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Miserable saturday, edition.

>Newest Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9K1At4M8tk [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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Thank you, I'm trying.

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First for the Greater Good

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1st for Sisters a QT !

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>waaaa, unless you play with my specific house rules i wont play you
haha, classic imperialcuck

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When the only counter to something is itself, that's not a counter, that's shit game balance.

I realize I'm talking about GW here, but I can dream, right?

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You can still do 3D3 attacks with D2, so max 18 if you are lucky. 4d3 str 8 if you have an allied herticus sorcerer

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I just bought this.


What should I expect, teegee?

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Vindicare assassin for tackling commissars?
Then Pask for mopping up conscripts?

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shit tier fan fiction most likely

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We have been though this. you can hide commissars, and you can have more than 6

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>Obviously bullshit interaction between the special rule on a single weapon for a single faction and a rule that covers the majority of a super-faction's units, that was created before said weapon was introduced
>House rules to get by until GW either FAQs or acknowledges the interaction as intentional


Yep. Sounds about right.

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New TTS podcast on "The Last Church":https://youtu.be/7XGX64XfSkU

Graham McNeil actually contacted Alfa to give him some extra info. Lots of hilariousness, revalation and the q&a segment helps to set up a clear time of where we're at. Spoiler for the q&a segment below

When Guilliman comes back he is going to be so screwed and apparently before Magnus was brought back, he and the TS just finished burning Fenris

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>mfw admec players thought they were getting deepstriking knights

btfo eternal machinefags

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How though are Bloodletters?
Hellblades are two handed weapons, right?
Where can I find Khornate daemon stats?

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So a straight "no" then?

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It can help. But don't expect it to "solve" them.

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No u

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I insist.

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Not particularly tough. But they can kill stuff.
That's irrelevant.
Chaos Index.

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>Obviously bullshit
no more bullshit than the fact it give you D3 rolls per attack, you are just salty that someone else get good, and fun rules.
>waa waa i dont want to have to think when i play my imperial armies
classic salty waac fag

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Weak as fuck. Weaker than those pesky grey scars, or whatever those fags are called. You better be using imperial troopers instead.

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Death guard codex scans when?

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>Obviously bullshit
Loving every laugh.

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you can summon after disembarking

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one guy said potentially today, but not to count on it, since he was making hurricane irma repairs today.

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What are your fondest Warhammer memories? Or memory singular if you don't have much to offer.

What was it, when was it, how was it?

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Bloodletters are high damage but lot durability.
There are no two handed weapons anymore.
Khorne daemons are generally the same as space marines but less tough and better in melee.

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Speaking of DG counters to hordes, how's the mowerdrone? Any good, or too expensive for its rather average WS?

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How do you guys think the splits halves If the Imperium will develop?

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It's a pretty expensive 9 attacks at mediocre weapon skill. It seems to be geared more towards mowing terminators than hordes.

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>tfw when no games

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>For as long as the Imperium had existed, Cadia was ever at the forefront of its deliberations. Over the last two hundred years–my lifetime– the High Lords had devoted an ever-increasing amount of time to that one world. Regiments had been thrown into the void to bolster it. Space Marine Chapters had been petitioned to reinforce its approaches. Armour-wrights and strategeos had been seconded to augment its walls and its fortresses. There were other battle zones of import– Armageddon, Badab– in which we were stretched, but in truth none of them mattered besides Cadia, for if that world fell then the balance of power we had cultivated for ten thousand years would be ended at a stroke.

Cadia is the most important battlezone. More important than even Armageddon Justify this.

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>tfw when

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Chaos is the current NPC that the imperium is leveling up against. Right now the real antagonists of 40k, the nids, haven't fully entered the galaxy yet.

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>Right now the real antagonists of 40k, the nids

But the Nids are not antagonists. They are background noise. Do you see them in the introductory art of "Dark Imperium"?

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If I could be so bold as to request the Death Guard epub so I may convert it to PDF?

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>Custodes weren't meant to be soldiers but companions, advisers, and artisan of the Emperor. They were meant to be the inspiration of what the Emperor wanted humanity to be.

>they are all white people with Aryan features

Jesus Christ, GW. Make it a little subtle.

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its not out yet you fucking faggot

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It is.

Look here >>55408629

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You didn't even check did you, cunt?

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fuh wypipo

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Well then
i retract my insult

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Seeing this for the first time.

To this day I am still surprised they did it.

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Newcommer here and have some questions

1)Ld is of what use to footsoldiers and canon fodder?
2)T gives damage reduction or something, or is it Sv?
3)how does S affect D?

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Read the rule book you silly tit

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Are there any good alternatives to magnets?

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Dark Eldar

seriously why are Necrons so bad

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Could someone post a screenshot or transcription of the Agripinaa relic? I keep trying to isolate it from the Winters SEO video and it keeps not being in focus
Leadership is what keeps your guys in the fight. The more they lose, the higher a leadership you need to not have more guys run.
Toughness determines how good you are at shrugging off attacks, as does Sv, though at different points. They're countered by Strength and AP, respectively.
There is no direct correlation between S and D

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I'm the dude who was asking about how many blightlords get the flail in the last thread that started this clusterfuck. Its not about playing imperium, it's about not being a cunt.

If this was an intended interaction, why the fuck does it only show up on a single single weapon? On a weapon with six lines of special rules? In a codex that is largely disjoint from the super-faction that the rule it is interacting with is inherited from?

This is classic splatbook syndrome, and making accommodations for other players until Rules-As-Intended is clarified is just good sportsmanship when there are clear outliers.

I'm not suggesting that hordes should go unchanged, but they are a symptom of broader balance problems within the Rules-As-Intended, rather than a product of splatbook syndrome.

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>obviously bullshit
That's just like your opinion man

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1. LD helps mitigate morale casualties of all multiple model units.

2. Toughness does not give damage reduction. Toughness is used in the roll to see if an attack that hits successfully wounds. The higher the toughness, the less likely a wound happens.

3. S does not affect D. Strength only increases the likliehood that an attack that hits will successfully wound.

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LD is what you use more morale checks after you lose some models. Everyone uses it, though vehicles and characters as single models don't tend to need it.

Toughness is compared to the Strength of the weapon to work out how likely it is to wound. Str 6 vs T 3 is 2+ for example. Saves come after that and are unaffected by strength (Though are affected by AP)

Strength and Damage have no interaction.

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Pure Knights
Chaos Space Marines (and to convert too!)
Imperial Guard

>> No.55415739

Ynnari. Soulburst is the only interesting mechanic left in 40k.
Space Marines
Dark Eldar or Chaos
Space Marines

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Thanks, you guys are cool.

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It's about the Fall of Cadia as it hit Terra.

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Dark Eldar
Space Marines (though DE, DG are right up there)
Sisters of Battle

This is mostly speculative

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Chaos Space Marines
Tau (or Chaos Space Marines if you include converting them to be a part of the painting process)

Yeah I like painting weeb space mechas - COME AT ME BRO
...but I hate the fact that they literally only use the fucking shooting phase, and their only interaction with the fight phase is to fall back with their units with FLY and than shoot again on the next turn. Boring as shit to play - too little in the way of actual decision making.

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My Canoness and Ministorum retinue vs. Draigo and Paladin retinue in 7th ed.
2 ordos clashing for supremacy.
Game ended becore the combat could be decided.

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yes, it is my opinion

however, so my abiding love of The Big Lebowski, so props for the reference

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someone post the ebook already. I want to watch college football while building a death guard list.

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>btfo eternal machinefags

Where's my Deepstrike Knights!?!?


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Buy it and post it yourself.

>> No.55415864

Blood Angels will get back Deep Strike Land Raiders.

>> No.55415869

deep striking knights would have given ad mech a unique niche. I don't play ad mech, but I'm sad that they didn't get anything unique with the codex. They're just another army that plays exactly the same as every other army. So far 8th has been pretty boring.

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Do we not link previous threads anymore??Kinda simple here OP.

I thought summer was over..

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Death Guard
Tau or Imperial Guard
Death Guard or Eldar
Space Marines or Imperial Guard

>> No.55415878

Grey Knights

>> No.55415882

Step 1: get a job
Step 2: wait till pay day
Step 3: use pay to purchase Death Guard Codex like everyone else

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Why the fuck is there some shitty weeb game listed as the new Duncan?

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>Knights don't get benefits of Canticles or stratagems (except one)

>> No.55415893

I don't purchase GW without pirating it first to make sure it's good.

>> No.55415900

SM dreadnoughts
Dark eldar

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>> No.55415920

>charge me $100 for 3 infantry models
>expect me to pay a further $80 for a book I can pirate
Yeah, nah, not going to happen GW.

I make more than enough money to buy the fucking collectors edition, mortarion, the fucking whole thing, and it wouldnt even make a dent in my budget, but fuck me I will not do it.

>> No.55415921



Death Guard


>seriously why are Necrons so bad
Lack of mobility, lack of affordable anti tank, lots of overcosted garbage units.

>> No.55415923

a series of pins

>> No.55415925

He's a big guy.

>> No.55415927

Har har har

No but seriously though?

What? How?

>> No.55415928

Can I run three C'tan Shards and wreck everything?

>> No.55415929

That applies to Mechanicum knights specifically. Knights will have their own thing in their own codex.

>> No.55415932

holy shit, deathlets confirmed

>> No.55415933


What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.55415934

for you

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>> No.55415944

If you mean get wrecked by everything, yes you can. You should do this.

>> No.55415946

Fuck man, then go look at ALL the fucking reviews and videos. there is even a fluff thread. face it, you are just a scummy pirate who dosent went to pay for a product, tubercular you are a shit

>> No.55415947

House was a great TV show

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Hahahhahahah mortarion is like a little baby

>> No.55415953

Seems a bit bullshit that mehanicum Knights don't get the benefits of mechanicum strategies. It's like knights show up to the party uninvited and the AdMech are all "Just ignore them and maybe they'll fuck off"

>> No.55415954

the pins hold the parts in place, there's two so the piece doesn't move around or fall off
or just use magnets you gelatinous oaf

>> No.55415959

>Deal 10 wounds to a terminators.

>The player insists on rolling them one at a time time.

For fucks sake this WAAC bitch.

>> No.55415976

i bought traitor legions, the GSC codex in 7th, a bunch of other shit. So far nothing in 8th has been worth money.

>> No.55415980

Can bloodletters use ranged weapons or just hellblades?

>> No.55415983

That's not WAAC fagging, that's just being a superstituous stupid cunt

>> No.55415991

Haha, then fuck off poor fag, stop being a bandwagoing fuck

>> No.55415995

Doesn't technically make any difference, it's just annoying and more time consuming. Not WAAC, though any insult will do.
I roll them all at once and still pass like 20+ terminator armoursaves on occasion. Doesn't make it less infuriating for the opponent, but doesn't draw it out.

>> No.55416001

Is... Is this b8? If so, it's really good.

>> No.55416007

Guard (Conscript spam)
Chaos Space Marines
Guard Infantry Squads
Guard conscript spam.

>> No.55416022

In my experience running them one at a time usually results in WAY less fails. It takes forever, too.

>> No.55416026

>every iteration of Magnus was broken as shit


>> No.55416029

>enemy deals 9 melta wounds on my squad
>insist that he do every double metla roll, one at a time
>insist on rolling my fnp for every roll
that's what you get for kicking my ass

>> No.55416030

What's the big deal about flail getting 1d3 attacks from DttFE? Statistically it's just a single extra attacks, it's basically the same as those things that give DttFE on a 5+ or a +1 to hit, bot things that you can get from other sources.

>> No.55416044

this is why i stopped playing tau desu, i really like their aesthetics but holy fuck playing their gun lines is like the Napoleonic wars

>> No.55416046

So AdMech codex is a whole lot of disappointment and a coll Knight Strategem?

>> No.55416047

Your experience is incorrect.

Rolling one at a time is the same as rolling all at once. How do people not understand statistics?

I bet you morons think a +1 to hit increases your chances at dealing damage more than getting +1 to wound (absent any other special rules).

>> No.55416050


I think Morty is one of the best designed kits GW has released as of late. The mold lines are cleverly hid and the use of stiching on his cloak for load bearing is really impressive.

>> No.55416051

Time for the stupidest fucking question in this thread

Looking to start an Adeptus Mechanicus army, seeing how the Canticles of the Omnissiah rules work in particular how everyone in the detachment of a battle-forged army needs the the ability.

If I'm looking to take some Astra Militarum units to have some more vehicles and a few other bits and pieces, am I allowed to just dump those all into a separate spearhead detachment? That way I have two separate detachments, one for A. Mech and one for the allies.

That makes sense to me, but is there something I'm missing saying that's not allowed?

>> No.55416054

It's not a big deal. Today is Accuse Everyone Of WAAC Day.

You should try it. It's fun, you WAAC fag!

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>> No.55416069

What if you hit on a 2+

>> No.55416080

yes. Imperium can ally with Imperium willy nilly
You could have a hundred guardsmen being led by a space marine captain, or a hundred space marines being led by an IG commander if you wanted to.
Separate detachments are no issue.

>> No.55416083

Yes, your interpretation is correct. You could have 99% of your army be sisters of battle in brigades, and as long as one detachment is entirely ad mech, that one detachment will benefit from catnticles.

>> No.55416093

You can increase a knights ion shield to a 4+ and have a tech priest heal it 4 wounds a turn though. That's gotta count for something.

With the new traits you can now turn your admech army in to the most frustaiting to play against gunline there is!

>> No.55416094

>Admech players wanted Deepstrike Knights and Transports they were never going to get
>were given an unimaginative, but solid Codex
>massive amounts of salt, because they weren't as cool as Death Guard
>they will get over it in a week

Yeah. That's pretty much it.

>> No.55416102

If you hit on a 2+, then +1 to hit will actually have no effect (absent any other special rules), since a natural one always misses.

>> No.55416110

Not sure. Arco-flagellants with Priests do the same damned thing.

>> No.55416122


>That's gotta count for something.

Did you not notice my REEEEEEEEEEEEEEing?

>> No.55416127

Oh, I feel dumb

>> No.55416133

So does a roll of 1 to wound you fucking mongoloid.

>> No.55416140

I never said otherwise.

>> No.55416160

Who plays bloodletters? They get one shotted easily. So, I dont know

>> No.55416161

DG codex ducking when

>> No.55416165


You cant auto hit so +1 to hit is useless for 2+ to hit as you always fail any 1s you roll. It becomes a lot more valuable if the unit has an effect that triggers on a 6+ to hit, though those are rarer than 6+ to wound.

>> No.55416166

I hope the future BA Codex wil have some nice collector's edition like the DG Codex did. I want some fancy red and gold dice and limited edition Primarines.
Also, I hope we'll get a BA upgrade kit for Primaris Marines, like the Ultrasmurfs already have. A new model for Dante would also be nice, since his miniature is from the 90s.

>> No.55416172

It really depends on how much you wound and hit.

If you hit on a 3+ and wound on a 6+ a +1 to wound is extremely better, because it's a 100% increase instead of a 25%.

Basically a +1 becomes better when the unmodified roll required is higher.

>> No.55416179

Thanks heaps dude!

Yeah it made perfect sense in my head but I just thought I'd make sure

>> No.55416180

Not when they are all shitheaps

>> No.55416181

I'm not arguing that the flail is a bad weapon, but even if you equipped a flail and combi-bolter (50 ppm) on every model in the unit, it barely trades favorably with guardsmen/conscripts, even assuming the DTTFE interaction with the flail is intended.

Assuming everyone stays in rapid-fire range, and treating blightlords as though they get 2.33 attacks per model because I can't be bothered to figure out the real impact of having the sergeant being the last model to die in the squad...

Targeting guardsmen, blightlords would make back 9.5% of their points in each shooting phase and 67.2% of their points in each fight phase. This increases to 11.1% and 78.4% respectively if they are getting reroll 1s to-hit (e.g. from a chaos lord or daemon prince)

Targeting blightlord terminators, guards make back 46.3% of their points each shooting phase and 15.4% of their points each overwatch. If they get the FRFSRF order, they will make back 92.6% of their points in each shooting phase and 15.4% in overwatch, for a total of 108.0% of their points. This means any guardsman that FRFSRF's make their points back against blightlord terminators automatically.

Given that charges aren't guaranteed, and that we aren't accounting for the fact that guardsmen who survive the blightlord's fight phase make back another 15.4% of their points, I think the margin of superiority is pretty slim, if it exists at all.

>> No.55416191

Deepstriking imperial knights wouldnt actually be even broken. 10 deepstriking terminators are about as scary, even more so.

>> No.55416194

The only way to actually make Tyranids relevant would be to give them a personality beyond mindless horde that wants to eat everything. Unfortunately the current writers are too shit to do this with any kind of intelligence or nuance - see Primaris fluff or Nu-Cron fluff.

At they're moment they're just an NPC race that's used purely as a plot device and as a result they're one of the most boring factions from a fluff perspective. Think of the stakes in a Tyranid invasion, either they get beaten or eat everyone. Entirely binary and bland. I'd actually say one of the reasons I sold my 8k+ of nids beyond them having shit rules was how boring the narrative was in games.

>> No.55416202

Yes, this is correct, but the point I was making is that a +1 on wound is exactly as valuable as a +1 to hit, all other things being equal. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming bonuses to hit rolls are more valuable because there are more hit rolls, but this is just incorrect.

>> No.55416206

>I hope the future BA Codex wil have some nice collector's edition like the DG Codex did.
Don't like you're odds on this one, but you never know...
>Also, I hope we'll get a BA upgrade kit for Primaris Marines, like the Ultrasmurfs already have.
This is far more likely.

>> No.55416214

>Actually thinking anyone thought this was coming
I just wanted what every other army has, metal boxes and nice strategems to keep the game fresh. Kind of got the latter but I'm a bit miffed there isn't a strategy to give a Tech Priest Cawl's abilities like you can with the Chapter Master strategem to give a Captain Goolyman's reroll misses.

>> No.55416220

>Deepstriking imperial knights wouldnt actually be even broken. 10 deepstriking terminators are about as scary, even more so.

Haha hahahahaahahahhahahaha.... Ha... Ha... Wait. Is this guy serious?

>> No.55416227

>paint whole SM army black
>apperently, panting the armour black dihonors the machine spirit of the armour


>> No.55416230

how do I deal with conscript spam as a ynnari player?

>> No.55416232

>the real antagonists of 40k, the nids

>> No.55416237

Just hellblades

>> No.55416238

Look at Abaddon.
He is the leader of CSM since always.
Still failcast manlet from 2 ed.
Sorry, new things only for new armies(BA have their codex since 3 or 2)

>> No.55416241

>Stormraven gunship
>Twin Assault Cannons, two Hurricane Bolters, Twin Multi-Melta, two Stormstrike Missile Launchers

>> No.55416243

Well, the store had a bit of a derp... while I got the ordered models, specificly the "Start Collecting" and the Immortals... they unfortunately did not have the Lychguards, instead they had Triarch Praetorians... dunno if the warehouse had a derp or not but the store said they'd keep trying in getting a box of Lychguards... so in short: FREE MODELS!

Well, my lil bro may be a bit happy.

also, I may or may not have gotten my dad a bit interested in 40K.

>> No.55416248

> tfw you can't have exactly seven Deathshroud guarding Morty

>> No.55416256

Dude the lychguard and the triarch pretorians are literally the same box.

>> No.55416264

Those are a dualkit ya knob
Look at the back of the box

>> No.55416268


You let your opponent deploy all his models then concede. Playing vs conscript spam is pointless, surely you have something better to do with 4hours of your time.

>> No.55416271

Armless the Harmless is the leader of a jobbing faction, Blood Angels have always been main character tier since their inception.

>> No.55416275

My malefic lord conversion. Think I should cut out the tubes on the side attaching to his wrists, or his dendrites to make him look less like an Electro-Priest?

>> No.55416276 [DELETED] 

Well this fucking sucs, fucking skitarii codex with 7 units was 80 pages and Ad MEch codex is Codex skitarii, Cult MEchanicus and Knights(half of it) put together and only 104 pages.

>> No.55416282

>has never heard of dual kits
I think this game requires an extra digit of IQ that you may happen to lack.

>> No.55416283

Shit you're right
Unless... you guard him with 6 of them and Morty himself counts as the 7th guy there...
Does that work?

>> No.55416286

But I want to beat it.

>> No.55416293


ALTERNATIVELY when you buy it and share it.

>> No.55416294

shame you play a glorified pdf with implants, don't worry you can call a real army if the shit gets real on your forgeworld machinefag.

>> No.55416299

Well this fucking sucks, fucking Skitarii codex with 7 units was 80 pages and Ad Mech codex is Codex Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus and Knights(half of it) put together and it's only 104 pages.

>> No.55416306

>Does that work?
Yes. The squad leader always counted into the sacred number.

>> No.55416307

>Also, I hope we'll get a BA upgrade kit for Primaris Marines
I think it's pretty much a given they will. We know GW doesn't give rules for options that aren't on the model any more, so this paragraph from the pdf they put out about primaris marines for other chapters is a huge clue that BA, SW, DA & DW are getting an upgrade kit. If they were expected to only use generic upgrade kits, there wouldn't be the restriction that BA & SW intercessor sergeants can only take chainswords, not power swords.

>> No.55416309

>good mathhammer
Right on, anon. You're doing the emperor's work

That makes me wonder though, is there ANYTHING that does it effectively?

>flamer SoS have a 24% point effiecienct rate, killing 8 GEQ (with 5)
>necron warriors have an 18% PER, killing 7.4 (with 10)
>arco-flagellants have a 24% PER, killing 6 (with 5)- though it jumps to 36% and 9 kills with priest buff
>corpuscarii have a 29% PER, killing 7 (with 5)- though if mars and cawl, jumps to 38% PER and 9 kills.
What else?

>> No.55416315

Nice dubs. No one cares about the filler codex this month, anon.

>> No.55416320

Why are you so angry? I just want to be a helpful mechanic to the Imperium :(

>> No.55416325

Go ______ yourself, waacfag. Shove the conversion up your bum and burn it but it's not that bad, cut the tubing and electro staff bit and add some chaosy gimmicks. I'd actually use corpuscarii arms if anything

>> No.55416328

>less lore and picture over a whole page
>more rules which are more compressed
there, have a (You) for that explaination

>> No.55416339

go make some toasters and leave war to the experts.

>> No.55416355

pic not related

>> No.55416358

can anyone explain to me the whole toaster joke?

>> No.55416361


Sorry 'bout that... it's well, my first time actually getting 40K models and I didn't know about Dual kits.

again, these Necrons aren't for me, they're for my lil bro.

>> No.55416375

So although Admech dex could have been a hell of a lot better, it does have some pretty sweet toys. Dragoons are good now, Electropriests are 340 for 20 but have suddenly become some of the better alpha strike melee in the game combined with the ability to chow down CP and spit out multiple dead units.

How would you line up a 2k Admech force now, peoples? We can run Enginseers for two Battalions. Would go Brigade, but we don't really want to split up our Dragoons rather than keep them together to smash a big Tazer Fist into something.
Something like Battalion 1 with a Dominus and then just three Enginseers for the other slots? Troops aren't really a problem, so there's just about 100pts of character tax per 3CP. Seem worthwhile?

>> No.55416378

When Fires of Cyraxus comes out in 2023, you'll regret saying that.

>> No.55416383

Hope your codex gives you Objective Secured before theirs.

>> No.55416391

>he doesnt know Kataphron Destroyers just became one of the most points-efficient tankbusters in the entire game

>> No.55416395

I admire your optimism, anon.

>> No.55416396

>the most advanced b8 to ever appear on /tg/

There's just no way this is real. It just can't be. I want it to be, but I know it's not.

>> No.55416398

As it's written, I'd say you get D3 but your opponent will likely complain, and maybe rightly so because I really don't know what the intention was.

As for it not mattering much... in the optimal case, it's 4 more dead models (2 termies or bikes) per DTFE trigger. With 2 flails per squad and assuming there's a way to get prescience on them, it really would add up.

It's a lot like arguing blastmasters aren't better than lascannons, because even though they have 3 times the damage potential, their average is the same.

>> No.55416400

You can go sit on one planet with the entirety of your puny fighting force and cry, we'll be busy keeping the Imperium running, cracking planets with sonic cannon and making you toys out of pity when we're bored of our black hole time guns.

>> No.55416417

verydian rules when

>> No.55416421

Just finishing up some kommandos

>> No.55416427

Considering that IQ is inherited I'd suggest you get him a less mentally challenging gift, like Play-doh or something.

>> No.55416432


>> No.55416433

>"w. w.we...we're good in the lore!"

gb2garage bleepboop

>> No.55416441

I meant 1.5x las cannons.... no one cares, I just hate that I goofed the math.

>> No.55416447

What do Dragoons do now? Or just a point drop?

It all depends on point values. If destroyers are like 65 ppm and Skitarii are 9, plus god willing Infiltrators are cheaper, it'll be damn good.
Assuming that, I'll probably do something akin to
>2 enginseers
>like 2 squads of 3 grav destroyers
>though I like arc breachers, so who knows
>4-5 squads of Skitarii, either 6-7 men per
>10 fulgurites probably
>10 Infiltrators maybe
>I want to throw in corpuscarii now, like maybe 2 squads of 7?
>2 neutron laser onagers
>2 boops with tard wrangler
Assuming I can actually fit all that into 2k points, I'll be damn happy

>> No.55416449


>> No.55416451

>How do people not understand statistics?
Apparently the real world is the same as a vacuum in your views.

No, they are not the same. One WILL give the player the advantage. Throwing them out all at once is the most likely to result in balanced odds. Rolling them one at a time allows player to have more input on the roll, skewing results.

>> No.55416466

>Rolling them one at a time allows player to have more input on the roll, skewing results.
Dude it was time to stop posting 10 minutes ago

>> No.55416468

>it's 4 more dead models

In what world? it's 0,60 more marines dead or 0,3 terminators or bikes. Check your math.

>It's a lot like arguing blastmasters aren't better than lascannons, because even though they have 3 times the damage potential, their average is the same.

>Heavy 1d3 S8 AP -2 D 1d3
>Heavy 1 S9 AP -4 D 1d6
>Having the same average

Ok, sorry, it's clear you don't have any actual math, so never mind checking it.

>> No.55416477

*40 T1 Charge Fulgurites intensifies*

Also, you taunt us with Marines? We go through those like the proverbial transonic knife.

>> No.55416478


>> No.55416480

Well, okay, but I thought we were working on the assumption that most players weren't cheating fucknuggets when it came to rolling dice.

>> No.55416486

>gate baring the literal door to hell more important that some dirtball

Working as intended

>> No.55416489

Hey guys, turns out mathematically death cult assassins are really good at killing conscripts.

>with a priest, they have 5 S4 AP-2 attacks per model, so 10 punch in at 50 attacks, which ultimately chew through 22.23 conscripts per fight phase.
>ten also costs 170 points, making them back roughly 40% of their points per phase
That's not bad at all, better than most anything I've seen. Aside from grav-flux, that is

>> No.55416491

Dragoons got -1 AP on their Str 8 D2 attacks, finally

no one seemed to notice

Part of me wants to play Ryza, because Ive been desperate for Kataphron Destroyers to become good and sweet MERRY that stratagem, but the Ryza dogma sucks shit and I really wanna see what happens when 6 Stygies VIII Kastelans with fists and flamers infiltrate right up into the enemy's business to say hello, here is your T7 36 wound 2+/4++ mortal wound reflecting 12" 6d6 heavy flamer overwatching roadblock today, no need to thank me

I have my eye on Ironstriders, as the +2 to hit skitarii stratagem means 2+ lascannons or autocannons while moving, or 3+ while adcancing (with the ironstrider/dragoon super-advance, as well)

>> No.55416493

Well I'll try to avoid playing against Vegas dice wizards.

>> No.55416500


>> No.55416508


>> No.55416513

>Oud Oudia Raskian was Fabricator-General of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and the hardest of all the Twelve to pin down to a general assembly at the Senatorum, since his physical form was more building than body and required extensive modification to travel from Mars at all. It would take eight Basilikon megalifters to get him to the Palace, and all that required tedious orbital clearance.

What's the advantages of turning yourself into a building?

>> No.55416519

>dat pic
Death Cults are awesome.

>> No.55416524

It's still extremely wrong.

A blastmaster average 1,181 wounds against a standard T7 3+ vehicle.

A Lascannon average 1,29. So 1,5 Lascannons average 1,94 wounds.

>> No.55416525


>> No.55416527

Always room for desert.

>> No.55416533


>> No.55416535

T'au F'irst

L'end y'our s'trength t'o t'he g'reater g'ood. A'n a'rmy o'f m'any i'ndividuals w'orking t'oward t'he b'enefit o'f a'll.

>> No.55416536

I'm a fussy bitch and I demand a Death Guard PDF NAO

>> No.55416538

GW's really fond of the PF/Plaguesword combo, got in on 3 of their monos.

>> No.55416547

can you use chapter tactics with an auxiliary detachment with an assassin?

>> No.55416548

not bad, but i think you could also handle them with berserkers due to all their attacks or gaunts due to how cheap they are

all i really have is 30 daemonettes with the masque but idk if they could chew through a horde of guardsman in good time

>> No.55416552

Holy shit really? That's tight. What's the point cost? 3 S8 AP1 D2 hits only does 2 damage to most tanks, but still, 340 points for 15 attacks of that is pretty solid

>> No.55416556

and it makes almost no sense right? I get that the sword is only 1 point but I still think I'd rather being swinging a fist at -1 to hit than give up all that -ap.

I don't see anywhere that they updated the rules to give an extra attack like with plague knives/axes/maces.

>> No.55416557

First time Guard player who picked up a lot on eBay, want to run up to the foe and throw dozens of dice at their frontline, some AP-2. How's this list look for that? It's part of a larger 2000 point force with marines.

Brigade (CP +9) (Astra Militarum) [1309 Pts]:

TROOPS [300 Pts]:
-6x Tempestus Scions [50 Pts] (Chainsword, 4x Hot-Shot Lasgun [4 Pts], Hot-Shot Laspistol [1 Pts], 5x Scions [45 Pts])

ELITES [136 Pts]:
-1x Commissar [31 Pts] (Bolt Pistol [1 Pts])
-3x Ratlings [35 Pts] (15x Sniper Rifle [2 Pts])

HQ [301 Pts]:
-2x Company Commander [30 Pts] (Chainsword, Laspistol)
-1x Knight Commander Pask [241 Pts] (Hunter-Killer Missile [6 Pts], Lascannon [20 Pts], Punisher Gatling Cannon [20 Pts], Storm Bolter [2 Pts], Heavy Bolter Sponsons [16 Pts])

FAST ATTACK [164 Pts]:
-3x Scout Sentinels [52 Pts] (Autocannon [15 Pts], Scout Sentinel [35 Pts], Sentinel Chainsaw [2 Pts])

2x Leman Russ Demolishers [194 Pts] (Hunter-Killer Missile [6 Pts], Lascannon [20 Pts], Leman Russ DM [132 Pts], Punisher Gatling Cannon [20 Pts], Heavy Bolter Sponsons [16 Pts])
-1x Sabre Weapons Battery [20 Pts] (Defence searchlight, Sabre Weapons Battery [20 Pts])


>> No.55416562

sadly I dunno, the review I saw of the codex never showed points costs, just said "I think Rangers and Vanguard are down to 8-9 ppm"

>> No.55416565

did you factor in zealot

>> No.55416566

>GW remembering that AdMech priests are nuts when it comes to physical changes
You could theoretically install him into a space ship and have him become the ship.
What advantages does this even have honestly?
More space to hold information?
Why can't he just keep it somewhere and use his brain as a flash drive to remover what he needs?

>> No.55416575

I "guess" it could be fist for big shit, sword for duels/taking that last wound.

>> No.55416578


Any melee horde does well points wise, the problem is keeping the conscripts in combat and unable to shoot.

Slaanesh has fiends to prevent falling back, so daemonettes are really good.

>> No.55416579

Source of that picture? Would love to see the point cost page to see if anything got cheaper or more expensive.

>> No.55416584

here you go

>> No.55416592

Doesn't look bad.
I used to run a Baneblade along with a list like that for fun.
Its not bad to throw maybe a chimera or a taurox to move your guys around a bit.
Looks solid overall.

>> No.55416593

Can models without fly move through models with fly?

>> No.55416597

Oh, didn't even notice that the PS has no AP, every other plague weapon is just a better version of their power weapon paralleled.

>> No.55416598

funnily enough


>> No.55416601

01010111 01101111 01110111 00101100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110011 01100001 01101100 01110100 01111001 00100000 01100110 01100001 01100111 01100111 01101111 01110100 00101110 00100000 01001010 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01110111 01100001 01101110 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110011 01100001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101100 01100101 01110110 01100101 01101100 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01110000 01100101 01110100 01101001 01110100 01101001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01100111 01100101 01110100 00100000 01110011 01101111 01101101 01100101 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100110 01110010 01100101 01110011 01101000 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01100110 01110101 01101110 00101110 00100000 01001110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01001001 01101101 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01101100 01101100 01111001 00100000 01110011 01100001 01100100 00101110 00100000 01000010 01100101 01100101 01110000 00100000 01100010 01101111 01101111 01110000

>> No.55416605



>> No.55416611

Thanks anon! And I've just remembered this is an old version, I should be taking Tempestor Primes to order the Scions.

>> No.55416612

Khorne berzerkers are a pretty solid choice - the fact that they can pile in and consolidate twice helps a lot in terms of getting close to the comissars, and they make back 67.1% of their points against guardsmen every fight phase, while guardsmen make 47.2% back in the shooting phase (doubled with FRFSRF) and 15.7% in overwatch. You really need to get the comissar(s) out of the picture so you can inflict morale losses if you want a clear win, though.

>> No.55416619

I hear that Electropriests are fantastic now. But their models still look like shit. What do?

Also, is there any viable way at all to use Ruststalkers? Or are they irredeemably bad?

>> No.55416623

Chapter Tactics just care that the detachment of Marines is pure. You can have whatever you want in other detachments.

>> No.55416624

Oh duh, why didn't I think of bezerkers.

>10 WE bezerkers, also 170 points, will kill 35 conshits per turn, a comparative 61% (!!!) effectiveness rate
>10 daemonettes kill 5.83, giving a flat 25% effectiveness rate.
>HOWEVER, 20 get +1A, which turns to 17 dead shits and 36% effectiveness

>> No.55416638

I keep seeing people converting kairic acolytes over on wip General, that'd be a good start for inspiration

>> No.55416648

Combine the dragoons with the Stygies rules to make enemies shooting them subtract -2 from their to hit rolls, then use the close combat stratagem to supercharge their taser lances onto doing 3 attacks on a 4+ instead of a 6+.

>> No.55416655

oh shit, I must have missed that taser stratagem. Explain further.

>> No.55416658


>> No.55416660

Quick questions/tg/ Am i suppose to calculate Standard wargear too?
For example a furioso dread with 2 fists is like 122 points. But a furioso dread with 2 talons is 253 points, talons are 65 each. Is this correct?

>> No.55416661

Does anyone have a description of Madox, the Thousand Sons Sorcerer from the Space Wolf novels? If i remember right he had a horned helmet and jewels all over his armor, but I can't remember anything else.

>> No.55416667

Lances are AP-1, Stygies lets them T1 Charge along with fucking everyone else with -2 To Hit and Conqueror Imperatives is 1CP to hit on 2+/ 4+ Taser for 5.5 hits each. They now can actually kill a few Primaris when they're done tanking them.

Was thinking of making another Fulgurite block and getting another two Dragoons and running 2x20 Electros and a 17-hit Dragoon scalpel. Pay 3CP to blink it all in there Turn 1 and in the meantime get a couple Onagers, Dakkastelans and the Dominus set up behind Skitarii and Arquebi for Troops. Might be able to fit it into 2k, although it would be nice to bring some Destroyers along too for BS3+ Phosphor barrages.

>> No.55416669

Conqueror Doctrina Imperative (1 CP): Use before a SKITARII unit attacks in the Fight Phase. That unit gets a +1 to hit for all rolls in that phase, which is boosted to a +2 if it has either a broad-spectrum data tether or an enhanced data tether.

Dragoons come stock with Broad Spectrum.

>> No.55416673

read the top part of the page/subpage

>> No.55416675

Stygies VIII may be able to effectively use ruststalkers by getting them a turn 1 charge through their stratagem. Although it's probably still better to do the same thing with electropriests, rumours/leaks suggest ruststalkers' rules haven't changed, and they may even have increased in price.

>> No.55416678

>craftworld eldar are about aspect warriors
>current aspects are good models but expensive and finecast

Will Aspect Warriors be removed in the future?

>> No.55416679

Rusties are just bad, the only good place for them is against high invulnerable/T models with few wounds, which just ain't worth still for 20 points at least. They need some AP

Electropriests are good and their models are good, but yeah acolytes are what people use a lot.

>> No.55416683

>>craftworld eldar are about aspect warriors

>> No.55416687

oh, duh, I was thinking taser weapons got extra hits on WOUND rolls somehow, because I'm an idiot.

So same logic I was using to figure Ironstriders were good now. Cool.

I'm glad stygies robot chickens are so sneaky that orks literally cannot harm them with guns.

>> No.55416689

Fuck off Saim-Ham, nobody likes you.

>> No.55416698

that plague sword is straight out of the daemon/plaguebearer gear - and I'm sort of baffled why it's included at all. Were it a -3 ap plague weapon like the new termies get - for 1 point, I'd take it every time and probably leave the fist at home in favor of the plague reroll.

>> No.55416718

Frankly I'd just ignore any plague swords on models and just treat them as ornamental S User close combat weapons.

>> No.55416724

So if conscripts can't move through flying units, could I stick a razorwing behind them and keep them from falling back from the incubi in the front.

>> No.55416726

>2 boops with tard wrangler

>> No.55416729

Wait, was the whole AdMech codex leaked or something? I sleep in and miss everything, I swear.

>> No.55416737

> Use ruststalkers as counts-as electropriests

>> No.55416738

kastellans robots

>> No.55416741

For assured board control add a couple more sentinels, and add a couple of manticores or basilisks.
Adding artillery tbat doesnt require line of sight tht can reach anywhere on the board will take the focus off the units you want to push forward to crush the enemy lines.

>> No.55416747

Kastelans and Dave T. Smith

>> No.55416749

>5 Dragoons- for 340 points- feature 30 T6 4+/6++ wounds with a -2 to hit, and with the strat deal 27.5 (!!!!!!!) S8 AP-1 D2 hits
>this becomes 32 hits with reroll 1's canticle
Holy fuck guys, this is the final solution

>> No.55416755

Not exactly. Here's the video.

>> No.55416763

You'd have to completely block them off which would be hard to do with just one Razorwing.

>> No.55416770

01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01100010 01100101 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01110011 01100001 01100100

>> No.55416772

Ah, thanks.

>> No.55416775

So are Death Guard officially good now?
I still have trouble against Primaris
BS rerolls
BS weapons
The Redemptor and Repulsor have too many weapons
CC is useless
And it's almost impossible to get close.

>> No.55416777

Ah. Thank you.

>> No.55416781

Anytime, sunshine

>> No.55416783

Question /tg/

There was a 3 tier piece of terrain, one of those broken buildings GW makes
I deployed my Dakka Helbrute on it
Turn 4 or so, enemy box cars a charge and engages my warlord.
I go to move my helbrute down the building to try and help in assault
Opponent says I can't climb down the building because dreadnoughts can no longer climb buildings

Is this the case?

>> No.55416792

Shill harder

>> No.55416795

>That makes me wonder though, is there ANYTHING that does it effectively?
Grav flux levithan

>> No.55416798

>they said I could become anything
>so I became a fucking building

>> No.55416802


>> No.55416808

You can charge rent.

>> No.55416809

The most important thing is of course that they are completely immune to Ork shooting, which should piss our local ork autist off to no end.

>> No.55416813

I love these

>> No.55416814

that's really funny. I have no idea, but it please me

>> No.55416815

Nobody likes craftworld eldars as a rule.

>> No.55416816

My Skitarii killing a Knight in Overwatch with Arc Rifles in 7th. It was on its last wound, but still, it was very cool.

Alternatively, my Scarab Occult Sorcerer periled and detonated, killing a Culexes assassin.

>> No.55416818

I think so, yeah. I've been hiding my Havocs on second stories from Maulerfiends.

>> No.55416819

I've been out of the loop for the past 6 weeks (just after 8th edition came out).

How have the new codex's been received? Particularly the new Chaos Space Marine codex?

>> No.55416824

Yup. Unless there's a ramp or something to walk up and down, vehicles and bikes can't change levels in buildings like infantry can.

>> No.55416828

Yeah, they seem annoying as hell to guard too- tanks hit on 6's (or not at all if mobile), and they can facefuck any vehicle provided they get around scripts. Neat.

>> No.55416830

Shameless self bump

>> No.55416833

Yeah, I think in the Skitarius book, one does that, but I might be confusing that for another novel.

>> No.55416838

If you were GW what would be your final solution to the conscript question? How do we fix hordehammer?

>> No.55416847

Ignore the edgelords, most of them are probably the same age as your brother and even more likely to be virgins

>> No.55416851

Belial takes down Longstrike by virtue of his S+1 AP-3 D2 sword
Grey Knights Paragon on his last wound with his squad dead blows a hole in a Helbrute before succumbing to Rubric Marine fire. May he rest in peace

>> No.55416857

What's the best anti horde unit in eldar?

>> No.55416858

Lame, but funny

Thanks, I ended up leaving him up there and Ahriman managed to boop himself free

Change the points system to Guardsmens, 1:4
>how many Guardsmens you want to play tonight?
>How about 500 guardsmens
>500 guardsmens? I only have 375 guardsmens with me!

>> No.55416860

+1 cover save

>> No.55416865

You may just have to git gud.Nothing you listed there is actually that broken.

>> No.55416866

Pretty meh overall
Obliterators were buffed again after the Index originally turned them into complete trash
Plague marines are sucky but they get a new codex so maybe that will help
Otherwise CSM looks playable but won't be top tier for sure

>> No.55416867

No orders, no obsec, 6+ armor save. Fixed! If the problem persists, give an "overwhelming terror" rule that a 20 or more on morale causes them to flee, regardless of commissar

>> No.55416869

Honestly just buff them even more until every tourneyfag have to use them, and then completely destroy the spam after enough people have bought them. That way you could milk them for every last shekel.

>> No.55416874

Do you have rhinos? The new plague weapons are the only way for plague marines (and not characters) to deal with multi wound models in cc. Flail of corruption and bubotic axe - basically erase primaries if you can get to them.

Like most GW sets, 8th gets you invested in a force that isn't much use on it's own (either side really) and invites you to spend a whole lot more money on undiscounted, new kits.

That said, it's not hard to convert most of the dark imperium plague marines in to melee models if you have a deep enough bits box. The only release I'm probably going to buy in to is the blighthaulers... which should be amazing - and I haven't figured out a way to convert bloat drones in to them yet.

>> No.55416875

>The Redemptor and Repulsor have too many
Hahaha nonsense little anon, on the contrary, they dont have enough!

>> No.55416876

Yes I am. 10 terminators arent scary, nor is imperial knight. Same points put into Tempestus Scions... that would be scary.

>> No.55416879

I find these comments hilarious, because I just know you would never have the balls to say something like this to somebody's face, since you'd immediately your neckbearded, unwashed face battered into a pulp.

>> No.55416881

CSM codex has some extremely powerful stuff. They have easily the strongest psychic disciplines at the moment for example. And Berserkers and Alpha Legion have strong rules. That said there's a limit to how exciting a codex with no new models is. Death Guard have a lot more new and different stuff. Although I don't necessarily think they're more powerful.

>> No.55416888

CSM-lots of options, customization, can create fun stories for my warband.
AdMech static gunlines and less options.
Space Marines, lots of clean lines and space, relaxing painting.
Thousand Sons, so stressful keeping a steady hand.

>> No.55416892

Fly through space while being functionally immortal, at the forefront of finding STCs, can bully lackeys around via cyberdong, might even find an DaoT ship with a cute machinespirit to stick your cyberdong into.
The better question it, why the hell wouldn't you install yourself onto a ship?

>> No.55416897

Release a new horde unit for an army with 0 overlap with Guard, like a Dark Eldar slave race or something

WAAC buy all these guardsmen before nerfs
make them unplayable
release new slave race in 5man packs for $25
WAAC buy dozens of boxes to win their games and make themselves erect

>> No.55416899


Oh well, that's good. I had expected GW to have released a game breaking book by now and ruined 8th edition before it had even begun.

Has much changed between the index's and the new codex's? I've downloaded the new space marine book and am reading through it now.

>> No.55416900

I still can't get over how bad those models are. They literally look like budget action figures from a tv show.

>> No.55416903

Holy shit, Kelly's here.

>> No.55416907

If you say so mr. internet tough guy

>> No.55416908

Excellent idea, thanks! Right now this is part of a 2000pt imperium list with a friend's marines, but I could go get some arty to fill it out myself.

>> No.55416914


now that their hotshots work against everything, they're pretty great

>> No.55416925



>> No.55416927

What's a good colour scheme for Valhallans?

Finally decided to get around to painting up my dudes. A good number need to be stripped, but fortunately they're pewter so I can just use acetone after I remove the bases.

As for the paint, I'm leaning towards:
>Coat = brown or dark tan
>Trousers, bedrolls, and other cloth = light green
>Helmet = non-shiny, grey metal
>Rifle stock = wood (if I can pull off doing wood grain on bits that small)
>Thin red line on the edge of the cuffs
Basically WWII Red Army
It's a classic look, but might be too mundane or overdone, so I'm open to other options.
Can anyone suggest another look that's less common but still looks good for those models?

>> No.55416930

I dont care about the hotshots, they are about as meaningless as before.

The large amounts of special weapons aka plasma and melta are what scares me.

>> No.55416936

>hating on retro boops
Kastellan are the best pleb filter in the game.

>> No.55416939

Thanks buddy!

>> No.55416941

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.55416942

may papa nurgle bless you

>> No.55416943

The unit differences between codex and index is pretty small
The main point of the codex is the new and shiny gear option that you didn't have in the index

>> No.55416948


>> No.55416951

if GW gives conscripts objective secured, then GW is confirmed retarded.

>> No.55416952

>If you were GW what would be your final solution to the conscript question? How do we fix hordehammer?

The fix to horde hammer is already in the game. Morale. GW just fucked it up by granting immunity to morale rather than just bonuses to morale. For example +1 leadership or re-roll morale would do a lot to prevent an elite army from being impacted by morale or minimizing the effect of minor losses on hordes while still letting them be smashed by large casualties.

Nerf Commissars and other fearless bubbles and you largely fix hordes.

>> No.55416955

Goddammit. Wrong picture.

Stupid similar filenames.

>> No.55416957

Thanks based Putin

>> No.55416958

That's kinda the point, but yeah a lot of lazy paint jobs exasperate it.

>> No.55416961

What rules would I use for Renegade Chaos Guard?

>> No.55416962

It's legit. All hail Putin!

>> No.55416967

scripts can't get benefits from orders, commissar only gives them reroll to morale, not ignore. there, fixed with out making them useless

>> No.55416968

If I'm using a chaos lord with my plasma chosen to give them rerolls would it be a waste of his ws to just give him two plasma pistols?

>> No.55416970

Dragoons are 67 pts, bitches!
Just test roll a three lancer unit with melee stratagem, best with reroll 1 melee:

Adds up to:
9 Attacks, 2+ to hit rerolling 1 with FUCKING 4+ taser.

those are statistically 18 S8 ap-1 2d hits.

While rolling with 2 dragoons, I kill a dreadnought easily on the charge in like 4 out of 5 cases.

Just insane how much power they have for 67 pts

>> No.55416971


>> No.55416973

7 blessings upon you!

>> No.55416975

Thank you, Poots

>> No.55416977

No, no, the first one was better.

>> No.55416979

Do we have a DG codex scan yet ?

>> No.55416981

Looking to real world army colors makes sense for Valhallans. A Wehrmacht Feldgrau would also look pretty good.

>> No.55416990

Epub is fine, what?

>> No.55416993

thanks if real.

>> No.55416995


and I like it

>> No.55416999

Did I threaten you? No. And try and be as abusive and dismissive as you like, you know I'm right. Look in the mirror and despair, anon, for the most self worth you can gather for yourself is being a witless cunt to a stranger on a message board. Kek.

>> No.55417001


Yes, Putin posted it.

Fuck me, what a hideous machine. It's like a wedge of Camembert with a dozer blade on the front.

>> No.55417005

Just now, Putin did it.

>> No.55417009

Because I like moving around
Also if you get attacked you can't put yourself into an escape pod to survive

>> No.55417010

>russian hackers everywhere

>> No.55417018

yeah, I don't get the hate the codex gets. Dragoons are insane now, balistarii are buffed as well due to the datatether strat.
Ordered two new dragoons today, I want a fucking knight unit of dragoons. Just awesome and I really think very viable. Those lances are nasty against vehicles as well.

>> No.55417021

>I'm in.

>> No.55417023

First the 2016 election and now they pirate GW codices. Is there anything they won't ruin?

>> No.55417031


> Fucking Clinton, fucking GW.

Is there anything they can't improve?

>> No.55417032

>point out anon is worthless human being too scared to interact with real people
>muh copypasta

>> No.55417037

Dear Russian Hackers,

Please hack GW email server and tell us the release schedule for the next 6months.



>> No.55417062

>That 'Different Warbands Showcase'
This shade of green, that shade of green, the other shade of green...

I know it's kind of their thing, but I was hoping for at least one bruised bluish purple or rusty orange.

>> No.55417071

Thanks, russbama.

>> No.55417088

change it so commissars only prevent one model from fleeing every time they fail moral, there's no reason some regular guy can just stop a whole squad fleeing.

It works because it helps small squads but doesn't buff big units so spam is punished.

>> No.55417094

So...summoning Beasts of Nurgle seems to be a good idea. With or without the stratagem.

>> No.55417099

So wait, only 1 flail per 5 blightlords? That's not broken at all. Wtf guys

>> No.55417106

You don't have to paint it white.

>> No.55417129

Lads, when you replace a Sternguard Veterans special issue boltguns with combi-weapons I assume the combi-weapons boltgun part doesn't get the -1 AP of a special issue bolter.

So why would you give them combi-weapons over a regular special weapon?

>> No.55417130

I really like that scheme.

>> No.55417148


Oh but I'm afraid we do... young Skywalker...

>> No.55417149

well sky is the limit. the world is yoister.

>> No.55417154

>Custodes train by having traitor marines, Eldar, and Tyranids brought to Terra so that they can use them as practice.

Justify this, Imperials. Why did innocent Eldar have to die to train your golden lapdogs?

>> No.55417156

But muh knee.

>> No.55417165

-1 to hit is irrelevant for combi-flamer, so the boltgun is just extra damage. As for the rest you're limites tontwo special weapons whereas the whole squad can take combis.

That said, if you want special weapons rather than special issue boltguns consider Company Veterans instead.

>> No.55417166

No xenos are innocent.

>> No.55417167


>> No.55417168

Primaris are the literal definition of mid tier

>> No.55417171

Yeah, it's what I'm doing, really easy but looks good, especially on the tabletop.

>> No.55417176


>> No.55417180

So a buddy of mine that plays GK says to me today:

I'm a genius!
I know how to make GK competitive!
You just have to make this model: Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo in a Nemesis Dreadknight with Stormshield
and that's it!
And when you kill him, he comes back as regular Draigo
You just make him cost like a primarch and off you go

>> No.55417181

The forge world index astra militarum has some

(they are shit)

>> No.55417185

>Chaos finally gets a set with terminator combi weapons
>It's Nurglified to shit
God dammit, I want some combi weapons for my slaaneshi! I guess I'll have to put in some time with a knife and greenstuff.

>> No.55417186

Source on this?
Also, wtf I love Custodes now

>> No.55417189


Yeah they seemed to have fucked Sternguard over a bit this edition, which is a shame since I have 10 of them lovingly converted.

>> No.55417200

FW makes combi weapons

>> No.55417214

The custard and SoS novel that was released today.

>> No.55417216

I know. But I prefer buying boxes at my local stores, not ordering them.

>> No.55417218

Slaanesh might be next chaos release. After loyal primarch and some of next shit. Mb spring.

>> No.55417241


> Slaanesh
> Getting anything


>> No.55417254

Anyone know how Ragnar Blackmane's GC is organized?

>> No.55417255

It's going to be the TSons, they were the other group left out of C:CSM.

>> No.55417256

Is disk of tzeentch an auto take for vanilla sorcerers? The 5+ invuln it gives seems invaluable.

>> No.55417257

Khorne will get stuff with Armageddon. Angron vs Ghaz or something.

>> No.55417258

given the incredibly slow deathguard release, they wont be done with DG by spring

>> No.55417267

Tau codex when

>> No.55417268


>> No.55417272

Guard (infantry)

>> No.55417284

Pallid hand used to be sort of yellow, it seems like they've shifted them more towards a deathwing beige.

>> No.55417285

It would make more sense if we got WE in 201'''8''' since we got DG in 2017

>> No.55417304

I'm going to do mine in their 30k scheme. They look that way in some of the art.

>> No.55417315

When will Battlescribe update DG with the new codex snizz? Also what do y'all think of the new Citadel Paint App, I think it's a nice little app, sort of useful but not incredibly so.

>> No.55417327

Either that or a jump pack. Depends on how you're planning on using him.
Remember that the disc Sorc is Cavalry and not a Biker, so he loses access to the Legion Trait.
I'm dropping my pack sorc with Terminators for the buffs. Prescience is invaluable on plasma termies and Slaanesh's FNP helps survivability.

>> No.55417343

Best weapons for leviathan dread? x2 storm cannon seems the best but my buddy tells me grav bombard is best. Can't be fucked to do the math rn.

>> No.55417352

When a user updates the DG dataset
Also same

>> No.55417357

Grav Bombard is considered the best against hordes and vehicles, IIRC. But probably not bad against anything else either.

>> No.55417380

>tzeentch still satisfies number shenanigans because 2016's digits added together equal 9

>> No.55417384

During second edition:
My Great Unclean One managed to possess one of a unit a teleporting Warp Spiders. A moment later their Exarch whips a vortex grenade at him, sending him right back home. I thought it was hilarious.

Any time a cyclone missile launcher misfired and launched all of its remaining missiles randomly.

During 3rd/4th:
Ages ago our group used to have an Eldar player who would always forget to use his Farseer and Warlock powers so we made up a sign to hang over the table that read, "Remember to use your psychic powers!"

>> No.55417411

thanks based putinbro!

>> No.55417415


Thanks, its my absolute favorite 40k model and I have the opportunity to finally pick one up.

>> No.55417417


Necrons are bad because their rules are non syrnergistic and most of their units are slow and very straightforward in what they can actually do. They are boring to paint because they have little room for conversion and little to no customization.

They seriously need some new units that feel actually unique like the deathmarks and new models that are highly customizable because as they are right now, they are fucking boring.

>> No.55417422

The app is for people like me who is just starting out. If I had tried painting on my own without Duncan and now also the app for paint choices I would have been abysmal.

Now I'm just horrible.

>> No.55417423

>tfw it's even better because it isn't obvious at first glance

>> No.55417443

So, CSM codex is called Codex Heretic Astartes and DG is Codex Hereticus Astartes.
sloppy, sloppy...

>> No.55417453

>when everything falls into place just right

>> No.55417459

The app will get better, besides GW is letting people download it for free which is surprising but nice.

>> No.55417462

Started playing mid-4e. Older brother's friend sold me a small Eldar force for pretty cheap; it included a rather battered copy of the 3e rulebook.

Reading that book in general was an experience. The art, the lore, the beautiful collection of army pics - the city-scape with the Guard army is still one of my favorite 40k pictures - truly defined my concept of 40k as a setting.
The narrative except about the Sister of Battle writing with a pen covered in thorns (which were piercing her skin to the point of drawing blood) is probably the exact moment when I got hooked on the setting. It disturbed me, but I had to keep looking into this stuff.

Second biggest moment would have to be getting a Rogue Trader rulebook on ebay about a year later. Reading THAT just blew my mind.

>> No.55417464 [SPOILER] 

>tfw no Thousand Sons release in the 9th month, and probably not on a date that would have its digits adding up to 9

>> No.55417468

>GW can't even be consistent on their pseudo latin usage.

>> No.55417482


Innocence is no excuse.

Also by 'train' you mean they rape them.

>> No.55417510

>Implying inferior Xenos wenches won't spread willingly for the obviously superior golden ones

>> No.55417516

There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.

>> No.55417534

Is Dark Eldar a faction that is completely ignored by gw these days? I'm looking at things for my first army.

>> No.55417544

ADB and Abnett meeting on monday to finish the HH story arc and the Siege of Terra.

>> No.55417565

DEldar has always been ignored by GW, they went multiple editions in a row without an update.

>> No.55417579

No, but xeno updates are going to be s next year thing, more or less.

>> No.55417583

So they will discuss how perpetual Olly kills Horus, Emps was cabal agent all along, Abaddon is main character of Siege and chaos is best stepdad?

>> No.55417588

Death Guard codex is out and I have no interest in buying it, happy with my Primaris Marines. My addiction to plastic crack is in check.


>> No.55417590

What a great opportunity to take them both out at once. Where are the targets meeting?

>> No.55417597

Can't we report them for plotting murder or something ? The lore cannot possibly survive that.

>> No.55417599

even in the fluff the dark eldar aren't a major threat

so it's actually going to end? i'm surprised. i thought they would keep it going forever

>> No.55417615

It's about darn time.
I think it breaks several international laws.

>> No.55417624

I know what you mean. When I realized that I really didn't like the direction they were taking the DG in- model design in particular- my reaction was "Thank God! I can save my money."

>> No.55417627

You forgot the Chaos already having won

Well they gave milking that cow far beyond it's last drop a good try, much to the detriment of the series

>> No.55417632

Admech seems to have some pretty nasty melee capabilities now. Other than the poor Ruststalkers, every melee unit that could reach combat (Dragoons and Infiltrators) got a massive damage buff with 4+ Taser causing 1.83 hits per attack for 1CP, every unit that was already damaging got a speed buff with Turn 1 Charge Fulgurites.
Might be quite good in combination with Surgical Squad Removal Dunecrawlers and shooty stuff. Deploy on their heads, blast a hole through their countercharge units and/or screens and then smash one of their flanks in with a big 3++ Taser Hammer.

>> No.55417633

>le epic battle in 10 pages of "huff you hurt me now i talk and then I hurt you!"
>we kill off the emperor lol
>he was a dick anyway >:(
>Horus was ok but Abbadon is the boss, man! EPIC!

>> No.55417647

Don't forget the pimp hand.

>> No.55417654

The names are what kept my money in my wallet. Auditory aesthetics areas important as visual, you'll spend as much time talking about your army as looking at it on the table, and those unit titles are pitiful.

>> No.55417669

Almost exactly what he said. "When we started this, I never thought we were going to finish it. "

>> No.55417676

You don't want to proudly talk about your Malodorificient Intrasigationers?

>> No.55417682

Cool, then we can all stop pretending to give a fuck about their terrible lore for a dead game.

>> No.55417691


Thank fuck, I was beginning to think it would never end.

Bit like breaking bad, it should have ended a series earlier.

>> No.55417702

>4+ Taser
Sadly Infiltrators have no way to get this, they don't have access to data-tethers. Only Dragoons can get the 4+ taser trigger.

>> No.55417706

Like in first 5 books?

>> No.55417715


No but it should have been 15 to 20 books not 40 or whatever we have now.

>> No.55417716

What the fuck did you do, oil the skin on Magnus? Way to ruin that model

>> No.55417719

Just such a shame electro Priests are fuck ugly.

>> No.55417727

So, who is the worst author in the Black Library stable? Past or present, who do you vote for?

Also, please explain why you think so.

>> No.55417731

post epub

>> No.55417736

>hating Slopmaw Maggotmancers

>> No.55417746



>> No.55417748

Goto, obviously. Not even a contest.

>> No.55417752

just skimmed through it and it looks pretty awesome
Mortarion is gonna be insane in CC
Lotsa plague weapons being unable to miss is cool
Death shroud are neato
Warlord traits and chaos boons are nice
Summoning sounds absolutely ridiculous desu

Got a unit that doesn't really need to move this turn? Instead of having them awkwardly shuffle around you can now instead summon an all new unit SWEET!

>> No.55417755

Either Goto or Kyme.

>> No.55417758

True, they just get it on 5+. Which is still good, mind. Plus it still ups their WS by +1, combine it with the reroll 1s and they hit pretty hard.

>> No.55417764

You know, if you wanted this picture so badly, you could've just asked for it.

>> No.55417779


>> No.55417793

Meant to reply to >>55417727

>> No.55417794

Quick, name one vehicle that looks cooler than the Plagueburst Crawler

>> No.55417797

Go back to bed, morty. You always get this cranky when you forget to take your pills.

>> No.55417802

This is true.

>> No.55417807

I giggled

>> No.55417810

The Custodes grav tanks.

>> No.55417811

Is this bait?
Are you even trying?

>> No.55417815

I quite like the massive tangle of vivisecting tentacles, actually. Given my Magos is a massive spider it seems fitting.


Ah, yes. I forgot. 5+ Taser then, still pretty shiny at 1.5 hits per attack made, or 3 hits per Infiltrator.
Dragoon Charges are pretty nuts though, just two of them will do 7.3 wounds to a Dreadnought or Rhino and three will statistically OTK either of those.
Fulgurites can combine with Reroll Ones and a big pile of stratagems to tailor themselves to the situation. Breaching screens? Pay 3CP to kill chaff AND their important stuff after the consolidation. Fighting another dangerous unit? If on an objective push attacks up by 1, since you won't get time for another swing.
Also has the rather niche ability of being able to reliably ice Primarchs, although there's reasonably low odds an army with a 500pt model in it won't beat you to First Turn and kill them where they stand if you try an ambush.


What kind of Magos are you? Convert that shit.

Spider tank, spider tank....

>> No.55417818

>willingly bringing xenos and traitors onto holy Terra
Custodes confirmed for heresy.

>> No.55417820


>> No.55417821


Hard Mode: name one thing that looks worse than it.

>> No.55417823


>> No.55417836

Why couldn't they write the emperor as someone whose reach extended his grasp and the traitors as dude's who fell not because they had fucking daddy problems but something changed them.

>inb4 perturabo's "woops we just committed genocide, time to turn to chaos because im an autist"

>> No.55417837

Taurox, I guess.

>> No.55417838

trukk and battlewagon

>> No.55417840

>Canted rectangle
>Better looking than anything

>> No.55417842

Goddammit man. This is weak bait.

>> No.55417851

Should I paint morty and typhus in my dudes scheme or their canonical scheme?

>> No.55417853

Hard to choose.
Goto is shit, but he wrote totaly not important books.
Khyme is shitty.
ADB was cool and promissing then sudenly chaos wankery all the way.
Abnet is good at writing but terrible at lore(CABAL PERPETUALS).

>> No.55417861

That would be good writing. Well, at least better writing that what this deviantart fanfic rejects are doing.

>> No.55417864

>not liking the iconic land raider
>having shit taste this bad
Holy fuck, I hope I never meet you in real life. I might die of exposure to your shit taste.

>> No.55417875


>> No.55417877

Your dudes ofc.

>> No.55417878


> Canted rectangle.

We generally just call that shape a rhombus.

>> No.55417879


>> No.55417880

Your guys have the heresy scheme so they both probably had that armor at one point. I'd go with a cohesive look.

Also take that nametag off, faggot

>> No.55417893

I bet you don't like dreadnoughts either

>> No.55417905


cheers kgb man

>> No.55417921

I was wondering what kinda shit I want equip on my leviathan tommorow but after reading your trash I've decided for double grav flux.

>> No.55417923

Jonathan Green.

Goto may not give a shit about the setting (in the Blood Ravens novels he uses "Land Raider" and "Razorback" interchangeably since he doesn't know the difference) and just does whatever he wants (typically rapey eldar toruture scenes), but at the very least he can pace a story, develop characters (as in, his characters aren't 2d and flat, for the most part), and write an okay action scene.
Jonathan Green is the worst published author I have ever read.
He cannot pace a story.
He cannot write dialogue.
He cannot create an engaging scene of any kind (dialogue, action, establishing shot, etc).
His word choice is poor at best, as his his general grammar.

In Iron Hands, he spends something like six or seven pages describing the dozen or so marines in a room in excruciatingly boring detail. The conversation this led into only lasted a page and a half, and only three fucking characters he just introduced even fucking talk.
In the same novel he has a scene of PDF vs Death Guard and stops the action for nearly three pages just to describe what the first Plague Marine looked like. The Death Guard is then killed a few pages later by an Iron Hand.

He writes novels like they're codex unit entries.

His writing reads like baby's first fan fiction, and I cannot imagine how desperate BL was for content that they actually published his awful, trite bullshit.

The first book in the Icewind Dale Trilogy is the worst edited book I've ever seen published (so, so many typos), but Green has the worst actual writing.
Even Christopher Paolini was more competent.

>> No.55417955

New one here

>> No.55417961

Others may be technically worse writers, but ADB's done the most damage.

>> No.55417974

>Not wanting buff, oily Magnus
What are you, some kind of fag?

>> No.55417990

But then you can't write Spikey Marines as "AYKSHULLY, they will save the Imperium and the Emperor was evil all along. What do you mean, siding with evil incarnate and sacrificing billions to summon hellspawn into this dimension is bad? Nah, it will all be fine, Abaddon will just tell those guys, who we wrote off as omnipotent, to fuck off."

>> No.55418041

100% this.

>> No.55418382

Not my models, matey.

>> No.55418556

Corsairs from FW
everyone has pistols with d6 poisoned shots, I dont remember if they have 1 or 2 each though
2 would be awesome

>> No.55418672

But wargear=/= wargear options

Ilm legit confused, english is not my first language.
A furioso dread with no optional gear is 122 points or 122+ the fist+melta+stormbolter?

>> No.55419263

You only count the wargear model has in the end.

So if you take dreadnaught and swap its weapons for twin-lascannon and missilelauncher, you pay for dreadnaught+TLLC+ML, not its original weapons.

>> No.55419838

always thought he defiler was god awful, but by just swapping the claws to where his weapons normally bumps him from near the bottom to at least the top quartile (and costs you like $15 on ebay since you have to buy a whole new set of legs to get him his third pair of legs)

>> No.55420048

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at Abbey Community College, and I’ve been involved in numerous competitive 40k games, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in the art of keyboard warfare and I’m the top troll in the entire Black Library stable. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. Then I'll write you in as some shitty stock character that gets his head blown off by Abbadon the Despoiler, while getting butt-fucked by some lesser demon. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting network Administrators at 4-Chan, and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can write about killing you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands, and, a pencil. Not only am I extensively versed in Chaos Lore, but I have access to the entire library of Games Workshop Black Library and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable faction of choice off the face of the this earth, you priviledged CYS male. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.55420072

Yah, adb is a faggit and labels all if you cys males

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