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Death Guard is here edition.

Last >>55415365

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asu5OuAckIE[Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Death Guard codex (thank you Vladimir)

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First for T'au

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Do we know when the blood angel codex is expected?

I want to start them up but I hear they are bad right now is this true?

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At the very worst you can just run them as vanilla marines.

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Seeing how much GW hates any thing that isn't a Space Marine variant, how FUCKED are Guard when their book comes out?

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Taghmata in 40k when?

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Do we know when CSM are getting new sculpts for berserkers?

I was about to start my army and was just going to use calth with FW bits, or should I wait.

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I'm on break, I'll repost my shipment in from yesterday for attention and validation.

these are from Z, total of 300 burgers

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Don't worry, there'll be lots of inspirational fluff about the battles where they bravely died by the droves until the real heroes could arrive to bail them out.

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Conscripts are gonna take a hit, possibly commissars as well.

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>ignores cover
>re-rollable morale
>re-rollable charge distances

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anyone know places to sell or trade 40k ive got a bunch of chaos and some space marines to sell

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>Background filler trying to talk shit

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>implying tau isn't npc tier, more so than nids

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not >>55418031
but see pic related

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So many butthurt NPC nid and chaosfags ITT

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They're not getting sculpts for at least another 6 months, at least. Probably still over a year off. What you CAN do, though, is go and buy some of those Age of Sigmar berserkers and convert them with either the plastic berserkers or plastic CSM box. You can even buy some chainaxes from Forgeworld. Those three components will create Berserkers that will blow you away.

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t'au fail as always.

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Anyone got that Tau sept painting guide?

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I got you Shas'la

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I'm content with how AL has been treated so far; their fluff forces them to be npc anyway just by how they operate.

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not bad. just index marines.

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Just cracked the seal on my DG book. Smells like sexy contagion.
eBay might be your best bet, try classified ads like Kijiji/Craigslist if it's in your neck of the woods.

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Of 2018, maybe

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I'm trying to initiate some friendly picture banter.
As always, Tau players are way too stuck-up to have fun.

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> Squiggoths

Does he sell the Chaos Mammoth?

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>Just cracked the seal on my DG book. Smells like sexy contagion.
>Doesn't smell like Mortarion took a dump on it 10,000 years ago

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So the Terran origin for the Death Guard was SE Europe (when they were still dusk raiders). Have they ever said what part of the world the original Terran recruits were from for the other legions?

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Look at how OP Tau were in 7th, and what happened to them when GW brought the nerf bat around.

Now look at what IG are doing in the competitive meta now.

You do the math for how their Codex will deal with them.

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Hoping they buff Deathstrikes and Vanquishers, nerf Conscripts OR Commissars, preferably the former.
Everything else from the Index is gud.

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>that filename
I like you.
Just what is this thing?

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If I'm understanding Reserves/Reinforcements/Daemonic Ritual correctly then Plague Bearers and Nurglings don't count towards your Troops requirement in Battle-Forged armies?

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Is it a bad idea to put jump packs on units I'm gona A drop from the stromraven? I could just deep strike

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Is that what it says in the new book?

They were supposed to be from northern Europe.

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Scions too.

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>legs so thicc it can't even turn its turrets around
What's the fucking point.

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Read Horus Heresy black books. Legions are described there with a lot of deatils.

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lol - honestly.. kinda smells like chlorine, brought back to childhood memories of peeing on sleeping sunbathing girls on the pool deck. I mean, no.

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If you're using Daemonic Ritual to summon them they aren't even in your army list at all.

Also Battle-Forged armies don't have Troops requirements unless you take Detachments that require Troops.

Jesus dude just read the fucking rules.

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Yes, WE/IW/IF recruited from all over and IH recruited from Sek Amrik, RG were from an underground prison in oceania.

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God, I love Orkfags.

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to seduce the enemy.

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>Just what is this thing?
Your doom gue'vesa

If it has to turn that much, it could just take two steps.

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Can i disembark after summoning?

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He's at it again

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Sure you can anon, follow your dreams.

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Stop tempting me you doublenigger
Im actually trying but didnt find Zs email yet

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I do believe I saw that in the catalogue

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First I'll crack the shell then I'll crack the nuts inside.

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>If it has to turn that much, it could just take two steps.
But then the turret gets in the way of its legs now. Look at the range of its ball joints, the turret clearly gets in the path. It's just a bad fucking design.

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Good quality?

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Yeah, Why the fuck isn't it a tank?

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I found it on a forum post from 2014 on yoyhammer, good luck

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Did they let you out of the special needs kindergarden early today?

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Yes, sir! F-296 CHAOS WAR MAMMOTH $145.00

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No, because it can clearly elevate the turret above the legs, then go back down once finished rotating/moving to give it a lower profile.

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There are few reviews on reddit, take a look.

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It's Saturday, Anon. School's closed.

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There's a kindergarden near me thats open on weekends...

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There's just something lovely about Orks.

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Fuck, the images are no longer available. I've heard good things about it, and it's cheap enough that you can do some work to make it look better.

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Didn't know kindergartens did that. My mistake.

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so apparently in the admech codex they put (AGAIN) that damage table for dunecrawler that had the error and was faqed later

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lol doublenigger, here's more temptation now let's be faggots together

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The copy+pasting is real

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Man, why Tau burst cannon didn't look like what they draw in the art, but it's always with a titled barrel, like some kid just step on it.

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anyone know the source

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>Buy our thing for unique Stratagems

How long until we the Skyhammer Annihilation Force Equivalent?

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I can believe this.

Like the art, the quality of the codexes has dropped. I don't know if it's the rapid turnover of new books or if it's because they've cut the development team.

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Sounds too Leafistani.

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I dunno, it's 4chan I'm just trying to be vile and autistic to fit in. No golden showers occurred.

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help an archon out? this good?

1x venom with dual splintercannons 5x Kabalites with blaster- 120 points
1x venom with dual splintercannons 5x Kabalites with blaster- 120 points
1x venom with dual splintercannons 5x Kabalites with blaster- 120 points
1x venom with dual splintercannons 5x Kabalites with blaster- 120 points
480 points
5x scourges with 4x darklances -150 points
4x incubi - 72
1x archon - 54points

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Post neat conversions

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Seeing how there isn't a single codex out that isn't a Spece Marine variant I think most people talk out their ass.

They will be fine. There are multiple ways to nerf the OP stuff they have right now without making the unit useless.
And even if the stuff everybody spams will be nerfed to oblivion.. there is other good stuff within the guard. And you don't have to only play them as long as they are OP.

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It's not unique you retard it's in the Codex.

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I'm going to go for 'yes'.

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>Mortarion does average 28 unsaved wounds to a conscript blob in one round of combat
>Not counting his pistol that can snipe out the commissar

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Oh sry. Forgot it was next saturday. My bad.

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So /tg, what sphess mharine chapter is most cool for conversions/special snowflake/thematically possible AND cheeseable so that it's possible to WAAC tournaments?

Something like an all reivilers raven guard force but more inventive.

Lamenters have derpression, are yellow and thats about it. Loosing is what they do so while fluff wise are cool they're so-so

Raptors are reasonable but no special rules

Carcharadaon / Space Sharks - basically khorne in loyalist, but interesting paint schemes with the tattoos and stuff.

Minotaurs - sexiest toys and are metallic.

Death Spectres - no special rules, but are basiclaly nuke it from orbit marines

Mantis Gotos er warriors - Again no specific special rules =(

Any thoughts?

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>It is I, Brother Popius

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Has anyone posted the dg codex pdf on /tg/?

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470pts to kill just over half of a 150pts unit.

Hmm, DG players are truly the special ed of 40k.

>> No.55418507

I doubt this

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File: 1.40 MB, 800x717, 466422_md-Chaos, Chaos Space Marines, Conversion, Female, Noise Marines, Possessed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's here: >>55416925

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Last line of the OP, buddy!

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Got a good chuckle out of me.

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Did you miss the part where he snipes the commissar, thus melting the whole 150 point blob, in one round, while he's doing mortal wounds to anything else nearby and buffing his allies.

I mean even in a vacuum where you're somehow not benefitting from the force multiplication of his auras, that means he can kill 900 points of conscripts over 3 turns.

>> No.55418544

You're allowed to, I was just being honest.

>> No.55418554

Which is better ?

>x2 Butcher for 16 2+ S8 shots -1AP D2 at 36"
>x2 Ribaudkins for 4D3 2+ garanteed MWs at 18"

The double ribaudkin is 20 points cheaper btw

>> No.55418574

Thanks boyz

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Forget the pic

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How would he snipe a Commi?
Doesn't the pistol just hit another conscript?

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Just use Grav-fluxes on leviathan, it eats everything with them

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Do these things still exist or did everyone forget about them?

>> No.55418628

>not a cyclonic melta lance

>> No.55418632

>I was Slaanesh all along!
>Evil anime laughter

>> No.55418643


It was me Austen...

It was me all along.

>> No.55418645

People are still trying to forget these exist. Though their 8th edition rules actually aren't that bad surprisingly.

>> No.55418646

You position him so the commissar is aligned with his base and the closest conscript, then the line draws across the commissar, which means it's hit separately because it's a separate unit.

>> No.55418664


>> No.55418665

One of my favourite CSM units, definitely haven't forgotten about them, and they are not bad in 8th actually.

>> No.55418671

wish i could forget them, they are mediocre and the fluff is awful

>> No.55418680

The commi is gonna be in the middle of the blob??????

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File: 366 KB, 800x4055, 400521_md-Airbrush, Atropos907, Awesome, Battlesuit, Commander, Glow, Hex, Hexagon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55418690


>> No.55418695

I'm surprised they aren't terrible now.
>One of my favourite CSM units
Should have just kept Obilitarots.

>> No.55418699

I genuinely wanna fucking kill myself now. All those hours of painfully layering Jokaero orange on my crisp admech models to do the Ryza forge world all to have Ryza rules become utter dog shit. Where's my noose

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File: 989 KB, 1200x5400, img5523a962b8449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55418712

hexagons are overused in shields

>> No.55418714

It's one of the better ones, anon. Calm the fuck down and buy more plasma weapons.

>> No.55418728

you got something to learn from nigel stillman

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File: 254 KB, 759x958, df3bcfc361df4ad9337b0f3bb1f83140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55418732

You're a retard if you don't realize that such a situation is so easily avoided that only absolutely shit players would let it happen

>> No.55418737

Only re-rolling ones for wounding compared to rolling two dice on the canticles, nah m8

>> No.55418741

Do drill and grav flux bombard. That thing is gonna be a huge fire magnet, and you're going to want to regen wounds by going to melee.

>> No.55418750

Except it's not. You don't even need LoS for this to work so the old trick of hiding the commissar behind a Chimera or a wall isn't going to save him.

>> No.55418752

So am I the only one who loves the look of the Plagueburst Crawler?

>> No.55418761

Fluff wise - a monster CSM in Terminator armour who is constantly warping and changing to adapt to better suit their combat needs. Cool concept to me. Game wise, they went from great to bad to decent in editions. Such is the fickle power of Chaos, and The Warp.

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>The coror scheme I prefer now has subpar rures!
>I must sudoku!

>> No.55418772

Most people pick their Canticles for the first couple of turns anyways. Mars is literally only good because it synergizes with Cawl, but everyone already knew Cawl being Mars made it bullshit OP compared to the others so it's nothing new.

Also re-rolling 1's to Wound at all times across your entire army with melee Mech is pretty sick.

>> No.55418774

Yes I must kill myself. The rules are unfluffy AS FUCK!

>> No.55418775


>> No.55418784

>Plagueburst Crawler
I will get one, out of sense of completeness but there is something too.. basic SM tank about it that I don't particularly care for.

>> No.55418797
File: 37 KB, 832x581, mortyrere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you hit the Commi?

>> No.55418801

Gives me some decryption key thing, what gives?

>> No.55418807

I love it so much it makes me angry that they don't have transports in a similar style because Rhinos look like shit next to it with their non-matching flat angular hulls

>> No.55418809

It's grown on me and it's the most cost effective ranged anti tank option.

Will buy 3 and kit bash them with rhinos

>> No.55418815

You can disembark after summoning

>> No.55418819

Except it is. It's as easy as making sure that the commisar won't be between mortarion and a unit within 18" of mortarion.
only a complete retard who isn't able to realize "oh shit, morty will be closer than 18" next turn" would allow that to happen.

>> No.55418822

>Don't talk to me or my son every again!

>> No.55418827

Not sure man, sounds like anti-spam or something, maybe an ad?
This is what I see; https://imgur.com/xfln61x

>> No.55418830

The regen is kinda unreliable at 5+ and 4 attacks, isn't it better to go double Grav' ?

Why Grav' over Ribaudkins ?

>> No.55418833
File: 61 KB, 832x581, are you fucking retarded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I'm new to 40k, and still trying to work out daemon summoning/list building.

So as far as I understand it
>include nurglings in list at ponit values listed in codex
>leave them in reserves at the start of the game
>plaguecaster doesnt move
>roll dice to summon
>dice roll passes, place daemon shits
Thats all, right? Do they have to be summoned within a certain ranhe of the caster?

>> No.55418852

>that file name
No, but you are. you can't shoot at the commissar because he's a CHARACTER, and if you're shooting at the scripts, it would be closest point on morty's base to the closest conscript, which the commissar wouldn't be in between.
Learn how to read next time you mong

>> No.55418858
File: 59 KB, 832x581, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55418874

Must be something with my ublock, noscript or adblock on firefox.
Tried the link in IE, worked fine

>> No.55418878

Demon summoning sucks.

But the points you use to summon in units don't have to be pre determined to a specific unit

>> No.55418879

when will the mega DG codex be up?

>> No.55418880

By the strictest definition of the words written in that pistol's rule, the line has infinite range. Mortarion can snipe anything on the battlefield as long as he has a single unit in 18 inch range.

>> No.55418891

Read the thread.

>> No.55418895
File: 2.32 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grey Knights BTFO

>> No.55418901

Anyone got watchers of the throne the emperor's legion?

>> No.55418903

Are you a retard? the line goes between the closest point on Mortarion's base and the closest model in the target unit. The cloest model has to be within 18" to be targeted, so the line between mortation and the model will never be greater than 18", or mortation can't target it.

>> No.55418909


>> No.55418928

that would be a line segment anon, which is a completely different term. A line extends out infinitely in both directions. Technically, mortarion must roll to wound himself too.

>> No.55418934

If you hit with this weapon, draw a straight line between the closest point of Mortarion’s base and that of the closest model in the target unit. Make a single wound roll against the target unit and each unit the centre of the line passes over.

It says TARGET UNIT, so the unit that the pistol targeted.

DG players are fucking retards.

>> No.55418939

highschool math classes begun already, huh?

>> No.55418942

I just wanna use nurglings tbhfam

>> No.55418950

I don't even have a horse in this race, but christ that got me. You're an idiot. Good bait man.

>> No.55418951

It says "between" which means the line is "between" those two points. It is a segment you tard, and you fucking know it.

>> No.55418977

The fuck are Harlequins?

>> No.55418986

watch a movie called suicide squad

>> No.55418987

>you can't shoot at the commissar because he's a CHARACTER
Don't need to.

>and if you're shooting at the scripts, it would be closest point on morty's base to the closest conscript
Ah I see what you're saying, it doesn't draw a line to the weapon's full range.

In that case just target a unit behind them.

>> No.55418989

>TSons randomly btfo Space Yiffs, Gray Knights, SoS and whole bunch of other Imperial factions in battle for some rando sector so hard Eldar had to step in and die to bail them out

Huh, so that happened.

>> No.55418993

some people were posting puppers a few threads ago. Why do dogs lick feet? is it bad to let them do it?

>> No.55418996

A bunch of clowns.

>> No.55418999


>> No.55419000

The Joker's Harem

>> No.55419004

They're an Insane Clown Posse.

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File: 28 KB, 350x335, 1503761779771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whatever helps you sleep at night, champ.

>> No.55419017

Why is Ryza close combat?

I thought they were the plasma planet

Is it to sell more priests?

>> No.55419026
File: 204 KB, 394x582, 55 KB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55419027

What is that a bloody chunk of

>> No.55419031

Anyone notice that the TSons paints (Thousand Sons Blue, Ahriman Blue) aren't listed in the Citadel Paint app?

>> No.55419032
File: 154 KB, 900x665, eldar_harlequin_by_armundus-d2zb6xu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Colorful Eldar who serve the Laughing God and do not have to worry about Slaanesh eating their souls since they will go to the Big Clown.

>> No.55419037

Grav is much more reliable, plus it wrecks hordes, monsters and vehicles.

>> No.55419048
File: 1.94 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huron Blackheart BTFO

>> No.55419050
File: 51 KB, 720x958, happy doggo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I'd already painted my stuff as Stygies VIII during 7th because I liked their no-fucks attitude

>> No.55419061

Death Guard possesed backed up by Daemon Princes seems really good.

Maybe a couple drones for ranged shooting.

>> No.55419064

Just take a separate detachment of them, that's what I do.

>> No.55419069

>eternally whining ryzafag btfo
Mars wins again

>> No.55419072
File: 117 KB, 920x973, Sep10Preview-Deathshroud3nr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>60$ for 3 monopose models
>just 5$ cheaper than Forgeworld, but less models
What do you think about the Deathshroud release, anons?

>> No.55419079

>It's the entitled Deathwhine faggot again
Cut it out already, jesus christ. You don't have to buy them.

>> No.55419082

Newbie here with a rules question. Guard Infantry squads can have 2 models form a Heavy Weapons Team. What is the cost of the HWT? Index says the Infantry squads costs 4 points per model (but it's not a Guardsman model); Heavy Weapons Squads cost 4 points per HWT which also implies 4 each but I can't find any documentation to support that I'd use the other value (either I missed it or it's common knowledge I'm unaware of). This seems counterintuitive to me because would also decrease the cost of the squad (before wargear, basically giving a 4 point discount).
Of course, this also would mean the Veteran HWT cost 6 points and the VHWT isn't listed separately at all. I know there are instances where models in a unit cost different amounts of points and would like clarity.
Separately, what is everyone's opinion on using a matte varnish? I can find almost nothing on it online or in painting guides but my mate at the FLGS swears by it.

>> No.55419092

Could you maybe not post the pictures sideways and blurry as fuck?

>> No.55419097


>> No.55419103
File: 158 KB, 512x384, 1460854499824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Besides the monopose I think they're a wee bit over designed. Nice models though.

>> No.55419106

Yeah, what gives

>> No.55419107

Not bad. That may be colored by the fact that I think the 30k Deathshroud look like garbage and I've always preferred the Cataphractii look of Grave Wardens.

>> No.55419110

I'm not planning on doing it, I'm not even a Chaosfag. Just saw they were up for preorder on my LGS.
Although, I hope GW stops with the monopose crap.

>> No.55419112

FW ones are better by far, though that's the case for everything DG. Too bad you can't take multiple guns though, I was gonna use my grave wardens as blight lords. But oh well, I'll just proxy combi-plasmas and axes

>> No.55419141

Ironically they're one of the least overdesigned DG sets out this edition. The regular plague marines are literally covered in bells and nurglings and shit to the point where it's hard to see the marine underneath.

>> No.55419143
File: 170 KB, 1280x960, adeptus_mechanicus_infiltrator_princepts_by_hellblade87-d8u029f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55419154

Aside from when picking what can go into an army, is there any distinction between faction keywords and normal keywords?

For example, foetid bloat drones have the DAEMON keyword, while most daemons have the DAEMON faction keyword. When it comes to buffs that affect NURGLE DAEMONS, is there any distinction between whether it's a faction or ordinary keyword?

>> No.55419159

>all marines should be sleek and clean with well defined edges

>> No.55419163

the models look good

but that paint scheme is shit

>> No.55419167

Nope. Faction keywords are just a subcategory of keywords.

>> No.55419170

You'll want to pick an Unknown or Custom successor if you want maximum flexibility. Keep in mind that doing "counts as" for a Primarch is kinda stupid though, so you may just want to do Ultramarines if you're going pure waac.

>> No.55419172

>Stygies is the exact same as AL and RG


>> No.55419173

they still go fast.

>> No.55419177

Thought as much. Thanks.

>> No.55419180

I feel the same way about the rest of the DG release. The models are really nice but everything is close to monopose. We can see it on the Blightlords and Plague Marines as well. Very much like the Dark Imperium models. You can see that arms and shoulder pads are one piece and intended for certain bodies.

>> No.55419190

>Tau-DG scuffle was basically minimal
>Just DG intruding on a Tau-Imp battle

>> No.55419193
File: 28 KB, 600x620, skyweaver.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GW needs to realize that sometimes no detailing is the proper amount of detailing on model parts. Not every millimeter needs to be covered with little knickknacks. Pic related is a good design, it has enough details on it to give it character, but not so much as to overwhelm.

>> No.55419194

Anyone else bothered by the new design of all death guard units?
I think they look too much like Age of Sigmar nurgle units, whatever they're called there
Since when do you have huge bells and incense and a tallying board and shit on every model in 40k?
Straight outta AoS if you ask me

>> No.55419195

>complaining about chaos being overdesigned

>> No.55419196

Stygies and Lucius both do Electropriests way better. They didn't need more damage, they needed a way to get right up in enemy faces, and Deepstrike/Move Charge that Stygies offers gets them almost guaranteed charges where they want them as long as you're going first. Probably means you want a couple big blobs of priests, another of Dragoons and then a rather expensive gunline with Kastelans and such to keep the unit count down.
If we just had Adsecularis screens we'd be perfect, but I am NOT stooping to Allied Conscripts to keep my gunline screened.

>> No.55419198

Is there any reason to take a Lord of Contagion yet?

>> No.55419204

>death guard are better at summoning daemons than the word bearers

Uhh, lorgar fangays?

Or really, anyone. Explain this shit. How can GW be so bad at balance?

>> No.55419205

At this point, I'd be amazed if Alaitoc don't get the same trait as well, being the sneaky/infiltrate-y craftworld and all.

>> No.55419215

I thought the DG terminators were suppose to be a dual kit. Now that Deathshrouds are their own separate (3 model monopose kit costing as much as 5 regular terminators), why exactly are they in Cataphractii and not Tartaros again?

Doesn't matter, I'm still gonna use my 30k Deathshroud models, because fuck this GW-FW rivalry and screwing each other over with models and shit. I'm surprised FW even put "tartaros armour" as an option for their TS terminators, when they didn't even make models for them (while GW did).

>> No.55419219

They're considerably better at sneaking than the Marines, too, given they can do it with massive walkers, Dragoons and Combat Bots all sprinting at maximum speed and firing glowy energy weapons everywhere.

>> No.55419223

Hi there! I too don't like the new designs. They're so rotund and overdesigned, and I really don't like Nurgle's new association with tentacles. It makes no sense. That's a Slaanesh or Tzeentch thing.

>> No.55419231


Middle ground HQ between OP characters and shit-tier chaos lords.

There's not much reason, that's why its miniature comes in the starter set, otherwise it wouldnt sell

>> No.55419232

Kinda want to start a small AdMech force given I already own Cawl. I rather like the Lucius rules though. I guess I'll go with a custom Forgeworld so I can freely swap. Anyone got any good pictures of alternate AdMech schemes?

>> No.55419248

Word bearers are fucking shit. I actually don't get the point of them - every cult army can summon Daemons out of their asses, except they are good at other shit too.

Word Bearers get to make cults, but no one gives a shit about those.

>> No.55419249

Yes you have to. You draw the line between your target and Morty. If you don't target him your line will be 2" long and hit's nothing but the scripts.

And you can't target a unit behind them because they are blocking Morty.

It's really not that hard to place your modells in a way it won't work.

>> No.55419261

> you can employ the Canticles of the Omnissiah rule to dominate the enemies of Mars in fine style

I imagined that being read by a deep voiced guy, while an advertisement showed some pimp-style techpriest enjoyed a cigar.

>> No.55419262

Chaos Lords are great. You don't need DR on your cheap gunline buffbot.

>> No.55419276

No it doesn't. It is a very good way to counter lists because you can choose what you want to summon.

If you wanted to say it sucks for mono-god builds then yes, in this situation it does suck.

>> No.55419286

>New association with tentacles

They are worms/maggots mutations. And they have been a nurgle thing for a while.

>> No.55419293

Except most units you can summon are both shit and do same fucking thing anyway.

>> No.55419295

Not the guy you were answering too, but he is right that the designers pretty much went all out when it comes to details.
They even have sculpted maggots *inside* their backpack smokestack thingies. Something you will never ever see once the model is assembled and probably will never paint.
I like their models but they are very "noisy".

>> No.55419306


Word Bearers are the shitposters of the legions. No matter how many you get rid of, there will always be more of them.

>> No.55419308

>why exactly are they in Cataphractii and not Tartaros again?

Maybe because even loyalists can't secure enough materials to maintain enough suits of Tartaros armour to replace the inferior Indomitus entirely ? I mean, if marines with the entire Imperium to support them and provide them with materials can't keep more than a handful of Tartaros suits functional, why would any single traitor legion that has been trapped in the Eye of Terror and has to fight to secure any resources still have any after ten thousand years ?

All these whiners crying about Deathshroud not having Tartaros in 40k (and nowhere is described or clarified what type of terminator the Deathshroud are wearing mind you) really get my autism flaring.

>> No.55419311

What did everyone think of today's TTS Voxcast

>> No.55419313

No matter how long they've been around, they're shit.

>> No.55419318

You gonna be just meat for my growing Poxwalkers horde.
No hard feelings man, its Nurgle way.
They see me rottin` they hatin`

>> No.55419321

Custodes and SoS book share anyone?

>> No.55419322


They have the shittiest dogma but 10/10 warlord trait and stratagem.

Let me lay some numbers on you you beep-boop fucker:

Get a Dominus near some Kataphron Destroyers. Get some other units in the bubble just so he's not a 135 point babysitter (with souped-up super-guns), because its the Kataphrons we're focusing on. Slap Plasma Culverins on those fuckers, then Overcharge them. Be a fucking Plasma Specialist. Heavy D6 S8 AP-3 D3 rerolling 1s to hit (3% chance to explode with each shot, that's the fucking price you pay. Go fire 33 shots and watch ONE kataphron beef it.) THREE count 'em 210 POINTS of Kataphron Destroyers will now kill a Predator in 1 turn of shooting. Every turn if you shill out CP for them, and even if you don't they will do horrible unkind fucking things to MEQs, TEQs, Primaris, Bikers, whatever the fuck you want. And four Kataphron Destroyers, 280 points, kill a Leman Russ in one volley with baseline average rolls. If you Overcharge and pop Plasma Specialists in the same turn your plasma culverins are functionally Strength 14 weapons. And these fuckers come in units of goddamn 12 so you cant even whine about not fielding a lot of plasma. 6 Destroyers with specialists and a nearby Dominus kill a fucking Knight in 1 turn. And I didnt even factor Phosphor Blasters or Cognis Flamers into any of this math.

So fuck you, go paint some servitors like traffic cones and use them to eat the entire enemy army.

Ryza's fucking awesome.

>> No.55419323
File: 132 KB, 583x800, 9f8d7acf6bd49782a78629a16f01f4e0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Chaos SHOULD be the ridiculously detailed and baroque faction though. Others should handle sleek and minimalist.

>> No.55419324

Is Mega working for you guys?

It goes to decoding a file, then gives an error 500, refresh there and you get a 404.

>> No.55419332

So they go to the even rarer and harder to maintain Cataphractoi armour. Logical. You arrogant ass.

>> No.55419337


They're in Cataphractii because all the Tartaros using traitors died in the heresy.

>> No.55419339

Blame the tzeentch faggots who abused the fuck out of the old summoning system.
Then use the renegade trait for your word bearers. Its better for things like spawn or possessed anyway.

>> No.55419355

Yeah sure. Exalted flamer is the exact same as Bloodcrushers or Plaguebearers.

Maybe just don't use it and if you don't don't comment because you don't know what you are talking about.

It isn't stupidly OP like last edition, it's not even good if you don't plan exactly what to use in which situation. But if you put in the work It is a pretty good tool. Nothing to WAAC about but hey, not everything can be made for snowflakes.

>> No.55419356


so is the Deathguard book another "look how badass Chaos is because it can beat other Chaos stuff", while having no notable victories against anything that matters like Ultramarines and Grey Knights

>> No.55419358

>Heavy D6 S8 AP-3 D3 rerolling 1s to hit

I forgot to even type the +1 to Wound thing because I was so goddamn mad at you

>> No.55419360

Because Tartaros looks like shit.

>> No.55419380

This. Chaos being spikey, slimy, tentacled, horned, etc is how it should be. I can't wait to see how they treat berserkers.

>> No.55419398

DG players are the worst.

>> No.55419402

Hi, Chengrel.

>> No.55419403

Cataphractii was only rare before the HH you idiot. The legions just didn't like it so much because it was so heavy and cumbersome it made the wearer horribly slow. It is the most 'primitive' pattern of terminator armour, nowhere near as difficult to maintain as tartaros. Not that you would know any of that.

>> No.55419418

Funny. Just thought the same about WAAC players that started guard after it was winning everything.

>> No.55419421

So who's next after admech

>> No.55419438
File: 887 KB, 1012x702, Cuties.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How good are these little fuckers ?
I absolutely love the model but taking 3 might be a bit overkill. I mean, they are 426pts for a full squadron after all.

Thoughts ?

>> No.55419439

I have a question.

I'm looking to start a Poland-themed IG army. It's going to be Rough Rider heavy, of course. How could I make the Rough Riders look more like Winged Hussars? Would the Pike and Shotte models work or would I have to do some conversions?

>> No.55419440
File: 165 KB, 800x571, thousand-sons-occult-horz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Newfag here, who is carnac?

>> No.55419446

Imperial Guard, Nids, Craftworld Eldar.

>> No.55419469
File: 5.37 MB, 1472x1716, 1438592266272.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Legendary Shitposter. Very annoying.

>> No.55419472

Some of the admech guns look old-timey, no idea where you'd get the wings.

>> No.55419486

so, would it make sense to make a custom chapter of primaris marines bound to Mars, like Cawl made one for himself or whatever, and then have them on the table together with admech army?

>> No.55419491

Chaosgod of Autism

>> No.55419498
File: 224 KB, 893x1280, 7c89dfc0ce461a1f8afed41b0f1a4ce8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


m8, baroque space marines are what Chaos has always aspired to be.

With the new technologies not GW can make baroque over-detailed space marine rapists that dont look like shit.

The overdesign Dark Vengeance chaos models and these Death Guard models are what finally made me decide on making an actual army.

It's all going back to the John Blanche roots and that's awesome.

Also you can tell GW isnt overdesigning just because all factions,Primaris marines are super plain and simple

>> No.55419499

Meh, just ignore him

>> No.55419501


>> No.55419506

You gave me hope. Thank you. This actually does sound powerful as fuck. Priests won't be too bad with them.

>> No.55419508

You can get wings from the Deathwing and Ravenwing boxes.

>> No.55419516
File: 145 KB, 1280x1024, Explaining Carnac, for Newfags or people who don't know about him.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was once a tripfag named TIDF(Tau Internet Defense Force), then he stopped doing it when people filtered him. He then earned his current name from the Carnac campaign. Huge Chaosboo with a side order of Necron fanboyism. His husbandbo is Be'Lakor.
I haven't seen this image in two years. Brings back memories of Lizardposting and Australians.

>> No.55419518

Ryza is good if you go full plasma retard, but it's pretty bleh otherwise. The passive bonus is nowhere near as good as stygies or Lucius or tge FnP one.

>> No.55419519

AdMech already did it with the Steel Confessors, why not do it again?

>> No.55419524

Why does this not have the "misses nurgle" on putrid explosion. Thats really the only thing that seems bad to me.

>> No.55419529

I don't see the need to go to such lengths (any SM chapter outright belonging to the AdMech can be slightly controversial), but a completely sanitary lore-friendly version could just be 'Ultima Chapter has strong ties to Mars.'

>> No.55419539

>loyalists can't secure enough materials to maintain enough suits of Tartaros armour

You're comparing the bodyguard of a primarch to the entirety of the loyalist chapters. TS has no trouble keeping their tartaros terminators intact for 10,000 years, what excuse does DG have?

>inferior Indomitus entirely

Crunch doesn't equal fluff.

>can't keep more than a handful of Tartaros suits functional

What do you mean? Loyalists can have Tartaros suits just fine.

>whiners crying

Nice projection.

>nowhere is described or clarified what type of terminator the Deathshroud are wearing mind you

So why are the official models in Tartaros instead of being an upgrade kit for all terminator suits? Why didn't Deathshrouds have option to take Cataphractii from the start?

>> No.55419546

To add, I have went *full* plasma. I run MSU of Vanguard with 2 plasma calivers in each. I only have 3 destroyers. Now's time to prolly get more. Is their warlord trait any good?

>> No.55419570

1) DG codex as epub or pdf already out there?
2) I have all my kataphrons equipped with gravcannons. Are they shit this edition and now I have to run them plasma or not at all?

>> No.55419577

>Crunch doesn't equal fluff.
In this case it does you retard. Indomitus is outright inferior to tartaros, and tartatos would have relpaced indomitus if the HH hadn't happened

>> No.55419579

>So why are the official models in Tartaros instead of being an upgrade kit for all terminator suits? Why didn't Deathshrouds have option to take Cataphractii from the start?

Because most people at FW are incompetent little shits? There are so many things wrong with FW's 30k rules it is plain obvious they have zero understanding of how the rules actually work.

>> No.55419582

links in OP, bottom

>> No.55419594

If I wanted to convert my chaos character to have daemonic wings, what's the best source of bits for that?

>> No.55419597

I thought I saw some Eldar units with wings that might work. I think the standard lasguns would work, at least for infantry units.

>> No.55419604

What the fuck.
Back to >>>/b/

>> No.55419607

Possessed kit?

>> No.55419613

whoa, thanks, I didn't know about them

okay, it was just one possibility for a background, but I see your point. I just wanted an excuse to paint marines in khorne red and call them Children of Olympus

>> No.55419614

Maybe a little pricey for two BS4+ heavy weapons. The bile spurt feels like it ought to auto hit but it doesn't so it's weak, and they aren't good in combat. The aura is good.

Yes, especially if it's a unit of more than one.

>> No.55419617

426 points for 3 Multi Meltas and 3 Missile Launchers mounted on somewhat resilient bodies ? Seems overcosted imho

>> No.55419619

What in God's green earth is that

>> No.55419620

The possessed kit has backpacks with wings. Could even use tyranid gargoyle ones.

>> No.55419625

>In this case it does

How so? I mean, if you want to get into fluff, the Tartaros has been weaker than the Indomitus and equal to the Indomitus as well.

>tartatos would have relpaced indomitus if the HH hadn't happened


>> No.55419629

Thanks, forgot about them

>> No.55419633

>TS has no trouble keeping their tartaros terminators intact for 10,000 years, what excuse does DG have?
Worshiping a literal god of rot and decay? Frankly I'm surprised any of their equipment still works.

>> No.55419643

Deformed horse

>> No.55419644

Armourless Astartes models when?

>> No.55419659

How's the aura good ? They have to be ENTIRELY withing 7" and you want to want these guys skipping around the battlefield.

>> No.55419662

Do they come with stitched nipple pads and innuendo?

>> No.55419667

>TS has no trouble keeping their tartaros terminators intact for 10,000 years

There also was a full legion of Thousand Sons present at the Siege of Terra, despite the fact that barely a thousand of them escaped the Burning of Prospero alive. It's magic, deal with it.

>> No.55419672
File: 43 KB, 500x363, Winged_Lancers_Kislev_4th_Edition_Miniatures.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Historicals work fine. Attilans RRs looked quite primitive. Add a few laspistols if you want to modernize them a bit. Also if you want official GW models you could see if you can track down some of the old whfb Kislev Winged Lancers.

>> No.55419673

DG Dex is in OP.
I've had some really good results with Gravaphrons. Probably because they don't take a huge amount of fire with things like Kastelans around and I fight a decent chunk of melee armies, but they'll carve through Marines and chunk down light and medium vehicles like Predators and Rhinos from weight of D3. They're obviously not Kastelan tier, but they're perfectly fine for two units at 1.5k IMO and will now be better thanks to Elimination Volley.

Also good for fixing with a Dominus, especially if your tax Enginseers are already working on the Dunecrawlers.

>> No.55419681

Thanks. Deathwing wings look more similar to what I'm looking for.

>> No.55419684

If GW just sticks to using these overwhelming designs for Chaos that'd be fine, but I'm afraid they're going to take the opportunity to do the same to factions that it won't work for.

>> No.55419688


It looks like it could stand up if it wanted to, that position just looks more braced for heavy recoil. Lower center of gravity and all that.

Still looks way better than any of their gundam shit.

>> No.55419695

Pretty impressive beatstick for 137 points, I think that's alright. This isn't a good force multiplier, but you have Daemon Princes for that job.
Still not going to use one, but I can see them being used the way people used to field single Mutilators: As diversions you cannot ignore.

>> No.55419698

That's pretty cool

>> No.55419707

30k marines could be churned out in a year, if needed. There's nothing magical about it.

>> No.55419712

How would you equip your Blightlord Terminators? Base equipment is Balesword/Bubonic Axe (Power sword and Power axe with plague weapon) and combi-bolter.

You can swap any combi-bolter for a combi plasma, melta or flamer.

For every 5 guys in a unit, you can give a guy a blight launcher, plague spewer (Heavy flamer with plague weapon) or reaper autocannon

For every 5 guys one can swap their combi-bolter and balesword/bubonic axe for a mace of contagion.

I'm thinking Champion with mace, 4 combi-meltas and axes. Which would you take anyway? Axes or Swords?

>> No.55419713

I once played against someone who cut the heads off Pillarmen figures and replaced them with Custodes heads

>> No.55419715


Look at Primaris, if anything I'd say they're too plain

>> No.55419724

Who's to say it can't stand taller if it needs to turn and is just squatting to reduce its profile.

>> No.55419727

So? For AdMech, that trait is fucking stellar. It helps them correct their biggest weakness, namely not having transports, by making them more resilient until they are close.

I don't care if it's copy-paste, so long as it works well.

>> No.55419743

Stratagem also provides T1 Charge abilities with sneeki breeki Priests, which is hilarious.

>> No.55419747

Yeah they obviously had all the facilities to do that after being teleported to the Planet of Sorcerers and leaving everything they didn't carry on Prospero.

>> No.55419748

If they have the same stats as power swords/axes and the plague weapon rule, axes are mathematically superior

>> No.55419749

A good man.

>> No.55419753

wonder where he got such small pillarmen

>> No.55419756

Yeah axe is S+1, AP-2 and Plague Weapon. 5 points.

Sword is S user, AP -3 and Plague Weapon. 6 points.

>> No.55419762

I never said it was amazing.

>> No.55419764

Wow where have you been when I was asking the same question 10 months ago?

>> No.55419782

Of all their recent designs I'm most impressed with Ynnead trio. The Visarch has a simple melding of eldar styles, Yvraine has some beautiful detailing, especially on her dress, and the Yncarne is suitably over the top because it's the avatar of a god.

>> No.55419792

3D print. They weren't good quality.

>> No.55419795

Nah, Primaris are great, there's just not enough upgrade kits out for them. The Primarines are plain so you can glue your own bling on and a little goes a long way. Mine have about six Exalted Sorcerer parts spread out over a 700 point force and everybody can clearly tell they're Thousand Sons without them looking overloaded.

>> No.55419801
File: 24 KB, 367x384, 1481854655745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was away for months and assumed others would teach about the dreaded Carnac.

>> No.55419821

Newfag here. After some reading I think I want to go craftworlds eldar and was wondering other than the start collecting, what should I pick up? I was thinking of grabbing a couple boxes of dire avengers, what else would be good to get an ok starting list?

>> No.55419825

Anyone bought the Emperor's Legion by Chris Wraight and has a pdf already? I would buy it but my credit card fucks me over on that one.

>> No.55419834

Wouldn't bother with the 3 model squad.
Sure basically having 3+ instead of 4+ to hit is nice. But you are paying a lot of points for something you just don't need in an army that can spam mortal wounds like few others.

I would get 1, maybe too at most and put my money and points in something more fun on the table.

>> No.55419840

Ryza warlord trait is "pick one weapon on your Warlord when you deploy your army. Increase it's Strength and Damage by 1", and it cant be used on a Relic

its not GREAT because the Dominus weaponry is all either low rate of fire, no AP, or both, so its a bit schizophrenic. But it can give your Volkite Blaster a bit more of a bite if you dont want to take the Ryza relic (a souped-up Volkite Blaster) to free you up for another relic (like the 3-shot AP-3 Phosphor Serpenta) or you can use it on your Omnissian Axe or something. It's not GREAT, but I'm just a big fan of Destroyers aesthetically and ran a bunch of numbers to verify that the Ryza strategem turns them from mildly threatening to one of the most point-efficient sources of anti-tank/elite infantry damage I know. So after them you just need to check enemy hordes and get support units and shit.

There's also that strategy we know that lets you combo kastelans and destroyers. Im not sure how I feel about it yet, partially because I dont actually own any kastelans

>> No.55419846

Whatever you do make sure to throw your infantry in wave serpents, they're really strong this edition.

>> No.55419849

Well, I think the Combi-Meltas are awful because they're overcosted, especially since the Combi-Plasma synergizes so well with the Legion trait.

So either 5 Combi-Plasma, 5 Bubotic Axes or 4 Axes, 1 Flail, 1 Blight Launcher and 3 Combi-Flamers.

>> No.55419850

If rumors are correct eldar will be one of the next releases, so maybe wait before you spend too much (desu you should not go all out at the start anyway).

>> No.55419862

Well, we know that all the traitor forces, like half the Mechanicum, all the legions, etc. sure as shit didn't give them any help. Why would Horus orchestrate Magnus' fall and then help him back up? Doesn't make any sense. Sucking space majicks, man!

>> No.55419863

Not a rumor. CW Eldar by November is confirmed.

>> No.55419866

Not a rumor, GW confirmed that they're one of the next three to come out (the other two being Guard and 'Nids).

>> No.55419871


depends on how many bikes you want

>> No.55419877

Dude.. just get the FW ones or whatever. Nobody cares.

>> No.55419879

I think nobody actually read this


Next three after AdMech are CWE, Nids and IG. Coming from GW itself.

>> No.55419893

>you should not go all out at the start anyway
This, get a start collecting box, they're great value, desu sempai.

>> No.55419899

Unfortunately no one told me who carnac was but after couple weeks I figured it out.

>> No.55419911

>Nobody cares.

For something people don't care about, there's a lot of discussion about it.

>> No.55419930
File: 46 KB, 437x444, taupaint4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tau newfag again

How do I work out which paints to layer to get this exact shade of blueish grey? None of the Citadel Paint app things seem to match. Is there some online tool I can use, input hex codes or some shit?

>> No.55419932

If you could keep them at least 6" apart, I might've considered it. But as it is, there's no point in buying 3.

>> No.55419940

Bel'akor is one of the few interesting daemons. Pity he'll never succeed in supplanting the big four.
Lets see if this works: Thunder Warriors are stronger than Astartes

>> No.55419947

Buy your start collecting box. build it. paint it. THEN buy a dire avengers box, built it. paint it, then buy a wave serpent. built it. paint it. you get the idea. Don't buy a bunch of stuff all at once, try and take your time or else you'll just get overwhelmed. as for what you should buy, whatever you think looks cool. You're going to be spending the majority of this hobby playing with your cool toys, so make sure you like the look of those toys.

>> No.55419956
File: 27 KB, 254x371, 1503245164225.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think he meant that nobody cares about your opinion. And of course nobody does, because a) you're on an anonymous Taiwanese Ladyboy trading forum and b) your opinion sucks. Seriously, just get the FW Deathshrouds if the GW ones upset you so much.

>> No.55419959

I think the paint app lets you take a picture to get a color you want if they don't have it.

>> No.55419960

Honestly, what hinders you to just do a double forgeworld list?
I'm planning a custom FW where one continent specialises on heavy support, using cawl and his mars stratagems
and for the other detachment I'll use ryza with kataphrons

>might be cheese

>> No.55419966

It does but it does not seem to pick up well from my monitor

>> No.55419972

>Warlords don't have to be HQ to get a Trait, just Characters

....suddenly I kind of want to have a Cybernetica Datasmith wrangling his beep boops, surprising enemy tanks with his Str7 AP-3 D3 wound-rerolling pistol

(I have no idea how "increase this weapon's strength by 1" works with a powerfist or servo-arm)

>> No.55419975

Maybe you could print a picture of the color.

>> No.55419983

tried the fang or fenris grey yet?

>> No.55419993

What I'll probably end up doing actually is a Ryza + Stygies VIII list. Because Kataphron artiller and untouchable stealth dragoons, with a mixture of stealth and plasma Skitarii scurrying around

>Kataphron and Heavy Support
enjoy your 20 models at 2k points

>> No.55419995

more like double faggot

>> No.55420004

Probably not when you take in to account that at that point they're basically fast dreadnoughts with relentless, a 5++, a 5+++, a -1 to hit them in melee, an aura/cover effect, and a 50% chance to explode.

They're also nurgle daemons so benefit from things like nurgle daemon powers/aura effects - to do things like heal wounds at range or give them +1 strength... Then there's epidemius - who buffs the crap out of nurgle daemons when they manage to kill stuff - which these guys probably will.

Btw 3 similarly equipped hellbrutes cost 372 points - not that you'd probably take them, I get that.

>> No.55420006

No, trying to order the paints for collection on Monday at my local GW. Maybe I should just ask them.

>> No.55420014

Quick, list something Magnus did wrong. I'll start:

>> No.55420016

Pretty sure it's still multiplication before addition. So it would be S "(User x2) + 1".

>> No.55420021

I don't even play DG, just laughing somebody thinking nobody cares, when there's a whole lot of sperging going on.

>> No.55420036
File: 229 KB, 1319x106, helping.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look into the colour set The Fang+Russ Grey+Fenrisian Grey
And dry paint Etherium Blue

The combo Fang+Etherium+nuln with edge highlights looks very similar
See pic

>> No.55420043

>being too good for Imperium

>> No.55420050

>being a fucking NEEEEEERD

>> No.55420063

Will Ahriman ever succeed in replacing Tzeentch?

>> No.55420068

>cogitator full of bl manga

>> No.55420079


How does the middle color after the wash work?

Do you just cover the whole surface in that color save for the recesses?

What's a base paint? Do I still have to prime the miniature and then apply the base? or does it work as primer?

>> No.55420089

How bad is this 1500 list for DG?

Typhus - 175
Daemon Prince (Warlord: Arch-Contaminator) w/ Axe, The Suppurating Plate or Fugaris Helm, Wings? - 156

20 Poxwalkers - 120
20 Poxwalkers - 120
10 Cultists - 40

Bloat-drone w/ H. Blight Launcher - 134
Bloat-drone w/ H. Blight Launcher - 134
Bloat-drone w/ H. Blight Launcher - 134

Plagueburst Crawler w/ Mortar, 2 Entropy Cannons, Rothail Stubber - 162
Plagueburst Crawler w/ Mortar, 2 Entropy Cannons, Rothail Stubber - 162
Plagueburst Crawler w/ Mortar, 2 Entropy Cannons, Rothail Stubber - 162

Simple, typical Death Guard style, zombies with Typhus get in the way or take objectives, the cultists try to stay on an objective out of LoS and not die. The shooty stuff hangs around the DP, advancing behind the zombies if needed.

I kinda feel I'm wasting the Prince a bit, although he is a nasty counter charge unit. I think I have to go rule of cool on this.

>> No.55420111

You're not paying for the Bloat Drone melee weapon.

Also wings will probably cost something.

>> No.55420118

Always prime your miniatures anon. Always.
Base paints lay a foundation for your layer paints. They are very opaque, and cover up your primer.
Layer paints usually are of the colour you actually want your miniature to look like in the end, they are a bit transparent, and the basecoat will make them look better.

Duncan has a nice guide for this.

>> No.55420121

Even if they are fairly costed for their weapons and bodies, what's the point of taking them if they are a massive point sink for a mediocre fire power.

I mean, you can take a pair of laspreds for less than this.

>> No.55420142

Yeah, generally you apply the wash after the drybrush to make it look good

>> No.55420159

Bloat Drone with HBL is 159pts. Also, wings will probably get faqed in.

>> No.55420161

How useful is it to have a combi melta on a SM jumppack captain/lieutenant.

With the JP he can jump over screening infantry and melta a character. Im talking about an assault oriented army.

>> No.55420162

Could someone post Squiggoth's page?

>> No.55420184

I used to run renegades and heretics like this last edition and I'll tell you, depending on the game and opponent - it's too slow to really get anything done.

In the renegades list, plague zombies and (stationary) artillery were about half what they cost under the current book, even without the add ons to the crawlers and such. I had tons of points left over for chimeras and chaos spawn (which were like 12 points a peice and faster than they are now).

All you've got that'll get out of your backfield are the blight drones and they've got standoff firepower anyway.

Maybe you'll get lucky and everything will happen on your side of the table, but that never worked out in my case so I just built up an offense knowing my side of the table was firmly controlled and the artillery would lay down some hurt, but never enough (and this was pie plates).

>> No.55420192
File: 49 KB, 472x546, admech player.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Average AdMech player

>> No.55420196

Use the CSM Codex cost for Daemon Prince with Wings, it will be FAQ'd shortly.

>> No.55420208

But why stygies if you can reroll wounds on the dragoons?
the -1 to get hit is enough for dragoons to deny overwatch and you get a turn 1 charge anyways if you really want to
with ryza you get an absolute powerhouse melee dragoon squad that pretty much can kill a land raider on the first charge - they synergise really too well to forgoe mars in favour of stygies

>> No.55420216
File: 326 KB, 386x732, 1505191157218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55420218

/r/ing the cute nurgling with a helmet.

>> No.55420226

Well its DG release day, how about a DG list!
reposting from the list thread

Total points: 1971
CP: 12

Demon prince
-Warlord trait: tainted regeneration


Malignant Plaguecaster

pox walkers x10
pox walkers x10
pox walkers x10
pox walkers x10

Plague Marines x5
- plasma gun, blight launcher, blightlauncher

Plague Marines x5
- plasma gun, blight launcher, blightlauncher

Blight Bringer
Blight lords x5
-Bubotic axes x5, combi plasma x4, reaper autocannon

>Fast Attack
Chaos spawn x1
Chaos spawn x1
Chaos spawn x1

>Heavy Support
Plague Crawler
-entropy cannons x2

Plague Crawler
-entropy cannons x2

Plague Crawler
-entropy cannons x2

any thoughts?

>> No.55420228

God i hope a lot of players sell their shit for easy grabs

>> No.55420229

>the -1 to get hit is enough for dragoons to deny overwatch
Why don't you people ever read the damn rules.

>> No.55420238
File: 122 KB, 600x860, Gt+mfw+_db584e786106d9bf773335c137434f7e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes mighty bait lord. You have shown us all how stupid we are by playing a retard that is spaming about shit nobody else wants to and just answers to shut you up.
We are unworthy of your presence. So plx gtfo

>> No.55420239

He's right to be upset tho.

>> No.55420253

LasPreds are less mobile. the Roombas can move and shoot with no penalty. Plus, they buff everything around them so there's that to consider.

>> No.55420277
File: 80 KB, 720x960, 21751570_10203505255189298_4502803435631436806_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go :)

>> No.55420283

Drop the marines and double down on those Pox Walkers

>> No.55420285

>it's another "Brigade detachment that forgets to include something to use all those Command points on" episode

>> No.55420297
File: 37 KB, 189x357, 20170910_071710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ball sockets
>able to extend past knee joints
Uhhh kay

>> No.55420299

What do y'all think each of the Craftworld are going to get for their chapter tactics? who's going to get stuck with rerolls against buildings?

>> No.55420304

Maybe so. Doesn't change the fact that everybody can attach his name to all the fucking whining. Tempted to join the FB group just to laugh at him.

>> No.55420308

Why are they pushing the power fists plus plague swords so hard on champions? That's 3 of them now...

>> No.55420321

>who's going to get stuck with rerolls against buildings?
Probably nobody considering not even AdMech recycled that one.

Alaitoc will probably be the 4th copy of Raven Guard, though.

>> No.55420326
File: 100 KB, 500x500, 1503144917407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Top strategems
Nurgle Rot - for DP
Grandfathers blessing - for termies
blasamues machines - for plague crawlers
The dead walk again - for pox walkers
VotLW - for plague marines/termies

i was thinking this, but i like my plague marines that i painted.

>> No.55420329

I can't believe they made that an actual CT.
I mean, how often do you even see <Building> in a game?

>> No.55420337

Isn't one of them PF and plasma pistol?

>> No.55420343

Eh. At least with this dude you don't HAVE to build him that way. There's options this time.

>> No.55420345

I think Tau have some as part of their index, but that's all I've seen.

>> No.55420355

>I can't believe they made that an actual CT
It's only part of it, calm down. The main bonus is ignoring cover.

>> No.55420365

Not fighting during the Burning. If he was present Ahrimans pride wouldn't have doomed the legion.

>> No.55420371

The easy-build guy has fist, plasma gun, and knife. The other two are fist, sword, and bolt pistol.

>> No.55420377


I've been looking to get a Raven Guard Craftworld tactics for my own team of Exodite weirdos, so there's that. The fact that a lot of factions have similar tactics is... I don't know.

It's not exactly samey since they have much different units to work with those overarching tactics, but the small buffs seem more balanced than a smattering of a bunch of wildly different tactics between factions like 7e gave us, which trended from almost useless to fringe situational to so broken why would anyone choose anything else but these two/three options?

>> No.55420404


The classic Imperium ones and the Tau ones are basically it.

>> No.55420418



>> No.55420423

How often does cover even come up in 8th edition. They should have gotten ignores penalties to hit, because that seems to be the primary way to gaining defensive buffs in 8th.

>> No.55420432

>It's not exactly samey since they have much different units to work with those overarching tactics, but the small buffs seem more balanced than a smattering of a bunch of wildly different tactics between factions like 7e gave us, which trended from almost useless to fringe situational to so broken why would anyone choose anything else but these two/three options?

Do they really, or are you mistaking thematic differences with mechanical differences? I think if you examine the codices and indices, you'll find that the differences between a GEQ across the codexes are very slight, with the same being true for MEQ and TEQ. 8th edition seems to be going the way of homogenization in almost every aspect, which worries me. If the only differences between units are small numbers tweaks, then 8th edition will be even more solved and feature less diversity than 7th.

>> No.55420440

Then drop something else : Walkers really need to be taken by packs of 20 to benefit from their horde rule

>> No.55420446

Well basically for the points I mentioned. 21 wounds with a 5++ and a 5+++ on bodies that can move 10 inches and fire without penalty for the about the cost of predators (assuming upgrades) with 22 wounds, no invulnerable and have to stay stationary.

Both speed and heavy weapons are at a premium in a death guard army, but moreover - these guys seem to fit in to the strategy of slow blobs of infantry - who they can keep up with, provide an aura for as well as fire support while being able to shrug off (roughly 2/3rds) of incoming fire with their various saves.

TLDR; It's a synergy thing

>> No.55420447

>>How often does cover even come up in 8th edition.

. . . every game?

>> No.55420449

Every so often but when it does, it fucks things up seriously unless you can overcome it somehow. Suddenly you need double the amount of wounds to kill those tactical marines out of cover.

>> No.55420461
File: 9 KB, 121x153, _20170916_212244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nurglings a cute. A CUTE!

>> No.55420470

7 CTs

8 CTs

7 CTs

Probably 3 CT equivalents

Hopefully they don't try to force 7 too much and stick to a decent number that has a decent degree of uniqueness.

>> No.55420478

what kind of board are you playing on, that cover rarely comes up?

>> No.55420483
File: 42 KB, 310x425, penn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fucking blurry sideways shit.
Into the trash

>> No.55420503
File: 364 KB, 1030x1193, _20170916_212724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55420527

TPM did an episode about matte varnish on Forge the Narrative. A couple episodes back. Go check it out

>> No.55420541

Basically the units are either out of vision, because they're hiding behind a wall, or at least one of the miniatures is in vision and then the whole unit counts as in vision. It doesn't help that infantry have to be in ruins rather than have ruins between them and the shooting unit in order to get a cover bonus.

>> No.55420545

He might be a USfag.

>> No.55420571

Are there any digital tools to build detachments and armies?

Also why is there a power rating on things, but other places mentions "points" which seems different?

>> No.55420579

For as much as the Putrid Choir was mentioned I was hoping they'd have some painted models in the codex. Those fuckin black armored plague marines/blightlords looked great though.

>> No.55420581

play with more area terrain like forests and ruins.

>> No.55420600
File: 162 KB, 300x336, 1504072634145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but i don't want to paint more pox walkers ;_;

painting 50 more pox walkers would literally kill me.

But how would i divide them up if i do take 90 of them.



>> No.55420623

Battlescribe exists.
Power rating is basically for beginners and fun, narrative games. Points are for a bit more advanced list building, they allow you to tweak units and maybe squeeze in another unit, for example.

>> No.55420627

4x 20 Walkers for a total of 80 seems a pretty fair amont.
Either go 3x20 or 4x20. Less is too few, more is overdoing it I think

>> No.55420636

If i don't break them into 6 units, i'll miss out on 6 CPs

>> No.55420645

New thread here

>> No.55420646

Power Rating is a new method of list building, meant to be more informal. Most people use points still. Power Rating works like this: for every unit in your army, tally up the power rating for that unit to get the power rating of your army. Power Rating isn't affected by wargear, so you can include as much or as little as you want.

Power Rating does have one rules consequences though, even for points games: some rules like summoning or stratagems work based on power rating.

>> No.55420726
File: 215 KB, 648x900, 1396040956532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, DG lost. Wow, amazing.

>> No.55420746

That was the time Morty got his heart carved. It's retconned.

>> No.55420777

Ayy lmao

>> No.55420799
File: 17 KB, 250x333, 250px-ADB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55420805


Nice, thanks

>> No.55420949


each would have to lose 5 before they lost their attack bonus... which is likely on the first couple at least, but the bonus only applies to unit with "more than 10 models" so the 10s don't get the bonus to hit.

>> No.55421022

>make one reply
>laughing cheetah.jpg

>> No.55421082
File: 96 KB, 499x442, 71b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick question boys.
Can GK psychic power Vortex of Infinity also hurt my own dudes? Cause I've been playing it like that (since last edition it could hurt anybody)
Have I been doing it right?
Or have I been stupid not casting it when I reach close combat?

>> No.55421094

A frequent poster who's a huge Chaos fan and enjoys getting into protracted lore discussions on how Chaos is the best ever. Tends to rile people up due to his rather condescending tone and propensity to cherrypick lore that suits his narratives. Very big fan of Black Library writer Aaron Demski-Bowden for the same reason he has garnered some criticism: putting Chaos on a pretty big pedestal that leaves Imperium factions as villainous morons (save the handful of characters he likes, which includes Sigismund and very much does not include the Emperor) and Xenos factions as irrelevant footnotes.

>> No.55421134
File: 5 KB, 124x123, tauplague.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55421233


>> No.55421363

Goddamn that thing looks OP.

>> No.55421412

Is that a Slaneeshi-fallen Harlequin?

>> No.55421434

Is that a Riptide using the Nova shield? Looks baller. Bit glittery on the suit's paintjob, though.

>> No.55421497

Lash of Submission?

>> No.55421513

Yeah, but that goes beyond WAACfag and into "legally allowed to kick you in the nuts".


Line segments vs line. Lines are infinite.

>> No.55421561
File: 505 KB, 572x673, inevitablemortarionretcon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the non-retarded version. It was a matter of time before the Mortarion versus Draigo fight got retconned. No mention of writing names into hearts, you'll notice.

Or maybe we can actually remember than Codices are supposed to be propaganda for their faction and stop screeching at each other about muh canon and muh retcons, but I'm not holding my breath.

>> No.55421572


>> No.55421652

Didn't the heart-writing happen later, as revenge for Geronitan being killed in this battle?

>> No.55422393

Is it for something specific?

You might wanna try and squeeze in a venom for the archon + incubi.

If you're up against tanks I'd maybe put a couple of those 5 man Kabs into a raider to free up a venom? I don't have the point costs to hand but it should still be within 500pts.

If you're expecting more infantry keep it as it is. You have 20 pts free (assuming you're playing at 500pts) so you may be able get a better weapon for your Archon (I can't remember that a stock Archon has desu).

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