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first for Ork codex never

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POST NURGLINGS! (seriously, I keep forgetting to save them)

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reposting from the bottom of last thread.

Hey guys, getting my new (almost all Dark Eldar) Ynnari army together. Let me know if this list is fun/playable.

1499/1500 points
Ynnari Battalion

Yncarne (Warlord)

Bloodbrides (10) (1 Agonizer, 3 Hydra Gauntlets, Adrenalite)
Trueborn (5) (2 Darklances, 2 Blasters, Venom)

3x Kabalite Warriors(5) (1 Shredder, Venom)

Fast Attack
Windriders (3)

2x Razorwing Jetfighter (2 Dark Lances)

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Is there a way of equipping Hammerheads that is just outright superior or are the two main guns more sidegrades?

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neat, someone finally made one. Not a bad translation of the original list either.

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Railgun with submunitions.
Ignore the Burst Cannon upgrade.

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Has the release order of the rest of the Codexes been revealed?

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With FW you get a few more options

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Also I agree with >>55345790
What the fuck were they thinking.

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No but its probably going to be CWE>Nids>IG

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Craftworld Eldar, Tyranids, and IG are next. Followed by more marines.

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how do you take a detatchment of assassins? They have no HQ. What do I do to take them in a list?

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An inquisitor, duh

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Auxiliary detachment

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Best weapon for a shooty Terminator captain? Storm Bolter?

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Primarch's wrath or combi-plasma.

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>>55341001 (OP)
Finally built up a 2000pt army.
>2x 30man cultist squads
>2x 10man berzerkers squads
>chaos Lord with power sword and plasma pistol
>chaos Lord in terminator armor with lightning claws
>helbrute with twin lascannons
>30 bloodletters
>6 blood crushers
>Herald on throne
>skull cannon
Total of 1996pts
I want to add a rhino or two and drop the Lord in termi armor down to a normal Lord though. Still need to prime and at least wash all of them.

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An Inquisitor, I'm fond of Greyfax
A Tempestor Prime is a very cheap choice
I take a chaplain dreadnought for them to hide behind as it's a tough character with Iron hands tactics
You'll need several HQ choices but remember that you can actually only use 3 detachments for matched play

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Combi-weapon. Plasma's probably the best since he can give himself the re-roll to 1's on overcharges, with flamer being in second.

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That's suggested rules. It'll vary by local meta/tournament standards.

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dont auxilary detatchments subtract from your cp?

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They do, but most of the time you'll have an abundance of them.

If you aren't playing a codex army you can just bring them in another detachment at no extra cost.

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Could you fire Primarch's Wrath and the combi-plasma in the same turn? Battlescribe is letting me take both so if I can stick a gun in each hand and dakka dakka I will

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Ynnari lists never look like they have enough models to me

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yes, you can fire all the guns you got but firing both modes on the combi guns has a -1 BS penalty

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I forget, was it Martellus or Avitus who was the canon traitor? I know it was Martellus in my playthrough, and I can only assume this was the catalyst for his betrayal.

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Read your codex

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that's 31 infantry minis, 3 Jetbikes, 4 Venoms, 2 flyers, and a monster. That's not bad at 1500. I run similar numbers in swarmy Nid lists.

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Stupidly no, you cannot take both, because the Cap starts with a MC bolter, which he can swap out for either Primarch's Wrath OR the combi-plasma. If it was legal take both though, yes you could fire both.

However if you're in the market for a shooty HQ and you don't mind special characters, then consider Lias Issodon, he's the best shooty Captain (actually Chapter Master) I know, bar none.

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this. while it is a convenient list builder it is not faultless.

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Looking to build a list around my shiny new Lord of Skulls. Thoughts on where to begin?

Jump Pack Sorcerer - Prescience, Warptime/Death Hex (Use Chaos Familiar to Swap Smite for one of two?)

2x Havocs - Lascannons all around for eliminating anyone trying to snipe the LoS from long range

2x Berzerkers - Do I really need to explain this one?

3x Cultists - Meat shields and deep strike denial, probably throw in an Apostle if points allow.

What am I missing here?

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They need to have these for free with codices along with some english lessons so that WAACfags and idiots don't act so stupid.

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Or maybe a tech marine? Cant they get like 3guns+beamer?

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Any tips for equipping chaos terminators in a squad of 5 in 8th edition?

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that would require GW to brush up on thier own english.

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Shit yes, that's awesome. Now, final question. What's a better melee weapon if you can only bring one? Lightning Claw or a Thunder Hammer? I like the reroll on wounds but Thunder Hammer hits like a truck

Oh, well shit I'm a little confused now. I'm gonna go reread it to make sure

I was just slightly confused because of the relic. Plus I have a book allergy

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How do you fix the MBT versions of the Leman Russ to make them worth playing?

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So you guys think there will be a new plastic regiment for IG?

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>I was just slightly confused because of the relic.
Relics replace a similar weapon, which you would know if ypu reas your codex

>Plus I have a book allergy
Hopefully it kills you

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Yeah but anything even to do with melee or marks? Was wondering if there was anything else people were getting up to.

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Quick, what is the most WAAC 1250pts 7th ed Necron list I can run without flyers?

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>I want to add a rhino or two and drop the Lord in termi armor down to a normal Lord though. Still need to prime and at least wash all of them.

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>>55346082 #
>I was just slightly confused because of the relic.
Relics replace a similar weapon, which you would know if you reasd your codex

>Plus I have a book allergy
Hopefully it kills you

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>playing shit editions
Destroyer Lord w/ Warscythe and Veil, 2 Monoliths and the rest of the points on Warriors t. 3rd edition

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I just got them today senpai give me a sec!

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Rate my T'au Empire, Sa'cea Sept. Battalion, 1995


Commander, Fusion Blaster, Flamer



2x2 Stealth Suits, 1 Shas'vre, Fusion Blaster, Advanced Targeting System

Ghostkeel, Advanced Targeting System, 2 Fusion Blasters, Fusion Collider


3x9 Breacher Teams, Shas'ui

2x 20 Kroot

Fast Attack

2x3 Pathfinders, Shas'ui

1x9 Vespids, Strain Leader

Heavy Support

2 Hammerhead Gunships, Rail Gun, Gun Drones

Dedicated Transport

3 Devilfish

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A Lord of Skulls

>> No.55346163

but y tho?
Like, expand on that shit, nigga.

>> No.55346165

All of them?

Alright, if that is the case, continue on.

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4 pathfinders, not 3, ignore that.

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Wow the new Primaris Primaris model looks great.

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All but the daemons yea.

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Well, one new strat with Scarab Occult terminators is this:

>have C:CSM detachment
>have 1ksons detachment with Scarabs
>use Chaos Familiar strat (1 CP) on the Aspiring Sorceror and give him Warptime instead of smite
>Warptime next to thing
>shoot thing
>charge thing

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Why an ATS on fusion weapons...?

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of crose hw needed new englishes. but is' slight faults of waacfags porpoise fully misses readied like within fly stormed strategiem

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I really need to get these damn things painted. Might be a while. I don't feel like they're very strong in 8th. Only gave them a couple shots though, so maybe I'm wrong.

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Combi-Plasma with a flying sorcerer and Lord to reduce a vehicle of your choosing to slag. Their melee weapon is largely irrelevant, but axes are usually a good choice. Personally, I like Lightning Claws, but I'm a night lord fag. A unit with axes and plasma is 250pts. Meltas are more expensive, but have more wound potential to harder targets, however they're not as good against multiple models. Combi-flamers are literally unusable without warptime, but combi-bolters are CHEAP and put out a ton of shots against infantry.

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Paint pls

>> No.55346228

>not a faggot
Pick one

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Ynnari are the Ultramarines of Eldar.
Dark Eldar players don't want to side with Craftworld.
Craftworld thinks it's probably a trick.
Harlequins don't really give a shit and are either trying out Ynnari for the sake of trying it or sticking to their faction.

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For some reason I thought they were -3. Amending.

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Is bringing multiple captains a bad idea or no? Would I be better with another HQ choice to with a captain?

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He's a big Abhuman.

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>> No.55346273

What's the rest of the list like?

>> No.55346275

He's not wrong

>> No.55346287

No Supreme Command Detachment/10

>> No.55346288

It's not done yet, just kind of poking around with ideas. I'll post it in a bit

>> No.55346298

Normally I'd say it wouldn't be cost effective, but again it depends on what else you're bringin

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If The emperors children ever get a codex like Deathguard did, what new units would you like to see? Obviously Fulgrim as the big centerpiece, and new noise marines, but what else could they do with a slaanesh codex?

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So Kromlech is pretty great. Got 10 of these things and they are pristine. Price+shipping was reasonable too.

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Do you ever use dual lightning claws on a 5 man squad or just run one with combi bolters or some sort of combi weapon? The sorcerer strat sounds fun as fuck.

>> No.55346307

pics or you're a shill

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It's not like I'm running cheese. I'm just asking if my somewhat fluffy/thematic list would work. The only reason there's even a craftworld unit in there is that I had a 60 point hole to fill and little else made sense.

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An eldar army of nothing but Warlocks and farseers in wave serpents flying forwards and piling out and casting smite like mad

>> No.55346315

Avitus according to the last expansion.

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Blood angels boys

I'm running this guy with some death company because I can

>> No.55346333

take ten seconds and convert your own, goddamn

>> No.55346340

Is that good or bad, I can't tell.

It makes no sense foe me to have 6 fucking commanders.

>> No.55346341

It's certainly not as broken as Ynnari can get. But Soulburst on its own is cheese as shit.

>> No.55346344


You're good man, bless you

>> No.55346346

>Beating up a turtle
>hi-ya kicking a titan

great """art"""

>> No.55346359

good for your opponent, bad for you.

>> No.55346364

Well, with the Deathshroud brought into 40k, I could see similar treatment for the Phoenix Guard. Maybe Fabius Bile's experimental Marines, though he doesn't really have much to do with EC Legion any more, I suppose.

It's sort of a problem for the Children as a whole, given IIRC it's one of the most fractured Legions, that I don't see units like the Palatine Blades or the Phoenix Guard staying together, and they've never really had anything else defining in the lore. I suppose a Cult Terminator unit of some sort, but that's basically just bigger Noise Marines.

>> No.55346369

Commander lists are a meme.

>> No.55346370

"I gave her the HI-YA, and an OO-WA. And then I kicked her, sir"

>> No.55346371


What the actual fuck? What book cover is that?

New units?

>New Noise Marines
>Pleasure Cultist of some type
>Phoenix guard termies for sure
>Would love to have some cultist riding some like... robot chicken with sound guns or something.

Bring it on.

>> No.55346374

Sonic Helbrute, Palatine Blades (melee specialist chosen, capable of taking advantage of Excess of Violence Stratagem), Phoenix Guard Terminators (melee specialist, faster than standard Terminators, special power spears with high AP)

>> No.55346376

>But Soulburst on its own is fun if you aren't a powergaming faggot

>> No.55346379

Noise Marines
Sonic Helbrutes
Fabius' New Men, though he is not EC or Slaaneshi
Cult Terminators
Marines riding Seekers or half-marine half-seeker
Various characters.

I want to see Slaanesh given a model now that its living inside a psyker and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

>> No.55346389

If you aren't a powergaming faggot, you just don't run Ynnari.

>> No.55346391


Slaanesh is... living in a dude?

>> No.55346403

Are Lightning Claw vanilla Terminators outclassed in almost every case?

I feel like Tartaros are just straight up better than tactical terminators and Lightning Claw assault Terminators

Hammernators seem like a huge gamble even with a vehicle

>> No.55346412

They could put it in the trash obviously

>> No.55346414

Yes, Abaddon bought the loyalty of Fulgrim and his legion by gifting Slaanesh a Pythosian psyker capable of being a vessel for Slaanesh.

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>If you play something i dont like, you are a WAACFAG powergaming autist!!!

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God you guys are paranoid faggots lol

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a big ass superheavy would be nice

>> No.55346431

So, if you just like the Ynnari characters or the lore, you should just fuck off and play a different flavor of eldar?

p much, my dude

>> No.55346432


Fucking.... WHAT?

>> No.55346439

Just don't Soulburst. (do you have the option not to?)

>> No.55346446

Now that Goulding and friends have specifically written new books to destroy the theory of Blood Ravens being Thousand Sons successors, how does everyone feel about Blood Ravens being Sons of Horus who left Abaddon's authority following the rise of the Black Legion and returned to the loyalist cause originally as an unknown chapter?

>> No.55346447

Say if I wanted to play IG but do nothing but penal legionnaires is that possible for a first time player?

>> No.55346452

They're TSon successors.

>> No.55346454

Captain with 1 or 2 lieutenants is a lot fluffier than two captains and probably better.

>> No.55346458

no? Ynnari replace their native army USRs with Strength from Death and one of the three spell Ynnari have grants Soulburst. Any unit can only ever Soulburst once per turn anyway.Don't act like it's some broken shit.

>> No.55346462

no, you only unlock that unit after six months of playing and ten major or minor victories

>> No.55346468

tbf soulburst is pretty fucken bonkers. It's like the fat kid when you all used to play war when you were little

>oh you killed my unit? ok haha I get to shoot back :^)
>oh I killed one of your guys? Guess I get to charge :^)
>Your overwatch killed my 37 point Warlock, oh no! Guess I'll just move all these banshees closer before I charge!

>> No.55346473

>Now that Goulding and friends have specifically written new books to destroy the theory of Blood Ravens being Thousand Sons successors
Really? Damn. That is a shame.

How much money do you have to spend on actually hundreds on guys? Also wait until the codex comes out.

>> No.55346481

It makes sense considering Abaddon's obsession with them. Abaddon wants all Sons of Horus warbands to either die or join him.

>> No.55346486

Yeah, because it's OP to have an ability that makes your opponent think twice before declaring attacks.

>> No.55346487

>Death Company
>Sane enough to carry a banner
>Implying the Blood Angels would be stupid enough to give a standard to a Death Company marine

Mate, from one BA player to another, it doesn't work.

>> No.55346488

Is this a legal list?

Battalion Detachment

Raven Guard Chapter Tactics\

Captain in Gravis Armor
3 x Aggressors

Primaris Librarian
5 x Hellblasters

5x Custodes
Venerable Land Raider

5 x Tactical Marines
5 x Tactical Marines

still unsure how the fuck you add Custodes to your list so I just threw them in the battalion

>> No.55346499

It is broken, though. Even discounting Wraithguard, it's dumb. You get the already pretty good Eldar lists, but now whenever something dies next to your dudes you get free actions. It makes it braindead easy for the average player, and outright breaks the game for anyone with experience (even without trying).

>> No.55346503

It's not too bad, you just use the opposite tactic you use with necrons.

You kill units evenly instead of focusing things down. That way when they do soulburst, they are doing so with a single banshee or such.

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How varied can tyranids of other hive fleets be? If I wanted to convert some more like pic related, would it go completely against the fluff?

>> No.55346514

>Yeah, because it's OP to have an ability that makes your opponent think twice before declaring attacks.
>Yeah, because it's totally not OP that I can attack in both my turn and my opponent's turn


>> No.55346517

it means your army can do way more than the enemy can, aiding a snowball victory or giving tons of chances for comebacks every time a unit dies.

>> No.55346521

A sangunary ancient can though

I'll admit it's not fluffy but we need whatever we can get till we get the codex

>> No.55346522

I don't think they will fix them but adding +3 to battle cannon shots would work. So like D6+3 that way there is always some dakka.

>> No.55346524

Presumably he's running an ancient alongside some death company, which is a not terrible choice

>> No.55346526

It's cool, you just can't use any Chapter Tactics.

>> No.55346528

I want a vehicle of some sort with big ass speakers on them.

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How would you flush out this list to about 50 power or 500 points?


Company Commander – 3pwr
-Bolt pistol


Command Squad – 3pwr
-Regimental Standard
-Plasma Gun

Special Weapons Squad – 3pwr
-Greande Launcher x3


Infantry Squad – 3pwr

Infantry Squad – 3pwr

>> No.55346540

Flesh, anon, flesh. Like that thing the Iron Hands are always going on about. also

>> No.55346542

>I can attack in both my turn and my opponent's turn
>it means your army can do way more than the enemy can
not if the opposing player uses his brain. Why are 40k nerds so afraid of activating their fucking almonds. Just use a little forethought in positioning your units and you won't get shot via soulburst so much.

>> No.55346549

damn that's a pretty big blow. back to the drawing board I guess.

>> No.55346561

This post perfectly encapsulates how all Ynnari players are powergaming WAACfags who are incapable of thinking about anything other than winning.

>> No.55346563

Really? I guess I always heard flush. Also, I typed it out in word not powerpoint, thank you very much.

>> No.55346564
File: 55 KB, 500x657, fuck the tau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what, you don't wanna see a marine bludgeon things to death with a standard? weird

>> No.55346565

Black Legion supplement, Slaanesh now walks the earth with a Jesus Christ-like incarnation.

>After a long and bitter struggle, a squad of Grey Knights managed to reach the Damnation Cache and close the Warp portal. Starved of their daemonic allies, the Traitor Legions were forced onto the defensive and finally into retreat. Abaddon's forces left Pythos, escaping the vengeance of the Imperium, but the world had been irrevocably tainted by the touch of the Warp, its once proud cities and vast wilds twisted into a nightmarish landscape. Before the portal was closed, however, Abaddon took with him a psyker, rumoured to be of prodigious strength and the bearer of a unique gift that would aid the Warmaster in his forthcoming Black Crusade.

>From Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor's Children, the Despoiler was gifted with the favour of Slaanesh in exchange for the Pythosian psyker, offered as an unblemished vessel to contain the avatar of Fulgrim's god. Ancient hatreds were set aside as the Emperor's Children aligned themselves with the Black Legion.

>> No.55346570


You need a battleforged detachment of keyword <FAGGOTS CHAPTER> to use <FAGGOTS TACTICS>. So if you want to have both <FAGGOTS TACTICS> and <KEKSTODES>, you need a battleforged detachment and a normal detachment.

>> No.55346574

Make another detachment for Custodes and you are good to go.

>> No.55346581

Space Marines are Gue'ron'sha. Poorly captioned image there, friendo.

>> No.55346583

Truly it is no surprise tournaments are full of Ynarri.
Worst faction, WAAC in origin and essence

>> No.55346594

t. Ahriman

>> No.55346598

It doesn't help that taking normal CWE, DE or H has no benefits right now other than being "free" from the Ynnari HQs.

>> No.55346605

oh shit, that's a plot from Berserk

>> No.55346623

Going to be doing my first few matches casually with my brothers, thought I would throw my list up here.

This is just a compilation of everything I've got painted, so not exactly optimal.

Necrons - 993 points

15 Warriors
14 Warriors
10 Immortals w Tesla Carbines
2x Overlords w War-scythes & Ressurection Orbs
1x Triarch Stalker w Twin Heavy Gauss

Obviously not a competitive list, I'm looking at getting a Cryptek and upping both Warrior squads to 20. Thoughts?

>> No.55346643


Maybe 3+d3 would be better. Or even 2d3, that would bump the minimum to 2 and thw average to 4.

>> No.55346646


I can just imagine the dealmaking

>Slaanesh: Oh hi Abaddon, have you finally decided to dedicate yourself to me and bathe yourself in unlimited demon pussy forever?
>Abaddon: Haha no, I need to borrow Fulgrim.
>Fulgrim: Fuck off I'm in an eternal orgy!
>Abaddon: I brought this sexy psyker bitch who you might fund entertaining to roleplay as for a thousand years.
>Slaanesh: Done deal! Great find! Fulgrim get the fuck off my planet!

>> No.55346653
File: 326 KB, 386x732, get the codex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.55346664

the fluff behind my primaris chapter is that they're all entitled daddy-boys who insist on keeping their armor immaculate and having extravagant armor
and they look suspiciously like the alpha legion

>> No.55346665

IMO, GW really dropped the ball with ynnari rules. When the indexes were just coming out, it was the consensus that your entire army had to be ynnari, meaning no detachments could include mandrakes, or benefit from harlequin, DE, and CWE army wide rules.

But then they faq'd it so you could have ynnari detachments next to DE detachments, and CWE and harlequin detachments. That really meant you had no reason not to include ynnari in your army, if you were doing any form of eldar.

>> No.55346671

How suspiciously?

>> No.55346681
File: 1.18 MB, 2048x2048, MOLDIV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55346683

This amuses me as both an Emperor's Children player, and a Slaanesh player in general.
So new Daemon God Avatar model when?
Yes it is, watch it be Griffith, or a recycled Sigvald model.
Fulgrim sounds too angry.
Make him whinier and more burned out.

>> No.55346691

green/blue metallic armor and nobody wants to take off their helmet

>> No.55346693

So with the inevitable chaos eldar codex probably coming out in December 2018, what can we expect?

Will there be space elves that found worshipping slaanesh could stall the inevitable? Or will they turn to the other gods for "protection"?

>> No.55346700

>Primaris LTs are 10 more points for an extra wound and attack
>utterly shit weapon options
boo. Marinelets continue to be more fun. Primaris armies are basically like playing Tau

>> No.55346706
File: 30 KB, 848x85, ogryns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time to get the europoors opinion on this rules question.

Are the attacks gained by this rule permanent and cumulative? Can I activate this rule during EVERY combat phase, and stack +30 attacks on my ogryns through the power of space cocaine? Because this pleases slaanesh.

>> No.55346707
File: 269 KB, 384x494, 925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55346708

This makes me happy

>> No.55346716


>> No.55346720

RaW: yes

RaI/if you're not a faggot: no

>> No.55346722

This is how I think it should be with most of the rng hit weapons. Demolisher cannons should definitely be 3+d3 for 10+ models.

>> No.55346724
File: 9 KB, 174x266, 172152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi Aaron!

>> No.55346730

What is the RaI?

Permanent but not cumulative? Not permanent and not cumulative?

Also, what's gay about +30 attack ogryns using space cocaine? That seems fun to me.

>> No.55346735

That being said, if you make the number of shots more reliable you need to lower the damage

>> No.55346756
File: 792 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (371).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How will you be dealing with this?

>> No.55346758

Lasts for the phase. So you can activate it every turn (even your opponent's) but it's not permanent.

>> No.55346778
File: 2.65 MB, 2992x2992, IMG_20170911_215053_852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kekstodes lives matter, they shouldn't be segregated to another detachment dammit.

>> No.55346790

>posting your real world fagbook profile in the screenshot instead of horse porn tabs.

>> No.55346791

>toughness 3 with 1 wound and a 6+
Gunning them down with any sort of anti infantry weapon is the answer

>> No.55346803
File: 125 KB, 1202x900, 1503925035405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No cool tabs
Give me my 3 seconds back.

>> No.55346804

Hey alex

>> No.55346808

Just wait for the custodes codex when you get a real HQ, a couple vehicles, a chapter tactic, and your own LoW The Emperor on a Palanquin Throne ala Mazdamundi courtesy of Cawl

>> No.55346836
File: 9 KB, 300x168, admewch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought an admech start collecting box, belarias cawl and a battleforce of admech last week.
What am I in for?

>> No.55346840

I dunno Alex Leggette, how are you dealing with your entry-level IT courses at Virginia Community College?

>> No.55346843

>0 interesting tabs

Anyway, people on Facebook never play with/against AM so were complaining today how "those priests are broken"

>> No.55346859
File: 30 KB, 344x267, ripandtear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vanguard detachment

Primaris Lt = 75
MC stalker bolt rife
1st Eversor assassin = 70
2nd Eversor assassin = 70
3rd Eversor assassin = 70
4th Eversor assassin = 70
7th Eversor assassin = 70
8th Eversor assassin = 70

Stormtalon = 195
2 lascannons, twin assault cannon
Stormhawk = 217
lastalon, 2 assault cannons, typhoon missile launcher

Superheavy detachment
Knight Achron = 495

auxillary detachment
Culexeus assassin = 85

1493 total

after thinking about the weaknesses of my assassin list I've come up with some ways to contend with them. I've got some anti-tank, anti-psyker, and anti-flyer now.

>> No.55346865

Here, have your (You)

>> No.55346877


>> No.55346881

A decent codex soon.

>> No.55346890

It could also be one of Cawl's 'experiments' before Rawbutt told him not to fuck with Traitor geneseed.

>> No.55346895

The mortal wound spam to surpass Death Guard

>> No.55346896

>not naming your Eversors after 80s action heroes

>> No.55346926

I hope they do anon, I hope they do.

With numarines, death guard and necromunda models cadians look like mutants or abhumans

>> No.55346928

I was surprised to see them officially sponsoring mathhammer.

>> No.55346938

The 5th and 6th ones are REALLY SNEAKY!

>> No.55346946

ATS + Fusion is essentially redundant and you're wasting the Commander with that loadout.

>> No.55346955

What should you put in a repulsor? is hellblasters w/ a company master and lieutenant a good idea?

>> No.55346963

Sure it does, they're prime cheddar.

>> No.55346974
File: 67 KB, 800x800, 1505136694044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both fluff and list wise, what would a good ratio of chaos space marine to cultist be, more specifically for the Word Bearer legion?

>> No.55347021

Laugh at dumbass who fielded useless unit.

>> No.55347025

all cultists no marines

>> No.55347059

Looks more like Chaos Spawn than a Tyranid. Nids are all about efficiency, and that is too randumb to be efficient.

>> No.55347079

How balanced and fun are the new Death Guard looking?

>> No.55347093

No, unless the points costs are absurdly expensive
For you, maybe. For your opponent? Good luck with that.

>> No.55347101
File: 13 KB, 649x175, 028416541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55347128

timestamp or you're straight shilling faggot

>> No.55347130

I only play 40k with a couple friends and I've no intention to power game. Winning by a huge margin is nowhere near as fun as a close match.

My friends aren't the biggest fan of how important named characters are and we don't tend to field stuff like Carl, Celestica, Guillman, etc.
So if Mort is the only issue I wasn't really gonna be using him anyways.

>> No.55347153
File: 292 KB, 700x727, mypitic-02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These little are too damn cute, what was GW thinking?

>> No.55347154

>carl, celestica
Either way, the issue with DG right now is that not only is Morty absurdly powerful, all their other units are too. They have a fucking flail that makes the Deathwing Knights one look like a child's toy, and they can give that to both their standard Plague Marines and their Blightlord Termies. And that's not even mentioning their ridiculous Predator on steroids for only 140~ points. And all their fucking strategems. Shit is broken to hell and back.

>> No.55347161

And they have absolutely no drawbacks, either.
They're naturally tougher than regular Chaos Space Marines, on top of getting all that cool shit.

>> No.55347171

I had a chuckle at that too after reading my post. Autocorrect.
And that's a shame, I love the look of the new models, but if they're all that broken I might hold off for a bit until the other armies get their power creep codices.

>> No.55347186

Not gonna get any help on this, am I?

>> No.55347203

For the Imperium to d'aww before getting killed.

>> No.55347214
File: 41 KB, 490x633, 1502648781191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /tg/. I started Tau for 8th after I got tired of painting CSM. So far I've got the start collecting box, plus an additional 10 FW, 2 drones, and a turret. What should my next few purchases be?

>> No.55347216
File: 483 KB, 1536x2048, Primaris.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any particular advantage to doubling up on squads of Primaris?

What I mean is, why would I take 10 intercessors when I could simply take multiple squads of 5 or why would I take 6 aggressors when I could take two squads of 3?

What situations would make doing so a better choice than minimum squads?

The only two times I can imagine would be if you wanted to same command points when using Raven Guard stratagems to deep strike big units and when you're running out of slots in a Detachment and need to save space.

>> No.55347218

you know what's not fun for your opponent? Not being able to kill any of your dudes.

You could make a balanced one im sure, but you could be a prick real easy. Fighting death guard will be like swallowing a tack. You can do it, itll just suck going down.

>> No.55347220

and yet they got fucked by salamanders

>> No.55347225

None, moral will just kill you anyway.

>> No.55347227

Optimized Pathfinder maybe

>> No.55347235

Yeah, and the worst part is that their drawback which is supposed to be them being incredibly slow is negated by their chapter tactic and their new fast attack slots.

>> No.55347243

How are Necrons doing this edition?

>> No.55347244

Return of the blessed 3.5 CSM confirmed. All hail the Eightfold Path

>> No.55347255

Less units means more likely to finish setting up first and get first turn

>> No.55347263

>All these people bitching about Morty and Death Guard.

>Finally free to play my Ultras with Robby G with no one whining since I'm not the cheesiest army on the block anymore.

>> No.55347281
File: 108 KB, 650x822, The-Emperors-LegionCover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Custodian Guard have stood watch over the Emperor's Palace on Terra since the foundation of the Imperium. Charged with protecting the Master of Mankind from all threats, within and without, their fearsome resolve is renowned throughout the galaxy, and their golden armour is the last thing that a would-be assassin or saboteur will ever see. Alongside the Null-maidens of the Sisters of Silence, who are anathema to psykers and sorcerers alike, there is no threat to the Golden Throne that they alone cannot vanquish... until now.

This comes out on Saturday. What is this threat that the Custards and SoS cannot handle alone?

>> No.55347282

So there's no real tactical advantage in taking full squads?

>> No.55347287

missile launcher and multimelta look like retooled helbrute parts

>> No.55347306

easier to daisy chain more dudes into 6'' bubbles if you need

>> No.55347307

The High Lords holding a frat party.

>> No.55347308 [SPOILER] 
File: 936 KB, 644x644, 1505195572964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Finally free to play my Ultras with Robby G with no one whining

lol. are you new or something?

>> No.55347317

s'Orks ya git.

>> No.55347322


You don't have to bitch about Robby and Morty if you refuse to at against them!

>> No.55347325

I just thought that the arrival of a new primarch will distract people enough to not care about Robot Gorillaman.

>> No.55347331
File: 47 KB, 524x455, 21476167_1839588012736732_912958606_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>not posting kawaii version

>> No.55347335

Psychic powers, auras and stratagems
5 guys getting rerolls to hit vs 10
Veil of Time on a unit of 5 guys vs a unit of 10
Raven Guard sneak-striking in 5 guys vs 10

>> No.55347339

Problem there is Custodes lack HQs.

They should get them and a rule that any Imperium force can take them without breaking Battle Forging ala how Chosen work.

>> No.55347354
File: 51 KB, 600x620, 99020187303_ProsecutorArmouredAssaultBundle01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Custodes and SoS have full armies in 30k
>FW refuses to port them to 40k

Fuck. I feel you on the custards because I want to play and use the Acquistor so fucking bad, but HH is DEEEAAAAD and there are no 40k rules for them.

>> No.55347358

Have Hellblasters replaced Devastators for anything 36 inches and under?

>> No.55347359


>> No.55347378

Do you mean Fallen?

>> No.55347380

Was HH ever really played?

SM vs SM is boring and I personally hate dealing with resin compared to plastic.

>> No.55347389

It's like FW is sick of money.

>> No.55347399

well restriction on number of battlefield roles is one reason to take larder squads but the other thing is you can combat squad the units even if you need to have more scoring units or the like.

>> No.55347408
File: 52 KB, 419x604, 1496758245426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FW change Legio Custodes to Talons of the Emperor.

Hope that means something.

>> No.55347427

You cant put hellblasters in a rhino

>> No.55347440

>I-its not like I killed those loyalist dogs for you Mortarion-Kun!
>Huh?! W-what do you mean I smell disgusting today?! Baka!

>> No.55347442
File: 525 KB, 1366x768, vectorum death guard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am painting my DG as Pallid hand.

What would you guys suggest I do colour wise for the fleshy bits of my dudes??

I am not 100% top notch at making decisions on contrasting colour schemes and what doesn't blend with what... Still in planning stage so not to stressed or set on anything.

And extra points to the person who can tell me whether painting all teeth on the Belly-mouth's, of the new DG models, as black is a good or bad call.

>> No.55347446
File: 39 KB, 549x540, 1498268439911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else kind of glad to see the power level increasing? I'm excited for an edition where everything is badass and no one army is mono build trash

>> No.55347448

I should know better. Play a ton of Chosen in my AL lost, my bad.

Yes, Fallen. And Bile.

>> No.55347449
File: 877 KB, 2097x2642, IMG_4444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Working on a Primaris Apothecary and wanting to change it up a little, but can't think of anything to add or alter.

Ideas? He's an Imperial Fist if it helps.

>> No.55347463

Maybe give him some honors? That's more painting than modeling, but still.

>> No.55347465

I feel like they may eventually. Wouldn't make sense not to.

>> No.55347469

Paint him all bloodied up

>> No.55347471
File: 216 KB, 718x991, IMG_20170912_021000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes, especially around here, but not anymore. You'd think SMvSM would be boring, but it was actually far more diverse than 40k was because of how different each legion played. You could totally get away with just the plastic kits, which is what I did. A drop pod is a drop pod and a rhino is a rhino, though I did cave and get a bunch of recast extras for my shit. However, I'm drowning in Volkite now, which I will either use as plasma or melta.

That's the only thing that makes sense.

That's the name of the 30k army.

>> No.55347477

Add a purity seal to his shoulder pad or something. Other than that, get rid of the mould line running along the leg.

He looks cool otherwise. Nice work anon.

>> No.55347490


Why stress about the colors? Paint them pink on one shoulder, black and red checkers on the other, brown with carroway ink on the face, and then dark yellow everywhere else.

>> No.55347492
File: 413 KB, 2448x3264, the_first_of_many.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55347494

>any primarch
8th is far from balanced and monobuild is still in effect for several armies. Don't get me wrong, it's much better than the shitshow of 7th.

>> No.55347499

I think Death Guard is still a few notches above what's been released so far.

>> No.55347500

Each legion is fairly distinct from each other in 30k, plenty of unique units and bonuses.

>> No.55347503

Natural dead?

>> No.55347512

I hear you. I only started in 6th, so I guess I can't really speak to balance levels earlier than that.

>> No.55347513

Rate my iron Warriors list?

1993/2000 Iron Warriors Batallion

Slaanesh Daemon Prince (IW relic armor, talons, wings)
Terminator Sorcerer

3 Helbrutes (Twin las, missiles)

3x 5 CSM (1 Missile Launcher)

Fast Attack:
6 bikers (2 flamers, 1 combi-flamer)

Heavy Support:
3 Predators (all lascannons)

1 Heldrake (Bale Flamer)

>> No.55347523


The mini looks good, but I'm not entirely sold on the base. It's a little too close to the main color of the mini for my tastes, so at tabletop distance they won't pop as nicely.

>> No.55347528

I dislike the DP for fluffiness, but otherwise it looks solid. I'd gladly play against it.

>> No.55347535

So who ist tougher now, Plague Marines or Rubricae?

>> No.55347537

I painted mine in the 30k color scheme, which is very close to what you're going for, I used bugman's glow highlighted with pink horror and a bit of kislev flesh and washed with druchii violet until it looked right

>> No.55347539

Awesome job! Like anon said though, basing can help.

>> No.55347540

reasoning behind terminator sorcerer? seems unnecessary build wise

>> No.55347550

Mainly to suicide drop nullzone and for more smiting

>> No.55347564

or death hex. Whatever it's called

>> No.55347583

seems pricey, I would downgrade but that's me, maybe but the points back into your troops

>> No.55347605

First Ork list
Gray Tide

1492pts Battal

Warboss in MA 136
Kustom Shoota, Power Klaw

Warboss in MA 136
Kustom Shoota, Power Klaw

Boys 180pts
Boss Nob

Boys 180pts
Boss Nob

Boys 180pts
Boss Nob

Nobz 175
Boss Nob w/ Cybork Body 9 Nobs

Boss Nob, 4 bikers

4 Rokkit Launcha, Supa-Kannon

Deff Dreed
Big Shoota x2 Klaw Arms


>> No.55347620

Any ideas if apothecaries are really worth it. considering dropping 8 bucks on a terribly painted one, but wanna know if id ever actually field it more than once

>> No.55347624

Tbf death company were ruined in 5th ed. If they can have blinged out armor why not say fuck it and give them a banner. Fuck by 9th ed they'll probably have terminator armor too.

t. BA player who misses the good ole days.

>> No.55347635

Needs at least one weirdboy somewhere in there. Warpath and Da Jump are too good to pass up. Drop a Warboss for one and use the savings to give your boss nobz big choppas

>> No.55347636

Is he going to bring back models that total his points or more during the game? Remember on average he'll revive 3 models in 1 game. If yes then he might be worth it but he's not an amazing pick and is probably okay to live without otherwise.

>terribly painted
Strip it nigga.

>> No.55347638

They are.

Being able to bring back a terminator or a Hellblaster on a 4+ is pretty fucking mint, and definitely worth the points.

>> No.55347643

Termies would make sense tho

>> No.55347647

I don't think I have a Weirdboy model.
Can I just put some bits on a nob?

>> No.55347649

Will be decimated by infantry swarms.

>> No.55347655

Not considering the entire point of DC is to die honorably. Hence why they had shit left over armor originally. Term I armor is expensive and better used on same marines.

>> No.55347663
File: 127 KB, 1280x720, meganobz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to make meganobz good inb4 "put them in a naut"

>> No.55347664

Fucking auto wrong. Termie* sane marines*

>> No.55347677

Seems reasonable. Just gotta make them look all shaman-y.

>> No.55347685

Put them in a Wagon

Also put 10 Gretchin in with them, so they can eat the 1s if the Wagon is destroyed en route

>> No.55347689
File: 188 KB, 1600x1200, thicc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alright you convinced me.

Got help me if I have enough of anything to strip this

>> No.55347694

I went with Weeping Legion but I think the horns at least are nice with darker colors on lighter colored armors. It's mostly down to preference though, I like the contrast of black or dark brown horns with the relatively light armor colors. As for flesh anything that looks downright putrid is good, I find yellows are good for disgusting flesh but you might want to go with a more sore, reddish look or maybe try for necrosis? Overall it's up to you because I'm not an expert on the matter.

>> No.55347709

Jesus fuck anon, just get a new apothecary and paint it or something.

>> No.55347710

Absolutely terribly. They're bland and there's only one good way to run them. Everything is expensive as hell and their anti-tank is the weakest of many other armies.

>> No.55347715
File: 22 KB, 378x300, holyshitfam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55347723

Sticking them in a naut is an alright stratagy, Anon.

>> No.55347729
File: 63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55347732
File: 4 KB, 205x204, 1489010211696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>seriously thicc paints
Actually in my experience, stripping caked models like that is easier than stripping models with sensible coats on them. You will generate a lot of paint sludge though so be ready for that.

Anyway, question about Fire Frenzy to anyone who knows. Does it have to target specifically a Helbrute, or can it be used on anything with the HELBRUTE keyword? Like, say, a gunned-up Dorito who wasn't moving anyway due to the Targeting Array?

>> No.55347738

Well shit.

I picked up some Necron stuff back at the end of 7th for my first army and I'm still working on building an army. I've got about 1200 built quite a bit more to still build (including a Monolith).

Is there really nothing to salvage from them, or should I just jump ship?

>> No.55347745

the word helbrute isn't bolded, so they mean the Helbrute itself, not models with the helbrute keyword. Keywords are bolded

>> No.55347755

My necrons are just sitting in boxes in my closet until they get something useful that isn't forgeworld. The only way I can make my necrons work now is with a tesseract ark and 2 heat cannon sentry pylons

>> No.55347761

>jumping ship the instant your army isnt top tier
fuck off

>> No.55347767

This post perfectly encapsulates how most /tg/ players are meme-spamming netlisters incapable of dealing with new ideas.

Just swap armies with your opponent. Once I showed my FLGS how easy it is to beat my Ynnari the complaints dried right up.

>> No.55347769

Sticking them in a naut makes a T8 W18 Sv4+ unit that's worth more than 500 pts but can still only move 8+d6" per turn. They'll draw all the fire and get deleted turn 1.

>> No.55347770

Just wait for the codex and hope its decent scrub

>> No.55347772
File: 1.13 MB, 788x914, 1484178272470.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well shit. Not like I didn't think this was the case, but oh well. This just means I can attach DCCWs to my Dreads without feeling guilty about missing out on maximum dakka, I suppose.

>> No.55347800

I wasn't aware Crons were so strong in recent editions until after I picked them up, I only grabbed them because they were the army I used back in Dawn of War.

I'm not interested in playing a top-tier army, I normally go for things in the middle. I don't really see the point in playing a severely crippled army where every game is an uphill battle either.

That's the plan, tough it out until then.

>> No.55347810
File: 2.52 MB, 300x203, 1380153261645.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Advice on this list?

not!Raven Guard Vanguard Detachment
988/1000pts, 1 CP remaining

>Cataphractii Captain: Combi-plasma, Lightning Claw, Primarch's wrath
>Gravis Captain: Boltstorm Gauntlet and Mastercraft Power Sword

> x5 Scout Squad: 5 snipers, 5 Camo Cloaks

> x6 Aggressor Squad: all Boltstorms and Fragstorms
> x5 Reiver Squad: Knives and Heavy Pistols
> x5 Reiver Squad: Knives and Heavy Pistols

Heavy Support
> x5 Hellblaster Squad: 5 Assault Plasma Incinerators

Considering swapping out the second Captain for any better suggestions and, as much as I like the knife Reivers, the knives out for carbines if they're actually that awful

>> No.55347824

because why wouldnt your opponent successfully hit and wound with every one of his shooting rolls
Very reasonable flaw to point out, Anon
Why, I shouldnt even be worried about, say Magnus or a leviathan, I can just delete them turn 1 with my flawless shooting

you just made the game easy for me, thanks

>> No.55347833

putting all of your AT on a single squad is pretty risky

>> No.55347836

2 captains is overkill. replace 1 with a librarian for smiting. Aside from Hellblasters, Primaris marines are generally worse than their manlet counterparts.

>> No.55347839


Well half the stuff Reecius insisted was amazing turned out to be dogshit so by that reasoning we've got a pretty decent chance that Mortarian is actually shit.

>> No.55347843

Just for possible dreadnought fights and/or shits and giggles, how are deredeos vs leviathans for Chaos?

>> No.55347864


Hey, they still haven't bothered to put out rules for models like the Mega-Dread that they are still selling. Hell, they even tell prospective buyers that the rules for them are in the Indexes when they are blatently not. This would take all of 5 minutes for some random intern to do and they still don't bother.

>> No.55347866

AT? Sorry, still learning the game

The idea was a mostly Primaris army and Reivers are sadly the only melee option they have. Was considering throwing in an assault squad if something changed. The cataphractii captain (chapter master) was meant to deep strike in after the Aggressors popped up via Raven Guard stratagems and the gravis captain was meant to hug the hellblasters, but yeah, a Librarian would help so that I'm not useless during the psychic phase.

>> No.55347873

>and no one army is mono build trash

My fucking Orks would love to have a word with you over that.

>> No.55347876

its amazing the amount of assmad people still have about jetbikes even though they're not OP as hell now.

Shuricannon bikes (which the ones in the pic appear to be) are okay-ish, scatbikes are damn awful, and twin cat bikes are meh. they die quite easily compared to the days of endless rerollable jink.

>> No.55347884

First time building a Dreadnought and I bought the Doomglaive model from Forge World. What do I buy to make the base look cool? I kinda want to have one leg up on a rock and have him shooting skywards, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

>> No.55347886

anti-tank, if someone decently focuses the hellblasters early game, you will have a tough time removing bulkier stuff if they get offed.

>> No.55347904

Honestly, I'm more concerned about psychic planes this edition from eldar. I had the, um, experience of watching a full wing detachment of them, and psychic planes were a mistake. Also, why the fuck do eldar planes get to double turn, but my dark eldar are less maneuverable than a fucking storm talon?

>> No.55347922

I see. Any suggestions?
>captcha: only school
In the grim dark future, there is only school

>> No.55347925


Magnus at least has an invul and can fly, both things that make him much tougher to take down.

You're right that it's by no means certain that an army will blast down a Naut in a single turn. That being said, a lot of armies have access to a lot of ranged firepower, and if they're Imperials, they also have access to a lot of rerolls. I took a Dread Mob against a Salamander force a few weekends ago and got absolute creamed. He did focus fire down Nauts in a single turn without even using the whole army. So it's very doable. And investing that many points in a single unit that doesn't have some additional tricks to make it more survivable like invul saves is a risky move.

>> No.55347926

Leviathan has a 4+ invuln and 2+ armor save, plus getting bracketed down 1 tier still leaves it with 3+ to hit. That's not even remotely close to as bad as a naut is, which can't hit for shit with Ork ballistic skill and moves a pitiful 6" per turn after being bracketed down one tier. A single devastator squad averages 7 wounds per turn against it, longfangs average 8 wounds per turn. If you bring even two anti-tank units, which you should be doing, then yes you can expect to nearly kill it turn 1.

>> No.55347927

Razorbacks and storm ravens are the best SM vehicles

>> No.55347931
File: 67 KB, 741x447, Burn bitch burn2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saw this adorable Space Marine on ebay for 2 bucks, and am almost tempted to get him. I remember being that young and thinking stuff like this was badass.

>> No.55347939

A unit of CSM plasma termies will barely break a sweat tearing into a naught.

>> No.55347943

Do it, anon. Give that bastard a good home and never repaint him.

>> No.55347948

hemlocks are good but once your opponents realize that they are light enough to die to concentrated bolter fire (which they have to fly into to get in weapons range) they become a lot less scary

it doesn't help that as things go the hemlocks are one of the more reliable anti-tank options.

>> No.55347956

I like dreadnoughts, they also come in handy if you wanna get up close and personal, or plink from the back.

>> No.55347959

Going for a pearlescent/candy purple as the primary color on Tau. I figure ard coat top layer to give it a sheen, but what does /tg/ use for a deep purple base?

>> No.55347969

Haven't played my orks since 6th. In what shapeare they? Is green tide the only viable way to win? Are we still incapable of dealing with heavy armor?

>> No.55347975

I'm willing to bet that if I took a naut and stuffed it with guys, 9 times out of 10 it would do its job just fine against an all comers list
I don't suspect a lot of people will shit out anti-tank when infantry hordes are the thing right now

>> No.55347979

if you're feeling brave, you could always use a gloss spray as a basecoat

>> No.55347984

>In what shapeare they?
>Is green tide the only viable way to win?
>Are we still incapable of dealing with heavy armor?

>> No.55347989

Tankbustas deal with armour just fine
I'm planning to convert some from burna skorchas and rokkit bits I have lying around
Only a retarded faggot would think that Green Tide is the only way to win with Orks, lots of builds are perfectly viable

>> No.55347991

I primed with Gesso; you think that'll still adhere properly?

>> No.55347994


>> No.55347995

Well, fuck.

How are battlewagons, bikers and fliers?

And at least we got our hidden powerklaws back.

>> No.55348021

>shit out anti-tank
I wouldn't call two dev squads "shitting out anti-tank." Equivalent points worth of heavy weapons teams will make back their points turn 1 just by shooting at a naut, and that's not even including the points of anything that was in the naut.

>> No.55348027

Don't they have conceal, too? -2 to hit brutal. Sure, it's only on one, but it makes it pretty sturdy, and I'd be shocked if eldar didn't get some way to cast the same power more than once in their Codex later.

>> No.55348037

>more things orks literally cannot hit


>> No.55348045

And people thought orks would be good this edition. Boyz and da jump and their only saving grace.

>> No.55348052

Remember the fate of konor campaign? Remember how they forgot about it before it even finished?

>> No.55348057


1/3rd chance to hit, with rerolls against vehicles, bringing it up to around a 1/2 chance. Let's run this against a Rhino, since it's a pretty ubiquitous choice. 10 wounds with a 3+ save, and T7.

Rokkits are Str 8, so wound 2/3rd of the time. They're only Ap-2 though, so the Rhino gets a 5+ save against them. They're 3 damage, so basically we need 4 unsaved Rokkits to get through. That means we need to wound it 6 times, and thus hit it 9 times. At 4+ to hit, that works out to 18 Rokkits total.

That clocks in at 306 points. The Rhino is 72.

Sorry but that is not dealing with armour "just fine".

>> No.55348060

This minus to hit faggotry needs a counter, because weight of fire sure isn't it

>> No.55348067

Remember when people bitched about the price of rhinos in 8th? Kek

>> No.55348068

I think +1 to hit when stationary would fix them as a platform. they have the "blast weapons are dogshit" problem, but fixing that would require more of a rework to how blast weapons work in general and is outside the scope of fixing russes.

>> No.55348078

And that's after their points more than doubled lel

>> No.55348085

Why are people being so mean to Orks this edition? They've never ever been top tier or cheesy.

>> No.55348086


Overpriced, but surprisingly decent in melee with Deffrollas. 4+ save hurts them a lot, and if you want to use them as firebases, you have to take them at T7, which makes them extremely fragile.


Extremely overpriced, they're probably the unit that's suffered the most in the transition to 8th. Losing their cover save hurt them badly, and the extra wound they now have just doesn't compensate enough for that given how many multi-damage weapons are flying around the battlefield. Characters on bikes however are still quite decent.


Overpriced, and none really bring much to the table. Not enough dakka on any of them.

>And at least we got our hidden powerklaws back.

Sadly they're outclassed by Big Choppas almost every time. PKs mean you're hitting on 4's instead of 3's, and the random damage really blows. Overpriced at 25 points, they need a serious points reduction.

>> No.55348092


remains to be seen, but most lists for eldar need conceal elsewhere in order to not have the aforementioned jetbikes shred like paper.

in my case I usually use it from the warlock babysitting 5 shining spears.

>> No.55348096

Worth not talking Lascannons on the side of Preds?

>> No.55348103


Because the one Ork build that IS viable is Green Tide. You toss down 180+ Boyz with Warbosses and maybe some KFF meks and just attack move across the board. Did the enemy bring enough anti-infantry weapons? If so, they win. Did they not? You win. It's boring to play against and takes a long time to resolve. And I'm saying this as an Ork player with 200 painted Boyz.

>> No.55348104

>Cataphractii Captain: Combi-plasma, Lightning Claw, Primarch's wrath

Read the codex you fuck, can't have two ranged weapons on a captain

>> No.55348107

It's actually the suggested amount in the book. Pretty easy standard.

>> No.55348113

in big games, yes las is always worth it

>> No.55348115

I have a 6 man sniper scout squad and 8 points I can't spend, is it worth dropping a sniper rifle for a heavy bolter? Or just have the points floating around doing nothing and keep the sniper?

>> No.55348118

Probably, yeah. Remember that if you're already paying for the platform the sponsons become much more cost effective. Saying "but the predator is expensive," when you've already bought the pred is inappropriately double counting its points when doing efficiency calculations.

>> No.55348122

People throw out fun or unfun all the time.

What army/style/comp do you find boring to play against. Which do you find funnest to play against.
Hard mode: No I hate it cause I lose to it or it counters me, or I love it cause it is weak

>> No.55348128

It's funny because this was the opposite last edition. Seeing the cost of hull+weapon had its advantages.

>> No.55348144

I really don't like HUGE MAIN UNIT and some chaff.
It's just all shots into some fucking tank/monster/Parimarch and them bitching when I fire 12 lascannons into it.

>> No.55348149

>What army/style/comp do you find boring to play against
Small elite units + 300+pt. herohammer looking at you, Magnus
>Funnest to play against
Horde vs Horde close combat smashfest

>> No.55348163

I play Guard and I really like playing vs heavy CC armies.
It's pretty fun to watch them wade through and start hacking up cons. I keep kill counters for them too.

>> No.55348170

Split fire and removed weapons facings makes efficiency calculations way simpler. A lascannon is a lascannon is a lascannon nowadays.

>> No.55348187

Who had the great idea to make everything be able to hit anything?

I know they wanted heavy armour/vehicle armies to still be fair against infantry spam, but having vehicles being slapped around by conscripts/guardsmen/orks isn't very fun.

I know the actual outcome of having something large taken out by man-spam is relatively high, but throw enough shit at a wall and something will stick, it will go down eventually.

I like the "anything can damage anything" rule, but I would make the change to certain weapons like the lasguns/shootas/sluggas and anything other high spam shooty troops (Can't remember what 'Nids weapons are called) to not be able to wound anything over a certain toughness.

>> No.55348193

Personally, due to my local play group, I have gotten sick of anyone whose t4 sv 3+

Space Wolves, Chaos Marines, Grey Knights, Necrons, these are what I'm up against. My only reprieve is the IG/Admech player, and the GK player's secondary Ork army.

I'm Nids and GSC, incidentally.

>> No.55348202

Sounds like you need some battle cannons. Wound on 2s 6+ save d6 damage.

>> No.55348203

Fuck yes. Lasguns shouldn't be taking wounds off Titan scale units

>> No.55348211

It doesn't really matter because if your opponent is using the wrong weapons to bring down your units you've won anyway. There would be more complaining if people actually lost to conscripts killing their Lords of War. As is the conscripts are just an impossible to shift blob that protect their manticores and basilisks.

>> No.55348216

I'm ok with it (IG player here) but I wish they would just cap how many you can field to make up for that power.

>> No.55348223

I like chainfists and combibolters. Ded killy in my meta of marines and primaris. Also can be used to hit vehicles in a pinch

>> No.55348224

Dislike anything that drags things out. So no large blobs or endless rolls please

>> No.55348229

Per army unit limitations need to make a comeback.

>> No.55348240

I hate hate HATE playing against MEQ, because it's 90% of my meta. It's so boring. They all play alike, all have the same vehicles, but with minor variations.

Love playing against anything non MEQ, though I had the most fun against Orks, Nids, and Dark Eldar. Hell, I even have fun playing against Knights now, so long as it's not allied to muhrenes.

>> No.55348248

I cap myself at 50 flat.
I can take 2 25s or 1 50 for cons.

That's partly for model count and part because anymore feels boring and cheap.

>> No.55348251

>What army/style/comp do you find boring to play against.
Tau. While they lost their JSJ, their entire army still has the fly rule, which negates their "weakness" in melee. Commander spam makes for a brutal alpha strike that is nearly impossible to kill because of characters AND drones. Speaking of, drones and their shielding make trying to damage anything a losing battle because you have to watch all you shots do nothing of value. I don't care if tau are super good or super weak, but I just hate playing against them because it's always the boring, frustrating game.

Special shoutout to <obviously superior characters> because it's always the same ones every game. Oh look, another Typhus. Oh wow, it's the swarm lord again? You don't say. Ect.

>Which do you find funnest to play against.
In this edition? I think I've had the most fun against Marines as much as I hate to admit it, though honestly, I'm getting bored with 8th I think. It's getting stagnant already.

>Hard mode: No I hate it cause I lose to it or it counters me, or I love it cause it is weak
I don't mind losing or getting countered by stuff except for IG. I literally have no way to deal with conscripts as dark eldar. Also fuck all primarchs. They were a mistake.

>> No.55348252

No you don't. Changing a battlecannon to 2d3 shots and you've got an average of 4 damage 2 shots, the equivalent of 2 overcharged plasma guns within 12 but with slightly worse ap. Hardly game breaking.

>> No.55348254

Oh, you misunderstand. I actually have the most wins out of my group, and we've been playing since 5e. I absolutely crush most of these guys in games (the IG player is the one exception, our match-ups are 50/50.) But playing against t4 3+sv just gets dull, and I have little variety. My Hierodule for an Eldar or Daemon player.

>> No.55348267

nobody who holds this opinion has ever been able to explain why everything being able to damage everything is a bad thing. the chances of damage against high toughness units with conscripts and lasguns are miniscule

>> No.55348268

Yeah, people get sick of marines literally flowing out of everyone's anus

>> No.55348272

>Limiting their potential sales in anyway
This is the same company that just told grey Knight players to buy a new voldus and dreadknight so you can cut the head off voldus and put it on the dreadknight

>> No.55348273

>Also fuck all primarchs. They were a mistake.
Primarchs needed to be even stronger so they'd have an excuse to price them out of 2k point games. Let them be for Apoc. Magnus doesn't need to be leading a tiny skirmish battle with a handful of rubrics.

>> No.55348281

Before bed I say my nightly prayers for a return of the old FoC and best in slot units made 0-1.

>> No.55348282

So is a warboss on a bike still good? It used to just transform him into a pseudo monstrous creature.

I'm used to powerklaws being overpriced shit. It used to be our only anti tank weapon.

So would one distraction battlewagon filled with boyz scooting up the side of the board be viable?

>> No.55348290

Game needs more 4+ armies.
As is it just scions and partially 'crons
I would not be mad at all if sisters were 4+

>> No.55348297

He's the third most useful HQ behind weirdboyz and big meks with kffs.

>> No.55348305


>> No.55348313

Admech have 4+, but their troop morale is so terrible, nobody ever fields anything but the mandatory 5 man squads to fill troop choices so they can get more Heavy Support.

>> No.55348315

>So is a warboss on a bike still good? It used to just transform him into a pseudo monstrous creature.
Still does, though with the loss of cover he will eat a load a bullets an dhigh AP will hurt

>I'm used to powerklaws being overpriced shit. It used to be our only anti tank weapon.

>So would one distraction battlewagon filled with boyz scooting up the side of the board be viable?
Well boys are the most dangerous when they are more than 20, as is you'll be paying more for the transport than the contents

>> No.55348319

Yeah, completely forgot they were a thing.

>> No.55348330

>So would one distraction battlewagon filled with boyz scooting up the side of the board be viable?

Honestly? No. Isolated Boyz mobs don't fare particularly well; they really want other mobs nearby to negate Morale and they want support characters to buff them up. Worse still, 20 Boyz only need to lose 1 model and they all lose an attack, which is extremely likely.

The other part is why Orks need to go all or nothing in one aspect of their army; taking 1 Battlewagon in a list otherwise filled with Boyz means the enemy's entire AT arsonal gets directed against that Battlewagon Turn 1. With a 4+ save, that wagon isn't going to last long.

Warboss on a bike on the other hand is pretty decent.

>> No.55348338

>So would one distraction battlewagon filled with boyz scooting up the side of the board be viable?
No, because you want your boyz well over 20 in squad size. Max size with weirdboyz really is the best way to play.

>> No.55348340

Working as intended

>> No.55348345

Fire Warriors
Overshadowed but still exist

>> No.55348355

I wish I could pay to make my guys 4+.
Vets got fucking reemed this ed.

>> No.55348357

I would go for little more brighter flesh, just a highlight would do.

>> No.55348366
File: 64 KB, 640x480, 1505099189108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55348372

Vets should just be 4+ default like nobs were made.

>> No.55348380

>Moral matters in 8th!
>Literally no one cares about moral
>arguably more useless than 7th

>> No.55348384

How strong are non-Boys reliant Ork armies?

I know how strong unit spamming is this edition, but I want to do an army that's more focused on mechs and vehicles as opposed to the green tide.

>> No.55348397

Ork vehicles are in a jam.
They pay full price for guns but only have 1/3 hit chance.

It's bezarro world where suddenly the Gorkanaughts are the best and waggons near the worst.

>> No.55348401

No, morale matters more in 8e. We went from every other army ignoring it to only one army ignoring it, and other armies just having small mitigating factors.

>> No.55348403

It literally matters more than any other edition thus far which is why Ork and Guard blobs are so fucking bullshit right now. Stop being dumb.

>> No.55348416

>suddenly a costly model is better than a cheap model
GW being greedy as fuck as always

>> No.55348418


I think I've only ever seen a total of around 10 models lose because of moral this edition, and that's including the games I've played since getting my night lords trait, so idk what the fuck kind of games you're talking about.

>> No.55348445
File: 84 KB, 422x309, 1503511005528.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything GW produces now is noisy to look at. And there's no cohesion.

I want the GW from the early/mid 90s back

>> No.55348447

Nice psychologists fallacy. Nobody cares about your little experiences.

>> No.55348449

I don't, so fuck off with your shit opinions.

>> No.55348451

The only games I've ever played where morale BTFO'd things were with my Daemons in 7th

>> No.55348462

Say the words

>> No.55348472

>I can't prove it matters so I better use some buzzwords!
Seriously. I have never seen it matter in my games nor have I seen it matter in any games that I've watched in store or online. Please, do tell me why it matters. You do actually play games, right?

>> No.55348474

Blame the 'Eavy Metal painting style. They stick to very rudimentary artistic fundamentals in order to make their models appealing to a wider audience. It's why Death Guard models have green armour with purple rags and bronze trim. It's why their fleshy and tentacled parts are not painted to be pallid and sickly, but painted to look very bright. It's why their weaponry is barely rusted and dulled by millennia of rot and war, because rusted metal doesn't pop out of a photograph the way shiny metal does.

>> No.55348481

So paint and play orks then??

Awesome job anon, pic saved for later ref. Thanks!

My inspiration for Pallid hand was just grimier 30k legion colours so your on point anon, and that simplicity of that flesh paint scheme is prime!

This is kinda what i was looking for anon, in terms of darker colours relating to the lighter scheme as you said. As well, the suggestion on the skin colours are on point. Definitely a few ideas there that I would have totally overlooked. By necrosis though, did you mean like grayish-dark purpleish decayed flesh or more fleshy decay"ing" coloured rot that comes from gangrene?

Thanks for all responses anons!!! I am a much stronger converter then painter so when i get this gooey army going, you will all be the first to see them!!! And sorry for coming back to the party late...

>> No.55348484

It spent the first two years after it release being so bad it was more often scenery than combatant.

>> No.55348491

>my dad smoked 30 a day for 50 years and never suffered from it so smoking isn't bad for you
This is what you're saying about morale in 8th.

>> No.55348494

Best way to run Ultramarines Dreadnoughts?

>> No.55348501

as Iron hands

>> No.55348503

No, that's not what he's saying, that's just your subjective interpretation of it.

>> No.55348508

Except that's retarded because there is actual evidence to prove otherwise that smoking is generally bad for you. Meanwhile, you can't give me a single reason why moral matters in 8th besides you telling me I'm wrong.

>> No.55348511

Towards the scrapyard

>> No.55348522

>vaccines cause autism, just believe me I wont make a sinlge fucking point in support of this I'll just state it without justification and then point out that you not having autism despite being vaccinated is not technically a disproof
This is what you're saying about moral in 8th.

>> No.55348525
File: 546 KB, 2352x1104, dreadcomparison.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'd probably run it like this:

Green Tide > Dread Mob > Mechanized

Ork vehicles are all badly overpriced, with the Gorkanaut being the most reasonably priced. Check out the comparison between a Deff Dread and a Space Wolf Venerable Dread and you'll see what I mean. Hell, Trukks are 82 points base compared to Rhinos at 72 and the only advantage the Trukk brings to the table is letting units inside shoot out of it, which sounds nice except Ork specialists are so expensive, and Trukks so expensive, that all you're doing is making your fragile bullet magnet even more of a bullet magnet.

It's the inherent contradiction of Orks in 8th. The army's specialists are expensive, but have little to no armour. Previously they would have relied on cover, but cover now provides almost no benefit to Orks whilst providing a large benefit to high armour save armies. Plus Orks find it very difficult to utilize cover because it's hard to squeeze big units entirely onto terrain pieces. So that leaves transports to provide protection. But transports are expensive and have 4+ saves and T7 or less, meaning they die very quickly. Additionally, every army that could hit decently at range got a massive buff to firepower with the twin-linked change, whereas Orks got a very minor buff from that.

The result being that our specialists are too expensive and fragile to do the jobs they're meant to do and they're facing forces that spit out way more bullets than they do only more accurately.

>> No.55348528

Morale matters
Unless you're conscript/green/swarm hording. Or using undercosted character spam. Which is what is prevalent currently

>> No.55348532

Burden of proof is on you, friendo. And no, your vague "but muh personal games" don't fucking count as evidence, hence psychologists fallacy.

>> No.55348538

Come on friendo, just say the words. You know you want to.

>> No.55348544

Honestly, I don't think that many guys here play against Orks.

>> No.55348551

Leviathans are great in general, Deredeo are subjective but fun.

>> No.55348558

Games not vs marines, conscript or boy blobs.

You DO have those in your meta, right?
I mean, you wouldn't base a sweeping statement on a narrow and shallow pool?

>> No.55348589

Or using MSU

>your evidence doesn't count as evidence because I said so!
If I saw a man murder another man, I can testify in a court of law, but according you, that's not enough.

Yes. Outside of our Marines, ig, and orks, we have several CSM players, a daemons player, 3 eldar players, 2 tau players, one Ynnari player, and 3 nids players (who also ignore moral).

>> No.55348596

LOL that isn't what a psychologists fallacy is you dumb fuck and this isn't a court case so why the fuck are you using that as an analogy. Holy shit.

>> No.55348598

Going through the library on one of the mega's and only the first part of Eye Of Night is up. Does anyone have a link to the whole audio drama, Hand of Darkness as well would be super duper.

>> No.55348601
File: 111 KB, 623x414, 1502004229769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We don't take kindly those who use that word around here pal

>> No.55348608

>Unless you're conscript/green/swarm hording.
what am I missing, isn't it more important here? because you'll lose more units?

>> No.55348611
File: 154 KB, 800x800, imperial-knight-warden[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a good price to pay for a Knight Warden if it's assembled but not primed/painted? It's got the box and all of the bits. I'm thinking about picking one up and running it with my Guard and there are a couple people selling them in my area (I think they just bought them for konor's LOW week).

>> No.55348618

New thread boys and boys.......


>> No.55348693

Easy to have morale immunity for them

>> No.55348973

That supplement came out what, three years ago? How have I not even heard this awesome bit of lore?!

>> No.55348986


New Lucius would be nice

>> No.55349086

I'm not sure about the weapons though. Couldn't they've given it some options? MM+ML just seem weird to me.

>> No.55349317

>Snail mouth nibblin' on some food
>eyes moving in and outwards

...huh. Never though snails could be cute.

>> No.55349324

Not that anon, but not everyone has droves of special weapons lying around. I know I don't

>> No.55349326
File: 190 KB, 374x454, 1437577010314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55349690
File: 6 KB, 300x168, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55349783
File: 23 KB, 350x197, cia_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I take this mask off, will you die?

>> No.55349805
File: 17 KB, 250x333, 250px-ADB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>book allergy

You fucking disgust me. How fucking dare you

>> No.55349825

You have to. No repaint!

>> No.55350244



40k thread over, post snail mouths.


>> No.55351019 [DELETED] 
File: 19 KB, 281x270, 1384102297793.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kromlech IS pretty based. Ordered bits from 4 separate sites including GW and Kromlechs arrived way before the others

Over 2 weeks and still waiting for Puppetswar to ship my fucking shoulderpads REEEEEE

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