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Post dick pics edition

Thoughts on the meta?

If you could introduce one card into the modern cardpool what would it be?

>Current Modern Metagame


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>that manabase


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mmmmm those aetherling
liek the idea

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Anyone see that 8-rack deck being played by Tom Ross? It looked surprisingly legit.

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>If you could introduce one card into the modern cardpool what would it be?

I dunno, Dack Fayden maybe? Mother of Runes? I have no idea how busted Sanctum Prelate or Recruiter of the Guard would be in Modern D&T. Shardless Agent would probably be reasonable, wouldn't mind a Wirewood Symbiote myself honestly.

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This, it's very "work in progress" and
>lol illegal card mfw

Az charm / Remand tempo is in fact really fucking funny though; I had a friend run a fairly similar UW control. Such a deck is easily hamstrung from successful Thoughtseize/Inquisition with their pants down to catch Rev (or force them to blow one for a tiny X), but he also ran Snaps for that along with Colonnades and other cards not-moneybags OP lacks.

Also >if I could introduce a card
Swords. I'm glad Path exists but still hate it next to Swords. So either that or Wasteland (lol tron).

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I have a ton of hand me down cards, is there a site where I can input what I have and see if there's any deck thwt can be built?

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Bant Spirits
Working on New Perspectives
The price of the game
>Thoughts on the meta?
It's fine. Wouldn't mind Street Wraith getting the axe
>If you could introduce one card into the modern cardpool what would it be?

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mtgtop8. You can search the database.

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For a whole collection of cards there's no free service I know of like that. Like >>55428093
said you can search mtgtop8 for decks containing specific cards, but you can't put your whole collection into that.

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BG Rock

Valakut and Tron, same as always

>Thoughts on the meta?
It's reasonably healthy right now, Death's Shadow is the best deck but it's not oppressively good. If I were WotC, I'd have Valakut and Street Wraith on the B&R watch list but nothing needs banning just yet.

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How has bant spirits been working for you? Thinking of picking it up online

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Naya burn for atarkas command and destructive revelry
Valakut, but just out of jealousy.
Chalice on 1.
>thoughts on the meta
Seems OK, lots of fair decks
>one card into modern cardpool

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Any good modern decks that have an angel and human theme?

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mono white DnT is mostly humans and angels

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>not recognize counter everything and Rev for 15

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>looking through my spare cards
>find a playset of Steel Overseers I forgot about

Should I build affinity? Is it fun?

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Do NOT play affinity.

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Yes. Its literally the best deck if you master it. You'll take a ton of wins off of it.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA Holy shit! Even Reveillark is now considered too powerful a threat from Wizards, fucking Reveillark of all cards!


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he's right you know

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>you played the game long enough to see the time where WoTC considers Reveillark too powerful
I actually think the cards quite good but seriously this is the state of this game nowadays

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what the fuck
are they retarded?
or do they just want every card in standard to do nothing? Does removal and land destruction hurt your feelings card designer lady?

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eudy should be shot, that said there is no reason for WPN exclusivity to exist. that system fucks over more people than every other potential system there is

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>If you could introduce one card into the modern cardpool what would it be?
force of will just so modern was made completely inaccessible

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They literally want Standard to be creatures with combat keywords attacking into each other and occasionally some overcosted removal getting casted. Oh and Planeswalkers generating some value here and there, no interesting abilities though, the Plus ability just makes creatures or neutralizes a threat the minus does card advantage and the ults just some dumb game winner that doesnt necessarily win on the spot. Even walkers dont get interesting design space anymore.

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Soon Standard will look like an even simpler Portal set. Just a ton of vanilla creatures with evergreen combat keywords and extremely simple removal spells.

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"The Doom Blade problem :^)"
Holy shit what happened to this fucking game?

>> No.55430588

How does that deck beat affinity, burn, infect, zoo?

>> No.55430603

The changes to planeswalkers have been the most frustrating since almost every single one follows the same design principles. It's only really been Gideon of the Trials that's broken the mold in recent sets and even he isn't the most exciting of planeswalkers.

Just look at Ob Nixilis from BFZ and Jace from SOI, almost identical effects with the same CMC.

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Jeez.. Lorwyn, Shards of Alara, Zendikar are what got me back into magic, because they were interesting cards with wacky powers and abilities. And doing neat things at every rarity level.
Wizards is really trying to remove anything interesting it seems.

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>Scenario 1: Removal too strong.

>Player 1 plays a creature.
>Player 2 plays Doom Blade plus a creature.
>Player 1 plays a creature.
>Player 2 plays Doom Blade plus a creature.

>Scenario 2: Removal too weak.

>Player 1 plays a creature.
>Player 2 plays nothing.
>Player 1 plays a creature.
>Player 2 plays removal.
>Player 1 plays a creature.
>Player 2 plays removal.

There seem to be a few scenario missing in this basic example.
Player 1 plays a creature.
Player 2 plays a creature.

>Player 1 plays Path / Bwithin / Bounce / Bolt and a creature.
>Player 2 plays Doom Blade plus a creature.

What a strawman argument she is posting.

>> No.55430718

Not posting an exhaustive list of examples isn't a strawman you dingus. It's just a simple example.

>> No.55430775

>Does removal and land destruction hurt your feelings card designer lady?
How am I supposed to play my craw wurm with those unfun cards in the format? :(

>> No.55430827

didn't portal crash and burn all three times because no one wanted "magic for retards"

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>Add one card
Baleful Strix
Game 1 vs DS Zoo
He has a Nacatl on the draw, CB to kill it and strip a Bolt from hand pitching a GQ. Played Glint-Nest turn 3 and he swings in with 2x Dryad Militant, pumps the one I don't block with the domain pump spell from alara. I get a Bridge out and start plinking with the Crane, then a Crucible and realize he didn't have any basics so I quickly remove his lands and he scoops.
They disconnected but g2 I would have sideboarded like so:
-1 Pithing Needle
-1 Nihil Spellbomb
-1 Crucible
-1 Tezz AoB
+2 Collective Brutality
+2 Herald of Anguish

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back to basics would be cool

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Sup lads

Can someone recommend me a fun and cheap deck to play

>> No.55431015

seismic swans

>> No.55431044

What is your definition of cheap?

>> No.55431064

cheaper than US$250.00~US$300.00 maybe

>> No.55431150


At last, the real reason they don't abandon the reserve list. If Vintage/legacy was cheaper to get into, established players wouldn't buy the new garbage fire sets.

>> No.55431162

*caverns of souls to pay mana*

Nothing personell controll player

>> No.55431167

Skred is ~$300 you might want to look into it. Most of the time you're probably better off just saving your money to get something worth spending on that you actually enjoy, plus you'll get more options that way as well.

>> No.55431187

Of course it's a woman

>> No.55431192

cabal therapy.

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I wonder who could be behind this post?

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im brewing some jank around cathodion, it involves sacing him for the mana and bringing him back with stuff like trash for treasure or scrap twaler. sac one to an atog, filter the mana to cast another, stuff like that.

>> No.55431369


Fire this dumb bitch. In fact, fire all the Nu males there to. It happens in every fucking game, as soon as you start caring what the players want and how they feel, they become unhappy assholes. You need to run your company like a Chad. Print sets that are fun and interesting, fuck the players, you give them what you want and they're going to LIKE it.
Fucking women. . . "This thing made me feel bad once so it has to be banned forever".

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can we just off mark rosewater and get someone new? i swear that cunt is slowly making the new sets shittier and shittier, i mean i dont want to return to the times of urzablock, but i want to go back to the time where a mechanic or card might make an impact across formats besides just being present in standard and thrown to the wayside when it rotates out.

tldr, fire rosewater and make something interesting dammit

>> No.55431688

They say as this gets the clear from RnD.

>> No.55431710

I'm glad they banned it in standard, now that I need a couple they are basically free.

>> No.55431765

speaking of vehicles, where there any from kaladesh besides >>55431688 's pic related that are usefull in modern?
i think you could get some use out of ovalchase dragser and fleetwheel cruser

>> No.55431777

It's pretty saucy in fish, but I don't know where else it'd be used?

Could Soul Sisters get away with running 2?

>> No.55431850

With Opt being reprinted will we see UR delver coming back?

>> No.55431946

not really

maybe heart of kiran

>> No.55432056

>Post dick pics edition
Don't mind if I do.

Anything running a playset of Mox opals

Stony Silence and gang. It's not too bad though

>Thoughts on the meta?
I dig it. Some "best decks" some generally good decks and it's not as much of a Sideboard battle clusterfuck as people say it is. says the guy playing mono fold to Stony Silence decks

>If you could introduce one card into the modern cardpool what would it be?

>> No.55432068

Fish indeed, I tried it as a 2x and 4x on xmage and want to bring the 2x version in my paper merfolk deck.

>> No.55432072

I sure as fuck hope so anon.

>> No.55432123

it's never coming back with Gitaxian Probe banned

>> No.55432137

Can spellskite redirect damage sources from conflagerate? Scenario is my board is full of creatures and spellskite. He conflagerates one each to assign lethal damage to everything.

>> No.55432270

How so?

>> No.55432294

Grixis maybe, but I don't think UR is coming back anytime soon due to how the meta has shifted.

>> No.55432309

If Spellskite is targeted by Conflagrate or Electrolyze at all, you can't redirect damage.

>> No.55432374

Gitaxian Probe is the main reason why Delver decks can get away with sketchy hands and 18 land manabase. It's also gives you great turn 1 play with Swiftspear, great turn 2 play with Snapcaster or Young Pyromancer.

Delver also has never been successful without Gitaxian Probe. Legacy, Modern, and Standard when Delver was good it had Gitaxian Probe.

>> No.55432567

Gut shot seems like an ok replacement.
Imo with the extra librabry manipulation of Opt is suddenly seems like a much more viable deck in modern.

>> No.55432591

>eudy should be shot
I dunno about you but I don't want my Goyfs to get reprinted to hell and back and hold no value.

As long as a card doesn't cost €1000 I don't see any problem.

>> No.55432653

Live your dream buddy.

>> No.55432764

Gut shot doesn't cantrip and provide perfect info so you can sequence properly. It didn't deserve the ban at all

>> No.55432807

quick someone tell him that peek is modern legal.

>> No.55432895

Peek always requires mana so that doesn't make it nearly as good senpai. Nice try though

>> No.55432917

Really underwhelmed by the first run of Ixalan cards. Seems very uninspired, overly Hearthstone-influenced and a real step back from Amonkhet/Hour of Destruction.

Am I being overly cynical or anyone else not feeling it?

>> No.55432929

>It's a great safeguard against planeswalkers and the new double-sided lands if they are a bit stronger than we anticipated.
>we don't know what we're doing

>> No.55433037

WoTC is definitely pushing everyone to be a Timmy.
>2 mana removal? Nah, too powerful, let's make it cost 5.

>> No.55433049

On one hand I feel the same way but on the other I'm kind of glad they're at least printing cards like spell pierce, Lightning strike, Opt and Duress again as well as the newer hate cards. Hopefully they realize this battlecruiser magic shit isn't good for the game and go back to previous standards for inspiration.

>> No.55433072

You actually thought Amonkhet/HoD was good?
So far I'm thinking Ixalan should be better, the flip cards seem interesting at least.

>> No.55433103

>interesting flip cards
i renember seeing an enchant that flips into a gea's cradle.

>> No.55433120

For Standard I mean.
Nothing in Ixalan interests me for Modern.

>> No.55433195

Since origins the sets have been trash, this one is no exception.

>> No.55433329

Hour yes, it synergised really well with the earlier sets.

>> No.55433433

classic mtgo

>> No.55433454

>All colored mana symbols may now be paid with 2 generic mana.
>Urza lands are banned

How would you change your existing decks? Would you brew something new?

>> No.55433475

This seems like a good way to throw the one of the basic principals of the game out the fucking window

>> No.55433534

Cultivator caravan is good too. However it only really works for 5 mana threats. There are so many better options at 3 mana for rocks

>> No.55433546

well i figured a few of you guys might shit your pants because omg gaeas cradle but i guess its meh

>> No.55433560

like everflowing chalice for example

>> No.55433609

Exactly. Love that card. Only advantage is that some lists can benefit from having the mana rock also be a creature. I think it has potential but maybe only as a king macar pimp mobile deck

>> No.55433638

you can esoul artifact it.

>> No.55433647

It would be easier to crew it. It only gives base pt 5/5 so crewing it does the same thing.

>> No.55433709

Problem is that the decks that want it have trouble using it and the decks that can use it don't really want it. Elves, for example, can get it to flip really easily, but they don't have any trouble making the insane amounts of mana that you'd get from it, and it'll usually just make your CoCos lest consistent. Not saying it's unplayable, just that it's not "omg cradle"

>> No.55433795

Anybody got a memey mono black deck

>> No.55433825

Holy shit, is that Des?

>> No.55433855

try mono black vehicles

>> No.55433888

pretty good but I want to get even more memey

>> No.55433903


>> No.55433948

How much meme is enough meme?

>> No.55433998

How competitive is mono green devotion? Including the different archetypes, stompy, combo, toolbox, tooth and nail combo, etc.

>> No.55434054

need my opponent to verbally say "what the fuck"

>> No.55434083

Brew up mono black drain

>> No.55434256

Viable in burn? What say you, burn bros?

>> No.55434285

I think it's just good against the top decks Tom was expecting (Storm, Death's Shadow, E.Tron, Scapeshift). Still that's a pretty diverse list of good matchups, and Tom's list doesn't run Ensnaring Bridge, which is super ballsy and I love it

>> No.55434309

With confidence most super-budget level decks will probably beat the ultra-competitive decks on a 35-65 basis. Maybe a 40-60 if it's a bad match up for the competitive deck. It's really not that bad considering you can bring a $35 deck up against one that's $500 plus and still have a reasonable chance at winning.

>> No.55434317

>3 mana
>no haste
Not faste enough.

>> No.55434355

Too slow for modern

>> No.55434434

so close though. I almost want to say the menace makes up for it. If it had 1 toughness and costed one less mana would it be worth? Not that speculating on what could have been does anything.

>> No.55434622

post some of these decks

>> No.55434701

Most of them are above the $35 dollars the other guy said but by comparison to most tier 1 decks their dirt cheap.

>> No.55434753

menace is irrelevant and even at 2 he wouldn't be better than eidolon.

>> No.55434794

>80 tix Monowhite Martyr Control
>Easy 4-1 only losing to scapeshift

If you play online modern is very affordable, paper is unfortunately pretty inflated.

>> No.55434799

>8-rack in top 8
>jund in top 8

I'm tired of seeing fucking Eldrazi/DS/Control.

>> No.55434810

Would a mardu deck running young pyro, and monastery mentor be good (or at least good enough)? Run it with a good suite of cards like bolt, lingering souls, push, etc.

>> No.55434881

Stuff like these don't have sideboards but they're great starting points and pretty good for their cost. Stuff like mono-red burn is plenty competitive and you can make it dirt cheap without really running into a money wall until you hit fetch/shocks for splashing another color.




Are they anywhere near the level of $500+s? fuck no, but you'd be surprised what you can win with these. With that said you also have to take into account the losses that a tier 1 deck will have just due to card draw. I'd give any of these a solid 30-35% win chance against other decks.

>> No.55434905

forgot this one. It's $14 and pauper legal as well if you are really poverty tier.

still none of these are bad and with maybe $50 of tweaks I wouldn't bat an eye at them taking a game or two off of much much higher tier decks.

>> No.55434930

just look at the art of that thing. it's menacing. can't have that.

>> No.55434962

Burn (without arid mesas) or Elves (without Caverns)?

>> No.55434983

wouldn't want people to interact with each other now, would we?

>> No.55434999

Burn without Mesas can still run Inspiring Vantages and Sacred Foundrys. Elves without Cavern is going to be sad.

>> No.55435023

By Preordaining on turn 1, followed by the opponent calling judge on you for playing cards that are banned.

>> No.55435050

>I want a mechanic or card make an impact across formats

hey now, aether revolt was only 8 months ago. :^)

>> No.55435071

So I'm trying to put faeries together, but unfortunately I can't justify spending more than $200 on the deck. Pictured is what I've slapped together with cards I've got. I'm planning on removing torrentials as I get more snaps, and to add more Lilis later.

I've still got some budget left to work with, what looks like the best inclusion?

>> No.55435098

It counters them and wins by casting the card Sphinx's revelation for 15

>> No.55435099

I mean, you can pre-order pic related for $2.50 each right now. Sure it doesn't have the "cannot be countered", but I feel like there's not a whole lot to cry about given the disparity between prices.

>> No.55435138

depending on how much budget you have left I'd say vendilion clique.

>> No.55435155


I can afford one, lol. I want two in the future.

>> No.55435227

The point of cavern is "the can't be countered part", that's literally why it's used

>> No.55435235

Unclaimed Territory in Elves when the only colour you need is green.

>> No.55435248

For real? This shit will be 20 cent after release

>> No.55435474

>2.50 for a worse ancient ziggarut

Who would ever buy this?

>> No.55435506

edh players since you can only have one.

>> No.55435516

>3 mana
>no haste
>turns off helix
>no real impact when it etb
Nah man. Maybe a Sb slot tho

>> No.55435595

I love Tom Ross but if I go to my FNM and play against an 8 Rack player I will never forgive him

>> No.55435649

More like, top8rack am I right?

>> No.55435685

>suddenly everything is flooded with 8rack players

maybe people will stay away from the deck because lili is like 85$.

>> No.55435733

replace Lilli and desmember with pix related

>> No.55435807


also add some Dak's to tom's mana base
(the version i saw didnt have them)

>> No.55435851

>playing against an 8rack player
>he T1 Thoughtseizes
>sigh and lay out my hand
>without looking up he points at a card
>"Aren't you going to look at my hand?"
>"No, why would I?"
Post stories about people with mental disabilities at your LGS.

>> No.55435913

Playing RG Tron, or sometimes BG if I'm feeling like it. Fuck Eldrazi Tron.

What am I looking at?

>> No.55435935


Word on the street is that this may give eldrazi tron enough "colored lands" together with the caverns so they may use the colored eldrazi from the BFZ block.

>> No.55435938

But comrade, all the red cards Tron can play are currently trash garbage. GB > GW >>>> RG

>> No.55435998

I know it's the worst at the moment, but honestly I still enjoy it most out of the three. I play BG at bigger events usually, but when playing with friends or at FNM I bring RG.

>> No.55436019

I can respect that. Rock on Tronbro.

>> No.55436041

I still play RG tron with a conduit of ruin because I like emrakul a bit too much.

>> No.55436107

You can use the nu-lili and the perfomance isn't that worse.

>> No.55436130


In 8rack? Yes it is.

>> No.55436192

Liliana, Defiant Necromancer? Good luck getting your Heretical Healer to flip with the massive amount of creatures that 8rack plays. Or the Last Hope, which does nothing for your gameplan.

>> No.55436231

Eldritch moon one, she's already played as a 1 of in the sideboard, it's not the same thing but poses a clock with the ult and stops early aggression, even kills out all 1 toughness creatures, she's not as good a LotV obviously but for a budget version she isn't bad either.

>> No.55436591

Favorite T1 decks:



>> No.55436603

lol retard

>> No.55436605

I personally think no card should cost more than 40, been trying to trade for my last goyf and snap forever now but no one wants to trade down from a price point that high.

>> No.55436642

I know it's not the perfect thread for it, but does anyone have experience with Card Kingdom's battle decks? I was considering getting a few for my little siblings because I'm paranoid about them touching my decks. Obviously not expecting them to be powerful, but are they playable?

>> No.55436692

Why not just slap some kitchen table stuff together and give it to them instead of paying 10 dollars for 2 dollars worth of commons and uncommons.

>> No.55436710

Rate my shitbrew


>> No.55436713

Because I don't have kitchen table stuff.

>> No.55436741

I wouldn't mind goyfs costing 5$.
But to be fair, the biggest barrier of entry in eternal formats is the land base. Shocks, OG duals, fetches, Sol lands and utility ones like Karakas or Ruins should all be reprint a lot more than they usually are.

>> No.55436759

lol moron

>> No.55436769

You don't have piles of limited junk cards you can assemble into decks?


Just buy Wizard's duel decks then as they are cheaper for two.

>> No.55436801

That's Eggs, my dude.

>> No.55436826

You cannot expect stores and players to buy €200 boxes and have cards that hold no value in them.

If they lower the cost of the boxes to half (50 and 100) and raise print run I have no problem with Liliana being worth €10, otherwise fuck you, it's already a gamble as it is.

>> No.55436851

>he actually buys expensive cards
Just buy chink proxies and double sleeve
I've been in the top 8 of tournaments with them lol

>> No.55436886

But that's why boxes cost 80€ anon and at 4€/booster stores make plenty of profit and players get out plenty of fun with sealed and drafts.

>> No.55436908

i think its the krark/twaler combo.

>> No.55436946

What the fuck do I play in a meta infested with Eldrazitron and linear aggro?

>> No.55436974

Molten rain?

>> No.55436977


>> No.55436984

Random question, but where can someone get the star city games tokens they're using in the open. Things like pic related. The only ones I can find are the critter ones.

>> No.55437023

I just started working on some UW spirits shitbrew, are there any cool tricks or underused cards for the deck?
So far the only non Innistrad spirit I have is Kira.

>> No.55437028

grixis death's shadow of course

>> No.55437033

50 instead of 80 and 100 instead of 200. Duh.
Also there are no Goyfs in a 80 box and nowadays it's even hard to find a box at 200.

Also it's €80 and €200 in Europe, not the change of $80 and $200, but the cards' prices still change.

You cannot sell a product at an inflated price (it's fucking inked cardboard, in the end) and expect people to buy it if there's not a form of value. Are you retarded?

>> No.55437052

Cards are dirty cheap to make. They could make €1 boosters and still have profits.

>> No.55437110

I just played against that deck and it was kind of ass. Had drogskul captains, qulleres, wanderers and phantasmal image copying queller was kinda cute.

I was playing Monowhite Martyr control so i just locked them out with wraths and kami of false hope I imagine they do okay against most decks but really i don't think spell queller is nasty enough to justify playing it over merfolk.

>> No.55437120

Exactly? >>55437033

>> No.55437129

You know what would be cool, after RtD (return to dominaria) block they went back and revisited the universe that arabian nights took place in.

>> No.55437162

I am a player and when I buy packs I don't buy them because I expect to make a return, so yes people will still buy them, only """investors""" and retards alike would cry about that.

And the point those 2 other posters were trying to make is that probably these cards should be reprinted in boxes at a normal price because honestly, whoever buys these "special" products is a retard by default.

>> No.55437205

>but really i don't think spell queller is nasty enough to justify playing it over merfolk.
It is when you add Noble Hierarch and CoCo

>> No.55437375

>when I buy packs I don't buy them because I expect to make a return
Lol. Idiot.

You yourself say you're a "player". Do you even know what that implies? That you want good cards. Why? Because you need them to win. The demand for good cards is what raises the price of cards.

Are you saying you're gonna buy €4 packs until you get a playset of the best cards you want? Because if you don't plan to do that you're gonna have to pay the price of the market.

If you're saying that Wizards needs to make profit then you must not realize that carboard is much cheaper than €80. The value of playing the game IS NOT worthy €4 a pack, otherwise you would see card players pay thousands for a poker deck, or some other game. It's a COLLECTIBLE card game.

You wanna lower the price of cards (as those anons where saying)? Okay. You will have to lower the cost of the product first.

>> No.55437412

not that guy buti just buy the cards that i want from tcgplayer if i want them. in fact i was lookign at some cards form Arabian nights, don't have any of them

>> No.55437442

Good for you. What's your point?

>> No.55437482

i dont buy packs to open them and get shit, if i want to buy stuff i'll buy singles.

like pic related.

this would have benn funny if it was printed in HoD

>> No.55437607

>That you want good cards. Why? Because you need them to win. The demand for good cards is what raises the price of cards.

No, it's to play drafts and sealed, otherwise I would just buy the fucking singles.

>> No.55437700

Then my post still concerns you because you're subject to market prices. Again, good for you but your point? Wouldn't you be happy if the price of cards was lower?

I've already talked about that. Playing is not worth €4 a pack, no matter how you look at it.
Especially if we're talking about drafting where you can't even use cards you already have.

I don't think I understand what you guys are trying to say. Are you saying that a box is "worth" €80 while also saying cards shouldn't have collectible value/should all cost less than €10?
Because that would be ultra retarded.

>> No.55437794

Question: Is the token put in play actually a Sliver?

I understand it's saying "make a Sliver token", but the wording implies that I treat it as a 1/1 colorless creature rather than a 1/1 colorless Sliver creature.

>> No.55437825

when in doubt check the gatherer.


>> No.55437843

This deck looks fun, i dont really care about keeping it pauper legal but how should i upgrade this deck to meme without breaking the bank

>> No.55437844

>110.5c A spell or ability that creates a token sets both its name and its subtype. If the spell or ability doesn’t specify the name of the token, its name is the same as its subtype(s). A “Goblin Scout creature token,” for example, is named “Goblin Scout” and has the creature subtypes Goblin and Scout. Once a token is on the battlefield, changing its name doesn’t change its subtype, and vice versa.

>> No.55437851

Friendly reminder that if you're unsure about anything a card says, always first check either Gatherer, or a similar database like Magiccards.info or Scryfall. What the piece of cardboard in your hand says doesn't matter, what matters is the oracle text.

>> No.55437852

i would, but seeing how cards like dragon engine and desert nomads were printed a long time ago and are probably on the reserved list, so i wont be seeing them reprinted anytime soon. although im perfectly content with their prices though, seeing how the aforementioned cards are rather cheap to get a hold of.

to help your argument maybe they should make somthing like modern masters anual, and have important cards like the zendikar fetches or the ravnica shocks as rares. i dunno, just an annual set that is jam-packed full of value for the average Modern joe.

read the oracle text on the gather, thank me later.

>> No.55437874

>I don't think I understand what you guys are trying to say. Are you saying that a box is "worth" €80 while also saying cards shouldn't have collectible value/should all cost less than €10?
>Because that would be ultra retarded.

Yes because we understand that people have to make profit, I don't know how much LGSs pay for them but I'm gonna assume it's around like 40-60€ so that's the profit hasbro makes, then there's that 20-40 more than the LGS makes, we as the customer get plenty of cardboard out of that and enough hours of fun when you consider that a 2 hour movie is 20€ and the medium price of vydia nowadays is 60€ and then you can considerate the possibility to trade them or just collect for your own purposes, collecting isn't exclusively tied to value it can have something like an emotional attachment to it or maybe you just like the art or whatever.

>> No.55438040

Fellas,how much worse is Boros burn compared to naya?And is it worth it to upgrade up to it?

>> No.55438045

>to help your argument maybe they should make somthing like modern masters anual, and have important cards like the zendikar fetches or the ravnica shocks as rares. i dunno, just an annual set that is jam-packed full of value for the average Modern joe.
People would not buy the boxes at that price if there was no value in it. The store cannot sell all the fetches at €20 if there are thousands on the market.
>Yes because we understand that people have to make profit
Players are people too, not just the store owner. Obviously you won't make money out of a single box unless you're lucky but there has to be value.
Hasbro and LGS would still make a profit by selling boxes at €50. You realize this, right?

Now, I'm not saying they have to lower the price, I am saying that if there's not a balance between the price and the EV then no one is gonna buy their damn boxes. IT DOESN'T MATTER if there are players like you who value drafting that much, the majority of the people WILL NOT BUY IT if the EV is much lower than the price.

There has to be balance for the market to be sustainable.

>> No.55438061

well, do you want boros charm and atarkas command in the same deck?

if yes, pick naya

>> No.55438084

Naya Burn is really just Destructive Revelry and the occasional Atarka's command. You just have to pick up a pair of Stomping Grounds, assuming you already have your Mesas/Foothills.

>> No.55438104

It's not worse, you have the benefit of a more reliable manabase.
The main reason to splash green is Destructive Revelry but Boros has Wear//Tear

>> No.55438111

Affinity would become U N S T O P PA B L E

>> No.55438197

>> No.55438247

A friend and I both played modern for the first time last Friday. I've been a fan of MTG since 2008, but this is the fisrt year that I've really gotten back into it since New Phyrexia. Until now I'd only played in prereleases, drafts and a legacy tournament the day before. On the other hand, my friend has only recently gotten into MTG and this was his first time playing in any kind of event.
Merfolk (borrowed from a friend)
Not really hating anything, but I was finding Tron pretty annoying. Turning Urza lands into islands with spreading seas and sea's claim was kinda fun for a while, but walking ballista + basilisk collar absolutely demolished me.
>Thoughts on the meta?
I'm not super familiar with it yet, but from what I've seen/heard, nothing seems outright broke. I'm having fun.

>> No.55438271

Dunno, look for stronger orzhov creatures or maybe some dual lands so that you don't get fucked on mana.

>> No.55438332

I think I'm going to pretend to be trans and get free shit for a while.

>> No.55438386

What does Death and Taxes look like right now? Anything from Ixalan look worthwhile?

>> No.55438447

Don't quote me on this, but Ashes of the Abhorrent in the SB.

>> No.55438614

Why would you ever use it over cage or RiP?

>> No.55438683

Because I gotta be me anon.

>> No.55438723

Well I can definitely see it in decks like Knightfall or Value Town, who need their graveyards to function while also having better grave hate than Grafdiggers and can't run Rest in Peace. Death and Taxes doesn't need it though

>> No.55438759

Though on that note I've always thought Wheel of Sun and Moon is a hilarious replacement for RiP

>> No.55438910

Sacrificial thralls
1/1 black 1cmc If a spell or ability would require you to sacrifice a creature you may tap sacrificial thralls, it does not untap text upkeep step.

>> No.55439168

This plus selfless spirit would be annoying as fuck

>> No.55439363


This look better? It doesn't really seem like fetching for specific mana is needed for this deck and I wanted to keep around the cheepish creatures and life gain

>> No.55439670

Even in formats like EDH elves wouldn't really want that, the fact it activates on endstep is what kills the deal.

>> No.55439694

If it was at upkeep I could imagine a few coco decks using it

>> No.55439791

Lantern, teched with 3 needle, 4 collective brutality main.

>> No.55440193

GB or GW elves?

>> No.55440452

Honestly that's the best part of this meme. Aetherling was an allstar in standard, it's too bad he couldn't find even a fringe place in modern.
>Thoughts on the meta?
Pretty lame to be honest. Aggro is >50% of the meta right now and the combo decks are too easy to disrupt(most relying on dies to anything creatures. What we really need is some aggressive unbanning, and things that help midrange or combo, stoneforge and/or twin come to mind.

>> No.55440594

Is that even trans? I'm usually really good at trap detection and while the eye and the illusion of the adam's apple give it a male look I woulda bet money that is a truly ugly woman instead.

>> No.55440618

Building my burn sideboard, should I use Wear/Tear or fragmetize? Is there any artifacts or enchantment above 4 mana I need to worry about?

>> No.55440627

Kitesail Freebooter seems good

>> No.55440646

Not that you're going to get to respond to. Even cast out is 4.

>> No.55440688


Black. Shaman is an instant win for no reason with coco sometimes and you have better sideboarding options.

>> No.55440769

From Twitter:

>MtG streamer and English National Champion. Transfeminine enby in London.

>> No.55440804

Definitely looks it has a bump there. If you're fat it's not as noticeable

>> No.55441007

GW Elves w/ Devoted Druid
Trying to make Grixis Delver still work
Getting pretty damn tired of anything Eldrazi. Hitting any 2 of Thought-Knot and/or Reality Smasher off a temple feels like it's impossible to win. That's why I've been loving elves.
It's the most fun I've had with modern since the twin ban. Shadow isn't as bad as everyone makes it seem. The lack of tron is fun. Hell, jeskai and azorius are even viable control decks, which I've been wanting for years. But seriously, fuck eldrazi.

>> No.55441077

What are your guys opinions on rules lawyering for wins at Competitive events? Example Opponent on Ad Nauseam casts Pact of Negation to negate a lethal spell. You say "I have effects on your upkeep" if they ask you what the effects are WITHOUT first paying for Pact they lose on the spot. Is this acceptable to do?

>> No.55441142

Shit like this is why I could never be a judge. If I was judging the situation I'd come over, tell you to stop being a little shit, and let him pay his pact. "I have shit", "What is it?", "Haha I win" is not acceptable.

>> No.55441194

Thats just how the card and priority works. When he asks you your effects hes passing priority and Pact says it has to be paid at beginning of upkeep when you have priority.

>> No.55441226

>When he asks you your effects hes passing priority
Where is that true in the rules? Can I not ask 'what triggers will go on the stack in the end step' without going straight to the end step?
If you don't actually have any effects I'm pretty sure this wouldn't fly either, as you can't ask for priority without using it, the game gets reround.

>> No.55441242

Judges have some amount of discretion with most things. Depending on the judge they can absolutely say that.

>> No.55441246

If you had a trigger on the stack it would be resolving before the Pact trigger. So not only are you wrong, but you're also a cunt. It's shit EXACTLY LIKE THIS that stops me being a judge.

>> No.55441274


Yes this is acceptable because if they have other spells or abilities to use during their upkeep while also paying for pact then they have to do them before you. They do in fact have to do their stuff before passing priority.

That's not a rules lawyer thing, that's just how magic works.

>Can I not ask 'what triggers will go on the stack in the end step'

LOL no you fucking cannot, why in the fuck should you be allowed to have information of what your opponent is going to do before he's allowed to do it?

>> No.55441289

No this is how it works dude
>Upkeep Pact trigger, pay 3UU or lose the game
>They dont do it because they ask you what effects you have on their upkeep
>You bolt them or something
>Game has now moved past the beginning of their upkeep thus they cannot pay for the Pact and lose

>> No.55441298

I would issue you with a game warning so fucking hard for this.

>> No.55441308

>It's objectively better in every way to buy singles
>Still enjoy buying boosters
Is there a cure for autism

>> No.55441316

And no you dont even have to bolt them. Just by them asking they pass priority. Its the same as if they say move to attacks without any creatures in play. If you say sure then its moved past Main Phase 1 so they couldnt activate a P3K card that references the first Main Phase.

>> No.55441353

Good thing you arent a judge. And you literally cant issue game warnings for stuff that doesnt break the rules. You cant be issue game losses for angle shots.

>> No.55441388

>buy two or three boosters every fnm for a year
>be extremely lucky and pull great cards like Lili (veil and hope), enemy fetches, couple of goyfs, two snaps, dumb standard stuff that sells/trades well
>end up something like 20% over value of boosters
>people literally let me open their boosters now

Yeah you just have to be a statistical anomaly.

>> No.55441389

Heres another example that actually happened at a Grand Prix top 8. Dude was down a game and was looking like he wouldnt win the match so he discreetly moved his deck in a way to indicate to his opponent to cut, even though he hadnt fetched or anything, he just tilted his deck sideways and pushed it forward. Opponent cut it and got a game loss for deck manipulation.

>> No.55441421

I can ask whatever the fuck I want of the opponent you dickwit. They don't have to tell me derived or hidden information, but I can ask if I like, and they do have to tell me what effects and spells are on the stack if I ask.
Nothing here indicates they don't pay. The pact triggers goes on the stack, both players pass priority then it resolves at which point you get to pay. You can tap for mana at this point, you do not need to do so prior. If you have upkeep effects on the battlefield they also go on the stack, and asking what is on the stack doesn't indicate you pass priority. If you have spells or abilities you want to play or activate during the upkeep you can do so before the pact trigger has resolved.
The only way this trick works is if they have non-mana abilities they need to produce the mana for the pact payment, such as DRS or Arbor Elf.

>> No.55441442

Dude its how it works. I even asked a Judge and he sighed and said "Yeah thats technically how it works although youd be a terrible person for doing it"

>> No.55441451

>and they do have to tell me what effects and spells are on the stack if I ask.

Ahaha, that is not what you just asked. Holy shit, what a retard.

You are asking for information about what your opponent is going to do while holding priority. By definition, they do not do anything until you give them priority. The only reason to do this would be to coax out what cards are in their hand or some such so you can react accordingly.

>> No.55441513

This has nothing to do with how the card works only with how priority does. If they go to their upkeep, it starts with their priority, in response to the Pact Trigger they can Angels Grace for example. However if they pass priority to me by asking me what effects I have then the priority goes to me. When i say "no effects" that phase ends and theres no way they can pay that cost anymore since it moves past their upkeep. Priority only goes back if to them if i cast a spell, if i dont then the phase ends.

>> No.55441527

And this is why I play online.
Fuck pricks like you.

>> No.55441535

Do you really feel good for a win like that though? Don't you kind of find that destructive to the game's community? Right or wrong the more people you do it to the lower the opinion people will have about the game in general seeing as it's the embodiment of the >Acktshually,

>> No.55441550

And then when it became clear what had happened Saito got a suspension. So please, do it.

>> No.55441563

>better sideboard options than stony silence, rip, burrenton forge tender and every white hatebear in modern
>missing out on the vizier combo for a 3/2 that does 4-5 damage when it enters.

>> No.55441573

Dude im simply asking tgs opinion on these things. Im not literally Saito.

>> No.55441575

This shit on video? If it was what's stopping them from looking at it and tossing the sore loser out on his ass for trying to abuse the rules?

>> No.55441598

>LOL no you fucking cannot, why in the fuck should you be allowed to have information of what your opponent is going to do before he's allowed to do it?
You absolutely can request what triggers will currently affect the end step in Regular REL. In Competitive REL it's a little more complicated, you CAN ask, your opponent does not have to give you all the information however(it is still illegal to lie about it).

This is NOT TRUE. On the Ad Nauseum player's upkeep the trigger to LOSE the game unless paid is put onto the stack. You PAY for the trigger during it's resolution(note: a similar thing to how you think this works is how leonin arbiter works). There IS a priority given before that resolves. If you won a game like this your judge was wrong.

>> No.55441614

One, you can't say no effects. If you ask your opponent for priority and do not use it, the game is reround back to before you asked. https://www.channelfireball.com/articles/legacy-weapon-scummy-not-scummy/
>The Artificial Response
>This occurs at a GP, with Bob's opponent combo'ing off with [card]Time Spiral[/card]. He casts [card]Turnabout[/card], then goes to tap his lands, implying that he wants to hold priority. Bob stops him.
>“Can I respond?” he asks.
>“Sure,” his opponent says.
>“Ok, I have no responses. Since you passed priority, your [card]Turnabout[/card] is resolving.”
>What's wrong with this picture?
>Bob's opponent lets it happen and fizzles without the mana he intended to float, but it shouldn't have gone down like that. Bob's play is illegal. It's frivolous to ask for priority with no intention of reacting, and doing so here could've gotten Bob disqualified.
But more importantly the phase doesn't end when two people pass on a non-empty stack. If the pact trigger is on the stack and you both pass it resolves at which point you pay for the pact. You cannot pay before, you must pay after both players have passed priority.
>405.5. When all players pass in succession, the top (last-added) spell or ability on the stack resolves. If the stack is empty when all players pass, the current step or phase ends and the next begins.
if the stack isn't empty the phase doesn't end. This is a fundamental feature of the stack. You do not understand the stack. You are not rules lawyering, you are literally just cheating if you try to tell your opponent the phase ends there.

>> No.55441630

But if they pass the priority to you and you do nothing then the PHASE ends. You dont get infinite priority steps bouncing back and forth.

>> No.55441637

Paying for pact happens on resolution. Your judge is wrong.

>> No.55441651

There's a trigger on the stack, the pact trigger. Read the fucking rules of the game.

>> No.55441656

Here's the statement on it. https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/event-coverage/statement-regarding-disqualification-tomoharu-saitou-2015-09-02
My mistake, it was a DQ, not a suspension.
It's unsportsmanlike conduct, and though this won't dissuade anyone who's already doing it, you've admitted that you can't beat your opponent at the game.

>> No.55441684

Just a reminder that the best way to prevent angle shots is to know the rules or ask a judge if you are unsure. What sucks is if you don't know the rules when you ask a judge and they give you an unclear answer. For example.

>I'm in the finals of a modern pptq in game 3
>Opponent is on vizier company, my hand has two bolts and an anger so I'm pretty well set up for this game.
>Turn 3 my opponent casts vizier with an active druid out.
>I have the bolt, but I'm a little fatigued and for some reason want to get rid of the vizier instead of the druid.
>I ask the judge if when my opponent resolves vizier can I bolt it in response to the untap ability to kill it and disrupt the combo
>He says yes I can bolt it in response
>My opponent resolves vizier, I try to bolt in response to untap, he goes to infinite mana and wins in response.

It was really my fault but I feel like the judge could have been clearer. I even asked if this would stop the combo and he said that I could do it.

>> No.55441713

I am almost 100% sure that it works this way. It was discussed at a GP.

>> No.55441725

4 damnations in side seems super overkill, maybe put some needles or something in there instead. what matchup requires 4.

>> No.55441735

The pact is a may, the game does not force you to do it. If you pass priority without paying you chose not to and the trigger resolved.

>> No.55441737

Judges pretty much have to give those 'technically correct' answers a lot of the time, they're just not allowed to explain why a legal play would be a bad move. A common one is asking a judge if you can name a card with pithing needle, say Heritage Druid. What you actually want to know is 'If I name heritage druid will it stop its ability' but the judge can't answer questions you don't ask.

>> No.55441741


Lol he tried to just alter his deck and then complain when he indicated his opponent do it?

>> No.55441784


My local meta is mostly hatebears, zoo, storm, ad nauseam, death's shadow, and now some young pyromancer decks. This card is good against three of those.

I have no idea what I would sideboard at a real tournament, but then again I wouldn't be playing that in tournament until the mainboard is finished anyway.

>> No.55441794

Though of course that can be played as well, like asking a judge if you can name Signal Pest with a Needle when you know your opponent has Spell Pierce. They answer yes, you can name it, you play it, your opponent lets it resolve, you name Ravager.

>> No.55441801


Whoops, meant to say living end, not ad nauseam. There is one ad nauseam guy, tho.

>> No.55441812

You cannot pay for the pact while you have priority. It is literally against the rules to do so. When you are given the chance to pay you do not have priority, when you do have priority you are not allowed to pay.
The pact triggers goes on the stack. Active player passes priority, non-active player passes priority. The pact resolves. It is at this point, and only at this point, that you can pay the mana. You can activate mana abilities at this point, as they do not require priority. You cannot crack a fetch at this point, as you do not have priority and it is not a mana ability.
This is fundamentally how the pact trigger works. It is how it works on magic online, it is how it works in paper magic. If you do not understand this, you need to fuck right off. This is not a debate. This is how the pact trigger works. It is an objective fact.
Also true, there's a story of a pro player doing that asking if he can name bob but then naming a fetchland the opponent has 3 of.

>> No.55441817

seems like brutality is good against all of those, even storm. might want to play more of those in side.

>> No.55441824

Pact is a may trigger, if you pass priority and it passes back the trigger resolves unpaid since you cant pay costs when you dont have priority

>> No.55441848

His opponent did cut his deck, Saito called a judge, when things got fully explained they realized Saito was cheating in an attempt to play the rules and not the game. The proper thing for the opponent to have done would be to call a judge immediately, and technically he did break the rules, but Saito gets the punishment for this.

>> No.55441861

>you can activate mana abilities as they don't require priority

100% wrong. You have to have priority to use mana abilities that is literally the only restriction to them.

>> No.55441891

Brutality is only good vs storm when you already have graveyard hate out

>> No.55441903

eats there electromancers and can get rid of some filtering or disruptions like remands. or even a gifts if you are lucky.

>> No.55441906

>605.3a A player may activate an activated mana ability whenever he or she has priority, whenever he or she is casting a spell or activating an ability that requires a mana payment, or whenever a rule or effect asks for a mana payment, even if it’s in the middle of casting or resolving a spell or activating or resolving an ability.
>>whenever a rule or effect asks for a mana payment, even if it’s in the middle of casting or resolving a spell or activating or resolving an ability.
Read the fucking rules.

>> No.55441918

605.3a: A player may activate an activated mana ability whenever he or she has priority, whenever he or she is casting a spell or activating an ability that requires a mana payment, or whenever a rule or effect asks for a mana payment, even if it's in the middle of casting or resolving a spell or activating or resolving an ability.

>> No.55441934


I'm pretty sure the way it works is you don't actually have priority while paying costs for things, but priority goes back to you after paying them.

And you can for sure use mana abilities while paying costs.

>> No.55441987

This is true. You declare you're casting a card, the card goes on the stack, you pay mana, then you get priority again (if you don't specifically say you're holding it though it will automatically pass to the next player). If you can't pay the mana, everything is brought back to before you cast the spell. This has a pretty funky interaction with Selvala, Explorer Returned. It's also why LED has the 'Only as an instant' clause, because otherwise you could use the 3 mana to cast a card from your hand without discarding that card.
In terms of modern through, there's no difference between tapping mana then casting a spell or tapping mana as you cast a spell.

>> No.55442078

Mono-Black Smugglers (it has reanimatable creatures, Looter Scooter, and Bobs)
nothing yet
>thoughts on the meta
none in particular

The card I would be interested in seeing dragged over to Modern is Price of Progress. Burn might be too strong, though.

There I am, Gary! There I am!

Triskadekaphobia with Tree of Predation.
Remorseless Punishment + Rain of Hailfire. Go Tron for more memery.

You can also run Smallpox for the lulz. Lingering Souls can be discarded. Tokens generated by Mentor or Pyromancer can be sac'd.
Zealous Persecution might make a good finisher/sweeper.

Sun & Moon

Kataki can be a substitute for Stony Silence, but without proper protection it can die to removal.
Kami of False Hope is a fog. With Rattlechains it's a 1-mana surprise fog against aggro.
Kami of Ancient Law is enchantment hatebear.
Moonlit Strider for Soulshift memes.

>> No.55442134

This is one of the few places I would play a Myth Realized.

>> No.55442227

>However if they pass priority to me by asking me what effects I have then the priority goes to me. When i say "no effects" that phase ends and theres no way they can pay that cost anymore since it moves past their upkeep. Priority only goes back if to them if i cast a spell, if i dont then the phase ends.
If the pact is on the stack, when you pass priority back, it will resolve and he will get a chance to pay. It actually can't even resolve until he passes priority to you and you pass it back, just like everything else on the stack.

>> No.55442262

>yfw black is the best color in Magic and White is the worst

what did wizards mean by this?

>> No.55442303

Whitebois can't compete with superior BMC (Black mana costs). At best their color gets splashed by other colors while they sit in the corner and watch.

>> No.55442321

Blues the best color in Magic though

>> No.55442327

Nice try, /pol/. Everyone knows that Blue is the worst color in Magic outside of Legacy and Vintage (which nobody plays).

Only in Legacy and Vintage.

>> No.55442405

>Only in Legacy and Vintage.

>> No.55443420

Anyone here ever meme with Sage of Hours? I have a set laying around and I have that jank building itch.

>> No.55443489

If Doom Blade of all cards is too powerful to print then why the fuck did they make Walk the Plank?

>> No.55443512

instant speed means a lot

>> No.55443626

If a judge really said that, he's an actual spineless cuck.

>> No.55444828


Against company you kill druid the second it hits the field if possible. If you let it live you risk the combo. You can't stop druid without split second burn because they can untap and tap for mana at instant speed. Even if they don't have a Vizier in hand, they can still make 2 mana from druid the next turn and play CoCo or Chord.
Also what happened to Legacy General someone please make :(

>> No.55445271

manabase looks kinda sketchy. 2 of those watery graves should probably be basic islands. you will rarely need double black but often need triple blue, and paying for multiple shocklands is pretty bad with bitterblossom. looks like drowned catacombs will enter tapped way too often in this list too.
spellwise i think you have too many effects that feed off the graveyard, i think cliques 1-2 are better than snaps 3-4, you should have at least 1 maindeck answer to resolved tasigur/reality smasher, etc.
regarding 4 damnation, try some as flaying tendrils, which is better against dredge and a lot of the GW company decks due to voice, finks, and selfless spirit. dispel might be better as ceremonious rejection.

>> No.55445289

There you go.

>> No.55445689

if i want to buy a booster pack just for fun
which set should i get

>> No.55445773

Just one pack? is it your first pack? is there any mechanic you like?

>> No.55445850

Any Masters set. Ravnica, Mirrodin, Shadowmoor for the lulz, Avacyn Restored.

>> No.55446171

i don't really play much but i like collecting it

>> No.55446465

Pauper is poor man's Legacy and Vintage.

>> No.55446483

>black loses its position of being the color with best creature removal to white not only to Path, but also to Plowshares

>> No.55447065

>Meanwhile Fatal Push is now the best removal spell in Modern
>And Gurmag Angler is almost the best creature in Legacy, with Deathrite Shaman also being black
Why is blue so OP :(

>> No.55447228

Anyone notice how close Wizards is to making Modern MUCH cheaper?

Like if that's their main goal (besides profit of course), then they need to hit another one or two cards in most decks. Obviously Jund won't drop to $300 overnight, but decks like Titan Shift are only so expensive because a playset of Scapeshift is over $200. Affinity is only locked out by Opals, Tron by Karn. Anything G/W by Canopy, anything G by Nobles.

More deck are going to be priced around Storm in the next year or so.

>> No.55447813

Kaladesh and Modern Masters 2017 are recent, reasonably priced, and have some pretty neat cards in the un/common slots. Lotta artifacts in KLD, multicolored cards in MM3.

>> No.55448273

>tfw when I played a Bo3 against Eldrazi Taxes with New Perspectives and won 2-1

>> No.55448670

did he mull to 3?

>> No.55448716

He mulled to 5 one game, I had to mull one game which is a pretty rare thing and quite a big setback. He was Flickerwisping the New Perspectives in panic mode only for me to Angelsong, then draw muchos cardos when it comes back. One time he had 3 Paths in hand but I knew my Lab Man was perfectly safe.

>> No.55448733

Also Thought Knot Seer is a HUGE card against me, but I still pulled it off ;^)

>> No.55448734


Even with everything banned blue still seems better than white in modern

>> No.55448777

Until Counterspell is reprinted, blue won't really exist in Modern as a colour identity imo tbqh famalam baka. Cantrips are hardly unique to blue, and that's all they've fucking banned out of the colour barring Mind Sculptor and Mental Misstep. Blue is like what, Snapcaster?

>> No.55450251 [DELETED] 

should i or shouldn't i add in equipment to the boros weenies deck im brewing, im torn.

>> No.55450701

What equipment would you add? Other than skull clamp, there's nothing that really compliments weenies.

>> No.55450795

neurok hoversail, one of the swords of x and y. loxodon warhammer

i've seen that its a bad idea so im off brewing somthing else. im not really one for boros anyway.

>> No.55451014

Yeah equipment aren't great without broken kor to make it better. Planeswalkers and global enchantments do the job way better

>> No.55451851

the meta seems fine. i miss the non-storm gifts decks and people trying to make thoptersword work
i second >>55431192

i'll notice when they reprint chalice, snap, and fetches again

>> No.55452568

Didn't expect eny less from dirty asians, I'm just surprised it's a nip and not a chink or a gook, those would literally sell their mother.

>> No.55454531

But aren't the Japanese supposed to be honorabru or some shit?
Also >>>/pol/

>> No.55454568

Only on the surface, it's to keep up appearances. Cheating is not dishonorable, getting caught is.

>> No.55454826

When he played the old playlist at that SCG open in 2016 before aether revolt he said that dredge and tron were bad match ups. His newest untested (as far as I know) looks way better.

I'm playing it at FNM and local tournaments to great success. But mostly because people suck at the match up.

>> No.55454842

>Apac Jap swamp
Amazing taste, use the same swamps in BR reanimator for legacy.

>> No.55454916

Consider going for Reshape+Lotus Bloom, it's great in my experience. Also going for Thopter Foundry + Sword of the Meek + KCI (which is already in) gives you another wincon and still being able to mull to 5 win by turn 3.

But then again the list I've played was UW and had Faith's Rewars and Open the Vaults

>> No.55455078

Do you have a list? I really like both cards and Mardu. I'm currently running 8 rack to a lot of success so I'd put a shitload of black control and the creatures as mana curve plus synergy I guess. Do you have a list? I'm interested. (I used to play a list of Avatar of Revenge midrange combo, it was fun but I think it is weak post board)

>> No.55455554


Rank my jank, built a deck based around ramp, tokens and token end game finishers

>> No.55455787

Okay I'm trying to get into semi-competitive modern, up until now I've mostly just played standard at FnM and doing prereleases.
Mostly I'll still only be playing FnM but I want to play modern. So how's this deck look? Anything I should take out or change?
>2x Whip of Erebos
>1x Abhorrent Overlord
>1x Agent of the Fates
>3x Desecration Demon
>3x Gatekeeper of Malakir
>4x Gray Merchant of Asphodel
>2x Herald of Torment
>3x Quag Vampires
>4x Rakdos Shred-Freak
>1x Street Wraith
>3x Gift of Orzhova
>2x Bile Blight
>4x Cremate
>2x Grasp of Darkness
>2x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
>22x Swamp
>1x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
>1x Guul Draz Assassin
>1x Tenacious Dead
>1x Ruinous Path
>4x Duress
>4x Doom Blade
>4x Tragic Slip

>> No.55455962

what i wanna know is if pyro, mentor, thraben inspector can be used to abuse crack the earth and smallpox

it's actually taiwan but it definitely is awesome. i don't care if i get thoughtseized into oblivion and die on turn 4 to death's shadows- if i'm able to crack an onslaught fetch and grab that swamp, then i had a good time.
believe it or not the apac and euro basics are pretty popular at my fnm shop and there used to be like 3 other people who played this swamp. i can't afford 4 apac so my other swamps are portal rn. i really like the style but not the text box dissonance with the apacs

you mostly need to start over. play discard main and don't run auras. play victim of night

>> No.55456025

I don't have victim of night but I'll see if I can grab it.
I've only got 3 auras in the Gift of Orzhova, should I replace them with Duress for discard in the main board? Anything else I should replace to get 4 of Duress?
I imagine Grasp is the thing being replaced for Victim of Night, but anything else if I can get 3 or 4 of it?

>> No.55456026

There are so many confusing choices here. Is it budget reasons?

>> No.55456059

Mostly budget reasons yes, I do have a second Abhorrent Overlord but I couldn't figure out where to fit him without fucking my mana curve, which is part of why I'm asking for advice, I'm pretty new to modern in general and this devotion to black someone helped me build back when Theros was standard that I modified a little recently is the best I have.

>> No.55456091

Okay. Well you can grab Gifted Aetherborn for less than a dollar and it's pretty impactful, giving you two devotion for your Nykthos and Gray Merchants, plus a decent body. That's my two cents.

>> No.55456116

I think I have one of him, what should I replace though?

>> No.55456139

Quag Vampires or Rakdos Shred-Freak.

>> No.55456172

Same replace if I get another 3 of it?

>> No.55457442

Whats the best/most effective deck that runs siege rhino?

I just love the art for that card.

>> No.55457464


>> No.55457465

>lost 1-2 vs rock yesterday
>won 2-0 mostly due to him flooding
>playing new perspectives and winning

game 2 he thoughtseized surgicalled away perspectives turn 1, then played lilly ticking up. he knew i had obstructionist, so he ticked up to 7, i flashed in nimble then windmill slammed lab man. the 3/1 beats went all the way as he topdecked discard spells and land. guy almost had me with lethal backswing but i had fog

>> No.55457468


>> No.55457484

Thought I was still in EDH. Just Abzan.

>> No.55458895

Can modern general stop using that forced meme pic?

Literal cancer

>> No.55458928

Reading any article from WotC makes me cringe at how little they understand their own game

>This creature not only has an excellent rate but is also very flexible. You can hard-cast it and give your opponent a large flier to deal with.

Yeah 5 mana 4/3's are legendary powerful. I hope stat lines never get past that point!

>> No.55458965

>It's another WotC article where they shit all over the widely considered golden age of magic and continue to push their new Timmy Magic the Hearthstone-in-ing.

It's like they forgot about the ENTIRE LAST TWO YEARS OF THEIR GAME

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