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>Could you autists just fuck off for a moment?
Yeah. Could you?
Seriously, man. Leave drama in the last thread.

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Don't argue with autists

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well this thread is off to a good start....

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Oh hey guys what's-

Okay bruh.

Bruh, leave the old drama in the old thread. Else you're just proving you're the bigger autist.

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>Could you autists just fuck off for a moment?
Way to bring down the thread and confirm everything bad ever said about us, you idiot self-hating autist.

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Could someone make a new thread. Please?

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I mean it disproves it's base premise. It's evidence that in fact no, autists cannot in fact fuck off. Like a tautology, but more meta.

Actually, is metatautology a word?

Give me a second, I'm just downloading the PDF. Apologies in advance if someone had the same idea while I'm posting

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We have a thread. Who cares about the OP?

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The ability to create a thread is insignificant next to the power of the Autism.

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Right, forgot about the duplicate files thing.

Anyway, it's here. Use it, or don't, whatever floats your boat. Just giving the option.


Apologies in advance to other /tg/ denizens that might be reading this thread.

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So, does anyone else have suggestions as to how the Quirk Marriage of Hardening + Black Hole would turn out? I think the one in the last thread about being able to turn parts of yourself into a self-contained black hole was pretty good.

>> No.55386169

I had said Gaara shield out of dust made of the things you destroyed.

>> No.55386176

That does seem like a valid interpretation but if that is what you are going for, Fiber Body seems better than Hardening. Each fiber is a super thin black hole that would cut almost anything, anything that cuts you gets pulled in, and you can unweave more of your body to go full rift.

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>tfw you slice people in half with black holes
That sounds metal as fuck.

>> No.55386248

I call it 「Hawking's Knot」! Speaking of names, does anyone else name their Quirks?

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Mines just "Drones". I married Scouts and Tool Arms and worked as a rescue hero. I also helped Urahara's family's construction crew out when they got into a tight spots and needed to get back on track.

That was a fun jump.

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I am confuse, isn't the strongest guy in the setting basically one of the higher end comic book Captain Americas? The one who can beat up the guy who can copy all other powers?

How would he beat SCP 076-I mean, black hole slicer guy?

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So what did you do about the elves situation in Harry Potter?

>> No.55386349

What Hermione should have done.


I mean I've got nothing against Dobby working for a better life for himself but seriously, guy's a weirdo by his species' standard. And being Harry Potter's friend means he's set for life anyway.

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Speaking of Black Hole, what would be some other quirks that would combine well with it?

>sentient black holes that search & destroy, and give you information about the target's composition after you dismiss them

>a fucking black hole orbitting you, can't get better than that

>basically black hole bombs you can throw at people

>Zero Gravity
>a safety mode for your black holes that disables their suctioning power, but still lets them remain

>If you touch anything, it gets ripped apart by the gravity of a black hole

>for when you wanna say "fuck you" to that skyscraper over there

>Warp Gate
>actually approved by NuBee, would get you pinpoint black hole strikes

>a fucking black hole homing in on you

Man I love this damn Quirk.

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Seriously guys hold the phone here is All Might just way, way less big a deal in the setting than I was given to believe from the scenario? Because any f these sound like they'd end him dead.

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> Queen Bee

>> No.55386389

There was a situation?

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The one example of Black Hole in the series is a guy who can create them at his fingertips. He works in disaster relief because otherwise his power would be way too lethal for a pro hero. I do think All Might could defeat him though, either by speedblitzing him or simply clapping a shockwave in his direction.

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A big theme in BNHA seems to be that how you use your quirk is as important as it's raw power. And All-Might can punch the air hard enough that a slime monster 20 feet away was blasted to pieces.

So, probably via distraction and throwing more than black hole guy could handle at him.

Started an organization where an elf could arrange for a transfer to more pleasant locales if their master was abusive. It was one guy in a shack that spent the whole jump reading a newspaper and occasionally showing up for tea at wealthier wizards houses. A muggleborn with ministry connections that just "had a curiosity about magical creatures" and would speak to the elves when the master wasn't looking.

There was maybe one "transfer" the whole time. Most house elves are happy.

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All might at his peak could easily beat anyone not punch proof. Deku punched out a 40 story tall robot and he can barely use allmights power. Its just that at the end of the day he is only made of meat. Any of a dozen quirks would be good counters for him because of that.

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Not even close. All Might could probably contend with some of the weaker versions of Superman.

>> No.55386454

If I remember correctly, all elves are basically slaves in the Harry Potter universe.
Problem is, if I recall correctly, a spell or just something built into the species themselves makes them LIKE being servants for others.

>> No.55386462

I'd pay good money to see a charity boxing match between TAS superman and All-Might.

>> No.55386480

Basically, House Elves are slaves. Just straight up slaves. There's a subplot where Hermoine tries to advocate for their freedom and gets really combative about it.

Except the House Elves are actually totally okay with being slaves and being treated as lesser beings, even though they could probably kill a bunch of wizards very easily, since they show the ability to perform magic and even teleport around just by waving their finger. They don't even care (well, they CARE, but they won't do anything about it) if you beat on them.
They're just totally fine with all of it.

So Hermoine tries to rail against the system, but everyone else thinks she's a fucking nutter, including the House Elves she's trying to free, since they don't actually want to be free.
The wizards, of course being wizards, and wizards being fucking dumbasses, don't see anything wrong with treating House Elves like shit in general and basically treating them even worse than they do muggles, but the House Elves are fine with it, so.
It's kind of super fucked up and there isn't a clear cut solution for it.

Unless you start purging shit, of course.

>> No.55386530

...umm, I was joking.

Look, the House Elves can be considered fae, considering they have "elf" in their name. As Fae, they work off of different rules.

Ergo, there is no situation to solve because that's literally the existence of House Elves.

The problem comes in when Wizards and Witches mistreat them and they at some point are accidentally freed and go on a rampage. Just like in every single fairy-tale ever written.

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Well technically there was, but that was only because Hermione was starting one by trying to liberate a servant race that didn't want to be liberated. Again, except for that weirdo Dobby.

>range advantage
>too lethal for a pro hero

That makes sense.

It's just that the perks in >>55386355 sound like they largely nullify the main weakness of having to be really close to use it, so my first thought was any of them would end All Might in seconds.

Ehhhhh, okay Cap was a bit too low but I'm positive even TAS Superman is above his weight division.

40 foot robot's impressive, but can All Might carry a building around or toss someone into the stratosphere?

IIRC it's not even a spell in the sense of being something wizards came up with, it's an innate part of how house elf magic works. Which is also why even inadvertantly giving them something you own frees them from the contract of serving you, whether they like it or not.

House elf magic seems a lot quicker than wizard magic. Dobby kicked Lucius' ass in seconds.

>purging shit

Also I'm pretty sure this is why Voldemort's so popular among the nonhuman supernatural. The goblins are salty as fuck that wizards have far, far less sophisticated ownership and contract laws than they do.

>> No.55386540

I replaced them with constructs and golems. Because for fucks sake why would you want a living, sniveling, ugly little shit for a servant when you could just magic together some awesome looking clockwork golems to do all the chores instead?

It wasn't even all that hard. I just created a few, gave them to Hogwarts as a "gift of innovation to inspire the next generation", then tossed around the instructions for the magic to make them to anyone who asked. You wouldn't believe how fast those dumb wizards jumped on the latest bandwagon as soon as they realized you didn't have to feed the constructs and could beat them to your heart's content.

>> No.55386551

Well, shoot. The post timer strikes again >>55386533

But yeah, the problem is more the blue bloods of wizarding society are a bunch of inbred idiots who also fanboy for Wizard Hitler.

>> No.55386568

All Might is closer to the Hulk in terms of strength than he is Captain America. He's capable of punching so hard that the air pressure changes the weather, while exerting so much control it doesn't harm anyone around him, and all this without even straining himself. The dude is very powerful and very in control of his power, there's a reason that he's considered the top hero.

You're thinking about this the wrong way around: Despite there being plenty of other people with Quirks that could defeat One For All's raw power, All Might has still been the number one hero in Japan for decades, defeating all comers. The man is a very good fighter. All For One, who has every power he might want, couldn't manage to kill All Might no matter how much he tried. He still has nightmares about their fight, this utterly implacable guy coming after him no matter what crazy shit he threw out, even fighting on after his torso got torn open and all his guts were hanging out. The most powerful villain in the setting has nightmares of All Might, that's how badass the guy is.

>> No.55386570

I formed a scumbag union and killed all the House Elves. The people of Knockturn Alley needed employment, so I opened up the domestic market.

>> No.55386638


To be fair, House Elves can teleport while taking people with them, prepare meals and clean with a snap of their fingers. And most golems I know are too big to sort your clothes or do the dishes without breaking anything.

I'm not saying yours can't, but I am genuinely curious how because when I think "golem" I think big dumb huge thing whether clockwork or clay.

Wow. Okay, I dunno if it's the scenario downplaying him or my own failure at reading comprehension but in that case yeah. I haven't underestimated a power this badly ever since I found out the particles in Build Fighters are basically magic.

Um I'm pretty sure like 50% of Knockturn Alley is criminals and 80% are at least on the shady side of the law as a whole. Just saying, it's not a very good labour pool when Fenrir Greyback (and Dung) count among it.

>> No.55386666

How dangerous is Alterworld D. Rus?

>> No.55386692

At the start it is just as dangerous as any MMO but later on you have to worry about gods one of which can mess with your soul and make you experience eternal torment or something.

>> No.55386693

>would end All Might in seconds
All Might was force to retire because a dude called Toxic Chainsaw got one good hit in. He's not as durable as his ludicrous strength might lead you to believe.

>> No.55386698

>Except the House Elves are actually totally okay with being slaves and being treated as lesser beings, even though they could probably kill a bunch of wizards very easily, since they show the ability to perform magic and even teleport around just by waving their finger.
Yeah, that's something that's always bothered me about people arguing that "they're fine with it, it's their natural place to be subservient" is exactly the sort of rhetoric people have used in the past about human slaves. That the elves are clearly just grinning and bearing it because they don't have any choice, and the wizards/the audience are misinterpreting their behavior. Except...in the real world slaves had to just grin and bear it because they didn't have the ability to fight back. House elves are demonstrably more powerful than wizards, and exist in large numbers. If they wanted to rebel, they easily could. And despite what some fanfictions assert, there's no evidence there's actually any sort of magical control inherent to a house elf's contract to a family. So I don't think there's anything actually holding them back from rebellion except that they don't want to rebel.

>> No.55386700

Ehh, not sure about the nightmares stuff. I think you read a very different manga than me. He looked pretty confident in the fight and even in his cell. Hell, even when he defeated he just calmly stated that he miscalculated. He also certainly didn't have every power he might want, considering he needs to rely on a shitty infrared Quirk to see, and is still looking for new Quirks. Besides, he's obvously no chump, considering he killed all of All Might's predecessors.

>> No.55386717

>Golems are innately big, dumb, and huge.
Here, I got a picture of one of them for reference. As for the extra magical abilities sure that's a bit of a downside, but the wizards really liked the lack of whining and backtalk that comes with owning a House Elf.

>> No.55386769

>Um I'm pretty sure like 50% of Knockturn Alley is criminals and 80% are at least on the shady side of the law as a whole. Just saying, it's not a very good labour pool when Fenrir Greyback (and Dung) count among it.
You're just buying into classist propaganda there

>> No.55386815

Noone wants to hire Dung(other than Fumblemore)

>> No.55386891

>Ehh, not sure about the nightmares stuff. I think you read a very different manga than me. He looked pretty confident in the fight and even in his cell. Hell, even when he defeated he just calmly stated that he miscalculated.
How did you interpret it when All For One explicitly stated that he has recurring dreams of All Might coming after him, undeterred by his injuries? All For One might have the composure to not let his nightmares affect him, but there's no doubt that on some level All Might made a very deep impression on his psyche.

>He also certainly didn't have every power he might want, considering he needs to rely on a shitty infrared Quirk to see, and is still looking for new Quirks.
Okay, fine, I was using some hyperbole there. He doesn't have every power he wants, he's limited by the very large pool of powers that he's stolen. But that pool is large enough that it's easier to define it by the things it can't do than the things it can. Point is, All For One is an incredibly dangerous person, with lots of ways to hurt an enemy real bad, and in those fights in which All Might traumatized him so much he was even more dangerous because he hadn't yet been injured by All Might.

>Besides, he's obvously no chump, considering he killed all of All Might's predecessors.
I'm not saying he was. I fully acknowledge that All For One is very dangerous. Which makes it all the more impressive that All Might took him down, especially considering that All Might was tired, injured, and possessing only a fraction of One For All's full power by that point.

>> No.55386899

>Noone wants to hire Dung(other than Fumblemore)
So you have a anecdotal criminal? That justifies your prejudice against the disadvantaged and marginalised?

>> No.55386924

I'm pretty sure the near-instaneous housekeeping is the main draw actually. And apart from that looking more like a very well diguised inferius than anything to them, I can't help but think Arthur Weasley is mystified by the metro and Arthur Weasley is also one of the more technologically well informed wizards.

Again not saying it's impossible, just a massive paradigm change and technological leap for a society that never had to invent anything more complicated than a wristwatch

Hey, I'm just saying-they LITERALLY sold a thing that ended up being instrumental to Dumbledore's assassination suicide.

Maybe the classist propaganda has a point when Voldy's actively recruiting from angrier werewolves and career criminals.

Like, the most evidence is the sock thing and the fact that Dobby had to help Harry in secret before it.

But. If anything fact that he COULD (try to) help Harry at all makes it seem like the song thing only mattered because he thought it did.

I haven't read as many bad harry potter fanfics that aren't lewd as what seems like most people here, but I remember one that was badly written partly because it devolved into the author ragging about how irreponsible Dumbledore's keikaku was when it comes to actually running a school.

It took multiple child deaths by basilisk for him to shut down the school and in the very first book he decided hiding one of the most valuable items in Britain in his own school was a GREAT IDEA when Voldemort was LOOKING FOR IT SPECIFICALLY. You know, just gambling on the power of love being able to ward off any possible civilian casualties.

Oh, let's also not forget that the Defence Against the Dark Arts position is cursed, he knows this, and he hasn't done anything about it. If it's because it's the one piece of magic he, the most powerful wizard in the books, can't undo, he STILL hires new Defence teachers!

>> No.55386940

I guess I just don't like it when people belittle villains who aren't written like trash. Really, people can have dreams about past events without being scared or traumatized by them.

>> No.55386971

Hey, I'm not belittling All For One. I think he's a really cool villain. I'm just saying that the fact that Toshinori made such an impression on him, when all other wielders of One For All have been people he's casually killed, is evidence that Toshinori is a really damn good fighter. All For One isn't dreaming about Unnamed One For All Wielder #4, that's for certain.

>> No.55386977

Starts out as mmo, turns into a multiple world destroying demon army drawn from multiple mmo games led by sammael taking iver the earth and turning souls into his toys. Lets just say at any point near the end of the second year you had better either help the russian dark lord or expect to hide deep underground where even dwarves cannot find you.

>> No.55387009

> Drawbacks(No cap)
... heh.

Sonic Universe
> Choice: Original The Character (Do Not Steal!)
> Allegiance: Egg Boss
> Origin(s): Comrade, Engineer
> Modifier(s): Engineer - With Magic! [-300CP]
> Lazy Days [Get a Freebie!]
> Follow Me [-100CP]
> Work It Out [-200CP]
> Fire All Weapons! [Get a Freebie!]
> Hi Spec Robo Go! [-100CP]
> Under Construction! [-200CP]
> Built To Rule! [-300CP]
> Sweet As Honey [-100CP]
> Infinite Chili Dogs [-100CP]
> Sweets & Tea [Get a Freebie!]
> Miracle Planet Flowers [-100CP]
> Material [Get a Freebie!]
> The Files [-300CP]
> Cybernetics -
> + The Switch [Get a Freebie!]
> + Enhanced Insides [-200CP]
> + Chassis Sculpt [-100MO]
> + Thinker Tinker [-300MO]
> + Skeletal Girding [-200MO]
> + Maximum Overdrive: Searcher - With a Special Power! [-400CP]
> Rival Battle!: "Coldsteel" The Hedgehog [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!: Dinya [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!: Jump The Shark [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!!: Madonna Garnet [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!!!: Aleph [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!!!!: Flip The Bird & Mine The Canary [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!!!!!: Zone Runners [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!!!!!!: Artema The Unmatched [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!!!!!!!: Platinum The Rabbit [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!!!!!!!!: Bump The Deer [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!!!!!!!!!: Lefty & Marlowe [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!!!!!!!!!!: “Mach Speed” Sam Bernstein [+100CP]
> Rival Battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Travis Warhol (Tee Dub) Bernstein [+100CP]
> RIVAL BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Omelette [+100CP]

̶A̶c̶t̶u̶a̶l̶l̶y̶,̶ ̶I̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶ ̶m̶u̶c̶h̶ ̶a̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶s̶e̶t̶t̶i̶n̶g̶,̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶I̶
Who needs to know?! WHO NEEDS IT?

I'll tell you what you need to know:
Eggman is the evil overlord who commands a team of fourteen Egg Bosses, of which I am one, because it amuses him.
I am also in an endless squabble with EIGHTEEN Rivals because it amuses me.


>> No.55387029

>Technological leap
Why do you keep insisting on my golems as being technological in nature? I said they're magical. The gears and bits are just aesthetics because I like the look. If you're just going to continue to shit all over /every/ answer you get to your question, you can just fuck off.

>> No.55387044

I'll cozy up to the Egg Bosses. What a disparate group of rejects they are. But Clove and Cassia are pretty okay.
I mean, I was interested in actually helping Cassia with her plot disorder (both to actually help, and to study the disorder), and I'm pretty good at medicine and stuff, so...
"... so all you have to do is take this little pill once a day! Of course, I'm the only person who knows how to make these, so, if I ever need anything... ..."
The other Egg Bosses were easy enough to befriend, by feigning interest in their interests. They're so varied, for that matter, that I was almost never bored!
Although, Thunderbolt is actually a little too, uh, intense for my tastes.

As an Egg Boss, I don't really mean to go looking for trouble. But, I mean, I am ostensibly on Eggman's side. Ostensibly, of course, because I don't want Eggman to actually WIN. But he's also kindof frightening enough that I'd really have to bring my A-Game to beat him myself. And that's just too much work, y'know?
Especially when I get more swag out of just following.

So, individually these rivals aren't much to look at. The problem is, there's EIGHTEEN of them, and they're working together. And, for that matter, Omelette is like a mini-Eggman all in herself.
I'll ask some companions to look after Coldsteel. He doesn't look like he'll make it otherwise.
I captured Bump to hold as a hostage, Sonic CD style. She doesn't... really seem to mind?

But, really, Omelette is a constant unrequited arms race of oneupsmanship. Tone it down, girl.
So I get THIS to look forward to. A new saboteur EVERY. OTHER. DAY.



>> No.55387066

Oh god. Konata, put down the interdimensional bombs and ease up on the coffee. It's not worth it!

>> No.55387129

Jeez, calm down. Also because the pic you gave looks very fiddly, whereas the most sophisticated automaton I remember wizards fielding are suits of armor.

But hey you're right, I don't know how magical they actually are, your pic just led to believe they had a bunch of fiddly kibble and I have a low opinion of wizardly mechanical prowess.

>doesn't seem to be listed on the rrrrrrival battle list

Is that an OC companion? Or is Coldsteel actually a thing as well as a meme?

I'm not sure which I find more disturbing

>> No.55387170

Coldsteel's the very first OC Companion on the list. His name is in quotes in the jumpdoc, because it's not actually his real name.

>> No.55387230

Think about who would be doing the hiring, Most of the inbred elite would turn there noses up.

>> No.55387234

Right, got confused because he was listed among the riiiiival battle drawbacks.

You know not blaming anyone here, but so far I feel like all the builds for this jump are less Archie & Sonic, and more Sonic and Sonic.

This poor dweeb's just looking at all this chaos when the biggest problem in his life used to be which girl he should pick.

>> No.55387265

>the biggest problem in his life

Actually, you know what. I take that back.


>> No.55387312

>He actually things Archie Sonic refers to literally Archie and Sonic
Can you just stop talking? I mean, for fucks sake, you have no idea what you're on about.

>> No.55387357

>I know next to nothing about sonic

Oh wow, I'm so terribly embarrassed. Why don't you use your nerd rage powers to explain instead of throwing a tantrum like a toddler?

>> No.55387371

That was a translation error actually. Deku guessed that it was his fight with Toxic Chainsaw but for some reason instead of denying it (because it was his last fight with All For One that did it), in the translation he confirms it. In the other common translation they get it right.

>> No.55387374

Archie Comics is the company that makes the Sonic comics, and also some Megaman comics. Calling it Archie Sonic is to differentiate it from Sega Sonic.

>> No.55387387

There we go, thanks for the info.

>> No.55387401

How about you read the jump instead of just blindly commenting? Digger did a great job with it and yes, seeing dips like you making dumb assessments of builds without even reading the jump is just idiotic.

>> No.55387432

Any imports that let us import two weapons into one, besides Bleach? I know we have actual items that do that but it just doesn't feel like a perfect merge to me.

>> No.55387452

>can you just stop talking

Has this ever, EVER stopped someone talking?

Because anyone with the pattern recognition of a chimp could tell it never does.

People make idiotic assessments of builds from many kinds of jumps. If you're going to get angry at them too, the logical conclusion is to get angry at everyone for not being aware of literally every single piece of media that has ever been produced by all of humanity.

You throwing a tantrum over someone else's misunderstanding is more idiotic by far.

>> No.55387454

seven Deadly sins has that

>> No.55387456


>> No.55387467


>> No.55387479

House Elves are magically bound to their house and family. You can't just transfer them.

>> No.55387488

Frostflame (Hero Union BBS)

>> No.55387491

It's not hard to pick up a Jump and read through the opening description of the world if you don't know about a piece of media.

>> No.55387506

You can trick people into breaking their contracts pretty easily. Wizards aren't known for their wisdom, after all.

>> No.55387522

>seeing dips like you

Nardo is a genius tactician and the stealthiest man on earth

Scion's weakness is kryptonite and worm pesticide

The real type moon was the friends you made along the way

>It's not hard to know the exact information behind a specific jump for a specific build being talked about out of the blue

Fuck off, some of us actually have lives nerd.

>> No.55387544

>Having a life.
>Being on /jc/
Pick one and only one.

>> No.55387548

have a (you), I aspire to be a master baiter like you are senpai

>> No.55387550

Good job, you started an argument over less than nothing. Right after one so meaningless this thread got named after it even though that shouldn't have been a thing.

>> No.55387595

All Might literally destroyed half of his head to the point that he was crawling to life for years (probably thanks just to all the quirks that he got his hands on) until he got a regeneration quirk. All of this while having his guts being spilled out.
>Ostensibly, of course, because I don't want Eggman to actually WIN

I haven't read all the comics, but I remember him actually having already won in most timelines.

>> No.55387600

The road is long and hard, and thankless. You'll never get there intentionally, the best bait is the one you sincerely believe in.


Who is the wisest wizard? I don't want it to be Dumbledore even by process of elimination, because he either didn't think of just hunting down all the Horcruxes and dumping them into Fiendfyre somewhere or was oblivious enough to match a bunch of House-themed clues Harry figured out in a few days.

>> No.55387612

Bought a SPEW badge as it made a funny souvenir and tried to talk Hermione into putting more emphasis on stopping real mistreatment rather than getting them paid.

Knockturn Alley is more likely to be full of wizard aristocrats than anything else. Like some real land owners in Britain some of them are going to live in squalor (see the Gaunts who were poor but from an old family). Most of the legitimately poor aren't going to live anywhere near the biggest wizarding shopping street in the country. Ron mentions that renting in Diagon Alley costs a bunch when Fred and George get premises there.

>> No.55387627

Would anyone happen to have that jumpable Brother's Price WIP?

>> No.55387629

*to not match

I mean in Harry's time at least the overlap between aristocrat and terrorist is surprising thin in wizarding Britain.

>> No.55387670

Hey since you clearly know everything about everything why don't you summarise every Discworld book or the Wheel of Time or explain Mega Man X's premise in perfect detail?


I got you

Didn't know it was jumpable tho

>> No.55387707

You might as well continue to samefag. This thread was doomed to a trash fire from the very beginning.

>> No.55387731

K thx. Yeah, Brother_Anon said it was jumpable, though he's planning to fluff it up further.

>> No.55387741


There was a perfectly good conversation about Boku no Potter until you butted in and started crying little baby tears about your fancy-schmancy reading comprehension being a forgotten art

>> No.55387765

Momodora is in the WIP folder, Witchblade is in Joke Jumps, and Peter Pan is still in Lists.

>> No.55387774

Jumpers, tell me of your favorite types of perks or items, the kind of stuff that you would take without hesitation should it be offered in a jump, even to the detriment of other things.

>> No.55387862

I mean, he kindof has. He's in charge of a huge massive empire and he's very secure in his power.
But there's still ongoing resistance that prevents him from ever totally crushing the resistance, and he doesn't make a lot of headway as far as pushing out of his own status quo is concerned.

And I'd like that to continue to be the case.
Actually, I'd like Eggman to lose entirely. ... but it'd be too much effort to do so myself. Like, I think Eggman's entrenched and adaptable enough that I'd actually have to put real effort into stopping him, and god damn, I just don't want to go through that.

Besides, it makes a better story if Sonic is the one to beat him.

So instead I'll spend my jump building Hard Boiled Heavies and trying to build a functioning Chaos Emerald knockoff and fighting off EIGHTEEN RIVALS AT ONCE.
In some kind of huge techno Eggman base that I built with lots of rivers and waterwheels and stuff.
And then watch it all get blown up by Omelette.
That sounds more my speed!

I didn't mention it in my build, but yesterday I came to a sudden realization as I was building it.
Sonic doesn't have a magic system.
I mean, they have MAGIC, but there's no SYSTEM to it. It's mostly all emotional empowerment manifest stuff. Power enriched by the heart.
But then I remembered that there's a perk in Val's Boo Boo jump that lets you superimpose a magical system overtop worlds, forcing people to use it in place of the old.
And now I'm reeeeally trying to think of some ideas to use that with. Preferably that would heavily slant against Eggman, but would still be at least mildly annoying for... absolutely everyone.

> "Time to fuck up EVERYONE'S day!"

Cuteness perks.

That's really the only thing I'll ALWAYS buy, though I am also partial to androgyny perks, or any perk that gives me <insert infinite food item here>.

>> No.55387871

Luck perks. I'm a brainlet irl, and the only reason I passed many of my exams was pure luck. So it's my opinion that you can never have enough of it.

>> No.55387878

Harry didn't so much figure it out as he did blunder into the horcruxes by dumb luck.

He happened to have ran into the diadem before while trying to hide a book so knew exactly where it was, Bellatrix as good as told him where the cup was by freaking out about the sword, he happened to be staying in the house of the person who had already taken the locket (and he'd even seen that one before as well while cleaning).

Dumbledore just had way less information to go on and then he was dead.

His plan was totally fucking mental but he does sort of act exactly as though he knows he's in a novel - he realizes Harry is the protagonist straight away and even when he's dying he pretty much shrugs and says it makes things simpler as if he expected it to happen all along as he's the old mentor character so of course he's going to die. There's even that line:

"Dumbledore had at least taught Harry something about certain kinds of magic, of the incalculable power of certain acts."

And it does seem as though the battle he's fighting is less pragmatic and more one concerned with symbolism and narrative. Wacky solutions to problems are pretty much ingrained in the setting as well.

>> No.55387880

Oh yeah, and there are two sonic folders, with one containing the comic and the other containing the games. Not sure if that's a problem.

>Adventure perks that cause me to randomly stumble across ancient ruins or be abducted by eagles to fight in an underground war or something on my way to class
Good for those slow jumps.

>Potionmaking perks
I like selling potions, but these are a bit less common than you'd expect. Not rare by any means, but it seems like works need an especially heavy emphasis to get them into the jumps.

>Cuteness perks
We need more of these. I can't be beautiful, but cute is certainly on the table.

>> No.55387904

Who, or what, are your weirdest Waifus and/or Husbandos?

Yes, this is just an excuse for me to post this pic. It's merely suggestive and SFW on a blue board. He's just cleaning up an oil leak

>> No.55387909


If anyone needs me I'll be making popcorn.

>> No.55387947 [DELETED] 

Enjoy your ban.

>> No.55387967

That's one dedicated mechanic.

>> No.55387976

Mainly stuff like anti-fate/destiny perks and ALL THE PLOT ARMOR.

>> No.55387981

>Could you autists just fuck off for a moment?
You had one job OP. One job!

>> No.55387991

That doesn't necessarily mean it's a nightmare. Dude's a hundred year old psychpath, maybe he was just reminiscing.

>> No.55388032

Can I still post? Yes? Good.

I bet you're a cunt. Something that helicopter didn't have

>> No.55388044

OP's aren't saints. Sometimes they're salty juvenile assholes who dislike being called out for their hypocrisy and decide to spread the /drama/ into the subsequent thread despite everyone and their mothers knowing that you aren't supposed to and no, putting it in the title doesn't somehow get around that.
In any case it's done and dusted and best just ignored now. Although, rather than get annoyed, I see the humour in it, as well as the unintentional irony. It's like he doesn't realise he's telling himself to fuck off! Hilarious.

You do God's work, anon.

>> No.55388064

You acted like an idiot, and someone commented on it. If you didn't want to open yourself up to the autism of this thread, you should have deleted your own dumbass post.

>> No.55388077


>> No.55388107

Okay, maybe not /God's/ work. But Satan is kinda like God, right? If you tilt your head, just so.

>> No.55388121

It's really pathetic how you think that OP /must/ have been the person you were debating last thread instead of the more likely scenario that it's someone completely unrelated telling the both of you to fuck off.

>> No.55388123

>implying implications impishly, irreverantly and impudently

>> No.55388142

I wasn't involved in that. It's really pathetic that you assume I have to be, otherwise I'd never criticise some asshat for dragging past thread drama into this threads very title.
How about you fuck off, 'kay.

>> No.55388160


>> No.55388174

>I wasn't involved in that.

Whatever you say, senpai.

>> No.55388176


>> No.55388195

So how powerful is the Asgerd class Planetoid from the Dahak scenario? I couldn't find out much about it short of reading the book and the info in http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/ImperialNavyYard/fanfic/stgod/Asgerd.htm doesn't seem right.

>> No.55388197

Re...really? O-kay, you do you anon.

Now you, I can believe would like that sort of thing.

>Whatever you say, senpai.
Oh, I'm so glad you believe me. Your opinion means the world to me. /s

>> No.55388232

>I wasn't involved in that.
Why do you even bother trying to lie like this? Your specific brand of faggotry is really distinct, you know.

>> No.55388247

Extra Lifes. I already have like 20 of them but if a jump offers a 1-up perk or item i'll take it anyway, no matter what.
You can never be /too/ immortal after all.

>> No.55388278

Perks which alter your survival conditions (allow you to live with just a soul, regenerate from a single cell, keep you alive so long as a portion of your soul keeps existing, etc.).

>> No.55388291

Post builds for the Archie Sonic "jump".

>> No.55388293

>Your specific brand of faggotry is really distinct,
O-kay. So I'm easily confused for another anon, that's interesting. Was this the anon you argued with last thread? The same argument that resulted in this thread getting that title, either by you or someone reacting to your argument?

>> No.55388309

Last thread died before I could even start arguing, so no.

>> No.55388312

>I could even start arguing
What was it even about anyway?

>> No.55388314

I like my fair share of weird shit, but I've never jerked it to any of the characters from Cars. I have my limits.

That picture also contains a fully visible erection and set of balls, but no one has noticed it because of the smoke-screen cast by the eating out of machine not-vagina.

>> No.55388326

Why the quotation marks, anon? Tryin' ta

>> No.55388332

Arbitrary and meaningless thread politics, as usual.

>> No.55388351


My Own Adventure Begins!
From Another Dimension! (Engineer) - 300
I Wanna Breathe! - Free
Raisin' Me Up (Discount Leader) - 300
Fire All Weapons! - Free
Hi Spec Robo Go! (Discounted Engineer) - 100
Under Construction! (Discounted Engineer) - 200
Built to Rule! (Discounted Engineer) - 300
Infinite Chili Dogs - Free
Crystal Rings - Free
The Flying Fortress (Discounted Leader) - 100
Material - Free
The Files (Discounted Engineer) - 300
Dinya - Free
Madonna Garnet - Free
Aleph - Free
Artema the Unmatched - Free
Platinum the Rabbit - Free
Bump the Deer - Free
“Mach Speed” Sam Bernstein - Free
Travis Warhol (Tee Dub) Bernstein - Free
Omelette - Free
Rival Battle! ("Coldsteel" The Hedgehog) + 100
Rival Battle!! (Jump the Shark) + 100
Rival Battle!!! (Flip the Bird and Mine the Canary) + 100
Rival Battle!!!! (Zone Runners) + 100
Rival Battle!!!!! (Lefty and Marlowe) + 100
Triple Troublemakers + 100

>> No.55388353

Gotta agree with the other anon. You are pretty much the only one writing with such a ~quirky~ style.

>> No.55388377

>That picture also contains a fully visible erection and set of balls,
It's either one or the other, or he's the new world record holder.

>> No.55388409

~Really~ I've always wanted a twink. I'll have to keep an eye out for this mysterious doppleganger who posts so similarly to me that even such erudite and perceptive anons can get confused.

>> No.55388449

Nah, I didn't mean you, you are completely different kind of faggot. The ~s were meant to show how autistic he's being.

Honestly, it's pretty sad that there are so many different kinds of shitposters in this thread that they are getting mixed up.

>> No.55388451

Anon, a twink is something completely different than what you probably mean.

>> No.55388462

Oops. That could be taken the wrong way...

>> No.55388475

Do you have a ship jumper? What is your ship like?

>> No.55388488

My favorite ship is ValBee right now, mostly because I can actually watch it from the sidelines instead of lesser, fictional ships. I eat that stuff up.

>> No.55388490

>Nah, I didn't mean you, you are completely different kind of faggot
Thanks... I guess. You too?
>Honestly, it's pretty sad that there are so many different kinds of shitposters in this thread that they are getting mixed up.
Ah diversity. It gives us strength! And many flavours of shitposting.

~cough~ Yeah, a little spelling mistake. My bad.

>> No.55388499

>I can actually watch
But anon, you'd need x-ray vision to see into their basement. And past all the lycra.

Is this joke getting old and tired?

>> No.55388513


...Are there any jumps that allow you to import non-sapient vehicles as companions, and give them a human intellect?

>> No.55388521

I make a new one every jump. I have the perks to design one and my Quirk is perfect for building one. The last one was actually a hovership that looked like a flying saucer.


>> No.55388525


>> No.55388542

I have 8 frigates based on the designs of the uss constitution, I love that ship. Frigates are fast, really well armored and moderately gunned. I love them.

>> No.55388545

Are the "modifiers" in Archie Sonic perks or alt-forms? Or does it depend on the modifier?

>> No.55388549

Oh, good. Now I'll do more of it. Breathe some more life into it, you know. Really beat that dead horse until it's mince.

>> No.55388554

It's progressed to the phase where it might need a creative approach or the right setup to stay fresh.

>> No.55388574

Hmm, maybe... I've got nuthin'.

>> No.55388601

Is it just me or have a lot of folders in the drive gone walkies?

>> No.55388605

Got a sweet magitech omniship, created from the merging of Lost Odyssey's Not-a-lis and a Narnian Fine Ship among other things.

It can navigate all terrains and even sail between worlds. I like it a lot.

>> No.55388612

If you train your soul with the perk I Will Surpass God, does it just physical attributes in general or just strength?

>> No.55388621

Brutus is updating the drive a bit and moving some stuff around.

>> No.55388623

Eyes perks. Although I didn't have enough points to take the one in Bayonetta. Might have to redo my build...

>> No.55388634

Physical attributes in general, benefits for the whole body.

>> No.55388639

I want to say Transformers.

Technically, it doesn't actually do this directly, via Companion import. But if you take All Spark Chosen, you can take existing vehicles which are bound to follow you by Jump Power (ie: which you paid for with CP) and grant them the Spark of consciousness, which makes them sapient (although they'll be child-like at first) and incidentally turns them into transforming robots.

This doesn't technically make them Companions outright; they'll be more like equipment containing an advanced AI... but that's enough of a grey area already that you could either make them full Companions, or not, as per your own individual preferences.

>> No.55388668

what cartoons would make neat jumps?

>> No.55388724

Secret Saturdays

>> No.55388760

I wouldn't mind a Tiny Toons jump.
Or Animaniacs.

>> No.55388791

Yes, actually, it was never funny in the first place but you're beating a dead horse at this point.

>> No.55388822


>> No.55388865

As far as I know, that's actually correct?

Have a quote on the smaller and less advanced Utu-class' capabilities:
>"This is Dahak," the voice told him, "Hull Number One-Seven-Seven-Two-Nine-One, an Utu-class planetoid of Battle Fleet, built fifty-two thousand Terran years ago in the Anhur System by the Fourth Imperium."
>MacIntyre stared at the screen, too entranced to disbelieve. The image of the ship filled it entirely, seeming as if it must fall from the display and crush him, and then it dissolved into a computer-generated schematic of the monster vessel. It was too stupendous for him to register much, and the schematic changed even as he watched, rolling to present him with an exploded polar view of deck after inconceivable deck as the voice continued.
>"The Utu-class were designed both for the line of battle and for independent, long-term survey and picket deployment, with core crews of two hundred and fifty thousand. Intended optimum deployment time is twenty-five Terran years, with provision for a sixty percent increase in personnel during that period. Maximum deployment time is virtually unlimited, assuming crew expansion is contained.
>"In addition to small, two-seat fighters that may be employed in either attack or defense, Dahak deploys sublight parasite warships massing up to eighty thousand tons. Shipboard weaponry centers around hyper-capable missile batteries backed up by direct-fire energy weapons. Weapon payloads range from chemical warheads through fusion, anti-matter, and gravitonic warheads. Essentially, Commander, this ship could vaporize your planet."

>> No.55388897

Thanks, and does "Witch" count as a Race for the purposes of Hybrid?

>> No.55388910

Hey NuBee, what do you think about those black hole quirks posted this and last thread? Are they viable or not?

>> No.55388952

Yeah, nah, that is quite blatantly fanfiction. I mean, it's even stated in the URL.

>> No.55388963

Is the sword and shield the susanoo comes with like Itachis?

>> No.55388986

This seems familiar. I think from the first book, two or three chapters in.
The bit about being able to vaporise the planet sounds espcially familiar.

>> No.55389000

It does not.

I'd have to go check them out again, but I don't remember any of them raising flags for me.

>> No.55389033

Not explictly, but I guess you could fanwank that they are. Susanoo are quite varied in terms of their armraments after all.
I don't know if ninjanon is about to answer definitively.

>> No.55389037

Aight, thanks. If a Witch took Monster Cat and Icon for Hybrid, would both races be discounted?

>> No.55389078

Would time dilation speed up/slow down how quickly lost lives replenish for Nine Lives? Or at least lost souls?

>> No.55389218

They would both be discounted, yes.

Mmmm, time dilation as in how you perceive time moving around you? I don't think that would hasten soul recovery. I might be misremembering what time dilation refers too.

>> No.55389259

Actually manipulating the flow of time, like a pocket dimension in which it moves more quickly, for example.

>> No.55389281

How far could you go in DxD if your first jump was naruto and completed Sage of the Six Paths scenario?

>> No.55389303

Reposting, tell me about Fire Emblem Awakening waifus, all I know is this and Tiki.

>> No.55389310

Panne is a rabbit.

>> No.55389327

If you're experiencing the ten years as a normal ten years I don't see why not.

>> No.55389333

Nagi is a cute, Lucina is nice, Camilla is stacked and desperate by the time of FE Heroes, female Corrin is a cute as well.

>> No.55389385

>FE Heroes

>> No.55389409

But we do have a jump of it

>> No.55389412

And yet, we can go there in a jump.

>> No.55389416

Those were all Black Hole quirks I think. Do you think anyone of them wouldn't work?

>> No.55389446


Mating like Rabbits with Panne

>> No.55389549

I think Black Hole + Scouts rather than make tiny sapient blackholes would make tiny creatures that contain a blackhole, kinda like kirby. The breakdown of the composition of the things they suck up sounds accurate though.

Black Hole + Orbit looks fine, Black Hole + Compress looks fine, Black Hole + Zero Gravity looks fine, Black Hole + Disintegration looks fine, Black Hole + Gigantification looks fine, Black Hole + Warp Gate was the one I've talked about, Black Hole + Homing looks about right to me too.

So yeah, other than Scouts I think still being little creatures, I think the rest are perfectly reasonable.

>> No.55389575

Someone convince me not to go Monster Cat for the nine souls perk.

>> No.55389601

So >>55384787 is also alright? Then I'll take that I think. It was always my dream to become a sentient stellar object, and the ability to transform into a (relatively weak) black hole looks like a good start.

>> No.55389613

You do that and I'll do this to you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lV7YSPvKZA

>> No.55389629

You do you,

>> No.55389637

I think you linked the wrong post, but if you're talking about Hardening + Black Hole to coat yourself in Black Hole, yeah, I think that one would work too.

>> No.55389659

Went to the Hogwarts kitchen and dropped off a few of my personal recipes.
And started the trend of rewarding the house elves with headpats. In Britain, at least. They work 300% harder when you tell them they've done a good job.

>> No.55389662

Don't go Monster Cat for the Nine Souls perk, go Monster Cat for the Nice Pussy.

>> No.55389707

Yo! here is the first WIP version of Yamada and the Seven witches. Prices are not sorted and i could use some help with the capstones for the first two origins.
As always, suggestions for items are appreciated

>> No.55389712

Do you think black hole + overhaul would let me build things with a black hole?

Would black hole and compress allow me to make black hole marbles that I can toss and expand into black holes?

And my last 2 ideas

Graffiti+ warp portal= spray paint portals

Graffiti + black hole= spray paint black holes?

>> No.55389777

I think Black Hole + Overhaul would allow you to overhaul the things you sucked up and dissentigrated before spitting them back out (spitting them back out optional).

I already answered that one in the last post asking me about Black Holes.

Explain further

I don't understand.

>> No.55389820

>Explain further
>I don't understand

That over, I was thinking like the ability would let you use graffity quirk to mark out a black hole or portal (X), either the paint would be the thing X or a circle drawn with the power would make X form in it where if I make 2 circles then they are linked with portal.

>> No.55389822


Either way I still end up as Monster Cat...

>> No.55389852

Also sorry for asking things youve answered already.

>> No.55389859

Let's just say I'll be slaying that Nice Pussy of your Pussy's pussy for a good long while:

>> No.55389868

Oh shit I hit jackpot, that's awesome!

Ooooh. Yeah, that sounds real cool, though I imagine the integrity of the surface would need to be kept up in both cases, and Painted Black Holes would eventually collapse in on themselves. I like those ideas though.

>> No.55389882

Bah, don't worry.

>> No.55389890


How bizarre are your adventures?

>> No.55389922

So you wouldn't actually turn yourself into a black hole, but just coat yourself?

>> No.55389937

>Black Hole + Overhaul

If we didn't delay the reassembling too much, could people survive the process?

>> No.55389952

That... looks about right for how my Yu-Gi-Oh! Jump went

>> No.55389964

I don't think Hardening goes too deep beneath the surface, so I suppose it's more apt to say your surface is becoming a black hole, but your normal bits are probably still in there somewhere with this combo.

>> No.55389969

Fucking your cards is illegal, friendo but really hot

>> No.55390021

I imagine it would be like Overhaul, but instead of popping people like a balloon, you're dusting them. You can put them back together and spit them out if you do it in a timely fashion, but if you wait too long they're just gonna stay dissentigrated.

>> No.55390054


>> No.55390068

> Yugioh Jump
> Landed in Duel Academy
> Kaiba launches a satellite into space just so it can carry his Blue Eyes White Dragon
> Suddenly there's a meteor coming to destroy all life on earth...?
> And everyone... combines to turn into a dinosaur to stop it...?
> This was my third jump.

Hearing the plot synopsis for this show was the weirdest fucking thing I've ever seen, and I watched Inukami. That was my SECOND jump.

> Standing in the room while everyone is talking about this plan.
> Suddenly raise hands, declare, "Fuck it, I'm out."
> Walk out of the room.
> Do not get involved for the rest of the plot.

>> No.55390125

Hmm. Can you think of a Quirk combo to turn yourself fully into a black hole?

>> No.55390131

Well, my best friends are a flirty, pun making, all-loving goofball and a monstrous, crazy hermaphrodite, my 'sister' is a dream jester, my love interest is an undead princess, and my archnemesis is basically a giant evil light that hates everyone and has an ego matched only by SMT's YHVH.

>> No.55390170

Oh, and I'm currently fighting the Sith equivalent of the Ginyu Force. Turns out Heroes had a big effect on the Light of Destruction, and it's making its' minions reflect tropes from that world. The faces the other Sith and the Jedi are making would be hilarious if it wasn't for the Sithyu Force actually being competent and dangerous enemies.

>> No.55390172

Sludge form + black hole maybe?

>> No.55390185


>> No.55390200

I imagine anything that has full body changes, though a Quirk that can be shut on and off would be idea since Black Holes don't really differentiate. Permeation perhaps seems like a good call.

>> No.55390207

Dumbledore and Harry would fit right in the Practical Guide to Evil world as heroes. Hell, Dumbledore would probably end up the good-side's Amadeus - in that he'd grasp the narrative impact is of greater import to anything Named do than the practical effects.

>> No.55390208

So. There was this one time I found myself on the Schoolship Alhambra yeah? But I was a girl.

My companions were there too, and they couldn't stop laughing since that was the first time that they ever saw as a girl, let alone a 12 year-old girl. The next 3 years were full of late puberty jokes since I didn't develop (at all).

We still had our powers and everything, but when we filled out the paperwork to properly register the school into the Leagues and apply for financial aid, Rin noticed some fine print, we weren't allowed to use our powers to directly assist our Tankery Club, in competition and out. Okay, fine, no big.

A little training of the new tankery club and beginning repairs to the schoolship, Alhambra's team was off to their first match versus Maginot. It was there I did a double at who was the commander of their team.

Fucking. X.A.N.A. as a Robot Girl. An actual Robot Girl riding around in an other mundane tank. Eating food, drinking tea...a Robot Girl. X.A.N.A. remember and she told me that she was going to play me back for every humiliation I set on her.

And that was my time in that world, training my Tank Club, fixing up the school ship, and running into my old enemies when we face a team.

They had their powers, the full extent too, but it seemed that they were under the same contract I was. That, however, did not stop any of us from pranking each other through our powers.

>> No.55390212

Yugioh GX is fucking wild

reminder that 5Ds just straight up has a speed based Spiral Energy for summoning Synchro Monsters n shit

>> No.55390213

er what? i don't understand

>> No.55390218

That could work, actually, I think. You'd become a malleable black hole, though you'd likely lose the possession aspect. Not sure how you'd live your life though if you can't shut up the gravity/absorption aspect. Or rather, how the hell did you even get born without killing your mother?

Permeation + Black Hole does sound like a good idea. Though losing your senses would likely still be in effect, so it's not ideal. What do you think about Sludge form mentioned above?

>> No.55390230

That's a really cool power.

Now help me find my extra 400 CP.

>> No.55390277

Man Overhaul's powers are pretty beastly.

He can deconstructed, reconstruct and fuse two bodies together. Which he did to himself & Shin.

MHA sure has some crazy quirks.

>> No.55390293

Universal Drawback Supplement?
For all SJ-Chan's fault, the supplement is really good.

>> No.55390308

Bleed for your sick skills

>> No.55390309

Your taste is superb.

>> No.55390356

I don't really have a mental image for how Sludge Form and Black Hole would combine since Sludge Form can't really be turned off and permanently being a Black Hole just seems like more of a problem than anything.

Haha, I think the Drawback section has extra points somewhere, I'm sure they're safe to just pick up with no ominous fate awaiting you.

Many, the site I use to read it hasn't even got the new chapter yet. Do you mind waiting five seconds before dropping spoilers in the thread, or at least warning that you're gonna spoil something?

>> No.55390361

Thank you, the one I posted wasnt the cobstitution but all the frigate class are beautiful.

>> No.55390370

Gdi. Uss Constitution.

>> No.55390446

I know, I've been on the Connie. She's a sexy old girl.

>> No.55390461

>Many, the site I use to read it hasn't even got the new chapter yet. Do you mind waiting five seconds before dropping spoilers in the thread, or at least warning that you're gonna spoil something?

Fine I'll put spoiler next to spoilers in spoiler tags. BTW Kissmanga has it up for about a day now or so.


>> No.55390467

Offhand, do we have much in the way of Age of Sail/Golden Age of Piracy era jumps?

>> No.55390486

How long was it before you picked up your first Companion, /jc/?

>> No.55390487

Jumpers, how protective of your children/family/companions are you?

>> No.55390489

Amanda Show/Drake & Josh jump when

>> No.55390496

>Warning before you're gonna spoil
Literally what spoiler tags are for.

>> No.55390503

0 jumps

>> No.55390506

And most of the thread, most of the time, literally does not use them for that, building the reasonable expectation that literal spoilers aren't going to be randomly dropped with no warning.

>> No.55390514

Assassin's Creed, Europa Universalis, Uncharted Waters, Road to El Dorado... Probably a few I missed.

>> No.55390524

Rule 1, anon. Rule 1.

>> No.55390535

Uncharted waters, pirates of the carribean, one piece, sunless sea is sorta, muppet treasure island, and assassins creed.. I wish we had more honestly.

>> No.55390550

That's the thread's fault.

>> No.55390580

do ultimate beings have access to things like prehistoric and extinct species?

>> No.55390588

Not too protective. They're all pretty powerful at this point, I trust them to be able to handle threats on their own. Or at least to know when they're in over their head and need to call for backup.

>> No.55390596

For all of my beliefs against straight-up murdering motherfuckers, hurting them, even in the slightest, and especially if it's to get at me for something, is one of my few berserk buttons.
And it's been mashed a few times already.

>> No.55390607

Ultimate lifeform not being

>> No.55390608

By the way, didn't someone say they were working on a 5D's jump? Also Smile World when?

>> No.55390613

I picked Sain up at jump 4, but if you want to count Zappy (Who wasn't a companion until I decided to import him as one so I could do something with the 50 CP left over in What We Do In The Shadows because this was before the update), I picked him up in the SOMA Gauntlet as a cute lil robot.

>> No.55390625

Perks or items to find cool things like maps or compasses.
Perks that make wierd or supernatural things happen in even non-magical jumps.
Powered Armor.
New ways to upgrade my swordfu.


>> No.55390632

when I get better at writing fluff.

>> No.55390662

how strong are FE Earth Dragons?

>> No.55390680

You ever been in her? She's tighter down below than she looks. I had trouble fitting.

>> No.55390687

I haven't gotten up to TOO much in the way of blatantly wacky hijinx yet... but one thing I did do was bring Slimes, from Slime Rancher, into the Weird Wild West.

I played it completely straight, as if a normal rancher, claiming that the Slimes came 'from China', and I made (and lightly distributed) steampunk versions of all the rancher-tech.

I was widely considered to be a crazy eccentric... and the few slimes that randomly escaped made terrifying pests... but anyone who came to town to make trouble, even if they were some kind of terrifying local magician, met a terrible fate at my hands, so it sort of worked out.

>> No.55390701

>sunless sea
Much as I love Fallen London and Sunless Sea, they're definitely Industrial/Age of Steam era (in theory, if the real era had an industrial base built upon Eldritch horrors and literal Hell.)

>> No.55390702

I love Volfred. You spend the first third of the game hearing about your mysterious benefactor, "Sandlewood", and how his plans involve bringing your party together. So naturally, you assume he's going to be some shady manipulator. But then you meet him, learn that Sandlewood isn't a code name but his actual name since he's a plant-man, and he's all friendly and nice and asks you to use his first name now that you've met, and then immediately tells you every bit of information on his actually-benevolent plan he has the instant he thinks it's relevant to the situation. He's so cool.

>> No.55390721

Would perfect memory perks help you remember your prophecies as a Harry Potter style Seer?

>> No.55390737

>but can All Might carry a building around or toss someone into the stratosphere?

>> No.55390800


>> No.55390801

They modify your alt-form and backstory as a whole for the jump.

>> No.55390815

In the Witches Seven companion option you mention the eighth import gains "the copy power" - Might wish to mention where that's at in the doc. Also, not sure how we get to 8 on an option that's about seven.

>> No.55390832

Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

>> No.55390836

> And everyone... combines to turn into a dinosaur to stop it...?
Just one guy actually. He was injured in a rock slide at an archeological dig and had some bones replaced with Dinosaur bones and infusing him with Dino DNA and Dino Power. It's much more logical.

>> No.55390845

You have so much to live for, don't do it anon!

>> No.55390850

...Um. Should we be worried? Can't be worse than some of the things we already have jumps for, right?

>> No.55390858

ah, its the Delinquent Capstone.
also, whoops, that was a mistake left over from an earlier version, wasn't supposed to be in there anymore. fixed cheers

>> No.55390864

He should really just read better books and make jumps of them.
Pic related

>> No.55390868

Y. I will kill every single thing in the setting

>> No.55390874

>I think the Drawback section has extra points somewhere, I'm sure they're safe to just pick up with no ominous fate awaiting you.

Those drawbacks make waifuing really hard, NuBee. You are basically making me choosing between waifus and power. That's not fair.

Even then I would still lack points

>> No.55390890

What is it?

>> No.55390901

Heh, no but I want to. It just looks so amaxing and has quite the armament on her, She has 52 cannon in all on her! (Though technically shes a 44 gun frigate) and had a crew of 450 people. I didnt know that ship crews were so darn huge until I started researching her some.

>> No.55390909

It depends, doesn't it? I consider most of my children and companions to be on their own, but there are times when messing with your own affects your own image, you know?

>> No.55390917

Which dragon species were you/did you get during HTTYD?

I'm still deciding between Skrill, Siliquifer, Thunderdrum, and Submaripper.

>> No.55390921

You can be a sea pirate in any D&D or Exalted setting, really.

>> No.55390928

>choosing between waifus and power
Silly anon, you just need to waifu those who have power already.

>> No.55390966

You can be a sky pirate too, which is much better.

>> No.55390987

300 foot high Night Fury. with perks from other jumps i had the speed and agility to match the size.

>> No.55390997

What is it?

For bad urban fantasy, I really want an Anita Blake jump

>> No.55390999

While D&D would have a similar feel, Exalted is a whole other beast. Artifact ships, artifact essence cannons, Lintha pirates...
Oh, and anything associated with Kimbery or the Lunars around the seas.

>> No.55391011

>This is NOT fetish bait and she is NOT a Mary Sue: The Jump

>> No.55391014

Personally, I preferred the "My Boss Is A Sapient Plane That Raped My Gay Ass With His Fuel Transfer System" trilogy. Much better work from Tingle, in my opinion.

Note for those not aware: That is a thing. I might have gotten the name a bit off, but it's close to that. Chuck Tingle has no shame, whether in the fetishes he writes or the literalness of his titles.

>> No.55391018

So you haven't been on her at all? You've got to do it, for as great as she looks in pictures she's a thousand times better in person.

>> No.55391023

That would actually be disturbingly amusing to see a jump for.

>> No.55391041


>> No.55391052

Shes undergoing refurbishment right now I think. Plus I dont live in boston.

>> No.55391053

I'd rather see Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood jump.

>> No.55391068

Meh. Sounds like more generic trashy vampire romance. Is there anything in it that particularly calls out to you?

>> No.55391072

The sad thing is the first three or four books are really good for genre fiction. It really does the urban fantasy noir thing well. Then the author has to go full tilt into her fetish and ... ugh. It's irritating.

>> No.55391088

Picture is too shit for me to make out.

>> No.55391089

Anon, that's an image with an author and several titles. Google is your friend.

>> No.55391103


A good to passable urban fantasy series that went south after the writer decided that the books needed to be 80% fuckin' and 20% story as opposed to the opposite.

>> No.55391108

Google wouldn't tell him as much as someone who knows the series could. They could assess the quality and hit the key stupidity of the setting for him, while google will mainly give trite book summaries.

>> No.55391118

>What is it?

Start with Twilight. Take away the super- strength, toughness, and speed. Make it so vampires are a well-known and accepted part of society. Add a shit ton of more highschool drama. Some native american religous fluff. Turn all successful artists and actors into vamps. Lastly, have a main character that is an author mouthpiece and a huge hypocritical slut.

Mix well.

>Is there anything in it that particularly calls out to you?

I really just wanted to see the reaction, since I was reminded this piece of shit exists. There really is nothing there you can't get in other jumps without subjecting yourself to the setting.

>> No.55391122

See >>55391088

>> No.55391124

Basically the protagonist got succubus powers and proceeded to center her life around them.

>> No.55391142

>a main character that is an author mouthpiece and a huge hypocritical slut
This is kind of redundant, especially with female authors.

>> No.55391147

well then

Yes I can see a lot of Jumpers wanting to cause chaos there.

>> No.55391148

I'd object on the basis of having standards, but we already have a Twilight jump. Among other things.

Oh well, it's been a while since my jumper went to a setting full of vampires to destroy.
Time to dust of all the blessed equipment i guess.

>> No.55391153

>center her life around them

-t Laurell K. Hamilton, probably

>> No.55391183

The world is neat, the series has just turned into shlickbait.

>> No.55391204

I guess you could say I have odd taste...

>> No.55391230

Wasnt there a jump set in the American revolution?

>> No.55391237

One setting of fetishistic vampires and werewolves
One collection of Solar Exalted brand Holy Charms
Beat with extreme prejudice (preferably using an artifact weapon.)

>> No.55391249

Star Destroyer shipgirl. Interesting.

>> No.55391260

Wait is this the series with witches and wizards being a technically seperate race with their own powers but they can interbreed but they dont because they hate each other? One of the characters is a half demon whos power is incinerating stuff and there is a werewolf who is like the only female werewolf ever?

>> No.55391269

Nah, she's all kinds of fuckable

>> No.55391288

No, but I know what you're talking about. I think you're describing the Bitten series. I only read the first few of those, but they were okay'ish.

>> No.55391295

Where'd you get the ISD?

>> No.55391304

It's a world that gives vampires rights. RIGHTS!
You don't give things that consider you food rights.

Not only does the worldbuilding strain my SoB on account of being fucking stupid, i also hate the undead and anything that glorifies or romanticizes them as a matter of principle.
Especially anything that includes fucking them, because necrophilia is incredibly disgusting.

Okay, i'm biased. I admit it. It's one of my berserk buttons.
Everytime i hear about a series like this i want to find the author and punch the stupidity out of them.

Yeah, something along those lines.
Something like Lambent Bolt of Annihilation makes quick work of the undead, especially considering that they're incredibly weak by exalted standards.

Solar exalted have some really neat toys for destroying undead.

>> No.55391324

I like big guns and I cannot lie...

>> No.55391330

At least the series makes them proper'ish undead. They have several of the traditional weaknesses and the auto-shutdown at sunrise is nice. But, yeah, I like how it worked in the legal angle of all the weird monster races and whatnot.

>> No.55391331

>i also hate the undead and anything that glorifies or romanticizes them as a matter of principle.
>Especially anything that includes fucking them, because necrophilia is incredibly disgusting.
There is nothing wrong with loving sapient undead.

>> No.55391347

Be they figurative or literal big guns, your answer is objectively correct.

>> No.55391365

Women of the otherworld univers, kelly armstrong, yep thats it.

>> No.55391396

They're cold.

>> No.55391398

Jump # 205 Witchblade (Which I totally missed last time and making up for it now)
Starting location: Bar (This sounds like the start of a joke, So a jumper walks in to a bar…)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Origin: Witch
*Masamune (100) Invincible breasts does sound like something a jumper should have
*Mother Den (0)
*Perfect Partner (300, Discount)
*Stage Two (200, Discount)
*Stabilized (200)
*Future Housewife (100)
*Battle Ready (100, Discount)

So… sometimes I don’t know what in the hell is going on. I had even taken a non-drop in background. Nothing was obvious at the start and that made me nervous. Call me paranoid but it’s kind of comforting when everything goes to hell at the start so you at least know what you’re dealing with.

I found a very nice bar with some quirky people. They were interesting I talked to the one guy about photography. I am not exactly a drinker but my companions acclimated themselves to the place as well making it a bit more lively. The residents didn’t mind.

Then the weird serial killings started. People dying in horribly impossible ways like being pulverized by what seemed like industrial tools or having their insides cooked as if someone had popped them in to a microwave.

Well while I am not happy that people were dying. At least I had some idea of what was going on.

Well I started to hunt these things. Apparently they were formerly humans turned in to cybernetic death machines. I destroyed those I found and investigated the source. It led me back to Doji Corporation. At first I was getting ready to take them down but then they approached me and explained that the X Cons were things that escaped in the giant earthquake a year ago and they got permission to turn dead people in to war machines.

It was a little awkward but they offered me a job cleaning up the problem.

(to be continued)

>> No.55391418

Now I have seen plenty of death but I swear the people mass producing these things were disturbed.

Somehow this led me to clash with the people from another corporation. The NSFW or Not Safe for Work Corp as I liked to call them had their Neo Gene’s (think anime clone combat Barbies) out fighting the X Coms and for some reason they fought me too. I tried to take it easy on them but they would kind of go berserk and break down. It was disturbing as hell.

Eventually some woman was found who had a Witchblade… which is strange because I thought that was an American comic thing. Anyways the woman named Masane was brought in as a coworker eventually.

I had a suspicion the Blade was bad for her so I did the heavy lifting. At first she thought I was trying to take the money for killing the X coms but I tried to give her the majority of the money but she refused. She was amazingly stubborn until I shared my suspicions from dealing with the clone blades.

I managed to bring up the fact she was a mother and that made her agree to take it easy. The head of Doji wasn’t terribly happy but he eventually accepted it.

I wound up helping the Masane in her personal life too. She needed a lot of help in the life skills department, relying on your kid for everything is wrong and it turns out she had lost her memory 6 years before so… I helped her handle her life a bit better… She needed it.

Things were going well then a bombshell dropped; apparently her kid wasn’t biologically hers. Well she was basically destroyed; I stepped in using our corporate contacts with Doji to call in an army of Lawyers… because screw that.

Bio mom it turns out also had Corporate ties with Not Safe For Work so it wound up a savage battle in the legal system. Eventually Masane relented because she thought that it was best for her daughter… It was frustrating after fighting so hard to help her but I understood her reasoning.

>> No.55391426

Oh, god. I remember you.

>> No.55391429

You can warm them up.

>> No.55391434

Anyways Bio mom wound up dying somehow Masane wound up getting her kid back. Unfortunately Not Safe For Work started targeting Masane. It culminated with a bunch of weapons from Doji and Clone blades after her, My companions and I had to fight beside her taking down everything that came after her. Eventually we managed to fake her death so they would leave her alone and I managed to transfer her to a new body without the witchblade.

That would have been great but the damn thing stuck to me. It hurt… It hurt a lot like needles piercing every part of my body.

I wound up never using the damn thing and made sure to leave it behind when I left because. I don’t need a weapon that’s going to eventually kill me.

>> No.55391442

Yeah, so? I like zombie tits.

>> No.55391502

Yes there is. There is everything wrong with loving a corpse, moving or not.
At the absolute best you have a poor soul trapped in a prison of decaying flesh.
The kindest thing to do is to release it to go to its proper afterlife.
Yes, IT. It's a thing, not a person. A perversion of life and all that is good and right.

Far more likely it is a meatsuit piloted by a demon, tapping the memories of the person it killed to better fool its prey.
Or it was a disgusting abomination in life that voluntary embraced the unnatural existence of undead and has only gotten worse since.

No matter the case, purging it with holy fire is always the right decision.
Purging its cultists and slaves along with it is acceptable too, before they spread their depraved beliefs to more innocents.

>> No.55391537

>A perversion of life
Isn't the fact that most Jumpers are functionally immortal due to the chain a perversion of life too?
Or do you get a pass because it's you?

>> No.55391552


Plop-Able Buildings from Cities Skylines allows you to outright just buy things as long as you have folks who have the know-how or blueprints nearby, or you have the know-how yourself. I mean each ISD is over 145,670,000 Credits, which can be as much as four times that number in USD and as low as 1/3 depending on what canon you're using.

>> No.55391555

You know what else is good for clearing up undead and werewolves? She Who Lives in Her Name's charms. Also profitable, if you turn them into other materials with Principle-Invoking Onslaught.
I suggest gold for vampires (color of the sun) and silver for werewolves (the reason should be obvious.)

Principle-Invoking Onslaught is one of my favorite Charms simply because you can use it for almost any form of attack or vulnerability the target has.

>> No.55391580

Nope plenty of undead are just the person deciding death is stupid. Discworld zombies for instance are the same person as always they just die before their time to die.

>> No.55391619

Unlife isn't that different from life, anon, and many enter it willingly.

>> No.55391622

Yes. Jumpers who haven't killed themselves by jump 20 are an affront to everything that is right in the Multiverse.

>> No.55391623

Immortal beings get a pass as long as they're not moving corpses.

Aging is pretty well understood, even if we currently lack the means to do anything about it.
Clinical immortality is just another application of healing, either with magic or technology.

>and silver for werewolves
I don't actually mind werewolves or other lycanthropes. They're alive.

Dead is dead, and dead things aren't supposed to move. That's all there is to it.
Your undead propaganda won't sway me.

>> No.55391631

But jesus was undead!

>> No.55391635

>Dead is dead, and dead things aren't supposed to move.
You know, we're working on technology to restart brains. How does that make you feel? They were, by all accounts, dead.

>> No.55391636

Not him but-
>a poor soul trapped in a prison of decaying flesh
Oh, you mean like humans? Because the only thing thats stopping us from decaying and rotting is our rate of regeneration being greater than our rate of decay, your decaying RIGHT now anon, how does it feel? If this "undead" is not malnourished and packing more meat in areas most humans leave much to be desired, then they really are just as much a soul trapped in a corpse of rotting flesh as we are.

>> No.55391644

If you've seen pic-related's reaction, then... you'll have a good estimate of this jumper's reaction.

>> No.55391650

Papa bones says hi and is glad you have such high praise for his work.

>> No.55391652

>I don't actually mind werewolves or other lycanthropes. They're alive.
Thay're a plague upon humanity.
Also, they probably have fleas.

>> No.55391656

Nah, Jesus rezzed himself, there's a difference.

>> No.55391695

>Dead is dead, and dead things aren't supposed to move.
Do you consider Abyssal Exalted to be undead, or living?

>> No.55391696

Orrrr better example.

>> No.55391698

But by that anons logic dead is dead.

I myself have no problems with sapient undead, they dont attract me sexually but I can understand them and would probably be friends with them if they were nice. I would like to be an undead if I kept my senses and mind.

>> No.55391718

please tell me you pm'd an actual jumpmaker about adopting wow while you were away

>> No.55391720


It begins

>> No.55391739

But he wasn't dead anymore, he was alive. An undead is still dead, it's just also not dead. An alive person is totally not dead. Well, I guess you could be dead on the inside like everyone in this thread, but...

>> No.55391740

Resurrection and undead are not the same thing.
It doesn't matter if you were dead. If you got better it's fine.

Papa Bones died when i went to Overlord. Because he's undead and i hate the undead.
This should be obvious.
The fact that he's a murderous asshole who lets his minions run wild didn't exactly hurt either.

Meh, normal animals have fleas too. There's shampoo for that.
And i'm not some kind of humanity fanatic. I just hate the undead.

I don't know enough about them to tell you.
Though in-setting i think they're not considered undead?
Doesn't matter either way really, since they're very clearly enemies of creation anyway.

>> No.55391749

Please tell me you're actually thinking about getting a job.

Because this.

This isn't a job.

You do not get paid to shitpost, no matter what you desperately believe.

>> No.55391765

You know, even if you COULD get payed to shitpost, would it really be worth it? There's no fulfillment, you have no social life, and eventually it would drive you to madness.

>> No.55391768

Remember, you caused this.

>> No.55391776

About as strong as Divine Dragons, hence why they cost the same. Mage Dragons cost that much because they're immune to magic in the setting.

I fucking love him too, he's such a cool plant dude, one of my fave chars (Next to Hedwyn and Jodariel). I love how plan to cause a revolution in the Commonwealth with exiles

>> No.55391781

listen kid it's been 3 months since it was supposed to be finished

just admit you have no intention of putting out and the whole thing was just a campaign to attention whore

>> No.55391793

Ask Shareblue or CTR employees.

>> No.55391817

If I were whoring for anything, I'd get pointers from your father.

Oh wait, you never knew him.

>> No.55391821

One day you're going to meet a cute zombie waifu and you'll have to take a long, hard look at yourself.

>> No.55391824

I mean it works forleftis and ...
Damnit beat me to it.

>> No.55391832


>> No.55391837

>I can import ALL my companions with CP
You utter fuck. You glorious utter fuck.

Also, something about seeing the companions section in the introduction for freedom fighters, but there's nothing there for them

>> No.55391843

>I just hate the undead.
Good for you, now stop trying to make everyone else into a racist like you.

>> No.55391844


>> No.55391857

>cute zombie
I doubt it, since these two words are mutually exclusive.
Corpses are not cute.

Living-ist, if you please. And not ashamed of it.
"Corpse" is not a race.

>> No.55391875


I noted that earlier. Im currently fighting the bugster virus or something but once I do I'll make sure to update it.
Main idea is that you get 200 free points to spend on Companion stuff and companions who are imported as Freedom Fighters get a bit of extra CP as well. Not sure if I should make it that you have to use the Freedom Fighter stipend specifically to make that happen or not

>> No.55391878


>> No.55391889

Out of curiosity, how do you feel about pic related?

>> No.55391898

>Corpse" is not a race.
Says who? They are the majority after all.

>> No.55391905

Your heart cares not for what your mind thinks.

>> No.55391931

>Im currently fighting the bugster virus
You did well with making your last and greatest work Digger, rest well knowing we will carry on your legacy....by utterly demolishing the setting.

My evil is law.

>> No.55391939

Oh neat, I can drop my total war with the Federation through Rival Battle drawbacks.

>> No.55391967

Why do you have such a hate boner for the Undead?

>> No.55391976

Because he's ashamed of his realboner for Police Girl

>> No.55391988

What did you do.


>> No.55391995

i'd be careful if i were you

you don't really have enough of a reputation here as to risk tarnishing it

a shame you avoid doing what's right in order to sling petty insults

>> No.55391996

If you kill anyone precious to my jumper, they can get straight up sadistic in how they kill you. Stuff like or keeping you alive as they tear you apart limb from limb and mounting your (Still alive) head on a wall until they get bored with your suffering and kill you sadistic.

>> No.55392013

Dexter's Laboratory
Darkwing Duck
Mighty Max
Generic Eric Schwartz Jump

>> No.55392019

Hooligan tuesday?

>> No.55392020

Your butthurt is hilarious. Please continue.

>> No.55392028

No Seras from Hellsing.

>> No.55392032

Hey man, >>55391995 is just a cunt. WoW will take as long as it takes and it's cool. Personally, I'd rather have something you're happy with releasing rather than something rushed. Just ignore him.

>> No.55392046

Depends on who makes the choice.
It's not something i'd choose for myself, but if someone decides he's okay with living as a half machine that's his right.
If someone else decides to bring somebody back as a cyborg it's probably slavery.

Science anon. Science says that corpse is not a race.

Not a necrophiliac, no matter how you dress it up.

How can you not? They're MOVING CORPSES ffs. It's disgusting, creepy and unnatural.

Seras is actually a pretty good example for why i hate the undead, especially in Hellsing Ultimate.
You can see how being a vampire warps her from a cute girl into a monster.
Really, do you think living-Seras would like what she's becoming?
Or would she have chosen death if she knew beforehand what being turned would do to her?

Our minds make us who we are. And vampire-Seras is very clearly not living-Seras.

>> No.55392055

im just saying what everyone else is thinking

you don't speak for the thread any more than a random jackoff harboring a criminal speaks for mexico

>> No.55392056


Hol up, Hooligan Tuesday was based off of Seras?


Don't worry anon I understand your dislike for most undead

>> No.55392058

Anna is the only girl you need.

>> No.55392061


>> No.55392073

You are saying what no one else is thinking and doing it in a manner more befitting a hollow anime antagonist than a human being.

>> No.55392081

>Science anon. Science says that corpse is not a race.
Science has no call on a race of magical undead beings.

>> No.55392087

>Hol up, Hooligan Tuesday was based off of Seras?
Yeah, if this is a fact this is new to me. It's also awesome.

>> No.55392100


My Anon of High Quality Taste

>> No.55392111

>Our minds make us who we are. And vampire-Seras is very clearly not living-Seras.
I guess puberty kills you too if the desire for blood completely erases the person in your mind, then lust must too.

>> No.55392117

wew lad

because apparently calling someone out for their incompetence and irresponsibility in handling a major project is tantamount to being a cardboard anime mass murderer

>> No.55392119

Why do you like girls that'd sell you for five coins?

>> No.55392121

>tfw Discworld has a cute vampire police woman that no one remembers
Poor Sally

>> No.55392125

You just compared this to harboring a foreign fugitive.

You, of all people, got no right to talk.

>> No.55392134

You have good taste.

Depends. My Companions know they're immortal so long as I am (it's been demonstrated to varying degrees), so it's more the other way around? Since they're less my subordinates and more my allies, this means that there are dangerous situations which I am straight-up not allowed to get into. That said, I do try very hard to keep pic related out of trouble.

Noted, and a fair point. I went the MegaCorporate route in RoboCop, and so I retain the ability to bring people back as cyborgs, which happens more or less whenever I get to someone who's been dead too long for Phoenix Down to work (which I figure is ~5 minutes). But I don't agree with the slavery aspects of the program, so I took those out after I bought out the company. Dead people can't consent to medical procedures, of course... but once they've been brought back enough to be able to consent, they can decide whether they want full reconstruction or not.

>> No.55392135

Not officially I think but the thread was talking about her and one anon was like "I always imagined her as police girl from hellsing" and pretty much everyone in the thread at the time agreed that it fit.

>> No.55392137

Its because she has a Grandma name and no porn.

>> No.55392144

>a random jackoff harboring a criminal speaks for mexico

That's weirdly specific, anon, are you okay?

>> No.55392145

Not the image I thought I selected but not a bad image.

>> No.55392157

The name would have been forgiven if we had the right sort of art culture at the time to allow for the necessary porn creation.

Sadly, we did not.

>> No.55392161

>Not having Golden Rule A/EX
Awakening Anna is actually not like that, Fates Anna is kind of a cunt though, but that's because 99% of the writing in Fates was shit

>> No.55392177

Yes. What you're doing is as petty and as pointless as actually trying to murder dozens of literal cardboard cutouts of anime characters.

>> No.55392182

He's just baiting. Pay him no mind.

>> No.55392187

>im just saying what everyone else is thinking
Wow, being telepathic must be amazing. you can tell what everyone is thinking? Sugoi! /s

>> No.55392191

>Why do you like girls that'd sell you for five coins?

Not earning her love and having your value to her being worth over a dozen kings ransoms

But really though Anna is sweet and caring and shows it

>> No.55392207


Traits he has not displayed, but you have ascribed to him in your pointless crusade against anything resembling content in this thread.

Wait. Pointless crusade. Of course.

So this is what the mighty Dark Titan is reduced to with the fall of his Avatar and the loss of his mortal puppet.

>> No.55392213

>and so I retain the ability to bring people back as cyborgs,
I prefer magic for that. Specifically D&D-style Resurrection spells, which neatly sitesteps any morality issue by requiring that the soul is free and willing to return.
But really any Speak with Dead effect would be fine.

Also faster and less messy than complicated surgery.
I actually like cyberpunk, but i wouldn't want to be a cyborg myself i think.
Or at least not one with obvious (external) cyberware. Internal body augmentations are fine as long as they leave your mind alone.

>> No.55392228

>im just saying what everyone else is thinking
You don't speak for the thread any more than a random jackoff harboring a criminal speaks for Mexico.

>> No.55392239

That sounds like what a Xanth jump would be like. With horrible puns added in

>> No.55392260

Maybe I'm misremembering, but wasn't that actually supposed to be good?

>> No.55392264

I would love a xanth jump, I love puns. I call tiny planet that revolves around me talent!

>> No.55392289

Xanth is good. It just has like 300 books and the first 2 mcs are not allowed to die, literally the Demon Xanth and his power refuse to let them die. Its a wonderful series though, puns are terrible and wonderful things. Dimes can stop people if thrown in front of them but only 13 times, and panties make men freeze up (and cooks their eyes)

>> No.55392303

Because I need someone and mercenary as ruthless as myself. Pic related

>> No.55392306

Not sure how strong a Divine Dragon is.

>> No.55392311

Meant for >>55392119

>> No.55392317

I have a lot of fancy spells, but nothing quite so convenient as Resurrection. Yet.

I am a very good Alchemist and overall Crafting-focused Jumper, so I figured out a way to make knock-off Phoenix Down which doesn't require actual Phoenixes as source materials; instead I wound up breeding a Phoenix Slime (via Slime Rancher perks, supported with other lifecrafting) that produces Plorts that have the same effect, in potions.

But my overall magical ability is actually kind of meh, so if I can't fix it with Potions, I need to pull out the surgery kit. On the not-uncommon instances when I do, going full RoboCop is probably a kinder solution than going full Franken Fran.

>> No.55392324

Ends up something like this

>> No.55392326

Now I want a Xanth jump.

>> No.55392343

Stupid question but why not make a slime that merges with a human body yo repair damage then yank it off once it is healed?

Or get a heal slime from dragon warrior monsters.

>> No.55392362


>> No.55392376

Yo! World of Darkness - Demon: The Fallen is coming along well, I think. Thoughts and suggestions go a long way!

>> No.55392401

Looking good, although it's still very early on.

>> No.55392408

>I have a lot of fancy spells, but nothing quite so convenient as Resurrection. Yet.
You should pick some up. Seriously, D&D 3.5 has a ton of spells for nearly every situation imaginable.
One of the various D&D jumps is always an early stop in my chains, not really for power (though it has that) but for sheer versatility.
It makes the jumper life a whole lot easier.

Otherwise in your situation i'd probably be more comfortable letting the dead stay dead, unless there's very special need to bring them back.

>> No.55392421

Because I didn't take the perk that does that. In the absence of a convenient way to make that happen automagically, Slimes will either eat or ignore dead bodies, depending on their dietary preferences.

Mostly, I see Slimes as sources of exotic reagents instead of actual solutions to problems. It's possible that I could do more with them, if I sat down for a while and put my more-recently gained Geneforge powers to the task, but I haven't had much "downtime" lately.

Another something for the to-do list, I suppose.

>> No.55392428

Noice. Though, just as a reminder, people tend to prefer pdfs or pastebins for critique here.

>> No.55392460

I know, I just really like the Comments functionality of Gdocs. I'll likely toss down pdfs in the future.

>> No.55392482

Your boatfu a shit. SHIT

>> No.55392501

>enemies of creation
Out of curiosity, do you feel that the Yozi and those associated with them are enemies of Creation?

>> No.55392518

Hey, you know what they say. There's nothing like a cold girl on a warm night. Pretty sure that's how the saying goes, anyway.

>> No.55392523

>Demon: The Fallen
Holy shit, I was just thinking "Hey, a D:tF jump would be cool."

Then again, I'd love to see Wraith as well.

>> No.55392524

Eh, I mostly jump random, and haven't been yet. Furthermore, when I do pick jumps, I pick for flavour (because I really want to go to the setting of jump X) instead of for power (because I want a specific power I can get from jump X). Personal preference, and such.

That said, with Self-Duplication, amazing mundane surgical ability scales a hell of a lot better than almost any sort of healing magic ever. I can, literally, be all the doctors. Everywhere. At once. This isn't necessarily a good idea, but I can do it.

>> No.55392529

>Our minds make us who we are. And vampire-Seras is very clearly not living-Seras.
One of the main themes of Hellsing is that Seras is in fact Seras and that she choose to be a vampire and choose at every step of the way she went so she's still human in the only way that actually matters. Her mind is her own and who she chooses to share it with, no one elses.

>> No.55392534

Just toss them in the microwave for like 15 seconds.

>> No.55392555

It has nothing to do with feeling. It's their stated mission goal ffs.

>> No.55392562

While I love the concepts of Wraith, I am unfortunately not super familiar with the source material. It would be awesome to see others filling out the few gaps we have left in World of Darkness jumps.

>> No.55392569

Sure, self-duplication scales better, but even after scaling up maximally it still loses to any sort of high-level healing magic.

>> No.55392576

And now I have found that someone drew a Constitution shipgirl. Its awesome.

>> No.55392604

This really hoists my mizzenmast

>> No.55392633

>use Maker of Magic to introduce a system of healing magic that can be used by anyone with the desire
>all your clones are also top-tier healers
The gift that keeps on giving.

>> No.55392664

But magic runs on MP, or spell slots, or some other personally-limited consumable that you'll wind up exhausting over time.

Mundane healing is limited by man-hours and logistics; I have an unlimited amount of the former, and as a Crafting-focused Jumper, I am really good at the latter. I've also been to TF2, in which I took the Medic perks, so I can do Unlimited Medic Works as part of my healing routine.

This is more or less why my non-magical abilities are much better than my magical ones; practice. Most of me doesn't have any meaningful superpowers, so most of me does without.

>> No.55392665

At least all your sisters are 10/10 waifus.

>> No.55392667

>the few gaps we have in WoD jumps
M8, most of them are gaps.

>> No.55392694

>But magic runs on MP, or spell slots, or some other personally-limited consumable that you'll wind up exhausting over time.
Not if you use truenaming, or harry potter magic, or just enchant something to the max.

>> No.55392737

>you'll wind up exhausting over time.

I guess you don't really familiarize yourself with what other jumpers get up to, then? Infinite energy is ridiculously cheap in jumpchain.

And meanwhile a jumper with a handful of trpg settings and some anime bullshit can lay down a regen field that covers an entire city, or will into existence a simple ritual system that lets people cut their hair to recover lost limbs.

>> No.55392760

Is there any more to this, if so Link please?

>> No.55392765

hips/10, would make sweet, sweet, liberty with

>> No.55392769

I don't know how to really explain it to you. Fire Emblem doesn't exactly show a limit of their power except in relation to both Earth and Divine Dragons.

All we know is that they're a Big Deal settingwise and Naga had to make a special sword out a fang of hers juuust in case humans couldn't kill them. Tiki is one of the strongest units in the games and she's just a baby divine dragon. Fire Emblem is low power otherwise. I'd say they could take bullets to the face easily without noticing but I'm pretty sure a xanxia protag would be able to punch them in the face and kill them.

>> No.55392783

I wish, I am currently going through google looking for more.

She is the oldest American shipgirl to have actually killled her enemies.

>> No.55392798

> truenaming
An incoherently-shitty magic system. Pass.
> harry potter magic
There is no implication that that's unlimited, though if you're fanwanking that... that's fine, I guess? I haven't been yet, in any event.
> enchant something to the max
That's more my style! Unfortunately, I still don't have any enchanting that scales quite as well as Self-Duplication.
> Infinite energy is ridiculously cheap in jumpchain.
Plausible, but I haven't assembled a combo that does that yet. Being a very good Alchemist, I could probably come close enough by overdosing on mana potions, though. I guess I've just gotten used to solving problems with minimal active magic use?

>> No.55392817

No. Apparently, the artist got cold feet and didn't want to stigmatized as a Kancolle knockoff. He said he'd post what he had, but that was in 2015, so....
She's dead Jim. RIP in peace.

>> No.55392853

Aw oh well

It's a great set piece though. I'd love to see a older Golden Age of Piracy shipgirl or space ship girl comic/anime/cartoon/etc. I think that would be cool...

>> No.55392894

>There is no implication that that's unlimited,
Wizards have been using it to do everything including wipe their asses for centuries anon. Its not going away.

>truenaming is shitty and incoherent

Its literally say name shit happens.

>> No.55393091

>Its literally say name shit happens.
Exactly. Shit happens. Truenaming is a shit magic system.

>> No.55393224

>Shit happens

Not him but what's wrong with that? Sounds like magic in it's purest state. It's not like mana obeys conservation of energy to the letter.

>> No.55393264

Does anybody else think the changes to the Drive (namely, the addition of the Series folder) is needlessly complicating things? I don't want to tell Brutus how to run the Drive or anything like that, but it doesn't seem like a necessary change. Unless people have been wanting that to happen?

>> No.55393276

People have often asked for it, yeah. Not to mention there always having been confusion for people trying to find jumps but not looking in the imaged folder.

>> No.55393304

Eh, I think it's the lesser of two evils. Navigating the "main" sections (A-M, N-Z) I often overlook things already so I appreciate the series folders sorting related stuff together.

I think it's more a symptom than the root cause, it's just inevitable stuff's harder to find the more jumps there are.

>> No.55393311

The main reasoning, to my understanding, is that the whole imaged/unimaged division has become more and more pointless over time, considering that the vast majority of jumps are not imaged and likely never will be.

>> No.55393326

Am I the only one for whom World of Darkness is an empty folder?

>> No.55393356

So are humans the xenomorphs of the ben ten universe? It seems they can breed with literally anything including mud to make half human babies which more often than not are humans with superpowers.

>> No.55393379

He might have made a new folder and not moved things across yet. Hopefully when everything is back to normal weather wise he'll finish it up.

>> No.55393382

It's just that, while I wouldn't mind franchises being grouped together I still feel like they should be in folders that match whether they're imaged or not. Having a "Series" folder also feels unintuitive, to me, and adds an additional layer of separation from those jumps that wasn't there previously.

I don't know, maybe it's just the change throwing me off.

>> No.55393383

> Its not going away.
Eh, there's a difference between "The Magic Goes Away" and "I just cast a couple dozen spells in the last hour, and am now going to take a nap."

I assume that HP magic falls under the latter category, because most magic falls under that category, and because "You can cast all those spells at-will every second of every day with no consequences" was neither stated nor implied by the source material (eg: nobody seems to have a job like 'cast this one spell all day'). If you assume differently under the "You didn't say I couldn't do that" principle... well, fine, you can do HP spells forever in your own imagination, I guess? I don't believe it works that way, though, so it doesn't for me.

To make my imaginary fictional life simpler, I assume unified metaphysics in the worlds I visit, such that all magical abilities draw from the same pool... and all psychic abilities draw from a different pool that they use, and all supernatural martial arts stuff draws from a different pool for that, and most things fall under one of those three categories. Some powers are clearly more efficient, or more powerful, or whatever, and I sort of like figuring out how that all works together; it gives me a framework for imagining how I can actually use all the random powers I get over the course of the chain. If you prefer to imagine a different set of interactions, that's your business.

>> No.55393395

They're also one of the few species that can regularly use magic. Humans are dragons, super mages who can put it anything and have babies pop out.

>> No.55393453

>It seems they can breed with literally anything
Don't quote me on it, but I'm like 80% sure that was retconned as muh unethical experiments at some point.

>> No.55393608

15 + (2 × your Hit Dice) +2 That's the DC you need to hit for knowing your own Truename (You get a +4 to this check because it's YOUR NAME).

Doing so with any regularity requires a lot of batprep to do, getting worse with each individualistic HD of your foe.

At level 1 to cast a Truenaming ability on a CR 1 Goblin you'll have to hit a DC 16 with an Int + Truespeak skill check, this doesn't take into account having to actually /hit/ the Goblin (separate roll) or the Goblin resisting (Also a separate roll, with a lower DC of 10 + 1/2 your truenamer level + your Cha modifier) just having the effect actually work AT ALL. At level 20 you can expect to be looking at some pretty meeting monsters with a CR in the range of 20+ HD, meaning Truespeak checks in the upper 50's at least.

The save DCs for their Utterances completely suck. They're based off of Charisma, but you have to focus all your resources on Intelligence (the key ability for Truespeak) if you want any chance of the Utterances actually going off. Even then, the save DC is 10 + utterance level + CHA, but they don't have a 9-level utterance scale, they have a 6-level one. It gets even worse for the Lexicons of the Crafted Tool and the Perfected Map, which are on a 4-level scale.

In addition to this, every time you Truespeak on the same target the DC goes up by 2.

Oh, and the fact that there's no incentive at all to use lower-level utterances (they're equally hard to use) is wacky.

Finally, no PrC advances utterances. The ones in Tome of Magic have Truespeak as a class skill, sure, and even give new uses for it on occasion, but none of them actually give you more utterances as if you had advanced as a Truenamer.

>> No.55393673

Yeah, it was retconned. Humanity's hat is being one of only two races in the Milky Way (There's one in Andromeda for a total of three in the series) that can use magic. Nobody else can without having access to a magical artifact. The end of the series even has magic start to be taught in fucking community college, meaning it's gonna trickle down to being something everyone dabbles in eventually. Humanity becomes a sorta magitech society in Ben 10's future while also being basically the capital of the galaxy because of Ben 10,000.

>> No.55393683

That seems dumb.

Humans are awesome.

>> No.55393690

I wonder how many jumps will be lost and permanently deleted in the move.

>> No.55393699

You realize the game wonkyness doesnt translate to reality? By lore truenamers are op as fuck.

>> No.55393704

>of your foe.

Anyway, Truenamers in the fluff are fucking metal though.

Truenamers study the words that comprise the fabric of existence. They seek to unravel and comprehend the mysteries of the Multiverse by learning the truenames of as many of its components as possible. A truenamer learns new truenames as he progresses, which he can use as utterances to manipulate the world around him. All truenamers know the basic words of Truespeak that allow them to describe creatures that they encounter, so the new words they learn enable them to alter those creatures in very specific ways. As they continue to advance, they also learn to describe - and thus affect - inanimate objects and even places, which are more difficult to describe using truenames.

If you want to understand the secret language of the universe, the truenamer class is for you. By delving into the truenames of everything that surrounds you, you can reshape reality itself. You will speak words of power so potent that the cosmos will rearrange itself to match their meaning.

This is the fluff of a Truenamer, taken from the books.

>> No.55393716

>That seems dumb.
To be fair, the whole 'humans can breed with everything! everyone with powers is part alien!' was itself a retcon trying to remove the magic from the universe that was present in the original series. Later they decided that was stupid and went back and reintroduced magic as a legitimate thing, and thus undid the retcon that humans can breed with everything.

>> No.55393731

Yeah ran out of room.

>> No.55393736

But they kept half alien ankdytes didnt they or is that something else?

>> No.55393750

They kept the Anodytes and the half-mud girl (who is a cute) yes.

>> No.55393764

Sure, but the simple fact that Truenamers haven't all already become living gods is evidence that the heavy mechanical nerfs also have some meaning in the lore.

Frankly the fluff sounds like it was written as a sales pitch by a truenamer trying to recruit some apprentices.

>> No.55393809

Probably none, even if it does happen there's people who have the entire drive downloaded so said jumps could just be reuploaded or something

>> No.55393822

>the simple fact that Truenamers haven't all already become living gods is evidence that the heavy mechanical nerfs also have some meaning in the lore.

This makes no sense, truenamers are not inherently immortal, and living god truenamers exist probably on par with living god wizards except the truenamers dont need to hunt down spell components.

Also when you hit god powers in dnd chances are you either fuck off to your own dealm or become a god.

>> No.55393835

>Sure, but the simple fact that Truenamers haven't all already become living gods is evidence that the heavy mechanical nerfs also have some meaning in the lore.
Actually one of them might have done exactly that.

Truenamers in the World
Truenamers are a good addition to a magic-rich campaign because they extend the boundaries of magic. What they do is unquestionably magical, but it doesn't involve spells, components, schools, or any of the other accouterments normally associated with spellcasters.

Most truenamers are content to catalog new truenames, practice the truenames they already know, and engage in other linguistic and historical studies. Adventuring truenamers are an exception, however. They use truenames to bring their vision of the way the world should be that much closer to reality. Some are eager to find the truenames of monsters, places, and items that no sentient eyes have ever seen before - even if they have a hand in creating such things in the first place. Truenamers are curious about the world around them, so a high-level truenamer can make a good patron for lower-level PCs. Such truenamers often hire adventurers to gather rare items for study or to recover lost treasure troves of truenamer lore.

Perhaps the most famous truenamer is Khurufu the Eloquent, a human truenamer who lived centuries ago and founded several truenamer colleges that exist to this day. Khurufu lived to be more than 130 years old, although his mental faculties had diminished significantly from their peak. He didn't die so much as utter the truename for "ascend" and disappear.

>> No.55393836


>> No.55393845

Who says they haven't?

>> No.55393846

Exactly. If the best that Truenamers can hope for is "slightly more convenient Wizards" then all the hype about them being OP is stupid.

>> No.55393861

egyptian waifus?

>> No.55393862

Youre the dipshit arguing against undead from earlier arent you?

>> No.55393863

They'd have to know it was deleted though.

>> No.55393888

Yes. And if Truenaming is as powerful as the fluff pretends, why is "living for 130 years then ascending" such a big deal? These are entities who can warp reality by speaking at it. Hardly seems like they live up to the hype.

I am not. I think undead are a perfectly valid alternative to the living.

>> No.55393903

All he's doing is moving files around. How would ANY jumps be deleted in that process? Are you retarded?

>> No.55393908

"Concernposting" is another form of trolling, friend.

>> No.55393912

>Added Image to cover page

>Explained that training can continue past Saint in perk description

>Soul Mutate
>Fixed sentence cut off.

>Four Edicts
>Improve description, what it actually does and how you can use them

>His Infamy Shakes the World
>Expanded examples, clarified how it will see diminishing returns.

>Ninth Rank Magicite Core
>Should be 100 CP

>Godeaters Training Room
>Fixed sentence cut off.

>Companion Options
>Cheaper options for import
>Added Divine Beast option

>Apocalypse Day
>Fixed sentence cut off.
>Specifically Targets you
>Clarified breadth and scope of the horde

>Curse of Gebados
>Clarified that you will need to fight stronger enemies to continue growing

>Explained the ranks of Cultivation in Notes

Here's the updated WIP for Coiling Dragon Part One.

>> No.55393916

Have you ever moved a bunch of files around in drive?

>> No.55393924

It's never totally clear whether all Seers forget their prophecies, Trelawney is implied to be unusual in that even she thinks she's a charlatan. It's pretty plausible that other Seers remember their prophecies or at least learn to do so but then it's also mentioned that all prophecies are made to someone else.

Either way in terms of the perk at least you remember the prophecies.

>> No.55393928

Because it is hard to find and study somebody ascending to godhood? Because the gods in that setting are dicks who likely try to cockblock mortals? Because even though they can warp reality by talking they still need to know the words?

>> No.55393930

I'm a fucking TA, so yes.

Nothing gets "deleted" unless you deliberately drag something to the trash can or RIGHT-CLICK + DELETE.

Use your fucking brain.

>> No.55393938

Pharah from Overwatch! And her mom.

>> No.55393945

Titty Abjurer?

>> No.55393947

I don't have the prerequisite intelligence perks to do that.

>> No.55393948

>gods in that setting are dicks who likely try to cockblock mortals

Definately a possibility, the gods of dnd are literally whiny pissbabies.

>> No.55393962

Hey I'm not saying that they can't nor am I saying they can. I just listed the Crunch >>55393608 and Fluff >>55393704 of the class. In addition the source material does say that they do 'ascend' and such. You seem to be confused on a point though, Truenamers have no setting of origin with which we can pull feats from. You say it's hype, good for you.

>> No.55393969

God I wish.

Teacher's Assistant.

>> No.55393982

Drawback cap? If there is none, that's something that should be explicitly stated.

>> No.55393987

>DnD Gods
>Forgotten Realms Gods


Wall of the faithless? Exists because they need faith
Why do they need faith? Because AO made it so, because they refused TO DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS.


In case it's not quite clear. I LOATH the gods of FR.

>> No.55393989

Goddamn I hate that fucking word so much.

>> No.55394003

There is none. You won't be the most bullshit guy around even with all the drawbacks.

>> No.55394024

Eilistraee is sexy tho

>> No.55394026

Well, as I said, that's still something that should be stated. There is no standard rule for how to interpret a blank drawback limit.

>> No.55394035

I don't care! She's just like the rest of the FR gods! She's a lazy trash-deity who refuses to do her fucking job!

>> No.55394040

But sexy female drow raves under the moonlight...

>> No.55394042

This is what Ea was designed for.

>> No.55394065

I am in a weird situation, I want to do multiple xianxia jumps but realistically I also want to do something that makes sense for "jumper" and frankly taking multiple cultivations seems like a bad idea for more than the normal blood exploding out of your holes, mainly because I dont see why a person would want to switch cultivations after a certain point. It seems counterproductive to me.

Does it bother anyone else?

>> No.55394075

Eh, Myrkul, Bane and Bhaal did their jobs. After they, you know, went off and took those positions.

All three were mortals once.
Incidentally, the only gods that seem to do their jobs are former mortals.
Hell, even Cyric did his job.

To be fair, that's actually the job of some of the gods.

>> No.55394079

>those who use it have a soul in the shape of a sword.

>> No.55394087

Have you considered burning it all down, eating all the other gods, and giving all their divinity to random animals?

>> No.55394107

1. Hit up Generic Isekai to get the Grind, System, and Empty Frame.
2. Hit up The Weakness of Beatrice to get Master of Magic
3. Be a Truenamer.
4. Go to Forgotten Realms Jump.
5. Talking is a Free Action +GRINDING TRUENAMING!
6. Be this >>55393835
7. Everyone else is this >>55393704

>> No.55394117


It would certainly be fucking helpful. I absolutely DESPISE the gods in FR. All of them are fucking trash-deities. Even AO, who only steps in when they become complete and utter shite, not caring when they are just trash.

True enough, but that just supports my system of tearing the whole system down and starting over. Because Ascended-mortals actually do their fucking job, at least better than the proper gods.

And by 'dicking around' I meant 'doing stupid shit on a lark'.

>Have you considered burning it all down,
Yes. I said as much

>Eating all the other gods
Why would I eat trash

>Giving their divinity to random animals.
I swear random animals would do the jobs of the Gods better than the actual fucking gods.

>> No.55394127

Still starting a new page for each origin tree? I see how it is, friendo...

>> No.55394133

The requirement for training the Edict of Destruction is a soul literally shaped like a sword. This makes them good at fighting and breaking shit.

>> No.55394140

I try to pretend Xianxia doesn't exist.

>> No.55394148

The perk says you can learn to remember them, but don't at first. I was wondering if a perfect memory perk would let me skip learning.

>> No.55394159

Who is the most bullshit dudes?

>> No.55394164

Would it be worth freeing Arianka in warhammer fantasy?

>> No.55394173

>doing stupid shit on a lark
Finder Wyvernspur, the Nameless Bard. Former mortal who took part of Moander's portfolio. Known as the god of reckless fools.

>> No.55394195

That just sounds so... mundane compared to the others.

>> No.55394202


>> No.55394204

Cultivation is bullshit. Hit Weakness of Beatrice and override it with magical girl transformations.

>> No.55394218

>This makes them good at fighting and breaking shit.
>being attuned to one of the four laws of reality governing destruction gits you gud at the least efficient way to destroy stuff
Seems legit.

>> No.55394220

Linley, the protagonist, by a fucking country mile.

They can learn to do cooler shit but they have to hit higher levels first. Eventually guys who use destruction will be able to use the Edicts but they don't get any magic in the lower ranks.

>> No.55394227

But I like cultivation, it makes more sense to me than most magic. Ever since that one anon explained it as "casting the same spell on yourself until you can punch gods" I have found it interesting.

>> No.55394234

>Does it bother anyone else?

>World of Cultivation
>Play Nice- (free all) Differing methods of cultivation sometimes react negatively to one another however as a slightly less than ordinary person who's origins are definitely not simple this doesn't seem to be a problem for you. Any cultivation methods you have obtained from this or other jumps will no longer react in negative ways towards one another, this means to don't have to worry about exploding, bleeding from every orifice, or having your bones liquify because your cultivations from different jumps affect you in different ways. From now on they will play nice together.

Nope never bothered me at all!

>> No.55394240

What makes Linley so bullshit? Which perks are based on him?

>> No.55394244

>Eventually guys who use destruction will be able to use the Edicts
>will be able to use the Edicts
What does the Destruction Edict do at those levels? Or do you mean they'll be able to use the other Edicts?

>> No.55394246

It's literally an RPG grind with pseudo-eastern medicine bullshit mixed in. I am horrified that the genre even exists, let alone that it is popular.

>> No.55394252

I know that I mean more like why would you stop cultivating your current method to try another probably less effective method, or maybe a method which will take millenia to pay off when your current could grow much more by then?

>> No.55394259

Thanks for the jump Hercule, love it but have to ask any chance for a Magical Beast or Divine Beast option?

>> No.55394260

When it says "choose one" four the Four Edicts, is that one per purchase, or one total?

>> No.55394265

You just do all of them at the same time.

>> No.55394268

What I want to know is how many xianxia protagonists have gotten stronger through tiger penis.

>> No.55394279

Weakness of Beatrice has been great fun so far, I'm gonna start a new chain there.

>> No.55394285


>> No.55394299

Any that we have jumps for? I want to mock them.

>> No.55394302

Your edicts are now "Love", "Justice" and "Cute."
There is no fourth one.

Now go cultivate, bitches.

>> No.55394309

What about the snake booze that supposedly increases virility and contains an entire snake?

>> No.55394336

Right, so I never said I was the brightest in the bunch. Even so, here we go.

Fixed the errors pointed out in the last time, which means a new item tree for Drop-In and some edits to a certain perk for clarification. As of now I'd like to declare this jump as jumpable, screech at me if you see that I've put another glaring mistake in again.

>> No.55394343

The ability to alter the fundamental rules governing magic.

A jumper.
>Everyone who wants to use magic now must also do a magical girl transformation.

>> No.55394344

> a hole through which soul attacks pour through.
What does this mean, in practical terms? Is there a specific spot they can hit to bypass the defense entirely? Does a portion of each attack flow through it? Does it just not work until you patch the hole? Does it not protect at the intended level? What effects does this actually have on its use?

>> No.55394347

Not falling for that one again.

>> No.55394350

See, that stuff is dumb as shit, and funny, but it's not as mock worthy as genitals are.

>> No.55394353

Doesn't that exist in real life? results other than being pissed off your gourd are unlikely Isn't it basically just a more advanced version of Tequila with the worm in. Or with a scorpion in for the more expensive and less sane tastes.

>> No.55394367

How much should a perk cost which allows you to apply growth/training across all alt-forms?

>> No.55394368


>> No.55394372

He's the discounted version of the Dragonblood Warrior
He's who Useful Paranoia, Sculptures in the Stone, Determination to Continue, Limits Shatter One After Another, and the entire Mage perk line are based off.

He has an Interspatial Ring, Godeaters Training Room, Divine Edge, and the Coiling Dragon Ring

He also has a Soon-to-be-Divine Companion

That doesn't really get across what makes Linley complete bullshit though which is his luck. He consistently pulls through one in a trillion odds and is all but explicitly called the luckiest man ever by the creator of the multiverse.

At higher levels Destruction will allow super powerful physical and soul attacks. We don't see it in action very much though.

I don't have anything planned out for one right now. I won't rule one out for a later additiong though.

Per purchase

It's a hole which a portion of the attack will pour through. It means that it won't flat out block every single soul attack not thrown by a Soverign. It will block like "99%" of an attack but it won't block the entire thing and if you go up against a strong enough person they'll be able to kill you with the "1%" that gets through.

>> No.55394381

It is real, the only problem is that the snake is so big that it often makes the alcohol taste like bad meat.

>> No.55394387

Okay, but what's special about her?

>> No.55394397

Divine titties

>> No.55394398

Mix it with shounen logic. If you want to get access to more powerful magic, you have to learn the true meaning of friendship and unlock a new level of magical girl transformation, with even more frills and glitter.

>> No.55394400

>I don't have anything planned out for one right now. I won't rule one out for a later additiong though.
Alright here is to hoping you do add one. Thanks for answering.

>> No.55394403

There's too many tho

A grand total of 3 (4 if you count Ishtar, which you probably shouldn't because she's comic relief) goddesses already had Gil, with all the resources of Uruk, pinned and losing. Granted one of them was Tiamat, but still.

But granted he never actually used the thing and Archer Gil slays the shit out of Kiara (who has many, many goddess' power-including Tiamat's-but can't use her full power's potential for lots of reasons).

>> No.55394413

I've never liked the idea of having things like snakes, worms, and arachnids in my booze. Honey, fruit, and spices are much nicer things to have.

>> No.55394418

Don't you at least want them to look fashionable?

>> No.55394419

But that's not manly, and you don't get to prove how badass you are.

>> No.55394423

>too many

>> No.55394426

Are we not talking about dumb real life stuff juxtaposed on Xianxia as a genre?

How do you feel about thousand year old egg?

>> No.55394434

Do you start at the first rank?

>> No.55394439

It looks rotten and so it probably is rotten and I wouldn't eat it.

It's a hard choice between it and virgin boy eggs though.

>> No.55394442

It at least fucking TASTES GOOD


>> No.55394447

Yes, I'll make sure to clarify that.

If you have strength from other jumps that could bump you up though.

>> No.55394468

You heard me. There's like, hundreds. If Ea's so great why didn't Gil just swipe away Tiamat, Ereshkigal and Quetzalcoatl all at once?

>> No.55394469

Okay, one final check. Does everything look okay for the jump? If so, I'll get it posted to the drive tomorrow. I think I fixed most of the issues, but if there's anything left that you have a question about or issue with, please let me know.

>> No.55394473

Mead is made from honey, Vikings drink mead. Rum is often made with spices, Pirates drink rum.
Fruit is tasty and is fun to soak in various boozes.
I rest my case.
I don't really like Xianxia as a genre, it's makes me think Wuxia cranked up past absurd with added headache induction. That said, I do like booze. Also, Wuxia can be pretty good too.

>> No.55394481

It's apparently cured with lye among other shit and usually uses fertile eggs with unborn chicks inside. It's apparently a semi-poular treat in china and used in comfort food soups.

If you don't mind cracks at your masculinity, try putting a gummy worm in your stuff. Soaks up the alcohol into a sweet, wiggly jello shot knockoff.

>> No.55394495

I mean there's no reason to take them all at once, man. Besides, Gil's arrogance is the biggest drawback there is. Never said Ea was omnipotent but it'll get the job done if you do it right.

>> No.55394508

Soak one of them giant gummy bears in vodka. It isn't safe, it isn't sane, but eating that all in one sitting should definitely count as manly. If mass consumption of alcohol is manly this eon.

>> No.55394509

Xianxia's only appeal is basically Daoist Power Fantasy.

There's not much else to it.

>> No.55394517

No. I want them to look like disasters. Final form should look like a kindergartner made a ball of lace and glue and rolled it in a pile of glitter.

>> No.55394531

If we are going for power fantasy, I prefer World Seed. The MC about freaks when he hears the term cultivation and worries that he accidentally a Xianxia game.

>> No.55394541

To be fair, any foodstuff that's popular in China is something I don't want in my mouth.

Also, two words. Skittles. Vodka.

>> No.55394542

Fuck you. I'm going to go cultivate bitches.

>> No.55394547

Are you sure you're not a trap?

>> No.55394550

>There's not much else to it.
Sorry but a lot of the stuff I read is more along the lines of eating/drinking/forging/etc like World of Cultivation and Pic Related.

>> No.55394555

Its says 100cp perks are free by they all have discount origin by them.

>> No.55394559


>> No.55394565

The Strongest System is about a dude cultivating 'Swag'

There is a person, whose entire life is a legend.
There is a person, whose extraordinariness radiates from his brows
There is a person, his name is Lin Fan.
Everybody: “Lin Fan, I want to have your babies.”
A dominating life of unrestrained swag needs no explanation.

Gotta love that intro lol

>> No.55394572

That sounds like a bad idea for a number of reasons. Don't those things cause major stomach problems pre-alcohol soaking? The things that'll happen to you when you pass out won't be pleasant.

Skittles also sound like a top notch option. Though on the topic of soaked fruit from before, I've found grapes to be pretty good for this sort of thing. Bite sized, nice flavor, nice squelch.

Why do you ask?

>> No.55394584

That's pretty good. What's it from?

>> No.55394599

Ms piggy a shit

>> No.55394602

"The Strongest System", presumably.

>> No.55394605

The Strongest System. I said as much. Dude takes a body hardening exercises and some other trash tier stuff that Cultivators look down upon and has made his way up the ranks with it.

>> No.55394615

It wouldn't have worked. Gil can't hope to handle a beast by himself.

>> No.55394625

...You know, it's a good thing you made the Jim's Family drawback specifically mention "creations." Otherwise, I might've been tempted to link this to Star Wars (Freeborn consulted with Henson on making Yoda, after all.)

>> No.55394629

I like the aesthetic.

>> No.55394640

You are an unbelievable faggot.

>> No.55394646

You don't want the fake sugar gummy bears, those are dangerous. Real gummy bears are as bad for you as any other candy, so taken in moderation is just fine. Of course a giant gummy soaked in vodka is just a bad idea all around and thusly considered manly.

>> No.55394661

At that point Tiamat wasn't even a full Beast, "merely" a Beast candidate. Beast is like Super Saiyan, it's a form you achieve after you power up from enough human life energy; Goetia was "merely" the most powerful demon in the franchise until he incinerated human history, and GO!Kiara was just sockpuppeting Zephar until she started the Servant death orgy timeloop.

So my point was more that even with 3 goddesses (1 unusually buff), Gil apparently thought he alone couldn't take care of the problem. And he DOES have Ea at this point. When he re-summons himself as an Archer he uses it to whack Tiamat into the underworld.

>> No.55394668

I dunno, she seems to put a hop in Kermit's step at least. I bet he's thankful that other people don't get jealous of him though. After all, he knows more than anyone that it's not easy being green.

Oooh, right, it was the sugar free gummy bears I heard the horror stories about. On the other stuff, that's fair.

>> No.55394674

Obviously. Because I found humor in a passing idea.
Clearly that is what makes one a faggot.

>> No.55394684


Reminder that all gummy bears are IEDs


>> No.55394694

Naturally. Everything is bomb.

>> No.55394706

>gummy bears

>> No.55394726

Who is the bustiest companion available in the chain?

>> No.55394733

Oh yeah so it does. Perfect memory might help but it really depends on how well you think those work in matters where there's a distinct reason that you don't remember a thing.

Does a perfect memory perk work if the reason you can't remember shit was because you were blackout drunk or because you got bonked on the head?

It probably depends on the memory perk in question but if the answer is yes to that it'd be a yes to the Seer thing as well.

>> No.55394736

See? This is the type of question we need answered.

>> No.55394750

>Depicted: Red discovers a high-powered jump.

>> No.55394753

So if we buy Soul Mutate we could experiment and try to give ourselves a 3 or 4 way?

I do not even care about the power we would gain that way, I just want to be bros with the other UCs.

>> No.55394760

Whichever one you want with the right kind of magic or science. I'd personally suggest Binbougami. FORTUNE TANKS FOR MILES!

>> No.55394764

>the luckiest man ever by the creator of the multiverse.
That guy has never seen a jumper who has taken literally all the luck perks. All of them.

>> No.55394768

An OC giantess companion with tits the size of a castle. Maybe a goddess with tits the size of the universe.

>> No.55394772

I think the Zeltradi from Macross would count on account of being gigantic.

>> No.55394781


>> No.55394783


Probably in one of the 'fighting anime girls' type of jumps.

>> No.55394791


>> No.55394792

Can I take Chechan scarf Ivan?

>> No.55394794

CrossBreed Priscilla

>> No.55394806

The art made me think of Zai x 10 manga.

>> No.55394815


>> No.55394832

Fluffy Mini Giantess a best!

>> No.55394836

I won't stop you. Just gotta do it yourself.

The multiverse has existed for over six quintillion years. Linley is the first person to ever survive four way soul transmutation because he's just that lucky.

A unique artifact is floating in the chaotic void that serves as the cosmic medium of the multiverse. It flies out and hits Linley in the face by accident.

In the entire universe there are seventy seven Sovereign Sparks and they are the most sought after thing ever. Linley's surrogate rat grandpa has two sitting around for him.

>> No.55394837

Are we looking for the biggest boobies, or the proportionately biggest boobies?

>> No.55394841



>> No.55394846

More is always better.

>> No.55394875

How far along is Part 2?

>> No.55394880


>Not great

(You) a shit

>> No.55394883

Hrmmm, that's a good question. I suppose in this case the question was "bustiest", and in that case it would be biggest boobs proportionate to size. So I'll retract Zeltradi since the "bustiest" could technically be a fairy or something under those definitions. . . .

>> No.55394893

Isn't winning everything by luck really boring?

>> No.55394895

>Talking about Big Boobs
>Talking about Red

>> No.55394906

Need I say more?

>> No.55394909


>> No.55394911

The real Part Two was in your heart all along.
I've got it mostly planned out

He doesn't win by luck really. Plot hooks just literally fly into reality and slap him in the face because of his luck.

>> No.55394922

Red's dead, baby.

Red's dead.

>> No.55394924

I think proportionally is the only way to gauge it.

>> No.55394926


How do you fit a tail into pants without having a big ass window?

>> No.55394929

>reacting this way to the truth
(You) wa shock.

>> No.55394944

> People talking about big boobs

It seems it's a job for (me)

>> No.55394945


Butt Flap, like onesie pajamas?

>> No.55394951

How about we don't.

It's a trash topic about a trash person who can't be bothered to finish her obligations before disappearing because Valeria said one mean little word.

>> No.55394952

A decent tailor. Or that her builds usually heavily emphasize enchanting or technology that could result in adaptive pants.

>> No.55394963


>> No.55394964

t. Ishtar

>> No.55394969

Elastic collar

>> No.55394990

Maybe that amazonian B.O.W lady from Resident Evil then? Seras also ranks high.

>> No.55394994

But Anon, I'm pretty sure the Eiken Jump hasn't been made yet!

>> No.55394996

Point out when the last time she contributed anything meaningful.

Or posted at all.

>> No.55394999


>> No.55395007

Point out when you last contributed anything meaningful.

Or not shit on someone.

>> No.55395008

What was the word?

>> No.55395017


>> No.55395023


>> No.55395034

But how is that mean, anon? DFC is best C!

>> No.55395035

So with I Will Surpass God, can you train durability and speed just by training your strength, which trains your soul, which in turn improves the other attributes?

>> No.55395037

Same author.

>> No.55395040


>> No.55395052 [SPOILER] 


>> No.55395055

The thread will never understand your cultured taste anon

>> No.55395061


>> No.55395064

Not really, if it worked like that it'd just keep feeding back into each other. Training one trains the other, but it doesn't make the first better in other ways just because the second is getting benefits.

>> No.55395069

Cumdumpster? Or am I confusing the person?

>> No.55395070

>KOTOR updating jumps recently. . .
Does this mean he'll finally finish the Clone Wars update he started way back when? Been looking forward to that.

>> No.55395088

[spoiller]What would you guys like to see in an Evil Dead Jump?[/spoiler]

>> No.55395096

Nah that sounds fitting.

>> No.55395103


>> No.55395115

>it'd just keep feeding back into each other.
Not necessarily. The other attributes wouldn't be at or equal to the level of the others, so they'd still need to grow to match both your soul and your body. There wouldn't be any feeding.

>> No.55395118


>> No.55395119

Chainsaw arm and a one liners perk or somesuch.

>> No.55395128

I keep saying I'm going to make it as a joke jump.

>Jumpchain gets increasingly annoyed over the course of the document
>There's a Make Jumpchain Eiken-sized option that's crossed out and replaced with text promising a painful death
>No stay/home/continue option at the end, Jumpchan says fuck it and forces you to the next jump

>> No.55395147

Wait, sorry, typo, I meant that I keep telling myself that I'll make it.

I haven't said anything about making it in the thread.

>> No.55395169

Cool, thanks. I'll look at my own perks again then, and assume it might help as I start remembering at the very least since I'd remember any fragments of memory.

>> No.55395180

Anything from what anon who claimed Silent Hill a while back? The guy who said the plan was regular jump + custom Gauntlet?

>> No.55395224


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