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pic related triggers the burn player edition

>thread q

If you had to pick 1 out of the ten guilds from ravnica to join, what one would it be and why?

>Current Modern Metagame


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>MonoB Badstuff (Devotion?) losing to Ensnaring Bridge

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What cards would you like to see being played more in modern?

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make money, live forever and mostly stay out of guild rivalry fights

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Orzhov, black/white is my favorite colour combination. also their angels are neat.

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Actually Leyline is super beatable. Not only is it only live if its in opening hand, even if you do get to put it out you have 3 other dead draws in the deck through drawing multiples, giving me more time to draw creatures, or Destructive Revelry. Creature starts beat it, and Double Strike on Boros Charm helps push through just a bit more damage. The only cards that actually triggers me as a Burn player is Collective Brutality, Spreading Seas and maybe Kitchen Finks. The worst is Brutality though since it hits so hard and its hard to have the Skullcrack ready for it since its only two mana.

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Rakdos. No rules, orgies, violence and fun. High possibility to die.

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Cavern of Souls and Bloodmoon in the same deck, am I just being an idiot?

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what deck?

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Golgari because they'll accept my foul NEET ways.

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BR midrange vampires with blood moons and lilianas and stuff

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What an ugly mess you made. I understand the power of both, but christ. Probably sideboard. No need to try and get greedy to steal a game

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Sideboard what? the Caverns?

>> No.55392481

rate the deck I made to confuse and hopefully destroy my overly competitive friends.

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The moon you dingus

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Maybe sideboard spellskite? idk. Looks cool though. Keep at it brother.

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am I missing something? Why run a Transguild and a Coalition in the SB without running Glittering Wish maindeck?

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I never actually had a sideboard before and figured having extra copys of my win cons would be a good idea
im just a casual trying to be kitchen king
thats a good idea, what should I drop? one beast within?

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>Get really interested in building a new deck
>Primer hasn't been updated for at least 5 sets
What's her name, /tg/?

Gifts Ungiven

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Reminder to stay in the other thread until it dies off. We don't need to be making new threads 100 posts before bump limit.

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>want to build soulflayer
>primer is full of bad players like me
>learned nothing

I'm probably going to make golgari flayer with some bullshit but it's gonna be shit anyway

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Tooth and Nail

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I'm upgrading my mono black deck. Thoughts? No, I'm not adding Nykthos but I'm planning on getting 2 Liliana, the Last Hope when she rotates.


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Why would you not run Nykthos in a black devotion deck? It's like not running Cabal Coffers in a Sidisi commander deck.

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Yep that's the deck mine is based off of I think. I like Surgicals over some of the cards though. I'm getting some of the Eldritch Moon cards when they rotate, and will get Red Cards later if I feel like it. Also Fulminator Mages are real expensive.
Too slow imo. It's a win-more card.

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victim of night hits more things than go for the throat

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>Too slow
Are you retarded? You can almost dump entire hands with it

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Yeah probably a beast within. Funfact most of your sideboard can be tutored with Glittering Wish.

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Trying to get into modern
Building either U Tron, Mono B Panharmonicon, or some Emeria shit

>thread q
If I'd be assured a decent position in the guild, Orzhov or Dimir, otherwise Simic.

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thanks, never knew about glittering wish

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I'd build a deck with staples, so you can always use them in another deck. Tron would be good, or a budget Death and Taxes since Aether Vial is so good. I made this a while back https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/750293#paper. I'd invest into some staples and see what decks you can make: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/format-staples/modern

>Are you retarded?
Just my opinion I guess, sorry. Seems pretty bad outside of commander.

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Went 2-0 vs Troll Worship. Game 1 Strip Mined them out of lands with Crucible GQ while sitting behind a Bridge and a Lili (They have Leyline of Sanctity maindeck and in opener so I couldn't Lili them out). I asked them what their out to Bridge was, they said they had none and scooped when I mentioned it was gonna be a long 33 turns before they decked out.
Game 2 I got them down to 1 with Darksteel Citadel beats after killing both of their 3/2 hexproof regen trolls with Flaying Tendrils, Tezz's life loss killed them through Worship.
When will WotC reprint Baleful Strix for modern?

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Shahriazhad. Lots and lots of Shahriazhad.

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Brutality is probably the best card printed in like three years. If only pic related were just a little better like 4 dmg on the direct.

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Given the colors I like, I should pick of Paths, IoEs, Serum Visions, and Fatal Pushes for now, and then Thoughtseizes and Snapcasters once I'm a bit more entrenched in the format.

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I'd also recommend looking at the meta (https://www.mtggoldfish.com/metagame/modern#paper) and trying to make budget versions, or look up budget versions.

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Any way I can improve this?
Chalice and Engineered Explosives are kind of out of my budget right now

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when will collective brutality go in price? I need a couple

Also HOW DO I CONTACT THE CHINAMEN? I've got half of the deck completed but I'm not forking out another 500. I won't trade them or anything like that, I just don't want to fork out a months rent for it

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It's already a modern staple like Fatal Push
Better buy it before it goes out of print or wait for modern masters 2027

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Shouldn't it go down at least a bit in half a month when SoI rotates out of standard?

>> No.55395375

it sees almost no play in standard so probably not

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Does anyone have the izzet polymorph list that was posted here like a week ago?

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tier20 here we come wooooo!!!

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I want to get into MTG but a few things are putting me off. I don't like how no matter your strategy if you don't draw the required amount of lands you get fucked. Also, I like to imprint my own personality and style in games I play but with mtg it seems unless you're good enough to build your own deck you have to netdeck. My other issue is no matter how good you are if the opponent spent more money they will win. Are these complaints retarded or is MTG not for me?

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>if you don't draw the required amount of lands you get fucked
That's just simple statistics though. The more lands you put in the deck, the more likely you'll be draw them and vice versa
>with mtg it seems like unless you're good enough to build your own deck you have to netdeck
Netdecking isn't inherently a bad thing though. If you want to put your own style into a deck, you can. Most decks exist only as an archetype and act as a shell for whatever changes you might want to make. Sideboards are also a good way to put in a bit of your own play style.
>no matter how good you are if the opponent spent more money they will win
This isn't entirely true though. Yes, better cards tend to go for more money, but you can still be reasonably competitive with a budget deck. Hell, infect was never crazy expensive and it always performed well (until git probe was banned that is).

Point is, try out the game through something like Xmage and see if you like it, if you don't, no harm no foul.

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Thanks anon, I'm going to go to FNM tonight and check it out

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8poly is pretty gnarly, maybe the thread is archived
don't worry the other 2 are in the sideboard

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Would love to get some opinions on this dragon deck I've been sitting on for awhile, I'm a filthy casual and so are all my friends so I've never really known if it was good or not.

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Far too slow to ever be competitive in modern but hey, it looks fun so you do you.

>> No.55397473

>until git probe was banned
I think the main thing that killed Infect was Fatal Push.

>> No.55397533

Why would that be the case?
Lightning bolt was and still is just as effective at killing infects creatures as push.
Infect died when it lost the ability to check if the coast was clear before going all in without having to use anything of value to do it.

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I found an unused Mirrodin Starter deck pack with Disciple of the Vault in an old collection I bought from a guy. Is there anything fun I can build with that? I'm thinking something with Servo Schematics and the functional Atog reprint we got in the Kaladesh block.

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Fair enough. I never actually played the deck, although I wanted to.

>> No.55397813

I know it probably wouldn't work well, but could someone help me with a deck centered around Evershrike? I love the ability to revive itself with an Aura, and between Edge of the Godhead's huge boost to its power and Glistening Oil/Spirit Loop being able to recur themselves for free, I just need a way to get Evershrike in the grave and survive the first few turns.

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Hey guys I'm a new player and I bought the Duel Deck Blessed vs Cursed thing because I started playing with my dad so that way we each have a deck to play. I chose the blessed deck but I'm not sure how I should play it. Also is it good against other people or do I need to tweak it before heading to my local store and play against other people there?

>> No.55398076

Those kinds of decks are made to be expanded before serious use. At least get full playsets of your most important cards. Both decks are good starting points though, they have a lot of space to work with and also have some good stuff in them.

>> No.55398240

Putting cards you can't fit in your main into your side is a bad idea. The sideboard is for situational cards. What matches is the 4th courier good in and whats don't you want it against?

>> No.55398338

You can bring anything you like to play casual games in a store, but you'll definitely get more out of investment and research into a deck that's more powerful and suited to your particular playstyle.

It's often recommended to test decks over a freeware program like cockatrice or Xmage before shelling out for the real thing.

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Burn player here.
Leyline is overrated desu.
Firewalker and forge tender are much bigger pains in the assignment.

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Fuck my phoneposting faggotry

>> No.55398839

>Infect died when it lost the ability to check if the coast was clear before going all in without having to use anything of value to do it.
I've never played with or against infect, but I often see this. As I've never really seen the deck in action (well I've seen it in videos a couple of times I think), what is the game plan when you gitaxian probe and you see that the enemy does have answers?

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>> No.55398968

swing without using your pump spells, hope to draw more creatures than they have answers

>> No.55399190

You have perfect info, so navigate around it. If it's a bolt, lead with Mutagenic Growth leading into a kill, they have to cast it to not die but because you can sequence around it you win. If you have lots of creatures and Become Immense in hand just feed your excess dudes to it and finish the thing with Inkmoth. If it's an edict, sit tight until you have two dudes or a Spell Pierce.
And this is false, Infect died because of printing of Push which means now the deck has 3 4-of 1-mana kill spells to grind through, in addition to having a slower average goldfish than Storm and no plan B if your opponent draws more removal than you draw Infecters (noble kills are way more rare than in Legacy with Berserk). Probe was training wheels for pilots who knew what the fuck they were doing, its best use was keeping greedy as fuck zero land openers on the draw and having Become Immense online on turn 2.

>> No.55399231

dropped the transguild and a first of suns
for a spriggan as something that can do transguilds job without dieing to artifact hate and knight of new alara to make my spriggan and transguild less boltable

>> No.55399392

how do you counter such leyline if you're mono red burn?

>> No.55399452

By casting Goblin Guides and Swiftspears and Lava Spiking yourself for Prowess while your opponent stumbles with a bad hand he kept off the back of Leyline.

>> No.55399767

By playing a better deck

>> No.55399795

Mono Red Burn should be on the creature plan, swiftspears, goblin guides, lightning elementals, eidolons, and vexing devils

>> No.55399877

noice meme m8

>> No.55399891

Ask anon for opinions, get anon opinions

>> No.55400040


By the time you get that much mana from it you would have dumped your entire hand. It's good for something like Consume Spirit though.

>> No.55400288

Mono red burn is shit though
There's a reason naya and boros burn consistently top more tournaments

>> No.55400315

I can't remember the last time I saw someone use Naya. Nacatl isn't that good anymore and adding green just for Atarka's command is not worth it. I think most people stepped over to Boros.

>> No.55400496

Green is for Destructive Revelry too.

>> No.55400725

Reminder that Lightning Helix is a bad card for Burn and should not be in your deck.

>> No.55400745

And what card would you replace it with?

>> No.55400789

Bump in the night is better

Not that guy though

>> No.55400808

RB burn is a meme

>> No.55400818

It just got new draw tech

And there's always something to be said for running an unexpected deck

Jund Burn is where it's at

>> No.55400906

Anything that isn't Lightning Memeix
You're literally paying white for 3 life that doesn't matter in most matchups.

>> No.55400934

Lightning Bolt ;^)

>> No.55401137

It's better than every other burn spell in modern that isn't lightning and rift bolt, stupid

>> No.55401252

Boros Burn
Tron cuz I'm a scrub.
Was brewing Sultai Emerge, but realized I'm a stupid netdecker and gave up.

>guild to join
Do I have to pick one?

>> No.55402551

Omenshift is fucking dank

>> No.55402571

I prefer BtL Scapeshift myself. Will be taking it to a PPTQ tomorrow most likely.

>> No.55402586

Primeval titan was a mistake

>> No.55402618

Omenshift doesn't even use Prime Time

>> No.55402632

Valakut was a mistake too

>> No.55402636

>Jund Burn
This kind of trash makes me want to puke
But at the same time I love it.

>> No.55402724

The mistake was making it non-legendary but I'm not one to complain

>> No.55402742

Is the $40 to enter a the Magic Online Championship Series Open worth it? Do I get to actually keep the cards that I pick out of the packs, or do I have to turn them in somewhere once I inevitably get my ass kicked out in the first round because I'm a newfag?

>> No.55402771

>googling is hard

>> No.55403145

They don't anymore? List?

>> No.55403480

>jund burn

>> No.55403515

Because you touch your deck at night you piece of shit.

>> No.55403542

I'm gonna build and perfect this, there's actually a degree of legit to it.

>> No.55403550


Stay into WB, use that enchantment that spits servos with revolt and anointed procession, yaheeni as sac outlet

>> No.55403779

U/r gifts storm is just a storm deck with gifts ungiven in it correct? Is there a more control focused gifts ungiven deck out there to play?

>> No.55403816

Gifts Tron used to be a deck, idk why it fell off in popularity.

>> No.55403963

I guess i can try to build my own if there isnt one im more familar with legacy then magic but i saw stuff online for 4c gifts and it sounded like a type of deck id like to play

>> No.55403986


why not

grixis burn

>> No.55404080

why would you use a legendary as your combo enabler? You'd be better off dropping white and go gremlin you'd lose some artifacts but you get bigger numbers.

>> No.55404102


>> No.55404113

You don't splash for one card, even if that card is Snapcaster Mage

>> No.55404145 [SPOILER] 


what if it isn't just one

>> No.55404166

Why do you need this card when it was already printed in red?

>> No.55404171

go see a psychologist, your brain is damaged

>> No.55404193

All these people here who don't know about Izzet Curiosity burn. I pity them.

>> No.55404379

Behold the shitbrew

>> No.55404468

Are standard legal cards also legal for modern or do you have to wait until rotation?

>> No.55404515

Nigger for the love of god use google for questions like this. The fact fatal push is one of the most played cards in modern should be a good enough answer.

>> No.55404571

so you can run 8 copies.

Seriously, 4 damage burn could be a thing, plus card draw from blue.

>> No.55404597

You already have Boros charm which is strictly better than Psionic Blast/Char. "Card draw" is just cantrips and instead of drawing do-nothing blue spells you could just be drawing bolts instead

>> No.55404629

Do this >>55394912

>> No.55404769

>they don't play 5 color burn

>> No.55404781


search on aliexpress

>> No.55404834

>they don't play colorless burn

>> No.55404894

>they don't play

>> No.55404917

What does /tg/ think this in modern beat down elves?

>> No.55404965

All these fucking savages here who do not burn by attacking their opponent with big creatures. What is wrong with you?

>> No.55405007


>> No.55405008

I wish I was Simic, I could give myself a horsecock and fuck all the slimegirls I want.

>> No.55405022

>If you had to pick 1 out of the ten guilds from ravnica to join, what one would it be and why?

Being a rich corrupt politician with a waifu.

>> No.55405126

An excellent card drawing engine that can take over games with archdruid and heritage druid. Should be a 4 of in every elves deck since we have a hard time topdecking and the scry + card draw will help refuel.

>> No.55405186

But you can do that already. Just leave the basement and go fuck some sluts while covering them in some oily liquid.

>> No.55405215

this guy any good?

>> No.55405388

Probably costs too much to be playable

>> No.55405408

Elves can generate lots of mana easily with the right hand or can just curve into it with a dork.

>> No.55405414

Casual haven't played in a while here.

Is it just me or are the sets they are putting out now total fucking shit?

>> No.55405450

Lead the stampede is better card draw for elves in almost every conceivable way

>> No.55405472

Lead is one card and this generates more value over time as well as gives elves control over draws which is something the deck has struggled with historically.

>> No.55405473

Ran a one of in play testing and whenever I saw it it was great. Control cannot out draw it and scrying 1 means you can rip chord or CoCo off the top. I haven't played it with a devouted druid yet.

>> No.55405539

In standard sure

In modern there are way better things you can do for 5 mana

>> No.55405555

Standard is a fuckfest but you can just pick what you like for modern.

>> No.55405571

I really mean in terms of inspiration, they just all seem so dull and the digital art is ugh.

>> No.55405586

There is a lot less wacky interaction and more "play nothing but the good stuff" in standard right now. New perspectives was a thing for a short while though.

>> No.55406102


What do you guys think of this deck? I'm a new player and I like the idea of tribal decks. Would this deck be good for casual/FNM play?

>> No.55406141

>full ixalan spoilers are out

Any potential changes to Merfolk or does it stay the same?

>> No.55406165


half your deck is going to rotate in less than a month

even if it weren't, it's slow and with very high costs

even memebrews like hidden stockpile/anointed procession are going to beat you hard

>> No.55406169

Only possible change is the 1 drop 2/2 to replace curse catcher.

>> No.55406189

How will it rotate? Isn't modern an eternal format?

>> No.55406305


I thought you were planning to use that for standard, since that's clearly a standard deck

If you're even thinking on using that for modern, I doubt you're going to even take one game from someone

If you like tribal decks explore the budget decks for modern on mtggoldfish and pick one you like, but don't use that garbage

>> No.55406481

If you want a cheap tribal modern deck that isn't just a pile of trash try 8whack.

>> No.55406562

The deck runs too many bricks at present. You somehow need to draw enough cards while going off to compensate for the 13 bricks in your deck since you're ideally going 6th land combo off. You can't even pass and do it next turn unless you have another Perspectives to draw three because another draw is just minus one brick. I'd cut lands to 22 by shaving a Forest and Island, cut Haze of Pollen, and add a card that just cycles on the cheap like a couple more Heiroglyphs and some Curator of Mysteries. I'd swap a Monitor for a 3rd Vizier too.

>> No.55406593

Boros Legion. Methods are needlessly harsh, but the goal isn't bad, they are on the higher end of the moral spectrum as far as is possible on Ravnica (along with Azorius, Conclave, etc) and I appreciate the comraderie and order they have.

>plus sexy WR angelfus.

>> No.55407262

The bricking is the biggest deckbuilding restriction but it currently can make it without whiffing (assuming you've played some of the basics or cast a ramp spell, hit your shefnets to filter basics and use resounding wave to bounce some cycle lands).

cutting more basics (or even a perspective) for more cycle lands will lower the brick count, and more vizier can up the number of fast mana to cast lab maniac (currently 6 sources but 4 of them are shefnets)

in it's current form it can combo but the risk is centainly looming, would love to see a configuration that strikes a more solid balance. the deck is at it's core quite shitty, but it's also pretty fun and neat.

>> No.55407398

I'm working on it myself now. Add more Resounding Waves. 0 mana draw 3 fixes a lot of bricking problems.

>> No.55407598

how is this card so insane?

>> No.55407704

You guys are pretty cool, don't come to FNM tonight.

>> No.55407707

It's versatile. It can act as removal, hand disruption, or a mini-lightning helix when you want it, and if you drop extra cards you can have it do all those things at once.
I run 4 maindeck in GB Tron, it's a game-changer.

>> No.55407894

Is this the best card wizards has printed recently bar push?

>> No.55407949

Some more thoughts.

>Ghost Quarter
Tap it to cast New Perspectives, then use it as your Vizier untap target to slap your own land and remove a brick from your deck. Actually seems pretty good just as a singleton what with the usual use of telling Tron players to fuck of.

>Resounding Waves
Pretty dope as a 3 of.

>Cheaper cyclers
4 Censor and 4 Heiroglyphs is working well enough.

-1 Forest
-1 Vizier
-2 Haze
-1 Angelsong
-1 Renewed Faith

+1 Ghost Quarter
+2 Censor
+2 Hieroglyphs
+1 Resounding Wave

>> No.55408405


>> No.55408439

I just love hitting that Brutality for all 3 modes vs burn, discarding cards I never would have the leisure to play against burn in the first place.

>> No.55408448

what's the dumbest card i can use as spirit tokens

for example, I saw an Abzan player using naruto TCG cards as his lingering souls tokens, I need that level of dank

>> No.55408498

people use this for something besides coalition victory?

>> No.55408511

Something relating to alcohol.

It functions as a ramp spell by turning Valakut itself into the 6th Mountain. God help you if anyone brought in Boil though.

>> No.55408537

I see, forgive again know very little about modern im assuming shift implies scapeshift why do you need 6 mountains for scapeshift?

>> No.55408580


>> No.55408600

ok, but why would that work in a scapeshift deck and honestly what does a scapeshift deck even do? abuse landfall?

>> No.55408621

It kills people instantly by bringing in X number of Valakuts and 6 mountains.

With Prismatic Omen, if you bring in 4 Valakuts and 2 random lands, you deal 4x6x3 damage to the opponent.

>> No.55408649

thats some fucking cool jank, thanks a lot anon

>> No.55408719

It actually matters in a lot of matchups since even the "police" deck of the format is a full on retard aggro pile that drops 1 mana 4/5s and 10/10s. By having ways to gain life you can point more burn to the dome instead of removing creatures that would kill you faster than you do. Hell, even Deflecting Palms reads Lightning Helix number 5-6 most of the time and that shit comes in like 80% of Burn's games.

>> No.55409057

Welp, I bought a box of Modern Masters 2017 for €200, it's gonna ship on monday.

Wish me luck.

>> No.55409101

Could have gotten $200 bucks in singles.

>> No.55409164

Well, now he has €100 in a random assortment of fetches instead!

>> No.55409167

You mean I won't get a foil Lili?

I want to open packs.

>> No.55409224

It seems janky at first, but the beauty of Valakut decks is that half your deck is lands and the other half searches for lands, which means that once Valakut comes online every card you play is a Bolt.

>> No.55409568

So why can't WoTC just sell us a real, competitive deck (aka a deck that has more than 1 ofs for the sake of consistency)

I just bought a duel deck package and the 2 decks I have are total garbage with many cards not even having 2 copies in the deck. Honestly when I got home and saw the amount of work (and money) I'll have to put into these decks to make them viable (and I'm not talking aobut tournament viable, just playing at my local store) just makes me want to quit right now before I get too deep into it.

>> No.55409858

Because the decks would get ripped off shelves by speculators long before you even figured out they exist.
They wouldn't reach new players at all.

If you want a deck to play at your LGS, your best bet is asking someone to help you build one, then ordering those cards as singles.

Alternatively, CardKingdom has its own product called "Battle Decks" where they make decks with an actual curve, consistency and 4-of's and sell them for $10, but in return are mostly made out of low value cards they can't sell. I don't know how powerful they are, but they should be better than a duel deck.


>> No.55410016

>Friend has decks based on combos, efficiency and all sorts of top tier stuff
>I have a white deck because I like them thematically and a blue deck because I like the ocean
Should I change my mindset to be more like my friends?

>> No.55410044

I think it might be easier to convince your friend to build a deck that is more the speed of your decks. I consider myself to be a competitive player but even I get the desire every now and then to play a lower-powered deck because I think it's neat so it might be a change of pace he could enjoy.

>> No.55410325

Yeah, I only have high power decks, but I constantly get plenty of silly ideas I wish I could play but just isn't viable. Unfortunately I have nobody I can play highly tuned jank decks with, so I just end up bringing Curse Tribal or Defender Combo to FNM

>> No.55410482

Anyone know of a wacky joke deck that no one at FNM would be prepared to? I want to bring something stupid but only use it once, since I haven't bothered with modern in months. I've heard of the following: Belcher, Rooftop Storm Zombies, DuskCrank, 42 Land Swan Hunt....I was thinking of trying to do Midnight Gond in modern but I think it might be too weak.

>> No.55410848

all my joke decks usually end up in the $600-1200 range due to fetches, shocks and staples.

But here's the one I'm currently putting together, honestly it could use a lot of work.


The core part of the deck is like $10 though, all you need is Curse of Misfortunes, Overwhelming Splendor, Curse of Death's Hold, and Curse of Thirst.

Ramp into Curse of Misfortunes, win the game

>> No.55410987

I wonder if the deck would be better with abzan colors. Green for better ramp and enchantment synergy.

>> No.55411189

Fuck yes my dude, tier19 soon!!

it increases the budget a bit but swapping the blue deserts for fetid pools allows you to hardcast Resounding Wave's cycling (has actually come up twice so far vs u/w control and taking turns)
Other than costing more, it's a tiny buff since the cycle cost is colorless too (same could be said for the R/G cycle land having a 'cleaner' cycle cost than the green desert, but imho fuck that)

>> No.55411329

>make a Mono Black deck with some Red in the Sideboard for Artifact Hate
>Have 4 Bloodstained Mire and 1 Blood Crypt
>Friend gets some Blood Moons for his Ponza deck
>Keeps fucking me in the ass but I can never manage to discard it from his hand

Should I be running 2 Ratchet Bomb in the Sideboard then?

>> No.55411879

G1 on play
Played Tar Pit tapped and passed, he played a dork and I Brutalitied it taking a Stone Rain. Had the turn 3 Crucible after feching a basic which turned on Pentads for UR, allowing me to cast Thopter Foundry and Whir for Sword. Ground him out from there
-Pithing Needle
-Executioner's Capsule
-1 LotV
+2 Herald of Anguish
+2 Collective Brutality
G2 on play
Had Darksteel Citadel and GQ in opener, giving me protection from a lot of his LD effects. He opened with a BoP, I played Darkslick and Pushed. Ended up going for the turn 3 Herald, and turn 4 Tezzeret making a dude and swinging in for 10. Opponent played an Acidic Slime and held back 1 blocker, which I Brutalitied and swung for lethal.

Closing Thoughts
Got really lucky to have Crucible maindeck and in opener game one, game 2 showed how insane improvise cards are with Pentad Prism though. Deck isn't entirely reliant combo, had beatdown options. Testing 4x Mishra's Bauble and more Fetches alongside some Glint-Nest Cranes instead of Serum Visions for dig, current artifact count is 23.

>> No.55412132

Why would you talk about your results if you aren't even going to at least include a list?

>> No.55412162

If (you) wanted the list all you've gotta do is ask.

>> No.55412221

Can you post music that is appropriate to your deck that you enjoy?

>> No.55412348

what an excellent idea, I can't think of a better way to contribute to the thread in a constructive manner.

>> No.55412396

So what the hell is the deal with the price on Cavern of Souls right now?

>> No.55412446

the people who would post is this thread (or similarly, a reddit thread) make up a tiny fraction of secondary market sales, the majority being the unassuming normies who are buying fish (and also dinosaurs and pirates) staples because of ixalan.

>> No.55412464


>> No.55412511

That makes sense, I'll hold off on buying it then

>> No.55413275

Does anyone know what software that flowchart meme was made in?

>> No.55413576

What are the chances that this card will see a reprint? I kinda want to make a dryad deck but I'm not sure about paying almost 40$ for 4 of these.

>> No.55413798

Chances are every card over $5 is going to be printed at some point.

The question is do you want it now or do you wait possibly years? Also your $40 might be relatively safe considering it's unique card frame. Just look at Goyf.

>> No.55413862

merfolk-type card with kira glass-spinner text

>> No.55413904

Is it worth it?
>easier to target your merfolks, but who does that
>doesn't create card disadvantage
>doesn't fly

>> No.55413921

literally just run 1-1

it's objectively better

abzan is coming back so it'll be good for abrupt

also having both out is GG

>> No.55413973

I think I'm going to run 2 Clique, 1 Kira, 1 Kopala.

Clique is so fucking good, man. Funny how the best creature in Merfolk isn't a Merfolk.

>> No.55414008

Merfolk is a shit tribe with amazing lords. Litterally all merfolks are subpar.
I agree that drawing them both is gg, but if you only have Kopala she's objectively worst. I don't know.

>> No.55414063

>but if you only have Kopala she's objectively worst.
Objectively worse is a little harsh. The tax effect is objectively worse, but it:

>gets buffs/islandwalk from lords
>a show for Silvergill
>a trigger for Merrow
>protection via Cavern
>on average be a bigger body to block with if you use Minamo for pseudo-vig
Last one is a bit of a stretch but you get the picture. I really like 1-1.

>> No.55414067

Also forgot:
>actually taxes abrupt decay

>> No.55414172

How good will Walk the Plank be?

They're giving out the promo today.

>> No.55414175

The biggest upside is that it can be a 4/4 unblockable, and the tax generally is around the same powerlevel as kira maybe a bit less (but can go stop things like lilly last hope/gid of the trials/abrupt decay much more effectively than kira)

but yeah this is a beefy kira, and with the potential for having both legendary creatures out (fucking backbreaking) I'd say kopala is worth a slot.

>> No.55414615

How much do you guys care about the philosophy of the colours? I've been reading about eaches philosophy and it has made me switch from wanting to play white to playing red

>> No.55415074

I was actually gonna mention the UB cycler at some point but went to bed. It's like a strict upgrade. As is the RG cycler over the mono G desert for no other reason than the cycle cost.

>> No.55415165

>How much do you guys care about the philosophy of the colours?
Don't give a fuck. All that flavor bullshit is for casuals.

>> No.55415201

zero fucks, I play whatever colors fit the playstyle I want at the time.

People who go "I identify as X color and hate Y (usually blue), and refuse to play any decks with Y, those who do are losers and tryhards, seem incredibly immature.

>> No.55415265

>"I identify as X color and hate Y (usually blue), and refuse to play any decks with Y, those who do are losers and tryhards"
Forgot to close that quote

To clarify, if someone says they hate blue, they usually mean control, but blue also includes tribal strategies like merfolk which they would most likely gobble up like nobodies business if they just swapped the color to red.

Liking red usually means burn or aggro, but my favorite is big red, which is still mono red, but entirely different.

Not to mention combining multiple colors, which creates vastly different decks again.

Hating on colors is pleb tier, if you want to express preference for something, use archetypes.

>> No.55415390

Is mtgdecks.net/Modern the best source of information regarding the Metagame?
I rarely see both MtgGoldfish or MtgTop8 updating.
Also there were a lot of new builds running around and I only found out by checking the first link.

>> No.55415451

That deck nomenclature is worse than Top8 holy shit.

>> No.55415542

MTGGoldFish updates on a roughly 1 day delay for MTGO, the 5 lists from the 15th are up right now. I'm not sure what threshhold they use they use for how big a PTQ has to be before they'll put up the lists though, there's some 28 player ones on that site that aren't on goldfish.

>> No.55415569


I'll admit for a dislike of permission control, though a lot of that is due to people who put 'Make the other guy too annoyed to keep playing' as the deck's wincon back in uni. That and it being basically super kitchen table where the guy could put in every counterspell ever printed and all his mirrodan toys because we didn't know what cycles were.

I would like to see more non-aggro red. I don't really feel like big red, burn red or (the very elusive) red control get too much support these days.

>> No.55415603

disliking an archetype is fine, but it's not really the color.

I play Lantern Control, that sure is a permission control deck, but it doesn't run blue

>> No.55415707


Oh yeah. I was mostly agreeing with you (And venting a bit about an annoying player who loved to bring his 'Islands, Bounce and Counterspells' or 'Full Mirrodan Affinity Artifacts' decks to stomp newbies)

>> No.55415790

Is anus mana a color? because I hate tron in all forms

>> No.55415809

Anus mana is the lack of color, I also hate Tron because it's the tic-tac-toe of MtG, but I still love artifacts.

>> No.55415832

Post pet cards?

>> No.55415905

My very first open sealed deck event starts in six minutes and I'm scared :^(

>> No.55415914

break a leg

>> No.55415931

Thanks. I've never been in a tournament before. It's strange that I used to be so big into YGO and never did anything with it, and yet I've been playing Magic for less than two weeks and already I'm throwing my money at Wizards. Do they powder their cards with cocaine?

>> No.55415941


>> No.55416100

What are some tips for playing at a store? I've never played outside of a few different friend groups so I'm not sure how my deck would do.

I'm sure it wouldn't win but I don't want to get trashed and embarrassed to never return.

>> No.55416104

Just go and have a laugh.

>> No.55416153

come to the dark side netdeck

>> No.55416195

I can't decide if I should leave in one Desert for Shefet Monitor, or if there's actually no point. Getting another Desert into play to bounce with a Resounding Wave draws you an extra card, but at the same time you don't need that extra card if you're getting another basic out of the way. I'm also heavily considering a set of Nimble Obstructionist. Kind of expensive to cycle but it's the kind of card the deck needs; slows your opponent down and fucks up important stuff.

Besides that the deck is actually quite consistent now, if a little on the slow side. But being slow isn't all that bad when you get to run actual real cards unlike a deck like Living End that just has to let shit happen.

>> No.55416452

Today I've learned that it's okay to run four different colors of mana in a sealed event.

>> No.55416530

1. It doesn't matter what color/ colors you run, you're going to get called a faggot.
2. whatever cards you have- doesn't matter what they are- you will get screamed at for not playing a legal deck.

>> No.55416534

I like this new art

>> No.55416688

Investigate your store first. Your store might be like mine and have friendly people, or it could be full of dickbags. You also get to find out what decks they play and modify your deck to have a chance against them. Here's a list of cheap decks you can build. Some of them are a base to decks that were competitive at the time, such as BW Tokens, UW (Bant) Spirits, Stake Sisters, 8Whack, 8Rack, and Mono-Red Burn.

Also, is that anime good?

>> No.55417217

So whats the best way to go about getting proxies? I mostly just want to get some of the staples so I can actually play a few of the decks in the format. Stuff like gofys, nobles, snaps.
It seems like most people just sell a set of cards, but are there people out there who sell them in terms of playsets of x, y and z? Also what are things to look out for when buying proxies?

>> No.55417339

You mean chink proxies? Just go to aliexpress and search for black lotus, they're pretty much the best and I think he sells singles

>> No.55417403

If I drop out of an tournament, do I automatically lose all the points that I've earned in that tournament? For example, if I won all five of my first rounds and got fifteen points, but don't stick around for the later five, does my point count get reset to zero?

>> No.55417484

Hey gang, I don't play modern. I don't play standard either. Just commander.

What's a good zombie deck for standard/modern?

>> No.55417515

Thanks. I'll give it a look.

>> No.55417551

You missed the boat on zombie tribal for standard man.

The closest you'll get is dredge, anything else and you're off in shitbrew territory where you'd be wasting your money and better off playing a casual format.

>> No.55417602

Standard is gonna lose half its zombies in a week or two when Shadow over Innistrad rotates out.

Do you have a budget? Zombies is mostly mono black which isn't too bad, but you'll still end up wanting some moderately expensive cards. Thoughtseize, Surgical, allied fetches, and a playset of Relentless Dead and you're already in for around $200.

If you want a casual deck then you've got some more room to play around.

>> No.55417639

Ah shit. I'll throw some cards up that I use in my current zombie deck. Maybe there's some decent cards I already have.

>> No.55417662

Went to my first modern tourney yesternight with Mono Red tron. Placed 8th with a 3-2 record and got a promo fatal push and two packs.

>> No.55417775


>> No.55417852

Dredge is a bunch of fun and a relatively cheap deck.

>> No.55417920

Looks like you'll be building from scratch. Lucky for you Dredge is pretty cheap.

>> No.55417946


>> No.55418003

The new art is beautiful. The original isn't bad, the only thing I disliked is that is was hard to understand (a giant leaf with people on top).

>> No.55418285

>Dredge is a bunch of fun
Yeah if you don't like playing Magic.

Wizards should just make Dredge it's own separate game.

>> No.55418300

I love that new art, but I think old Burnwillows looks better.

>> No.55418422

There's also mono black devotion which plays some zombies, but it's also pretty expensive.

>> No.55418512

How can I learn how to stack boosters during an event? So far I've gone against two people who managed to nab Gifts of the God-Pharaoh, along with that one Enchantment that prevents non-flying creatures from attacking while making sand wurms. I'm feeling very unlucky.

>> No.55418570

Start reading horoscopes, seems like something for you.

>> No.55418607

i would put in bojuka bogs for grave hate.

>> No.55418824

Lost in the woods x4 and about 71 forests

>> No.55419414

why tho

>> No.55419568

What about that 27% of the time it works all the time deck? The one with countryside crusher.

>> No.55419692

It's a joke, it doesn't function at all, it works 27% of the time IF your opponent has no removal, or counters, or hand discard, and since games are best out of 3, they will just mulligan down to 1 if they have to.

>> No.55419904

just got 5th in a fnm modern tournament of 20ish people. won a lot of tiebreakers tho because i 2-0'd a lot

borrowed friend's skred deck

first time going to a tournament, practiced on cockatrice a bit

(W) m1: white token 2-0
(W) m2: elves 2-0
(L) m3: green aggro devotion 1-2
(W) m4: gw lands hatebear deck thing 2-0
(L) m5: tron 0-2

couldve beaten green devotion if i wasnt retarded.

skred is a really easy deck though for beginners. i played a variant with ensnaring bridge that was even easier

>> No.55419917

1 lost might be ok tho. And enough forests so even when boarding all of his sideboard you can still deck opponent.

>> No.55419951

How in the fuck are you getting wrecked by blood moon if you're playing a mono colored deck?

>> No.55419977

>literally just run 1-1
This is retarded, it's like telling people to just run Shock instead of Bolt
>it's objectively better
It's really not
>abzan is coming back so it'll be good for abrupt
It's barely tier 2 if that, Kira is better against every other card in the entire format

>> No.55420030

>I think old Burnwillows looks better.
One of my favourite arts of Magic.

>> No.55420037

Fetches, Urborg, Blood Crypt

>> No.55420054

Why in the actual fuck are you playing urborg in your deck where every mana source is already black? Also fetch basics, it's not that hard

>> No.55420104

>Why in the actual fuck are you playing urborg in your deck where every mana source is already black?
Mutavaults as well. I based my deck off of this: http://tcdecks.net/deck.php?id=23390&iddeck=181615

>Also fetch basics, it's not that hard
If I draw a fetch after the blood moon is played it's a mountain. It's "not that hard" of a concept.

>> No.55420151

Im happy you take the dick from blood moon

>> No.55420170

First of all this deck looks awful. Second, having so many black mana requirements with only 11 basics is setting yourself up for failure. Considering you have 5 sideboard cards with a single red mana requirement you don't need so many nonbasics that tap for red. Leechridden Swamp also seems like a corner case. So if you take out both Urborgs, the Leechridden Swamp and the Smoldering Marsh and add more fetches and basics you should have your problem sorted out. In the matches where you need your red mana, you can just fetch for it when you need it.

>> No.55420243

if you read the original post, you would know I have some red splashed in to deal with artifacts. I guess it's more Black Devotion than Mono Black.

In my deck I only have the 1 Blood Crypt, but I probably do need more fetches. Thanks for the good response.

>> No.55420529

hello guys

anyone from São Paulo can recommend me some store to play at?

>> No.55421083


>> No.55421226

Heard of Countryside Crusher, forgot to mention it since it seems the least reliable. Oh yeah, Lost in the Woods. Totally forgot about that one.

>> No.55421265


Oh my god this one is hilarious. I might have to whip this one up.

>> No.55421355

thank, im really quite proud of it

>> No.55421358

very hard to understand...i dont get it...like, the leaf is big? whoa

>> No.55421403

>Play competitive modern on Cockatrice because I hate people who play competitive modern on Cockatrice
>Play tron to salt even harder
>G1, natural tron into karn into ugin
>G2, get duressed, inquisioned and pinched by turn three liliana, and stone rained
>Still get Ulamog on a now empty board
What are some more decks that show my opponent how much I hate them? Preferably no skill required to make it extra salty. Tried burn but not consistent enough.

>> No.55421449

blue steel is skill heavy but tilts people so hard

>> No.55421595

Ponza and Lantern are pretty high in the FUCK YOU standings.

>> No.55422012


GR eldrazi. Completely shitstomps almost every creature deck, but it's terrible against storm and other spell-based combos. Is Guttural response any good, /tg/?

>> No.55422128

Guttural Response is pretty meh. What matchups do you really need spicy tech for? I'm a RG Ponza specialist so I know all kinds of shit cards. Dragon's Claw for example annihilates Storm.

>> No.55422301

>Nonland (36)
4 Edge of Autumn
4 Angelsong
1 Cast Out
4 Countervailing Winds
4 Shefet Monitor
4 Hieroglyphic Illumination
4 Censor
2 Renewed Faith
3 Resounding Wave
4 New Perspectives
1 Laboratory Maniac
1 Vizier of Tumbling Sands
>Land (24)
4 Scattered Groves
4 Irrigated Farmland
4 Fetid Pools
4 Sheltered Thicket
3 Island
2 Forest
2 Plains
1 Ghost Quarter

Here's my latest iteration of /tg/'s latest memedeck, New Perspectives. It's scarily consistent. An advantage it has over a deck like Living End is that it needs uncommon hate, though things like Pithing Needle or Revoker on Shefet Monitor are savage AF. Another big advantage this deck has is that it can actually use its spells as spells. Opponent plays a big threat? Counter it. I'm gonna work 4 Nimble Obstructionist into the deck soon, probably cut the Cast Out and some Renewed Faith/Angelsongs.

>> No.55422317

The bad matchups Im having are all Valakut variants, Storm and Turns. My only form of interaction with them is thought-Knot seer, which is often not enough. Warping Wail sorta helps against Scapeshift, but Im lost on the other two matches. Dragon's claw sounds great though. Does it trigger off every Grapeshot copy?

>> No.55422405

It doesn't trigger off the Grapeshot copies, but it triggers every time they cast a red spell to up their Storm count. Basically, if you're at 16 life when they begin to combo off, they need to have cast 16 blue spells by the time they go for the kill. Bear in mind that Manamorphose only makes 2 blue at a time.

For Turns I'd recommend Choke or Boil. They're also funny AF against Omenshift since they turn all their lands into Islands. For Titanshift in particular I'm not certain. Ponza has a naturally INSANE AS FUCK matchup so I never bothered. Torpor Orb perhaps?

>> No.55422415


Blue steel looks like it could almost be a good deck. Whats the catch? I feel like it should be running Thorn maindeck and that Throne is too cute.

>> No.55422590

Throne is legit senpai.
I play the deck on xmage, it stupid silly.
Has a really hard time dealing with ensnaring bridge though.

>> No.55422592

After playing at a friends I discovered I really like white. Should I build my own white deck to use or find one online and use that?

>> No.55422798

Throne helps really well against bridge I guess

>> No.55422828

When the fuck is wizard reprinting manlands?
I don't want to give 30 bucks for this

>> No.55422857

Then either don't play decks that use it or get a real job

>> No.55422912 [DELETED] 

>having a job means you should be ok giving 30 bucks for a piece of cardboard for a hobby because the jews at Wizards can't into reprinting

>> No.55422921

Sorry you don't have enough good boy points to afford it

>> No.55422938

>Help I don't understand anything

>> No.55422959

Being a Wendy's chef isn't a real job faggot. Maybe if you ask mummy nicely she'll buy you some cards, provided you haven't spent all your GBP on tendies.

>> No.55422966 [DELETED] 

Good goys
I'm just going to get chinese proxies because I'm not retarded

>> No.55422971

Probably some expensive, non-masters supplemental product, since the manland cycle's value is so heavily skewed (Collonade is $30, Lavaclaw Reaches and Wildwood are $1-2) that they would lead to some really feel-bad packs. My guess is the next lands on the value chopping block are the Shadowmoor filterlands, since it's been nearly a decade and they're all around the same price of $25-15, save for Graven Cairns.

>> No.55422979

>I'm not retarded
sure thing mate ;)

>> No.55422983

Nice projection. Just because you have money doesn't mean you should spend it on dumb shit kiddo

>> No.55422989

>I'm going to get obvious fake cards that can get me banned and are actually worthless
>because I'm not retarded
The ironing

>> No.55423030

>they spent thousands of dollars on their shitbrews when they could have just bought virtually indistinguible proxies for a fraction of the price
Stay mad lol

>> No.55423033

where do you think you are?

>> No.55423042

You realise anyone that says "stay mad" is incredibly fuming right? You do understand that?

>> No.55423048

You're the one who's mad they don't have the money to spend on their hobby, not anyone in this thread

>> No.55423052

>Just because you have money doesn't mean you should spend it on dumb shit kiddo
Actually supporting a hobby I take part in isn't "dumb shit" you fucking retard, it helps keep this hobby alive unlike fags like you who run to the chinamen at first sight. Not to mention that buying into formats like Modern and Legacy can net you money or at least get back what you put into it but considering how you're probably too retarded to have done any research into the financial aspect of MtG i can't really hold that against you.

>> No.55423088

>indistinguishable proxies
They aren't indistinguishable chinafag, they regulatory have discolorations, font inssues and fucked up set/mana symbols. Not to mention the texture of the card and the thickness too. Also no proxy holds up under a Loupe. Keep coping with the fact you bought shitty worthless fakes that harm the hobby though lmao

>> No.55423122 [DELETED] 

Keep giving those (You)s to me please.

>he actually thinks giving money to jewish third party sellers is "supporting the hobby"
>he actually thinks any card that isn't part of the reserved list is a safe investment
Fucking lol

>what is double sleeving
You sure as shit aren't going to touch my cards with your greasy fat cheeto fingers.

>> No.55423125

>buy cards of sketchy quality that some shithead will try to pass off as real
>pay $20 at kinkos to print off a sheet of cards with "PROXY" on the bottom
Remember to proxy responsibly if you don't want to spend your meager salary on expensive cardboard.

>> No.55423139

Remember kids, just report and move on

>> No.55423504

new thread, migrate when ready

>> No.55423534

This one didn't even hit bump limit retard

>> No.55423567

He made this thread when the last thread had 100 posts to go. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

>> No.55423665

So this is the power...of reddit... Fascinating

>> No.55423721

>Le reddit xD

>> No.55423729

Head back there

>> No.55423742

I've never been

>> No.55423780

Hard to believe when you don't know thread etiquette. Lurk moar

>> No.55423797

I'm not the guy who started the other thread I was just calling out your retarded internet tribalism.

>> No.55423822

>retarded internet tribalism.
Funny how once we start relaxing on the "tribalism" we get retards who don't even know how to properly make a thread.

>> No.55423835

That doesn't make it any less stupid to hold those views. Also there is no proof that any of what you said is even true.

>> No.55423960

>That doesn't make it any less stupid to hold those views
It kind of does because it's extremely proportional to board quality.

> Also there is no proof that any of what you said is even true.
Because I'm sure an experienced 4chan user would make that mistake right?

>> No.55424068

>It kind of does because it's extremely proportional to board quality
Yes, the reason that board quality has "declined" is because of redditors and not /pol/ crossposters leaking out of their containment board. Definitely not. Or are "Boo Hoo SJW boogeyman" threads your idea of "quality?"

>Because I'm sure an experienced 4chan user would make that mistake right?
I was more arguing that there is no proof that A. There was any decrease in moronic internet tribalism B. That it negatively impacted the quality of the board and C. That the person in question was even one of your terrifying boogeymen. Furthermore, I don't think it's indefensible to make a new thread to avoid the Chinaman shitposting that was already starting to brew but has since died down.

>> No.55424121

>Tfw Valakut will never get banned

>> No.55424135

Yeah pretty much

>> No.55424238

If only it was fucking legendary.

>> No.55424270

Why did Wizards have to lose their fucking minds for exactly that one set?

>> No.55424350

why don't they just errata valakut to be legendary?

>> No.55424389

Because that would be unnecessarily admitting they made a mistake. It would also piss off the people who somehow enjoy valakut being a deck.

>> No.55424397

Because you should git gud and stop complaining about shit that's easily stopped by a lot of decks.

>> No.55424410

>t. valakut player

>> No.55424413

>Yes, the reason that board quality has "declined" is because of redditors and not /pol/ crossposters leaking out of their containment board. Definitely not. Or are "Boo Hoo SJW boogeyman" threads your idea of "quality?"
Did I say those threads were good? They are a problem just like the faggots who don't take the time to learn the website.

>B. That it negatively impacted the quality of the board
There are a limited amount of threads so having an unnecessary thread up does in fact negatively affect the board.

>C. That the person in question was even one of your terrifying boogeymen.
Like I said before someone who has taken the time to learn the site wouldn't make that mistake.

>Furthermore, I don't think it's indefensible to make a new thread to avoid the Chinaman shitposting that was already starting to brew but has since died down.
Like you said it's died down and one person shitposting a little doesn't justify making another thread early. If the thread was a raging dumpster fire of chinamen shitposts you'd have a stronger point.

>> No.55424435

you realize that a majority of /pol/ users came from reddit, right?

>> No.55424447

I play D&T though

>> No.55424461

Oh yeah of course the fucking land destruction deck isn't going to have a problem with the land deck

>> No.55424478

I wasn't complaining about the deck though

I just wanted to know why they didn't errata something that seems like an obvious fix when they're willing to errata other things whenever it makes sense

why not reprint Valakut, and slap legendary on there?

>> No.55424502

Changing a few older cards to be dinosaurs isn't exactly "whenever" though.

>> No.55424556

They also errata'ed Planeswalkers to be Legendary in general

>> No.55424667

Triggers would go on the stack all the same except for Omen versions. Saying this to justify your losing really shows your lack of skill.

>> No.55424682

>whenever it makes sense

>> No.55425099

What's a good store to buy online from if I live in Australia?

>> No.55425270

new thread


>> No.55425293

>now three modern threads on the board

>> No.55425839

some people are fucking stupid

>> No.55426301


>> No.55426791

Anyone else a huge slut for lantern decks?

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