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Can a Death Krop Krieg Soldier Become a Space Marine?

Is there any instance of this happening? or would this be too much kick ass for 1 fluff character to contain.

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Here's what marine recruits need to be

>generally between 8-20 years old, depending on chapter (I think BTs and Space Wolves sometimes recruit people into their 20s, but almost everyone else does it way earlier)
>tough as balls
>genetically able to have geneseed implanted in them

A Krieger could potentially fit all these bills.

>start training and fighting really early, could easily be on the battlefield somewhere and in the age range to be recruited
>are hardcore as fuck
>maybe not genetically sound because they tend to be vatclones and also there's a shitton of radiation that could mess with them

The Alpha Legion gets operatives into the Ultramarines by having the Ultras recruit young Scions from the Alphic Hydras. So there's some precedent.

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Chapters never recruit from active regiment worlds.

Kriegers never consider themselves worthy of something as honorable as becoming a marine or being anything other than meat fodder.

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now could they become an acolyte to an inquisitor ?

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Still I could see it happening on an occasional basis, especially if a regiment of Krieg have been fighting alongside a particularly zealous chapter some of them could be picked up as aspirants.

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they might not have been stationed on krieg though, just like how not all cadians are/were on cadia, there have to be some regiments of kriegers not on krieg

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They still come from Krieg, and thus have that Krieg guilt beaten into their skulls from the time they're children.

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They could be used as the raw muscle at best.

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i was talking more about on a legal level and not about their morals, as i think a marine could easily use their guilt and recruit those who have "earned the emperors forgiveness

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>krieg regiment gets wiped
>muhreens nearby
>random krieger wandering around, his whole command structure is dead
>muhreen apothecary saves him
>"oh dis mufugga could get MARINED.com"
>you're a neophyte now trooper 11-85-21
>but I don't wanna

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Its a big galaxy, anything that is even 1 in a billion chance of happening means it has happened hundreds of times.

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They'd get picked up by the Obsidian Glaives then. They're fucked up.

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now could they become an Inquisitor?

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>>generally between 8-20 years old
Pretty sure it's 8-12, and that's the biggest problem here.

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i think kriegers lack the pure ingenuity and resourcefulness to be an inquisitor that said it'd be funny as hell

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Krieg is (theoretically) exempt from recruitment as children because of orders from the High Lords (in the sense that nothing shall interfere with regiment recruitment), but I don't think much would happen if a few were nabbed and forcefully recruited.

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I swear the Imperial Fists recruit from at least one active regiment world.

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Slightly off topic but it's not worthy of a thread and this picture reminded me of it, why must the gas mask regiments look the best but they are always either too expensive(renegades, kriegers, or not supported(steel legion). why does GW hate us on that front?

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you mean Necromunda?

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>Go to catachan.
>Str 5 marines.

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Kriegers most likely have genetic some genetic damage living on an irradiated world and also with their weird "vitae womb" shit that rushes out a population that has no survival instinct, so no, they won't be recruited because combat ability alone doesn't make you a good canidate

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baal is an irradiated shithole as well

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Theoretically, there's nothing stopping it from happening. Your average fresh from Krieg Regiment is chock full of 14-16 year old suicidal kids. If an Astartes Chapter wanted to jack a few of them and throw gene-seed in 'em, nobody is really going to tell them "No."

That being said, it's highly unlikely to ever happen lorewise.

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Yeah,but the people of Baal aren't morons with a deathwish.Also,Baal was nuked long ago,its radioactive elements decayed a lot more than Krieg's.

If you make a baalite SM,it will last centuries.If you make a krieger SM,it will jump into tank fire and die at his first battle.

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Not him, but yes.

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because while GW wants to be successful, they apparently dont want all of my money, only most of it

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Not neccisarily. Remember, Space Marines have absurd amounts of Psychoindoctrination, sure, you'd get a massive lack of self-worth, but the Krieger space marine would understand his situation and wouldn't throw his blessing away on a suicidal march.

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The universe is a big place rule.
Make that shit up yourself, there are rules for custom space marine chapters..

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Aren't most worlds "active regiment worlds?" All have to pay the tithe and only a few pay it in anything but guardsmen.

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>my dark heresy party has a Krieger marksmen for the Inquisitor / interrogator

Is this lore Friendly?

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A krieger is possibly the least suitable choice for an inquisitor. Granted most depictions in the fluff play up grandiose gestures and posturing, but at their heart an inquisitors are undercover cops. they need dedective skills as well as undying loyalty.

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not totally but, sounds like a krieger interrogator would be funny, the most threatening shovel ever seen

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>Heh heh, so is this a staring contest or an interr-
>*Places shovel on table*
>"You will speak."
>I don't think I will.
>*Gestures towards shovel*
>You will speak, you will tell us where your commander is located."
>Oh yeah? You gonna enforce that?
>*Gestures towards shovel*
>What the fuck does a shovel have to-
>"You will speak, lest you learn it's true purpose."
>Wha-what are you even talking abou-
>"This one is a mighty tool, holding back its potential, now speak, lest you incur its wrath."
>But it's just a shovel!
>"It is both wise and terrible, you will speak, or you will learn."
>*picks up shovel*
>Sweet merciful Emperor! Alright! I'll speak! J-just don't hurt me!
>"I understand your request and comply, but the shovel...the shovel speaks on its own accord, and knows nothing of mercy."

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this is bloody brilliant mate

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Not completely, but definitely not impossible either.
A soldier with no compunctions against committing atrocities, no regard for self and little concept of fear can be a useful tool for an Inquisitor. Having one of those who's an expert killer with some stealth/infiltration training as well as knowledge of military hierarchies could be good as a right hand man. Promoting him to Interrogator would be odd, but I could see a militant Inquisitor basically thinking "I need this guy to be able to speak with my authority behind him if it's necessary," and so promoting him. Also, Kriegers tend not to be socially adept but they aren't stupid either. With help, a Krieger could probably lead an investigation, trusting his advisers to use their social skills and knowledge to point him in the right direction while he applies merciless battlefield logic and sheer determination to solve the problem.
Basically, a Krieger isn't going to make a *good* Interrogator naturally, but considering there are Inquisitors from feral worlds and shit he could probably get the job done.
Also, as said above he would be funny.

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i'm curious besides the jack of all trades cadians, who would make the best integrator

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>space marines put their seed in children.

Even DE haven't fallen to this level of depravity.

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common now we both know you're lying, i bet DE are even into hand holding those filthy degenerates

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It is between 8-12, SWs sometimes recruit mid-teens, meaning about fifteen-sixteen, but no older.

Once someone has full matured, full geneseed implantation is impossible.

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Black Templars recruit some very adult-looking teenagers.

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It isn't impossible, but complications, lessened effectiveness, and other issues even with ideal genetic comparability make it not worth the effort for something that is the precious lifeblood of the chapter. They would make awesome serfs though.

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There's already a chapter full of 'em

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capped it

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Mordians probably, and maybe Steel Legion given the shit they have to deal with.

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I don't understand the appeal, it's cringe written like a 13 y/o fan fiction where they unironically say "epic" and "lol" in person.

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>I don't understand the appeal, it's cringe written like a 13 y/o fan fiction where they unironically say "epic" and "lol" in person.

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What I find funniest of all - albeit in sad resignation to the fact society is doomed - is that the merest request to not speak like a subhuman is met with such snide defensiveness.

Would that you put a fraction of the mental energy you used to justify your morondrift with doublethink into acting like a functional human on a daily basis.

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So, let me get this straight:
You thought that a post, that was admittedly not that funny but good for a chuckle, was like the cringy fanfiction written by thirteen year old because apparently you have a better sense of humor than the rest of us.

In respose, I composed the typical shitpost response that your post was worth while stating within said shitpost what I thought you were no doubt thinking when you wrote your original post.

Then, you wrote that wonderful little piece basically stating that yes, you DO actually believe that your own sense of humor is superior to ours, and you wrote it in the most self-fellating way possible using buzzwords that you pulled from your ass that have no actual bearing in regards to my post in a misguided effort to make yourself look more intelligent than you really are.

TL;DR: fuck off and choke on your cock that you're sucking.

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It's doable up to mid 20s, but then you're pushing it.
Black Templar are an example of a chapter that likes to push it.

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I think had they stayed loyal or at least their alleged loyal splinters kept the doctrine. The Iron Warriors and the Death Korps would get on like a house on fire.

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Adult humans don't become space marines period. It is not possible for an adult human to be modified fully. There are a handful of exceptions where people who were bros with primarchs served in space marine chapters, but it should be noted that they were essentially just normal humans with an exceptional background and possibly some augmentation and were not physically equivalent to an actual space marine.

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I now 16-20 year old dudes who look like giant 30-40 year olds.

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I played a Krieger, and it was a pretty fun time. His name was 41, and he never spoke voluntarily. Time and again he managed to save the party from the brink of TPK by Daemon Prince on no less then three separate occasions. Unfortunately the other members of the party would end up blacking out, and when they came to, 41 would just be standing there keeping guard, and the threat would be gone. Being a krieger he wasn't one to boast, and the others never thought to ask him for a report on what happend. It was a running joke in the group, that if it was anyone else, they'd be showered with accommodations, but because it was him, he didn't get shit.

That game was the best example of character development my group ever personally experienced, because throughout the trials and tribulations of our investigations, the leader of the group (a charismatic noble who was being looked at for ascension into the inquisition) began to slowly become twisted and corrupted by what we were witnesses, until in the final confrontation he was left broken by what he saw, and 41 had to relieve him of command and take over the mantle of CO.

It was a neat thing to watch a social and charismatic character warp into a twisted spiteful individual who held secret contempt for the Ecclesiarchy and his new CO for what happened to him, while the silent drone of a guardsmen stepped up to the plate when it was needed.

All in all it was a fun year and a half game, and that's why "41 is the best number" among my group.

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That's why marine worlds are exempt from the tithe. Guess where most marine recruit from? Why isn't there an Ultramar regiment in addition to its PDF? Why have you never heard of the 131st Fenrisians?

All these fucking morons thinking a Krieg marine "could happen" or "they can imagine it" don't know shit about the setting and should stick to their garbage lore raping shitty RT campaigns

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Seeing as Ultramarines occasionally pull recruits from the Tempestus Militarum, pulling recruits from other Adeptus Administratum sub-divisions (like the Imprial Guard) isn't particularly far fetched.

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