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Is Bobby an example of a good child PC?

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why are you bumping a useless thread

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That boy ain't right

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>Gnome Barbarian

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>Two teenage girls in his party
>No /ss/
He's shit

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Well, he was the only one with a real weapon. But only hit the ground with it. So he's basically an idiot.

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>Hits the ground
>It works
I mean, really, who is the idiot here? Is it him for hitting the ground, or us for not seeing the wisdom in it?

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He could hit the enemies with it.

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/tg/ today
> Play a child PC? You're a sick pedo.

/tg/ in a few years
> Play an old character? You're a wrinkle chaser.
> Play a character who is too effeminate or too masculine? You're gay.
> Play cross-sex? You're a dirty pervert crossdresser.
> Never play cross-sex? You're sexist.
> Play a wizard? You're a fetichist.
> Play anything but human? You're a pervert. AND gay.
> Play only humans? You're racist.

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the ratio of complaint to content on /tg/ has progressively been getting higher and higher.

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You can blame reddit and SJWs.

>inb4 ''its /pol/! /pol/ is surely to blame for the autistic political correctness going on /tg/ right now!''

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>/pol/ troll tries to deflect blame to third parties yet again by increasing the complaint/content ratio yet again
What a surprise.

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/pol/ and reddit are the same thing these days.
And SJWs are just a sub-type of /pol/.

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In a kids show?!
No way!

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Called it.

>And SJWs are just a sub-type of /pol/.
Better bait than the other guy.

Id say 7/10.

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>''/pol/ - politically incorrect'' is to blame for the rise of political correctness on /tg/

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It's not political corectness to insist on only white male human fighters, dummy.
>Political talk is not a /pol/ thing

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Honestly, the hyper-puritan values seem an entirely seperate issue than /pol/ and SJWs.
I'm not sure where the neo puritanism is coming from.

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One of them is his sister

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Havent seen this thing, but why would a kid be a barbarian?
Are all adults dead?

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Are female warriors ok if they come from a monster or half-monster race like orcs and tieflings?

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There's a couple camps.
In one, play a male human fighter.

In the other, play a street shark.

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What are Valkyries? What are amazonians? Who were the gorgons? Who is Artemis? Where does the word "nemesis" originate? Are you fucking kidding right now?

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Female human thieves are ok.

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I wish more games made gorgons a player race choice. There's some potential there. Bizarrely, I only saw that done in one of those weird OneDice games thus far.

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It was a cartoon from the 80s. All the kids that got on a magic fair ground ride got transported to D&D land and given classes based on what they were least suited for because """comedy""". Except for the acrobat, she acutely was good at her job but her thing was being the token black. To be fair it was one of the least shit cartoons of that era, not that this is a particularly good achievement.

Always wanted to run a campaign in the world they got sent to 70 or 80 years afterwards. I don't think they ever made it home in the cartoon before it got axed and the evil Dark Lord remained undefeated.

The only two left by then would be the unicorn and the wizard. Wizard because he can magic some basic levels of longevity when he finally learns magic and the unicorn because magical creature.

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You are just proving his point

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There was a radio-only finale, where they redeem Venger and are given a choice at the end to either stay or return home. We can only assume they took the later option, considering that was the entire point of the series.

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The show was kinda silly.
I did have Warduke in it, though.

Anyways, how would one go about making it a more modern (and possibly) badass show?

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>neo puritanism
>Not an SJW thing

Im sorry what?
We are talking about these weird sex-negative people who scream how even farts are rape?

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It's more that both /pol/ and sjws are doing the same attempting to control information and all sex stuff is bad shit.
And a lot of normal stuff.
So I think they're both being hit by the same, third influence. What that influence is I'm not sure.

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I think /pol/ is responsible for a LOT of the "playing a kid? must be because you're a pedo". "Playing a lizardman? Fucking furry" nonsense that makes up the male human only problem.
Then you get the SJWs with their rape eyes any time a man plays a woman.

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Politics of any sort aren't necessary to explain the male human fighter thing. It's just traditional archetypes coming back into vogue after exotic races were really really popular in both the 4e and PF camps.

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I dunno, it feels like the new wave of super puritanism in another format. Which seems to be huge in both groups.

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Plenty of rule #34.

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Of course not. What even makes you ask that?

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I remember Presto fucked up because in the original game he got the most powerful item, which had the highest chance of screwing up. I dunno if true.

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Yes, Bobby was like one of the most useful members of the party. He was always up to the brawl and had one of the few 'attack' weapons.

I would rather hang with Bobby than Eric (guy with a shield who is afraid to go on front) or Presto (who is a nice guy, but I wouldn't feel confident with someone who can screw up at any time).

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That shouldn't stop him

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>tfw no big sister to stroke your cock until you fall asleep
Why live anon, why?

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Not all hope is lost, for the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. An onee-san becomes an onee-san not by virtue of blood relations, but because you adress her as such.

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That's quite logical actually. It's a general societal trend that generate various specific and exacerbated expressions of the trend like SJW or pol, rather than SJW, pol or whatever actually changing stuff.

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Does an onee-san have to be older than you? Can an onee-san be shorter than you?

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>Does an onee-san have to be older than you?

>Can an onee-san be shorter than you?
It's possible, but IMO less desirable.

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The bow was a real weapon idiot

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Well I'm fucked, I won't be able to find a good onee-san. I will have to good the other way around and find myself an imouto

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They released the script for the finale planned episode that you can read here: http://mattfleming.com/files/active/0/requiem_sec.pdf

>Always wanted to run a campaign in the world they got sent to 70 or 80 years afterwards.
I know this isn't exactly what you're asking for, but there is also pic related if you didn't know about it that has several adventures written into it. Perkins worked on it too, but he's only credited with editing. Who knows how much say he had back then.

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>it was around the time anon posted an image on /tg/ about gays not being SJW enough that he began to consider that he might be the kind of /pol/tard that /tg/ was complaining about

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Is this literally you by any chance?

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No, I have a sidecut and my hair is dyed purple.

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Child PCs are never like that, or for that matter like Finn.
Child PCs are almost always made for the sole purpose of trolling. Having one means having a letter of marque to make an inexperienced dm and party do whatever you want.

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/Pol/ stopped being /pol/ 2 or 3 years ago. What replaced it was a mix of /b/ and Reddit.

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You forgot a dash of /int/. What little serious discussion there was has been utterly ruined by the presence of flags. Before flags, you could discuss the situation of a country. Now it's shitflinging between "that country" and "its allies" against their "rivals". It's cringeworthy country roleplay rather than individuals discussing a subject.

I shudder when I imagine the day every board has flags.

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I find Child PCs very context sensitive. If you are in standard games they often come off as either short adults, complete and utter morons far beyond the stupidity of actual children, or pedo bait. If they are played as damaged child soldiers as they probably would be, it feels tasteless, dark for the sake of dark, verging on black comedy and then still sometimes pedo bait(pic related). The only time I can think it would work is if ALL the PCs are children, forcing players to create characters whose defining character trait isn't "child". It doesn't help that most people don't understand how children think.

A story on that: We did a presentation in HS for a bunch of 1st and 2nd graders. One of them asked what we had taped on our faces. Three of my fellow presenters tried to explain that if they didn't have them they would not be able to hear them, mimicking what they would sound like if they didn't have them. Seeing the children were confused I walked forward and said simply "they are microphones"; instant recognition.

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forgot pic

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I know my group, and my character, would never allow a child to join their group. They don't want to be held responsible if he/she gets killed.

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It's not /pol/ as int he board, it's /pol/ as in the subject - any version or creed thereof. We don't care what your leanings, creeds or reasoning is, if it's political, it's /pol/. And it isn't /tg/.

So all of you are dickheads and need to go back to /pol/.

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They ain't /pol/ ,they're just a bunch of angry weebs.

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They need to be going back to /pol/ to discuss their issues.

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That boy needs therapy.

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>Flags get put on /v/ and /tg/ as a joke one day
>Turns out ALL of the shitposters are from Austrailia
Nah mate. Flags just outted the shitposters is all they did.

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Of course fucking not.
Have you ever watch at least a single episode of the show?

Also, to sum up this thread in one picture:

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>Posting on /tg/
>In a TTRPG related thread
>Never saw D&D
... for real?

No, seriously and sincerely - how? I mean this had so many re-run all over past 30 years, regardless of fucking country, that it's nigh impossible to never saw it.

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I've got this stored just in case any fucker ever posts the image you've posted.
You can now feel special.

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You saved a poor effortless image to make an imaginary point against your boogeyman? Woah.

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I dare say, quite well put anon. Good to see intelligence returning to the populus

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I never saw it because I don't watch shitty TV.

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There were always a lot of newfags on /tg/ trying super hard to fit in with "le 4chan culture".
They don't see the irony in that (and if they did they'd go back to "le reddit". Fitting in is easier than finding your own strength.)

First thing they latch onto is often the whole anti furry thing, and stuff like the thatguy meme

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We already have threads that say playing the opposite sex is creepy and weird.
I play this game to get into the head of another person. I don't know someone thinks it's weird to understand what it's like to be a woman.
Wait, I think I just figured out why /tg/ thinks it's weird to try to understand women.

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That's the thing, though. /tg/ used to be fine with it. Now every thread meant to bait people against it, or even just general low-effort misogynists actually manages to lure a couple retards into demonstrating their own existence.

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>That's the thing, though. /tg/ used to be fine with it. Now every thread meant to bait people against it, or even just general low-effort misogynists actually manages to lure a couple retards into demonstrating their own existence.

Yeah, all the fun stuff we used to be able to do on /tg/ has been banned, so now everyone browsing the board is just circling the catalog looking for something to do. And bait threads are about all we have to do here.

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>hating on Eric
It's like you want to go into the Prison of Penetration just because some weird gnome told you too

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>buttmad pedo commits a logical falacy

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You caught me.

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>he hasn't seen the rule34 yet

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>not going off the deep end

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No, this is how you child barbarian

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One of them isn't

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They can say they were going to all they want but the important thing is that they did not. Those kids never got home

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Bobby is always going on the frontline and is proactive about problems. He is only a problem because 'b-but we cannot leave this magical unicorn behind!'

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>Three of my fellow presenters tried to explain that if they didn't have them they would not be able to hear them, mimicking what they would sound like if they didn't have them. Seeing the children were confused I walked forward and said simply "they are microphones"; instant recognition.

I work with kids every day. This is the truest thing I've ever read on 4chan. People need to stop thinking kids are dumbasses.

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