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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What are some of your favorite quirks to add to villages or settlements?

/pfg/ Link Repository: https://pastebin.com/fr9piFCi
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/vK9njh31

Old Thread: >>55551263

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Are there any games wherein you think the DM could've done a better job of picks?

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Rise of the Jade Regent, Dragons 2 and probably that's it.

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>Dragons 2

C'mon, share your thuoghts anon.

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we need to go deeper

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Ok, watching Kingdom of Heaven for inspiration left more questions than answers:

1. Can a bastard inherit his father's (who doesn't have any legitimate heir left) title and land, and would other nobles recognize him as a noble heir?

2. Would bastard be able to be a king when he marry a heir of the throne without invoking a civil war for claim of the throne?

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>Can a bastard inherit his father's (who doesn't have any legitimate heir left) title and land, and would other nobles recognize him as a noble heir?

Only if the child is legitimized before witnesses, and even then the stain of being a bastard will follow them for all their days.

>Would bastard be able to be a king when he marry a heir of the throne without invoking a civil war for claim of the throne?

He could, but as you said a civil war is inevitable.

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i'm going to share my autistic homebrew again


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That's pretty autistic, you faggot.

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Hmm, would a child still be a bastard when he is born illegimatedly at birth, but his father and mother gets legally married later?

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Yes. "Bastard" means "born out of wedlock". What the parents do afterwards is irrelevant, though I imagine most people would just gloss over that whole thing at that point.

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what the fuck is this class even supposed to be.

if you're going to post homebrew at least explain what it is.

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Looks like a bad magus archetype to me.

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Guild wars mesmer

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Hey /pfg/. My friends got me into playing RPGs a few months ago and I’ve been having fun as a player. Our group takes turns running short campaigns and since I have been new to the game they haven’t had me run a game yet since I was still learning the rules. I’ve read the rule book and game mastery book so I know how to run the game enough to handle most of mechanics we may run into but I’m absolutely shit at coming up with stories.

The thing is I really want to run a game one day but I have no idea how to start making an adventure. At first I was making maps but quickly realized I had no real story to bring the players there or I made too many rooms and don’t have enough material to keep the players interested in exploring. Aside from saying something like “Oh I’d like my players to fight an Aboleth” or some other monster, then I usually come up blank to how the players would end up there.

How do you guys go about making a campaign? What are some good ways to create stories or encounters that can keep the players entertained? I feel like such a shit player for not being able to think of anything to start a small campaign with.

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Are fey creatures an overused antagonist type?

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Nope. Undead are the most used.

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Honestly making a campaign from scratch is -really hard-. Especially for a first timer, you've gotta be passionate

I'd recommend looking at a module from Paizo, see if one speaks to you and that you can build off of

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Absolutely not, in fact Fey are quite rare as antagonists. Outsiders > Undead >Humanoids > Dragons is probably the order for most common.

Probably the type with the fewest antagonists is Animal.

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Only because its hard to make an unintelligent beast a big enemy

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You could make it a REALLY BIG animal.

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Yeah but thats usually a magical beast

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What would be Gimli's alignment?

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Okay fine, TWO really big animals.

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Lawful Neutral.

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realistically, you'd need something like the Hessian Lobo

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What if it's an E3 campaign and the beast is the mythical White Lion of Taldor?

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What does elven underwear looks like?

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why even build the roof
you are already under the cliff

why is the tower leaning away from the cliff

did the cliff suddenly sneak up on the castle?

why are there adult pine trees growing in the shade of the cliff

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I may have to do that. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of something to last at least 5 or 6 sessions but I keep getting blanks. I can think of an antagonist or goal to accomplish but the stuff that happens between the boss fight and the start of the campaign is giving me the most trouble.

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nice joke

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How do I go about it?

I tend to start building a world. I make a few kingdoms, their relations, their gods... Then maybe I draw a map for it.

Depending on scope, I then build a big-bad, set up his plan and why he's doing it. Say, the Lich-King of an ancient empire who wants to reclaim his throne, ruling over the continent. He originally fell from power due to a combination of factors including a rebellion and sealing away the fucking apocalypse, so slaying him will unleash the end of the world.

For you, I'd start small. Early on, people don't expect a huge overarching narrative. So just concentrate on making a fun adventure. Set up a few conflict rooms with some sort of twist, instead of just "oh, here's 4 hobgoblins for you to fight," try something like, "Here are a group of hobgoblins shirking guard duty to play poker, on their first turn they shout an alarm and flip their table for cover, picking up their weapons." and after a bit, if they party is doing well, have a few more show up, or have the surviving ones fall back to another encounter.

Say that they're there to reclaim some items of value stolen by the hobgoblins from a shipment for the local lord, and it turns out to be something they wouldn't have thought worth their time, like a small animal or a single piece of jewelry, but they also find among the loot of the hobs something that could set up the Aboleth encounter for a later session.

The thing about GMing is that it is about 30% planning, 40% Improv, and 30% making things seem like you had planned them all along. Like say you mention a few specific items in the loot, well each of those could be literally nothing, or they could be the seeds of a future plot/sidequest hook.

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Alright. The improv's going to be the hardest part for me. I've always been bad at pulling ideas out of my ass. Hopefully once I get some practice I'll get better the more I play. Thanks for the advice.

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Are you asking for games with apps that should have gotten in but didn't or games that I wish had better apps to pick from?

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RotJR for the first

LoBaF and maybe Ensoulment for the second.

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I mean you have to remember that the second RotJR game wasn't really in the cards during the app process

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As a class and not as a roleplay experience, what are the major criticisms of paladins? Looking simply at the mechanics of the class without any feats, special races, or equipment, what are the flaws and what needs to be improved (where should those feats and gold go to)?

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What ways can I qualify as an orc/half-orc while being a human? The Orc Bloodline for Sorcerers is the only way that I know of. Is there any others?

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Depends on what you want to qualify for.

If you're willing to spend a feat Racial Heritage covers pretty much everything.


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Smite, while powerful, can only be used about 7 times a day at most, especially since there isn't a chain challenge equivalent, unless you count oath of the seeker, but you unfortunately need to be a dwarf for that one. This means that they only get their bonus to attack and damage against up to 7 targets a day. As much as I love paladins, I would much rather have a much smaller, but more consistent, bonus to hit and damage that's on constantly.

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Did we ever getting greentext from intrigue?

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Fuck, that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

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Honestly, Paladins are pretty well-rounded with good defences(save for touch AC), decent offensive when not smiting and one of the highest DPR in the game when smiting. Their only real weakness is the lack of versatility thanks to only 2 skillpoints per level and a spell-list that's not geared towards utility.

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Hilariously, since the Giant type is now a humanoid subtype, that also lets you count as a giant.

Why is that special you ask? Because sometimes, there's incredible feats out there.

I hope you can operate without a head, though, since the velocity a GM would throw a book at you fr doing this would take it straight off.

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What is a good god be it major or minor for a character who is beaten-down and angry? I was looking at Calistria but she seems more about spite than revenge.

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The cliffside is actually a bigass golem.

And it's gotten fat lately.

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Whatcha think like, half level bonus against all evil stuff?

Basically lesser effects, but always on.

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Did every medieval village had a manor and church within its boundary? How many village(s) did the lord ruled over?

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So what first party investigator archtypes are worth using? I am not sure what I want to do with this class, but it feels very unfocused.

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3.5 question here

So I recently asked my DM if I could play a kobold which was immediately shot down with "I'm not having pun-pun in my game, I'm not falling for that shit"

Which was understandable, I could see being skeptical about kobolds. But like my idea involved going one level spellthief, 5 levels sorcerer, then prestige into spellwarp sniper right.

For backstory it was just gonna be something like he wasn't a magically inclined kobold so he learned to steal others magic. But cause he's still a rogue-ish character he is sent out to patrol the outskirts of their kobold village but runs into a adventuring party, his group gets killed and he manages to run away but the group chases him into a swamp where they aim to kill him, but a swamp witch intervenes and saves him, and so he decides to serve the witch and calls her the kind lady. Makes a magic contract with her so she can siphon her magic into him and he learns to tap into his dragon blood to become a full sorcerer. Now being her servant or proxy familiar of sorts he goes out and acts as an inquisitor of sorts and aims to protect the swamp in which the witch lives and hunts down adventures that trespass the swamp or attempt to hurt the witch

That seems acceptable right?

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Look, man, You're in the wrong thread. Most of us haven't even looked at a 3.5 book in the better part of a decade - I have no idea what a Spellwarp Sniper even is.

The character backstory sounds fine, the GM kind of sounds like a prejudiced dick from what little you've said of him. That's about all we can offer you.

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Try looking at empiricist. That plus a few things that move your other skills to being intelligence based (like the glorious Orator feat) and you will become skillmonkey supreme, with some buffing ability on the side courtesy of extracts with the infusion discovery. It's unfocused probably because you're looking at the combat applications - investigator is complete ass in combat. Focus on the skills part and you'll see a god walking amongst mere mortals.

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Is it explicitly a monster or evil campaign? Because I don't see why you should expect to be allowed to play a "usually evil" race otherwise.

>> No.55571979

That looks good thanks, I am also gestalting it with an Arcanist, and I think this will fill that big gaping hole that skills leave in the character.

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Has someone posted a game yet?

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So with a two level dip into alchemist (taking two vestigial arms) i can now attack with four weapons at the same time?
Why is alchemist so good

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We're not exactly a good party outside the one cleric of pelor, other than that the rest of the party is pretty questionable and leans towards lawful/neutral evil.

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No, fuck you

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Which is understandable
The last 2 groups I've played with in person over the last 3 years have been 3.5 groups though I am in a PF game on roll20 but it's just me and another player and the DM is a bit liberal so make things more fun

And I don't mind making a 3.5 thread but I'm pretty sure it would not be nearly as active as the pathfinder thread. As for me personally though my post was less about the classes I was planning on taking and getting on a opinion on if my character sounded like they would have been fine, because in 3.5 people get concerned about letting kobolds into party due to the min maxing bullshit they could like the fact they qualify for epic dragon feats at level 3 and will be able to cast 4 levels higher above their actual level (so a level 3 kobold sorc would have access to the spells of a 7th level sorc and so on) amongst other shit like pun pun. So I mean it's somewhat understandable why he would not want a kobold in the game simply after hearing I wanted a kobold

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Gulch Gunner

Is there anyway to build it that's actually worth playing, or will you always just be a Gunslinger who takes extra damage?

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Duke's Coin

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please respond

>> No.55572826

Has anyone ever gotten their dick sucked in game?

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Calistra is revenge. Zyphus is Spite.

>> No.55572881

do fade to blacks count? if so a few times, but always with npcs

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You're GM is a retard who doesn't understand how Pun-Pun even works.

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How do you roleplay an evil character with -3 in intimidate?

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"Hey, gimme your money or I gut you right here and now."
"No, you don't scare me"
And then proceed to gut him.

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Littlefinger. The most important people he intimidate is whores who have low wisdom.

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Half of Dragons 2 is a mess of memes built around trying to spell and sound like "ROAR" so surprise surprise when the characters themselves aren't too hot, I know we've ogled Rinka to death but how's that little rat doing in the campaign? Feels like she's squatting in a slot better filled by greater apps.

And then we get to RotJR, should we be talking about FotJR, or SotJR? I've got no problems with FotJR since that was never revealed to be a thing and has pleasantly fallen off the radar as the DM's personal fun-zone, but SotJR was the big leagues, and some of those choices were just baffling. Aranha and probably Valeriya could've been pulled out and replaced with other apps and the game would've hummed along just as well.

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Private ERP, yes. Fade to black, yes. IRL at the table, yes.

>> No.55573155

Wasn't Dragons 2 a victim of Disk pulling an Iago?

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Is there any Wuxia splats for pathfinder ?

>> No.55573233

Valeriya was a bone throne to Casimir just as Casimir is a bone thrown to Orynryou whom the game is pretty much built around.

>> No.55573253

How is Casimir at all related to Onryou?

>> No.55573265

Casimir was already stupidly popular before Onryou posted how much they wanted them in the party.

>> No.55573269

Onryou's player literally asked for Casimir to be in the same game as her. And did you miss all the shit where they were practically type fucking in thread?

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So which Dragons 2 app deserved its slot?

Who is the best Dragons 2 character?

>> No.55573318


>implying i know what dragons 2 is
>implying i know who applied to be part of it

>> No.55573322

If we're doing this, can someone please explain how the fuck "dude astronomy lmao" got in? What was I not understanding?

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Ignore app circus and shitty "/pfg/ gaems" drama and tell me how did you break it to your animal companion that you can't bring them into a dungeon because they are too big or too small.

>> No.55573364

So who deserved to get in, anon?

>> No.55573365

Someone posted a homebrewed class a while ago about a pregnant priestess from a fertility goddess. I think it was a .pdf file.
Anybody have it?
I wanna show it to a friend.

>> No.55573376

>Who is the best Dragons 2 character?

I can't believe I'm about to write this, but Aurora and Rory.

>> No.55573387


God I fucking hate that shit. I know every time I tie my packmule outside the fucking dungeon that he'll die. What do DMs get out of making me lose all my various rations, hammocks, and winter jackets?

>> No.55573393

Path of War

>> No.55573424

I've got a player who tries breaking doors, walls and puzzles at every possible opportunity. I've started having traps that trigger explicitly ONLY when the door or wall is damaged, and despite the party figuring this out, he continues to try breaking things before just trying to unlock them. He also gets pissy any time this backfires.

How do I make it explicitly clear I'm tired of him just trying to break his way through everything. I've made it pretty clear to him i work hard on these puzzles and it makes me feel like shit when he tries to just skip them. Plus the rest of the party actually kinda likes them, so it's not fun for them

>> No.55573426


>> No.55573431

Dude, it's been like 7 months, I don't even remember the others who got in, I just recall that app feeling like a vapid appeal to moe thicc and I didn't understand

>> No.55573471

With 11 herbs and spices followed by deep frying.

If it can't fight, just what is it good for besides food?

>> No.55573511

I'm with this guy, explain how those two are the best Anon.

>> No.55573534

more like under the table, ey?

>> No.55573595

>No matter where you are
>No matter who you are
>No matter the situation
>No matter for how long
>No matter if it makes sense or not
>Everything important left unattended is guaranteed to be fucked with, killed, destroyed, stolen, kidnapped, taken away or straight up magic'd out of existance
Items, NPCs, other PCs, buildings, mounts, roads, doors, planes...
Why do gms think this is somehow clever or good? Especially when you HAD to leave them somewhere and they dick you over for it too

>> No.55573640

>takes extra damage

I mean you won't be, because you'll be in their jockstrap blasting away with that sweet +4 AC

its high risk higher damage gunslinging

>> No.55573698

Gyronna if the character is of the fairer sex.
Most lawful gods could work because "something something true resolve, something something indomitable spirit"

>> No.55573720

why the fuck do any of you care who is in what game.

>> No.55573727


Are there any other feats or things I should know about that build off of getting hit by AoOs?

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File: 320 KB, 750x1000, Ragathiel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55573778

You could combine it with Crane Style, because its not actually about being -hit- by AOOs, merely provoking them

So provoke them and dodge them like mad is generally the name of the game, you need to be gun-kata as fuck

>> No.55573840

The most recent books that discuss Gyronna paint her as a heroic figure, ruining the lives of people who "probably" deserve it and, while evil, is doing things the average reader secretly desires to do.

She's basically Antifa, only replace "Nazis" with "dumb men."

>> No.55573852

Seriously, fuck off or provide actual proof and screenshots instead of making up shit.

>> No.55573864

I heard that 2hu got kicked out of Hell's Rebels, is that true?

>> No.55573869

who knows and/or cares

>> No.55573910

Is it really Helps Rebels if it's in Strike! ?

>> No.55573920


>dodge and improved unarmed as prereqs

god, why must i constantly be tabulating feat expenditure

>> No.55573951

because you're not using feat tax rules i guess

>> No.55574000

Her write-up for Inner Sea Faiths opens with her "punishing" a wealthy white male who's looking down on a group of poor women, and the rest of it discusses how much she enjoys ruining the lives of the "privileged" and the easiest targets for these are men.

>> No.55574021


>commoner striking against her betters

Good heavens! What a truly dastardly tale!

>> No.55574051

Robin hood was just a dirty commie

>> No.55574057

What's some fun APs to run as a first time DM? I feel like shit for cancelling on my group since I got overwhelmed with making everything, so maybe something in Golarion is a good start.

>> No.55574088

You know, modern society tends to glorify those types of people so it's easy to see why it can be construed as making her out as a heroine.

>> No.55574095

Runelords is probably the best Paizo AP last I checked.

>> No.55574100

Rise of the runelords anniversary edition can't go wrong

>> No.55574109

Maybe don't run an entire AP, aim for a few PFS scenarios or Paizo modules first?

>> No.55574154

>karma is bullshit gais

>> No.55574183

There was an argument and they decided to step down as a player but are still in the game as co-GM. Controlling some NPCs and enemies in fights, helping with modifying the plot into something more interesting than Paizo wrote, GMing when our main GM can't etc. Their old PC is also still mostly around.

So no, they were not "kicked." Not that it's going to stop anyone from spreading rumors anyway.

>> No.55574186

>Falling for the philosophical meme from the exotic foreigeners

Lemme guess, you think Buddhism is a religion of peace and love and understanding?

>> No.55574214


Oh gee you don't realize I was calling you guys the modern equivalent of 1800s nobility complaining about uppity peasantry, how embarrassing this is for you

>> No.55574222

How about you fuck off back to /pol/ with your fucking persecution complex. And I still don't see any proof. You're just taking shit out of context and /pol/iticizing them.

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>a pfg that isn't some anime softcore porn image
>instead is a nice scenery image
Good on you op

>> No.55574249

Second round of Duke's Coin when?

>> No.55574262

Fuck off back to /pol/ already, frogfucker.

>> No.55574269

Ladies, please! This discussion of Gyronna is going nowhere, maybe we should instead figure out a good way to make a campaign around Holomog?

>> No.55574341

I'm feeling kinda depressed and have a lot of free time. Do people here ever gather for games online or something? Are they any good or are they filled with scary autists who can't get invited to games with people who know them?

>> No.55574342


I turn him into a tiny statue with magic

>> No.55574484

/pfg/ games are the worst thing that happened to this general. That being said most people here reign in their autism when a name is attached to something, my experience with drawing from /pfg/ for players even on a first come first serve basis has been fine. With maybe one or two bad eggs.

>> No.55574510

>/pfg/ games are the worst thing that happened to this general.

Paizo was the worst thing to happen to this general.

>> No.55574731

It only just occurred to me now that all this discussion that was going way over my head was precisely about /pfg/ getting together to play games.

>> No.55574744

The shitposting has become so disconnected from anything actually happening that it's taken on a life of its own.

>> No.55574751

>Worst thing to happen to /pfg/ was actually playing Pathfinder

>> No.55574822

aaaa DHB~

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Best spell for an Inquisitor Archer (assuming the mandatory Divine Favor, Heroism and Divine Power)?

>> No.55575063

Greater Invisibility

>> No.55575407

There's gonna be a bigger greentext covering the entire first arc after the next session, which is on sunday.

>> No.55575603



>> No.55575623

War for the Crown is supposed to profoundly change Taldor and the Inner Sea, which makes me wonder... Who got their wish for the Taldor AP; JJ or the other guy?

>> No.55575627

Hedging Weapon against those pesky incorporeals.

>> No.55575659

This is why I made sure my horse can kick mountain lions and minor demons to death.

>> No.55575685

Fuck off

>> No.55575692

Holy shit, that's great. Thank you!

>> No.55575716

Nobody cares about your shit game, your samefagging or your homebrew, fuck off and die.

>> No.55575732

Thats not how vestigial arms work anon the first line in its description is how it doesn't grant additional attacks.

>> No.55575822

>sour grapes: the posts

>> No.55575851

no, it would be sour grapes if i cared about intrigue at all

i just want all the games to fuck off and shut up and stop attentionwhoring

>> No.55575858

You're posting about your shit game and last time you turned up with your 'SSDK Materials' (naming it as if you're a decent publisher or homebrewer), you spammed it over two threads after the first one picked up absolutely no replies. You then complained once people explained how your overcomplicated race was shit. 'THEIR BLOOD IS DIFFERENT AND COLORED MERCURY ALSO HERE'S SEVERAL PAGES WORTH OF SHIT' does not a good race make.

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File: 7 KB, 310x163, 9EA570D1-1FD1-4CAB-9A51-3FC351A34EF4-3587-000002360BC03F5F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55575910

>I don't have a defense so I'm just going to say you're butthurt: the post

>> No.55575979

Not even in the game nor am I the GM. Fuck off.
>i just want all the games to fuck off and shut up and stop attentionwhoring
>anon actually says they want /pfg/ to stop being about PF games

>> No.55576018

Say what you want, but the fact is that someone asked me for a greentext.

Unless you're implying I'm somehow patient enough to wait 10 hours to samefag (lolno). I'm honestly impressed at you bunch of angry leldiots managing to keep a grudge this badly. Like, wew.

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When making a Greater Demiplane and you grant it the erratic time type, the time difference between the Material Plane and the Demiplane is % based, but constant, right? It's not like the time on the demiplane changes over time or depending where in the demiplane you are, right?

It's constant the whole way through, so you could make several until you get the one you want, correct?

>> No.55576082

Yes, I want /pfg/ to be about pathfinder, not some faggots campaign.

>> No.55576130

>Yes, I want /pathfinder general/ to be about pathfinder the game, not games of pathfinder

What are you smoking, you absolute chucklenigger?

Or are you saying we should only ever talk about paizuri sausage and lol 3pp shit?

>> No.55576156

How much skill in diplo/int/bluff is necessary to be at least decent at it?

>> No.55576211

Then they could ask you in PMs. Isn't this the party that literally did not get together until 5 sessions in?

>> No.55576277

I'm looking for an image I once made the thread starter image perhaps a year ago. People really liked it, so I hope someone here saved it.

I'm looking for an image of an androgynous figure in medieval plate standing on a series of shields that are held up to support by gruffer human male warriors. The clouds are parting behind them, giving a golden glow and forming a very distinct halo around their head. They look sad, with tears in their eyes.

>> No.55576286

That, like many skill-related questions, depends on the DM and the campaign. Are you trying to wheel and deal with a dye merchant? That's going to require a very different check than trying to fool an archangel or something.

>> No.55576336

Well, they didn't ask me in PMs. And the party got together somewhere around halfway through the first session - they just didn't get the main quest (and be officially appointed by the questgiver as a 'party') until session 5.

>> No.55576376

If it worked like that, why would it be called erratic?

>> No.55576399

Is heal useul at all with a cleric or a paladin around?

>> No.55576402

Nobody cares

>> No.55576428

it has a few uses, especially if you're an occult caster
nobody cares about your fucking asshurt for this namefag, fuck off

>> No.55576436

Because it never mentions when it changes or where/how, it never mentions duration or location.

All it says is "an individual may lose or gain time as he moves between such planes and any others"

Not 'around their own plane' just between planes with such variable time, or normal time planes.

It's erratic because it is grouped in a category that isn't just 'normal time' 'no time' 'double time' and 'half time'. It's 'the rest.'

>> No.55576470


Steel Serpent discipline uses it from time to time.

>> No.55576513

Someone school me on the advantages of the Technologist feat over the one campaign trait that mimics it for a single skill. What skills actually even require the feat for you to be able to do shit? It's it not just knowledge: engineering?

>> No.55576529

craft stuff too

>> No.55576540

>you will never get into a game
why even bother

>> No.55576553

>crafting technological items
>implying that will happen

>> No.55576559

>implying the mention of a second round of Duke's Coin wasn't a bamboozle

>> No.55576583

Why not take a page from Tuvarkz's book? Run a game, make a shit show of the app circus for giggz and then be surprised when all the good players you've attracted to your shit game walk away.

>> No.55576587

>>Or are you saying we should only ever talk about paizuri sausage and lol 3pp shit?
Sounds fine to me.

>> No.55576592

But Tuvarkz has gotten into more games than me. Isn't he doing something right?

>> No.55576628
File: 193 KB, 804x843, 1503008476665.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What was the argument about?

>> No.55576663

>though the arm can wield a weapon and make attacks as part of the alchemist’s attack routine (using two-weapon fighting)
Literally the same line
>Multiweapon fighting
>Special: This feat replaces the Two-Weapon Fighting feat for creatures with more than two arms
I still don't see a reason i can't do that

>> No.55576709

>I still don't see a reason i can't do that
Because it specifies that you don't get any extra attacks.

>> No.55576713

Exactly, it's not vestigial arm giving the extra attacks, it's Multiweapon Fighting.

>> No.55576755

The discovery explicitly bars you from making additional attacks with them. It gives you extra hands to hold things, but not extra "hands of effort" with which to make actual actions. Yes it's fucking stupid.

>> No.55576760

I think i worded my first post the wrong way; i was implying that, if i took two vestigial arms, i could also use multiweapon fighting, and asking if there was a problem with that. Of course the arm by itself won't do jack, you're right, but i thought it was obvious i was referring to the pasted feat instead of the arms themselves
So...no issues there?

>> No.55576788

So, how can you have claws, horns, red eyes, evil tail etc, and have negative in intimidate ?

>> No.55576792

The feat is meaningless, because the arms have been explicitly faq'd to not let you make "extra attacks" beyond what you could make with only two hands, even if you put claws or weapons on/in the hands of those arms.

>> No.55576801

Dump charisma, never invest in intimidate.

>> No.55576820

Being a big dumb doofus who can't use such qualities to save their life.

>> No.55576821

Multiweapon fighting doesn't grant any extra attacks either, it just reduces the penalties to attacks you already have. Normally, you can make as many attacks as you have arms.

>> No.55576830

They're very, very shittily shaped
Your claws look like overgrown nails, the horns are asymmetric and short, your eyes look slightly bloodshot instead of a deep red and your tail is disproportionate to your size

>> No.55576846

Your battlecry is really shitty and you don't really have a scary pose to use with it.

>> No.55576859

So i can use the vestigial arms *in place* of my regular arms to attack with, but not get more attacks out with TWF?
That's a huge pity

>> No.55576897

Just stop responding man. The dude's literally fucking inbred.

>> No.55576942

This one
>>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/46033445/#46033445 ?

>> No.55576950

Welcome to alchemist, where cool things have a 80% chance of being shit and there's not been any new shakeups or entrants in the"good builds" for years.

>> No.55576993

It's basically a feat equivalent and you expect to spend one to get an extra attack?

>> No.55577029

MWF does give you extra attacks with extra arms, though. Unless it's explicitly and specifically different for Vestigial arms, which I'll have to ask for a quote on.

>> No.55577048

Oh you heavenly beautiful person, I love you on a deep and conceptual level that my significant others could only imagine.

How did you do it? That was over a year ago.

>> No.55577059

Such a shame, at least the class has enough optimal features that it doesn't always feel the same
I expected to spend three (arms and multiweapon attack), which would be par for the course after that anon last thread pointed out you can get shocking IMMUNITY with just two feats

>> No.55577278


It would make more sense if tieflings had -2 or more in diplomacy.

>> No.55577280

>MWF does give you extra attacks with extra arms, though.
No, it doesn't. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/combat-feats/multiweapon-fighting-combat/
"Benefit: Penalties for fighting with multiple weapons are reduced by –2 with the primary hand and by –6 with off hands."

There is nothing whatsoever there about gaining more attacks.

>> No.55577440

Yes, because that's already a function of having multiple weapons in multiple hands.
Two hands, one weapon in each? Two attacks, TWF or not. Four hands? Same. Look at literally any monster entry with multiple hands. It's how it works, and it's why they had to explicitly change that aspect for Kasatha in SF.

>> No.55577467

Is it wrong I'm mostly interested in intrigue game because of DHB? He seems like he'd be interesting in a game focused around intrigue.

>> No.55577495

DHB adds excitement to a game whenever he applies, though he does seem to be in his element with intrigue.

It's like how you know things are gonna get smutty when SEagle applies.

>> No.55577504

If using Spheres of Power, there are a couple of feats that make investing in the Heal skill useful. For example, in the Vivomancer's Handbook (Life sphere expansion) Which is now out in pdf, there is a feat that allows you to add 1/2 your ranks in Heal to your caster level in the Life sphere.

>> No.55577514

Singlehandedly destroying encounters is exciting.

>> No.55577519

Apparently it's also a mostly evil party with DHB being LG.

It's LE/LE/NE/CE (might have been CN I don't remember). But it gives a 'man on an island' sort of feeling.

>> No.55577551

From everything we've seen he isn't. He's a non-initiating martial focused on party buffing and defending people via optimized bodyguard shenanigans. He's supporting cast.

>> No.55577583

>Man on an island

Those are always fun when the loner is the only wholesome, goodly person in the party.

>> No.55577598

That's exactly what I've been saying. Normally, you get as many attacks as you have arms(although without the appropriate feats, taking those attacks is hardly ever worth it). The discovery specifies that you don't.

>> No.55577607

To be fair, both of the LEs might as well have been LN for how they've been acting for the first arc. And yeah, the last man is CN not CE.

Still, it's going to be interesting, especially given DHB's character is the party leader

>> No.55577626

well I did ask for a quote on exactly that, and you never said anything about it.

w/e then. another win for summoner/wildshape memes, i guess.

>> No.55577664

Has DHB caused PvP yet? Is he wholesome as daddy knight?

>> No.55577760

>party leader
Not really, he's just the best friend of the questgiver.

Just some elf torture.

>> No.55577841

Intimidate isn't about how intimidating you look it's about projecting menace where there is none.

If your GM is having people not be scarred by the 300 pound slab of muscle and steel, they're just being shit.

>> No.55578026

I want to make cookies for DHB

>> No.55578042

I want DHB to bake cookies for ME

>> No.55578188

Anyone got a picture of DHB's cookies?

>> No.55578369

I want a picture of DHB's c___

>> No.55578387

It can be generally agreed upon that mind control and related on unwilling subjects for one's amusement falls right into Evil territory right?

>> No.55578406


>> No.55578530

It's crazy that you're all so pathetic, a domestic act so simple that children do it is enough to impress you.

>> No.55578546

But I want to make him cookies for being such a nice and patient man, dealing with out autism.

>> No.55578566

dealing with our autism

fucking hell

>> No.55578570

>dealing with out autism
Phoneposter plz.
Half the people here are on the spectrum, or at least coasting on a false diagnosis to explain away their bullshit.

>> No.55578587

They're bored, and this entertains them. At least that's what I think.

>> No.55578594

i will never stop phoneposting on the toilet. NEVER.

>> No.55578596

Not really. People here are just fucking stupid.

>> No.55578622

So my party has claimed the self service an abandoned castle and are now putting their efforts into repairing it. The castle itself is situated in the north eastern part of a kingdom where there really Isn't any ruling body due to the area being Mendev levels of fucked.

I'm planning on having a representative of the king come and ask for fealty once the castle is in order and the few survivors in the area are on board with them as rulers but I'll be damned if I can think of a good reason for them to accept it.

Obviously they will get the benefit of being able to call in the kings men if shit gets serious but what about financials? How much of the tax takings should a lord be allowed to keep and how much goes to the king?

>> No.55578652

Because if they don't accept, the Kings army will come and take their shit by force.

>> No.55578865

Went to an offsite archive (archive.4plebs.com/tg/), searched for opening posts containing /pfg/ and went through the listing until I found it. Didn't take too long since the halo gave a pretty distinctive visual reference to look for so I could scroll quickly.

>> No.55578972

I'm in 3 games. If you're saying you want a game, I might know a guy.

>> No.55579008

I'm sorry is there a mistake on d20pfsrd for the Drawback Betrayed

Effect(s): You can roll twice and take the lower result on Sense Motive checks to get hunches. You cannot reroll this result, even if you have another ability that would normally allow you to do so.


If this is not a mistake why would I ever choose to do this? Also if there's a benefit to a DRAWBACK It's not much of a drawback.

>> No.55579113

And how many games have you applied to? Tuvarkz's success rate is actually around 10% after combining all his pbp and r20 applications.
Plenty of them had high level charsheets with mild optimization. His characters might be mostly shit but the workhours he's spent on apping might have given him the payoff.

>> No.55579166

Toss me a bone please.

>> No.55579172

Yeah tuvarkz isn't one of the high success rate appers

>> No.55579185

What's his success like for just /pfg/ games?

>> No.55579188

I'll bone you

>> No.55579221

What kinda player are you? Favorite class? What are you looking for on a game? If your playstyle doesn't match the group, there's no point. Tell me about yourself.

>> No.55579241
File: 105 KB, 419x750, 617afeb9200c7caf6feea5512551d317d1cdca51f82987d994aa5a6452e36a7e_20170327_165303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55579371

3 picks out of 28 games he's applied to.
To note, one of these was a Hell's Vengeace that died after 3 sessions; one was Evil Lewd Game (which went pretty much unnoticed by /pfg/, meaning he might've gotten in because no competition around); and from inferred information he probably met Wist there and talked his way into King's Gambit. This means that Tuvarkz has only legitimately won through an application process once.

>> No.55579581

What about the success rate of other people?

>> No.55579587

> King's Gambit
I hate the fucking celebrity shit and pageantry that goes along here, and I loath to contribute to it. But how did this go? Non standard gameplay for shit is my fetish.

>> No.55579611
File: 3 KB, 493x402, 1489596506773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw made three apps to games, got in one, but got invited to about two others because I was buddies with the GM.

What's the name for this feel?

>> No.55579706

Good. He's a cunt, he can't make good characters.

>> No.55579748 [SPOILER] 
File: 327 KB, 669x850, 1506463274857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you will never play as a Syrinx in a BotW-esque campaign

>> No.55579861

Does your character have a thing for exposition and explanation?

>> No.55579902


Why should the accept it? Because the land is the king's by rights and if they aren't interest in being labeled public enemy number one by the kingdom they'll do what he says. Make him all smiles and congratulations, "it's good that you are willing to care for the people in the wretched corner of MY (emphasis there) realm" and all that, but once he hears them talk back or think twice about swearing fealty he should make it 100% clear it's not up for negotiation. Only time I can see it going some other way is if the king is already embattled on some other fronts.

>> No.55579914
File: 54 KB, 437x640, sigmund.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't Tuvarkz always apply as SIGMUND GULBRAND?

>> No.55579962

Quick! Someone post the Tuvarkz bingo!

>> No.55579965

the only people that have I think, impressively high success rates are Broodie, Slow, and Disk

>> No.55579993

Slow got into RotJR, PLD before he left, and IIRC a first-come-first-serve campaign that was posted here in early 2016.

>> No.55579994

DHB's rates:
>Krugen, NTRDwarf [Never Submitted]
>Ricktor Watt, NToRacle [Didn't Get In]
>Kurat Maar, Old Spy [Didn't Get In]
>Mordoth Tath, Punch Fatty [Scheduling Conflict]
>Morg "Bubbles" Benson, Gun Monkey [Bamboozle]
>Argus Mangus, Mr. Standoffish [Never Submitted]
>Akorian & Toad, Moon hopper [Didn't Get In]
>Constantine Servilius, Twisted Sister [Scheduling Conflict]
>Berek-Dak Shriikorak-Quah, MADLAD [Didn't Get In]
>Essa Nazzari, Reverse Trap [Got In]
>Harland Pant, Nugget Man [Didn't Get In]
>Ichabod Stein, Sister Complex [Didn't Get In]
>Korkazak Morukdar Yugnat Undulukval-Slagdam, Party Dwarf [Didn't Get In]
>Nettle, Doctor Love [Got In]
>Evangeline Weltschmerz, Initiator Triplets [Didn't Get In]
>Operative Monday, Lucky Monday [Bamboozle]
>Solomon Kreet, He Does It For Free [Didn't Get In]
>Talathel Thulintham, Falafel [Didn't Get In]
>Jericho Mett, There's a Snake In My Boot [Didn't Get In]
>Adrian Love, Cereal Serial Killer [Bamboozle]
>Godefroy Lesarge-Masson, Daddy Knight Mk2 [Got in]
>Unnamed, Not Lady Knights [Never Submitted]

>Never Submitted
>Didn't Get In
>Got In
>Scheduling Conflict

>> No.55580115

He also got into Blingmaker and would've gotten into WotR if he stuck around.

>> No.55580197

Point is, Slow has a high success rate, like Disk and Broodie

There's plenty of good appers around, but i think those three are the ones with the 'just waltz into games' deal going on

>> No.55580222

It's because they're better writers than everyone here, obviously.

>> No.55580265

Nah, they're just good at playing to tropes people in the thread like

>> No.55580337

Nice trips, but that's bullshit. Go to bed [Disk/Slow/Broodie strike whichever is inappropriate].

>> No.55580348

I would disagree. They know how to jerk of a GM more than are competent writers.

DHB writes good characters, just not good characters for play. We can agree that Talathel was a cool villain, just not the villain the GM wanted.

>> No.55580371

Quantity =/= Quality.

Disk and Slow write a lot of words. Oh Lord do they write a whole lot of stuff. But they're not great writers, just competent. That might put them above average in the cesspool that is Roll20, but the fact of the matter is that 13 pages and daddy memes doesn't make you a good writer.

>> No.55580383

the council agrees, they're good at playing to the thread and the GM

>> No.55580407

What do you think is the best written character we've seen? I unironically think it is one of DHB's.

>> No.55580422

But that's outrageous, it's unfair!

>> No.55580469

I mean. I hate those people, but the measure of a writer to some extent is the ability to write to an audience. Whether or not the audience that is /pfg/ or the GM's of /pfg/ games have good taste is another discussion entirely.

>> No.55580470

That's not an easy question to answer. There's a lot of good characters who wouldn't have worked in an actual campaign because of how they'd clash with a party, or how they only had goals that would get resolved within the first book of an AP.

By the same token, a lot of the characters that mesh well with the campaign they're applying to are kind of shallow beyond those connections to the setting and story, but they are a good jumping off point for actual character development.

Not like any /pfg/-goer is actually going to develop their character. From what I've come to understand, /pfg/ players tend to be staunchly opposed to letting their characters grow. Players of evil PCs will tie themselves into knots finding reasons for their PC to stay evil, players of lawful PCs will excuse any action as being for the greater good of THE LAWWWWW, and characters with flaws are never, ever allowed to grow out of them. More commonly, such players will then turn on the rest of the group and accuse them of not providing them the "right" situations and interactions with which to start character development.

>> No.55580490

I can see that. Some characters simply can't grow though, an example being the aforementioned Talathel who was fundamentally broken from the very beginning and was written to be entirely irredeemable.

>> No.55580507

It's like the guy who applied to Overlewd with an ex-Paladin.
Oh, not an antipaladin or a former paladin. An ex-paladin. Who had "fallen" just because he got sad. And who had half his gestalt as empty levels.

>> No.55580525

>And who had half his gestalt as empty levels
That's pretty cancerous to be honest. It's not like anything would be lost if he just made those levels "fighter" or something.

>> No.55580529

>Not like any /pfg/-goer is actually going to develop their character

I've seen plenty of character development go on with the characters in the games I'm playing.

>> No.55580535

Now a days he could have those levels in the actually ex-paladin archetype.

>> No.55580566


>> No.55580585

It's actually called the Vindictive Bastard, which is cool as hell.

>> No.55580757

How does one become an editor for the PFSRD? I'm so tired of the spell lists not being up-to-date that I'm feeling like fixing it myself.

>> No.55580851

That half-erinyes swashbuckler guy that was a late app to overlewd remains the only character I honestly think I would reas a novel just about. Interesting and well writen while still feeling fun and exciting, rather than just heavy and dreary like most of the better written characters in pfg games.

>> No.55581390
File: 55 KB, 640x534, 1500617221455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not pathfinder, but I once ran a farming village. The main "quirk" was it was built on a river, with the local knight controlling grain prices in the region because he owned the only mill. There was a huge controversy, as one of the more powerful farmers was building a windmill thanks to a huge loan from the Merchants Guild. The Guild were assisting him because they believed the competition would lower the cost of flour and make things cheaper for them in the long term. The campaign didn't last long enough for me to do anything interesting with this however.

On a pathfinder-related note, what's the best non-magical class to run? I want to play a fighter-type with no magic but everyone says noncasters suck. Are titanmaulers any good? I was thinking of using the race-builder rules to make a half-giant (Large, bonuses to STR and CON) so I can use Huge weapons. Would this work?

>> No.55581499
File: 1.83 MB, 700x621, 1502637334365.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/pfg/, i fucked up and gave one of my players a stupid broken and stupid evil sword, and now she's wreaking havoc with it. Can i have some suggestions on how to fix the situation?

>> No.55581525

The sword is intelligent. It betrays them, revealing it is in fact the BBEG's sword all along.

>> No.55581530

There's always heroes in the world - even old ones in retirement. At some point, the PCs will have gotten uppity enough to draw the ire of someone powerful. If they're high level, celestials work just as well as the national champion.

>> No.55581538

sword betrays them

>> No.55581551


It's revealed that it steals the lifeforce of those slain by it, and it's funneling that energy to the villain, who correspondingly gets more HP the more people who've died to it.

>> No.55581622

>On a pathfinder-related note, what's the best non-magical class to run?
Do you mean low magic, or no magic at all? Because either Bloodrager or Barbarian are probably your best bets.

That said, the people who say martial suck aren't wrong, but they also aren't giving you the full picture. Whiteroom casters just don't happen most of the time, and those that take the classes that allow it to happen generally don't play it to the hilt. In my current game, there's an alchemist, a wizard, a wizard/cleric with full casting in both due to shenanigans, and a bloodrager. Thus far, the bloodrager has cast a single spell in the entire game, and is by far the person that has contributed the most to our survival.

>> No.55581681

Everytime the player draws the sword they have to make a willpower test. Don't tell them what it's for. After the first failure, they begin to hear whispers/have freaky nightmares. After three failures they start to have waking hallucinations, to the point where they can't tell where reality ends and the hallucination begins. After five failures, the sword takes complete control. Send them a note saying they are now under the control of the sword and have to RP as such. They player's alignment changes to Lawful Evil. Don't tell the other players its happened until the sword player betrays them and goes on a killing spree when it would do the most harm.

Once they start having nightmares, the player might want to get rid of the sword by throwing it away, locking it up, etc. After getting rid of it, when the player character next wakes up after a night's sleep, they find the sword has returned to their side and all of their other weapons have been inexplicably shattered.

>> No.55581697

Thanks I'll look these up. I'm specifically looking for a class with no magic whatsoever, a purely non-magical class.

>> No.55581705


>> No.55581732

A big difficulty in answering that is that a character can and will act differently once they're actually roleplayed and gamed, rather than just sitting there as an application.

>> No.55581740

If you go with a barbarian, remember to take the superstition Rage Power. It'll let you nope out those icky casters.

>> No.55581754

only bad casters use spells with saves. No SR allowed + saveless spells a besto

>> No.55581789

That gigantic barbarian girl is pretty cute.

>> No.55581958

Amen. I want that barbarian girl to amazon press me.

>> No.55581968

>Playing to the thread

Has the thread ever liked a single one of Disk's characters?

>> No.55581978

Well, I liked Disk's characters.

>> No.55581990

>and the GM

>> No.55581992

Fuck off, Disk.

>> No.55582008


>> No.55582011

One doesn't stand out, but top two are Sheathe and Thalafel

>> No.55582020

Sorry. Try again.

>> No.55582058

I think Derrin is quite cute

>> No.55582129

Derrin a shit.

>> No.55582227


>> No.55582251

Agreed. Makes me wanna bully her.

>> No.55582352

Is 2hu multiple people? If you don't know the gender, it's him not them. If they insist on being called them their pronoun is now "dumb bitch" or "faggot".

>> No.55582365

Fuck off, singular They has been around since at least the 1700s.

>> No.55582369

singular they is a thing though

>> No.55582382


>> No.55582407

He's on the internet, he's a guy until he's posted tits. If he insists on being called they then he's one of the faggots ruining this world. Singular they might have been acceptable centuries ago but it is harmful now.

>> No.55582425

> Singular they might have been acceptable centuries ago but it is harmful now.

>> No.55582430

Nobody cares steve.

>> No.55582440

It's bait.

>> No.55582481


>> No.55582528

What the fuck are you on about, pal?

>> No.55582546
File: 196 KB, 600x524, Even King Crimson is afraid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> they find the sword has returned to their side and all of their other weapons have been inexplicably shattered.
>It turns out, the sword was actually super Yandere for the character

>> No.55582680

Stale memes

>> No.55582784

The Ancient Paladin.

Dig deep into your mind and make the most impossibly old paladin grandpa who's been hunting for the sword to destroy it.

>> No.55582934

New thread


>> No.55583221

Why do we keep making new threads on page 4 now?

>> No.55583368

Because OP thinks it's funny, and nobody's going to stop them.

>> No.55583921

As long as it's got a decent picture (not some forced anime crap), I'm not complaining.

>> No.55586634

>I'll be damned if I can think of a good reason for them to accept it.
"thanks for repairing my property, if you swear to serve me I'll let you keep it and give you (minor) titles. If you don't I'll have to reclaim it and have someone who's actually loyal to me take it".

"castles" or rather things more appropriately known as "forts" "fortresses" "keeps" and "towers", were defensive structures designed to house military people at strategic locations, either to fall back to for defense, or so you could base out of them and be on guard for people violating your border. If someone just takes over your military installation you'll probably want it back, and you'll have enough bannerman to do so. If one distinguishes themselves you can even appoint them to hold it.

Remember the rules for rulers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rStL7niR7gs
They want loyal, capable followers. Loyal capable followers want land and wealth.

If the king is semi-weak they can either leverage the neighbors against the squatters, or if the fort isn't particularly valuable (anymore) he can have them swear a weaker oath ('soldiers must be trained / certain amount of money must be tithed, if [situation] arises you need to call banners and ride for me').

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