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First for Tau!

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>no nazis or commies allowed
You mean no nazis. Communism is a beautiful ideology, just look at how well it worked in Cuba.

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1st for we are the night!

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Leaks of the 9 new datasheets from Codex DG:

Foulstench Flatullent (Back canister guy)
Toxicspew Injectocary (Apothecary)
Festulent Reckoner (Tallyman)
Plaguecrawler Pusmortar (Tank)
Plaguecrawler Gutslimer (Alt build for tank)
Malaisereaper Deathshrouds (Terminators)
Festermaggot Deathshrouds (alt build for Terminators)
Slimegarden Plaguesower (40k version of snail man)

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>++God damn Tau got here before us!!++

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Motherfucker you forgot Slopmaw Maggotmancers.

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Nth fer sneaky gits wot look like terrain

>Report submitted!

Don't shit up another thread.

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Even Age of Sigmar would be embarrassed to have those names

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Post armies or factions you don't play, but would like to.

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Only one shitting up the thread is nazi /pol/tards like you. Go back, stormweenie.

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>gaming at local store
>parent comes in with kid buying magic
>end up getting warning for using inappropriate language

i was only talking about how I gave my eldar the D so they could beat off my buddy's nob

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How would one go about building a army of the fallen? Should i use the chaos space marine rules or the basic space marine rules

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>"The recent autumnal weather has been ideal for an ‘indoor’ retailer like the toys chain Games Workshop, which, amazingly, now has a higher market cap than once mighty Debenhams (£530mln plays £480mln)."
Ah yes the so called autumnal weather

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Trying to come up with a more casual tau list.
Rate my [spoilers] 75 power [/spoiler] list.

Ethereal 2p
Fireblade 2p

10 firewarriors 6p
10 firewarriors 6p
10 firewarriors 6p

3 stealth suits 6p
fusion blaster, markerlight and target lock, homing beacon
3 cryisis suits 11p
all three have two burst cannons and counterfire defense systems

2 boardsides 18p
heavy rail rifles, 2 smart misslies and early warning override each

Supreme command detachment
Commander 6p
4 fusion blasters
Commander 6p
4 plasma guns
Commander 6p
3 missile pods and an advanced targeting system

There are two groups, the stealth suits help the fusion, missile commanders and the suits drop down and everyone else sits in a ball in the back.

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Please for the love of Christ don't take the bait

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(N)Either works, both can use Fallen units.
They are equally useless for both sides.

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>How would one go about building a army of the fallen?
Pretty much just squads of Fallen, Cypher and maybe some vehicles as support. Fluffwise it'd be a little weird for the Fallen to gather en masse like that, they're more like an adjunct to another force.

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Aha! I KNEW I saw variations in the tanks.

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>yfw Abaddon's ultimate fate is to become a mindless Chaos Spawn cursed by all 4 Gods
>yfw Guilliman strikes him down with his blazing sword and puts him out of his 10,000 year-long misery

ADB on suicide watch

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Can someone give me a good rundown of what is "good" for Tau?

Like, would a limited number of Fire Warriors with several Commanders and Crisis Suits still be decent?

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Yeah but it's boring as fuck.

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Bet abbadons room is messy

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Arguably so is Green Tide and Conscript spam; at least Commander spam is quicker about it.

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>tfw you will never deep strike into the backfield and penetrate the rear armour with your boss nob ever again

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Not sure if it's more points for the 12 warriors or the drones but with the suits that can fire on deep strikers you'd be better off taking plasma over the burst cannons. You lose half your shots but you're definitely going to kill what you hit.

I'd say you'd be better running the multi-tracker than the -1 AP so your missiles all hit.

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Not gonna. Did what I should.

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Deathwatch. I like freehanding chapter symbols.

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How fluffy is this Raptors + Elysian army?
In short, Raptors scout/infiltrate then gets drop support from the Elysians

Game starts with flyers, Platoon Commander, MotF and the Drop Troopers on the ground
Scouts scout
Lias, the Lt and the vets all hide in the shadows

Turn one
Lias and his posse appears
The Scouts gets support from the Elysian snipers
The Company Commander and the command squads either support Lias or drops on some other high-value target

Plasma could potentially wait until turn two, giving Lias a turn to deface their bubblewrap

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>snailman is in 40k
There is a god

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What? I loved that playstyle.

A few elite commanders with squads of crisis suits getting up close and in your face, is absolutely amazing fun.

Throw in 2 devilish with breaches or pulse carbine fire warriors, and go kick in greenskin teeth with that bonus to hit in CC, or die an honourable death for the Greater Good.

If you didn't find that fun, you won't find anything fun.

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>6 fliers

>> No.55286472

Have Helbrutes edged Preds out for the Death Guard's AT/heavy support now, with the new rules?

>> No.55286479

>lovingly infiltrate a vibro cannon into the enemy's rear guard

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Too much?
Feels fluffly imo but might see a bit too WAAC, partially why I asked

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Fliers aren't the "always hit on 6s" boogiemen that they were in 6th/7th.
And they even have to give up -1 to hit to get the Hard to hit and Airborne rules.

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When I did my Tau army, I wanted battlesuits. I have about 30-40 Fire Warriors because everyone needed troops.

Generally you're gonna be sitting guys on an objective and camping in cover. If anything gets within 18 inches, you pound the shit out of it with triple-shots. Another nice thing is to screen just in range with gun drones so you can get them to have about 15" of range for triple-shots. I'd often stick a XV84 commander with a Drone Controller and 2 Missile Pods in with the gunline so all the hordes of drones hit on 4+ and I have 10 shots against medium toughness enemies and I can always have a starting Markerlight hit for really packing on the bonuses for the other targets, such as setting up for a deep strike attack and getting melta suits or plasma suits that wonderful re-roll 1s without having to dedicate multiple Markerlights.

Always take a pathfinder team for the pulse drone.

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They have in a lot of legions I think, AL too.

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You forgot the new character Mr. Poopybutthole

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Admittedly, I am making killteams for each faction I want to play without hoarding them like my main army.

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Looks like. I'm honestly surprised one legion/chapter, chaos or loyalist, didn't get something a bit more tankcentric honestly.

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Some people just hold a grudge against things for a long time. There are people who still hate GK because of that time back in 5th edition when they were OP, and don't want GK to be anywhere near viable ever as a result.

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I'm interested to see if there won't be a thing for IG that buffs vehicles somehow, to facilitate armored companies.

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They might not be as obnoxious as in 7th, but they're still pretty damn strong. Six is definitely the sort of number you see in cheesy tournament lists, for example.

>> No.55286578

I mean, it's not nearly as strong given the way boots on the ground works, and the flyers chosen. Hell, on a small board it might get crowded.

>> No.55286590

Where has this leak come from?
Looks take.

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>dem names
Although the Thousand Sons release was significantly smaller, we escaped with no terrible named units.

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Flyers start on the table now, and they no longer have fire arcs, and twin-linked weapons double shots rather than granting rerolls. You can combine this with reroll auras of course.

Also, because of "abstraction", flyers can now actually block models from moving past them, because of the 1" rule. So you can really say "Fuck you" to Orks and Tyranids, because you can have a flyer be both "on the ground" (can't move past it to get to objectives) and "airborne" (cannot assault it) at the same time.

Also, 40k is strict IGOUGO, and Flyers are fast enough to get into alphastrike position. Cover is weaker than most any edition. If you don't go first, or run Conscripts/Brimstones plus characterspam/mass Deepstrike, you get to sit there and get Leafblowered, because 8th also removed Reserves as a core rule.

And yes, I'm tripcoding.

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So will double lightning claw termies ever get their points back?
I wanted my alpha legion to be pretty elite so I was thinking 2 five man wolverine squads with icon of wrath in my 1850 list

>> No.55286623

so are we gonna see some new units with the Admech codex or nah? why/why not?

>> No.55286636

Well I see your point but the army is supposed to be Raptors-styled, utilizing infiltration, hit- & run tactics etc etc.
It would seem kinda odd if they're allying with the Elysians to utilize an airborne armys fast deployment but won't use their fliers

And yeah, if my plan was to spam fliers I wouldn't bring this army
Would tell my opponent I'll be bringing a few fliers so he's prepared, only playing with friends anyway

>> No.55286640

Well, maybe. But given the sort of lists 8E tournaments have tended to see so far, (even after that FAQ,) felt it best to make you aware that plonking 6 fliers on the table may make your opponent think "tournament list". Depends if you're happy with giving that impression to some people.

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>And yes, I'm tripcoding.

>> No.55286703

>local faggot trips, news at 11.

>> No.55286709

The biggest problem with Chaos Termies is how they're forced into 5 man squads now.

215 points for choppy termies is a bit much, but you're gonna get more mileage out of the Icon of Excess than the Icon of Wrath. Unless your area meta has less Imperium.

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Omega tank destroyer. Based on rules re plasma weapon, do rerolls counter the rolling one rule?

>> No.55286715

>look mom, I started an argument

Yeah as I mentioned above I'm only gonna play with friends at my local and I'll definitely tell them to bring a bit of anti-air
What would be less WAAC but stay as fluffy? Switch the Xiphons to something else that's good anti-armour and anti-air? Couldn't find anything that fits Raptors better

>> No.55286721

That first character name is clearly b8. Change the second half of it and repost, should have better luck with it.

>> No.55286738

True, I'd much rather have 3 squads of 3 than 2 of 5

>> No.55286747

Is the Nobz in a 'naut strat no longer a meme?

>> No.55286751


Yes. via Captains, etc.

>> No.55286763

>we want to streamline the rules and make them easier to use
>so getting the info for one unit will require flipping back and forth between at least 4 different pages

>> No.55286775

Its a decent strat, Nobz can be killy if they get the charge and are properly equipped and 'Nauts are not bad in this edition and can act as a very tough transport. I dont think its like a must take combo but now it works and you're not crippling yourself by using these units.

>> No.55286785

The biggest flaw with it is that its only 24" on the range, but I still may either buy one or make one out of a Land Raider for a Primaris army. I feel the Sicarans fit well into Primaris stuff.

Primaris Predators, if you will.

>> No.55286795

It's a mega laspred. Give it two lascann sponsons and fire off 5 lascannon shots, three kinda souped up, for 220 points or only 30 more than quadlas Predator. Those extra 5 points over mounting an extra lascannon on a Predator buy more wounds, faster move and the ability to use three of your lascannons as plasma guns.
Pretty good, as tanks go, since laspreds with Killshot were already the gold standard for anti-tank.

Also, yes rerolls do negate plasma explosions.

>> No.55286796

Pretty shit desu sempai, all the Sicarians are kinda meh. The punisher gets outclassed by a few razorbacks, the strike Tank is waaaaay inferior to the scorpius, and this plasma one is a worse deredeo.

There's at least a niche for the original two, but they still are not efficient. Sad, they're damn good models and my 30k ones always did well

>> No.55286807

Should they be given Big Choppas to save points and chunk down monsters/multi wound infatry and swarms? Or should I cash out and give em klaws and killsaws for maximum wreckage?

>> No.55286819

The tragedy is I cannot tell if is real or not

>> No.55286821

Last time spamming this, r8 my scheme.

Does "Farsiders" sound good?

>> No.55286828

The older the marine, the greener their chest decoration due to rust

>> No.55286830

in guessing the knights in the admech codex are going to have a few extra weapons/configs and be able to have a forgeworld keyword so they can be repaired, and gain reroll benefits from forgeworld characters. whereas regular knights will have the same weapons and have access to "character" knights with relics and warlord traits.

>> No.55286836

Yeah, saw that now, sorry for being a dick, playing with friends is obviously fine.

As for what fits raptors, I'd go for more snipers (maybe rounding out to a battalion as you already have 2 HQs) and maybe some land speeders myself, but that's my personal mental image of them. The difficulty with talking about such a pragmatic chapter is a lot of stuff does fit them.

>> No.55286838

And the penitent company aka the proxy death company

>> No.55286839

>Does "Farsiders" sound good?
Its not the worst, but I feel like its not quite right either. Whats the Chapter gimmick?

>> No.55286842

How about the Outsiders? Farsiders makes it sound like Garius Larsonus might lead them to battle with cow abhumans

>> No.55286848

I just don't understand how termies are supposed to ever get their points back
Even with 2 wounds they are going to die the turn they deepstrike, and while they will eat a lot of fire they need to do some damage, the only builds I see are
>combi bolters and a flamer to hose down hoards, kill half your points worth if you're lucky
>combi plasma/melta to try and vapourize something really juicy like a knight titan or some tanks, melta with warp time support seems okay
>lightning claws for lots of attacks to do the melee equivilant of combi bolters for light and heavy infantry shredding
No matter what I just feel like they could never justify their points other than cool factor

>> No.55286851


They are fleet based and primarily focused on helping other factions in their fleets, no on waging open war on the field.

I also thought about Scarlet Suns and Repudiators

>> No.55286860

>Jokaero Tools

>> No.55286862

Yes, barring hit penalties. If you fire on the move and roll a 2, you wouldn't get to reroll if it's "reroll 1s", since rerolls precede die mods. The 2 then becomes a 1 and then you suffer the mortal wounds.

>> No.55286863

>Scarlet Suns and Repudiators
I like those better, they fit in nicely with other Chapter names.

>> No.55286864

Killshot is bonkers, I hope guard gets some sort of "fuck your armour this turn" strat this November

>> No.55286867

Magic Juggler! You absolute madmen.
hello good sir.
You are right.

>> No.55286874


>> No.55286877

I can't recall any units that meeded more than army rules+datasheet

>> No.55286880

Probably not. If we were going to, we'd probably know something by now in terms of rumor engine or something.
Hold out for FoC.

>> No.55286891


Scarlet Suns sounds more vanilla to me, the problem is, they are called Suns that are Scarlet in color....

And Repudiators I also like but then I might make them radicals like the Templars, and friends of the Hereticus.

My only worry with the name is that it has to sound Imperial and will configure the lore. I want to build something that can blend perfectly in the 40k universe, and I picture what would I do if I wanted to include these guys in the next GW videogame or Codex as canon.

>> No.55286892

Repudiators has a nice ring to it, I like that one

>> No.55286895

If you want a fluffy army I'd use them as support for Chaos Cultists considering it's vary rare for Fallen to gather in numbers, ever.

So maybe 2 or 3 squads and then just cultists and vehicles.

>> No.55286896

Which looks better?

A seems like the gold pops out more.

B is pleasant all around

>> No.55286909

Not him bit know Chaos sorcerers have their rules, spells, some force weapons, and the army-wide rule on separate pages.

But what kind of loser doesn't have their army-wide rule memorized by now?

>> No.55286910

I would do the backpack ends the same blue but make one knee pad red. It's a comfy asf scheme, though a bit wolfish

>> No.55286913

Which is sad. Take the Dunecrawler give its top more of a firing platform look via a new sprue. Release it as a new dual kit as a 5-6 man Skittle open top transport.

AdMech would buy it up.

>> No.55286914

Up to you.
Bit man do i hate thowing away 3s to hit

>> No.55286918

So why don't the alpha legion have a grudge against the imperial fists and ultramarines for killing their primarch?

>> No.55286930

Personally I'm hoping for a similar stratagem for Admech's Dunecrawlers, or maybe something that boosts their shield rerolls when they're together. Dunecrawlers are pretty good and versatile tanks as is, but they're one of our only good sources of anti-tank firepower and they're only about three lascannon each. More shots or something would easily be worth blowing 3CP on just for a "fuck that thing in particular" button.

>> No.55286931

No worries, that wasn't even me
Yeah, they're flexible alright; also planned an all-Raptors army that uses two Land Speeder Storms and two squads of snipers.
The problem with removing the Xiphons is I'd need something else that can take care of armour and air but fire platforms don't feel very Raptors-y compared to fliers

So you think that army would be fine playing casually with? If so I might keep the fliers but change something else to get more snipers and land speeders, thanks

I'd say A constrasts more but B makes the gold pop more

>killing their primarch
That's what they want you to think. Why do you think they're not holding a grudge?

>> No.55286937


Not what I expected at number 1, I have to say. Along with that regimental standard article about the penultimate konor planet, are GW building up to something?

>> No.55286943

Captain planet?

>> No.55286944

You're totally right that people will buy it, but you know GW.
They may possibly maybe if we're lucky, give us some new units using old models like they did with the NDK Grand Master for GK.
Maybe that'll be a generic Arch magos or maybe a skitarii prime but chances of a transport seem very low, especially if we actually think it'll be a new model.

>> No.55286959

Apothecary at least is fake.
They are.. something Biolologicae

>> No.55286965

>Not holding a grudge
why do you think they let their primarch not die

>> No.55286967

>hoping for a similar stratagem for Admech's Dunecrawlers

>Costs one CP
>Requires 3 Dunecrawlers with Neutron Lasers within 6" of one another
>Add +1 to any To Wound rolls vs. Vehicles or Monsters. In addition if the Damage characteristic is changed to 6.

>> No.55286973

>Farsiders makes it sound like Garius Larsonus might lead them to battle with cow abhumans
you are now required to do that

>> No.55286977

Something... something... something... Biolologicae
Something... something... something... Chaos

>> No.55286980

Should I build my alpha legion cultists for fighting or shooting?

>> No.55286992

Infiltration of the highest order
>Bobby G is actually Alpharius

>> No.55286995

IMO, GW should have gradually trimmed down USRs, atomicized some so they didn't overlap, and made USRs have meaningful names.

Stuff like "Fire Control (X)" where X is the number of additional weapons you can shoot, instead of Multitrackers, Heavy Battle Servitor, Decimator Protocols, Monstrous Creature, etc.

Stuff like replacing "Fleet" with "May Reroll(Run, Charge)". "Cannot(Run, Overwatch)" instead of "Slow & Purposeful", or making Scout & Outflank completely independent rules, so that Skitarii didn't need a clause that they could not Outflank as a result of their Scout Move (which instantly arguably fell apart the moment you added a non-Skitarii IC to their unit, due to conferred USRs.).

Skitarii have Scout, but cannot Outflank due to said Scout.
However, if at least one model in a unit has Scout, the whole unit is treated as having Scout.
Add a Runepriest. It now has Scout. Becauae it was not part of the Skitarii detachment, the "no Outflank" clause does not apply.
The Skitarii now get Outflank from the Runepriest (and Acute Senses too).

RAW vs RAI, courtesy of 7th. I'm going off topic (Granted, 5th had Orks smuggling Bikebosses with Snikrot, since Snikrot did not RAW Outflank).

And of course, Draigo still gets a 2++ in 8th, since Sanctuary cannot improve an Invulnerable Save to greater than 3++, but Aegis improves the results of Invulnerable Save *rolls* by 1.

>> No.55287002

Need some help with my list

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Space Marines) ++

**Chapter Selection**: Salamanders

+ HQ +

Captain [100pts, 6 PL]: Chainsword, Jump Pack, Plasma pistol, The Armour Indomitus

Techmarine [57pts, 4 PL]: Bolt pistol, Chainsword, Servo-arm

+ Troops +

Scout Squad [6 PL, 55pts]
. Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Boltgun
. 4x Scout w/Boltgun

Scout Squad [6 PL, 55pts]
. Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Boltgun
. 4x Scout w/Boltgun

Tactical Squad [5 PL, 65pts]
. 4x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Boltgun

+ Elites +

Vanguard Veteran Squad [101pts, 8 PL]: Jump Pack
. Space Marine Veteran: Bolt pistol, Chainsword
. Space Marine Veteran: Bolt pistol, Power sword
. Space Marine Veteran: Bolt Pistol & Chainsword
. Space Marine Veteran: Bolt Pistol & Chainsword
. Veteran Sergeant: Chainsword, Plasma pistol

Vindicare assassin[90pts, 5PL]

+ Heavy Support +

Devastator Squad [120pts, 8 PL]: Armorium Cherub
. 2x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant: Boltgun
. Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon
. Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon

Relic Leviathan dreadnought[331pts,16PL]
Storm cannon array, 2 heavy flamers, leviathan claw, meltagun

+ Flyer +

Stormraven Gunship [274pts, 15 PL]: Twin assault cannon, Twin heavy bolter, Two Hurricane Bolters, Two Stormstrike Missile Launchers

++ Total: [79 PL, 1249pts]++
The vanguard may or may not go in the stormraven depending on the situation, the dread however will alway go in the stormraven, the scouts are here to prevent alpha strikes and take objectives. Should I drop that tactical squad and take more scouts ?

>> No.55287007

I'd expect a Skittle Prime slot.

But for minimal effort GW could just go through existing kits and add variations. Turning single kits to dual (Stormtalon to Stormhawk + Stormtalon)

>> No.55287011

>my brother Robby despises me, I'm indifferent- legion
Alpharius and his legion have some pretty intense autism, they could care less about other people

>> No.55287016

Holy fuck I thought this was a joke when I glanced at it

>> No.55287028

Gonna use this guy as a guide to convert my alpharius chaos lord
Anyone got any other advice on cool bits and gubbons to use?

>> No.55287031

It's for space wolves but writing that would produce autism responses.

>> No.55287036

Double Subversion
>Alpharius is secretly Alpharius

>> No.55287044

I'd expect a Skittle Prime slot.

But for minimal effort GW could just go through existing kits and add variations. Turning single kits to dual (Stormtalon to Stormhawk + Stormtalon)

>> No.55287046

Mostly it is

>> No.55287059

>Minimal effort
Yep. I don't expect that for Admech.

>> No.55287062

Dear god, I'd probably pay three CP for that, should be at least two. 4 hits, wounding almost anything on 2+ with AP-4 D6, even without buffs. Still, something like that would go a long way towards letting Skitarii gunlines take down heavier foes, since at the moment we slaughter medium and heavy infantry, have a couple options against hordes and against big stuff we basically have neutrons and fragile Electropriests, both of which are expensive.
Add some mobility Strats, a couple points cuts on the worse units and a cheaper HQ and I'll be happy against almost anyone.

>> No.55287076

Flamers are useless for deepstriking anyway, because of the 8 inch range.

>> No.55287079

These names make me want to kill myself. But the models look soo damn good. Even if they are a pain in the ass to paint.

>> No.55287096

Power axe/ combi-plasma is the way to go. If you back it up with a lord, then you can overcharge and deleate most things short of tanks

>> No.55287100

So they do care abnout other people?

>> No.55287117

How do you know?

>> No.55287123

Don't even need a Lord. Just cast Dark Guidance and you're good to go.

>> No.55287125

Yeah, true.
>army that sells well with fantastic models and cool lore that's one of the few ranges that still upholds the 40k aesthetic
>and has literally the easiest job porting rules and costs over to 8th
>completely ignored by GW and left with shitty rules that somehow make even less sense and have totally arbitrary points jumps
At least kastellans are good

>> No.55287130

Throw the mark of Slaanesh on top and shoot twice. That's up to 40 plasma shots with rerolling 1s. Jump pack sorc with prescience and anti-invul spell for the maximum overkill.

>> No.55287138

>Deathshroud twice
>No Grave Wardens

>> No.55287149

They had the Biolologicae name in one of the early previews.

>> No.55287152

Weell first off you'll need to get a helmet, most canon AL members artwork aren't shown with their helmets on because they're all supposed to look like Alpharius and because super sneaky secret most artists refuse to depict Alpharius without his fancy snake helmet.

Discount the shitty "Alpha Legion" in the Dawn of War games since they're literally never acting like actual alpha legion members, in DOW1 they act more like something from the Black Legion and in DOW2 Retribution they're khornate when most evidence points to the Legion not really having a chaos god preference, if they're even truly heretical at all.

>> No.55287154

so a 5 man squad, 2 CP and a soc (or lord, your choice) for 20 str 8 ap -3 D 2 shots hitting on 2s(or 3's with re-rolling 1s)
Thtas pretty fuckking good

>> No.55287159

I expect good things from the codex anyway, just not necessarily units, and almost definitely not models.

>> No.55287168

>no proofs
/tg/ will fall for anything

>> No.55287169

Why the fuck would they name their shit like this? Is this in the Death Guard lore, that they couldn't come up with decent names for their shit? So to fuck with everyone, they came up with the dumbest names they could think of?

At least they are some of the best models GW has ever released. Makes up for the hideously retarded names.

>> No.55287178


It's called the Biologis Putrifier.

>> No.55287190

That seems pretty legit. Do the Maru Skara proud. You have the advantage of reliability and melee presence compared to Obliterators too. The +1 to-hit would also mean that even if you roll a 1, plasma won't Get Hot.

>> No.55287193

No, Anon. That Anon made them up.

>> No.55287203

Do we have a link or a pic or something?

>> No.55287212

Oh? Thank fuck. I'm happy it's not real...

>> No.55287218

Really need help with this, i'm shit at creating good lists

>> No.55287236

Ah yes thats the name.
That pig latin stuck in the mind like a fishbone

>> No.55287244 [DELETED] 

Fuck me, just got back from work.

I go through a bit of park/hill to take a short cut and saw this weird half naked Pakistani looking guy holding a knife.

Nothing happened but I called the police to be sure.

>> No.55287247

Pic related probably constitutes many of the "new units" promised.

>> No.55287250

You gotta time it right and know when to use it, dropping in front of a unit of cultists or conscripts won't get much done, wait for a gap in the enemy defenses and go for something really valuable

>> No.55287255


>> No.55287256

That was my next question. Havent played since start of 6th. Was going to ask about the original Sicaran. Is it viable? Is it powerful? Beautiful model, but similar in price to the primarch triumvirate

>> No.55287265

Why not a 10 men squad? If you're spending CP, go all the way.

>> No.55287279

That's 255 pts if you take axes as your melee weapon
And that's way less efficient than what their equivilant in plasma scions would do

>> No.55287280

The real ines are only about 70% as bad

>> No.55287282

Becuase thats 430 points, which is almost a quater of your army at 2k. i mean, alpha legion might give them the durablity to make an impact, but still

>> No.55287290

>plasma scions
yeah great, where is the plasma scions entry in the chaos book? the best we can do is plasma chosen, who are limeted to 5 plasma guns and a combi plasma

>> No.55287300

Its hot garbadge. partically because it costs 160, then the gun cost an EXTRA 75 (!) ontop (or al least it does for the chaos varient)
8 shots at ap -1, even with rending, is kind of bad

>> No.55287310


5. Ultramarines vs Word Bearers
4. Imperial Fists vs Iron Warriors
3. Slaanesh vs Eldar
2. Space Wolves vs Thousand Sons
1. Inquisition vs Alpha Legion

>> No.55287311


White Dwarf.

>> No.55287318

Tac squad needs some sort of special weapon, maybe give your sarge a power sword too. Swap your scouts for tacs. Cap should take a thunderhammer or fist instead of a pistol, techmarine should be swapped for a libby. Vanguards should be dropped to pay for everything else. Vindicare should be any of the other assassins, vindy;s are trash though i love them. Devs should take some of your spare points and buck up to ten men with four guns, allowing you to combat squad into two five-man teams each with two heavy weapons. Leviathan is good though double gun is better, stormraven is excellent. This advice is entirely whats good in a vacuum while staying actually using your CT, feel free to ignore any bits you want.

>> No.55287322

Thats becuase you gain
>+1 T
>+ 1 wound
>+ 1 str, and -2 ap in CC
>+1 ws

>> No.55287323

How is Konor rigged?

>> No.55287330

So mech SM army should just default to preds and Razors?

>> No.55287336

Oh cool, cheers man. I am actually okay with these names

>> No.55287352

I mean assultbacks have 12 shots at str 6 ap -1 man, its fucking nuts. At my local GW there is a guy with an army of 8 of them witn min tacs squads, and he BRRRRRRRRRRRRTS anything to death

>> No.55287357


But Jimmy Carter is an enemy of Nurgle. He's nearly wiped out Guinea Worm.

>> No.55287359

>rivalry that literally created the 40k setting is number 5

>> No.55287362

Becuase you touch yourself at night

>> No.55287370

> foul blightspawn

What is this god please

>> No.55287377

Other kind of drone?

>> No.55287381

Faction that has almost as many players as Chaos and all Xenos combined vs just Chaos with Xenos being able to choose wich one they support. Even if all Xenos players would have sided with Chaos it would have been close ... assuming that the reports actually mattered for the outcome of course :^)

>> No.55287386

GW underestimated the staggering autism and fanboy turnout from the marinefags, so they had to fudge the numbers to keep it interesting

>> No.55287387

Imperial side has three times as many Armies and six times the units, chaos get 5% victory point boosts from time to time punishing Imperial player that slack at 51% wins.

Renamed Beast of Nurgle

>> No.55287402

Neat. Someone had their Sisters army stolen and police are trying to give it back.

Hope they find the person.

>> No.55287403


>> No.55287404

That's almost as offensive as Hair Squighs not even making it into the top 5 !

>> No.55287417

Four, actually.

>> No.55287441

>and then Grayfax whips out her psyccoculum

>> No.55287447

>Whats the Chapter gimmick?

I'm guessing they use surrealist satire on the enemy until they get into melee range and then it's Cow Tools to the face.

>> No.55287458

Shit list tbqh.

>> No.55287460

Hey guys, I have a request, I am building an Ork army and want help with a list, or even if it would be viable, im not super competitve just want to win sometimes.

I have a few difficult criteria though, it is all Rogue Trader/2nd Edition Ork models, so I need to keep the model count low

I want it to feature all looted vehicles being counts as Trukks (Rhinos/Chimeras) and Leman Russes (Battlewagons).

Any suggestions or is it too impossible?

>> No.55287461

>rivalry that literally created the 40k setting
Old Ones and Necrontyr?

>> No.55287465

Going by your advice I'll drop the vindicare and the techmarine, grab a libby and upgrade one of my scout squad to tactical squad and try to give them something

>> No.55287466

All the angst from rowboat in dark imperium being written off as Alpha infiltration would be hilarious

>> No.55287470

Alpharius knew how to play. To win he had to be both a player and a mere piece.

Triple Subversion
Omegon was Alpharius all along

>> No.55287474

Yeah, if they do this again they maybe need to try to split the imperium faction a bit. Something like:
>team guilliman: IG, ultramarines, most other chapters, talons of the emperor
>team eccles cakes: SoB, inquisition, scions, black templars
>team "save the civvies": space wolves, salamanders, raven guard
>team shenanigans: dark angels, alpha legion
>team admech: the motherfucking admech, imperial knights
...to try to make it less of a steamrolling.

>> No.55287476

Holy shit ...

>> No.55287482

Nobody actually plays sisters. If the police knew this they'd then understand that the models are hollow and full of powdered heroin.

>> No.55287493

>No Gork vs Mork

These lists are mostly disappointing.

>> No.55287503

Isn't even on the fucking list.

These top 5's are purely aimed at shilling shit, there's no logic behind any of them. Not quite as bad as "OMG LOOK GOLD SPRAYPAINT!!!" being number 3 on the list of why AOS is literally the best game, but ...

>> No.55287507

Are thwy the Poz Posse

>> No.55287515

Gee, it's almost like the legion has fractured into warbands each with their own way of going about things.
You're an idiot if you don't think some warbands aren't heretical or following the gods.
Not exactly impossible for some of them to have strayed far from their original strategies

>> No.55287519

33 units
Lord on bike
lord in terminator armor
lord wth jump pack.

>> No.55287520

Maybe this

>> No.55287535

Fair enough, I meant the human civil war portions of the setting.

>> No.55287540

>Keep on sawing, Shura, they are surely golden!

>> No.55287546

>Want to find a site that sells Neodymium magnets, ask /40kg/ where to go
>Get told about Guys Magnets and see that they ship international
>In checkout get told "There are no couriers available for your country"

Fuck. Does anyone know a site that sells decent magnets to Canada? I want to attach my terminators arms while swapping between claws and hammers.

>> No.55287552

Dear christ I sure hope so
>tfw no plague-ultralisks

>> No.55287556

Amazon sells them, Anon.

>> No.55287570

ebay too buddy

>> No.55287582

The Alpha Legion's mode of operation most likely became so complicated and intricate that even the Alpha Legion as a whole lost sight of what they were actually trying to achieve. The separate cells of the Alpha Legion are probably scheming for scheming's sake by now. Double-crossing the double-crossed double-crossing double-crosser and all that...

>> No.55287583

Piss off, WAAC scum

>> No.55287602

they dont have the best selection but they have worked for me.

>> No.55287604


>> No.55287610

Meeplemart has some.

>> No.55287618

There won't be a Lord on bike. There probably won't be a jump pack either, though even if there was that isn't a separate unit.

>> No.55287627

Are the plasma inceptors worth taking in a list that already has a decent amount of plasma and melta in it?

>> No.55287630

>it's another retard who thinks DA actively fight the Imperium and AL dindu nuffin
It's a nice idea but just wouldn't work. Whatever about DA and their occasional team killing you'd need one hell of a shitstorm for all those other imperial factions to just turn on each other like that

>> No.55287635

Plasma inceptors are barely worth taking to begin with.

>> No.55287637


>> No.55287656

How long until we see GW and Buzzfeed collaborate on 40k clickbait?

>> No.55287680

>it's another retard who thinks DA actively fight the Imperium and AL dindu nuffin
It's just a joke brah. Chillax brah.

>you'd need one hell of a shitstorm for all those other imperial factions to just turn on each other like that
How about the galaxy being cut in half by a warp storm? Anyway, was just throwing ideas out there, lore specifics can be worked out, but fundamentally feel having all the imperium points going into one pot won't work for any future campaigns.

>> No.55287698

So, now that the dust has settled, what does /40kg/ think of the DG spells and Legion tactics?

Infantry and Hellbrutes get: No -1 to hit if you move with heavy weapon. No -1 to hit if you advance with assault weapon. You can rapid fire at 18" range.

Blade spell: warp charge 5. Give a unit +1 to wound in melee combat. Wound rolls of 6 translate to mortal wounds if done with plague weapon.

Strength spell: warp charge 6. Give a unit +1str and +1tou.

>> No.55287702


Would you buy plastic Sisters, were they released?

>> No.55287711

>now that the dust has settled

The book isn't even out yet, the dust hasn't even kicked up.

>> No.55287756

Blight Launchers got even better. Shooty Helbrutes(Las/rocket) seem to be really good too.

>> No.55287763

Team Gully would just stomp all over everyone and the lesser factions would just be useless, though. Team Admech should probably get the Iron Hands and their descendants, too.

Maybe have the a small campaign somewhere as a straight "everyone punch shit for points", log the percentages of points per faction afterwards and calibrate win conditions for each team in later campaigns based on the points each earned? That way multiple factions could achieve wins in one event, especially if it was a somewhat larger one, say, a sector, and people could assign their efforts to any one planet currently under attack like Alliance mode in Guns of Icarus? That seemed like an excellent way to run a worldwide campaign.

>> No.55287783

Why are Blight Launchers good? If you advance with them, your entire unit can't shoot.

This change, if anything, made Plasma very good since you can rapid fire from 18" away.

>> No.55287789

Are there any Marines that use weather disruption devices or weapons to assault the enemy? I have a vision of marines slowly advancing in a dust storm or hurricane gunning down enemies that can withstand the generated storms

>> No.55287803

If two units charge the same enemy unit and one of them manages to entirely slaughter the victim all on its own, is the second still eligible to be activated, piled in and consolidated or does it just behave as if it charged nothing?

>> No.55287804

This will make DG terminators fucking awful to play against.

>> No.55287817

White scars love storms. Lightning bolt on their armor and a relic that lets them channel lightning.

>> No.55287821

I actually ran them last game, allowed the nobz to get up front and charge at the same unit at the same time as the Naut. Went pretty well.

>> No.55287823

Why? You think they'll teleport 18" away and just shoot at you?

Might as well just walk.

>> No.55287828

Second unit gets nothing at all.

>> No.55287844

Anybody here run Harlequins? I just threw this together and wanted to know how shitty it is.

Spearhead Detachment (Aeldari - Ynnari) [914 pts]


Autarch [5 PL, 104 pts]: Forceshield, Mandiblasters, Reaper Launcher, Shuriken Pistol

Yvraine [132 pts]


Rangers [100pts]: 5x Ranger

>Heavy Support

Dark Reapers [102 pts]
2x Dark Reaper: Reaper Launcher
Dark Reaper Exarch: Aeldari Missile Launcher

Dark Reapers [102 pts]
2x Dark Reaper: Reaper Launcher
Dark Reaper Exarch: Aeldari Missile Launcher

Dark Reapers [102 pts]
2x Dark Reaper: Reaper Launcher
Dark Reaper Exarch: Aeldari Missile Launcher

>Dedicated Transport

Starweaver [99 pts]: 2x Shuriken Cannon

Wave Serpent [173 pts]: Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Star Engines, Twin Shuriken Cannon, Vectored Engines

Battalion Detachment (Aeldari - Harlequins) [1085 pts]


Shadowseer [134 pts]: Shuriken Pistol

Troupe Master [74 pts]: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Embrace


Troupe [150 pts]
5x Player: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Embrace

Troupe [150 pts]
5x Player: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Embrace

Troupe [150 pts]
5x Player: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Embrace


Solitaire [117 pts]: Harlequin's Caress, Harlequin's Kiss

>Fast Attack

Skyweavers [112 pts]
2x Skyweaver: Shuriken Cannon, Zephyrglaive

>Dedicated Transport

Starweaver [99 pts]: 2x Shuriken Cannon

Starweaver [99 pts]: 2x Shuriken Cannon

>> No.55287852

How edgy do you have to be to choose CSM over literally any other race/faction? They're the self harming teenager with dark eyeliner listening to Linkin Park of factions

>> No.55287862


>> No.55287868

>teleport 18" away and just shoot at you?
You can shoot Target A and charge Target B.

The extra 6" is just icing on the cake.

>> No.55287871

They'll probably get the Reaper Autocannon which is just terrible. Its a bolter with +2s and -1ap for like, 15 points.

>> No.55287875

The variants are ok, but the Pred is better generally. Relic Preds in particularly aren't bad either, given you can do some nifty stuff with some of their fun weapon choices. I want to try running a Killshot formation using three Relic Preds with Flamers and an Infernus Cannon.

>> No.55287877

>not pinning

>> No.55287882

Night Lords cover their operation zones in eternal night.

>> No.55287885

But how is that 18" different then?

If you're gonna teleport to 9" away, you're in rapid fire anyway.

>> No.55287918

It's actually not bad at all. That's actually pretty damn good, particularly given Str 7 is the magic number generally speaking.

>> No.55287920

You forgot about the strategem that makes your army literally unable to shoot at.

>> No.55287925

Before you had to be 9" away from Target Charge AND 12" away from Target Shoot

Now you can be 9" away from Target Charge AND 18" away from Target Shoot

>> No.55287947

Str 5 is the magic number of this edition.

Str 7 is mostly for cucking Eldar or whatever.

>> No.55287954

>inquisition Vs alpha legion
Literally what?

>> No.55287961

>your army

1 unit. And who would you put it on? DG don't have any infantry that its worth using on. Plague Marines? Maybe, not very efficient though. Terminators? They deep strike, and close to enemy... so likely won't work or not needed.

>> No.55287973

I can see it being decent on a unit of plasma chosen hiding behind Pox Walker bubblewrap, but yeah not game breaking.

>> No.55287983

it's a term of phrase

>> No.55287987


DG don't get Chosen. Or Havocs, which it would be worth using it.

The special rules and powers of DG seem to be really strong square pegs in an army of round holes.

>> No.55287991

Assaulting terminator units to make sure they're closest while surviving melee ;^)

>> No.55288001

What's franks stat line?

>> No.55288044

How the fuck are you meant to find recasters to buy from if no one's allowed to talk about them?

>> No.55288047

Greatly improved target selection. An extra 6" lets you reach further beyond screening units and make it much harder for your opponent to dictate your target selection through clever positioning.

And in the case where you aren't looking to charge you get much more flexibility to choose where to show up and still get full fire.

>> No.55288049

I suppose that's fair, I'd rather that than a superpowered codex.

I can see the stratagem being useful regardless though. Could let you keep an obsec unit sitting on an objective alive long enough to score some VP for example.

>> No.55288055

You're not you fucking criminal

>> No.55288062

You can put three plasma guns in a squad of five plague marines.

>> No.55288063

Go start a fight in a carpark. That'll get you an in to recaster club

>> No.55288066


This will be the fate of IG and all IGbros out there.

>> No.55288072

Ask your friends.
Not us, your real life friends, word gets around that way sometimes, it's how I found the one I use now.

>> No.55288122

I don't wanna be on the GW stole starcraft bus but that would be a lawsuit level of closeness to an ultralisk

>> No.55288127

For 134 points.

For 31 points more, you can get 2 more plasma guns which are longer ranger and -4 ap with Hellblasters.

>> No.55288138



>> No.55288160


>> No.55288221

what can I do to have a snow/ice based ork clan that doesn't come off as vikings or russians?

>> No.55288255


>> No.55288270


>> No.55288276

What this bloke said, look up the native Canadian societies.

>> No.55288282

Primeval cavemen with furs, torches, bone weaponry, tamed beasts, etc.

>> No.55288299


these are both pretty good ideas

I am worried that that will involve too much work and I want to keep dreds

>> No.55288301

They've taken so much from each other over the years that noone will bother.

>> No.55288312

It's okay anon... Tell us where 6th and 7th edition touched you..

>> No.55288329


>> No.55288342

>Early 6e
>6e Heldrakes with 360° AP3 flamers.
>Vector strike could easily pop a rhino
>Flamer easily able to wipe the Marines
>Daemon Princes that could switch to hovering AND charge same turn.
>No AA because Flyers were a new gimick.

>> No.55288348


>> No.55288363

He's a big guy.

>> No.55288379

Wolf Orks, they attempt to spam wolf more than the Space Wolves they fail to.

>> No.55288383

I wanna put my wiener between his back titties.

>> No.55288387

>Play storm trooper heavy list in 6th
>Super overcosted, but they're fun
>Try out vassal once
>opponent has allied Necrons and Chaos flyer spam
>no really....

It was cheese all the way down, I ended up just conceding to deny him the satisfaction of dragging it out.

I'm super glad I can field flyers again, without them dominating the game.

>> No.55288395

I'm the one that suggested the Kult of Speed, but if you were to go the eskimo route (also a good idea), it wouldn't be hard at all to build off of Snakebitez. Though of course they'd have something like a giant walrus squig for a totem.

>> No.55288430

Slaanesh please leave

>> No.55288435

And Tusksquigs

>> No.55288441

Well that was unexpected, %%Ostap%%.

>> No.55288457

that must be 150mm base size?

>> No.55288484

my friend has a million space wolf bits that I could steal so this is a pretty promising one

so is this since I can just plaster them with wolf pelts either way

>> No.55288489

Is that the new Rotwing Stenchscyther?

>> No.55288518 [DELETED] 


>> No.55288525

Doctor Guilliman, I'm CSM

>> No.55288532


>> No.55288543

>supplement existing army with Tempestus SC box
>want to deep strike dudes, because I have no deep strike capacity
>commissar and Taurox Prime can't deep strike
>get some regular IG footsloggers to utilize both models
>just discovered that you aren't allowed to put anything but stormtroopers in the Prime
fffffffucking god damnit. What do I do with this thing? Is it tough/decent enough to just load up with all of the weapons and use it as a light tank? Should I split the stormtroopers up into a command squad and a regular squad, and have the latter ride while DSing the former? Is it feasible to convert it to a regular Taurox?

>> No.55288554

>Not wanting to lap on corrupted primarch megacock and polluted semen

>> No.55288560

Big choppas put the nob at Strength 7, -1 rend for 2 dmg. They'll go through Khorne hounds, Terminators and Primaris Marines with enough attacks

>> No.55288576


>> No.55288592

Do people use Trygons or Tyrannocytes for Genestealer transportation? On one hand the Trygon is much more assault-y but the Tyrannocyte is cheaper and lets you add a Broodlord into the unit for hitting on 2+

>> No.55288602

Fucking why

>> No.55288625

It's an AFV. Roll it around the field shooting up bitches while your scions take and hold objectives.

If they need to go somewhere quick, embark them in the transport.

It also serves the purpose of allowing you to run a full scion army with maximum deep strike without losing on turn 1 due to no models on the board.

>> No.55288627

I swear I've seen 3 different paint jobs for
Morty out of WD

>> No.55288647

its almost as if you can just paint things different colors.

>> No.55288664

Trygon Primes for things you need to die and die fast, Tyrannocytes for backline disruption.

>> No.55288675

Some guys at the lgs are thinking of doing a 500 point campaign. I'd like to do a Cthulhu-themed Genestealer Cult.

>> No.55288702

Look around on forums and shit. Hints gets leaked here and there. I found CCoN in like 10 minutes of searching in the right place.

>> No.55288707

Quick reminder to chaos players to unload soul grinders!

>> No.55288749

Building myself a footslogging hive tyrant. Decided that he is definitely going to get the maleceptors claw feet as monstrous rending claws because they look pretty ballers.
What else should I kit him out with?

>> No.55288758


what's your method for doing that chipped paint effect on the sides of the tank? looks nice.

>> No.55288766


>> No.55288788

Not mine, but that effect is achieved with painting silver and a sponge to dapple on the rust.

>> No.55288794

Green-blueish skin tones, the robes need to look quite wet and moist.

>> No.55288800

>tfw your soul grinder posting was a long con to get cheap soul grinders

>> No.55288807

If you want a footsloggin Tyrant just use the Swarmlord, wings are too good to ever lose

>> No.55288813

Bonesabers like a proper Swarmlord.

>> No.55288815


I've pretty much exhausted all conversion potential for these models.
Bring on plastic Sisters.

>> No.55288856

Are primaris aggressors the new terminators?
I checked the SM Codex of 8th and there are no aggressors in the 2nd company.

So the question is that if they are substites or act like a support squad for terminators

>> No.55288870

Honestly if they came in plastic I would have picked them as my first army instead of CSM. If they came out in plastics now I'd absolutely start them as a second army.

>> No.55288873

Tomorrow Jes Goodwin is gonna be special guest at my LGS.

Anything you'd like me to ask if I get the chance?

>> No.55288875

Don't the gold rims mean 1st company? Are those veterans in there?

>> No.55288876

But lack DP, T5, and Inorexible Advance

>> No.55288880

Zoats when?

>> No.55288889

They're really not, they fit sort of their own role as support fire. They're not for Terminators, they're support for other Primaris stuff really. Good for tearing through infantry hordes.

>> No.55288893

Just start schreeching BFG at the top of your lungs.

>> No.55288914

Ask him when plastic sisters of the howling banshee shrine will be coming.

>> No.55288923

Please beg him to allow Lasguns and Laspistols as weapon options in the IG codex, Ciaphis Cain carries a laspistol not a boltpistol and I wish it was allowed.

>> No.55288933

Gold rim is 2nd. White/silver is first.

>> No.55288947

>asking a visual designer to make rules changes
IG players, everyone

>> No.55288952

I hope you get colon cancer and ruin your family trying to treat it.

>> No.55288956

So what? He can just pass it on. Go stick your meems up your ass.

>> No.55288965

Who is the next loyalist Primarch.

Not that he'd answer this but still.

>> No.55288990

Having tasted some Age of Sigmar, I wanna get into 40k to play with friends.

Should I get Orks, Necrons, or Imperial Guard? Why/Why not? Do you have other suggestions?

>> No.55289023

>The next Loyalist Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, has awoken in The Rock

The release tagline is "CAN YOU SMELLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'?"

>> No.55289032

Any chance at all of us getting rules for the hoplites or peltasts from the Admech secutarii releases some time soon thanks to there being a codex around the corner?
Probably not because fuck me, but they did specifically say at launch that every model from 7th would be usable.
I'm sick of using my 20 expensive models as fucking counts as vanguard.

>> No.55289044

Looks much better than GW's paintjob desu

>> No.55289056

>He says replying to month old bait.

>> No.55289078


You know, I appriciate you trying to set me straight, but I posed that question because I didn't want to go with either wings or the swarmlord.
But the boneswords might be an option.
That way I can get an extra attack plus the option of -2 rend, 3 damage or -3 rend, d3 damage and rerolling to wound and a chance of -6 for the really tough costumers.

>> No.55289105

>Loyalist Primarch
>Lion El'Jonson
Pick one

>> No.55289124

Well, you're not going to want multiple melee anyway. Slimer Maggots should always find its way on your model.

>> No.55289135


>> No.55289150

I wish Hive Tyrants got Monstrous Crushing Claws, they're probably the one unit i'd use them on

>> No.55289215

>Lion El'Jonson
>not the most loyal primarch
And there's nothing you can post that proves he's a traitor
Plenty to say he's an asshole though

>> No.55289246

I bet you bought them because they were broken in 7th you dipshit

>> No.55289261

Ork player here:
Orks are great in 8e (most horde armies are) to the point they're surviving using the Indexes alone, so there's that. If you like building customized vehicles, customizing your models (I literally gave one of my Ork Nobz a pair of 'bionik legs' using sawed-up sprue parts. It's not perfect but it works), getting in close combat, and having lots of models, Orks are a great choice (only draw back is their shit accuracy and weak saves compared to other factions). Plus, their fluff is way more fun and outrageous than the rest of 40.

IG is another horde army. They have slightly better accuracy than Orks in exchange for a lower strength/toughness, but they've got tanks for days and can throw a lot of fire on a target if it gets too close.

Basically it comes down to which phase you like rolling dice for: close combat/fight phase, or shooting phase. A full mob of regular boyz (30) armed with choppas and sluggas can get 120 attacks if they get into close combat with another unit, and pretty much wipe out smaller units through sheer attrition. Similar case with IG, only in their case it's "1st rank fire 2nd rank fire" on smaller units during the shooting phase.

As for Necrons... I haven't fought any yet, so I couldn't really describe their tactics/play-style to you that accurately.

So yeah, that's all I really got to say on the matter.

>> No.55289274


>> No.55289291

I have a renegade pirate SM chapter, fast, ambushy types, lotsa Reivers. Which tactics seem better to use? White Scars or Raven Guard?

>> No.55289296

T-that helmet has eyelids

>> No.55289301

Well if I did the definition of broken has changed because half of them are the hoplites that everyone said we're shit.
I genuinely don't care anyway. Everyone else's broken shit from 7th got rules too.

>> No.55289305

Just play them in Heresy where they belong.

>> No.55289314

Plans for the Xenos factions in the near ish future

>> No.55289319

That shit might as well never come out for all the hype I have remaining for it. It's been way too fucking long.

>> No.55289320

it's so they can't see the heresy

>> No.55289382

>primarch is so pure that fucking Fateweaver gave up on corrupting him
choose one NIGGA

>> No.55289389

Worst game you ever had? Mine was last wednesday. Playing against marines for the first time in 8th with my deldar, opponent is a good friend and a really nice guy.

He gets first turn, we set up diagonal board edges and i fail to seize. He flies a storm raven into my deployment zone, takes 2 ravagers down to 1 wound and kills 8 scourges with dark lances. His Devastators and Dreads with las take my razorwing and voidraven to 5 wounds each. I rolled extremely poorly on saves.
In my turn i whiff all shooting against his stormraven with my dark light. I move up my 5 venoms to fire at the castled up Raven Guard marines on a hill; he has a castle of 15 primaris, lias issodon, chaplain dread, banner dude with relic, lieutenant, apothacary. I kill 4 devastators with all my poison, each one makes a final attack wounding my razorwing and a venom. He revives a devastator. He rolled poorly but had rerolls for days.

Turn 2 his stormraven dropped an iron clad dread and 6 assault termies with hammers and shields then proceeds to wreck the 2 wounded ravagers and the 3rd healthy ravager. Dreads and devs take out voidraven and razorwing, primaris wreck a venom and take 2 more low. Multi charges 2 venoms with the ironclad and instakills them while his termies multicharge my last 2 venoms with arrchons in blowing them up. He rezes a dev.
Ive only got kabalites and a flyer left, i shoot his devs one last time to kill a dev, who makesone last attack him a lascannon and kills my last flyer.

I surrender.

>> No.55289391

Cyraxus is apparently basically done. Waiting on codices AdMech and Tau

>> No.55289405


>> No.55289436


Just get the right model.

>> No.55289441

Looking on Inferno "balance" new tau and ad mech units will be OP as fuck.

>> No.55289450

FW has events and people who share info when asked. Like at the recent Forgeworld open. The info is relayed by people so obviously there is always a chance for falsehood. But it is the best chance for info from the reclusive studio.
30k wise apparently Dorn and Alph are next

>> No.55289457

that dumbass with a wooden shield next to the heavy bolter guy always gets me

>> No.55289483

>Brother Urist, what the fuck are you doing?

>> No.55289528

>Also, because of "abstraction", flyers can now actually block models from moving past them, because of the 1" rule. So you can really say "Fuck you" to Orks and Tyranids, because you can have a flyer be both "on the ground" (can't move past it to get to objectives) and "airborne" (cannot assault it) at the same time.
Are you suggesting that this is new, retard?

>> No.55289588

>Fateweaver gave up on corrupting him
>one of the two heads will always answer with the truth. Unfortunately, the other head simultaneously responds with a contradictory answer, the falsehood being as believable as the truth.

The head that said I gave up is clearly the lying head

>> No.55289599

nah bruh fateweaver just stopped even bothering and let the Lion beat the shit out of him
no need to talk when you can just get HOMOED.

>> No.55289624

>Presuming to know Tzeentch's or the Fateweaver's plan

>> No.55289627

Kairos just realized that Slaanesh own Lion's soul.

>> No.55289649

I dont think Tau will get much? Nothing said about new new models

>> No.55289651

>corrupts a Primarch
>but don't want to blow his cover
>perfect plan
>let him "kill" you
>never show up again, because your job is done
>Just as planned

>> No.55289662

I thought tzeench's plan was to constantly screech "JUST AS PLANNED!!!1!" No matter how bad he loses

>> No.55289717

>Thinking you know Tzeentch's plan
>I S H Y G D D T

>> No.55289726

5th edition, I was testing out some of the more unorthodox options from Eldar, including Missile War Walkers, Warp Spiders with a Powerblade Exarch, Eldrad, some Bikes, and some melta vectors. I gave my Wave Serpents Star Engines, so they could Tank Shock 24, then move 12 in the shooting phase (before 6e made Flat Out Shooting Phase).

My opponent played Space Wolves, and ran 3 units of Missile Long Fangs, 3 Lasplas Razorbacks, 3 Rifleman Dreadnoughts, and 3 Rhinos with Grey Hunters and Living Lightning Runepriests.

Egads, that's quite a bit of dakka coming downstream. It's not full-on Razorback-spam crazy, nor does it have the "one-two" punch that comes with adding Wolf Scouts into the mix for backfield neutralization, but it's easily tournament-grade with some minor tweaks.

I roll and opt to deploy first. He deploys super-aggressive, Long Fangs commanding high positions. I use Eldrad's abilities, and War Walker Scout moves to reposition some.

I cast Fortune on my Jetbikes, and Guide on the Walkers. The Bikes Turbo for cover, acting as a mobile wall for the Grav-tanks, using their jetbike moves to generate "50% cover" once the tanks start firing. The Walkers start throwing down blasts. Each unit was about 140 points for 4 S4 AP 4 pinning blasts, and I could reroll scatter. The result was that with scatters, I forced 6 pin checks on my opponnent, pinning 2 Fang units, while Shaking 2 Dreadnoughts.

He shoots back, killing a Walker, and shaking my tanks. 2 of his Runepriests take wounds from Perils, due to 4e Runes of Warding.

And then it goes to shit. See, Eldar cast all of their Psychic Powers "at the start of the turn", and Reserves were also rolled for "at the start of the turn." So rolling for Reserves and bringing in my Warp Spiders led to him trying to rule-lawyer that Eldrad can't actually cast any powers that turn, and I should obviously have thought about that if I want to be a good strategist.

>> No.55289733

I was going to ask what weapons I should throw on it, but now that I've cracked open the box, it appears that you CAN actually build it as a regular Taurox. Is it worth losing the extra firepower to be able to bus Guardsmen around?

>> No.55289742

>YFW the metal bit in the centre is a shield generator and the wood is affectation.

>> No.55289795

He didn't want a roll-off, a mulligan, or anything. He went full-on "you're being WAAC" (mind you, this was in 5th, when most Eldar were still BS 3, and Serpent Shields couldn't shoot things), nevermind the fact he made it a point for 2 of his Runepriests to have Jaws of the World Wolf, and 2 to have Living Lightning.

I want to win or lose a game due to outplaying my foe or being outplayed, not due to turning 40k into a Talmud-esque rulelawyering fiasco.

Anyway, that's the one I remember the most. I honestly care less about the list I'm up against so much as the attitude, and "minute" arguing over extreme RAW ("Can 10 Elysians throw 10 Frag Grenades and 10 Krak Grenades at once?") kills it for me.

>> No.55289814

Like the Storm Wards and their power-claymores

>> No.55289867

Who's producing this?

I must know.

>> No.55289875

Hell, no!

First, why would you do that in the first place, without fire points, no dangerous terrain, and the improved move orders most guardsmen don't NEED transports. Secondly, the Chimera does that job better anyway, especially the Gryphonne configuration with triple heavy bolters, ESPECIALLY now that the lasgun arrays can train forward. Put a normal guardsman squad in there and a Chimera can put 9 S5AP-1 and up to 12 S3 shots on target. Also contributes towards brigade requirements.

>> No.55289895

Stopped reading here

>> No.55289913

What's wrong with yvraine?

>> No.55289925

Why are hive guard so cute?

>> No.55289942

This guy, you can also find his shit on ebay.


>> No.55289953

Never mind, found it.

It's on Etsy by a dude named 'ArtelW'

>> No.55289955

It's a Ynnari list. What's your issue?

>> No.55289964

Does this look enough like a waaagh banner

>> No.55289989

I am tired. Every fucking Eldar list.
Is like the retards that kept spamming in 7th scatbike+wraith lists. What the fuck you want? An opinion?
Ask an opinion for alternative lists not for something tried and posted 71537135761
>b-but that bitch is not WAAC like scatbikes
Is not the point. It's as if almost no Eldar player has a grain of fucking originality.

>> No.55290000

is that fucking styrofoam

>> No.55290006

It's plasticard

>> No.55290014

It seems a bit empty, maybe add some more clutter?
I could imagine trophies hanging from the horns would look nice.

>> No.55290046

Needs a bit... more

>> No.55290081

The South will WAAAGH! again?

>> No.55290089

You have to take a Ynnari character to play Ynnari. So you really should have "stopped reading" at
>Aeldari - Ynnari

>> No.55290092

Nope, they're fire support unit like hellblasters and devastators, you can see the symbol on the guy on the right's shoulder.

>> No.55290096

>confederate orks

Why is this so perfect

>> No.55290121

If you're really that "tired" then why even post? If you're not going to be even the least bit constructive and just shitpost any list that happens to have ynnari in it, why even expend the effort to make this post? Sorry if I seem unoriginal, I just put this list together and thought it seemed alright, I don't play eldar and wanted to know if there were any glaring issues. Next time I'll screen my posts to be absolutely sure I don't trigger any autists here.

>> No.55290144

Maybe the game has become so dumbed down in terms of actual plays (and considering its relative simplicity, that's quite a feat) available from player to player that powerlists really do build themselves, and it really is all attrition/DPS rather than maneuver/techplay. Hmm?

Or maybe it's that Eldar have shitty internal imbalance, and Jetbikes were such a lopsided option over any other Troop.

Or maybe it's because Strength From Death actually opens up more in-game options, while Battle Focus is "yes, advance forward regard. You don't assault", and Power From Pain is just a flat save-after-a-save. You know, abilities that "play themselves."

I really don't know about you, but 8e 40k has really become very "play itself".

>> No.55290148

I ordered it and it came in a wax sealed box. Was so cash.

>> No.55290179

But in all seriousness, a little something under the skull will balance it out a bit

>> No.55290186

How fancy are your bases, anons?
I've always kept mine pretty barebones, but I get really jelly when someone I play against has awesome fucking bases.

>> No.55290208

Mine are astrogranite with small pools of Nurgle's rot.

Adding skulls from the skulls kit to em now as well.

>> No.55290210

I do basic sand and rocks, but characters get a little bit of cork

>> No.55290224

You cheeky git.

>> No.55290247

>wall hopping intensifies

>> No.55290272

Sounds nice. I was going to pick up a pot of Nurgle's rot and skulls soon


>> No.55290288

My Daemons got colorful bases. Red/Purple/Green/Blue with their respective Soulstone paint (mixing red and blue for Slaany) so make it wet looking with textured greenstuff to add "land"

Grey Knights got Astrogranite with cracked greenstuff painted to give a blue "psychic glow" in the cracks.

Space Marines got a Fall look (red, orange, yellow leaves)

>> No.55290331

>mfw that one CF guy who posts here who has an army of Pedro Kantor and then 200 identical snapfit marines

No, Crimson Fists, you are the orks.

>> No.55290338

Just made a batch of lava bases for my first Grey Knights Strike Squad. Shit looks pretty good to me.

>> No.55290343

Played a 3200pt team game for FoK against some Renegade Knights (also of the Grey variety) Wednesday and holy shit it was a pure attrition battle. How have your games been going /tg/ and would you like a batrep?

>> No.55290351

What are the broken FW units?


>> No.55290374


>> No.55290375

>GW Armageddon Dust texture goop
>Underhive Ash drybrush
>Tyrant Skull drybrush
>Citadel Badlands dead grass tuft or two
>Citadel Badlands skull/pile of skulls/Necron skull/animal skull/skeleton/animal skeleton/buried debris

I've been able to replace literally all of the above with other company's stuff for cheaper, but I still use Citadel colors since you need Tallarn Sand to match their texture paint and I wanted to keep the sand and drybrush colors 100% matching.

>> No.55290381

Not sure about broken, but definitely a tough one

>> No.55290388

Even when their transports all hit on 6's?

>> No.55290389

You rang?

>> No.55290414

>no one can know his plan, therefore it can never fail.


>> No.55290415

>hoarde marines

This is my fetish.

>> No.55290421


>> No.55290459

They were spammed by Nova players
Krak grenade assault rifles probably had a big part.

>on a 2

>> No.55290468

ynnari literally require that yvraine or visarch be the HQ

that said, it 's a pretty WAAC list, as is typical for faggots that play ynnari.

>> No.55290483

I picked up some shattered dominion bases for my Thousand Sons since I actually want them to look nice.

I'm painting them as ruins of Prospero.

>> No.55290503

I would like a batrep, but I recommend saving it for the next thread, as this one is on its way out.

>> No.55290512


You misplayed + stormraven is OP. DE aren't at a huge disadvantage against that kind of marine list although RG is also pretty OP past 12". Issodon is also bullshit, wait till Raptors CT come out so he can't have both Issodon and RG CT.

- Deployment misplay. You knew he had a flyer and other deep strike elements and didn't consider beta strike deployment, failing to seize, or alpha strike prevention.
- You deployed your army in such a way that his Stormraven killed way more than it should have been able to. Or you may not have been using enough LoS blocking terrain. It can be hard to block LoS to flyers without very tall buildings, so this makes placing models intelligently even more important. Hug walls and make it so that a unit can never get LoS to two different units because of it.
- You shot at the Stormraven without either enough firepower to guarantee crippling it, and without committing by spending CP to re-roll. Why waste valuable heavy firepower on such a unit if you're not going to go big?
- You're taking multiple huge charges and dying. Guess what would happen if you had spaced intelligently? Either he would only wreck a single unit with moves like his air drop, or he would only get one model in combat with one of your vehicles at a time if he conga lined.
- After taking like three separate crippling series of losses, why did you not scatter and use your superior mobility to at least gather victory points? You won't be able to beat him in a slugfest at that point, and he is already grounded and slower than you after using his infiltration and deep strike movements.

People say this game is so easy and dumb and yeah, it's not Go or Chess, but you can't just herp derp and expect not to get your shit pushed in.

>> No.55290520

Alright anon I shall.

>> No.55290531

So let's say that a regiment of Imperial Guard and an Eldar army were forced to ally against some common threat (chaos, necrons whatever)
To what extent would their forced interact with one another during any downtime they might have?

>> No.55290535

Gathering Storm

>> No.55290546


new thread

>> No.55290550

Separate camps with minimal strained conversation about the warplan.

>> No.55290575

If a psyker rolls double 1's or double 6's, but has a modifier (i.e. ahriman's innate +1, or a penalty from nearby sisters of silence) do they still suffer perils?

>> No.55290597

Elysians replace Forward For The Emperor with Move and Fire. For that turn, the Elysian unit treats all of its weapons as Assault.

By RAW, this even includes the Grenades.

Ergo, a unit of 10 Elysians can move, fire 10 lasgun shots (whee), throw 10 Frag Grenades, and throw 10 Krak Grenades. Due to "fast rolling" shooting mechanics (unlike 7th, batches are divided by "target enemy units" rather than "weapon type"), and changes on casualty removal, you only need your unit to be in range of one enemy model to start blowing up an entire unit.

>> No.55290618

>Order that makes ALL your weapons Assault
>ALL weapons
>Assault Snipers
>Assault Mortars
>Assault Krak Grenades

>> No.55290631

>FoK guaranteed Imperial victory already

So the new DG stuff will be released in shame? Morty is fucking stillborn

>> No.55290634


>> No.55290713

Whats the recipe for that purple

>> No.55290810

My nibba. I miss my yeeeWAAAAGGGGHH orks :(

>> No.55291332

>>>55289389 (You)

>- Deployment misplay

His flyer was behind a tall building, i hid behind the cover I had but yeah i was pretty close knit to take advantage of that so he flew straight up to (4" away from my front venom) turn 1, i couldnt have hidden really but yeah i deployed poorly.

>- You deployed your army in such a way that his Stormraven killed way more than it should have been able to.

Agreed but the only stupid deployment i had was 2 squads of d lance scourges in buildings; he parked between them and destroyed them. Theyve since been swapped for blaster scourge deepstriking.

>- Why waste valuable heavy firepower on such a unit if you're not going to go big?

His turn 1 he crippled or removed 12+ dark lances and i whiffed the rest, I shot all my dark light at his flyer and did nothing (again bad rolls). I had nothing to cripple him with.

>- You're taking multiple huge charges and dying. Guess what would happen if you had spaced intelligently.

This was poor play on my behalf as id lost motivation after being crippled, i moved my venoms forward to attack instead of away (towards where his flyer went) to safety. Annoyingly if i had done i might have made a few more turns and i was 7-0 up end of turn 1.

>- After taking like three separate crippling series of losses, why did you not scatter

I got salty is the honest answer, was 7-0 with the ability to win on that if i didnt get tabled as we were playing deadlock and he had a dud hand.

I know i just got complacent having stomped my first 5 games against other armies, most of the time tabling by turn 4.

But thanks for the feedback ive realised i need to play smarter vs marines especially the stormraven.

>> No.55291353

>pirate maines, lots of rievers
Euron pls go

>> No.55291512

Mind going over how you did this? Did you just paint the base underneath with a yellow to orange gradient with like an airbrush? You then layered on the crackling compound stuff then painted it black?

I want to go for a similar look for my Thousand Sons only the lava would be blue to pink and the black ground would be more of a dark purple/grey look.

Want to give the impression that the thousand sons are changing the ground they walk on etc.

>> No.55291551

Oh fuck you man. My chapter has almost exactly the same color scheme and is a BT successor

>> No.55291804

Not that guy but did the same effect. I put down a thick coat of Agrellan Earth, painted blotches of orange and yellow, dry brushed over the top with black. Fill in any surface bits that your dry brush missed. Its a good "detailed" base that catches the eye and is actually pretty easy to do.

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