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What babe?

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The babe with the power.

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What power?

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Pick one.

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The power of voodoo.

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Who do?

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You do.

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Do what?

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>Pick one.
Fuck you. I pick the three on the left and the one on the right. Fite me.

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Remind me of the babe!

remind me of the babe
I saw my baby, crying hard as babe could cry
What could I do
My baby's love had gone
And left my baby blue
Nobody knew
What kind of magic spell to use
Slime and snails
Or puppy dogs' tails
Thunder or lightning
Then baby said
Dance magic, dance (dance magic, dance)
Dance magic, dance (dance magic, dance)
Put that baby spell on me
Jump magic, jump (jump magic, jump)
Jump magic, jump (jump magic, jump)
Put that magic jump on me
Slap that baby, make him free
I saw my baby, trying hard as babe could try
What could I do
My baby's fun had gone
And left my baby blue
Nobody knew

Labryinth Jump when?

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Congrats, we did it anon.

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How strong are Fire Emblem earth dragons?

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That angry loli looks like a good choice.

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When you make it anon.

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Whichever one is closest to my age, likes reading, and is fine with a platonic relationship. Also, is it just me or are their arms way too skinny?

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longer haired blonde

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Which one? There's one with her hair done in a complex bun that might have lower back length hair and the other one has mid-back length hair....

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Pick one? I don't know anything about them.

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They do need to get /fit/. Get 'em started on oats and squats and they'll be fine in no time.

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Didn't Myrmidont ask around about it last thread, or the one before it? Maybe he'll make it.

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Freedom or bong?

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Show me your... chain recaps, /jc/.

Pretend this is the mid-way episode of Kamen Rider. Tell me of everything that has happened in your journeys. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The triumphs and the failures. How did your journey start and where has it gone since. Who have you met, loved, and hated.

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Hoo boy, hold on to your butts. This entry for Fallout 4 is probably some of the better stuff I've written for Jumpchain. Looks like I can't keep these damn entry lengths uniform no matter how hard I try.

Only question is, where the hell to go from here?

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I'll sum up the major part right now: Love's a bitch sometimes. Started off a fight happy assassin, fell in love, mellowed out and adventured with the lass until I started getting more amused and interested in being a troll that culminated in the downright bastardry surrounding my place in the 4th grail war. One jump later with a love hurts drawback, and I'm out on my ass.

I'm still an adventurer, and things aren't too bad, but. Man, getting married jump 3 was a fucking mistake I tell ya what.

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Nice work!

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The one whose hair, as displayed, is longer.

uhh, what?

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Killing your robo-waifu

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>Pretend this is the mid-way episode of Kamen Rider. Tell me of everything that has happened in your journeys. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The triumphs and the failures. How did your journey start and where has it gone since. Who have you met, loved, and hated.

All right but you asked

After Saving Hitler, Stopping the Jews,Securing the future of our white race, having a vacation,guiding Giheren to be the leader I knew he could be, Establishing a supernatural foundation in order to contain and house precious paranormal items and Securing those SCPs from the foundation, I then went to the generic mob jump and got arrested for trespassing or something but at least they would let the waifu visit

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I started as a normal peraon, became a girl, became a giant crystal, became a bigger sea serpent, found out I was a retired mage hero with a penchant to shitpost on a magical hero bbs, became an even bigger crystal, learned to cultivate while building an underground empire, ate a dark god or three (they taste spicy), got kicked off the island in moana for harrassing chickens with laser light shows, became a hero in fate then proceeded to cheat in the fights using a space ship and laser cannons, went to harry potter and beat death eaters by punching them and chucking swords at them (while making a terrible disgusting choice that will forever haunt me by uplifting my wand into a sapient item), became a naruto ninja but had so much wrong with me that my high point was teaching tenten and lee magic and fuinjutsu, went to generic xianxia for 5 millions years (not for extra cp I wanted to go to warlock in magus world and thats how long its going to take to hunt down and kill every evil magus in that multiverse, I am not kidding like everyone with the least amount of power is a sociopathic soul torture fetishist), and then I bought a boat.

Im on the boat now as I type this. Boats are nice.

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Okay I'm restructuring but lets see...

There is a non zero chance I'm starting the chain by becoming the embodiment of true hiphip itself through a certain belt, rituals, and ghosts that are also parkas. Eventually that'll turn into both a successful musician career in many genres and experimentation albums, AND in pirate radio (with some tagging as "advertisement")

Where does that go from there? Probably something about needing to go fast, what with the motored skates and all that, maybe something about songs resounding into infinity.

Who knows

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Jump 2: Peter Pan
Origin: Drop-In
Location: Clouds
Age: 13 [950]
Fairy Fluent
Betwixt-And-Between [900]
Advanced Flyer [800]
Mother Knows Best - Wait, excuse me?
>"Ssssh. Just ignore iiiiit."
Can I get a second opin-
Mixed Identity [700]
Memory Tidying [400]

Book Collection

Tinker Bell [0]

Another Star - Disney Version

...weren't we just in a place like this before? O-oh god, my voice...what did you do?! How young am I this time?!
>"Just young enough. Come on, don't look so glum, chum. It's an adventure, after all! And Neverland is a place of adventure! And screaming children!"
Okay, but why here and Kingdom Hearts first?
>"We're starting with Disney to ease you into the routine a little bit. What, did you think I was going to throw you ass-first into the 41st Millennium for laughs? Nah, that's something my little sister does, not me!"
I guess that makes sense. Wait, are you suggesting your little sister is crazier than you?
>"Oh, I'm as crazy as a loon, silly! That's why they call me Pollyanna. My sister, meanwhile, she likes to throw tantrums when she doesn't get her way. I think she broke her last Jumper and everything they had just because they didn't act in a way they wanted."
>"Yeah, but I'm not like her. This is meant to be fun for the both of us. A chance to live another life, high in the sky!...speak of, don't look down."
>"Think happy thoughts, silly!"

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Well, my new chain has just started, but alright.

>This is the story of Jumper, the Masked Hero!
>Starting off in a City of Skyscrapers, in a world of Elemental Heroes, Jumper has gone on many adventures, battling the Light of Destruction and other villains on many different worlds!
>From the Underground, to the world of Mobius, to the Great Sea, and even to the world of dreams, Jumper has confronted villains and monsters, schemers and brutes, but he does not fight alone!
>By his side is a team of heroes and even former villains, who have come to see him as a friend, a sibling, a confidant...and perhaps something more?
>This team consists of many different characters: Frisk, the True Pacifist! NiGHTS, the Hero of Dreams! Mikotsu, the Princess of the Sea! And Yubel, the Ultimate Nightmare!
>However, the forces of evil are great as well! From the Light of Destruction, an evil that predates the universe, to the omnicidal maniac and tragic monster Flowey, to the mad genius Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the sadistic, treacherous Sal, and the God of Nightmare himself, Wizeman!
>Many times, it has seemed like all is lost, but through the help of his friends, Jumper has always managed to pull through!
>However, our hero will soon experience war like he has never experienced before, a war among the stars, fought by Knights of an Old Republic against the forces of darkness...

Basically, I started off in Duel Monsters: The Heroes, and have gone to Undertale, Archie Sonic, Wadanohara, and NiGHTS Into Dreams, with KOTOR being next. KOTOR's going to be the most dangerous jump I've had so far, not only because of the whole 'two galactic super powers going at it', but because the Light of Destruction will return and be a reoccurring enemy in the next two Star Wars jumps as well.

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give me a few low power medievalish jumps

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HAPPYTHOUGHTSHAPPYTHOUGHTSHAPPYTHOUGHTSoh thank god I stopped. Alright. So I'm in Neverland, now. Aelia and Whitt are still with me. Anna explained the while deal about me traveling through worlds and that it could take anywhere from a decade to ‘a really long time’. Time is frozen for their world, so they're not missing on much. I guess Whitt still feels responsible for me as a sort of mentor-sidekick, and Aelia practically refuses to leave my side. We're like one, big, happy family. So since we're all young-ish now and in Neverland, the best thing to do is to find Captain Hook and give him what-for or something. That feels productive!

...wait, who's this? Is that Tinkerbell? Why aren't you with Peter?
You're MY fairy? Are you sure?
Hey, there's no need for that kind of language! I-I'm usually pretty quick on the uptake!
You leave my mother out of this!
Why is this fairy bullying me.

So we have Tinkerbell in the party, now. I can't help but feel a sense of foreboding about this.

>> No.55377082

Mount and blade

>> No.55377090

Duel Monsters: Shadow Realms.

>> No.55377111

Are their any particularly interesting choices for what to make an Ike Companion (from Foodfight!)? All the examples given in the Jump are pretty much the only ones that come to my mind.

>> No.55377133

My legend begins in the 8th century, where I became a Chinese general-ruler who had recently converted to Christianity and swore to the Pope to spread the holy word to China. At which point I killed a looooooot of people. Then I got called to the Crusades, and dunked on the muslim menace. Got back home, the descendant I told to rule in my stead was fighting with his cousins. I conquered some more of China so they all could have territories to rule and became an artist. Some shit happened, I helped Oda Nobunaga unify Japan, and all of a sudden China is an autocracy and my leader is a retard. I got nuked while helping Japan and eventually just sort of became the Chinese CIA after killing a rebel in front of a bunch of civilians and unironically calling myself God.

Then I showed up in the streets of Mitakihara and got taken in by a mildly yandere meguca and spent a decade locked up in her house. Then we just sort of moved to Albuquerque and became a chemist/drug dealer pair and bullied the CIA.

Last thing that happened is the Benefactor finally decided to send in some goons to explain to me what the fuck a Jump-Chain is. So now I'm falling into infinity while waiting for the next jump to start.

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>Game of Thrones
>Generic Sword & Sorcery
>Assassin's Creed

>> No.55377150

Started in PS238 to get some durability and a learning booster, however spent the entire time in detention. In the Gamer I copied Jee-Han and spent most of my time grinding and boosting my INT and WIS, using my strength and durability to quickly finish off most enemies and clear IDs real quickly. In Overlord I was the administrator of Nazarick, essentially acting as the actual brains behind Ainz and his plans while stopping things like Shalltear's mind control. My assistant was my OC NPC, who like me also had Golden Mind and acted as a go between for me and the other NPCs so I could clear up some things while also building a narrative for Ainz and I. Essentially, I told them we were gods who had become trapped in our Avatars, which let us talk freely about normal earth an what not. After that I arrived in Otoyomegatari and married my NPC, who I had premade to be in love with me. While this made her very happy, in the end it created a great deal of issues for me as I couldn't ever really reciprocate her feelings until I hit Jurassic Park and changed my sexuality, which was quite a while further. To be continued some other time, if anyone is interested.

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>Implying you can think happy thoughts when you're plummeting towards the ground without a parachute
That's the biggest weakness of pixie dust, if you start falling you won't be able to start flying again.

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I beat up several groups of ecoterrorists who loved conspiracies and being spookier than Pokemon characters had a right to be, found true love while practicing martial arts and conquered fear, doubled true love and it was awesome, starting cracking the code on space and time, went crazy from love (and trauma, morally questionable actions done in the name of survival, black blood and realizing fear was not conquered).

I became spooky and confusing (creepypasta), became spookier and more confusing with a Stand based on weird art movements, then became EVEN MORE spooky and confusing by becoming part reality warping ghost (demiservant, reality marble) and fighting the better me who got a bad end.

Didn't really know what to do from there, started getting together materials and skills so I could make a weapon worthy of my awesome, got a kick ass spear, became king of the fairies, fucked about some more doing random hero stuff.

While doing hero stuff I became a pirate and stole an island for the sake of heroism, realized being a pirate was freeing and awesome, started doing that in space, decided a big ship wasn't big enough, made a race of ant/bee people to help me make a bigger ship with a city inside, started filling that up with monsters because monsters are cool.

And then in the season finale I became a ninja (again), a war hero (first time surprisingly) had kids with Doubled Waifu (so happy) who didn't really like me too much but idolized their mothers (sadness) until many years later. Also I liked having kids so much that I adopted one of their friends who turned out to be a big fan of basically the entire family (cool kid).

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The only reason he isn't a pancake is because this isn't the first time he's used pixie dust, since the last world was Kingdom Hearts and he went on a pretty big tour of the worlds.

Also, it's funny.

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So how does your jumper usually solve their problems?

>> No.55377249

This is some damn good writing, anon!

>> No.55377301

Find and bribe a hero to solve it. I might be some sort of ridiculous monster shouting conspiracies and claiming reality is a lie, but true heroes care not from whence their rewards come.

That those problems and rewards often help resolve whatever the main quest is for the jump is mostly just because I tend to ally myself with kindness and the villains often oppose it.

>> No.55377305

Murder. I usually don't bother to try to convince her not to.

>> No.55377352

I teleport a sword in the heart of the problem, if that doesn't work I teleport another into their head.

>> No.55377379

Starbucks Mermaid? There's a grocery store near my house with a Starbucks in it, so it probably counts.

>> No.55377418

The budweiser frogs, or any booze brand mascot. I think they would be fun/

>> No.55377455

Weeks of labor and months of procrastination have finally payed off!

I now present to you

Coiling Dragon Part 1: The Movie: The WIP

Please give comments, criticisms, and clarification on the jump. Its still open to some pretty major revisions and wording changes so now's the time to talk.

>> No.55377479

Split-tail mermaids are lewd. Always have their legs open.

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Thanks guys! Seriously though. I have no idea where to go from here.

>> No.55377499

Fine choices.

Garbage taste

>> No.55377569

The one with the green hair, that's a weakness of mine.

>> No.55377570

Soul Mutate cuts off.

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Where can i get some intimidation perks?

>> No.55377594

I have a few suggestions:

>Either of the Duel Monster jumps. Shadow Realm has the Machine Army to confront or join, and Heroes has the Aliens or the Worm, along with the Evil Heroes
>Power Rangers. You could probably pull off the Green Ranger look there fairly easily.
>Ace Combat. I mainly just want see what kind of shenanigans a robot pilot could pull off in this world, plus the idea of Robot Pilot vs Drone if we look at the new Ace Combat game.
>KOTOR. Show everyone that droids can be heroes as well! Get into a fight with HK-47, the psychopathic assassin droid

>> No.55377610

NiGHTS Into Dreams, Star Wars Original Trilogy, and Skulduggery Pleasant, off the top of my head.

>> No.55377612

Well, I'd like a description of the stages of Cultivation. That would be a nice thing to add to the notes.

>> No.55377622

Are you intimidated by yuri shippers?

>> No.55377641

Tokyo Ghoul, I think there is one in bloodborne but that might be tied to a scenario, there is kinda one in OreGairu, kinda one in Highschool of the Dead.

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>On the heels of solving a centuries old murder mystery to resolve a centuries old dispute with a terrible ex, helping a robot deal with his fleshy new vampire body, and having to put up with ten years without Garlic Bread in What We Do In The Shadows, The Moth heads to a desert world in Notes!

>The Moth The Hopes And Dreams of Humanity, introduces magitech to the world and learns much technology from this highly advance world! It may not revive Gaia, but it will probably help extend the slow death of humanity in this future as the Aristotoles lay their dastardly seige from the heavens! Meanwhile, Nika worries over Sain, their loyal knight, now an Ether Liner, who fights on the front line in this war! Zappy of course tends to the bar, but mysteriously gains authority over other robots! And becomes the perfect example of his kind!

>A great ten years are spent in Moana, Nika the Moth going on a great many adventures as a DemiMoth! Having learned more about the capabilities of the unnamed Empathetic Weapon, a sword, they picked up in Fire Emblem Elibe! They also learn that they can punch concepts into things as they challenge Tamatoa to a fight...ten years much too late. Slow on the uptake, much? But what's this? The sword's gotten stronger? It can deflect any attack twice and then shatters? No matter how strong the attack was? Why, perhaps it should be called The Bullshit Sword instead!


>> No.55377643

Are you looking for suggestions? A more heroic turn like >>55377594 suggested might be cool. Robocop, Terminator, and Aliens vs Predator might also be interesting, as all three feature robotic or semi-robotic characters. And Horror Movies might be cool, too; every Jumper should have at least one good fight with Jason Voorhees, IMO.

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What's the best jump to get tattoos that actually do something?

>> No.55377656

Where could I go to get more well-versed in Duel Monsters? The jumps seem to have a lot of lore but not enough to write for, I'm worried about messing something up.

I actually really wanted to do KOTOR but the only issue is that it kind of hands you Force Powers and I don't want that. Is there a caveat in Jumpchain that allows you to outright deny a free perk? I know I play fast and loose anyway but I'd like to know there's some basis for skipping it.

>> No.55377658

You should be stunned by the sheer autism of it half the time, especially in the RWBY fandom.

>> No.55377668

Farcry and Moana.

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Chased out of Hoenn by Team Magma I was then harassed around Johto and Kanto by two incompetent Team Magma members and was accompanied by an idiot valley girl stereotype. Only really got through it well because Bagon evolved surprisingly quickly and Salamence don't fuck about. Eventually won a load of badges and went home to beat my own league.

Then there was a drunken Monopoly game that I won with perks (by cheating).

Then I was a catboy and had a nice time sailing around for four years and partying. Unfortunately a ship I was on during the 4th year crashed and I was marooned on a desert island and I spent the rest of the time hanging out with a penguin, wishing I knew some survival skills and wondering why I wasn't dead yet from my terrible coconut based diet. I was pretty sure I'd die there.

Then a star in Calormen. Went to Narnia after the White Witch was dead as I was the embodiment of Spring and felt a draw to the place. Nothing made sense.

After all this I was pretty angry and with all my memories intact for the first time since the Monopoly game plus some villainous memories and a selfishness drawback slapped on top (and an instinctive dislike of dogs born out of being a black version of Katz) I spent a fair amount of time going invisible and jumping out at Courage while I stayed in the basement of Bagge Farmhouse. Eventually I was thwarted by Courage due to a series of coincidences while trying to seize the farm as my own and (breaking easily out of jail when they put me in it) I spent the rest of the time stealing a shitload of money.

Sims 3 saw me as a witch boy going to highschool, occasionally I'd have to repeat a day/week/month so I focused on learning spells, alchemy and how to build mad shit. Sometimes I had to rebuild my inventions which was incredibly annoying.

InFamous saw me joining the fire department of Seattle due to being a smoke conduit and being good enough at it that I eventually made chief.

And that's how it starts.

>> No.55377676

Log Horizon.

Find a Sigilmancer.
Acquire Sigils.

>> No.55377685

It's your chain; you can do what you want. For what it's worth, a lot of people ignore free perks in place like Twilight.

>> No.55377692

Naruto. Fuin is all crazy bullshit.

>> No.55377700

Why wouldn't you be able to refuse a free perk? If a store offers you free samples, you're not obligated to take them.

>> No.55377701

Hadn't considered AVP, that actually piques my interest. As shitty as it is, if I do go up against Jason, it'll likely be Jason-X just to level the field better. It'll be hard to right through the bouts of vomiting.

>> No.55377703

Nightmare Before Christmas.

>> No.55377709

Full Metal Alchemist is pretty good for this.

>> No.55377734

Honestly? The Shadow Realm and Duel Monsters: The Heroes jump are both technically OC, drawing on inspiration from Yu-Gi-Oh cards, so you can't really mess it up. But I can give you some more lore from what Digger gave us for Shadow Realm:

>The Archfiends are eldritch abominations that exist outside of the Shadow Realm. Their sole goal is to corrupt and destroy everything.
>The Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl are both the incarnations of mages from Ancient Egypt
>The Red-Eyes Darkness Dragons' infatuation with the Blue-Eyes White Dragons is inspired both by their beauty and by their power, which is why he wants to add their bloodline to his
>The Goddess Horakhty left the Shadow Realm to create another world, a more innocent, gentle world, which is what Smile World will be when it comes out

Also, for the Heroes, the Light of Destruction is basically an malevolent cosmic force that travels through the cosmos, brainwashing and mindraping people with the ultimate goal of either enslaving or killing everyone. For KOTOR, sure you can turn it down, why wouldn't you be able to?

>> No.55377735

Both will be fixed in the next WIP. Thanks for pointing them out.

>> No.55377739

Exalted - Lunars has some pretty good shit.

>> No.55377748
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Well, I got dropped off in a Japanese teenager's body, and spent the decade reconnecting with my older sister. While lying in a park together watching the stars, we both dropped into the middle of a tavern drinking together.

From there, we've been drinking and fighting our way through a bunch of medieval fantasy worlds. She gains physical strength and tactical prowess as she goes through the chain, where I have been gaining more and more magical powers. She stabs, and I shoot.

At the end of the Mushoku Tensei jump, an otherwise unnoteworthy rival mage gained PHENOMENAL ICE POWERS and killed her before at the last day of the jump. Which lead to some extreme confusion in the next jump where she came back and we were both possessed by Anthrax. We fought, and I gathered a mercenary band together over the course of the decade along with dark elf priestess, who is currently working as my student.

From there, we've fought and won out against armies hundreds of times our size, and helped the little guy when we could afford it. Life's been good so far. I hope it lasts...

>> No.55377749

People very early on thought that free perks were mandatory, which lead to some oddness in early jumps (Stuff like Black Bullet has free perks which are meant to be mandatory ones,) but it was established very early on that if it didn't say mandatory, people weren't going to take them.

>> No.55377752

>The Armand clan is unable to do this currently as they lack their clans scrolls however their bodies can grow even stronger than the other Supreme Warriors and reach the Ninth rank through muscular power alone.
Zangief would be proud.

...okay I feel like an idiot but I'm gonna ask anyway. Does Soul Mutate have you choose from two affinities when purchased, or is it an on the fly thing?

Now, two requests.

The first is for the option to have Delin Cowart in our version of the Coiling Dragon Ring. The second is a lower priced Companion Import that's only 1 or 2 companions a pop for those of us who don't have the full 8 yet and don't find the idea of having a roster largely comprised of CD natives appealing.

>> No.55377754

Just looked this up and it has lightning as a separate element in an otherwise-standard Aristotelian system. Ugh, pass. Sorry, Herculanon, I'm sure your jump is good (I'm reading through it and seeing several perks I quite like, like the one that makes a reputation for a skill increase your speed in training it), but this setting is trash. Why do people keep doing this awful thing in their fantasy settings?

>> No.55377762

Isn't that Batman, though?

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>> No.55377786

Personally, I like an 8 element system where the extra 4 are made up of combinations of the elements in a wheel. Like, Ice is the element between Earth and Water, Lightning is the one between Wind and Fire, stuff like that. I think it's a fun extra layer of complexity.

I've seen 16 element systems like this before which were interesting, but that's more niche. I myself made a 72 element system along similar lines once. It was autistic as shit, but fun to think about.

>> No.55377790

Godeater’s Training Room cuts off aswell, thanks for the jump btw. Also if we buy an edict or soul mutate would it stop or mess us up from being able to be a UC?

>> No.55377798
File: 198 KB, 550x413, let me in i'm a fairy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>With Fate/Zero, new loves and challenges arrive! The Nameless Hero Of Justice, EMIYA, is summoned to fight for Nika in the Grail War! With three years spent before this war, they speak of their nature and have many touching moments, they fall in love! And just in time for the Grail War to happen!

>But this cunning moth has a plan in the Grail War! Having threatened Tokiomi and The Church into letting the moth cooperate with them else the moth will expose their plan to cheat in the war, the moth proceeds to talk with Kirei about helping fix his soul! And so, with the concept of deriving happiness from things other than making people suffer thoroughly pounded into him under the guise of sparring, the Grail War commences!

>But what's this? Has Gilgamesh, caught onto their plans! If so, he could be the first person ever who has truly caught onto their jumper nature! How he reacts to it, not even out magnificent moth knows!

>> No.55377801

Are you the Companion, or is there some 4th-wall breaking going on?

>> No.55377817

Oh great.

More trashy xianxia.

As if the collective power-dong needed to be artificially inflated *more*.

>> No.55377823

What does this have to do with inflation? Is that you Dobson?

>> No.55377831

Why are people like you so trashy that they judge an entire setting on what is a relatively minor point in the setting? Why do fantasy settings need to stick to your conceptions of what elements should be elements or be derided as trash?

>> No.55377855

Thanks for the jump Herc.
Chances of buying a clan to come with us as followers in our chain?

>> No.55377884

If anything, it doesn't go far enough. Add some more elements, just one is a cop out.

>> No.55377907

Yeah, that's fine. I think that's a cool way to do it, having paraelements, as D&D used to put it. Because then you're still acknowledging the prime four, the other elements are combinations of those. But having earth, air, fire, water and lightning is just being lazy. It's saying "I can't figure out where to put lightning, so I'm going to break up this pattern that has a ton of tradition and mythological resonance to it for the sake of shoving it away somewhere I don't have to think about it". Either use a set from our real world or make up an entirely new one of your own, don't use an existing one and then have this little tumor of a nothing-element bulging out from its side.

See above. It's lazy. The author didn't want to put in the effort to make up their own system, and they didn't want to put in the effort to think of the symbolism by which lightning could be part of another element (traditionally either air or fire, though in the Wu Xing it's actually part of the water element), so they just took an existing system, glued on a new element, and hoped no one would notice.

>> No.55377909

What are the best settings for fulfilling your various niche, fucked-up fetishes?

>> No.55377937

Resident Evil for me.

>> No.55377943
File: 119 KB, 650x650, aXm3321xjU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In the last arc!
Are reluctant jumper was thrown across the universe into teen titans by their godly benefactor! After spending years with as a thief and just barely managing to withstand trigon's extinction wave with an extreme amount of charms, the jumper was fine...

But not for long.

Soon, they were hurtled into adventure time, now with a brand new body that was better, faster, stronger, and... Greener! Soon they had gotten out of wizard city, but that wasn't the end of their issues, having taken up the profession of dungeoneering!

The next world was a slow one, known as Aria. The only issue here was jumper's deep loneliness. He's already abandoned to world to time, and soon, this one would be abandoned, too. He confided in his benefactor, the voice in his head, who told him that his soul was stuck to the chain. He leaves, and everything in his dimension would be vaporised. In her warped morality, the benefactor saw nothing wrong with this. Jumper really didn't want to bring the issue back up.

In Nier, jumper gained a fatalistic towards the world. He spent time drifting from town to town as a bard, doing tasks to gain a small amount of money. Was he just a puppet on razor sharp strings? The benefactor was no help, given how she spent the jump almost entirely silent. She seemed... Really focused on something...

Her efforts were revealed in Automata. She had been trying to create a sort of half-jumper, what she had christened a "Companion". The first companion jumper had chosen was a small pod, who knew nothing of his origins. Jumper called him Sam.

Now, they've been placed in a small vacation jump, Night In The Woods. It's a nice place... But why are jumper's dreams so weird all of a sudden?

>The narration fades out to the sound of dice being rolled...

>> No.55377955

Or they didn't believe the system would be so important to the story and setting that the symbolism would matter much. Why exactly is there a requirement to either use an existing system or make up an entirely new one? Unless it being an existing system or an entirely new one is actually important to the setting or story, I'd say you're just overly focused on what you find important that you exaggerate how much it actually matters in judging the quality of the setting or story.

Seriously, get over yourself. Just because something has importance and meaning elsewhere does not mean it has to have similar meanings in another place entirely.

>> No.55377958

Is the Ninth Rank Magicite Core meant to be 200 instead of 100?

>> No.55377970

>...okay I feel like an idiot but I'm gonna ask anyway. Does Soul Mutate have you choose from two affinities when purchased, or is it an on the fly thing?
Choose when purchased. I'll make sure to clarify that.

>The first is for the option to have Delin Cowart in our version of the Coiling Dragon Ring.
He's already there. You too can have Ghost Grandpa. Or ghost bimbo grandma but I'll judge you super hard for that.

>The second is a lower priced Companion Import that's only 1 or 2 companions a pop for those of us who don't have the full 8 yet and don't find the idea of having a roster largely comprised of CD natives appealing.
I can do that

This is actually sort of explained late in the story. Fire, Earth, Water, and Air are the four material elements. Light and Dark are two opposing types of energy. Lightning is the tribulation power of Heaven. Basically matter is Aristoeelian, energy is Chinese.

>Godeater’s Training Room cuts off aswell, thanks for the jump btw. Also if we buy an edict or soul mutate would it stop or mess us up from being able to be a UC?
Adding Godeaters training room to stuff I have to fix then. And I don't edicts and laws would actually stop you from becoming a UC. You would have to murder any divine clones you formed from them though and not get them mixed up in your soul mutation. IIRC (it has been a while since I actually read the final chapter) you need Divine clones of the four material elements and to fuse sovereign power of the four material elements.

Oh shit I forgot to add the secret powerwanking section of the jump that makes you stronger then Madara Uchiha. Thanks for reminding me anon.

It's meant to be 100

>> No.55377976

>though in the Wu Xing it's actually part of the water element)
Could you elaborate on this?

Also if you're informed on that system, can you tell me more about anything weird/interesting associated with Metal as an element? I'm interested mainly because, apparently, in that system I'd be associated with/aspected to Metal twice, so it's essentially 'my' element there the same way Air is in the Aristotelian system (though I fucking hate Air.)

>> No.55377997

You get over yourself, defending shitty writing just because you're offended someone would point it out instead of swallowing it down like you do. The author clearly wanted the familiarity of the classic four-element system (plus light and darkness, but those are opposed elements so can fit into the pair or pairs thing that the four-element system has), because it's what people are used to. But then they got lazy and just went "fuck it, lightning goes on there anyway". I'm sorry that I demand better from authors than that they be lazy with their worldbuilding. I know, it's so presumptive of me to expect people to put effort and care into the settings they create. That was probably a stupid mistake to make, given that this is xianxia, I should really know better.

>> No.55378004

When can we expect the strategy guide for Wadanohara?

>> No.55378027

...Huh. I was under the impression Delin was the name of his manhwa counterpart. Cool!

Your judgement only makes me stronger.

>> No.55378034

I had a whole post typed out, almost anyway, and then I realised arguing with an autist over a setting being called shitty over a single aspect of it when I don't even know the setting is silly.

But yeah, you dumb. Have fun compadre.

>> No.55378047

I bet you think Vampire Diaries is the height of fiction.

>> No.55378070

I'm the companion, yeah.

On one hand, murder is bad. On the other, Companion!Me started justifying his actions on an "us vs them" mentality, us being the Jumper group and them being everyone else. And thus he's gonna run straight down the slippery slope and next thing you know he's throwing bioweapons at the Space Germans. Nanoha is gonna be a fun jump to write because team Jumper is gonna get BEFRIENDED.

>> No.55378077

>that makes you stronger then Madara Uchiha.

It's a xianxia

that's already the case

your sarcasm falls flatter than a girl with no tits.

>> No.55378098

I'm not too sure a girl with no tits /falls/ notably flatter than a titty monster. Maybe lies down. But falls? Nah.

>> No.55378122

Look, Boobs McGee.

You knew what I meant.

>> No.55378130

But we're not talking about Edo Tensei Madara, anon.

>> No.55378133

Where the Aristotelian system describes the elements as the building blocks of reality, the Wu Xing describes them as states of being. An element isn't literally water, or fire, or metal, or whatever, it's the things that correspond to a metaphor using those substances as their base. This can make for situations that sound weird to a Western audience, like air being part of the Wood element. So lightning is part of the water element because it is fluid, it permeates other things, and it builds up in potential before sudden action.

Metal is the element of rigidity, but also rationality and foresight. Symbolically it's associated with autumn, the time of harvest, when people prepare for the dangers of winter. Oddly, despite not being associated with winter, it is associated with cold and ice. Pretty much anything that has to do with a thing becoming harder, actually, so glass counts, too. Also milk for some reason? I don't actually know why it has that association. Furred animals, too, probably because of the "preparing for winter" metaphor. In Chinese traditional medicine it's also associated with the lungs and the sense of smell.

>> No.55378161

>Also milk for some reason? I don't actually know why it has that association.
Calcium hardens your bones, anon.

>> No.55378182

>Find a Sigilmancer.
>Acquire Sigils.

>> No.55378188

Back at it again with AKB, this time with the jump fully fleshed out.

Criticism and comments will be greatly appreciated, as otherwise this will be submitted to the drive as is. Feel free to bash my head in if I forgot something major.

>> No.55378229

Do drop-ins not get an item tree?

>> No.55378270

Sigilmancers can create runes that have various magical effects. These runes can be tattooed on the body, and as long as they're uncovered, they'll affect the user. While it's never explicitly said what effects are included, it can be reasonably wanked to include the standard MMO armor effects (HP increase, mana increase, resistance to ice/fire/poison ect.)

Plus, you get to be a glorious tattoed shirtless God or goddess. Hence basking.

>> No.55378306
File: 1.83 MB, 2600x1300, e71c0297ceb5c86789a029fe0251453e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Previously on New!Chain!
A faithful encounter on a winding mountain road set the young Yorokonde off along his Path. Given The Stone and told to walk through ten times ten worlds to find what waits at the end, our protagonist fell into the void between worlds.

After helping save the World of Crystals with the help of three Red Mages, he was captured by the vile Necrodancer and cursed to move in time with the Crypt's music until he could defeat it's master. It cost him a year and no little amount of his sanity, but he managed it, only to be whisked away to another world without even being able to say goodbye.

He spent the next ten years discovering new abilities in the land of Cyrodill as well as training an apprentice, an awkward feline by the name of Katia Managan. As much a danger to herself as those around her, Yorokonde eventually helped her manage her usual talents and the pair discovered many secrets buried in the ruins.

The pair proved to be capable pirates in the land of Puppets, though they were of course on the side of good all along, before being whisked away to the town of Lost Memories. Yorokonde was forced to wear feathers for most of their time there but with Katia's help they managed to save the town anyways.

The world of Ragnarok was one of adventure, new friends, music, and our pair of heroes enjoyed every moment of it. They met monsters, mutinied against a cursed pirate captain, and helped put down a vile robot uprising before it could take over the land. They left behind their friends, in the end, for none showed interest in wandering the worlds.


>> No.55378308

Wot if I want to BE the Sigilmancer?

>> No.55378312

Sounds like the perfect class for an exhibitionist who has spent thousands of CP upgrading their body.

>> No.55378315

Also, I'm like 70% I read somewhere that (at least for naturally light-armored classes; Monk, swashbuckler, ect) high-level sigils were just as viable as high level armor.

Unfortunately, I can't find the source of that

>> No.55378320

>Seed of a Center
I'm... Honestly confused by this. From the wording it seems to do the following:
1. Zero out your innate talent
2. Slow down your learning

>> No.55378328

Take it as your subclass and find a partner for some mutual enhancement

>> No.55378339

>find a partner for some mutual enhancement

>> No.55378340

>mutual enhancement
So THAT'S what the kids are calling it nowadays.

>> No.55378349

The drop in capstone isn't as good as the other two. It has diminishing returns, and has nothing to actually MAKE you famous.

>> No.55378384
File: 637 KB, 1300x788, 02d1308cb44faad462eba5ed0d509222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The future of Shadows and Dragons found Yorokonde hauled off his path by the dread dragon Rhonabwy. It was a vile decade of servitude and violence that cost our hero much of himself. He gained power over technology, but it cost him a leg, an arm, and rubbed a black mark into his soul. The pair got their revenge, in the end, but the taste of it was as bitter as the polluted air of that world.

The black spot was eventually rubbed away in the world of Heroes and Leagues, new friends and allies willing to lend their support. It provided a useful and healthy outlet for Yorokonde's more violent tendencies and he learned to work past the anger he still held onto from the world before. Two new friends joined in on the adventure: Poppy, the heroic wanderer who searches for the one who can wield the hammer she holds, and Tristana, a capable gunner who wanders from conflict to conflict showing that greatness does indeed come in all sizes.

After that-
>No, no, no, we're not talking about that.
But, the footage, the montage! You can't just break in here! It's the mid-season recap episode!
>No. Skip it.
Ahem. I regret to inform our viewers that all footage of what happened in the world of Magical Girls has been lost forever. So there is no proof that Yorokonde was given the body of a young woman, was forced to dress up in a pink Kamen Rider outfit, and defeat evil with the power of Hope.

And that brings us up to date! Journey on Path Walker. We look to see you in the next world, whichever one that may be.

Teaser Trailer:
It’s face… oh god, it’s face was nothing but a skull with bits of flesh hanging off of it. Bits of rotting scales barely clung to the bone here and there, but mostly it was bleached white skull. It had a slash cut into the bone down the left side of the face. As I watched a few flakes of bone and flesh fell to the floor. And it stared at us… at me, with eye sockets that burned with a black fire.

>> No.55378459

I was never supposed to survive that bus crash. Everyone else had a much better shot. Somehow, fate picked me.

That's what got His attention, and it all went crazy from there. He thought maybe, if lucky lil' me went to the chopping block, that I'd have a shot where His other heroes didn't.

All of their villains cheated, He said, so He figured He'd just find someone they'd try to cheat against and fail. Someone fate already liked.

But we all know the crash was a fluke. I should've died.

>> No.55378498

It's like a penis pump for your biceps!

>> No.55378544

That's how you get gonorrhea in your biceps. Speaking from experience.

>> No.55378551

syncretic combination of runes+fuin+sigils=?

>> No.55378552

>mutual enhancement
>Not involuntary enhancement
>Not savoring the look on your waifu's face when she wakes up and notices her enhancements

>> No.55378577


Wait a minute, what? That's a thing?

>> No.55378600

Sort of. In the manga version Doehring is replaced with a woman named Delin.

>> No.55378641

The manga genderflips Doehring.

>> No.55378752

Version 0.9 of my werewolf of the Apocalypse jump Put in auspice perk lines, and tribe advantages/disadvantages as well as some general perks. Organized the item list by cost.

>> No.55378831

Mist, if you're going to saddle us with a shit jump, could you at least be brave enough to put on your name?

>> No.55378897


So, what didn't you like about the jump?

>> No.55378906
File: 771 KB, 1150x989, 1498712834193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You shouldn't give your waifus ethereal dick tattoos without their consent, anon.

>> No.55378914

Your intro is pretty weak, senpai. Also, why random blue text? Please make it the standard B&W.

>> No.55378919

What are the three drops of sovereign's might?

>> No.55378926

Is there a reason to say when you seem to take into account very little of what critique you do get unless someone does it for you or it's easy? You got a bunch of long posts about the issues in your jumps but most of your new additions were done for you and while you added a little on your own, you also didn't fix some of the glaring issues like the item discount arrangement.

If half ass your response to feedback, people aren't likely to bother again. You don't need to take everything into account but if you're not even giving a reason for turning stuff down, people are just going to assume the worst about your reaction to their feedback and not bother further.

>> No.55378968

What do you think a Mario + Rabbids Jump would look like?

>> No.55378969

The little blurb at the beginning would look better if you put it with the intro. You certainly have enough room. Also, get rid of the random spaces at the tops of the Origin and Location pages. And this is just personal preference, but IMO it looks better if you don't separate perk-/item-lines as you did. Having the start of each section have its own page looks nice, but doing it for each grouping of perks just looks unpleasant.

>> No.55378975

What happened to tribal perklines? Why did you just go for a single optional bonus and debuff? A lot of those things should be part of the tribe anyway. And what happened to Breed stuff or other origins or items for non werewolf origins? They've got 1-2 each, drop in sharing with werewolf, while werewolves get all other discounts.

Why is your fluff so bad? You have perks and items with zero fluff or description, just mechanics.

>Weak Veil: You don’t cause the delium.

Are you proud of writing something that basic? It's hard to argue against those accusations of laziness when you put forth that as a perk.

>> No.55379002

>talk shit about Old!Bleach
>put out jumps with this level of effort and quality
The hypocrisy of SBers never ceases to amaze me.

>> No.55379020

>Fomori are just one option letting you do that stuff to other people on a minor level if you have spirits for BSDs
I thought you were going to do a disappointing, small scale version of them from your comments. I didn't realise you weren't even going to include ways to be them at all. Lazy was right. Lazy is as lazy does.

>> No.55379025

Sovereign's Might is Super God Juice basically. It gives you incredible power for a short time and permanently powers you up.

I'll play with the formatting and see what works.

>> No.55379028

>most of your new additions were done for you and while you added a little on your own, you also didn't fix some of the glaring issues like the item discount arrangement.
>If half ass your response to feedback, people aren't likely to bother again. You don't need to take everything into account but if you're not even giving a reason for turning stuff down, people are just going to assume the worst about your reaction to their feedback and not bother further.

The auspice stuff was offered, it looked good, I used it. I got a number of posts about people not liking having kinfolk as an option. I tweaked the gnosis bit for kinfolk to be cheaper, which was one concern. As for the glaring issue with the item section, they're discounted by various things and I moved them into order with price. If I tried to move them into trees, the rest of the items would look rather weird or I'd need a lot of items. Putting them in sections in the item section wouldn't be weird to me...

I mentioned that I didn't want to get rid of the kinfolk option last time. I sorted the drawbacks and finished the tribal section.

>> No.55379053

I need to get to sleep so I'll answer any further questions tomorrow. Night all.

>> No.55379071

Looks fine to me. Better this than fuck tons of useless fluff.

>> No.55379087
File: 537 KB, 792x1224, IMG_2050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beyond Pokémon or Batman TAS. Is there any other jump that gives a combination which Savant gives? That's eidetic memory, mental math, and great aiming skills.

>> No.55379096
File: 34 KB, 192x189, 1504408691135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't >> me

>> No.55379103

You also didn't do auspice stuff yourself. For a guy accused of laziness, not a good look.

You also ignored a lot of critique. People have already gone over it since my post before so there's no point repeating it in my post, but I do wonder who you're trying to fool in your post here.

I will take the time to explain the item issues though. The first issue is that you have so few items when there are so many to draw on. Your constant complaints about not having enough looks silly when people have pointed that out. if you don't have enough, get more. The second and original issue was that werewolves have access to more discounts than the other origins. You have items discounted to auspices and tribes, both only available to werewolves. That is only compounded by the fact that different origins, auspices and tribes have discounts to different priced things. That is the issue and not one you can excuse with awkwardness because it already looks awkward and bad.

>> No.55379146

It's better than before, I guess. Jump as a whole still feels incredibly lukewarm, in both actual content- despite the length- and fluff.

>> No.55379149

I pick them all.
I'm gonna mercilessly headpat them all.
I miss Bowie.
Started out as a guy in way over his head with no interest in fighting for anything.
Couldn't get a handle on things until five jumps in.
Realized that this process probably wasn't going to stop any time soon at ten jumps in.
By jump 20, I realized that I was never going to be taking anyone with me.
Now I'm past jump 30, and have devoted myself to the collection of knowledge and power without becoming an inhuman monster. It's a difficult path.

>> No.55379167


>> No.55379181

>What happened to tribal perklines? Why did you just go for a single optional bonus and debuff?

I went with one advantage for the tribes because in a lot of cases, their tribe doesn't matter worth shit outside of werewolf. If they're good at something, take the skill option and be good at it. Not to mention a decent amount of tribal stuff would be locked to the tribe and that's a lot of stuff to lock in a jump. It's not laziness, it's a design decision.

Breed stuff, again, if you're humid you're humid, nothing new. If you're a metis, you're a freak and grew up in garou society. Take some lore, there you go. Lupus... you're a wolf. Congratz... you have a wolf form. Pick up some primal urge.

As for my fluff being bad, I'm trying to keep it down to a reasonable limit.

You don't cause the delirium = exactly that.

But sure, I can put the reasoning in there for why they don't cause it.

>I didn't realise you weren't even going to include ways to be them at all. Lazy was right. Lazy is as lazy does.

It's a werewolf jump, not how to be a mutated fucking freak jump. I don't like fomori.

>> No.55379202

If you're only making the Jump to satisfy yourself and your tastes, why are you even posting it here in the first place?

>> No.55379207

>Doesn't matter worth shit
And here we see the problem with your approach. You just don't give a shit about the setting. You're not making this to make a jump for the setting. You're making this for some other reason, maybe power or being liked, and so you don't give a shit about the stuff people care about.

Here's a hint you utter retard, don't pick up a jump if you hate most of it.

>> No.55379221

You realize that half of the jumps on the drive are up there for the same reason right?

>> No.55379224

>reasonable limit
FIVE WORDS. Five words Mist. You're not being reasonable, you're just being lazy. You couldn't be arsed doing tribe perks, you've indicated you hate that part of Werewolf, so you don't bother any effort there.

>It's a werewolf jump
Yeah, the moment you put in drop in and kinfolk origins, is the moment you became a fucking idiot for trying to use this as a justification.

>> No.55379241
File: 266 KB, 1199x868, Latara_Feathersong2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you honor the fallen, /jc/? Picked up any funeral rites so you can properly send off non-Companions who die in the line of duty? Say goodbye to people you met in-world and happened to like?

Or is even that beneath you now?

>> No.55379259

He's not being lazy, you're the one being unreasonable. The fluff does exactly what it needs to do.

>> No.55379267

What fluff? There is no fluff there to do anything. Are you arguing for us to have no fluff in any jump? Because you're going to find a lot of people don't want a bunch of mib jumps.

>> No.55379276

>both only available to werewolves

Tribe is available to Kinfolk.

I was looking for suggestions and things I'd missed.

>Here's a hint you utter retard, don't pick up a jump if you hate most of it.

You do realize that you can't play a fomori or a black spiral dancer in the base game, right? I've found most story tellers will laugh in your face in you ask. Unless they're playing a evil game, they're generally speaking npcs.

So no, I don't feel bad about not including them.

>> No.55379297

>Tribe is available to kinfolk
But Auspice is not and Tribe is not available to drop in. Your items are also still unbalanced price-wise in discounts.

Do you genuinely just not care?

>> No.55379304

It's no use trying to derail this idiocy on all sides. Just sit back and grab some popcorn.

>> No.55379317

Someone had to try, anon. Might as well be me.

>> No.55379327

I wasn't even talking about fomori or black spirals there you prick. I was talking about how you seem to think huge parts of the game like tribes or breeds or auspices don't matter at all and only change things when they are outright given to you. You explicitly said that tribes 'don't matter worth shit'. They're one of the biggest parts of the game and you think they don't matter worth shit. Do you think Clans are the same in Vampire? Should the guy who made Mage the Awakening not have bothered with the amazing perks he did for Orders there?

>> No.55379351

Can't fault you for trying.

>> No.55379354

>Are you arguing for us to have no fluff in any jump?
Great way to jump to a slippery slope argument. There's enough fluff there to explain what each option is supposed to do. That's all that's needed.

>> No.55379364

How is it a slippery slope when the example being discussed has no fluff? You can't lie to create fallacies to argue against. Not if you expect to be taken seriously.

>> No.55379371

I actually spent my time in the Generic Sitcom Jump as a Mortician, and I've picked up the funeral rites of dozens of cultures across my travels. You can infer a lot about a person by observing their attitudes towards death, dying, and the dead. And I was all too happy to help others find closure and resolution after losing those that are important to them.

As for me? I've memorized the name of every individual that has ever died by my own hand or while working under me (almost effectively the same thing, at this point), and I speak a prayer for every single person who's death I observed in a Jump, at the end of a Jump. When it comes to losing individuals that are important to me (that is to say, EVERYONE), I tend to prefer holding Wakes. A bit morbid for some, but in my experience a lively wake can be just as effective as a somber funeral.

And I tend to prefer Joy to Despair.

>> No.55379372

Aren't you just saying in that post that you only need mechanics? Because it seems like you're saying exactly what he just said you were saying. I don't think you can call things slopes if you go ahead and confirm it for them.

>> No.55379381

>Your items are also still unbalanced price-wise in discounts.

Unbalanced as in too cheap or just unbalanced as in certain groups get more or less discounts?

>You couldn't be arsed doing tribe perks

Assuming that I can find three or four perks for each tribe, I'd have to lock half the document... as in no one else could take tribe stuff. Right, now, tribes one one perk and one drawback. If I expanded that out to 3 or 4 perks... that's 15 tribes (as you get one) times 3 or 4... so 45 to 60 perks that are locked. That's a hell of a lot of perks to lock. If you could justify that many perks for the tribes, it's a hell of a lot of perks to lock.

>> No.55379387

I have a stone post in my warehouse with all the names of the people I tried to save but couldn't, as a reminder of my failures and to encourage me to get better at being a hero.

I'll probably enchant it to naturally accrue those names but a part of me feels that it isn't the same unless I carve the names in myself.

>> No.55379391

Why do you need to lock off tribe perks? People have made perks for races, entire perk lines, without needing to lock them off.

>> No.55379408

>How is it a slippery slope when the example being discussed has no fluff?
>Going from one jump having "no fluff" according to you to "any jump" having "no fluff."

I don't think you're even looking at what you're writing anymore, all just to stir up artificial outrage at a jumpmaker.

>> No.55379413

Wadanohara strategy guide when?

>> No.55379433

>You explicitly said that tribes 'don't matter worth shit'.

Maybe I miss typed or you quoted it wrong but in the context of jump chain, they really only matter as much as you want them to. Want to hide out, you probably can even as a first jump, want to take part in the tribe, go for it. Does it matter longer than the time you're in the jump, only as much as you want it to.

>> No.55379435

I explained this in my first post to you. The very first post. You have items discounted at different levels to different people. Ahroun get a 500 discounted. No one else does. Ahroun also have a 150 discounted (Also on the side, you have no 25 options but have 150 discounts, meaning people will have 25 cp left). Ragabash on the other hand get two 100 discounted.

So one auspice gets the second best item and a 150 item discounted while another auspice gets two items, both weaker then the 150, discounted. Is the problem not obvious here?

>> No.55379447

>Jump strategy guides

Ten words or less, explain before my eyeballs rupture.

>> No.55379467
File: 882 KB, 244x212, breakdown of negotiations.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In order of steps taken.
>show of force
>annihilation or containment
Step one is all I need maybe half the time.
The rest of the time, well… gif related.

>> No.55379469

You really are that lazy. Mist, just fuck off. Please leave the jump to someone who's willing to care. Take it to your own drive where people are wanting it so we can have a better one. Don't stick us with your shit when you don't care about this place and don't care about this jump.

>> No.55379478

Hey, this is a great point. Why are you trying to get it on our drive Mist? You're not part of the community clearly and spend all your time over at SB. Why exactly are you here trying to get the jump on this drive?

>> No.55379494

Most efficient winning.

>> No.55379503

People want spoon-feeding about who/what to do in jumps.

>> No.55379505 [DELETED] 

He's just another shithead like Dirge trying to force lazy jumps onto the drive and stir up shit.

>> No.55379511


Somehow after a series of mental gymnastics I got what you meant, and now my eyeballs are still rupturing.

God damn it.

Oh god and this made it worse.

>> No.55379523

>Why do you need to lock off tribe perks? People have made perks for races, entire perk lines, without needing to lock them off.

And I've seen jumps where a human could buy a racial ability from another origin that made no fucking sense. If you can just pick and choose, what's the point of being part of a tribe?

>you have no 25 options but have 150 discounts

Gifts can be 25 points.

>Is the problem not obvious here?

Nope, the problem is pretty damned obvious. I was just making sure that the solution was adding more items not tweaking the cost of what was there.

>> No.55379531

Dirge jumps. Lazy. Does not compute.

>> No.55379539

That doesn't really mean having an option for that stuff doesn't matter. A background about being a warrior isn't invalidated by the fact that you can learn to swing a sword and join a mercenary band yourself.

Even if something's gimmick is superseded by an unrelated purchased making you an awesome diplomat or whatever, you can still make perks based on the traits of characters that are diplomats unrelated to the basic skill, or an effect that improves attempts at diplomacy that isn't just skill at it. You get what I'm saying?

>> No.55379540

Pick one or the other you crust of bread. You can't shitpost about him being too wordy and fluffy for years on end then turn around and call him lazy.

>> No.55379555

You can tell the bait's hitting at the same time as legitimate concerns.


Like usual.

You can't say anything or have a goddamn opinion or statement in this fucking thread without one asshole or another trying to play spin doctor.

>> No.55379570

What's the point of your origin perklines if people can buy from any of them? Because they have more reason to be locked off then these tribal perklines, given the origins are just as much if not more exclusive to each other. You can change tribe, you can't change from being a human to a werewolf. These are your races and yet you're perfectly okay with people buying between them. Same with auspices. Why are you using this justification for tribes?

That's an amusingly common thing you do actually. Hypocrisy. You use a justification and then try and ignore when people point out how little sense it makes based on how you've made the jump already. People already pointed out how foolish it was to say an origin didn't fit a game about Werewolves when you already have non Werewolf origins.

>> No.55379586

Of the many things you could complain about in a dirge jump you picked the one that just isn't true.

>> No.55379597

>Even if something's gimmick is superseded by an unrelated purchased making you an awesome diplomat or whatever, you can still make perks based on the traits of characters that are diplomats unrelated to the basic skill, or an effect that improves attempts at diplomacy that isn't just skill at it. You get what I'm saying?

Sure, lots of ways to get to the end result.

>> No.55379602

Xe's. You'd know this if you weren't just trying to stir shit.

>> No.55379607

>I'm too lazy to actually make perks for tribes

>> No.55379619
File: 125 KB, 732x915, Noblesse Frankenstein Dark Spear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So would Perfect Partner (Witchblade) make Dark Spear (Noblesse) not try to corrupt or take me over? Just checking. Anyone know if there is also anyway to make it more 'holy' or atleast less 'eat your soul' look it has going for it, even if it does actually do that.

>> No.55379636

Not sure, honestly. I think it's just the nature of the device, even if you were compatible enough it'd still try and eat you. I'd say no, unless evidence is otherwise, just because I don't think compatibility would change the spears nature towards it's wielder. It'd make it more powerful at least.

>> No.55379669

Is Magical Might 1:1?

>> No.55379670


>> No.55379672

Well...that sucks. My dream weapon import is gone now, thanks for answering Val.

>> No.55379676

>Why are you using this justification for tribes?

You're right, in the context of the jump it's a decently weak argument when you have a jump chan that can stuff your head with everything needed. That said, would you want to buy another tribe's advantage?

>> No.55379689

... I'm gonna have to go with yes, I wanna buy whatever seems interesting/cool whether it fits my origin/tribe/race/whatever or not.

>> No.55379695

>decently weak
You're so arrogant.

Would I? I don't think I'd want to use your jump at all. But I imagine most people would like more choice and versatility in how they can make their builds. That is generally seen as a big YES in terms of how people view a jump as being quality. More choice, more good choice, equals better jump.

They'd probably like it even more if you made actual perk lines. I'll even post some material for you to make them with.

>Tribebook: Black Furies
>Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
>Tribebook: Children of Gaia
>Tribebook: Fianna
>Tribebook: Get of Fenris
>Tribebook: Glass Walkers
>Tribebook: Red Talons
>Tribebook: Shadow Lords
>Tribebook: Silent Striders
>Tribebook: Silver Fangs
>Tribebook: Stargazers
>Tribebook: Uktena
>Tribebook: Wendigo

>> No.55379706

>Decently weak argument
What is your problem with just admitting that you're wrong sometimes? Why do you have to ignore or play off anything that shows how badly you've been handling this?

>> No.55379716

...Yes? It's not like there's only one Tribe whose benefits I like. If you actually went the mile of making perklines for them instead of that weaksauce benefits stuff I guarantee you there'd be even more people grappling with whether or not to take the hit and pay for things outside their wheelhouse.

>> No.55379720

Forgot to ask but Stabilised (Witchblade) would be perfect for that situation wouldn't it?

>> No.55379722

>I wanna buy whatever seems interesting/cool whether it fits my origin/tribe/race/whatever or not.

How much is it worth? 100, 200? If you get the other tribe's disadvantage too? If you don't?

In other words, something like you trained with the other tribe or maybe you had kinfolk in the other tribe... or something for a justification. (as much as jumpers need justification.)

What's it worth in that case?

>> No.55379723

>SB white knights.
Not editing fluff down to proper size is equally lazy as having too little fluff, so yes, he's one of the laziest jumpmakers that we've ever seen.

>> No.55379739

>Not being lazy is exactly the same as being lazy.
You either need less medication or more. It's hard to tell which.

>> No.55379740

K thanks. Also, when it says that your "[magical growth] will also add to your growth in physical abilities" is that just another fluffy way of saying your magic constantly reinforces your body, or does your physical body actually improve separately, keeping the boosts even if your magic is inaccessible?

>> No.55379745

Enough that he can overdose.

>> No.55379746

Stop arguing against people wanting you to make the jump better. Stop trying to have to make as little change as possible. You would not need these answers if you actually made full perklines. You have entire books for each tribe. This is not hard.

>> No.55379763


It's the latter. Your magic will continue to improve your body as your magic improves but your body can be trained to be even higher independently.

>> No.55379772

Alright the dream is alive again, thanks for answering again Val.

>> No.55379777
File: 80 KB, 612x1199, hades.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55379781

>Not putting in the work to edit and proofread a jump and make it legible instead of a pile of useless words.
Yes, that's called laziness. Anyone can copy and paste words into a jump.

>> No.55379786

Would Kid Jumper allow you to retain the strength of one alt-form in a different one?

>> No.55379796


>> No.55379809

Okay, thanks.

>> No.55379828

>What is your problem with just admitting that you're wrong sometimes?

Eh, fine, the idea of coming up with dozens of perks for tribes that makes sense, fit the tribe and isn't just same old same old, doesn't fill me with glee. As for the tribe books, I don't have most of the tribe books which means I have to use the main books, websites or kinfolk books or such things to come up with perks.

>Yes? It's not like there's only one Tribe whose benefits I like. If you actually went the mile of making perklines for them instead of that weaksauce benefits stuff I guarantee you there'd be even more people grappling with whether or not to take the hit and pay for things outside their wheelhouse.

So noted.

>> No.55379850

Huh, nice. That's a bit different than I initially interpreted the perk. Thanks, Val.

>> No.55379862

If you don't want to put in the work to do the jump justice, the correct thing to do is drop the claim and leave it for someone who does care enough. Not try and squeak by with a subpar jump by hoping that no one cares enough to fight you on it.

>> No.55379864

>The idea of coming up with lots of content doesn't make me happy
Why oh why then, did you choose to make a jump for such a big setting?

>> No.55379883

This >>55379862
This isn't some obscure movie or anime you can sneak by. People know and love Werewolf, with all it's stupid shit. It's one of the biggest parts of one of the biggest ttrpgs on the forum. Even if you haven't played it, you've likely heard of WoD if you've been in the overall community for very long. Why did you think people wouldn't push for you to go beyond the horrible stuff you've been pushing out?

>> No.55379926

>trying to put in the bare minimum of effort
>for a jump that you want to put on the /tg/ drive about a popular /traditional game/

>> No.55379952

Hey Val, just checking, Rose is working on Code Geass and that Witch Academy thing, right?

>> No.55379955

>Why oh why then, did you choose to make a jump for such a big setting?

I didn't honestly see the need for tribal perks when all you get for picking a tribe in the game is background restrictions. (and access to tribal gifts which you get) No nice fucking perks, no attributes, no fucking nothing. So yeah, I didn't see a point for Tribal perks when I started, I still don't. I can understand why people want them, shiny perks. Probably related to the general flow of a tribe... I can understand why people want them.

What you really get for taking a tribe in a game is a lot of roleplaying chances and generalities.

>> No.55379979

...so almost as much as you get for Breed or Auspice then? Gifts, some restrictions, roleplaying opportunities...

Oh and the post was directed against your entire jump, given your laziness and lack of desire to do work for much of it.

>> No.55379992

Alice is the one working on Code Geass.

>> No.55379997

Rose is still going on LWA but it's Alice that's doing Code Geass. I haven't heard much about the latter in a few days though. I might try and take a break after I post a few things to help them get it closer to being done or something.

>> No.55380007

Do you need to improve each alt-form separately with it?

>> No.55380013

Literally the only other person who expressed a desire to make Werewolf was SoAnon and you chased her off too.

>> No.55380017

Unless you have a different amount of magic in each alt form, I don't see why each would change/

If you're talking about the latter bit, then that's up to you. It's just physical training at that point so if you say that counts across all alt forms or whatever isn't up to me.

>> No.55380021

Sauce? Looking up Death Patch I can only find some kind of heavy metal logo on ebay

>> No.55380034

Didn't Val say something too? And we had a past attempt at it as well. And with all these people now, surely one of them would be interested in stepping up.

>> No.55380035


Fuck whatever cunt did that too, but do you have an actual point to make or are you just doing the post version of going NYER NYER in class?

>> No.55380046

Oh, okay, just wanted to know. I sometimes lose track over who has what. Thanks Val and NuBee.

>> No.55380056

>This isn't some obscure movie or anime you can sneak by.

You're right, it's not. It has also been around a lot longer than jump chains and still doesn't have a jump.


As for Breed, can you honestly say that being a humid would actually give you shit for perks? You're already human. Metis? People hate you. Lupus, you're a wolf, nifty? have some free primal urge and survival. and get over yourself.

Auspices are five different paths and things sort of fit for perks for doing things that mere skill doesn't quite cover.

>> No.55380060

Dunno, just found it while browsing Danbooru.


Apparently it's from Destiny Child or something.

Nah, haven't mentioned interest in claiming it or anything. Got too much already and it'd be a big project. It's also already claimed so even if it's gonna be shit I'll respect that at least.

>> No.55380066

So your excuse for doing a shit job is just that no one else has bothered until now? That's pathetic.

>> No.55380072

>Fuck whatever cunt did that
That would be Val and PrincessAnon.

>> No.55380085

You had most of the hand in it, don't be shy. The hate train was your work, you shouldn't ignore all the work you did.

>> No.55380095

I'm going to take that as a yes, you autistic manchild.

>> No.55380103

Homid- reconnecting with nature or getting past beings who hate humans, getting on better with urban spirits and in that environment

Metis- getting around discrimination or not being a target for discrimination despite what you are, turning your disabilities into benefits

Lupus- people don't panic around you even if they should because you're a fucking wolf and not a dog, you can easily adapt to civilised things and society and don't lose that even after spending long times in the wild.

Took me fucking seconds to come up with some prospective ideas. You are lazy. Stop making excuses and get the fuck on with your job Mist.

>> No.55380175

No, that was Soanon. That bitch had a public meltdown and ditched the thread, came back over a year later, and did nothing but pitch another fit and demand her jumps be removed.

>> No.55380180

No, the "hate train" was largely formed as a result of Brutus not having the integrity to do what was right, instead giving in to a few REEEing jackasses.

>> No.55380229


I don't understand people like you. Everyone knows you're starting shit for the sake of it. Nobody takes you seriously, and all you do is lie off your ass because you get off on outrage. Your turns of phrase arevery, very obvious when you're trying to manufacture moral outrage.

Are you utterly starved for attention IRL?

>> No.55380243

>reconnecting with nature or getting past beings who hate humans, getting on better with urban spirits and in that environment
>Metis- getting around discrimination or not being a target for discrimination despite what you are, turning your disabilities into benefits
>Lupus- people don't panic around you even if they should because you're a fucking wolf and not a dog, you can easily adapt to civilised things and society and don't lose that even after spending long times in the wild.

You're a humid... I don't recall them having any ability to get along with creatures that hate humans (other than sort of maybe be tolerated by red talons... that's more because they're Garou. Urban spirits are more bone gnawers and glass walkers and is basically useless in most jumps...

You're a wolf, people panic, that's a lot of the setting... and bone gnawers can already get away with being a dog...

Lupus don't adapt well, why should you? I already have human memories to cover this... I can see a nice safety perk for not losing your shit from being in the woods too long. So that helps.

Metis don't really get passed their issues... though sure, and turning disabilities into strengths.. for a you're so monstrous you're intimidating... so some help.

>> No.55380290

I need jumps that are about humans fighting aliens and winning.

>> No.55380296

He explicitly refused to carry out a jumpmaker's last wishes, for some utterly asinine reason. And it just encouraged the bullshit the thread was spouting. It's the truth, anon. K don't know why it's so hard for you people to accept.

>> No.55380301

I'm not sure how you can put in perks for things like ignoring silver weaknesses or other such things and then with a straight face say these things.

Perks are often about the disadvantages of characters. Almost every 'you don't have racial weaknesses' perk is just like that. Perks in this very jump are like that.

Now for more specific things.

>Urban spirits are more tribe stuff
Great, more fodder for those tribes but they work here to. The point is showing you how bullshit your excuses are.

>You're a wolf
Except in plenty of the stories in these very books, not even the novels, you have wolves in broad daylight and no one makes a fuss. Again I say that the perk can work with either. Let's not pretend you're going for a huge amount of tribe perks.

See above with how things people do not do can be used as basis for perks. There's also how many Lupus do in fact remember social niceties and the like despite spending much of their time outside of society.

Metis, again see before.

>Some help
Get the fuck over yourself Mist.

>> No.55380314

Independence Day
Mass Effect
Star Trek
Generic Alien Invasion

>> No.55380322

Power Rangers? Kamen Rider Showa Part 2? Super Sentai Part 1?

>> No.55380325

Yeah...Mist, the constant and strong opposition to any kind of change and the condescension for when you do actually have to admit to being wrong or accepting something...it is really starting to drag and you're already fucking your own image up badly enough.

>> No.55380336

>Mass Effect
>Star Trek
I mean like just humans fighting aliens. The mediocre HFY kind of settings, where mankind crushes the xenos under our boot.

>> No.55380341

He doesn't care. He won't come back to this community except for paltry efforts.

>> No.55380350

Given if he pisses off enough people badly enough and he seems to care enough about getting this on the drive, I thought I'd point it out.

>> No.55380367

Why is everyone in this thread too much of a pussy to stand by their suggestions like a non-virgin? It's always "Suggestion (this might count lul I dunno 0-0)?"

>> No.55380387

Maybe you're reading too deeply into the use of punctuation to express suggestions based on uncertainty with the questioner's expectations, or misremembering seperate conversations about obscure lore?

>> No.55380393

Stop projecting, anon.

>> No.55380395

Hey, if you wanna be the one to set off the nerdrage volcano that is every soul here by getting something maybe slightly wrong even once ever, be my guest.

>> No.55380398

Maybe you're overthinking it?

>> No.55380401

>I'm not sure how you can put in perks for things like ignoring silver weaknesses or other such things and then with a straight face say these things.

Silver tolerance is a 5 or 7 point merit, makes you either take half damage or no extra damage from silver. It's right in the book. So are perks for wyrm taint resistance.

As for wolves in broad daylight, some of the tribes look dog like enough. I'll admit I don't recall the specific case you're talking about.

Obviously I was wrong about the breed not being important enough to people for perks. I'll admit that.

>> No.55380414

Would the perk Stabilised from said jump cover that or don't have the CP for? There is perk can shift alignment or element of item but from qq jump.

>> No.55380444

That's my mistake on the merit for silver then. However the rest of the statement still applies.

Some may but plenty do not and it's fairly common throughout the stories. The most recent one I remember is from Tribebook: Gaia's Children.

Getting somewhere at last.

>> No.55380448

>Mist, the constant and strong opposition to any kind of change and the condescension

I wasn't trying to be condescending.

>> No.55380449
File: 631 KB, 500x600, thinking minnie.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would a SBURB native group even work? Like, the Benefactor hijacked their Session so instead of going to the new universe they go to her?

>> No.55380456

So it's just a natural thing? That's gotta be rough.

>> No.55380475

>Some may but plenty do not and it's fairly common throughout the stories.

There is also a item that makes you look normal, monkey puzzle. I seem to recall a gift that does it as well. So, I'm not sure if it's them using gifts and fetishes or just people being weird or their dog forms looking enough like dogs... though that shouldn't be the case for Children so I'll yield the point. There is enough variation in what various garou look like that it wouldn't be out of the question for you to look non threatening.

>> No.55380484

>So it's just a natural thing? That's gotta be rough

Eh, now and then.

>> No.55380487

>He's still arguing against suggestions for his jump
I'd be actually surprised if you post a WIP that has more perks for Breeds than just the suggestions you've gotten here.

>> No.55380494
File: 60 KB, 640x718, 1503281575139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. I hate that shit. Have some confidence in what you say.

>> No.55380497

Work on fixing that then because you've got enough trouble with the stuff you do on purpose without your ego making things worse.

>> No.55380502

How much further along is Katanagatari?

>> No.55380522

From last time? I did another two perklines, Agent origin is done and I'm working on the Ninja Corps origin's perks now, though only two done so far since I was doing GO's dailies earlier.

>> No.55380556

Confidence paints a target on your back. You survive here by making yourself seem harmless. Egos exist to be torn down. That's what they DO. It's what they do to EVERYONE, no matter how little they deserve it.

Run. Hide. Cower. Whatever you do, for your own sanity don't fight back. Fighting only gets you killed.

>> No.55380587
File: 76 KB, 288x467, 1487559207691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is honestly kind of autistic. It's an internet board populated by drama queens, not a post-apocalyptic wasteland. If people don't like what you say that's their problem. In the end no one can do anything to you here, you're fucking anonymous.

>> No.55380593

>I'd be actually surprised if you post a WIP that has more perks for Breeds than just the suggestions you've gotten here.

Why? If I'm going to do it, and it's obviously something people want, I might as well do a full perk tree for each breed.

>> No.55380615

I wouldn't say ego and confidence is making you a target so much as arrogance and being overly prideful. You do get some shitposters either way but you'll get a lot of the thread on your ass if you act arrogant when you haven't earned it.

>> No.55380626

Yeah and we were going to get Tribe perktrees too and look at how that turned out. We had to argue you into them again. The only reason we got Auspice perklines was because someone gave you them fully done.

>> No.55380649

>The only reason we got Auspice perklines was because someone gave you them fully done.

I won't lie, maybe. It certainly wasn't on my list of things to work on next. The item section was. But I'll fully admit that I really like the auspice section.

>> No.55380668

If you're not going to lie here, please don't lie like you do in >>55380593
You've definitely lost the ability to say something like that post and have anyone trust you on it.

>> No.55380676

Does 1/16th Saiyan work for races acquired before the jump?

>> No.55380680


>> No.55380714

Does Omega keep the whole item stored physically within you, or is it more spread throughout your body?

>> No.55380719

The whole thing

>> No.55380747

How many Gokus would it take to screw in a lightbulb?

>> No.55380772

Z Gokus or Super Gokus?

>> No.55380791

Supers, I like big numbers.

>> No.55380796

I've never gotten this joke. Where would you get a lightbulb that big?

>> No.55380800

2, probably. 1 to sit there and break the lightbulb, another to go and get Vegeta/Trunks/Piccolo/Gohan/Anyone Else to fix it for him.

>> No.55380972

Make it yourself, you have glassblowing skills right?

>> No.55381244

Is that a yes or no? I honestly can't tell.

>> No.55381249

Galo Sengan Jump when?

>> No.55381257

'Ahuh' is a variant on the English phrase 'Uhuh' or 'Uh huh', which signifies positive affirmation. So its a yes, my dear ESL.

>> No.55381278

It's probably a yes.

>> No.55381469

Yeah, I asked if anyone was working on a few settings I'm thinking of working on.
My immediate priority will be updating the Dishonored 2 jump for Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Once that's out of the way, I might try working on some of the jumps I asked about. They're not claims just yet, so if anyone wants to surprise me with a Labyrinth jump before I get around to it they're welcome to it.

>> No.55381489


Tribe Born: [100] You grew up in your tribe and learned a great deal of your tribe’s lore, you know the litany, backwards and forwards, especially the part about garou not fucking garou and you can remember significant parts of your tribe’s history. Moving forward, you find it surprisingly easy to pick up the history of groups by being around them.

Thick Skinned: [200] Insults, right, those things that you learned to ignore by the time you were three. Not only do you have an almost supernatural talent for ignoring insults, you find that most people don’t even bother to insult you for anything unless you’ve personally pissed them off.

Hopeful Cripple [400] You have a knack for turning negatives into positives, lost a bet, that’s fine, you were just making sure the casino didn’t nail you for cheating, missing a foot, no worries, that just means you can hide a gun in your peg leg, fits of madness, it wasn’t like your boss actually needed to see the solicitors anyways. You’re virtually immune to depression magical or otherwise and no one worries if you can do the job because of any ‘disadvantages’ as long as you can actually do the job.

Spin The World: [600] You have an almost supernatural knack for getting people to reexamine their prejudices and let them go. With a little work, you could get people to blame the parents of a metis rather than the metis or get that Nazi to marry a jew.

>> No.55381496

Brutus, did you mean to delete all the imaged folders?

>> No.55381497


Beast at Heart: [100] You have a connection to nature that even most garou don’t understand, tracking someone through the wilderness by scent comes naturally to you as does hunting for your food and understanding wolves and how to fit into a pack.

Canine: [200] You might be a wolf but you’re also a canine and dogs are canines. People like dogs and for some strange reason most people treat your lupus form as a large dog rather than a wolf, at least until you growl or do anything overtly hostile that reminds them that you’re a rather large wolf.

Forks: [400] Forks, yes, I know what a fork is, I can even use chopsticks and program a VCR, asshole. You’re supernaturally good at picking up ‘alien’ cultures, languages and a basic understanding of a culture’s technology as well as keeping all of the rules straight. You also have no problem walking back to a group after being away for a while and fitting in.

>> No.55381500

Much better. Just remember to put a thanks in for the anons who helped you.

>> No.55381508

No 600?

>> No.55381540

>Much better. Just remember to put a thanks in for the anons who helped you.

I've got no problem with giving credit for the help.


I'm working on the 600.

>> No.55381579

Can the capstone booster boost the mark if we have one? Like giving us the ability to give out marks of our own?

Also could you make it a bit easier to use the base abilities the booster gives for the maximum outsider nonsense. Like being able to watch those we are linked to all the time and/or stopping time to briefly appear and monologue?

>> No.55381646

>No 600?

Ghost Wolves: By spending a gnosis and howling you can call forth the Wild Hunt or at least a version of it. For each gnosis you spend a large horse sized spirit wolf appears to help you track down and kill your prey. The spirit wolves are supernaturally strong, able to tear through steel with frightening ease and immune to non-magical weapons at their weakest. They scale in strength, speed and durability with your perks and powers.

Is what I'm thinking for the Lupus 600

>> No.55381655

Isn't that Gift? It's also too good compared to the others if they scale since it's already pretty darn strong.

>> No.55381660

Actually, canon gift or not, that's pretty much a gift in spirit since you need to spend gnosis. I'd suggest finding something else or changing it to not work on gnosis. If you've got a gift section, selling what is clearly a gift as a perk is cheap.

>> No.55381696

He's reorganizing the drive and stuff to make it easier to navigate, no worries.

>> No.55381715

Well, the formatting is pretty terrible, and there are some grammar problems here and there, but as it's just a WIP that's presumably gonna get fixed. Other than that, a power loss drawback would be fitting, considering Xianxia is all about starting out at the bottom and rising up from that. Maybe a magical beast option as well? Also, I'm pretty sure that Divine Edge was called Bloodviolet instead. Besides that, a +0 drawback to start from your birth would be neat.

>> No.55381716

>Isn't that Gift? It's also too good compared to the others if they scale since it's already pretty darn strong.

There is one to go to the umbra and try to talk a great and terrible beast into helping you...

Okay, I'll cut the scaling part out. Mostly I used gnosis as I wanted a way for people to be able to get more than one... but sure, not being able to spend gnosis would still be reasonable.

Ghost Wolves: By howling in a special way you can call forth the Wild Hunt or at least a version of it. You can summon a large horse sized spirit wolf to help you track down and kill your prey. The spirit wolves are supernaturally strong, able to tear through steel with frightening ease and immune to non-magical weapons.

>> No.55381771
File: 241 KB, 900x600, 1459312608039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HEY HO! Captain here for yet another update!

Just got done with shuffling around things like I had wanted to do a week or so ago, but basically the only major change is a new Folder called "Series".

Basically its there so we don't have say two Starcraft Folders one in imaged and one in unimaged to make things easier to find things (and organize things) in the long run.

I'll be going through the drive a bit later to add more stuff to it as needed.

Oh! And I of course updated the drive as it turns out I had gotten quite behind on that. It ended up being 61 or so files I had to update/upload? Man we sure are cranking things out.

Anyway! That's all for tonight so just remember to Keep on Jumping!

>> No.55381783

>There is one
May want to change that one then.

>Gnosis removed
When you remove a bit, you need to change the rest. Can you just keep howling as long as you have vocal chords to summon more and more wolves? How long do the wolves stay too? The perk doesn't indicate such.

>> No.55381827

Kingdom Hearts and then Peter Pan... am I seeing a pattern beginning to form here?

>> No.55381828

>May want to change that one then.

It's different enough to the ability to summon a ghost wolf, that I'm okay with it. Unless I come up with something that fits better.

Point about summoning more... and time. Dawn for time? Once a day? I can see them vanishing with the day or the night... if you summoned them during the day.. once per person... Probably needs some adjustment.

>> No.55381865

Twelve hours is probably too generous for as strong as they are, depending on how many you are letting people summon.

>> No.55381920

Thank you Brutus!

>> No.55381932

Thanks for your work, Brutus. Everything okay down there in Waterworld?

>> No.55381941

>Twelve hours is probably too generous for as strong as they are, depending on how many you are letting people summon.

Ghost Wolves: [600] By howling in a special way you can call forth the Wild Hunt or at least a version of it. You can summon a large horse sized spirit wolf to help you track down and kill your prey. The wolf lasts until the enemy is slain or until the next dawn. The hunt can only be called on a particular person once. The spirit wolf is supernaturally strong and durable, able to tear through steel with frightening ease and is immune to non-magical weapons. You start with the ability to keep one ghostly wolf active at a time but with enough time and practice might be able to control an entire pack.

Hmm the next dawn fits thematically... with stories of being safe at dawn for the wild hunt... but it's a while like you said.

>> No.55381972

You da real MVP, Brutus. Just wish you were around a little more, I miss you.

>> No.55381989

That fits better, though you should note that it's whichever is earliest for the time limit or else someone can just keep them active for as long as their foe is alive, which is the only reason they can summon them anyway.

>> No.55382077

>should note that it's whichever is earliest for the time limit

good catch, thanks.

>> No.55382084

How do I achieve energy transfer over infinite distances?

>> No.55382099

Probably reverse engineer some Supreme Commander tech.

>> No.55382117

Get the warehouse attachment from Rise of Legends.

Or start thinking with portals.

>> No.55382128


Human Born: [100] You grew up human, half the time you still consider yourself human. This confidence makes people likely to believe you’re anything other than human if you’re in a human form.

Child of Man: [200] Even while a beast you keep your rational mind. You’ll never need fear losing your mind or full intelligence while shapeshifting into animals or monsters.

Something like this for humid.

>> No.55382140

Wormholes and shit, dude. Door Portals from Monsters Inc work really as long as you can set up a couple of doors ahead of time.

>> No.55382156

Dragons from the Inheritance Cycle can do it through their Eldunari, once it's separated from them. They also technically exist in two places through the same effect.
So just figure out how they do it and you're set.

>> No.55382160

Okay, there's this thing called "fluff" where you summarise some of the lore for a perk and contextualise it for the purposes of the perk you're writing. First step to improving your jump, is putting some more of that instead of jotting down two sentences like an accountancy sheet.

I know nothing of Werewolf: the Apocalypse. What is a Humid? What is the relevance of growing up human? Does this mean I smell like wet dog all the time?

>> No.55382183

Portals of some variety are usually the easiest answer. Sometimes it's easiest to cheat by slipping through an alternate dimension in order to orient yourself before portaling back to your destination.

>> No.55382199

Dude. I get that we're all having fun piling onto Mist for his lazy jumpmaking and you want to join in, but this pretty obviously him brainstorming new perks for something that is clearly a work in progress. You don't need to to whip out the shitposting just to remind him to fluff out the perks at some point.

Cool your heels.

>> No.55382204

>Okay, there's this thing called "fluff" where you summarise some of the lore for a perk and contextualise it for the purposes of the perk you're writing. First step to improving your jump, is putting some more of that instead of jotting down two sentences like an accountancy sheet.

This is a symptom of it being late and the way I write things down. I'm planning on going back and tweaking some of the fluff.

>> No.55382251

Genuinely didn't know. I don't find anything particularly fun about it or presume the guy's intentions, I call a spade a spade.

That said, if it's late it's late. Good to hear, and for what it's worth I don't see any problems with the 100 CP. Now the 200 CP sounds like kind of a big deal in Werewolf since IIRC the morality meter makes you more animalistic the badder a guy you are, so if it extends to other shapeshifting forms I'd give serious consideration to it being a capstone.

>> No.55382252

So how strong is the planetoid reward from the Dahak Chronicles scenario? And how much better would it be once it was imported into SupCom

>> No.55382307

>Now the 200 CP sounds like kind of a big deal in Werewolf since IIRC the morality meter makes you more animalistic the badder a guy you are, so if it extends to other shapeshifting forms I'd give serious consideration to it being a capstone.

Giving a second look at it, you're probably right. Considering it would stop some problems cold and absolutes are good for capstones.

>> No.55382458

>until I hit Jurassic Park and changed my sexuality
how does that work?

>> No.55382533

Dinosaurs get a perk for swapping both gender and sexuality as desired on a semi-regular basis.

>> No.55382615

what did you do in the Neon Evangelion Genesis jump (besides fucking cuties)

>> No.55382649

Went full angel, imported a castle on the mountainside outside Tokyo-3, spectated.

>> No.55382691


Where? Everyone is lonely and broken.

I'm not even one of those anons that usually shits on all the waifus and other characters because of reasons, I'm just saying the whole point of Evangelion is that everyone's varying degrees of terrible.

And I don't want to take an anime too seriously either, but desu that's why I roll my eyes at all the fanservice merch.

>> No.55382711

>Everyone is lonely and broken
sooo, just japanese then

>> No.55382718

Well, you're not wrong.

But I mean. IRL japanese, not cutesy anime japanese.

>> No.55382809
File: 773 KB, 1191x670, ayanami_rei_neon_genesis_evangelion_1920x1080_by_fdhdt-d88d2wo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what did you do in the Neon Evangelion Genesis jump (besides fucking cuties)

Help out Rei and the others but mostly Rei because she is bae. I wished that I could get multiple Rei companions from the jump

>> No.55382823

I pect into tattoos pretty heavily and the people before me pretty much covered everything. Except for mentioning eclipse phase which has mobile tattoos that you can use as computer screens and 40K which has tattoos which Allow for electric attacks. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Imperial_bionics#Electoos

>> No.55382972

Would it be inappropriate to make a Destiny 2 jump even though the game only takes place around 4 years after the first game? The current Destiny jump is really bare bones.

>> No.55382973

It would be yes.

>> No.55383025

while i would REALLY like a jump like that, i think the best case scenario is the current Destiny jump should be updated. I have no clue who the original jumpmaker was though, nor if they are still around.

>> No.55383095

Speaking of Destiny in canon as long as your Ghost is alive it can resurrect you. How does that work regarding jumpchain?

>> No.55383112

probably acts like any rez item/perk. one use per jump?

>> No.55383113

I would imagine that unless stated otherwise, it can bring you back to life if you're stuck being dead for some reason, but actually dying still counts against you as far as losing the chain/burning 1ups/whathaveyou goes.

>> No.55383164

Its canon that Guardians train by killing each other in Crucible (PVP) matches. Guardians only permanently die when their ghost is destroyed or Traveler is imprisoned and they lose connection to the light like in Destiny 2.

>probably acts like any rez item/perk. one use per jump?
That would make sense for post jump. Or just not be able to resurrect post jump since you're kind of cut off from the Traveler.

>> No.55383211

Nubee, do you have any idea what a Tier 3 Permeation Quirk would look like? I'm not sure what exactly would change.

>> No.55383243

> just not be able to resurrect post jump since you're kind of cut off from the Traveler
i thought it was the fact that you were cut off from the light that stopped rezzing. so if you can't rez, you can't use any other guardian abilities either, or something like that.
problem is the jump doesn't actually clarify stuff like this

>> No.55383271

Maybe you can breath while using it? Or see and hear? More precise control without having to training it that much? It acts passive to prevent damage?

>> No.55383285

There's a perk in Double Cross called Blue Queen that let's you spread the Renegade virus, and while I want to get it to empower people and am willing to accept the risk of Gjaum I don't want to risk the virus getting out to the various worlds.

What perks could help me stop or reduce the risk of Renegade getting out and infecting everything?

>> No.55383311

You need to the permission of the maker of the first one, it's too close to the first one for a second to be made.

>> No.55383400

Some guy named BlackHatter. We're not sure where he went.

>> No.55383447

Could we see some of the perks for it?

>> No.55383489
File: 248 KB, 850x1265, chi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, sure, why not. Only two perklines left and perks will be done.


>> No.55383541
File: 180 KB, 500x837, on-all-levels-including-physical-i-am-a-sword-swords-2805867.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick question, if I were to import a somewhat sentient mass of hatred as a weapon that says it will be loyal and never betray me would the mass of hatred be given those traits or just the power of the form? The mass of hatred I am referring to is Dark Spear from Noblesse and the weapon I am hoping to import it into is All-Black The Necrosword.

>> No.55383591


It would obviously be given the traits as well anon

>> No.55383729

Alright thank you, just wasn't sure whether Dark Spear would not get the loyalty part since it is a bit sentient.

>> No.55383904

Could you move Gundam SEED to the overarching Gundam folder, by chance?

>> No.55384187

DC comics has that between a couple of the mortal perks.

>> No.55384212
File: 353 KB, 1024x1572, IMG_2052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In DC Jump, Mortal's Genius capstone. Is it based on Lex or Batman? Lex is said to be a 9th level intellect.

>> No.55384234

If we buy one of the two planets in GT, can we choose to be the Aristoteles of the planet we bought in Angel Notes?

>> No.55384308

If you've brought it along with you to Notes and have it present there, sure.

>> No.55384461

>jumpmaker's last wishes
She left in a huff, she didn't die. You're being as overly dramatic as her. Are you SoAnon? If so, then please fuck off back to your hole, you worthless bitch.

>have anyone trust you on it.
Please don't speak for me. You can barely even speak for yourself.

>I call a spade a spade.
>I am a phillistine and proud of it
Here's your dunce's cap, now go sit in the corner.

You have been dealing with an enormous amount of fecal matter, rightly or wrongly, this thread. I hope it hasn't dampened your enthusiasm for making the jump.
Seriously that anon is so opinionated about it it's a wonder they didn't long agao make a claim and make it themselves, byt then that would require work and given how often they accuse you of laziness, well, it's clear they are projecting.
Keep up the good work, Mist. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished jump.

God damned timezones. All the fun stuff happens when I'm asleep or away!

>> No.55384501

Ugh, fucking white knight. Can't stand you whenever you show up and the worst thing is I can actually tell it's you each time.

>> No.55384506


>> No.55384527

>Enormous amount of fecal matter
>Got him to add a huge amount of extra content to the jump and improve a lot of what was already there
I mean alright but it seems like they did a lot more to improve the jump then you flinging insults did.

You coming on many hours later to throw shit like this doesn't seem helpful to anyone at all and in the worst case scenario, even encourage the guy to go back on his word of putting in more good content.

>> No.55384542
File: 77 KB, 618x490, 5b1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love using this pic

>> No.55384561

t. People who's opinion I don't care about and am laughing at.

I can see why. Simple people love simple things.

>> No.55384562

It's fucking nine hours later. Fuck off with your ancient drama.

>> No.55384572

Are there any actually useful perks in the lewd jumps?

>> No.55384575

t. SoAnon


>> No.55384578
File: 101 KB, 639x639, 5761169-jin+tae-jin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone happen to know of any jumps that give a good amount of power for relatively little danger? Asking as I am starting a new chain but having difficulty thinking of where to go.

>> No.55384582

KOTORAnon, How is Justice League Unlimited going?

>> No.55384585

Generosity in the Lewd Jumps is an amazing support perk.

Noblesse while keeping away from the Union and other factions.
Jackie Chan Adventures if you can get a hold (and keep) the Talismans.
Probably others, but those are just off the top of my head.

>> No.55384596

this gets answered all the time
I'd say Overlord series or Ranma 1/2

>> No.55384608

Witchblade is good if you get a Witchblade or Cloneblade and the right perks to make you pretty much invincible. Especially if you team up with 'Melanie' or just keep far from Tokyo the whole time.

>> No.55384611

There is one perk that lets you turn for example a succubus into an angel, one close to falling but all the same an angel. So yeah go cure demons by turning them all into angels for the fun of it.

>> No.55384628

I watched the Witchblade anime recently, those last few episodes were real tearjerkers.

There's a useful sexy power-sharing perk that also induces loyalty, but you have to have sex for it to work. Worms update has something better.

>> No.55384641

>Worms update has something better.
Power Bestowal I think? It's in the Shard perktree.

>> No.55384651

Yes. Mind-control protection, loyalty and power-sharing are some of the best examples.

Now, if you want to go full lewd, you can eventually replace the charisma build for a sex build.

>> No.55384662
File: 299 KB, 680x598, f93.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw too smart to critique a jump

>> No.55384678

>power-sharing perk that also induces loyalty

>> No.55384688

Question - do we have to spend all the CP in a jump?

I'm not talking about not spending some CP and then saving it. Sometimes in some jumps I've gotten everything I've wanted and have CP left over and feel forced into buying additional things I don't actually want to make sure I spend every CP.

>> No.55384696

>taking the Quirk Marriage of Hardening + Black Hole in the Hero Academia jump
How much of a bad idea is this?

>> No.55384699

Nope. You don't have to spend all the points if you don't want to.

>> No.55384708

You don't have to, but it's encouraged.

>> No.55384747

It doesn't take smarts to throw feces, anon.
Go wash your hands.

Generic Fantasy Hentai. The Demon Lord perk Tree, I think.

You don't have to, but CP isn't carried forward to future jumps if it isn't all spent.
Although I don't think anyone would complain too much if you houseruled; I think the reason why it isn't generally done is that it is both awkward to keep track of and can encourage power-gaming.

>> No.55384763

I honestly can't visualise how that combo would work.
Do you have any idea?

>> No.55384769

>tfw too smart to differentiate shitposts from valid criticism

>> No.55384777

I really have no clue. I guess you might become a sentient black hole? Or you just turn your skin into a black hole and you instantly die.

>> No.55384784
File: 117 KB, 680x788, e61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>too smart to remember to put my pic

>> No.55384796

I wonder how hard it is for him to put a shirt on now.

>> No.55384797

Maybe he can selectively turn parts of his body a Black Hole while retaining their original shape, so that instead of resisting attacks he absorbs and crushes them, and when he throws a punch his Black Hole fist simply tears away at anything the comes close to it, obliterating it without him having to physically touch it?

>> No.55384800

Gaara sandshield made of the dust of your the things you destroy?

>> No.55384816

Ha. you know what? You win. You're just too amusing to keep on arguing with.

The irony of you claiming intelligence while being stupid twice over is just lovely, but that pic is creepy as all hell.

That sounds pretty amazing actually.

>> No.55384821

No one with a girlfriend would deny the usefulness of a "you're really, really good in the sack" perks.

More seriously there's some powersharing, a perk that lets you destroy armor/clothing without hurting the person underneath, charisma perks, mind control perks (that can generally be used for non-lewd purposes too), perfect control over your bodies processes and a lot of other stuff.

Really from what i recall at least half the perks in the various lewd jumps are equally (or more) useful for non-lewd purposes.
Generic Hentai Fantasy is kinda the worst, since it's basically a poorly disguised powergrab with a bit of lewd tacked on for camouflage.

>> No.55384835

I have no intention of powergaming. DESU, my question was asked in an effort to essentially do the opposite.

>> No.55384863

I feel sad that no one has posted 'suddenly daemons' recently.

>> No.55384864
File: 94 KB, 680x788, 73a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying this is an argument
>not understanding the too smart meme
>tfw too smart for admitting mist was getting valid criticism

>> No.55384871

>I have no intention of powergaming.
Wasn't claiming you did, anon. Calm down and maybe reread my post.

>> No.55384887


Oh, sorry. I didn't mean that to come off assholish. I was just trying to affirm what I was doing. Also confused as to why DESU was replaced by DESU.

>> No.55384890

Hero Union BBS. High level heroes are pretty bullshit (especially mages), some of the perks are bullshit (looking at you, Demon Spawn and Camaraderie) and the items are pretty good too.
It also has a good selection of social/charisma perks while still giving you the ability to kick ass (and one of the best harem perks in the chain if you're into that).

And on top of all of that you can start off already retired, so without drawbacks the danger level is basically zero.

>> No.55384899

Oh, I see. You're just using this an excuse to bring out your pics. Okay then, I'll play along.
He-hem... You are wrong, I am right, You are stupid, I am smart.
Now respond with an appropriate pic. Empty your library!

>> No.55384933
File: 38 KB, 499x338, 1483363967245.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon I am just saying that Mist received some valid criticism

>> No.55384958

No he didn't.

>> No.55384984
File: 74 KB, 500x500, 1494700616452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No he didn't.
But I made those posts?

>> No.55384997

No you didn't.

>> No.55385012

Um. He responded to at least one saying it was a valid concern, and one he planned on fixing. (The fluff)

>> No.55385019
File: 271 KB, 1508x1000, 1423347932381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok. Mist received a lot of shitpost for his 10/10 jump and dindu nuffin

>> No.55385021

What! No more brain pics! You disappoint me anon! After all I did for you!
>Anon I am just saying that Mist received some valid criticism
Maybe he did recieve some valid criticism, maybe as much as 1% out of all that otherwise complaining and baseless criticism he did recieve.

Earn my forgiveness and post another brainy pic! Otherwise we just can't be friends anymore anon!

Then you should be ashamed. Bad anon!
Unless you posted the 1% of maybe quality in that delige of nonsense.

>> No.55385036

The samefaggin here is shockingly blatant. Are you trying to make a joke or something?

>> No.55385063


>> No.55385065

And that's fine.
No ones pretending that there wasn't something of value being mentioned like what >>55385019 is implying or that the jump couldn't be improved.
It's just that doesn't justify all the other petulant baseless worthless complaining going on.

>> No.55385069
File: 23 KB, 956x322, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Val made like 10 posts last thread giving advice to mist

>> No.55385085

Is there any perk similar to Demon Spawn from Hero BBS?

>> No.55385100

Yes. And?

Fair enough.

>Val made like 10 posts last thread giving advice to mist
I'm focusing on this thread, anon. I do hope though that Mist took what Val said on board.

Okami, Zerg, Tyranids, Gemcraft, Charmed.
Just off the top of my head.

>> No.55385144

Ah. I was saying he appears to just want to empty his library.

>> No.55385170

Descending Hierarchy (Exalted Infernals), Avatar (Generic Creepypasta), Self Duplication (Teen Titans), Shadow Clone Jutsu (Naruto), Progenitor Crystals (EVO:Search for Eden), Werebeast race (Overlord LN), various summoning perks (Kingdom Hearts), high level creation magic (Anima:Beyond Fantasy)

>> No.55385269

Well... you could always take the +0 CP fanfic drawback and go to Nobody Dies so you can companion the Ree which is a group composed of Rei + several of her clones with souls (seven of them IIRC).
On the other hand you have to come up with a way to companion potentially 8+ people in a single jump /and/ go through the insanity that is Nobody Dies...

>> No.55385280

generic cartoon world jump offers low-end reality warping,destiny control, three different damage immunities, and a Decent time stop.

>> No.55385333

>I was saying he appears to just want to empty his library.
And how exactly were you saying that?

>> No.55385366

By posting his post saying he wants to?

>> No.55385421

*slams head against wall*
Please don't talk when you don't know what you are talking about.
Follow the posts back logically and you'll see that it isn't clear. Which is why I am asking for clarity.
Because as it seems right now he's talking nonsense and you are doing the same.

>> No.55385437

Which reply in that post are you responding to? Which of those posts are yours?

>> No.55385485

...exactly what is unwarranted about the criticisms that anon gave? Mist himself agreed with his suggestion for that one capstone. Earlier in the thread Mist had to be talked round into broader perklines and descriptions so he's not wrong there either.

Late to the party, but you seem like you're overreacting to me.

>> No.55385498

You know what, forget it. I'm probably just overthinking some throw-away line that doesn't warrant it.
I really do have better things to do.

Read on further. For someone criticising what you are, you really shouldn't be a hypocrite and catch up first and then post.

>> No.55385537
File: 13 KB, 480x360, NotClever.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Late to the party, but you seem like you're overreacting to me.
>pic related
Someone needs to look in a mirror. There they shall find a hippo from Crete.

>> No.55385559

>There they shall find a hippo from Crete.
A dad joke? What have we been reduced to?

>> No.55385573


I see some people making fun of NEG, someone asking about a Destiny 2 jump and...a tangible absence of Mist.

I don't understand what you're even triyng to say. Am I supposed to jump to you encouraging someone who's not even here? Because my point was I don't understand what your beef against Spade Guy is when Mist agreed with him.

You just sound like you're picking fights with people and-yes, what you said yourself.

>two sentences to explain my reasoning
>one sentence giving an opinion
>At no point did I cuss, swear, blame anyone for anything serious or generally flip out


>> No.55385596
File: 59 KB, 1200x675, DJYJaKiVAAAud0v.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck is happening in this thread?

>> No.55385604

You can't be that dense. Reread the post, specifically the first line.

>> No.55385606

/jc/ thinks it's clever when it comes up with banal wordplay and sarcasm. More than anything, it's what reminds me everyone here barring maybe like 5 people aren't just nerds, but also dorks.

>> No.55385611

the most Autism you will find on this website,stick around it's pretty fun

>> No.55385627

You're being called out for criticising someone for bringing up a dead argument, by bringing up a dead argument. Otherwise known as being a hypocrite.

>Bancho talking about other people being autistic
I have no words.

>> No.55385640

I never said I wasn't a part of it

>> No.55385643

Sweetheart, this is a typical Thursday.

>> No.55385644
File: 95 KB, 800x600, Fire Emblem Tharja.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me of the Fire Emblem Awakening waifus, all I know of is this one.

>> No.55385647

>You're being called out for criticising someone for bringing up a dead argument, by bringing up a dead argument. Otherwise known as being a hypocrite.
Please just fuck off dude. You were the one resurrecting a 9 hour old argument.

>> No.55385649

But he didn't criticise him for bringing up a dead argument?

>> No.55385664

I'm trying to understand too.

I don't know, it's late and someone's picking fights for reasons I find difficult to understand

WHICH post, man?! Good grief, not everyone's on whatever wavelength you are.

Assuming you're >>55384461, no I don't see any good reason for you to pick a fight long after an argument's concluded.

That said, that makes sense. Not even going to deny it, I'm just trying to figure out what the hell's going on so it's inevitable.

Also I think while Bancho's the most generally awful person here, there are many other people who far exceed him in actual autism. Like the folks getting confused by that Frozen perks because they tried to apply chemistry to Disney magic.

At least I can't remember Bancho doing anything that pedantic?

Nonsense, it's usually Fridays where the salt accumulates in my experiences

>> No.55385668

Not even the same guy, you idiot.

>But he didn't criticise him for bringing up a dead argument?
Oh, then what's this.
>Late to the party, but you seem like you're overreacting to me.

>> No.55385672
File: 42 KB, 625x396, What's going on in this thread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55385674
File: 74 KB, 760x581, Tiki2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Tiki's Tikkis

>> No.55385689

>Oh, then what's this.
Are you stupid? He just said that he was late to the argument

>> No.55385695

That is literally just him recognizing that he's bringing up a dead argument, and doesn't contain an argument against doing so. Unless you're personally offended by people not being punctual?

>> No.55385704

Like I said, fair play. Was utterly bemused by the overreaction part and commenting on that.


Nobody's rolling for Jumpchan waifus, doing a Hungry Games or screaming about the insanity of WoW's writing. I don't call this chaos at all.

>> No.55385713

Are you literally retarded? Because that doesn't even come close to saying what you think it does.

>> No.55385725

How was that "overreacting", anon?

>> No.55385739

>WHICH post, man?
The post you are replying to you idiot. What other post could I possibly be talking about? You don't need to be on my wavelength to have some common sense.

>someone's picking fights for reasons I find difficult to understand
>no I don't see any good reason for you to pick a fight long after an argument's concluded.
You are picking fights on comments made nearly two hours ago you fucking idiot. Just shut up or say something of value. Stop being a hypocrite and let it go.

Ah, so you're just a shitposter then. Glad to know.

I wont even dignify this weaksauce with a meaningful reply.

>> No.55385740

>this level of goal-post shifting

>> No.55385741

Rolled 95 (1d100)

Did someone say Roll to Seduce?

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