, you know, any other Space Marine chapter that isn't the Roman one.

>> No.55664659


They are arrogant and blue, I guess

>> No.55664680

Is there a Space Marine chapter with poor morale or worse leadership? Because that would be the French Marines.

>> No.55664681

Just a joke about how the most natural sounding way to pronounce Roboute Guilliman is with a French accent.

>> No.55664689

I didn't realise that "Rowboat Girlyman" soundd French.

>> No.55664720

No it doesn't because that's what it sounds like when an English speaker says it.


>> No.55664726

Marines Malevolent lower the morale of their allies by just being themselves.

Honestly, Celestial Lions would be the best bet, but they are kinda fucked lore wise right now. If you're ok with creating an OC donut-steel chapter, you could have it be a Black Templar successor chapter with slightly different ideals.

That or instead get Sisters of Battle. Most of the Orders have a very french-like feel.

>> No.55664733

>Honestly, Celestial Lions would be the best bet
You mean the African Marines that go all SW but about Lions?

>> No.55664748

>Is there a Space Marine chapter with poor morale or worse leadership?
Those are called guardsmen.

>> No.55664758

I was going for more of that colour scheme and iconography than anything desu. There really aren't any French-themed chapters.

Whether thats for the best I cannot say.

>> No.55664764

No no no, those are far better than Space Marines, he's looking for something worse than Space Marines.

>> No.55664771

Chaos Space Marines?

>> No.55664780

>Hate krauts with a fiery passion, mostly because of their disgusting language
>having taste THIS shit
As an English speaker, German is possibly one my favorite foreign languages.

>> No.55664790

Nah, Deathwatch, Like a Foreign Legion Expy.

>> No.55664794

>here really aren't any French-themed chapters.
they all surrendered already

>> No.55664797

>Literally the best at war
>Poor morale/leadership

>> No.55664802

Poor morale doesn't go with space marines though

>> No.55664809

>Literally the best at war
>What was 1940?

>> No.55664833

So guys, I feel good about my army. Played 2500 points. 1k points of grey knights, and 1500 of Ravenguard. Opponent built the map, it was a giant cityscape, buildings everywhere, tanktraps and barricades in the streets.

Then he built his army. 2500 points of Ravenwing against my tank and MSU army. He went first, absolutely rained hell with bikes exploding out of every orifice. Eventually won because he couldn't put down my paladins and I kept getting good objectives.

How scummy is it to build the map and then design your army around that maps strengths? Half my army wasn't able to shoot him for a huge portion. He also cheated on turn one, possibly accidentally.

>> No.55664836

Space marines you dingus.

Also it's sad when a thousand years of military supremacy is ignored based on one event.

>> No.55664840

Are they more expensive? How much are 10 beserkers Vs 30 conscripts + commissar (180 pts)

>> No.55664841

>What was 1871?

>> No.55664850

>He also cheated on turn one, possibly accidentally.

And yeah, it's scummy.

10 Berserkers are 170 points. They're Cheaper.

>> No.55664856

Serves you right for WAACfaging and playing Guard.

>> No.55664860

He ignored the movement penalty for firing Rift Cannons on his Darktalons. He was hitting my Stormraven on a 4+, not a 5+, which would've stopped two hits and 6 damage.

>> No.55664869

How much of a gameless beta are you to allow your opponent to tailor both map and army?

As Sun Tzu once said said "If you walk into a prison shower and then hang around waiting for the other inmates to get lube and broomhandles, you don't get to complain"

>> No.55664870

If he hasn't played much 8e, then it was probably accidental.

>> No.55664874

Wat. Ravenguard =/= Imperial Guard.

How is that waacfagging? I brought mostly space marine tanks under Ravenguard and 9 models of Grey Knights unless I'm missing something massive.

>> No.55664875

Legitimately now, France has the most wins ever.

>> No.55664878

What's everyone's stance on 3rd party minis at the table? Personally I think it's fine and cool. Local shop owner was throwing a shit fit about guy today playing an all 3rd party mini guard army. His army was salvars and everything was salvaged anyway but still what's your guys' thoughts?

>> No.55664880

I don't think bikes are particularly optimized for city boards. They're even more retricted by buildings than infantry are. If he'd showed up with Imperial Fists I'd be more inclined to follow your line of thinking.

>> No.55664887

It's a shitpost, if you can't even figure that out no wonder you walked into that ambush.

>> No.55664896

So long as it's reasonably recognizable and to scale I don't see why it should be an issue.

>> No.55664904

>If you walk into a prison shower and then hang around waiting for the other inmates to get l̶u̶b̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶b̶r̶o̶o̶m̶h̶a̶n̶d̶l̶e̶s̶ Zyklon B , you d̶̶̶o̶̶̶n̶̶̶'̶̶̶t̶̶̶ ̶g̶e̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶c̶̶̶o̶̶̶m̶̶̶p̶̶̶l̶̶̶a̶̶̶i̶̶̶n̶̶̶ get to milk it for 75 years

>> No.55664908

If it it's done well and fits the aesthetic:Sure.
If it's literally just a netlist with the cheapest possible plastic men and tanks interspaced with tit-monster r63 characters: No.

>> No.55664914
File: 105 KB, 245x150, 1485959335440.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55664918

Depends. If it was just a hobby store then they normally wound't care. If it was a GW store then he was asking for that rage fit.

>tit-monster r63 characters
Do I want to know what these are?

>> No.55664923

Plenty of French colonies in Africa.

>> No.55664924

I'm germanic myself but the language literally makes me feel ill, I hate it so much.

>> No.55664927

Half Wargame Exclusives lineup.

>> No.55664934

Lets just ignore that Napoleon existed, for starters, it seems

>> No.55664937

If it's a GW store they could be fired for not throwing a fit. If it's an independent store he was just being a cunt.

>> No.55664938
File: 23 KB, 580x434, French Miitary Victories.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pick one

>> No.55664942

>language literally makes me feel ill
You sound like you have tumblrism, it's a contagious illness that makes you unable to tell feelings from physical ailments, and gives the delusion that the fact you are feeling something makes your feelings fact.

>> No.55664954
File: 68 KB, 883x607, Yarly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55664955

Feelings are called feelings for a reason, bub. And that barbaric growling makes me feel this thing called "disgust"

>> No.55664961


It wasnt r63 tit monsters. It was just salvars using Victoria bits, wheeled chimera conversions, weapon teams, and some actual leman russes. Non GW store btw.

Looking at doing heretics and renegades using catachan rules and my army outside of the fucking tanks is gonna be all 3rd party. Just that threw me off today is all.

>> No.55664985
File: 76 KB, 400x370, Was+George+Takei+botoxed+into+this+face+or+something+_d19882bcf7f37e35c5d3fc673ccbd31e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm germanic myself
You know you can say "german",right?
>The language disgusts me
Sounds like someone got cucked in school. What kind of grades did you get in german class, anon? Did you even bother trying to read Faust?

>> No.55664987

New thread

>> No.55665095


>> No.55665097


>> No.55665098

What happened? Why did it yet nuked?

>> No.55665103

I fucking hate the mods

>> No.55665123

Rollfag got burned so hard he reported the thread.

>> No.55665132


I was rollfag, and OP. I nuked it myself.

That'll teach you to make fun of me.

>> No.55665138

That anon's roll was right, you are a fag

>> No.55665157


Faggot so assblasted he nuked a thread. That's a new level of butthurt

>> No.55665165



>> No.55665204

Dakkabots. 4 of them will fire 36 or 72 times. S6 so wounds squishies on 2+ and ignores cover saves.

>> No.55665229

Which of these 3 lists would be balanced to take for a 500 point Index game? I mostly own Chimeras and Lemans so I don't have much outside of these units and I don't know how to balance for a small game. I hope I counted it correctly.

Battalion, 499 Points
Pask, Punisher +Lascannon [217]
Company Commander [30]
Tech-Priest Enginseer [52]
Infantry Squad +Lascannon HWT[60]
Infantry Squad +Lascannon HWT[60]
Infantry Squad [40]
Infantry Squad [40]

Patrol, 496 Points
Company Commander [30]
Infantry Squad +Lascannon HWT[60]
Infantry Squad +Lascannon HWT[60]
Punisher +Lascannon [172]
Battle Tank +Lascannon [174]

Patrol, 494 Points
Company Commander [30]
Infantry Squad +Meltagun [52]
Chimera +Multilaser, Heavy Bolter [93]
Infantry Squad +Meltagun [52]
Chimera +Multilaser, Heavy Bolter [93]
Battle Tank +Lascannon [174]

>> No.55665692

except for the marines malovent

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