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How do you resist twirling your moustache when your or one of your character's plans or schemes succeeds?

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By shaving.

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You know how difficult it is to grow a villain mustache?

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I shave them short.

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Never having my schemes succeed.

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I play online, and half of my games are by text. I don't need to resist jack-shit.

On the rare occasion I succeed, a good, hearty cackle accompanied by a twist of the 'stache is very, very therapeutic.

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I don't.

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There's a sucker born every minute.

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Leo Hirschfeld said that, the creator of the Tootsie Pop! He was a fucking asshole.

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If your plan worked, twirl away motherfucker. You earned it.

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Can't blame a girl for trying to make a little cash.

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>my character sets up genius plan
>plan is engineered to fail as hard as possible
>my failure would make it easier for the rest of the party to succeed at the task at hand
>actually enact plan
>succeeds without a hitch
>problem... solved?
there was no mustache to be twirled because everyone was too busy to figure out what the fuck just happened.

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I actually bought a fake goatee beard to wear so I can stroke it when that happens.

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It's easy.

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With her methods, we really can.

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Please tell us more

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yes, please, tell us !

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I don't have a moustache. I cackle instead.

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Nabiki's shemes were so small-scale and petty it's a wonder she made actually any money from those.

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Storytime it is then.
>JoJo's Bizarre adventure campaign
>party member makes a stupid bet with a dangerous man
>all of us need to have girlfriends in three weeks or else we lose our kneecaps to crazy Uncle Luigi
>first chick we run into is some crazy assassin who starts kicking our asses
>we have to try and woo her mid fight because reasons
>GM had a female friend play the assassin for extra authenticity/screwing with our heads
>instead of helping with the fight I hatch a brilliant scheme
>if I flop hard enough, I can make my teammates look more attractive
>send all four pieces of my standu to fetch certain items from my character's room
>stand up on the table in the middle of the room
>standu pulls out the instruments it gathered and starts blasting the following:
>unsheath my spaghetti
>give the worst confession known to man
>>"yeah, ok"
>"wait, what?"
>>"sure, I'll go with you to the dance."
>assassin's player exits stage left

>my face when: https://youtu.be/SQI53BsWPrk

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Bruh, no girl can resist that sax.

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And a cheater in every tock betwixt.

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Plenty of practice. Mostly OOC.

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Why resist? Good guys can have twirlable moustaches too.

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