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Skitarii are cute edition

>Daily Duncan Playlist
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVWObn2XXLo&list=PLEaPE4sLDA7ucJ0dkiVZSW6ghZUNGFHIW [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Death Guard codex (thank you Vladimir)

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Blood Angels, Fists and White Scars best bros 4 lyf

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2nd for Seventh is best!

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how do you feel about this nurgling dick

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Traitors fled from Terra when we came.
Guilman became new Emperor.
Best legion an chapter ever.

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Everyone wants some gold fistin' dick

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>a defeated enemy fled from us!

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Now and forever a fist thread.

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"There are other colours than red?"
t. John Blanche

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Alright, I've got a tactic I'm thinking of using with my Death Guard, does anyone think it would work?

>Step 1
Move Plague Marines onto objective
>Step 2
Deep Strike Deathshroud and Lord of Contagion behind Poxwalker Screen, 9'' from enemy.
>Step 3
Use strategem on Deathshroud to make them immune to shooting for 1 turn
>Step 4
Next turn move Deathshroud and Lord up 4'' and hope for a 5'' charge, wiping anything that was holding the objective.

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Fist thread is best thread

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>20pts for a melta pistol with 6" range
this need needs fixing quickly

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>Implying anyone actually cares about your Wardian Ultrawank

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uLTra muHReeNs aRe bESt GUiS

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What stops them from walking away from your deathshroud?

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Then they're off the objective. Mission completed.

If I really need to kill them for some reason, then I can just block their retreat with moar Poxwalkers.

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>tfw Lion
>Inconsistent art, goes from pure blood Aryan to full blown KANG randomly
>Nobody knows whos jewing who in regards to the whole DA secret so its not likely he'll be returning
>Called an autistic homo from damn near everyone based on an unconfirmed rumor

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Damn, spongebob is a jew?

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Why are the DA so concerned over some of their marines turning traitor during the heresy when every legion had some traitors in it? Even in modern times there are plenty of chapters that lose whole companies to chaos and just go on a penitent crusade instead.

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>implying lion isn't next
try again nigga
Because the Horus Heresy series was a mistake. Before that shitheap DA were the only loyalist chapter that were traitors. Now that burning garbagepile has taken that individuality away from them and therefore the meaning behind the Unforgiven shtick

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They hunt down fallen because they know their secret, not because they are traitors.

Their secret is that their primarch turned traitor in favor of Horus, but his chapter stopped him and now he's in stasis

That's why they carry all that shame

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*that had traitors
>inb4 le maymays
Not possible considering that if that would have happened the Watchers in the Dark wouldn't be taking care of him.

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In the old lore the legions were 100% loyal or 100% traitor.
DE had a significant portion turn traitor and they're still on the run.

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Who says the watchers arent the ones keeping him in stasis?

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Because it was almost half the legion and thats a fucking crazy amount, and because it was an easy set up to make the whole legion look traitor due to Horus' shenanigans so they had no choice but to turn their denial to 11

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The codex explicitly says that they're keeping him in stasis so that he doesn't succumb to his wounds. Nice speculation but no unfortunately. Furthermore Fateweaver tried to corrupt him and failed. He's pretty much clean.

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Wait...which head of Fateweaver tried?

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Making a tau list, need some advice.

I plan on going with 2 commanders, with 2 crisis teams to support them. Plasma or fusion variants, meant to deal with tough targets and blow up anything important.

I want 4 units of fire warriors, 2 stationary units with pulse rifles, and 2 with a devilish and pulse carbines

3 units of pathfinders

2x2 broadsides with railguns

2 stealth teams with homing beacons.

Would this be a fine list? I am not delving into points right now, at first I just want to know if this is reasonable, then I will adjust as necessary to fit the point limit (it floats a bit depending on who I can get a game with.)

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Who knows? Point is, Fateweaver tried his luck and got banished into the Warp by the Lion Sword. That along with how Watchers are basically anathema to Chaos says a lot.

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>That along with how Watchers are basically anathema to Chaos says a lot.
Only BL says this.

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It looks alright, but consider that broadsides are expensive as heck for what they do

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The WitD shenanigans are from Wrath of Magnus

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Really? Damn. I am already bummed about not having the tidewall work as advertised anymore.

Anything i should consider replacing them with? And don't say a bigger suit. I like my easy to transport army, and those big ass suits are annoying as fuck to move around.

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>only the official lore says this

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Got the Primaris half of a Dark Imperium box, what should I look to buy next?

Should I just start a normal Space Marine army and use the Primaris to stack points in until I can replace them with something, or are they actually useful?

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If the Lion is loyal, then explain Cypher.

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What about him? He's basically unexplainable from both sides. No one knows who the fuck he is or what he's trying to do. That's his gimmick, the edgelord.

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He has the Lion's Sword.
Instead of trying to return it to the Lion, he is going to Terra to give it to the Emperor.

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They are useful but dont expect a full chad brigade to be an easy list to make work

Cypher has the Lions sword and is trying to fix it to save him

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I dunno man, if you ask me I don't think there's much point in giving a guy in a coma his sword. That applies to both Emps and the Lion by the way.

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Never been fond of the 6 shot "might be worth something if I am lucky" tanks.

Did 8th make them more reliable?

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List idea.

A 2000pt list consisting of a chaos warhound titan with a warpsmith for the HQ and cultists for troops.

It isn't a good list.

It is, however, a very amusing idea.

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>Not making a 5000 point list with a Warlord

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>Fateweaver tried to corrupt him and failed
>Fateweaver tried his luck and got banished into the Warp by the Lion Sword

Or Fateweaver successfully corrupted Lion, had Lion kill him to keep up the act, and then left Lion alone to not blow Lion's cover.

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From the Emperor's Legion novel We got to see interesting things.

The SoS do not see the daemons as others see them. The SoS don't see them as the stuff of nightmares and hoor. They just see them as something akin to rapid animals to be put down. They don't even see them as horned monstrosities and the like. They see them as aggressive blobs. Also they call the, Shedim and shaitainn which are Arabic words for devils. Is this GW ripping off Dune again?

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>He has the Lion's Sword.
>Instead of trying to return it to the Lion, he is going to Terra to give it to the Emperor.
Yeah because Guilliman stole the Emperor's sword, Cypher is trying to give the Emperor a replacement.

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Which race is objectively the best?

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That's young Billy Connolly.

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Tau because they are the good guys.

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Except that you have no evidence to support this argument, it's just speculation. Until BL or anyone else say otherwise, my interpretation is the only one that's valid.

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This is Carnac.

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Nemesor Zahndrekh's Necrons because they are the good guys

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What chapter is this?

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>good guys

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Are people running the usual point levels in 8th that they did in 7th?

It feels like most things got more expensive and "elite" (read: more wounds and T). Do you just play with less models, or do you increase the point limit so you have more or less the same as you used to?

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Daemons a good abomination, they dindu nuffin.

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Right now? Tau, because they've gone from well written underdogs to the most overhyped and most effective military in the setting for the resources they put in. At least if we're talking from a power perspective.

From a writing perspective? Humans, most particularly AdMech and Guard, and Dark Eldar because their writers are actually focused on making stories and portraying their factions as they were intended to be, weaknesses and all, instead of falling for the 'my faction is better' wank that's led to the decline of most races in fluff.

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Nah, Carnac is a tremendous faggot.

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>Daemons a good abomination, they dindu nuffin.
I mean they ARE reflections of the world. If everyone else was less shitty Daemons would be less shitty

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Interesting... desu I really like how the SoS and Custards have unique perspectives on the Imperium at large and Chaos.

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I wanna see the 40K AU where the galaxy's at peace and daemons just hang out and represent good emotions now.
>greater daemon of friendship can hug 5d3 guardsmen per assault phase

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The WD literally says they represent equality, progress, hope, and deadly naivety . How can they be anything but good guys?

>> No.55462805

>Also they call the, Shedim and shaitainn which are Arabic words for devils. Is this GW ripping off Dune again?
Usually they love ripping off Herbert but this time they're actually using the term correctly in context. Herbert only used Shai'tan sparingly in his later novels to refer to sandworms after Leto II got done with them IIRC. GW actually using the term to describe daemons is appropriate to its historical meaning.

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>faction propaganda says they're good, so they're good
Holy shit thanks sherlock

>> No.55462808

The WD also doesn't talk about the 'join us or die' philosophies they have, their universal subservience to the Ethereals, the fact that most auxilliary races are second to the Tau and all the insidious stuff like Vespid brainwashing, killing their first allies with a bioweapon for resources/territory and all that.

The T'au are the good guys of 40k, but they're not beacons of good by modern standards, at all.

>> No.55462809

It also mentions mind control, so uhhh

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Chaos is best stepdad.

>> No.55462822

>killing their first allies with a bioweapon for resources/territory

>> No.55462834

It does? Where?

It wasn't propaganda. GW was underlining the defining traits of the 40K factions.

>killing their first allies with a bioweapon for resources/territory and all that.

That was never proven.

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New DG models are too busy

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>all this talk of things that AREN'T Imperial Fists

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>that shade of yellow

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Standard points limit seems to have gone up in general. I know tourneys are now running at 2000 points standard.

>> No.55462854

>le over designed meme

every fucking release, I'm so bored of it.

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You know it anon

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SoS see them differently because they're blanks. People of different psychic abilities view daemons differently.
Blanks/extremely low psychic potential people can't see them properly or see them as non discript blobs.
Regular people see them as evershifting horrors.
Psykers can see their "true forms" but this can overwhelm their senses.

A good example was that farsight story. The tau, who aren't psychic at all, get attack by daemons but are unable to see them at all and the daemons aren't able to spot the tau so they go right for the etherals and kill them without ever realizing there are tau inbetween them.

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>New fluff about the Tau that wasn't seen before
>Specifically mentions the virus that was also never seen before
>Specifically mentions how it was fortunate for the Tau and they got a second planet out of it

It was never proven, but there's virtually no other discernible reason why it would be written down, and it's not beyond the methods of the Ethereals.

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Still looks better than Guillman.

>> No.55462870

>When the Tau first encountered the Vespids, they saw a species of great potential value to the Greater Good and came to greatly covet their crystal-based technologies.
>The matter was eventually resolved at the command of the Ethereal Caste, who issued instructions for the construction of an interface device that forged a connection between the two species and facilitated communication.
>The moment the device was employed, the Vespid not only registered the Tau as fellow sentients, they instantly understood the concept of the Greater Good and their place within it.
>The will of the Tau Ethereals is disseminated to those Vespid under the command of these “strain leaders,” and they become able to decipher their role as befits the Greater Good.
I wonder who could be behind this

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> Talk about a chapter that got wipe out by Ork.
Shamefur display.

>> No.55462872

I liked the comment some guy made yesterday that it looks like he's flailing around trying to shake the Nurglings and stuff off him

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What should I arm my archon with? Husk blade or agonizer?

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That doesn't mention or even imply a bioweapon you utter moron, that's just what happened to the native americans when the moors I mean the spanish showed up

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>Two completely different races with completely different biologies meet each other
>One is killed off by a strange virus in a highly developed empire with access to extremely advanced medicine
>The Tau just happened to get a prime candidate for their first Sept out of it
>Doesn't imply anything about a bio-weapon


>> No.55462906

>that's just what happened to the native americans when the moors I mean the spanish showed up
Exactly, the Poctroon got wiped out by a bioweapon just as the Native Americans did.

>> No.55462910

It's no different than the "ork snipers" that killed off most of the Celestial Lions. Pull your head out of your ass.

>> No.55462917

You're reading way too much into it, gue'vesa scum. The Greater Good will not be cowed by your vile xenophobic propaganda.

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I like age of sigmar

>> No.55462935

>You're reading way too much into it, goyim scum. The IDF will not be cowed by your vile antisemitic propaganda.
Pic in >>55462749 is way too accurate to be funny.

>> No.55462944

Ethereals are psykers?

>> No.55462949

Not in the warp sense, but yes

>> No.55462954

That's one of the theories. All we know is the Ethereals are at least more psychically sensitive than the average Tau, so perhaps on the level of average Humans at least, but there's no proof they're highly warp-sensitive.

>> No.55462972

Explain the invocation of elements then.

>> No.55462973

They all have psycho-active crystals shoved in their heads, so there's something going on even if they can't manifest any overt powers.

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He is the man with no name.
Clint ain't no edgelord you cunt

>> No.55462987

When was this? Fateweaver versus Lion Sword?

>> No.55462991

>Mind control is not an overt power
OK buddy

>> No.55462995

The Tau have been utterly and fanatically indoctrinated to believe in, and become motivated by the words of the Ethereals. Psychological conditioning on that kind of level is something we've done in real life, where we can invoke certain emotions or mental states in people through simple command stimuli (and I'm not talking about stage hypnosis, I'm talking full indoctrination.) Tau are like that towards Ethereals, but on superfuture tech steroids and over their entire lifetimes, an Ethereal can command a Tau to kill themselves and they'll do it without showing any sense of restraint or pain, something they couldn't do without such a trigger.

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File: 306 KB, 1280x953, Codex_Deathwatch_art_Tau_Battlesuits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this image convinced me to make a unit of deathwatch vanguard veterans

>> No.55463012

I get it now

The Tau Empire is like the Islamic Republic of Iran

>> No.55463016

Pheromones son.
Ethereals make Tau horny sluts who will listen all they say.

>> No.55463018

>an Ethereal can command a Tau to kill themselves and they'll do it

>> No.55463025

Anyone got that book where Aun'va tells the Earth Caste guy to off himself with his bonding knife and he just does it then and there? I'll search for the other sources in the meantime.

>> No.55463032

Farsight novel. Aun'Va tells a water caste lady to kill herself and she does it.

>> No.55463034

I think Deathwatch are cancer but that image is pretty cool, desu

>> No.55463043

Farsight Crisis of Faith.

And it was a Water Caste, and it was a she.

>> No.55463044

Reminder if it wasn't for a warpstorm the tau would have been genocided.

>> No.55463054

I like female Stormcast they're really cute.

>> No.55463056

>If it wasn't for x, then y wouldn't have happened
What are you trying to say anon?

>> No.55463078

tau survived because the gods want them to fuck with the imperium.

>> No.55463087

Post some pic anon please.

>> No.55463095
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Basically this, except I'd imagine they're space-fedora tipping athiests.

>good guys
>not a human faction

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Havent played for like 1.5-2 years. I read that tau now an underpowered piece of shit like orcs and csm. Is it true and i should be happy that i sold them when they could at least do something?

>> No.55463104

Let's not get into shitflinging here, the Tau were an okay addition to the setting when they were first introduced and the coincidences that let them ascend were fine, it was almost like a testament to why the Imperium put down primitive sapient Xenos whenever they found them, eventually one escaped and this is what became of those to-be-extinct.

It's only more recently that Tau have become a really, really unwanted edition to the setting. Beforehand it was mostly 'muh weaboo' and some TT cheese that drew people away, but now it's this insufferable blend of writer apologism (there are at least some nice bits about big brother tier shenanigans, but there's just as many about muh moral superiority in neutral books) and the completely unnecessary amount of wank their military has gotten over the past few years, not only discarding many of their former weaknesses but also with some new toys that either don't make sense for the Tau, completely shit all over things they shouldn't (see: the Damocles bubble of stupidity phenomenon) or both.

>> No.55463109


>> No.55463114

Me too

>> No.55463120

They're Aldous Huxley's Tau Empire guest featuring George Orwell.

>> No.55463124

>‘You are ta’lissera bonded to your team?’

>‘I have that honour, master,’ replied Wellclaim. ‘Six kai’rotaa now. We are very happy.’

>‘Take out your bonding knife.’

>‘Of… of course,’ said Wellclaim, reaching around to the ceremonial dagger she kept in a sheath at the base of her spine. She unclasped the lynx-skin sheath and unfurled the satin cummerbund that bound it around her waist, holding it forth for inspection. It was a truly beautiful example of its kind. She was always proud to show it off, and doubly so to an ethereal.

>‘Now. Take the bonding knife out of its sheath.’

>Wordlessly, she did so. The metal blade slid from its housing with a soft hiss. Something burned behind her eyes, in her throat, in her guts, making it hard to think.

>‘Now kill yourself.’

>Wellclaim reversed the knife in her hands and stabbed herself in the chest as hard as she could, burying the knife up to the hilt in her own heart. Eyes wide, she gasped out a welling glut of blood, toppled over, and spasmed her last.

>A delta of crimson spread out from beneath her, rivulets tracing the hexagonal mosaic tiles of the Ethereals Bringing Calm to Fio’taun.

>‘Clear this up,’ said Aun’Va to his shas’tral guards, ‘and find the other one.’

-Farsight (Book 3)

>> No.55463127

Hey guys remember when Shadowsun was ambushed by Knights?

>> No.55463144

This, tau fans are delusional if they can't see it. Every faction gets some sort of horrific flavor of despotism, even muh greater good isn't exempt.

>> No.55463150

They are still a Greater Good (TM) than every other race/faction

>> No.55463153

Why he want her to kill herself? Is he some kind of chaos worshiper?

>> No.55463161

No fuck, i really want to know about my once favourite fucking faction. Dont want to search and read 8ed, when i dont even playing anymore.

>> No.55463166

What chapter of Marines should I start after Orks are finished? Convince me

>> No.55463167

The weak should fear the strong

>> No.55463175

>ambushed by Knights?
How the fuck does a Knight ambush someone who doesn't have complete sensory loss?

>> No.55463181

Hooked up with a earth caste.

>> No.55463182

Because the Ethereals are dicks and she kinda deserved it, IIRC her apprentice nearly ruined something important and Aun'Va needed to set a quick, clean example.

Same reason why Kauyon works when half of the Tau stuff isn't stealthed and most Imperial forces have access to advanced sensors by our definitions. It just does.

>> No.55463183

Her follower (who was possessed by the daemon) challenged the Ethereals and spilled the beans on why they were sending Farsight away during the council meeting.

>> No.55463184

>reminder that there are now way more gue'vesa than actual tau after they saved the imperial worlds cut off by the rift and left to fend for themselves

>> No.55463195

I hope this is the case with future fluff, it would be really interesting if the Tau are being manipulated directly by Tzeentch, or if their massive advances in technology were achieved through some sort of "deal with the devil"

>> No.55463199

>Imperial worlds
>Cut off by the Rift

Anon, the Imperial worlds around the Tau Empire still have direct access to Ultramar and Maccragge. Not only that, but the Tau lost their entire 4th Sphere Expansion to warp storms, the whole thing, they probably didn't do shit for decades after losing that much materiel and personnel.

>> No.55463207

It was a forest world. The trees were huge. Also the Imperials were being led by the Raven Guard.

The Tau lost 300 souls in that battle but Shadowsun took her revenge.

>> No.55463208

No. This would be lame af. Leave my science based faction alone.

>> No.55463220

Actually, IIRC, it was said that the Fifth was launched on straight after the Fourth disappeared.

>> No.55463222
File: 21 KB, 251x231, 1476561323938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Answer my question you useless paranoidal shitposters.

>> No.55463224

>muh science based faction
>in a futuristic space fantasy setting
There's already a good science faction, and that's the admech.

>> No.55463238

>Religious cult
>Science faction

>> No.55463243

They needed to wait for the warpstorm to dissipate, we're not sure how long it took, but even if it was only months the simple fact that T'au canonically don't have FTL anymore would slow them to a crawl across the Gulf.

>> No.55463249

>why isn't my faction overpowered anymore
Once the Tau get a codex I'm sure they're be back to top cheese tier, right now they are in the middle of the pack like most other armies.

>> No.55463256


Like the Greater Good?

>> No.55463262

Blood Angels, that's Mephiston on the bottom left.

>> No.55463269

>if it was only months the simple fact that T'au canonically don't have FTL anymore would slow them to a crawl across the Gulf.

Actually, recent novels say that they have skim drives.

>> No.55463279

And the Core Rulebook of 8th explicitly states that the Horizon Engine approaches light, but doesn't exceed it.

>> No.55463280

>All sets of beliefs are religious

>> No.55463297

Well thanks. At least someone with a bit of brains here. Who's top tier now?

>> No.55463301

The Greater Good is undeniably a system that encourages a vague form of worship and faith, but it doesn't have particular belief in a higher power, that being said anyone who thinks religious factions can't be scientific in sci-fi either don't know the genre or are tipping the tip.

>> No.55463304

>I told this Watercaste lady to kill herself and she actually did it!
>the absolute mad woman!

>> No.55463305

I usually don't read any BL books related to Tau.
But this got my interest.
Now I need to find it.

>> No.55463306

Hahah Orks and CSM are in the top tier now, Anon.

Tau aren't underpowered, just less powerful than they were in 7th.

>> No.55463313
File: 42 KB, 223x194, iron wrath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


*screams in iron*

>> No.55463323
File: 81 KB, 607x608, 1505273756847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55463329

>gue'vesa scum

See, they even speak insultingly to their supposed ALLIES.

>> No.55463330

It's part of a series. You better get all of them.

>> No.55463331

Screw the commies, this thread is now a dark eldar thread.

Blasterborn in a venom, or scourge?

What stratagems do you want in the best faction's codex.

>> No.55463332
File: 427 KB, 873x876, I AM ALPHARIUS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55463346
File: 45 KB, 600x620, 99120108008_TriumvirateoftheImperium02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Belisarius is going to get an individual model,will celestine and greyfax get individuals models too?

>> No.55463356

>NPC models getting their own release

In all seriousness though? Probably, Celestine alone is popular enough a take to justify it.

>> No.55463358

Codex Imperial Agents.

>> No.55463359

Gue! It's Gue for humans! Gue'la for human soldiers!

Gue'vesa are our ally humans!

>> No.55463365
File: 173 KB, 1440x1057, IMG_20170919_091048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If this is the future, then I want to go back.

>> No.55463373

Venoms are awesome, but honestly best Drukhari are Ynnari Drukhari.

>> No.55463381

Hope so, I wanted to buy the wondertwins and I don't give a fuck about Bearclaw.

>> No.55463383

Can you cap the text?

>> No.55463386

My bad shas'senpai

>> No.55463387

Minor question about the big beep, which bits of him are the Solar Atomiser and the Arc Scourge? I've never figured it out looking at him.

>> No.55463390

Does anyone know if alarielle the everqueen would fit on a Tzeentch disc? Or a size comparison for the model in general.

>> No.55463399

Time waits for no man.

>> No.55463400

Yeah, that's what I'm planning on running, since strength from death is so much fun.

>> No.55463407


>> No.55463411


>> No.55463412
File: 18 KB, 384x383, images (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone here participated narrative campaigns before We are doing Imperium trying to retake a world that only recently has fallen to the Tau through nobles treachery.

>> No.55463413

Are the death korps of krieg a good buy from miranda irene? Fucking expensive but they are my true passion to field in 40k.
I have a tau army but it's just not as fun fun fielding muh blue fishes. Also got savagely wrecked by dark eldar this weekend in a 1500 point battle. Need to really rework my tau army.

>> No.55463416


>> No.55463427

Got a physical copy because I'm a good goy, but it's page 134 under 'spheres of expansion.'

>> No.55463440

>nobles siding with communists


>> No.55463459

Maybe they had worked out a tech deal with plans to stab the tau in the back after aquisition of their tech. Maybe the Lord's thought it could boost regional power over neighboring planets.

>> No.55463472

Techno monks have always been a staple of post apocalyptic sci-fi

>> No.55463473
File: 250 KB, 1280x853, 1450211782629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Souless laughter

>> No.55463476

> fights death guard
> retreats in disgrace
> loses in a seven hour duel to Mortarion
Perta-fago is eternal jobber

>> No.55463479

>Hurr Chaos manipulation is such a great plot xd
It is already lame and poorly explained for half of the imperials who falls, having Tau do the same would be groan inducing at best.

I wouldnt mind a small group of converted Tau, "For the Greater Evil" or something super edgy like that. But just as a small side note near the colour scheme section. Not the entire faction.

We have more than enough of the boring as fuck "OH NO PEOPLE ARE FALLING TO CHAOS!!!!11!11!!!!!" already.

>> No.55463487

Yeah ravagers are pretty stronk too and being able to doom and guide is pretty fuckin neat for Drukhari, and never underestimate sky weavers.

>> No.55463492

crimson fists, it's a nice scheme and you've got a rivalry with orks

>> No.55463498

Science is the opposite of religion. They believe in a god, so they are not a scientific faction.

>> No.55463511

It's established in the novels that the Tau have true masters.

Now which race in the galaxy would benefit from the existence of the Tau?

>> No.55463512

>tau should be the only race immune to corruption, because they're super special and don't afraid of anything
In case you missed it lad, the entire setting is literally built upon the foundation of chaos and the warp

>> No.55463514
File: 273 KB, 1920x1080, 1449028699969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55463521

It was more the case of nobles of a backwater world being enchanted by Tau shinies.

>> No.55463522


I play Tau, and my usual list of 2-4 commanders (depending on point level, 2k or 3k respectively) a handful of Crisis teams and a truckload of fire warriors, are absolutely shitstomping most of the opposition.

I was a sharp decline in winrate with the retarded formations in 7th, but has otherwise been mostly on top of my gaming group. 8th brought me back on top, and people are struggling to deal with my fairly vanilla looking army.

>> No.55463545

Maybe the nobles are in charge of a democracy and have no choice but to side with the commies by popular vote?

>> No.55463547

The Old Ones? Necrons are a decent candidate too.

>> No.55463548

Can any Ork unit take a battlewagon as a dedicated transport? I'm finding my heavy support section is rather strapped in terms of slots

>> No.55463557

>"Tau should be able to fuck up on their own because 'Chaos dun did it' is as dull as 'Necrons dun did it' ever was"

>> No.55463558

Not really
Just look at how many scientists argue over certain theories because they interpret results differently

>> No.55463560

>Science is the opposite of religion

I don't even believe but you are shitting on some of the most important scientists of human history with this statement. Muslim, greek or christians

>> No.55463575

Eldar or Necrons.

>Tau barely have a psychic footprint
>Chaos have trouble with corrupting and controlling them, and have on several occasions suicides to kill an ethereal, as if removing their presence was more important than the very battle itself.

I think it is pretty clear that Chaos are not behind them.

>tau should be the only race immune to corruption
Oh yeah, like all those Chaos corrupted Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids, Orks... oh wait.

>> No.55463576

>Science is the opposite of religion

Except it isn't. What you might be referring to is the scientific skeptisism paradigm being incompatible with religious reasoning, at which point I might point out that people tend to be more complex than a binary state of sceptic or fanatic.

>> No.55463584

This has been the standard since forever

>> No.55463599

>not playing strictly 2005 point lists

>> No.55463600

Democratic planets in the fringes would be super easy picks for the Tau wouldn't they!?

>> No.55463606

You have to be a literal mong at this point to believe tau are communist

>> No.55463608

So is there a reason why the imported Chaos HQs don't get Disgustingly Resilient in the DG Codex? Why do you lose the ability to shake off inguries after infecting your way up the Plague Marine ladder only to lose it because you wanted to Chaos Lord in power armour or have a gun while in Terminator armour?

>> No.55463609

Except it is. Believing in myths is the antithesis of believing in empirical evidence.

>> No.55463613

Because they are Index Pastejobs.

>> No.55463614
File: 269 KB, 986x1500, Inquisiotr_Bronislaw_Czevak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well Crone World Eldar are a thing, just saying.

>> No.55463615

>The First Sphere Expansion ended when the T’au reached the limits of their ability to traverse space. Being a non-psychic race, the T’au have no understanding of the warp, so their star fleets travel at sub-light speeds. New technological innovations have steadily increased their range, allowing them to press ever further into the galaxy.

It's talking about the First Sphere, dawg. Nothing about the speed of their new engines was discussed.

>> No.55463621

Can't wait for Chaos eldar. They'll probably make them after Ynnari goes to shit.

Also there have been Chaos Orks in old lore, like Nurgle and khorne orks

>> No.55463624
File: 37 KB, 250x348, 20170919_073213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ethereals btfo

>> No.55463630

The Tau in the fluff are called equalists and collectivists. Those are code words for communism.

>> No.55463639

Mendel was a super believer and thanks to him you can have your retardation tested today

>> No.55463643

Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.55463650

>I think it is pretty clear that Chaos are not behind them.

We have visions of humans worshipping a statue of Farsight. They seemed very chaosy to me.

>> No.55463653

And Newton believed in alchemy; it doesn't mean anything.

>> No.55463667

Are Plague marines actually a secret melee unit? 20 with Axes and Flails with Prescience, Lord, VotLW, and Putrefaction will deal 40 kills to Meq.
Footslogging a unit across the board behind a Pox screen with Cloud of Flies, then when they're gone you have to chew through +1sv from Blighthauler, -1 hit from miasma, and rr1 DR from Surgeon. There's almost no way to stop them from getting there, and they eat whatever they touch with the MW and wound buffs regardless of how many are left.

>> No.55463673

>too autistic to separate factual truth and non-empirical wisdom

>> No.55463677

No secret, they are mid-close range units, they state that several times.

>> No.55463693

>Tau equalist = equality of opportunity, everyone has a chance to rise to their maximum potential to enrich the lives of all for the greater good, no matter their race or creed before joining
>Human communist = equality of outcome, everyone is equal and nobody is better than anyone else, if so they are knocked down to ensure equality

>> No.55463700
File: 101 KB, 417x480, Kastelan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanted to play around a bit with the Infiltrating Kastelans Stygies VIII provides.

Thoughts on the list?

>+++ Death Korps and the Rape Bots (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [77 PL, 1250pts] +++

>++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - FW Death Korps of Krieg) [23 PL, 366pts] ++

>+ HQ +

Death Korps Field Officer [2 PL, 23pts]: Laspistol

>+ Elites +

Death Korps Combat Engineer Squad [4 PL, 67pts]
. 5x Combat Engineer, 1x Demolition Charge, 2x Meltagun

Death Korps Combat Engineer Squad [4 PL, 57pts]
. 5x Combat Engineer, 1x Demolition Charge, 2x Plasma gun

Death Korps Combat Engineer Squad [4 PL, 57pts]
. 5x Combat Engineer, 1x Demolition Charge, 2x Plasma gun

>+ Dedicated Transport +

Death Korps Centaur Light Assault Carrier [3 PL, 54pts]: 2x Heavy stubber

Death Korps Centaur Light Assault Carrier [3 PL, 54pts]: 2x Heavy stubber

Death Korps Centaur Light Assault Carrier [3 PL, 54pts]: 2x Heavy stubber

>++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - FW Death Korps of Krieg) [30 PL, 400pts] ++

>+ HQ +

Death Korps Marshal [3 PL, 42pts]: Chainsword, Plasma pistol

Death Korps Marshal [3 PL, 42pts]: Chainsword, Plasma pistol

>+ Troops +

Death Korps Infantry Squad [4 PL, 62pts]
. 10x Death Korps Guardsman, 1x Plasma pistol, 1x Plasma gun

Death Korps Infantry Squad [4 PL, 62pts]
. 10x Death Korps Guardsman, 1x Plasma pistol, 1x Plasma gun

Death Korps Infantry Squad [4 PL, 57pts]
. 10x Death Korps Guardsman, 1x Flamer

Death Korps Infantry Squad [4 PL, 57pts]
. 10x Death Korps Guardsman, 1x Flamer

>+ Heavy Support +

Death Korps Heavy Weapons Squad [4 PL, 39pts]
. 3x Twin Heavy Stubber

Death Korps Heavy Weapons Squad [4 PL, 39pts]
. 3x Twin Heavy Stubber

>++ Auxiliary Support Detachment -1CP (Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus, Stygies VIII) [24 PL, 484pts] ++

>+ Heavy Support +

Kastelan Robots [24 PL, 484pts]
. 4x Kastelan Robot: Incendine Combustor, Kastelan Fists

>> No.55463703
File: 160 KB, 798x1200, QEqnws7vTqg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55463708

What is the actual effect of the DEATHWATCH faction-name for a Deathwatch squad of (e.g.) Intercessors? It seems like it wouldn't have any effect.

>> No.55463712

Plaguebrust Crawler with Entropy guns or predator with 4x las? the PG is around 150p with the entropy

>> No.55463714

I'm an autist and I approve of this message, entirely too many spergs ruin any discussion by flailing and screeching at the idea of third options and grey areas, to them there's only the RIGHT one and people intentionally choosing to be wrong.

>> No.55463719

it means being religious and a true scientist is possible

>> No.55463724

>Believing in bronze age myths in the year anno domini 2017
>Basing your ethical and moral beliefs on bronze age myths in the year anno domini 2017

>> No.55463726

In 7th Edition, Orks were absolute trash.
Who are the shit-tier armies of 8th Ed ?

>> No.55463729

Infantry or tank duty?

>> No.55463732


They're a society literally governed by castes, into which one is born and out of which one may not rise.

Go back to /pol/ with this weak-ass shit.

Also literally burn all Tau and their players.

>> No.55463733

Because Farsight is actually a decent dude and compared to most planetary governors he is basically Jesus. Humans live good lives under tau rule, those visions make sense when you consider the average life of an imperial citizen

>> No.55463737

>Not understanding the existence and necessity of God in 2017

Damn, son.

>> No.55463741

>Society has clear and distinct caste system
>must be communist guys!

>> No.55463742

Just because Stephen Hawking can get spearphished doesn't mean he's not smart, but it also doesn't mean that God is real, dumbo.

>> No.55463749


>Tau canonically don't have FTL anymore

Bull and shit.

>> No.55463756

>Communist Soviet Union wasn't a highly stratified society
b-but t-true communism has n-never been t-tried

>> No.55463761

>Now which race in the galaxy would benefit from the existence of the Tau?

He hates Chaos so he created a race to destroy it. He created the Warpstorm to shelter the Tau so they wouldn't be destroyed before they could fully develop.

>> No.55463762


Whichever one you prefer, but only by dint of your preference. Because you're complete shit.

>> No.55463766

>discarding countless millennia of the study of human nature, philosophy, theology, and the very social structures civilization is built upon because of muh """facts"""

>> No.55463771

People believe in carb myths, vaccine myths, conspiracy myths, human brain is hardwired to belive in easy explanations for hard and scary subjects.

>> No.55463772

Humans are idiots and will worship anything that they think will give them favour.

And it happens a even more easily if the object of worship is An Char.

>> No.55463779

>It's established in the novels that the Tau have true masters.
How is it established do they have odd conversations or is it just forshadowing?

>> No.55463781

Either? 4x las pred can eat anything

>> No.55463783

>Oh yeah, like all those Chaos corrupted Eldar,
What are Crone Eldar?

>> No.55463789

You know who makes a good bad guy? The inquisition. They and the Grey knights represent a corrupt deep state that you think more pure and righteous humans would engage. Both sides blaming one another "for chaos."

>> No.55463794

Which ever army you play

>> No.55463800

Again, that doesn't mean science is wrong and there is a God you massive pillock

Which is objectively better, a society with child sacrifice or without? A society which rewards bad behaviour or punishes it? A society which provides universal access to healthcare or one who doesn't?

Grow up, anon.

>> No.55463802

The Fire Warrior novel says that according to the Tau creed all castes are equal. From the lowest earth caste toiling in a farm to the highest ethereal mediating in a temple. No caste is greater than the other. All are equal parts in the Greater Good.

>> No.55463803

Sure, killing 3 Boys per turn seems a good use.

>> No.55463809

I remember reading that ethereals popped out seemingly nowhere to unite the Tau and stop their constant civil war.

>> No.55463818

Except for the Ethereals anon

>> No.55463819


Which caste is the Tau who said that in? Or did an Ethereal tell you that?

>> No.55463820

Tzeentchian daemon musings as he mills about with the Tau.

>> No.55463822

Because there is are actual physical differences between castes you fucking idiot.
>hur dur give the weak lanky faggot a gun, he wants to be a firewarrior
>hur dur give the autistic manlet a ship, he wants to be a pilot

>> No.55463827

Equal but separate.

>> No.55463829

The fuck you on about? I never stated god is real

>> No.55463834

Sadly not. It's strange why GW decided to remove things like Necrons not needing the warp to travel at insane speeds, Tyranids also being able to do warp jumps and Tau losing their FTL tech. Maybe it all made too much sense, NuGW seems all about making lore in such a way that some shit just does not make sense, and issues end up just being waved away.
>Hey GW, how are Tau suppose to travel through space at a reasonable speed now that they no longer have FTL
>Shut up, don't think too hard about it. Just play along.

>> No.55463841

I wonder why Girlyman doesn't have one

>> No.55463842

>weak lanky faggot
>autistic manlet

But enough about every single Tau and Tau player.

>> No.55463845

is there a place where I can download the Fabius Bile: Primogenitor audiobook for free?
audiobookbay seems down

>> No.55463848

>not understanding the nuances of the human condition

>> No.55463849

Actually the text address that. The Ethereals get to lead because they are the first among equals. Not because they are better or superior than the others but because they only caste qualified due to their wisdom and foresight.

Fire Caste.

>> No.55463863

PBC averages 1 less damage on t7 3+ but it cost less so has the same efficiency per point. Its also twice as hard to kill with +1w, 5++ and DR. They're better overall.

>> No.55463864


>> No.55463869


No, seriously: Bull and shit.

If a newer source states a flat impossibility, it's wrong.

>> No.55463874

It would be nice if the Tau found some kind of stargate system or faster FTL so that they could realistically be involved in other parts of the galaxy.

>> No.55463882


So the guy with a gun told other tau (who are prohibited from carrying guns) that they're just as equal as he is?

Seems legit!

>> No.55463883

And by nuances of the human condition you mean this two thousand year old myth about a talking bush has some merit to it don't you? Idiot

>> No.55463888

Densely packed cluster of stars

>> No.55463890

It's sad that so many people need the threat of some omnipotent being punishing them in ways unimaginable even after death in order to behave themselves.
And then still don't. Humans a shit.

>> No.55463895

>Lord of Contagion
>x5 Plague Marines Champ with boltgun, x2 Plasma gun
>rhino with combi
>plaguebrust crawler with 2 entropy cannons
>hellforged Scorpius
Now either Decimator, Cotemptor or Doritos dreadnought? Using the Hellbrute keyword I want to throw them into melee while shooting with heavy/assault weapons. Which one do you think and whats the loadout? Max point is 1000, so far I clocked 745 points.

>> No.55463903

No, he was reciting the creed to himself. They were going to an ethereal rescue mission and wondered if they would have done the same for any other caste.

>> No.55463912

Kek. You win

>> No.55463914

They will probably use warpfuckery with the 4th expansion sphere to justify involvement of Tau all over the place. Maybe even make them recover old tech to reverse engineer it so they warp travel. It will be interesting how they deal with such a strong contact between the warp and Tau. They don't even have gestalt shields right?

>> No.55463917

If a transport completely obscures a unit from an enemy unit, can the enemy unit fire?

Can the obscured unit fire?

>> No.55463919
File: 6.21 MB, 3066x1010, TauFlight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is now, apparently, a Tau thread.

>> No.55463928

No it doesn't, it means people will always look for answers and destiny, whether though string theory or the hand of god.

Now certain scientific theories are becoming orthodox teaching where doubt or alternate explanations is a sign of madness or a secret agenda.

>> No.55463931

>The Ethereals get to lead because they are the first among equals.
>We're all equals
>Except all of you will follow my commands with fantical zeal.
>If I tell you to kill yourself, you will without hesitation.
>But don't worry, we're ALL equals here ;^)

>> No.55463932

Even then the distances involved would be almost unimaginable large ... and too dense and gravity would start seriously fucking with shit.

Well if you ask Carnac all new sources on 40k lore, not matter where it comes from, are always right and older fluff is always wrong :^)

>> No.55463939

t. samefag

>> No.55463940

Keep in mind that tau are not educated to be selfish so in their post-scarcety society a gun is not a tool to threaten an equal

>> No.55463941
File: 294 KB, 1020x911, size comp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry I don't have any disks, best I can do is give you a size comparison between her and a primaris marine, for reference she's tacked on to a 40mil base there and is slightly too big for it.

>> No.55463944

Yeah, and they are the same little footnote that I was talking about.

I am not against a Tau corrupted Sept. But it should be a minor footnote, not central to the entire faction.

>> No.55463945
File: 29 KB, 320x320, 1505106662512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55463948

lmao I get it now, you're just another retard who thinks global warming is a conspiracy or sexual orientation as a spectrum is a conspiracy some shit like that

>> No.55463949

Beings of the warp would rather play "count the nipples" with a daemonette than even bother with the Tau cruising right by them

>> No.55463954

Rather they need to belive the people that wrong them will be punished and their themselves will be made whole.

Humans are among a very select group of animals that have a notion of fairness and rightness.

>> No.55463958

No and no.
Units ignore models in their own unit for los, but not other friendly or enemy units

>> No.55463961

Plague crawler is more resilient and the damage output is very close.
Plus DG have a few ways to lower toughness anyway, so T8 (the only T where their is an issue) isn't a problem anymore

>> No.55463968

That's one of the major reasons they (used to) Warp Skip rather than Jump. They tried Jumping once and got eaten by deamons.

Personally, I'd like to see them keep their naivety and keep their Skip drives but find an ancient network of teleport gates to conquer small outposts all over the universe.

>> No.55463977
File: 569 KB, 681x1023, sushi for dinner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not for long.

>> No.55463979

Also well painted

>> No.55463987
File: 3.39 MB, 2500x3055, Leave guillaman to me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so we have morty, will fulgrim or angron be next up

>> No.55463991

What about the human auxiliares which are surely present in their forces? Anyway couldn't they just ride along all the way to reality?

>> No.55463993

Question: Which are the best Imperium's melee units?

>> No.55463996

Dolmrn gates?

>> No.55463998

>find an ancient network of teleport gates

>> No.55463999
File: 255 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170919-105951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This might surprise (You) anon, but most sane, well adjusted, fit people hate Tau and their manlets that play them.

>> No.55464008

>Primaris Space Marines are basically playing tau
>all armies are better at shooting now, assault gets more pointless
>assault nerfed to hell and getting worse as armies get buffs against it
>andTau continue to be the most boring army to play
their codex is going to make them stronger than ever too

>> No.55464010

I love Inquisition fuckery a million times more than Chaos wank.

I generally just love when a faction cripples themselves, rather than the ever hollow "muh chaos did it". It screams lazy writing, and makes the entire plot instantly lose all artistic value. If they at least handled it well, and they do in a few instances, but 95% of it is jusy lazy garbage.

I am still hoping Tau invents AI so smart and intelligent, that it ends up rebelling against them. No chaos involved, just straight up AI looking at the bullshit Tau are doing, and going "nah fuck this, you are hypocrites and deserve ruination".

>> No.55464011


>> No.55464012

>Tau reverse engineer the webway

This could actually be sweet

>> No.55464015

>this kills the gue'la
lol thats a great point and probably the reason they dont do it

>> No.55464016

Hopefully Fulgrim next but it is probably gonna be Angron

>> No.55464017

I dunno Anon, which God does GW like more Khorne or Slaanesh

>btw, Nurgle isn't done yet. He's getting his AOS fame for a new GUO to go with Blightwar.

>> No.55464018
File: 33 KB, 600x620, 99070201021_TzaangorShamen01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might work with the disc of the Tzaangor shaman, but that still seems like it might be pushing it.

>> No.55464021

Trips of truth don't lie.
Tau purge when?

>> No.55464026
File: 65 KB, 523x306, moon_horror.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In b4 "Obviously photoshopped"

Also nice trips there

>> No.55464029

Old ones created the Nids, they've that big reset button.

Iirc Xenology implied the Eldar at least manipulated and adjusted the Tau as a species, but that's dubiously canon.
Most likely either Necrons or Eldar had a hand in creating their civilisation though. My money would be on a Craftworld.

>> No.55464033


I believe the scientific explanation because I've not the education to disprove them and thinking big thoughts comes second to paying my bills.

And it's funny you should mention sexual orientation since you yourself seemed locked into binary thinking of "agree with me or be everything wrong in the world"

>> No.55464043

never faggot because even if you autisticly scream to the high heavens we will still be a thing

>> No.55464050

>yet another race that uses the Webway


>> No.55464056

>you yourself seemed locked into binary thinking of "agree with me or be everything wrong in the world"
I found the biggest strawman in the known universe

>> No.55464059

Dorito is Havoc/BCA is 253. You can park it and Fire Frenzy for 16 Butcher Cannon and 24 Heavy Bolters per turn all game long.

Claw/Deathclaw Contemptor with double Soulburner is 247. It will mash anything in melee and give you 4 MW a turn on anything while moving up. I think its too vulnerable for a 250 point melee unit however, and is going to require dedicated warptime and first turn to do anything.

>> No.55464061

Fulgrim but it's going to be a smaller release.
Khorne is getting his shit last because Berzerkers are already in plastic, even if they look like shit.

>> No.55464069

This thread looks like the Damocles gulf

>> No.55464071

Didn't Tau reverse-engineer the warp engines of a crashed Imperial space ship in their first codex, to explain their FTL travel?

>> No.55464075

>Fire Frenzy
But you can't do that. It targets a Helbrute, not a HELBRUTE keyword unit.

Fuck FW just FAQ this shit already.

>> No.55464080

Yeah but apparently they forgot to reverse engineer the geller field too.

>> No.55464083

Am I a faggot for using a very lightly kitbashed Lord Executioner as a jump pack Captain?

Also, is 3 Captains in an almost totally plasma based army an asshole move?

>> No.55464087

Tau Hammerhead Railguns have almost exactly half the damage of Neutron Lasers, even when the Hammerhead has five Markerlights it's evened up by any of the many cogfucker Reroll One auras. Should they just be given two shots? Doesn't really make sense that some random crappy tank can take on Tau's comparatively elite soldiers two to one and win.

>> No.55464089

I'll chime in

If Alarielle kindof fits on a 40mm, she'll fit on Ahrimans disc, which is a big boy

>> No.55464091

>Webway specific missions and scenarios.

Not very original I know but I still think it could be cool, also they'd probably freak out at the inmensity of everything or what if they casually discover the BL?

>> No.55464093

That should be fine. Even with the most optimal list building you're looking at 50/50 odds to win given how swingy the accuracy is for everything but commanders.
BS 4+ broadsides are egregiously overcosted. Missilesides are okay if you take the -1 AP support system.

>> No.55464101

remember how they even got their jump start? It was a long shot by the Emperor all along. After all the whole "suffer not the xenos" thing was about the ayys trying to kill us not the ones who are still trying to befriend us even after a crusade was launched against them

>> No.55464112

That makes me wonder, aint proper helbrute get resilient?

>> No.55464118

Fuck Tau possessed by daemon? That's new.
If I remember correctly Tau can't be possessed.

>> No.55464120

no and no

>> No.55464123

That was Kroot. Unlike Tau, they have FTL battle stations.

>> No.55464125
File: 40 KB, 150x326, warhammer-primarch guilliman, cut my legion into pieces.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The late Lord Commander Guilliman. Shows up too late to save the Emperor. Just in time to seize power for himself. How convenient. Then the usurper orders the legions that the Emperor created to be broken up, just so that no one could challenge his rule. Sneaky.

>> No.55464126

Tau were uplifted by the eldar to be a nuisance, that is all.

>> No.55464133

Are there any new Plague Marines models available? Or just those from Dark Imperium?

>> No.55464140

It's just one shot, but Longstrike makes them hit on 2's and they wound most everything on 2's. The d6 damage is too random though.
Their best utility in all of my games has been the perceieved threat they impose, and my opponents focus fired on them instead of my more important fusion suits.

>> No.55464144

3 from First strike and the three Plague Brethren

>> No.55464147

still waiting on the 10 man kit but there have been a few premium veteran type models

>> No.55464150

Check the FW errata, they already gave it and all chaos dreads in the index the HELBRUTE keyword

>> No.55464154

Nice reading comprehension

>> No.55464161

>I generally just love when a faction cripples themselves, rather than the ever hollow "muh chaos did it".

>The suppression of information concerning the existence of Chaos and the daemonic was a policy instituted by the Emperor himself before the start of the Great Crusade; it remains perhaps the most fundamental core interest of the Imperium, and also the main reason for the Inquisition's existence.

Chaos still did it.

>> No.55464163


Much as I enjoy shitting on Tau and their players (and by all means continue to do this, with gusto) can anyone answer me this?

>> No.55464174

As long as you keep a scientific approach and not just entertain the possibility of being wrong but also actively question your own supposition, that's ok with me.

>> No.55464189

Join DEATHWATCH faction armies without locking them out of faction traits.

Wearing the team jersey even if you're just the water boys if you will.

>> No.55464195

I do, and injecting superstituous beliefs into public policy fails every time

>> No.55464248

There is a vast difference between
>Chaos did it
>Someone fucked up because they were afraid of X manipulating someone or something.

The later is vastly more entertaining, mostly because it forces the shitty writers to actually think of why things went to hell, instead of the usual "Chaos did it, I dont have to explain shit."

>> No.55464258

intercessors can't be DEATHWATCH

>> No.55464283

I never advocated doing that either, my entire point was that some scientific theories have become nearly religious doctrine where all re-examination is considered subversive to the "True immutable facts of the universe (as established 350 solar revolutions ago by the pro.. scientist)"

>> No.55464321

Not the same anon you are responding too but I am wondering when should we stop re-examination and establish something as dogmatic fact. For example we have literally observed atomic particles, should we re-examine particle physics? (I know there are wide parts of it still under heavy investigation but I am referring to the basics)

>> No.55464323

My God, is interceptor just broken this edition, or just Taus version of it?

This thing is ridiculous.

>> No.55464339

You sound like Karl Pilkington

>> No.55464344

What are you talking about?

>> No.55464347


Thank you all.

>> No.55464351

What did he mean by this?

>> No.55464383

Early Warning Override lets you immediately shoot every time someone sets up a unit within 12".

Your character dropped in? Blow him up. A unit arrived afterwards meant to protect him? Them too. More friends join in? More meat for the grinder.

It is basically a "fuck you, stay out of 12" range" to anyone deep striking.

>> No.55464399


But they can?

>> No.55464400

About to finally be finished with my CSM army. Then the burn out creeps into my life. Ibseriously only have to paint like 30 cultist and some chosen. Then do some touch ups on other models. Anyone have suggestions to dealing with burn out?

>> No.55464401
File: 37 KB, 334x319, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I I buy three boxes of death guard terminators will I end up with three guy turning into a fly? Because he seems waaaaaaay too specific to be a generic character.

>> No.55464414


Masturbate furiously.

>> No.55464427
File: 565 KB, 367x265, IMG_1809.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already do that.

>> No.55464452

Not him but do it more.

Seriously, masturbating rids ya' body of negative emotions most of the time. I find I paint and draw better after a good fap.

Enjoy yourself some more anon, until you're ready to paint again.

>> No.55464458

We have observed the trails of disturbance left by atomic particle.

But my answer wold be Never.
Otherwise we might have nano-robotomys to remove theories that'd put to question the technocracy's right to direct the course of tri-system hegemony in 400 years.

Besides if we ever establish immutable facts countless physicists'll have to get jobs that actually does stuff.

>> No.55464469

ugh shoehorning

>> No.55464478

They can, its just daemons have a hard time locking on to them because their warp ability is so weak.

>> No.55464482
File: 59 KB, 602x690, 1480398523084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55464495


Okay but consider:

Make your entitre army out of turning into a fly guy.

>> No.55464516


Primarii can take marinelet shoulderpads right?

>> No.55464522
File: 316 KB, 676x5107, Dregs Fatalis 1000pts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mostly Primaris renegade pirates of sorts. Captain is Cataphractii for fluff reasons despite moving slower than dog turds. Opinions?

>> No.55464528

But can an entire army be that fly?

Pretty fly for a blight guy.

>> No.55464535


Then just set up outside 12".

>> No.55464542


>> No.55464545

What's the fluff? Why does he wear the cataphrachii anon?

>> No.55464549
File: 49 KB, 900x900, apollo diomedes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rofl xd

>> No.55464557

>telling your opponent before he deploys at 9"

>> No.55464580

Hey that's mine!

>> No.55464625

>not swapping army lists with your opponent before the game
What the fuck are you doing, nigger.

>> No.55464631

He's a greedy cunt only concerned with his own safety, opting for the biggest and thickest armor he could get his hands on. He couldn't care less about his men, as long as he gets home at the end of the day

>> No.55464691


>> No.55464765

As of now, nothing.

I suspect that the special issue ammo may become akin to a Chapter Tactic when their book comes out though.

>> No.55464835

So I want to buy Dark Imperium, how would i convert the Primaris fucks into DG? Greenstuff bloated stomachs? what else

>> No.55464852

Sell them and buy the multipart plastic kit

>> No.55464853


>> No.55464860

I'm an idiot and forgot to add title to the thread

>> No.55464915

Fair point. I agree

>> No.55464942
File: 38 KB, 480x375, 1505638886843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't really get the meme of Tau being 'overhyped' or what have you. That Tau are somehow mary sues or whatever because they win campaigns? I never really thing they win too egregiously, and they lose/are tricked often enough for it to balance out their success.

Like, grimdark is one thing, but Tau are one of the only factions to use actually practical tactics and strategies with absurdly powerful technology that are constantly being innovated.

I feel like it's mostly salty Imperium players who think this, but then they have no room to talk since Imperium wins y'know, always, even when they lose. The exterminatus of Mu'gulath Bay while in retreat, for instance.

Grimdark is nice, but progressive thinking and being a rational not-crazy person is p. strong in 40k. It's just that it's a setting where people don't usually get to be that. Tau are just fortunate enough to not really be beholden unto that, at the cost of being v. small.

>> No.55464980

Multi what? Explain

>> No.55464984


>> No.55464987

>I never really thing they win too egregiously
Guess how I know you haven't read Damocles.

t. Tau player

>> No.55464999

Why does he wear the mask

>> No.55465057


>Cost more than a LC pred
>Less firepower than a LC pred even with support


>> No.55465077


Because no one cares who he is

>> No.55466249

so... space marines are giants
but are their dicks giants as well? if so how they have sex, i mean it must be horrible being in so much stress and dont have sex

>> No.55466440

What unconfirmed rumor? If it's the nightclub thing that's one thing but a cursory glimpse of Wikipedia will tell you that the IRL Lionel Johnson whom the primarchs drew influence from was a repressed homo.

Dark Angels BTFO?

>> No.55467094

Can I join?

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