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>> No.55506647

Did Jojoanon ever come back to the thread or the IRC? I want to ask him something

>> No.55506663

Yes, but a certain namefag drove them off.

>> No.55506666

She did, once, about a year ago.

Then Bancho chased her off again.

>> No.55506667

No he's fucking dead. Like, years and years dead.

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Hey, since the Battleship from Stellaris is supposed to be enough to worry the fallen empires does that mean it of end game quality? Wouldn't that also mean it has one of those cool ass jump drives?

Also why are we limited to three traits for our race in Stellaris? You can have a max of six in game and we are paying CP for them.

>> No.55506675

I will return to my slumber then

>> No.55506681 [DELETED] 

This >>55506667 .

Red hired bancho to drive her off once she showed up. There is no Stand Supplement.

>> No.55506684

No, they were and were basically done with JC. They popped in at one point to say goodbye I think.

>> No.55506697

How many times does someone have to post with a name to be designated a Namefag?

If I recall correctly, the Battleship is based off of the Automated Dreadnought. So looking that up might get you your answer.

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>> No.55506702

*were and are

>> No.55506709

and I deeply regret it to this day, I am not good with social interaction I was overwhelmed and on very different medications at that time if ever anyone could ever get a message toJojoanon please let her know I'm sorry!

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The Automated Dreadnought's FTL drive is based on the technology you've researched, so that won't help.

He's best with just going with what he wants.

>> No.55506743

are you just naturally this much of a shithead, or do you make special effort throughout the day?

>> No.55506776

I'm pretty sure it does, yeah. It's a endgame battleship you get to start off with. I talked to Bramastra some time ago, mentioning reverse-engineering a Jump Drive from it and he had no complaints.

As for the traits, you start off a game of Stellaris with only 2 trait points. At best, that gets you two minor traits without going into negative traits, instead of being able to pick 3 of any value. So... if you want more, start genetic engineering projects.

Would be nice if we could take negative traits for additional positive traits though...

>If I recall correctly, the Battleship is based off of the Automated Dreadnought. So looking that up might get you your answer.
Is it? I was pretty sure it was a battleship and not a dreadnought class.

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You can only post with a name if you've made at least one Jump for the community.

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Also it does make sense for it to be the Dreadnought, after all it does fit as being the only ship that might make a Fallen Empire nervous about attacking you. Also I think the Dreadnought is treated as a battleship in game, just a really big one.

>> No.55506830

But are you automatically declared a Namefag?
It's just that we have had a few Namefags who have only shown up for there jumps and nothing more, making their posts very few.

>> No.55506854

>How many times does someone have to post with a name to be designated a Namefag?
I dunno, a few days maybe. It's really just you keep posting and eventually people remember you. But you should only post with a name if you're
1) Making jumps, or
B) Posting builds,
because the idea is that you are doing something that necessitates having a continuous identity so that people can follow along.

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And a really cool one.

>> No.55506907

Soooo, I somehow only just discovered that we have a Haruhi jump, since the notes are kinda sparse and I kinda doubt the maker is around at this time, I figured I'd just ask if there was anyone on who would know if he made a ruling in the thread on whether the rusty sword can sync with more than one weapon. Because the item description itself wasn't very clear on that and, truth be told, that one detail is the determining factor on whether it's thee greatest item ever, or completely pointless.

>> No.55506925

>Jumping With Namefags
Dangit, why do I miss the fun stuff?

>> No.55506935

Who did you roll? Have you rolled?

>> No.55506942

Eh, the Automated Dreadnaught is only 3000-ish fleet power when you get your hands on it. Which is somewhere around endgame battleship anyway.

I guess if it's the full ai-controlled version, it'd be scarier, but still not really something that could stand against a Fallen Empire fleet on it's own. Might make them think a bit though?

>> No.55506952

Val got Worm as a companion.

>> No.55506967

What is the scale of stellaris ships anyway?

>> No.55506980

Rolled 52 (1d66)

Oh, not yet, I'll do that now.

Thanks anon.

Yeah, I think they rolled each other huh? I'm pretty okay with my friends getting each other. Better than people they'd hate to be around but a bummer nonetheless since I don't have her around, probably.

>> No.55506996

Don't think we have a canon answer, so go with the scale that makes sense to you.

Bramastra felt battleships being around the size of Super Star Destroyers made sense to him.

>> No.55506997

You need something anon!? That's okay I'm still here. It can sync with many weapons.

>> No.55507020

Not really definitive.
Some people think the battleships are just 300m long.
Then there is >>55506996 which would make them 19,000m.

>> No.55507027

I don't believe I've ever spoke to this person. I guess I'll chalk that up to a neutral result.

>> No.55507047

What's the question tho?

>> No.55507051

Fuckin sweet, so is it like a mental switch or whatever that decides which one comes out?

For the record, when I said " around at this time" I meant more along the lines of being awake or online at this particular point in time, rather than saying you left the community like it probably sounded. I probably could have been clearer about that

>> No.55507054

No clue. Colony ships can function as an entire city though, so at least that big.

>> No.55507061

I want her permission to do individual jumps for individual parts

>> No.55507062

Just a reminder that RoboAnon allows Tomb Spyder ACUs so long as you give them hugs.

Also, how do you treat your non/low Sapient followers?
Are they pets? Equals? Or disposable?

>> No.55507079

>non/low Sapient followers?
Not even as a regular human.

No, they're pets, unless they're just children anyway.

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Alright then.

>> No.55507091

Ah, so you're that Discord-fag. Why didn't you just ask about her in your hugbox?

>> No.55507093

So I have a question for those who have lots of chains and try and writefag for them. How do you take the same jumps over and make them interesting. Especially if it's supposed to be you jumping in the stories?

>> No.55507105

Don't browse discord, but I do have posted my interest in doing it before

>> No.55507121

I go with different themes. Current chain is themed around a native Jumper from Duel Monsters: Heroes. Different perspectives lead to different stories.

>> No.55507124

Depending on chain placement, companions and build focus it could end up completely different. I've taken Pokemon almost every time as Jumps start and something as simple as starting region or start pokemon radically defines how things progress from there. Context matters a lot, basically.

>> No.55507139

>A mental switch
Yeah that sounds right.

No problem.

>> No.55507145

I'm kinda new to jumping and want to ask a few questions

How does the return perk of the warehouse work? Can I use it whenever I want to or does it trigger whenever another jump has just ended? Do I have to use up all ten years at once? Can I cut that return short?

I'd like to go back to my first jump to take some stuff from there into my warehouse, but spending another whole 10 years just to get some equip into my warehouse sounds kinda meh.

>> No.55507150

Get to the jump through a different series of build-up jumps. The different experiences I'd have had and the different powers I'd have access to would shape my approach. If I'm dropped into Worm with enough power to 1v1 an Entity, that's different from if I've been cruising around slice-of-life areas, which is different from if I'm about as strong as the average parahuman, and if I've mostly been to dark and pessimistic worlds, then I'm going to be more serious, since I've gotten used to "If you fuck up, you'll probably die", while if I've been to light and fluffy ones, I'm going to be a cheerful jokester, since I'm pretty sheltered.

>> No.55507158

Can't you make it without permission? I mean he/she is gone, or would there be a shitstorm?

>> No.55507163

>Can I use it whenever I want
Yes, but you can only use it once.
>Do I have to use up all ten years at once?

>> No.55507187

The final draft I have planned for the Uploads folder.

>> No.55507189

Permission for jumps of the same setting isn't strictly needed but is heavily desired.
However, I think him making jumps for individual parts of Jojo would count as replacement jumps which definitively needs permission or he will get a massive shitstorm.

>> No.55507193

Given the reason for JoJo's quitting, there's a bit of a complex regarding the JoJo jump.

It would be hella shitstorm fuel unless JoJo was to sign off on it.

>> No.55507198

>or would there be a shitstorm?

Yes yes there Would , we will use any excuse for a shitstorm.

>> No.55507204

Jorge already exists.

>> No.55507211

You seriously need to shut the fuck up when you're the cause of the current problem Bancho.

>> No.55507215

Jorge isn't really canon to the main JoJo storyline though and covers material that the main Jump doesn't.

>> No.55507219

Love how Skuld/Urd try to fight the system in the Drop-In Scenario. Just that suddenly notice and then going "That's wrong!" makes them better then Belldandy's acceptance. I mean I get how she works I just don't agree with being a welcoming mat even to your own father.

>> No.55507224

>However, I think him making jumps for individual parts of Jojo would count as replacement jumps
Please read anon, Jorge is literal fanfiction that only somewhat shares the name and the settings

>> No.55507253

Didn't we ask OAA to try and get JoJo back last time anything like this was brought up?

Couldn't we ask him to ask her for permission, if we're going the long way around this?

>> No.55507257

What is an angel, and how much self-awareness do they have?

Is there any point to buying an Access Node if you complete the Retaking Vanahiem scenario?

>> No.55507260

So Gods are vulnerable to 3d/4d stuff despite being 10d? That info pdf you dumped earlier said differently.

>> No.55507309

Pretty sure that would only result in Jojo bitching him out. Bancho pretty much destroyed any possible reconciliation, which was really bad because she was actually considering coming back and updating stuff at the time.

Then he had to open his mouth and blame her for his stand being so OP.

>> No.55507323

Every time you guys bring up early /jc/ it seems like it was a bigger mess than it was today.

>> No.55507332

> though such an act would be hugely draining upon the you, on the level of spiritually and magically draining yourself completely in one go to be exact.
Is this "hugely draining" based on your reserves as a peer to Second Class Goddesses, or is it always so draining? Can a non-Earth Spirit who purchases the perk still grant permission for others to use it? Can other methods of tapping into leylines surpass the limit of "diminished Third-Class Earth Spirit"?

>> No.55507336

I'm honestly surprised we've lasted this long, truth be told.

>> No.55507344

It was. For the most part early Jumpchain was a lot more chaotic and vitriolic than it is now.

>> No.55507355

Do you have an archive link?

>> No.55507359 [DELETED] 

The evidence just keeps piling up that the amount of non-Valeria jumpmakers we have is inversely proportional to thread quality.

>> No.55507372

Different anon, but I've been wondering for some time whether (Not that) Great Will is implied to be on the same scale as Haruhi's thing fiat-enforced subconscious -ness aside. . That's the impression I get from all the descriptions, and the only indication of it being an lesser of a power is the name.

Mind you, I don't know shit about the setting, I just like the jump. So I don't know whether I'm asking something needlessly mundane or completely unthinkable.

>> No.55507373

Yeah Belldandy is an odd duck.

Think a mirror of your inner soul backed by an AI, they are around as intelligent as a human it seems.

I'm not saying that they're vulnerable I'm saying that their 4-D form is actually important to them. Damage matters still, for reasons I'm not quite certain of.

>Is this "hugely draining" based on your reserves as a peer to Second Class Goddesses, or is it always so draining?
>Can a non-Earth Spirit who purchases the perk still grant permission for others to use it?
>Can other methods of tapping into leylines surpass the limit of "diminished Third-Class Earth Spirit"?
Well that's how much power that one of them grants so no idea, I can't really rule on Out of Jump Context stuff like that really.

>> No.55507375

But we have more Jumpmakers than ever?

>> No.55507378

If Valeria's around, if I use Knight's Armoury from Angel Notes to externalize an energy, do I still have any of the energy inside of me?
Also, can I use any abilities that consume that energy?

>> No.55507393

Hypothetically speaking, if I were to write a Jumpchain of a lewd series, would I be allowed to post it here?

>> No.55507406

Only if its good

>> No.55507407

Full power is Post-Spark but said to equal Haruhi's dude. Check the archives sometimes.

>> No.55507416

Define lewd series.

>> No.55507421

>OAA to try and get JoJo back
That happened?

>> No.55507428

It was actually.

>> No.55507429

The very beginning was okay, excluding the fact that the Jump threads were started out of CYOA kicking us out of their thread. But like a new born nation, the honey moon period of freedom died out and the people became rowdy thanks to few rules or standards.

>> No.55507431

It's on the same level as Haruhi's but until Post-Spark it'll be just what the Perk grants.

>> No.55507432

The Last Sovereign

>> No.55507437

What is this and what exactly happened last thread? I'm confused.

>> No.55507443

You can regenerate the energy as normal. So you'd empty your pool of it, get the Knight Arm, and then be able to replenish your pool as normal even with the Knight Arm out.

>> No.55507445

A note on this. I didn't take return for the same reason you're me about it. I figure while you're there just download a whole database on how to build shit. Then magpie the unique items. It'll be a bit rough getting everything in the beginning, but grab an AI early on and have them do it. They'll be better (or at least faster) at it. Just my two cents.

>> No.55507447

Yeah and it ended about as well as people figured it would, to the point I question what the fucking point of it was.

>> No.55507453

>Damage matters still, for reasons I'm not quite certain of.
Probably because it's hard to feature believable hyperdimensional beings, so they're mostly just 10-D in name only.

>> No.55507456

Uh...probably not a good idea to post it here. Try over on Questionable Questing, they're okay with lewd jumps there. If you do so here, you're going to get a fair bit of yelling directed your way. Not by many people, but the people who do are very loud.

>> No.55507457

As a general rule of thumb, as long as the lewdness isn't the only thing of interest in the setting, and it would stand just fine without that stuff, than It'll probably be fine.

However, if it doesn't fall into that criteria, your free to post it, but you won't have much luck getting it on the drive. The old drive had a folder for lewd jumps Even if only like 5 guys ever got jumps put in there. But we don't even have that now, so you'll pretty much be banking on the first option.

>> No.55507459

What's it's about?

>> No.55507471

A person brought up the question of if you would be willing to go on Jumpchan's wild ride but you would also be paired up with one random person.
So, a list of Namefags was made for people to roll from.

>> No.55507486

So... would investing that increasingly greater amount of energy lead to buffer leylines, or does it actually matter how much you add?

>that's how much power one of them grants
What's the line about it working at a diminished capacity for non-Earth Spirits, then? Do they just go further on the same tank of gas, so to speak?

>> No.55507497

I wouldn't count on it getting on the drive, 'cause we have a "no lewd settings" policy, but an off-site link would probably be okay.

You might get bitched at a bit depending on who's on at the time, however.

>> No.55507547

Hard question for me to answer right this second, anon. It's been a bit since I played. I liked the game, and figured the setting would be nice to have a jump in.

Give me a bit, and I'll see if I can't come up with a decent summary.

Fair enough.

>> No.55507553

This is the most likely answer, agreed.

>So... would investing that increasingly greater amount of energy lead to buffer leylines, or does it actually matter how much you add?
Yeah more energy would mean better leylines.
>Do they just go further on the same tank of gas, so to speak?
Yep it seems so.

>> No.55507565

What's your jumper's favorite/signature gem?

>> No.55507594

Is it possible to invest less energy for weaker leylines, then?

Aight, thanks for clearing that up.

>> No.55507608

Black star sapphire, less for any symbolism and more just because my colors are black and gold.

>> No.55507613


>> No.55507632

Harem jumpers, or just waifu jumpers in general, do you ever feel bad about breaking up a canon ship? Even if it's before they have a chance to get together at all?

Personally, I feel bad about going after Android 18 in DB Multiverse. I went for the Universe 8 version of her, but I generally made sure she and Krillin hooked up in every other Dragon Ball jump.

>> No.55507640

So as I was browsing the archives for that thread, I have to ask, what happened to Brows or Reploid? Also Manyfist, you were (and probably still are) a creepy motherfucker

>> No.55507642

I guess you could with enough control, but its a very automatic systems, like exicuting a program it'll take training with the ability.

>> No.55507656

Reploid's disappeared, Brows has quit and is on record as giving up on /jc/ after not liking the direction thread was going.

>> No.55507661

Depending on which Android 18 in DBM she was never with the bald Buddha.

>> No.55507664

Can you use different types of energy, to make setting appropriate leylines, or are they limited to AMG-type leylines?

>> No.55507671


>> No.55507672

Varies from relationship to relationship.

It's fine to prevent bad relationships that don't make any sense, but less fine to break-up actually good couples.
A "good" relationship in this case is defined as whether it matches up with my own ships.

>> No.55507678

Emeralds. Very chaotic ones, at that.

>> No.55507681

Shit. Sorry dude, meant to quote >>55507640

>> No.55507682

AMG leylines only I'd believe, unless you could manage a combo that let you edit the way the Perk works. Granted they're very generic leylines, all told.

>> No.55507687


Post it on QQ because I really want this jump so badly.

>> No.55507689


Oh I know.

Universe 8 in DBM is the one where Krillin killed Vegeta against Goku's wishes during the Saiyan Saga. Thus without his help, Frieza killed all the heroes when they got to Namek. Naturally, I prevented that.

No problem.

>> No.55507692

>is on record

>after not liking the direction thread was going.
When did she quit? Was it the powercreep or something else?

>> No.55507725

Year or so ago. Was partly the power-creep, partly the community's reaction towards it, partly just getting tired of people here.

>> No.55507727

Did some claim Destiny 2 or was there just talk about claiming it?

Also is Ricrod working on Pandora Hearts again?

>> No.55507730

I will if I ever get it written.
As it stands, I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to describe it for the other anon.

>> No.55507748

Hmm... Alright, thanks.

>They're very generic leylines
Does that mean they'd fill in for other types of spiritual and magical energy as can be expected of leylines in the appropriate setting? Or would you need to grant each and every person you wish to be able to use it access?

>> No.55507754

I've always been fond of opals.

>> No.55507830

The former I'd believe.

>> No.55507856

Okay. Thanks, anon.

>> No.55507863

How does that work? Would destroying their 4d four not kill them, just be really hard to recreate?

>> No.55507906

What sort of power level do you think is appropriate to obtain from the Generic Xianxia Jump? I'm normally leery of taking advantage of Generics, but while I like the concept of xianxia I'm finding actually reading any of the stories we have jumps of to be pretty boring. If possible, I'd like to skip that mess and just make my own setting to do my cultivating in, so I don't have to waste time reading a book I'm not interested in to get details on how it works there.

>> No.55507910

Depending on how shitty the relationship was. If it's before they get together, I don't really mind if I "break them up" by getting to them first. If the relationship is shit I'll break them up. Like I killed Berkut for being a shit to Rinea.

>> No.55507921

>You can grant them any of your purely physical or magical abilities that you can train/instill into others already as part of a 'Signing Bonus'.
>that you can train/instill into others already
What does this perk actually do? You can only give them abilities you could have given them without this, in exchange for being weakened? So it just makes them "subservient" to you?

>> No.55507933

Clarification: I didn't romance Rinea but I didn't think Berkut was a good romance prospect for her or for anyone else. So I got rid of him.

>> No.55507941

Spinning Wheel of Arachne could it produce vibranium silk if you feed it a shard of vibranium or any other mystical metal?

>> No.55507969

Is there a big difference in GO power levels than other fate jumps?

>> No.55507984

Yeah, apparently GO stuff really raises the bar. Servants blow up islands and stuff later on?

>> No.55507989

Okay. Word of warning, I'm not doing this justice. I suck at describing things.

Large chunks of the world have fallen under the power of several Incubus Kings, each of varying strengths and titles. They are by no means united, nor are they incompetent(Most of them aren't, anyway).

The Last Sovereign is, like many RPGs, about a guy trying to fix the world.

Unlike many RPGs, the guy in question is pragmatic enough to get his hands dirty in the process, he's also savvy enough to not fall for the same trappings as countless other heroes. He's learned these trappings over the years as he's served as a mentor figure for countless wannabe heroes, none of whom survived.

There's lots of political intrigue, tensions, sex, a fairly gripping plotline, and wonderful characters.

(It's also free to download and play)

Due to the overabundance of sex, I'll probably not be able to post it on here.

>> No.55508012

Ask Val for the ruling.

>> No.55508013

Planet level as the top end is the safest bet. One of the perks directly references creating planets (or was it destroying?) after a 100k years' worth of Cultivating through mundane living so it's hard to argue it's not possible for whatever system the generic setting runs on.

You can still say it could go on to reach galactic and universal levels of destruction/creation easily since that doesn't seem out there for Xianxia from what people have discussed, but you don't have to make your setting reach that level if you don't want to.

>> No.55508027

>Basically, when a demon and a god(dess) are young, they meet in one room and link their souls.
Does this need someone to oversee the process?

>> No.55508050

Not a problem.

As far as can be told their 4-D Form is important for reasons I personally can't quite guess at.

Anything that they COULD have learned directly from you can instead be directly installed in them at up to half your personal level or average human, whichever one is higher. So, skills, magic, perks that allow power bestowal, and more can just be placed ahead of time as just a bonus for working for you.
A subservient beings is one that reports to you or is yours to command, you can go from simple subordinates to full blown 'can't think against you' levels at your will when you are making them, depending on the contract.

Not that I know of. The scene this is witnessed in just has a pair of kids talking to each other and the system going into effect automatically. I think it's fully black boxed so niether side knows anything about what happens when the Doublet is installed.

>> No.55508075

>You can craft Demon Familiars, beings that hold a shard of your own power
How much of your power? Is it variable? How intelligent are they? Is /that/ variable? Same for their appearance.

>> No.55508113

Alright, that seems reasonable. To be honest, I don't really want the power so much. I mean, there are plenty of places in the chain I can get pretty damn strong. I think it's more the stages of power that I like as an aesthetic, having things be all neatly quantifiable appeals to me for some reason. It's cool when you can describe someone's strength as them having broken through to the next level of strength, instead of them just having trained a lot and grown stronger. That's the appeal of xianxia to me, that when someone gets to the world-destroying elder god level there's a title that lets you know they did something more than just linearly progressing. Plus, the trappings of cultivation are neat. Meditating on fundamental laws of the universe, shaping your soul into tools, hunting down rare treasures to make into elixirs, all sorts of neat stuff.

>> No.55508120

Jump#1 Pokemon

> Location: Sinnoh (-100 CP)
I really can't stand the heat, no way I'd survive Orre, I'm not gonna take that risk! While Kanto and Johto are damn cool and I loved Hoenn the most, I think I'll settle for Sinnoh. Comfy, cold, jazz music and amazing history! Looking forward to Canalave Library and Celestic Town in particular. Also Poffin>Pokeblock
>Age: 15
>Gender: Male
>Background: Small Town (-50)
Best of both worlds. I want to live rural and have my own Pokemon ranch eventually.
>Starter: Tropius (Common, -50)
It's one of my favourite Pokemon and it comes with he benefit of providing some nutritious food while also being able to fly.
>Physical Fitness
>Free Running (-100)
>Survival (-100)
If I want to experience the world, I need to be able to survive! I want to explore the ruins of the Pokemon world and find out about ancient cultures! Also, there might be some super rare berries that are just waiting to be discovered
>Aura (-300)
Seems like areally useful thing to have in order to survive being attacked by wild pokemon. I can also sense how much people like the food I make for them without them having to say anything.
>Tranq Gun (-200)
>Wingsuit (-50)
>Parachute (-50)

I started my journey into the world of Pokemon in the search for ancient cultures and delicious food. When I'm given this opportunity to travel through the multiverse, why not enjoy the good things in life? And that's how my adventure into the culinary and cultural world of Pokemon started. Many kelpsy berry wines were enjoyed at nights out in Hearthome city, Vespiquen mead with Snover treats held me warm during my time in Snowpoint and I even shared a lovely dinner with the local champion and Lady Caitlin in the grandiose Resort Area. I also unexpectedly became vegetarian in this jump or whatever you might call someone that doesn't eat Pokemon. I may be a Gourmet, but after an particular encounter I swore to never eat a Pokemon. They are friend, not food!

>> No.55508143

All variable. Mara makes a little mini-ninja at one point, it ended up on the goddesses side.

>> No.55508155

What perks are out there that would help me wield stupidly inefficient weapons with unnatural lethality/destructive capability?

I'm writing a jumper with a massive ego who gets off on being able to beat any normal human with improvised weaponry.

Kind of like that one Oni-looking guy from Medaka Box, now that I think about it.

>> No.55508175

Way higher powered. FGO and Fate/Extra CCC are generally the highest powered Fates by noticeable margins.

>> No.55508177

Daily Grand Order, here to please.

The Festival of /Fit/ness is open to new contestants!

>> No.55508205

Kind of a weird perk, but okay. Can it actually give them anything to make them worthy of the title "Demon: First Class" without perks from other jumps? Can they at least train up to achieve the other half of the maximum potential they didn't immediately receive?

And does it only work on humans?

>> No.55508240

My team ended up being

Banana supply. Also, seeing that the Banana on his neck began to grow because of Tropius own love for bananas, it could be possible to grow other kinds of fruit on his neck!
Shuckle is famous for producing some sort of berry juice in his shell. Let's see what kind of booze we can make! His fermentation is a great combination with all my other food producing Pokemon. Fruits from Abomasnow and Tropius and the honey from Vespiquen can all be refined in his sturdy shell.
When I caught her she was just a cute little Snover. The berries growing on her during spring taste like candy and letting them ferment in Shuckle's shell makes a great holiday liquor!
Who doesn't love honey? And mead of course! Also, her control over bees could come in handy in other jumps as well
While this little guy doesn't produce any delicacies himself, he has many uses for me. Getting to have a microwave oven and a refrigerator by my side 24/7 will definitly be useful when out in the wilds!
I actually went out to hunt this little fella for dinner early into my jump. Farfetch'd were almost hunted to extinction because they are just too damn tasty and I couldn't resist the urge to try one. After a long and fearsome battle, we kinda sorta became friends. He ended up being a valuable asset in my team and even brings home some delicious leek every now and then.

So now I'm off to another world and another culinary adventure! Any jumps you'd recommend for becoming the multiverses greatest gourmet? Is there a Shokugeki no Souma jump? I remember seeing one here sometime ago but it's not in the drive

>> No.55508258


Yes, there is one.

>> No.55508279

>it could be possible to grow other kinds of fruit on his neck!
I think that's the fluff for the Harvest ability actually.

It's under the name Food Wars I believe, which is the translation name.

>> No.55508288

What's the maximum amount of your power they can receive, and does that weaken you? If so, is that able to be restored, or is it a permanent loss?

>> No.55508306

Broacles and Nero they shall be mine along with that beauty contest. Thank you Val.

>> No.55508324

How did you deal with each version of you in the Jumper wars scenario? Did you take anyone?

>> No.55508347

...That line about deaths and injuries being fixed free of charge applies to Jumper too, r-right?

>> No.55508351

Ah, thanks, that explains why I didn't find it. Also, I didn't even now about Tropius hidden ability, that's super cool and really flavorful

>> No.55508374

Will you do a Fate GP scenario?

>> No.55508376

Yup! Have fun.

>> No.55508386

Jump #415: Nier Automata
>Ten of Cups (Satiety), reversed: Problems in domestic and social matters.
>Location: Free Choice
>Identity: Strange Being
>Drawbacks: (+200) What Was Sacrificed
...I come to, curled under a ruined bridge, wrapped in nothing but a ragged cloak and a worn outfit. And I have no idea what's going on.
>Glittering Gold (800)
Looking around, I find a puddle, and I don't recognize the face reflected. Brown hair. Gold eyes.
>The White Robot (600)
But I can't stay here. Something urges me onward. I don't recognize any of the people I come across... even though some look similar to me, and some are in more blocky or abstract bodies. They largely disregard me, though some look at me curiously, knowing that there's something different. That I don't belong as others do. But none attack.
>Deus Machina (0)
I can feel them. I know I could reach out, that I could affect them, potentially. And the world around me. A very strange sensation, and possibly a unique one as I don't see any of the others around me doing so.

(Diplomacy roll: 99 out of 100. Score.)

I'm... actually just gonna post a link to the pastebin this time. I don't know how I ended up writing so much for a game I've never played, though.


>> No.55508388

Of course. I can't wait to make a bigger and better Death Race.

>> No.55508390

>Can it actually give them anything to make them worthy of the title "Demon: First Class" without perks from other jumps?
On the onset, no. After some time to train up their powers and abilities to proper levels? Yes.
>Can they at least train up to achieve the other half of the maximum potential they didn't immediately receive?
Of course, it only stipulates what they start with.

>And does it only work on humans?
Well it should work on anything on the same level as humans. Though some races, like elves and aliens and such, might have more advantages than simple humans. I would use the Type # classification if I could but sadly the only one we know of is the cat one from what I can find.

We haven't seen anything on the level of a full blown Third Class Demon out of this method. It's tiring but not really something that'll weaken you forever, you'll recover with some R&R.

>> No.55508404

No problem dude, and yeah, it's a really great one. Harvest also works 100% of the time in Sunny Day I think, so if it has a lot of sun it could grow lots of fruit.

What site do you use to browse for information on your Pokemon? Serebii is easier to navigate for game info, but Bulbapedia has a second for each Pokemon that talks about biology if any has been mentioned lore-wise, diet and stuff too but that's less common.

>> No.55508411

>Third parties won't set off the Doublet system, do note.
What does this mean? That only someone who kills their doublet will kill themselves? Or is it more on a factional scale?

>> No.55508427

Basically if a God or Demon die due to an Earth spirit their Doublet isn't punished for that instance, they'll be assigned a new Doublet.

>> No.55508470

>nervous laughter

>> No.55508502

>I deeply regret it to this day
>I'm sorry!
If you were really sorry you'd leave too.

>> No.55508539

>On the onset, no. After some time to train up their powers and abilities to proper levels? Yes.
So do they actually gain the abilities of Ah! My Goddess Demons from this perk, or is it just a cosmetic change? If so, it doesn't actually note that anywhere, and in fact implies differently.

>Of course.
Can they improve things which would normally not be improved by training, so long as they keep using it?

>Well it should work on anything on the same level of humans.
So... this could mean one of two things. It wouldn't work on beings above humans, such as demi-gods, Earth Spirits, elves, etc. Or it wouldn't wouldn't on those below humans, such as animals. Which is it? And what if a human is more personally powerful than even, I dunno, a typical Second Class Goddess?

>> No.55508567

What rank are those Noble Phantasms, and are they all physical weapons?

>> No.55508574

B-A rank stuff, given Heracles is here. All physical items, yes.

>> No.55508586

Well you could post it here, but it wouldn't make it on the normal drive. I would expect it to show up on the lewd drive though.

>> No.55508604

I usually use Bulbapedia and a lot of my ideas came from their page on food in the Pokemon World. I didn't look into the Pokemon's attacks or abilities at all since I didn't expected there to be much of use for making food. I would've taken Exeggutor and Trevenant into consideration if I had known about this before.

>> No.55508622

>So do they actually gain the abilities of Ah! My Goddess Demons from this perk, or is it just a cosmetic change? If so, it doesn't actually note that anywhere, and in fact implies differently.
The former, and I clearly detailed out the full inital power levels, because that's what they've got to start out as.
>Can they improve things which would normally not be improved by training, so long as they keep using it?
If a person can progress it maybe, if not then not likely.
>So... this could mean one of two things. It wouldn't work on beings above humans, such as demi-gods, Earth Spirits, elves, etc. Or it wouldn't wouldn't on those below humans, such as animals. Which is it?
Below human levels would be improbable to uplift, there's a different thing for that.
>And what if a human is more personally powerful than even, I dunno, a typical Second Class Goddess?
I'd say that uplifting something already at a high level would take less effort, but that's just me.

>> No.55508679

Oh, there's actually quite a few moves that can be used inventively for purposes like this. Actively manipulating the weather with Sunny Day and Rain Dance to get just the right amount of sun and water for your plants, Rototiller to rapidly till the soil for optimum growing conditions and Spider Web to catch pests are just a few of the ones I can think of that you could use.

>> No.55508691

What are some good anti-boredom perks?

>> No.55508715

Do you get:

Companion Team + Noble Phantasms/Mount/Shield or Arena Dimension


Companion Team or Noble Phantasms/Mount/Shield or Arena Dimension

Also, is the Shield effectively a B-A Rank Phantasm as well? Same with the Pegasus?

>> No.55508727

So last thread (or was it two threads ago) I asked ya'll for one-sentence-summaries on your Jumpers.


Make a one sentence summary of each of your companions.

>> No.55508738

The first. The shield is more mid level. Pegasus stuff is, as it says, equal to Pegasus.

>> No.55508739

People nobody wants to hear about.

>> No.55508776

>The former, and I clearly detailed out the full initial power levels
Okay. Thank you. And you didn't, not really. It's in fact directly contradicted by this line:

>You can grant them any of your purely physical or magical abilities that you can train/instill into others already as part of a 'Signing Bonus'.

Which, unless you could already bestow the physical and magical abilities of a Demon on people, shouldn't be possible to transfer. You only laid out the full initial power levels relative to what you give them, which is again limited to stuff you can bestow. It also doesn't mention spiritual abilities can be transferred, and neither does it allow skills, as those are largely mental.

I'd also recommend making it clearer that it can only bestow abilities that you can already grant, as it's one word and fairly easy to miss.

>> No.55508801

An emotionless clone with processing power beyond belief.

>> No.55508810

Not like mechanically in what you can buy in terms of shit that goes down in the storyline it is.

>> No.55508834

One of the reasons my harem is made up of Sekirei that needed a better Ashikabi and created beings that are based on my waifus. I can focus on helping out my favorites and not have to deal with any sense of guilt.

After I got the Monster-Matic from MMPR, I started basically making monster girl versions of my waifus. Following my weird not-romance thing in Twilight.

>> No.55508850

Heh, especially weather manipulation does indeed sound super useful! I think I'll create a moveset for my team tomorrow with that in mind. I'm definitly able to include rain dance and sunny day. Just have to keep my Abomasnow from conjuring her hailstorm during that time

>> No.55508861

< but in your skill at the creation of a specialized type of Demonic Familiar Egg, which when ingested by a human will turn them into demons directly subservent to you.
>These Demons have their own Classes and restriction based system and a First Class Demon produced by this method can be up to around half as strong as you personally are in any power/abilities you instilled upon them.
They become demons. I need to clarify that, thanks.

>> No.55508870

Do we have any good worshipping perks for God jumpers?

>> No.55508875

Red Dwarf - 600 Years?
Investigation - Montage
Ark Survival - Bored? What's that?
Road to El Dorado - The More I learn, The More I See
Great Detective - Infinite Patience
Undertale - Patience
Oblivion Movie - Another Day In Paradise
World of Darkness Mummy - A Life Lived
Jorge Joestar - How Many Years?
Hive Queen Quest - It's ok, I can wait
Overlord - Automaton
Symbiote - Monotony's End

>> No.55508879

A friend who has been beside me through thick and thin.

An aberration, someone who should not be independent of me, but is so anyway.

Aside from them, it's just me, myself, and I.

>> No.55508885

I haven't seen you in awhile Mega, how are you doing?

>> No.55508895

Check Primal Rage, I think it has some good stuff for that.

>> No.55508896

A former monster turned heroic, wielding a golden fist, wearing the night as a cloak and unreality for a crown, and trying to leave worlds in his wake better than they were he found them.

>> No.55508904


>> No.55508906

Oh I'm fine. Actually I am around a lot I just consider the name semi-retired after I finally get TMNT out there. I still work on his chain at times and like to RP it.

Been a really busy summer so work's been slow on jumps. But been pretty good.

>> No.55508911

That was last thread, Doom.

Forever a scone?

>> No.55508917

Omega from Dragon Ball GT allows for swallowing items and having their powers become a part of you. Is there a ruling on if we can... retrieve those items?

>> No.55508927

I don't break up canon ships except in very specific cases, and even then I'm going for the girl before she ever meets the guy.

Note:My "I don't break up canon ships" comment does not include my rampant Shipping of characters, and playing matchmaker.

>Chance at free Medusa
I'll join this tournament!

>> No.55508934

You never know, that might be his sole and only comp-

I couldn't keep a straight face, god damn it.

>> No.55508937

Well, do I at least get half credit for turning in my assignment late?!

>> No.55508947

Yes, but it'll only get you up to a C-.

>> No.55508956

I think I'm actually almost done with the Justice League jump. Or at least almost ready to say it's jumpable.

Question though, should this be more expensive or is it fine the way it is?

>Enhanced Speed [200cp Per Purchase]: Move faster than a speeding bullet and defeat your foes though the power of velocity and quick thinking. Not only are you able to run up to several times the speed of sound and react just as quickly, you can also use your enhanced speed to increase the force of your attacks, perform complex tasks in seconds, run up flat surfaces or across water, spin your arms or body to generate vortexes, and accelerate your heartbeat to appear dead.
>If you were to spend another 200cp on this power you'd gain the ability to run up to a fraction of light speed, you'll also be able to vibrate fast enough to pass through solid objects and generate explosions. Keep in mind that traveling near light-speed is extremely difficult and dangerous. At best you'll probably only be able to go fast enough to carry an exploding bomb from the center Las Vegas to the outskirts of the city in about a second without any sort of help. But if you were to receive some kind of technological aid, or somehow tap into the Speed Force, you could travel very near the speed of light so long as you have enough time to build up momentum.

>> No.55508957

It's high enough for me to keep my scholarship, but isn't there anything I can do to get my grade higher? Should I bat my eyelashes? ...did Voldemort even have eyelashes? I know he didn't have eyebrows.

>> No.55508962

So it might not actually kill them? Just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on, since the goddesses as they appear in most of the serious are just glorified fingerpuppets.

>> No.55508972

It looks okay to me as is.

>> No.55508996

They're more than that, how much more than that is never really gone over but they do take the threat of death very seriously.

>> No.55509003

All of them? That could take a while.

>> No.55509007

I looked at a picture and I couldn't tell you for the life of me, his eyes are too sunken into his damn head.

>> No.55509041

Are God's about as physically tough as human's? Belldandy could apparently destroy the planet by accident, but does that carry over to durability?

>> No.55509044

There are some nice goodies there thanks NuBee.

>> No.55509071

Mara is the one First Class we see taking tornados and lighting bolts to the face pretty regularly. So they're tougher than humans but when taken by surprise they're not that much tougher that humans. So they have street level superhero toughness and their barriers and magic usually pick up the slack.

>> No.55509107

>have their own classes and restriction-based system
I.e. /not/ the system typical for Demons in Ah! My Goddess. And that they're turned into demons could easily be fluff text, when it doesn't really describe what that means for them. Is this including magical capacity, physical strength, etc.

>half as strong as you personally are in any power/abilities you instilled upon them.
Half as strong as the abilities that you /instilled/ upon them, which were previously established to only include what you can already give them. Which would generally not include your demonic form, because it's a prerequisite and separate from the other abilities which you can grant; and your own body generally wouldn't be a "power", especially when non-Demons can purchase the perk. Such people wouldn't have it at /any/ strength by virtue of not having it at all, so "half" of the strength of that power isn't something that can be determined. Anyway, whatever you intended, is not clear in the context of the perk.

No, thank you.

>> No.55509124

No problem.

>> No.55509132

Do you have a suggestion for how to clarify the text then?

>> No.55509159

What jumps are good for interstellar war? I know a SupCom based production system would be a good idea but what other options are there?

>> No.55509185

That drive was never official, a shitposter attached it by knowing how google folders work, he was the one that owned it, not any of us.

>> No.55509189

Alexandrite is best.

>> No.55509219

There are some jumps that give individual warships but you'll need to produce your own with jumper bullshit such as an ACU if you really want to have a proper fleet. At least until someone makes a jump based on interstellar war, such as a 40K navy/Battle Fleet Gothic or a Star Wars jump that focused on large scale fleet battles.

Though with enough imports a single ship can just do it all, though it would be hard for it to be everywhere.

>> No.55509274

Hey YJ_Anon. Do the Rogues for the Gallery disappear for good if they don't show up in a jump, or are we allowed a "recovery period" or in television terms, a break between episodes?

>> No.55509317


So, I think we've established that the perk is intended to give them the demon powers on top of whatever you'd otherwise give them. Is that correct?

>half as strong as you personally are in any power/abilities you instilled upon them

If so, then to have this line clearly apply to everyone who purchases the perk (instead of just demons), you should probably list out the specific traits of a demon you intended to be transferred and either remove the line referring to them transforming into demons entirely, or add something like, "Regardless of your current form, those you contract with will gain the typical traits of demons from this setting. If you should possess similar attributes, they will instead gain the appropriate traits at a level equal to half of what you possess."

>> No.55509327

Yeah, you can have break periods and still have them show up later.

>> No.55509349


>> No.55509355

*equivalent to half of what you possess

>> No.55509386

>Is that correct
> "Regardless of your current form, those you contract with will gain the typical traits of demons from this setting. If you should possess similar attributes, they will instead gain the appropriate traits at a level equivalent to half of what you possess."
Yeah I'll go with this. Should I drop the parts about classes the or no? I'm trying not to just keep tacking stuff on it until it goes the way of jinga tower.

>> No.55509388

Other than FFTA are there any perks that make you immune to all "status effects"?

>> No.55509418

Eh, whatever you like. Just need to clearly indicate that the demon powers are affected by the "powers" clause. If you're intending to keep the variable power investment, then I'd say keep them, and maybe make it more like "gain the relevant traits at a level appropriate for their Class".

>> No.55509428

Stellaris gives you an interstellar empire that follows you between jumps.

Dahak Chronicles has a moon sized battleship you can get form a scenario.

Sins of a Solar Empire, Halo Covenant, and one of the Dragon Ball jumps all have starship fleets you can buy.

Homeworld has ships and ship templates you can buy but I don't think they follow you between jump.

Light of Terra obviously has the titular ship. I still think it's very useful and powerful but you may not be willing to deal with everything in the jump to get it.

Star Wars Duh. The OT jump gives you a free ship and I recently updated two of the jumps to include Imperial and Republic vehicle blueprints.

FTL is another jump that gives you a free starship and it also as a starship import option.

Tenchi Muyo has the Tree ships and Outlaw Star has Grappler ships.

Futurama has the best FTL anywhere and you can buy a ship from the jump.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel also has a ship import option that can be used for starships and the tech in that setting is really good since the alien A.I ship girls are all made out of nanomaterials and have weapons that can annihilate matter.

Star Trek, Star Gate, Halo, Mass Effect and X-Coms 1 & 2 are also worth mentioning for their various techs that you can reverse engineer. You could also probably figure out how to hide your ships in null space if you go to the Megas XLR jump.

Oh, and Tyranid lets you get your own Hive Fleet. So If you get tired of mechanical ships or want to make you military even more OP. You should definitely head there.

>> No.55509458

So just humans with overwhelming modern military ordinance could kill the shit out of them if they caught them without magic and barriers? Would that also end their true/10d selves?

>> No.55509467

Also, for World of Steel and Iron, must it be one contiguous form? Like if it was flesh, would I just be an amalgam of all the people/things I absorbed?

>> No.55509470

Shamelessly bumping my question

>> No.55509512

Well now, this is quite helpful. Thanks KOTOR!

>> No.55509601

>The amount of spiritual and magical energies necessary to form these Egg will rise with their power. You can also bestow abilities that you can already grant/train/instill into others already, up to half your own ability in those traits, as part of a 'Signing Bonus' .
>Regardless of your current form, those you contract with will gain the typical traits of demons from this setting. If you should possess similar attributes, they will instead gain the appropriate traits at a level equivalent to half of what you possess. These Demons have their own Classes and restriction based system and a First Class Demon produced by this method can be up to around half as strong as you personally are, with lower Classes gain the relevant traits at a level appropriate for their Class scaled in this way. Should a normal human average be an upgrade to these levels of power/ability then that is the absolute rock bottom this power will go.
How does this look instead of what there right now? Look good?

Without magic and barriers it'd be like killing spiderman or someone on that scale so yeah. As for ending their true selves, not sure. They take death very seriously but as pointed out a 10-D being getting hurt by the 4-D being would be like getting a papercut. So all I can say is that death of the 4-D form might be like getting hit by a piece of something during a hurricane or tornado or something, not instantly fatal but potentially so, dangerous enough to note that pine needles sit INTO trees in those conditions if you catch my meaning.

>> No.55509640

Yes, it's much clearer. Thank you.

>> No.55509646

No problem thanks for troubleshooting the Jump, anon.

>> No.55509742

The ship from Green Lantern the Animated series has comparable speed to that in Futurama, actually, possibly faster depending on how you swing the calculations people have done to try to figure out the Planet Express's top speed. It also doesn't rely on dark matter or the fact that the speed of light was changed in Futurama, if you care about that sort of thing.

>> No.55509756

How fast is that ship?

>> No.55509798

>partly the community's reaction towards it
What, people not REEEEING at the mere existence of jumps which went above a vague arbitrary power level?

>> No.55509850

No, just being assholes about it.

>> No.55509871

Does the Doublet System count "natural causes" as a third party?

>> No.55509892


>> No.55509914

Oh, you mean like the assholes pestering KOTOR to uncap Spiral Power and put in an Avatar option, before he revealed it was something he'd been wanting to do?

I don't remember too much of that stuff a year ago, though.

>> No.55509950

>When activated the Interceptor enters an ultra-warp field & can travel billions of light years in seconds.
Wikipedia reckons the radius of the universe is 46.5 billion light years, so even doing 2 billion per second you can cross the entire universe in less than a minute. Assuming the jumps description isn't hyperbole, it beats out the Planet Express by a huge degree.

>> No.55509957

Are their D&D 3.5 jumps?

Was anyone silly enough to make them?

>> No.55509965

>>55509892Does the Demon Realm care about the quality" of favors, or just the amount? What kind of favors might they ask? Also, is the representative still available in future jumps?

>> No.55509985

They'll get the worth of each favor on a one to one basis. Quality is the emphasis here. Yep.

>> No.55510023

>Assuming the jumps description isn't hyperbole
It probably isn't. Every Green Lantern is expected to be able to respond to emergencies within a universal sector, which is composed of thousands of galaxies at least. The Interceptor is supposed to be an absurdly quick ship even by their standards.

>> No.55510082

Indeed. I messed up my calculations there a little, since it says 'billions of light years in second*s*' but that's still a matter of minutes, while most estimates place the Planet Express as going from the Earth to the nearest edge of the universe in a few hours.

If we had a Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy jump the Heart of Gold would beat it out. And we do have at least one time travelling ship, which can technically arrive before it leaves, but that isn't really speed. Point it we've got options, and the Interceptor is a good one.

>> No.55510132

What's the heart of gold got going for it? I just remember something about tea kettles.

>> No.55510152

Without a nibbler companion would we need the Rick and Morty genius perk to make concentrated dark matter?

>> No.55510175

Seems fine to me but I would stress how dangerous it is to go too fast

>> No.55510184

The infinite probability drive is... crazy. Strictly speaking it can do practically anything, if you know the probabilities involved and can program them in. Using it to fly around at impossible speeds is a tremendous misuse of such a technology, but considering a single error could potentially destroy everything? There's a good reason to stick to what you know when using it.

I think they actually change it from dark matter in later seasons after it is revealed Nibbler and his species are actually intelligent and he leaves or something. The wiki said whale oil or something? Might not have been as efficient, but it seems like they can run on other fuels, dark matter is just the best.

>> No.55510195

Makes you wonder what you could do with the Improbability systems in Madness Combat eh?

>> No.55510199

The ships in Futurama get converted to run on whale oil after all the dark matter in the universe gets destroyed. So you can either find a way to synthesize whale oil, or take the genius perk in Futurama and figure out a different fuel source.

>> No.55510240

Isn't he getting absorbed into the Speedforce, though? The perk explicitly says you'll have to connect to it yourself.

>> No.55510251

What the fuck. Is that thing on his chest.

>> No.55510255

Honestly I'd be terrified of messing with it. The famous scene of a whale and a flower pot falling to earth was using it to stop two missiles - they were transformed. The whale thought about things, like who it was, what air was, what 'down' was, and gravity etc. The flower thought 'not again'. Imagine trying to control that chaos. It would be incredible if you could, but a single mistake and suddenly you've always been a single stanza of Vogon poetry.

>> No.55510269

Are you meaning the lightning bolt symbol, or the slightly creepily drawn muscles?

>> No.55510283

The... tube and the... tongue? Are those supposed to be muscles?

>> No.55510293

Anatomy is difficult

>> No.55510303

I think it's meant to be a six pack at a really odd angle... Maybe?

>> No.55510313

FR is one.

Plenty of people like 3.5 senpai, and plenty of settings aren't in 5e at all. If you want an edition war, go out to the catalog and make a thread for it.

>> No.55510411

How would Ozzy feel about me if I was the Sun's kid?

>> No.55510414

>Haunted Appartment Building
What does it mean when you say that the building itself "seems to act almost as an additional part of your body"? Can you move it? Sense stuff in it? What does it actually allow?

>> No.55510430

The six senses and total control over he building itself and its furniture.

>> No.55510432

The FFTA jump includes races and classes from FFTA2, does this mean it is supposed to cover both and we can't have a the second game? Because I remember that jump being a thing someone wanted to work on and I'm hoping it still happens some time.

>> No.55510463

No Import option for Divine Weapon?

>> No.55510489

Done and done. Here's the updated PDF.

>> No.55510510

Looks good sempai. Thanks for your work.

>> No.55510567

Is there any reason for a Goddess or Demon to purchase The Emperor's New Clothes? They are part of the "divine factions", right?

>> No.55510574

Yeah, that was me that wanted to work on it. The two worlds are basically separated, since the Ivalice in FFTA is essentially a fake created from Mewt's wish and Ivalice's ancient history overwriting the present, while the Ivalice seen in FFTA2 is the real deal as far as I know. Plus, the second game is set at least ten years in the future since Mewt is now working as a librarian, so it should be fine.

>> No.55510606

Are you still thinking of doing it some time? It sounds like it would be fun as a jump

>> No.55510607

You might wanna produce some for your friends or something?

>> No.55510611

How much "who/what" is included in the Jumper License? We talking like listing out every race/origin for people?

>> No.55510615

Yeah, it's one of the four Jumps I was thinking of claiming once I finish what's currently on my plate.

>> No.55510623

Just the one you currently are, along with the fact that you're a extra-dimensional Jumper.

>> No.55510628

What I'm mainly wondering is whether they could reconstruct their 4d body and otherwise recover from it and whether having the 4d body destroyed would count as death to a jumper.

>> No.55510672

What are you working on right now?

>> No.55510695

I personally think that if your 4-D body is destroyed then it'll be nearly mortal wounds. You might be able to recover but at the same time you're in a very real threatened state where you might not be able to recover. Otherwise this would literally be a one Jump 'invincibility' Race choice which has been made clear isn't the direction of the canon form. Total atomic annihilation is probably too much to recover from.

>> No.55510709

The three Jumps that I'm working on right now are Fables/The Wolf Among Us, Generic Kaiju, and Mortal Kombat 9 and 10. I'll finish them in that order most likely, as well, since Fables should be ready to release next month and people wanted Generic Kaiju next.

I might also have a Jump in the works for Halloween, but I don't want to promise anything; it might be a real nightmare to get everything right.

>> No.55510759

Alright. I was just a bit confused by the other info making it seem like most 4d damage would be meaningless.

>> No.55510766 [SPOILER] 

>it might be a real nightmare to get everything right.
...Was that supposed to be a clever/subtle tip?

>> No.55510805

Understandable. And were this a hard physics world with no Anime Physics a 10-D being would be as such, however with the way the supernatural beings treat things it's quite obvious that their 4-D interface is something like a weak point or something, they really don't wanna die.

>> No.55510815 [SPOILER] 


>> No.55510876

what jumps have voodoo and ritualistic magic systems?

>> No.55510889

Hey Val, would Ultimate One EX be aceptable for a Grand Servant?

>> No.55510915

Of course. Just remember that it's limited to the max power that the planet can grant.

>> No.55510917


>> No.55510923

I am fuckin' ready.

>> No.55511050

Does scenario Nero get her banned skill?

>> No.55511062

Can we get Archer Herc instead of Berserker?

>> No.55511077


It's Archzerker Heracles already. He's got his madness form but all of his intelligence and Noble Phantasms.

>> No.55511263

I watched Wonder Woman again and it still hurts seeing her start with naive optimism and then lose it as she sees the real world. As a jumper I would do by best to save that innocence and let her keep seeing the world as a bright place.

When we get a DC cinematic universe jump with Diana I shall make this oath...

>> No.55511307

Legend of the Galactic Heroes has you fighting in space battles involving hundreds to thousands of ships in distances measured in light seconds. You can get your own capital ship too, although is rather expensive.

>> No.55511346

Could collecting companions be a suitable hobby for a Jumper? I mean, after a while you have all the power than you can wish, and new perks hardly add anything to your abilities.

I'm trying to mentally justify what to do with so many fucking Servants in my next adventures.

>> No.55511358

There are jumpers who devote their entire chains to collecting companions, usually waifus but I understand husbandos, cool bros, and chibi versions of terrifying monsters are also popular.

>> No.55511360

>It's Archzerker Heracles
Well I found my archer for the grand scenario reward. Now I just need three more to fill it out. So far we've got Avenger (Angra) who will be boosted to fill the berserker role, Caster (Me), Assassin (Jack) and Archer (Heracles). Anybody have suggestions for Sabers or Lancers? I'm probably going to replace Rider with something else like Ruler or Shielder.

>> No.55511370

Shouldn't be hard if you kill Ares' stupid ass.

>> No.55511385

>The scenario
All of my yes.

Nero was my Saber.. But I think I will have to change it for one of my companions or maybe put Shiki in there.

For Lancer, you have Titty Monster Artoria, Romulus, Karna or Enkidu as some pretty strong servants that could fit. They seem to be chill people. Except maybe Romulus. And Titty Monster Artoria. And maybe Karna.

>> No.55511391

>Caster (Me)

I thought you got 7 servants plus yourself?

>> No.55511417

Hey Val, can Ultimate One be powered by a non-Earth planet, such as one I have in a pocket dimension?
Also, does Ultimate One work when you're in a different dimension from the planet you're tied to?

>> No.55511441

>Some makes a list of Namefags
>Not included
I am so sad right now, you guys don't even know.

>> No.55511445

I forgot she was a servant too, she's perfect. I'll look into the lancers, karna is the only name I vaguely recognize.
Oh? I'll have to figure out what to do with that slot then,

>> No.55511452

Ah, ignore me. I'll just go back to working on Guyver.

>> No.55511453

Hm. Sure, why not.

It does.

>> No.55511464

Don't worry, when NameFagsList Anon shows up again you can make sure to get yourself added. Plenty of other namefags had to speak up to get added too and the list isn't complete.

In the meantime roll on the list to see who you'll be jumping with. dice+1d66 in the Options field.

>> No.55511486

Jump #415: Eclipse Phase
>Five of Wands (Strife), reversed: Disunity, chaos, and petty quarreling at a time of crisis.
Doesn't this basically sum up the entire setting?
>Location: Deimos (Progress), Mars orbit
Yeeeah, not staying here long, thanks.
>Identity: Drop-In
>Biohacker Package (Free)
>Nanotechnician Package (Free)
>Device Engineering Package (Free)
Between the three of these things, I'm pretty sure I'll have a good feel for the local tech. Not to mention being able to augment my own capabilities with local versions.
>Missing Time (Free, Drop-In)
While this probably won't apply to me, at least I'll be able to deal with any unexpected unconsciousness a little easier.
>Blueprint Designer (900, Drop-In)
Oh, nice. Designing blueprints works quite nicely with the packages I've got.
>Primacy (600, Drop-In)
This will actually be quite useful, come to think of it. I rarely have issues with my clones, but... well, once in a while they can be moody, depending on the kind. It's best to make sure that's kept under control.
>Non-Human Neural Model (400)
Pretty sure that if anything scanned my brain at this point, they wouldn't be able to make heads or tails of it.
>Remade [200]
It's a good thing I got an extra [600] points for a sleeve. Frankly most of what this body has isn't anything I don't have in my upgraded human package (thank you Evo) but there are a couple of useful bits and some streamlining I can borrow.
>Immunization Mods [0]
If I can get immunity to radiation, vacuum, poisons, toxins, and even limited immunity to hostile nanotech... then heck yes I'm going to take it.
>The Eclipse Phase RPG Books (Free)
Useful reference, at minimum. Also it's super handy that I get discounts on one item of each tier!
>Nanodetector, Jumper-grade (300, discounted)
You know it's good, because it's Jumper brand!

>> No.55511491

>To myrmidont from last thread: you forgot that the 100 Cp surcharge for each successive EXs are't discountable like you put in your Blossoming Journey EX.
Thanks BuildCheckerAnon.

>In Nechronica do the student-sisters in the High School of the Dead drawback count for the purposes of
>you can take your Sisters with you. They count as Companions now and anywhere if probably better then here.

I'm pretty sure they do, HighschoolZombieLoliAnon. At least, nobody's ever called me out for taking them when I mentioned doing so, and I'm sure I've seen others with that as well.

It looks good, AhMyAnon.
I'm not a fan of the light grey text, but apart from that I don't have anything else to add except what the others have said.

I don't count "starting a relationship before someone else comes along" as breaking up a canon ship, but I don't usually do that. I think the worst I've ever done is dating Zatanna while she and Constantine were in an 'off' period.

You're not the only one who didn't get the list. But at least you don't have to potato.

>> No.55511494

>Computronium (0, discounted)
To be honest... this is some pretty next-level stuff, even compared to most of what I've come across in my travels. The closest thing I've found was some of the things that could be put together in Symbiote, and some of what I put together during Hive Queen when I put Tupile together. And even at that, this is better.

So, there's a heck of a lot of stuff that an out-of-context person can do in such a setting.

Like sit in orbit of Mars, keep filling up an ice cube tray, and flicking ice tubes that land as icebergs. You want a nice atmosphere while you're terraforming? You got it.

Like use Cheat Mode on that block of computronium repeatedly, and two and a half years later, give Firewall a cubic meter of processing substrate. (It's just a very fancy optical CPU, in truth, but it still looks pretty damn cool.)

Like use clairvoyance, precognition, and postcognition to see the nature of various interesting things, like how those lichen-based intelligences are actually far worse than anyone ever suspected, the actual nature of the gates, and where the hell the TITANs fucked off to and why. And what's hunting them. They are blind to your presence, unless you show yourself. The TITANs showed themselves, and something noticed them. There are no TITANs now. Only Factors.

Like send out feelers and trade out-of-context technology to various groups in exchange for as much of the local tech as I can, to add to my database.

Like killing every last bit of technology on the Earth and sterilizing any remaining traces of the Exsurgent virus with magitech automatons that make less than no sense to the locals and cause mass confusion with their use of magic.

Like concluding my stay in the jump with "oh by the way, holographic principle confirmed for the nature of the universe, but if it's any consolation you'll hit heat death before there's any loss of data, so don't forget to do the needful" before disappearing.

>> No.55511508

Rolled 57 (1d66)

Thanks Anon

Okay, this is my very first dice roll ever, so...

>> No.55511522

Stupid_dog, huh.
What sort of person is Stupid_dog? What jumps did he make? Can anyone fill me in, please?

>But at least you don't have to potato.
I... I honestly don't know what you are trying to say here, sorry.

>> No.55511541

Potato mode is when there are multiple jumpers, it is a reference to the Jumpchain multiplayer supplement which is really just a potato recipe.

>> No.55511556

Thanks Anon.
>potato recipe
We can get a little funny around here, can't we? One of the reasons I love you guys.

>> No.55511593

He's not as active as he once was, but back in the day he was one of the most active Jumpmakers and responsible for many of the imaged Jumps we have like Yoshi's Island, Inuyasha, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Soul Calibur, Sims, Cardcaptors, Courage the Cowardly Dog and probably quite a few others that I can't remember off the top of my head. Used to release stuff over the weekend.

He also released an unimaged Jump one or two months ago for Big Brother, the reality show. He's been pretty chill every time I talked to him, but on the private side as far as Names go.

>> No.55511595

> Festival of /Fit/ness
Pardon me, I need to stop laughing...

So then! Let's see how this plays out, Teams are:
> Heracles and Asterios: Team Lift
> Chiron and Atala-ATALANTA!?
-1 Servant
> Achilles and Hector: Team Keikaku
> Leonidas and Alexander: Team THIS! IS! WAR!
> Perseus and Med-NOT YOU TOO MEDUSA!!
-1 Servant
> Hippolyta and Penthesilea: Team Ancient Neo-Feminist
> Romulus and Caligula: Team POSE!
> Nero and Julius: Team Rock and Roll
> Me and Musashi: Team Tourist

More coming later.

Though, I kinda wish that I could let Arthuria and Mashu compete as Team Jouster (Shielder and Lancer)

>> No.55511622

I have a feeling that this is a super niche branch of perks and items, but where can I get the services of no-questions-asked random guys? I'm talking people who don't exist outside of when I need their services and will generally do whatever I say. Things like the checkpoint guys from Dishonored 2 or maybe that on-demand SWAT team I remember from another jump.

>> No.55511629

That picture kind of sums me up whenever I take an amnesia drawback. I need to stop taking those.

>> No.55511637

Thanks Anon.
It sounds like I rolled a good one.

>> No.55511640

I think FLCL has a perk for that.

>> No.55511650

You have now inspired people to brainstorm how to 100% win this arena.

>> No.55511679

That is indeed why I have the 100% reward there.

>> No.55511697

I'm pretty sure Musashi and I are losing at least two, maybe three, events. It doesn't bother me as much as it should, and I don't know why.

>> No.55511702

>how to 100% win this arena

No fun option

>> No.55511707

The pretender has a couple items like that. The Cleaners are so good they ended up as #4 on my speed dial.

>> No.55511711

Just having enough fun that it's worth it even if you don't get the best prize?

>> No.55511718

Who's #1 through #3?

>> No.55511719

I imagine being a Grand makes quite a few of these a bit easier. But I am not 100% certain how to beat Leonidas's "Perfect Muscles"

Do appearance perks help? This is something I am not sure on.

Not complaining about the beauty challenge since Penthesilea has a defined amount of beauty from which we can base off of

>> No.55511740

>But I am not 100% certain how to beat Leonidas's "Perfect Muscles"

Maybe take this from Solars?
>Power and Majesty - It is unbecoming of the true rulers of Creation to not look the part. As a small bonus to your Exaltation, your physical appearance becomes more aesthetically pleasing to look at - muscles are pronounced, curves become eye-catching, blemishes disappear and scars fade or remain in a way that fits your new appearance. Though this is free, you may spend 200 points to become much more radiant than before, and you will find both mortal and even some Exalted suitors will not be small in number if you go looking for them. For 400 instead, you truly capture a piece of the golden essence of the Unconquered Sun, your appearance well and truly perfect...and whether your idea of perfection is lookinghandsome, beautiful, cute, or just absolutely desirable, you will embody all of it and more.
>Not complaining about the beauty challenge since Penthesilea has a defined amount of beauty from which we can base off of

Get Golden Rule (Beauty) A+?

>> No.55511747

For Beauty you can just get that one perk from Skullduggery that makes you so attractive it works as a form of mind control.

>> No.55511753

1 Serenity Hassan (The Waifu) 2 Arkadimon (More or less in charge of companion and minion management) 3 Nidhog (The Team A.I.)

>> No.55511776

That is a very expensive appearance perk to get tons of servants and a arena. Not a bad idea but Solar's is a pretty important Jump and 400 cp is a large investment.

>> No.55511835

Should I join this ship? I'm debating if I should purchase Vlad as my last servant now that I have freed some slots with the last scenarios.

>> No.55511867

Vlad is a devout Christian even in Fate, and Nero absolutely despises Christians and seeks to genocide them even in Fate. So fuck no, they're a bad ship.

>> No.55511882

Should I ship him with Jeanne then? Although I was thinking to use Giles for that...

Managing companions is hard.

>> No.55511938

The Teammates from Counterstrike, but only for fighting.

> Coming from Parts Unknown, Parts Unknown, they’ve thrown down the gauntlet
"Parts Unknown" is repeated?

>> No.55511993

Don't listen to >>55511867, Solomon the ultimate Christian-as in, basically God's sockpuppet-is a good guy. Nasu is playing 5 dimensional chess, where all the bad (((christians))) are like the Pharisees and true believers like Jeanne are dindus

>> No.55512113

>somehow tap into the Speed Force, you could travel very near the speed of light.

What happens if you go into Arrowverse before this?

>Post-Jump you’ve become a conduit for the Speedforce

>> No.55512115

I guess.



> Pankration
Mu-chan looked eager, maybe a little too eager, so I let her take this one. By the way, did you know that her Mystic Eyes allow her to see the exact moment and place she needs to strike to win something? Add that to her training as a proper Bushi...well, I'm pretty sure this lets her sweep the field until Heracles.
> Result: Pending vs. Heracles

> Maze Run
Alright Mu-chan! Let's start wrecking! Wuxia-level chi manipulation, Creating objects with First Magic that use CCS Magic spells, and experience in Dungeon Navigating (Persona). Sorry Asterios, Mu-chan and I are taking this one.
> Result: Win

> Obstacle Course
Taking this one, simply because I'm the fastest on the Team as I use my Chi, Lightfoot Techinques, Reinforcement, AND Mana Burst.
> Result: Pending vs. Atalanta

> Quiz Show
Only Chiron can challenge me here, Mu-chan's on guarding duty and only guarding duty.
> Result: Pending vs. Chiron

> Shield Surfing
...well, this is different. So after winning the coin toss, I went for it. Thank goodness I had been to Medaka Box because I could style all over Achilles after a short adjustment time.
> Result: Win

> CtF Map
I'm on defense and artillery support, Mu-chan's on scouting, spotting, and shock attack. I'm going to heavy rely on Mu's Eyes and my Chi Senses, and also use a kind of Battlefield Feng Shui with ammunition I can create and shoot to manipulate the Chi across the entire battlefield to favour us. I mean, I could also do the equivalent of a small scale Indraastra on a target if worse comes to worse...
> Result: Win

> Body Building
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU-Okay, real talk, I don't think neither Mu or myself can win this. I more then likely have the lean build of a serious martial artist while Mu-chan's got a swordswoman build, compared to Leo's buffer build? Nah.
> Result: Loss
[1 / 2]

>> No.55512126

Rolled 69, 78, 15, 65, 15, 48, 66, 78, 20 = 454 (9d100)

> Chariot Race
Okay, I'm driving I guess while Mu's on "Fuck Everyone in Particular" Duty. Still don't think we can win this, not with Medusa and Alexander especially. Not to say anything about the Roman Contigent as well, so maybe 4th after Team POSE!
> Result: Loss

> Monster Hunt
Hah. Too easy. Check the Maze Run and CtF Map as to why.
> Result: Win

> Sky Race
Mu-chan's doing this, more like she demanded to do this. Oh and she's riding a Hou-ou...geeze this girl, well, anyway, let's make sure that the other contests are a little more fucked than Mu-chan.
> Result: Pending, 'cause I have no idea

> Tug of War
...no need to think about it.
> Result: Loss

> Beauty Contest
> Result: Pending

> Colosseum Battle
Back to Back badasses time. Did I also mention that I also picked up Adaptability from my time in the Wuxia Jump? And I'm from the Asagami Demon Hunter Clan? Or that I've sparred with Scathatch in Fate Zero in our off-hours?
> Result: Pending

> Cavalry Game
YATTA! Mu-chan's thighs surrounding my head! I AM THANKFUL FOR THE EVENTS THAT BROUGHT ME HERE!!
> Result: I WIN! ...err, Pending

> Song Battle
Flipped a coin, Mu-chan lost, so she has to sing. Ah, onee-san Musashi is cute, but a blushing and nervous Mu-chan is fine too.
> Result: Pending, as is the song she needs to sing

> Eating Contest
Right. We haven't eaten all day Mu-chan, but let's not be savages about this.
> Result: Loss

Right. Time to go all out.
Result: Pending


Oh, forgot my rolls.

>> No.55512138

Talk about cold bitch...

>> No.55512158

>needing to use arrowverse speedforce

>> No.55512169

I'd ask for forgiveness rather than permission as there's nobody around to give permission anyway. If you do a good job it'll get accepted, if not it probably won't but people have been making more specific jumps of things that already have jumps for ages.

>> No.55512170

Every roll above 50 is a victory for Team Tourist.

> Pankration: 69
Holy shit, Mu-chan won.
> Obstacle Course: 78
I do hope Atalanta liked the taste of my dirt. Traitor.
> Quiz Show: 15
...tch, fine. Your win this time Chiron.
> Sky Race: 65
WELL DONE MU-CHAN! Isn't it sad Medu-chin ;-;
> Beauty Contest: 15
D-don't worry Mu, I like your tomboyish looks!
> Colosseum Battle: 48
Tch, so close...this is your victory Caligula.
> Cavalry Game: 66
All I'll say is, I had plenty of motivation and Mu was focused.
> Song Battle: 78
...holy shit. So apparently Mu's got quite a voice.
> Final Battle: 20
Urgh...well, we tried, but it looks like everyone decided to take us out first thanks to our wins in the Pankration, Maze Run, CtF, and Monster Hunt Contests.

Overall, 8 wins. Not bad.

Though, looking back at this, maybe I should have went for a different way to indicate an event winner, maybe roll for which team wins?

>> No.55512176

>Holy shit
Why are you surprised when you had a 1/2 chance of winning?

>> No.55512191

Are people you get through Scenarios Servants? Do they have to be statted through the supplement?

>> No.55512218

They're the living versions, sorta. They're not Servants and don't need statting but do have all the stuff they'd normally have as Servants, including all abilities and NPs and such.

>> No.55512222

Arrowverse is fiat backed. The mathematical formula isn't. Plus Johnny Quick was vastly slower than Jay Garrick, who was slower than any other speedster.

>> No.55512233

Fiat backing is all nice and good but the only other speedforce connection you can normally get is the one from the mathematical formula while in the DC Comics jump.
Having a power boost that requires you to have a fiat backed connection from another jump is pretty bad.

>> No.55512240

Rolled 5, 1, 20, 4, 9, 16, 18, 11, 19, 20, 4, 7, 5, 19, 13, 1, 11 = 183 (17d21)

You're right, let's do this properly now.

Rolling d21s for each event, numbers and teams are as follows:
02/12 - Team Lift
03/13 - Team Wild
04/14 - Team Keikaku
05/15 - Team THIS! IS! WAR!
06/16 - Team Opposites
07/17 - Team Ancient Neo-Feminist
08/18 - Team POSE!
09/19 - Team Rock and Roll
10/20 - Team Tourists

Teams with indicated advantages to the Contest will also win on 1/21. Right. Let's do this.

>> No.55512257

Except other's have tried to use the formula and it never gave them Speedster abilities. The formula was just a crutch to connect to the speedforce. You have to be a speedster to use it.

Or you can always try pull a Batman. Strap Flash to a Cosmic Treadmill Batmobile.

>> No.55512260

I fucking forgot that the number 11 was a thing. AND I forgot to state what happens when a Contest doesn't favour a Team.

Gonna stop rolling now, clearly I fucked this all up.

>> No.55512329

>Except other's have tried to use the formula and it never gave them Speedster abilities. The formula was just a crutch to connect to the speedforce. You have to be a speedster to use it.
The whole point of the speedforce formula is that it requires you to completely understand it to work. Just saying it won't do anything, you have to understand the math behind it.
Other people have used it, but not often enough that I remember more than his daughter (Jesse Quick) and his wife (Which I think was just in DCUO side material).
If you have proof to the contrary then do post it but until then it's pretty reasonable that a hyper-intelligent Jumper would be able to eventually comprehend the equation if they studied hard enough.

>> No.55512351

If you understand it then you're just using it as a crutch. As only speedsters can understand the working of the speed force. It's like training wheels. With it you're just skimming it.

If it was so simple then why hasn't Brainiac or Lex been speedsters?

>> No.55512372

Is there any perk like New Sword Style from Katanagatari that allows you to flawlessly translate combat techniques to work through any medium?

>> No.55512411

>If you understand it then you're just using it as a crutch. As only speedsters can understand the working of the speed force.
Show me a comic where it says that Johnny Quick or Jesse Quick (pre New 52) was an actual Speedster instead of being a normal person that used the speed force formula to become one.

>If it was so simple then why hasn't Brainiac or Lex been speedsters?
1. Bad writing.
2. To not write themselves into a corner trying to depower them while not doing so to the heroes that use it.

I mean, in the DC comics there's a mathematical formula that lets you walk through walls. In your mind do both Thaddeus Sivana and Captain Marvel naturally have the power of intangibility but need to use the formula as a crutch?

Surprisingly enough, both Johnny Quick's first comic and the ones with the intangibility formula came from the same year (1941).

>> No.55512598

Johnny Quick fully embraced the Speedforce before his death. Something only Wally, Barry, and Jay have done. Jesse is said to be a speedforce Conduit as well, because when her father died, he restored her powers.

The formula was like the lightning strike for Barry. Except they kept needing it because they never fully embraced it.

>> No.55512661

Why do you put a 50% chance? What are you using to calculate that?

The servants have official stats. It shouldn't be hard to calculate if you can defeat them or not.

>> No.55512697

See >>55512260

>> No.55512770


I have a few questions about the Grand Order jump.

1. Is the spirit fusion from 'Body Fit For The Gods' a permanent merger, or temporary like The 72 Jumpers?

2. Does the Capstone Boosted version of The 72 Jumpers remove the part where non-companions are split off from you at the end of the jump, or does the 'permanently subsume' part just mean the collective can't be broken in that jump?

3. Does taking the Bigger Bad origin require conflicting with Chaldea, or can you be a token evil teammate and/or 'enemy of my enemy' thing?

4. With A Grand Day Out and/or Beastly Temper does the you lose if 90% of humanity dies or if you don't wipe out humanity part apply to 'just' humanity in the present, or all of humanity in the entire timeline? I know Goetia isn't time traveling in the later scenario, but well this is a time travel game that's initial plot was 'all of history is on fire'.

5. Does the A Grand Day Out scenario completely replace the plot of Grand Order, or does it just make it so that the Beasts are better coordinated and certain deus ex machinas aren't available?

6. Since Beast 6 is dimensional traveling and at least one Beast didn't exist till Goetia died can the Beasts that appear in A Grand Day Out be from alternate timelines, or do they have to be the versions of the character from that timeline? For example a Kiara from an Extra CCC timeline where she won instead of a random human that hijacked a demon pillar, or a Tsukihime timeline Primate Murder along with Altrouge's faction and an army of dead apostles instead of Fou?

6. Does the all of humanity must be wiped out condition for Beastly Temper apply to companions that are human, or are they an exception?

7. Would things that technically involve dying but where the person still exists afterwards be valid for fulfilling the must kill everyone conditions of Beastly Temper? For example stuff like forcibly uploading everyone's minds, or turning everyone into dead apostles.

>> No.55512772

Hey /JC/ How do I save her ?

>> No.55512810

1- Temporary, at least in that if they escape they take the stuff with them.

2- It does not. Permanently subsume just means that they die. You take everything they have and permanently fuse with them. They won't split away because there's nothing left to split.

3- You will start on the side of the Big Bads or at least independent of either side but it doesn't require you stay that way.

4- All of it.

5- It completely replaces it, yeah.

6- they'll be the canonical Beasts, all ready and fully formed.

6 again- It doesn't apply to any companions you brought here.

7- No, they must be genuinely killed. They can be resurrected afterwards but humanity must be made totally extinct for the scenario to complete.

>> No.55512841

Shove her into the warehouse before explosions?

Give her a enchanted thing that makes her 100% resistant to explosions? I only know two places where thats an actual element, and neither have jumps though.

Give her a divine charm from bbs, or hit her with resurrection magic right after?

>> No.55512844

Cool picture/team. Who's that on the left and bottom tho?

>> No.55512864

Hakumen from Blazblue.

>> No.55512888

Who is that?

>> No.55512890

Post your jump again please. Can't seem to find it on drive.

>> No.55512898

Olga Marie Animusphere from Fate/Grand Order.

>> No.55512908

So, the 100% win of the Festival of /Fit/ness. Does getting all the mounts and equipment mean all those your team used, or all those used by all the teams? So, getting 5 pegasi and so on?

>> No.55512914


>> No.55512916

All those used by all teams.

>> No.55512926


>> No.55512941

Do we have anything I can use to replace Dog Years from Grand Order?

>> No.55512972

You end up being dropped into Fuyuki at jump start after explosions happen. So it's less about saving her as fixing her death given she is a materialized spirit in Fuyuki given how wonky things are in that singularity. The twin problems are Lev throwing her into Chaldeas, and that if her spirit returns to Chaldea proper she goes to Root immediately given she's dead. So in order:
>1. You need a way to store her spirit safely. Shaman King is well suited for this, the mortuary tablet in particular, although if you did any study at all you could jury rig something like it yourself.
>2. You need a means to manipulate the soul and create a new body for her. Soul Study in Weakness of Beatrice...boo boo, is an easy solution here. Putting the magic crest back in will be up to her provided it can be recovered, and it will take time but she'll be alive.

As a reminder, at the end of singularity 1 Goetia sends demon pillars to invade Chaldea. Olga cannot reyshift at all or contract servants, only pulling the former off due to dying along with Fuyuki funkiness. So you need some way of keeping her alive during that fiasco too. So there you go, how to save a Director.

But she's a tsundere, and sadly there is no fixing or saving that.

>> No.55512981

Awesome. Now I need to figure out how to win all that...

How would I access the Arena Dimension? Reality Marble style, or something else?

>> No.55513003

Probably a portal you can open. I should actually detail it a bit more as to stuff like size and the like.

>> No.55513020

Fate Nobunaga's design looks cool, but I know japs like to take liberties in their personality, so would she be a good servant to take as a companion? Should I take Chacha?

>> No.55513046

So, can companions be imported while still part of the hive?

>> No.55513056

No but you can reabsorb them after.

>> No.55513094


Thanks. Also sorry but I have a few more questions.

1. Just checking to see if I understood this. So basically the fusion doesn't auto end, but it's also not guaranteed to last permanently?

3. Thanks. The idea of being an evil threat that basically went 'Look I know I'm a monster that threatens everything, but your enemies are ruining my potential plans' seemed ammusing.

4. Does being a Beast come with knowing how to deal with the Quantum Time Lock nonsense that Goetia had to loophole around, or do we have to figure that out on our own?

5. I just realized I kind of screwed up with asking this question. So I have two related ones. Is Goetia still doing the set history on fire to harvest energy to reverse time thing, or did the other Beasts veto that plan? Also is Chaldea still trying to fix things, or did Fou kill all of them?

6. Out of curiosity did random human Kiara just get a random power up out of nowhere, or is Goetia now the 71 Demons of the Goetia?

6 again. Oops. Not sure how I made that mistake.

7. So basically cessation of biological functions (which I'm fairly certain occurs as step 1 of turning into a dead apostle) and/or the soul separated from the body (which seems like it should be occurring with a forced uploading) isn't enough, and it has to be full soul sent to be broken apart in Akasha's reincarnation system level death?

>> No.55513098

Nobu is great.

Everybody needs a Nobu.

She rarely acts seriously, as she's both a gag character, and capable of observing the fourth wall and therefor aware of her status as a gag character. Minor obsession with guns and modern technology, as well as a dislike of tradition, which is part of where her anti-divine aspect comes from. Vaguely tsundere-ish, and has a bit of an ego. Is best friends with Okita, despite the fact that they're on different sides in history, and had to be blackmailed into fighting her in the second Gudaguda event, so she's damn loyal once she likes you.

>> No.55513112

Speaking of that pic, is there going to be any Interview stuff in the Dies Irae jump?

>> No.55513123

Any jumps with arena items/perks for fighting previous enemies again? Like The True Arena from Kirby. Except preferably with a bit more control over who you're fighting.

>> No.55513155

1- Yeah.

4- Probably need to figure that out on your own.

5- Goetia is doing that alone, far as I know. Chaldea is still trying to fix things, Beasts are still appearing after Goetia, given it was his appearance that meant they'd start to come into play.

6- She got empowered at first by one of the leftover demon pillars but pretty much took over and took it way, way further.

7- They need to be dead dead. If you're in anyway trying to only partially kill them to make it easier to bring them back, you're not killing them good enough. Please don't be a pain in the ass about what should be a very clear and simple task.

>> No.55513165

So... could I buy Kuro as a servant and use the Fine Wine template, to get lewd chocolate Irisviel instead of lewd chocolate Ilya? Mainly asking because of the stunted aging thing from being homunculi (actually, is that even a thing in Prisma Ilya)?

>> No.55513175

I'm definitely going to be including what I do know for sure but sadly i can't do too much since it's not translated. Methuselah at the least needs to get in with how cool some of his powers seem to be.

You could, yes.

>> No.55513237

No, but we probably have something to replace whatever else you're thinking of.

>> No.55513250

Excellent, thanks.

>> No.55513277

...I hate you, Val. Now I'm contractually obliged to buy Spartacus and team up with him here, to complete the Roma Squad.

Looks fun.

>> No.55513340

Jean Grey is a fucking monster.

>> No.55513351

Eh, my Jumper does it all the time. Just harmless imo.

>> No.55513356

I wonder what happened in that before it got edited.

>> No.55513386

Question about the Servant Supplement... Independent Action is a Class Skill for Archers and Brawlers, but is a drawback instead of a skill for non-imports, non-jumpers.

Does that essentially mean it does nothing, and those classes are kinda screwed with only one Skill discounted? Or can you pick another skill like Berserkers and Assassins? Or maybe do you get double points for the Independent Action drawback?

>> No.55513401

Hm. I'd say it gives double points in that case.

>> No.55513436

Sounds decent to me. Thanks.

>> No.55513457


>> No.55513458

Should I take Chacha with her?

>> No.55513496

Aren't you all a little too old for this.

>> No.55513510

Your inability to have fun is not my problem.

>> No.55513514



>> No.55513534


>> No.55513537

Hey, maybe.

>> No.55513551

Sorry anon for responding late, I had things to do.
Which jump isn't showing up for you?

>> No.55513598

That could really be a banner for /tg/ in general.

>> No.55513601

Who's more pathetic: the person who plays games as a hobby, or the person whose hobby is bitching at people for playing games?

Protip: It's you.

>> No.55513609

One is never too old to avoid life's problems.

>> No.55513617

I know you probably thought this was clever, but christ was it not.
I need to spend less time on /jc/.

>> No.55513622

How old is too old?

>> No.55513631


>> No.55513635

>I need to spend less time on /jc/.
So leave.

>> No.55513640

Christmas Cake, apparently.

>> No.55513648

>he says this in he pretend board

>> No.55513661

Shouldn't you be in elementary school? What'cha doing shitposting on 4chan? Learn your ABCs.

>> No.55513686

Brother's price? Might just be looking in the wrong spot.

>> No.55513692

>all this butthurt over stale bait
sasuga /jc/

>> No.55513707

What's the jankiest jump you still like using? Why?

Is it an early jump before the format was well established? Is it one where the author thought "this jump is special and needs to be different"?

I think mine is shrek. the formatting and pricing are wonky, but there's a lot of useful shit you can pick up pretty early in the game.

>> No.55513728

Do you guys have any OC art for your jumpers? Commissioned or personal?

>> No.55513754

>inb4 that pic of Banchō, and the thicc legs of OAA

>> No.55513777

So for something not fate-related, going Producer in AKB49 gives you a canon companion for free.
Are any of the characters even remotely suited for the life of a dimension-traveling idol (or support team), or would I be wasting my time even asking any of them?

Just sketches. Not worth posting.

>> No.55513780

>the thicc legs of OAA

...The fuck?

>> No.55513783


5 and 6. Wait so does this mean The Beasts are still taking turns trying to destroy humanity with that scenario instead of working together, or did you just miss that I was still asking about that?

7. Sorry if I was being annoying. I just wasn't completely sure, and figured I should ask. I don't think I'd actually care about reviving them if I took that scenario, and I doubt reviving an entire timeline would even be possible. It would however be embarrassing to lose because of something like missing a few normal ghosts, or because you didn't blow up the Moon Cell (if it exists in that timeline), or something similar.

Although I did have the idea for destroying humanity without killing people (unless extreme magical transhumanism forced monster transformations count as killing people), but I figured it probably wouldn't work.

Anyway thanks. I did however remembered two questions I had about other nasuverse jumps. Although the first one if probably kind of silly.

1. If you take Denial of Nothingness in F/SN require assuming the thing summoned/created exists in 'normal' reality, or can you just go "Well everything and nothing is in the Spiral or Origin right? and then do the equivalent of going "Akasha, please pass me the pizza. Thanks."?

2. I remember you mentioning that Type-Earth was a valid option for being an Aristoteles. Did you mean an alternate version of Archetype Earth that survived Gaia's death, or just some weird Type of the Land of Steel?

Oh also on a side note I remember you not being sure where the Types = planets idea came from, and I don't think it was mentioned, but there is an answer to that.

When Type-Venus is explaining the nature of the Types things Godo basically ends up thinking that Type=Planet thing. Although it's a thought and not mentioned out loud. So no clue if Godo is right or not.

>> No.55513787

Probably Underworld and because I like the vampire lady in the tight trousers.

It's bare bones and the balance is frankly ridiculous but it's just barely tolerable.

>> No.55513800

I don't suppose this counts, huh? Because I definitely get a kick out of it.

>> No.55513809

I'll never be too old to dream!

>> No.55513861

5/6- No, I was answering since I thought you were asking about canon. In the scenario he basically abandons that plan to join the others in going for you and humanity together.

7- That's fine.

1- It doesn't need to exist in your current reality but it can't do actually impossible summons unless you go to a place where they're possible. At least that's what I remember saying.

2- Just a version that survived Gaia's death.

Oh, I could see that. Still doesn't explain how people missed the explicit size descriptions before and after though.

>> No.55513865

Cast True Resurrection.

>> No.55513883 [SPOILER] 

I have a few from my other chain thats on a break for a bit.

>> No.55513891

>messing with resurrection magic in a setting that already has a conflicting, specific mechanic for the afterlife
That's just asking for a paddlin'.

>> No.55513892

Well, I do have this little thing for most of my jumpers, though not all.

>> No.55513896

Is there really no other perk like that?

>> No.55513911

Adorable. Also, >dem hips.

>> No.55513935

Its too late to stop two years ago and its sure as hell the same now

>> No.55513936

Dunno about flawlessly.

>> No.55513938

Maybe Adaptability from Wuxia?

>> No.55513945 [SPOILER] 

It was surprisingly expensive.

>> No.55513956

Here you go.

It's technically jumpable, I'm just not terribly happy with the fluff and a few other things and feel it needs some more work before it can be considered 'done'. Unfortunately, I've gotten sucked into Guyver and haven't found the time to work on it. Maybe once Guyver's finished...

>> No.55513959

True resurrection works on anyone from FR.
It drags them back regardless of where they end up. A few heavens, several hells, plane of dildo juggling gay clowns. Anywhere.
Now, replace Plane of (Insert Thing Here) with Root and have yourself a resurrected waifu.

>> No.55513976

Wouldnt someone get mad if you did that?

>> No.55513977

Still so cute

>> No.55513986


>> No.55514000

You two are sweeter than sugar.
Just to be clear, I see that as a nice thing.

>> No.55514004

Dunno, but I figured messing with the root may attract the attention of someone

>> No.55514010

well, bees do make honey.

>> No.55514017

I'm nineteen. Is that too old?

>> No.55514018

Huh. I wonder if that'd be a way to deal with a Servant. Cast TR on them, and then deal with them as a meat puppet as opposed to a powered up spirit.

>> No.55514030

I have boots older than you that I still wear. So, no, it's not too old.

>> No.55514032

Aren't the original heroes much more powerful than the servants?

>> No.55514041

If you want your ass handed to them don't do that to Hercules

>> No.55514053

Perhaps, but there are ways to deal with a flesh and blood being that are much easier than dealing with a spirit.

I'm not saying it wouldn't work all the time, but for some instances I'm wondering if that wouldn't be a better way of dealing with the Servant.

>> No.55514059


>> No.55514066

>True resurrection on Jack the Ripper
>End up with a bunch of dead babies

>> No.55514084

True Res. requires a willing subject, doesn't it?

Also, aren't Servants supposed to be copies or something?

>> No.55514087


>> No.55514100

sweet zombie jesus why

>> No.55514105


>> No.55514112

It's where all NuBee's produce goes :)

>> No.55514116

I just looked it up and you're right, it does require a willing subject. Not only that but the subject can only be dead for 10 years per caster level. So I guess that idea won't work.

>> No.55514117

True Resurrection requires that the soul is "free and willing to return".

Hells in particular generally require someone to first travel there and free the soul in question before it can be rezzed.

>> No.55514120

No, no, you'd end up with a bunch of LIVING dead babies. Which is debatably worse, if you haven't gone on the Generic Parenting Jump yet.

>> No.55514126

NO! We know for a fact that it all goes into Val's honey powered Jump Making machine. This is why she has Nubee locked in her basement.
Stop spreading lies and slander!

>> No.55514128

What was the rate of infant mortality in Victorian London?

>> No.55514140


5/6. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I mostly just wasn't sure how far it altered things. Although considering that you said the save/destroy condition applies to the entire timeline instead of just the present this would make the Grand Servant scenario a lot easier than the Beast one.

7. Thanks. Actually I'm slightly unsure about something. By 'That's fine' did you mean it's fine that I just wanted to check, or that I was wrong and that forcibly mutating everyone into weird mini eldritch horrors would work fine for the conditions?

1. Okay let me rephrase that. Can we just assume that were pulling stuff out of the Spiral of Origin when using it?

2. That gives me the hilarious thought of Gaia being annoyed that having a Type doesn't actually stop it's death.

>Oh, I could see that.

Want to see the quote just in case?

Oh also Archetype Earth calls herself the 'Final and greatest manifestation of the will of the planet', but that technically doesn't say she is the planet.

>Still doesn't explain how people missed the explicit size descriptions before and after though.

Out of curiosity. Were people trying to go 'I am now planet sized' with an option that's at most just the equivalent of a planet spirit hand puppet, or are you referring to something else?

>> No.55514142

Delicious Honey ;)

>> No.55514149

A lot/10.

>> No.55514175

5/6- No worries. Eh, if Goetia could find a way to erase it all, stronger beasts could too. The main challenge is mostly the 7 big opponents, as little remains on either side as a threat besides them.

7- You need to kill them. Making them into something other than human isn't killing them.

1- Just assume you're summoning something out of some place where everything possible does exist.

I'll be fine.

>Referring to
Just the general view some in the fandom had that TYPEs were planets. No one tried to say they were planet sized, it was just something I remember being quite common as a thought among other fans.

>> No.55514176

You aren't messing with Root. It's aimed at (insert soul's name), not Root.
You don't aim at root, you don't even athink about Root.
If going anywhere near Root resulted in local EXTERMINATUS then every Grail War would result in counter-guardians murderinf\g everyone in a couple dozen kilometer radius.
And every attempt to reach root as well, and so, there would be no magicians.

TLDR You are not touching the Root, you aren't aiming at it, you aren't thinking about Root, you may not even know about the Root, you are after something that happens to be in the general area where the Root happens to be.

>> No.55514178

I believe Magicka has an even easier resurrection spell. However, when it might have a problem.
However, if one were to say True Resurrection is like performing an prison break without setting off alarms. Magicak resurrection was compared to using a bazooka to break down the wall. Effective, but it will get guards attention and they might not be happy.

Course, this is just what people told me. But who would lie on the internet?

>> No.55514192

>You aren't messing with Root
I like having my Root messed with.

>> No.55514228

A servant isn't a dead human. It's like casting TR on a tornado.

>> No.55514250

Well, they're based on dead humans at least. So maybe more like casting TR on a painting of a dead human.

>> No.55514257

The souls already broken down and reincarnated if its gone to the Root.

>> No.55514272

There's a copy of the soul in the Root, because it's the Root and that's what it does.

>> No.55514273

>Medusa the Gorgon
So, wait, is this Rider Medusa or Avenger Medusa? Something in between?

>> No.55514281


I'm not sure if this counts as someone getting mad, but there is a sort of explanation for why you resurrections usually don't work.

Basically even if you revive someone The World does the equivalent of going "Wait a minute you died. You're not supposed to be here anymore" and then kills them again unless a loophole is used to trick it, or it decides to play favorites and bend its rules. Which is why Aoko reversing time didn't work without tossing that guys dead into the future, but Gaia could keep reviving Ciel.

Which is something you might need to be concerned about if you assume cosmic forces aren't completely ignoring the Jumper actions.

>> No.55514283

In that case, the resurrection method in the Kame Rider Neo Heisei part 1 DLC might work, though it does have some necessary components and it may have disastrous side effects. Also I think the magicka one would work too

>> No.55514284

It's muscle ,amazonian waifu Berserker Medusa.

>> No.55514301


>> No.55514318

Would the Branches of Rinne you purchase be replicable with Making of a Goddess from Witchblade?

>> No.55514320

That'd be cool.

Ah, okay. Guess I'll have to buy her Gorgon variant to get snek then.

>> No.55514324

> What's the jankiest jump you still like using?
I still have a soft spot for Super Mario RPG, which was a super early jump, and it's pretty damn janky. Smithy's Army is still a pretty important startoff point to my build to this day, and I like visiting that particular interpretation of the world with all the talking weapons and such.
Whenever there's a "enemies of past jumps appear!" drawback, I still rule that Smithy is one of them. And he's really dangerous when he gets access to even more powerful smithing.

I also still like the original Sonic jump, though it's been updated since its original run and is only a little janky. It was made back before we really standardized how jumps should look and be organized, and it still shows, but I think it still works fine, and obviously Sonic is a really important jump for me.

I could probably draw my own if I weren't so lazy. It would be, like, Weaver-tier art because he's the one who inspired me to start drawing, and so it'd mostly only be good for hammering down some broad details, but I could do it. If I weren't so lazy.

>> No.55514337


>> No.55514352

>Weaver-tier art
Weavers style is great for what he does. His stuff always makes me laugh.

>> No.55514356

So did Penthesilea went into the Berseker class just because she was really mad at Achilles calling her beautiful?

>> No.55514374

Something like that.

>> No.55514449


5/6- We still have Chaldea's help right? Although technically Goetia's plan but with the other Beasts helping would already be a lot harder than in canon. Like at minimum there's no Grand Assassin to help make Tiamat kill able and it's probably upgrading the demon pillars, the time limit is massively accelerated do to Kiara's replace Gaia thing, Primate Murder didn't quit and is going on extermination rampages in the singularities, and whatever else shows up.

Actually can I just go with that but with The Beasts hunting the jumper at the same time to make it easier to figure out what's actually occurring in that scenario, because as is I have no idea what would be occurring if its just 'The Beasts are destroying stuff and hunting the jumper?

Also I just had a thought. If you take that scenario and buy the Puppy item can we just assume that was that was left over from the parts of Fou that tried rejecting its nature?

>Just the general view some in the fandom had that TYPEs were planets. No one tried to say they were planet sized, it was just something I remember being quite common as a thought among other fans.

You mentioned people missing size descriptions.

Although being something metaphysically and being something physically technically aren't equivalent.

>> No.55514453

Could someone post the updated Servant Supplement

>> No.55514470

>Within the events, anything goes so long as you can complete the event, save for any kind of outside interference.

So just to check, this means we could basically take out our competition in every event right? Like using biokinesis to take away Leonidas' muscles for the body building event.

Or are we only allowed to take down the competition in the events that are actual fights/allow that?

>> No.55514537

The description for Innocent Monster A in the Servant Supplement is the same as Information Erasure B. Sorry if someone already pointed this out.

Also is there any particular reason for the Brave template being 50 SP?

>> No.55514556

Chaldea is still there, yes.

If you like, so long as it's not making it easier.

Sure, why not.

Yes, I know. The size descriptions given in the story.

Yes but that's not what many people thought as many people just treated them as planets straight up, never making any such distinctions.

Well, I'd say that's probably a bit too far. You could certainly try and screw them over beforehand and sabotage them before the event starts (Some may try it to you as well) but walking up to them on stage and murdering all your competition would rather ruin the sport. Perfectly okay in any combat based one though.

Probably some mistake I made in the update.

The changes it makes to Servants are similar to the ones in Bride in that they're very useful personality changes overall.

>> No.55514562

It is. I still like checking up on him to see what he's been doing. He's really good at conveying emotion through simple line drawings, use of colours and shading (when he tries to do so), and injecting humor.

But, like, the reason he inspired me was because of that simplicity. Basically I went "If he can do it, I can do it."
So I started some projects that encouraged me to draw, just like, a SHITLOAD. My primary motivation was to prove to myself and others that this could be done -- because at the time, I was surrounded by a lot of other fans of Weaver who would moan and lament about how they had no talent and could never learn to draw like Weaver.
So I learned to draw solely due to a combination of determination and spite, and it's all thanks to Weaver. I self-taught myself to draw thanks to Weaver. It's not great, and it takes me an annoyingly long time to draw a line, but I'm at a Weaver-esque level and I'm pretty okay with that.
And afterwards, I had people lament and moan about how they have no talent and could never learn to draw like me, and it pissed me off supremely.

>> No.55514603

Sounds like you'd be pissed at all the reincarnators in Re no Kaben then. Given that is the whole reason they cut their throats.

>> No.55514606

Even the part where they work on people in future worlds?

Regardless, a question about the Reincarnator you might create through the purchased blades: Do they suffer Urges as normal, or do they follow the rules laid out in the Ancestor section?

>> No.55514631

They'll work as the jump describes, not having urges and the like.

>> No.55514632

In-setting, is it possible for Reincarnators to themselves become Great People, or are they mutually exclusive? Also in-setting, do Great People actually possess the "powers" of their descendants, or is that something that only appears after Reincarnation?

>> No.55514648

Probably! That whole self-defeatest "oh man, I can never be good at stuff" thing is so dumb! LEARN A SKILL, JACKASS. It's about practice! Long, boring, tedious practice. If you're too lazy that's fine, but don't just say "It can't be helped" and say there's nothing you can do!

I'd probably be really pissed off about the sheer fatalism of it all.
I should really read this series.

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