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How do you get spooky?

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First for Happy birthday 4chan, what boards do you browse apart from /tg/?

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/fit/ and /g/

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I take the spookiest form ever, the gentleman skeleton, and spook around in a gentlemanly manner. On Halloween, I temporarily turn children into the monsters they dress up as and let them join in on the spooky fun. I also use spooky magic to prank the adults who try and stop them. It's only for one night, let the kids have fun.

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Primarily /co/ and /a/. Sometimes I give other boards a quick look.

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all the porn ones

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Well you see I make people touch bones. From the moment they're born to the moment they die everyone touches bones. All the time. And when they die soon only my bones remain.

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/gif/ and /wsg/
YLYL and Groove threads are a disease.

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Mainly /c/. I hide out there whenever the thread descends into a shitstorm.

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/u/, /m/, /ck/, and /co/. /tg/ is still my home board.

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Anybody want Tokyo mirage session?

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I want a deeprealms jump

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Okay, I finally managed to post Donkey Kong Country as a PDF here. I think I'm getting close to completion, but please let me know if there is anything that remains to be addressed.

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Just googled this, it seems interesting.

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I think Nika might have this claimed.
Better ask first.

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Sure, I could go for a Fire Emblem Idol Persona jump.

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/fit/ and /co/

Unrelated note. I wish for suggestions and things people want to see in a Resident Evil update. This is going to be fairly large, so I want to know what people want to see in it. Stuff in the virus/parasite section, or items, or perk ideas, whatever. Give it to me.

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Is there any way to repair souls?

Is there anyway to allow someone like a psychopath to feel emotions?

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Purge the unclean drawback where you must purify the world of shenanigans viruses.

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Did you see the resident evil vendetta movie? I don't think I will ever laugh as hard as I did in this movie, my sides were nonexistent by the end of it.

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Canon companion option andoption to import xenomorphs? if not thats ok.

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Maybe scenarios that give you canon characters as companions on the condition that you you get dragged along on their hijinks for a while in the jump. Go through RE2/RE4 with Leon, that sort of thing. Maybe get a virus sample out of it too.

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/x/ I mainly come here for ideas.

/biz/ Has a gem thread every now and then.

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>Happy October First Edition
You had literally one job. That's it, I'm writing you out of my will.

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Dandachi (Hero Union BBS) fixes anything. Wounds, diseases, mental trauma, souls, curses, whatever.
Best part? It does it by hitting people, because it's a sword.
If you don't want a dandere sword waifu (swordfu?) you can also get a non-sentient version.

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Yes I did, hence the update as my criteria for it has been fulfilled.

>canon companion option
I shall do it.
There's going to be a parasite import option.

I'm extremely shitty at scenarios, anon. Not my style.

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Oh also maybe generic test subject people? that would be helpful for mad science jumpers.

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For those who picked "dreaming of sunshine" for the fanfic drawback in Naruto, how did jumper react to finding out about Shikako's true nature?Assuming they even had any interest in her.

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>the dog smashed a car
>couldn't even break the bike after making contact

I want that bike.

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>Is there anyway to allow someone like a psychopath to feel emotions?
Truth of the World from Angel Notes

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In a similar vein to this anons idea, would consider allowing the purchase of a small tribe or villages worth of people to experiment on/serve as minions?

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An island with a laboratory and mansion in it, and whatever else the Ashfords had in that place. A secret base in the antarctic. Or the arctic. Or russia. Look, I don't remember where Code Veronica and Umbrella Chronicles ended by now and the only thing that really matters to me here is the snow. An Autonomous Zone in Africa of our own.

More CP for Companions. Companions being able to buy Items (even if you add a clause like Sword & Sorcery's. I want them to have guns and cars and shit for themselves, I don't care if I'm not allowed to use them.)

...I'm gonna go look up RE monsters and get back to you if I find anything I like that isn't in already.

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So say... cult grounds similar to Los Illuminados or how the Hive had a lot of testing areas? Because that's a planned idea.

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Will you be including RE7 stuff?

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I will put in the bike.

Spencer Mansion would have a lab in it and a monster testing facility. I could possibly throw in an automated weapons base that has stuff on it, that you can place in places. Companions are getting 400CP instead of 300CP, Olympian is being reduced to 200CP price.

...also, mushrooms?

Yes, so give me ideas on that.

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Fungus. 'Fun' is in the name. We'll have a great time.
Also a perk for resisting bleeding out after someone cuts your fucking hand off with a goddamn chainsaw, or any limb really. Maybe it helps with reattaching the lost limbs, too.

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Are you planning on taking out the pharmaceutical company? please don't

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Mold sample will be put in.

>Are you planning on taking out the pharmaceutical company? please don't

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You could have had an idea to replace it something else maybe. I don't know

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>Mold sample will be put in.
Everyone will be part of my family now.

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I am having difficulty. I can't decide between the Light, Dark, Tremor and Diamond Devil Fruits. Anyone have have any insights to share?

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Can we get unlimited recreational substances and taco bell? Let's be honest here, that's the best way to enjoy the movies.

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Molded virus, of course, perhaps eveline themed virus options, like remote communication or giving infected a seemingly-harmless form. maybe a related drawback as well

Either a perk or virus option that lets you replicate Ethan getting his limbs re-attached.

Perhaps a perk that lets you be an affable kind of crazy like the bakers.

Also a ship item

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since the thread died and nobody could answer this earlier I got 200cp left to use for sekirei waifus and already selected Akitsu, Kazehana, and Uzume. any other good ones?

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Hey for that Spark chain does it still count as winning if I destroy all the factions?

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You could become a Sylph of Heart in SBURB.

Sylph is "she who heals others using [aspect], as well as healing [aspect] itself."

Heart is the aspect of Souls, Emotion, and Identity.

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>Anyone have have any insights to share?
Yes. Devil Fruits a shit. Get Haki.

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I'm not a console gamer plus not too interested in the plot from what I've heard.

I do have one request though. Please let us choose our fire embem personas. I want pic related as a persona.

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>pic related
If I must suffer, so must you.

There's going to be tiers to the regeneration aspect in the customization table. Mold fungus is added, and will have options to tweak personalities.

I'm adding the Arcadia from the movie as an item.

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Mushrooms, as in, the fun guys from RE7. I was mainly thinking about test subjects for the Autonomous Zone, but with that thing about the cult that part is a bit moot. Although I vaguely recall going through mines (modern ones, not the old timey caves you saw in RE4) and steel refineries in RE5 which would be neat even if not terribly relevant.

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/co/ lately /e/

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Franken Fran has stuff for curing mental illnesses, but I don't think it works on the soul, just the brain.
Anti-Demon Wavelength from Soul Eater might work. If you assume psychopathy is a form of madness.

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Have you tried Yashima? That's the one with the hammer, right?

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You know 10 years ago when I entered this godforsaken site for the first time, I would have never thought I would end up in a thread about self-inserting multiversal fanfiction. How did you find /jc/? and how much time do you think it has?

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Are there any other Anti-Insta-Death perks other than the immunity from Death Note? Cause I want to jump Sekai Oni, but I don't want to sacrifice the people in the reserve tanks every time I kill a World Devil.

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She's the one who ended up with an abusive shithead Ashikabi in canon.

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SMT has Psycho Diver or something close to that name that allows you to mentally heal people by beating up whats ailing them, even their soul.

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>If I must suffer, so must you.
Life is suffering.

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I fully intend to. Fighting Logia shitheads without it is more trouble then I care to deal with.

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>How did you find /jc/?
I was on /b/. Choice threads were a thing back then, really basic shit.
I eventually found /tg/ and the vaunted cyoas after a little investigation. About a year after that, I wandered into this thread. And now I'm fuckin' trapped.
Assuming the world doesn't end? Theoretically forever. New shit gets made faster than jumps are getting made. There's a list of over a hundred IPs that are on people's minds.
Internal strife will never destroy us, it's just the nature of this place. It sharpens us.

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Spark chain?

>> No.55655230

I came from SB from about a year ago.
~ducks head as rubbish is thrown in anon's direction~

>> No.55655232

Worth noting that, as of this august, /jc/ has been around for 4 of those.

>> No.55655241

Been here from the beginning. I remember when Quicksilver posted the first two jumps, Pokemon Trainer and inFamous, over in the CYOA general. I remember thinking "oh man, that's such a cool idea, taking multiple CYOAs and linking them together in a series to make a story, I hope this idea goes places". Eight hundred jumps later...

>> No.55655245

Edd introduced me to it.

>> No.55655252

How do the persona things work anyways? Does the actual spirit of the character get bound to you?

>> No.55655265

Shadow-Shadow. Be the not-vampire.

Alternatively, Light. You're a Jumper, your future's probably so bright you already need shades. Plus it's a bit difficult to top moving at light speeds, and there's perks that can let you fully abuse that part of it (although the only one I remember from the top of my head is one of the capstones from SAO...)

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I really like point buy based CYOAs and someone linked to a jumpchain thread in one of the CYOA threads. Its been at least a year, but less than two.

I dont know most of the settings but I enjoy making builds

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I think I discovered pic related on Google or something, followed the link to the Spacebattles CYOA General Thread
I lurked there for a bit till I heard them talking about Jumpchain and shit, was confused as fuck cause it had a link to the first google drive and I didn't know shit, remembered I saw 4chan threads of it, lurked here for a bit, and felt this was a much better community. Been around since the threads 700's or something.

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I wandered in one day and was intrigued by the concept. Then I made a Waifu Factory jump for the sole purpose of dispensing headpats. The rest was history.

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Time to kidnap Eveline before all that crazy shit even happens

>> No.55655283

In Tokyo Mirage Sessions specifically, you mean? Yes. Though the transfer between worlds has kind of scrambled their memories, they know each other but they can't really remember details of their lives until plot jogs their memories.

>> No.55655291

>Is there anyway to allow someone like a psychopath to feel emotions?
The Metaverse Navigator from Persona 5? It should at least make them feel guilt, which is the most important thing you want to teach them.

>> No.55655308

>Worth noting that, as of this august, /jc/ has been around for 4 of those.
That's insane. Magical Realm feels like it was yesterday.

>> No.55655324

No idea yet.

I was gonna list a few characters in each archetype, but sure.

>> No.55655327

I'd suggest merging the virology and parasitology perks into a general perk that places you as one of the best in the world at three biology-related fields.

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Speaking of Sekirei which ones are in need of a good Ashikabi?

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Jumpers, what is your tax policy?

>> No.55655363

The titcows. Animoo invariably treats titcows horribly. #titcowlivesmatter

>> No.55655368


Heavens is that you?

>> No.55655377


Yashima, Akitsu, all of Higa's Sekirei, and the Disciplinary Squad Sekirei. That's off the top of my head.

>> No.55655379

Fuck off with your forced meme.

>> No.55655400

I'm around, yeah. Just not namefagging unless it's for jump things.

>> No.55655411

Pay the taxes I owe? Assuming I'm not a homeless bum living off the grid again.

But if I'm in my own magical realm then whatever

>> No.55655412

There's nothing wrong with that. Plenty of jump makers are here anon, anon.

>> No.55655429

do you have a Demonic Emperor Sword to spare?

>> No.55655433

I was in CYOG and I saw the creation of the Pokemon one, then I saw the general and decide 'sure, why not'.

As for how much time? Who fuckin knows.

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Maybe just like link people to a basic list of the archtypes and list examples of them in case newbies or people not too interested in the franchise can select from, but allow them to choose whichever?

I do have a suggestion--the dragons should cost more or have a cost if you're making them free, but it's not my jump I'm making so who knows.

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I knew it was you bro and I'm glad that things are looking up for you

>> No.55655456

Flat percentage tax, and just enough to keep things running. Pay government workers, pay for shit like roads, etc. I don't need to pay for an army, most of the time, because I have shit like Creations from Geneforge.

>> No.55655464

Finished a jump. See you guys in thread #2000.

>> No.55655470

Which one were you?

>> No.55655475

if I wanted to critize a jump, how would I do that if I wanted to:

talk to the author about its flaws


make people irritated.

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>/jc/ oldfan
my man

>> No.55655492 [DELETED] 

It's it against Bobby's character to put hands over her eyes? When he could go for her... oh wait, never mind.

>> No.55655500

An OC drought in /cyoag/ some time within the last year or so made me bored enough to find alternatives. Until that point I had never taken more than cursory glances at anything related to jumpchain.
Considering how long /jc/ has existed, the continued presence of various authors, and the current rate of OC production, I'm not terribly concerned about it dying anytime in the foreseeable future. Though if it did, I'm not really picky about the where I find jumps, so I'd manage regardless.

>> No.55655503

you should have put USA indepenence edition as the threads name sinces it is number 1776.

>> No.55655504

I used to browse 4chan when I was really bored and needed something stupid to laugh at. Usually stuck to /f/, /gif/, /b/, or even /po/ once in a while. At one point I got really into the Warhammer 40k video games and wanted to know more about the world, so I popped into /tg/ and started browsing a bunch of different threads too.

/jc/ was one I just randomly clicked on because I wanted to know what the heck it was. Turned out to be a really great writing prompt idea to my mind. So now I'm here. And I'll probably be the guy bailing water when this place is sinking fast.

Seems like a long time to wait. Just post it now.

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My theocracy has a mandatory worship quota that all citizens are required to fill or be subject to reductions. These include power outages, no cellular service, less creature comforts, no television or Internet, and a reduction in the quality of food and supplies.

The number of people who don't meet their quota is incredibly small. It seems that most people are willing to pray to God if it means keeping the TV on and the high-speed Internet running.

>> No.55655510

Pay as you want in life, in death your soul will be fed to the inner universe to support the endless growth of the World that Wanders

>> No.55655512

Well, the best way to get someone to do something you want is to convince them that it was their idea. Lead them to it, so to speak.

So instead of railing at the author about its flaws, you could sort of slide them in on how the jump's mechanical problems remind you of another jump that has a solution for those, and then point them at that and let them go "wow, that is pretty neat."

>> No.55655533

Ayy, Biomass Backdoor seems based on how Uroboros critters can just succ up things to get really fucking huge. But would there be enough design room in the jump for a similar ability based on Nyx?

Also, any chance of a perk like Parasitologist and Virologist but for mechanical enhancements and/or restraints? Like how Tyrants often have those coats restraining their ability to mutate, or how a lot of the critter in the T-Phobos games have shit just welded onto them to improve their abilities, or how the Tyrant R has cybernetics out of the ass, or just T-A.L.O.S. in general.

>> No.55655534

I stayed anon through MR and Conduit, though I posted builds and ran a pirate fleet in SD.

>> No.55655542


No need for a standing army when I have robots and violent death murder hamsters and other ways to automate warfare. That money can go to better things. Usually my country is strong enough where no one wants to mess with me anyway or if they do, they become a very good example to everyone else not to mess with me.

>> No.55655546

Just be careful of self-sufficient apostates who know how to forage the wilds and don't care much for theological extortion.

>> No.55655555

Ask if the author is still around and then just talk to them. But if it's Valeria, don't bother. You won't accomplish anything other than wasting both of yours time.

>> No.55655556

>talk to the author about its flaws
Don't act like an aggressively autistic entitled cunt.


>make people irritated.
Act like an aggressively autistic entitled cunt.


>> No.55655558

Eh, through a weird series of coincidences I was here when it got its own threads basically. I was browsing different sites looking into Pokemon news used to be way into it, also didn't have as much going on as I do now so I pursued the things that took up my time with more reckless abandon, ended up on the Pokemon subreddit, saw the original Jumpchain CYOA (Pokemon before it was a full page in length and had a lightsaber as a purchasble option iirc). I thought that was pretty cool since I'd never seen a CYOA before, follow it to makeyourchoice.

That place had great shit, but I slowly learned that great shit wasn't coming from there, nor would anything be made there after several different threads of people bringing it up and nothing happening.

So, jumped ship for /tg/ since that was getting sourced for all that nice stuff. So I come over here expecting a factory of content and builds. Nope! I arrived during extra fetishy waifu era in the general. I can still distinctly remember some dude making a mind control cyoa and getting into major thread drama with his girlfriend after he told her she couldn't be sleeping beauty during bedroom roleplay because she was asian.

Anyways, I was about ready to leave after a while since it was nothing but waifus all the way down. Then I saw Jumpchain, the original thing that got me into this, was getting booted into its own thread and jumped ship immediately for that. I've been here ever since.

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>It's it against Bobby's character to put hands over her eyes? When he could go for her... oh wait, never mind.

That was the exact joke they said in the manga to best girl. Delete this now

>> No.55655568

Get the Copy fruit instead. Then you can have 3 of the 4.

Frankly with the Light and Dark fruits you don't need the Tremor, but if you want it any just have some of your companions eat those and you can switch when you feel like it.

>> No.55655576

>muh fee fees
>muh Val posting
>muh need to be speshul
Your one accomplishment in life will be that get, anon. That's it. You've peaked. May as well hang it up.

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You can't keep this up forever, Yugi.

>> No.55655586

Eveline daughteru option please?

>> No.55655594


>> No.55655605

Thought it had to be a two-word thing, anon. Now it all makes sense.

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>> No.55655612

No idea who that is.



>Higa's Sekirei
Wow he has so many of them, I have no idea what I would do with them or how to take them off his hands.

>Disciplinary Squad Sekirei
The only ones that feel like I should wing are Karasuba and Miya.

Thanks for the help you two.

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>> No.55655658


I mean the current Disclipinary Squad, not the past versions of it. Benitsubasa, Haihane, and Karasuba.

Their Ashikabi is outright gay, and although Haihane and Karasuba don't give a shit, Benitsubasa seems to genuinely love him anyway.

>> No.55655663

Stumbled upon Jumpchain while looking for CYOAs. It took me a while longer to discover /jc/ itself, but I found it eventually and have been trapped here ever since. I want to say that was about...three years ago? I didn't actually start making jumps until about a year after I first came here, and that was because Clover suggested the idea of a Generic Children's Television jump and I decided, "Eh, why not, I'll give it a shot". So, that was cool.

>> No.55655664
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Your best bet is to approach the jumpmaker about it on the IRC, you're much more likelier to be taken seriously than dismissed as a shitposter that way. Usually I find that most if not everyone there will at least think about your words. You don't even have to use your actual name, just use a fake name.

If they're not on the IRC try to be respectful about it when talking to the jumpmaker instead of resulting to petty insults. Try and give reasons for why you think this way.

>> No.55655677

What happened to him anyway?

>> No.55655694

It's hardly extortion. It's payment.
Surprisingly you don't have an inherent right to power, cell services or tv and internet.
If worship is the agreed upon payment you have no room to complain if your services are cancelled when you refuse to pay.

>> No.55655696

>You don't even have to use your actual name, just use a fake name.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT. Are you telling me that Kanons name is not, in fact, Kanons? That Valeria isn't really Valeria? That Yorokonde isn't fucking Yorokonde? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN LYING TO US?

>> No.55655697 [DELETED] 
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I'm just having a little fun anon, don't worry man

>> No.55655701

What sort of power would legacy of the great war probably give you as a descendant of Lucifer?

>> No.55655708

I'm not exactly sure. I think he just started showing up less and less over time. There was the big blowup over the Purge gauntlet though.

>> No.55655712

I think Val actually is Val.

>> No.55655721

Two years or so ago, was collecting general CYOA and saw mention of JumpChain. Thought the concept was interesting and stumbled across this thread.

>how much time do you think it has?
We seem to be going fairly consistently as far as users go, I'd give it a while yet. We're, at least, going to get through most of the IPs that frequent of /tg/

>> No.55655723

/k/, /a/, /his/, /d/

>> No.55655724

/fit/, /a/, and sometimes /tv/ and /v/.

I was there with the early CYOA threads, the Magical Realm thing, the Power Armor CYOA, the Domain Master, and I saw Jumpchain when it formed, although I didn't really paid it too much attention until it was around thread 400 or 500.

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I'm just having a little fun anon, don't worry man

Also you all saw nothing

>> No.55655730

I feel like potatoes should be square instead of their current roundish shape, where do I go to compla- speak of this?

>> No.55655737

>You don't have an inherent right to not getting your kneecaps broken. If protection money is the agreed upon payment you have no room to complain if we break your windows when you refuse to pay.

If you don't like the comparison, that's the comparison people are going to make. And maybe it is unfair, but that's just how the mind works.

>> No.55655751

That's stupid. You're paying for your power, internet and food now, just with money instead of worship.
Or is that extortion too?

>> No.55655754
File: 23 KB, 500x331, Smug Frost.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can 100% assure you that my real name is, in fact, Devil Survivor Anon.

Look at this face. Would a face like that lie to you?

>> No.55655766


>> No.55655771
File: 111 KB, 931x919, [laughter stops].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55655774

I've tried but I just can't read the thing looking like this. There's no reason for it to be 46 pages long, if you're going to image something put it in boxes but otherwise just do a standard text jump with a reasonable size font and formatting. I did a test comparing this and Fallout New Vegas as it's another recent imaged jump. Donkey Kong has about 1000 more words than New Vegas (being around 12000 words rather than 11000 so it's not a huge jump) but is 46 pages rather than New Vegas' 13. Compare it to a non-imaged jump (which is probably fairer as its closer to the format of this one) and it's still ridiculously big, Dresden Files is exactly half the amount of pages of Donkey Kong and has about 3000 more words. I'm only pointing out examples of other jumps as this has been brought up before but you haven't done anything about it. Reducing the font size and putting the boxes closer together could easily cut it down to half the amount of pages than it currently is as you could reduce the font size by a whole lot and still keep it legible given how huge it is at the moment.

>> No.55655786
File: 442 KB, 600x458, Did Someone Say Desu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55655789

No, it's DiSu.

>> No.55655796

/co/, /d/, /gif/ and /hc/

>> No.55655808
File: 348 KB, 1300x782, 00e6a8c59deae5caff4f0c670f523cdc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yorokonde isn't fucking Yorokonde?
Lewd Anon. Geeze.
Maybe once I hit Gravity Falls...

>> No.55655812

Thank you, I was just about to correct them.

>> No.55655825
File: 92 KB, 1032x580, It's DeSu, Not DiSu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55655828

Wait, before I join this stupid conversation, does the worship have to be sincere, or is just a matter of going through the motions?

>> No.55655856

On a scale of 1 to ten how immoral is it to make every woman on the planet a super hyper horny lesbian for a day?

>> No.55655900

Copy Fruit is a shit. I think I will go with Light after all. Gravity and Dark powers are kinda rare but Lightspeed is way rarer.

>> No.55655905


>> No.55655907

Hyper as in hyper horny or hyperactive or hyper breasts?

>> No.55655926

The best part about this is that your name in the official roll is DiSu, so thousands of years from now when some poor carbon based undergraduate life form reads the roll, you'll be entered into the history books as DiSu.

>> No.55655939


>> No.55655943

By the standards of modern earth, that would instantly qualify as a 10, since mindraping the entire planet would be the most immoral act ever committed in the history of the species.

By jumper standards, probably closer to a 6, since you made it temporary, and probably had the option of killing every human on earth, capturing their souls, and torturing them in your personal hell for a billion years of subjective time.

>> No.55655962

I'd shave a point off since he only made the women like that, not the men and children

>> No.55655976

10, because it's only for one day.

>> No.55655979
File: 47 KB, 351x461, HMPH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Truly, this is the darkest timeline.

>> No.55655986

/ck/ and /o/

>> No.55655998

I happened to separately stumble across the CYOA thread on spacebattles while I was posting on /tg/ for /tg/ stuff. Downloaded a few CYOAs then left because the thread seemed like shit. Put the jumpchain intro PDF in my misc cyoa folder because it seemed poorly put together and extremely uninteresting at the time, left it there for more than a year. Was bored and looking through some sourcebooks to catch up on some things, my CYOA folder was within a few clicks from that, so I opened and completed a few CYOAs (like Conduit, which was pretty cool, desu). Then I opened the Pokemon .PDF, read for a couple minutes and immediately closed again from an overwhelming sense of mediocrity. I continued to browse /tg/ and noticed a persistent thread called "jumpchain", but I didn't bother. While I was on a short vacation, I was bored again, and went to SB to steal some more CYOAs, noticed "jumpchain" apparently had a whole drive dedicated to it, and started leeching from the uploads folder for a few weeks after I left. Some jumps were actually kind of interesting, so I kept doing it. When I got back, I started occasionally browsing /tg/ again, and remembered there was a jumpchain thread. And for some goddamn reason, I never left.

>> No.55656009

Not that anon, but 1 and 3 together seem like the best idea.

>> No.55656010

Breaking it down, it's essentially mass mind control that forces every single woman to engage in actions they'd likely never take with a clear mind with potential long lasting consequences including self-loathing, dissolution of relationships, death in the case of muslim countries, std propogation, jail sentences for indecent public displays that'll probably stick in some places despite the nature of the act, completely irresponsible actions leading to mass deaths (such as all the fucking inside of hospitals for instance). So a solid 10 basically is what I'm getting at.

>> No.55656019

Would you shave off that point if it was only the men? Also I feel you're severely underestimating the logistic errors of global horny lesbian epidemic: How many planes will crash because pilots and airport staff start liplocking? How many people die in car accidents because there were more than 1 women in the same vehicle?

>> No.55656050

Should've stayed gone if you felt that poorly about it.

>> No.55656054

Theft? Don't be ridiculous.
I wouldn't be quite so lenient. No freeloaders among my worship-batteries!
Those who refuse to pay their dues will be made to pay them, by mind control if necessary.
Of course if i need to expend energy on that they'll have to worship more than the others. It's only fair.

They are after all just cattle. Happy, ignorant cattle, but i sure wouldn't take care of a country full of squishy mortals if they didn't give me worship energy.

>> No.55656085

I didn't feel that poorly about it, though? I'm just being honest in that the intro PDF wasn't nearly enough to get me "hooked".

>> No.55656089

>Those who refuse to pay their dues will be made to pay them, by mind control if necessary.
Would that even work? I know in FR at least worship has to be a free willed choice or it doesn't benefit the gods. I just assumed other settings were the same.

>> No.55656101


Ah, you're that one shitposter. Any chance you might leave again? And stay gone?

>> No.55656103

Do you think one could use the garden plots and vacpack from slime rancher for non food plants like cotton?

>> No.55656115

It's not specified in the perks i use (from Master of Magic and Exalted Sidereals).
Even if that's the case i'm sure i can find a way to properly motivate my more reluctant subjects to proper worship.

If love and adoration doesn't work there's always fear after all.

>> No.55656116

I don't see too much wrong with it, especially if you tinkered around with the settings, but - why cotton specifically?

>> No.55656123

Just posting to get a link for elsewhere.

>> No.55656142

>i sure wouldn't take care of a country full of squishy mortals if they didn't give me worship energy

Considering that the chain offers many, many superior alternatives to this plan? Yes you would. You take of those mortals because you have a power fetish. The worship energy is an excuse.

Don't pretend that ANY action you take in your chain isn't part of a masturbatory wish-fulfillment fantasy. It's the most immediately obvious lie possible in this thread.

>> No.55656148

What was shitposting about that, anon? Also, really? You're on 4-chan and getting triggered over the use of desu?

>> No.55656164

Planning on picking up tailoring when WoW gets out and I wanted to get some sources of materials.

Wool is pretty obvious and I do have a pocket dimension for animals

Not sure about picking up silk as that's a lot of work for material I'm not really fond of.

Cotton is a pretty okay fabric but gathering it would be a bitch so vacpack sounded like a great idea.

>> No.55656178

Irrelevant, but are you going to pick up World of Warcraft?

It's been months since your so-called "friend" last posted a WIP, or even posted in any way that wasn't slinging insults and shit at the community at large.

>> No.55656180

Any post that uses the word desu as if it were a normal English word is a shitpost. The desu is a symptom of general shitposting. Any defense of a shitpost that relies on "hey man, it's 4chan, you should expect shitposting" is an admission of guilt.

Please go away.

>> No.55656194
File: 19 KB, 480x446, 9a853a21950fdce6f1f08f2c60260d16--meme-faces.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends. When were you going to pick up Bayonetta?

>> No.55656204

Red, would you mind answering this >>55655586?

>> No.55656224
File: 87 KB, 760x936, Red 5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55656225

Why would I want to do that?

>> No.55656245

Wow, a garbage tripfag sucking Red's dick. What a shocking turn of events.

>> No.55656249

I can indulge my power fetish without going into government. So no.
And i really don't see why you wouldn't set up a few million worshippers in your DC Occult pocket dimension, since it's in addition to whatever other powers you have and follows you from jump to jump.

With Master of Magic it's free mana regeneration (and quite considerable too).
With Exalted it's free essence and willpower (also considerable with a big enough number of worshippers), with the Quintessence Fountain from Sidereals specifically it's also free Ambrosia.

Really, the only reason not to set up a cult dedicated to yourself is morals.
And seeing how those guys are better taken care of than people in first world nations today as long as they do their duty i see nothing wrong with it. 4 hours of worship per day is quite reasonable.

Otherwise they'd just waste their prayer-energy on other gods that probably don't even exist and don't do anything for them. Silly mortals.

>> No.55656272
File: 187 KB, 416x415, 1506747812932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because you bitched enough about that, and it's been 10 months since I released the claim and still no one's grabbed it? Besides, I think WoW is coming along rather nicely.

This is just like fucking F.E.A.R. all over again. Why do people want to daughteru the crazy psycho girls who want to mindrape everyone. Why. What is the draw behind that. Why do people want to do bad things. Also yes, I'm putting in a canon companion option so you can get it.

>> No.55656276

As I said, the most immediately obvious lie.

But apparently you need to maintain the pretense to keep yourself hard, so there's no point in continuing the conversation. Have fun with that.

>> No.55656291

>why do people want bad things
>asking this in /jc/

And yes, that paraphrase was intentional. This is an entire community dedicated to wanting bad things. There's no point in making a fuss about it now.

>> No.55656311

>Why do people want to daughteru the crazy psycho girls who want to mindrape everyone.
Think very carefully about that statement.

There's your answer.

>> No.55656312

Because they're qt

>> No.55656314

>This is an entire community dedicated to wanting bad things
There is nothing wrong or bad with wanting to patronize liberty and humanity throughout the multiverse.

>> No.55656331

Because fixing abominafus with my dick and turning them into pure housewives with some spooping on the side is hot you pleb

>> No.55656347
File: 351 KB, 1920x1080, 1506788728455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.55656350

Because both crazy psycho girls became that way because they were raised by assholes who wanted to use them for selfish, crazy purposes. I feel bad for them and want to help. Plus, they're cute, in a spooky way. And since I'm a spooky guy, having spooky cute daughterus sounds about right.

>> No.55656357

...W-wut? Do you think that person you're replying to is the shitposter? The shitposter wouldn't care about this thread's well-being, the shitposter would let OAA run free.

>> No.55656363
File: 50 KB, 736x967, eveline-resident-evil-residents-evil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not collecting qt psycho daughterus
What kind of pleb wants to live such a life?

>> No.55656369


>> No.55656375

You're on 4chan.

Rampant pedophilia is to be expected.

>> No.55656413

Hi Disu-anon

>> No.55656421
File: 541 KB, 800x1132, 6364E6CF-FE17-4E32-87BF-28B84976A83B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

QS was doing stuff on the Power Armor CYOA IRC, making the Pokémon Jump we see now. Getting bored of the constant one up manship, I jumped ship. Found /JC/ and never left. Only did I find out later that I’d seen the first drafts of the Pokémon Jump, before it hit big.

Yet I still can’t hold a decent chain. I get distracted and want to change things up too much, too often.

>> No.55656422

>>55656350 (Literally stole my response)
My siblings!

>> No.55656426

A shame, really, but what are we to do about that? There's no elegant solution.

>> No.55656428

The joke is that they're being mind controlled. The why doesn't matter.

>> No.55656430

So Anons! How do you Jojo? Stand, Hamon, Wounds, Beyond, Vampire, or Spin? Mayhaps even Ultimate Lifeform? A mix of the above?

>> No.55656442

I fluctuate between Hamon, Spin, and Stands, mostly towards the former two.

I also vacillate between Melody and Style.

>> No.55656446

By not jumping the piece of shit we have until it gets replaced.

>> No.55656447

Stands all the way.

>> No.55656456

Stand AND Hamon.

>> No.55656459

Current chain has Hamon and Stands. My Stand is actually designed to compliment my Hamon, and vice versa.

>> No.55656465

I like the Spin and Hamon.

>> No.55656483
File: 18 KB, 238x255, 1505361049539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Your legacy will be a jump that will be treated as a shitpost

>> No.55656485

I Believe in Beyond, with a healthy side of Spin and Jesus Power.

>> No.55656495

Which Lord Soul would boost Hamon, Gwyn's or the Witch of Izalith's? I want to say Gwyn, because the Sun, obviously. but doesn't Hamon's most powerful attacks come from flames, which Izalith covers?

>> No.55656505

Jojoanon? Is that you? Are you okay with people making individual jojo jumps?

>> No.55656507

I have a non-combat stand. [Personal Jesus] lets me find the nearst people in desperate need of salvation in a city wide radius, and works as a limited PTV ripoff for helping individuals with metal illness and trauma.

>> No.55656514

No, I am Part1Jojoanon

>> No.55656537

Brought it on yourself, m80

>> No.55656548

Hamon always, spin sometimes. The running in circles bit always kills the utility of spin for me though.

>> No.55656553

Is Aoko Aozaki waifu material? How do I fix whatever the hell it was that she broke in the universe's timeline when she moved the time of that dude dying into the future?

>> No.55656557

Honestly, what did you expect? It's going to be used to justify replacement jumps in the future and as sheer shitposter fuel. You were told this. You deserve no pity

>> No.55656559
File: 43 KB, 480x480, 90154603-3657-43DF-84E7-3FC9009FD90D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you don’t like JJBA Jump, there’s always Jorge Joestar Jump by ValaBee. Its a JoJo Jump but more Bizzare.

>> No.55656572
File: 35 KB, 495x375, 149463869623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, but I am still not accustomed for my jumps to be shitposted, mostly they are ignored and not mentioned.

>> No.55656585

If you understand, then stop asking for pity. You fucked up, now deal with it.

>> No.55656598

She didn't break anything, unless you count using the True Magics as "breaking" the universe.

>> No.55656601
File: 70 KB, 265x234, 1506742397223.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, I'll be gone for today

>> No.55656605

Actions have consequences.

>> No.55656612

She apparently caused catastrophic damage to the future by moving time around though.

>> No.55656641

Throwing excess heat energy caused by fucking with time, into future space, should have no issues beyond staving off heat death a little bit longer.

Nasu cannot into thermodynamics.

>> No.55656645

Eh, Hamon tends to act a lot more like electricity than fire.

>> No.55656658

If it's enough energy to be an extinction event it's a problem even if it gives the rest of the universe a few more million years of lifespan.

>> No.55656660

Question for Valeria when she gets here. For the Grand Scenario do we auto-lose since in Fate/Grand Order Humanity ceases to exist when the story starts?

I realise that probably isn't the intent but understanding the loss condition is important

>> No.55656662

But there is plenty wrong and bad with being this much of an autist.

>> No.55656680

Fair enough, that still works for Gwyn given it covers light and lightning.

>> No.55656684

>running in circles

Have you actually read SBR?

>> No.55656692


Get fukt.

>> No.55656695

Oh, and thanks, anon.

>> No.55656703

It's actually supposed to be the opposite; the Fifth Magic doesn't generate heat, it removes heat from the universe, accelerating the heat death of the universe by billions of years..

>> No.55656708

That's not how that works, anon.

>> No.55656712

Everyone would choose the spin over Hamon if they had read SBR

>> No.55656725
File: 290 KB, 1800x1800, 1501037238618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jumpmakers... How do you go about the process of making jumps? Do you meticulously pore over the source material, searching for anything that could possibly become an ability, item or drawback in the jump? Do you take lots of screenshots? Do you just watch/read/play whatever it is you're making the jump of and when you finish it, put in whatever was most memorable?

>> No.55656757

I haven't, I was just going by how the perk read.

Explain, please. I'd like to know what I'm missing out on.

>> No.55656791

All of the above. I start my WIP based on what I most remember from the source material. Then I go through it again and take notes and screencaps.

>> No.55656806

The explanation is "go read SBR."

>> No.55656818

Whatever you thought was Omnipotent, is less so than the Spin.

>> No.55656821

>To move even 5 minutes of time to the far future like this would mean a ludicrous toll is taken, appreciably speeding up the rate at which the universe will suffer heat death.
Literally the jump notes. You didn't even fucking read it, did you?

>> No.55656829

A lot of them do that, but not always. Some even work from pure memory, and one even worked from a vivid dream of a work we're not even sure actually exists.

And then there's the ones who want a specific thing and work backwards from that, and the ones who just seem impatient, thinking the setting will never get done if they don't do it themselves.

So there's a lot of different processes and styles.

>> No.55656836

That's not how fucking thermodynamics work, buckaroo.

>> No.55656845

The spin can be used to avoid mortal wounds by moving the injury elsewhere, makes you bulletproof, you can fit in extremely small spaces, give paralyzed people the ability to walk again, change your appearance, give you a stand and the super spin is the ultimate attack, that can pass through dimensions to put the target in a perpetual spin. And other things I forget
But this >>55656818 go read SBR it is the best part in Jojo memes aside.

>> No.55656846

>and one even worked from a vivid dream of a work we're not even sure actually exists.
w- which one is that?

>> No.55656858

Masters of Red.

Far as anybody can tell, it doesn't actually exist.

>> No.55656859

That sounds pretty cool, although
>for helping individuals with metal illness and trauma
What, do you heal them via the power of METAL or something? /jk

>> No.55656862
File: 592 KB, 1875x696, Stand Close to the Edge Acts 1-4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stand Name: Close to the Edge Act 4
This Stand allows the user to be able to acquire the abilities of others by 'experiencing' them. Experience can be anything from observing an attack by being struck by it or through any medium, such as watching a recording, with the more personal the medium of experience allowing the user to acquire the abilities with greater ease. Being struck by an ability or personally experience it allows the user to learn it up to the comprehension that the abilities origin possesses of the ability whilst other mediums, such as the recording example, would only grant the power with a neophytes understanding of it's most rudimentary elements.

>> No.55656873

Most of the uses for the Spin require a spinning object to draw energy from. You can just tap a steel ball or whatever spherical object you prefer and hold it. The Super Spin requires your horse to move at its natural speed, whereupon it generates I N F I N I T E E N E R G Y that is transferred to you through the stirrups. You don't have to literally move in circles although you could if there isn't enough space for your horse to go in a straight line. Also if you're a dick to horses you can use a steel ball or an electric shock or whatever to force it to kick you just right, transferring the energy directly.

>> No.55656877

>generic power-copying stand

Bet you were at the drawing board for weeks to come up with that one, huh?

>> No.55656893

Nah it's just the power I made up for the question.

>> No.55656896

Mostly through Stands. Have a huge-ass Pastebin of JoJo-based ones, but last thing we need is more shitposting in here.

>> No.55656899

Masters of Red.

Maybe it's an obscure untranslated foreign novel or something, but >>55656858 is right. Someone even guessed once that it was the jumpmaker tapping into fiction from an alternate timeline.

>> No.55656912

Varies pretty widely from jump to jump as going through it is different depending on the medium. Usually I only start if I remember enough to get a basic skeleton of the jump made without looking at the source material which usually involves working out the backgrounds, a couple of perks for each and some items and drawbacks.

Then either more stuff will occur to me or I'll look at the actual thing which is where the aforementioned variation happens. With something like Nightmare Before Christmas I pretty much just watched it once after making a basic skeleton (or Skellington lolololol), picked out lines for perk titles and came up with the rest of the content. For Fallout New Vegas I played a bit but a lot came out of wiki diving as I could choose from a tonne of in-game perks, quest titles, song names, etc. Starting with a title and working backwards is quite often how I come up with stuff and once I've decided to do a jump I ask in thread and in the IRC for more ideas and stuff I may have missed.

Then I write bits as and when stuff occurs to me (shoving in as many references to the source material as I can make fit in the text to add flavour) and then I image it. Usually image it before I have much actual text and then write out the actual content but by that point I've usually got a strong enough idea of what it'll all do and how it'll fit together that it doesn't take that long.

>> No.55656915

Uh. No. The reason the horse running is requires for the ultimate spin is that it allows the spin-user to perfectly capture the golden ratio in their spin. You can use any method you like to accomplish the same end: generating a spin that perfectly captures the golden ratio.

>> No.55656923

Oh. Thank you anon, I stand corrected.

>> No.55656924

What if your a centaur, would it work then?

>> No.55656928
File: 877 KB, 498x551, YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you're saying I might be able to use the Crash spin for it? Because that would be great.

>> No.55656930

Would Run 'n' Gun work for stuff like crossbows or thrown weapons, or is it just firearms?

>> No.55656931

>He fucks up and gets caught out shown to have no idea what he's fucking talking about
>he continues to insist on an unsubstantiated argument that has already been ruined

>> No.55656933

>going to the store
>bigass inflatable santa

So, what jump do you want for Christmas?

>> No.55656936

I'm super late to this but why isn't there some super strength ability, or even martial ability, or extensive increase in size benefit? I mean you acknowledge the bongo's thing. But the game it came from had rather nasty kongs, with extensive increase in size and Donkey kong STILL kicks their ass with extensive martial skill and unusual amounts of strength.

>> No.55656942

All of them.


>> No.55656943

Okay, I can reduce the font size to 12. Sorry about that; I used to make 12-point my standard, but then somebody here said that it was too small to read clearly, so I increased the size.

I'm a little confused by your talk about "boxes" though. I'm not familiar with that terminology. Exactly what do you mean by that?

>> No.55656945

Still sounds like you need to be moving in order for it to work.

>> No.55656948


We've been shitty people all fucking year. We don't exactly deserve jump-presents.

>> No.55656949

So, what you're saying is, Spin is literally Spiral Power?

>> No.55656960

What does Purifier consider "abominations"? Is it just "mutants"?

>> No.55656961

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Jump would be awesome.

>> No.55656968

Literally all the Pretty Cures.

>> No.55656972
File: 77 KB, 621x621, 1496350572320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need to move
Don't remind me about that shitty game, please

>> No.55656980

Isn't that the shitty fighting game?

>> No.55656983

More historical jumps.

>Punic Wars
>US Civil War
>Bronze Age Collapse

Anon, the same could be said of literally everyone who has ever existed or ever will exist, even before the human race was spawned and long after it is extinct.

>> No.55657005

Generic Asura's Wrath fanfiction would be GOAT.

>> No.55657011

The jump that will finally motivate me enough to create OC.

>> No.55657014


>> No.55657016

Crossbows would be fine, thrown weapons would probably take some adjustment depending on how good at throwing you already are (as the perk doesn't automatically make you better at throwing) but I can't see why it wouldn't work if you were already a good thrower.

>> No.55657021

The Year Without A Santa Claus? Miser Brothers companion where they only take up one slot because despite their innate power, their infighting usually makes them ineffective?

>> No.55657026
File: 432 KB, 680x383, AIH DIO 003.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no possible way that I can turn back time. I'm no Gold Experience Requiem.

On the same vein as the Naruto Ninja Storm vidya level.

>> No.55657030 [DELETED] 

For christmas to go away.

>> No.55657038

>There is no possible way that I can turn back time. I'm no Gold Experience Requiem.
Eh anon GER doesn't turn back time, none of them do.

>> No.55657045

Not even Scrooge can do that.

Christmas always wins.

>> No.55657048

An actual Bayonetta jump.

>> No.55657070

It can't win if no one's left to celebrate it. Should really get some insurance against that.

>> No.55657073

There is actual fanfiction of that?

>> No.55657088
File: 14 KB, 460x416, 1506744507492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Claim's open, where is it?

>> No.55657094


>> No.55657108

Gold Experience Requiem wank is a thing in some place, not a proprietor of it but I've seen it before. Also Killer Queen: Bites the Dust does exactly that turning back time

>> No.55657124

I think they meant reduce the space between paragraphs.

Nah it'd be broader than just radioactive mutants. Basically it works on pretty much any monstrous thing created or altered by scientific meddling/accidents, should probably make that clearer.

>> No.55657148

Sorry, I never really played much of that game, so I didn't quite know what to draw from it. I'll think about adding some sort of strength, martial arts, or size perk. Though, the Big Bad Boss perk sort of fulfills the size growth request.

>> No.55657157

SMT: Nocturne would be cool but only because I really like how DeSu does his jumps. Besides that, I dunno... Pretty much everything I'd want to jump already has one or is being worked on.

>> No.55657160

Well, right now it's at single space without the "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" checked. What should it be at?

>> No.55657180

Youjo Senki

>> No.55657194

Does the silence effect of Silent Running apply to noisy items on your person like keys and power armor?

>> No.55657197

What even is the problem with the one we have? It seems pretty solid to me.

To Everyone Else: Sorry for inviting shitposting into the thread, but I do legitimately want to know what their problem is.

>> No.55657206

Ar Nosurge
Armored Core 4 and For Answer
Armored Core V and Verdict Day
Augmented Reality Girls Trinary Though that would be a miracle.
Fairy Fencer F
Call of Duty Black Ops
Mega Man Starforce
Granblue Fantasy

>> No.55657212

I'd look at donkey kong jungle beat for some extra ideas like general strength or martial ability. And then Barrel Blast for a cool customizable rocket item.

>> No.55657214

DiSu, you mean.

>> No.55657231

No idea what program you're even using but there is a pretty big gap between each bit of text.

Yeah I guess it would seeing as clothes aren't silent normally either.

>> No.55657237

>Armored Core 4 and For Answer
Thank you for giving me a deadline. I will try my best to get it out before christmas

>> No.55657239

I want to finish every claim I have made

>> No.55657258


Will wait patiently to fuck things up with Kojima Particles.

>> No.55657270

It's a personal grudge against the author. Yeah, it's that petty.

>> No.55657273

The shitposter claims to be angry that it doesn't make you as powerful as Bayonetta or Jean right off the bat, and instead makes you an average Umbra Witch/Lumen Sage with the potential to grow to their levels of power. Which I can understand being a point of objection, everyone wants to be able to matter in the main plot immediately. But they get so whiny about it, it's impossible to take their issues seriously. There's also some complaint about how the Eyes of the World you can buy aren't the actual Eyes but just an identical copy, which I really don't understand the hullaballoo about at all. I think that was just them looking for an excuse to bitch.

>> No.55657276 [SPOILER] 
File: 659 KB, 1275x2100, 1506892591110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd kill for SporeAnon to finish the Spore jump.


Also, probably getting the motivation to finish my own jump would be good.

>> No.55657278

At the time, a lot of noise was made about how you can't outright buy the same level of power that the protagonists have. You buy potential and have to train to get that good. Or something. Then it became a shitposter meme and all actual discussion became impossible. I think. I wasn't actually present at the time.

>> No.55657284

I like Kojima Particles, but they're too damn dangerous in the long-term. You can't use them anywhere that isn't already a nuclear wasteland.

>> No.55657346
File: 17 KB, 702x987, What..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55657355

People suck.

All you need to know

>> No.55657364
File: 101 KB, 1600x900, better be the heir of slytherin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to jumpchain, where we have one or two people who just randomly hate anyone with a name, and some names in particular. And have driven off a couple of our jump makers in the past because they're just that much of a dick.

>> No.55657373

I am almost certainly making some kind of planet sterilizer with kojima-particles. Its gunna be great.

>> No.55657381

I will have ways to reduce the pollution of Kojima Particles (As well as increase them). That being said the pollution perk from Tropico helps since giant armored death machines count as machinery reducing the pollution by up to 90%

>> No.55657382

You are secretly the Grinch, why else would you take someone off Santa's list.

>> No.55657387

People throwing autists fits on things they dont like is a staple on 4chan, like Virt on anything related to elf on /tg/, Pedro on anything that is showa on /m/, or the sperg that throws a tantrum on anyone that says anything about cutie honey on /m/ and the namorfag on /co/.

>> No.55657399

>implying my heart grew three sizes that day
I don't think you understand how horcruxes work, friend.

>> No.55657400

And as a result the well is completely poisoned for a laundry list of topics, up to and including the possibility of moving off /tg/ to escape them. I don't even agree with that suggestion, but it's yet another idea that is impossible to reasonably discuss now.

>> No.55657403

Die Hard and Lethal Weapon since since they start around Christmas and have plenty of material for a 10year stay

John Wick just because

>> No.55657430

What are some settings you like that you've given up on there ever being a jump made for?

>> No.55657431
File: 17 KB, 410x410, carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>John Wick
Someone dropped a John Wip a while ago

>> No.55657434

Well, that's good, then. Because I love Kojima tech, but I don't want to poison the area for miles around me just by using it on a small-scale basis. Reducing toxicity would be very nice. And that perk from Tropico is a good idea, I hadn't thought of that. I could actually apply that to a lot of dangerous particle emissions, now that I'm thinking about it. Thanks for the idea, Armored Core For Anon.

>> No.55657436

Read or Die.

>> No.55657446

All of the settings I've started making jumps for, then lost interest in putting in the actual effort to create something because I'm both depressed and lazy.

>> No.55657455

Nobilis. :^)

Though that's not necessarily a bad thing.

>> No.55657470

Why are so many jumpmakers who start out depressed? I can understand becoming depressed from the thread environment, but why do many start that way?

>> No.55657474

WoW and Black Crusade. Also valid Part-based JoJo jumps.

>> No.55657481

Here ya go

>> No.55657492
File: 417 KB, 400x584, Id Greatest Fusion Fantasy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is a shame but I know there will never be an Id jump.

>> No.55657493

This kind of hobby isn't generally something that healthy people would invest appreciable time into.

>> No.55657495

You can't see why someone who's depressed might enjoy Jumpchain with its escapism and wish-fulfillment fantasies? This place is like fly paper for us.

>> No.55657499
File: 377 KB, 500x291, I'm happy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but only because I really like how DeSu does his jumps
Wow, thanks anon!

>> No.55657505

All content creators are fucked up. All 4chan users are fucked up.

It's amazing that content creators on 4chan manage to go more than a week without committing suicide.

>> No.55657537

Augmented Reality Girls Trinary. Due to what little info there is and no one translating anything about it, along with it being one of those mobage games not to mention that you need to play that and watch the anime, which can only be viewed on the game app or on youtube, but will then be removed after some time.

>> No.55657544

I'm using Word. If I were to check the "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" tab, would that help? After cutting down my font size to 12 for most of the text, the jump document currently stands at 42 pages.

>> No.55657545

Thanks sempai

>> No.55657550

>I can understand becoming depressed from the thread environment

They shouldn't be making content if they can't handle the community.

>> No.55657558

Whoops, forgot my name! Oh well.

Capser the Friendly Ghost, Wizard of Oz, .hack, Land Before Time, Secret of Nimh, Megaman Legends, Toho Godzilla, and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.

>> No.55657560

You're literally the only person on Earth in the position to try and create this jump, anon. Assuming you're >>55657206 as well.

Either get to work or give up.

>> No.55657571

Wow, it's been a long time since i read that.
Hmm, from what i recall there'd be quite a bit of content to make a jump from.
Why do you think there'll never be one?

I'd claim it myself, but it's hard for me to consistently find the motivation to work on anything, let alone something hobby-ish.

>> No.55657572

This >>55657550 .

The "thread environment" just weeds out the weak and incompetent.

>> No.55657577

>awful formatting
>explicitly referencing 'the plot'
>everything else

I meant a real jump.

>> No.55657583


>> No.55657616

What true nature? Or are you going by the "Jumpers know not where they are going" ruleset?

>> No.55657620
File: 9 KB, 250x166, 250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here want a Silent Hill gauntlet? What would you like to see out of it?

There will be a jump toggle don't worry.

>> No.55657623

Because it is pretty much hidden beneath alot of other content and it is somewhat old. It was never finished either, even if it does have quite a bit of content that would make it into a great jump.

It is ok Anon, I understand.

>> No.55657634

Far as I know, there was one guy who was planning two files back when OAA passed it off to him. One regular jump, one custom Gauntlet.

>> No.55657650


So we know the guy was going to be shit, and anon should pick it up.

>> No.55657651
File: 11 KB, 236x314, teddy bear WHAT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why are people in an escapism fantasy depressed?

>> No.55657654

...That you, Alex?

>> No.55657666

How close are you to done? I'd like to see it, if you've got a WIP; curious to see what direction you went with it.
On the other hand, if you're struggling, I gave up on waiting and made my own AC4/fA Jump if you'd like to see it for inspiration. It's only had one other pair of eyes on it besides mine, so I won't pretend it's not biased, but maybe it could prove useful.

>> No.55657668

>Why do people want to daughteru the crazy psycho girls who want to mindrape everyone. Why. What is the draw behind that.
Because I like fixing broken things. Because I was broken when the chain started, and the first thing I started fixing was myself. It's still a work in progress.

>> No.55657669
File: 136 KB, 675x1200, DKZBXwcUMAAWSFG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess I can google translate and bullshit my way through everything.

>> No.55657673

Do you just wait around like a vulture to attack the dude at the slightest mention?

>> No.55657674 [SPOILER] 
File: 23 KB, 600x444, 1506894444893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55657678

Ah, must have missed the talk about it. Happy to know it's being worked on!

>> No.55657707

Remember how Bancho's an acceptable target?

We've added a few names to that list.

>> No.55657714

This talk about Armored Core makes me wonder what happened to that Generic PMC Anon.

>> No.55657727

Speaking about that I haven't seen him in a while

>> No.55657730

The same thing that happens to every content creator, eventually.

>> No.55657731


>> No.55657732

Not Grand Chase?

>> No.55657733

Maybe he finally took his therapist's advice and left?

>> No.55657736
File: 1.38 MB, 2066x1230, island v2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I once tried to take all of the Island CYOAs and use the common threads between them to make a setting. Never figured out an ideal system to play it though.

Maybe jumpchain would work for it. The Island might make for a nice gauntlet.

I think I'll make a rough version and see how it looks...

>> No.55657737

As yes, the royal 'we'. How does it feel knowing that your raging won't stop WoW from coming out?

>> No.55657738

He came back a few threads ago, the one that never came back is Realscience anon

>> No.55657743

Stardust jump when? I thought the author of the CYOA was going to convert it over or something.

>> No.55657754

Do you not understand the way shitposting works? He shits on OAA because it gets him attention. He doesn't care about WoW. You're giving him the one thing he actually cares about every time you reply to him.

>> No.55657764

WoW doesn't need any help to stymie its release, or have you forgotten that the jumpmaker is himself doing as much as he can to prevent it?

>> No.55657773

>your face when OAA hasn't posted in multiple weeks

How does it feel to be so wrong?

>> No.55657782

Word and images don't play nice. Having 8 locations with very short descriptions spread across 3 pages is mental and a plain text version would be preferable in my opinion, I don't mind sorting it myself if you want to stick the word document into the drive.

>> No.55657795
File: 415 KB, 900x1800, __chiliarch_diabla_luciela_r_sourcream_and_noblesse_elsword_drawn_by_error_notfound0__da2f79f44aadef26f8a1d32ff72c9710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never played it and I really liked the demon loli.

>> No.55657806
File: 48 KB, 500x500, tmp_8633-1jlvsi106904080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic-related, it's you. Also it's been months since the planned release. OAA's incompetence and laziness will prevent it from coming out no matter what we do. If anything, people are mad it won't be coming out, and that if it does, it'll have been executed extraordinarily poorly.

>> No.55657807

>Inb4 OAA responds to bait and the cycle continues

>> No.55657808

The ability to not have the pharmaceutical company till post-jump.
Owning a pharmaceutical company in Resident Evil is something I’d rather avoid.

>> No.55657821

You might be able to get more people to call you DeSu and not DiSu if you made a Rozen Maiden jump

>> No.55657822

Been on here for about 5 years, mostly for talking about D&D and MTG, but I did like some of the CYOA stuff, which led me to this when I was searching for the CYOA thread. That was about a year ago. I was going to make a jump once, but never got around to it. Someone once called me KnotAnon

>> No.55657829
File: 386 KB, 570x777, Shaeeah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55657852

>cycle continues
You imply it'll ever end.

They'll get tired of harassing OAA, then they'll either go back to Red, or target someone else.

It's the same tune with this place, day in aaaand day out.

>> No.55657855

Just face it, guys: The WoW "jump" is never happening.

>> No.55657857

Destroy all Humans
Evil Genius

>> No.55657863
File: 1.82 MB, 352x500, too lewd.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55657872

Such lovely insights you have into a person's mind. Are you going to call yourself a telepath as well while we're at it?

>> No.55657881

OAA just has to stop taking the bait like a hentai protagonist takes dicks and simply do the WoW jump. It's like everyone here has forgotten that you don't have to acknowledge bait.

>> No.55657884
File: 101 KB, 1000x784, DeSu's Current Form.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...I'll consider it. Not like Nocturne's going anywhere. I have inspiration for tons of other things, but for Nocturne? Nooooo, of course not.

>> No.55657887

That sounds like something a Twilight's Hammer cultist would say.

>> No.55657891

>Smug Twi'lek child
This is a new one, normally the smugs are anime girls and the Twi'leks are slave girls.

>> No.55657903

Why are you saying this when he hasn't posted?

>> No.55657907

And thus your name becomes Disu, the i stands for ionized salt.

>> No.55657912


1 - Familiarize myself with the jump, if I don't know the source material already

2 - come up with backgrounds

3 - develop perks based on my choice of backgrounds

4 - develop items and drawbacks appropriate to the backgrounds and general setting

5 - go over it a few times, verify proper pricing and balance between perks, post it for review, consider suggestions and add/remove/adjust things as appropriate

6 - ignore shitposters

7 - upload to drive

>> No.55657915

Sure. Ordinary social skills and basic observation might as well be next to this place's standard fare. That you think the WoW jump is still on the way is frankly adorable.

>> No.55657922
File: 17 KB, 387x387, 1499621437074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That would be so fucking cool Anon if its possible.

>> No.55657923

Because this community does two things, fill out forms and take bait

>> No.55657924

Because he will respond, since he has done so every time and because the thread likes to give the shitposter (you)s as if they could convince him to stop shitposting

>> No.55657926

Could someone give me the best plot-armor, plot-avoidance and plot-relevance perks that you know of?

>> No.55657930

If the folks who frequent this thread were at all capable of controlling themselves in the presence of bait, the shitposter infestation would've been solved a long time ago.

>> No.55657931 [SPOILER] 
File: 27 KB, 512x384, 1506895577371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey man he asked for it

>> No.55657947

Somebody just get Valeria to drive him off, please?

I know it didn't work with Red but it's worth a try.

>> No.55657958

Aren't the Islands already basically Jumpchain, except in a single universe made from multiple universes?

Not that I mind however, I love the Islands CYOAs.

>> No.55657959

If there were things more interesting than bait to reply to, bait would be less effective. Clearly, we must drown out the bait by means of buildposting, comboposting, and other OC.

Weren't there a couple of Jumpers who used to draw pictures of their own Jumpers? Why don't more people do that?

>> No.55657965

YJ_Anon here?
Saw the Evil Dead jump last thread.
It's not done, is it?

>> No.55657969

mosts are commissions and that cost money

>> No.55657974

Actually, to be honest, I'm really kind of surprised the joke is still around. I thought it would have died off by now. I don't mind, of course, it's all in good fun. I just find it interesting.

>> No.55657979

Because Jumper art is now also used as a shitposting medium - whether it's screaming about how terrible it is or using other people's reactions to shit on the person who commissioned it.

>> No.55657992

>Inb4 Bancho or OAA commissions

>> No.55657999
File: 1.58 MB, 1812x1196, Yes thats tuna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Justice League action has Sandwich Golems, how fun are your servants?

>> No.55658007

>Because Jumper "art" is now also used as a criticism medium - whether it's discussing how terrible it is or using other people's reactions to shit on the "person" who commissioned it.

>> No.55658011

Lots of that. Personally, I'd say maybe either the clairvoyance combo in Railgun, or the Synchronicity Wave Travelling stuff in DC Occult?

Flip! from Paper Mario. Just take a few step 4d-wards, and no one's going to bother you.

Alternatively, the Super-Ultra Strength Apocalypse Repellent from AxeCop is really, really good if you don't give someone a reason to single you out specifically.

Not sure what you mean here?

>> No.55658023

A real shame. Having a visual reference for your journey is a very good way to track it. Maybe sketch out important moments, even.

If nothing else, people can draw their own for free*. It might not look like much, but it'd be something, at least.

*Assuming they have art supplies and a scanner.

>> No.55658025

>implying your vitriol constitutes "criticism"

Just like your real life contributions to society, your contributions here are mostly a waste of space.

>> No.55658038

>A real shame.

What else are you going to do?

>> No.55658040

Because I can't draw well enough to get it right, and I'm too lazy to learn to draw well enough.

>> No.55658048

>Justice League action
Interesting WW design, shit show, horrible successor to JLU.

>> No.55658061

I don't have any, so not at all.

Pokemon are friends and business partners, not servants. They keep me alive and earn me money, I buy them food and help them get stronger. It is an equal and codependent relationship.

>> No.55658065

Kamen Rider Kabuto has a very good Capstone in the Drop-In tree for the last one, although it won't work if you'd like the old protags to still be protags.

>> No.55658082

>shit show
Shit taste

>> No.55658085

You can always try to mimic a relatively simple style. If it gets the message you're trying to send across, there shouldn't be much of a problem.

I mean, look at the little figures in Extra History segments.

>> No.55658089

Would radiation protection perks help slow down the de-powering a Kryptonian experiences under a Red Sun?

>> No.55658100

Better than the "contribution" that WoW is slated to be.

>> No.55658105

Plot-relevance most likely simply means ways of being relevant to the plot somehow, like I think I remember a perk somewhere that made it so that certain polt-important events could be stopped or at least delayed (like pushing back the moment of a meeting as long as you aren't there or something).

>> No.55658111

A question about the Gundam IBO jump: When Mobile Worker Battalion says "if you want to purchase more, we'll double the amount of Workers you receive", is there a limit to how many times you can buy the item? Is it just that I can buy it twice, and that naturally would double the amount I get? Or can I keep buying it, and the amount increases with each purchase? If so, does the amount increase linearly (the same amount each time) or exponentially (doubling each time)?

Similarly, would it be possible to buy Mobile Suit Battalion multiple times, to increase the size of the company? I'd assume linearly in that case, if it was acceptable, since there's no mention otherwise. But could I add different models of mobile suit with each purchase, if multiple purchases were allowed?

Also, just as an aside, I just noticed that the perk for high compatability with the Alaya-Vijnaya is called "The Rat's Whiskers". Damn, that's good wordplay. I always just sort of skipped over that perk before since I wasn't interested in such a dangerous mind-machine interface, but still. Clever.

>> No.55658121

It's done. Did you have any suggestions?

Also, here it is for the new thread.

>> No.55658124

Ten minute episodes are a joke.

>> No.55658154

We really need to talk Rose into picking it up. She's already replacing Terra Formars.

>> No.55658173

I doubt it. Radiation hardening is about keeping the radiation from damaging your cells. That's not what's happening with red sunlight. It's more like carbon monoxide, I think. Carbon monoxide bonds more readily to hemoglobin than oxygen does, and takes up the space that would be used for oxygen transfer. Red sunlight in Kryptonians crowds out the yellow sunlight energy in their cells (not very scientific, I know, but it's a pretty consistent portrayal in the comics) and leaves their cells with nothing to process for superpowers. You'd need to just screen the red sunlight out, normal radiation protection wouldn't work. Well, stuff like radiation suits would, but that would also stop you from getting yellow sunlight so you see the problem.

>> No.55658174
File: 30 KB, 480x270, anime bride.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jump # 220 Otoyomegatari (Bride Stories)
Background: Bride (0)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
*Eye for Detail (0)
*Sing away the time (0)
*Embroidery (100, Discount)
*The first is always the hardest (200, Discount)
*Beauty Shines through (100)
*Windows to the soul (100)
*Groom – Importing Yu bel
*Sister-Wives X 4 (Akitsu, Arcueid, Tamamo, & Doom-chan) (400)

Sometimes we are cast in strange roles as a Jumper. Being a bride wasn’t too bad but in this world I needed a Groom. Well there is kind of a requirement none of my wives met at the time, so we had to improvise with the imports.

So this surprisingly wasn’t as awkward as I was expecting. Yubel was perfectly alright being everyone’s husband. My other wives didn’t mind the change either. I guess its not such a surprise since Yubel was originally a hermaphrodite.

Well it turns out I came in to this world with an important family and Yubel wasn’t considered important enough for me to marry so we barely got settled in before we started to have to deal with kidnapping attempts by my own family to hook me up with another suitor.

Also well not all of my wives fit in to this world well. Arcueid still cared very little for human customs and just did as she pleased which meant we had to deal with lots of rumors and talking behind our back.

Tamamo and Akitsu enjoyed their wife roles the most and even seemed to take to the social customs pretty easily.
(to be continued)

>> No.55658182

> DevilSurvivorAnon
> not Divel
Pull the other one, Divel.

>> No.55658184


>> No.55658187
File: 112 KB, 326x317, 02._Edison_Ghost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55658190

Doom-chan was busy plotting to take over the entire area and wipe out the cultural norms that she found annoying. While I certainly sympathized… I kind of enjoyed not having the weight of the world on my shoulders. It was nice to just be a wife to my wives and husband and just tend to a household.

Of course there were disputes between tribes… food shortages and such problems. we solved those problems we could with our powers discreetly.

One of the major problems we ran in to was kids. We were expected to have a bunch of them… We are still kind of divided on the subject but agreed to wait at least until we make it to a world where we can raise them to adulthood if we do have them. So despite the social problems it caused we told everyone mind your own business when it kept coming up. It brought some problems but it was for the best… I think.

>> No.55658199

How would you even pronounce Divel, anyway? Would you use a hard I?

>> No.55658224

Hard D huehue and hard V hue?, soft vowels and L

>> No.55658244

SB considers resident evil to be broken because taking the option to create a new disease and then fusing them together gives you more points than it costs meaning infinite points through repetition.

>> No.55658249

Let me guess, they ignored that you can only do it three times.

>> No.55658262

>SB considers. . .
Annnnnd dropped

>> No.55658264

/a/, /qst/, /d/, /aco/, /h/, even /trash/ when I'm just out of fucks.

Well, after my edgy teenager grasshopper phase, I wanted something other than shitty Dark!Naruto fics, and fanfiction.net wasn't giving me that. That led me to various sites, most relevantly Sufficient Velocity. On SV, I discovered that CYOAs were a thing that existed beyond my brother's gaming magazines. I discovered some cool ones like Power Armor, and that they came from this place called... 4chan.
>"That kinda sounds like 9gag. Might be nice to check it out."
...So, that's how I got to /tg/ and /cyoag/, slight before QS and crew bailed out. I follow them. And now I can't get out. And I don't want to.
And then SB decided to hop in, which means things went full circle for me. Full semicircle? Whatever.

>> No.55658278

Of *course*.

And they also rated it using Creative Mode. So, infinite points.

>> No.55658284

Sorry. I thought that the images and backgrounds would help better illustrate the setting as a whole.

>> No.55658285

That works.

>> No.55658290

And once again you share something stupid SB get's up to, unprompted and without a shred of a good reason. Why?

>> No.55658301

Ya'all should be grateful to SB.

>> No.55658304

Link? I want to laugh.

>> No.55658331

We should get down on our knees and worship SB as the most evolved community that ever lived, even greater than the irc!

>> No.55658355

What about an option to import an item to the supplement, so you could for instance import a Stand arrow as a virus and have everyone who gets infected get a Stand or something?

Also, I found a CYOA on /cyoag/ that was called Infected or D-Virus by TokHaar Gol that was basically about creating a virus/parasite/etc, and I think a few of its features could work here.

>> No.55658364

They have evolved past orcs? Amazing.

>> No.55658369

>TokHaar Gol
No don't bring that evil here!

>> No.55658394

Not what I meant, anon. And in light of what I actually meant, this is actually kinda funny.
To be clear we owe them in the sense that you'd owe a cesspit, taking in shit so we don't have to deal with it ourselves.
That's why we should be grateful. Thanks be to SB. Let forever the shit there stay there!

>> No.55658405

I misremembered they understood the limit but TheLastOne still felt it was too easy and gave you a lot more power than it should.

>> No.55658419
File: 141 KB, 1280x720, big_1433139907_image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What about an option to import an item to the supplement, so you could for instance import a Stand arrow as a virus and have everyone who gets infected get a Stand or something?
I don't think that would work, anon. I don't even know where to begin to even try justifying that in the RE verse.

>> No.55658438

What fucking power?

You're still working with canonical examples of what happens in the Resident Evil universe, not whatever omnipotence-fic they're jerking off to at the time.

>> No.55658442


>> No.55658447

When will you be doing the RE update anyway, I want to make my amazon virus.

>> No.55658449
File: 3.37 MB, 448x252, angry custodes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got a gif of that if you need it.

>> No.55658486

>TokHaar Gol



>> No.55658509

I'm working on it right now, anon. No ETA on it, so I don't jinx myself.

Yes, thank you.

>> No.55658513
File: 267 KB, 650x650, SOULRIP.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55658527

Could be that they didn't see/are ignoring the limit against importing Magical Diseases and Parasites.

>> No.55658545

Yay, looking forward to it.

>> No.55658546

I'm guessing there are ...stories of this CYOA author?

>> No.55658567

I quote

Due to how the build your own virus and parasite options work, it's easy to game to a stupid extent. Not this far, because the author of that knew better then to let uncap flaws into his jump, but still it gets pretty ridiculous - you can trivialize much of the danger of the jump with only the jump.

>> No.55658586

Look, let's just say if he ever wrote a jump even QQ might have problems.

>> No.55658588

It's just the shitposter branching out into mindlessly hating CYOAmakers as well

>> No.55658621

Makes fetishy shit.
Has some truly fucked up fetishes and ignores more vanilla stuff in favor of that.
Likes trap options in his creations.
Doesn't listen to feedback in the least.
Won't revamp any work if there are demonstrable broken elements.
Whatever his build is will be buffed.

>> No.55658630
File: 99 KB, 414x446, 1441130484959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's almost as if viruses are bullshit in that setting and that it requires you drop a significant chunk of CP into making such a virus or parasite that's capable of messing with the setting.

Goodness me.

It's almost as if you get what you pay for.

>> No.55658632
File: 52 KB, 600x600, hexchan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TokHaar here, the My School Enslaved Messed Up Sin Sluts Jump is well on the way!

>> No.55658647

You try

way too hard

I'm sorry anon.

>> No.55658701

Wesker is what you start with before you optimise.

>> No.55658702

>people freaking out about TokHaar
Am I on the wrong website? His stuff is pretty fucking vanilla.

>> No.55658713
File: 101 KB, 700x1000, Hex Maniac15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That Gay swede can never ruin Hex maniac to me

>> No.55658714

It grew hair?

>> No.55658719

Nah. I just think he's a fucking asshole.

>> No.55658725

What about a B.O.W power/ability section? It could include stuff like enhanced physical abilities, mind control spores/parasites, minion creation options, the power to mentally communicate with other infected or just people you've personally infected, and the option to be a living virus/pathogen like Eveline.

>> No.55658726

Absolute wanker, made somewhat alright fetish cyoas until he had a meltdown over people not liking one of them. Then he became the most hated author in /cyoag/. Only folks that still like him congregate in /trash/, which speaks for itself really.

>> No.55658747

Why? Because he didn't put your fetishes in his cyoas? Or were you one of the autists actually triggered by The End? I'm honestly curious, I don't follow tripfag drama all that much.

>> No.55658784

I think that's basically the Virus Customization section, since Red has, IIRC, said in the past that BOWs can choose to start out pre-infected with whatever they make.

>> No.55658791

Except you could easily do that with specific sections of the virus/parasite section. Though I do plan to flesh it out a lot more.

>> No.55658800

>>55658784 was meant for >>55658725.

>> No.55658807

>Then he became the most hated author in /cyoag/. Only folks that still like him congregate in /trash/, which speaks for itself really.
Tbh, I like his cyoas. Can't say the same about most of the stuff over at /cyoag/.

>> No.55658810

Just a quick question about something in the RE jump.

>-You cannot import yourself or companions as a virus or parasite.
Did people actually try to do this? If so, Why?

>> No.55658841

>Did people actually try to do this? If so, Why?
Why do you think?

>> No.55658843

Ah sorry, I guess I forgot about that ruling.

>> No.55658853

I think it was an extension of that "No sapient viruses" rule, since it was supposed to be more epidemic, less blacklight.

>> No.55658860

Is it so wrong to want to import your yandere waifu as a sentient virus to be inside you?

>> No.55658871

For what? Giving the thread a target to ridicule and feel superior too?

>> No.55658879
File: 56 KB, 313x254, what the fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55658884

Black Blood Weapon, Soul Eater.

There you go. And it makes more sense.

>> No.55658888

>Did you have any suggestions?
Mainly about the Deadite branch,and 50 CP items.

Some things in the jump only seem like they are 100 CP because that is the lowest price, but you have enough of them to make a 50 CP, and they are worse than actual 100 CP stuff.
>Location choice
>“Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart.”
>The Campbell Chin (the actual chin, not the general appearance version)
>Evil Dead Merchandise
Are all solidly in 50 CP territory.

>Single Companion Import/Creation
>Everyone who isn't Ash Williams
Could also be 50 CP if you had that tier.

>Poker Night
This sounds more like a joke/flavor thing, with all the no powers or perks works inside, things you take out are non working trophies, etc. etc. It just has to many conditions to be a good 200 CP item, because the practical effect of having it is nil. It's actually borderline 50 CP itself.

>“Necktie… Nectar… Nickel… Noodle…”
This is a perk that was to bag a downside to be 300 CP, and I'm not even sure should be in the jump at all. If this is based on the scene in Army of the Dead, I thought he was instructed to say the words exactly before he took the book, or something bad would happen. He didn't say them exactly and something terrible happened.

>Deadite (400 CP, Mandatory “You Found Me Beautiful, Once” drawback)
Does the Mandatory drawback give you points? If not this seems to expensive (And 'The Evil' becomes way to expensive), and if not is effectively eats into your drawback limit. How about making it 100 CP and Mandatory “You Found Me Beautiful, Once” drawback for no points.

>The Evil
this looks like it should be taken instead of choosing Deadite, not in addition to, since it is basically race.

>Non-Human Form
I don't like the assumptions this perk makes because of
>Keep in mind that you’ll be stuck with this form for your stay here, though
Which sounds you are paying points to lock out alt forms or other outside shape changing ability.

>> No.55658900

>Non-Human Form
Also, making the vanilla deadite a trapped in a single body thing goes against the theme. Even if only The Evil gets the ability to mass produce Deadites, the Deadite Jumper should be able to change their Deadite body by killing someone and possessing them instead.


>> No.55658902
File: 161 KB, 725x770, 10656541849841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55658915
File: 54 KB, 550x722, bob ross wisdom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am. Not for their Jumpchain community, I've taken a look at it and while I don't find it as repulsive as others here evidently do that doesn't mean I actually like it. I feel very awkward and uncomfortable there. But I very much like their Creative Writing forum, and Space Battles Main has some pretty good review threads. I'm glad that Space Battles exists, it's given me entertainment. I disagree with some things that exist on there. But you got to take the good with the bad, the dark with the light, like Bob Ross always told us.

>> No.55658922

>Then he became the most hated author in /cyoag/, surpassing SDA.
I personally can't bring myself to care about either of them but boy do they both attract vitriol. Having both of them in the thread at the same time just tears the thread apart.

>> No.55658951

Nurgle loves you.

>> No.55659027
File: 232 KB, 500x214, you saw nothing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does "overcome depression and nihilism to realize that if your actions matter to YOU that's all you need" fit better as a quest for a Mage, Seer, or Page of Void?

Also, using SBURB as a first jump, y/n?

>> No.55659067

Seer, considering their whole thing is seeing the future.

>> No.55659074

How "achievable" that is doesn't jive with the way I see Pages, so definitely either Mage or Seer for me. If the path of development is more about acting and doing things in general, I think the quest should go to a Seer, but if it's about doing things for yourself I think a Mage would work better.


>> No.55659077

Has Mir come around here with any updates on the progress of Exalted Alchemicals?

>> No.55659092

All I've seen is some shitty WIP on SB's drive and I don't know if that's Mir's work or not.
I haven't noticed Mir post in a long while as well.
It may end up being that we aren't going to get it, or someone else will have to pick it up.

>> No.55659125
File: 57 KB, 240x318, butt'r'crotch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's all I ever really wanted.

>> No.55659127

What jumps have the best thief perks?

>> No.55659137

Well, shit. That's disappointing. Does anyone else know something?

>> No.55659138
File: 49 KB, 1024x576, void.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably Mage or Page? Seers seems too passive a class for a quest like that (Rose went off the rails, HARD).

Mage is a more active class about doing things for yourself so that could work, but Page is about starting useless and ramping up so that'd fit the quest more IMO...

>Also, using SBURB as a first jump, y/n?

>> No.55659149

I was browsing the Exalted thread when someone posted that an Infernals jump was being made. I had heard of jumpchain before and had read a few jumps but that was lead me to becoming a member of this community.

>> No.55659152

I guess it's about acting with purpose towards goals you're also learning to set and realizing that purpose doesn't have to be intrinsic. Things don't have to "matter" on their own for doing them to be important - sometimes the reason IS "it's the right thing to do," and sometimes the reason IS "because you want to."

That you don't have to be immortal to shape your OWN story, and it's okay to support causes and maybe even make some enemies. Even if your universe is going to die in a few trillion years, you'll be long gone by then and if you ignore what's happening now you'll regret it.

>> No.55659155


>> No.55659164

>when someone posted that an Infernals jump was being made.

I really wish people here could avoid spilling the /jc/ autism everywhere else.

>> No.55659172

>100 CP to 50 CP
Eh, I agree on about half of those. I think Mini-Jumpers, Shred, Companion Import/Creation and The Campbell Chin are fine as is. I can reduce the others in price though.

>Poker Night
It's not meant to be anything more than a flavor/fun thing. It's meant for you to go to a bar and catch up with people you've met, play poker, and drink.

>"Necktie... Nectar... Nickel... Noodle..."
It doesn't have a downside; it just doesn't prevent the consequences of not totally fulfilling the requirments of whatever magic thing you're trying to use. As for the part about it not being appropriate for the Jump; it was originally going to be one of the Drop In perks, which is partially based on avoiding some of the mistakes that Ash made (like their free perk) but I decided to make it a general perk because I thought of something better for the price it was at.

The mandatory drawback doesn't give points. I feel like the price is fine because they get a lot of stuff for the price; with "The Evil" they get even more so.

>The Evil
Eh, I see where you're coming from but I disagree, since Deadites are supposed to be just an extension of the Kandarian Demon they're basically the same thing.

>Non-Human Form
That's just reminding you of the "You Found Me Beautiful, Once" drawback.

Eh, I thought about that but it deviated too much from what we see the Deadites do. They don't possess people themselves; they open them up to possession by the Kandarian Demon.

>> No.55659178

No, haven't seen hide nor hair from Mir since june.

The SB drive's shit definitely isn't Mir's though. It's completely different from the few bits Mir showed off.

>> No.55659185

Mage it is, then.

>> No.55659201

>because it's

*Because you think it's the right thing to do.

Wow I am terrible at computers today.

>> No.55659293

I started browsing 4chan just casually, lurking the shit out of things. Noticed /jc/ because of the white background contrasting super heavily against the background of the catalog. Ended up ignoring it or something.

Then, my best friend dropped dead and in the depression I ended up here in something like the early 300s, late 200s. Been here ever since.

>> No.55659308

That escalated quickly

>> No.55659319

Mega Man ZX

>> No.55659357

Ability to control infectiveness of imported viruses, if it can't already. Or just a perk that lets you tailor it yourself.

>> No.55659358

>That's just reminding you of the "You Found Me Beautiful, Once" drawback.
I thought that would not stop you from taking other forms, just made every form you had "Butt ass U.G.L.Y. Seriously, you should get that looked at."

>Eh, I thought about that but it deviated too much from what we see the Deadites do. They don't possess people themselves; they open them up to possession by the Kandarian Demon.
This is a bit to technical vs practical effects. Army of the Dead is one of my favorite movies, the earlier ones not as much, but I have seen them all at one time or other, even caught the Stars series.

Honestly, I didn't even remember them all being part of one Kandarian Demon. That may be one of those Early Episode Weirdness things they are trying to forget about. But I _do_ remember more than one scene where Deadites have been torturing someone, Ash busts in and kills them, and then there is that 'wooshing' visual effect and the Victim rises as a Deadite, with the on screen implication that the Deadite just vanquished just possessed a new body.

And it you are not part of a Hive Mind, being able to do that matches several scenes rather well.

>> No.55659359

Why not just call it the Tokverse?

>> No.55659405

It was pretty much out of nowhere. Or at least 'probably should've saw that coming' in hindsight.

Things got better, though.

>> No.55659422

Got a favorite jump?

>> No.55659436

Cool, sounds like fun.

>> No.55659458

That sucks.
>It's completely different from the few bits Mir showed off.
Any kind anon have a copy of this, please?

>> No.55659467

>"You Found Me Beautiful, Once."
"“You Found Me Beautiful, Once.” (+300 CP)- …But honey, you got reeaal ugly. Your appearance is now that of a rotting, ugly, corpse-like creature, with all that entails. You will be unable to take on other forms for your time here. If you have “The Evil” your true form is demonic, yet no less unpleasant on the eyes."

>Kandarian Demon
I'm going more off of the canon set by the films, and nothing you said really contradicts that the Deadites are part of the Kandarian Demon's hive-mind.

>> No.55659502

It's a tossup between Ar Tonelico or GUNNM, probably. Mir's probably my favorite jumpmaker, and both of them offer some really cool ways to build a story and integrate yourself in the world if you're unfamiliar. Haven't played Ar Tonelico yet, but I did end up reading all of GUNNM because of that jump.

>> No.55659522

Anyone got a copy of the Armored Core 4 / For Answer Jump WIP that can post? I'd like to see it.

>> No.55659549

Ar Tonelico is a pretty interesting game/series if you look past the waifu fanservice and focus on the aesthetic and world. There's some amazing music and character designs in there.

>> No.55659555

Never played GUNNM or heard of it besides as the jump. I have played Ar Tonelico the first one a while back it was nice, although like all rpg games it had an annoying amount of random encounters.

>> No.55659584

Maybe the abilty to remove Infection Methods too? As it stands, you can buy extra ways to infect people, but you can't make an airborne+bite/body fluid virus into /just/ a bite/body fluid virus?

>> No.55659593

As the creator, probably not, atm it is just kind of copy-pasted from the base Armored Core with some changes done on the drawbacks and Researcher perk tree.

In otherwords not even in a close to workable state. I mainly have the base Armored Core copy-pasted so I can make sure not to overlap perks (unless it makes sense to like expanding on the engineering knowledge)

>> No.55659607

I haven't played the games, but I love the songs

>> No.55659619
File: 278 KB, 1200x854, Sechs compressor punch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's really worth a read. Fantastic stuff. It has a bit of a slow start, but it picks up and then just keeps going.

I wouldn't recommend Battle Angel Alita: Last Order unless you really can't get enough of Alita. The escalation for Last Order hits maximum levels instantly.

>> No.55659678

Ya know, I really like the Bloodborne jump. Sure, it has a *lot* of OC content, but I'm always cursing myself at how much cp I spend whenever it comes up in a chain. Not because its a power grab but because all the powers just feel really flavorful.

>> No.55659703

>Your appearance is now that of a rotting, ugly, corpse-like creature, with all that entails. You will be unable to take on other forms for your time here.
Yeah, I interpreted that as every form is a rotting, ugly corpse-like creature, not that you could not change forms. You have a Martian alt-form? It's now the rotting corpse of a Martian. Giraffe alt-form? Now it's a Possessed Rotting Zombie Giraffe.

And I need to say this again, by you pricing scheme The Evil is 400 CP, + 800 CP (plus 600 points of drawbacks for no points). That is 1,800 CP. That is just to much. Even if your Demon form comes with the effects of all the other Deadite powers, it can't even afford it's items. At that cost, you should just make everything Deadite related (the Actual Necronomicon, and the Deadite items) free to The Evil.

As well as freely allowing mass importation of companions into the Deadite background, so all your companions are deadites at no additional cost.

>> No.55659721

They're fucking great. And the fact that they're an integral part of the world's metaphysics makes them even better.

>> No.55659729

I never actually got to make a build for that jump aside from a thematic one because its scope was narrow, mainly because I couldn't decide what I wanted in the jump with Oldjumper.

>> No.55659732

>I wouldn't recommend Battle Angel Alita: Last Order unless you really can't get enough of Alita. The escalation for Last Order hits maximum levels instantly.
I wouldn't say "instantly". It takes until the fight with the Venusians to get really crazy high-powered, that's not until halfway through. Though yes, once there, it's pretty insane.

>> No.55659744
File: 218 KB, 600x847, Literscary.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me about the time you revealed yourself as the jumper and people didn't take it well.

>> No.55659782
File: 372 KB, 1500x1568, Neodym.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I respect your maddening vision anon. >>55658884 is right, follow your dreams!

>> No.55659792

The fact that the creator actually made up the language Hymmnos with grammer, synax, and vocabulary rather than just making it throw away gibberish is neat too.


>> No.55659807

>Deadites+The Evil
Yes, I know it's expensive. The alternatives are still essentially normal humans. It has to be expensive and have drawbacks to it or nobody would take anything else. And if I did what you said and made the Necronomicon+All Deadite Items free for them, they'd be getting an additional 2000 CP worth of stuff out of it- basically doubling the amount of purchasing power they have, not to mention that mass importation thing.

>> No.55659816

Jumpers what is your greatest creation. What is the creation you love the most and are proud of yourself for creating

>> No.55659824

Plan Planetary Prank

Go to Schlock Mercenary and get the Industrial Fabber.
Go to Generic Cartoon World and get the Animator perk.
Go to an other setting in time for the moon landing.
Make animated aliens with Breathless, Personal Gravitation and Multilingual. When the moon landing occurs send them in a ship through your fabber's exit portal to pick up the astronauts, take them back to earth and provide earth with advanced technology you got from other settings.

>> No.55659829

Do you want some help with it? As I understand it, it's been some months since you've started. Before I asked if someone else had claimed it I got all overexcited and wrote one out, and I wouldn't mind if you'd like to use it as inspiration for your own work.
As an AC4/fA fan, I'd really like to see the jump finished.

>> No.55659855

There's the Null and Void/Inert Home options, to not kill/turn people that aren't the specific target group into zombies... But I don't think we have an option for it to remain in there system but not affect anything, making them carriers to spread the virus (possibly without their knowledge)?

Also, an option for a virus that affects different beings differently could be fun. Like, there's the option for genetic-lottery Tyrants and Multiple Symptoms to get different results from different infection methods, but I mean something more along the lines of a single virus that bulks up women into giant viral amazons, gives men wings and horns and other fun mutations, and at the same time makes apes hyper-intelligent.

>> No.55659856


Muh Children

>> No.55659857

You know genuine passion is involved in a project when it has a custom language attached to it.

>> No.55659877

Yup. It's neat from a concept point of view, and I dig how the language is structured. I've also named a few vidya characters using that language. It's kinda awesome for that.

>> No.55659898

That's fair. I did exaggerate there a little bit. The early fights against the other Sechs and the first two matches of the ZOT aren't that bad.

>> No.55659912

Nah, Goetia basically focuses more on ending you and helping out his sibling Beasts than his plan.

Just read it and use memory I guess.

>> No.55659914

I'm going to be honest with you. I was actually started working on another jump after I claimed it. (A lewd one actually but I am not going into details)

I would be happy to take any advice you have for perks.

The Origins are

Drop-In (Not certain what I want Drop-In to do yet suggestions please)

Originals (Skill over all)

Irregulars (Extreme means, high risk, high reward)

Operators (Mission Support)

Engineers (Finished | covering how to make the machines of war.)

>> No.55659939

(Same Poster)
BTW; You also don't need to worry about the lewd jump interfering with development any longer it is already finished

>> No.55659948
File: 8 KB, 245x251, First Chapter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Chain no one wanted.


First stop, Pokemon.

>> No.55659951

Consider those options in.

>> No.55659969

Imaginary Friend Jump.

>> No.55659974

In DC, how intelligent are 12th level intellects?

>> No.55659977

Hey that was not wasted potential, he is just investing for the far, far, far,.....far future.

>> No.55659996

So basically we only lose if 90% of humanity is dead at the end of the jump rather than 90% is dead at any point?

>> No.55659999


>> No.55660005

Cool, thanks.

>> No.55660009

I enjoyed this. Continue.

It's only a matter of time until he encounters ladies made of rubber.

>> No.55660015

One rank smarter than 11th level intellects.

>> No.55660023

/co/, /trash/, and /an/

I got bored and went a-wandering through the boards. I wasn't all that familiar with /tg/, but I had been playing DnD and a few other games since I was a teenager, so I figured why not? I clicked threads and this was one of them. That was thread... it was less than 100?

I only have a handful of small islands, and most of the people are employed by me or have jobs taking care of the people I employ, so I just pay for infrastructure and public services myself.

>> No.55660024

Being fair, it doesn't actually make you an average Witch or Sage. Most of the ones we see show more power and you'd die pretty easily to the very first boss of the game. It'd also take you centuries to get nearly as strong as the heroes even at the start without their special benefits.

I can understand that you're not made the strongest in the world from the start but in Bayonetta, you really don't have any way of interacting with even the earliest parts of the plot unless you just want to be a mook cleaner (And even then you'll quickly get outmatched in the story power levels) or by being a support (Though even making weapons requires you to fight bosses that are all strong enough to challenge Bayo herself so it's a run there too.)

I do think there are valid complaints about how power is handled but it doesn't really break the story or anything.

>> No.55660037

Comic level smart. It is very inconsistent.

>> No.55660039

Moreso than 11th level intellects, less so than 13th level intellects.

>> No.55660041

I kept things simple, and remained focused (mostly) on the combative nature of the AC series -
My origins were Drop-In (which is hard to get away from as it allows a lot of freedom for a lot of people who don't want to be tied down to a certain mold), NEXT Pilot, Soldier, and a Scientist/Engineer.

In the end, I stayed pretty generic, since AC4/fA have a lot of places that it leaves deliberately vague or doesn't explore.

I suppose it would be easier to just share what I thought up, rather than slowly copy-paste into a reply. If you like anything, feel free to use it.


>> No.55660042
File: 22 KB, 325x308, 1483253092269.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am amused and horrified.

Write more.

>> No.55660052

First, proofread your shit. Second, I fucking love it.

>> No.55660053

Smartass. Bet you're one of those thirteenth level ones with a wit like that

>> No.55660055

Basically as smart as the plot demands, but not cosmically so (there are some exceptions).

>> No.55660071

Please, as if I were a lowly decimal level intellect.

>> No.55660075

B-but I wanted it

>> No.55660078

>I do think there are valid complaints about how power is handled but it doesn't really break the story or anything.
I've said before that I think the best way to fix the problem is to just buff everyone across the board. Like, Sages and Witches can still be the strongest origins, but the others are still strong enough to not die horribly.

>> No.55660082

No, you lose if they die at any point, it's just that they haven't all died yet.

>> No.55660093

Unfortunate that both mangafox and batoto took it down due to being licensed.

>> No.55660117

No? The link for Mangafox still works. You can read it right now. I just checked.

>> No.55660119

The entirety of the human species is supposed to be a 6th-level intellect.

>> No.55660128

In the comics: all of 21st century humanity together is 6th level. Brainiac-5 is 12th. Jor-El is 8th (without sun). Maybe also Superman since his mom was also a genius by kryptonian standards.

>> No.55660135

In teen titans I sailed me pirate ship up to korea, took out her puny excuse for a navy then walked up to kim jung un and forced him to make me the new ruler. Very little actual killing happened after I landed on shore due to all the people kneeling due to my mindfuckery and looking like a giant demon.

Superman was not amused, luckily at that point where he showed up I had become ruler already and had enough amazing magic to keep him from doing anything to me.

Wonder woman was more of a problem as was batman but they were easy enough to keep out with a magic and tech barrier around north korea, givinggoverning power to the people and setting up a democratic system of government as designed by a demon and containing magic to make everyone involved in government put the wellbeing of the people they serve first made me more of a hero than superman for a month or so.

>> No.55660141

That isn't saying much. An individual is smart, people are mad panicky animals.

>> No.55660145

Have you ever committed the Ultimate Sin of Jumpchain?

Have you ever used a non-jumpchain meta CYOA to gain advantages in a jump?

>> No.55660162

But why wouldn't you take over worst Korea and bond with your new neighbor over cartoons?

>> No.55660171
File: 155 KB, 736x840, Smartestguyever.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tbh that entire scale of intelligence has never been used often or consistently enough to tell. Like Brainiac-5 is supposed to be 12th, but he's vulnerable to this stupid shit sometimes.

>> No.55660181

Yes, I forget to factor it in every time though. So in the end I get nothing from it anyway.

>> No.55660187

Uhh... Wow.

You can totally claim the jump with this I don't mind. It looks far better than mine (I don't really have art for mine). It is also far and away more complete. The only things I would request is a way for you to build/buy Arms Forts (Since those are the kind of things Jumpers would probably like) and a way to dissipate Kojima (Which is a major reason people don't want Kojima tech)

I notice your capstone would probably be better suited as an item and you could expands your item section a bit more. But overall this jump is far better than mine. So by all means expand on your version and upload it, it looks far better than my own.

But all of Humanity outside of Chaldea is already dead. That is why you can summon Scatatch

>> No.55660207

Both Koreas want to reunify. They just heavily disagree on how it should be done. If South Korea becoms Jumperistan then North Korea will still be angry at them unless they cede power to North Korea. It is also harder to do a worse job than Kim-Jung Un.

>> No.55660208

I started a chain with the Quiet CYOA once since it has some similarity to jumpchain

>> No.55660211

Eh, doesn't that happen later on and not right at the start?

>> No.55660227

Looks like he's got the space autism.

>> No.55660241

Oh, those horrible meta-CYOAs. Awful. But there's so many of them. Which ones specifically are we talking about, so we all know what not to use?

>> No.55660249

I did take over worst korea, north korea. Plus I sadly dont have any recorded videos of teen titans as my chains been heavy magic with no stops in normal seeming worlds yet.

I did invite the titans to watch cartoons in my volcano but only starfire and beastboy wanted to come at first, one for fun and one for snacks. Raven eventually caved because she loves magic and my library is amazing.

Robin was a stick in the mud.

Cyborg is always with beasty so he showed up and helped me set up the sound system. Its hard to make modern tv work in a volcanoe heart.

>> No.55660262

Nope that is right at the start. The very second that the Chaldea alert goes off and internal sabotage happens (AKA the Fuyuki Fire Chapter right at the start) the entire world outside of Chaldea is naught but molten earth in flux. Chaldea only remains because of it's special construction.

It is a major point that they are on limited supplies because of this and Dr. Roman comments on the fact that he is extremely surprised that his favorite idol is still giving updates on her blog (Said Idol is actually Merlin)

>> No.55660269

Wait, are you implying that comic book characters are written poorly sometimes?

>> No.55660276

>worst korea, north korea.

>> No.55660284

Eeh, it'll wait for a little bit to get to that level then.

>> No.55660306

Uhh Val the Fuyuki Fire is the very first Singularity

>> No.55660316

> bond with your new neighbor over cartoons
I heard Squirrel & Hedgehog isn't actually being made anymore. They haven't made a new episode in years and years.

>> No.55660320

Didn't you say that canon events get overwritten if we take the Grand Day Out scenario?
So it doesn't really matter if in canon, humanity is already dead, because the scenario will start us off in a situation where it isn't.

>> No.55660325

Wow you have a lot done already, looking forward to it.

>> No.55660328

You dont think Nork is worse than South Korea? Kimmy has pushed a retarded and terrible regime out and run the country into the ground.

>> No.55660334


The above.

>> No.55660348

Best Korea is a common ironic euphemism/meme for North Korea. >>55660269
The quality of writers and story lines has been variable for a long time.

>> No.55660357

Well it's not like Brainiac-5 shows up very often. That's basically one of the only pages I've seen posted of him on /co/. My main point is that x-level intelligence as a scale isn't used enough to have very good continuity, so it's kind of worthless. I don't think Luthor's level has ever been stated, and he's basically the most noticeable smarty pants of DC.

>> No.55660376

Well I did not know that. Thanks for explaining I am slow, with very little sleep.

>> No.55660390

Liking North Korea is yet another contrarian edge meme for retards and kiddies.

>> No.55660401

So basically in the scenario we are a Grand Servant working with Chaldea to manage singularity distortions there is no internal saboteur and instead we just have to stop the Beasts from causing havoc at various points in history using SHIVA to perceive and cut off time space anomalies before they have effect on the present, rather than having to undo the already out of control singularities?

>> No.55660410

It's florida-jumper all over again, I love it

>> No.55660412

The whole humanity extinction thing is postponed for a little while but everything else is otherwise the same. You're more likely to have most or all of the Beasts manifest at once to take you out first then go around fighting them one by one.

>> No.55660417
File: 154 KB, 390x534, ic-1067.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What jumps can allow me to no longer need standard biological functions?

>> No.55660454

If you're really fine with giving it up; I'm not trying to pressure you unduly, I just REALLY want to have an AC/fA Jump because I love that setting and can't wait to explore it. I just wanted one, so I made it - didn't really think much about it. If you would like to send along what you have as well, I will work to integrate it.

And don't be too impressed with the art: it's there because a) I love the Aaliyah, and b) Supplice was badass in the opening, and I wanted people to go into the jump with that kind of mindset: "I'm a badass, better act like it."

For itemizing the capstone perk, was it the Scientist/Engineer or NEXT Pilot capstone? Both would kind of fit, but I feel like you're probably talking about the Sci/Engi one. I made it a perk initially only because it's the ultimate expression of what I wanted the Sci/Engi to do: create the technology of Armored Core. Without the knowledge, the ability to create a Custom NEXT would be pretty worthless, so I put it in the perk tree. I'm not against itemizing it, if you've (or anyone else) has a better capstone idea, I would love to hear it. The Sci/Engi perk line was the hardest one, despite being the one I had the most fun with (aside from Human+).

However, regarding Arms Forts, I never thought about them as more than enemies. Owning one... that would be pretty unwieldy, but I'm not one to deny. It seems appropriate to have that replace the 400CP perk for Sci/Engi, or move the Production perk to the 400CP line and have 'super unit design' be the capstone.


>> No.55660457

I houserule that metavore means no more bathroom breaks.

>> No.55660464

You can get rid of bathroom needs in the Sims 3, bathing with body mod, breathing eating and sleeping with Death Note, and atmosphere in Kirby. There's redundancies in Minecraft to get rid of your need for sleeping and drinking with food, and DC lets you ignore your need for sleeping and eating, but you'd still need to drink.

>> No.55660483

A slightly more reasonable houserule would be that metavore results in very clean, efficient bathroom breaks. Like owl poop but even more of a natural trash compactor.

>> No.55660488

>Mecha import is NEXT Pilot limited
Why is this? Doesn't that make it a bit unfair if you want to import your mech to be able to handle NEXT parts?

>> No.55660512

Eeeh. Could it just be NEXT Pilot discounted, instead?

>> No.55660519

Alright, here's the new version. I reduced the price of choosing your location, "Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart.", Evil Dead Merchandise, and Non-Ash Canon Companions.

>> No.55660522

Nobody actually LIKES North Korea. Well, nobody that's not clinically retarded. People just say Best Korea because, well, it's funny. Of it was. Now it's kinda been run into the ground.

>> No.55660533

I would much prefer mech import be discounted but not class locked.

Please allow an option to import an existing mech you own into your armored core, giving it the shape and size of an AC while keeping its normal abilities and stats.

Also didnt 4 have those space pods or was that 2?

>> No.55660537

I limited it so that taking it for yourself or a companion would require you to have at least the in-universe qualification to pilot it - with things like Auto-Titans and similar from other franchises I'm sure, I didn't want to give out what could amount to basically an extra companion, or at the very least a mobile mecha-scale turret for a measely 100CP.

It's also possible I'm just completely overthinking it. Let's make it free for NEXT Pilot, and 100CP otherwise? I didn't really want to limit people to JUST NEXTs if they had another mech they liked, but as I said above, I was worried about abuse... which, honestly I shouldn't be because it's a single player game.

>> No.55660540

Such is the fate of all memes.

>> No.55660554

The Scientist/Engineer Perk is the one that looks more like an Item. A lab is not really a perk.The 600 CP perk could be the Arms Forts. They are supposed to be the pinnacle of technolodgy. I would also recommend putting the mitigating Kojima Particle release/cleanup there.

My version of the capstone was Jarnefeldt Engineering which was basically the above. It also gave you knowledge of how to Awaken the AMS of others (Since AMS was supposed to be a type of psychic brain wave the ability to awaken it in others allows you to build "usable" NEXT's for other people rather than solely for yourself)

Also, don't worry to much about me giving it up. You clearly put a lot more passion and dedication than I did. You deserve to have your jump up there.

I agree that the NEXT import should be for anyone not just the NEXT Pilot origin (The CEO of Arisawa Heavy Industries comes to mind)

>> No.55660565

Discount not background locked pls. Kojima reactor buy items too please. Buy item sky city and the option to buy an ac company would also be nice.

>> No.55660588

False Body - Generic Universal Monsters
Gimmick Build - The Weakness of Beatrice
Dead Man Walking - Dark Souls 1

>> No.55660589

That seems like a good compromise.

>> No.55660592

>Let's make it free for NEXT Pilot, and 100CP otherwise?
That would be wonderful, thank you.

>> No.55660599

(Same Poster)
Actually, going to namefag myself so you know which of the barrage of comments is me. Along with my version of the perk tree to validate the name.

Jarnefeldt Ingenuity (600)

You have the skills, knowledge, technical know-how and intelligence of Professor Jarnefeldt. You are a genius in the fields of Kojima technology, NEXT engineering and AMS compatibility procedures. With the blueprints swimming around in your brain, you can develop cutting edge NEXT’s that are equal to the corporation’s best when combined with the fundamentals provided by Situational NEXT Engineering, and going beyond even that in areas of your specialty. Furthermore, high-output Kojima generators, strange super-prototypes on par or surpassing current NEXT’s that trade versatility for power, autonomous and highly efficient non-sentient AI and the ability to perform procedures to unlock the AMS compatibility for other individuals, are now within your grasp. With enough infrastructure you can make Arm’s Forts the likes of which rival or surpass The Answerer and Sol Dios. Maybe, given a few decades, you can even find a way to safely dissipate Kojima Particle pollution and contain its release. You are a one man R&D team. Keep in mind, many corporations would love to have you on their payroll and barring that would love to have you disappear so that you can’t aid their competitors.

>> No.55660612

Not if it goes so mainstream it becomes part of the overall cultural context.

These are the memes people grow up learning, you see. The memes parents pass on in their billions. They're often given a more dignified title by that point, like "tradition" or "proverb."

But they're all memes - the DNA of our souls.

>> No.55660614

why is there a hat?

>> No.55660622

Not sure if they count as "Meta", but I kinda like adding Slut Life and Power Armor to my chains at times. And Traveller makes for a decent plot device for when I don't want the "super-omnipotent benefactor" background.

>> No.55660631

4chan's Birthday.

>> No.55660632

Well, I think the AC customization section kind of requires the reader know a lot about Armored Core in order to understand what they're actually buying. A section explaining the nature of NEXTs and their various parts would be useful.

>> No.55660636

It's 4chan's birthday.

Look forward to the SPOOKY theme on Halloween.

>> No.55660647
File: 131 KB, 565x600, aradia being creepy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today's 4chan's birthday.

>> No.55660661

For reference "Situational Next Engineering" was a perk that gave you an area of expertise in NEXT development.

I mainly did this since I noticed each of the corporations had specializations like GA had missiles and solid weaponry. Rayleonard had speed, Omer had a mix of Rayleonard and Interior Union and Interior Union had Energy Weapons and efficiency.

Which was in contrast to the previous generation where Crest and Mirage had their fingers in basically every branch of Armored Core Development with no real specialization

>> No.55660723

Jump when?

>The only correct build is to go in late-chain, once you're strong enough to conquer the world single-handedly, then join the RX group and laze around all day

>> No.55660725

So... should I just put this up on the drive?

>> No.55660756

So how did Ziz's precog work again? I cannot remember whether it was like PoV or what.

>> No.55660794

She can't see the present but can see into the future a great deal. Her mind can process the numerous future outcomes and pick the best one for her purposes which she then brings about using her telekinesis. PtV technically beats it if it could draw a bead on Ziz.

Thing is it only extends a certain amount into the future (can't remember how far)

>> No.55660834

Super-de-duper advanced biological computer processing a bazillion bytes of data a second.

That's how all precog in Worm works, even though it normally gets limited in some way in order to make a "power." Ziz was made for the express purposed of using precog to fuck shit up, so she probably has fewer limits than most.

>> No.55660856


Ok correction, she can only she the immediate future but can make supremely accurate predictions based off of what she has observed. She also uses information from the past to supplement her precog gathered data.

She is in a way the worlds most advanced weather predictor in the world with an extreme understanding of brownian motion and can nudge things along with her telekinesis

>> No.55660867

>Super-de-duper advanced biological computer processing a bazillion bytes of data a second.
That's not actually how Ziz does it.

She just sees all possible futures. She actually can't calculate for blind spots in her precog which is one of the few ways to hit her.

>> No.55660924

Ok the specifics are apparently heavily debated. The key information you need to know is that you need to be a blind spot and you need to hit her with extradimensional attacks to ruin her day.

>> No.55660933

The Exceed Orbit parts? That was 2 and... I think Silent Line (IIRC, never played it).

>>55660661 >>55660632
Alright, let's see if this scratches your itch.

Sci/Engi Capstone:
(-600CP) Pinnacle – You are the foremost intelligence among the scientists, engineers, and designers of the world. You have the intellect, vision, and drive to create unfathomable wonders. Your understanding of Kojima, NEXT, and AMS technologies exceeds any single or collection of individuals. Your grasp of AMS technology means that you can devise procedures and techniques to awaken otherwise unqualified pilots to their AMS potential. More than GA’s NEW-SUNSHINE Project, you can elevate Normal pilots to among the NEXT’s elite… at least in terms of pure AMS compatibility: the piloting skill on the other hand, is still up to the pilot. You can fully design custom NEXTs that exceed the current practical and even theoretical limitations of current Armored Cores, with each and every one of your parts its own masterpiece. Kojima Particles and their attendant toxic radiation is no mystery to you. Given time and resources, you could eventually discern a treatment and permanent solution to the issue of Kojima Pollution, and may someday reach a point to where you can harness Kojima power without the otherwise harmful side effects. Finally, your designing abilities are such that you can draft your own Arms Forts or other super-massive vehicles.

1 of 2

>> No.55660973

Or just hit her with something akin to a planet busting beam. Even WoG bullshit endbringers will go down to that apparently because the energy transfer will break their cores.

>> No.55660975


2 of 2

Moved to Items and Gear:

(-400CP, Discount Scientist/Engineer) Custom Production – You have the knowledge, you have the parts, now you just need… the means. With this, you may acquire a small production plant to begin creating fully custom NEXTs, components, and weaponry. Though it’s not to the scale of being able to house an Arms Fort, given time you could eventually piece one together. Hopefully you’ll have pieced together the thousands of crew required to run it by then. The League probably isn’t going to like that, though… they hate when someone else has their toys. Post-Jump, this facility is attached to your Warehouse (or maybe your Warehouse is attached to it) and can produce other high-tech custom mechs, weaponry, or armor, such as for BattleMechs, Titans, or power armor. You may have to design it yourself, but you’ll have all you need to make your own Custom-style whatever.

>> No.55661031

Look's good. Still looking through the doc to see if I have any more advice but yeah that works out.

>> No.55661035

Best theme. Best time for screencaps.

>> No.55661038

I mean the Quiet CYOA has a world specially made for people who want to be the protagonists with some horrible implicactions

>> No.55661069

That reminds me to check to see if I have that funny snapshot from /h/ the last time it was 4chan's birthday

>> No.55661078
File: 567 KB, 640x360, Is this you.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used Nemesis CYOA to invade other people's chains
Whatcha gonna do about it loyalist?

>> No.55661094

Alright thanks for this, been a while since I read it and needed a refresher.

>> No.55661096
File: 714 KB, 800x1280, Street Level Shadowrunners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need it to be a jump

>> No.55661126

Found another side note under Lightning Bruiser it states:

Helpfully, your body is also completely immune to damage and deleterious effects from high-speed movement, such as broken bones, blacking out , brain damage, or motion sickness.

You might want to note for all involved that the AMS system technically addresses all these concerns. It is for this reason that pilots aren't a smear on the interior of their NEXT for quick boosting like maniacs.

The effect is still fine since it can apply to vehicles and their bodies outside of a NEXT. Just want to make a note of it is all

>> No.55661129
File: 846 KB, 2508x3541, 1506742208179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So cool.

>> No.55661141

Kariya had a hard life

>> No.55661159

...Pedophile? When was that?

>> No.55661169

You know, I think it would be absolutely hilariously for a late chain jumper to hit up a Quiet CYOA and just snap the setting in half. Because, as we all know, jumpers are twelve ways to bullshit. And because I really like Quiet's worldbuilding

>> No.55661173

I think Sakura?

>> No.55661179

What setting is this?

>> No.55661192

> And because I really like Quiet's worldbuilding
It was better thought out than I thought it would be when I began searching for it in the archives, though I still don't like his official ruling on the hounds shame he(she? disappeared

>> No.55661199
File: 908 KB, 2115x3036, Super Villain GF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's implying his intentions towards Sakura are not very pure.

Remember that comic that got posted on /tg/ alot about the super lewd elf, and the orc who just wasn't interested?

This is basically the same thing, by the same guy, but in a superhero setting. The 'elf' is a villain, the 'orc' is a superhero.

>> No.55661201

not that anon, but it's because he added a page to another authors cyoa without asking and made a cyoa by ripping some artists bios for some OCs and slapped an introduction on top of it.
So the same dude that had an autistic tantrum by making The End because an anon was going to use his cyoa to make a different version went ahead and did the same thing by adding to another persons cyoa without permission and stealing someone else's content and posting under his own name.
He also always starts shit with other authors and confessed that he shitposts just so he can get more 'haters'.

>> No.55661213

Title please!

>> No.55661218

Also, interesting little bit: The idea about her using micro-telekinesis to fuck with peoples' brains is fanon. If you read the interlude where we see her perspective, she does it all through subliminal messaging, cheating with precognition to get around the typical problem that has of signal interference from other experiences a person has. The only place the telekinesis comes in is when she needs to precisely impart some pressure signal to the body as part of the brainwashing, like stimulating the ear drum to make people hear voices. She's not doing brain surgery, she's just conducting her psychological warfare perfectly. I mean, she probably could do brain surgery, what she's doing actually sounds much harder and requires even better knowledge of how human neurology and psychology intersect. So I guess she's doing it this way for the challenge, or something?

>> No.55661224


Excellent point. Being said, would a general explanation of NEXTs and how they supposedly work be prudent to include? I didn't want to overload the document with needless explanation that the jumper would typically be expected to know (my assumption would be that if they're jumping AC4/fA they're at least kinda into it and have probably played the games).

>> No.55661225

Zannen Onna Kanbu Black General-san is the full weeb time, dunno if there's any common shortenings.

>> No.55661230

I'll do you one better.


>> No.55661237

You can usually backload information like that in a notes section. A lot of jumpmakers have a Q&A there for explanations of the setting and fringe cases

>> No.55661240


>> No.55661252

would it be better to go sekirei, get waifus, then lyrical nanoha or lyrical nanoha first, get waifus THEN import them to sekirei?

>> No.55661260

No problem anon, enjoy.


>> No.55661261

Yeah, I did kinda think the whole "it was all a dream!" kind of weakened the appeal of that particular aspect

That being said, I was big fan of the rest of the settings, particularly Cyberpunk and Tomorrow. Just to see the freakout.

>We know how this works, and it's not supposed to work like that!

>> No.55661284

Have a build.

Age 18
The cabin

Drop In (Free)
“I Know Your Damn Words, Alright?” (Free)
“It’s a Trick. Get an Axe.” (100)
“This… is my BOOMSTICK!” (200)
Hero From The Sky (300)
Exposition (200)
Bloody Hilarious (300)

Axe & Armor (Free)
Throne (100)

Deadite Outbreaks (+200)

>Hey! Look!
>What does it say? What language is that?
>Get that new guy over, they know shit.
>It's latin. Medieval latin.
>What does it say?
>It reads, "These might be my the last words, it's coming for me. The Aaargh."
>"The Aaargh."
>What is that?
>He must have died while writing it.
>Come on!
>That's what it says.
>Look, if he was dying, he wouldn't bother to write "Aaargh." He'd just say it.
>That's what's written here.
>Perhaps he was dictating it.
>Shut up.
>Does it say anything else?
>No! Just "Aaargh." And something about the end of the world.

>> No.55661290

>Origins are positions in your organization, such as Leader, Minion/Underling, Front-Line (I'm sure there's a better term for this), and Scientist
>There's also a choice of being a Hero or a Villain
>Ability section with canon powers, and maybe a few fitting OC ones since we haven't actually seen that many

>> No.55661314

Front-Line could be Commander,
Boss is the Boss, but Black General-san is the one who commands in combat.
Or you could fold Commander into Minion/Underling and have an origin based on Scientist-san's mutants.

>> No.55661326

It's not in the anime but in the light novels Kairya is implied to be attracted to Rin and Sakura. He keeps it fully in check until he's literally having multiple organ failure and approaching braindeath but its there.

>> No.55661340

Thanks butcher

>> No.55661343

To be fair, that might have had more to do with the brain damage and insanity than his actual state of mind before he got WORMED.

>> No.55661352

Me - Now wants cheesy Chuunibyou General companion in my chain.

>> No.55661362
File: 99 KB, 625x1000, groovy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Evil Dead

Going back to the main chain as the new random chain from a couple of threads ago became a bit of a farce after going to JLD too early.

Preferred the capstone of this to the College Student one and didn't really want to be a zombie.

>I Know Your Damn Words, Alright?
Pretty handy although difficult to imagine specific instances in which it is useful.

>This... is my BOOMSTICK! 200
First perk I wrote down to take. I like the impressing savages thing and I like the idea of giving shotguns to a tribe and them getting the hang of it pretty quickly. Good perk for when you're technology rich but lack numbers as you can just uplift bumpkins.

>Hero From the Sky 500
Possession, mutation and zombification immunity. Not sure when this is slotting in or whether this'll have a knock on effect for other builds I've already done but it's pretty invaluable. Plus there's the added bonus of being the chosen one (or at least a chosen one) in each setting which I can use to justify various outlandish abilities. It's all around a great perk.

>Groovy 600
Makes me more of a badass in the one-liner, stunt driving sort of sense. I take most one liner perks.

>Bloody Hilarious 900
Changes the genre depending on how I act which can make horrible settings just sort of funny. Bound to get a lot of mileage out of this with all the aforementioned one liner perks.

>Axe and Armor
Is pretty much what you'd expect.

>Companion Import 1000
Ramona: Drop-In, I Know Your Damn Words, Alright?, Hero From The Sky 300, Groovy 400, Exposition 600, Axe and Armor
Companion import is fairly similar to my own build, the free perk prevents certain sorts of mistakes which could be dangerous, Hero From the Sky covers a lot of weaknesses that companions might have and her getting possessed would be a bit of a faff. Exposition lets her find expository bits of information which is generally pretty neat as it means she'll often have weird unexpected stuff to show me.

>> No.55661368

But she's in love with Braveman anon.

>> No.55661381

Not that one specifically. Just have it be a different General the black general. Create a companion options are a thing

>> No.55661389
File: 3.06 MB, 480x270, does anyone make the mistake of believing in themselves.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you can't give your waifu a falconry perk because of cp constraints
>tfw she wouldn't be able to develop a newfound joy for birds
>tfw you already imagined it all in your head

why is life suffering

>> No.55661391

That's why you make up an OC, similar in personality, but who is obsessed with the Jumper instead.

>> No.55661393

I think being a monster/robot would probably work better as a perk instead of an origin, since it's pretty equivalent to being a Hero and does pretty much the same thing in practice, show up and fight the other guy.

>> No.55661406

You, and your companion, can learn new things without perks being involved.

Shocking, I know.

>> No.55661408

Avoided drawbacks as there wasn't much else I needed. The Throne is really funny but I figure I can easily orchestrate that exact situation.

Considered the one about getting covered in slime and the attacked by Deadites one but I figured the latter has a lot of collateral damage and the former has me getting covered in slime. Plus I'm going to want to fight Deadites sometimes so this way round I can seek them out to fight them and thereby actually help people out which is nice.

>> No.55661411

Why can't she just learn falconry on her own time? There's nothing supernatural about it that would prevent this.

>> No.55661413

Ah, fair enough. I withdraw my comment.

Fair enough.

>> No.55661418

Could always pay to get her and instead of it being Braveman it was Jumper she originally fell for.

>> No.55661424

Just buy her a birb with cash money.

>> No.55661425

Alright someone please help me out here. Do we have anything that can do a passable imitation of accelerators vector manipulation? Forces magic from Mage is the only thing I've found that comes close.

>> No.55661435

Why not just kidnap Braveman, rip out his brain, and stick your own in his head?

>> No.55661463
File: 174 KB, 1136x1600, Acute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently. She kinda has a thing for heroes in general.

>> No.55661483

Thanks for the builds, you two!

>> No.55661484

This would be an acceptable thing (I am assuming Justiceanon is now doing this)

I am not sure you could trick a stalker about her target of obssession.

>> No.55661497

>I am assuming Justiceanon is now doing this
I've made three jumps, all three are trash. I've tried to work on two more, and redoing Avernum, but didn't really get anywhere.

There is a reason I put Avernum and Farcry up for adoption if anyone wants to redo them.

>> No.55661504

Been on the Sburb kick lately. An Heir is protected by their Aspect passively to a certain degree, and Vectors and Physics is something Space can do.

>> No.55661508

Reminder that her eye is perfectly fine, and she wears the patch because she's chuuni.

>> No.55661524

Prince of Space is one of the strongest defensive classes, though, because your weapons are useless against him.

>> No.55661525

Boss also only wears a mask because he's Chuuni
He's also a part-timer, who spends all his money on figurines because he's an otaku

>> No.55661526

But Justice, remember the motto!

Jumpchain is trash, and so am I!

>> No.55661537

If I had any faith in my ability to make actual quality jumps I would try. I don't.

>> No.55661543

Making a jump for Brink would require the people that made Brink to actually finish making the game first. Problematic, since they stopped giving a fuck about it like 8 years ago and knew it was trash when they shipped it.

>> No.55661551


The conversation carries on for a while. Sadly, the actual pastebins of how that anon wrote up Accel's power as a NP are gone, but the basic idea is workable.

>> No.55661554

That's fair, but it's less likely to actually help Anon emulate Accelerator. Destroying physics or destroying through physics is a pretty crazy skillset, with Space being one of the more powerful aspects and prince being a very active destroyer class.

>> No.55661555

Very much like One Punch Man. Heroes, villains, heroes are becoming more commercial, strongest hero is seen as old fashioned for relying on brute strength, etc etc.

>> No.55661568

Revised Sci/Engi capstone perk.
Moved previous Sci/Engi capstone to Items.
Corrected various typos.

Thanks to everyone who voiced an opinion.
I would be very interested in additional feedback from anyone who would be interested in giving some.

Thank you for your graciousness and assistance!

>> No.55661580

He isn't really the strongest, he's just the one for that town. It's mentioned that when the RX group beats Kamen Soldier that Braveman got more famous, because he had been facing them.

>> No.55661582

Are you aware that your file name says 1.1 but the document says 1.0?

>> No.55661584

Pretty sure it can be busted wide open even if you only use it three times. I remember seeing the general break down of it and that you could get a virus/symbiote with something like 6000+ virus/symiote points to spend on upgrading it for a trivial amount of CP.

>> No.55661598

And how much is it exactly going to get you vs just investing straight into perks.

You aren't looking at Omega Wesker 5000.

>> No.55661601

Jebus D. Nazareth is there anything Sburb-folk can't do?
An NP is good too.

Thank you Sirs.

>> No.55661614

I've yet to see one use a fire attack, though you could always just buy or alchemize a flamethrower.

>> No.55661628

With 6000+ virus points you absolute are. And when I say "trivial amount of CP" I'm pretty certain the actual amount is zero. It might cost 100cp though, but I've been a while since I looked. Regardless you can get a bullshit powerful virus/symbiote for next to no CP investment.

>> No.55661662

Ah my bad. I speed read it a couple nights ago.

>> No.55661683

It's cool bro. He does only focus on physical power, and he does get called out on it, but he's not the strongest by any means.

>> No.55661694

Yeah, they don't really do a lot of classic elemental stuff, except Breath players who get wind.

>> No.55661695

I just got to the part where GG-Chan appears, she was pretty nice.

>> No.55661708

GG-Chan is cute as hell. Black Tiger-san is pretty cool when he shows up.

>> No.55661709

GG-Chan is cute!

But not as cute as Secretary-Chan!

>> No.55661728

Actually, a lot. The main problem with the viruses is that drawback buy-offs persist across virus purchase if you combine them. As long as you manage your drawbacks and buyoffs the right way, you can take most of the drawbacks several times over and only need to spend the buy off stuff once...and still get the buy off stuff anyway. (Though even without this, you'd still end up with 8k or so points at the end I think by proper combining)

If you're doing it the right way, you can end up with having bought every single option in the section in one super combined virus.

You also kind-of are looking at ultra wesker here. The various options stack to match him and then surpass him quite easily, though this is usually only with the 'suitable for those with specific genes' options. The perks, while good, definitely don't match up in terms of raw combat ability or versatility to the virus options.

You ultimately only need to spend 350 or so CP to get every option on the table (Some 16,000-17,000 points worth) and then some with none of the drawbacks. The jump is a lot of fun but it does have a hole or three in this part. That said, you do have to coordinate 4 viruses and 4 parasites together to do it.

>> No.55661736
File: 288 KB, 684x208, Magnificent-hat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Because otherwise people won't know where they are.

>> No.55661740

It's 350 CP to max out Combination Station/Act As One/Will It Blend?, last I checked. It's pretty much the best option if all you care about is making sure there's no mean monster or operational operator in the setting who could possibly kill you (unless you're fighting like an idiot, anyway, and at that point I doubt even the intelligence perks would save you. Not like they helped Wesker much.) although it's still not super hot as a choice if you don't spend even more CP to get canon viruses/parasites to bring into the customization tables since the independent options there are pretty bad for physical specs if you don't wank Amplification or Genetic Winner just right.

Point being, you do end up better physically than anything Wesker ever manages if you spend your points just right.

>> No.55661756

Surprised you're deigning to comment, given your feelings on the jumpmaker.

>> No.55661761
File: 66 KB, 500x372, Believe in the Me that Believes in You!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get where you're coming from, man. But you actually MADE a jump. And, to me at least, that's a pretty big step in and of itself. And whose to say you couldn't make a good jump if you wanted? I know I wouldn't.

>> No.55661768

I agree with Kamina anon. I believe in you!

>> No.55661775
File: 293 KB, 829x1200, j027_030 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry Anon. You'll both just have to learn it together.

>> No.55661780

I'm happy it wasn't the weak wind we see in a lot of settings. Summoning a tornado that borrows into the core of Skaia is pretty boss.

>> No.55661798

You're surprised she's deigned to comment when she and Red share a mutual dislike for each other? Wut?

>> No.55661799

You cruel master. YOU FOUL TEMPTRESS. I still love this jump.

>> No.55661805

Well, would folks want me to axe the ability to merge together so many viruses and parasites together? If people have that much of an issue, just tell me and I'll patch it.

>> No.55661823

No ones really complaining, just pointing out that you can do it.

>> No.55661828

Well you're already thinking about it, so I guess that build's fucked.

>> No.55661829

But anon, why not learn embroidery together instead?

>> No.55661834

I'm fine with it really. Rewards clever thinking maybe? It's not really that balanced but it is only Resident Evil so they're still not getting that much out of it.

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