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First for I hope everyone has fun and enjoys the hobby in whatever way that is

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Yeah, Primarchs are strong and I don't really pretend basic Skitarii are worth shit outside of screening the Important Things, but it's not like we're completely without options for dealing with them. Keep a double screen around a core of Dakkastelans and Dunecrawlers and try to unload enough firepower.

Also, we may well get better options in a little bit with the codex, or at least not have to pay quite so much for the ones we do have. In the meantime, I either try to shoot the rest of the army around the Primarch and tie him down or just focus fire the big bastard, and count it as a personal win if I do manage to kill him. It's not like losing an entire army of Admech would faze a Forge World much, they throw that many troops down to hold up a few dozen Marines for an hour in Eye of Medusa.

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Thank you anon

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>top 5 squigs link is back

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Anyone happens to have/knows if there is a Mega.nz for BL Audiobooks. Or another place to "acquire" them from

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The eternal debate:

Battle Cannon and 2 dark lances vs Predator Autocannon and 2 lascannons.

Keep in mind, the battle cannon one is 30 pts cheaper and has +1 toughness.

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I was out today, is there a Nurgle leak compilation?

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>Battle Cannon and 2 dark lances

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Is it wrong to affix a bayonet to everything?

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Plagueburst crawler weapon profiles are identical to those two well known weapons, I used them for easy reference.

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What's the next thing everyone plans on getting when they can?
I can't wait to order pic related after payday next Friday, I'd get them now but I just can't make the cash appear no matter how much accounting magic I use

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Plagueburst Crawler. Has a Batylecannon that can be fired out of LOSS but minimum 12" and 36" multi-melta Sponsoons.

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Unless they are Plague weapons, Predator is flat out better.

If they get to reroll 1s to Wound, Predator is still better against T8 targets, but you can at least justify fielding those tanks over Pred.

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I can't pick a chapter of Goodboys.

Dubs picks my chapter
Sevens and I get Plague Petes
Sorry for double posting like faggot

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They don't have anything like the melta rule. Those are not like multi-meltas, or do you consider a Krak missile from a missile launcher a multi-melta as well ?

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Why is it so hard to make an optimised CSM Termicide list?

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Dosen't the plague burst crawler also have a small volly gun?

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I want to order some fitting bases like pic related for my Slaanesh army. Just haven't gotten around to browse through all the options available around the net.

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The Fly (remake)
Cabin Fever
The Stand
Planet Terror
Creep Show

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your own chapter, dummy

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Who's your current mvp in your army? Mine is either my lord of skulls or rapier laser destroyers.

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>Not posting new link in old thread

C'mon now.

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Yes but we don't know what it does.

My guess its a heavy stubber with plague weapon.

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So is this thing going to be the new auto-include?

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>hair-squigs are still canon
I thought they'd have been retconned long ago like Makari and other goofy stuff.

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>not getting a 2nd job to exclusively pay for your hobbies

no sympathy 4 u

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>Holy shit, what an autist. That goes beyond even "Space Wolves don't use magic" levels of denial.

What denial? The Space Wolves use the power of Fenris. Shamanism =/= Magic.

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I got ten of these guys coming. Going to run a huge squad.

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No. a las pred has 1.5 less shots but +1 str , pen and way more dam per shot. the sponsors are similar to each other.

it really all comes down to total cost

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Raven Guard

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If you consider a Predator a Auto-Include in a normal (C)SM List then yes

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Thousand Sons Codex when?
Also, what are the chances we are getting new units as well?

>> No.55308594

Star Phantoms

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I'd say so.

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Nigga we know the cost.

The big boy costs 110 points base. His mortar is free. His dark lance sponsons are 20 each. He also has some other shit for 12 points, so he's gonna be around 162 points.

A 4 lascannon predator is 190 points... and it has 1 less toughness.

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I need to make a Chinaman order to get myself a Forge World archmagos and probably some Heresy Mechanicum as well, then probably the parts for a rather massive Marauder conversion I'm working on.
Probably going to be AGES before I can get those or clear my existing backlog, though, since I currently have tons of work to do.

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Remember, if you believe in gravity then science is a religion because you believe!

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>The charmingly named hive world
became the focus of three titanic wars
– and hides a dark secret about its

What is this secret?

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>main canon kills less than two marines average
>puts barely two wounds on its preferred target, T7 +3

It's shit.

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>Thousand Sons Codex when?
>Also, what are the chances we are getting new units as well?

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I have 10 pink horrors. They each bought two blue horrors to spawn into, and 2 brimstones for each blue.
So when each pink dies, I replace them with 2 blues. If I roll leadership and get a 1 and bring a couple pinks back, can they split too? Am i still limited to 20 blues even if I roll a 1 on every leadership and end up with free pinks?

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It's true name.

>> No.55308657

some god damned basilisks

>tfw in stock never ever

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Have you looked at ALL the Megas listed in OP?

>> No.55308662

You can read 12 shitty books to find out.

Its like the Ork homeworld or some shit.

>> No.55308663

How do we know the costs?

taking them, then it is 40 points cheaper. not bad, better than the pred, but still far from auto include

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What HQ makes the most sense to use in a custodes force given that the shield-captain has apparently been demoted to a sergeant equivalent rather than a HQ sometime over the past 10,000 years?

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mantis warriors get

>> No.55308682

Guilliman or an Inquisitor.

>> No.55308686

You can use 1 squad as an HQ unit

>> No.55308687

Wait, I did didn't I?

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Space Corgis

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Post ending in 7 names my Death Guard Sorceror

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Alpha legion

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What faction has the highest amount of mental instability?

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>Orky pirate Kaptin Badrukk’s bionic eye is so flash, it even has an eye patch on it.

Errr...boss why did ya get a flash bionik eye if youz gonna cover it up?

>> No.55308727

darth plagueis

>> No.55308731

Huh I missed this, the plague mortar is a plague weapon.

So battle cannon + reroll 1s. Or reroll everything if you're near mortarion/another warlord with the trait

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the players behind the models though, they're seriously fucking autistic

>> No.55308762

Blood Angels or World Eaters. Maybe Orks depending on your definition of mental stability

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>> No.55308765

You can have Lamenters.

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>that limp flag
Just like the dicks she got that milk from

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Getting your neck snapped isn't painful. You die instantly.

>Sangy was strangled to death...

Wait. Shouldn't Primarch survive without breathing for a heck of a long time?

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Been playing DKoK for an escalation league, lost every single game so far. Are Death Korps terrible this ed or am I just fuckin terrible?
willing to bet I'm just terrible

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>TFW the nice metal-head girl with a taste for Lovecraft and Splatter comedies (and a rocking set of double-F's) suddenly took off to the right with sunwheel tatoos and boycotts of the liberal school system.

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>> No.55308809

you know we all know the story of Sanguinius dying against Horus and all that but has there ever been specific details about their fight before?

>> No.55308814

Is your list a 60/40 mix of Fearless Meatshields and artillery carriages?

>> No.55308815

Post your list vs roughly what you were up against etc etc

>> No.55308841

What have you been running?

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Chaos confirmed to have the best Idea.

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I will ask here cause new blood.

Is the only reason for people buying the CE because the regular editions has a shitty cover???????

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Vulkan was flayed, starved to death, air-locked died, woke up only to fall through orbit naked...

>> No.55308863

>mfw there's always gonna be one faggot who brags about his vegan crossfire vaping chinashit

Is it really that hard to just shut the fuck up and not mention that one part? Nobody cares. Just fucking let everyone here think you're buying legit you pretentious cunt. What fucking point is there in mentioning it unless your goal was to start some circle jerk or bait newfags

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>The Fly (remake)

You are a tasteless human being

>> No.55308870

Fucking hell

>> No.55308877

That was my main reason.
I also like the brass objective markers.

>> No.55308880

It also has a bookmark

>> No.55308886

Emperor's Children

>> No.55308894

Only buy the CE edition of any rulebook if you don't mind possibly having to replace it within a year. And you can forget about reselling it for anywhere near purchase value.

>> No.55308899

Fucking casuals, In a future where there's only war, the best idea is Fightin' an' winnin' so you can fight and win some more.

>> No.55308913

Thinking about picking up some deathwing knights to finish off my army, might need 2 boxes but damn they are looking good. Any DAfags here use them this edition?

>> No.55308914

Usually been running 2 basilisks, some russes and the appropriate amount of infantry depending on the enemy with the occasional Macharius.

Can't effectively post lists because mobile fag, but last game I played was 1750 pts with

3 leman russ conquerors (2 with hb and hb sponsons, one with hull mount mm)

Macharius heavy tank

2 basilisks

Autocannon heavy weapons squad

2 regular dk inf squads and a field officer.

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What's the downside of Ynnead?

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Dubs names my alpha legion chaos lord.

>> No.55308937

Why the fuck did they give Mortarion wings?
If they release a primarch for all of the god-alligned CSM legions, we'll have Magnus (A big dude with a huge melee weapon and wings) Mortarion (A big dude with a huge melee weapon and wings) Angron (A Bloodletter. So a big dude with a huge melee weapon and wings). Only Fulgrim will look unique.

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>> No.55308939

It's Eldar attempt at making a new god number 2.
It's going to fuck something up.

>> No.55308942

Forgot to mention that opponent was playing renegades and death guard

3 thudd guns



Squad of plague marines

Daemon prince

And a valkyrie that transported 3 lascannon squads.

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Pulse rifles outshine bolters? Imperium get your shit together.

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chow mein chadley.

>> No.55308955

I'm honestly thinking of getting a single Sister of Battle with a multimelta and learning how to recast her myself dozens of times to form the backbone of my army

>> No.55308962

Fucking this

>> No.55308964

Chad McSmurf

>> No.55308970

Prospective Tau newfag from last thread

Been looking at a lot of painting tutorials, and I'm trying to decide what colours to paint my army in

Would camouflage paint trigger other players? Is it even lore appropriate?

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>> No.55308975

>chainsword not on the list
This list is shit.

>> No.55308983

Man what a shitty thread.

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>> No.55308986

It is appropriate. Tau are niggers who use sensible tactics like stealth and spotters.

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Mine, the Repudiators

>> No.55308989

Lord Edgelord

>> No.55308993

>No chainsword
>No lasgun
What the fuck.

>> No.55308994

You had me at also...

and a book mark you say....

>> No.55308996


>> No.55309006

>only 1 you in there

I've failed.

Firaeveus Carron

>> No.55309009

Beef Wellington.

>> No.55309013

New GW is bringing goofy back, just look at the Death Guard Nurglings.
As a side note, I want an upgrade pack of just Nurglings for bases.

>> No.55309015


>> No.55309020


Or Slaanesh will burst out of it's womb and get another label underneath His/Her belt, god of torment and death.....

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That was my reason and I read four other people said the same.

The green and pink cover blows fetid plague dick.

>> No.55309028

Reginald O'houlahan of the Southville O'houlahans.

>> No.55309029

>The Beast and the Young

>Yet somehow they are a constant thorn in the side of the Imperium – during the War of the Beast, the Orks almost brought about the downfall of Mankind. Indeed, they got closer to Earth than Abaddon has since the Siege of Terra! The Orks are the embodiment of the senselessness and inescapable violence of the 41st Millennium. The T’au empire, on the other hand, has developed a high level of technology that is clearly evident in its battlesuits and war machines and utilises surprisingly advanced battlefield tactics considering its late arrival on the galactic stage. But the T’au also rely heavily on artificial intelligence, which was almost the undoing of Mankind many thousands of years earlier. The T’au represent progress, equality and hope, but also tragic – possibly fatal -naivety.

Told you the Tau are good guys. They represent hope and progressive equality.

>> No.55309031

Lord Bale

>> No.55309032

>tacticool M4 carbine among nazi goodness
This always triggers me

>> No.55309040

Tau are basically the only faction that can do camo without triggering autists. They are a finely tuned military machine and they use camo extensively in the lore, most Septs have a color scheme and preferred fighting environment but they tend to adapt camo suited to their surroundings if they expect a lengthy battle

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>Told you the Tau are good guys. They represent hope and progressive equality.

Good Gue'la!

>> No.55309051

Drongo VeeBee

>> No.55309052

I look forward to the Tau of Iron scenario.

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I win. Here are the basics:

Veterans paint their helmet bright silver.

Company markings are on right knee when possible, following the codex like shown in the picture.

Sargeants paint a red stripe on helmet and black pauldron insets, like the Blood Angels.

>> No.55309061

>>someone else's oc chapter
Yuck, desu. Ya live by the dubs, ya die by the dubs.

>> No.55309062

Look guys, it's Baithoven !

>> No.55309063


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Alpharius Jones

>> No.55309069


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>> No.55309076


Its well planned and designed. No autism where it isnt due.

>> No.55309081

>basically the only faction that can do camo without triggering autists
>basically the only faction

It's like you've never seen the imperial guard before

>> No.55309087

Roboutte Guilliman

>> No.55309090

Because theyre slow, overpriced sternguard who don't really benefit from most legion rules.

>> No.55309099


Good on you anon, you too. Personally I love conversions, and I have a pretty good time playing the game itself, but sadly painting is the bane of my existance. Good with my hands, not so good woth colors and where the hell they are supposed to go. How about you anon, what do you enjoy?

>> No.55309100

Big Guy

>> No.55309101

You either die the good guy or live long enough to become a fascist empire that worships a corpse on a chair.

And then you still die eventually.

>> No.55309108

I've noticed the Tyranid Swarm box is gone and their Start Collecting is out of stock.

What are the chances they're making new replacements? I'm pretty bummed, I was gonna pick up that Swarm box this weekend.

>> No.55309111


>> No.55309112

You mean Lore wise or Player wise?

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File: 1.99 MB, 403x234, 1343436529549.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55309121

If I exposed your cultist networks, would you die?

>> No.55309123


>> No.55309124

GW is reboxing everything to update the art for 8th

>> No.55309125


for you

>> No.55309132

It would be extremely planned

>> No.55309134

Reminder that because the Tau are so progressive and accepting the empire is now more human than actual Tau after they rescued/liberated the hive worlds near their borders when the rift left them cut off from imperial support

>> No.55309135

That's a lot of semen.

>> No.55309139

It would be extremely Heretical

>> No.55309140

Start collecting box is up for me. The unavailabilty of the Hive Tyrant outside of it is a bit worrying though.

>> No.55309152

This is one of those cursed images, right?

>> No.55309153
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>> No.55309161

Daily reminder that diversity is strength.

>> No.55309165

Thx fampais

Going to go with camo armour plates, camo and neutral clothes (so like irl), plain but dark coloured gun, sept markers and gold details and shit still intact

>> No.55309166

I can't find a pic of new Tychus anywhere

>> No.55309168
File: 5.62 MB, 4608x3456, Pathfinders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tau wearing camo is cannon, although you probably want to stick to something fairly simple. The old default tau scheme was a kind of orange desert scheme with splinter camo on all the vehicles. Looked pretty great, but you kind of need an airbrush to pull it off really well.

Painting camo on infantry is a real bitch. I had some success doing a kind something like the US 'chocolate chip' pattern, but it took a while. Would have probably worked better with ochre armour.

I would avoid woodland schemes, which tend to look a bit weird with their aesthetic. Arctic, desert and blue 'urban' ones look cool though.

>> No.55309172


>> No.55309174

Because you realize any list out there with a modicum of mortal wounds shits all over you?

>> No.55309175

Rescue her from that retardation, anon--there might still be time.

>> No.55309179
File: 96 KB, 500x465, 811234808032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you haven't built him already I suggest a tru-scale or primaris body and a head with a rebreather.

>> No.55309181

Unironically it is, only if its true diversity however and not this merchant pedaled stuff

>> No.55309184

He has wings as a daemon in all the fluff you raging turbo autist

>> No.55309189



>> No.55309192

Oh shit that looks pretty great. Good points, thanks. Maybe like a US Army ACU digital camo then? Or the US navy one

>> No.55309195
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>new DG codex got lots of new stuff
>now afraid that AdMech/Skittles won't get any cool new stuff because team worked on DG exclusively and AdMech will be 'lol have no new shit you're a-ok and best'
I'm afraid bros, I'm really afraid

>> No.55309205
File: 554 KB, 326x882, Greatest threat 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he Imperium is constantly at war, battling every minute of every day against the alien races that seek to obliterate Humanity. Yet there is one threat above all others that could topple the Imperium of Mankind in a heartbeat. It is the threat of Chaos.

>the Imperium’s downfall is only a matter of time.

Go Chaos Go Chaos. Go Go Go!

>> No.55309212


don't you have everything you want (besides a transport)

>> No.55309213

Is it really? How many Tau are there?

>> No.55309215

Fulgrim has wings in the lore too. umadbro

>> No.55309224

Sounds solid, post those boys when you get around to it

>> No.55309233

You're fortunate to have even gotten a codex before the other marine armies.

>> No.55309234



>> No.55309235
File: 223 KB, 768x628, Fulgrim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean it's not like them all having wings has been anything new.

>> No.55309241

raptors you faggerino

>> No.55309243
File: 54 KB, 1022x722, Test12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Let my autismus overtake you

>> No.55309247

Only beta virgin princes footslog.

>> No.55309249

Someone post the Epic 40k Daemon Primarchs so the newfag can educate himself

>> No.55309260

I hope you're right, that Swarm Box was actually a crazy good value and I'd use 100% of the units unlike most of their bundles

>> No.55309261


I really really want that transport though.

>> No.55309268
File: 161 KB, 170x682, Machine Spirit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking finally. Confirms what others disagree with for a long time. Machine Spirits are made from human parts and cogitators.

>> No.55309275


our "new unit" will be Cawl getting sold as a seperate model.

>> No.55309279



>> No.55309285

Who is the best Sept and why is it Vior'La

>> No.55309288
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GW has decided to make a movie of the Horus Heresy! They have approached you to cast the Primarchs and the Emperor.

Who do you pick for each role?

>> No.55309292

Flyer would be nice too, and especially some kind of cheap generic HQ so we don't have a worthless 140 points sitting around whenever we want anything larger than a Patrol.

Otherwise the usual Codex point cuts and buffs will do us just fine if they bother with any finesse in boosting some of the worse units.

>> No.55309293
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Does anyone have a decent quality picture of the new Typhus?

>> No.55309302

Au'Taal because they fit my personality.

>> No.55309305

Also has disgustingly resilient and you can camp behind line of sight and indirect fire, which a predator can't do. T8 fnp tank is strong

>> No.55309306

Cant find exact numbers but there is a huge disparity now, when the tau first encountered hive worlds they couldn't fathom how many humans were on a single imperial planet and how out numbered the tau really are

>> No.55309310

Fucking amazing

>> No.55309311

>Au'Taal because they fit my personality.
Wich is ?

>> No.55309325
File: 15 KB, 343x345, 1480385871185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


yeah then GW wrote that story about orks dropping a rok onto a Tau city and it killing BILLIONS of Tau.

>> No.55309329

/r/ing that imgur link floating around with DG stuff

>> No.55309335

Nihilistic with a wicked sense of humor

>> No.55309337

Actually, that's old fluff. The Tau in modern fluff are not impressed with hiveworlds.

>> No.55309338
File: 566 KB, 486x602, 1487911197183.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This and variations of this for all primarchs

>> No.55309340

Enclaves cause it is the PC group of Tau

>> No.55309341
File: 1009 KB, 685x719, BMBeJyl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55309343

>Au'taal, a beautiful sept, whose citizens are considered easygoing and often lazy.

I'm going with the pol sept

>Ke'lshan has suffered several raids by several alien races. Tau from this sept have grown mistrustful, solemn, taciturn, unfriendly and sometimes openly hostile to alien races.

>> No.55309357

Laid back and not so serious.

A Tau fleet had 100 billion Tau on it.

>> No.55309360


>Model is so crowded they had to paint the head white so you can see where it is

Lmao the absolute state of nu-GW

All those flies and that nurgling are absolutely unnecessary

>> No.55309362

What does PC and NPC mean?

>> No.55309364

All I know is Keanu Reeves is getting the role for Emperor

>> No.55309372

Reminder that the enclave is 1(one) solar system

>> No.55309376

Dropping a rok on a planet isn't far off exterminatus-level destruction

>> No.55309379
File: 88 KB, 1200x675, 21371084_10210481212041861_8781904480826119320_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[Warcraft casting animation intensifies]

>> No.55309381

He looks like he's frantically flailing to get the nurglings and plague flies off of him.

>> No.55309386

Are they going back to the rogue trader style of clusterfuck models?

>> No.55309387

Typhus always had a White Helmet even on the old Model.

But yea, Overdesign is key if you want to avoid Models getting 3d Printed

>> No.55309390


im going to be buying a nice old metal tyyphus off ebay

nu typhus looks like shiy

>> No.55309408

been waiting 6 months on a manticore to come in stock. emporer please let this trial end I am ever faithful.

>> No.55309411

Player Character and Non Player Character

>> No.55309412

Cheapest actors I can find with huge kicbacks for recruiting them.
Seeing as it's going to be fucking garbage I might as well make the most money I can off it.

>> No.55309414

SOUL GRNDERS! Why are chaos players not sending them out?

>> No.55309415

But what board would this Sept be?

>In 893.M37, the Poctroon became the first sentient race to join the Tau Empire, although within a few generations, disease destroyed their indigenous population. The Tau, whose physiology is fortunately immune to the plague, inherit the Poctroon homeworld

>> No.55309416

Female Draenei with a staff, right?

>> No.55309426

>the 3d printing is gonna kill GW meme
Recasting is a much bigger issue. It'll be at least another five or six years before 3d printers can make anything as good as even shitty GW sculpts, and even longer before they're in the hands of regular jackoffs like you and me. You'll be able to e-mail Chinaman and get a full recast of the entire DG line in two months for dirt cheap though.

>> No.55309437

But that it wrong

>> No.55309439

Why didn't you already have a Typhus, you poser piece of trash?

>> No.55309443


>Wait. Shouldn't Primarch survive without breathing for a heck of a long time?

Yeah but Primarchs were just the founding commanders of the legions when the Horus vs Sanguinius and Emps fight was fluffed up, not magic plot device demigods.

>> No.55309446


Hologram tables will destroy GW.

>> No.55309461
File: 354 KB, 656x532, I AM NECRON.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Necrons (9), who are neither organic nor mechanical, are a prime example of how a godly gift can have tragic consequences. But then, cruelty is a common theme in Warhammer 40,000

What? If they aren't biological or machine then what are the Necrons?

>> No.55309467

How are you going to paint a hologram?

>> No.55309476

Prove it
With holo-paint ?

>> No.55309477

Digitized soul in mechanical shells.

>> No.55309484

holographic paint.

>> No.55309485

Customize their colors like any video game and play with them like that chess game in A New Hope.

>> No.55309489


I'm still waiting for massive daemon outbreaks to occur on Tau-held human worlds, since the Black Ships aren't there to take away the psykers anymore

>> No.55309490

Arnold Vosloo as Magnus the Red
Mark Strong as Roboute Guilliman
Benedict Cumberbartch as Fulgrim

>> No.55309499

I know that, but what do those two terms have to do with a universe where you can pick any side?

>> No.55309500
File: 233 KB, 508x826, 1504779440204.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55309501
File: 77 KB, 600x536, tmp_10254-Girls-828488760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he can't paint holograms

>> No.55309509

I mean yeah. It just seems like a unit of plasma dudes with a claw supported by prescience and warptime could get some work done. Right now I'm just running havocs and oblits so I tought I would spice it up

>> No.55309516

Still a space marine.

Either way, being choked out like a bitch probably has to do with being stabbed by the talons in the lungs first, among other injuries.

>> No.55309520

>who are neither organic nor mechanical
>What? If they aren't biological or machine then what are the Necrons
Something else.

>> No.55309525

>Pech, homeworld of the Kroot

>> No.55309550

That would probably also trigger the Drones of Iron problem they're also storing up, or convince the Necrons to get involved.
They seem to have about three or four different apocalyptic problems at the moment they're just ignoring.

>> No.55309551
File: 104 KB, 538x532, Necrons codex cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This months WD tells us the defining themes of the factions :

>Eldar : Loss of innocence and spiritual decline
>Tyranids : Fear of the unknown
>Orks : The inescapable brutality and violence of 41M
>Tau : Progress, hope, and naivety
>Chaos : The greatest threat to mankind

But they forgot about the Necrons. Not surprising. GW hates the Necrons. So it's up to us to figure out what is their major defining theme. So what is it?

>> No.55309563

why do they persist with all the horrible sculpted smoke and fire

>> No.55309564

GW actually doesn't know themselves, and it shows

>> No.55309569

Hatred of GW.

>> No.55309582


>> No.55309583

Surely the physical degradation and loss of humanity to correspond to the Eldar? They seem natural contrasts.

Also, no Admech or general Imperium in there?

>> No.55309584

The Necron theme is greater appeal to self harming teens than Chaos

>> No.55309586

They used to share Fear of the Unknown with the nids but after Ward got to them they don't really represent anything anymore.

Maybe kleptomania.

>> No.55309592


Holy shit this IS why 40k is so shit now.

Because fucking GW have no clue about their own setting!

They got all of that wrong! All of the old creators must be long gone and now these fucks are making Age of Sigmar 40k, high fantasy in space

>> No.55309597


>> No.55309602

comes from roleplaying:
PC is player character
NPC is non player character,(shopkeepers etc)
here its usually meant as relative unimportant faction

>> No.55309609

I'm not a god! It's not true! It's bullshit! I'm no god! I am naaaght!

Oh, hi, Horus.

>> No.55309616

I'm new to the painting side of things and am wondering what the ideal ratio is. I'm told it's 1:1 but even with two layers of that I can see the primer underneath when it comes to the lighter colours.

Also, about how many fuck ups does it take before they start looking decent?

>> No.55309631

>All of the old creators must be long gone

Since when was this fact hidden? They started leaving in the 90s and where all gone by 10 years ago.

Which also kind of makes me think that list is bullshit given the Nids being included.

>> No.55309632

>its usually meant as relative unimportant faction
Right so a pejorative to mean bad race/faction, gotcha

>> No.55309634

This isn't Fullmetal Alchemist, and that's fucking stupid. Especially since they no longer have anyone to feel envious towards.

>> No.55309642

What if The Terminator was a space lich?

>> No.55309643

Ethereals are in the know about Psykers. So probably handle it like most troublemakers.
Mysterious disappearances.

Either that or taken for dissection.

Kleptomania is now Blood Ravens. Of course they'd be the faction theme stealers

>> No.55309648

I pay for it because its not that expensive anyway. This hobby is cheap get good poorfag

>> No.55309668

They are envious of the living who have souls.

>> No.55309669
File: 3.09 MB, 3120x4160, bone waste.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


more pics of new stuff (includes a cheeky 'all smiles' terminator)

>> No.55309675

Their entire shtick was "oh woe is us, we all have cancer and short lives, lets kill shit the live longer than us, of and the old ones are immortal so lest wreck everything they have ever made too"

So.. envy and petty spite.

>> No.55309679

Be sure you're using a base paint, and you can be just a tad heavier with the paint than the water, try something like a 3-4 mix, somewhere in between 2-1 and 1-1. And for me it took about... hmm... if I can remember this... about 13 miniatures before I got good? Yeah. Follow the painting guides like on Warhammer TV and you'll have gotten good by then, but remember to watch that closely to get a good idea of the consistency of the paint you need to have.

>> No.55309692

>includes a cheeky 'all smiles' terminator
Aww though you meant smiler.

>> No.55309696

Could it be the dangers of blindly following authority?

>> No.55309707

> muh 2nd ED LOREZ
> muh squat
Oldfag your time is fucking DONE. No one cares, the world has moved on.

>> No.55309709


Eldar should decline from dominance and pride

Tyranids relentless biomass eaters

Orks brutality and creativity

Tau technology and idealism

Chaos just demons, CSM piracy, debauchery and violence

Imperium ruthlessness and spiritual decline

>> No.55309715
File: 430 KB, 1600x1097, tyra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nidfag here, I bailed out for most of 7th but I'm liking most of the changes in 8th but i'm not sure what in my army is actually good or not. Are any of the following solid choices in 8th edition?

Tyrant Guard
Hive Guard

>> No.55309724

Tumblr tier redditfag

>> No.55309731

Old lore is still lore if it's not retconned.

Sorry to burst your little bubble.

>> No.55309732

Nids are more horde, terror from the deep and unknown.

>> No.55309735


Back in the day it was Necrons who represented the "fear of the unknown" theme and why I started with them

Now they're shitty space egyptians from Fantasy's Tomb Kings

>> No.55309736


The 3 base box comes with about 10 loose ones.

I bought it, took them and then sold it on to a friend for about £12.

>> No.55309739

He's in the back of the last photo

>> No.55309741

Thanks, was actually trying to figure out why my imps where looking less "bold" (you could say) then in those videos.

Though right now I've been practising on ones I screwed up the assembly on, so if it took you 13 then I'm good.

>> No.55309749

Cylclops Demolition Vehicle.

>> No.55309753
File: 66 KB, 650x522, Karskin_Vets_combat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Childhood is when you idolize SPESS MAHRENS. Adulthood is when you realize the Imperial Guard were the true heroes all along.

>> No.55309768
File: 595 KB, 716x456, Male_draenei.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually it looks like a male draenei casting. When I use Silver Hand, the hammer stays on the right hand that casts upwards.

>> No.55309771


My opponents (friends) just cannot kill the fucker in combat and he kills triple, sometimes quadruple, his points every match.

>> No.55309775

Strangling can cut off blood supply to the brain as well.

>> No.55309778

50:50 water to paint ratio is WAY to much. Thatll make your paint either too thin to properly apply or even worse make it flow into crevices and dry there to be just as bad as unthinned pain.

Google Wet-pallette (can be made easily with stuff you should have at home)

Youre aiming for a Milk-like consistency and want only a few drops of water, exact numbers depend on the paint and amount itself but youll get a feel for it. You can eyeball it by making the tip of your brush touch the water for every half-brush of paint you got out of the bottle.

Brush care is really important and I killed about 30 brushes before I had to force myself learning it

The important part is to have little paint on your brush and a napkin close to wipe off excess paint on your brush.

Takes a few Fuckups. Start with unimportant Models Cultists/PoxWalker´etc, and take your Time painting them and making sure you fixed all messups before moving on to the next step. Patience is Key here, most of the ugly parts of my Models are that because I was too lazy to clean up the previous step properly or too impatient to wait

>> No.55309788

I paint onto my finger, and if it dries too quick and I can see the texture of skin immediately/instantly then it's too thin. You want it slightly opaque but thin, so you can notice there is water there

>> No.55309793


Not the person asking originally but the megas have only few in them. There were a lot more originally.

>> No.55309803


>New terminators are proportional to Primaris Marines

I knew it, Primaris are a replacement, new true-scale to replace the old ones, which where never on the wrong scale anyways, just had shitty sculpts.

Fuck GW. Instead of sculpting good they make things bigger

>> No.55309807

>pathetic NPC trying to justify relevance
Did the guard conquer the galaxy?
Did the guard route the traitors back into the eye and stand vigil over the gate?

You can't even use Olly as a reason anymore. Fucking black libraREEEEEEE

>> No.55309810

Shut up neck fat.
Can you even see you dick over your belly?
Almost done painting those Sisters from 20 years ago?

>> No.55309815

I am sorely tempted to do a proper one tomorrow, with 1080p quality shots, cropping and color correction.

>> No.55309836

How can you type with your toes so well? Teach me.

>> No.55309850

possibly with a tervigon
Best unit
Better than they were but still bleh
much worse and overpriced
>Tyrant Guard
ok with swarmlord
>Hive Guard
good, only antiarmor along with exocrine
meh, if you build around them with ooe then maybe. Average.
Must include with genestealers

>> No.55309860

Can confirm - Velen casts like this all the time and the new quests have me glued to his fucking hip.

>> No.55309876

>Imperial Guard
I'll agree they're not the heavy hitters, but they're still Imperium.

>> No.55309880

Traitors were who?

>> No.55309886

Typhus pose is how male and female humans Paladins look when they finish casting a heal

>> No.55309895

And redshirts are still starfleet personnel

>> No.55309905


I only have one box of Tyrant Guard. Should I build them as Hive Guard instead?

I do own a Swarmlord but I have my doubts about him being better than Flyrants + Broodlord.

>> No.55309919

Thanks I found what I was looking for!

>> No.55309926
File: 509 KB, 990x1227, 1493056607259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The way I see it is that if they're the focus of one of the 40k RPG's they're not an NPC race.

>> No.55309928

And yes the guard did exactly that. At Cadia. For what, 9000 years? Marines guarded the Eye, Cadians guarded the gate. With some help , sometimes.

>> No.55309936

swarmlord is the best HQ. His hive commander ability is OP, and he is a monster in cc.

Hive guard all day over tyrants. Flyrants are super nerfed now, they are still good but no where near where they were.

>> No.55309940

If you played A guardsman maybe, but they are so unimportant each player literally gets ablative bodies.

>> No.55309943

9 legions vs the literally uncountable numbers of traitor guard regiments

>> No.55309954

>paying attention to Velen instead of running around looking for treasure chests while he does his slow walk/scampering all over ruin walls trying to reach a chest on your minimap only to find out it requires a goblin glider or matrix core ability you don't have selected

>> No.55309959

>Did the guard conquer the galaxy?
>Did the guard route the traitors back into the eye and stand vigil over the gate?

Well, the Imperial Army did, and because we know how many Marines there are they probably did the majority of the actual work. Two million Marines is a miniscule number compared to the number of planets in the galaxy, two million soldiers is two Sommes and would hardly suffice for a decently industrialised solar system without help.

>> No.55309987

Was too busy tabbed out on the forums watching kids cry about not having flying on Argus. Fucking casuals.

>> No.55309990

Most of which were turned by the traitor legions

>> No.55310005


The only Race that could truely be considered NPC are Tyrranids. There are Books/Games/RPGs all from the perspective of themselves. Except for Tyrranids even their Codices were in 3rd Person. And there is 0 customization when it comes to personalizing your dudes as theyre just DNA/Biomass that regurgitates itself after/before battle.

>> No.55310015
File: 30 KB, 400x264, T'olku_Piranha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I paint this scheme, /tg/?

>> No.55310020

There are Books/Games/RPGs all from the perspective of all other Factions but them*

>> No.55310026

What books are Deamon perspective?

>> No.55310040

Leave and never comeback, save yourself you fool!

>> No.55310041

Some shade of green with highlights
What looks like sky blue as a secondary

>> No.55310059

>Back in the day it was Necrons who represented the "fear of the unknown" theme and why I started with them

Oh you silly, you know nothing.
Necron were, and still are to an extend, the antithesis of chaos, order. In a moorcock way, not the good vs evil AoS style.
I.e. absolute chaos sucks, absolute order sucks too, whats needed is an eternal champion bringing balance between the two

>> No.55310070

I have the same feeling I have with Tyranids with lesser daemons too. They just spontanously pop into existence and are more raw emotion than actual sentient beings. But Greater Daemons very much do have existence, even though I don't know any Book where a Daemon is the main "protagonist" theirs plenty of them where greater Daemons are big "players"

>> No.55310086

whats up with all the tentacles on the plague marines? Tentacles aren't really nurgley

>> No.55310087
File: 361 KB, 1136x640, 1500763883891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55310116

Neither is random spikes or chain mail.

>> No.55310133

>NPCs following the PCs they were assigned to
Like pottery

Nice try but we know it was the Legions who conquered the planets and left to take the next one while the IA were left to hold and reinforce the line before moving on to consolidated the next marine victory. For that is what they do

>> No.55310136

Life and living thoughts are chaos.
Only sterile death and cold metal is orderly.

>> No.55310145

SO is the MWG Death Guard review worth a watch. I think Dave is a raging autist who knows fucking nothing about the game... SO it sucks he HAS to review chaos stuff

>> No.55310166
File: 30 KB, 316x202, nuff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Guard is an NPC race
>Chaos isn't

>> No.55310183

Tentacles are 100% Nurgle, he's second only to Tzeentch in that department.

>> No.55310188

you mean slaanesh right?

>> No.55310193


Necrons were basically three or four units with ultra powerful base troops, weird tanks (the monoliths) and two mysterious OP figures (the ctan) that looked nothing like them.

Now they are space egyptians

>> No.55310219

When they fell they gave up their PC status
Alright you got me here. I realised too late what I had written

>> No.55310233

>Necrons are space Egyptians
Stealing my aesthetic
t. 1k Sons player

>> No.55310242

>Faceless, numberless horde made to job
>Edgy bad boy space marines

You're dumb.

>> No.55310251

I think the Plague Marines look really good

But I fucking hate new Typhus

>> No.55310257

Non organic, like silicon based life.

>> No.55310262

Guard aren't NPCs. They're sidekicks.

>> No.55310266

There is not a single Slaanesh-Model that has a single Tentacle on it, the closest there is are the Diaznettes Hair, its all just tongues Scorpion-claws Worms/Insects and the odd breasts

Or you're retarded and your thoughtprocess is like
>the only thing I know about Slaanesh is sex and titties
>Tentacle Hentai
>Slaanesh = Tentacle god

>> No.55310284

No one honestly believes "evil version of the main faction" is really important, do they? Chaos has been a punching bag since FOREVER. I'm amazed how many anons seem deluded into thinking they're a focus when more people consider a Chaos release a huge waste of time.

>> No.55310311
File: 34 KB, 600x450, d9d8464b7143dba89273662a0c2f46f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55310318

He is rather too busy, like Mortarion.
Luckily they are plastic, so they are easy to give a snip and shave.

>> No.55310329

Slaanesh is spikes, this isn't your anime.

>> No.55310335

I wonder what's in that little pouch. His balls?

>> No.55310344

Official week 1 Chaos God coolness power rankings :
1) Tzeentch
2) Slaanesh
3) Nurgle
4) Khorne
5) Undivided

>> No.55310356

Which entails doing all the actual work, since most of the planets yielded pretty damn easily and then the IA had to actually clean the place up and integrate it into the Imperium. Marines and their "teleport or drop onto enemy, apply bolter and chainsword" could probably be replaced with fancy combat servitors in armour and have much the same effect.

Also, still not enough Marines to take every planet considering the losses they take every time we actually see them fight. One Myrmidon killed an entire squad.

>> No.55310370

>warriors of chaos
We're talking about Slaanesh daemons.

>> No.55310377

Keep moving those goal posts.

>> No.55310382
File: 224 KB, 893x1280, 7c89dfc0ce461a1f8afed41b0f1a4ce8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think GW is returning to the early 2nd edition aesthetic.

Plus all the new Death Guard looks Blanche as fuck, it's just that they have shit paintjobs.

GW paints their models too cartoony and to highlighted so the detail can be seen, hence why they hurt the eyes sometimes.

Im doing a Blanche DG army with these new models

>> No.55310413
File: 125 KB, 639x667, P1011759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's Zarakynel.

>> No.55310431

>muh goalposts
Go back to /pol/ already.

>> No.55310434

Well there was the blessing 'may tzeentch bless you with a tentacle' in older lore. Even in older PC games, battlemarch and Mark of Chaos. Chaos sorcs said that when you clicked them.

>> No.55310460

The issue with Blanchejitzu is that at 2 feet away a 1,5 inch subtle model effectively becomes a beige blob.

>> No.55310504


I dont mind, I think I have it.

Im painting them white and very, very dirty, tentacles dark crimson/ purple like an octopus, green goo, brown and oily stains everywhere, red gun casings ( to keep with the Blanche red) and black for other things like horns

>> No.55310510


>> No.55310545

no we werent lol

>> No.55310550

Tentacles aren't really a thing on daemon models in general. There's that one version of horrors and Diazmonettes, but other than that is mostly a vehicle for body horror on chaos-touched mortals.

>> No.55310578


Tentacles are a Nurgle thing now.

GW is going for feathers on Tzeench and skulls and skull accessories for Khorne

>> No.55310579

Im not gonna follow my own advice either, gonna do bone armour, brass trim, green shoulders and bright white officers helmets.

>> No.55310593
File: 58 KB, 600x620, 99129915029_BlueHorrors01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tentacles aren't really a thing on daemon models in general.

u wot m8

>> No.55310599

Fuck ya friends running? Killed him every game i've played against him.

Last game was 11 thunder hammer attacks to the face.

>> No.55310612

u wot

are you just so exceptionally autistic that you consider human faces to be white noise

>> No.55310617


This guy has the best white and green DG scheme I've seen


>> No.55310645

thats the same hair as the Diaznettes I talked about (which Zarakynels design is based upon)theyre more like Dreadlocks than Tentacles but I guess they count.

Actual Tentacle-weapons are really more of a Tzeentch and Undivided Thing when it comes to Possession/Mutation though.

Slaaneshi Mutations are Usually just the distinctive Claws , tongue and Sense-overstimulation.

>> No.55310646

>Tentacles aren't really nurgley
The older beasts of nurgle were basically just giant slugs with a whole nest of tentacles for hair.

>> No.55310667

I like how you also excluded crons

>> No.55310675
File: 1.34 MB, 1000x615, 9GFLGBZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And they're coming back!

>> No.55310677


>> No.55310696

>and still are to an extend

Nah, they are pushing a more Necrons vs Nids direction with them.

>> No.55310702
File: 61 KB, 525x363, g2-horrors-of-tzeentch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. Horrors have been the exception is recent years.

>> No.55310703


Crons should be fear of the unknown, but GW made them Space Egyptians

>> No.55310743

>New AoS Snail-Rider buffs Beasts of Nurgle
>Theyre off the Webstore the day the thing Dropped
>Mate said there is artwork of more Slugs in the Book
>I dont even like nurgle why am I getting hyped

Seriously though why does GW put out 30 new units for Nurgle, knowing well that generic Chaos and Slaanesh will get cucked again.

>> No.55310755

The white looks good but that blue copper effect looks shit

>> No.55310764

I can't really see how that could be possible.

>> No.55310770


Almost no miniature painters seem to look into fucking pictures of actual rust but my point with that guy is that with DG it's all about the dirty and weathered effects more than the color

>> No.55310804
File: 149 KB, 972x933, 1501346498292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm mirin' this guys green and white. Wish I could find more.

>> No.55310827

Anyone else think these new plague marine models would make a good basis for noise marines?

>> No.55310828

>Seriously though why
Better to get it all lumped out at once with the way GW handles releases, army books and events. They can't just drop profiles for all the daemons at once and trickle releases out like they used to, because of all the third party shit looking to earn a buck off their name.

>> No.55310839

Is this a dubs thread?

>> No.55310855
File: 209 KB, 1600x769, Dark Imperium Emperor's Children.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, but I found someone making an EC force with the DI models.


>> No.55310900

I actually agree with that list completely. Slaanesh is cheesy but still interesting. Khorne and Nurgle are both pretty shitty but at least Nurgle has some decent lore and such.

Undivided is just retarded.

>> No.55310912
File: 81 KB, 683x476, EC8DCC3C-1EB1-4E83-BC73-EA97E142C361-7778-00000748BB03843D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55310924
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>> No.55310943

Undivided makes sense for renegade guard and the more piratical Chaos space marines I think.

>> No.55310956

No you didnt, but by now it don't matter. Late anons always coming in late lol. All good anon.

>> No.55310992


>> No.55311020

>indirect fire main cannon
>two 9inch Flamers default

But how does it measure up in the long game? Surely it would earn those points back in a comfy hidey hole

>> No.55311023
File: 23 KB, 223x320, 47454F59-7661-486C-A62F-70188245AAE6-2471-000002388CF377A3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sweet simple and to the point. No fedora tipping or philosophical debates over why things should happen. Just blood and skulls not even in that order if ya don't want!

>> No.55311025
File: 1.10 MB, 534x822, Grandfathers-Gift.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If i uploaded this story page by page, would i get reported/ screwed with...

This weekend seems like the perfect time to enlighten people with a story....

>> No.55311036

Do it or just upload a PDF version and discus it after everyone is caught up.

>> No.55311040

With Strike from the Shadows for Raven Guard, does each unit you infiltrate still count towards how many units you've dropped for figuring out who finished deploying their guys first?

>> No.55311048

>If i uploaded this story page by page
>page by page
Dude, fuck off.

>> No.55311054 [SPOILER] 
File: 62 KB, 594x396, 1505003882052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And for Slannesh...

>> No.55311061

Well how do Word Bearers fit in since they're not after booty and having dove parrots on their shoulders?
I'll give you that but at least no one can be 2deep4u when you're Khorne.

>> No.55311069

>Free read of a 15 page short story
>Dude fuck off

I am going to upload anyways cause this guy is a faggot.

>> No.55311080

Get it niggy

>> No.55311098

>I'm gonna spam something by Guy Haley that probably nobody gives a shit about
>Guy Haley is enough to know nobody wants it.

Also, highlight text then click the post number to auto greentext.

>> No.55311109
File: 50 KB, 615x410, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Low hanging fruit.

>> No.55311116


I wish Khorne had some fucking depth like he did in Fantasy.

>> No.55311119

It has to e otherwise Vlad can't reach it.

>> No.55311122
File: 184 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55311123

Khorne is the same in both setting though.

>> No.55311129

What kind of depth did he have? The so called old school Khorne?
Some of us is 5'7 like him so please no height jokes.

>> No.55311133

WTF, since when was Haley bad? I liked Dark Imperium and some of his earlier short stories, I thought you guys hated June and ADB?

>> No.55311134

>posting this in a dying thread
Are you retarded or something.
Wait til the new thread.

>> No.55311137
File: 314 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55311145

>I liked Dark Imperium
Cute. CUTE!

It's not that he's bad, just extra boring.

>> No.55311148

Why not just post the whole thing at once?

>> No.55311149
File: 324 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6665.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55311156

>tfw you want people to look at something, but post it shortly before the thread is going to be abandoned

>> No.55311161
File: 318 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55311170

>post each page one at a time instead of in a pdf or fileshare site on top of it

>> No.55311172
File: 328 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6667.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5/17 not 27

>> No.55311218


>> No.55311258


Literally, unironically, the worst part about these threads and this hobby are you guys.

It is free, save it and get fucked or ignore it and get fucked. Options pretty easy here.

>> No.55311292

>Eating up 17 posts
>Rather than just posting it all at once

>> No.55311394

You could have still posted it as one lump pdf. Don't act like a dipshit and then throw a tantrum when people call you out on it.

>> No.55311481

I was aware of fulgrim having wings, but unlike the other three, he won't just be a big humanoid with wings. He has four arms and a serpentinine lower half, which is enough to make him stand out.

>> No.55311557

Good with Tervigon, but still a better cheap troop than hormagaunts or rippers.
They don't die instantly anymore, but are hardly reliable. If you can make wings for them, Shrikes are better due to their long move
A nice way to dodge getting shot to shit when your opponent claims the initiative and you chose to deploy offensively, but the Malanthrope is a lot better. The Malanthrope is also forgeworld, though.
>Tyrant guard
A couple extra wounds for your swarmlord, but nothing more.
>Hive guard
Nice range and nice anti-armour capability.
Good, but should only be taken when you take Termagants as well.
Took a hit, Dakkafex is dead, the only somewhat viable option is sticking a blob with double Scything talons next to OOE and hope they reach melee with the opponent before being shot dead.
Take him if you have the points to spare, he's really expensive now, but the buffs he provides to the already fantastic genestealers is great.

>> No.55311858

You do realize John Carpenter's is the remake, right?

That the original is a 1950s black and white job where the Brundleflyification was just a fancy bug mask?

>> No.55311915

I kinda feel like the DI Lord of Contagion still has a bright future of Typhus proxying.

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