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Please unban Twin and Pod edition

Spicy Tech?

>Comprehensive Rules

>Current Modern Metagame


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Re there any decks that build around rolling stones that are up? (printed in 8th edition)

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is there any CoCo deck I can play without having to buy Cavern?

>> No.55517844

GW Value Town

>> No.55517858

Thanks for finding my next build around card

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Doran decks have been around awhile (0/5 for 3 that makes you deal damage with toughness). Pair that effect with letting defenders attack you get some HUGE undercosted creatures.

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So now that unclaimed territory is a thing, wouldn't the best sliver lands be
4x mutavualt
4x reflecting pool
4x cavern of souls
4x sliver hive
4x unclaimed territory

Sure we lose sedge sliver but our mana base is now super consistent

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assault formation works, 1 less mana and does more stuff

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Doran also gimps your opponent's creatures.

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i never got why they chose a white tribe to get pathed ina white card. Put some ugly BR monster.

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Make frenetic efreet + chance encounter modern legal!

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Ive neen messing around with mono W turbofog. Took the blue out of the sphinx's tutelage list and crammed in approach ot 2nd sun.
Some matchups (eg 8whack) are literal autowins. Some (combo, superfriends) seem nigh unwinnable. Planeswalkers are a headache. Timing out the opponent makes up a decent part of your wins. I often feel pent up impotent rage through the screen, the deck can be quite the salt mine.
Test slots: isochron scepter, angel's grace, 1x white sun's zenith.
Anyone got cool ideas for a deck like this? Or played some variant and got stories/ideas to share?

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Mono defenders is my favorite stupid jank list.

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what to swap out with rolling stones?

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Celebrating the death of Tron because everyone is playing Burn or Robots locally, what's the best Mono Black Control list avaliable?

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Leyline of Sanctity or Aegis of the Gods

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fuck those planeswalkers

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fuck thoes planeswalkers, flash edition

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Cast out?

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Wrong card?

>> No.55520308

shit thought it had permanant on it

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I run leylines, great card, modern seems a little soft to enchantments, helps vs burn which is a worse matchup then I hoped.
Sorc speed and expensive. T4 you'll be facing developed boards and need fog mana up often.
Thought it was expensive but I should actually test this, flash and cycling might actually make it pretty good for the deck.
Yeah I def need this.

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Cast Out is definitely the way to go if you want a main deck non land permanent removal spell. The cycling should be very good in a turbo fog style deck. For the sideboard, Pithing Needle is very strong. It stops Planeswalkers, Engineered Explosives/Ratchet Bomb (protecting your Howling Mines), and random combo cards like Lightning Storm.

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The critter dies to everything pre board, when one of the small edges is that pre board all their creature removal is dead. Post board he sadly dies to enchantment removal. OTH it might help spread their targeted enchantment removal thin. Might catch combo off guard somewhat...
Not sure about it.

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Technically elves, but be prepared to get fucked by chalice.

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>Hardened Scales Stompy (humans subtheme if you're hardcore) is truly the best budget shitlist around
Literally no.

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>hey guys, I'm going to lose one of the most powerful creature I have, but hey...I've some cool new lands
this mana base should work better
4 mutavault
4 cavern of souls
4 sliver hive
2 unclaimed territory
3 verdant catacomb
1 overgrown tomb
1 watery grave
1 swamp

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This. I've got 2x in my sideboard. It's a pretty spicy meme.

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Why are these worded so differently? I know that comes into play was phased out for ETB but everything else?

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1. Burn
2. Green Stompy
3. Everything else

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8wack is better than stompy though and actually builds into a real deck.

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8whack got btfo last thread, don't even start. And the only under $100 deck that builds into a real deck is burn.

>> No.55521425

>got btfo
Lmao sure thing kid

>And the only under $100 deck that builds into a real deck is burn.
It builds into Revolt zoo which isn't terrible.

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Oh wow, the four-chan modern general talked shit on an aggro list and now it's DED 5EVR. Get btfo, successful deck types that a collection of elitist nerds made fun of.

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>It builds into Revolt zoo
>the only cards that are shared are lighting bolt
Fucking lmao. Also you guys seem upset that your meme goblin deck got shut down. It alright boyos, it's not completely awful for under $100, but it's not great.

>> No.55521532

Oh this loser. Repeating your opinion over and over again is not blowing someone the fuck out. Stomp is pure trash, and anyone could make a better deck for $100 bucks by simply playing eldrazi midrange until they can afford to move up to eldri tron.

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>the only cards that are shared are lighting bolt
If you're going to pretend to be retarded at least be a little funny. Gobline guide and both of the bushwhackers are played in revolt zoo.

>> No.55521575

Clarity and to lineup with new card text structures

>> No.55521675

You guys seem really upset about facts and that your meme deck isn't amazing. Suck it up, princesses. Oh and yeah, 4x whacks are in zoo, so that's 8x cards and like 1/20th of the total price of a $500 mediocre deck. You could get an actual tier 1 deck for that price.

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>You guys seem really upset about facts and that your meme deck isn't amazing.
You're the one who's assblasted about people calling stompy worse than 8whack (which it is) and you actually get 16 cards for revolt zoo retard learn to count. It's also extremely funny that you ignore all of the points against stompy last while shitting on 8whack. Seems like you're the one who should get over the fact that your meme deck isn't amazing "princess".

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You can get 90% of every t1 modern deck for that price. Why play into the hands of the nefarious Jew when the chinaman is here to help?

>> No.55521815

>It's also extremely funny that you ignore all of the points against stompy last while shitting on 8whack.
All points were addressed and disproven. The only actual flaw stompy has is lack of reach. Whereas 8whack has numerous flaws like no longevity, folds to interaction, creatures are weak, has zero ways to counter etc. Suck it up princess.

>> No.55521832

Kys chang, nobodies buying it.

>> No.55521842

Damn goblin guide halved in price, is that only because of MM?

>> No.55521862

Plenty are. And we're all having fun playing literally any deck we want while you're stuck here defending whichever deck you blew your wad on.

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>The only actual flaw stompy has is lack of reach
Holy shit this guy

> folds to interaction
If 8whack "folds to interaction" I'd love to see what that definition is because it's fucking wrong. It's slightly less resilient than stompy sure but it by no means folds to interaction you retard.

>creatures are weak
Doesn't matter when you go as wide and fast as 8whack whereas stompy's creatures aren't exactly the strongest either and nowhere near as fast as 8whack.

>has zero ways to counter
Stompy running a couple of copies of Vines and Blossoming isn't exactly as significant as you're making them out to be considering you don't run enough of them to consistently have one to counter a spell every time someone tries to remove a creature.

>Suck it up princess
No u sweetie.

>> No.55521967

>And we're all having fun playing literally any deck we want
That's cool Chang, I'm glad you're having fun at your kitchen table, but at sanctioned events your shitty cards obviously don't pass and they're also literally worthless unlike real cards.

>> No.55522887

Meme this unfinished modern burn deck

3 Arid Mesa
1 Blood Crypt
2 Bloodstained Mire
4 Boros Charm
4 Eidolon of the Great Revel
4 Goblin Guide
2 Grim Lavamancer
3 Inspiring Vantage
4 Lava Spike
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Lightning Helix
4 Monastery Swiftspear
3 Mountain
1 Plains
4 Rift Bolt
2 Sacred Foundry
4 Scalding Tarn
4 Skullcrack

2 Deflecting Palm
4 Fatal Push
2 Kor Firewalker
4 Path to Exile
2 Relic of Progenitus

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Ok /tg/, I can't take this anymore. I have been a die hard modern player for almost as long as the format has existed. I have tried my best to defend the format despite its flaws, but tonight I have played my last game of this wretched format. Modern is not a format that rewards you for playing magic. It's a format of 80/20 match ups where everyone is trying to scum each other as hard as they can for a win. As time goes on the format just becomes more and more uninteractive. Over 2/3 of all cards ever printed are legal in the format except for all the police cards that the format needs to right itself and I don't have hope that any amount of regulation can fix it at this point. For my own sanity I am forsaking this dumpster fire of a format to watch it burn from a distance

>> No.55523001

Mogis as a modern legal sulfuric vortex.

>> No.55523012

I know this thread is for Modern, but there's no thread for Standard, and I was wondering where the best place to try and look at the post-Rotation/Ixalan Standard cardpool. I've fairly new to MTG, been playing Commander with friends for like 8 months, and want to try to make some shitty TreasureAltWinCon.dek, but idk anything about the MTG resources online and where to find the new cardpool so I can properly try to make a deck.

>> No.55523025

Gatherer and mtggoldfish are a good start.

>> No.55523188

git gud

>> No.55523206

you can use advanced search on gatherer to look at the cards in those sets only

>> No.55523227

Been doing that, still kinda lost in this, since I have yet to play a standard, 60-card constructed format, but I'll try to manage. I come from Yugioh, so I have some card game knowledge but actually dealing with a resource system is still a bit of stretch for me thus far.

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>If 8whack "folds to interaction"
You have no response to a board wipe. You have no response to removal of key creatures like loyalist.

> It's slightly less resilient

> stompy's creatures aren't exactly the strongest
Strong enough to avoid bolts. Your whole list dies to bolt.

>Stompy running a couple of copies of Vines and Blossoming isn't exactly as significant as you're making them out to be considering you don't run enough of them to consistently have one to counter a spell every time someone tries to remove a creature.

Lol, "a couple". Try 6x. Also most people don't run more than 6x removal. You're also conveniently forgetting the 4x haste undying creatures, 4x regenerating creatures, 4x Aspect of the hydra that pumps +x/+x devotion, Evo Leap, plus 2x protection from black, 1x flash protection from blue uncounterable reach, 1x uncounterable hexproof regenerating in sideboard. That is WILDLY more resilient than 8meme, you don't have a SINGLE counter, not one. I've got 23x.

Stay btfo, honeybun.

>> No.55523696

Come to Legacy friend, play on cockatrice, use proxies, or even Chinaman cards

It's a lot of fun

>> No.55525442

did the stompy v 8whack shit flinging really kill this thread?

new perspectives combo is demi-ironically, ubiquitously the best budget shitbrew in all of mankind screencap this post

>> No.55525460

>new perspectives
kys. I'll screencap your grave for posting about that memedeck.

>> No.55525537

>died unexpectedly in his sleep
What the fuck does that even mean? What was it? Heart Failure?

Normal people don't just randomly die in their sleep. The body doesn't go "yeah I'm done" and peace out.

>> No.55525583

>all cards ever printed are legal in the format except for all the police cards that the format needs to right itself

Thinly veiled twinniger post. Get over it already. Twin is dead and it's not coming back.

>> No.55525595

Who are you quoting

>> No.55525637


>Strong enough to avoid bolts. Your whole list dies to bolt.

The point is - bolt is shit atm. Fatal Push is all the hotness.

also lat's look at the goblins:

Foundry Street Denizen - it's good
Goblin Bushwhacker - it's good
Goblin Guide - it's good
Legion Loyalist - it's good
Goblin Piledriver - powerhouse
Reckless Bushwhacker - it's good
Goblin Chieftain - it's good
Mogg War Marshal - pointless to remove/2 for 1 card
Mogg Fanatic - Ok, I give you it. This one is pretty shitty. It was once good but then they changed the rules of the stack.

Are you just salty that stompy has a bad matchup against 8whack? Because I fail to understand all of this shitfling.

>> No.55525723

Drug overdose obv.

Anyone ever think of putting aetherflux reservoir into one of the white lifegain shells? I want there to be a deck that wins through reservoir.

>> No.55525748

>The point is - bolt is shit atm. Fatal Push is all the hotness.
That is not a good point. People still use bolt and all your creatures still die to regular push. Whereas Push has to be revolted to get all my creatures and I can still instant speed hexproof then smash them harder or just eat the removal and buff another creature because it doesn't really matter?

So what do you do when they just remove your loyalist and piledriver? Reminder, you don't have guide, it puts it out of the under $100 category and if you do bother getting guide, 8whack is directly inferior to burn. You have literally zero responses for anything. All you got is "i-i go fast ;_;" and not even that fast, you goldfish turn 4 just like stompy.

>Because I fail to understand all of this shitfling.
I pointed out that 8whack just isn't a very good deck and autists had a problem with that. I stated facts, they came back with nothing.

>> No.55525778

Martyr Proc can get to 50 life pretty easy, but when you can do that against most decks you've already won. Might let you snipe some control players that aren't expecting it, though.

>> No.55526370

Will Aether Vial drop in price significantly with the IMA reprint? I want to get into Modern with D&T but I wonder if waiting until November is worth it.

>> No.55526407


>> No.55526469

Reprints always drop prices, mostly the reprint being extra cheap.

>> No.55526518

For youth people that's drugs. For old people it means they had a billion diseases and they're not sure which one got them.

>> No.55526761

What do you guys think about this in UW Control?

>> No.55526763

Just run a boardwipe

>> No.55526786

I'd much rather run Supreme Verdict.

>> No.55527211

is MTGO worth buying into? I can't make it to FNM or any pre-releases due to my schedule and none of my friends really play. I've dabbled with the free trial decks and the interface seems clunky/painful. I also don't like the fact that I have to pay to play i.e. no free incentives or quests like with Hearthstone or Pokemon TCG Online.

>> No.55527319

>the interface seems clunky/painful
i dont mean to sound rude, but thats because youre new.

going through priority and phases is something that is kind of glanced over when you first start playing.

>> No.55527354

all of Reddit and the majority of professional players will agree that the MTGO interface is on the clunky side.

>> No.55527391

I didn't play twin an honestly unbanning it wouldn't do much. It would be a massive dog to GDS

>> No.55527985

>all of Reddit
You would know

>> No.55528218

Get rid of the black splash and basic Plains before I kill myself.

>> No.55528601

Will Jace, Cunning Castaway (Ixalan) ever see modern play? I pulled one yesterday.

>> No.55528620

goblin guide is 1/2 what it used to be, cavern dropped like 20% in price but it crawled back to the old price in span of the 2 months. Go figure.

>> No.55528622


>> No.55528657

Goblin Guide has 3 prints while Cavern has 2

>> No.55528664


>> No.55528681


>> No.55529120


Unlikely. Most planeswalkers are too slow for Modern's game speed.

The Lilianas play because they both have pretty useful effects (Card discard and creature sacrifice for Veil, Creature depowerment[and potential removal for smaller creatures] and getting a creature from the graveyard) as soon as they hit the table and they can potentially get more value from them if the opponent doesn't deal with them in the following turn.

>> No.55529460

Depends on the deck. Gideons, Elspeths and Architect of Thought see play on a lot of control lists.

>> No.55529615

I'm using Xmage myself, it's got a clunky interface too and some bugs but apart from that it's totally free so you can check out all kinds of formats and decks

>> No.55529757 [SPOILER] 

>secret tech

>> No.55530084

I'm surprised at how decent this deck is
Went 2-0 against Merfolk, Tron, Stompy and UW Control

>> No.55530874

so is there anything worth sifting through in SoI or EM or are thoes sets better left not talked about in these parts, i mean i think humans might get a few feathers in their collective deck caps

>> No.55531016

There's a couple neat multicolored cards

>> No.55531058

is it better to play bant, naya, or sensneya humans?

>> No.55531194

Is B/W Eldrazi any fun? I like the looks of that one deck from the Kobe Grand Prix but I'd have to buy a lot of the cards since I don't have them.

>> No.55531211


>> No.55531294

Collective brutality, grim flayer, traverse, some spirits

>> No.55532205

Thalia, heretic cathar, liliana, the last hope and thalia's lieutenant

>> No.55532603

Brewing a spicy hunted phantasm/troll deck

>> No.55532828

Okay, I'm in BR, and I'm pretty happy with my mainboard, so I'm trying to fix my sideboard.

I'm willing to dedicate half my sideboard to ruining Tron's day, what's the rudest shit I can do? I already have 4 blood moon, 3 liliana, 2 kolaghan's commands, 2 thoughtseize, and 3 inquisition in the main, but it's not quite enough.

What do you got for me?

Crumble to Dust? Molten Rain? Fulminator Mage?

>> No.55532983

>Goblin Guide has 3 prints

Original Zendikar, Modern Masters, and? Did I miss something?

>> No.55532998


>> No.55533611


Oh, right.

>> No.55534541

One of the best counters to tron is just outright speed. Kill them before they can even get tron on the table.

>> No.55534600

If you're running K Command, then I think Fulmi is your best bet. He's decent against UWx control, too. Crumble to Dust is kind of redundant with Blood Moon, and Molten Rain is only good in combination with Snapcaster and Delver.

>> No.55534770

if you wanted you could splash blue for ceremonious rejection

>> No.55535239

>>55532603 here
I'm building a sultai deck that involves illness in the ranks, hunted phantasm/troll
Is it worth it to splash just a little red for hunted dragon? It's a big beater with haste, but it makes 2/2s, and would be the only red. It's not too hard thanks to forbidden orchard, but it's still a pain, since I'd need 2 illness or a virulent plague for its tokens.

>> No.55535271

Do you have a decklist?

>> No.55535299


>> No.55535936

oh, it's not Mogis anymore. I drifted away from devotion so he never came online.

Does it look good to anyone but me?

>> No.55536043

anybody here playing mono-u tron? Wondering how bad the aggro matchups are without the chalice

>> No.55536212

Thinking of getting a fat pack

Is Battle for Zendikar good?

I also want to get an elves deck

>> No.55536420

>Thinking of getting a fat pack
Why bother? You can just buy anything you want from that set as a single for less than what you'd need to spend to actually pull it from a pack. All you're gonna get is a big stack of cards you'll literally never use.

Seems weird to me that boosters and fat packs are such a bad deal. Who even buys them? How is this business model even sustained?

>> No.55536454

It's cool to open the packs and I want those full art lands

>> No.55536507

lightning helix + boros charm
With bolts !

very killer much power
one vs one that should deck should be top tier, how does your multi games go ?

>> No.55536579

What is the best place to store your extra cards?
A box or a binder or something else?

>> No.55537051

Can I build a artifact reanimator deck using Refurbish, Zombify, and Trash for Treasure?

Toss in Faithless Looting, Discard spells, Kill spells, and Catharic Reunion to dump cards?

>> No.55537065

Check out my meme deck

4 Mausoleum Wanderer
4 Rattlechains
4 Tallowisp
4 Geist of Saint Traft
4 Spell Queller
2 Drogskul Captain
2 Selfless Spirit

Spells (14)
4 Path to Exile
4 Reach Through Mists

Enchantments (6)
1 Oppressive Rays
1 Unstable Mutation
1 Rancor
1 Weight of Conscience
1 Steel of the Godhead
1 Unflinching Courage

Lands (22)
1 Breeding Pool
4 Flooded Strand
1 Gavony Township
2 Glacial Fortress
2 Hallowed Fountain
2 Island
1 Mistveil Plains
2 Moorland Haunt
2 Plains
2 Seachrome Coast
1 Temple Garden
2 Windswept Heath

>> No.55537233

>no Topplegeist

>> No.55538210

Anyone have a good current UWR Aggro list?

>> No.55538228


>> No.55538254


>> No.55538278

That's what aggro is in UWR. No reason to play blue in anything similar to burn or zoo. No reason to play white in delver/pyromancer lists

>> No.55538297

Look up Jeskai flying men

>> No.55538397

Seems super dope. Good job anon!

>> No.55538419

Can someone explain whether Modern or Standard is more popular and which one is better for New players and which one is better for experienced players. Also which one is cheaper.

>> No.55538464

Modern's more popular, standard's cheaper and either one can be better for new players. Modern lets you keep your cards, Standard lets you goof off and still be successful.

>> No.55538679

>Modern lets you keep your cards, Standard lets you goof off and still be successful.


>> No.55538713

>format is always run by oppressive netdecks

Id rather go 4-0 at fnm with my 42 land swans deck thank you.

>> No.55538750

Standard is a rotating format. It uses cards from the latest few sets, but after a bit those sets rotate out and you can't use the cards in them anymore. Modern doesn't rotate, so any card that's Modern legal will continue to be Modern legal, barring bans.

That's just my experience bruh. I had a lot more fun slamming dinos last night than playing Modern, though I'd say Modern's been overall more satisfying.

>> No.55538759

>reach through mists

>3 geists
>1-3 tallowisps; they don't fly. less useless auras. 1 steel, mebbe 1 angelic destiny for ``fun"
>green? Esper for push / discard / l souls etc.
>4 drogskols, 4 selfless
>lingering souls
>iffy but funny - nebelgast herald, spectral procession, kira, bygone bishop, spirit of the labyrinth

>> No.55538785

Dumb weeb

>> No.55538787

Standard formats need to be really good for me to play them. I haven't played since the Rally the Ancestors/Abzan Blue meta in Battle for Zendikar and that, plus the newly announced rotation schedule and shorter blocks, just turned me off the format completely.

Still I like Ixalan, and I'll probably build a deck for Ixalan standard. Not gonna spend more than $20 on pieces I don't already have, though

>> No.55538837

>no coco
Might as well be esper.

>> No.55539111

How expensive is Modern exactly?

>> No.55539146

Exactly is undefinable

>> No.55539147

You can get a top tier deck for $700, a good deck for $300, a mediocre deck for $150, or a memebrew for $50.

>> No.55539178

I'm not exactly poor but what makes modern that much better than standard in terms of enjoyment and popularity if it is so much more expensive? Not saying something is only enjoyable if it is cheap, but still.

>> No.55539220

Far deeper gameplay and the cards retain value, both monetary and mechanicaly, for much much longer

>> No.55539232

Ahh I see. Thanks

>> No.55539261

Basically what this guy said >>55539220
Also, I just want to point out that Standard is ultimately the most expensive format - as blocks rotate you will need to regularly buy more product to continue to be able to play - your standard deck for this rotation might cost you only $200, and the next rotation might only cost $50, but when you play modern you have a deck that will (barring bans) always be usable.

>> No.55539283

God damn it, when is wizards going to print good land destruction to stop these tron degenerates

>> No.55539292

Standard was cool to keep up with if you have the income, but current sets havent been that great. Ixalan and Dominaria might get me into it though

>> No.55539298

Makes sense, but if your someone who gets bored of playing the same deck for multiple years/months, the cost-effectiveness might decrease

>> No.55539301

Never. Get cucked

t. Tron player

>> No.55539321

fuck you, I going to mainboard 4 blood moons and 4 magus of the moons

>> No.55539368

>he thinks blood moon is good against tron

>> No.55539381


>> No.55539384

Give me some memebrews

>> No.55539387

Dumb weeb

>> No.55539410

Man I really want an unban just to shake things up. Ixalan literally has nothing playable in it. And no Opt is not playable in Modern. Its worse then Serum Visions.

>> No.55539413

>yfw t2 thought knot

>> No.55539415

I pulled a Growing Rites of Itlimoc from my pre-release. I only play super casually with friends and want to sell it, but haven't done so before.

Do I just go through eBay? What's the standard way to package/protect it? Do's and don'ts?

>> No.55539416

That's a fair point, but modern cards retain their value a lot better, so you can always sell your deck and buy another one, usually without losing any money, sometimes even gaining value.

>> No.55539542

eBay protects buyers, sell it at your LGS instead

>> No.55539640

Unban Bloodbraid Elf. Theres no reason it still needs to be banned when most decks are winning Turn 4/5. Burn will kill you after you cast it, Affinity will kill you as long as you dont hit K Command Titanshift just Scapeshifts next turn and Storm has already combo'd off.

>> No.55539659


BBE or Mystic seem fair enough to me.

Misstep would be a massive wet dream, but it'll surely remain just that.

>> No.55539710

/tg/ bad at magic etc

>> No.55539712

Opt is great

>> No.55539717

as always

>> No.55539837

Anyone else hate bluekeks more than anything and love watching them get fucked over and over again?

>> No.55540045

Fat Packs come in a box big enough to fit deck boxes, dice, etc.

>> No.55540261


> Ixalan literally has nothing playable in it

>Growing Rites
>that crossover between crypt and relic
>hostage taker
>one mana token-into-land

These are at least fringe playable, you draw go kek.

>> No.55540392

>Ixalan literally has nothing playable in it.
Opt lets you hit the critical mass of playable cantrips required for effective deck masturbation, and Search for Azcanta is really strong. I've been jamming this recently and despite being a diehard draw-go autist I haven't missed my Colonnades or Think Twices.

>> No.55540626

Why don't you run dark confidants? The price?
I feel like the lack of card draw would be your biggest concern

>> No.55540650

I haven't played since Mirrodin, is there a competitive goblins deck for less than 100€?

>> No.55540711

Sure it is Brian

>> No.55540739

Growing Rites is not playable. It reduces your critical mass of creatures while simultaneously asking you to have a critical mass of creatures to flip it, stacks up terribly against removal.
Crypt/Relic isnt better then either
Spyglass is fine
Opt is not good, bluefags are just desperate for anything playable so they get excited about everything.
Hostage Taker are you serious?

>> No.55540803

1-of to avoid beign thoughtsiezed and cranial extracted on Verdict.
Also allows better interaction with Thrun and Boogles.

>> No.55541659

Why would you run this over any other boardwipe? Especially in white.
The only reason i could see someone run this is to make some kind of big token swarm and target yourself for a lot of ramp 100% jank style. token valakut?

>> No.55541727

8whack, debatably. 4 Goblin Guide makes it tight.

>> No.55541774

Opening packs and pulling pack fresh cards is better than playing the game. Much better.

>> No.55541794

The deck would lose if I was running bob instead of Asylum Visitor, I'd be bolting myself every turn instead of pinging myself, also Asylum Visitor has some real feel good synergy with pack rat/lili due to the madness cost

Not to mention 3 power means it can trade with most any aggro creature when a 2 power bob would just get run over

>> No.55541837

I somehow looked over the asylum visitors. Disregard what I said

>> No.55541884

No one ever expects the asylum visitor and then they have no idea what to do when I start drawing three cards a round for 2 damage

>> No.55542020

You're like half a dozen cards away from a decent budget UW Spirits list.

>> No.55542405


>only 2 drogskols/selfless spirits
>reach through mists for no reason
>splashing green for rancor but no coco
>all kind of wacky auras instead of just favorable winds

I really don't understand what you're doing with your deck nigga.

>> No.55542428

Literally not even that faggot but Reach Through Mists is obviously there as a one mana instant speed way to trigger Tallowisp.

>> No.55542433


>Growing Rites is not playable.

It can be played in elves as x1 in place of nykthos.

>> No.55542492

I want them to reprint sinkhole in return to dominaria

>> No.55542501

Crumble to dust or fulminator + surgical extraction kills the tron. Espectially if you can do it more than once

>> No.55542764


>> No.55543213 [SPOILER] 

>an eldrazitron player complain about only facing blood moons
>cast blood moon
>later player tries to tap his urza lands for a bomb
>"dude, what are you doing with your mountains?"

feels good man

>> No.55543234

I honestly don't mind playing against Blood Moon/Magus, but forgetting that it's out will always tilt me.

>> No.55543486

I just try and end the game turn three
(I'm always a turn late and have to scramble desperately for the win)

>> No.55543819


>crumble to dust kills tron
>4 mana land removal to kill the deck that runs on 3 lands
>a 2 card combo of cards you run out of sideboard in less than 4-of kills tron
>this is supposed to be good

You kill tron by playing burn and making them realize they just cracked expedition map and now they lose

>> No.55543994 [DELETED] 

updated list, any changes minus the black splash
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Rift Bolt
4 Skullcrack
4 Lightning Helix
4 Monastery Swiftspear
4 Goblin Guide
4 Boros Charm
3 Mountain
3 Inspiring Vantage
2 Sacred Foundry
1 Blood Crypt
4 Lava Spike
4 Arid Mesa
4 Eidolon of the Great Revel
4 Wooded Foothills
4 Searing Blaze
2 Stomping Ground
1 Bloodstained Mire

2 Fatal Push
3 Path to Exile
2 Deflecting Palm
2 Kor Firewalker
2 Relic of Progenitus
2 Stony Silence
2 Smash to Smithereens

>> No.55544001

thinking of getting that 42 lands swans deck guys

should i?

>> No.55544042

any good ub unblock-able decks out there?

>> No.55544049

1 timmy deck in modern.
>why won't they get rid of it!

>> No.55544081


I'm working on something like that...but it needs time to simmer

U/B control with God Pharaoh's Gift + Invisible Stalker as an endgame

>> No.55544169


I've also got a B/W Tempered Steel brewing if anyone is interested

>> No.55544329

How do I splash green into B/W tokens?

>> No.55544562


>> No.55544615

Have there been any recent versions of Duskmantle/Mindcrank?

It's my favourite meme deck and I wanna take something to FNM that'll get a few looks.

>> No.55544689

With forests!

But seriously, the move to abzan is going to involve swapping a lot of stuff. You don't even really benefit much from noble hierarch.

So probably Goyfs if you can afford them, traverse the ulvenwald and abrupt decay if you can't?

>> No.55544696

Why would you?

>> No.55544770

Viability of Ensaring bridge in burn?

>> No.55544788

I never understood the purpose of questions like these. I mean, we all know what Burn does. We all know what Ensnaring Bridge does. Like, what do you WANT from us?

>> No.55544859

Trick question, ensnaring bridge assault loam is better burn and bridge.

>> No.55545074

Do you already have 4 deflecting palm?

>> No.55545209

saw some people running it on mtgo
already have burn parts
3 Path to Exile
2 Deflecting Palm
2 Kor Firewalker
2 Relic of Progenitus
2 Stony Silence
3 Destructive Revelry
1 Ensnaring Bridge

>> No.55545229

Can we talk about how much it sucks to initially buy a landbase? I don't think there's any problem with it balance-wise, and I understand their place in the format, but holy fuck does buying fetches and shocks suck ass. With playsets of other cards you at least get some sort of sense of power when you buy them but with fetch/shocks (until you get all of them) they basically sit in the brew box. Seriously is anyone getting into the format gonna play a 3 color deck with 2 fetches and a single shock? No that'd be retarded so you're basically locked out of multi-colored manabases until you dump $200 into the mana-fixing tax. Feels fucking awful.

>> No.55545273

pun related

>> No.55545331

get rid of ensnaring bridge and get another deflecting palm

>> No.55545705


Do it. It's fun and surprisingly resilient. I've only ever lost to Storm.

>> No.55545785


Speaking of, what's the best way to stop Storm in Red/Blue?

>> No.55545789

>Not countering ugin, wurmcoil, or karn t3 with a ceremonious rejection

>> No.55545805

What? It would be the best thing ever vs tron and a land desctruction deck would become viable.

>> No.55545814

>I've only ever lost to Storm.
What's it like playing against other meme decks constantly?

>> No.55545828

Summary Dismissal

>> No.55545849

Also if grixis nihil spellbomb is great

>> No.55545878

any cascade deck builds?

>> No.55545927

Minbreak Trap

>> No.55545932

Mindbreak Trap

>> No.55545940

Is Chaliceless Tron any good?

>> No.55545971

I hate WotC so much. Ixalan is so underpowered even for Standard. It feels like they literally only make sets for Cuckmander these days. I wish that fucking abomination of a format was never made.

>> No.55546090

Commander players are the whales of the game who make up 25% of the playerbase but spend absurd amounts of cash on it. These are the fucking people who have 10 different Commemeder decks and continually buy new sets for the dumb made for Commander mythics unplayable everywhere else that WotC shits out.
The format is a fucking abomination and is ruining the game.

>> No.55546117


>> No.55546129 [DELETED] 

Modern is a dumpster fire, no one here should talk about how bad another format is

>> No.55546156

>using video game lingo for a tcg

back to your containment board with you


>> No.55546169


>> No.55546184

Modern is a dumpster fire, no one here should talk about how bad another format is

>> No.55546193


>meme decks

All I ever face are decks that are copy-pasted from the top of MTGGoldfish. It beat out Affinity, Tron, Death's Shadow. I'd kill to play against some meme decks. It was a freaking Friday Night Magic, not a Pro Tour, but everyone at my LGS is a Spike.


I've got a Mindbreak Trap in my sideboard, is there anything else?

>> No.55546242

Do you run blue and red? If so.
1x Quicken.
1x Grapeshot.

Nothing is more hilarious than letting storm players go off and then hitting them for lethal with your own Quickened Grapeshot.

>> No.55546283

>. It beat out Affinity, Tron, Death's Shadow.
I highly doubt that unless your local players are just bad.

>> No.55546330

>It's timmy so its fine and no actually viable hate cards or bannings need to come into consideration

Because turn 3 tron into karn and co is fair and balanced. Fuck your fast mana that's also big mana.

>> No.55546335


I don't think that would work, because in my experience they grape shot you once, then Past in Flames and grape shot you again to hit you for 20 total (which I usually am thanks to the shitty life-gain lands). So a Quicken-Grapeshot would only hit for 10/12 damage, not enough to kill them (also absurdly difficult to have in your hand given the nature of the deck).

Okay, then they're all bad and blow their money on A-list decks. I still beat them.

>> No.55546488

Counting fetches, shocks and you actually doing stuff to them, your return Grapeshot should finish them off.

Worst case scenario just Mindbreak Trap them if it goes tits up.

>> No.55546780

The problem is that there's no replacement right now. You can try Relic + Eternal Scourge in the deck. That'll give you a main deck answer to graveyard decks like Shadow and U/W control.

>> No.55546869

>not knowing about Geist of Saint Asshole deck
All the deck is trying to do is equip Geist with Steel of the Godhead to create some bullshit 4/4 hexproof, unblockable, lifelinker, that creates a 4/4 token everytime it attacks.

The other guys is to keep it alive or support it in someway.

Here's a link to it.

I've played against it before, it's actually pretty good, there's some questionable auras, but it's a much better deck than the shitty vial deck and the CoCo version. The coco version just relies on coco to win, and pray you get a Spell Queller to stop something. The vial deck is just shit.

>> No.55546976

It's a shitbrew

>> No.55546992

In a format where all of the important stuff is done turn 1-2? It sure is. Not sure why you think midrange deserves to own the whole format, tron is already a dog to half the tier 1 decks.

>> No.55547029

Holy shit Brian DeMars has now written two (2) articles bitching about Carnage Tyrant! How triggered can one guy get over a fucking 6 drop?

>> No.55547073

it probably is, but i've lost to it. Turns is a shit brew but it topped 8. So who the fuck am I to say what's shit an not shit.

>> No.55547322

I've played Bant Spirits and can tell you that Nebelgast Herald wins FAR more games than you're giving it credit for.

I feel as though the flavour text on this is rather ironic when you look at the state of Standard these days. Why be tactical when I can just drop big dumb creatures?

>> No.55547390

Never tried it in the Bant version. But I can see it working well in the Bant version to tap things down.

>> No.55547675

>but it's a much better deck than the shitty vial deck and the CoCo version.
CoCo version actually has results as well as no shitty meme cards in it.

>> No.55547775


about that...it's the same meme cards but with different focus. One goes wide the other goes tall. You know what? Nevermind, you're impossible. Just play Eldrazi Tron.

>> No.55547794


Wrong one. And this one plays pacifism..

>> No.55547805

>that feel when you bought your cards at the peak of their price curve because you thought the price would only ever go up
>that feel when you pay $50 for your Modern masters Arcbound Ravagers
at least I got my Opals for like $40 each. Have you guys made any poorly timed buys?

>> No.55547944

I'd play Faeries but I'm not paying 73euros per Lilly.

>> No.55547993

Promo git probe playset day before ban

>> No.55547997

Yes. Bought DRS just before ban, bought Splinter twin just before ban, had 20 gitaxian probes I bought for chump change and then did not sell them before the ban.

I did correctly guess on death's shadow though, I am still waiting for someone to break ghoultree.

>> No.55548005

>.it's the same meme cards but with different focus.
They have a similar shell but it by no means is the same meme cards you dip. Running garbage cards like tallowisp and shitty auras is not the same as running cards like Collected Company and additional spirits in a deck that wants to be running lots of creatures. Not even going into how garbage the shoals are. Whereas in Bant Spirits all of the cards are relatively good on their own and amazing when working together. I mean if you think some shitty enchantments and a ghetto tutor system like tallowisp is better than Collected Company in a deck that abuses Queller and crew with a high creature count you might be retarded. Bant can also shit out a Geist faster due to dorks.

>And this one plays pacifism.
A fun of in a 5-0 mtgo league doesn't mean much champ. Funny how you don't even address how spirits has been actually putting up decent results for a fringe tribal deck. Take your memebrew somewhere else.

>> No.55548091

That deck clearly doens't even run a shit load of creatures. it clearly just focused on Geist and tossing some bullshit auras on it. It's fucking boggles lite if anything. Holy shit man, you're a dumbass that can't even think outside the box for 2 seconds.

You're completely adamant in never thinking of anything outside some memeshit.

Spirits is already itself a shitty deck no matter how you slice it, Jeskai is clearly superior if you just want some Spell Queller deck. So if you want to argue deck powers then play something Tier one dickwad.

>> No.55548135

While you two faggots are sucking each other's dicks about some shitty brews in a COMPETITIVE MODERN THREAD. Check out my meme deck. The best deck.

I'm thinking of adding in some pyroclasms in the sideboard to beat those fucking Elves and Burn decks.

Creatures (16)
4 Death's Shadow
4 Snapcaster Mage
4 Street Wraith
2 Tasigur, the Golden Fang
2 Gurmag Angler
Planeswalkers (1)
1 Liliana of the Veil
Spells (24)
4 Fatal Push
2 Inquisition of Kozilek
4 Serum Visions
2 Stubborn Denial
4 Thought Scour
4 Thoughtseize
2 Terminate
2 Kolaghan's Comman
Lands (19)
2 Blood Crypt 19.10
4 Bloodstained Mire 70.28
1 Island 0.00
4 Polluted Delta 73.32
4 Scalding Tarn
1 Steam Vents
1 Swamp
2 Watery Grave

>> No.55548144

Spirits is much better than Jeskai when your opponent has >3 toughness creatures. Jeskai was off the radar for so long that it's a wonder that anyone can actually believe the deck has magical game now.

>> No.55548162

Now you REALLY got fucked. I've learned not to invest in the most meta-defining modern decks for fear of bans. I had most of the staples for Eldrazi in my shopping cart on TCGplayer and decided to back out of it. During Eldrazi Winter. I ended up selling my Eye of Ugin for like $35 store credit just before the ban. Got some sleeves, a draft or two and some snacks out of it.

>> No.55548224

>doens't even run a shit load of creatures.
>is just 2 short of being in consideration of CoCo
Sure thing champ.

>it clearly just focused on Geist and tossing some bullshit auras on it.
I know what the deck is trying to do and it's not only painfully slow but relies on playing bad cards that are only good when you have them together like I addressed in my post.

>Holy shit man, you're a dumbass that can't even think outside the box for 2 seconds.
Nice job addressing my points.

>Spirits is already itself a shitty deck no matter how you slice it,
I already said Bant was a fringe tribal deck but at least it's actually put up results unlike this pile of horseshit.

What is it with memebrews that attracts retards who get salty when you call their meme deck out?

>> No.55548227

I forgot to sell my 50 cent Gogari Grave Trolls when it went to 12 dollars each...

>> No.55548260

It's just a poorly designed card in general

>> No.55548402

I pulled one of these things in my pre-release.

Sell it now or later hoping it goes to $50?

>> No.55548496


Not even Chandra is at $50 and she's in every fucking deck in the format.

>> No.55548724

But that's a shitbrew

>> No.55548754

Reminder that mythic rares are meant to be either:

Cards with crazy abilities

Wizards once again abusing it.

>> No.55548795

some part of me just wishes that we have another urzas saga. at least we would get some interesting cards.

>> No.55548840

Yeah, I only do shitty brews now. Working on ghoulvine, dumping creatures inot the grave to get ghoultree cheap and then pulling vengeine back.

@.50$ for golgari grave troll guy: ouch. I don't think he needed a ban to begin with, and now we are never getting him back because wizards was "right."

>> No.55548905

Wizards has expanded that to also include cards that they want to release in the set, but never see drafted.

>> No.55548927


I'm glad I invested in Eldrazi Tron super early (When Eldrazi was announced, I bought a bunch of Tron lands and the Temples for cheap because I was hoping for big dumb eldrazis because I couldn't afford Karn and Ugin.)

And load and behold, it's now tier one because of TKS and Smasher. That said, I do think splashing green for World Breaker and Ancient Stirrings would do it wonders. Or Blue for Drowner of Hope. Eldrazi tron lacks ways to interact and get through things sometimes. I sometimes feel that Elder Deep Fiend deserves a place to just close out those stupid Cryptic Command decks from timewalking.

>> No.55548971

Something is wrong about this general or this format. There has to be a way to silver bullet tron that's actually good and isn't "just play a brain dead aggro list"

>> No.55548988

That's a complete horseshit reason. If you want to reduce the impact of powerful cards on draft, the solution is to reduce the power difference between good and bad cards.

>> No.55549012

The answers simple.
We ban the eldrazi temple.

>> No.55549024

Just play D&T retard

>> No.55549025

>the solution is to reduce the power difference between good and bad cards.
I don't think Wizards wants to push the power level that high

>> No.55549032

There isn't. You either slow them down just enough to win before they do with mediocre cards or go under them.

>> No.55549043

Nice! Always great when your pet deck takes off.

If they had kept eye instead of temple do you eldrazi aggro would still be a deck? Playing 2-4 drops instead of 4-10?

>> No.55549050

What? Do you seriously think that making Sailor of Means cost 2U instead of 3U would somehow push the power level of anything up?

>> No.55549084

no one said anything about mana costs or sailor of means, but at the very least, other rares would probably have to get better if carnage tyrant was made rare

>> No.55549110

>This kills the eldrazi deck.

But honestly, would you really prefer GR tron to eldrazi tron?

>> No.55549133

well, im not exactly a fan of my hand getting bummed due to a t3 TKS. then t4 smaher

i was under the impression that with ET gone TKS and smashy boi would just up and piss off

>> No.55549170

Reminder that Mythic Rares are meant to be

Something to entice gambling addicts and stores to buy more product
A card whose power level means it is required for the top decks, thus meaning people will have to buy more product and crash the price of all commons, uncommons, and rares in the set.
A completely terrible card that is wholly unplayable in any format so you get that extra gambler high when you pull the GOOD mythic and not any of the chaff mythics.

>> No.55549186

Are you enough of a chad to play the new path wrath in your death and taxes list?

>> No.55549201

I doubt it? TKS is a usually better clique, which is an expensive and powerful card. And is much cheaper, and more splashable.

But even if you did, BG and RG tron would just chug along and they would lose a bad matchup.

>> No.55549228

i was under the impression etron was worse than GB and RG tron

>> No.55549255

literally why

>> No.55549281

Worse as in no as good, or worse as in worse to play against?

>> No.55549294


> everyone at my LGS is a Spike.

I feel you bro. My LGS is just like that as well. I'm being considered a meme master as I play elves/bogles/soul sisters/stompy/8whack. And that's not even turboshitbrews I would love to play from time to time.

>> No.55549309

not as good worse.

>> No.55549385

Best case scenario it's a pretty great card, one sided instant speed removal for only 4 is great if you have the arbiter in the field. Of course it's a bit too situational, but it's not always garbage at least. Tbh even without arbiter the card is not absolute garbage, it has some uses. Not too good, but not unplayable either.

>> No.55549446

It's way too situational, and it requires you to leave up way too much mana.

>> No.55549518

It is, not saying it's a good card, but it's not completely useless and it would be very fun to surprise someone with.

>> No.55549564

>it would be very fun to surprise someone with.
sounds like every shitbrew

>> No.55549626

Give me the most shittiest competitive brew yo have.

I'm thinking Merfolk.

>> No.55549634

NO, this is special.

>> No.55549652

But that's the weakness, brain dead aggro lists. Like some fucking Humans deck that keeps wrecking the shit out of my ETron deck.

Fuck Champion of the Parish. How can some stupid 1/1 eventually get so fucking big it eats Reality Smashers. And they pack in like 4 Paths and 4 Journey to Nowhere just for Ulamog.

Jesus fuck.

>> No.55549661


>> No.55549686

But Tron is brain IS brain dead aggro
You don't actually think it requires skill to play do you? Lmao

>> No.55549754

I'm getting sick of any deck that plays CoCo or Valakut.
I'd rather play vs Lantern Control or anything else in the format than having to match up versus another autistic piece of shit who thinks he's good at the game because of degenerate land combo or hitting 4 mana and casting an instant.

>> No.55549794

Tron (Eldrazi variants) auto lose vs stuff like Ponza / Scapeshift, and can have a hard time versus SpellQueler decks (UWR non-gheist veriations or Bant CoCo decks).

>> No.55549822

haha i would probably remove serum powder for Extirpate to get Surgical 5-8. That'll double the chances to draw into one.

>> No.55550178

Big tournament coming up
Should I take Burn or Titanshift?
The meta in the state is pretty high on Burn, CoCo decks, GBx, UW Control and occasionally some Tron and Affinity
Bad matchups exist for both of the decks, I know how to play Burn better then Titanshift, but I feel theres more cards Burn loses to then Shift.

>> No.55550232

If you can believe it, Titanshift is literally more linear than Burn. I would play that instead

>> No.55550352

Titanshift isn't very hard to learn so don't worry about the learning curve for that. Remember how Valakut works, remember the number of mountains in your deck, pay for your Pacts, and you'll be fine.

>> No.55550369

Fuck yeah Lmfao. I preordered old growth dryads because bushwhacker zoo player and they obviously lost hype so I lost maybe five bucks in value on it.

Card is shit lol

>> No.55550382

Yeah ill probably play Titanshift. Ill get some reps in with it. Ive done well with Burn throughout the Modern season but im tired of losing to Collective Brutality

>> No.55550995

Is there a card that's like "destroy target artifact and deal X damage to it's owner"? Like K Command, except either less mana or more damage?

>> No.55551027

There's by force, which is a red and x and it destroys x artifacts

>> No.55551028

Smash to Smithereens

>> No.55551065

not what I'm looking for

This can do

I'm seriously considering dedicating half my board to jamming in 4 bolts and 4 of these and just kind of going "Fuck you, I'm burn now"

>> No.55551144

consider Trinisphere if you hate affinity that much

>> No.55551160

Destructive Revelry for 1 less than Command, and hits Enchantments too.

>> No.55551215

not in green, in BR

>> No.55551285

Why does there need to be a recent version of it?
This is the version I've been working on and I really don't know how I could possibly make it better.

>> No.55551584

Looking at Living End with some more aggro elements.

4 Simian Spirit Guide
4 Monstrous Carabid
4 Street Wraith
4 Desert Cerodon
4 hollow one
4 ghoultree
4 Faerie Macabre
4 Living End
4 Demonic Dread
4 Violent Outburst
4 Blackcleave Cliffs
1 Blood Crypt
1 Bloodstained Mire
1 Blooming Marsh
1 Forest
3 Grove of the Burnwillows
2 Overgrown Tomb
1 Stomping Ground
2 Swamp
4 Verdant Catacombs

>> No.55551925


>> No.55552387

>play burn
>can literally play any other format by changing a few cards

Lmaoing at the people who have a separate 75 for each format

>> No.55552394

just not standard. rip

>> No.55552473

Your deck doesn't do either thing well

>> No.55552508

Who even plays standard?

>> No.55552752

according to wikipedia it's one of the most popular formats so...

>> No.55553678

>wahh my 4/4 that thoughtseizes on turn 2 is too bad to beat a 1 drop that literally dies to removal.

>> No.55553822

God forbid bant drazi makes a comeback, I can only handle so many turn 2 TKS

>> No.55554266

this is actually pretty baller.

>> No.55554776

There's a Paradox Engine combo deck that uses it and I'm having fun with it.

>> No.55554823

I'm honestly having more fun playing <50 meme Modern than top tier Modern.

>> No.55555129

Keep. Black splash add bump in the night

>> No.55555252

Testing Seach for Azcanta as a 1 of. Had it in my opener g2 vs 8rack and was able to resolve and flip it, dug me and filled hand. Card feels pretty good.

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